POA – Power of Attorney for your Demat account

November 8, 2012


Demat Account required POA

Demat Account requires POA.

Each one of you when opening a demat account with an online broker would have had to sign a POA (Power of Attorney). Sounds like a very serious document and hence arises a lot of questions from investors on why exactly you are signing this piece of document. My first recall of the acronym POA was from the movie Baazigar, where Shah Rukh Khan and the villain both at various times in the movie use it to transfer all assets into their name. I will write down in this blog what a POA is, what can be done with it and what are its various uses.

When you buy shares, be it in an online or offline account, the shares are automatically transferred to your demat account, you don’t need a POA to do this.

When you sell shares or want to pledge them, that is when the shares are going out of your demat account, this is when the POA is required if it has to be done online.

Traditionally (offline method), you would have to send the delivery instruction slip asking to debit the shares from your demat and send it to the brokers office. Once the slip is received at the broker, he would debit your demat account. Some of the issues with this method were: Costlier (slips had to be physically delivered and hence the courier/transport cost), Risk of Auction (if the slip doesn’t reach in the stipulated time, risk of auction penalty) and generally more cumbersome.

With the advent of online broking the above method was no more viable. POA was introduced for smooth operation of the demat account. With the power of the POA, everytime you sell shares the broker uses it to debit the shares from your demat account and provide it to the exchange. POA is also used to debit shares from your demat account when you intend to pledge them to get collateral margin for trading futures and options. Find following a brief about what a POA is and why it is required:

What is a POA?

Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document giving legal authority to another person to operate your account (in this case the demat account) as per the instructions contained.

Is a POA compulsory?

No, it’s not compulsory, but required for smooth operation of demat account. Remember it is required only for the demat account.

Different types of POA?

Specific/Limited and General POA. Specific POA states the limited range of powers of the POA whereas General POA is generic. The POA given to Zerodha is specific and mentions the various powers on the POA. Ensure that when signing the POA, it is only in the name of a SEBI registered stock broker and no one else.

Use of POA?

While trading futures and options or intraday equity trading, there is no requirement of the POA. But whenever you sell shares from your demat account or want to pledge them for getting margin for trading F&O, the POA is used to debit the shares from your demat account. This ensures that the entire process is online and less cumbersome.

POA, though not a mandatory document to be signed, is required for smooth operation of your demat account. Hopefully this clarifies your doubts about POA.

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Mrs Labanya Handique says:

    My son have a demat accoun in zerodha and his sare in stock market but my son is missing in 17 th July 1922 in accident in river .I have not death certificate only missing certificate because his missing.I did not no he give or not power of attorney.Now I how can transfer his money to my demat account in State Bank of india .Please help me and inform me how can I do .

  2. Vick says:

    My parents had shares without any nominee, now passed away. My other siblings are outside India & can’t visit, hence they want to give PoA in my favor stating that I can operate parents demat account & transfer all shares to my new Demat account. Can the siblings give PoA in my favor, I submit it to Zerodha along with all reqd. bonds / docs & execute / sign to do all the needful?

  3. kvmurty says:

    Dear sir,
    In one cyber conclave , the point discussed was with regard to training of client to acquire skills to trade. Should a client require skills to carry on trading. My point was one should have skills for better performance. It cannot be mandatory as it is not an assignment. However the organization has taken it as my concurrence to get trained and listed my name for training. I told them I and not interested in training. They had shown as negative balance and sold my shares based on POA strength and realized the amount. This they had carried out in spite of my objection.
    My point is the whole transaction has nothing to do with trading in shares for which I was registered and there was a poa to take care of transactions through ledger.. I had refused to take training. I also told them before I go for ant training, i must be capable of taking the course understand. I must have the infrastructure. I must be willing to take up. How can I handle this. Fundamentally this is not trading.

  4. Singh says:

    When DDPI clearly states that it is also for margin trading funding then why is it necessary to demand POA along with DDPI? Only DDPI must be enough.

  5. Shashikant Dawkhar says:


    I have sent the necessary documents via speedpost to activate the “POA”. I got SMS on mobile stating that documents are received by Zerodha team. But its been a week now and still POA is not activated. May I know how much time Zerodha team will take to activate the POA ?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Shashikant, we’re sorry to hear this. Please create a ticket at support.zerodha.com so that our team can have this checked and assist.

  6. Savio says:

    While sending POA do i need to do franking or just sign fill details and send ?

  7. Manish naiy says:

    Now instead of POA form do we need to send demat debit pledge instruction

  8. kokilamani says:

    i want open a partnership firm account both trading and demat.
    i need poa also.

  9. Dhanashri says:

    I want to cancel the POA. What is the process?

  10. Please Mera Kaun delete kar dijiye please deactivate kar dijiye says:

    Delete my account please demat account please tell request

  11. Rakesh Gadde says:

    POA has 24 Points and it is giving a Complete Power to Attorney to maintain the Users Zerodha Account. But You should only ask POA for a single purpose which is to ByPass Sell Authorization using CDSL TPIN. All rest Powers should be in the hands of Users.

  12. kapil says:

    Where Can I find the address to be given on POA.
    I got an error that my address is not matching.

    • Shruthi R says:

      You can check your scanned application forms and documents you had submitted to know the address you had provided while opening your account, in Console.

  13. Karthik K says:

    I have sent the POA document but you people rejected stating that Signature mismatch. I am sure that my signature is correct and I don’t find anything wrong. I don’t understand, how people are you telling my signature mismatched?. I created a support ticket, but a long thread is going on without proper solution. I think Zerodha has ZERO knowledge support team. I can’t send the POA documents again and again. It’s a waste of time and money. @Nithin_Kamath Sir, Please do the needful.

  14. Mustaque Alam says:

    Hi ,
    I have send the POA documents by courier, How I will know that my Zerodha account is mapped with POA now.


  15. Palomi says:

    I sent the signed POA document to zerodha. I didn’t frank the document, just signed and entered the information required. I got message from zerodha that rectification is required and details sent on email. I didn’t receive any details on my registered email.

  16. suresh says:

    Dear Sir

    i have received an email from CDSL as below


    your demat accout number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    this is to inform you that following details are modified /updated in the aforesaid demat account held iwht depository participant ZERODHA BROKING LIMITED (DP ID : XXXXX)




  17. MANGESH BRID says:

    How many rupees of fraking we have to do…?

  18. Jitendra K D says:

    at which address i should send POA form

  19. Dinesh says:

    I have opened account with zerodha. Please advice of POA required to be sent or its no more required

    Thanks, Rgds

  20. chander says:

    Please reply ASAP. Thanks, Regards.

  21. chander says:

    I intend to open an account, I will be buying shares, but not selling them. I am a long term investor. Do I still need to submit a POA now? Or, will submitting a POA when the time to sell comes, do?

  22. Gokul Turankar says:

    When POA revokation become online ? I want revock my POA from zerodha…. Please guide us for further process….

  23. Manmeet says:

    Greetings of the day team Zerodha,

    Today morning I had gotten a mail from CDSL i.e, ‘Details Modified Of Demat Account In CDAS on 15-JAN-21.’
    Could someone make me clear about it.

    Best Regards

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  38. ravi kumar says:

    my POA was revoked and they send CMR copy, but zerodha allowing to sell the stocks without asking the tpin. so what have to do

  39. ravi kumar says:

    my POA was revoked and they send CMR copy, but zerodha allowing to sell the stocks without asking the tpin. is this cheating or not

  40. Prathamesh says:

    How can I check whether my POA is active or not ?

  41. Jay says:


    I want to revoke the PoA that I had given to Zerodha earlier as I can see people in Zerodha are able to sell stocks without PoA. Could you please guide with the process on how to revoke it. Also please let me know if I revoke the PoA, what would be the new process to sell the stocks in Zerodha. Please don’t misunderstand me, that I am in mistrust with Zerodha the trading platform I love the most and it is best I have ever come across in decades long trading career. i just want to revoke PoA cause I see people are able to do it with CDSL pin. Please guide me on the whole process.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Jay, you can indeed revoke your PoA. In order to do so, please fill this form and courier it over to us. This process is offline for now and takes up to 5 days after we receive the letter. We’re working on making it online, but that would require some time.

  42. Jagdish says:

    I already have a saving account with IDFC First bank and today I have opened 3 in 1 account with Zerodha. At the end of the process, I have received a message saying “IMPORTANT – Physical Documents required – please print and courier to us within the next 7 days” whereas, the email which I have received says “A copy of signed document is attached only for your reference purpose and is also shared with Zerodha. This document is not required to be printed for any purpose”.

    In view of above, can you please advise on PRIORITY on whether I will have to send that documents through courier or no need as per email received at my end and also as responded to query raised by Gaurav which states as below :

    Hey Gaurav, these documents are a thing of the past, no longer required. 🙂

    Thanks in advance, waiting for your quick response.

  43. Gaurav says:

    I recently opened equity + commodity trading account online. The process was smooth and my account activated within 2 business days. So, I am good to trade in equity and commodity now. However, I have not received any email from Zerodha for submitting PoA or ECN forms. So, do I still need to submit them or the process has changed recently? Apparently, I can still download PoA from Zerodha download link from the help section, however, there is no download link for download ECN form. Please guide!

  44. Amit Rathi says:

    may i revoke the POA online (without sending a hard copy of application) ?

  45. Ajay Thotlani says:

    As you mentioned that POA is not compulsory but required for smooth operations. Can you clarify if I do not give POA then what is the process for selling share in Zerodha. How would the broker get the authority to debit my demat account.

    Also, If I have already given POA and I want to withdraw the same, is it possible.

    My concerns are arising from the Karvy Incident and need reassurance with full clarity.

  46. Prabhav Maheshwari says:

    Hi Sir,
    Actually I wanted to avail of the ‘Securities Lending and Borrowing’ option offered by NSE. So I raised a ticket and got a prompt reply from Mr. Giri Udupa.
    He sent me a POA, that needed to be filled and sent to the Bangalore HO or Zerodha.
    But he also mentioned that I should not write anything myself, and just do the signature (or that’s probably how I interpreted it).
    So please guide regarding the same.
    Do I not need to fill in any other detail, as in not even my Name etc. and just sign the POA and get it couriered?

  47. Rahul Biswas says:

    Can I buy IPO if ecn and poa are not done yet?

  48. k. nagatejaswani says:

    hello, I am unable to sell my stocks from one week … didn’t get the solution for this I used many options to sell but my stocks are not sealed …. facing too much problem … anyone can tell what is the solution for this

  49. Usha says:

    I opened account online. do i need POA to submit than how. during the application process, there was no space to fill the nomination. so how will i add the same into my account

  50. Thasneem says:

    Is there any time duration to send POA to the zerodha head office after openning account through online?

  51. Mr. DURGESH NARKAR says:

    I have opened an account online but after login, I am not able to see the Link to download Demat POA Form and commodity ECN form.
    Only getting the link for the nomination form.
    so how can I courier the two form?

  52. madhuri says:

    i just initiated zerodha 3-in-1 account opening.
    See its risky to sign the POA in the current format after karvy incident.
    i do not want to use margin trading, Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives, Interest Rates Derivatives, forwards, futures, swaps and options etc. while opening account also i opted only Equity.
    Can I strike-off any clauses in the POA related to certain services and facilities that are not needed by me?

  53. Tanish Gupta says:

    Sir First a fall when i call either to support or to my sales manager none of them answers my call one responses for only rating and other not even bother to answer me anytime so sort out this at first please and 2nd i did not received any email till now for any POA form so kindly sent it to me .

    • Matti says:

      Hey Tanish. you no longer need to send a PoA because you can now sell your stocks by giving consent online, which you would have done at the time of account opening. Read more here.

  54. Sanjay says:

    I wanted to fill POA form. But by mistake I have remain to download from when I completing stages of Dmat Account opening on line. What can I do now? please give suggestion.

  55. Sumit Sarkar says:

    i opened an account online.Will i need to send a seperate hardcopy of poa to the head office?

  56. Alice says:

    So I cannot buy options and futures lot hold for few days and then sell it? eg buy 1100 MGL future on 18th Dec and then sell the same on 24th Dec?

    Do I still have to send the POA to execute the above

  57. Loka says:

    Do I need to send the identity proofs of the nominees along with PoA?

  58. sobha says:

    how do I know my PoA status

  59. Paramesh says:

    Dear Zorodha Client Advisors

    After long research online about where to open Demeat account, I concluded to open with Zerodha for their excellent client service attitude, Therefore few days ago I just opened Demat account with zerodha. From the recent development of Karvy Scam on misuse of power of attorney (POA) of their clients, is scared me to sign on POA & send to Zerodha. Kindly can anyone guide honestly what is an alternative to POA, in order to safeguard my investments and also it will be beneficial to other peoples investments.


    Reference: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/blogs/viewpoint/a-scandal-that-was-just-waiting-to-happen/

  60. Ajay Pratap says:

    After Karvy fraud I am worried about my stocks and I decided to cancel POA (Power of Attorney).
    Please suggest me how can I cancel POA. We never know when these kind of fraud businessman will f**k your money. I can trust any more. In case POA will not cancel I will close my demat with Zerodha and would like to go with
    trusted bank. We always greedy just because of some small profit.
    Guys shift your demat account with trusted bank or cancel your POA as soon as possible if you wan to safe your money.

    Best of luck investors and keep safe your money.

  61. Sailesh Singh says:

    Recent Karvy case scared me giving POA to stock broker … I have created an account in zerodha but not submitted POA yet . As per below link there is ‘limited-purpose POA’ which gives limited access to stock broker ,


    Would you provide the ‘limited-purpose POA’ or ‘General POA’ ?

    • Matti says:

      Hi Sailesh. The PoA you give to Zerodha is a limited-purpose-POA. This is explained in the ‘Different types of POA?’ section in the above article.

  62. bushra shariq says:

    As POA is asked by mail again and again i send it a week before still i didnt got any mail that zerodha got my courier as courier company is showing delivery is around 3 days before plz check and update me

    • Lindo says:

      Hi Bushra,

      The POA is activated last night, you will no longer get reminders for the same. You will now be able to see/sell and shares you may have acquired in your Demat account.


    I got a mail mentioning that PoA was rejected as F17 sign is missing. I didn’t opt for any nomination and its no where mentioned that F17 is compulsory. Please look into this.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Sai. Your PoA has been processed. Only the nomination form has been rejected. You can ignore this if you don’t want to nominate anyone.

  64. Bettappa Rajolli says:

    Its better to provide the PoA document link somewhere in this link… otherwise we need to search that

    • Matti says:

      In order to avoid rejections, we email a pre-filled PoA to you when you finish the online account opening process. This same pre-filled document is also available on signup.zerodha.com where you can login at any time after registering to open an account with a mobile OTP. Again, this is done to reduce the chances of the PoA being rejected once we receive it.

  65. DEVA says:


  66. Vivek Dadheech says:

    Hi Team,

    I have submitted POA on 30th Oct, 2019 in your Baner (Pune) office. But I am still getting an email that POA is not received.

  67. Abhinav says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Although you have claimed that PoA is not for buying shares, the PoA application indicates the contrary. Why is there a mention about buying shares in the PoA?

    “And Whereas I/we am/are desirous to *buy* and sell securities through Zerodha Broking Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Zerodha’’), a body corporate registered under the Companies Act of 2013 under CIN: U65929KA2018PLC116815,

    Whereas In the course of availing the services and for meeting the settlement obligation thereof on the Exchanges, I/We do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint Zerodha Broking Limited (Member Broker), hereinafter referred to as “Zerodha” acting through their”

    The implication of the above agreement is that the services I avail myself of are buying and selling securities. Buying should not be mentioned in the PoA.

    Further, most of the statements in the PoA agreement are nothing specific to selling shares. It’s a generic agreement for both buying and selling shares. For example, see point 20.

    “To debit my Trading account towards trade related fees or charges payable to Zerodha or a third party service provider or to any of the affiliates/subsidiaries of Zerodha by virtue of I/We using/subscribing to any of the facilities/service provided either by Zerodha or through a third party service provider or by any other security or financial instrument on behalf of me/us through Zerodha or any third party. To bind ourselves with respect to any instruction given by first holder or any other holder to Zerodha.”

    I didn’t receive a satisfactory redressal from your sales representative or your customer care. I expect an immediate redressal here. It’s been a week since I signed up for zerodha and I haven’t traded due to the misleading PoA agreement.

  68. Padmavathi M N says:

    I sent POA along with Commodity activation form through the courier ten days ago, till now no reply nor i am able to sell my holdings. worst ever demat service i seen here. Even to call there is no direct connections. so many hurdles or hassles, please give right number to speak with customer care.

  69. Shivam Dudhwewala says:


    I a recent account holder of Zerodha bearing id EH5978. As per the rules, I have posted my POA & ECN form duly signed by me at your proper address through Registered Post bearing no. RW148317166IN and the same was delivered to you on 05.11.19 which is evident from the postal track report obtained from the Official Website of India Post.
    Till date my POA has not been updated in my account and I am even getting reminder mails to forward my POA though my POA has been already delivered to you.

    I am suffering loss in my trade due to the said issue.

    Seeking co-operation from your end to look into the said matter and update my POA on early basis without any delay.

  70. Jogendra Debbarma says:

    Please Update my PoA. DTDC Courier track id is V57333367 that I have sent PoA on 30th October 2019.

  71. Jogendra Debbarma says:

    Dear Zerodha POA Management Team,
    Recently, I have opened DEMAT account with ZERODHA. and POA form with signed has been sent to Zerodha Head office by DTDC courier on 30th Oct, 2019. DTDC courier track shown delivery successful. Till date, I could not receive email from zerodha office that my POA has been updated. I could not understand whether my POA is updated or not ??. I would like to buy some stocks as CNC and want to sell stocks after a couple of week.

  72. Anand says:


    I selled my share ( LIC Housing Fin) , but amt not credited in to my wallet. Why amt not credited in to wallet??
    I have not signed POA and sent it. IS this the reason ??

  73. Vishal Kumar says:

    If I don now want to use “SELL” orders, Is PoA still mandatory ?

  74. ravi kumar busi says:

    Hai sir,

    Good morning,

    My name is Ravi kumar, I have recently opened Zerodha account in Online. i will send the document by physically or not.If physically send signatures are required please tell me.

  75. Raju jadhav says:

    Plz update my poa urgently i have alrrady sent it. Courier showing it is delivered on 16 Dec. My courier tracking id DTDC V55237610.
    plz update urgently
    user name AH2760


  76. DarshanCG says:

    Can I add the nominee in future and leave the nomination details for now in the POA.

  77. Mercy thomas says:


    I received a mail regarding POA today morning. Should i fill all the blank spaces or only i have to sign the document as i couldn’t understand some of the required details like DP id and all.

    Please advise.

  78. Ankit says:

    I want to ask that are the terms specified in the POA that we get from Zerodha are exactly only for debit of shares from my demat account or there are some other terms which have a different scope and if that is the case what is the scope of those terms.

    • Matti says:

      The terms of the POA specifically allow Zerodha to facilitate transactions across investment products, which are currently existing or are introduced in the future, on behalf of you as a client of Zerodha via Internet Based Trading. Collection of the POA document is a mandate from SEBI towards brokers to enable trading/broking services via Internet Based Trading.

  79. SHYAM KADOLKAR says:

    Same i have issue of Physical copy of PAO..& Nominee & Witness is compulsory…

  80. Krunal Shah says:

    Why Do we need to send Physical copy of POA? Why Wasting Paper?

    We can do digital sign etc.

    Even After sending Correct POA, Your executives says F17 sign is Missing. Your POA does not have F17 sign?

    • Matti says:

      Hi Krunal. The IT Act doesn’t allow e-signing of PoA. However, it shouldn’t have been rejected for F17. That signature is on the nomination form. Will look into this.

      • Deepak says:

        Some brokers like Upstox allow it upto 20L via e-DIS. Zerodha, being the leader of the space, should implement it too. Looking at the comments and grievances from people here, it has caused quite some discomfort.

  81. manmeet singh says:

    i have opened new account in zerodha a month back, but ive not send POA till date, meanwhile i purchase mutual fund from coin app, now the app is reflecting nil invested amount as i order fund on 20 sept, still no sign of order updates its only showing that the order is being processed and send to AMC and my balance is also get debited from account, help what to do now

  82. Ankit says:

    I just want to ask that are the terms specified in the POA that we get from Zerodha are exactly only for debit of shares from my demat account or there are some other terms which have a different scope and if that is the case what is the scope of those terms.

  83. SOMABANTA SAHU says:

    Dear sir
    Will it do if I send the SCANNED copy of POA by email to you after signing duely on the form

  84. samit says:

    for few days i am struggling to get account created. the person who is assisting me to open an account is not responding properly. she has given me number to communicate with her, but after several calls i am not getting response. i called the support. they told someone to call me back but no use.
    If you can help me to open an account in smooth way then its ok otherwise i have to go to another trading platform.


    I am opening online account, yesterday I had done the payment also. As per your required documents, I don’t have Income Proof, is it possible to send courier without income proof. I have not getting salary slip, it is cash only. Kindly advise

    • Matti says:

      Yes, you can. However, you will not be allowed to trade F&O without income proof. You can also use a 6-month bank statement as income proof.

  86. chilukuri joginadham says:

    1.There are two spaces for me sign. F13 and F14. One for naimation form.
    Pl confirm.
    2.DP ID and Client ID nos and Nomination registration no need not be filled by me.(I do not know them).
    Pl confirm

  87. VIPUL bhai says:

    I have send my POA documents for by speed post Pls inform you receive my POA form to my mail

  88. Surya says:

    I have already signed F13 and F14 in POA as instructed in you website. Now my account is on rejection mode reason is they sign on F17 place, but i didn’t find any place where F17 was written on POA.

    Pls guide where you need signature for open account.

  89. gokul krishna says:

    there is no micr printed on my bank account e statement and cheque book is not provided by paytm payments bank ….. what should i do ????

    • Matti says:

      I’m afraid we require the MICR code to link the account. Best get in touch with your bank for this.

      • gokul krishna says:

        yesterday i provided my informations for account opening …. how to change the bank account information ?? i can give another bank account for linking the zerodha account with

  90. Surya says:

    We have to fill the form or it is already filled by you, If yes it is filled by you only then i have to sign only.

  91. Ramkumar S says:

    I have opened both Equity and commodity segment.
    I go through the above comments,its required ECN declaration for commodity.
    But i got mail for requesting the POA required documents only.Where should i get ECN declaration form?

    Please guide me above the same.

  92. Jetasibhai Jogabhai chaudhry says:

    My pop document is zerodha Surat office send me

  93. PINTU DARJI says:

    Edit above comment. “14th August” not 13th.

  94. PINTU DARJI says:

    Hello sir, I have sent my POA on 13th august by SPEED POST.I track my poa courier.my courier has been sent to your correct address.Than why I got email for POA remainder?

  95. PINTU DARJI says:

    Hello sir, I have a question about POA.
    I have registered zerodha, today morning and download prefilled POA. I don’t have printer, so I go to nearest printing shop. My question is, Is it safe to print my POA like that? Or that print shop owner can use my POA without my knowledge? I’m new and I didn’t know much about POA of demat.

    • Matti says:

      There’s nothing the PoA can be used for except for the purposes mentioned in it. No harm in getting it printed from someone else. Also, it is in favour of Zerodha.

      • PINTU DARJI says:

        Thanks for reply Matti, but The POA form was prefilled , I didn’t read till it was been printed, I was shocked when I see my name and other info, I still say is it safe for my demat?

  96. Jignesh Sumara says:

    Hi I have written my name and client ID ( as the one we use on zerodha to login to kite ) is it fine.

  97. Varunsai Kodumuri says:

    Should I fill the Witnesses, nomination details and Dated at Bangalore fields. If Yes, then please guide me through this.

    • Faisal says:

      Yes, you need to write the witnesses’ names and addresses and get their signatures for the PoA forms.
      Submission of the nomination forms is optional, however, we recommend you nominate your family members.

  98. Varun teja says:

    Hi I have written my name and client ID ( as the one we use on zerodha to login to kite ) is it fine. ? Or is the client ID different ?

    • Matti says:

      The client ID in the context of the demat account is different. Best leave that field blank and mention your registered mobile number on the envelope instead.

  99. bikash behera says:

    There is deduction from my account 14500 to fund section of zerodha account but it shows invested amount 14487.1 in the holding section.What is the reason for gap of 12.9?

  100. Good says:

    Very nice

  101. meera rana says:

    I have opened my account with you. now i am to send poa. it has column for two witnesses. Do i need to enclose proof of their address of witnesses. In nomination form there is column for giving DP ID and client ID. i have user ID supplied by zerodha.Is user id and DP ID same or different.From where to get client ID. i donot think ,it is available with me.

    • Matti says:

      No, you needn’t send a proof of address for the witnesses. As for the nomination form, you’ll have already received a welcome email with your client ID(like: AB1234). This will be sufficient. We’ll enter the DP ID for you.

  102. vijay says:

    When I open POA pdf file, it displays SPACE FOR FRANKING. I don’t understand what is this. plz explain?

    • Matti says:

      This document needs to be franked. We’ll take care of this once we receive it. Nothing you need to worry about. 🙂

  103. Manjunath says:


    I got mail for requesting the POA required documents.
    I need to send only POA document or need to send any other documents also.

    Please guide me above the same.

    • Matti says:

      If you have only opened an equity trading account, you need only send the PoA. If you have also opened a commodity trading account, you also have to send the ECN declaration.


    Why can’t we trade bank nifty through kite app? While optioning for bank nifty,it shows you can’t Tarde.

  105. Rakshit Ranjan says:

    I just came to know from few of my friends who have opened trading accounts with 5paisa and Motilal without sending the POA . These brokers are offering e-signing through Digio. I wanted to understand why Zerodha is not offering a fully digital account opening process without any physical POA submission through Courier?

  106. Nagmani kumar says:

    I dont know how to fil in POA
    I have form of POA but i dont know how to filing.
    So help me.


    How to know ‘now your POA is received and processed,now you can sell your shares? I have got a message heading like as ‘Details Modified Of Demat Account In CDAS on 28-JUN-19.’is this the confirmation email.

  108. Gyan says:

    POA can be misused ?

  109. GURUSAMY says:

    I am newly enter these business. I DONT KNOW THAT.

  110. Prathamesh says:

    Is the PoA a one time thing? Do I have to renew it after some time?

  111. Bikash kumar behera says:

    Is sending nomination form is compulsory? I have sent only 3 POA pages and 1 ECN.Is there any problem?

  112. Prasanna says:

    I am newly enter these business please update me how to purchase and selll the share,

  113. Bikash kumar behera says:

    What would be the senders address like wheather I have to write the dpid or client id in the address? I’m giving a address format,if somthing is missing let me know.
    Sender’s Address
    mob no:
    email id:

    • Matti says:

      We’ll just need the sender’s name, mobile number and postal address. The mobile number should be the same as on our records to cross-reference your document with your account.

  114. Shrish Dixit says:


    The time taken for the approval of POA is too much, i have sent my POA on friday and since i live in bangalore it would have reached zerodha facility on monday. When i call the services portal of zerodha they tell it will take 72 hrs to grant the approval. As a customer i request you to kindly address this issue with the customer base u have and building this is a very long time to open and start trading.

    In addition to this can you atleast make a portal to update the satus saying if u have received the poa and waiting for approval.

    A way to be sure that it has reached the right address.

    These are the concerns i wanted to convey.


  115. somesh bhattacharya says:

    I have created an account, sent the POA through Speed Post, the pop up window says that
    “Rejected:- Cancelled Cheque:The IFSC/MICR code is unclear on the cheque/bank statement/passbook you have provided. Please provide us a clear copy of the same.”

    How to resolve this…

  116. Sushil kumar says:

    I have sent the poa & ecn with sign of witnesses as well. Is this any problem, or OK.


    I have purchased 18 shares in JPASSOCIATE. in CNC but next day that shares are disappeared in my account. How can I find out that shares ?

  118. Mitali says:

    In the PAO Witness box can be filled by any relative or it is required to sign by any Non-Realtive person??

  119. rahul says:

    what if i send poa after seven days ?

    • Matti says:

      You can send the PoA at any time. The PoA is only required to sell the shares from your demat account. You’ll only be able to sell shares from your demat account once we receive and process the PoA.

  120. Desh Deepak says:

    Can i get assistance over phone how to fill POA form? It is still pending because i am not sure what i should fill in some place in form.

  121. Karthik says:

    Hi, How to I add nominee?

  122. satish ch. pandey says:

    what is the address to send PoA document?May I send via your email address?

  123. Rohit Gupta says:

    i am all documents online fill and hard copy send by Speed post so today are my perches share not show and today lose.

  124. Suresh balaji says:

    Want to know my account s complete activation process. Where can I see that . And if there any of your person whom I can talk about that kindly update with reply

  125. Aditya Thakare says:

    Hello Nitin,

    I placed a Buy order yesterday which was executed.

    Since I did not see any shares to place Sell Order, I am now being told about requirement of PoA.

    Kindly send me the soft copy/hard copy of PoA ASAP so that I can continue with the trading smoothly.


    I have sent POA 6 days ago still it’s not updated. Also where I have to find status in zerodha kite whether POA is submitted or not submitted.
    Please update my POA asap
    My client ID Gj9306

  127. umaknt says:

    Well for faster delivery of POA (signed) copy, is it ok if I mail (scan copy )a signed copy of POA.

    • Matti says:

      I’m afraid that we can’t accept the soft copy of PoA. You will have to courier the actual document across.

  128. Kanchana says:

    I opened zerodha account and the bank is IDFC. After activation account tried to convert to 3 in 1 account and not successful.
    Now I understand a 3 in 1 POA required. But nothing was asked during account opening , whether ordinary or 3 in 1.
    Is it necessary to send another POA (3 in 1)

  129. Saikumar says:

    I had opened a demat account in zerodha through online.Now I am going to submit my POA in this DP ID is same for the three and Client ID Is different which one I have to choose

    • Matti says:

      You simply need to sign the PoA you download on signup.zerodha.com and send it to us. We’ll take care of the rest.

  130. Shoeb says:

    I have sent the POA last week and it was delivered to your zerodha address in bangalore on 15th April, 2019.
    Why is it not yet verified? I have brought shares and they aren’t showing up in my holdings! What about my money?

  131. Utkarsh Dubey says:

    Should I get the POA printed on Stamp Paper, signed, noterized and then courier the same at Zerodha Office?
    Or just need to print and sign only on A4 blank sheet?

    • Matti says:

      We’ll get the franking done, you simply need to print it on a blank white sheet, sign, and send it to us.

  132. Rohit says:

    I have sent poa from courier. Today 15th april 2019 after tracking I got information that zerodha received poa so I want to know how much time to approve my poa and how do I know that my account poa approved.
    Pls give information



  134. IT DOES MATTER says:

    POA has been given to present Zerodha. But when Zerodha looses its identity(like zerodha sells itself, somebody takes over zerodha)this POA should be made invalid because “POA IS NOT TRANSFERABLE”. How POA maintain its validity when Zerodha goes public. “Chaltha he attitude” of SEBI. Finally we don’t care till our assert is safe. but nobody cares when one’s assert is unsafe…

  135. abishek says:

    Hlo sir, my equity and commodity segment is inactive. how to activate it. i am unable to add funds due to this.

  136. Shad says:

    I have sent my poa by DTDC- (B63224064) and was received by you 2 days back

    Please let me know about when it will be updated?

  137. abishek says:

    Hello sir, do i need to fill witness in POA form. If yes, then who can fill the witness section. pls reply soon.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Abhishek, anybody but yourself can witness the PoA. You can also leave it blank and we’ll take care of it.

  138. abhishek sugathan says:

    so when zerodha team get my poa they will show my shares in demat right …now it is showing no holdings as i didnt send the poa yet.

  139. vinodhkumar says:

    Hi ,

    I had sent poa and ecn signed letter on 23-03-2019 and when I tracked the shipment details it shows it had been delivered to Zerodha by 25-03-2019 but still my account is not updated.May I know when it will be updated and please look into it

  140. amar agrawal says:

    i have transfered the money in zerodha account but i am not able to do any trading please look into the matter

    • Matti says:

      Hey Amar, I see that the account is ready to use. What is the error you’re seeing when trying to place a trade?

  141. Mukesh Sharma says:

    I request you please start my account.

  142. SUDHAKAR MISRA says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    we already sent the POA and all required document , but still not sowing the HOLDING,
    I request you please start my account.

  143. Jagan says:

    Stock broker needs to operate our Dmat account when, we click sell button in Kite web or through API. Same is true to deduct charges or pay charges/taxs to exchange on our behalf. Surely Zerodha needs permission. The clauses in POA, does NOT give right on our asserts, instead it just gives operating rights and charging rights. But Zerodha could have borrowed these rights from customers by adding similar clauses in application form and get signed. Signing the the stamp paper, really sounds risky.Probably POA, gives rights which even SEBI can not question. To provide smooth customer experience, please don’t put customers in risk.
    We think Zerodha as a gentle man in the business. So signed the POA(Did we had any other option?). But, Even Google, Facebook, Microsoft also loosing their gentle man-ness in the journey of business competition/crave for growth. Please validate the clauses and make sure you (Zerodha) will never gets the chance to loosen the integrity.

  144. Atul says:

    How much time it will take to update the POA form?
    What will happen to the positioned stocks if POA is not updated?
    Do we get the intimation from Zerodha once POA is updated.
    Can we do Intra-day trading if our POA is not updated ?

  145. Ajo Jose says:

    What is the witness name and adddress section in POA?
    And in poa where i can add a Nominee?

  146. Junaid Tayyab says:

    I had sent my PoA after necessary signatures but same got rejected as nomination details were not filled. As per mail from relationship manager, I was to download & sign the PoA document and send to Zerodha Office. I am surprized my form got rejected & they are now asking to fill nomination details…Will I get improved service?

    • Billy says:

      Hi Junaid,

      Sorry to hear that. Your account has been opened and your POA has been activated as well. Our team tried calling you regarding the nomination but were unable to reach. Your sales manager will get in touch with you to help you out with the nomination.

  147. Sayan Ganchaudhuri says:

    I have received the PoA mail, but the link inside that mail for downloading that doc doesn’t work! Have contacted customer care, & I was asked to download by opening zerodha in browser. But still I cant download that document. Meanwhile, during the whole process no customer care executive guided through the process. Request you to please look into this.

    • Kalpesh Mistry says:

      I have also faced same problem but Zerodha people not understanding the problem. It seems that customer executive are lacking knowledge and sending arbitrary replies.

    • Faisal says:

      Sayan, I see that your PoA is now enabled. Apologies for the inconvenience you faced with our Support team.

  148. Dhiraj Chandra says:

    Can i carry the poa document to your office directly incase if courier services delays it more than 7 days?

    • Faisal says:

      Yes, you can submit in one of our branch/partner offices. However, they will have it couriered to our Bangalore Head Office only.

  149. Ankit Jain says:

    Hello sir,
    Whether nomination details and witnesses are compulsorily to be filled in POA?
    or just signature will suffice?

  150. Himanshu Kumar says:

    I have sent the POA last week on Wednesday by courier. Can I Know if you have recieved it. As I’m still getting POA reminder.

    Please help!

  151. Nitheesh R Babu says:


    The POA clause number 23 says: ” To authorize Zerodha to transfer the securities to any of the demat accounts of Zerodha as mentioned in Annexure B”

    Why would Zerodha need this particular authorization without any condition in it. Please clarify at the earliest.

    Nitheesh R Babu

  152. jayalakshmi says:

    this is the link given for POA. Where is the download link. Similiarly I am not able to download equity application form given in the link. Your email is noreply. where can we raise our issues. you can atleast give an email id for grievances. or atlest you can attach those documents in the email so that print outs can be taken.
    1. what is the email id for raising any issue?
    2. it is not possible to raise our issues through tickets page as all the issues are no there.
    3.apart from support team, please give the mail id where any grievance can be escalated.
    give your reply to my email.

  153. Priya says:

    Mene account open Kar liya hai.Per abhi mene POA send nahi Kiya hai.Koi trading ya fund add nahi kiya hai.agar me 31 March ke baad POA send Karu toh bhi 31 March ko 300 rs maintenance charges Kate jayenge ya nahi.
    Please reply….

  154. Rahul says:

    Can I send POA after 30 days of account opening.Is there any limit.

  155. Ronak Salecha says:

    Dear Sir,

    My POA was rejected because I filled second and third holder name.

    I had my parents name written. Could you give me clarity on this? They want me to fill again the form leaving the above details empty.

  156. Ganesh Dutt Sharma says:

    I had send my POA on 22/02/19, as Per Courier Company the parcel has been delivered to your office on 26/02/19 But still we haven’t received any confirmation from your end and we are getting reminder mail from you that the POA has not been received yet so, please confirm the courier is received or not.

  157. AMIT NASKAR says:

    I have send my POA on 21/02/19 but till now the amount of shares not showed in my holdings. And also I can’t sell my shares.

  158. Swati says:

    From where does the POA, generated by Zerodha, pick the customer’s postal address from? The address that my POA picked is incorrect and I’m wondering how such an old address appeared.

    Thank you

  159. Hari says:

    Where to signin POA pdf file?

  160. sweety says:

    how can i got POA

  161. furinkazaan says:

    Hi! I’m yet to send you my POA. I assume you are storing these digitally after you get them physically. Because you send back my copy of the updated POA as a pdf. So Can I digitally sign and send you back the PDF? It will save time, quite a few trees and I dont have to go to the Post Office to send by Speed Post.

    Sorry if this has been answered earlier. Just too many comments to look through. TIA.


  162. Suresh Dv says:

    I have been opened d-mat and trading account in ZERODHA though online. Today i want to do Intraday Trading purpose I hv opened my account but in that, purchase time it is showing Rejection… I contacted to Mr. Puneeth Raj. as on his guide lines I raised ticket… now I got mail… POA is not submitted… but I already sent POA, ECN & NOMINATION along with my Signature through speed post… last 4 days back… Please issue necessary directions to concerned team Activate my Account..

  163. Vijendra says:

    Sir my POA has been delivered but holdings are still not showing in kits app

  164. Sunil kumar says:

    I m a old customer of zerodha…
    Can i check my poa document from my zerodha account which i opened in the past….

  165. nithin saraf says:

    Hi zerodha..

    I have recently opened account with you..I have a doubt regarding power of attorney.Do i need to do franking or u will do it for me. and is witness details compulsory or can i leave it blank,if necessary what details are need to filled in it. Pls let me know so that i can courier it as soon as possible….

  166. Hemant madhavrao mandale says:


  167. Neeta says:

    I have sent POA with courier shree maruti courier with tracking id 1404100013513 which was delivered on 21st jan. kindly let me know when it will be updatd ?

    • Lindo says:

      The POA has been updated today. You will be able to see holdings(that you may have bought) in your account tomorrow.

  168. Srikanth says:

    Hi Team,

    I sent my POA , and it deliverd today.

    can you please update the POA and how many working days it takes for the same ?

  169. girish says:

    unable to download POA from mail link .
    what to do ?
    please guide.

  170. Nandan A says:

    I have sent my POA and according to courier (tracking ID NLM60184094) it’s delivered on 14th January. I am still getting the remainder mails regarding submission of the same.
    I have raised two support tickets (#20190116637265, #20190117429386) regarding the same but didn’t receive a response on them, but I do see 2 and 4 replies when I open my support protal but when I click on the ticket number I just see my query.

    Please provide the status of the POA and when will it get updated.

    • Lindo says:

      Hi Nandan,

      The POA will be enabled by EOD today, you should stop getting reminder Emails. We are also checking what caused this delay,the concerned team will revert back on the tickets as well.

  171. Elayababu says:

    Hi I am unable to download poa.. Can u send me proper PDF to download and send my physical signature..and also tell why I am not able to do trade in nfo… And what I am supposed to do for that

  172. Gautam Ravaliya says:

    Instead of a signature, Do I need to feel any details in the POA?

  173. AMIT SAHU says:

    MY IS OA3513

  174. Pramod Telange says:

    From where i’ll get the POA document. Mail which i received, unable to open that POA document. Please help me to get the POA document first.

  175. Sourav Ghosh says:

    Hello Team,

    Can I just sign in the two signature boxes and send the POA ? Or do I need also to fill the ‘WITNESSES’ box & ‘Dated at Bangalore on this _________day of ________________ ‘ or you can take care of these two fields ?


    • Matti says:

      We can take care of everything other than the signature. You could always have someone witness it for you, but it isn’t mandatory.

  176. Deepak says:


    • Lindo says:

      Hi Deepak,

      In case the POA did not have any of your details, this would have been kept on hold, our salesperson will be contacting you shortly to collect the courier tracking details to get the same updated.

  177. bishnu says:

    gg i have to send my poa froms to zerodha comodity private limited….why dont receive in your office…please check my poa froms…bishnukamal abhaypuria

  178. bishnu says:

    i have to send my poa froms to….why dont receive in your office…please check my poa froms……

  179. gopakumar gopalakrishnan says:

    i had mailed my POA on january 4 and still my POA has not been updated. Can you please help and let me know when will my POA be updated? IVE SENT IT BY THE NAME (GOPAKUMAR K G )ON THE COURIER

    Name: Gopakumar gopalakrishnan


    Sir , kite application se ordar buy ho raha hai lekin wo order portfolio aur holding me nahi dikha raha hai aur maine order CNC me hi kiya tha . Mai intraday traiding nahi karta fir aisa kyu? Fir paise ki bhi cutting ho gayi hai .
    Aapko kasht dene ke liye kshama chahta hu.

  181. Navneet Mathur says:

    Can i drop thePOA to Zerodha office instead of mailing it?

  182. Nimish Patil says:


    I had mailed my POA on Friday 28th December and it was delivered on Saturday 29th. My courier tracking shows receiver name as Sealsigen and Relationship as Office colleague but today it is 5th January and still my POA has not been updated. Can you please help and let me know when will my POA be updated????

  183. vilas jadhav says:

    I have already sent the POA and the status of courier is also successfully delivered to “receiver name- sealsigen”
    “relation- office colleague” on 31st December 2018 but still no email form zerodha. Please check did you receive POA or not please mail.

  184. Hardik Prajapati says:

    Can I send scanned power of attorney by email as I am situated outside India?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Hardik,
      The Power of Attorney has to be ‘franked’ (stamped). This is why you’ll have to send us the hard copy of the filled PoA form. Due to this, we will not be accepting a soft copy of the POA.

  185. Muthu says:

    Dear Sir,
    If I send a signed POA and nomination form will send us the copy of the completed form i.e. with witness.
    Other than Nominee what are the other details which I need to filled up.

  186. Muthu says:

    Dear Sir,
    I like to clarify the following.
    1. As an NRI, is it the same process applicable? Shall I change my address to overseas address. My PAN is with old india address. Is it possible I can update the zerodha account and as well as phone number
    2. If I want to repatriate investment then what is the process
    3. If I do SIP plan i.e. on monthly incremental investing. Does any specific charges need to pay.

  187. Bharath says:

    I send them zerodha POA to the given address.how can i know whether it reached them or not

  188. Dinesh says:

    If PoA is not required, why is the account holder not allowed to sell from the account?

    • Faisal says:

      To buy stocks, there is no authorisation required as this is a credit to your demat account.
      To sell stocks, you need to the authorise the broker to debit the shares from your demat. This can be done only through means of giving a specific PoA to your broker.
      This is exactly like how anyone can add money to your bank account with just the account number but require your consent(through cheque, etc) to take money out of it.

  189. Sujit Sali says:

    Sir, do we have to fill all the details in that POA form or just we need to sign it and send. Please clarify my doubt

    • Faisal says:

      If you know your DP Client ID, you can fill it, otherwise, we will fill it for you once we receive the signed document.

  190. Randeep Singh says:

    I recently opened an account and I received POA form. Is it necessary to fill the witness details or it will be taken care by office.


    Sir I am send PoA documents Dt 20 / 12 / 2018…

  192. Fenil says:

    Dear Team,

    I had following queries:

    1.When will e dis facility come in zerodha?

    2. When will it be possible to transfer shares online without delivery instruction slip?

    3.why can’t you provide Easiest and POA both together?

    4.Also now I am not able to link my existing demat account any specific reason for same.

    I understand I can only buy delivery shares and not sell them without POA but I am fine with that.

    I want to open only trading account and link my existing demat account

    • Matti says:

      Hey Fenil, the e-DIS solution is something that’s on our list of things to do, but will take some time. 2.&3. Online transfers without easiest isn’t possible. Since we run the risk of a client selling on our platform and then transferring shares our at the same time, offering easiest with the PoA isn’t a viable solution, risk management wise.

      We’ve stopped allowing linking of 3rd party demat accounts as it’s operationally complex to support and caters to very few of our clients.

  193. Sheo Shankar Prasad says:

    Sir on poa papaer i will have to taken signature of witness or that will be done by your end,waiting for reply.

  194. Kanhaiya says:

    What to do with the witness box in the POA …please provide

  195. Nikhil says:

    My signed poa form was delivered on 10 December 2018 . But I haven’t received any update on poa and I am still unable to see my holdings in Kite.

  196. Jagmohan says:

    My shipment is successfully delivered on 10 Dec 18, now it is 12

    When it will get process.

    Kindly update

  197. Santosh says:

    Sir, I have a Demat account with SBI. Do I need to cancel that Demat account and to create a new one with Zerodha. I have not signed and sent the POA with Zerodha till now. Please reply.

  198. Himanshu says:

    I am not getting the pre-filled POA form through the above sent link nor the sales manager phone no. is reachable nor she is replying through mail sent to her. what to do?
    Please tell whether to fill the witnesses or not?

  199. Himanshu says:

    Please tell what to fill in POA form.
    is sign is the only requirment or do i need to fill my name and address also.
    are witnesses required to be filled?

  200. Himanshu says:

    Please tell whether to send POA through courier only or i can send it through speed post also.
    Also, two witnesses are mandatory to be filled in POA.

  201. Adesh Jadhav says:

    Dear All,

    I had same query, But now it is resolved. I had couriered it on Monday…. 3rd Dec and today I could a letter to view my holdings… So I think they might take whole week, because courier takes 2-3 days and team might take 3-4 days to process our docs….

  202. Dhaval says:

    I haven’t received POA form by email after opening an account. so, please would you send POA through email …

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Dhaval,
      We’ve had the POA re-sent to your registered email address. In case you don’t see it in the inbox, also check your spam folder.

  203. Adesh Jadhav says:

    My shipment is successfully delivered on 4th Dec 18, now it is 7

    When it will get process.

    Kindly update

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Adesh,

      Raise a ticket here on our support portal, and share the courier tracking number. Our support rep will get in touch with you.

  204. Jagmohan says:

    Plz update my poa urgently i have alrrady sent it. Courier showing it is delivered on 3 Dec. My courier tracking id DTDC Z77802345. I want exit my holdings plz update urgently
    user name AO8627

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Jagmohan,

      We’re sorry to hear that. The POA team is looking into this. We’ll have one of our support rep get in touch with you regarding this.

      • Zerodha Social says:

        Hey Jagmohan,

        The POA you have sent is Digitally signed instead of wet signature. We won’t be able to process it without a wet signature. You need to send us the POA with your actual signature(wet signature). For more details refer to the email sent by our support rep.

  205. Adesh Jadhav says:

    I have already couriered all documents… Still I am getting that mail… And could not able to sell shares…. Send on Monday… Today’s is Friday….
    Kindly update .. even had word with support team, they said they received the documents…
    When I could able to sell shares .. or when I could able to watch my holdings… This is quite irritating…

  206. Suraj bhosale says:

    Sir I have send PoA but there is no confirmation received
    How would I know that you received PoA

  207. Ashish Kumar Padhan says:

    i’ve already send PoA on 24/11 But It’s stuck somewhere in transit.. Is it okey if A new Signed PoA reach you there in next 7-8 days ??

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Ashish,

      You can certainly send another one. However, you could confirm with your courier company about the status of delivery, before deciding to do so.

  208. Raghunath Gadre says:

    I am a intraday trader, do I have to execute this POA, pl advice

    • Faisal says:

      While it is not necessary to submit POA, it would be best if you plan on taking trades longer than a day.
      You will not be able to sell stocks if they reach your demat account.

  209. vaibhav saxena says:

    sir i completed my sign up processs, at last i got message it will take 24 to 48 hours for activate my account.
    i want to know that i have to send POA document after activation of my account, i mean sir 7 day will be count from after activation of account or before activation during the time of sign up process.
    Thank you sir!

    • Faisal says:

      You can send over the signed POA document to us regardless of account activation. We will have the POA enabled once the account is opened.
      Make sure to mention your registered mobile number on the form for us to track it easily.

  210. Debashis Dutta says:

    Is the Unique Client Code and Client ID are same?
    Is there need to fill up witnesses in POA form?

    • Faisal says:

      The Client ID in the POA page is the DP Client ID. It is not the same as your trading Login ID(Unique Client Code).
      We will fill it up for you.
      Make sure to mention your registered mobile number or Login ID on the bottom of the page for us to track your POA.

  211. SURBHI KAPOOR says:

    What details do we have to fill in POA? I sit Holder’s name and Nominee names?

  212. Reddy priyatham says:

    Plz update my poa urgently ihave alrrady sent it. Courier showing it is delivered yesterday. I want exit my holdings plz update today user name HL 6857

  213. Vikas says:

    Can you please post a sample POA so that we will get to know which fields have to be filled at our site..
    It will be helpful..

  214. amit thool says:

    I have to mail POA but where in document , i suppose to sign it.

    Do I need to fill detail in witness box?

  215. Srinivasan says:

    I visited your Zerodha office(on 6 Sept 2018) at Bilekahalli and submitted my IL&FS a/c closure form along with Zerodha demat a/c opening form. Zerodha Demat a/c is opened within 2 days. But IL & FS a/c is never closed and shares are not transferred yet to Zerodha Demat a/c. A query #20180904723985 is raised for the same. This is now open for 3 months without any action. Can you pls look into this ? Thanks.

  216. Gourav Kumar says:

    My account opened today and I will courier POA today itself, can I start option trading without POA or I should wait for it?

  217. piyush gupta says:

    Can i mail POA document?

  218. Santosh Kumar Barik says:

    After submitted POA documents to zerodha, can KYC procedure also be done by you?

  219. sudheer says:

    can i sell the shares on T+1 day without POA updation. and what charges are imposed if i sell shares from demat account.

  220. sudheer kumar says:

    i sent the POA through courier, i received delivery status from my courier as per it reached to zerodha office in 19th november. but still now i didnot receive a confirmation from zerodha. when it will updated with my account.

  221. YOGESH says:

    The Power Of Attorney(POA) lying on the ZERODHA website is Specific/Limited or General?
    I have recently opened an account with ZERODHA, So a pre-filled form is there that I need to send after signing, so my question is that this online prefilled form is General POA or Specific/Limited POA?.

    Thank you.

  222. umesh maru says:

    zerodha account opend in october 2018 by me. but not found my ID and possword till date.
    so please tell me why ?

  223. Sahil Malhotra says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,

    Just opened an account with your platform and submitted the various documents required for signup, however have not received any mail for POA? Can you please help out

  224. Leena Harshendu Gor says:

    Dear Sir,
    Good Day!!,

    I have opened on line a/c. on 30th October 2018, & couriered documents on 31st, same received at your good office on 2nd November, 2018, but till date I cannot operate my account even after several follow ups as my ECN is not updated yet, & above all today after12-14 days I got email that my POA is not updated /received,

    Sir, I want to know how long it will take to update my a/c. & when can I start trading, further please note that I want to deal only in MCX commodites, & do I need POA for the same.

    Further, My Husband opened account in MArch 2018, & he was able to trade within a week, then what is taking so long for my a/c. to be updated.

  225. Mujaffar says:

    Hi zerodha… i have opened demat and trading account with zerodha.
    I should appreciate the team, trading software and system of zerodha.
    Thank u all for providing an easy way to trade for beginners like me..

    I understood that,
    poa is only require to debit shares when I sell my holding (only delivery based equity stocks)…
    No poa needed to buy intraday,delivery, or derravstives (f&o), and to sell intraday and derravatives.
    I have a query regarding margin on holding, when my poa still not updated in system after it delivered in ur office before 2 days, i bought some stocks which not reflecting in my holding, how can i take margin benefit on holding to trade in market….

  226. Prashant rawat says:

    Hi Sir,
    can you send me a link of poa

  227. Rahul behal says:

    Hi Sir,

    Very unprofessional behavior of your organization so as to tell me that they have lost copy of the POA document I had sent.

    Delivery had been acknowledged for the same and support ticket been updated for the same please.

    How can I make sure that it is not misused and how come it is lost please?

    For your perusal, mentioning the Support ticket # 20181025766588.

    Please help.

  228. Arun Kumar says:

    Sir please send my poa document to my mail Id.


    Sir.I opened the account online still POA hard copy is required.

  230. Viloo Shastri says:

    In my pre-filled PoA the address is incorrect. How do i get it corrected?

  231. Vijay says:

    I have account in Zaroda. But i want to do just daily basis trading without taking delivery. So does POA required for daily trading only?


    where i will find my poA form
    plz reply me details how to open zerodha account

  233. Jay says:

    I hav also open my demat also send poa by post, but holding is not showing

  234. Maria says:


    I’ve already sent in my poa to you’re Bangalore office. However, I’ve received no update from your side and I still can’t release my holding . Please help .

  235. gaurav says:

    i open my account in zerodha 23-10-18 by aadhar but i dont get the POA from zerodha….

  236. Prakash says:

    Hello sir i want to close my account with zerodha kindly tell me the procedure to close the same…urgent.

  237. Sathish says:

    In POA form do we need to fill the witness details and signature or it will do in the back office kindly clarify me sir

    • Matti says:

      You can have somebody witness the PoA, Sathish. If you are unable to do this, we’ll take care of it for you once you send the form.

  238. Madhuri Gajanan Khandare says:

    Hi Team,

    I have shared POA to Bangalore address and courier reached destination on 15th Oct’18 as per my post status but still my holding shares are not visible and I did not received any mail from zerodha.


    Dear sir,
    i have send Power of Attery on 16/10/2018 by Regt Ad By Post. it will be still in transit till date 19/10/2018. On date 19/10/2018 i buy 12 qty shares of Fedral bank at price 79.3 and i sell that shares without POA on same day. but in my portfolio, there is not seen profit rs 24 in holding option. so i want information that whether 12 shares sell amount and profit rs 24 will be deposited in my demant account and portfolio due not to received POA that day. if POA received you lately, so that time will deposited that shares and profit?

  240. Rahul mehta says:

    I have sent my all POA documents with sign at the date of 11-10-2018 and it’s received by you at 13-10-2018 still my account is not updated so I am requesting you to please update it as soon as possible
    Rahul mehta

  241. Subhashree says:

    I want to send my PoA to you by post and was wondering if anything else besides your address needs to be on the cover. Also, I have lost the number of your initial correspondent who tried to be in touch so if you could just help me out with that as soon as possible.

    • Faisal says:

      Please write your registered mobile number on the cover. Once it is delivered, it will be useful for our courier team to map it to your account.
      We’ll ask the sales manager who connected with you to get back to you

  242. ARJUN KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir
    I have send my POA , recently after account opening but 11 days passed and still not received by zerodha .
    Then I called to zerodha but they saying we not received your POA yet so you can’t sell your delivery shares.
    Now what should I do , should I send my POA again or not .

  243. SASIDHARAN S says:

    My POA was received by you on 20th of Sep-18. Till now it has not been updated and as a result my holding is not reflecting the shares. I have called many times but still no action. What should I do now?? My tkt no for the same is
    20180927205100 – POA status-9487414022

  244. Chirantan Das says:

    I have submitted my POA and Nomination form on 26th Sept by hand to the JP Nagar address of Bangalore. Till now it has not been updated and as a result my holding is not reflecting the shares. I have called many times but still no action. What should I do now??

  245. Irfan says:

    Do I need to fill details for witnesses in POA form?

  246. Rahul says:

    Download power of attorney for sign in

  247. Adi says:

    will i need to do any signature on poa? or I can directly print and mail it?

  248. shriram hodage says:

    sir i have not got POA form how can i get Zerodha POA form

  249. Rafi Ahmad says:

    Dear Nithin sir,
    I have sent a signed copy of POA and ECN it was delivered on September 8, 2018. but still not able to get the full access to sell and see my holding.
    It has been more than 12 days. I already created ticket on 13 September 2018 but still no any feedback. Could you please check why it is still not updated?
    ID- JI2085

  250. kunal patne says:

    I have already sent the POA and the status of courier is also successfully delivered to “receiver name- sealsigen”
    “relation- office colleague” on 12th September but still no email form zerodha and still I’m not able to sell my holding.
    what should i do? Is it delivered to right place ? please respond soon.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Kunal, the process is slightly bogged down due to the holidays in the interim. Your PoA will be processed soon.

      • Laldhari Kumar says:

        Same thing happened with me. It as received on 19th Sep, 2018. POA has not been processed till now.

        I can understand there may be delay but why sales manager do false promise.First it was told that it will get completed in one working day. It was not competed . Then i was told that it will be processed withing two working days and i will be able to sell delivery by next working day. Again it not happened. I dont know, due to issue from your side how much i have to bear the loss.

        worst experience.

        Hope at least i will get reply here because sales manager and customer support have stopped replying.

        Why not these issues are dealt by top management.

  251. Edward says:

    I want to understand the meaning of point 7 on page 10 of form that ZERODHA WILL RETAIN THE BALANCE OF 10000 or Below …THAT MEANS I CANT CREDIT THOSE AMOUNTS IF THEY ARE BELOW 10000 OR WHAT? EXPLAIN THIS

  252. shiv nath ram says:

    give me poa link which i download demat poa

  253. suresh kumar says:

    hi i dont have any witness can you please help me???can i send the document without witness signature??

    • Mahesh Pujari says:

      Yes you can send without witness signature, If you search “witness” in this thread you will find that it can be left blank, they will do it on our behalf.


    I have not sent POA
    But how can I send
    Please proceed me.
    Kindly solve my problem.

  255. Shoumya Chanda says:

    Do you accept the scanned copy of the POA, with my and the witness signatures?

  256. Ramanathan Iyer says:

    Hi Nithin,

    While you have a great platform and smart digital sign-up. The non committal to a specific POA processing time is not acceptable.

    It feels like there is some sort of leverage happening on the shares that we have bought. Despite having shared my POA over a week back, I am still unable to access my holdings ,multiple promises & date commitments by sales and support reps, they have not resulted in anything. Someone on your team tells me there are over 3K POA’s pending and we cannot process any faster , so I am stuck due your inefficiency ???? I understand you’ll are growing fast but with such customer service it won’t last long !

    Please look into this and help resolve it. If this is not resolved even after complaining at the highest level then there is nothing more to be said or done.

    Very disappointed and frustrated customer.


  257. Maaz Shaikh says:

    I had sent my POA last week and it got delivered on 1st September. But its not yet updated in your system. I have purchased shares and am unable to sell them now. Raised ticket #20180904139888 but got no response. I am going in losses because of slow acknowledgement of my poa. Please escalate the ticket.

  258. TRAPTIKA says:

    I have received an email that I have not sent POA but I have already send POA with signature . I have sent this at 24 August and it has reached at zerodha office on 28 August according to Trackon courier . But I am unable to see my holding shares. I was told by zerodha executive that poa will be updated in 2 or 3 days but it is updated till now. Kindly solve my problem.

  259. Amandeep Singh says:

    I would request you to kindly let me know the status of my Account so that I can transact with my holdings. POA was sent by me on 22nd August 2018 and it reached zerodha on 24th August 2018. Today is 31st August 2018 and till now it has not been updated and I cannot transact with my holdings. I had purchased few shares on 27th August 2018. I bought those shares at 368.90 and it had touched 375/- and today because of lapse of zerodha it has touched 360.90/- . Now you can also see that because of indefinite delay from zerodha in processing my account it is pushing me towards loss, I have repeatedly sent mails, opened tickets (#20180828429670, #20180829311894) even escalated the matter to your quality people but nothing is helping it. Is this a professional behavior from zerodha and on top of that nobody from zerodha has a courtesy to even give me a call and explain the situation about what is happening. I am writing to you with a hope of resolution…..


  260. Umesh Goel says:

    Dear, kindly tell from where to get POA document and where to send.

  261. Puneet Makhija says:

    Dear sir,
    i opened the demat account with zerodha and on the same day couriered the POA to banglore head quarters.
    POA delivered at your headquarters on 24th Aug but till date POA not updated.
    ticket (#20180828548752) also generated and your executive already sent reminder also for updating the POA but no one taking it serious.
    it hardly takes 5-10 min to update POA, so why the person, who is responsible for updating POA is taking so much time.
    i bought some of the shares after opening demat account, but the same is not showing in my demat account neither in position nor in holding.
    i have to sell them fast, as the market is going down.
    i was very excited at the time of opening account but not aware with services after opening account.
    plz do needful and take some immediate action to resolve the problem.
    your prompt action would be highly appreciated.

  262. Sahil says:

    In poa form I want to fill witness section or not.
    I have signed f13 and f14 .
    Tell.me about witness section.

  263. Sahil says:

    In post form I want to fill witness section or not.
    I have signed too forms.

  264. Saurabh Rajput says:

    I had send my POA on august 16th and on tracking it shows, it has reached your office, please assist me with a way out of how to know the status of my account that whether it is ready to operate or not, or that whether POA attaching is under process or some.

    Thank you,
    Have a great day!

  265. Anuj kumar says:

    Hi i have send POA document dated 11August and my POA delivered dated 14 August. And i received delivery successfully msg
    But my portfolio not seen plz solve my problem

  266. Anuj Prashar says:

    Address mentioned in POA document is wrong. I came to know that I can change address by sending account modification form. Will that update address on POA document also. And from where to get POA with updated address.


  267. Vishnu Meena says:

    i have a question:
    1. Is it mandatory to have witness signatures on POA form? can i just sign and send it?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Vishnu, you can have anyone witness the PoA. In case nobody is available, we can take care of this for you.

  268. Sameer Ansari says:

    I have recently opened an account with Zerodha and sent the POA and nomination forms. How will I know that the documents have reached and nomination is done and that I can now sell stocks from my Demat A/C.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Sameer, you’ll receive an email with the status update. Additionally, once the PoA is processed, you’ll be able to see the stocks you’ve purchased on the platform. 🙂

  269. Balaram Nayak says:

    While placing a cover order in NSE segment order is rejected…and the msg showing is exchng is not enabled in your acct…….what does it means……..

  270. Swapnil says:

    Thanks Nithin for the article and the clarification! I understand the importance and the convenience the POA brings to the customer by allowing the broker to debit the shares from the his/her demat account and can also be used when the customer intends to pledge the shares but why do you have other clauses/conditions in the POA? Why don’t you have just this condition mentioned in the POA rather than having 21 conditions which give Zerodha too many rights than they actually need? If the motive is just to be able to transfer the shares to demat account on behalf of the customer why include other conditions? Appreciate your response!

    • Faisal says:

      Swapnil, in normal situations, we require the POA only to debit shares from your demat account when you choose to sell them.
      The other conditions are required to be mentioned as we might need them in exceptional scenarios.

  271. Jijo PS says:

    Recently I opened an account through online and get a mail to submit POA by post. So I would like to know is it necessary to mention and sign 2 witness in the page number 3, and need to fill dated at Bangalore on _________day of_______?.
    Also I would like to add a nominee (wife) to my account, so I can fill the foam and send along with POA? Also need any ID proof for nominee? Please advice. Waiting for your valuable response. Thanks in advance.

    • Faisal says:

      1. You can have it signed by 2 witnesses if it isn’t too inconvenient for you.
      2. Nomination form alone would suffice.

  272. Ankiur J says:

    There is Franking space at the top of POA document – how much worth franking is to be done and should I get it done from any of the nationalised banks?


  273. sathishkumar says:

    except signature we have to fill any thing in POA, ECN and Nomination form? after online applied

  274. VISHAKH says:

    MY Account is active now only POA is remaining, but also i cannot buy any shares . please tell me what is the reason

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Vishakh,

      It seems that you have placed your orders on a Saturday. The exchanges are closed on Saturday & trading doesn’t take place. The markets are open on weekdays from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM. Also, ensure to maintain sufficient funds in your trading account for the order to go through.

  275. akshay nagar says:

    how much time i have to send poa

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Akshay,

      There is no time restriction to send the POA. However, we recommend you send it as early as possible as you won’t be able to see your holdings or sell shares from your holdings without the POA.

  276. Javed akhtar says:

    can i send the poa by mail after scanning it

  277. raj says:

    Is it mandatory to fill up ‘Witnesses’ section in PoA document?

  278. ANUJ says:

    we will not give any pwer of atorny . we will contact SEBI rgarding to clear all

    • Matti says:

      Anuj, the PoA is an optional document, but without the PoA, how do you expect Zerodha to be able to debit shares from your demat account without it? We’d need this limited PoA to execute your sell transactions!

      • Allen says:

        There’s a facility called electronic delivery instruction slip (e-DIS) provided by CDSL that can be used to debit shares from a demat account and execute sell transactions WITHOUT A POA. This has been implemented by Upstox recently: https://upstox.com/market-talk/sell-shares-without-poa/

        We’d all love it if Zerodha could implement this facility and do away with PoAs because some of us have our life savings in our demat accounts and don’t feel secure giving away powers of attorney willy-nilly.

        Currently, 99.9% of my holdings are in a demat account with SBI (without PoA) and the remaining 0.1% with Zerodha (with PoA). As SBI has high fees, I’m strongly considering moving my main demat to Upstox where fees will be low but security won’t be compromised.

  279. Raju B Sankeshwar says:

    Hello Zerodha,
    How much time it will take to activate back office after activation of online trading account…. and one more question – how to know the status of POA?

    • Matti says:

      You can log into the backoffice and trading platform within 2 working days of completing the online account opening process. We will send you an email when we receive and activate your PoA.

  280. Ashwath Hegde says:

    1. If the power of attorney is required to sell online, then you can use this to sell the shares with my Demate account without my knowledge

    2. I got 3 pages.. how many sign and where needed..

    3. can I send thru courier..? or only speed post..?

  281. Sathish says:

    I am new account holder. would you like to know what is the process to revoke my POA in future?

  282. Satish maniya says:

    Sir, I have been opened demate and trading account in zerodha though online. After a purchase of shares in a delivery base, the shares are now shown in my holdings in very next day. I contacted by phone to support zerodha. Mr. Ravi Kumar attended. I asked him my above query with him. He intimated me that I have to send POA for selling shares. But before the purchase of delivery shares nobody your staff guided me to that I have to first send POA. Please issue necessary directions to concerned team show my shares in my holding. I will send my POA shortly by courier. Examine please.

  283. Sankalpa Banerjee says:

    I need something clarified, do I have to arrange for the witnesses for the POA document or should I simply sign on the places in the form where it says to sign and send it?

  284. SADAULLA says:

    is witnesses name necessary to give or can leave it blank? If it is necessary, then witnesses can be family member or not?

    “Dated at Bangalore on this_________________________________________day of__________________________________”
    what I have to write exactly on blank space?

  285. Kumar Anupam says:

    what is ECN, why is it necessary ?

  286. Ashish Baghel says:

    Hey Zerodha,
    I recently have opened an online Demat account on Zerodha. I Received an email containing POA application only, I didn’t get the ECN application form. So my question is…Do I need to worry about not getting ECN application form?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ashish, you’ve only e-signed the equity form. The commodity form is yet to be signed. Login here and complete the e-sign to receive the ECN declaration.

  287. Diwakar says:

    I have couriered the signed POA document. How do I know the status of the POA document is received & processed by Zerodha and I can start delivery trading?

  288. Uday Hajare says:

    POA currier adreess please? Currently i am in pune , is it okay if i send POA to pune zerodha office.

  289. SHUBHAM says:


    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Shubham, open an account to get started. You can contact our account opening helpline and our team will help you out with the process.

  290. Ashwin says:

    How do i get POA documents?

  291. Surya says:


    We talked previously about linking Zerodha trading account with other demat services. I seem to have already been allotted a DP id and BO id by Zerodha on account activation. Currently, my balance is nil but, will Zerodha debit charges for this service even if I go with another demat service provider? If yes, what is the minimum period I can stay with Zerodha demat before switching over? Also, please provide email address for sending the CMR.

  292. Saurabh says:

    Dear Nithin
    There are 2 queries .
    Can i do intraday trading without POA via kite platform and I want to update the communication address which is there in POA, which document is required which i need to sent to you physically (expect addhaar, which has old address ) .

    • Matti says:

      Hi Saurabh. Yes, you can place intraday trades without PoA. To change your address, you’ll have to give us an account modification form, available here. Also attach with this, an address proof (Driver’s license, passport, voter ID, etc.,.) with the new address. You’ll have to send the PoA that you have received as is. The PoA will be processed and then the account modification executed.

  293. aditya says:

    dear nithin,
    zerodha office has received my poa and ecn today.
    however they have mailed me that they cant process my ecn because i did not provide income proof
    however i have provided my income proof
    i called my sales manager and informed her about the issue.
    she told me she will look into it
    a little later she mailed me and asked me to email my income proof to her mail
    my question is,is it ok(and safe) to email my income proof to the sales manager’s email?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Aditya, you can email support at zerodha dot com. Emailing any “at zerodha dot com” ID shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s best to email support because that’s the dedicated support channel.

  294. Surya says:

    Previously I have been using 5paisa for trading and demat. I just recently became a customer of Zerodha. I would like to know if it is at all possible to link my 5paisa demat with Zerodha trading account?

    • Matti says:

      Yes, you can. You simply need to send the CMR (Client Master Report) of the 5Paisa demat to us with instructions to map the demat account to your trading account. However, you wouldn’t be able to sell holdings from the 5Paisa account with us as the demat PoA would be held by 5Paisa.

      • Surya says:

        Thank you for your prompt reply. I require a few more clarifications. I seem to have already been allotted a DP id and BO id by Zerodha on account activation. Currently, my balance is nil but, will Zerodha debit charges for this service even if I go with another demat service provider?

        Please provide email address for sending the CMR.

  295. Divya Murthy B G says:

    Is it mandate to fill below fields in POA for individual account

    (Second holder)_________________________________________________________
    (Third holder)________________________________________

  296. Chetan says:

    How can I give power of attorney to a third party person to trade on my behalf?

  297. rupam says:

    regarding about POA i mail to support@zerodha around 4times but till now no rply


    Should i print POA on both side or one side of paper.

  299. amit das says:

    While opening account I did not uploaded income proof for f&o and mcx trading.
    Can I do it later after my account being opened..
    please please please reply


  300. Souvik dey says:

    Should i fill Witness part on POA & nomination form & by whom should I make this?

  301. Pushpendu halder says:

    What will I do in witness box in poa? ShouId I keep blank and courier ?

  302. Ayush says:


    Can you please share the complete address for POA dispatch along with Name of the person it has to be addresses.


  303. Balaji says:


    Can some one let me know.
    Whether I can attach multiple demat accounts to a single trading account in zerodha or not.

    If this is not right forum, let me know the right procedure.


  304. balaji says:


    Can someone respond to this query?
    Can i link two demat accounts to single trading account ?
    And where can I see my holdings, for the account to which I will not be going to submit POA ?


  305. Balaji says:


    I recently opened trading & dekat account. CDSL.

    It took me less than half an hour to complete it. That’s very Nice.

    I haven’t sent POA yet.
    Came to know that it only required when I want to sell equity.

    I don’t want to send POA, since I want to hold them for very long term.

    I would like to open one more demat account for all intra day and short term purposes.

    Can i link two demat accounts to single trading account ?
    And where can I see my holdings, for the account to which I will not be going to submit POA ?


  306. Girish says:

    I have opened demat account online, and got user name and password. Tried to login using the given User name & Password, but showing wrong password. Then went to ‘forgot password’ and got new password on my email. Still I am unable to login.
    Please support to make login successful.

  307. Ani says:

    Hi Matti
    Thanks for reply,
    My bank account is only one month old , can I open account with zerodha only for intraday equity trading.

  308. Ani says:

    1.Can I do intraday equity trading without demat account

    2. Is it possible to open trading and demat account without sending POA and I want to do only in traday trading equity . Will my account be closed in future if I not send POA for a long time?

    • Mannat Malik says:


      No matter what kind of trading you wish to do, you will need a demat & a Power of Attorney is necessary for you to sell your shares and receive your profit, without which the broker wont have the authority to book it for you. Therefore, without POA you will only be able to buy shares and not sell them.

  309. Ani says:

    Can I opened trading and demat account without sending POA and I want to do only intraday trading equity . Will my account be closed in future if I not send POA for a long time?


  310. Puneet says:

    Hi Nithin
    How do u ensure that some unscrupulous employee makes (1) offline transfer of securities to his account (2) changes bank account details and transfer money to his bank account.
    (3) do u SMS customer whenever debits are made in his account?
    (4) who will be responsible if any leakage happens due to your employee?


    • Matti says:

      Hey Puneet, our internal processes are strong enough to prevent any such issues and are periodically audited to make sure everything is in order. An SMS is indeed sent whenever a debit happens. If it’s a stock, the depository notifies you directly. If there is an issue, you can always reach out to us.

  311. Ani says:

    Can I opened trading and demat account without sending POA and I want to do only intraday trading equity . Will my account be closed in future if I not send POA for a long time?

    • Matti says:

      Your account wouldn’t be closed, but if in any case, you take delivery of stocks, you wouldn’t be able to sell without the PoA.

  312. GS Negi says:

    Hi Nitin, I have trading a/c with Zerodha and now wish to have demat a/c also. Can it be done online? Kindly guide.

    • Matti says:

      If you already have a trading account, opening only the demat account online wouldn’t be possible. You’ll have to download the form, print, sign and courier it over to us. You’ll find a pre-filled from in the profile section of Q.

  313. Naren says:

    in the poa do we have to fill the witness details or can it be left blank.

  314. Yaswanth says:

    Hi I bought shares of a company a couple of months ago and now those shares are not being displayed in my kite.I’m yet to submit my POA and if i call for support i’m being asked of some ZPIN which i have no idea about.Pls help me

    • Matti says:

      You wouldn’t be able to see shares on Kite until the PoA is processed. I suggest you send it as soon as is possible.

  315. Wasay says:

    Hey Nikhil,

    At first I would like to appreciate the fact that I love the services offered by zerodha with good customer service professionals who are so well customer obsessed and delight me everytime.

    A small question does zerodha block or disable my account If the POA has not been submitted.

    Also I trade I’m options so do I really need POA.

  316. aman says:

    I do not want to use zerodha margin facility, is there any way I can stop margin facility to my account.

  317. DHARSAN says:

    what if i want to revoke my POA? is it possible?

  318. DHARSAN says:

    what if i want to revoke my POA? what should i follow?

  319. Prakhar says:

    How to cancel/revoke the poa which I submitted to zerodha

    • Matti says:

      You’ll need to send a written letter duly signed by all the demat account holders with reference to the previously executed PoA and the date from which the revocation should take effect. Note that this revocation will not be applicable for any outstanding settlement obligations that were created before the receipt of the revocation letter. Also, if you do revoke the PoA, you wouldn’t be able to place sell orders for stocks in this demat from your Zerodha trading acocunt.

  320. Saurabh Awasthi says:

    I have done esigned through aadhaar to complete the sign up process 24 hours backs and now have been asked to send poa, regarding that i have few questions:
    1. What should i send ? Just 3 pages poa or something else? Just wanted to trade in equity and is already e-signed.
    2. What should i do for witness column? Can i leave that empty or is it mandatory to fill it?
    3. How long should i need to wait to get my credentials to login and trade?
    4. Finally sign at two places are required or what?

  321. Aditya N says:

    can we leave the witnesses area blank?

  322. Vijay says:

    How to trust Zerodha won’t misuse PoA ?, Sell the share without aware of investors

  323. Prasada Rao Kothakota says:


    I am unable to view my holdings, displays as no holdings.I have not submitted the POA. Is this the reason?

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Prasada, that’s correct. You will only be able to view and sell your holdings once you send us your POA.

  324. sagar says:

    Dear sir,
    I have sent my POA document to Zerodha Headquarters, how do i will got to know my POA status, Whether it is completed or not?

  325. Prashant says:


    Is POA required if I only want to buy/sell mutual funds?

  326. Dhruv gajjar says:

    I want to change my bank account linked with my zerotha account and I want to change my account details so what will I have to do

    • Matti says:

      You can download the account modification from here. Fill this in with the details you want to modify, including the bank details and send it over to us.

  327. Nisarg says:

    Hello Team,

    Really worried about the shares I purchased. By what timeline will they be deposited in the holdings section of the account?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Nisarg, there seems to be an issue with the signature on the PoA you’ve sent to us. Once this is rectified and the PoA is mapped to your account, you should be able to see your shares.

      • Vinod Dalvi says:

        But you have written “When you buy shares, be it in an online or offline account, the shares are automatically transferred to your demat account, you don’t need a POA to do this.” so POA should not require to see shares in holdings section.

        Please advise.

        • Bhuvanesh says:

          Currently, we have no mechanism to display the shares but block selling in them. Once you send us your POA it should be mapped in a day or two and you can view your holdings after.

  328. B.Vijaya vardhan Rao says:

    i was send POA documents with signature on05.04.2018

  329. Priyank says:

    Does POA first page should be printed on a stamp paper or a normal A4 Paper ? In case of stamp paper, how much amount stamp paper will work ?

  330. Pallvi says:

    How many signature required on PoA document sent after online account opening?
    PoA document showing only 2 places for signature, F13 & F14.

  331. shailesh says:

    Why do i submit POA if i dont want to share my acc with u. why this policy u have been created. This trading is limited to myself only so why i give u POA to u.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Shailesh, when you’re trading online, you’ll require to give PoA to the broker so that when you sell shares, they can be debited from your demat account. Without a PoA, you’d have to send a physical DIS every time you sell stocks. This isn’t practical for an online trading platform.

  332. Rohit says:

    What is the franking that we have to do in the POA ?
    Can the nominees and witnesses be the same persons?

    • Matti says:

      Franking will be done by us, Rohit. No, the nominees themselves cannot witness the nomination form. They can witness the PoA though.

  333. Bharath kumar says:

    Hi team,

    I am from Bangalore ,is there any way to send POA physical documents to main office other than courier.

    1. any person can come and bring the documents ?
    2.Is this possible directly may submit documents in any marathahalli branch or near by.

    Please suggest us.

  334. AKSHAY says:

    Hello Team,

    I recently opened a demat account with zerodha. I purchased HDFC bank shares on March 20, 2018. But I am unable to see any shares in my demat account. Kindly help with the issue.

    p.s. I am yet to send POA, is this the reason?

  335. Jenisha says:

    Where I have to sign in POA ?

  336. AJAY says:

    Respected Sir

    Mene Jst Online Commodity Account Open KIya HE…Koi Trading Abhitak KI Nahi He..
    Muje PoA ka Mail Aaya He.. Kya Commodity Account Ke Liye Muje YE Compulsory Dena He?
    Me Koi Bhi Commodity Buy OR Sell Kar Sakta HU KI Nahi?

  337. AJAY says:

    Respected Sir

    Mene Jst Online Commodity Account Open KIya HE…Koi Trading Abhitak KI Nahi He..
    Muje PoA ka Mail Aaya He.. Kya Commodity Account Ke Liye Muje YE Compulsory Dena He?
    Me Koi Bhi Commodity Buy OR Sell Kar Sakta HU KI Nahi?

  338. Priyanka says:

    Sir why is that blank space provided before the POA paper document?

  339. Neeraj shrivastava says:

    I resend my poA because of any objections about signature it was same as my documents but may be.I worried in second time any objections comes to me what will be procces to prove it’s me… Please advice…

  340. Sachin says:

    I had opened an demat account with you previous days… I had paid for commodity also but i Have not done adding money and trade in commodity account… Pls tell me reason why is this happening

  341. Sankalita Roy says:

    I have opened an account and sent the POA by speed post. How i can check or get notified whether POA has been received by team or not, so that i can start trading subsequently.

  342. Pavithran says:

    I have opened zerodha account today using online aadhar process after that they told to print, sign and courier the form but in the POA form they ask for 2 witnesses and something like dated at Bangalore at this day of something to fill in.Do I want to fill it or just sign and courier the documents?

  343. Chirag kumbhar says:

    I have sent POA to the given address 2 days ago but my holdings in kite are still not shown. Please check it.

  344. mohan gupta says:

    sir i am dalima to submit poa or not….does zerodha provide specific PoA ……as i am new to shares market i want to start with small small investments…..

    • Matti says:

      Hey Mohan, this is a limited PoA allowing us to sell your shares when you place a sell order on the platform. It would be required whenever you wish to sell stocks from your demat account. Best send it across as soon as possible.

  345. Paramesh Debnath says:

    Is there necessary to sign of witness? Who will may be as a witness? My native is WB but I work Odisa, there are no witness , so what I do.

    Please explain

    Thank you

  346. Sudhir Raj says:

    Hi sir.Which and whose stamp should i put for POA??

  347. sunil says:

    i have not send the POA , but can’t operate the kite app. as no username / password send by you, hence can’t buy the shares, so please send details on my registered cell with you or above email with you. cell no. 9421333347

  348. sunil says:

    as per above comments it is learnt that the POA is required to sell the shares only, and not for the purchase. so even after opening the account i can’t do purchase of shares, why? also the charges stated for dmat are for Rs. 12.5 per transaction, irrespective of no of shares, please make it clear whether they are applicable for puechase or sell or both.
    pl tell your person to contact me for above account query….

    • Matti says:

      For buying shares, PoA isn’t required. What is the error you’re seeing when trying to buy? Also, the DP charges are only applied when you sell the shares held in demat account. Doesn’t apply to intraday trades.

  349. Vinod Kulkarni says:

    I transferred some shares from another demat to Zerodha demat. I can see them in CDSL’s Easy interface. However, they are not reflected in Kite or Q (after about 4 days).

    Is it a manual process that you update such changes in portfolio to reflect in kite or Q (i.e. make them tradable)?
    (And my PoA is in place.) On top of that, I raised the support request, and they responded with holdings reflecting the addition of new shares. But they are not visible in Q or Kite. (And they still didn’t realize this in spite of clear request to do the same.)

    I am very much inconvenienced because my stocks can’t be traded till it is resolved.

  350. aftab khan says:

    sir does poa requires for equity and fno to buy and SELL those shares intraday. as i dint understnd you said , to sell the shares we ll require poa to submit.

    • Matti says:

      PoA is only required if you hold equity shares overnight and want to sell. Intraday trades won’t be affected.

  351. Ravi says:

    I am interested in equity short term trading only. Hence, margin is not required for me. Please suggest whether I still need to submit POA.

  352. Ashvinkumar Patel says:

    What document required for poa ? Pls Explain

  353. Utkarsh mistry says:

    i have sent poa and it has been updated in my demat ac but when will i receive poa copy…

  354. akash mishra says:

    Sir please help me,,
    I recently opened d-mat account with zerodha.
    I got an email to send poa.
    I downloaded it and taken a print out.
    Now please tell me what the details are necessury to fill in this poa document and where the signaures are required and is witness compulsury????????
    Help please to solve this issue clearly.

  355. Prajwal says:

    I opened account by online . I got email stating that there is a name mismatch between e sign and bank proof should have self declaration letter. But when I login, my dashboard showing account opened successfully and you will get an email. What can I do next

  356. mangesh Sawant says:

    sir Maine share mis2cnc convert kiye hai.par o share holding me nahi dikhara hai.

  357. Utkarsh mistry says:

    I have send poa without witness details is it ok…and will i get a true/certified copy of poa after franking… What about poa charges.

  358. Vineet Chauhan says:

    I am unble to fill the form of power of attorney .
    Please guide me that which are the necessary blanks i have fill and what to fill
    Also witness is necessary to e filled

  359. Jay says:

    I have couriered my POA. How much time will it take to update so that i can do transactions in my demat account.

  360. Sandeep says:

    Sir, is there requires a witness sign for poa form reply me

  361. Deepak Sharma says:

    Why do Zerodha puts the liability on the customer to courier the PoA to Banglore. It should be collected by the Zerodha representative and the customer should be made familiar with the Zerodha Kite software by the same representative. I am in Chennai and if even in Metro cities this basic facility is not provided then I doubt Zerodha ability to provide quality service in future.
    In addition to it while opening account online it was not mentioned that the customer has to send the signed PoA by himself. It is only after the payment of account opening fee of 300 Rs. that the customer made aware of the same. if customer could have send the documents by courier why would he opt for online account opening facility.
    Not a good start of customer relationship zerodha… not at all…..

    • Jay says:

      Yes i totally agree with you. It should be collected by Zerodha. Also why this process is not online.?

      • Matti says:

        Hey Deepak & Jay. As a discount broker, we operate on razor-thin margins and so encourage clients to send this one time document themselves. Believe me, the cost-benefit of the brokerage sets off this minor inconvenience. We do daily demos of the Kite platform on our YouTube channel for all our clients. Additional, we have a Kite user manual for your ready reference. While we would love it if your account opening was completely online, the current regulations require that the PoA be signed physically, hence the hassle.

  362. SUBHAM KOLAY says:

    The POA I’ve received is already eSigned using Aadhaar, so do I need to sign it again before sending the physical copy via courier?

  363. Arif Khan says:

    i cant find where sign in this POA document.

  364. Balraj says:

    Hi Team,

    Just wanted to understand how are you identifying the POA as a limited POA. I don’t find any where mentioned in the document that this is a limited POA not general one.


    • Matti says:

      Balraj, though the PoA is not labelled “Limited PoA”, the document itself clearly demarcates the powers given to the PoA holder (Zerodha).

      • Balraj says:

        Thank Matti for the reply. However, don’t you feel it is necessary to label the document as limited POA so that it gives more clarity and clears lot of doubts from the customer mind. When so much care is taken to mention so many things in the document without a miss. Why not this?

        • Matti says:

          Hey Balraj.
          1. We don’t label the document. This is decided by the regulator.
          2. This PoA, though limited, is still a PoA and hence named as such. The fact that there is a limitation to the authority that can be exercised by the holder of the PoA does not take anything away from the fact that the document still holds the legal status of a PoA.

          That said, we have been trying to urge the regulator to rename this document from PoA to something less scary (thank you Bollywood!) and apter, like ‘Letter of Authority’, but so far, this has remained a dream.

          • Balraj says:

            Thanks Matti. Hope you understand the scariness due to this document. One last question, do we get a true certified/duplicate copy of POA post franking is done.

  365. Shivanesan says:

    Is POA need to be franking?/

  366. Rama Murthy says:

    Is franking required for POA?

  367. Utkarsh mistry says:

    Hi… Can zerodha official tell me that how to send poa to your office at bglore…. Poa have witness sign do we need to do that and can i send it through speed post.

  368. Akash Dua says:

    My PoA has been delivered dated 18th Januuary. However I am still unable to see my holdings. I have spoken to customer care multiple times and have sent few mails also. They always say to give some time. 10 days have gone and I am still waiting for the resolution.

  369. Anand Pasricha says:

    Sir I sent poa to zerodha main branch and courrier is shown delivered but I still receive a mail poa not received

  370. Vignesh says:

    While filling POA Form,
    1) is it mandatory to fill this (Dated at Bangalore on this_________day of_________).
    2) is it mandatory to provide 2 witness name and signatures.

  371. Tarun says:

    Hi, Dose the POA that i sign gives the demart account to sell my shares/mutual fund in case of bankruptcy or any unfortunate incident?

  372. kumar rishav says:

    sir ,
    how do we get to know that you have received my POA…?

  373. Prahalad Kumar Singh says:

    My client ID is XJ9842. I had purchased few shares but still not able to show in my T1 ( Holding/Position) after 1st day. I have sent my PAO too. Is it reflect in my account after processing of POA. How much time it will take?

  374. Mandar says:

    Does the franking need to be done before sending across the POA? Or is it something that Zerodha will be doing at it’s own end and I just need to put my signature in t he POA?

  375. Akshayk says:

    Just sent my poa few days ago..may I know where I can find that it’s been updated? Also can you please assist in finding out if FnO are activated for me?

  376. Sarath S. R says:

    Dear Sir,

    Under what value of Stamp Paper of Franking should I print the POA?


  377. ajay says:

    where to sing in POA from

  378. polimera says:

    i have received mail informing only aboit the submission of POA. but i have seen many people here asking for ECN declaration.what is this? and is that compulsory? if yes, i havenot received any such mail about ECN declaration submission?
    and on POA i have just signed on F13 & F14 and couriered.Is that okay
    or should i write anything else?

    • Matti says:

      The ECN is for the commodity account. If you’ve applied for an equity account only, then you wouldn’t have received it.

      I hope you have written your registered mobile number or email ID on the covering envelope so we can map the received courier to you?

  379. Ronak Hada says:

    I have opened my demat account online and I have received a PoA can I deposit that in the city office of zerodha

  380. sandip says:

    i opened dmat account in zeroda.
    can you send me address where the POA documents needs to be send.
    i am from pune.

  381. Vinay Singal says:

    Zerodha Team –

    I have an existing Demat account with another broker. I can’t close that trading & Demat account because of certain reasons. I want to start trading on Zerodha platform but dont want to have multiple Demat accounts. Pls suggest if i can use my exisiting Demat account with Zerodha. I can share a fresh POA if required.


    • Matti says:

      If your current broker allows you to revoke the PoA with them and give it to us, then you can indeed do this. Best write to support[at]zerodha.com for details.

  382. Rajesh says:

    Are My family members are eligible to fill out a witness form..please help me.. i am waiting for your reply..

  383. Mahendra says:

    I had apply for new account opening on 16/01/2018 and make the payment of 500 as account opening charge on the same day. I have also done all the account opening related formalities but still my account has not been open
    Kindly do me favour in this matter.

  384. vijay says:

    Sir, I have courier the POA but it will take at least 10 days, can i do intraday before power of attorney come into force.

  385. DHIRENDRA SONI says:


  386. Anil says:

    can i send my POA through speed post?

  387. chate vasudev says:

    I am open a demet account but why don’t get share buy please explain me

  388. Shant vale says:

    I have sent a courier of poa form week ago and its riched at your office before 4-5 days but still my form is not update
    May I known why site and team assured that it will update within at most 48
    If that is not possible for your team to update it in given time change the time to 1month or week if required

  389. AHMED ALI SHAH says:

    Dear sir,
    Can you Please upload false copy to understand how it has to be filled.

  390. Diljith says:

    I have sent POA document and it was delivered on last friday (12th jan). Yet i didn’t get any update mail. When will i get this? How much time will it takes?

  391. Animesh Kumar says:

    Who can sign into the witness box of POA form?

  392. vijay jadhav says:

    Its been 48 hr completed from i opened my account and i didnt get Client id n password yet..can anyone tell me when i will get ..??

    • Matti says:

      Hey Vijay, your verification was done on Friday. Your account details should be emailed to you by tomorrow. It takes 2 working days and the weekends are off.

  393. Jigar Mehta says:

    Zerodha Team,

    In short period of time you have achieved great success but team should also maintain that success when you have grown in large.

    Please note i have send Speed Post on 28.12 wide POD details as EM897067225IN but till date i.e. 12.01 my POA status is not updated, in meanwhile i have transfer my holding to new account but the same is not visible as my holding is stuck up with POA process.

    Entire POA system need to fix so that traders can trade effectively.

    Your prompt account opening was USP but at this time i am facing hurdle, please resolve ASAP, hope to receive Positive feedback from your end.

    client ID is YT2899


  394. Prashant says:

    I have sent a signed copy of POA and it was delivered on Jan 8, 2018, 12:13:15. but still not able to get the full access to sell and see my holding.
    It has been more than 3 days.Could you please check why it is still not updated?

  395. Mohamed Shaikh says:

    Dear Nitin I have lot of respect for you. I have watched your story on You Tube.
    I have been following Sunil Minglani for sometime and switched to Zerodha due to him.
    However your team is not giving the top notch support to me.
    I have couried my PoA signed and it was received by Zerodha on 3rd Jan 2018. Still
    I am not able to see my holdings.
    The support communication is not proper. They should call me and talk to the customer.
    This entire PoA courier stuff sucks and you need to fix this.

    Frustrated Customer
    Mohamed Shaikh

  396. Ayush Jain says:

    While applying for IPO, they ask for Client ID in case your depository is CDSL.
    But when I enter Client ID given in Zerodha’s form, it says wrong Client ID.
    Then I entered my POA Master ID in Client ID field and it is accepted.
    Whether it is correct ? Please revert back as quick as possible.

  397. Ankur kallurwar says:

    Sir I have send POA to zerodha main branch in last 5 days ago
    Message is india speed post is delivered but how to check is really received. My holding share not show. What to do sir????

  398. VG says:

    Why can we not digitally sign the PoA like all other documents?
    It doesn’t make sense to go through the entire aadhar based sign-up flow only to be told in the end that we still need to courier a document.
    The point of digital sign-in through aadhar was to avoid the hassles of mailing hard copy of documents.

  399. Vivek says:

    I have to courier my POA to your Office. Before sending the same, just wanted to know whether I need to sign on all the pages, or only on the second and third page of the POA ?

  400. Vivek says:

    I have recently opened a demat account with you, and I need to courier my physical POA to your office. before sending the same, I just wanted to know if I need to sign on all the pages, or only on the second and third page of the POA ?

  401. Dhruv says:


    I am a new Zerodha user, and have a couple of questions.

    1.The thread says that you use NSDL for opening the demat account, however I have received an email from CDSL which shows my demat account has been opened with them. Can you clarify this?
    2. Since you have the PoA to sell stocks in my demat account, what measures are enforced that I can see any transactions that happen through my demat account as soon as they happen? Do you register your users for CDSL’s sms intimation service? And how does one log into CDSL site and check their demat account?

  402. Shikhar Singh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have submitted my POA on 4th of January at Himayathnagar Hyderabad office. Your support agent has confirmed that they have received the same on 8th January at head office and is in process to register. I was promised it to take 48hrs to 72hrs to register, it has not yet been updated. I am going through a lot of hardship in this regard. Request you to please expedite this request of mine since I have to offload few of my holdings immediately to not face the loss burn.

    CLIENT ID: YO6948

    Thanks in advance,
    Shikhar Singh

    • Shikhar Singh says:

      Hi Team,

      My experience with account opening on zerodha has been top notch. It would go incomplete without thanking Priyanka sharma(sales manager) for providing best of the best service. I am extremely happy to get associated with Zerodha.

      Thank you,
      Shikhar Singh

  403. Ankit Gupta says:

    I have experienced that Zerodha’s customer care service is very poor. Rhe wait time is high on calls and even after that the query is not resolved. I have sent my POA form and zerodha has received it 3 days ago, but still I am not able to see my holdings. Moreover there is no reply on the support ticket as well.

  404. Prodeep Kumar says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I did my registration using Aadhar authentication. I already have my Demat & Trading Account with SBI.
    I received an email to sign and send POA physically.

    My Concerns is I am currently out of india, can i share the signed scanned copy through email ?

  405. Ravi says:

    How to find out whether PoA is linked or not?

  406. Arun says:

    Door to door service
    Take your charges
    And additional charge

  407. Arun says:

    I know what is PoA
    But zerodha plz upgrade your service about the PoA
    Because some new interested Demat account holder face a problem
    So I wish plz provide doot to door
    I know zerodha is a good platform to enter in the stock market
    Also take charges for your addition services
    Because I am face a problem
    Few days ago I opened a demat account
    But no any welcome call receive and no anyone call for additional details like pOA
    And plz take care to your
    Thanks you

  408. Rahul says:

    Do I have to fill WITNESSES box??
    Or Just Sign in F13 & F14 box will do??

  409. Rupak says:

    I have a query on POA,Should I invest in mutual funds on coin without complete POA form.

  410. Harsh Jain says:

    Where do I have to sign in POA?
    Is it mandatory to have 2 witnesses for the POA?

  411. Diana says:

    I have opened an account @zerodha for trading in commodity intraday. Can I start trading now without the poa. I have just sent today itself.. I want to start trading from Monday or have to wait my poa to be mapped. Please clarify..

  412. Raheem says:

    sir i am already opened demate account in another broker can i open demate account in zerodha, otherwise should i close previus demate accout

  413. Khushboo says:


    I have opened an account in zerodha. The account I have specified is not a demat account. Will I face any issues while trading? Also, doI have to convert the specified account to demat or I can specify another demat account I already have?

    • Matti says:

      If you’ve opening only a trading account, you can only trade F&O. Demat account is required to trade equity only. You can map any demat account with your Zerodha account and purchase shares, however, you can only sell these shares using Zerodha trading platform if you provide a PoA for this account to Zerodha.

  414. Amit says:

    Sir,i can’t understand poa form please tell me who to fillup and after fillup this form how to send by courier or mail?

  415. RAJ KISHORE KUMAR says:

    1.How can I find that the power of attorney is specific or general?
    2. Whether the power of attorney is revocable or not?

  416. RAJ KISHORE KUMAR says:

    Is the power of attorney chargeable or free?

  417. matrix07 says:

    Can you provide ‘Specific POA’ instead of ‘General POA’?
    I am not comfortable signing such POA which gives all rights to broker.

    Kindly reply

  418. Nithin Kumar says:


    Can someone tell me on which paper do i have to print my POA and courier it to Zerodha. Is it OK to print it on normal A4 sheet.


  419. Vaibhav Gupta says:

    Hi Nitin,

    When Zerodha is already taking the POA, then why Zerodha does not provide the facility for online transfer of stocks (Onine DIS). One of my family member has an account with Angel Broking and he conviniently used the Online DIS facility to transfer shares from one account to other. There is no requirement of sending the hard copy DIS to the broker as it takes a lot of time and extra expenses (courier to Bangalore etc.) and is of little use. Zerodha being a pioneer of the online and discount trading model, is expected to provide this functionality at the minimum.


  420. ASHICK says:

    Already PoA documents and my consignment showing item delivered. Today also I am getting the same message PoA not recieved. What the hell is this?

  421. Bhushan says:

    I’d like to ask if the POA is needed even for investing in Mutual funds and withdrawing money thereafter or is it just for commodities?

    • Matti says:

      PoA has nothing to do with commodities or funds in your trading account. It is required to debit stocks/mutual funds from your demat account when you sell/redeem only.

  422. ASHICK says:

    I already send the signed physical documents. My speed post tracking ID :EL850842779IN shows item recieved. But no updates reflected in my account.what should I do now?

  423. Shivam says:


    My share are not showing under holding tab.Could you please tell me the reason why it not showing.


  424. Ravi says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Recently I have opened account with Zerodha using online option. My Address is badely messed in demat account with unwanted commas and chopped text. With this messed address courier/postal delivery person will not be able to locate my residence. When informed Zerodha support they were saying address is not significant..but I will not get any Rights issue forms, Buyback forms etc delivered from Registrars.

    I was not given any option to review and correct or get it corrected before all the process is completed.

    I am having tough time getting this fixed.. they are asking me to send KYC forms again… this is pure negligence from Zerodha staff in updating the address if manually did or issues with the data formats if it is automated.

    My address in Aadhar as well as existing KYC is as follows, which is decent enough to locate my house


    But It in Zerodha it is messed as follows :
    Hyderabad, 500085, Telangana, India

    • Matti says:

      Ravi, the address we get is from the KRA agencies. If you need to update it, I’m afraid you’ll have to submit the KYC form/account modification form.

  425. Aravind R says:

    Where do I have to sign in PoA? I have only two pages. Can you help?

  426. Rajat Sharma says:

    If there is any misuse than ,how can I check that there is no misuse of my POA.

  427. Sandeep Jadhav says:

    On which address I post my POA form

  428. Skg says:

    Hi ,
    I am a first time investor in equity and want to invest in it to gain the benefits for RGESS for now,
    and figured out that as per the latest views Zerodha seems to be the best .
    I have few questions to ask before opening account in Zerodha-
    1)Does one is eligible to invest in RGESS if he opens account in Zerodha
    2)What are the charges one needs to pay for opening Demat account in Zerodha
    3)What are the other charges like (AMC ,brokerage etc ) if one needs to invest in equity, closed ended MF and ETF (which are under RGESS)

    Thanks in advance ,

    • Matti says:

      The 2017 budget has removed the tax benefits for RGESS, so this option isn’t available anymore. For charges, check out zerodha.com/charges.

  429. kasturi says:

    Can I send the POA to the Mumbai office?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Kasturi, it’s best you send it to the Bangalore office since it’s processed here. If you send it to Mumbai, they too will have to forward it here.

  430. PAVAN says:


  431. debdut adival says:

    sir after filling the form i went out of town and was unavailable to send the document within 7 days .can i send the document after the given time . will i have to pay some kind of fine .

  432. Amit says:


    Not sure if this page is still monitored or not.
    Let me start by saying Overall Zerodha platform is very good.
    I am new to zerodha … trading so my question may sound NOOBISH, but is that a reason for not picking the phone not returning the phone call by the sales manager.
    I understood the part where ZERODHA doesn’t provide any assistance in trading, and I am completely okay with it, every company has their own rules. ( not questioning why you don’t).

    But my concern is, I was asked to send POA, and I did it as asked -> It was rejected because I din’t signed or filled something correctly ( not sure what that is).
    I tried to call sales manager while filing the form but he didn’t answered, I sent him mail to call me back but no reply. And now it’s rejected so I have tried to call him again multiple times and sent an e-mail as well but outcome is same. No answer.

    Is it possible to contact me via mail. Zerodha can probably look up all my details from above ( mandatory e-mail ) field.
    I promise I won’t contact you guyz again.

  433. Amit malhotra says:

    I am getting mails to submit the PoA but when i click on the link then i am getting an error and unable to download the form

    • Matti says:

      Amit, you can always download the PoA from zerodha.com/resources if there’s an issue. Alternatively, you can also write to your sales manager for assistance.

  434. Anuj Kumar says:

    How to know that poa is mapped to my acount or not.is there any ways to check that.

  435. Valli says:

    I have question in point number 6 mentioned in POA
    “6. For these purposes and to this extent, Zerodha is empowered by me/us, to affix their signatures to any document, form or any other record, being a delivery participant, as required by the concerned depository.”

    In POA, no where it is mentioned who is the concerned depository.

    I am not willing to sign the POA with point number 6. It needs to corrected or properly clarified in the POA.

    • Matti says:

      ‘For these purposes and to this extent’ refers to the above points where the document lists a specific set of powers given to Zerodha for the smooth operation of your demat account. Since the Zerodha demat account with member ID is mentioned above, I don’t see any ambiguity here. Additionally, changing this document isn’t possible as the format is prescribed by the depository itself, i.e., CDSL.

  436. Bhuvan Reddy says:

    I couriered the signed copy of POA on 13th december. Yesterday I got a mail stating that POA has not reached the office.As I tracked the post I found that the item despatched to J P Nagar S.O,bengalore on 16th december, but it is not yet delivered.I don’t understand why is it taking so long.Should I need to send it again??
    Can you look into this matter

    • Matti says:

      Hey Bhuvan, courier delivery may be delayed for any number of reasons. This is something you’ll have to check with the courier service provider.

  437. sri sri says:

    How to fill the POA form ?

    • Matti says:

      Just the signatures will do. We’ll fill everything else. Just write your registered mobile number on the covering envelope so we can map the poA to your account when we receive it.

  438. Krupa says:


    I have couriered the signed PoA to Zerodha headquarters Bangalore and its 7 days since the same has been received.

    But still the PoA status is not yet updated at Zerodha back office.

    I have already started trading using Zerodha, but I am unable to sell any shares.

    I am stucked what to do now.

    I contacted Zerodha customer support twice, but I am not getting any response from there side.

    Any help on this would be really appreciable.

    • Matti says:

      It generally takes 3-4 working days for the PoA to be mapped. Your PoA, I see, has been mapped. You should be able to sell shares now.

  439. Customer says:

    I have purchased shares.Why is nothing being shown in my holdings?and positions?
    The margin gets reducedbut i am showed no holdings and no positions.
    Please get back at the earliest.

    • Matti says:

      Have you sent your PoA? If the PoA isn’t mapped to your demat account, you wouldn’t be able to see the stocks you’ve bought.

  440. ANEESH KUMAR says:

    I have send POA on 12 Dec 2017 and it is received by your office on 15 Dec 2017 (by courier tracking).
    still not received mail of receiving POA.update immediately so that i can sell shares.

    i have brought some shares on 08 and 14 dec 2017 ,it canot display on position and holding what is the reason?

  441. Meenakshi Waghkar says:

    Dear Zerodha team,

    I have send POA few days back & it is received on 13 Dec 2017 ( by courier tracking). Still not received mail of receiving POA. After receiving POA it will take more 2-3 days to update. It’s too slow process, even after receiving POA u r nt intimating.
    Plz do it asap so that I can start trading.

  442. Pravin says:

    Hi Nithin, what is the cilent id on the first page of POA ?
    Do I need to fill it ?

    • Matti says:

      No Pravin, leave this to us. Sign and send the PoA over to us and we’ll do the rest. Simply mention your registered mobile number on the covering envelope.

  443. Sandeep says:

    How long this POA will be valid. Does it have any time period. IS it revocable at any point of time.

  444. Mahernoz says:

    Why not create an aadhar based signing tool (esigning) when making POA, why rely on paper and physical sign? The entire process should be online, right ?

    – mahernoz

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Mahernoz, as much as we would like for everything to be online, IT act 2000 doesn’t allow this form to be digitally signed.

  445. Vikas mittal says:

    Poa delivered on 11 December at 7 pm but still it is not updated.how much time you take to update it?

  446. Rajesh Kumar Mehta says:

    Is POA required on Plain paper or Stamp Paper?

  447. Rajnish says:

    my friend’s father buy 40 shares of reliance industry something 14 or 15 years ago. He lost shares certificate.
    he dont have demat account. he want to transfer shares to me If is possible? i have account in zerodha.

    • Matti says:

      Ah. No. Your friend’s father will have to approach the company registrars, tell them the certificates were lost and have duplicate certificates issued. These then need to be dematerialised and then transferred to you.

  448. Madhura says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Is it safe to share Demat account number with broker or anyone?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you

    • Matti says:

      Nothing wrong with sharing your demat account number with your Broker. The PoA too is a limited PoA and can only be used to debit shares from your account when you sell shares, else the PoA gives no additional powers to the broker.

  449. Anand Gopal Paswan says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    Recently I have opened my demat account with zerodha, but before proceeding my I want my POA documents should be processed. I have already sent my POA doc with Speed Post. Do you intimate us after receiving the POA, that your POA doc has been accepted and from now you can sell your share.


  450. Samir Kanti Chakraborty says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am getting mails from Zerodha to submit POA immediately. In the POA form a space is to enter client ID. But I don’t know my client ID. How and where I can get client ID? Or it is to be kept blank – please clarify.

    Can I deposit filled POA to any of your Kolkata Zerodha office or it is required to send to Bangalore address only – please let me know.

    • Matti says:

      You don’t need to enter the client ID. Just sign and mention your registered mobile number on the covering envelope and we’ll do the rest. Best send it directly to Bangalore.

  451. Prakash says:

    Hello Sir,

    Recently I opened Zerodha account and I also send POA as well as ECN but how could I know whether my POA is updated or not in your system?….

    Can I see in my profile?

  452. vijay says:

    who is witness in poa document

  453. Mani says:


    In POA Form,

    what are the things i need to fill ?

    Have to enter values for fileds in Witness table ?

    What are the mandatory fields ?

    If I send POA to you, how did you connect with my account? Because, the form contains only Account holder Name.

    • Matti says:

      Just sign it and courier it over to us. On the covering envelope, mention your registered mobile number and email ID. That should suffice.

  454. thirumal reddy says:

    hello sir; i’ve received POA form but top of the form there is a space for franking but i can’t understand what
    does it for, and also let me know what is client id

    this POA form requires only my sign or any thing else thanks

    • Matti says:

      Franking is something we’ll get done here. Nothing you need to worry about. Same goes for the client ID. Simply sign the PoA and courier it over to us.

  455. udit narayan mandal says:

    hello sir, if i want to buy share they got rejected…….please help me

    • Matti says:

      Can you write to support[at]zerodha.com with more details Udit? There can be multiple reasons for order rejection.

  456. Anurag says:

    Can I send u my POA forms with normal post (Not speed post) service?

  457. Tanmay says:

    What is the ” Client ID ___________ ” in the following line from your POA document?
    “Pvt. Ltd. (Depository Participant) DP ID 12081600, Client ID ___________ to execute and perform severally the following acts, deeds”

  458. American_desi says:

    I am preparing to send in my forms for one NRE and one NRO account with Zerodha.

    I have notarized my

    1. Do I need to notarize my POA or will a bank manager’s sign do?
    2. Do I need to find two witnesses or can I leave them blank?
    3. Do I need two witnesses for the nomination form or can I leave them blank?


  459. Akanksha says:


    As per your post POA is required to SELL stocks. But why is it that my stocks are not shown in my Holdings if I don’t submit POA? Lets say I have purchased some stocks for 10 years and don’t wish to sell that’s why I don’t want to give POA. You should at least show me my holdings so that I can track what is happening with stocks?

    I think it is absurd to NOT show stocks in holding if you DON’T submit POA.

    Please look into the logic of relating Display of Holdings with POA.

    Waiting for reply

    • Usha says:

      I have the same question as well; its quite stupid that PoA is being linked to holdings display. Zerodha,pls take a look into this and my previous questiin on wording of the PoA and reply ASAP.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Akanksha, our execution is backed by the Thomson Reuters software, NEST. In this system, the ability to see your holdings means you can sell them. Unless the exchange rejects your order, it will go through. As such, the only way to prevent sale of holdings is to hide them altogether.

  460. Usha says:

    Hi,the POA form I downloaded from Q is incomplete/incorrectly worded. On line 17, page 1, the wording is “all or any of their services offered by them in their” and ends abruptly. I am not willing sign the PoA unless this is rectified.

  461. Puspendu says:

    I have shares in hdfc demact account. After open an account in zerodha can i sell my share through zerodha?

    • Matti says:

      Ah, no. Since the PoA for that demat account remains with HDFC, selling with Zerodha wouldn’t be possible. The easiest way to do this would be to transfer your shares to your Zerodha demat account and sell them from there. Check this post on how to transfer your holdings.

  462. Birander says:

    Sir, I am a beginner and learning trading by seeing youtube video. I have opened account on zerodha through bse2nse.com. I have bought shares for long terms in CNC on 22/11/17 and they are not showing in my holding and also not able to sell. Can u please guide me.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Birander, it seems like you haven’t submitted the PoA to your demat account. You’ll have received an email about this as well. Without the PoS, you can’t sell the shares, so you won’t be able to see them on the platform.

  463. SP says:

    I recently opened my account at zerodha.

    Subsequently I sent the Nomination Form duly witnessed along with Identity Proof for both nominees.
    However I find that the Surname of the Second Nominee is not shown in the CMR. The surname can be easily be verified from the attached ID proof.

    Inspite of repeatedly sending emails to [email protected] and also contacting over phone to correct the error, it has not been updated and I have not been sent the updated CMR.

    Further the Residual Sec Flag for the First Nominee is shown to be Yes whereas for the second Nominee it is shown to be No.

    No clarification has been sent for this difference in spite of repeated requests. I have not been contacted by email/phone. I request an urgent resolution.

    • Matti says:

      We’ll have the name thing to updated ASAP. Seems to be a data entry issue. As for the residual securities flag, since stocks can’t be allocated in decimals, if there are any leftover stocks after dividing the stocks among the two nominees, any remaining stocks will be credited to the nominee who has the flag marked as yes. If you’ve not explicitly mentioned which nominee you want this to be, it’s the first nominee mentioned in the nomination form. Suppose you have 11 stocks of Reliance that need to be moved to the nominees’ ownership and you’ve asked to divide the securities equally, 5 stocks each are credited to both the nominees and the additional stock left over is credited to the first nominee.

  464. Anuj Aneja says:

    Does the above point says that Zerodha can sign on my behalf. It’s in the POA

    1) For these purposes and to this extent, Zerodha is empowered by me/us, to affix their signatures to any document, form or any other record, being a delivery participant, as required by the concerned depository.


  465. Om Goyal says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    We want to inform you that, this is not disclosed that we can’t do the T1 transaction as well if POA not update in your system.
    I have sent my POA few days back and it has been received on 16.11.2017. Kindly get it updated in your record so I may sell my shares asap. We have opend the tickets on friday morning at 9.05 am ticket no 574042 but we have not received any reply from Zerodha by email or by call. This is very unsatisfactory services by Zerodha Time.

    Also you are giving the contradictory statement that POA updation take time from 48 hours to 96 hours.

    Let us know the right time for updation the POA, even courier have been delivered on Thursday evening itself.

    You can contact me on this number 98704 11836

    Om Goyal

    • Matti says:

      Hi Om,

      Since we, in turn, have to get the PoA franked, giving you a fixed timeline isn’t possible. If your courier was delivered to us on Thursday, it can take up to Wednesday (4 working days), for the PoA to be processed and linked.

      • Om Goyal says:

        Hi Team,

        I am not able to see holding yet. Please let me know when you will be provided the full access of the holding.

        I have to sell the share on immediate basis but due to unable to see the holding, I am not able to do the transactions even the today is Thursday and you promised that will be completed by Wednesday.

        Please do the needful.

        Om Goyal
        98704 11836

        • Matti says:

          Hey Om, your PoA has been linked on 22nd. If you’re still unable to see holdings, please email updates[at]zerodha.com.

  466. hamid says:

    post officer say to write name in the address to the receicer.
    what i write is
    #153/154, 4th cross dollars colony, opp. clarence public school,
    j.p nagar 4th phase,
    bangalore – 560078

  467. hamid says:

    hello sir,
    i got mail from Zerodha today asking me to send hard copy of POA & ECN authorization.
    i have hard copy of the same named POA (Voluntarily) of 2page and ECN declaration (Voluntarily) of 1page.
    i need little help in filling the Form, as i am in Delhi and this form submission day till 25th. in order to avoid error
    please help

    In the POA form
    1) 2nd holder : (what i fill here??) or can i add it later [in second line of page]
    2) client ID : ?? space leaved here [16th line]
    3) sign : in the end of the page [my sign ] ok?
    second page
    4) dated at Bangalore on this :______day of_______ [just below the table]
    5) witnesses table : is it important if yes what i write here?

    in ECN form
    1) email in my handwriting ok.
    2) 2 signature. 1st in my personal detail table and at the end of the page

    • Matti says:

      Hey Hamid,
      For the PoA,
      1) Leave the second holder space blank as yours is an individual account.
      2) Leave this blank as well, we’ll fill this in for you
      3) Yes, your signature is required.
      4) Leave this blank. We’ll fill this in on the date the PoA is executed.
      5) You can have someone sign it or leave it blank. If left blank, we’ll do this on our end.

      For the ECN declaration
      1) Yes, your email ID will suffice.
      2) Signature is only required in the box with the pen icon.

      Make sure you write your PAN, registered mobile number and email ID on the covering envelope.

  468. SHWETA SINGH says:

    I have sent my POA few days back and it has been received on 16.11.2017. Kindly get it updated in your record so I may sell my shares asap.

  469. Varun says:

    Hi Nithin

    I just activate my account on Zerodha.
    I am not able to find the postal address to which POA, Nominee forms are to be sent.

    Please help.
    Thank You

    • Varun says:


      I just found the below address on Quora. Can you confirm?

      #153/154, 4th Cross,
      JP Nagar 4th Phase,
      Bangalore – 560 078

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Varun, here you are
      #153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony,
      Opp. Clarence Public School,
      J.P Nagar 4th Phase,
      Bangalore – 560078

  470. Maheswaran D says:

    Do I need to courier POA, if i want to trade with CNC Method – where I will only buy and sell stocks within a day ( like intraday)

  471. Pratik says:

    1] After printing POA, do i need to fill anything in it?
    2] Can parents be witnesses?

    • Matti says:

      1] Just your signature will do.
      2] Yes, your parents can witness the PoA. Alternatively, you can leave it blank and we’ll take care of that too.

    • ruchir Agarwal says:

      What if i have filled the clientID of my own of NSE given in the end of the form. Does it going to have any effect ?

      • Matti says:

        Hey Ruchir. The PoA is for your demat account. As such, the client ID should be that of your demat account with CDSL as opposed to the trading ID you have with us registered on NSE/BSE. This being the case, it is advisable to leave that particular field blank.

  472. Parag Mehta says:

    I see these questions many times but I need to be sure before I send the documents to avoid any rework
    1. Are witness name, address, and signature required when I send the POA?
    2. What do I mention in Client ID in the POA. The Nomination form I downloaded mentions a Client ID. Should I use that?
    3. What address do I send it to?

    If this information is published on the exit page for account creation, it will be more helpful.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Parag,

      1. No, we’ll take care of it for you.
      2. You needn’t mention a client ID, just write down your registered email ID and mobile number on the courier cover.
      3. Please send it to 153/154, 4th Cross, Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence Public School, JP Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore – 560078.

      Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll add it! 🙂

  473. Akshay Kamat says:

    I want to use my account for Mutual Funds only at this moment. POA still required ?

    • Matti says:

      Yes, a PoA is still required as whenever you wish to redeem your mutual fund holdings, we’ll need the ability to debit your demat account.

  474. Ramanathan Dhakshinaamoorthy says:

    Why my POA is still not enabled even after 5 days of receiving it? I’m unable to see it nor see my positions clearly with it. My client id is: YF7781


    Please help, “space for franking” means what

    • Matti says:

      Hey Narendra, you needn’t worry about this. Franking is the process by which the PoA is stamped with a stamp paper header, making it valid. We do this on our end.

  476. Dr Harjinder says:

    can i post POA form through speed post??
    Will we be getting notification regarding the receipt of POA form?

  477. Harsh Sharma says:

    I have opened a new account and filled in all information online. I have submitted scanned copies of all necessary docs. After all the steps, i am asked to send POA form to your address via post, or i need to visit local office.

    I want to know why i do need to send it through courier or come to your office. Why can’t your pick-up boy pick this document as they pick up other documents at the time of opening account.

    I have talked to 3 people in your office. Not even a single person has given me a logical answer. All they keep repeating is that’s the rule. I want to know the logic behind the rule.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Harsh, picking up a POA is a cost for us, in case of offline account opening it makes sense but no so much for e-signed forms.

  478. Ravi Kiran Patnaik.D says:

    I have opened my account in zerodha and sent my POA,ECN and Nominee forms.
    1. I did a mistake of filling the client ID incorrectly (filled my own ID). Can it corrected from your end?
    2. I didn’t send any copy of nominee ID proof, is it mandatory? If yes then can I send a soft copy?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      1) Not an issue Ravi.
      2) ID proof is not mandatory. The nominee will be updated based on the details filled.

  479. suresh says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have some queries
    1. where i apply for POA?.
    2.what matter i will write on POA?.
    3.i need to post original POA to your team?.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Suresh, the POA would have been sent to you on your email.
      2) Just print the form and sign in both the boxes marked “F”.
      3) Yes, you will have to courier it to us.

  480. Pushpa Chordia says:

    I have opened new account with zerodha and need to send hard copy of POA document. Queries below
    1. Address where I need to send it.
    2. Do I need to get two witness’ signs as well or you will fill up that at your end
    3. Client ID – I guess need to leave it blank?


  481. Akshay Gundewar says:

    Will we be getting notification regarding the setting/activation of nominee and receipt of POA form?

  482. Akshay Gundewar says:

    what proof of identity needs to submitted with nomination form?

  483. Mohan says:

    I have sent my POA on 26/10/2017 . When can i expect to see shares in my demat account and also in the POA instead of beneficiary ID of my demat account ,i have written my zerodha client ID .Is the POA valid .

  484. Bhadresh says:

    POA mail to send mail id?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Bahdresh, you need to courier us the physical copy to our Bangalore HO. You can find our address here – zerodha.com/contact

  485. Dev says:

    Hi Nithin,

    We, I and my spouse, have opened demat and trading a/c with you and are fairly satisfied with your service. After reading the above posts, I can understand that it’s not yet technically possible for you to activate CDSL easiest on our on our demat accounts. As an alternative arrangement, why don’t you provide online freeze / unfreeze facility through zerodha itself which would work as an added layer of security. If that’s done we are more than happy to transfer our entire holdings to zerodha which is now lying with SBI Caps and HDFC Sec. An early reply would be highly appreciated.


  486. Abhishek says:

    I have been asked to print the POA and send it within the next 7 days. Couldnt find the address though. Could you please send the address.

  487. faraz says:

    i have bought shares without poa… when will be come in holding??
    i will send poa asap.

  488. Gaurav singh says:

    I had bought share by mistake, now I want to sell it otherwise it will be loss to me, and sending POA will take 2-3 days , wiithin these day market may go down.
    Please suggest a way out.

  489. Balaram Nayak says:

    Itz showing My poa is delivered successfully when i track through courier tracking on 24th october night….so wt to do now…..to wait for ur confirmarion mail…otherwise can i trade and sell now my shares….????

    • Paritosh Thapliyal says:

      I was also wondering same. My package was delivered on 23-Oct-17, as per package tracking status.
      But I received the email from Zerodha today evening that they have received it today and will update me soon. I am not able to see and sell the shares I bought on 23rd because process related to PoA isn’t done yet.

  490. Naveen says:


    If there is an existing demat account with a POA signed and a demat account is opened account at Zerodha with POA, how does that work? Should the other one be cancelled/ demat account closed?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Naveen, the POA is specific to a single demat account. If you another demat with a different broker then the POA will be limited to that.