Introducing Open Interest on TradingView chart and more

November 10, 2023


It’s time to unveil one of the most powerful features Sensibull has ever made: the open interest overlay on TradingView charts.

Charts and open interest are the most common tools used by traders to identify supports and resistances and get market direction. Till now, on all trading platforms across the board, these were two different features, and traders had to switch between them. So we thought, why not merge the two? Et voila! We have this:

For the first time ever, price and open interest are together in one chart. Visit to check it out and make sure you are logged into Sensibull to see this chart.

Trading View Charts and Open Interest together

How to turn this on

    • Please make sure that you are logged into Sensibull to see this Chart
    • Go to your Profile page – Settings
    • Select Trading View Charts

  • In the Charts, turn on Open Interest (OI) Profile

You can also control which expiries with the settings button

Other major updates after Sensibull went free on Zerodha

  • Newly revamped fully free Education page with many new videos
  • Auto-ATM straddle in Live options charts and Multi-straddle Strangle charts
  • Showing total brokerage charges on the Positions and Orders page
  • Several Improvements in Strategy Builder
    • Potential upside and downside displays for your existing trades
    • The time value and intrinsic value of your existing trades
    • Synthetic futures as a new strategy type
    • Payoff in tabular form along with existing graphical form

    Payoff shown in Tabular form
  • Tradingview chart that opens within Sensibull
  • MIDCPNIFTY derivatives introduction
  • BSE SENSEX and BANKEX derivatives introduction

Visit Sensibull to see more!

CEO, and co-founder at Sensibull

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  1. Dipak says:

    sensibull oi profile disabled in zerodha toolbar

  2. Akash verma says:

    Is there any problem with tradingview 2.0 charts? from past 2 days charts are not at all opening in 2.0, but the moment i switch to old version they are opening and once again i switch back to 2.0 charts are not opening.

  3. H says:

    how often does OI update on this chart. Is it real time? or updates every 5mins or only eod?

  4. Rajesh Patro says:

    Hi Team,

    Thank you for publishing Team however It would be useful if we can know how to read the chart and graph to understand the market better. Thanks

    Rajesh KP

  5. tarak says:

    Thanks for the updates..

    How to get dark theme.. ?

  6. NagaKumar says:

    Is there any problem with tradingview 2.0 charts. from past few days charts are not at all opening in 2.0, but the moment i switch to old version they are opening and once again i switch back to 2.0 charts are not opening.

    once please check this and solve it at the earliest.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi, we see that our team has responded to your ticket. Please login to and check. For further assistance, you can reply to the same ticket.

  7. Sharath says:


  8. Aravind says:

    It will be more useful feature for finding Sup/Res.

    Only thing i miss in Tradingview Chart is watchlist on TOP RIGHT corner.
    It will be more easy to switch between stocks from watchlist rather than typing everytime in search box.

  9. Anil dhuldhule says:

    Great thing for investors but just down the rate of lots charges

  10. Chaman Sahani says:

    Chaman Sahani say:12/11/23 at 6:25 pm zerdha by most expensive 🫰 trust platform I so happy

  11. Kiran says:

    Not able to add futures index and option of indexes to the trading view chart, is there any reason?

  12. Rajveer Choudhary says:

    Zerodha by most expensive 🫰 trust platform I so happy

  13. Manivannan K. says:

    TradingView by sensible is not showing in my iPhone. That was also updated. But still it us not showing. Can you consider this?

    • Manivannan K. says:

      Thanks. It got worked. Instead of accessing it in kite app I tried logging in sensible and launched chart. Now I can see it. Great initiative by Zerodha. But try not to have glitches frequently. Instead of booking a huge profit I booked small profit.

  14. GVOPS3544E says:


  15. Abdul Wahid says:

    Yes i am

  16. Jayant says:

    With updating the kite features and Sensibull features,it is necessary to update videos of how to use these features while deciding/taking the trades.The video’s published earlier are of very short duration and either the voice/pronounciation isn’t clear or in big hurry where understanding it is difficult.

  17. Chhotu Anand says:

    Nice plate form

  18. ROBIN says:

    very good indicator for option buyers and sellers ..thnku Zerodha..

  19. Abdul Wahid says:


  20. Abdul Wahid says:

    I am understand

  21. Bhuwan says:

    Sensibull is purely options trading platform. As most trading happens on index options which are weekly. To learn options trading using sensibull features there is only one way – when you will provide historical data so that users can test and try these features on their own 24×7 as their time permits. Currently, one has to wait for next day or next week to see or implement their learning. By that time people might lose patience or might forget what was their hypothesis for taking trade.
    By this logic , current version of sensibull is meant for experienced traders. You can forget about onboarding any new user until your platform gives a sandbox environment with historical options data to test their hypothesis. I wonder why being a product co you can’t see this need or maybe you purposely ignore it because hosting historical data requires more investment in infra etc

  22. Janardhan Rao says:

    Great Work.
    Can I place the trade from the chart. If bar replay is enabled it will help in back testing.

  23. B Trivedi says:

    Great work team Zerodha + Sensibull !!
    The OI charts are really great help for F&O traders. Thank you so much, team.
    However, It would be more helpful if we could have these OI bars plotted vertically on charts, which can be changed from setting (e.g.- similar to as we have volume bars!).
    Also, the OI candles should be available for individual strike price ( At the moment it is available for ONLY NIFTY main chart) as well in a bar format. (Other competitor providers have this facility on their chart- So I was expecting this same with Zerodha being a number one service provider in the world). Thank you again for your adorable work TEAM.

  24. Ashish Saxena says:

    Sound good for investors.

  25. Neloy Ghosh says:

    In option trading please enable exiting orders while the stop loss is on.It saves us some valuable time…

  26. Manoj Roy says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,
    Good Day,

    I would like to begin by extending my congratulations for your ongoing efforts to enhance and improve your applications and software. I appreciate the dedication you have shown in this regard.

    I have a suggestion that I believe could further enhance the options trading experience on your platform. Specifically, when buying options such as the Nifty 19300 CE @ 180, I often wish to purchase multiple lots, for example, 4 lots at a time, whenever the price approaches my desired level.

    The current issue I encounter is that your platform primarily allows trading by quantity, and I need to manually input the quantity every time I make a trade. Some other trading platforms offer a convenient feature where users can specify their preferred trading units, whether it be in lots or quantities, and set this as their default choice. This option can be found in the platform settings. Once configured, traders can place their orders in lots or quantities according to their preference without the need for constant manual editing.
    I hope this suggestion is clear and can be considered for implementation in your next update or as soon as possible. It would undoubtedly streamline the trading process and improve the overall user experience.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I wish you the best of luck in continuing to make your platform even better.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Manoj, we have the sticky order window feature that helps to place multiple orders with the same input as the previous order. Explained here.

      • Malligarjunan says:

        Mr.Manoj asks you to provide an option in the Buy & Sell window for purchasing the stocks in lots. The default option is to specify the quantity. I also prefer this to facilitate placing the order quickly without any calculation of converting quantities into lots. Sticky Window does not offer this facility. Please update this option soon.

        • Shruthi says:

          Hi, in the Buy & Sell window itself, the number of lots is mentioned under the quantity box; the quantity can be increased or decreased, and the number of lots will also be shown accordingly. However, we’ve understood and noted your feedback. We will check into the possibilities.

  27. Mushtaq Parkar says:

    OI profile on chart –This is JUST WOW!!!!…
    Request if Zerodha could also add Decision Point indicators (Previous Day High/Low/Close, etc..).
    Great work Guys.!! :).. Keep it UP!.. All the Best ..

  28. Zakir Pasha says:

    We really need a class or workshop on how to use this tools like sensibull and others available on Zerodha.
    Best practices and recommendation that can help everyone to be a educated, informed trader.

  29. Dr.Nageswararao says:

    I am Dr.Rao. Really wonderful effort did by Zerodha. This type of knowledge is very helpful to all traders especially derivative markets.
    I hope it will continue and create good wealth for all investors
    Thank you

    With regards

  30. Pooja says:

    How to understand this

  31. sarfuddin says:

    This new chat update doesn’t work at all. Zerodha is not ready to accept this. How many times did I complain? Shows make excuses.

  32. Nirmal Kumar Singh says:

    Really, I appreciate your sincere effort in the making of awarness amongst your investors.

  33. Adarsh yadav says:

    Good news for envestors5

  34. Selvam Veeraperumal says:


    Thank you so much sensibull team.

    This is the feature which I was expecting.

    Now it is in my desktop.

    Thank you.

    • Srikanth says:

      There is showing only expiry OI but could you please give a option to intraday OI also, and we need cumulative OI of Intraday on the OI section(where we regularly see), If is possible make the payoff graph also on the chart same as you build the OI on the chart, eagerly waiting for that update.

      Thank you,

  35. Adarsh yadav says:

    Good news for every trader

  36. Prasad says:

    Great news

  37. Rajeev says:

    Great news!! Just what an option trader requires.

  38. Vinod Hebli says:

    Very good initiative by ZERODHA keep it up

  39. Ashvin says:

    Its not working

  40. Raja Vishwakarma says:

    Lots of thank sensibull team… Very useful

  41. Rupam Saha says:

    We must understand flawless analysis. When is the optimum time to purchase or sell, what price to pay, which stock will grow, which won’t.

  42. Shyamal Biswas says:

    Excellent…. thank you

  43. Rakesh Chaudhary says:

    Too complicated…. make it simple for common man to understand….

  44. Biswajit Biswal says:


  45. Sunita Rajesh Rajput says:

    Thank you for the help

  46. Rupam says:

    We really need a class or workshop on how to use tools like sensibull and others available on Zerodha.
    Best practices and recommendation that can help everyone to be a educated, informed trader.

  47. Amit Tambi says:

    I want to understand

  48. Amit Kale says:

    Any plans to make some updates for the usability of the application? You are adding new features but Sensibull suffers from poor usability. Please do something in that front

    • Kshah says:

      I really like Zerodha , trading is quick compare to other . And good tools. But I am and so many other also don’t know how to use so many tools .Even I just today came to know about sesibull site.

  49. anand says:

    I want to understand

  50. Suresh Chigurupati says:

    I want to understand what is open interest & how it’s useful for me

  51. Shreekesh Singh says:

    Dear Zerodha and Sensibull Team,

    I commend your organization’s commendable efforts to raise awareness and educate the younger generation about finance. However, to maximize its impact, comprehensive teaching and guidelines are essential. I recommend the implementation of a dedicated Sensibull Class to assist users in effectively utilizing your tools and technology.

    Although there are existing YouTube videos, they are outdated and lack essential information. I propose the initiation of a one or two-week Sensibull class to bridge these gaps and empower users to navigate the technology proficiently.

    I eagerly anticipate your positive response.

    Best regards,
    Shreekesh Singh

    • D p harish says:

      Yes I do agree with Shreekesh Singh , if a class by Sensibull is arranged as to how we can we use the tools is required. Nithin pls consider

      • Manveer Singh dhaliwal says:

        Can you teach me how to trade in zerodha

      • Supriya Chakraborty says:

        There is lot of tools provided by zerodha in its platform but as a new trader this is not easy to use properly…derivative products like Future and Option for stock and index are most attractive to all trader nowadays….but to trade is not comfortable to all.Hence it is required a trading course to the willing trader by which they can give their best effort to trade properly to get maximum profit instead of ruin the capital without having knowledge of F&O trading.I think Zerodha will take necessary initiative to start such a learning course by which trader may get benefit for a long run.

    • G Radhakrishnan says:

      Eagerly awaiting for a Sensibul class

    • Gopal Rathi says:

      Yes..Very needed comments by Sh. Singh. Zerodha n Sensibul in a way is contributing to make India self reliance…as educating younger over finance is truly making India self reliance. It is a welcoming thought that helding a teaching class will be right step in this direction.

    • Rushikesh Khot says:

      I truly appreciate both teams of zerodha and sensibull for creating such wonderful tool for traders at the same time many users don’t know how to use this tool efficiently so zerodha and sensibull must consider for a class on how to use this tool.

    • Abid Hassan says:

      We will do this very soon 🙂