Account Opening Process – Corporate,Partnership Firm, & HUF

September 20, 2013
Open an Account

Traders, If you are planning to open an account as a Partnership Firm, Company, or HUF with us, the following post explains the process and documentation required. Note:

  1. (T) : Document required to open a Trading Account.
  2. (T+D): Documents required to open a Trading & Demat Account.
  3. (C): Documents required to open a Commodity Account.


    1. Duly filled copies of Trading & Demat /Commodity form with photograph of Authorized Signatory affixed and signed across.
    2. Copy of the Partnership Deed duly attested by a notary public (investment clause must be mentioned). The first 3 pages of the partnership deed (on all pages if lesser) should have the seal and signature of the Authorized Signatory.
      1. PAN Card copy of the Firm.
      2. PAN Card of all Partners (Attested by Each Individual Partner).
      1. Address Proof copy of the Firm.
      2. Address Proof copy of all the partners (Attested by Each Individual Partner).
      1. Proof of Bank Account (Specimen copy of cancelled check leaf/Bank Statement/Bank Passbook/Letter from Bank).
      2. Copy of Balance Sheet of the Partnership Firm for the last 2 Financial Years* (to be submitted every year) if the firms is newly incorporated then, net worth certificate from CA. (The balance sheet should have the seal and signature of the Authorized Signatory on all the pages)
      3. Declaration for IT returns if it’s a new firm.
    6. Aadhaar of the Authorized Person as per the Letter of Authority in the letterhead of the firm.
    7. Duly filled annexures.
    8. FATCA Declaration.
    9. Copy of Certificate of Registration (For Registered Partnership Firms only).
    10. Individual KYC form filled and signed by each partner (Partners have to sign without the stamp on individual KYC’s and supporting docs)

    NOTE: Demat account will be opened in the names of Partners (any one of the partner’s name)


  1. Duly filled copies of Trading & Demat /Commodity form with photograph of Authorized Signatory affixed and signed across.
  2. Copy of the LLP Agreement duly attested by a notary public(investment clause must be mentioned). The first 3 pages of the LLP agreement (on all pages if lesser) should have the seal and signature of the Authorized Signatory.
    1. PAN Card copy of the Firm.
    2. PAN Card of all Partners (Attested by Each Individual Partner).
    1. Address Proof copy of the Firm.
    2. Address Proof copy of all the partners (Attested by Each Individual Partner).
    1. Proof of Bank Account (Specimen copy of cancelled check leaf/Bank Statement/Bank Passbook/Letter from Bank).
    2. Copy of Balance Sheet of the Firm for the last 2 Financial Years* (to be submitted every year) if the firms is newly incorporated then, net worth certificate from CA. (The balance sheet should have the seal and signature of the Authorized Signatory on all the pages)
  6. Aadhaar of the Authorized Person as per the Letter of Authority in the letterhead of the firm.
  7. Duly filled annexures.
  8. Board Resolution.
  9. Copy of Certificate of Registration (For Registered LLP Firms only) (Investment clause must be mentioned).
  10. FATCA Declaration.
  11. Individual KYC form filled and signed by each partner (Partners have to sign without the stamp on individual KYC’s and supporting docs)

Account opening cheque favoring “Zerodha” for

  1. Rs. 300  – If only Trading Account (Rs.200 each, if you’ve printed the forms on your own)
  2. Rs. 300  – If only Commodity Account (Rs.200 each, if you’ve printed the forms on your own)
  3. Rs.400 – If Trading+Demat Account (Rs.300 if you’ve printed the forms on your own). AMC for Demat Account is Rs. 300 which will be collected at the end of the year


  1. Partnership Deed should allow the Firm to trade in Secondary Markets.
  2. Authority Letter in favor of Managing Partners should be on Letterhead of the Firm.
  3. All the documents need to be signed by the Managing Partner
  4. Seal of the Partnership Firm to be put where signatures are made.
  5. *In case of a new Partnership Firm, provide Balance Sheet after close of immediate Financial Year.
  6. ** The Bank proof should contain the Bank name, Branch address, IFSC/MICR code, Name of account holder, Account number.


    1. Duly filled Trading & Demat / Commodity form with photograph of Karta affixed and signed across.
      1. Pan Card Copy of HUF.
      2. Pan Card Copy of Karta.
      3. Pan Card Copy of Co-Parcener
      1. Address proof Copy of HUF.
      2. Address Proof Copy of Karta.
      1. Bank Passbook/Statement of HUF Indicating its existence.
    5. Aadhaar of the Karta.
    6. Duly filled HUF Declarations.

    NOTE: Karta seal/stamp is mandatory on all the signature fields and on all the proofs provided.

Account opening cheque favoring “Zerodha” for

  1. Rs. 300  – If only Trading Account (Rs.200 each, if you’ve printed the forms on your own)
  2. Rs. 300  – If only Commodity Account (Rs.200 each, if you’ve printed the forms on your own)
  3. Rs.400 – If Trading+Demat Account (Rs.300 if you’ve printed the forms on your own). AMC for Demat Account is Rs 300, which will be collected at the end of the year.


  1. Karta should sign the Account Opening Form and other documents under the stamp of HUF.
  2. All KYC documents to be attested by the Karta.


  1. Any Limited Company falls under this category. AMC on the Demat account for a corporate account is Rs.1000/-
  2. Duly filled Trading & Demat / Commodity form with photograph of Managing Partner affixed and signed across.
    1. Pan Card Copy of the Company.
    2. Pan Card Copy of all the Authorised Signatories or Whole time Directors.
    1. Address Proof Copy of the Company.
    2. Address proof of Authorised Signatories or Whole time Directors.
    1. Proof of Bank Account (Specimen copy of cancelled check leaf/Bank Statement/Bank Passbook/Letter from Bank).
    2. Copy of Balance Sheet of the Corporate Firm for the last 2 Financial Years* (to be submitted every year) if newly incorporated then net worth certificate from CA. If it’s a new company, an ITR declaration is needed. (The balance sheet should have the seal and signature of the Authorized Signatory on all the pages)
  6. Aadhaar of the Authorized Person as per the Board Resolution. This person may be a Manager/Director or any person as authorized by the Company in the Board Resolution.
  7. Certificate of Incorporation
  8. Copies of MoA and AoA. The first 4 pages of the MOA & AOA should have the seal and signature of the Authorized Signatory of the company.
  9. Form 32 (In case the names of present Directors do not appear on the MOA/AOA)
  10. Duly filled annexures.
  11. Board resolution.
  12. Photographs of Individual Promoters holding control – either directly or indirectly.
  13. FATCA declaration.
  14. Individual KYC form filled and signed by each director (Directors have to sign without the stamp on individual KYC’s and supporting docs)

Account opening cheque favoring “Zerodha” for

  1. Rs. 300  – If only Trading Account (Rs.200 each, if you’ve printed the forms on your own)
  2. Rs. 300  – If only Commodity Account (Rs.200 each, if you’ve printed the forms on your own)
  3. Rs.400 –   If Trading+Demat Account (Rs.300 if you’ve printed the forms on your own). AMC for Demat Account is Rs. 1000 which is collected at the end of the year


  1. All the documents have to be signed by the Authorized Signatory (ies).

Do post if you have any queries, Happy Trading,


  1. I am planning for one person company, What are the requirements for trading account along with Demat for equity, F&O and Commodity?

    • Requirements are as mentioned in the blog post above, if you want to talk about this, send your contact to [email protected]. he will call you back and explain.

      • v b singh says:

        In one of your replay I found that the pvt .Ltd and partnership firms come under non individual account holder. I want to open a demat account in the name of my pvt. ltd company . In that case do I have to follow process meant for a partnership firm or the process followed for corporate

  2. 1sabarivasan says:

    1.what is non indivitual account?
    2. can i open an account for “registered charitable Trust” account in the motive to reduce taxes? any other benefit ?

    • 1. Pvt ltd, Partnership are non individual.
      2. No Trusts are not allowed to open trading accounts.

      • SATISH REDDY VVM says:

        Hi Nitin,

        Greeting of the Day!
        Really having a tough time opening the corporate (non-individual Account). In our case, ‘Director 1’ is the only authorized signatory for the Bank Account, hence the Banker is not ready to attest ‘Annexure IA’ as it also has the photograph and Signature of ‘Director 2’, besides the ‘Director 1’ Photo and Signature. Their justification, being ‘Director 2’ Sign and photo are not in the records of the Bank as ‘Director 2’ is not authorized Signatory for the Bank Account! Please suggest.

  3. Rahul Gosar says:

    i want to open trading and demat account in the name of partnership firm. is it compulsory that Partnership Deed duly attested by a notary public.

  4. lakshman says:

    start up company can’t produce balance sheet for 2 years in that case is there any alternative way??

  5. RAJESH J says:

    Hallo Nithin
    What is the Difference Between Retail Trading & Institutional Trading Account And Minimum Requirement For Institutional Trading Account & What Kind of leverage, support, Margin Limit And others Additional Info, Charges, Process For Institutional Trading Account ?

    • When you open an account, you can open as an individual/partnership/HUF/Pvt ltd. An institutional account is typically that where other people’s money is managed, so a hedge fund, mutual fund, and similar other entity. I guess in India the easiest way to start a hedge fund is the AIF (Alternate Investment Fund) route, the minimum corpus is Rs 20 crores. Btw, there is no additional leverage as such provided to any institutional client, most of them are never utilizing even 100% of their funds.

  6. Ajay Gaikwad says:

    I had opened options and future account recently with you. I happy to shift my Demat account here with Zerodha. What is the procedure, formalities do i need to follow now.

    DA2391 / 9011177199



    Can i Open a trading and demat account as an LLP ?

    I guess i Can , it is equivalent to partnership

    Am i rite ?

    Is it preferable to open individual accounts or other entity accounts if the turnover traded is considerable to get under tax notice ?

    Could be provide the average volume beyond which shd be traded under a different entity other than individual /

    In anticipation


    • Deepak, yes you can open an account as LLP or partnership.

      Personally don’t think it makes sense to run it as an LLP just because your turnover is higher. Turnover in stock markets is not like real life business, so if your turnover using one account is high, it mostly likely will be high even if you distribute it into two accounts. You will now have additional burden of paying the CA fees for two accounts.

      Also turnover for IT is not your contract turnover, check this post on everything you need to know about taxation while trading the markets.


        Ok i Got it,

        I thought if the turnover is more in an individual trading acount, it might be a cause of concern from coming in the radar of the IT guys.

        So thought better to open a LLP and transfer the liablity from an indiviual to other legal entity .

        And may there are other advantages too when you are having a considerable account size.

        1. Business expenses can be a deductibe from the profits made which eventually reduces the tax liability

        on the other hand , in individual accounts one has to pay on the whole profit and one cannot deduct expenses from it .

        am i right ?

        I personally believe every professsional traded should manage his or others funds in a new entity other than it being an individual.

        Your comments will be appreciated

        • drsuhask says:

          If any LLP or Pvt.LTd company trades in capital market and if more than 75% of its income comes from investment only then it will be counted as NBFC and will be on radar of RBI , SEBI, etc.

  8. Vinod Amladi says:

    I want to open a T+D account for my HUF and need 2 clarifications on the Demat section:
    a) My understanding is that Sole Holder refers to my name/PAN/DoB while the HUF name/PAN should be mentioned in the section at the bottom of the page. Please confirm if this is correct
    b) Your post mentions that Karta should sign all documents under HUF stamp. However, if the Sole Holder is me as an individual/natural person, shouldn’t I be signing it in my name (and not as Karta). Please clarify.

    Also, pl let me know if there are any additional items to keep in mind over and above those mentioned in your post above. I have filled up the HUF deed and Annexure 1C

    Thanks, Vinod

    • Hanan says:

      You can write to [email protected] for all queries regarding HUF or Corporate accounts if you’d like to seek more clarity. You can reach him on 080-49132020 if you would like to speak.

      Our answers to your questions are:

      a. Yes, you’re right about your understanding on the IL&FS Demat form. You need to sign as the “sole holder” as the account will be opened in the name of a natural person. The details of the HUF can be mentioned where the space has been provided on the application form.

      b. You should sign as an individual/sole holder on all the DP application pages. However, on the trading form, you need to sign as the Karta or authorized signatory.

  9. i am having Demat a/c with ICICI bank in bangalore. So, what are the required documents do i needed to start trading with zerodha.

    • Sudheer, if you intend to trade futures and options or intraday equity, you don’t need to open a new demat with us. You can open just a trading account. If you also intend to trade delivery, open a demat as well. Documents required are mentioned here.

  10. Vj says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I already have a Zerodha account . I also have a ICICI Direct account which I plan to close and keep only Zerodha . My question is I have few Stocks in ICICI Direct which I do not want to Sell. So how do I transfer all of them to Zerodha ? What are the charges and procedure ?Can you please guide ?


    • Vj, your ICICI demat would have given you something called DP slips (very similar to cheque leaf’s, difference being this is used to transfer stocks and not money). Fill up your Zerodha demat account details, and the stocks that you need to transfer, and give this slip to ICICI. ICICI will transfer it in 24 hours. We don’t charge anything, but ICICI will charge a little bit.

  11. AnkurGupta says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I sent my documents to zerodha to open demat account. after three days when I asked status then zerodha replied “It will take 12 working days + 2 days for POA”.

    My question is why zerodha mention 7 working days on demat account opening FAQ.

    This type of miscommunication is not expected from Zerodha and we all trust zerodha as very honest company in market.

    • Ankur, we will have it changed on the FAQ page. The KRA requirement by the exchanges slow this process down. If you are already KRA done, it will be much faster. Our team will usually say 12 days, but it will probably open much faster if all your documents are in place.

      • AnkurGupta says:

        Nithin, I do not know about KRA. But my I have trading account since last 3 months with Zerodha So my KYC is done.

        • Ah.. in that case, the demat should open within 7 days if all documents are in place.

          • AnkurGupta says:

            I sent all document on Saturday 25th April 2015. Zerodha should sent demat application on 27th. But zerodha sent it on 28th April(As issl communicate me). Now ISSL making me contact on my phone from 28th April to 29th April.On end of day of 29th April they are mailing me you are not available please contact us. There are two methods available for communication
            1) Mobile
            2) Mail if have any issue on phone.

            ISSL ruin two days on making contact on phone. If phone was not picked up on first they did not even write a mail that you are not available. Now they are not available till 4th May. What kind of sevice zerodha and ISSL is providing to customer. You are waisting two day just for contacting. Even I request zerodha as well please make it fast and do follow up. Now what should I say now.

            • AnkurGupta says:

              As I trust Zerodha is best in market and they prove again. Zerodha opened my account in 7 working days. I hope Zerodha do the same in future. I am happy to be the part of Zerodha.
              Thanks Nithin.

  12. Satyajit P says:

    I have been operating Zerodha account for the last one year.
    I want to save tax on profit earned and the best way is to have HUF account
    Can I change my existing account to HUF account ?.
    Can I transfer all my shares of existing a/c to HUF account ?.

  13. AmitA says:

    Hi Sandeep and Zerodha Team,

    Thanks for quick response and detailed guidance regarding the opening of HUF accounts.
    Appreciate that.


  14. N says:

    For Partnership Firm,

    1. Will the broker account and demat account be in the name of the partnership firm or in the partners name?

    2. Do the Financial Statements required need to be audited?


    • Venu Madhav says:

      1.As per rules, a DP cannot open a Demat account in the name of the Partnership Firm. The account will be opened in the name of a partner and all other partners have to accept and give an authorization to this effect.

      2. I’m not sure if you’re asking this in context to account opening. If yes, then you’ll have to submit your Partnership deed and financials of your firm. We will need these documents to be attested by the partners of the firm confirming the validity of the document being provided. For the sake of account opening, we do not require it to be audited.

      • N says:

        Thanks Venu ji.

        1. Will the broker account also have in the name of the partnership or partnership firm? Also, what PAN number will be used for the demat account – the partnership’s PAN or the PAN of partner in whose name the account is opened?

        2. After one year, will you need audited accounts even if accounts are not required to be audited as per Income Tax Act? This will add cost, hence the question.

        • N says:

          First line should read:
          Will the broker account also be in the name of the partner or partnership firm?

        • Venu Madhav says:

          1) Broker account will be in the name of the partnership firm. PAN used will be that of the Partnership firm.

          2) For the sake of submission of documents annually, we do not require it to be audited. Mere attestation by partners of the firm is sufficient.

  15. gaurav.alw says:

    I had a worst experience ever since I opened Commodity account with Zerodha. My phone number has been shared with multiple agents and I have started getting 5-6 calls on daily basis, offering me their trading advices. I would have expected confidentiality of my personal details shared with Zerodha.

  16. Tuhin Paul says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I am associated with Zerodha for a little over 1 year now. But, alas according to my New company policies, I am not allowed to hold Trading and Demat accounts other than the company approved ones.

    Unfortunately, for this reason I have to close my Trading and Demat accounts and submit the account closure document as proof.

    I spoke with Zerodha customer support and was told that, there is no specific account closure form for trading account and need to send a written request to zerodha for account closure. Also, there will be no closure certificate sent. The only option is that, I should e-mail as when I courier the closure letter and I will get an reply stating the account is closed.

    Please, let me know if it is possible to get a hard-copy Closure document, As this proof is asked by my Employer?.


  17. That great information PARTNERSHIP FIRM

  18. AMit says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Can a partnership firm open a trading account with zerodha and do active trading in derivatives.
    Last time when I enquired about this with zerodha account opening team, I was told that trading account for Partnership firm is not allowed. It has to be LLP.
    If trading account for Partnership firm is allowed then can linked demat account be in name of partnership firm or it has to be in name of Partner.

    Need your clarification on this.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Amit,

      Not sure how you got this info. You can open a Partnership account at Zerodha. We’ve always allowed.

      Note that you cannot open a Demat account in the name of the Partnership Firm. It has to be opened in the name of a Partner.

      • AMit says:

        Hi Venu,
        In that case can a trading account in name of partnership firm be linked with demat account in name of partner.

        And which entity will be taxed in such cases ( Partner or Partnership firm ).


  19. karishma Shetty says:

    i have recently submitted trading account opening form. However since the charges of IL&FS is higher than that of other demat account the company decided to map the account to an existing demat account. The account opening person informed me that zerodha is in process of starting its own demat instead of IL&FS and within few days the forms will be available on the website.

    I would like to know as to when will this form be available so that we could link the account asap.

  20. RAJESH BHASIN says:


  21. Abhishek Mishra says:

    Sir i am having a individual account with Zerodha.Can i register my new proprietorship firm with zerodha.Though it is new firm financial returns cannot be shown.And as i am the sole proprietor of the same can i give my pan card and balance sheet to open a new account.

  22. Sandip says:

    Above article does provide info on documentation and process of opening an account for LLP and other forms of companies but doesn’t specify which form is good for trading from tax perspective. Should an individual trade as an individual or should form a company ( which type ?) if planing for Full time as trader.
    Could you please come up with an article for same?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      It’d be best to consult a CA for it, because the circumstances would be unique and there’s no ‘one works for all’ formula. It would depend on what sources of Income one has, before deciding on the constitution type to open a trading & demat account.

  23. sushil says:

    Nitin Ji,

    i want to open zaroda dmat account , and want to know about shares of below Rs.1 can be purchase through zaroda and how many charges to be paid for this type of shares.


    • Sushil, yes you can trade on penny stocks. No, there is no special brokerage. If you have seen our website, you will realize that we are now 0 brokerage for equity delivery trades (penny stocks included).

  24. Hetal says:


    I would like to open a trading + demat account as HUF. I have gone through the requirements though.

    My only query is, being a Karta on the account, I am currently out of country, although my wife carries power of attorney to make financial and non-financial transactions on my behalf. Can she sign and fill up the forms (what Karta is supposed to) to meet all the requirements of account opening ?

    • Hanan says:

      To open HUF accounts only the Karta has to sign as per the regulatory requirements. We suggest you print, sign and courier the forms to our office if your stay abroad is going to be longer. You can upload scanned documents/forms so that we can verify them online before you send it over.

  25. GAURAV JADAUN says:

    nitin sir, venu sir , hanan sir……. i am very big fan of you all and your business model. sir i want to be client of zerodha but sir i have a problem and i know you will solve it. my question is -” i am a f&O trader currently i am taking services of hdfc sec, now i want to corporate account of my registered one person company(opc) which is new concept in company law 2013, so please tell me sir can i open a corporate trading account with zerodha “.please sir answer my question as early as possible because i want to switch to zerodha discount brokerage and want to save my trading profits.
    thank you

    • Venu says:

      OPC currently have restrictions w.r.t investing in the securities market. The Companies Act 2013 prohibits OPC’s from carrying out Non-Banking Financial Investment activities including investment in securities of any body corporate

      Hence we cannot open an account for now if its an OPC

      • Gaurav Jadaun says:

        Venu sir, I have registered opc and disclose my business activity as securities trading with roc, not investment in securities, so please discuss and clear this techical issue, so I can start only trading in f&o with zerodha trading account

  26. GAURAV JADAUN says:

    sir as per company act 2013 an one person company can not invest in securities, but i want to trading in f&O derivatives only as a trading business so please clear this confusion. thank you sir

  27. Rohit Burge says:

    Is it possible to have account with proprietorship firm??

  28. amit says:

    Can we open a trading account in the name of Proprietorship Firm, if yes what are the formalities.

    If no, kindly provide circulars/notification to establish the matter,

    • Venu says:

      For the sake of opening a trading account, Proprietorship isn’t considered as a different entity. Because the PAN & Address proofs of the proprietor are given, account is opened in the name of the individual as a regular individual account.

  29. Sats says:


    Your equity platform do not have option of GTC (Good Till Cancelled) option. this is a important tool for a retail investor like me thinking to buy stock at low level and yet dont follow every day. Pls tell me whether this will be offered in future or not.

  30. DF Ventures says:


    The Zerodha website is really nice and is a wealth of information. I also love the camaraderie and the personal emails. As soon as I saw it, I said we have to move our brokerage account to this broker. This after having an excellent relationship with our current broker for more than 3 years.

    But thats when the trouble started, we asked to be called back, we have called etc but no avail, we have got absolutely no assistance.

    We need to open a Partnership account (We are KYC compliant and are already registered with other brokers). Since one of our largest trading days is expiry day, we would like it to be set up before the 24th of February, Unfortunately, if nobody contacts us or replies to our calls, it wouldn’t happen. Is it possible for you to intervene?

    Thanks so much

  31. vaibhav shah says:

    Are you providing DP Services with CDSL or NSDL ?

  32. Mahesh says:


    Can I open an account in my daughter’s name who is minor ? ( 2 years).
    I will be operating the account as guardian and will give my PAN number.

  33. Trinadh says:

    I’d like to open an account on Pvt Ltd ( Corporate Account ). Please let me know is your Zero Brokerage for delivery Trading is applicable for Corporate Account or not??

  34. ajay mittal says:

    Hello team,
    we have formed a LLP 15 days ago, what are the documents required for equity trading, demat ,& commodity trading for a recently formed llp ?

    • Venu says:

      The same documents as required for a Partnership firm shall apply. Additional document required would be the Certificate of Incorporation. You’ll have to provide a copy of the LLP agreement instead of the Partnership deed.

  35. Manish says:

    I have only trading account with you in my company’s name. Now I want to open demat account in company’s name. Please help what are the documents required and process.

  36. gaurav says:

    nitin sir , currently am equity derivatives trading with hdfc sec, now i want to switch to zerodha, i am doing trading as business actively full time, currently i have one saving and one a current account with hdfc, so i want to know if i am doing only trading full time which account saving or current should i link with new zerodha trading account application.

  37. sanjay says:

    i started new pvt ltd company in hubli i want to open a demat account is it possible to open a demat account for a newly started pvt ltd company.

  38. Aniruddha Umrani says:

    Dear Mr. Kamath / all at Zerodha,

    I have been with Zerodha since September 2015 and have also pursued my wife and my mother to open up accounts with Zerodha. Now all three of us are with Zerodha.

    We are thinking of start trading in a bit large volumes, particularly in F&O. In the same context, I was going through module no. 7 in Varsity about taxation and learnt that it is better to do so by floating a company.

    I have 3 questions as follows;
    1. Will we need to terminate our individual accounts?
    2. If we float a company, say within a month, and start trading under the same, will our company’s turnover/profit be combined with individual turnover/profit for the taxation purpose for the financial year 2016-17?
    3. If we float a company or a partnership firm, the same being new, which document will you accept in place of balance sheet for last 2 years?

    Your guidance for the above will be appreciated.


    • Venu says:

      1. No, you can continue to make investments in your individual capacity without having to close them. You will have to open a new trading & demat account in the name of the company.
      2. No, for all practical purposes, a company has a legal existence of its own and hence the turnover of the director will not be clubbed with the turnover of the company
      3. In the absence of the Balance Sheet, you can provide an attested copy of the Networth certificate from your CA.

  39. Achuth Raj says:

    My friend and I are planning to start a partnership firm only to trade in equity and equity options with zerodha. For the funds, we were planning to collect funds from few friends and relatives and use that for trading in the stock market and return at the end of 6 months close to 50-100% as return + their investment back to the people who gave us money. Profits more than 100% we keep in the firm and continue trading till we make a sizeable fortune. Are there any legal complications with respect to sebi which we need to keep in mind? Is there anything illegal in what we are planning to do? Any tax complications which we need to keep in mind?

  40. Nikhil Kamble says:

    Hi Nithin, I sent you application form, then i got email last week(17 april) saying my pan and adhaar card was not clear, so i talked to one of your guys they told me to send scanned self attested copy of pan and adhaar card, i sent it to mr. akshay. Since then no reply they arranged call back two times BUT NO ONE CALLED ME. Please tell me what happened to my form, dont waste my timeif you cant open my account then tell me I WILL FIND ANOTHER BROKERAGE FIRM.

  41. SUNIL says:

    Hi Nitin/Team,

    I have a long and impending question on institutional account. We are few like minded people having sufficient experience/success in derivatives/stock trading to an extent, thinking to set up a LLP through equal partnership mode and start trading through that channel.

    In order to facilitate this does Zerodha supports an account creation for this?

    If yes, the account is created in the name of LLP firm?Do we get multiple login interfaces mapped to the same account?


  42. SSJ says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have registered on your website but did not submit the documents and payment. Now one of my friend is trying to refer me via Q-Backoffice but it system mentions that mobile number or email id is already known. Can you please delete my earlier registration so that my friend can refer me?

    Thanks & Regards,

  43. Mihir says:

    Dear Sir

    im Partner of a firm. can our firm Participate in IPO ???

  44. Jitendra says:

    Hello Nitin,
    I have recently opened account with Zerodha as I was impressed with your recent Interview in TOI.
    1- My overall experience with process was painful- I find that various department are not well coordinated and keep on asking for same information again and again when I was following up for update.Lot of commitments were given with timelines and none of them was kept. May be you could take this as feedback and try better your new customer’s experience
    2- Since I did not have any formal demo, I am self exploring and learning. I find that you have vast amount of Information and knowledge but it is scattered. It will be great if you can put small documentation around it to make it easier for people to explore and self learn

  45. shruti says:

    i m interested in opening new demat account
    please contact me – 8871224524

  46. gangadhar says:

    myself and my sister want to open a trading account in zerodha. i am an employee so i can provide pan card, form 16 etc. but my sister is a home maker. she got only pan card and bank account. is these documents sufficient or whatelse need to be submitted.

    please clarify.

  47. anil parbat amroth says:

    i want to open partnership trading account in commodity how old bank account need to zerodha

  48. Hrutuja says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I am interested to open trading and demat account with Zerodha. Will you please help me out with the require documents and charge structure of yours?

  49. Soumyajit Ghosh says:

    I have recently started startup company which deals in the Financial Trading in the markets.
    I am the sole owner of the company so its a proprietorship firm.


    1. I want to make the trading to be done in the name of my company.
    2. I already have an account with Zerodha in my name and the DP with IL&FS.
    3. Can i transfer the existing account in Zerodha in the name of my company or I have to open a new account.
    4. As Far I know Demat A/c cannot be opened in the name of the company so can I link the existing one.

    Do suggest the best way possible.



  50. SL says:

    Hi guys, Have been using a Zerodha individual trader account for the last couple of years, and very very happy with the overall service, in spite of the odd hiccups now and then.

    So much so, that I have recently become a trader full time, basically make my regular income from trading (plus investment income which is separate). I have filed my short term equity and equity derivatives trading returns as business income in my personal income tax (ITR 4S) last year.

    I have a strange question I am afraid, so please bear with me here – how do I prove that trading is my “business” to a third party ?

    For example, I was applying for a tourist visa recently to another country, and it became difficult to prove to the consulate what I do for a living, which is trading. They asked for salary slips and employment letters which I obviously did not have, or else for business registration proof which I also did not have, again obviously.

    I suppose I could treat my “trading” business as a proprietorship for example (can I really ?), as some of the posters here have indicated, but that seems like an unnecessary complication when I can do the same trading as an individual. I know I should be asking these questions to a CA, but my CA is also not very clear what I do !

    Any advise or pointers you guys could give would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • SL, if you are filing your income tax returns with trading as a business, you are a businessman. If someone asks, you tell that you run a proprietary trading desk. You can even call your desk with a name. Since income is volatile from trading, it is quite tough to get a loan and all.

      • SL says:

        Nithin, Thanks for the response. I get your point completely, and I was not really interested in loans.

        The issue I faced was convincing a consulate (for a tourist visa) that I was a self employed trader by “business”. I managed it this time since it was an Asian country, but the next time for Europe or Aus I suspect it will be tougher. I was thinking that a print of the ledger and P&L report (from Q) would be a good way, but the self print is often frowned upon.

        Would Zerodha consider a mailing service, for example of a printed / stamped version of the ledger/P&L report for a given period, on request, for a fee of course ? I am sure that will come be a handy service for people who get into trading full time.

  51. c.sridhar says:


    My friends & I want to trade in Equity & Derivatives by pooling money among ourselves. Do we have to start a Pvt Ltd firm or LLP for this purpose or Is it possible to have a single trading & Demat a/c with mutiple logins and trade?
    Appreciate your help.


    • Sridhar, this is a tricky one. You can’t officially pool money and/or advertise that you will give some kind fo fixed return. You can trade using LLP/Pvt ltd. Possible to create multiple logins to trade on single account. You can email [email protected]

      • c.sridhar says:

        No Nithin,the money pool is for our own use (to trade), we are neither taking money from others nor promising any return to anyone.So I just wanted ensure that it is legal to have one trading a/c or demat account among three-four people.


  52. Jayaanth J Varandani says:

    Hi, Mr. Kamath, greetings
    I hold a trading single account with Zerodha, I want to convert this to joint account with My Spouse? What would be the formalities??

    • Venu says:

      A trading account is held in a single name. As far as a Demat account account is concerned, you can’t add a joint holder once the account is opened.

  53. Vinay says:

    Does Zerodha support FPI accounts?
    If yes then what are the brokerage charges for futures trading?


    Dear Mr. Kamath, Greetings
    This is really a high tome to raise this issue, I have been facing hell like issues with customer care and funds department, they are as slow as snail and unable to provide proper resolution, Evry time I have to wait minimum 10 minutes which is really frustrating.
    I thought Zerodh is competent enough to compete with the options available in the market but now I think I commited a blunder to opt for ZERODHA.
    I should better close everything from here and seek some better options available.

    • IMPS transfers don’t come with an account number in the bank MIS. So someone has to manually check and update. If you want instant funds in the trading account, use the payment gateway.

  55. Sandeep Sonawane says:

    can NGO open Trading & Demat /Commodity account ?
    if yes, which document required ?

  56. Vikram says:

    Hi, in case of a Demat and Trading account for a Partnership firm we need to give PAN details of all partners. Could you please tell me in such a case who’s PAN will the Demat account be opened in (the Partnership Firm or the individual partners)? I need to know this because from a tax point of view if the Demat is opened in my PAN then there’s no point in investing via a firm.

  57. Motilal says:

    sir, today i received z pin . when account will be activate.

  58. pavan says:

    What’s the minimum investment needed

  59. Jatinder Jaswal says:

    Dont know who all people are responsible for account opening but they seems to be least knowledgeable about the process. I have been trying to open trading + demat account for my LLP company. I have been asking the manager to send a person who knows about the documentation process but everytime i send documents i get a huge list regarding the document discrepancies. i have submitted all the documents, maybe more, but still get a mail with a big list saying all these documents are missing and not in correct format. Not sure what to do I have asked to return my submitted documents so that i can open a new account with someone other broker.

    Maybe thats another reason they are charging higher brokerage as they provide better account opening process and assistance.

  60. Srinivasan says:


    I want to open Trading account in the name of Partnership Firm. Its a startup as such no previous year records. Can you please give the format of CA certificate. I have a POA and I am confused with POI can explain about this? Do we have to retain any minimum balance?

    Please advice.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Venu says:

      Hi Srinivasan,
      The Networth certificate from the Chartered Accountant is to be in the LC gupta format. You can ask your CA to prepare, he should have the formats. An attested copy of the PAN should suffice as POI. There’s no minimum balance.

  61. Cp says:

    Account opening charges are really high. 600 rs. for equity and commodities (including printed form courier). I am a student and dont feel like paying too much for account opening, There is upstox, which is not charging even a rupee, also the AMC is 0, Its just that i am in love Zerodha’s tools and website. That’s why opened the account by paying 300 rs. (out of my savings), for equity , but didnt pay for commodities and forms. as they would have costed me 300 bucks more. Also AMC is rs. 300. I am just a student , trying to learn how stock market works, i dont earn much.

    Got infatuated towards zerodha, after seeing the website, the simplicity and so subtly layout. but i guess its just meant for regular traders and not the ones like me.

    Anyways Thanks.

    • Venu says:

      The account opening charges are very nominal and is a one time charge. You pay AMC for the Demat account, remember that good technology costs money. Once your account is opened, the cost of your trades are negligible. Under the 60 day challenge, you also get a refund of your brokerage. So I suggest, you get your account opened at the earliest and start saving 🙂 Happy Investing.

  62. Kashyap says:

    I would like to open an investment company which will trade in stock market by medium of zerodha. All the funds will be received from public. And the profit will be shared to public. Will it be a problem? Which kind of account should i open? Is there any limit for trading?

  63. kota says:

    My friend is refer me for account-opening , however still i am not received email for Account opening process.

  64. Shawn says:

    Hi, I already have a Demat account with Indiabulls.
    1. How can I change over the existing scrips to Zerodha demat.
    2. or, can i retain my existing demat with NSDL

    • Venu says:

      1. Open a new demat at Zerodha and transfer the shares.
      2. Yes, but by linking an existing demat account, you’ll only be able to buy shares, you’ll have to sell them through Indiabulls.

  65. Rahul S says:

    We, four to five people together, want to open a company which can trade in stocks, futures and options, and also make short-term as well as long-term investments. We may bring in a total capital of Rs 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs to start this business.

    1. Is it possible to open a company which can trade in stocks and its derivatives (which would also be a company’s primary business activity)?
    2. Please suggest, whether we should register a Private Limited Company or a Partnership firm? Which one is better so that in future we can be compliant with rules of Companies Act?
    3. Any minimum capital requirement for Pvt. Ltd or Partnership firm?
    4. Can we open a trading as well as dmat account with Zerodha as a private limited company or as a partnership firm?
    5. Any tax benefits if we choose either of them?

    • Venu says:

      1. Yes, you’ll need to have this clause mentioned in the AOA/MOA.
      2. Companies Act applies only on Pvt. Ltd’s not on Partnership firms. There’s a fixed cost for Pvt. Ltd’s in terms of certain filings that are mandatory every year. Each form has it’s own merits and demerits. Best to consult a CA and start.
      3. There’s no minimum capital as such, neither for partnerships nor for Pvt. ltd’s.
      4. We open both private limited and partnership trading and demat accounts.
      5. Partnerships’ are generally better in terms of the taxes, but again, please consult a CA before you make a decision.

  66. OCITrader says:

    Hi Nithin, Venu,

    It has been very informative reading through these posts, thanks.

    I am experienced in futures, options and equities and am looking into trading agri commodity, currency and index futures in India. I am an OCI and I understanding reading through various posts that this is not permitted? Are there any other routes for OCIs to participate in Futures trading in India?

    Presumably I could set up a Indian Pvt Ltd, and open a trading account with Zerodha and trade that way?

    The other possibility would be to partner with a Indian Trade execution firm and provide the positions I wanted to trade and get it done that way?

    Can I have your thoughts on how best to proceed?


    • You can trade through the custodial participant route. But you will not be able to trade commodities. Check this: The other two options are kinda grey, can’t comment about it.

      • OCITrader says:

        Thanks for your input. Not interested in anything grey so will drop those options. Will reconsider F&O if/when the regulations change.

        Regarding Equities, Index Futures, Index options and Single Stock Equity Options as I understand there are no restrictions for OCIs?

        I understand there are restrictions as to the amount of shares that can be held and EquityListings that may be restricted but other than that I assume I could trade down the custodial participant route as an Individual?

        How would I be able to repatriate the funds if/when required?

        • Akshay.A says:

          Yes, you can trade in Futures & Options through CP code being an Overseas Citizen of India. Regulations & restrictions that are applicable for NRI’s apply for OCI accounts.

          Since, the funds for F&O trades are settled out of the rupee funds held in an NRO (Non- Resident Ordinary) account repatriation of those funds is restricted to USD1 million per financial year (April-March) with prior approval from RBI.

          Check this:

          • OCITrader says:

            Thanks. Is this also applicable for FIIs? i.e. if I were to operate through a Foreign company? Are the repatriation limits also the same ?

            • Akshay.A says:

              Hi, This applies to only NRI & PIO/OCI accounts on Non-Repatriation basis (NRO). For FII accounts it would be best to check with the designated bank approved by the Reserve Bank of India for opening of foreign currency
              denominated accounts and special non-resident rupee accounts.
              Check this for more on registration through FII route:

  67. Rajesh Daryani says:

    hi I have trading account with zerpdha … i want information regarding HUF trading account …

  68. veshalkummar says:

    is this possible open trading account of proprietorship

    • Bhuvanesh.r says:

      Hey Veshal,

      It is not possible to open a proprietorship because it is not considered as an entity. And since the PAN and the address proof will be in the name of the proprietor it will count as an individual account.

      You can open an account for a partnership or Pvt Ltd company. Check this post for more.

  69. Ganesh Tembare says:

    I am already individual trader with zerodha DG0931

    I want to know that which is beneficial to trade in equity & F&O, individual or partnership firm , in matter of taxation and other and what are the benefits if I trade with partnership firm

  70. Upesh jain says:

    I have right now Trading+Demat account, Which only used by me For Applying in IPO under Retail Individual Investor…

    My Question is Can i open New Account in name of my HUF and Partnerships Firm and Whether both will be eligible for applying in IPO Under Retail Individual Category…

    And in HUF and partnership Firm PAN will quoted of whom…

    I.e of HUF or Karta

    Or Partnerships firms or partner ?

  71. Dhiraj Sharma says:


    We have incorporated an LLP and are drafting the agreement. As mentioned in the documents required, could you please mail the exact investment clause that is required to open a demat account for the LLP. Moreover my advisor is telling that LLP’s cannot invest in the markets and that the investment clause entered in the agreement will be rejected by MCA. Please guide me on the same.

    Dhiraj Sharma

  72. Thomas says:


    We are looking to open a corporate account.

    Do you have any corporate field sales team in Bangalore ? I tried talking some people and they do not seem to be ready to come and physically inspect the documents for correctness such as multiple director’s signature and seals.

    This is pretty urgent.


  73. mahesh says:

    hi ,

    i just called your support people in order to know the process for corporate account opening . but i didn’t get satisfactory response from them . i need to know that the documents i had are sufficient to open corporate account .so that it would be easy during the process of account opening . can you provide me the contact number or mail id of concerned person so that i can contact them .

    thanking you

  74. Ganesh Tembare says:

    I am already individual trader with zerodha DG0931

    I want to know that which is beneficial to trade in equity & F&O, individual or partnership firm , in matter of taxation and other and what are the benefits if I trade with partnership firm

  75. Kaushal Mehta says:

    Are there any difference in charges, like brokerage/STT/CTT/etc.., for an individual account and company/partnership/LLP/HUF account?

  76. Amit says:

    I have registered an OPC (one person company) for equity investment purpose. I have opened Bank account as well and now need to open trading / Demat account Can you please guide me the process.

    • Venu says:

      OPC currently have restrictions w.r.t investing in the securities market. The Companies Act 2013 prohibits OPC’s from carrying out Non-Banking Financial Investment activities including investment in securities of any body corporate

  77. Ganesh Jadhav says:

    I have posted just KRA varified form for the new account opening with zerodha. Is it compulsory to send all documents in the checklist to you. Is it required Cross cancelled cheque. Pls. Guide me. I am new to invest in equity and commodity. me.
    Thank s.

  78. anjan deka says:

    As I have made the payment for account opening with zerodha where i have to send the document by post ,please say me the adress.

  79. shiv says:

    Can i open multiple trading accounts in the name of a private limited company?

  80. Pardeep says:

    Sir I have a saving bank account..kya muje aab zaroda k sath sath ek our bank account khulvana hoga ya nhi ..kya on line account open nhi ho skta treding k lite plzz full info me thanks

  81. Sharad Jain says:

    I am having Demat a/c with ICICI bank in Mumbai. Do i have to submit required documents in the same branch to start trading with zerodha ? I am currently based in Noida.

  82. Danish says:

    I have a query regarding private limited companies trading in F&o ;
    1. Can private limited company trade in F&o or it has to be a NBFC?
    2. Whether a private limited company have 100% revenue from F&O trading?

  83. Vishal Gonde says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,
    We have just started new partnership firm and we both partners wish to open trading account with Zerodha. I have read above faq it says that demat account will be open only one one partner name….but that become risky for other partner if it’s his name is not in demat account.
    Few queries
    1),Broking account will be open one partnership firm name
    2) can demat account be opened on partnership firm name.
    3) log in I’d and password will be partner wise or single.
    4) what is difference between limited liability partner and partnership firm with relates to account opening demat account and trading per say… Can you please let me on above 3 points how it will work for LLP.
    Vishal Gonde

    • 1. Trading account can be in the name of partnership. Demat account can’t be in the name of partnership. Both you partners can be first and second holder of demat.
      2. No
      3. Single
      4. Nothing is different in terms of account opening formality for partnership or LLP.

  84. Jothikumar says:

    We would to open corporate account with Zerodha.
    Four Directors are NRI out of 5 Directors. Please let me know whether the forms and requested documents to be signed by the all Directors or only Authorised Signatories (who are authorized to sign). Do advise.

  85. Shrimani says:

    How shall I know my demat +trading account is open after paying of accounts opening fee

  86. Jignesh Patel says:


    What are valid address proof documents in case of partnership firm?

  87. Sujith Revisankar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am planning to invest in secondary market through LLP or Partnership. Currently, I am having individual trading account with Zerodha. I understand that the brokerage fee will be different for LLP and Partnership. Please clarify whether my understanding is correct, if it is what will be the fee structure for LLP and Partnership.


  88. Himadri says:

    How can I change the bank account details linked with trading account?

  89. Shakeel Hassan says:

    I have started the account (commodity) opening process with Zerodha and already paid the fees. I don’t have my mobile number linked with my aadhar so I have to proceed through offline process. But the problem is, here in form it’s written as documents should be attested. I want to know, can I attach self attested documents?? Or it’s mandatory to be attested by gazetted officer. Thank you

    • Shakeel Hassan says:

      Sorry I forgot to mention that I am opening individual account only. (not firm or company)

    • I am guessing you are already KYC compliant, in which case you don’t need to get it attested.

      • Shakeel Hassan says:

        I’m not kyc compliant. In the form, it’s written like this. It’s in the instructions for filling kyc form. It says, all the documents should be self attested and should be accompanied by originals, if original isnt produced then attest by gazetted officer is required….
        Now what should I do??

        • Shakeel, you can ask for the forms to be picked up by our team. Otherwise, you can maybe send the original bank statement for address and bank proof. The rest need not be attested.

          • Shakeel Hassan says:

            Sir, my friend has opened an account on commodity today, but his sales manager told him that he would not get login credentials untill he signs ECN and courier. Then what’s the point to open an account online if he will get login credentials only after sending the ECN by courier. At least he should be able to login and take tour at the trading platforms like kite or pi…..

            • Venu says:

              If you’ve opened an account online, you can get started with trading the Equity & Derivative segment. For trading in commodities, it’s compulsory that we receive the ECN copy since all brokers are mandated to send a contract note on day’s a client has traded. There’s no way that we can allow one to login but not trade. So, please send us the copy to get started with your trading.

  90. ratan says:

    I have a pvt ltd firm. Can i invest in MF after the account is opened?

  91. David says:


    I’m an NRI. I would like to know if there are any advantage in starting a LLP or partnership firm in India and Invest thru the same instead of investing directly as a NRI.

    Expected Starting capital is between 50Lakhs-100Lahks.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Akshay.A says:

      Opening an LLP or a partnership account will be subject to taxation as per the Partnership act. Income tax is levied at a flat rate of 30% and a surcharge of 10% if Total Income exceeds 1Crore and education cess+ secondary & higher education cess @ 3% on Income-tax. In the case of a sale of any shares or mutual funds the capital gains are taxable under Section 111A at a flat rate of 15% in case the period of holding is lesser than 1 year and in case the period of holding is more than 1 year, the income is exempted from taxation under Section 10(38).
      Whereas, it’s better to open an NRI account since only the income accrued in India is taxable under the income-tax slabs. There is a capital gains tax on the sale of securities at 15% if sold within 1 year and is nil is sold after holding for a period of more than 1 year. You can refer this blog for more details:

      • Davis says:

        Hi Akshay,

        Thanks for the response.

        Just to clarify further, for partnership is the 30% tax is applicable for all the income including the capital gains also?

        OR Long term Capital gains and Dividends are exempted as in case of individuals?

        I have account as NRI and the TDS is deducted for the short term gains from the PIS. Is there any provision that i can ask for reimbursement or is it fixed at 15% without any allowance for reimbursement under any sections like 80C, 80D etc.

        Idea was to have the partnership firm and and can give salaries to my parents so that amount paid as salaries can be shown as expenses and tax can be minimised.

        • Akshay.A says:

          30% is the income tax, this doesn’t apply to capital gains as that is flat 15% under Section 111A. LTCG is exempt like individuals under Section 10(38).
          Wouldn’t be able to comment in detail on the taxes bit, best to check with a Charted Accountant.

  92. Amer says:

    Partnership firm or pvt Ldt . Company do they can trade in commodity by using current A/c. No. ?

  93. vijender yadav says:


    i have been using zerodha for 1 yr, and it’s been a wonderful experience.

    i am planning to open a pvt ltd. can i take different trading and demat accounts for the company other than my personal one.

  94. NAV says:

    What decleration form I have to submit for partnership so as to get my comession ? And How to change profile info. ?



  95. Rakesh says:

    what is the procedure for opening an Account for Association of Persons (AOP)

  96. RAVI KUMAR SINGH says:

    Can I form a Pvt. Ltd Co or LLP just for the purpose of trading in stock market/commodities and currency and open the account with you?
    Ravi Kumar Singh


  97. Hitesh Agja says:

    Hello Nitin Sir,

    I am Hitesh from Ahmedabad and I have zerodha account. After using zerodha service I am convinced and I was interested in opening my wife’s demat/trading account at Zerodha but unfortunately your ahmedabad office guys are seems like not interested. One of your executive gave me form 2 weeks back that too after calling him multiple times. It’s too weeks now and form is ready but no one called nor they reached to me by any means so are you really not interested in opening new account. If this is the case then let me know so I can close my account as well. I don’t want discounted brokerage at poor customer service.

    Your Ahmedabad office executives are really lazy and I have another point to prove that but that I don’t want to discuss now.

    Please address my concern at your earliest. I am hoping that you won’t take much time as your Ahmedabad Zerodha Office has taken.

    Let me know,


  98. Sujith Revisankar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am posting this second time. Kindly reply on this.

    I am planning to invest in secondary market through LLP or Partnership. Currently, I am having individual trading account with Zerodha. I understand that the brokerage fee will be different for LLP and Partnership. Please clarify whether my understanding is correct, if it is what will be the fee structure for LLP and Partnership.


    • Venu says:

      Hi Sujith,

      Missed answering last time around. Brokerage at the rate of 0.1% max Rs.20 will be charged on all your trades, the 0 brokerage offer is only for retail clients.

      Additionally for your demat, AMC @ Rs.1000 per is charged instead of 300 charges for regular accounts.

  99. Deepak Patil says:

    Hi, it has been 4 days since I opened my e-account with you guys. I have still not received my login credentials. Every time I call customer support they give me a new deadline saying it will open after that time, but so far not even a single mail has come. If such is the service at the beginning only, I wonder what will be the service after wards. I will wait for another two days after that please refund my money so that I can open account with some much better stock broker

  100. TANMAY says:

    HI Team,

    I am trying to open account and after paying the fee and ekyc process, the digital sign is getting successful using Adhaar but the application is getting stuck on below page, I tried 3-4 times and even i got mail from Digio also with full doc.
    I am mailed the Doc. and snapshot of issue, PLease process it further and let me know incase of any query.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Tanmay, looks like you have completed the account opening process. Will have someone verify and respond to you on the ticket.

  101. Vivek Kumar says:

    Is Zerodha opening the account for Minor as well? If yes then what is the process?

  102. Justin says:


    I have folowing queries :

    1. how many partner can a partnership firm( other than a LLP) have?

    2.What all are the address proof for a partnership firm ?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Justin, you can have a maximum of 50 partners as per the companies act.
      2) The documents needed are mentioned in the post.

  103. Justin says:

    can you please provide me a sample partnership deed , that satisfy all the requirement for opening an account with you

  104. Y S Gupta says:

    Why online a/c opening not allowed for BSDA a/c?

  105. Tejas says:

    How to open a demat and trading account for minor in zerodha?
    I have pan card, aadhar of kid.
    Because in online account opening form, while filling a birth date, dates are disabled after 2000 year. so i can’t fill DoB.

  106. Saurav Kedia says:


    Questions on opening account of HUF:

    1. After I fill the forms, what I do? I courier to Zerodha at Banglore? How will verification of originals work in that case.

    2. In my case, address of HUF is different from address of Karta. Will that be fine (Different states)?

    3. The address of HUF as mentioned in CVL KRA (already done a while back for mutual funds) has changed in Bank accounts. The CVL KRA has not been updated to reflect that as yet. In that case, Can I use the current bank account as address (which differs) from CVL to open trading and demat acount ?


  107. Sandeep says:

    I am investing actively in stock market for the past one year through an individual Demat account.
    Can I open a private limited company and take a trading and demat account on its name just for the purpose of investing in equity and derivatives. I will not be pooling money from other people, or investors.
    Is it completely legal?

  108. Jignesh says:

    I heard partnership firm trading account has to pay higher brokerage. Is that true?
    Can partnership firm account participate in 60 days challenge?

  109. Yuvaraj says:

    Hi, it has been a week since my demat and trading account has been opened , but F&O has not been activated, have sent all the documents regarding that. Called customer service many times and also have sent email to [email protected] can anybody let me know why it is taking so long to activate F&O.


  110. Senthil says:


    Whether the individual name current account is acceptable for opening the trading account.

    Let me know.


  111. Arun says:

    I am opening a HUF and a sole proprietorship under the HUF. Should I open the account in the name of HUF or in the name of the proprietorship firm?

    Since I plan to open the sole proprietorship by applying for a GST certificate instead of registering under shop and establishment act, I don’t have a MOU or deed. Is the GST certificate good enough to open a account? Under what category should I open a sole proprietorship firm opened under HUF?


    Dear Sir,
    I applied for demat and trading account for my HUF viz SURYA PRAKASH MISHRA HUF. Some queries were raised and I sent required documents a week ago. When can I expect to have a demat account for my HUF.

  113. avinash kr jha says:

    Dear sir
    Actually today i have appled for open a account fo this site but and i done all process just as adhar varifivcation and form fill up and making payment . but till time my account is not activated and massage come
    Since your PAN is not KRA verified, we need to do a quick in-person-verification over webcam. So What i will do please Suggest me

  114. Priyank N says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Can I form a sole proprietorship firm and open an account with Zerodha under the prop firm name (of course using my personal pan card and aadhar and other documents)

    The reason for doing so is I am currently involved in multiple small businesses and I am trying to give them each their individual identity.

    XYZ Trading – For trading F&O in stock market
    XYZ Solutions – My business consulting services
    XYZ Poker – My online poker startup
    XYZ Blockchain – Investments / Trading in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

    Having individual bank accounts for each helps me keep the funds separate for each business and activity.

    If there is any other way to keep my multiple business activities separate for accounting purpose (same income tax file or different files does not matter to me) please suggest / guide me

  115. Keshav Meda says:

    I have been trying to get my Zerodha corporate account up and running, but i have had a very disappointing experience so far.

    I have repeatedly have had to follow up on my document verification over the course of 13 days, however the your relationship manager has either no response or promises to get it done and just keeps me waiting.

    Mind you this is just to verify the documents that i have printed signed and scanned it.

    Please wake up and take your customers seriously. Or the goodwill created will be lost.

  116. Udit says:


    I have a partnership firm which is engaged in a textile business. I wish to invest the surplus cash into direct liquid MFs. However my RM at zerodha says the partnership agreements needs to say “The main business of the Partnership will be that of carrying on the business in the nature of Dealing of shares, stocks, securities, mutual fund, commodities, bonds …”. This doesn’t make sense – why would you need to say “main business”? Wouldn’t it suffice to say the firm is allowed to invest in mutual funds, equities etc (or something to that effect). The main business of the partnership is NOT trading in securities and thus i cant add that to the agreement. Do you guys not support partnership firms like mine?

    Request you to look into this at your earliest.

  117. Amit shikder says:

    I am always a zerodha individual account holder.In your company there is an scheme where if I suggest one client then I earn some profit from brokrage. But I want to know the procedure to add this client from my client id

  118. Niket Gupta says:

    I have a sole propritership firm ( it is not a partnership firm). Is it possible to open the account on the name of my firm? I cannot find any information about this in this post. Please guide.

  119. Shantanu Dahale says:

    I have a T+D account with Zerodha , as i being (unmarried) formed a HUF with younger minor bro (having minor;’s PAN card),
    a PAN card for HUF and myself , sb bank statement of HUF is there
    ( who should sign on his behalf- father / mother / myself ??? as Karta of HUF )
    for 80C tax planning of my HUF , I want to buy ELSS at new T+D , at Zerodha as karta of HUF,
    How to proceed with Zerodha , that to be done within this month –

  120. javed says:

    Sir i aplly for account oppening nd do all the proceess but in the last i got email tha shows name missmatch beetween pan card and micr proof,required soft copy of confirmation letter for further process than i send the banker letter by email with all the detail nd bank stamp and signature but till now i dont get any rply from zerodha,pls help sir

  121. Amish says:

    Can I open HUF account online ?

  122. CNK says:

    Is Aadhar of partners compulsory for opening account for Partnership Firm?

  123. Harsh Shah says:

    I already have individual account with you. I would like to convert that account to Sole Proprietorship. Is it possible. If not what are the other way. As I have the same pan card number for a company and individual.

  124. Rahul says:

    Hello Zerodha Team,

    We are four-five people want to start a partnership firm which will be managing partners’ fund by investing in shares (long-term investment – maybe more than a year or two), trading stocks (could be intraday or holding for less than a year) or trading futures and options (intraday or positional trading).

    Let’s assume, the name of partnership firm – XYZ and Partners’ capital – Rs 3 Lakhs

    Since we have a lot of doubts, we would like to know the following –

    1. Is there any problem, from legal point of view, if we use words like Capital, Investments, Funds etc while naming the partnership firm (for instance, XYZ Capital, XYX Investments, XYZ Funds)? Does that create any problem while opening XYZ’s trading and demat account with Zerodha?

    2. From the details it is clear that ‘investment clause’ must be mentioned in the partnership deed if one wants to trade in stocks, indices and its derivatives. What is the appropriate “investment clause”? Is it possible for you to help us by sending the snapshot of investment clause via email?

    3. Can XYZ open a trading account in its name and trade in index, stocks, futures, options?

    4. Can XYZ open a Demat account in its name and hold shares for 2-month period, 6-month period or more than a year? If not, then how can XYX make long-term investment?

    5. Suppose a few members already have their individual trading and demat account with Zerodha. Is it still possible to open an account in the name of XYZ, given that these members are now partners in XYZ?

    6. As individual is managing XYZ’s fund, can he still trade or invest in his own account?

    7. From taxation point of view, will the turnover/profits of an individual be combined with turnover/profits of XYZ?

    8. In QA section here, it is mentioned that Demat account cannot be opened in the name of the firm but any one partner. Suppose, in any given year, of the total initial capital of Rs 3 lakhs, we use Rs 50k for trading and Rs 2.5 lakhs for investment (10-months period). Our profit from trading is Rs 10k and profit from investment Rs 30k (partner’s demat). As a partnership firm, XYZ will have to pay tax on profits.
    In order to calculate firm’s tax, which amount will be considered as “profit from investment is from a partner’s demat”? Is it going to be a tax on XYZ’s profit or a Partner’s (~who holds Demat) profit or both combined?
    Since both XYZ and a partner will have their own PAN numbers, which one will be used?

    9. What if a partner already has his own trading and demat account with Zerodha and if XYZ’s demat is being assigned to this partner (-by remaining partners)? Is it possible to have two demat account? Need more information on this.

    Please reply as I believe this guidance will provide more clarity on the and solve many of our doubts.

    Thank you so much in advance!!

  125. mangapathi rao says:

    Hi, We are 4 people and have decided to trade in financial markets.
    The trading capital is being contributed by us only and we shall not collect any money from outer.
    We have drafted the partnership deed which includes the investment and trading clause in it.
    We have also received the pan card in the name of the firm.
    Now banks are asking for some kind of trade license or registration certificate to open the current account.

    Request you to guide us on the same from here on to open the current account, demat and trading account with you


    i want to open a huf account but the name of karta as per pan card and aadhaar card are different

  127. Krish jain says:

    I didnt provide income proof while opening account as wasnt going to do futures nd option segment now i want to trade in options how can i do like wht is the procedure? I hav provided the cancelled cheque though..

  128. Mayank Gera says:

    Someone wrote this on quora for -> Is there a minimum balance in trading account that I need maintain with Zerodha?

    In their clause(in application form-page number 10, point 7), if minimum balance is less than 10000 then Zerodha will retain this amount and you cannot transfer to bank. For example if you have 12,000/- in your trading account then you can only transfer 2000/- to your bank andv remaining will be retained in demat account. Even I was planning to open an account with them but now I have to think.

    Is this right?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Mayank, this is a misinterpretation. What the document actually says is that if the account balance is less than 10k, it isn’t required for the trading member (us) to transfer idle funds back to the bank account at the end of the quarter (check quarterly settlement). You can withdraw your funds at any time.

  129. Ram says:

    What if I already have account with zerodha and also a managing partner do I have to open a separate demat account

  130. Sanjeev Kumar says:


    We want to open a corporate account [Partnership Firm]. What is the account opening charges and how we can pay it. Where is the complete form to be posted and how much time it will take to complete the process.


    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Sanjeev, the post has all the details related to opening a partnership account. You can also check out our support portal for more info. Once you have all the documents ready, you can courier them to Bangalore HQ, the address can be found here.

  131. Rohit says:

    We group of friends want to start pooled investment. Could you please advise which way (LLP or Pvt Ltd company) will be good option.

  132. aditya says:

    A few days ago I opened an account with zerodha.However today I received a mail from a mutual fund company named DHFL Pramerica congratulating me for opening an account under the scheme name Insta cash fund weekly dividend.The scary part is,I did not apply for anything,and this mail has shocked me.The company even sent me an account statement where i noticed along with my address and PAN number,they have also mentioned the name of ZERODHA at the bottom of the page under the last broker details column.Even though my zerodha account balance is unchanged,I just wanted to know whether-
    is this just a spam or an advertisement,or is this some sort of formality mail received by everyone?
    If no,then Have my PAN and address details been compromised?
    Am i missing something,or is it a danger sign?

    • aditya says:

      I called the customer care executive,she told me its some sort of settlement which is done once in a while,is she right?

  133. Manjunath KG says:

    We’re is the option to open the senate account please help me

  134. Stanley says:

    From were I can open the A/c, kindly help

  135. Gaurav says:

    Hello, i am opening an account on zrodha, paid money, now i unable to bring AADHAR in digilocker, so can’t proceed.
    WHAT TO DO NOW?????

  136. Sunil Kumar garg says:

    Contact to me some enquiry
    Regards new account as suggested from someone
    Sunil Kumar garg

  137. Sunil Kumar garg says:

    Contact to me for enquiry
    Regards new account as suggested from someone
    Sunil Kumar garg

  138. Diksha says:

    Hello sir,

    I have applied for trading account and paid the [email protected] along with the process of uploading documents,
    yet got a mail of confirmation of fee payment nothing else how long will it take to get id and password for trading???

  139. Vijayendran N says:

    I wish to open an account with Zerodha. I filled application online but unable to esign the form using aadhar otp. “Preparing your documents for e signing” popup is not redirecting and keeps loading forever

    • Diptanu says:

      Have you got this fixed?
      I am having the same issue since Friday morning and not fixed yet.Who is responsible to fix the issue?

      • Faisal says:

        Hey Diptanu, I believe your eSign was completed and your account is now open.
        Apologies for the inconvenience

        • Dasharath says:

          Hello Faisal,
          I am also having the same issue – “Preparing your documents for e signing” is taking forever and not fixed yet.
          Can you please help me on this.

  140. Roshan naik says:

    I have paid 500 Rs. towards account opening. Have uploaded all documents but esigning screen is not moving forward. It is stuck at “signing..” forever now.. tried multiple times. Strange thing is I got digitally signed docs in my mail.. so, what is the status? have not received username & password as well..

    very cumbersome interfaces and not a happy experience so far..

  141. Sushruth says:

    I was yet to open an account. After the payment , the account is not opening is saying that it email id is invalid. But I have received payment success status in the same email id.i think Ur r involving in fraud!!

  142. karthick raja A says:

    HI Team,

    I am trying to open account and after paying the fee and ekyc process, the digital sign is getting successful using Adhaar but the application is getting stuck on this page, I tried 3-4 times and even i got mail from Digilocker also with full doc.
    I received Annexure from zerodha.
    I will mail the Doc. and snapshot of issue, PLease process it further and let me know incase of any query.

  143. Siva says:

    HUF declaration link is not working. Can you update the link

  144. Uma Divakaran says:

    Dear Team,

    I have applied through online and the A/c Opening Fees was also debited. Now I have no clue on what’s the next step. I have landed in a page which has 2 sets of information like AADHAR & I’II PRINT & COURIER.

    But the links given in both the options are not working. When I click on it, there is absolutely no action. I received an email with one ZIP file with extension RAR. But when I try to open, it says INVALID RAR file.

    I would appreciate, if you guys shows the same level of seriousness, which you show towards collecting A/c Opening Fees upfront, in guiding customers to open their accounts as well.

    Please someone get in touch with me on the next step.

    Regards, Ramnath

    • Faisal says:

      Apologies for the inconvenience. Has the Sales Manager contacted you?
      If no, could you please raise a ticket here, we’ll get someone contact you soon.

  145. dinesh datta says:

    Frod zeroda mey blance pay kiya hm but mera account open nehi huya … o neyi kiya

  146. ankur says:

    hi zerodha

    your support team is not able to answer trade related issue. they are closing my tickets without information. when i call support to ask about mt trade issue they respond like rms team will , technical team will look, developers will look ., support team don’t know . open ticket with support.zerodha. no body answering ..closing tickets without giving any single line. … plus i am observing trade latency in zerodha due to this i faced heavy loss.

    kindly guide me how to close my account with zerodha.

    • ankur says:

      also zerodha arrogantly replying that we have 8 lakh clients … we cannot have that much of information as we have large number of customer.

      zerodha was best but not now.

  147. anil says:

    Not able to open account online. After payment when entering personal details it is saying ‘Invalid PIN”. Paid two days back. What to do? Either refund it or fix it fast.

  148. Swathy says:

    Tried to open Zerodha account online & paid Rs.500/- also online, but still not able to complete the registration process. Need to upload photos in IPV, but IPV is not functioning. How to complete the registration process now?

  149. sagar kadam says:

    I have paid my fees completed the procedure of uploading documents. The process is stuck where I am asked to esign with aadhar. When I try to esign it keeps loading and then says undefined and shuts of the window.
    Please help

  150. Vishal says:

    Plz Help my fees compiled but no step2
    Call me 8849545190

  151. Prince says:

    Hi Team,

    I e-signed the equity and commodity and I can also see the email, how can i proceed further to get my credentials.

  152. iqbal ahmad wani iqbal ahmad wani says:

    I Tried to Open Account with ZeroDha and Paid 300 for same . But It is not syncing with my Digi Locker Account as required in Account Opening. Most worst server provider. Never open account with this company. If they cannot provide service in account opening what servce will be expected latter on during account functioning. Also this amount is NON Refundable even the problem is from their end.
    Worst Customer Service and no Solution Provider. It will add your worries on your Hard earned Money.

  153. Ashish Kapoor says:


    How can I open demat account for a foreign company?

  154. Shubham soni says:

    Sir i recently joined zerodha for dmat account. Today in the morning i fill all the form online and pay fee also and e sign for equity and commudity. After some hours i received a msg that saying-CDSL: Signature updated in your demat account ******** on 08/10/2018.Contact your DP for more information.
    What is it mean.
    And i also want to ask that what document i have to courier to you and by which courier.kindly reply as soon as possible..
    Thank you

    • Faisal says:

      The SMS you received is a generic message after we processed your application and opened your demat account with them. You need to courier us the signed POA document for your account to be fully functional. More details here.

  155. AMARDEEP KUMAR says:

    I want to open treading & demat (eqquaty) account.
    Please nearest any broker at pin code 711106.
    So send broker details & contact mob no.

  156. Ganesh Malegaonkar says:

    Hi Team,
    When I fill all the details in your online account opening form and click ‘continue’ on the bank details page, it’s giving me an error ‘District not sent’. I have been trying this since last 2 days but no luck. I tried all the browsers (as suggested by your customer care executive) but that did not help. I also tried to fill this form at odd times (late evening etc.) but that also did not work.

    Let me know how to resolve this issue

    • Lindo says:

      Hi Ganesh,

      You may have had an existing account with another broker, where they may not have filled in your details correctly while updating your KYC(Know Your Client) details at the KRA(KYC registration agency) where Zerodha fetches your data from. In this case you will have to contact the existing broker to get this fixed so you can continue signing up online, else you can choose to send us the physical application forms for account opening with the proofs, we will be updating your details at the KRA end.

  157. Praveen R Bhat says:

    I applied for a Zerodha account and paid the account opening charges. However, your esign with Aadhar has been failing many times. The Digio portal pop-up gets stuck and does nothing every time. Could you please resolve this issue and open my account and the earliest?


  158. Poonam Mistry says:

    I have tried to open the account, strange thing is the document is not able to get esigned via aadhar. not a good experience so far. I have another account in Upstox, I must tell its far better than zerodha…zerodha is indeed ZERO DHA..

  159. Rahul Dhoka says:

    In case the partnership firm is not registered, what document does the firm need to submit.

    Rahul Dhoka

  160. Presage trade solutions says:

    Who wants to open zerodha account any queries and support contact this number.
    +91 9176812020.
    We provide training and updates on Whatsapp,Facebook.

  161. Shantanu says:


    I am trying to e-sign. But its not happening.
    As soon as I enter the OTP either it fails or screen doesnot move forward.
    Sometimes even OTP comes but screen does not change and no option to enter OTP

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