Introducing timeline and insights on Console powered by Tijori

February 13, 2024

Our focus at Zerodha has been to help you do better with your money. That means giving traders and investors the best tools possible to help them make informed decisions. As a strategic decision, instead of building everything, we’ve partnered with some of the best teams working on solving these problems. Smallcase, Sensibull and Streak were the result of these partnerships. These companies today have built the best in class tools for fundamentals, technicals and F&O.

One of the newer companies we’ve partnered with is Tijori. It’s an investment research platform for all things fundamentals. They’ve built an amazing platform for fundamental research and you will soon see more tools powered by them across Zerodha platforms. From speaking to customers over the years, one of the pain points they had highlighted is the lack of a single place to track all the events and developments that can affect a company.

This is where the new Timeline and Stock Insight feature on Console, powered by Tijori comes in. Timeline is a chronological feed of key events and developments related to the stocks in your portfolio. Now, instead of switching between the trading platforms, exchange websites, and other apps to figure out what’s happening to a stock you hold, you can see everything in one place. Stock insights give you a birds eye view of the fundamentals of a company in your portfolio.


You can view Timeline on the dashboard of Console. Think of it as a social media feed, but only with updates about the stocks you hold.

Here are the updates you will see on Console:

  • Exchange filings by the company, such as annual reports and outcomes of board meetings, updated minutes after filing with the exchanges.

  • Corporate action updates, like dividends, bonuses, stock splits, buybacks, etc., for the companies you hold.

  • Quarterly results and shareholding updates with quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year percentage changes.

  • Insider trade updates on promoters buying, selling, pledging, and unpledging of shares.

  • Updates on the company’s net debt and capital expenditure.

  • Changes in the market share of products and services of a company.

  • Changes in key operating metrics related to the company.

  • Changes in raw material prices and their impact on production costs and revenues.

  • Breakdown of revenue mix by sources and geography of revenues.

  • Forensics insights on financial health.

  • Credit rating updates.

You can also follow your favourite sectors for related updates on your Timeline by selecting them in the settings.


Stock Insights

The Stock Insights widget gives you a birds eye view of the fundamentals of a company in your portfolio To access Stock Insights, log in to, go to Portfolio > Holdings, click on Options, and then select View Insights.

Stock Insights provides a quick overview of stock performance across various metrics:

  • Overview of stock price performance over 1-month, year-to-date, 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year periods, including comparison with the sectoral index and a custom index by Tijori Finance.

  • Financial Ratios: Important financial ratios like Price to Earnings, Price to Book, EBITDA/EV, and Dividend Yield over 1-year and 3-year periods.

  • Forensics insights on the financial health of the company. These insights are customized based on the sectors that a company is operating in like banking, insurance etc.

  • Revenue Mix shows how different segments of a company contribute to a company’s revenue, including historical changes over the past 5 years.

  • Peers performance comparison based on metrics like Price-earnings ratio, Market Capitalisation, Return on Equity, and Debt-equity ratio.

The goal of both these tools is to help you track your investments to understand what’s happening. To dive deeper into insights related to your holdings, visit for comprehensive fundamental information.

You can learn more about fundamental analysis on Varsity here.

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  1. D.R.SINDHAL says:

    I don’t like tijori.please switch me off from here and reconnect me with Zerodha

  2. Robin palat says:

    Tijori don’t show instrict velue of stock and sectoral PB

  3. Rekha Debnath says:

    In Kite, Tijori need to show ratios like PEG, ROCE, Debt to equity, EPS. And in Financial Summary section need to show at least 5 years revenue,profit, debt to understand the companies history better. Also in shareholding section there’s no option to see Mutual Funds shareholding in that stock. It’s necessary to see that data.

  4. Anjali Bichpuriya says:

    How to remove tijori feature from my zerodha kite account.

  5. Anjali Bichpuriya says:

    I donot like tijori,can you please remove tijori feature from my zerodha kite account.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Anjali, we’ve partnered with Tijori for detailed insights for fundamental analysis. Could you please let us know if there is anything specific you’re looking for?

  6. Sasikumar Krishnan says:

    Tijori doesn’t show if a stock is a SMALL/MID/LARGE Cap.

  7. Test says:

    I love Zerodha

  8. Mohit says:

    Sync Portfolio not working. Keeps going to login page everytime. Tried with diff browser as well.

  9. Singh says:

    I keep getting swapped back to zerodha login page after every attempt to connect my Zerodha to Tijori (using correct credentials))

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi, could you please retry from a different browser? If the issue persists, please create a ticket at so we can get this checked.

  10. Ravi Nandan Thakur says:

    Whether news relating to stocks, where our positions in F & O are there, are also given to us.

  11. Namita says:

    It would have been best if the service was enabled in the zerodha app itself. Though I would love to use the facility but I dont want to share my data with a third party outside zerodha.
    Pls look into this aspect.

  12. Yashodhar Desai says:

    This initiative by Zerodha is truly commendable, as it empowers investors to make more informed decisions. However, to further enhance the user experience, it would be beneficial to unlock the premium plan as well. Currently, only the free plan is available to Zerodha users, whereas apps like Sensibull and Streak offer full access to their respective platforms. Providing similar access would greatly benefit Zerodha’s user base.

  13. Nice service says:

    Your approach to educate investors is always very appreciable. Thanks

  14. Ashutosh Pandya says:

    Dear sir
    I not buy any share
    So please help me

    Thanks & Regard

  15. MD ARSHAD kHAN says:

    In come tex

  16. Mulabhai B prajapati says:

    I can’t sell or buy onyour trader

  17. Avinash says:

    Will like to try.
    Kindly mention charges.
    Is there any free trial period.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Avinash, you will be on the free plan if you click on detailed timeline. Upgrades to premium are available for a fee.

  18. Pushkar says:

    Please make a console app. It’s really not a good user experience when we have to jump back and forth between kite and Web browser.

  19. Vijay Kumar says:

    Excellent performance

  20. Govardhan Pinni says:

    It’s a neat one, but is it limited to only the free plan, or would it be upgraded like Sensibull and Streak?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Govardhan, you will be on the free plan if you click on detailed timeline. Upgrades to premium are available for a fee.

  21. Bahadur Singh Dangi says:

    Well done Thank you

  22. Janakaraj V says:

    I have open zerodha coin but not open

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Janakaraj, could you please create a ticket at with details of the issue, so we can have this resolved at the earliest?

  23. Abdul says:

    excellent features

  24. Yogesh chaudhary says:


  25. Ca. Ram Samaria says:

    Fabulous, awesome

  26. Keshaw Mahto says:

    Well done Thank you

  27. Mohanraj says:

    Really a very good initiative. I don’t find anyone who cares so much for clients. Indeed you are doing amazing things. You demonstrated yet again that It’s not about making money in business but to take care of people who bring that business. You knew well the art of doing business taking care of the sources along with.

    Really appreciate your initiative. It’s somewhat sad that many not using it. May be it takes little bit more time.

    Have a great future… My best wishes and blessings to all at Zerodha!

  28. Sudip Dutta says:

    Really a good initiative which will help the investors to take a wise decision.

  29. Venu Gopal says:

    Wow very good insight

  30. Rudra Pratap Mishra says:

    this is nice for me

  31. Ashish Orpe says:

    Great great initiative. This is quite wonderful. Thank you very much for always updating the features keeping all the users in mind.👍

  32. Engr Russel Barreto says:

    Great going n congratulations . Time after time you keep enhancing the platform n coping up with technology providing advance features.
    I would like to suggest the maintenance charges for kite should be deducted one time yearly instead of breaking it into quarters. Also the console must be integrated in the common kite platform so that the investors can sell off the equities n should be able to buy mf directly without transferring the money to bank.
    Overall a good n great platform 👌 cheers

  33. Md Momin Ali says:

    Will tijori have access my data (portfolio). That seems illegal breach.

  34. Ashu says:

    thanks for adding wonderful feature.please add one more feature trade direct on chart like other broker angel or dhan…. its very useful for scalper we can shift stoploss direct on chart.

  35. Aman says:

    Please bring console in the app itself, not on external browser, and what’s up with charts.

  36. Subham says:

    This Feature help investors to relief there Stress thankyou 🪁

  37. T g s says:

    This service is free?

  38. Anandkumar says:


  39. Reddy says:

    Good initiative. Very useful. Please bring this onto mobile app. Does it also has SWOT analysis.

  40. Suresh chandra Patidar says:

    Zerodha has identified a practical problem of investors thanks zerodha this new feature will help us a lot we can be more informed and find easy to take right decisions

  41. Good Day says:

    Is it free

  42. Guruprasad C says:

    Good initiative by Zerodha. It’s all in one. Need not refer to any software. Cheers.

  43. Kamalakar reddy says:

    Hi am a beginner zerodha account opened a month ago I loss 1,50,000/- in my acount I want learn for nifty and Bank Nifty f&o how to sustain .

  44. Mahesh says:

    Thanks for adding wonderful feature.
    can we open these analysis from kite tool, may be redirecting to console? if not possible are you planning to implement it.

  45. Hardik says:

    It’s really good. It would be even more helpful if there is an app for the same.

  46. Sujit Roy says:

    How can I interract with the new system or it automatically be available in my application?

  47. Balasubramani N Pillai says:

    Its really a good addition for traders (all in one platform)


  48. C R Prasad says:

    Thanks Zerodha

  49. Jp says:

    Very nice thanks

  50. P Nanjunda Reddy says:

    Very useful

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  52. Ajay Maheshwari says:

    Very nice

  53. Suryakant says:

    Great. Thank you Zerodha.

  54. BASHEER says:

    👍👍👍 thanks zerodha

  55. Lokesh agrawal says:

    Very nice

  56. Lokesh agrawal says:

    Very good

  57. Joginder kamboj says:

    Wow it’s amazing 🤩

  58. D N.Agnihotri says:

    Quite useful.I have been looking for such things for long

  59. Shekhar shetty says:

    Good to evaluate..

  60. Vinayak says:

    Could you please include No of Holding days of each stock in Holding tab of Zerodha?

  61. Maman Ram says:

    Forever in gratitude, thank you for empowering millions in personal finance. Just wow. What an ecosystem you are building.

  62. Atish thakur says:


  63. Dipesh says:

    It will be beneficial to the traders using Zerodha as their default trading app also Mr. Kamath it would be beneficial if you could introduce a trade journaling app such as Tradezella for trading community as you know trade journaling is crucial for a trader to monitor his growth over years.

  64. Mohanchand Kanneganti says:

    All are mostly busy with their other occupations. It would take time to digest these features. First, U ask whether i am in equity or commodity or ….. Then, show them only the portion/s relevant to them. We can’t read long presentations. So most of us may postpone knowing or skip it altogether. Pl get into our shoes and deal with as appropriate. Thanks. ⚘

  65. Dr.Vipul Usadadia says:

    Thanks to Zerodha for keeping their customers upto date about their investment. Very good step taken by Zerodha.

  66. SUBIR GOSWAMI says:

    Great bro. Keep on this type of invester friendly support system.

  67. AHG says:

    everything you do is utter nonsense. First get your fundamentals correct. Your site has issues where there’s a lag in transmission. Also the level of customisation hardly exist. You aren’t allowed to keep SL’s on index level, % level, multiple SL’s on strike prices & above all a separate target price.

  68. vinay says:

    can we trust on tijori data & investor security

  69. Kumudhavalli says:

    Really very glad to hear this , zeroDHA is moving ahead to improve the investors capital,
    I think even it has modify even in intraday solutions

  70. Johnson says:

    1. Can we have a comparative grading based on fundamental analysis of all stocks, say 0 for very poor stocks and 100 for excellent stocks on a sheet?

    2. Can such historical grades be made available to analyse company performance over a period of time?

    3. These will be inputs which will be of use to decide which stock to buy or sell.

  71. Santosh Kumar Namdeo says:

    Good initiative.. 👍🙏

  72. Vijay kumar says:

    Very good zorodh app

  73. Soumya says:

    Thank you very much!!!

  74. EHSAAN HASHMI says:

    Yes I am express
    Zerodha best growing company

  75. Jagmohan Puri says:

    Always Grateful for Enlightening us and Arming us with useful information and insights. I am Proud to be Zerodha D-Mat user.

  76. Arun Kumar Maurya says:

    Good Initiative, In future will also build a trading platform, a competitor for Zerodha 🤫☠️

  77. Kirat Vadilal Shah says:

    A very nice, meaningful and useful step by Zerodha Broking, having made a tie up with Tijori Finance Ltd, an investment research company. This finance company, has made a very amazing investment research platform, which provides 2, efficient and useful tools for research on fundamentals, technicals and for F&O segment, at one place. So, for all customers or investors or traders, now it’s easy to grab new information about any of the stock or share they want, before investment. The two major tools in Zerodha kite app, are 1. Timeline and 2. Stock insights, these tools are useful, effective and efficient, as they provide very nice and important data or information about the stocks, for long term investment, for users. Overall, I think, this joint venture between Zerodha Broking and Tijori Finance, will provide a nice outlook or best services to all the customers, in future. For further information or assistance go to “” for fundamentals of stocks. Also, refer to”Zerodha Varsity”, as an alternative source for your esteemed, comprehensive fundamental information about the stocks.

    Thanks and Regards,

  78. Nisha says:

    This is going to be amazing 👍Thanks Zerodha

  79. Sombir says:

    Kya Hindi me jankari mil sakti hai
    Kya tijori ek app hai jise ham play Store se download kar sakte hai

  80. abhijeet says:

    Not able to get through to Tijori web. It shows error as could not login via Kite

  81. Vijay Kumar kalluru says:

    Good decision Zerodha team

  82. Chandrakant Meshram says:

    Yes it helps investors to book profit

  83. Pravin Shilwant says:

    Yes I want your co operation

  84. Pravin Shilwant says:

    Yes I want

  85. Mukesh Raut says:

    Thank you team Zerodha. Sounds interesting.

  86. Sonesh says:

    tried it. timeline not working

  87. A L NARASIMHAM says:

    Very good analysis

  88. Rajesh Chawhan says:

    Very nice initiative. It would definitely help us in evaluating the stocks good for investment and monitoring the stocks. 👍

  89. Virendrasin Rajput says:


  90. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    Thanks Zerodha team

  91. Dinesh Kumar Vaish says:

    Thanks for a good initiative .
    This is very useful for investors.

  92. Ashish says:

    Excellent afort!
    This will help investors to get profit.

  93. Chaman lal says:

    have account on zerodha. Guide me.
    Thanks zerodha team.

  94. Jigar Mehta says:

    Thank you for such useful insights.

  95. Hukam singh says:

    This initiative may be helpful for investors.

  96. Sudhir Chandra Moitra says:

    I have account on zerodha. Guide me.
    Thanks zerodha team.

  97. T.Ramesh says:

    Great idea. It’s very very usefull.

  98. Jayananda Rao says:

    Initiative is good. It will be more useful, if such publications are made either on the same date or the immediate next day. It can also be simalteneous with the relevant publication by the concerned company

  99. Neha kochar says:

    Please make your chart of tradingview more interactive and informative as Dhan has provide tradingview panel more interactive with watchlist and good editing tools thats why I have shifted all my charts study on Dhan…but executing orders on zerodha…it increases my task…so requesting to update your tradingview panel


  100. Babu says:

    Good 👍👍

  101. Karthik says:

    Good Initiative, eager to see such insights on my console.

    But, I get below error while trying to login with my Kite account

    {“error”:”Could not login using kite”}

  102. Deepak Laxman Mane says:

    Thanks zerodha team for investors welfare.

  103. Jagdish Gor says:

    Put a market live,as other provide

  104. Ram says:

    Very good initiative

  105. Fakir Negi says:

    Nice to see further development
    There is no end of learning and improvement in life.
    Please go ahead.
    Very useful tools for our investment as well future plan!!

  106. Kirit says:

    Great ! You are adding one by one actually useful features. 👌
    I request you , to reduce brokerage for banknifty options , lot size reduced but 40 rs per lot buy+sell is hurting retailers.

  107. SUHAS says:

    Very good initative

  108. shatrughna says:


  109. Ganeshilalmathurawala says:

    It is very useful

  110. Abhi says:

    unable to login through KITE for detailed info…

  111. AMRIK Singh says:

    I will

  112. Rajat says:


    This is a great initiative. You are right, we had to go to multiple platforms to get information pertaining to stocks we hold and research.

    Quick query. Can you please talk about data privacy. What client data will be shared with tijori?

  113. Pratik Parekh says:

    How to see and use this time line and tijori

  114. Dr.H.S.Maheshwari says:

    The site is good but it does not tell the margin line of different parameters viz., bòok value, PE ratio and others which should be considered in selecting a longterm profitable share.
    HS Maheshwari

  115. Bhaskar Rao says:

    Good. Very useful information. Thanks to zerodha team for this innovative information to investors.

  116. senthil says:

    what happened to ticker tape?
    Tijori is developed by zerodha or someone else..

  117. Shiv Singh says:

    It is good for supporting to all zerodha account holders.and me

  118. Shiv Singh says:

    It is good for supporting to all zerodha account holders.

  119. Rahul Gupta says:

    This is good initiative. I am unable to sync Kite portfolio in Tijori for Analysis. As we try to login through kite following error is coming. {“error”:”Could not login using kite”}

  120. Suresh says:

    Good step

  121. Onkar jadhav says:

    Very nice
    Find any stock information is to good

  122. Somya Gaur says:

    Do they have Tijori App or it will be web based.

  123. Bhushan Nikhar says:

    Excellent features, but all these features of tijori are more helpful for quick trades than fundamental investing. For fundamental investing, you are not so much worried about ratings and corporate actions.
    It would be great if you could simply add book values of stock in some view along with annual report links of respective stock website. Although this might look small and simple change, it will help people glance quickly how costly is company trading than its book value. Ratios generally are multiples and so do not have same impact as seeing book values directly.

  124. Krishna says:

    Just a query.
    Why can’t KITE app be opened in 2 devices at a time whereas COIN can be opened?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Krishna, due to exchange guidelines on trading platforms, multiple login sessions on Kite cannot be maintained. You can however, maintain one Kite app and one Kite web session. More here.

  125. Shivayogi Shadhaksharappa says:

    Intrested to take

  126. Dheeraj says:

    Good initiative 👍

  127. Arfat bade says:


  128. dr k b verma says:

    Good plan
    Keep it up.

  129. Rajagopal Kannan says:

    So glad. It will give more confidence to investors. Thankyou very much.

  130. Mridula says:


  131. Chandra Sekhar Roy says:

    It’s a wonderful step 🪜

  132. Hitendra pandya says:

    Good informetion , verry helpfull.

  133. Mahesh says:

    Not able to connect via KITE credentials

  134. Dina solanki says:


  135. R K Ramakrishnan says:

    I hope it really helps small time investors who want to trade in index futures also

  136. Sujit says:

    Showing – {“error”:”Could not login using kite”}

  137. Jyoti says:

    Is it free?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Jyoti, you will be on the free plan if you click on detailed timeline. Upgrades to premium are available for a fee.

  138. Kishor Soneriya says:

    Helpfull& good.

  139. Varadarasan Shanmugavel says:

    A new initiative, Congratulations and Greetings to Zerodha, and I have to get into the details to utilize the benefits to the maximum.

  140. Ajay Kumar Ch says:

    I have awesome experience with Zerodha till date. And these things now give added advantage for taking informed decisions. Thanks a lot..

  141. Brijesh Kumar Satyanarayan Chaurasia says:

    Great platform to be updated with market, Is there any app for this?

  142. Ashok Kumar says:

    Good initiative..

  143. TARUN JINDAL says:

    Unable to login Tijori Finance using Kite.

    {“error”:”Could not login using kite”}

  144. Vincent Dsouza says:

    How to access tijori. Is it free & of not what are the charges.

  145. Yashwant Yamgar says:


  146. Amit bhosale says:

    I need to set stoploss SLM but i cant set

  147. Alen Thapa says:

    Good initiative by Zerodha…. it wil be great help n support for new investor like me. 👍🙏🙏

  148. sunil says:

    WHile trying to open detailed timeline, its showing error

  149. Sunil says:

    Very good plan

  150. Harbhajnik Singh says:

    Good feature.

  151. Krishna Reddy G says:

    Thanks to Zerodha

  152. Anand Chaubey says:

    How to use tijori access ? Is it free with zerodha login or I need to login at console and use the provided info

  153. Sudardhan says:

    Excellent feature, Thanks a lot for helping us and easing the job. Proud to be part of Zerodha family


    Very good idea and thanks for information

  155. Shridhar says:

    Unable to login. getting error “{“error”:”Could not login using kite”}”

  156. Rajiv Gogate says:

    Great idea !
    This should help getting required information about a company.

  157. Chandan Singh Bankoti says:

    Appreciate the above initiative,

    One Suggestion while buying the share if we could see the stock qty limit i.e. after putting the price per share in the buy pop up box based on the available fund what would be the total units we can buy. also the available fund , Required fund in the same box. It will ease the time for fund vs qty (possible to buy with the available fund).

    Looking forward to your kind support.

    Thank you


  158. Makarand R Pimprikar says:

    A good initiative which certainly add value to investors money.

  159. Jignesh G says:

    I had to juggle to several other competitors app to obtain critical information of the companies I’m invested into. This is a good initiative taken by Zerodha.

  160. Keshav says:

    Thank you definitely we will visit tijori

  161. Tushar Arvind mody says:


    This is Good.

    Even “” UPSTOX “” has the FREE Facility Where they Give All “” RELEVANT “” Business Information Of Only Those Shares Where You Have Already Invested OR Is In Your Particular “” WATCHLIST “”.

    UPSTOX Watchlist Is :- 20 Titles x 100 Shares = 2000 Shares.

    We Hope To Get Similar Facility with ” ZERODHA “”.
    The Number of NEW IPO & NEW Shares Have Increased Tremendously…

    While ZERODHA watchlist is very limited.
    An Enhanced watchlist will surely….

    Enhance the Trading Frequency,trading Volumes,Trading Business,EtcEtc…& Benefit all your customers…


    Tushar Arvind mody

  162. Sushma mishra says:

    Hope this will provide all information at one place on all stocks hold in my portfolio.all best

  163. chandrapalan says:

    thanks zerodha for facilitating information related to holdings through Tijori. But i would like to get an overall assessment of the holdings ie.whether to sell or hold or buy etc.of the stock. once again intimate my appreciation.

  164. M P Unnikrishnan says:

    Very good initiative taken by Zerodha. Thank you very much.

  165. Kuldip Yadav says:

    Very Good information for investor

  166. Santosh Dubey says:

    It is verey good.

  167. Sachin says:

    Thanks zerodha

  168. Ram says:

    Good initiative for newbies

  169. M Ramanathan says:

    Unable to connect
    getting error message

  170. Absolutely helpful, thanks you Zerodha team says:

    Thank you very much team Zerodha, you safe your investors,🙏

  171. Shubhangi Jadhav says:

    Thank you

  172. Abin says:

    Due to liquidity order will not executed.

  173. Very helpful says:

    Good initiative for newbies

  174. Anand mangalvedhekar says:

    excellent initiative…was required

  175. Ravindra says:

    Unable to login and unable to signup

  176. Uppu Ramesh says:

    Very useful. Thanks to ZERODHA

  177. Uppu Ramesh says:

    Very useful

  178. Aparna says:

    Thank you for this initiative

  179. Giri Kunjeer says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I request you to modify holding screen. Move holding share list to watchlist area with specific tab identy. due to this we can quickly view charts in the scree.

  180. Ranganathan Viswanathan says:

    Good and helpful Feature. This is going to ease the decisions. Thank you .

  181. Pradeep Das says:

    Good initiative

  182. Datta says:

    Very very helpful

  183. Madhuri says:

    Hi, it indeed is a good initiative! But one more update was expected along with the above! If the stock we hold, is under block/bulk deal has to be reflected along with the other details!

  184. Ashish says:

    Unable to login. getting error “{“error”:”Could not login using kite”}”

  185. Muraleedhara says:

    It is good, Thank you

  186. Prem says:

    Yes,A good initiative for the beginners Like myself..

  187. Mari says:

    Unable to login. getting error “{“error”:”Could not login using kite”}”

  188. Babal says:


  189. Prasad Kulkarni says:

    very useful for investors
    weekly tips may helpful

  190. Pankaj Kumar says:

    Very nice initiative by zerodha team…it is interesting sharings…a step towards creating awareness… congrats to the team..

  191. Sneha says:

    It is good website and great understanding of retail needs…kudos to Zerodha Team….

  192. Pramod Kumar Bundela says:

    I watched all the above mentioned scripts analysis is beneficial. Please provide some important tips on daily or weekly basis also in the favour of your clients and customers. Also oblige your customers by giving valuable tips and suggestions. Thanks

  193. says:

    Absolutly helpful. Thanks Zerodha.

  194. Pratik says:

    Why on console!

    Why not on kite!

  195. Bhadane says:

    Thank you zeroda team

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    Eg: Look at screener screen where they do peer comparison. Ind Money is another great example of how you can also show news in one screen.

    b. must be integrated in Kite app for ease of use as many people prefer app over web version.

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      Hi Lokesh, you will be on the free plan if you click on detailed timeline. Upgrades to premium are available for a fee.

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    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Ashish, your EQ segment is activated today. You will be able to place trades on the next trading day, as it takes 1 working day to synchronize in the back end. Please write back to us if the issue persists even in the next trading session.

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