The all-new Positions page by Sensibull

September 9, 2021

Hey there!

We are super thrilled to present our all-new positions page for you- free for a while!

This page will always be free and be accessible to all users without any charge. The analysis of positions from this page will also be free.

Only the Greeks and such will be paid whenever it goes paid.

Click here to access the new positions page.

The all-new Sensibull positions page

So what is new? Other than the fact that it looks beautiful?

The positions page groups your trades by underlying, and gives you in-depth analysis to make better trading decisions.

It shows you some very important numbers you need to know when you are trading options, like:

  • The maximum profit that can happen on your trades.
  • The maximum loss that can happen on your trades.
  • The breakeven point of your trades.
  • The Greeks.

It also has the following functionalities:

  • Set a P&L alert for your positions on your WhatsApp.
  • Analyse your profit and loss in various scenarios.
  • Convert a real trade to a virtual trade.
  • Group your trades together as strategies.

A quick how-to guide

How to analyse your trades

Select trades you want to analyse

  1. Select the trades you want to analyse by ticking the checkboxes.
  2. Click on analyse button on the right panel.

This will open the Sensibull analyser.

The Sensibull analyser

How to set alerts

Setting alerts for trades

You can set combined P&L alerts on any trades you have on WhatsApp.

  1. Select the trades you want to set an alert on.
  2. Click on Set P&L alert on the right.
  3. If you have not completed the Whatsapp registration, compete it (takes only a minute).
  4. Et voila! You are good to go. No more staring at the screen to see the P&L.

How to group trades

Grouping trades

  1. Select the trades you want to group together.
  2. Click on Add to Group button.

3. You can now see your trades together in the groups view.

Group view for trades

So go ahead, and try it! We would love to hear your feedback.

Check it out


Happy trading,

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  1. Gaurav says:

    During a positional trade strategy there are some position that are adjusted, and the pnl of the entire strategy includes the adjusted or wound up positions. Sensibull doesn’t show the wound up positions in the strategy making it difficult to use for positional traders. I do monthly iron fly and there are usually 2-3 adjustments, the pnl at the end of the mnth should include these adjustment but this cannot be seen. Only active positions can be seen. This needs to be fixed. Platforms like Opstra and Options oracle have this feature, I moved from there to sensibull and now finding it difficult

    • Ahamed says:

      Looking for the same feature.. Gaurav ! have you got any response ?

    • Mihir says:

      Im looking for the exact same thing. Currently only the closed trades within the day are shown, but they disappear the next day. Hopefully this will be taken up soon.

    • Utpalendu Deb says:

      Absolutely correct. Not able to keep track of the PnL for the entire strategy though adding them under a group. One day after any adjustment, it only shows the active rows – hence losing track. A major drawback.
      Is anyone getting any response from Sensibull on this?

  2. SREEDHAR says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,

    Whether you will provide any lead about any good shares to invest..

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Sreedhar, we do not provide advisory. We believe that traders and investors should make educated and informed trades based on thorough research and analysis. Would suggest you check out Varsity to learn all about stock markets 😀

  3. Harsh Vardhan Mishra says:

    I tried desparately today to find MCX October Future on the app and so missed taking a position. If you type MCX , the futures dont turn up. MCX OCT also doesn’t work. MCX FUT also doesn’t work. After market hours I was able to find out that the MCX futures only turns up when you type M or MC but disappears when you type the full form. Very disappointed.

  4. Santosh says:

    Hello Abid,

    When will you link up with HDFC securities. Please it would make a big difference for so many users of your platform.

  5. LAL says:

    Option Greeks for the long term options are still not available and showing untracked whereas the other competitor providing at free of cost.
    Please expedite to include it.

  6. Shivaji Rathod says:


  7. Rashmi says:

    If one takes trade in options directly on Kite, then will this page show all the information if the person is sensibull subscriber?

  8. Shiva says:

    In kite mobile app under position menu previous anylse option shows probality of current position . Now it not working. It shows processing only.
    Now where can I saw probality of win my trades

  9. Prithviraj G says:

    Very nice layout. I’m already using these features developed by Mr. Amit Rana. I did not thought that Zerodha embrace such ideas so fastly.
    Anyways, a big thanks to Mr. Amit Rana and Zerodha.

  10. Tushar says:

    With the profit and loss alert can you add a feature where the trade can be auto exited after reaching a set
    That will be super great
    Eg:” we do a atm straddle in bank nifty and book profit at 1000 rupees.”

  11. Mehmood says:

    Dear Zerodha Head,

    Please note yesterday on 8th sep’21, I booked Loss and position P&L also showing of ₹ 3770 but today I saw my settlement and deduction done of ₹ 12000.
    Can you please explain deduction structure….
    It’s too much deduction like 300-400%.
    Please help to clear this issue… Why are deducting too much…. It’s like a fraud…

  12. Mehmood says:

    Dear Zerodha Head,

    Please note yesterday on 8th sep’21, I booked Loss and position P&L also showing of 3770 but today I saw my settlement and deduction done 12000.
    Can you please explain deduction..
    It’s too much deduction is 300-400%.
    Please help to clear this issue… Why are deducting too much…. It’s like a fraud…


    It must save the real trades taken by the user in the past so as to enable the user to find the historical details of his/her trades at any point of time in future.

  14. NEENA TREHAN says:

    I think it would be better if the new features are explained through a webinar.

  15. Sumedha Chopra says:

    Brokrage should be @11

  16. Sachin sinha says:

    Pls do it

  17. Arun Joy says:

    Is there an option to save past trades which can be referred at a later date. Similar to trade ledger

  18. Kuldeep yadav says:

    Yes but brokrage charge so high

  19. Unknown says:

    I m also 58k

  20. Aditya Thorat says:

    30k in loss

  21. Tulshiram says:


  22. Naveen Prakash says:

    Such a great feature, absolutely loved it.. keep innovating.. a big thanks from retail community 😊🙏

  23. Naveen says:

    I am using this new positions feature and I liked it a lot compared to the previous version. Just a suggestion, if it would be possible to analyse positions by splitting the lot size.
    Thanks 👍

  24. Jeet patel says:

    Already uusing new layout and it makes so much easier to watch trades and adjust positions.

    I have update request if you guys can make it fast. Pleas provide DARK MODE FOR SENSIBULL.
    my eyes hurt in 2 wide screen monitor wwith so much whiteness of sensibull.

    Blue mode will be gem .

    Thank you for your valuable services.