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November 5, 2014

Finance is actually very simple, but it’s made to look complicated to justify fees – Morgan House on

Dear Traders & Investors,

The digital age has transformed the way in which we perform our day-to-day activities – be it reading books, watching movies, or trading stocks. Technology has penetrated in every aspect of our lives. In recent years by leveraging the power of technology, there has been a revolution of sorts in the field of education. A new term has been coined – MOOC, which stands for ‘Massive Open Online Course’. Under the MOOC initiative, one can access the world’s best courses offered by distinguished professors from the most renowned universities. Be it Professor Joshua D. Rauh – Professor of Finance at Stanford Graduate School of Business, or Aswath Damodaran – Professor of Corporate Finance at New York University’s Stern School of Business, or Professor Robert Sedgewick – Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University.

All these distinguished professors, along with many others, are available online, giving their valuable time and sharing their deep insights for FREE. Yes you read it right, for FREE. They organize highly structured ‘classroom like’ courses and give it away so that people interested can benefit from it.

At Zerodha we took inspiration from the MOOC world to attempt solve some of the biggest problems concerning the Indian Capital market:

  • Lack of knowledge – Lack of knowledge prevents new entrants from participating in markets. Amongst the existing participants, a vast majority participate with limited knowledge
  • Access to knowledge – High quality knowledge related to markets, though available in India, is limited to few who can afford it.

In our humble attempt to solve the above two issues, we take great pride in introducing our new education initiative – ‘Varsity @ Zerodha’.

Varsity is powered by a simple but extremely powerful motto – knowledge, like other elements of life, should have no ownership. Therefore, high quality education should be made accessible to anyone and everyone without any financial obligations.

Keeping this motto as our guiding force we plan to introduce each and every topic related to markets, explore it in a highly structured and detailed fashion, and offer it to everyone interested.

Staying true to Zerodha’s tradition, Varsity is an unique offering, and here are a few highlights:

  • It is online – Varsity is always available to you on demand. This means you can read through the high quality content anytime you wish!
  • It is responsive – which means you can access Varsity from any device – computer, tablet or a smartphone
  • It is well structured – We call each main topic as a ‘Module’ and each module has several chapters within it. Within each chapter we discuss topics that are relevant to the main module
  • It is engaging – To make the chapters engaging we have included real examples from the Indian markets and also some really cool illustrations
  • It is interactive – If you have any queries after reading through the chapter, you could clarify the same by posting a comment at the end of the chapter. Your query will be answered in no time
  • It is Free – Like all our initiatives, Varsity comes absolutely free of cost!

Here is a snapshot of a module and the many chapters within it:


Technical Analysis Module

And here is a quick preview of the different modules we have lined up for you:

  • Introduction to Stock Markets
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Futures Trading
  • Option Theory for Professional Trading
  • Option Strategies
  • Markets and Taxation
  • Currency, Commodity and Interest Rate Futures
  • Risk Management & Trading Philosophy
  • Building Trading Strategies & Systems
  • Financial Modelling for Investment Practice
  • Programming for Traders

Every topic that we think is important for you to know, be it basics of stock markets, Technical Analysis, Investing Strategies, or Volatility Arbitrage using Dynamic Delta hedging – we will have it all on Varsity.

To begin with, we have the first two modules ready for you. We are currently working on the third module (Fundamental Analysis). One by one we will add all the modules in a way that it all makes sense.

I’m certain whether you are an amateur or a thorough professional, Varsity has something to offer you, and remember – Knowledge has no ownership and hence it should be available to you with no strings attached!

Karthik Rangappa from our team has taken a special interest in developing Zerodha’s Varsity . His passion for markets and education puts him in a unique spot which helps him create all the content on Varsity. He has been active in the Indian markets for over 10 years. He strongly believes that trading and investing is not a gift you are born with, but a skill that can be developed over time. Through Varsity he aims to prove this!

Karthik holds a Masters Degree in Risk & Asset Management from EDHEC Business School, France and a Bachelor of Engineering from Bangalore University.

So before you decide to pay for an expensive market related course make sure you check on Zerodha’s Varsity! Go ahead explore Varsity, spread the word, and help the Indian Capital Markets be a much more informed and knowledgeable trading place.

Happy Learning,



Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Karthik says:

    How long will it take to transfer shares from demat from another demat in groww if all tee cdsl process is completed before 6 pm today.

    Will there be any change in price of my shares

  2. Gowtham says:

    Hi i need to transfer shares from Zerodha to Hdfc securities. I have requested authentication for upgrading for easi to easiest. Do i need to submit physical form to zerodha for dp approval? Or will it be done online itself? How can i track this application authentication status

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Gowtham, please create a ticket at so that our team can have this checked and assist.

  3. Sonal Singh says:

    I want to invest in mutual fund. But how to do it

  4. Arvind sharma says:

    I have opened account with Zerodha while opening the account I have been promised to teach me every bit of purchase sale of shares and all related information but till date no one in touch with me for the education part. I have not done even a single transaction because I don’t know how to do that which have been told before opening the account. Pls advice me. I have also raised a ticket ID: 20210707841117 but not responded yet. Account ID- VK7035.

  5. Rajasekhar Reddy says:

    Hello sir,

    First of all thank you so much for sharing such a great knowledge to the people.

    I am CA Final student, from Tirupati. I yet to start reading zorodha varsity modules. I am intrested in finance as a career. One of my teachers suggested me zerodha varsity modules.

    I have doubt regarding zerodha varsity modules…

    1.Is there any difference( i.e content wise I am asking) between zerodha varsity modules in pdf form and modules in app??

    2.suggest me which one is preferable for studying . i.e 1.take print outs and study and 2
    studying in app only??

  6. Mauli Deshmukh says:

    Can I switch the app language to Hindi or Marathi because My Father don’t understand English I He is a farmer and intrested in learning marketing

  7. JATIN SHARMA says:

    If I sell a stock from holding . Let us consider I bought it for ₹ 450/stock . I sold it for ₹448/₹$52(kindly tell about both the cases), it stilll visible in position and later I exit it from Position only so what will be new buy price ₹450(initial) or on the spot market price?

  8. Tanaji Akare says:

    Varsity app me hindi option kyu nahi? har kisiko english thodi samaj aati hai…
    Varsity app me hindi language add kar dejiye….

  9. Harsh says:

    I have ordered books from varsity but the shipping details are not provided to me. Kindly let me know what is it to be done.

  10. Sanjoy says:

    Dear Team,
    I have a query on ‘Nifty Midcap 100’ index. This does not get any update in the Watchlist. I am not sure why it is so. Could you please help me in identifying the correct code for Nifty Midcap 100 and if the above is the right one, could you please fix the issue. Today, it’s closing value is shown as 12752 and this is definitely not correct.

    Apology if this is not the right forum for this query. Appreciate if you could tell me which forum to use for such query.

    Kind Regards

  11. Sudeep Poswal says:

    Hi , Not sure if this is the right platform with regard to a query on covered call on Nifty Futures.

    I was just curious to know if it is worthwhile to write covered call on Nifty futures by selling deep in the money call say by 800 points below the spot price and just focus on time value in the call which will although be low but going to be a sure shot profit as Nifty does not move that much in a month.
    Please let me know if my understanding is correct.

  12. NAJEEB T P says:

    Karthik Rangappa”s articles in Varsity has given a bird”s eye view on understanding markets from an economic thought perspective .It helped me a lot in my quest on understanding price action and its relation with value .But it seems the truths of market motion is different if you equate price to a mathematical object and vibration and drifts of pricing analysed.Scientific thoughts give more accurate measurements than economic thoughts on leveraging mathematical thoughts.It seems market motion is like particle motion with butterfly effects playing its role in price formation and evolution taking a natural flow drifting in infinitesimal time lengths based on the square root of time principle It seems we need to unlearn many understandings and relearn again going into quantum computing and AI.

  13. Aveek Paul says:

    If I use MIS and make profit, will the profit amount be solely mine?

    • Matti says:


      • Aveek Paul says:

        There must be a catch? What is broker’s profit i this? Are there no restrictions at all? With Cash availability of Rs 2000 I can buy 8 HeroMotoCorp Shares worth Rs 3500 vis MIS and make profit. Can I continue with this infinite number of times?

  14. Vikas says:

    I was trying the DCF valuation as given in chapter 3: fundamental analysis and had a few questions.
    1) Should we multiply the face value of the share after calculating the final intrinsic value (i.e the total/ share capital as given in the balance sheet)? I ask because I got huge variating in the share value and CMP without considering the FV but they were reasonable when I adjusted for the FV.
    2) I was not sure whether to add the current year borrowing in the debt section (it made a huge difference for companies with high debts)
    3) How do I value companies with net negative cashflows?

    Thank you

  15. Dipu says:

    Concepts are really articulated in a simple but yet meaningful manner. Better than many of the paid materials.
    Keep updating..

  16. Aveek Paul says:

    in margin statements it shows Margin Status (Balance with Member /Due from client) is RS 1492.86… Actually I want to close Zerodha Account. What are the steps plz guide

  17. lukhmaan says:

    Hi Nithin,
    If a MIS short position is taken in stock X for Rs. 10 and stop loss LIMIT order is placed at price Rs. 11 and trigger also at Rs.11, then I believe 3 things can happen in this scenario mentioned below. Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

    1. If price reaches Rs. 11 then stop loss will get triggered. Loss will be Rs. 1.
    2. If price does not reaches at Rs. 11 or the available tick of Rs. 11 is not available then I believe the order remains pending.
    3. At auto square off just before end of trading hours the pending stop loss will get cancelled and the short position will exit at whatever market price is available

    kindly let me know if anything other than the above scenarios is possible.

  18. Aveek Paul says:

    How will I pay the AMC charge of Rs300?? Will it be auto debited from my bank account?? Or will I have to pay by other means?

  19. SHOBHA LODHA says:

    Record date for Infy buyback is 01.11.2017. can I sell shares after 02.11.2017 or I have to keep till they allot the shares for buyback.

  20. PARAS KHUNGAR says:

    I have ISSUE

    No one receive calls from zerodha.
    No proper servicing they are giving.
    And my profit of my portfolio was showing 11 PERCENT from HEG LTD
    Still its not showing in PORTFOLIO

  21. PARAS KHUNGAR says:

    I have ISSUE

    No one receive calls from zerodha.
    No proper servicing they are giving.
    And my profit of my portfolio was showing 11 PERCENT.
    Still its not showing in PORTFOLIO

  22. PHIROZ KUMAR says:

    Have a query on Infosys buyback.

    Let say I buy 150 shares on 30th Oct (day before ex date) and sale it on 31st Oct (Ex date), would I be eligible to participate in buyback?
    I read somewhere that since shares will not be credited to demat account on record date (1st Nov) if I sell it on T+1, I may not be eligible for buyback.

    Please clarify

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Phiroz, you will be eligible if you hold the shares in your demat as of Nov 1st. However, you won’t be eligible for the buyback if you sell the shares on Oct 30th because you will not have any shares to tender and moreover it takes T+2 days for the shares to hit your demat.
      Check this post for more.

  23. Pratyush says:

    Nitin, I am a fan of the work you are doing. I have a query regarding pledging of liquid funds on zerodha. I did go through comments regarding the issues being faced on pledging MFs however you do pledge liquid bees due to liquidity factor. Liquid funds are as liquid if not more. Please do consider pledging liquid funds invested through coin, Zerodha’s own platform. This step will go a long way in helping your clients. Thanks Pratyush

  24. Vivek Sharma says:

    Dear Sir
    I want to invest in one IPO to be listed in BSE SME Index names of company whose IPO hitting on 26 July 2017
    Global Space Technologies Ltd.
    Kindly Guide
    Issue Price Rs.66
    Kindly reply
    Warm Regards

  25. ZL6838 says:

    Hey Nikhil
    Hope you doing fine. First of all thanks a bunch for such a wonderful explanations and fantastic and easy to understand content.
    I noticed one very interesting thing today while trading. Hope you can throw some light on this too please. The quotes i,e, OHLC on Kite were a little different from the candles formed on charts available on website and MT4 software terminal. MT4 claims theirs are the best and most realistic quotes. Was a little bit confused as to why the prices were varying in spite of trading on the same stock exchange (NSE in this case) for the same script. Please help me understand.

    Thanks and cheers

  26. Rajkumar says:

    Hats off for your efforts! When people want to earn money by using the greed of traders, your effort to educate them with high quality stuff is really great. I went thru few of the chapters on options trading it was awesome. Karthik has given really a wonderful material and the time he spent to reply readers questions has been excellent.

    I have become a fan of Varsity @ Zerodha and I’m curious to go thru everything and expand my knowledge base.
    I wish all the very best and success and personally thank Mr. Nithin for his idea to start Varsity @ Zerodha.

    Knowledge is like fire if shared will grow by taking everything on its way!

  27. Zaheb Shamsi says:

    Thank you Nitin Kamath. You are Jesus and this varsity is holy grail for a budding trader like me.

  28. Venkat says:

    Why Reporting tool is not up to the mark in Zerodha, I dont know about other brokers.

  29. SAYAN SEN says:

    Hi! I have a small question. I was trying to create an account on NSDL, but couldn’t do that. I filled out the registration form as per my profile details in Zerodha Q, but it says “Invalid DP”. Could anyone please let me know what to write in the fields for “Client ID” and “DP ID” over there? The problem seems to be with the Client ID. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Gowtham says:

    Thank you for your initiative. Hope it would be useful for me in the learning process about stock market.

  31. raj says:

    Dear sir,
    From where i can get authentic company balance sheet,profit-loss,cash flow and important ratio for fundamental analysis.


  32. Varadaraj says:

    Please kindly add 2.36 fibo retracement.

  33. G Singh says:

    I am unable to login into varsity, even after resetting my password 3 – 4 times.
    Please fix the issue


  34. ravithakkar says:

    no word . for this work .i never seen in my life . all the best .

  35. Chirag says:


    Will you be uploading the PDF versions of Module 8 and 9 also? Will be useful.


  36. suresh says:

    hi, i added funds on weekend. It showed up yesterday(holiday). Its not showing up today. my orders getting rejected

  37. pawan kumar says:

    in candlestick analysis sir please explain target clearly as stoploss

  38. pawan kumar says:

    great effort to help new traders .i found you after loss in market .thanks

  39. Vijay says:

    Hi, the materials provided here is really useful. Do you have the kindle version of the content?

  40. Vinay says:

    What is the option to draw support, Resistance and Pivot in Zerodha Pi?

  41. Vinay says:

    Are candlesticks reliable? Or we need to complement it with Indicators ?

  42. Motilal says:

    sir, can i order sl-m and sell order in cnc mode i generally use btst. before 2 month it was posible .

  43. Prashanth says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    Hats off to Zerodha for the varsity initiative. Easy to understand and fun reading. Information is wealth and through varsity zerodha is literally distributing wealth. Thank you for make investing/trading easier and fun. Cheers!!!

  44. Shri Prakash says:

    While using PI,
    How to close Indiactor window on chart.
    For example I applied MACD indicator . Now I want to remove it , how do I do it. Where are the instructions for this.

  45. Gopal says:

    I was trying to download your content from Varsity in the PDF format, but it gives some issue and I am unable to do so. Please do look into it.
    Though the content is perfectly available online and in iBooks format.
    You guys are doing a fabulously amazing job. Keep up the great work 🙂

  46. Alok Kesharwani says:

    Hello. Pursuing CA and CFA and your contains are very useful to me.
    It seems that you are doing revolutionary like thing.
    Keep it up.

  47. Nischal Y says:


    I just started reading the Options Trading parts (Modules 5-1 and 5-2), i’m relatively new to options and have to say that it is very well written, i wanted to thank the author for writing it in a lucid and succinct way.

    I was not able to find the author name any where in both the modules?

    Did this author write any books on this subject, if yes i would love to get them as well.

  48. Likith says:

    I wanna get information about the effect of demonetization on different asset classes in India!
    I will be grateful if someone at zeroda can point me in that direction…..

  49. krishan kumar says:

    I have some queries in zerodha varsity.where can I get the solution?

  50. Anita Rego says:

    This is one of the best sites for self learning for those who do not come from a commerce background. Simple easy to understand. I have shared about your site to other friends of mine.

  51. Sachin S S says:

    Hello Nithin & All Zerodha Team,
    I thank the pioneer of this concept.
    This is a million dollar material which you guys have put up. The effectiveness of the content in not-so-lengthy manner without too many complications is a clear winning combination.
    I’m happy that someone has come forward with genuine intentions to clean up the mess in Indian financial services.
    Keep up the VERY GOOD WORK.

  52. jakeer hussain says:

    why is that nifty Jan future is showing as NIFTY17JAN in market watch? Is the expiry date is going to be changed from january

  53. Chad says:

    Hello Nithin,
    I couldn’t praise Karthik enough hence I thought I must also thank the pioneer of this concept.
    This is a million dollar material which you guys have put up. The effectiveness of the content in not-so-lengthy manner without too many complications is a clear winning combination.
    I’m happy that someone has come forward with genuine intentions to clean up the mess in Indian financial services.
    Keep up the very good work.

  54. Nisha Maloo says:

    I wish to trade in US exchange so do zerodha allows international trading ??? or is there any other indian broker which do so? if not then can u suggest me any american discount broker which allows international customers?

  55. Jagadeesh says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I really like the papers on varsity. Would like to know whether these papers are available in the form of book as it will be more helpful to read.

  56. Arvi says:

    Hello Nitin/Zerodha,
    I am very new to trading and have found this varsity very helpful in understanding the concepts theoretically. My question, Is there any tutorial on how to use the software to trade using Zerodha ? Meaning, tutorial explaining the basics to advanced trading steps considering an example with screen shots. This is because, every time as new beginner, I cant call the customer support to place an order. If such a tutorial is in place as to how to use the software for trading, I can learn by myself and start placing orders to buy & sell shares.
    Moreover, there is no online classes from Zerodha to know about how to use its software to trade.


  57. Ajoy says:

    Hi Nithin,

    As all of us know the documents are great and one of the best available on internet.
    I faced one problem- I downloaded the contents on my ipad and opened in iBooks, but there is no option to change the font size with these documents, can you please check this.


  58. Chirag P Sangoi says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I am a professional trader and i have a team of traders. We trade and teach on weekends. We personally believe that trading can’t be learned online & it requires mentoring.
    We have a common goal that we want to spread Financial Literacy in India. We as a team are looking forward to go into collaboration with Zerodha for the same. We are based in Mumbai.
    Looking forward for your reply & fixing a meeting too.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Chirag Sangoi

  59. Do send account specific queries to [email protected]


    RD3311 MY A/C no.
    Where Can I get Your ICICI BANK A/C.NO
    So that I can transfer fund from ICICI BANK By cheque only.

  61. pradip says:

    pl check chapter 20
    i dont understand how to calculate
    Days to Expiry 10 20 30 45 60 90 chart.
    pl anyone explain me, how to calculate

  62. JYOTI says:



  63. Raja Rajan says:

    In individual capacity can I file for an intellectual property right on a financial product developed by me that could be big volume driver at a later date when regulations are liberalised???

    Or do I need to float company like S&P or an get an IPR of a fin product??

  64. Raja Rajan says:

    Just wanted to understand if clients earn any interest on LIQUID BEES investment traded on NSE??

  65. Rahul Mishra says:

    Dear Nithin Kamath,

    First of all, I want to thank you for uploading such informative content. This is really beneficial for beginners. The Module-6 (Option Strategies) is not downloadable in ‘.pdf’ format. Kindly upload the ‘.pdf’ file of the same.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Rahul Mishra

  66. Parth says:

    If any module of technicle analysis in Future of Option in Gujarati Language, Please give us Link

  67. Girish Deshpande says:

    Nitin & Karthik,
    Truly appreciate the work you have done. Really Finance is simple but made appear tough..
    Its a great place to be work in Finance domain..
    Thanks again and keep up great work..

  68. Ganesh says:

    Hi..By when module for Financial Modelling for Investment Practice shall be uploaded?

  69. srividhya says:

    I had been struggling to learn about option basics and asked many people and read few articles on the website. But I did not understand even a very entry level.This is very simple and great. tons of thanks for your effort. I am very proud of zerodha for your innovative thinking.

  70. Shashikant says:

    Dear Nithin sir,
    Modules provided by you are excellent. Weating for remaining modules. Pl also add information regarding use of your platform like kite, pi etc. This should be with screenshots so everybody get familiar with softwares provided by zerodha

  71. himanshu singh negi says:

    hey zerodha..great initiative…having a great learning experience and looking forward to your further modules..thank you..!!!

  72. manzur pasha says:

    so many times i am trying to login zerodha varsity with new password but it showing login failed i am zerodha account holder. please help me out

  73. Praveen2458 says:

    Hi Nithin & Team..Please help me with the query..

    Expiry time in case of currency options is 12 noon.. suppose I have Rs. 1 lakh as total margin based on which I sold some out of money currency option to pocket the premium. Suppose around 12 noon on expiry day it settles as out of money only.. Now I want to sell some equity options on same day. I wanted to know by what time after 12 noon can I use the margin blocked because of currency.

    Thanks in advance

    • Venu says:

      The margins don’t get released till the end of the day despite the contracts expiring at 12:30 pm. So if you wish to get the margins released and use them to short Equity options, you’ll have to close positions before expiry.

  74. Rahul Chhikara says:

    Almost help at every point, Like it is for me. Great Work.. Thank You So Much

  75. profit says:

    what happens to the amount which is excess of required margin when market goes down making a loss more than margin amount

    Ex: At present Nifty requires 44,000 rs to buy say 1 lot(100).I have Rs 88000 in my trading account.Next day market opens down by 440 points and still going down..i am incurring 44000 loss when it opens.

    My question is the moment loss crosses 44,000 will my position be squared off and my trading account be left with 44000 Rs or my entire Rs 88000 will be eaten up and position still in active state will be eaten up and position still in active state

  76. Jayesh says:

    Hi Friends,

    Where can I find the Results Calendar which publishes upcoming dates for results declaration for any stock?

    Can you please provide a link to that page, please..

    warm regards

  77. Jayesh says:

    Hi Zerodha/Nithin,
    Greetings for the day!

    Where can I know the “Short interest % or Short Percent to Float” for a particular NSE stock and its “Days to Cover”
    (data similar to the one that is found for US stocks on

    I scanned a lot on NSE, but couldn’t find anything like that… I am desperately searching still. If not that exact data, maybe something similar that will indicate the short interest & Days to cover would be great…

    Hope you will definitely be able to help in this.

    Thnx & regards…

    • I don’t think this can be done for Indian markets, short positions on stocks are not allowed to be carried forward overnight. The SLBM market is quite inactive and limited to only stocks on F&O. The only thing you can do in INdia is look at F&O open interest of a stock vs the free float and try to deduce bullish/bearishness. But in F&O since for every long there is a short, you will not be able to say what is the short interest.

      • Jayesh says:

        Thnx Nithin…

        How about the ratio of Deliverable Qty vs. Total Qty Traded (data given by NSE)?

        Does that provide some valuable info about the stock movement? Can you explain how to interpret this ratio, please..

        Do we have facility of STBT (Sell-Today-Buy-Tomrw) with Zerodha? How to go about placing a STBT order (if yes)

  78. Prashant says:

    HI, Thanks for the education material.

    can you please let us know when will the other chapters like Currency, Commodity and Interest Rate Futures etc will be uploaded?


  79. venki says:

    I would like recommend one more topic for that will be usefull for users.
    The topic is “Earnings Analysis” – Sector analysis, Y-o-Y vs Q-o-Q, Which Quarter will be good for focussing, Sequential Earnings understanding, Audited vs Unaudited financial reports, Limited review reports, Understanding Share holding patterns, How to make decisions on the basis of earnings report etc would add extra brain to the knowledge of investors. I request you to add one more module for this topic at the earliest.

  80. akash_8803 says:

    Really appreciate you guys taking the time out to do this and sharing your knowledge in depth!

  81. Rajinder singh says:

    Where i can see all contents in punjabi lanuage

  82. narinder says:

    hi nitin i have gone through all ur study materials in varsity can u plz create some study materials regarding open intrest in detail and its use in a littile detail about how to spot short covering ,long position ,short position and all the details regarding it or provide any link

  83. Shailey says:

    when do we get to read module of trading strategies?

  84. sharewasi says:

    I tried to register at your site, but failed to do so in spite of repeated attempts.
    Is it open to only Zeroda traders?

  85. AMANULLAH TAK says:

    hey nithin…i wanted to ask can i use my zerodha demat account under ASBA for IPOs?
    and if shares will be alloted will they be reflected in my zerodha trading a/c automatically??
    thanks in advance…

  86. vishveshj says:

    Excellent Study Material By Zerodha Guys !!!
    There are many things i have learned from it..
    waiting for remaining modules..
    Thank you..

  87. Mahesh says:

    If I open an account with Zerodha then would I be able to go for IPO’s (apart from equity trading ) as well ?

  88. Prakash says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Good work. Dont know but I would like to get associated with zerodha..would like to do the work so that zerodha should become one of the favourite choice with many other broking house in the market..where in people could trust and be the part of the family. Well all the best for your good work.
    [email protected].

  89. Saravana Perumal says:

    Good work zerodha team. I heartily wishes for your more and more successes.

  90. hardik patel says:

    Sir my question is

    Buy 8500 putt at last day of expire of price .05 and sell .10 of 3200000
    So can I buy or not?
    And what is that total charge of zerodha?

    • Yes you can, brokerage will be Rs 20 per executed order for buying and Rs 20 for selling. Exchange has an order limit of 10,000 nifty at a time, so to buy 320000 you will have to do it in 32 different orders. So your brokerage will be Rs 32×20 = Rs 640 for buying and Rs 640 for selling.

  91. bulumoni borah says:

    Excellent Nithinji n all Zerodha team….. great initiative

  92. Rajiv Kumar Jain says:

    Respected Sir,
    My ID is DR2836 at Zerodha, I am new for doing trading, that’s why learning basic fundamentals and techniques. Can you suggest me that how I can download the modules (study material) for learning from Versity of Zerodha.

    With Regards

  93. Vj says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can we apply for IPO through Zerodha ?


  94. Madan says:

    i waiting for like this true edu long time !!

  95. Madan says:

    i waiting for like this true edu long time, EXCELLENT BOSS !

  96. saravanan says:

    plz hlp me sir

  97. Sandip_Chougale says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,

    It was a delight being a part of Zerodha family. Amazing to see this new initiative. I wish you all the best & thank you very much for his initiative.
    I would like to suggest you 2 things which will help to all beginners in stock market ocean.
    1) Please define/provide the path or steps which will help beginners to become a good trader. Like what types of books need to read. What to read first?
    2) How to control /overcome on Emotions / trading Physiology.

    I have seen the IB (Interactive Brokers) trading platform. When can we expect the similar Zerodha software? We are ready to pay few amount for that but please take initiate to develope such software.
    IB gives facility to trade live from charts & also keep trailing stop loss on charts itself. Quality of charts is extremely fantastic. Share Khan is also provide very good live charts.
    Please give your feedback & comments about future plans on this.
    Once again Thank you.

  98. vicky goyal says:

    hi , nithin i have asked a question on trading qna about fat finger error and after you answer there , nishant have added a comment , there is no answer to that comment so asking here , nithin i have a very good capital somewhere near 20 lakh and i know that stock market is risky but thats ok , if i loose money due to my fault its ok but if i loose money because of somebodys fault , is it right ? is there any thing by which your company will not square off the position and wait for atleast on that day itself { you have also done trading for a long time , i hope you will find a solution to this thing also}, another thing i want to know that suppose i loose big money , is there any legal remedy available for the investors whose money has been lost { like in emkay traders fault} , and one more thing does national stock exchange have done anything new by which such incidents will not happen in future ?

  99. vicky goyal says:

    hi nithin , what is nifty etf and how many quantity can be bought at one time at what is the margin requirement if we want to hold it for 2 or 3 months , i have only trading account with zerodha , did i need to open demate account also with zerodha?

  100. Nishant garg says:

    are you charging brokerage of 20 rs even on cancel order , order place but then cancelled by client?

  101. vicky goyal says:

    hi nithin , i just want to know that as today i am watching on my zerodha account that on bfo on weekly expiry , there are options, like adani power put of 34 , there is total turnover of 1.05 crore rs , but on screen there is no buyer and no seller , suppose i also want to write that option , how can i do that, asking the question here because i am expecting a clarity from you.

    • Most of options trading on BFO are prop trades (done by brokers itself) and not retail turnover. If you don’t see any bid/ask, the only way is to place a limit order at a price and hope that it gets hit. But Vicky, my advise for you would be to avoid illiquid options, especially when you are writing them.

  102. rahul A says:

    Please bring back Shift+C to view intraday charts…

    I have noticed the day u disabled that option, there are lots of problem in charts view.

  103. Saurabh says:

    Nithin and all at Varsity team,

    Really eagerly waiting for the options module to come up .. Would love it if live trading videos are attached to the module with step by step explanations .. Having heard so many evil things about derivatives, I am stuck on delivery trades and not able to take a leap of faith .. material on internet has not helped either as they are not very detailed. When this bull market is over, I want to participate in the downtrend as well but lack of knowledge on options stops me from doing so.

    PS: In the meantime if you folks can suggest some alternate reading material then that would be great!


  104. karan says:

    sorry to put this comment here…

    Nithin the new NEST CHARTS are crashing whenever i change the interval from the top panel where it mentioned “set interval” ..
    10 out of 10 times the software has crashed showing the message

    • Hanan says:

      Have you updated to the latest version of Nest Charts from our downloads page? If you have, it should work without any hassles.

      If you haven’t uploaded to the latest version, please follow these instructions:
      1. Download Nest Charts from our Downloads page, unzip the folder, open the folder and copy all the contents of the folder.
      2. Go to C://Program Files/Omnesys/NEST3 or C://Program Files(x86)/Omnesys/NEST3 and paste all the copied contents into it.
      3. While pasting the copied files, you will get a prompt “Confirm Folder Replace” for which you have to choose “Do this for all current items” and click on Yes.
      4. Once you’ve clicked Yes, another prompt to Copy File would popup for which you have to tick “Do this for all conflicts” and then select the Copy and Replace option.

      • karan says:

        hanan sir yes i did the same thing …followed these steps mentioned in the email that i got from zerodha …. the simple problem here is that whenever i open the nest chart and change the interval from 1 min to either 5 or 10 or any other then the software crashes … this has happened every time i have done that … i think i should call the zerodha support team and show them this issue and then they could do something to solve it ….

  105. gammyind says:


    Hope this is will be published as you will get feedback from others too. All the said initiative is good but trust the sole purpose of opening a account with Zerodha is to buy & sell stocks. But on most days I cant do the same using your crap trading tools. I face issue on a daily basis with your Mobile application & even your website ( You have the worst mobile application I have used from all the brokers. It rarely works properly between 9.15 to 10.30 & 1.30 to 3.30. The same is the case with your trading website. Trust you would be aware many people like me may not at all times have access to your desktop application. Also, few times I tried to use the desktop application, it takes ages to reach the trading screen. To top it all, when such a issue is going on, you call & trade service is also always busy since obviously all users must be facing the problem hence they too might be calling. I am sure I am not the only one facing such issue as twitter is full of tweets with such issue.

    Today, on a expiry day, the whole day I faced issues with all your trading platforms & the call & trade facility. Because of this, I was unable to catch on handsome profits today on MRF Future contract. I have suffered because of your poor service in the past too.

    The service after getting to your executive on call was also not that great as they could not even properly confirm if the position is squared off. On asked to transfer the line to some senior, I was told that they are busy. Never seen such kind of customer service where such a reply is given to a customer.

    Using your service means that I have to cope with the anxiety of if you applications will work or not along with price movement anxiety.

    Before taking time for such initiative, please get your act together & trading platforms & service in place since we all are here to trade in the first place. I am very near to moving out all my funds & move to some other service provider. Do remember reliability is very important in broking business.

    Prasad Shetty

  106. damodaran.rs1 says:

    Hi Nithin, Is there any good books for options analysis?

  107. sandeep n says:

    ITS great to have such valuable info available for all the budding guys.

  108. zeroworry says:

    Hi Ramesh C , It ‘s difficult to fill , user name / mail etc in the boxes at Zerodha Varsity page because they unmarked ! I am wondering how was you able to do it !

  109. Gopi says:

    In Zerodha brokerage calculator, (F&O OPTIONS) It’s showing brokerage as Rs 40 (2 trades, buy & sell) for small value turnover also. For example, I put BUY-40 rs, SELL-41 rs, QTY-100. For this turnover will be Rs 8100. For this transaction Brokerage is showing as 40 instead of 0.01%. Can you pls help?

  110. Vijay badgujar says:

    thank you sir,

  111. satyam pandya says:

    Dear Nithin,

    your intention is simply superb.still I can not believe that in India, any brokerage house can think like zerodha. I wish you all the best for achieving your task as earliest as possible to help so many traders.You are creating an edge by doing this.

  112. Ashish says:

    Market leader on new age trading…… again brought fantastic feature… I am a big lover of MOOC and so just loving this for Stock market with Indianness

  113. M DEVI PRASAD says:

    Your keen interest to educate all your customers is really great.
    today only I came across your university. the material regarding
    technical analysis is fine and to the point.
    I am unable to browse your module one. its not visible.
    pl do reply where is the link.
    thanking you
    devi prasad

  114. Viju says:

    Great initiative..kudos to team zerodha

  115. Anupam says:

    Zerodha has been always a help for both a beginner or an expert.

  116. vedprakash says:

    Keep up the good work and innovation !

    One thing that comes to my mind is that education should be more practical than bookish.
    Can u post in ur blog detailing your best trading day .

  117. Saurabh says:

    Nithin .. if you remember I sent across a personal message to you perhaps 2 years back requesting you to create a knowledge base to help traders/investors because it will serve 2 purposes – folks will take better and informed decisions and doing so will increase their trading/investing activity which would be beneficial for Zerodha as a company!

    Whether or not varsity is a direct product of my suggestion, I thank you for starting this initiative .. Both zerodha and its investors shall soon reap the benefits!

    I just have another humble suggestion: It would be REALLY GREAT if all the material is in the form of videos (something akin to Khan academy) .. video lessons will illustrate subject matter better and will help in the knowledge transition faster. Lastly, it is a documented fact that video lessons are far more effective and retained for a longer period of time that text.

    I sincerely urge you to consider the above proposition and make the entire transcript video based!

    Hoping that you give some thought to the above idea

    • Yep I remember, one of the reasons being quite active on zconnect is that it helps figure out what might interest people.

      Videos eventually, first we want to put up all the modules out on Varsity.

  118. Uday says:

    Excellent Nitin n all Zerodha team…great initiative…keep-up the good work

  119. mbsrsarma says:

    Excellent Nitin.

    Kudos to your passion & dedication to capital Markets.

  120. S Sinha says:

    Well I must say ” Well done Zerodha”. This is an unique and game changing concept introduced by Zerodha and It’s commendable that you can come out with something like this. I sincerely hope that in the coming years, Zerodha blossoms into something bigger and even better .

  121. Veena says:

    Very good initiative….very informative…Thanks a lot Nithin and Karthik… 🙂

  122. Azam Ali says:

    Hi Nithin,

    This is a good initiative. Thank you so much for this.

  123. Sukesh says:

    Just a suggestion, please check if this is implementable.

    Can we have a quiz after each module, so that the learner can know his/her understanding levels. After the quiz the system cam probably give a score and advise to revisit any particular part in which he/she has scored less?


  124. Billa says:

    Fantastic Product by Zerodha.. We really like zerodha more n more because of its new products and being different from others… Keep Going On 🙂

    Issue :

    I guess whenever I try to login to Varsity , its not logging in properly even after entering correct username and password. Just page loads, again default LOGIN,REGISTER is coming, instead of Welcome XNAME, Friday it was working fine. Can someone please check on that ?

  125. Bimal says:

    I went through the whole Tehcnical section. Fantastic resources Nitin. All your modules are gems. They use the simplest language and most effective illustrations. Simply great.

  126. Phani Kumar says:

    Nithin ji you are one of the person who just want to himself but take all along with you to the winning post. Though Im a new trader with Zerodha, I feel pride in trading with you. Im presently using some advisor services but its not working properly. Hope one day I will learn something which will help me trading on my Own.

  127. RAJESH J says:

    ZERODHA is knowledgeable Learning Place Thank You Nithin

  128. says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I could not any modules on programming for traders… there are lot materials available for others basic modules in the web but not much available for automating the trades and coding stuff…it will great help if u can come with quality material on programming side

  129. Ramesh Varakhedka says:

    Great Initiative Nithin !!!

  130. Umang says:

    Wow!!! Zerodha team is doing a great job.

  131. Pedro says:

    Looks fantastic so far.
    Turning it into an ebook would be even better

  132. gilari says:

    q,pulse,quant,pi ,so many quality products.
    and now varsity
    I think you will be remembered as father of a new trend in indian market
    Expecting another bomb with KITE

  133. Karthi says:

    Nithin, You are a champ. 🙂 Thank you for this initiative.

  134. Sudheer Siripragada says:

    You guys are awesome! Zerodha’s Varsity is a great initiative in educating the investors. You guys always have something innovative to offer to your customers (unlike other brokerage houses who just count money). I am glad to be associated with Zerodha.
    Nithin – You must give Mr. Rangappa a fat salary raise this time for his interest and efforts towards Zerodha’s Varsity.

  135. Rajes says:

    Great stuff bro, i m waitng for chapter 10 .. when its up, plss let us know man.. tks Zerodha really grt stuffff.. congrats on grt achevement 🙂 🙂 🙂

  136. Radhakrishnan says:

    You always rock ….. I am happy to trading@zerodha

  137. Manojmurthy R says:

    I think you are great thinker.I am welcome this ……….

  138. Sukesh says:


    Nithin, Venu, Hanan, Nikhil and everyone else at Zerodha.. You are a great team!!

    Day by day you guys are increasing our expectations from you and promptly meeting them too!!


  139. Mony says:


    This is a great initiative… sure you are taking the Indian traders to the next level … Thanks a ton!

  140. Ramkrishna says:

    This is a great announcement…you guys have taken up a very good initiative…hope we all get to learn something and improve our trading skills!

  141. Bimal says:

    Great work Nitin and team Zerodha. It will be of tremendous help.

  142. N Gurumoorthy says:

    This is great initiation by Zerodha for the people would like to learn and understand the world market. Keep it up Mr. Nithin who can do for this kind of achievements for the traders.


  143. ANIL PALAN says:

    I heartily thank Nithin and Karthik for introducing new initiatives in stock brokerage business which was never thought of by old brokerage houses in the past.

    Keep it up !!!


    Anil Palan

    User id : RA0090

  144. Asim says:


    I am an MBA student from Lucknow U.P. and I was to invest some bucks and want some tips regarding investment and growth.

  145. Rachit Gupta says:

    thank you sirji 🙂

  146. lakshman sharma says:

    Hey thats great of you indian people need this in mass you are a great business man no doubt but indeed your a great human being who has good intentions def you will grow bcoz your making others grow

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    Excellent. Looking forward to it.

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    Wow.. Great Work… Thank You Zerodha

  149. Ramesh Chinnasamy says:

    I just registered at Thanks for educating us and best wishes to all your new initiatives.