What’s new at Zerodha: March 2024

March 22, 2024

The last quarter was a busy one for us at Zerodha, and we launched several cool features. We have collated all these updates in this post in case you missed any. Going forward, we’ll post one such update every quarter.

Feature updates

Online minor account opening

Helping parents save and invest in a simple and easy way for their kids’ future has long been on our to-do list. We recently made it possible to open an account for your kid entirely online and invest in stocks, mutual funds, and bonds together with them. We also made minor account opening free and waived the annual maintenance charges (AMC). Learn more.

Quick order window on Kite

We’ve introduced a new simplified order window on Kite with which you can buy and sell anything in just 2 clicks. All you need to enter is the amount you want to invest or the number of shares you want to buy.

For example, if you want to buy ₹10,000 worth of Zerodha LIQUIDCASE ETF quickly, you can just type ₹10,000 instead of calculating the quantity.

You can toggle between quantity and lots for futures and options (F&O). You don’t have to calculate anything manually when trading large quantities.

The quick order window is live on Kite Web and will soon be available on Kite app. Learn more.

National Pension Scheme (NPS)

Over the 13 years of Zerodha, our mission has naturally evolved from just providing traders and investors with the best tools to helping them do better with their money. A big aspect of that mission is to help people prepare for their retirement. We’re happy to announce that NPS is now live on Coin.

NPS is a brilliant option for saving for your retirement because it forces you to invest in a diversified portfolio of equities and debt by default. It’s also one of the cheapest investment options out there and tax-efficient. Since NPS is a product aimed at helping people prepare for retirement, it comes with a lock-in, so it forces you to be disciplined.  Learn more.

Gift Nifty on Kite

You can now track Gift Nifty on Kite by searching for Gift Nifty. Gift Nifty is a futures contract based on the Nifty 50 index that trades at the NSE International Exchange for 20 hours. This contract is a popular way for traders to see the potential impact of overnight and early morning global events on Nifty.

You can also bookmark this page.

Day’s high-low bar on the Kite app

The High-Low bar gives you a visual representation of where the stock is trading compared to the day’s high and low prices. Learn more.

Investing in government bonds is now free. 

To encourage greater participation in Government Bonds (G-Secs), Treasury Bills (T-Bills), Sovereign Green Bonds (SGrB), and State Development Loans (SDLs), we are waiving the 0.06% brokerage fee beginning March 1, 2024. Learn more.

Instant withdrawals

You can now withdraw up to ₹25,000 per day instantly from your Zerodha account. We are working on increasing this limit. Learn more.

Backend revamp that helps deliver contract notes much faster

After a recent backend revamp, we delivered 1.5+ million PDF e-mail contract notes in less than 25 minutes at the end of the trading day. You can learn more about this here.

Updates from the extended Zerodha ecosystem

We have an entire universe of products from companies with whom we have partnered through Rainmatter, and here are their latest updates.

Timeline and Stock Insights by Tijori

If you invest in stocks, there’s no easy way for you to figure out all the events and developments that are affecting your investments. You have to check multiple websites and applications to understand what’s happening. To make it easy for investors to get all updates about their investments in one place, we introduced a feature called Timeline powered by Tijori on Console.

The timeline is a chronological feed of key events and developments related to the stocks in your portfolio. Instead of switching between trading platforms, exchange websites, and other apps to figure out what’s happening to your investments, you can see everything in one place. Check out this video for more. Learn more.

Unlimited access to Streak

With Streak, you create, backtest, and deploy trading strategies based on technical analysis. The best part is that you don’t need any coding skills to create strategies. Streak Unlimited is now accessible to all Zerodha users.

In addition to backtesting, you can

  1. Run scanners
  2. Explore over 150+ prebuilt trading strategies.
  3. Deploy trading strategies virtually to test performance before trading them in live markets.

Learn more.


Sensibull has added several new cool features, such as a revamped FII/DII data page, a new strategy builder, and auto-ATM straddle charts. Learn more.

Updates on all the educational content we’ve published recently

Varsity Junior

Since day 1 of Zerodha, we’ve put in considerable effort to educate Indians about finance through Varsity, Z-Connect, etc. In this journey, we realised that while a lot of people are trying to educate adults, children are often ignored. Nithin often says that India can only do well if wealth is created at home. For that to happen, young Indians have to be taught about money from a young age.

It’s with this objective that we launched Varsity Junior—a series of animated stories based on the lives of a group of young kids in a small Indian village. Each episode has an important lesson about money. We have published three episodes so far, and the response has been incredibly heartening. We published the third episode recently. Watch it here.

The all-new Z-Connect

We’ve revamped Z-Connect to showcase all the content we publish about Zerodha’s products, trading, investing, and markets in one place. You’ll now see:

  1. Updates about Zerodha and all the products
  2. Subtext: A new blog we are starting to explore the underappreciated aspects of markets and the global economy.
  3. Varsity blog: Perspectives on trading and investing from the Varsity team and other experts.

We’ve also added a new page called Updates for you to keep track of all the updates that we publish across our websites, social media channels, etc.

Zero1 by Zerodha

We are also publishing some really cool videos on the common mistakes people make with their money, scams that people fall for, and more. Check them out here.

Updates on Zerodha Fund House

After the Zerodha Nifty LargeMidcap 250 Index Fund, we launched a liquid ETF and a gold ETF.

Zerodha Liquid ETF (LIQUIDCASE) 

This is India’s first liquid ETF with a growth NAV. All the existing liquid ETFs have a constant NAV, and the returns are in the form of dividends. The problem is that these dividends are in the form of fractional units and are hard to sell, which also makes calculating your investment returns difficult. Also, the existing liquid ETFs are relatively tax-inefficient compared to the Zerodha Liquid ETF.

Zerodha Gold ETF (GOLDCASE)

This ETF is a low-cost option to exposure to gold.

Learn more about Zerodha funds here.

Loan against shares (LAS) by Zerodha Capital

Most people don’t realise that they pay 20% on personal loans and 36% on credit cards, and they end up defaulting and ruining their credit score. We started Zerodha Capital to help people get secured loans at lower interest rates compared to personal loans and credit cards and rebuild their credit score. Learn more.

India's largest broker trusted by 1.3+ crore investors.

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  1. Ashu says:

    Zerodha is not updating its chart like buy and sell directly on the chart, due to multiple expiries market is very volatile happened now we have to put the stoploss and trail our stoploss very fast, in such a situation if we open another window and then put the PC, it gets very late and we incur loss or do not get full profit and also It is very important for scalping , otherwise one wrong move will wipe out the entire capital, but no one is paying attention to this.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Ashu, the trade from charts feature is currently available on ChartIQ charts on Kite web
      Adding it to Trading View charts is on our list of things to do.

  2. DEEPAK says:

    We need MTF . I am a swing trader I am moving to MSTCK only for MTF facility . Although I don’t like Mstock APP but forcefully I moved .

    Can you let us know by when you can implement MTF feature ??????????

  3. Shashi says:

    Please add functionality to Kite marketwatch – for adding stocks to watchlist using csv file – urgently.

  4. Rohan Singh says:

    Awaiting STP option in mutual funds since years. Maybe STP option was better toh be introduced before SWP as STP will be used by huge number of investors

  5. Hemanth says:

    Will you enable switching from Qty to Amount for equity intraday also, better for scalper like me…

  6. shihab says:

    TradingView v2.0, as well as other charts, do not automatically save changes such as drawn trend lines and other annotations. Some platforms offer this auto-saving feature. We kindly request an update to address this functionality gap. The current “Save New Chart Layout” option is not sufficient for seamless user experience.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Shihab, we’ve noted your feedback and will look into making auto-save feature available in the future updates.

  7. Ashu says:

    When will you enable trading on charts using TV????? Please enable it. ChartIQ is not useful at all.
    I have kept my portfolio on Zerodha in the hopes that I will get to utilize the most useful (if not all, understandably) features of TV. I had read a post from you about the backend integration with TV and privacy and so on. However, it should not be difficult for a tech company like Zerodha if Dhan can do it. It is my earnest request for Zerodha to fulfill this wish of, I am sure, every trader out there using Zerodha. Please let us know if this is in the works at least.

  8. Ashu says:

    You guys are extremely slow on giving the BUY/SELL on chart feature for Trading View charts which almost all other brokers are now providing.

  9. Sandeep Kumar Vidiyala says:

    I thought STP is already there in coin and invested in liquid funds in lumpsum and planned for STP. Now it looks like that is not there. Is there any option that I can execute this option from direct MF AMC, or I have to just wait for you implement that feature. Please let me know the timeline that this will be implemented so that I can plan accordingly.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Sandeep, we’re working on the STP feature which is expected to be live soon. Will keep you posted. However, cannot provide a timeline at this moment.

  10. SRIDHAR C says:

    Hi.. One suggestion . Whether it is possible to create alert in a way that includes 2 or more positions .. eg. (HDFCBANK FUTURE-HDFCBANK) greater than 15.

    This will help us to take arbitrage trade like we will sell futures and buy equal amount of stocks.

    Also it helps in rollover of positions like if alert is like (HDFCBANK MAY FUTURE- HDFCBANK APR FUTURE) less than 10

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi, will bounce this off our team. Thanks for the feedback. However, we do have an instrument vs instrument alert where you can select numerous properties like LTP, High, open, close etc.

  11. Shiv lokhande says:

    Your system does not work on the basis of morality. You people are more interested in earning more and more money from the customer. Your aim is only to harm your customer by fooling him and cheating him. You are not running this system honestly. We are very unfortunate who are using your sysytem, ​​you do not want the customer to get maximum benefit.

  12. Bharath says:

    TV 2 beta does not save multiple chart layouts properly, it opens the same symbol chart in all the (2 chart Layout) or (4 chart layout)

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Bharath, could you please create a ticket at support.zerodha.com with details of the issue, so we can have this resolved at the earliest?

  13. Ashish says:

    Amazing as always! Proud to be a Zerodha user 🙂

  14. Rajendrasinh Anandsing Rajput says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am your member.
    After log in to kite(mobile app) , I cannot open console since 2 days.
    Kindly look into the matter and let me know the details.
    Yours Sincerely
    Rajendrasinh Rajput
    User Id….GES850.

  15. Shailen G. Bhavnani says:

    Good initiatives for ease of access for customers . Well done

  16. Avinash K J says:

    Very nice features

  17. Arvind choudhary says:

    TV 2 beta doesn’t show the percentage change of candle. Web version shows that but mobile app doesn’t show in all time frames. It’s very difficult to know how much gain or loss one candle has given.

  18. Ajay A. Gogawale says:

    Please do something for claiming shares of deceased client. Please make the procedure easy for family members ( claimant)

  19. P S R Krishna says:

    Give access to zerodha without biometric password. PIN is good enough for me. Finger print it is draining my mobile battery because I can’t have biometric lock only for your app. It’s applied universally.

  20. Manoj says:

    How can I shift my previous NPS account to zerodha is there any option available 🤔.
    Please bring if it is not there
    Loan against SGBs and MFs also needed.

  21. Idiom says:

    Zerodha never stops innovating! From enhancing Kite with exciting features to now offering online account opening for minors, they’re truly setting the bar high. I am super excited to open my daughter’s account.

    Thank you,
    Satbir Kaur

  22. Moushumi Saikia Bora says:

    It will be helpful to every Indian traders

  23. Bharat gurjar says:

    Nominees ka nam update nahi ho raha hai

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Bharat, could you please create a ticket at support.zerodha.com with details of the issue, so we can have this resolved at the earliest?

  24. Kalyan Singh says:

    Please bring passkeys in place for the 2FA kite app login code. It will be more secure and convenient than the current method of kite web login.

  25. Diganta Kumar Borthakur says:

    Please make o% the costing charge

  26. Mr Bose says:

    Please do some action on GTT order. Many time it triggered but not executed.
    How can I solve this problem.

  27. Priyanka Chauhan says:

    Pls provide Algo trading facility for zerodha users

  28. Ravindra Shankar Boid says:

    Your new product tijori
    I m interested to learn it more for my benefit . How can I do it

  29. Doshi says:

    Good to see that Zerodha is not staying with not only Old and Proven methods but exploring new one too. Now that AI is used in every aspects of life, may be, just may be soon we will see AI Advisory Service by Zerodha!!!
    Also, Zerodha need to revamp Coin App and it’s features to provide exta features like some other sites watchlist etc.
    Need of the hours is : Printable Watchlist, With all relevent data for making calculated decisions. Moneycontrol site has launched new watchlist and it’s excellent. Zerodha should also introduce the same. Thank You for Your Services and Supports.

  30. Vikas says:

    Please provide features of watchlist so that we can tag them by red colour, blue colour , yellow colour etc to give them importances

  31. deependra says:

    Pl provide fwg features to make zerodha suitable for trading in futuristic way as technology is evolving and to keep up pace with other brokers zerodha needs integration of various new features. Fwg are listed
    1. Trailing stop loss for options/futures
    2. Tradingview premium charts with all indicators
    3. Features provided by oi pulse like should be default available in zerodha
    There is strong need of trader based improvement to provide better opportunities in liquid options.

  32. Rahul Desai says:

    Please keep one account for Equity And commodity funds

  33. Ishita Patil says:

    kindly add Backtest, bar replay option for backtesting. please

  34. Adib Mujawar says:

    This is really very helpful post what I am looking for and I really appreciate your efforts. Thanks Zerodha

  35. Vaishak says:

    Charts are not opening on my newly bought iPhone., need support.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Vaishak, please create a ticket at support.zerodha.com with the details of the issue so we can have this resolved at the earliest.

  36. Ravinder Singh says:

    I am happy using kite app but really miss the (BO) Bracket order hope you will bring it back.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Ravinder, we’ve explained the reason for discontinuing the Bracket Order feature here. You can use GTT orders to place Stoploss and Target. You can learn more about GTT orders here.

  37. Amit Biswas says:

    Plz improve portfolio performance management tools
    How portfolio stocks and watch list stock are performing,
    Add line chart 📈 for one day 1week, 1month and 52 week .

    Must Add some features for technical analysis with fundamental parameters like PE, quarterly sales, profit , eps growth etc


  38. Alok Sikdar says:

    I will suggest one thing. If possible then please provide two viewing option in position. One is for the amount of money (profit/loss). And in the other one show how many points (achieved /lost). For example if I gained/lost 40 points in my position then if I can only see the point going up or down in my open position then it will be less stressful for option traders.

  39. DEVENDRA PATEL says:

    All the best

  40. Ajay maurya says:

    Sir, I want to join the company and want to invest. How will I connect with this company, please tell me the process.

  41. Teja says:

    I would say it is time to revamp your watchlist.

  42. Rajeshwaran says:

    All the best

  43. Zerodhafanboy says:

    I love the amazing work you guys are doing and I have always been inspired by Nikhil and Nitin sir. Hats off to such great company and leadership.

  44. I LOVE ZERODHA says:


  45. Santosh says:

    Year High and low mst see quickly . Instead to look in fundamentals.

  46. Sundeep says:

    STP option is not available in coin hence requested to provide STP facility in coin

  47. Ashok Rane says:

    Best wishes
    Please provide information as I am new in this field

  48. Anil Dange says:

    Best wishes

  49. Kalpesh says:

    Tradingview 2.0 beta don’t show % change on charts. Very difficult to understand today and even previous day change in %, whereas tradingview 1.0 shows % change properly.

  50. Deepak Yadav says:

    Software for PC need to develop for trading and options charts also not showing when click on any Share or nifty 50.

    And most important when we see charts there order windows not showing so that when we see charts in mostly in option I but call and want to sell immediately then it’s not possible.

    So Please do some changes on chart also.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Deepak, we’ve noted your feedback. If you are referring to accessing option chain, here’s how you can view option chain on Kite. We’re working on making Trading From Charts available on Trading View, for now you can use CartIQ, you can check the process for switching charts here.

  51. Saikat Roy Chowdhury says:

    It’s not a comment or suggestion; rather it’s a demand for bringing back ‘Bracket Order’!
    Kindly bring that particular order system back…

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Saikat, we’ve explained the reason for discontinuing the Bracket Order feature here. You can use GTT orders to place Stoploss and Target. You can learn more about GTT orders here.

  52. Shanth says:

    Hi Team Zerodha,
    Cheers!! for Updates

    Thanks for giving Gift Nifty chart please add volume and open interest for it will be grateful

  53. Shankar says:

    Hir Sir,

    I am writing to request a modification in the Zerodha App for improved user convenience.
    Currently, adding stocks to the watchlist in the Zerodha App is a cumbersome process, requiring significant time and effort, especially when adding them individually or one by one . Hence, I propose the development of a feature that allows users to add approximately 50 stocks to their watchlist at only once time or directly upload file.
    like such system available allready in treding view..platform
    By incorporating such a system, users like myself would experience a substantial reduction in the time and effort required to manage their watchlists effectively. This enhancement would greatly enhance the user experience and streamline the process of monitoring multiple stocks seamlessly.

  54. Beena Varghese says:

    Best wishes

  55. Rakesh says:

    Pls provide option chain with buy and sell features itself in Zerodha no third party

  56. Yogesh Joshi says:

    I need a 4 Hour timeframe charts. When you will provide that

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Yogesh, 4 hour timeframe is available on ChartIQ. If you’re using Trading View charts, plase switch to V2 of Trading View charts, this has custom timeframe feature which allows you to view charts for any timeframe. You can check the process for switching charts here.

  57. SSM says:

    MTF E-MARGIN Facility is need of the hour , when will you offer this facility,?

  58. Alpana Tiwari says:

    Giving notification tone facility to Kite alert is not available yet.
    It will be of great help if we are notified by a tone alongwith notification as mere flashing notification is not helping.

  59. Keyur bahera says:

    Can kid do option selling ?

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Keyur, minors cannot trade in F&O or buy shares. Minors can only place equity sell orders and apply for IPOs, buybacks, and takeovers. Explained here.

  60. Bajarang says:

    All this is super duper changes. We need zero brokerage on intraday option trading. Please 🙏🏻

  61. Satish Kumar Goyal says:

    You are doing a great job adding new features. I suggest following
    1 Currently portfolio doesn’t show xirr returns & we do not get true status.
    2 We should have option of putting stocks by creating different portfolios which will show xirr of individual portfolio. Also we should be able to check xirr of entire portfolio.

  62. Wahid says:

    Zerodha such a one hope for the trader’s

  63. Ankur Gupta says:

    Please add features to create multiple sub group to attach demat holding
    Also lock feature that can put on demat holding to avoid sale

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Ankur, currently you can use the tagging feature on Console to segregate the holdings as per your preferences. You can learn more about tags here. Also, you can freeze the securities in your demat account by following the steps given here.

  64. Shirin says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    Can you also improve the Coin app, pls? Readable, date-specific charts (just like on Kite) are needed for understanding the movement of any particular fund over time.

    Also, a chart for ups and downs in the total value of portfolio is needed for more confident investing.

  65. Amitabha Biswas says:

    Very good. But bring improved and new Indicators in Tradingview Beta ….. In original Tradingview there are many new indicators.

  66. J. P. Sharma says:

    Well done, I like to trade on your app but just want more, one rate cut on brokrage and allow positional trade on any index plz.

  67. S G Thakare says:

    DEAR Zerodha Team,

    Million of traders working with zerodha with immense faith. we traders are very familiar with Zerodha Chart Trading View v1.0. Please don’t DISCONTINUE v 1.0 version

  68. Pradeep Kumar MS says:

    Aren’t you getting a bit of a colossus ❔be on guard, lest you go out of reach of common man’s mind

  69. Rishi says:

    Hi Team Zerodha,
    Cheers!! for the Great Updates

    Just wanted to know some future development:
    1. Does NPS contribution will shown on Coin Mobile App and able to do SIP in NPS with step up?
    2. Way to buy Co-op bonds or FDs on Coin platform

    Good luck for future endeavours

  70. Sandeep Shinde says:

    Daily Posting CNC AMO is Boring & troblesome. Currently, AMO Validity is Limited for a Day. AMO Validity should be Valid for 30 days or till Cancelled or Honoured. You may think about it….. for Change in software to make Zerodha Good. Thanks & Regards. Sandeep

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Sandeep, you can use GTT orders instead. GTT orders can be placed anytime and are vaild for one year from date of creation or until triggered, whichever is earlier. You can lear more about GTT orders here.

  71. Priyank Saikia says:

    Of a Few Particular Features I want to see in your Platform is the Strike Price for any Indices and the positions we take on it. No matter how many times we take the same strike price,the premiums, as you would know, are always different and hence should always opt for a New Position rather than being added to the same one. This will help us in securing our gains and build a positive psychology in initiating the same strike price trade for New Profits rather than worrying about a ” What if this goes wrong, I lose my previous profits as well.”

    More features that are missing is the Trading From Charts and the lack of Option Chain in the Home Page. But then again, Zerodha just doesnot have any Home Page at all. It does feel boring and highly inconvenient these days to not have any Home Page for Indices Option Chain to be able to view along with the Spot Prices of the Indices. Even when we go into a watchlist, a minimum of 4 Indices Spot Priced should be made visible above the watclist.

    While placing Basket Orders, Can we only execute a Few Positions within a bracket and place Stop Loss for those positions as a whole rather than going inside the Strike Price for any particular index and then putting a Stop Loss which would result in time loss and thereafter Unprofitablity for most Traders. Something akin to Groww’s Set Safe Exit but doing it in Zerodha’s style.

    And last but not the least, The Big Ones are The Options Buying Margin for a dedicated lot size( 3 or 4 maybe?) and not charging any Intraday or F&O brokerage charges for the dedicated lot sizes as this will bring many traders to profitability.

    Also, I hope The Fractional Share Holding Feature is made available soon as majority still has only “Bearish” Views about participating in the Market for a better financial freedom.

  72. S V SATISH KUMAR says:

    🙏I love Zerodha 👌❤️

  73. Ajay says:

    Reduse some brokerage in intraday FnO.

  74. Devi says:

    When will you launch DRIP or automatic Dividend Re-Investment Plan for stocks and ETF?

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Devi, since dividend payments are credited directly into your primary bank account, automatic reinvestment is not possible. A partial solution is to set up an e-Mandate to automatically transfer funds from your bank account to your Zerodha account. You can learn more on how to set-up mandate here.

  75. Kavitha G says:


    I have a suggestion for better usage of the app.

    In the charts feature, these charts are not saved. I prefer to do analysis prior to week but all those analysis can’t be saved. If I switch all of it is gone.


    • Shubham says:

      Hi Kavitha, after making any changes to the chart, you will have to save the preferences. You can learn how to do it on ChartIQ charts here and Trading View V2 here. In the V2 of Trading View charts, drawings, changes in chart settings, etc. can be saved as the default layout and the next time you open the chart, this layout will be automatically loaded. Also, the layout is saved on the cloud, making it accessible on all devices

  76. sudhakar says:

    All this is fine,But not sure what is the complexity involved in integrating the same same cash and pledge amount for both Equity and commdodity.
    Since now both are under SEBI, why are you not enabling it. Invest your technology on integrating backend for both to use same cash components.
    You are saying its in progress from 5 years, not sure it is so complicated to implement, as smaller brokers like Fyers and Angle have this enabled.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Sudhakar, we’re working on merging the equity and commpdity segments. We’ll keep you updated on it.

  77. VIKRANT says:

    “Zerodha’s latest updates are like a breath of fresh air in the trading world! With sleek new features and enhanced functionality, navigating the markets has never been more exciting. From intuitive interfaces to advanced analytical tools, they’ve truly set the stage for traders to thrive. Cheers to Zerodha for revolutionizing the trading experience!”

  78. SAMPAT PUJARI says:

    Our service is ooutstanding

  79. Vitthal Badgujar says:

    Please start the MTF that is Marginal Trading Fund. Means i can buy the ₹ 100 by paying only ₹20 in delivery also. The reamaing ₹ 80 is liable to pay 0.049% interest per day.


    Hi Team Zerodha, I am using Zerodha web version as well as Kite from last 4 years. Your service is outstanding. My request is, please introduce live profit and loss window on live option chart with tradingview, it helps a lot for the traders. Thanking you for your efforts to serve us.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Suman, too keep track of your positions along with viewing charts, you can check out the trade panel feature on pop-out charts. With this, you can place trades, track your positions, orders, and view the market depth without leaving the charting window. Here’s how you can access trade panel on pop out charts.

  81. Vivek Patil says:

    You guys are extremely slow on giving the BUY/SELL on chart feature for Trading View charts which almost all other brokers are now providing.

  82. Kishor Bankar says:

    When zerodha will start MTF?

  83. Nagesh Pandurang Jadhav says:

    Nominee add nahi ho raha customer care se baat kar ke bhi kuch support for nahi mila .Iske vaste kite kko by by kiya .Apke isme glitches AA raahe the

  84. Vikram says:

    Can you focus on making options trading platform more easy…your competitors are now far ahead of you.
    You clearly are loosing focus.
    So a SWOT analysis and you will find out.

  85. Praveen P says:

    can we see the position details in chart

  86. Cyriac Joseph says:




    • Shubham says:

      Hi Joseph, we allow buying options of any strike for hedging purposes if you hold a short option position. Also, if you want to trade without strike price restrictions, we have an alternative solution for this. More details here. Regarding your second query, we’re working on merging the equity and commodity segments.

  87. Himanshu says:

    Real game changing feature will be to enable Pine script of TradingView in TradingView charts on Zerodha Kite platform itself and also allow to create custom indicators which can be run on options chart rather than just the underlying which brokers like Dhan allow. Pine script on underlying does help in a big way but option pricing has a different formula and has its own parameters which are directly or indirectly proportional to option pricing. So my ardent request is to enable Pine Script and that too on options chart also not only just the underlying.

  88. Dattukumar says:

    I am new to strek. Where can I get detaled training on streak. I am a zerodha user, weather streak is free to me ?
    Pl advice and do needful.
    Thank you

  89. Ali says:

    You are very poor in chartIQ than your competitors.

  90. Kamal says:

    How can we invest in liquid fund and take trading margin against the same?

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Kamal, you can invest in LIQUIDCASE ETF on Kite, just search for LIQUIDCSE symbol on Kite. You can check the pledging process here.

  91. Kamal says:

    How to enable trade completion beep on kite app? Its not working for quite some time now.

  92. Skaran says:

    You guys are work on many things that is great. but there’s no improvement in chartIQ so please think about it, b’cause of TV 2.0 is still behind as compare to other platforms ,So guys please do something for chartIQ.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Skaran, we’re continously working on adding new features and making your experience better. Could you please provide us your detailed feedback?

  93. Indrajit Rajkonwar says:

    Thanks kite for the new digital exchange now it easy to buy stocks online

  94. Arun Kumar says:

    Please post videos in Tamil language as well.. it was very useful to us. Thanks!

  95. Kalpit says:

    Baatein karte hai badi badi. Watchlist to badhayi ni jaati inse. Basic features are being begged by users whereas useless features are being focused by Zerodha. Lol.

  96. akhil karve says:

    Wish to open demat account in the name of my minor son how to do it online

  97. Bablu Choudhary says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    Thanks for the update.
    The features are quite good for all the users.
    Especially the loan amount which is about to implement with low interest.

    Bablu Choudhary

  98. Alka Pandey says:


  99. Prasad N says:

    I don’t see any easy option to search ETFs. Provide us a tab within kite that shows all ETFsm provide us sort option and filter button that can sort and show highest performing ETF at the top and filter results based on 1 year or 3 year or 5 year basis depending on filter option.

    Currently, your mutual funds don’t show results sorted based on highest performer at the top even after I have highlighted such need several times through support tickets.

  100. JIMMY says:

    Is there any plan to launch LAS in OVER DRAFT format?

  101. Ramesh says:


  102. Sameer Arora says:


  103. Faizan says:

    Thank you 😊👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  104. Faizan says:

    Nice 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  105. Mohan Jha says:

    Too informative 👍🏽

  106. Manoj says:


    Pls post videos of kite features and sujestion to buy new shares for beginer on kite.


  107. dharmesh chawda says:

    can you please do it for all your customer who trades in kite
    in mobile , you should give option of two charts and
    one feature we would love that by doubl tapping in screen there should be option of buying or selling

  108. VisweswaraRao Chukka says:

    LAS interest??

  109. Shweta Sanjay Gupta says:

    Hi Team, Thanks for providing such features to improve overall Trading… Can you please confirm for feature “Day’s high-low bar on the Kite app” is only for Mobile application or available in Web also..

  110. Dilip Chauhan says:


  111. Jamna saran says:

    Thanks for newly updated features very convient to use and helping in trading.
    Quick order window and time line features are
    very helpful to all trading people.
    Enhancing withdrawal limit is appreciated.

  112. Chaitrali Mate says:

    I have a request, on fundamentals research, midcap ,small cap,large cap, please mentioned sbu section like tm. for example this stock midcap 100,Nifty 50 next nifty 100 like that.
    Is it possible for zerodha?
    It will be a great help for us.
    Thank you.

  113. Shrikrishna Oak says:

    Visual representation of the stock trading to the day’s high and low prices is very good new feature. Also provide Year high & low bar.

  114. Hiren says:

    Please add chart trading order for scalper
    Trade on chart is missing like in dhan

  115. Shougaijam Shantikumar says:

    Very happy Zerodha, thanks for recently launched and updated new features like quick order window, instant withdrawal limit up to ₹25k, timeline, new z-connect, zero 1 by Zerodha.

  116. Nandakumar K says:

    Please add XIRR column along with absolute returns for holdings more than a year.

  117. Chintan Mehta says:

    Can you please have HUF DEMAT account opening completely online as well.. I have been reluctant and postponing to open due to long , manual and offline process for HUF Demat

  118. Rishabh Jain says:

    Buy/sell option on Chart For Scalpers like Dhan!!!!
    This is the only thing miss in ZERODHA!!!!

  119. KKR says:

    Loan Against Security is a commendable initiative with an exceptionally attractive interest rate compared to personal loans. I am eagerly looking forward to availing a loan through this program.

  120. K R Manjunatha says:

    Hi sir can you pls update on instant alerts on charts and buying price alerts orders on chart pls update

  121. Anup Gowda says:

    Zerodha’s Loan Against Securities (LAS) is an excellent initiative. I have been eagerly waiting for this feature. Let’s spread the word! ❤️

  122. Vivek sharma says:

    Zero DHA have good app on trading platform. Which help to IPO trade easily.

  123. sanjay G Kumbhar says:

    Good to listen from you for some updates. Also I will suggest you to provide –
    1) trading on charts
    2) Setting alarm on chart itself ( as in the trading view)
    3) Provide bracket order in AMO/PMO mode

  124. Aju says:

    Hi, can you guys make tradingview 2 integration faster, and Colorado look awe full in tradingview charts. can’t set custom color for all the charts.

    Upstox charts are much better in terms of look and feel even though it takes little longer to load.

  125. Ashu says:

    please enable trading on charts. ChartIQ is not useful at all. in this volatility we have to take fast action this is possible when we trail our stoploss very quick. it should not be difficult for a tech company like Zerodha if Dhan or angle one can do.

  126. Sandeep Sangrule says:

    Please update your ‘on chart trading’ in which the traders can trail their SL , buy/sell orders , see profits on charts only very easily without any problems of opening multiple charts and a dashboard on screen to see profits and their SL which waste lot of time for many option traders. And most traders are also shifting from zerodha app to Dhan app because of their on chart SL trailing and profit showing facility..
    other apps (like Dhan/ Angel) you can right click on the chart and there are many more options available – instant option tables, view margin, live buildup, live trading data. There’s menu options for indices, user settings for light and dark modes, etc. There’s also a SCALPER button. These are absolutely essential features that traders need. Please update this features

  127. Harsh Shah says:

    I have written an email few months back to zerodha. My email was related to password protection feature to Portfolio. I did not get any positive response for the same.

    Apart from that, Zerodha is truely working for retail investors and traders. Fantastic app with fantastic services and features offered.

  128. Dnyaneshwar Vitthal Tonchire says:

    Pement method successful but
    Not a account open

  129. Shirin says:

    Zerodha, how soon can we expect the multiple portfolios in one account feature?

  130. Shubham kedia says:

    Adding one feature in the watch list to see all past purchase we have done for the stock with it’s buy and sell price will help a lot to repurchase the stock.

  131. Sandeep Kumar says:

    Thanks G
    rodha ❤️

  132. SHIRISH S GHATOL says:


  133. Sandeep Kumar says:

    Thanks arodha ❤️

  134. Hamza Faizan says:

    Thanks Zerodha ❤️

  135. Balakrishna says:

    I would like to request to add one feature in watchlist which enable us to see when we have added perticular share and how much it has grown since it added in the stock list

  136. giasuddin ahmed says:

    very helpful shukriya

  137. Ritesh Patel says:

    How to open minor account???

  138. Regato says:

    Also, other apps (like Dhan/ Angel) you can right click on the chart and there are many more options available – instant option tables, view margin, live buildup, live trading data. There’s menu options for indices, user settings for light and dark modes, etc. There’s also a SCALPER button. These are absolutely essential features that traders need. Please advise.

  139. Diti Krushna Behera says:

    Daily change amount option is not there neither in Kite/Coin app nor in Console.

  140. Sandeep Shinde says:

    Daily Posting CNC AMO is Boring & troblesome. Currently, AMO Validity is Limited for a Day. AMO Validity should be Valid for 30 days from or till Cancelled or Honoured. You may think about it….. for Change in software to make Zerodha Good. Thanks & Regards. Sandeep

  141. Deepak says:

    Please update your ‘on chart trading’ in which the traders can trail their SL , buy/sell orders , see profits on charts only very easily without any problems of opening multiple charts and a dashboard on screen to see profits and their SL which waste lot of time for many option traders. And most traders are also shifting from zerodha app to Dhan app because of their on chart SL trailing and profit showing facility..

  142. Kabang Osik says:

    Sir Iam smallcase lover, why zerodha is charging in smallcase when investment and top up, over the years the amount becomes huge, please look into the matter and bring down expenses like dhan and angel one…

  143. Md Khalil says:

    Please add ETFs to facilitate
    adding ETFs to
    steak scanner

  144. R. J. Karia says:

    My request is to add facility that shows the shares sold during last one year.

    Because presently we can see only shares purchased during last one year. That’s very beneficial.

  145. Brij says:

    Please provide % trailing stop loss feature which is basic prudent risk limitaion device. Also remove limit of 50 on stop loss orders

  146. sanathbose says:

    Very helpful. Thank you🙏

  147. Regato says:

    When will you enable trading on charts using TV????? Please enable it. ChartIQ is not useful at all.
    I have kept my portfolio on Zerodha in the hopes that I will get to utilize the most useful (if not all, understandably) features of TV. I had read a post from you about the backend integration with TV and privacy and so on. However, it should not be difficult for a tech company like Zerodha if Dhan can do it. It is my earnest request for Zerodha to fulfill this wish of, I am sure, every trader out there using Zerodha. Please let us know if this is in the works at least.

  148. Arun Kumar Teli says:

    I love the thing about zerodha that they always prioritise and protect retail investors and their benefits.

  149. Prasanna says:

    Give us Options to invest in international markets in your platforms umm….like America and Japan! 🫡

  150. Fiza says:

    Your day’s low and high bar don’t show instant price as other broker Just likes dhan please do it, without it can’t exactly show live price

  151. balu says:

    please introduce’ floating watch list ‘ for trade view chart & compact market depth which shows only buy sell value & enable previous day close line for TVchart.

  152. U Srinivas says:

    Great! Zerodha is God sent for small investors.

  153. Shekhar khairnar says:

    Very late but useful updates

  154. Brajesh singh says:

    Very nice sirji . Lakin kuch company ka problem hota hai to uska hamko kya milta hai aur kis base me milta hai vo clear nahi huva aaj tak vo company hai Andhra cement (ACL)

  155. Thomas Mathew says:

    Please develop a feature to build different portfolios. That is to see stocks which we bought in different groups.

  156. Saini Ram Pal says:

    Kripya Karke mahoday ji prokerage kam karo option trading mein Nahin to aapke Sare customer Bhag jaenge please request hai aapse

  157. Sarva baxi says:

    ZERODHA Team
    I’m still disappointing with this the main Features we want as a Scalper is that were we buy and sell quickly and see the charts of trading view with running profit and loss in a single window…. Just like DHAN app scalper mode…. I’m waiting for you to add this feature please add this feature as soon as possible …… Thanku

  158. Prabhudevaiah says:

    Sir try to adopt in your kite plotform like in Fyers and Angelone flotform how they implemented in adopting STOPLOSS. TRAILING STOPLOSS.. BUY AND SELL IN ONE SIMPLE CLICK AND DRAGGING STYLE. Which will helpfull for day traders for easy to capture the market. Please try to modify your kite in this manner And also PAST MARKET REPLAY VIEW OPTION also please do this

    Thank u

  159. Sumit says:

    Hi Team, Kindly add target and stop loss feature on charts itself to make trading easy and traiil SL for FnO traders. This is the basic feature every other broker is providing except you.

  160. sreenivas says:

    pls provide trailing stop loss and portfolio stop loss.these two are very much useful to the traders..

  161. Nirmala Yashwant Mhatre says:

    Nice I like this 👌

  162. Prashant Dave says:

    Thanks for the updates

  163. Saravanan says:

    Another Excellent Features from ZERODHA – Keep it a good things.

  164. Bhag chand says:


  165. TPrasad says:

    Quick order window on Kite : Please enable scalper mode… this is still not so quick to be used for scalping.

  166. AV says:

    Pls. Give access of full tradingview chart v3

  167. Abhishek gupta says:

    Plz add more info in option data I invest in option but for data I have to rely on upstox option change data

  168. Govind Yadav says:

    In the chart of kite mobile app the difference between previous candle price and current candle price is not showing both in terms of absolute value as well as in percentage value. Try to understand the my point.
    On candle chart of trading view beta version.2.0 ..the price difference between previous candle price and current candle price is not showing….it only shows open, high, low and close price but it does not show difference value between previous candle price and current candle price along with percentage change .
    Kindly try to understand my point and update the mobile app chart of trading view version 2.0.

  169. sreenivas says:

    sir, why ur not allowing mutual fund buy directly with available zerodha amount, many times we are withdrawing to bank and then buying mutual funds through coin..can u solve this problem..pls allow us to buy mutual funds through zrodha money directly…thank you

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Sreenivas, as per the SEBI mandate funds in your trading account cannot be used for investing in mutual funds. The payment has to be made directly from the bank account. We’ve explained this in detail here.

  170. Sri Amuktha Mounika Suraneni says:

    Good Idea.

  171. sathish says:


  172. Rauf shaikh says:

    .. Brokrage Free for intraday trade only….

  173. Satpal Sharma says:

    Well done. Great. Keep up.

  174. Saju says:

    Nothing is intimated to clients regarding T+0 settlement. All these updates stated here are not much worth. The virtual contract note is really a disaster.

  175. Vipul says:

    One of the long outstanding demand is multiple portfolio windows. For example One for trading and one for long term. Or one for tata group companies and one for rest of the companies. When Zerodha is going to make this wish come true.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Vipul, currently you can use the tagging feature on Console to segregate the holdings as per your preferences. You can learn more about tags here. Even though the holdings can be viewed separately, they cannot be sold separately. Purchase and sale of securities are accounted for based on the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) method as per the IT guidelines. Explained here.

  176. Hemant Wagh says:

    Why todays funds was not able to utilize in trade, you can see the NIFTY MAR 22150 PE trade 22000 CE was not executed. I loose the opportunity in market to trade and now ends with 5000 Plus loss..
    why you guys are not intimate prior that margin funds will not be utilized after certain time.

    No who will bare the loss…?

  177. Better says:


  178. Rajeev Ranjan Bharti says:

    As a loyal customer, I kindly request the addition of new features to enhance our experience with your app.
    • live trend line of share on different Days time frame
    (1Day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 5 year , max)

    •Switch Mutual Fund in Coin App:-
    We can transfer the invested amount in Mutual Fund from One Fund to another Fund.

    •Run Console Website On Kite App itself in spite of chrome or any browser.

    •Add Market capitalisation data on Kite while seeing Details of any Stock.

    •In Watchlist Section of Kite App add Replace Watchlish 1 page with explore page where we can see top gainer , top losser, indices, Etc

    • Add Fix Income Assets in Coin App such FD, corporate bonds , Top Company Bonds, etc

  179. Krishna says:

    I want that all time high and all time low facility should available on kite and the sold stock details at which time , at which rate I sold my particular stock

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Krishna, regarding showing all time high and lows on Kite, we’ve noted your feedback. On your second query, you can view the details of all historical trades in Console tradebook report. Here’s how.

  180. Avinash Bhardwaj says:


  181. Ukken John Louis says:

    I look forward for an option to get the list of all transactions for one stock only for a duration. If it is already there please let me know how to take it.

  182. Rahul says:

    Still waiting for the MTF facility to be introduced by Zerodha, as promised in the past by Nitin! Is there any update on this query?

  183. Maulik says:

    Please include option if loss is beyond pre decided limit then auto exit from all trade feature

  184. Dadapeer says:

    Good better and easy understanding software app

  185. Khalid mehmood kazi says:

    I like this 👌 👌

  186. Shyamal says:

    Where can i find study material on F & O ?

  187. Santosh says:


  188. Rakesh Kumar Jain says:

    I appreciate the various features added by your team.

    Further, I would request your team to add the following features to the “Kite”

    “Trade/script-wise charges”

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Rakesh, we’re working on showing scripwise charges on Console. For now, you can use Virtual Contract Note feature on Kite to view orderwise charges for that trading day. More on Virtucal Contract Note here.

  189. KAMALAKAR WAD says:


    • Shubham says:

      Hi Kamlakar, you can use Virtual Contract Note feature on Kite to view orderwise charges for that trading day. More on Virtucal Contract Note here.

  190. vini shukla says:

    Please provide commodity option chain in sensibull.

  191. K M Mohanraj says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    It’s good you take all troubles and innovation to give give us best experience.

    You also conserned about trading and provide relevant information on any stocks.

    You Guide us with de influencing and brought us NPS, single day withdrawal and more.

    Thanks and look forward to see continue your customer centric approach and give solutions to peoples problems in this nische of investing and trading.

    Hope you can also allow and bring existing NPS accounts to coin.


    • Shubham says:

      Hi, thanks for your feedback. We are working on allowing existing NPS subscribers to move their accounts to Zerodha.

  192. Devanand says:

    Nice aap

  193. Saikumar says:

    Search particular script prices without adding in watchlist

  194. Rajveer Choudhary says:

    Pls zerodha on Chart trade live p&l with trad view

  195. Manan says:

    We want dedicated option chain in kite.

  196. Maroof Shaikh says:


  197. Alban R Nongkynrih says:

    I can’t open my kite account please help

  198. Shobha says:

    Your charges are too high
    Instant withdrawal limit too poor
    Your service quality is also getting poor compare to others

  199. Amitayu says:

    I am not able to understand the day’s high low bar. Please inform what is the meaning of the blue bar. Does it represent movement during a particular period of time, say one min or five min?

  200. Punam Agarwal says:

    Please enable fund transfer from UPI ID number in kite mobile app as well as kite website because some kite app is use in one mobile and UPI app is another device

  201. Poonam says:

    Hey I was in middle of trade. It didn’t execute properly and profit is not shown in portfolio. This is not done.

  202. Ram KV says:

    While these developments are commendable, the CONSOLE bac koffice is still basic and does not support queries etc. One has to download P/L statement in Excel and analyse manually.

  203. sudagarlal says:

    Very nice

  204. Aadham says:

    Hello there,

    Its good to see the positive changes in various segments,

    As a investor and trader I need below features,

    1. Streak pro – free not working for option trading
    2. One click buy sell in option price chart – placing order and exiting we are struggling with web
    3. Trailing stop loss
    4. SL and target are in % – give option to set the price as well
    5. Trading view integration with direct order placement in option charts
    6. TradingView Pine script integration or similar tool you can build within zerodha
    7. Commodity market fund and equity market fund both are different – 1 fund can use both ( like other platforms like dhan etc)
    8. Disappointed with streak pro paid one – its not an advanced tool – poor documentation, we cannot do advanced analytics and automate it

  205. Sitaram Baliram Gangode says:

    Please start emargin facility.

  206. rakesh bag says:

    added instant stop loss order. like trading view given this features.

  207. Chanchal Kumar Sarkar says:

    Keep it up good job

  208. Darshan Chudgar says:

    First of all, congratulations for the awesome work you have been doing.
    Can we expect pledged collaterals to be used for both
    Equity and Commodity segments?
    If so,by when?

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Darshan, we’re working on migrating the equity and commodity segments, post this it’ll be possible. We’ll keep you updated on this.

  209. Sameer says:

    Two things

    1) missed profit % and 2) folder option in my holding to move scrip in a specific folder to understand strategy level performance

    What’s missed profit %?
    Let’s say Mr A bought Tata Investments at 3000 and post buying it reached 9000. Later stock started correcting. At present it’s 6000 it means 100% missed profit .it helps take sell call or identify weak scrip .

    2) I know we have tag option in Zerodha for scrip. However folder option is required which is quite easy

  210. Piyush Parmar says:

    Please provide sms alert for every trade instantly so wen know as soon as it traded Buy Sell Qty Price Name Exchange Time, for notifications we have to keep Always Internet on so it skip many times coz of all others notifications and apps now a days. So sms is best which others brokers providing instantly as trade happens.

  211. Makshibhai says:

    Dear team
    Kite me ham watchlist Short karte hai vo SAVE rahna chahiye jab Tak ham change na kare tab Tak..
    Wo save nahi rahta,kuch time ke bad change ho jata hai…

  212. Jasmeet Singh Suri says:

    Hi There,
    There are some very useful features you can look to add to your software.

    If there is somone in your team who can connect to be it would be useful.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Jasmeet, you can reach out to us at 080 4718 1888 or create a ticket here and our team will help you out with all your queries. If you have any general queries related to trading and investing, you can post them on TradingQnA.

  213. reshmi a k says:

    conduct a zoom class in tamil
    it helps for all tamil people

    hereafter all communication communicate in reginal language
    it helps for all state

  214. Neetu sharma says:

    Need bracket order and GTD order interface

  215. Sharadbabu c bhadragiri says:


  216. Sharan says:

    There is lot of confusion going on with regard to streak unlimited, many KEY & IMPORTANT features missing in unlimited version, compared to streak pro.

    Have put too much effort to develop own strategies and now dynamic contracts features missing unlimited version and pro subscription not being extended. All my strategies have become worthless and my effort and time spent in developing the strategies wasted.

    What is the future of streak unlimited?

    Please address the mess, that you guys created around streak unlimited.

    If you look at streak telegram channel, you understand the gravity of the issue.

    Please address this as soon as possible!

  217. Vinod says:

    Your Instant withdrawal limit must be equal to maximum available fund

  218. Rajan Patel says:

    Good 👍🏻

  219. Samarth R K says:

    Live PnL on options chart so that we don’t have to exit the options chart every-now and then just check the PnL

  220. Dalubha Makvana says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    Your services is very poor and late answering from your team backend team. I have some’s years experience is not good like other sources

  221. Shobha Kela says:

    Good step

  222. Chethan says:

    Please do post more animated videos for children

  223. Kiranpal says:

    Dear Sir
    A suggestion from my side is you must add a feature of REPLAY (Tradingview) atleast for Three Months replay timings, it is unique feature and attract more customers.

  224. Ramchandra says:

    Very good service I’m happy

  225. Chunilal says:

    Good news

  226. Gaurang Bhatt says:

    There should be percentage for open positions in portfolio to assess P&L. It’s very much required feature. Please work on this…

  227. Hilal says:

    Good step

  228. ramesh says:

    super zerodha Team,

    very good involvement of Improvements of trading platform and serve to customers


    thanks a lot

  229. Gautam maurya says:

    Nice app and very easy use then no any issue

  230. Rabindra Mahanta says:

    Very good to zerodha in my opinion

  231. Poonam says:

    A new step for bright future even kids should be understand value of money once they will saved pocket money for growth in Zerodha. Thanks Zerodha

  232. Prakash Gupta says:

    At 9:15 kite app chart not show correct.. I mean to say that chart hang problem.

  233. Leela Jose says:

    Thank you
    I have a suggestion
    Can you name F&O instruments like
    Nifty 240425…………..240425 being the date of expiry
    Nifty 24800 CE 240404 etc.
    This will define the instrument till the end of this century

  234. Mahak Talwar says:

    Can we check the p&l statement for options selling of a particular month in one table

  235. Mitul Rajnikant Andharia says:

    One big problem in transferring funds when my upi is not working I can’t transfer my fund from my bank of india account to zerodha through my debitcard

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Mitul, funds cannot be transferred to Zerodha account using debit or credit card. Regulations mandate that funds be transferred through the trading app and other approved payment methods such as UPI, net banking, NEFT, IMPS or RTGS. Explained here.

  236. Saurabh says:

    Kindly add event>orders that live in web not on app.

    It’s helps understanding day analysis

  237. Vishal Kacha says:

    When MTM stoploss & target feature included?

  238. Kiran says:

    Excellent features

  239. Chanchal Mandal says:

    Very very very good👍

  240. Shweta says:

    On other platforms when you draw something on stock chart,and after refreshing that stays there.but in zerodha if we switch to another chart we have to again draw levels on chart. You should also include stop loss placement tool on chart itself instead of switching between different buttons.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Shweta, after making any changes to the chart, you will have to save the preferences. You can learn how to do it on ChartIQ charts here and Trading View V2 here.

  241. Anubhab Ghosh says:

    In intraday can’t set stoploss and exit both from a regular order. Need a window for top stocks of that day, otherwise we need to visit other apps for searching best stocks. Chart is not fully functional, like plus option is not available.

  242. Karan says:

    Great features and nice to see the thoughtful additions aimed at both traders, and also those learning.

    Trailing stop loss isn’t intuitively available. Any plans of adding that?

  243. Bharat Thatte says:

    There should be some place where user can write his notes, pertaining to some contract, like sticky notes. That will be a great facility for senior citizens, who can not remember many things, while trading.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Bharat, a feature to add notes for scrips in the marketwatch is on our list of things to do. If you want to journal your trades or investments, you can do it using the tagging feaure on Kite and Console. You can learn more about tags here.

  244. मौन्टी सरकार says:

    Can you please add features like trading view
    Directly place orders from trading view chart.

  245. Manoj Kumar Kashyap says:

    Good Initiative

  246. Anill says:

    Very good service
    Am very happy
    Stock buy
    Wachlist adding superrrr
    Very easy to use

  247. ASHWANI says:


  248. Zenisha says:

    Nominee reject

  249. Prince Gupta says:

    Online profile updation should be there by using aadhar seeding.

  250. Ganeshsubramanyahandral says:


  251. Sreeraj says:

    In the holdings tab- against each of our holdings- can you provide an option to add on our own notes. This may be the price at which they wanted to average, sell, or their target price or generic notes etc. This will help us greatly.

  252. Sanjay balkote says:

    Very nice update I want all stock update

  253. Mohammad Abdul Rasheed says:

    Hi good afternoon

    Can we apply & sell IPO in Minor dmat account.

  254. Indra says:

    I need following features in kite mobile app-
    1) I should have option to show/hide pnl in position window. So that pnl doesnot affect psychology while trading.
    2)We need kill switch right on top of this window so that it could be used.
    3) we need to have a feature of predetermined SL. When a particular amount is lost, no further position can be taken. And what ever running postion is there, it is auto squared off without asking..or after giving warning and taking consent. Kill switch should be actived after predetermined loss.
    4) there should be a feature where no of trades executed in a day could be set. It could also have amount of trade used.

  255. Ranjith kumar says:

    NSE – Futures & Options still not active
    How many time send correct details still not available

  256. Sunil tembhurkar says:

    Chart not showing….

  257. umashankar says:

    Many thanks for all the good things – a mostly stable product (with occasional catastrophes), thought leadership, blogging, and some cool free features (sensibull mostly, the others aren’t worth a second look). However : no new features that will help traders and investors alike. API has been stagnant for a long time. No trailing stoploss feature. Charging money for API access and market data that everybody else gives for free. No console (backend) data access with API. Feels like our love is one-sided brother, how about sharing some of it back?

  258. Sudhir kumar says:

    Sir please make videos in Hindi also for better experience for all Indians

  259. Keyur Mistry says:

    Please bring Margin Trading Facility in Zerodha. Most of swing traders want MTF on zerodha but lack of this feature many swing traders looks for other options. I use zerodha only for delivery trade and ipo but if zerodha bring this feature No other broker i need.

  260. Jaimangal Singh says:

    I’m learn equity share I’m 55 years old teacher I’m interested that pl,,,,sometimes guide me your latest news. THANK YOU

  261. Pradeep bhargava says:

    Very good service

  262. Hiren says:

    Could you please explain,

    How Zerodha Liquid ETF is more tax-efficient then the rest Liquid ETFs ?

  263. Uday Sinha says:

    Feature Addition Suggestion for Coin App.

    Ability to group mutual fund portfolio on mutual fund scheme can be a helpful addition to the Coin UI.

    The use case is let’s say I have monthly investment in 5 schemes, I can create a portfolio A for the first two and a portfolio B for the next 3 schemes. The overall portfolio could remain the same indicating current investments across all 4 schemes.

    Maybe something to add in the future.


  264. SUBRATA says:

    Stock, Mutual Fund, Buy and sale should be at one place.

  265. shiva says:

    Nice to see All updates

  266. Giri Kunjeer says:

    This is not very useful future. You should add buy / sell button on Chart window. without seeing chart, it’s difficult to take position. please add it.


  267. Lokesh Kolhe says:

    Very good to zerodha in my opinion

  268. Kulbhushan Dwivedi says:

    While GTT triggers only at exact target … but what if it returned just coming very near to target ..

    I request to look in if we may create GTT with in a “ Range of price”

    Just suggestion of new invested

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Kulbhushan, for better execution, you can keep some difference between the trigger and limit price. So once the GTT is triggered, the limit order will execute at the best available price in the market. We’ve explained this here.

  269. Manish says:

    Focus on Coin as well. It’s pretty neglected and in shambles compared to some decent MF platforms.

  270. Dharmendra says:


  271. Sanket says:

    Good new things, it will help a lot , also please add trade from chart.

  272. Nilu Maharana says:

    Sorry sir
    But I will coming to trading
    Thank you 🙂😐

  273. Satish Limbraj Dhavale says:

    Service very good zerodha

  274. SABURA says:

    Zerodha best for trading.
    Minor account can trade option trading ??

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Sabura, this is not possible. Minors can only place equity sell orders and apply for IPOs, buybacks, and takeovers. Explained here.

  275. Abhi says:

    Guys, the quick order window is not allowing to toggle to amount. that is disabled for STOCKS. any thing wrong that I am doing ?

  276. Sumit Ghiya says:

    Can we apply & sell IPO in Minor dmat account?

  277. Satish Limbraj Dhavale says:

    Service is very good zerodha

  278. RAJAS SUHAS DOSHI says:

    Please introduce some ways to invest in US companies like Apple Nividia Microsoft Amazon

  279. Shrima t Borse says:

    Are pehale zerodha to think se chalao… Last 6 machine se mujhe mobile pe chart show nahi ho raha hai wo to clear kr

  280. Samarjit saha says:


  281. Mahir Kumar says:

    I am very happy on this platform
    I use 4 year in kite good service
    Nitin sir and Kamat sir🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  282. Adarsh Kumar Singh says:

    We need the equity curve feature guys. It has been “coming soon” since last 2 years. Please bring it out

  283. priyesh says:

    Can we please get an update on when we will have a combined ledger for both Equity and Commodities.

    It’s a standard across brokers and leads to a lot of missed opportunities and leakage in earnings due to unavailability of pledging for margin requirements for commodities.

  284. Rahul gour says:

    Please add option chain on kite it’s very important for f&o Bayes

  285. Arghya says:

    This is quite a lot of great new stuffs. The product and engineering must have had a blast! Kudos

  286. Suraj Kumar says:

    I want stable zerodha yes these bells and whistles are fine…but we want stable Kite. Period

  287. Tukaram Amare says:

    What is the future roadmap of Zerodha

  288. Mishab says:

    Online ddpi submission should have been there.

  289. Prakash says:

    Nice Features.

  290. Abhi says:

    The quick buy window is great initiative. Very thoughtfull move. it almost everytime haunted us when we have to adjust quty as per available amount . this should save us from lot of trouble. good job guys. thx.

  291. Joe says:

    yes these bells and whistles are fine…but we want stable Kite. Period.

  292. Abhay Singh says:

    Services is very good

  293. Trader says:

    We need the equity curve feature guys. It has been “coming soon” since last 2 years. Please bring it out.