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December 24, 2021

We launched Varsity 8 years back using this cover image and this was what we planned to attempt. Excerpts from the original post: 

At Zerodha we took inspiration from the MOOC (Massive Open Online courses)  world to attempt solve some of the biggest problems concerning the Indian Capital market:

  • Lack of knowledge – Lack of knowledge prevents new entrants from participating in markets. Amongst the existing participants, a vast majority participate with limited knowledge
  • Access to knowledge – High quality knowledge related to markets, though available in India, is limited to few who can afford it.

In our humble attempt to solve the above two issues, we take great pride in introducing our new education initiative – ‘Varsity @ Zerodha’.Varsity is powered by a simple but extremely powerful motto – knowledge, like other elements of life, should have no ownership. Therefore, high quality education should be made accessible to anyone and everyone without any financial obligations.

Today, Varsity is among the top MOOC initiatives on trading & investing around the world. We extended the website into a mobile app, trying to gamify the learning experience. The enthusiasm to share knowledge with no expectations and no strings attached continues even today. 

Karthik has single-handedly built the content for Varsity while also answering tens of thousands of queries that have been asked over the years. We have both been discussing how the preferred mode of content has slowly moved from text to video, especially among the younger generation. So yes, we are super excited to introduce to you the Varsity Video courses by collaborating with Learnapp to produce the videos. 

Find below a quick introduction to Varsity videos by Karthik, the heart, brain, & soul behind Varsity. By the way, Karthik and I had known each other for many years before he joined Zerodha. Here is that original email from 2014 that I had sent to Karthik asking him to join us as an expert on our other educational initiative Tradingqna, which quickly led to him joining us full time and starting Varsity. 🙂  

We created the Varsity video series for an absolute beginner. We picked five essential topics from Varsity to help you get started:

  1. Basics of Stocks market
  2. Technical Analysis
  3. Fundamental Analysis 
  4. Futures Trading 
  5. Options Trading

We carefully structured the video content to follow the order in which the content is present on the Varsity web. We went chapter by chapter, picked the meat of the content and spun a video out of it. 

We’ve tried to keep the videos crisp, to the point, and animated them to reinforce the key learning points. 

For all the topics that have nuances, which we could not accommodate in the video, we’ve added links to the respective chapters in the video descriptions. 

So if you are watching these videos, use them as a quick start tool. Use it to quench your curiosity, but come back to the main website or the app to learn all the technicalities. 

It is best to supplement the video content with the web content and vice versa. Do not take the Varsity video series as your only source to learn the subject. I’m pretty confident that you will extract maximum value from the video series with this approach in mind. 

We’ve added links to the videos on the homepage below each module.

Varsity videos

Lastly, I can’t think of another partner to produce these videos. Prateek and his entire team at Learnapp have done a phenomenal job in helping us build these videos. Prateek was gracious enough to agree to feature in most of these videos. Without Prateek and his team’s relentless efforts, this project would have gone nowhere. 

I hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as we enjoyed making them for you. 

Happy learning! 

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Aftab says:

    Wow,its realy very good

  2. jitendra says:

    If I am unable to exit from positions of f&o on expiry date is kite automatically square off

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Jitendra, your position will be squared-off if you’re holding it in MIS. If you’ve taken a position using NRML, it won’t be squared-off. If your position is OTM (Out of the money) it will expire worthless. While if it is ITM, it’ll be settled by the exchange, if it is an index option position, it’ll be settled at intrinsic value, while a stock option position will be physically settled. You can check out more details here.

  3. Manoj joshi says:

    Tell me what is going to happen to Zerodha app and what will happen to our share

  4. Shan says:

    I Want to Know About Zeerodha Account

  5. Rohit Yadav says:

    सर् fundamental analysis का हिंदी में PDF उपलब्ध नहीं है कृप्या उसका हिंदी PDF उपलब्ध कराए या मुझे मेरी mail id पर mail कर दे धन्यवाद।

  6. Sumeet says:

    In the moving average video of techinical analysis, the example of voltas (50 day and 100 day ma) , the entry point is 625 and exit point is 595. That is a loss. The indicator is not working

  7. Kale Ambadas says:

    I am interested

  8. Manikant Raval says:

    I am intrested pl let me know

  9. mohan says:

    infact i too wanted to ask the same question…Y no videos on option trading..

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Mohan, we’re working on video series for Futures and Options modules, we’ll keep you posted on it 😀

  10. santosh kumar singh says:

    Technical & fundamental Analysis

  11. Umesh says:

    There is no video for options chapter onward. Only 3 chapter have video.

  12. Gouri Mondal says:

    1. Please provide services to invest the entire world’s stocks in one ‘kite’ app. Although the section is different, but we can use it in an easy click to invest all over stocks.
    2. And please make a section of suggestion box where we can drop our thoughts to communicate you to make a better&better platform.
    3. Zerodha’s customer care service team is good, but sometimes it failed to communicate with their customer. We feel your customer care communication is needed some extra concentration to more & more better platform.
    4. Don’t forget to give research and information about stocks to guide us while you will provide us country’s investment platform one by one, then the whole world platform.

  13. Hanumantharao says:

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    200 ke aaspas fund kaha gaya mere Zerodha a/c se?

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    God bless you for this initiative.

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    I am a avid reader of your Varsity app. Now video will give more clarity. Thanks a lot from Zerodha for a small investor. Regards.

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    Thanks to Nitin g and kartik g zarodha team of great wark. Keep it up. Happy new year 2022

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    I am very beginner I need to learn s fundamentals
    F and o.
    How to trade

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    i am eager to learn the fundamentals of stock market.

  27. Rajani Anand says:

    Your guidelines are very important to me .I wish you more success in comming years

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    I just started investing. I have no idea about stock market. I wish to learn where and when to invest that would give me best return of my investment.
    Thanking you for develop a course for beginners.

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    Good initiative, is useful for new commers like me. If possible please provide videos in telugu language.

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    Hopefully, after learnings from versity, I will unfreeze my a/c with Zerodha!
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    Zerodha is bringing the financial revolution in India. These videos are really helpful for many people to understand the basics of stock market.

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    Very nicely written article and incredible story of Zerodha. I am astonished about true digital account management done by Zerodha. I have never met any person of Zerodha, in person…amazing!

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    After a big scam of M/s Karvy, I have shifted all my stocks to Zerodha costing around sixty Lakhs including the accounts of my wife and daughter at VIjayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Since then, the way Zerodha is functioning systematically and adhering all the rules as directed by the Government of India from time to time. My self and all my family members greets Zerodha for their regular customer based activities. Thank you ZERODHA.


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    Hi, wonderful job. Congrats. But have you observed that while using varsity in Ipad, the contents are not aligned correctly. Please correct them. Thanks.


    Good Morning and Great New Year for health and prosperity for you Team
    Great initiative to power retail investors. Go with full throttle, God bless Team Zerodha to Scale to NEW HIGH. After all Sky is limit for the your enterprising business in this great Sun rising field. Big Thank you to Great lad Mr Karthic who made unbelievable happened.

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    Good Morning and Great New Year for health and prosperity for you Team
    Great initiative to power retail investors. Go with full throttle, God bless Team Zerodha to Scale to NEW HIGH. After all Sky is limit for the your enterprising business in this great Sun rising field. Big Thank you to Great lad Mr Karthic who made unbelievable happened.

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