Worried about spikes and injections? Do Spreads

Are you worried about intraday spikes, volatility injections, or the fear that operators manipulate the market? Then the best thing for you is to stay away from option trading. But if you still want to try your luck and trade responsibly, you should try fully hedged options strategies such as spreads.

CEO, and co-founder at Sensibull
23 Apr 2024

Introducing Open Interest on TradingView chart and more

Hello, It’s time to unveil one of the most powerful features Sensibull has ever made: the open interest overlay on TradingView charts. Charts and open interest are the most common tools used by traders to identify supports and resistances and get market direction. Till now, on all trading platforms across the board, these were two […]

CEO, and co-founder at Sensibull
10 Nov 2023

Sensibull is now free for all our customers

We first started talking to Abid (Co-Founder & CEO, Sensibull) in 2016 about building a platform that can help options traders do better. Since most people traded naked options, the goal was to nudge them to trade limited risk strategies with appropriate risk to reward and position sizes and even push them to take a […]

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha
24 Jul 2023

The all-new Positions page by Sensibull

Hey there! We are super thrilled to present our all-new positions page for you- free for a while! This page will always be free and be accessible to all users without any charge. The analysis of positions from this page will also be free. Only the Greeks and such will be paid whenever it goes […]

09 Sep 2021

US Elections and Market: What should you know?

Hey there! The US election result is just around the corner. There are many uncertainties surrounding the results, and more importantly, when exactly the results will come out. Sensibull – India’s Largest Options Trading Platform is happy to do this webinar that helps you make sense of US Elections. We will also be answering your […]

03 Nov 2020

Strategies with Liquid Options only

Illiquid options are those without frequent trading. Most of the Options are illiquid. And that gets us into traps such as: Not getting a trade to exit when you want to get an exit Getting a wide bid-offer spread, and paying for it If you are stuck in an illiquid single stock option towards the […]

16 Dec 2019

Free Features on Sensibull

Hello from Sensibull! We are an options trading platform built on top of Kite offering tools to optimise your trades. You can access Sensibull from within Kite. Click on the ‘…’ button on Kite and click on ‘Option chain’. The option chain, as I explain later in this post, is free for all Zerodha users. […]

06 Jun 2019

Historical open interest (OI) on Kite

Traders, The option chain on Kite, powered by Sensibull, now has historical OI analysis. You can now enter a time period and will be able to track how much the open interest (OI) on Calls/Puts on any particular underlying has changed over that period. Currently, the option chain can be accessed only on Kite web, […]

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha
08 Feb 2019

Introducing Sensibull — the Options Trading Platform

Traders, Options trading is probably the toughest business to make easy money. Yes, it seems easy, but less than 1% of options traders make any money in the long run. The reason for this is because most people trade options as if it were a lottery ticket. Through the Options module on Varsity, we educate […]

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha
13 Aug 2018