What’s new in Sensibull: New features and updates

February 12, 2024

Level up your trading with the latest updates from Sensibull!

Picture this: a revamped FII DII page that helps you to track what the big players are doing. There are four tabs – Summary, Futures and Options, Cash Market, and FII History – offering all the data you need to understand where the market may head.

Now, for the exciting part, you can track Open Interest activity along with the chart easily. You can do this with our new OI overlay on TradingView charts.

Also, Strategy Builder has a new tabular payoff chart, making things super clear. And not just that, you can trade the Synthetic Futures Strategy on Strategy Builder along with the other 20+ readymade strategies.

Auto-ATM straddle charts on live options charts and a custom strike selector on the open interest page for seamless trading makes it even better.

Here’s the cherry on top, you can now track Total Brokerage Charges right from the orders and positions page!

Check out our detailed video – it’s like a personal tour through all these amazing updates!

CEO, and co-founder at Sensibull

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  1. Pawan Oraon says:

    WhatsApp alerts are not working due to technical issues.

    Dear Abid Hassan sir

    SENSIBULL aap are very useful for me

    My request is all the Technical issues Alerts hide karne ka v options dal do

  2. Ashok Kumar Hazari says:

    Excellent, in deed!

  3. Sreenivasa says:

    Mr. Shubham,

    We want the feature for back testing the option simulator like what we have in stockmock/Optra.

  4. Sathish says:

    For Zerodha account holders, how many days SENSIBULL is free. ??? For how many days ?

  5. Vijay Rote says:

    Even though it is very nice but I am unable without having training from your authorised representative. There are so many things to know so if possible please arrange it. Please help me.

  6. Naseem shaikh says:

    I want to now this account

  7. Neeraj kumar gupt says:

    Very good

  8. Karan Shah says:

    Thank You Abid Sir and Team Sensibull.

  9. satish says:

    Looking for Time based entry and exit of options

  10. Ravi C says:

    Fine, I will go through this hear on.

  11. Dipali Bairagi says:

    Thank you sir, very important information

  12. MD shahadat Shaikh says:

    We need you, it will be very good for us sir and you have given us a very good facility, thank you for this

  13. Dr PP Chaliha says:

    Nice improvement .How to get the sensible app…is it priced …if so how to pay…I am a Zerodha customer.Also I want guidelines of how to select stop loss & get the Statement at FY end to submit it returns.So far Being a Zerodha client no body clarified me about all these vital things to a new comer

  14. Reddy says:

    Awesome 👌

  15. Mantu Basumatary says:


  16. Sudhir Bhuvad says:

    Why do you want to make it easier?
    If you do this then the struggle will be end.
    What benefit will you get by doing this?

  17. Arvind says:

    Mostly overlay oi bar not show total call writer figure and total put writer figure

  18. Raj singh says:

    Thanks for sensibull.. this I very useful for option

  19. Mathew George says:

    Thanks for the wonderful information

  20. Saravanan says:

    Thank you for the information

  21. DR1419 says:

    Mr. Shubham, we want the feature for back testing the option simulator like what we have in stockmock.


    Good, Thanks for providing useful trade tips.

  23. Sapana gholap says:

    My option segment is not working..I send my income fhruph.demat holding statment.many time I request send bt my request are rejected..what is the problem.pls suggest me.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Sapana, your segment addition request was rejected because you’ve attached an invalid proof. If you are attaching a bank statement, it has to be for the last 6 months with an average balance of more than ₹10,000. The same has been conveyed to you over email as well. More here.

  24. DR1419 says:

    Thank you so much for adding all these features.

    Can option simulator also be added please?

  25. Dattatray H. Dhome says:

    I am new this field, please give me proper guide line again and again,I am sure you are help me

  26. Radha Krishna says:

    Excellent. Thanks for the services providing to ease the trades

  27. Arun says:

    Can you write in the Open Interest Chart (Where ever colored bar graphs are present) like Put and Call, instead of color, difficult to differentiate for color blind

  28. Christopher says:

    Whether Sesibull wl guide on Entry, Exit n SL positions in Option, Deliveries n Intraday trades. Tq

  29. Hiraman says:

    Thanks for providing very useful information at one point itself. Hope to see more additional formula based excel formats for easy and successful trading.

  30. Vikram Yadav says:

    Can we see combine premium chart

  31. Sarjerao says:

    Very good informations about FII and DII

  32. Rakesh pillay says:

    Gud information

  33. Deo Babu Singh says:

    Very nice and more useful, I hope more successful app would be for trading

  34. Siraj Ajani says:


  35. Arun kumar says:

    vary nice

  36. Ramesh khande says:

    Vary nice

  37. Mohammad Salim says:

    Dear sir very nice 👍 and thanks

  38. Arvind Kumar Singh says:

    Marvelous work done in app. Very intelligent move. Best app today for doing stock trading.

  39. Prasanna Srinivasan says:

    Nice to know that you are regularly adding new features to help investors community.

  40. Pannalal says:

    very easy to Trading

  41. sridhar says:

    Good to see new features.
    Please add CPR indicator in trading view Beta version as well.

  42. SIVA says:


  43. Kishore says:

    great. keep growing with more features

  44. Sangeeta Sachan says:

    Very useful for options traders thanks for whole team thankyou very much once again

  45. Mohammad ifraj says:

    Super 👍

  46. Palanikumar says:

    Very useful for options traders thanks for whole team thankyou very much once again

  47. Yogesh says:

    please add your knowledgeable videos in hindi. We are not professional investors . Plese tell us about How to use your information. Please send all information about all stocks that was shown in mony control.

  48. Kundan Singh says:

    ‘Abid Ji’ you are doing a fantastic job, by hand holding a retail trader like me. Thank you very much. I follow your daily live “Kya Lag Rha h Market” it helps a lot. Thank you once again.

  49. Mohsin shaikh says:

    Good features

  50. Tirtheshl alwani says:

    Best features

  51. jitendra unkare says:

    lthank you

  52. Tarun kamal says:

    How to work

  53. Kanchan Singh says:

    Plz speak in Hindi

  54. Gaurav Deshmukh says:

    Please add some features for long term investirs as well. Such as portfolio XIRR (yearly), comparison with benchmarks etc.

  55. Veer says:

    can be very usefull for traders in cash and FnO.

  56. Basant says:


  57. MURTHI NH says:

    Nice thing 👍 amazing features.

  58. SK MISHRA says:

    Please check the charges taken by your team is wrong On 22nd feb I take intraday call six time in Nifty and 23 Rs per call charges show in your chart but next day morning charges taken by your team is 50Rs percall this is totaly wrong clarify my doubt

  59. Jagmohan Puri says:

    Amazing features, need more guidance to understand. REQUEST WEBNAR FOR ALL SUBSCRIBERS, REGIONAL BATCHES….

  60. Biplab Das says:

    It’s very necessary,,,,,try to guide us for Better trading,,,,,

  61. Sandeep doctor says:

    Nice 👍
    Thanks to very helpful

  62. Gideon says:

    Wow, FII DII breakdown is just an incredibly handy info. Thanks Abid and team.

  63. Priyanka Ashish parekh says:


  64. Suresh Potdar says:


  65. Tushar mehta says:

    This your team is not help full and my account is block but not open my account your team

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  68. Anupmondal says:

    Very nice 👌

  69. Bablu kumar das says:

    Good, thank you 😊

  70. Pravin pote says:

    Thanks sir,

  71. DR1419 says:

    Thank you so much for adding all these features.

    Can option simulator also be added please?

  72. Paul says:

    Nice sir👍

  73. Vishal says:

    What does the FII DII data page show?

    I selected Feb 26th (the previous trading day) in the data picker. So is it showing what the FIIs are predicting for today then? Or for that day itself?

  74. J krishnamoorthy says:

    Yes it’s good abd also if possible you can activate in the buying col whenever any purchase for a script can be shown quantity to be purchased according to the credit is available. Example if credit is available rs. 10000 and the script is rs. 100 and can be shown 100 can be purchased.

  75. M k chatterjee says:

    It will help to take a wise decision before investment.

  76. Kamlesh parmar says:

    Can some teach us how to make hedge position in sensibul as not able to do…
    Some content

  77. Tanveer ahmad says:

    Nice sir pls advice me.

  78. Anil kr tamta says:

    Useful information s for daily mkt..

  79. Kamlesh says:

    Thanks for same..i also want to your paid service about equity related repot service for same..so please do same to actvate Equity Report Service which was activated before one year..Again Thanks for same..

  80. Bhagwati Prasad Yadav says:

    Its best feature for me. We can predict in deeply.
    Thank you

  81. JILESH P AMIN says:

    Good feture

  82. Girish Kulkarni says:

    Thanks for the upgrades which are very useful.
    I have one request that for stock options for limit order if you put plus and minus value of that option.manually updating limit order is tedious process to catch ask rate. This facility will benefit us.it should be dynamic as per ask and bid value.

  83. Thorendra says:

    Very Help for trading

  84. Hareeshdixit says:

    I am profit


    Congratulations 💐
    And Thank you 🙏
    It is good if same feature of Open Interest overlay activity along with Kite aap.

  86. Sanjay v.Bodkhe says:

    Best feature sir

  87. FAROOK Ahmed says:

    Zerodha Team , Please add Proper Trade from chart Feature in chart IQ because It doesn’t show P&L on Chart when we take a position and there must be a Position square of (Close) button also included.And also it should show SL Trail Number instead of plain line when we trail SL in Chart IQ while using trade from Chart.Please Make this happen Fast.

  88. Lakshmi Gireeswara Reddy says:

    Good focus and knowledge for customer benifit

  89. mahesh kumar says:

    very nice

  90. Alish says:

    Hi sir, thank you for Super sensibull I watched every day👍

  91. Prashant patil says:

    Best feature

  92. Lukesh dewangan says:

    Hello sir sensibul vedio English me hai please hindi me dale

  93. Need a training video on this says:

    Need a training video on that

  94. William jsw says:

    nice updated

  95. Debasis Ray says:

    Nice initiative.

  96. Sharad Chawan says:

    Nice feature

  97. Pius says:

    Looking your advice

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    kindly consider adding position size calculator.

  100. Jksahu says:

    Best futer saport sensibull

  101. Deb Protim Ghosh says:

    Plz bring “count to bar close” in chart. 🙂

  102. Aravind Swamy says:

    Hi Abid,

    Thanks for incorporating new features into Sensibull .
    Can you please consider adding historical expired options charts facility?

    Aravind Swamy

  103. Raja Balamurugan says:

    I’m unable to use my Zerodha account and also not able to reach customer care for support,pls do the needful

  104. Kshitija says:

    It is very creative and such I hope it’s a best feature for this zerodha to help for a trading.

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    NSE equity and NSE FUCHAR AND OPTIONS PLZ ONZerodha account?

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    Mera I’d re kyc mag reha hai block ho gya hai

  110. Virendra Kumar says:

    Need demo

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    Fii Diii data

  112. JAHANGIR says:

    Bad service

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    superb abid !

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    Need more audio training I have stopped usage of Zerodha due to lack of knowledge

  120. Vaaruni says:

    Hey guys, is it possible to get a 4hrly chart in sensib

  121. Y.n.mohan says:

    Tq sir /madam for u r kind cooperation in our zerodha journey.