Open a Zerodha account for your kids and invest together

January 24, 2024

Knowing how to manage money is an important life skill, but most Indians aren’t equipped to manage their own finances. This is partly because schools and colleges don’t teach us anything about money. When people start earning, they are in the dark and make simple mistakes they could’ve avoided, or worse yet, fall prey to fraudsters and scammers. 

One of the best ways to teach your child about the basics of money is to get them involved early. This is because we learn some of our most important money lessons when we are young—lessons that stick with us for life. Helping Indians learn how to manage their money is a cause that is near and dear to all of us at Zerodha. We’ve been doing this for well over a decade through Varsity Modules, Varsity videos, offline workshops at schools and colleges, and through Zerodha YouTube, Zero1, Z-Connect, TradingQnA, etc. We even launched Rupeetales and the Varsity Junior video series for kids. 

The one thing we also wanted to do was help parents save and invest in a simple and easy way for their kid’s future. We’re happy to announce that you can now open a Zerodha account for your kids online and invest in stocks, mutual funds, and bonds with your kids. To encourage more parents to invest together with their kids, we made minor account opening free and are also waiving off the Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC). 

How does it work?

You are in control

As a guardian, you are in full control of the minor’s Zerodha account. Minors cannot buy securities on their own. They can only track their portfolio and sell holdings. You can either gift securities to the minor, or the minor can request you to buy securities and then gift them. You can buy stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) government bonds, and sovereign gold bonds on behalf of your kid and then gift them.  Intraday and F&O trading are not allowed in minor accounts.  

Track both your portfolio and the minor’s account

You can also track both your portfolio and your kid’s portfolio together with the Family Accounts feature on Console. This makes it easier for you to plan your kid’s goals. 

How to open an account?

We’ve published a video with a detailed walkthrough of online account opening process.

Here are the documents required and a step by step guide to open an account. 

Please note that the minor’s Aadhaar must be linked to a mobile number to open the demat account online.

To open an account online, visit

We’ve also published detailed articles on the most commonly asked questions about minor accounts.

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  1. naresh says:

    How to add funds to minor account? We opened minor bank account in SBI with my wife as guardian. They say guardian can’t transact and only has viewing rights for internet banking. So now I can’t add funds to minor account to buy mutual funds. Although FAQ says you can gift MF, I don’t get the MFs to choose when I follow the Gifting process steps. So kind of stuck.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Naresh, for investing in mutual funds, you do not have to add funds to Coin, payment for mutual fund investment is automatically debited from the bank account. Regarding your second query, mutual funds cannot be gifted currently. You can trasnfer these via CDSL Easiest, we’ve explained the process here.

  2. Naresh says:

    How to add funds to minors zerodha account. They don’t have any UPI and internet banking facility.. kindly guide

  3. Kedar says:

    How to add funds to minor account? We opened minor bank account in SBI with my wife as guardian. They say guardian can’t transact and only has viewing rights for internet banking. So now I can’t add funds to minor account to buy mutual funds. Although FAQ says you can gift MF, I don’t get the MFs to choose when I follow the Gifting process steps. So kind of stuck.

  4. Karthik says:

    HI Team,
    How to buy or Gift mutual funds in minor account. In this article “” How does it works””, it is mentioned that we can gift mutual funds to minor accounts but i dont see the option in my coin or console. Please explain

  5. MOUMITA MANNA says:

    Hi,I am new to account member.why my account isn’t ready to trade?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Moumita, your account was opened on May 4th, and the login credentials have also been emailed to you. Please check your registered email ID including spam/junk for more details. More here.

  6. Shailesh says:

    I already opened account for daughter in oct 23 ,but i do not hqve any credentials to see or do the transactions on kite, how to proceed in this case.
    Had followed with zerodha team in past and got feedback that soon we will bring to do the transacton on kite,if this is the update now then please do let me know how should i proceed with crefentials…


  7. Veena says:

    What are the procedures to open a minor account for my neice who is 8 YO ? The parents do not have any Demat account and they are not interested to open one. Can I open the account for my neice ?

  8. Vijay says:

    The bank account of the minor having natural guardian as mother , can father who is a natural guardian can link the bank account in zerodha since father is a existing user of zerodha?
    Plz clarify.

  9. Indra devi says:

    Please explain in hindi.

  10. Manas Pal says:


  11. Vicky Bajaj says:

    Can we also apply for any IPO through minor account?

  12. Dadasaheb says:

    Will minor account AMC charges will be waived for entire minor period or for 1 year only???

  13. Divya N says:


    Can we open account for one and half month kid??
    We have birth certificate document pls guide us on this regard.
    Thanks in advance for your guidance.


    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Divya, as long as a minor has a PAN, address proof, birth certificate, and bank proof, they can open a minor account, irrespective of the age.

  14. Aayansh says:

    can it be possible to open minor demat account in zerodha without having parents demat account in zerodha

  15. Rohit Maheshwari says:

    How I can open account in zerodha

  16. Ramakrishnan says:

    Opened account for my daughter but unable to login.

  17. Srikanth Chakravaram Nemaligundla says:

    Hi team zerodha
    I applied for a Minor account

    The bank account details which I have submitted belin to my daughter only, but the application is pending stating the account holder name is not matching..

    How do I process the account
    Any mail / contact so that I can proceed

    Kind do the needful

    Thank u
    Dr. Srikanth C N

    7893954377 .

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Srikanth, we’re sorry to hear this. Please create a ticket at so we can have this resolved at the earliest. If you’ve created a ticket, please share the number so we can look into it.

  18. Ambily S says:

    I really happy with this facility was trying to open a demat account for my son and contacted zerodha customer care. At that time only offline option was available so was postponing it.

  19. Nitin says:

    I have two minor kids and trying to figure out how to open minor accounts for both that are linked to my Zerodha account.
    I have already registered for one kid but unable to do it for the 2nd kid.
    Please advise whether this is feasible and if yes, how to get this done.

  20. Devendra says:

    What are the AMC for this ac. Or is it applicable after they become adult.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Devendra, AMC is not applicable for minor accounts. Once the minor turns major (18 years old) and converts the account to individual account, AMC will be applicable.

  21. Nagarajan says:


    Can you advise the procedure for NRI Customers?



  22. sunitha menezes says:

    Hello Team,
    I am interested to know about kids investment. My 14 year girl wants to learn/ invest to become millionaire to go around the world .I want her to explore. Will you guide her during summer holidays?


  23. Kirush Adarsh says:

    Day one

  24. Kirush Adarsh says:

    I want to be a trillionare

  25. Ashu says:

    kindly update your chart like buy /sell order on chart or instant order like other broker provided like dhan or angel one

  26. Saurabh Kumar Srivastava says:

    I am the partner of the Zerodha, if I want to open minor account for someone then what url I have to use for the minors account.

  27. Shah Alam says:

    Zerodha is totally loss making Dmat Account. if anyone wants to loss all his hard eating money open zerodha. Sl doesnt applied more of times. I lost 60k in a month despite of SL..


    I would like to open a Demat account but my child is not a minor

  29. Parvinder Singh says:

    Can an nri open this account for their kids?

  30. Shishir yadav says:

    Bahut hi best,

  31. Manoj says:


    Which banks allows for minor asba application, my daughter is 14 years old.

    In absence of asba, how can i apply for IPO thru UPI as I understand UPI option is also not provided by the bank for minor account

  32. A.T says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    I already have a minor account set up for my older child, along with my own account on Zerodha.

    Now, I want to open a new minor account for my younger child. However, when I try to initiate the minor account opening formalities online, it displays details for my older child, such as PAN and bank account information.

    When I click on “Start Over” – “Restarting the application will clear all your saved information. Do you wish to continue?” and clicking “Continue,” it gives a red error – “Form e-signed cannot be reinitiated.”

    Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an option to add another child. I need to understand how to initiate a fresh application and have the option to add details for my younger child.

    Thank you.


  33. Uttam says:

    Deposit 200 but till not open my id

  34. Saleena V P says:

    Can buy and sell in short term
    They are Swing trade

  35. Sunil says:

    Kid is an adult having her PAN number, studying abroad and having income abroad.
    How to go about opening an account?
    PS I have an individual account with you Zerodha

  36. RAGHAVAN says:

    Likewise can I open an account online for kids above 18 years?

  37. Sudha says:

    Hi, is there any option apart from the minor having a PAN card ? my child does not have a PAN card. Pls suggest

  38. Shrikant says:

    What about OCI (overseas India citizenship) holder minors?

  39. Muzammil hasan says:

    Meri id

  40. Ram says:

    Gifting charges parent needs to bear unnecessarily. Do you have any option for no charges for gifting to minor account?

  41. Amruta says:

    How we can add fund to minor account??

  42. Mohammed Abdul Hannan Shareef says:

    I want to open my brother’s account he neither have pancard nor bank account how should I make his kite account.
    By the way he is 10yrs old

  43. Harish Batra says:

    Pls confirm whether PAN CARD required?

  44. Piyush says:

    Is ipo applying facilty available on these accounts

  45. Nandeeswara Reddy says:

    Why guardian proof is required?
    Why parents proof is not suffcient?

  46. Kersi A Daruwalla says:

    Can I as grand father open a
    Minor account with Zero dha.
    If yes I was awaiting for this
    facility since long.Moreover
    can I apply for this account
    offline which will be easy
    for me

  47. Sonia says:

    Wonderful.,, we will start investing for our child. Thank u Zerodha

  48. Uma Maheswari M says:

    Will Post Office savings account be enough for kids ?

  49. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    I have account with Zerodha along with my wife and daughter.
    How can I see combined portfolio.

  50. Viraj Dharia says:

    Can we buy mutual fund from minors account ?

  51. Pratiksha says:

    Will a child get auto debit facility for mutual funds please explain
    As you have said earlier on major can gift to the child


    Minimum age requirement?
    My princess is just 4 years old

  53. Ashutosh says:

    Is there any maintenance charges for minir account?

  54. Hemlata says:

    Please accept father’s or mother’s mobile number for son/daughters zerodha account opening. Father & mother already have zerodha account. And they don’t want maintain separate mobile number for their kids.
    If want to open minor account then it’s bank account should be remaining different..??

  55. Siji says:

    Can we see the minors account in the parents kite window by selecting the portfolio drop-down?

  56. Praveen Adurty says:


    What is the minimum age of miner if 5years then

  57. Nilesh says:

    Can we apply ipo in minor a/c ? And when ipo stock alloted in minon a/c. So can we sell ipo stock?

  58. TUSHAR says:


  59. Dinesh Singh Kushwaha says:

    Thanks for online account opening for minor.
    As an investor I always prefer Either or Survivor mode of operation with my spouse and keeping my children as nominee, that’s why I prefer Mutual Funds in Non-Demat form where it is easier to operate the a/c in E&S mode of operation. But opening online account in E&S mode is not possible.

  60. Sandhya says:

    Hiii, How to buy shares if not sufficient amt in my demat account because if we transfer amt through gpay or UPI etc but it takes too much of time pls guide

  61. Jyoti says:

    How can be calculated total income tax of miner account ?

  62. Pramod Kambli says:

    Can we convert minor to major after child get 18th year.

  63. Vijay says:

    What is eligibility age for minor ?

  64. Sabir says:

    Can I give my mobile number which is already linked to my Aadhar, as the child’s mobile number for Aadhar linking ? Or the child should have a separate mobile number ?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Sabir, the child need not have a separate mobile number. You just have to make sure that both the minor and the guardian have their Aadhaars linked to a mobile number.

  65. Wajeeth says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    That’s a good initiative, and really interesting.

    How is the income tax applicable in this scenario, where we withdraw for the kid’s higher education, etc?

  66. Vikram says:

    What about DP charges

  67. Dheeraj says:

    Can i apply in an ipo via minor pan details

  68. Rahul says:

    Kindly clarify on taxation if there is profit booking..Also can the number of parent be given for multiple minor accounts..Parent already has Zerodha account.


  69. Nagesh says:

    Great news indeed. Always wanted to have this.
    Does this apply for coin also to buy MF’s for Kids? Please clarify.

  70. Vishnu M says:

    I want to open an zerodha account with my NRI bank account

  71. Abhijit. Bamane says:

    If we do everything for there pampering then child will not succeed in there life..

  72. Akshay Jain says:

    Only way to add stocks in Minor account is Gift or they can but from Open market and also in IPO..

  73. Aarif says:

    AMC charges ???

  74. Rounak says:

    Can I apply IPO through Minor account as well as sell them also?

  75. NS RAO says:

    Good job, Zerodha Team
    I am searching for the same.
    Now please send the
    above details through wats up AAP

  76. Mallika says:

    Rogue RMS trades placed unneccesarily by Zerodha have resulted in substantial losses in my account today…how can you advertise Zerodha as a trade-friednly platform?

  77. Naba Kishore Behera says:

    Good for improving our future.

  78. Praveen Mancherla says:

    Hi appreciate it
    How the kids going to open a bank account to encash the proceeds or add funds to buy more. Is it done through parents / guardians bank account as I understand they will not get a bank account yet . (I have two kids below 12 y)

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Praveen, while providing bank account details for the minor, the bank account can either be in the minor’s name or the guardian + minor joint bank account can also be linked.

      PS- A savings /fixed / recurring bank deposit account can be opened by a minor of any age through his/her natural or legally appointed guardian. More here.

  79. Sanjeev says:

    How about tax and filing- in case of minor accounts?

  80. Aravind Kumar Singh says:

    What Benefits in this account.

  81. Peter Salazar says:

    Can I open a minor account for my grandchildren ?

  82. Rohit Jindal says:

    Can I apply for IPO through minor demat account

  83. Avinash Patra says:

    Can we apply for IPOs using minor account ? If the minor has a PAN Card and Bank account ?

  84. Prvn says:

    What about future kids, can we open and assign it later? @zerodha

  85. Kartheek says:

    How the tax will be calculated on the minor account

  86. Dhairya says:

    How can he use the account after he turns 18?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Dhairya, when a minor turns major (18 years old), a fresh KYC is to be carried out, and the minor account must be converted to an individual account. More information here.



    Kids will really benefit a lot from this, also they will learn to do good investment at a very young age

    Thank you so much zerodha 🙏

  88. C Joseph Kujur says:

    I want to understand the tax implications for minors account.
    Let’s suppose minor account received Rs3000 as dividend income during the financial year and the guardian account also received Rs7000 as dividend income.
    Now, both the account get exemption under section 194 or as the total income becomes Rs10000, guardian have the liability to pay tax on Rs10000.

    Please reply.

  89. Zafrullah Khan says:

    Good but too complicated. To many entries to be done. Simply it please

  90. Esha joshi says:

    What is the minimum age limit for minor account?

  91. Prasath says:

    Why is it asking for Minor’s PAN? Unable to open it due to this. It is not accepting Guardian’s PAN

  92. Ashish says:

    What is the annual charges

  93. Vishvas wadhvankar says:

    Good news I will open minors

  94. Prashanth says:

    Hi have a minor account for my son he is now major, but the process to convert is still paper work and it’s a 22 page application form to be filled , why can’t this process also be moved to online?

  95. Giridhar k v says:

    Can a minor ( already having Zerodha minor demat account) will be allowed to invest in mutual funds?

    • Ankur Gulati says:

      I believe this is not enabled yet (confirmed it with Twitter official handle). Eagerly waiting for this to happen.
      Otherwise my recently opened minor account is not of much use.

      • Shruthi says:

        Hi, currently, minors cannot invest in mutual funds through Coin. However, we are working to make this feature available in the near future.

        • AAMIR HUSSAIN says:

          Kids bank needed/joint account needed ?? Mob num linked with kids adhar can be same as parent or new mob nmbr shud b used??

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi, currently, minors cannot invest in mutual funds through Coin. However, we are working to make this feature available in the near future.

  96. Ashwin zope says:

    Very Great thing done. I was waiting to generate my Daughter account, in which I can invest for long time. Thanks Zerodha.

  97. Mahendra says:

    Do they need seprate bank accont and pan card


    Is there any locking period or can we sell as regular account.
    do we need to maintain any separate bank account on child name?
    Is the PAN Card of minor to be provided?

  99. Gaurav Gupta says:

    What are the charges:
    1. For opening the minor’s account
    2. Quarterly / Half yearly / Annual Maintenance charges
    3. Other Charges

  100. Jyoti says:

    How about NRI kids?
    What they can do & cannot do?
    Can parents bank account link? If not what is the option available to transact?

  101. I LOVE ZERODHA says:


  102. Pradeep Kumar says:

    Great 👍 idea 💯💡

  103. Sadiyappan says:

    மிக்க நன்றி ஜிரோதா குழு நல்ல தகவல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  104. Ravi says:

    ok best

  105. Satish Gharat says:

    Any videos about key terms, process to show child.

  106. Ishwar prajapati says:


  107. Gopalan P G says:

    Very interesting!

  108. Jahangeer says:

    Good idea

  109. Shankarpuri Goswami says:

    Very good news

  110. Jahagirdar sanganagowda says:

    Special thanks to zerodha

  111. Sajid mamji says:

    Hindi me batiye

  112. Singh bp says:

    Very good Initiative.

  113. Deepak B says:

    Can minor apply for IPO?

  114. Sheryl says:

    I think this is way too forward and dangerous step .If parents have financial knowledge naturally kids will know how to navigate. This is super distraction for their young teenage years.The moment kids know how much wealth in their name and full access onces they are 18 +, i think it will stop them pushing themselves forward.

  115. Mohd Qaiyoom says:

    Hindi me bataiye

  116. Pankaj says:

    Hot to sale share from minor account

  117. komal kakade says:

    very good

  118. Alpesh Patel says:

    I want to open HUF account. Please let me know the process. Thank you

  119. Prabhakar says:

    Account for my kids

  120. SATISH KUMAR S V says:

    🙏நன்றி புதிய முயற்சிக்கு வாழ்த்துக்கள் 🙏

  121. Senthilkumaravel says:

    Im having NRO account, when I open account for my child, whether it will be a resident account or NrO. She is residing in India only.

  122. Rahul says:

    My account open please

  123. Channappa says:

    Excellent and most required

  124. Prashant says:

    You have explained about securities. Can we apply IPO for myself and child name also?

  125. Sandeep yadav says:

    Great initiatives.Thoughtful thinking. your are gaining future account holders.

  126. Rohit Gupta says:

    How can a minor hold a PAN number who is 5-10 years old? Which gov.Give a minor a pan card?

  127. Gajendra says:

    Well step for parents and childrens

  128. Sarvesh Joshi says:

    Any age limit for kids…?

  129. Vinit says:

    What about the tax liability for the LTCG & STCG?

  130. KAMAL KANT TYAGI says:

    Best lesson to be learnt to make prosperous society so dream of ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT be accomplished.
    Best wishes Sri Nitin Kamath , his team n his trusted companions.

  131. Ami says:

    Q1. Can IPO be applied from Minor account? Note that Minor does not hold separate net banking. The bank account will be under guardians net banking.
    Q2. If yes to q1. will the allotted ipo be able to sold?

  132. M.Senthilkumar says:

    Need help to open

  133. Kamlesh says:

    For family account mapping it require client 6 Character client id and in manor there is no such client id issued then how can we mapped the account?

  134. Sandeep Sagar Gummalla says:

    Please let us know if there are any tax benefits.

  135. Amit Hatgaonkar says:

    Very nice

  136. M S Hossain says:

    Can you please provide some more details.

  137. Aniket says:

    It’s great for our future generations.

  138. Swarup says:

    Good, but don’t just keep charging AMC charges for kids account

  139. Anil says:

    Can we apply IPO from minor’s account?

  140. Rajinder Kumar says:

    What about Tex . It will be from minor account or parent account

  141. Pintu says:

    It’s good for all investors

  142. SK MD Ibrahim says:

    Activate my account

  143. Prasad says:

    First please improve father mother account.
    Avoid technology hindrances.
    Your tech issue cost us many rupees.

  144. M k s says:

    Education plan

  145. Abid says:

    This is Great News …!!! And Great initiative 👏 👍 👌

  146. D Ravi Shankar says:

    Please consider for new borns as well. PPF is now available for new-borns.

  147. M k s says:

    Pl can me help future education of children

  148. Prasad says:

    Instead of going for new kids account.
    First improve on the technical glitches on father and mother account.
    I feel that day by day Zerodha is loosing that shine which was in the past.
    You will do 100 good things, which is part of your business. And you are doing for business and not for charity.
    Hence, your one glitch will cost us in many rupees.
    Think over this.

  149. Bhargav says:

    In minor account I can apply IPO online and sell IPO online?

  150. Sagar says:

    My children pan not available ?

    Age 7 so how can open minor accounts

  151. Hareesh says:

    Blocking funds and order pending issue need to address Zerodha then only people start belive

  152. ajay vir singh says:

    what would be about taxes on that account …/??

  153. Sachin says:

    Excellent initiative

  154. Sunanda says:

    You people give 100%security and surity on which we invest .then we proceed

  155. Vinay srivas says:

    I am not able to buy from my Zerodha demat account maybe it has been closed for a year

  156. Piyush says:

    Will the income from shares be added to the parents PAN no for tax or will it be treated separately?

  157. Krishna Kumar says:

    zerodha gurup thenk for your work great new

  158. nitin says:

    what if minor sells off all shares when he/she turns 18 and throw away/spend all of it.

    Then would it not better to keep all this money in parents demat account as anyway capital gain tax will be 10% for long term.

    I mean to ask – what is the benefit by opening demat in minor’s name?

    I do understand ssy etc where account has to be in minor’s name, but why a demat?

  159. Chetan says:

    Is English me hamko pata nhi chalta isliye hindi me jankari dijiye

  160. VR says:

    What about the capital gain loss or profit , overall taxation ? Why would one open seperate account for kids if there is no tax exemption or long term tax benifits ; I think its just a marketing trick to showcase the number of account holdings by zerodha ; Rather Zerodha team first improve the customer support service.

  161. Sanket says:

    minor account se ipo apply kar sakte hai??? Son & Father?? If Minor Doesnt Have Pan Card

  162. harpal says:

    can they apply for the ipo through this minor account??

  163. Athira Nair says:

    Good news

  164. Praneeth says:

    Is this feature available for NRI accounts too?

  165. Vikas says:

    One great initiative is where kids can learn with Toy money, like if parents give them tokens and they can trade and see results. Not actual money, then once they are eligible Parents can convert that to real accounts with real money

  166. rajendra says:

    why minor should have mobile number linked to adhar? as parent i have not given any mobile to my child neither its linked so far.. as good practice why applications makes it mandate? why parents number cannot be linked until he turns major?

  167. Waseem says:

    Online option for opening minor demat account not working.No support from Zerodha.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Waseem, could you please create a ticket at with details of the issue, so we can have this resolved at the earliest?

  168. Sonu yadav says:

    Zerodha AC Abe bahut hi gorro karega

  169. Dharmendrasinh says:

    Why zerodha not provide Pay later (MTF) service?

  170. Arti says:

    Will there will be charge for gifting securities

  171. L KAMALAKSH Rao says:

    Good initiative.
    I will go through this as I wish open an account in my grandson ‘s name who is 17 years old

  172. Mahesh says:

    Any charges for kids account

  173. Vishweshwar says:

    It’s awesome but gifing will again cost right

  174. Pankaj says:

    Can securities be sold on need.
    Can minor apply ipo for listing gain.

  175. Jitu fagana says:

    Jai shree ram zerodha gurup thenk for your work

  176. Durgesh Kumar Parkar says:

    Sir kya minor account se ipo apply kar sakte hai

  177. Pranav says:

    Will there be tax benefit for this?

  178. Suresh says:

    Super and well good

  179. Ani says:

    That’s great news..
    Something which I was looking for 🥰

  180. Sagar says:

    What about tax ? Do we need to file IT return for kids? Or it will be considered under parent income ?

  181. Priyank says:

    Can minor (having PAN card) apply for IPO via UPI if applied through his/her login ?
    (Not through parents / guradian PAN).

  182. Rajesh Halder says:

    Very good and simple

  183. LM says:

    How does the Taxes for LT and ST work incase shares sold?

  184. Vijay says:

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    When PPF is allowed why not investment in Stocks.
    Congrats Zerodha. Please come up with more out of the box proposals.

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