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  • Nestle India split its shares. Will MRF ever split?

    Vineet Rajani on January 5, 2024

    Nestle India split its stock in a ratio of 1:10 on Jan 05. Each share of a whopping ₹27,000 converted into ten shares of ₹2,700 each. At ₹2,700, the shares became a lot more attractive to a larg ..

  • How equity analysts rate a stock?

    Guest Author on January 4, 2024

    Hey folks,  Check out the following snip! Have you seen these kinds of phrases in the news before?  If you are someone who has pressed the remote button to switch to CNBC News or clicked your mouse ..

  • Trading stocks with the new amount block framework

    Guest Author on January 3, 2024

    SEBI has introduced the amount block framework for investing in the secondary markets starting January 1, 2024. This system functions similarly to blocking funds for an IPO application, where your fun ..

  • What happens if you miss some of the best or worst days in the market?

    Satya Sontanam on December 1, 2023

    Last week, I had one of the most memorable experiences in my yoga journey. I was so close to performing a headstand (sirsasana), and it made my day. I have been practicing yoga for the last three year ..

  • Indian IPOs & Weekends

    Guest Author on November 29, 2023

    Starting December 1st, all IPOs must list within 3 days of their window closing. Was this not already happening? An optional window was launched from September 1st to December 1st, 2023. In this windo ..

  • What is Hard and Soft Underwriting?

    Guest Author on November 24, 2023

    In May 2023, SEBI amended regulations [notification] to allow hard underwriting for IPOs in India. Before we lay out the difference between hard and soft underwriting, let us first understand what und ..

  • It takes 9 entities to process an IPO application!

    Guest Author on November 23, 2023

    There are 9 entities involved in the IPO process – apart from the investor & the issuing company. You first submit your IPO application to your Stockbroker, who sends it to the Stock Excha ..

  • Six IPOs open today – 5 mainboard & 1 SME

    Guest Author on November 22, 2023

    Six IPOs open today – 5 mainboard & 1 SME. But what is the difference between a mainboard and an SME IPO? 🧐 The Indian exchanges allow companies to either list on the main board, or if th ..

  • Hope is not a strategy

    Vineet Rajani on October 11, 2023

    A few years ago, I came across a microcap real estate stock. It got ownership of hundreds of acres of land parcels in multiple cities as part of a PSU restructuring. The plan was to develop residentia ..

  • Stock market scams and how to avoid them – How the elderly are scammed?

    Vineet Rajani on October 7, 2023

    Remember Yes Bank’s AT1 bonds that were written off when the RBI forced a reorganization of the bank in 2020? Many elderly people lost their retirement savings in AT1s.  AT1 bonds are pseudo-equity ..