Module 10

Trading Systems


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    1. What to expect?

    What is a trading system? Such a glorious day to start this module! Here is the headline that rocked the stock markets today – Yesterday i.e 24th Oct 2017, the Finance Minister announced that the Go ..

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    2. Pair Trading Basics

    2.1 – The idea If you have ever been on an interstate highway, then you would have noticed that the highway usually includes the main highway, on which the vehicles zoom by at full speed. On either ..

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    3. Tracking Pairs

    3.1 – Getting you familiar with Jargons Like I had mentioned in the previous chapter, there are two techniques based on which you can pair trade. The first technique that we will discuss starting no ..

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    4. Pair stats

    4.1 – Correlation and its types I have to mention this at this point. The pair trading technique we are discussing now is discussed in a book called, ‘Trading Pairs’, by Mark Whistler. I like th ..

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    5. Pre trade setup

    5.1 – Revisiting the Normal Distribution If you have been a regular reader on Varsity, then chances are you’d have come across the discussion on Normal Distribution in the Options Module. If you&# ..

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    6. The Density Curve

    6.1 – A quick recap I think a quick recap is justified at this stage, this is to ensure we are all on the same page. I’d strongly recommend you read through the recap, to ensure we are on track. I ..