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  • Things to look for in the (Interim) Budget

    Vineet Rajani on January 24, 2024

    The Government of India will present the Interim Budget on 01 February 2024. Why is it an Interim Budget and not an Annual Budget? It is the year of General Elections. Whether or not the ruling party ..

  • Nestle India split its shares. Will MRF ever split?

    Vineet Rajani on January 5, 2024

    Nestle India split its stock in a ratio of 1:10 on Jan 05. Each share of a whopping ₹27,000 converted into ten shares of ₹2,700 each. At ₹2,700, the shares became a lot more attractive to a larg ..

  • What could ruin the party for an all-time high Nifty?

    Vineet Rajani on December 1, 2023

    In the blink of an eye, the year 2023 is wrapping up. After gaining about 5.5% in November 2023, the Nifty 50 index is hovering near its all-time high, which was achieved too long ago in September 202 ..

  • The Dark Side of the Big Fat Indian Wedding

    Vineet Rajani on November 21, 2023

    Beti ki shadi se bada baap ka kya farz hota hai? A father’s biggest duty is his daughter’s wedding. Two fathers, one spending ₹2.5 Cr and the other spending ₹6 lacs on their respective daughte ..

  • How to forecast the economy? Economic Indicators could help.

    Vineet Rajani on November 17, 2023

    What are Economic Indicators? A basket of factors that help forecast how an economy will perform in the future. Economic forecasting is used by  Businesses to plan investments and operations and esti ..

  • Hope is not a strategy

    Vineet Rajani on October 11, 2023

    A few years ago, I came across a microcap real estate stock. It got ownership of hundreds of acres of land parcels in multiple cities as part of a PSU restructuring. The plan was to develop residentia ..

  • Stock market scams and how to avoid them – How the elderly are scammed?

    Vineet Rajani on October 7, 2023

    Remember Yes Bank’s AT1 bonds that were written off when the RBI forced a reorganization of the bank in 2020? Many elderly people lost their retirement savings in AT1s.  AT1 bonds are pseudo-equity ..

  • Stock market scams and how to avoid them – Front Running / Insider Trading

    Vineet Rajani on October 6, 2023

    Picture this. You work at a large listed public company. This company will announce its latest quarterly results tomorrow. You already know the results because of your role in this company. You know t ..

  • Stock market scams and how to avoid them – Phishing Trading Accounts

    Vineet Rajani on October 5, 2023

    “Click here to win an iPhone for INR 1,000!?”  “Your broking account funds are blocked. Click here to update KYC.” “Beware of frauds. Secure your credit card XXXX on this link.” Ever clic ..

  • Stock market scams and how to avoid them – Pump and Dump

    Vineet Rajani on October 4, 2023

    Several stocks have given 1000% returns within a few months. Who could have predicted that kind of rally for any stock? Hardly anyone. Most rallies are a surprise. However, many people do predict mass ..