Update May 21, 2013

May 20, 2013

Hi Traders,

Hope that your trading has been going good. I would like to share with you some important updates that have taken place at Zerodha in the last few days:

  • New Password Policy: After getting approvals from the Exchange, you will now be required to change your trading passwords once in 90 days unlike before when you had to change it once in 15 days. One password less to remember now 🙂 .
  • Zpin: Your Zerodha PIN (Zpin) is your personal identification for placing orders when you call our Call & Trade Desk.  You will all be sent an SMS of your Zpin. This initiative is to improve privacy and security of your Trading Account at Zerodha. If you’ve forgotten your Zpin, we will have it resent to your registered mobile number, on request. This process will go live on May 22, 2013.
  • Margins reduced for trading futures on NSE: With NSE launching the “T+0” same day settlement scheme and Zerodha opting for it, your margin requirement for trading futures on NSE will come down by 20% effective May 20, 2013.For e.g.: If the margin required to carry forward one lot of Nifty was            Rs.30,000, it has now been reduced to Rs.25,000/lot. The new SPAN margin files are available for download on your backoffice. If you don’t know how to check the SPAN margin file, check out this blog.
  • We are launching “i3 – Execution based Algorithms” for our high volume trading clients. To know more on i3, click here.
  • We are on the verge of announcing a tie-up with a few International Trading Firms and Hedge Funds, who would be using the Zerodha 60- Day Challenge as a screener to hire potential full time professional traders. If you can display trading skills and are looking at working at such firms, we will help you connect with them through our new initiative “Zerodha Podium”. If you haven’t started the 60 day challenge yet, click here to know more, get started and trade smart.
  • A gentle reminder to all our clients who have opened a Trading Account more than a year ago to send us their financial details which is mandatory as per SEBI guidelines.
  • Are you a technical analyst trading with Zerodha? Have you started using algoZ yet? If not, click here to know more.

These updates are in line with our plans of providing you with the best tools and services for your trading needs and look forward for your continued support.

If you have friends and family who trade the markets or are looking at trading the markets in the future, you can refer them using our Associate Program Module.


Happy Trading.


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  1. subin says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to activate option trading in my Zerodha a/c pls help me with this, as i am not able to contact with your customer care officials.

  2. Kannan P says:

    Of late I have been facing issues with Kite. Order gets executed for 7 lots but only 2 lots’ profit is showing in positions. When I see contract notes it shows the same strange thing. An order got rejected, but in positions tab it is showing I’m in a position. There were some trade losses because of such system issues. This needs fixing ASAP as it becomes more and more unreliable. I have screenshots of all these trades and can provide if needed.

  3. Asheesh kumar says:

    Sir I forget my z pin so my z pin resend Ker degeye

  4. NAKUL TANDON says:

    @Nitin: I have some serious service concerns. Can I speak to you? My Number is +91-9871698348.

    I have IBVentures shares and your staff has no clue on how to sell rights in the current rights issue. Also I have been facing lot of other issues which your staff never cares to resolve.

    How do I connect with you directly, Can we connect?

  5. Lokesh nair says:

    I transferred a payment of 80000 to my account and only 40000 has been credited.
    Please look into the matter

  6. Manisha says:

    I was ordered as AMO on 8th Feb. It was rejected immediately but after some time it auto updated. But stock not seen in holding. And 10,000 deduct from account. Pls help.

  7. YZ4887 says:

    How to generate zpin?

  8. BHAJAN SINGH says:

    Sir I had transferred an amount of ₹ 6000 as my first transaction from my secondary account of SBI which one is not registered under ZERODHA but I sent all the credentials related to the transaction to ZERODHA SUPPORT TEAM but even after 3 days I don’t get credit of my transfer amount in my account #too poor service support by ZERODHA

    • Matti says:

      Funds can only be transferred from the mapped bank account. If this transfer was from an unmapped account, it will be reversed to your bank account in up to 5 working days.

  9. Ashish says:

    How do i generate zpin…
    QandA site is down… Bad gateway error
    And i need to get in touch to enquire what type of stocks can i do intraday…
    Please help

  10. Dnyaneshwar says:

    I have transferred funds through Registered central bank of india through IMPS yesterday at around 2:30, but still they are not reflecting in my account.
    Please help it out sir soon. I am tensed and need a fund for trading.

  11. Sachin Sawant says:

    My Login ID is YG0227.
    how can I generate my zpin?

  12. Oswin says:

    My Zpin has not been sent to me yet. The answer here doesn’t explain how do we avail our ZPIN.

  13. Jasmeet Singh Surinder Singh matta says:

    I am a new user how to generate ZPIn and how I will know what is my zpin

  14. Jasmeet Singh Surinder Singh matta says:

    I am a new user how to generate ZPIn and how I will know what is my zpin

  15. anonymous says:

    There was a short delivery of my stocks…but the balance amount was not credited back to my account….what should I do

    • Matti says:

      This happens only once auction settlement happens. In the auction, you either get stocks or cash. Auction happens on T+3 and settlement on T+4, so it takes up to 5 days for the entire process to be completed.

  16. Dhanraj says:

    Hi, I Bought share in Thursday evening with CNC order and Exit/Sell on Friday morning, till Monday evening showing T1:290 qty 0 in holding menu, please requiting your help/suggest on this.

  17. Chintan says:

    Dear ,
    Facing problem in order book i have place one BO and it was completed and margin is used. but not able to exit that position. from profit now it comes in loss .
    i mail to support but no reply since one hour .
    Also contact customer care but which pin they asking not getting.

    will you please update on this

  18. Saumya Gupta says:

    I have purchased shares yesterday. They are added to the Holdings but still Avg Cost, P&L is not shown correctly. Its showing as “N/A” instead of actual value. Kindly help.





  20. Anand Rananaware says:

    I added some funds to Zerodha acoount. But its not showing in the same. Amount was deducted from my bank account. Please help.

  21. Mohan says:


    I had purchased DWEKAM bse shares but now i am not able to see the share in my holdings.

  22. Shubham Tiwari says:

    Hi sir,

    I got IPO of SBI life after that I purchased one share at 681 but average of SBI life is showing wrong value could you please described me in detail how it will correct?

  23. Lucky says:


    I have received mail 03 oct from your side and you said that your document verification is cleared.I have not received client ID mail yet.
    Your service is very bad.i’m follow up with you last three days. everyone said that today you will be received your client id & password.
    Client satisfaction is very -2 bad

  24. Sowndarya says:

    I had 2003 Rs in my Q account and i gave a withdrawal request of 2000 Rs on 6th OCT(Friday). I got a message to my mobile saying that your request was rejected due to insufficient balance at 00:24 7th OCT(Saturday). When i checked my Q- Funds…value is 0.Rs

    Where my money has gone if it is not in my neither in my trading account nor in my bank acct??? 🙁 This is the first day i have started using zerodha and am facing this issue now only. Please help. I have raised a ticket today but no response.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Sowndarya, there were mock trading on Saturday to test our systems and hence you were not able to check your funds. You can check now.

  25. ajay kumar says:

    can we trade in zerodha interday.

  26. ajay kumar says:

    if yes is there any extra charge for it.

  27. ajay kumar says:

    can zerodha help us to place an order if we are offline.

  28. sathish kurukutla says:

    sir,i am opened zerodha account on 17th aug 2017 from hyderabad.i am fill the DEMAT account on same day offline with your zerodha excutive.on 28th aug 2017 i had a zpin sms from zerodha.but still i have not receive a single MAIL from zerodha.when i get mail from zerodha.

  29. Jaisingh Prasad says:

    1)On 25 Aug I add 5000 to my Zerodha account .on 25 free cash value was showing 5000 but today on 26 free cash value is showing 0
    2)I have not yet received my zpin via sms

  30. ketan says:

    sir when I placed BO order in FnO it was cancelled due to lack of fund, but in FNO trade there is margin system.
    so why it was cancelled, ??

  31. Prabhu says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I got my Zpin but seems to be forgotten the same..How to get this back..I need to speak to support…

    Please revert


  32. Robin says:

    I told my zpin to the zerodha customer care executive while speaking on phone. Would it create any problem. please reply

  33. kapil says:

    sir, i transffered some amount to my zerodha account yesterday 15 july through neft, bt still trading platform is not showing the amount and
    i did not receive any message of amount receive confirmation. …what should i do

  34. abhishek says:

    Sir i bought 34 shares on thusday of cdsl on monday i wanted to exit my positions and book profits. But when i sell the stock i took a short sell postion. I still see the stock in my holding with qty 0 and t1 34 please help. I am scared small trader

  35. Vijay says:

    Does ZPIN has to be kept secret as i accidentally told it to one of the executive at ZERODHA ?

  36. Apoorva Beedu says:

    Hi, how do I request for zpin?

  37. currencyandnifty.com says:

    pls correct the lastline as Associate program module instead of (pogram) if it is a mistake.