“Zerodha – India’s best retail brokerage for 2018” by NSE

December 4, 2018


I am super thrilled to let you know that we have been awarded the “Best retail brokerage firm in India for 2018” by the National Stock Exchange (NSE). This wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Thank you.

I end up being the face for the business as always, but all of this is possible thanks to our team of 1100+ members and our partners and business associates. Congrats Guys/Girls 🙂

NSE award ceremony with Mr Vikram Limaye (CEO, NSE)

I would also like to use this opportunity to address another issue that we face constantly. From our very first day, there have been naysayers who’ve said that the business model of Zerodha wouldn’t work because we charge so little. Despite 2018 being our eighth, and our most successful year, we still see baseless rumors and misinformation about us being circulated on WhatsApp and social media inciting people to not trade with us. I would like to share some facts that I hope you’ll keep in mind when you come across such smear campaigns. It may come across as bragging, but this really is the only way for me to let you know that we have never been better.

Awards and Recognition

NSE themselves have just christened us the “best retail brokerage firm” in India. We get audited almost every 6 months by various exchanges, depositories, and SEBI. If there is anything wrong that we’re doing, we obviously wouldn’t have won this award just yesterday. In the last two years, we’ve won similar awards from E&Y and Economic Times (ET), some of which involved complete financial audits.


We are amongst the most well capitalized pure retail brokerage firms in India. We have over Rs 400 crores of promoter capital deployed in the business and we have zero debt. If there was to be any kind of volatility in the markets, like in 2008 where many brokers went bust, you as our client are best placed to come out unscathed, thanks to the strength of our financials.

Talking about capital, we have stayed away from raising any external equity or venture capital where almost every VC and PE whom we have met have wanted to invest in us. We have stayed away to continue holding the independence of building products for the love of it more than monetary goals. I don’t know if there are many companies out there that can claim this 🙂

Our products

We take extreme pride in all our products and everything you can do with them. They are all today the largest and most popular in their respective spaces. Do check them out if you haven’t already.

The Team

At over 2 million trades a day, we are probably the largest retail brokerage firm in the world, not just India. The technology effort involved in supporting all of this is huge. Apart from all our cool products, the only reason we are able to run this business at such low brokerage costs is because of our tech team, the best in the industry. Yes, we have had technical issues, but the majority of those have been due to the limitations in the underlying infra in India and our difficulties in getting our third party dependencies to scale at our pace.

We have our operations team of over 1000 who slog it out every day supporting over 1 million clients, and onboard over 50k new clients every month. Our team has a united vision and thanks to that, we enjoy the lowest attrition rate in our industry.

The way we operate

  • Unlike other brokerage firms, our employees do not have revenue targets, ensuring nothing gets mis-sold.
  • We don’t differentiate clients based on their networth.
  • We are extremely conservative when it comes to risk management (RMS). If we had an option, we would reduce leverage offered to as little as possible. There is enough data to prove that lower the leverage, the higher the probability of winning. Also, the fewer leveraged risks we take as a broker, the safer it is for you as a client.

Growing the ecosystem

Our educational initiatives, Varsity, Zconnect, and Tradingqna are one of its kind run by any brokerage firm in the world. They have helped us get into the top 15 Investing related websites in the world. We have spent tens of thousands of hours sharing knowledge for almost a decade with no expectations of returns. We don’t advertise, we don’t force collection of leads from these portals, and neither do we have excessive branding. We do this with the goal of growing the Indian capital market ecosystem.

Through Rainmatter, startups are now able to leverage everything we have built and quickly introduce niche platforms that India would otherwise may have never seen. Smallcase, Streak, and Sensibull are great examples.

I can keep on going, but I’ll stop here. The constant rumors and lies being spread about us on social media has prompted me to write this very personal letter.

Thank you again for all your love and support.

Happy Trading

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  2. rushikesh thorat says:

    zerodha is great and thats why ive one suggestion for you to capture the market much better,is start paper trading or demotrading so can retain investors can practise and you can take small fees also if you want but thats also ok because its always going to be less than actual loss in market

  3. Jeet says:

    Hi Nithin Kamath,
    Congratulations !! You are the # 1 broket.
    In my views, only two-ways people can earn money in the market 100% +.
    – As being broker is the real gem in the stock market. People win and lose in the market but the broker always gets paid.(That you found and implement very nicely.)
    -And by Teaching people with heavy lifted tuition price how to trade? 😀

  4. joseph alapatt says:

    congrats on this enviable distinction from traditiionally recognised ones also imay add that even tradionally understood understood technicals falls way short of adequate accuracy i wish you to think seriously over this .i think i could help in this matter

  5. PARAG says:

    Dont Worry.

    Keep your pursuit.

    We all are with you.

  6. Satish Bondre says:

    Best of luck for next 5 years
    Be the number One (1)

  7. KUNJLAL SINHA says:

    बधाई हो

  8. Hardik says:

    Congratulations sir

  9. TH.MOHON SINGH says:

    Congratulations to Bro Nitin , Very happy News Really and also thanks to Zerodha Team supporters starting from registration officers to custumer care groups etc. who have programmed their mind for immediate reactive positive response who needed it.
    I also think that (1) its a part of your journey not the final destination (2) these trends of constant improvement within limited time will continue in future till the pulse.
    Best Wishes to NSE MARKET ACHIEVER 2018. Happy New Year 2019.

  10. Mallikarjun perisety says:

    Congratulations sir, u achieved it once again and proved that Zerodha is the best among all Brokerage firms.All the Best future Endeavours. I am proud to be associated with Zerodha since 2016.God Bless u ……

  11. Shubham says:

    Congratulation Zerotha team and Nithin Sir. your Learning platform are really awesome , I am new in capital market but learning a lot from Varsity and your YouTube channel.

  12. Raj says:

    Congrats on your achievement!!!.
    I just have a request for a feature in your charting with Kite. In Renko we specify the box size but the complication comes because of the time interval that is chosen from the top menu (like 1m, 3m, 5m, 10m, etc…). Because of this “additional” time constraint, Renko boxes that appear are forced to disappear if price retraces within that time frame. This is an unnecessary complication which is not there in many foreign (US etc) brokerage platforms. Renko is supposed to be a time-less chart. Then why bring in time dimension in to it?
    Please remove this need for time spec. for Renko. A box once completed (painted) should NOT be removed from the screen. If you provide this feature then we can make a meaningful analysis based on the historical Renko charts and we can think of a strategy to trade with it. So, I request you to Please implement this time-less option for Renko as soon as possible.

  13. Nishendu says:

    Congratulations team Zerodha
    Keep your tradition
    I am sure you will shine forever
    Hope to expect such more news
    in future

  14. Thiyagarajan says:

    I take 60 day challenge total charges 81000 that amount refund or not

  15. Prakash K N says:

    Congratulations Team Zerodha, Keep it Up

  16. Lawesh Kumar says:

    Congrats…. Congrats!!!!
    It is a great pleasure for us that I am from Zorodha
    Best of Luck !!!


    Congratulation Zerodha,
    You deserve it, and it’s not only by your application, but I also say it with your all product and services.
    Thanks to me that I join you as my broker.

  18. Elluru vijay bhasker says:

    Congrats team zerodha

  19. S JAin says:

    Congratulations to Team Zerodha and keep it up with true vAlues

  20. Manu says:

    Congrats, And also we won’t mind if you charge some flat rates for delivery trades as well. I only use cash market and haven’t paid any brokerage. But I would gladly pay a flat fee without any complaints

  21. Ravi says:

    Congrats Team Zerodha

  22. Mallikarjun says:

    That’s great news. Congrats team Zerodha!

  23. E. vishawanath says:

    Congratulations sir

  24. Ravi kumar says:

    You guys are doing a great job!! Keep it up

  25. Rupam Sarma says:

    Congratulations Zerodha team and Nitin Kamath sir, best of luck for the future

  26. seenu says:

    Congratulations TEAM
    All the best…..

  27. Leena A says:

    Congratulations TEAM ZERODHA….

  28. Raghavendra Kothapalli says:

    Congratulations To The Zeroda Team

  29. Virat Raj Gupta says:

    Congratulations Mr. Kamath & your zerodha team

  30. Vishnu Sukhadare says:

    Dear Nithin Kamat sir,
    I know this is not the place to express my problem but there is no other option left for me.
    I have given my 100 shares of GSK PHARMA for dematerialisation for more than two months now, I am sending mails at suport.zerodha.com tickets are raised every two days, but no body is answering my emails, on telephonic calls operator keeps me on hold for long time and no body wants to answer my calls,and says they will reply later. This not the way to behave with the customers. What I am supposed to do, at list let me know whats happening with my shares. Please look in to this and do the needful at the earliest.
    Thanks and regards.
    Vishnu Sukhadare-RV2442.

  31. Rakesh says:

    To add on, Zerodha has good learning material as well which explains the concept that is easily understood by a novice as well. I have started active trading purely by going through your learning documents and have gained in terms of both knowledge & financially.

  32. Abhay says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha Team!
    I have been associated with Zerodha for almost 3 years. I find your trading platform easy to use. Now I have started using Coin and moving all mutual funds investment through Coin. I was bit doubtful about the model used by Coin. After this award I am feeling confident and comfortable making investments using Zerodha. Keep it up.

  33. Nikita says:

    hello sir,
    congratulations to you and zerodha team… if possible please enable buy sell call tips….
    congregates once again…

  34. sunanda says:

    Congratulations sir
    And congratulation to Entire Zerodha Team

  35. SIVAKUMAR G says:

    Congratulations sir
    And Entire Zerodha Team to congratulations

  36. James says:

    Congratulations to the entire Zerodha Team!! You deserve all the accolades.

    I was apprehensive at first, to shift from a reputed name like HDFC Securities to Zerodha. Its been a year since I have shifted and I have executed several trades. No complaints at all, so far!

    One suggestion to upgrade your services – provide an option for entering a “Good Till Date” (GTdt) order.

  37. Somashekar C says:

    Congratulations !!

  38. Vijaya Sarathi Ravi says:

    Congratulations Team Zarodha,
    Another feather in your cap.
    Wishing you all success and scaling of new heights.

  39. Riyas says:

    Dear Nitin ,
    we are as retail traders and trust you guys only, i invest all money in your platform , i love zerodha
    Success will come through trust


  40. Anil says:

    Another feather in the cap of Zerodha
    Keep scaling up

  41. Sridhar Mariniganti says:

    Hearty congratulations sir.
    Your services are superb.
    We wish you and your team all the
    Very best.

  42. Fogerahman says:

    யானை நடந்து வரும்போது நாய்கள் குறைக்கும்
    யானை அதெல்லாம் கண்டுக்க கூடாது ..
    வாழ்த்துக்கள் Zerodha Team

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  44. Abhishek Joshi says:

    Heartly Congrats Sh Nithin kamath sir & team
    God Bless You
    All the best
    With Regards
    Abhishek Joshi
    “A satisfied & happy customer is the best business strategy of all”

  45. Thafzil says:

    Heartly congratulations to nithin kamath sir and his team.👍💐

  46. Chetna pandey says:

    Hearty congratulatuons💐

  47. Shankar Rajak says:

    Congratulations zerodha
    Plz add notification menu in which latest news and zerodha suggested trading are available.
    It’s make more effective your app.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hi Shankar,

      we don’t provide advisory services, so we wouldn’t suggest any stocks to trade in. You can keep track of latest events on Kite using the stock info widget. Refer this article to learn how.

  48. Sanjay Menon says:

    Congratulations Nithin & congrats Zerodha team. Wishing you many many more recognitions. Keep up the good work. GOD BLESS.👍😀✌

  49. Anil Negi says:

    Very very congratulations to you and Zerodha family for the greatest achievement…Hope Zerodha will be get Many others achievements in future.. May God bless Zerodha family always

    “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

  50. Ashwin says:

    Brilliant! Congratulations!

    Please do concentrate on the small hitches and open issues that are present as tickets for the Kite platform and resolve them, then there is no looking back!

  51. Muthuboopathi says:

    When i want to open a account with you i just search is zerodha safe to trade.. suddenly i have reached a interview of CEO sir.. and i impressed about the speech I think it compress of true word

    Then i opened a account and i enjoy all of zerodha product which is very very nice to use.. i had opened almost 10 brokers acccount.. now i almost close all of that.. thank you zerodha and all the very best for future endeavors

  52. Sunil Kumar Vohra says:

    A heartiest congratulations to you and your team, the Zerodha family, wishing you a great success in any endeavour.
    Sunilkumar Vohra

  53. Lellella Venkatesh says:

    Congratulations @ Team Zerodha..!

  54. RAMESH RAIKAR (New client) says:

    Congratulations Kamath sir, for your continuous victoy in getting awards along with your team. Efforts behind this always works. I am very late in getting services in your company.
    Suggest to upgrade kite like Trade tiger which will promote senior citizens. Regards.

  55. Dharmesh K says:

    Congratulation Zerodha Team

  56. Ridham Chandibhamar says:

    Congratulations!!! Zerodha
    Best of luck for the future and we happy !!!

  57. Bhalchandra Ramrao Kulkarni says:

    Congratulations Zeroda. Feel proud to be associated with you
    I am sure, the mission will continue & you will achieve more & more Awards in future.
    Good luck to Zeroda team.

  58. Dnyandeep Lonarey says:

    Hearty Congratulations…!!!! I am proud to be a investor with you. I am enjoying the trading platform provided by you. However it will not be odd to mention that if u improve in some fields, it will be more attractve and helpful. First, if u provide all the operations on one page of kite instead of going to console etc. as other DPs provide, it will better. Secondly, some of your customer executives need to be trained how to interact with clients politely and with full knowledge of the subject, I observed that they try to misguide in rude conversation. So, please improve in this field to become the best. This is just a suggestion. Congratulations again for your achievement which you certainly deserve…..

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Thank you Dnyandeep! 🙂

      To know why we don’t provide all operations under one, please refer to this support article.

      With regards to customer service, we’re sorry to hear that the customer support reps were rude. We will continue to work on improving our customer service.

  59. Balaji K J says:

    Congrats Sir….
    I enjoyed the trading using this platform…

    Request you to support us with eliminating restriction in the Bank Nifty contracts.
    Everyday the notification ‘RMS:Rule & allowed for trading: 26XXXX TO 26XXXX CE AND PE.
    This is really unhappy that when we do trading on a regular basis.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hi Balaji,
      Thank you 🙂
      We are looking into various alternatives to overcome the Bank nifty OI restriction issues. We will keep you posted.

  60. Anchal Mishra says:

    Best wishes for future and many congratulaions.

  61. Rajendra Rao Parvatneni says:

    Congratulations. Your portal is very user friendly especially instant display of funds available for delivery based trading. My daughter as NRI is using another leading trading site who are also registrars for many issues and mutual funds but often complains about unfriendly software and necessity of changing password every week.
    Keep it up.Best wishes

  62. Meenakshi sangwan says:

    Congratulations zerodha team, keep it y up.

  63. Srinivas says:

    Congratulations. Keep scaling new heights.

  64. Ajai B Maliackal says:

    Congratulations to the entire family of Zerodha.

  65. Narasimha Murthy says:

    Congrats to the Zerodha team.

  66. Lawesh Kumar says:

    Congrats….Very much congratulations to you and your entire family (Zerodha)

  67. ANANDA L N says:

    First of all…. Congratulations to team Zerodha….. Today I feel this award for me also as I have attached with this team since last three years. I have referred my 9+ friends to open account with Zerodha and today I have great pleasure to say that approx 10+ of my friends are having their account with Zerodha. to Zerodha team.

  68. Chandrappa says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha team.

  69. Ameet says:

    Best broker and discount brokerage schem..

  70. Rajnikanth says:

    Congratulations Zerodha Team.

  71. Vinod Kumar V S says:

    Nice brockerage.

  72. Ravi says:

    Congratulations sir and ur team for dedication…it is the outcome of ur consistent efforts

  73. Irshad mohhmad says:

    Congratulations team zerodha..

  74. Sourabh says:

    Congrats team Zerodha and thanks for next level tech and support providers for Indians. You as well as us, we all will grow slowly and slowly, just a thing, it’s a request from all of us that please work more on crashes we face on volatile days,if you could.
    Thanks and congrats once again for your endeavor.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Thank you Sourabh 🙂

      We have implemented redundancies/backup systems to prevent such incidents and we will continue to work on improving our platforms.

  75. VENU MOHANA RAO V says:

    Hearty Congratulations Sir to all of your dedicated Team..
    Your Team members always giving xellent response… Thanks to all of your team members…I hope that you will receive much more awards in future also

  76. Mahadev Bapurao Gadade says:

    Congratulations All Team Zerodha

  77. Sangita kamble says:

    Congratulations All team
    I am living in rural area.but I severely talking your service is not only fine but also very very
    lot of time fine.
    कर भला सो .,होगा भला.
    Wish all the best for future.

  78. Gopi chand Sardana says:

    My holding 272 share of Ball Krishan industry stand the DOD as 15.11.18 but dividend not received yet

  79. Mohan lal says:

    Congratulations sir,Big power for you.

  80. Dabber Singh says:

    Sir Congratulations. Please make more easy to use like inbuilt stocks user friendly in one page all stock’s to be displayed. User can easily use to see the chart and trade instantly.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Dabber Singh,

      We don’t plan on introducing pre-filled market watch on Kite.
      Also, you can add upto 40 stock on a single market watch and 200 stocks overall.

  81. MANJUNATHA M R says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha Hardworking Team & Nithin Kamath

  82. Sundar says:

    Way to go Man

    Expecting more and more from Zerodha……

  83. Pradeep Kumar says:

    Congratulations zerodha teem

  84. Prabir Chowdhury says:

    Congrats to Zerodha….. but as a client I feel very disappointing that is they charged to me and debited a some of huge amount from my a/c with out any warn or informing me ..and after that I had send several mail to the customer care till now they not respond me ……..they has lot of more hidden high charge which is not slimier like other broker house…… this is very much negative point of Zerodha….just disgusting….

  85. Gurunath says:

    Congrats Nithin ,Zerodha team and Zerodha community.

    Keep up the good work as always.Keep improving day by day.

    One query,When can we expect much needed update(with new features) for Kite web and Mobile app?

    Thanks a lot for the awesome platform.

  86. Gopinath Prabakaran says:

    Hi Nithin, Congrats.

    Wishing you to touch new heights.

    Keep rocking 🙂

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  88. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    Thanks, congratulations sir and team’ zerodha

  89. Manish P says:

    heartily congratulation to team zerodha.

  90. Akhilesh says:

    Congratulations Nitin. You are doing a great job. You have been of immense value for small investors whose huge money was going waste in the form of brokerages to big corporate. You have set an examples. I wish you all the very best.

  91. Bijigeet says:

    Congrats. Wish you all the best for the future.. Really happy

  92. IMRAN KHAN says:

    Yes! We won and will be Victorious…

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    Congratulations Zerodha and all the best for future

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    Congratulations to Zerodha Team Best of Luck…

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    Congratulations zerodha teams…

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  98. Prakash Joshi says:

    I always get myself educated from your versity. and I have started doing intraday trades in a very very small way.
    I read on net about rs 32 lacs compensation payment NSE arbitrators have slapped on you. What is the real storey ? I cannot believe that your firm can do the square of without informing the trader. I am sure you will fight it out to the last resort to get the justice. Wish you all the best.
    Prakash joshi

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  100. S M Hanif says:

    I feel proud of you and being a small invester feel safe too since you are the right brokage house i should be with.
    By the way would you please start btst/stbt ?
    Well i know the problems-but still you are the best without those.THANK YOU, YOUR TEEM.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Thank You Hanif 🙂

      We already allow BTST trades. Although check out these risks invlolved. STBT wouldn’t be possible until Stock lending and borrowing picks up some more liquidity.

  101. Vishwajeet kjmar says:

    Congratulation sir, Good luck for next achivement.

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    Congratulations to zerodha team.

  104. AGH says:

    Congratulations Amazing indeed.Mumbai brokerage cartel must be really worried boys from namma Bengaluru have stepped up the heat.Way to go.Dream Big .

  105. Ranabir Roy says:

    Heartiest Congratulations to Mr. Kammath & his team. Please keep up the good work and never let investors down. Zerodha is setting benchmarks for other brokers to follow.

  106. Shibu says:

    Congratulations, I am soo happy that my choice is good ,of becoming zeroda client. I had nice experience using kite app . Keep ur position at top. And share Ur happiness with us .all the best

  107. Richard says:

    Congrts. It is really excellent achievent of Zerodha entire team.

  108. girish says:

    Congratulation Team Zerodha, Only firm in india who serves better for trader. Go Zerodha, Go Trading. Jai Hind.

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    Congratulations “TEAM ZERODHA”
    Best luck for bright future.

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    Congratulations Sir kip it up and best of luck

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  112. SRINIVAS N says:

    Wow….Congratulations….I njoy the relationship with u. Keep going…for further milestones…

  113. T.MUTHUKUMAR says:

    Super zerotha .But only one is negative .Please don’t fix daily range to banknifty option.this is give a some negative to me and my friends.so don’t fix range in option.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hi Muthukumar,

      We are looking into various alternatives to overcome the Bank nifty OI restriction issues. We will keep you posted.

  114. RANGARAO T says:

    Congratulations on award for your dedicated efforts

  115. Himanshu Pratap Singh says:

    Congratulations dear sir…

  116. Arun K Modha says:

    Many congratulations Sir, to you and your team Zerodha for winning prestigious NSE award. I wish you all the best for further achievement in your field.

  117. Dilip says:

    Congratulations…Hope for best award in customer service also in future

  118. kGs manikanta says:

    Congratulation ….. This is really great recognition…. I enjoy the association with you people… We need to further grow…

  119. Deepak Singh says:

    Congrats Sir

  120. Sureshkumar says:

    Hearty congratulations!
    100% deducted services with absolutely free of cost zerodha will win more achievement in future im sure. last one year im using zerodha kite as my favourite trading platform,my sincere thanks from the deep of my heart.

  121. Nikhil says:

    Congratulations .

  122. Nilima Patnaik says:

    Congratulation ….. This is really great recognition…. I enjoy the association with you people… We need to further grow…

  123. Akshay Patil says:

    Congratulations team zerodha

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    I am trading Happy with zerodha, good and easy platform but I’m not profit booking at easily

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    Congratulations to team zerodha keep up the good work

  128. Kamlesh Uttam says:

    Congratulations Nithin..!!

  129. K.Balakrishnan says:

    Congrats-Keep-up the excellent work

  130. Yusuf Ahmed says:

    I chose Zerodha by accident and opened an account very casually, I had no idea about stock market. But Alhamdulillah (Thank God) i made the correct decision accidentally.

  131. Akhil Matam says:

    Congratulations Bro..!
    Zerodha is really the Best Brokerage firm in India. All the rumours came from jealous. Don’t care them. We trust you. Because we know you are the best.

  132. Sai Laxmi says:

    Congratulations sir to u and ur team

  133. Yusuf Ahmed says:

    I chose Zerodha by accident and opened an very casually, I had no idea about stock market. But Alhamdulillah (Thank God) i made the correct decision accidentally.

  134. Shaikh M S says:

    Congratulations sir

  135. Jyoti says:

    I personally love using coin. It has made investment in mutual funds very easy for me. Congratulations to team Zerodha. Keep up the good work 😀.

  136. Michael says:

    Congratulations zerodha and team

  137. Ulkesh Bedre says:

    Congratulations team zerodha

  138. Rupam kundu says:

    Greatful to be connected with Zerodha..My favourite investing platform. They deserve the award.CONGRATULATION.

  139. Dhir says:

    Zerodha team
    I’m very happy to u. love u

  140. Bismi abdullah says:

    Congratulations sir
    மென்மேலும் வளர வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

  141. Anoop kumar says:

    Zerodha always leader and Example to others,best platforms for us, congratulations Zerodha team and leader Mr.Kamth

  142. Pravin Gavali says:

    Many Congratulations 🎊…… Seriously ♥ appreciated all of your’s Team 0⃣Dha🤗

  143. Anshul Agrawal says:

    Congratulations and bravo!!!!

  144. Yaseen pasha says:

    Congratulation sir& Team …
    This success is possible because of all you’r efforts…great going

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    Team zerodha good luck for next level.

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    congratulations zerodha team😀😀

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    Congratulations Zerodha

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    Hearty congratulations to you sir

  150. Jay pal singh says:

    Heartiest Congratulations 💐💐💐
    Zerodha is a disruptor in the Stock Market / Brokerage Industry. All the products of Zerodha have disruptive innovation & have greatly benefitted the Small Retail Traders / Investors.
    Keep on disrupting the Stock Market Industry, you guys have best wishes of Lakhs of Small Retail Traders / Investors.

  151. Kishor khose says:

    Congrats, s zerodha team

  152. Ravikumar Gupta says:


  153. Kamlesh joshi says:

    Zerodha is very good 10 brokerage account and closed but zerodha is very very good service I m happy to zerodha

  154. Parth says:

    Congratulations !! You guys are doing great

  155. Rakesh Gursali says:


  156. BALDEVBHAI says:

    Congratulations to all team members of Zerodha.

  157. Mukesh soni says:

    Congratulations sir.

  158. K Manjunatha says:

    Keep it up

  159. Bhavik Shah says:

    Many Many Congratulations

  160. MANGESH Y SHIRKE says:

    Heartiest congratulations to Nitin Kamth & Zerodha Team

  161. Gaurav Thakur says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha and Mr. Nitin for this achievement. Although, a concern I have is with the Zerodha customer database. I feel either it has been sold/leaked/hacked to outside market. There have been a lot of calls from the so called ‘Research Firms’ claiming to provide stock tips. Also, they know about my trades done just 2 or 3 days back. There is no way this was known to them without some major data leak. And this is happening to a lot of folks I know who are in short term trading. Just sharing my views.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Thank you Gaurav 🙂

      Unsolicited stock tips via SMS and calls are a serious menace plaguing the stock broking industry. Zerodha doesn’t, nor are we allowed to, share client data with third parties. To know how to stop these tipsters check out – https://fightstocktips.zerodha.com/

      • Gaurav Thakur says:

        Thank you for the prompt response. I have been reporting these numbers on the TRAI app, but the list seems never-ending. I being a retail investor may never get to know where is this being leaked from, but thanks for the assurance at least that Zerodha acknowledges this issue and is working towards resolving this.

  162. Vishwa says:

    Congrats Zerodha team, Great going !!

  163. Vishwa says:

    Congrats Zerodha team

  164. Ashok says:

    Well Done! Congratulation.

    Keep Innovating and improving trading / investing platform experience.

  165. krishan marjara says:

    congrates for winning the award
    Hope to win more in future which you deserve for the caring the clients.

  166. Vishal kesari says:

    Congratulations sir…
    You really motive us..
    Todo things in silence and do hardwork.

  167. dheendayal says:

    Great! It’s award of your hard work. Keep on Growing

  168. PRASHANT says:

    Congratulations Zerodha team…🤗💐💐

  169. vipul gohil says:

    congratulation to you and all zerodha team,
    i am filling very proude to be with no 1 firm.

  170. Gaurav says:

    Hearty Congratulations. You are truly an inspiration!

  171. Vivek Bharadwaj says:

    Congratulations keep the good work

  172. Bhas says:


  173. Kumar Sadasivan says:

    I was looking at 2 articles yesterday in a fin website – anyone with a little fundamental and technical knowledge can easily discern why these are written in the first place 🙂 to create liquidity for the big fund houses at the cost of retail traders (paid news). I cannot forget my experience with other brokerages seeing half of my capital evaporating in derivative trade fees overnight…in the name of service!! Zerodha his indeed changing the eco-system in India. Zerodha is for retail traders. Period. Let no one peddle cheap news insinuating anything else. Nithin Kamath and team, you are doing a good job. Go on, we are with you.

  174. Subramanyam says:

    Congratulations to zerodha

  175. Manjunatha D says:

    Congratulations sir
    Thank you

  176. ajaya says:


  177. Mukesh says:

    Congratulations Nithin Sir ! You proved them wrong just because you have faith in you. I always recommend Zerodha when someone asks me to open an Demat account.

  178. Vishvanatha Malagi says:

    Congrats to Zerodha Team for such great Achievement. I am happy to be your client. All the very best to your future.

  179. Akbar says:

    Congratulation Team Zerodha. Keep up the good work.

  180. Hardik Makadia says:

    That’s great to hear, Nitin.

    It’s great to see such technology being home-brewed in India, and owned by Indian stakeholders rather than selling out stake to foreign investors.

    I look forward to seeing Zerodha as a Unicorn in the coming years and prosper amongst the startup space.

  181. Venu Gopal Pillutla says:

    Perhaps others feel threatened by the rapid rise in your popularity. If others are reacting so adversely to your success, then you must be doing real good. As your client who has benefited immensely from your platform, products, and services, I would say you thoroughly deserve all the accolades coming your way.
    Wishing you even more success in future. Good luck.

  182. Nadeem Bhat says:

    Happy Congratulations Sir
    Best of luck in future also

  183. Santosh Kumar says:

    Congratulation Team Zerodha. Keep up the good work.

  184. Ramesh G says:

    Heartiest congratulations to Nitin Kamth & Zerodha Team

  185. Jayesh Kumar says:

    Coagulation Zerodha team…..

  186. Sayed Rasheef says:

    ZEROdha became HEROdha again, CONGRATS all the team for the super achievement.

  187. abhishek jain says:


    well, I did not like the word trader in the beginning.
    I am an investor and I don’t want to do trading.
    Nithin- views please

  188. Subhash Chandran says:

    Congratulations for this victory over doubts and miss spells.. Loved to be a part of zerodha and your team with excellent services.. <3

  189. Jayasri says:

    Hearty Congratulations to Mr Nithin and Zerodha Team. Wish you many similar accolades in the future.

  190. Pramod says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha team. It’s never easy to reach this level.

  191. Nishikant says:

    Congratulations you make my day every day .

  192. Vijay says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha team. I am a beginner to investments and I have started with Zerodha. It’s been a great experience. Please keep up the good work.

  193. Parthiban says:

    Kudos to Zerodha team .. Wish your service and platform reaches to Tier2 cities and bring more participants to the market.

  194. Gopinath says:

    Congarts Mr.Nithin and Team

  195. Balamurugan.N says:

    Congrats the team who break the barriers eventually and make the way for everyone to trading with complete knowledge with ‘varsity’ it considered as a stock market University.

  196. Subhakanta sahu says:


  197. Muraleedhara says:


  198. DAVID says:

    Congratulations Sir.
    More power to you.
    Best of luck for the future.
    We allways with you.

  199. INDUBEN DAVE says:

    Congratulations team Zerodha

  200. AK says:

    Congrats! You actually deserve more 🙂

  201. Mahesh ch prajapat says:

    Many many congratulations on this success team zerodha and wish you all the best for future.

  202. Ram says:

    Congratulations sir, Zerodha is one of the best platform in trading business. expect more trader friendly features in future.

  203. Shekhar says:

    Congratulations Mr.Kamath and the Zerodha team!!!
    I am a happy customer and have got few others also to open account with Zerodha.

    Keep it up with the new products and yes, the Varsity learning portal is the best one I have come across!!!

  204. venkat says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha, but zerodha need to improve in options Margin Calculation Process, many times it shows margin available and next day(over night positions) when we see statement it shows short of Margin and after couple of weeks says that penalties are charged , end of the day brokerages saved eaten up by Exchange penalties which is more than what got saved , why can’t it clearly stops extra positions when there is short of Margin, how can end user know this until unless you stop showing available funds and clear indication of extra margin usage.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      We’re sorry to hear that Venkat. We will work on improving the way we communicate margin shortfall. Also, please refer to this article on our support portal to know how much margins you have available to trade without being charged penalty.

      Also, margin utilization can be seen on the margin statement – refer to this article to know more.

      • venkat says:

        I have one simple question , when site shows day time funds available and overnight statement shows short of margin and next day again funds available, will it not be confusing and unnecessarily paying penalties, why daily margin statement and kite website not in sync in terms of funds and margin.

  205. Vikram singh says:

    Congratulations sir ji have a great life

  206. Eswar Ronanki says:

    Congratulations team Zerodha

  207. MANOJ DIWAKAR says:

    Great going Zerodha. Congratulations on this success.

  208. Vikram singh says:

    Congratulations sir ji

  209. P. Saravanapriya says:

    Congratulations Sir

  210. sudeep says:

    CONGRATS TEAM ZERODHA….!!Thanks for your valuable service,keep it up.

  211. Saurabh says:

    I am a very happy customer of Zerodha. I used to be very loyal customer of Kotak Securities, but no more. I have transferred all of the holding’s of Kotak Securities and closed that account completely. I wish Zerodha best of luck for the future and pray they achieve even higher milestones.

  212. SHAMANTH G BHAT says:

    I am very happy to know that I am with the right persons.
    Zerodha is doing the fantastic job. And this is the only Broker which I refereed to my Friends and Family. And now I feel that I was not wrong certainly.
    Thank you For Zerodha Teem.
    I Wish you All the best fro your prosperous feature.

  213. Bacchu sen says:

    Dear sir i have account zerodha platform from march 2017. I have holding some lakh, but i am trader also maybe 10 lakh over per day,, 10 – 12 trading per month,, i want per month/ per year, fixed brokerage offer which trader choose this plan also as possible,,

    thank you sir NITIN KAMATH

  214. Nalin Chavhan says:

    Heartiest Congradulations Sir and entire team of Zerodha

  215. Nautam Chauhan says:

    Congratulations to all team members of Zerodha
    Best of luck for future.

  216. smita says:


    Keep Rocking……and Making new achievements and scaling Newer Heights…with Zerodha`s Kite!

  217. Girish says:

    Congrats Nithin Kamath ji, Love you zerodha…!!!

  218. HARESH DHANAK says:

    nice brokerage platform , congrats

  219. Satyanarayan S says:

    1. As a tiny daytrader, ( and that too losing ) I am very happy I switched to Zerodha. At the end of the year brokerage savings is huge plus.
    2. Another great plus is you guys don’t recommend any buy or sell. That is great.
    3. Brokerage firms in US markets also charge very low.
    4. Why dont you tie up with world class charting software like NT. ? A mild increase in brokerage is more than welcome.
    5. Why dont you add feature at cost. Like messge after every trade whether done by you or us, at some monhly cost? This could be optional.
    6. You also give scanners, (in pi) auto tetsing etc. That is also a huge plus. Because nobody else in India gives it. IMHO.
    Good keep maintaining and improving. Best of luck.

  220. Chandralekha says:

    Congrats , I am proud that i am part of Zerodha. Very good support i get from Prasanth when ever i call him without any negligence he support me lot, that really motivates me lot. Happy Journey to Zerodha we should sustain ever year to get this award. Happy Trading friends.

  221. Vassant K. Jain says:

    Hearty congratulations to our own Bangalore Boy and his Team for Making us Self Reliant through the UNBELIEVABLY Extraordinary platform for us and making us Financially Secure.
    More power to you and wish You more MILESTONES in the Near Future !!!

  222. Md Shahid says:

    Congratulations! Zerodha Team.

  223. YOGESH says:

    “Congrats! This is not a new surprise for us to see your success. Success is all your right from day one when you started achieving.”

  224. Shankar Karanth says:

    Congratulations to you and your great team. Please keep up the good work.

  225. Rushikesh salunke says:

    Congratulations for your achievement.

  226. Ashish says:

    Congratulations! I never had a doubt since the day I joined. Though I have yet not taken full advantage of all the features , knowledge and tools that Zerodha offers. But that is due to my own lack of dedication. I wish Zerodha continues to reach higher goals and many more awards. Thank You.

  227. M PREM KUMAR says:

    Well done Nitin…keep up the good work…

  228. Nagabhushanam Veerisetty says:

    Heartly ,congratulations,Sir .You are very user friendly and excellent co-operation.Pls keep it up.

  229. Vijay Jetithor says:

    Please keep up the good work.

  230. rakesh kumar says:

    good job Zerodha ……….. but still your trading platforms & back end are not world class.. kite needs lot of improvements or even it may be replaced with another new and intuitive web platform like tradingview .. backend often hangs on volatile days…. customer care also need lot of improvements…

  231. uma asher says:

    To entire Zerodha Team,
    Congratulations to you on winning The best retail brokerage for 2018 from NSE.
    keep it up. Further i would like to wish you very bright future in the coming years.
    God bless,
    Truly yours,
    Uma Asher

  232. Rangarajan says:

    Maanya Nithin Kamath Avare,

    Nimagu haagu nimma thandadavarigu haarthika shubhashayagalu.

  233. Impressed says:

    Awesome feat…I wanna leave my job and apply to work at Zerodha right now after reading this…looks like you have amazing work culture…!

  234. Sunder Raman V says:

    Hearty Congratulations. Keep it up and Wish you all the best in your zeal for more innovative products that helps investors/traders on Zerodha.


  235. prasu ghosh says:

    nice brokerage platform , congrats

  236. Bhupal says:

    Congratulations for your achievement.

    Keep going to achieve many more .

  237. Amrendra Kumar says:

    Congratulation Sir.

  238. PREM KUMAR says:

    Congratulations Sir and wish you many more laurels in the near future

  239. Divakar says:

    Congrats Nithin…you guys deserve it!

  240. Siva says:

    Congratulations and get work!!

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  242. Jigar Shah says:

    Excellent work guys. congratulations. I am very proud of using your platform and I flaunt it with my friends and also encourage them to join you guys. I definitely want to use more of your tools and I love your training videos. Keep it coming and keep raising the bar, but not the price 😉

  243. saloni kothali says:


  244. Prasad Wagh says:

    Congratulations Kamat sir and your zerodha team.

  245. priya says:

    Congratulations Nithin . God bless you, to achieve more than this in your future endeavors

  246. N S V Iyengar says:


  247. sat says:

    (At over 2 million trades a day, we are probably the largest retail brokerage firm in the world, not just India.)…..hatsoff

  248. BaLa says:


  249. Daniel Paul says:

    Congratulations Sir,
    More Power to You,
    All the Best and keep reaching new heights….:)

  250. arvind boricha says:

    congratulation . you always help small trader so keep going do great thing in future

  251. lalith says:

    i have seen same with karvy also how to belive that who is good retail seller but i belive in zerodha so congratulation guys hence proved

  252. kalpesh kathiriya says:


  253. Harish Borse says:

    I just learned you are the recipient of the annual Doe Performance Award, and I can think of no one more deserving. Your administrative contributions and innovative ideas have lifted to new heights. This has been a record year. This award recognizes that much of your success is directly attributable to your efforts. You have a bright future, and I look forward to our continued association.

    Congratulations Zerodha !!!!

  254. Sachin says:

    Congratulations Nithin and Zerodha team…

  255. Amitesh says:

    Congrats !!!
    Feeling happy for choosing Zerodha in the first place 🙂

  256. K S ANANDAM says:

    congratulations sir

  257. Ranveer Parashar says:

    Congratulations Zeodha ..!!
    Great journey of trading so far 🙂

  258. Murkhandi Shrishailappa Mruthyunjaya says:

    Congratulations Mr Nitin. I am proud to be a Business associate with Zerodha

  259. yagnaraman says:

    Naysayers can go to hell! It is the feelings of your million customers that matters. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  260. mklnarayan says:

    Keep it up & Dont worry about other critics. what you are doing is great.Regards.

  261. Aniket says:

    Congrats Zerodha Team!!

  262. Azhar says:

    Congrats to entire Zerodha team

  263. Janhavi says:

    Congratulations! I have only recently joined Zerodha but I’m loving it more everyday!

  264. hari says:

    one word is ,compatble zerodha app ,thank ur team

  265. Nikita says:

    congratulation zerodha team and nitin sir….

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    Congratz man!

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    Congrats to the team!!

  271. darshan says:

    Congrats Zerodha…….

  272. Ajit Dash says:

    Congrats. sir, Keep it up

  273. Rohit Bengani says:

    Congratulations Sir.

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  275. Santosh says:

    Congratulations to the entire team! Keep it up!

  276. Mathanakumar Panneer says:

    Congratulations sir, I wish you all the best..

  277. Syed Noor says:

    Congrats. Zerodha Team, our best wishes with you all.

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  279. Tejashree says:

    Congradulations Sir

  280. Vasant Naik says:

    Great! Keep up the good work. God Bless you & your team.

  281. zerodhafan says:

    Congratulations ! keep it up

  282. Shikha says:


    Congrats to Zerodha !! I’ve one request, if you could improve the dashboard. You should provide the avg.price including the expenses and on selling also, the profit should include the expenses. This would give better picture of my portfolio and help me deciding the selling price/profit (actual)

  283. Priyesh Patel says:

    congratulations Zerodha… keep going…

  284. Naresh says:

    Congrats Sir… Well deserved and really I feel proud to be a part

  285. Milind Wagle says:

    Dear Nitin,
    Congratulations for your achievement. I feel proud to be associated with you & ZERODHA team as client since last 10 years.
    I wish you all the best in your venture in future to come

  286. Rajiv kumar Jain says:

    Congratulation Sir and your entire team whose efforts are seamlessly,You have opened a world of investment opportunities by empowering the average investor with the required knowledge.
    You are deserve for this award.

  287. SHANTH KUMAR M says:

    Congratulation Sir………..

  288. Vivek says:


  289. Sunil says:

    Well-done team Zerodha! There is indeed Zero “Rodha”, in your path to success. Way to go!!

  290. Lingaraju N says:

    Congratulation Sir,

  291. Chintan says:

    That’s commendable Sir!
    Sir, when will you tart giving collateral against G-sec?

  292. Rakshit Tibrewal says:

    Congratulation Zerodha Team

    Have a successful future ahead.

    Best of luck 🙂

  293. Moba Abhani says:

    Many Congratulations to the entire Team Zerodha !!! The reward is against the hardwork & offering services to the clients at low cost without any monetary motive. Keep it up 😊

  294. Bommena Rama Krishna Rao says:

    Congratulations Mr.Nitin. Great job. Keep up the good work and aim to achieve much more going forward. I switched over to Zerodha last year from a prominent broker. They were trying all the tricks to dissuade me from migrating, but still I went ahead. My good wishes.

  295. Simranjit Singh says:

    Many congratulations to THE team ZERODHA. Many more to acheive.

  296. Suresh Sahoo says:

    Many many congratulations Nithin sir & Zerodha Team. The rumours which are floating around doesn’t bother me as I know how satisfied I am with zerodha’s services. Even I have recommended many friends to be a part of Zerodha family.
    Thank you zerodha team for the excellent services.

  297. m.vasudev rao says:

    By bringing ,disruption in broking arena in spite of naysayers , you have democratized investing at an opportunity time. You had been a pioneer in zero brokerage and I hope you would bring many more land mark innovations to empower us,the very small investors. May you live to see thousand springs.

  298. Ananda S says:

    Congratulations sir

  299. Manoj Rai says:

    Congratulations Nitin.

    Trust on Zerodha is getting stronger day by day as it is broadening the horizon to tap all the areas of investment through simplicity.

    Nitin, I am a more kind of “mutual fund” guy and I want Zerodha to take care of all my related needs. ECS is something we are eagerly waiting to be implemented to make our lives easier. Can we expect this to be on our plate next year first quarter?

  300. Narendra says:

    Many many congratulations Nithin sir & Zerodha Team

  301. Bhagawan BRN says:

    Congratulations Nitin & Team, We wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

  302. kannapiran says:

    Congratulations to whole zerodha team.
    I also proud to part of zerodha .
    Keep going to achieve more and more.
    best wishes to team zerodha and all its customers.

  303. Peeyush Agarwal says:

    Congratulations Dear Mr. Nithin and the entire Zerodha Team. The best part with Zerodha is that you envisioned a fresh business model and stick to your strategies by adding features around the same. Wish all the best to Zerodha

  304. Manasvi Kumar says:

    Congratulations sir nd your zerodha team members

  305. Ishwar says:

    Congratulations but its time to improve your service not customers because you have now a large customers support

  306. Zerodha says:

    Good morning
    Mr. Nithin,
    Congratulations…to Entire team

    Keep move…….

  307. Thirupal Reddy says:

    Heartiest congratulations on such a great achievement Nithin sir and Zerodha team too

  308. Sraban Subudhi says:

    Congratulations sir, I am really thankful to you, and all team members sir

  309. PANNEERSELVAM says:

    Hi, congrats. May God bless you and yr team for yr great initiatives.

  310. Santosh Kumar Sharma says:

    Congratulations all Zerodha team for your hardest working.

  311. Amol says:

    Congratulation sir…

  312. N RAMESH KUMARR says:

    Congratulations! You have opened a world of investment opportunities by empowering the average investor with the required knowledge.

  313. Sushil Kumar says:

    Congratulations zerodha team

  314. Radha Madhab Pradhan says:

    Congratulations Sir. This Recognition will support the Zerodha team serve the clients more efficiently. Thanks a lot.

  315. Roy says:

    Congratulations Nithin, and Team Zerodha. You guys really deserve it.

  316. Alikoya KK says:

    Zerodha team, Happy to know.

  317. Anilnaidu says:

    Congratulations……zerodha team, you people definitely need to be recognised. When the times some brokerage firms are just looting the money away from the fresh traders as they don’t know about the market and enter into it with a sum and loose all just in the name of brokerage. U have made a pathto all those Freshers, who want to learn and earn from the market. Thanks a lot

  318. Prabhakar says:

    Congratulations. But I have a grievance as if you want to be a true zero brokerage firm toy should refrain from charging rs 10 money transfers from my bank to your broker acct. This does take away your sheen. Pl become a real true zero brokerage firm. Thanks

  319. Priyabrata pattnaik says:

    Many many Congratulation nitin sir and zerodha family. I am proud of being a part of the zerodha family.

  320. P.T.HILALE says:

    Congratulations Sir…

  321. K sivaprasad says:

    Congratulations sir, I am really thankful to you, and all team members sir

  322. Praveen Devadiga says:

    Dear Nitin sir,
    Congratulations to you and the entire team for this award. It’s nice to say that I am associated with the best platform for trading…keep up the good work ..



  324. Ashok singh says:

    Congratulations sir

  325. Koushik gope says:

    Heartly congratulations to nithin kamath sir and his team.

  326. Rachna says:

    Congratulations to Nithin namath the man behind the business model and team zerodha for achieving such milestones.
    I am really thankful to you all. Since I have joined at this platform the trading experience is Amazing.
    Thanks a lot.

  327. Yugesh REDDY says:


    Congratulations to team Zerodha. Wish you many more laurels and success in the years to come.
    Suggestion : It would be great help if market depth of the stocks are shown in the holdings also like in positions.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hi Yugesh,

      Thank you 🙂

      We already show the market depth in holdings on Kite web, just click on ‘options’ by hovering your cursor on top of the stock.
      We are coming out with the Kite 3 mobile app, here, you will be able to view the market depth of stocks from your holdings.

  328. Dasan says:

    Best navigation team award,it is.In the short period could experience it. Keep on with your mission to serve India better.

  329. Azu Bora says:

    Congratulations Sir, Kamath I am very happy. Wish you all the best

  330. Sudhir Hastak says:

    Congrates Nitin sir & zerodha team members, future is really bright. And really zerodha is life changer. Keep it up.

  331. It N.Shivaraju says:

    Congrats .Don’t stop here .If there are some more steps, climb them successful.I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.I feel very sorry because now I am not doing any trading .In this joyful occasion l am not with you .Any way I wish you lots of LUCK

  332. Rakesh says:


  333. Neelam Kant says:

    As a part of Zerodha Family, I felt that as though I have been prestigious award… We are proud of unclustered simplicity of the system for one and all… I have been telling IC.Direct that within two years coveted position of Numero Uno will be graced by Zerodha only.💐💐💐🎉🎉🎉

  334. Gangadharam says:

    Congratulations Sir, we feel proud to be your client, We wish you grand success in all walks of your life.

  335. Rakesh Pathare says:

    Heartly congratulations sir.

  336. Subrata Kamila says:

    Congrats !!!
    We all are happy that you achieved one of the best milestones…
    I wanted to highlight some of the points to improve like—
    1) Zerodha should have telephonic support
    2) live chat on mobile trading app
    3) Whatsapp message about market research — it will help us for trading (based on what we are trading)
    I am a newcomer in this trading platform, I am enjoying but not having a clear picture about it.


    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hi Subrata,

      We will continue to work on improving our telephonic support. We likely won’t be integrating live chat on the Kite app as it will clutter the simple/minimalist UI. However, we are looking into the possibilities of having support via chat on support.zerodha.com

      We don’t provide research or advisory services. As a newbie you can check out the Kite user manual and Varsity. You can always raise a ticket on support.zerodha.com if you have queries or need help regarding any of our platforms.

  337. Jalpa Shah says:

    Congratulations. We feel proud to be your client.

  338. TUSHAR says:

    Sir, First of Congrats for all ur efforts to reach the Top…
    But recently news floating and confirming of you were penalized… Investors like us really terrified by that news… i too last week and the day before experience that type of…but fortunately mamage myself to avoid fault timely that i saved my trades… even saw sell orders that not put by me… really terrified by that experience…
    Tickets regarding my query put at Salim Chisty Y’day itself…
    And for clarifying it you should have come ahead forfrontly and find solutions…And make ZERODHA more trust worthy by stating that any loss occured due to system(zerodha)…Zerodha will bear…
    Hoping quick actions

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hi Tushar,

      You can read Nithin’s response regarding the article on arbitration here on TradingQ&A.

      We do not place orders without the customer’s consent. We place orders on behalf of the customer only if they have requested on call or for square off of their MIS/BO/CO (@3:20PM) or loss making positions. Check out our margin policies here.

  339. R.K.DASH says:

    cOngratulations. Keep it up.

  340. Irfan khan says:

    Congratulations sir

  341. Hasan Sarvaiya says:

    Well done. Dont get bogged down by what other’s say. Keep up ur good work n be the No 1.

  342. Sandeep Aggarwal says:

    A big thumbs up👍

  343. Jay says:

    Congratulations Nithin Sir & team Zerodha & Thanks to be our Inspiration ……


    Congratulation sir all the best

  345. Kanhu Charan Routray says:

    Congratulations sir..

  346. ARIF RAHAMAN says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin Kamath,
    Congratulations to you and your team……….You guys deserve it.😀👍

    Arif Rahaman

  347. Vasu says:

    Many congratulations!

    But now with ICICI coming with the option of instantly being able to transfer the funds into the bank account out of the shares sold, it is going to hold a great advantage over Zerodha.

    Now raising capital and coming up with some different innovation that would be able to counter this kind of disruption.

    I wish you good luck. 🙂

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hi Vasu,

      Thank you 🙂

      Offering Instant withdrawal for a certain amount, is on our list of things to do. We will keep you posted.

  348. Jigar says:

    Zerodha is quite great but I would like to point out one difficulty that I have been facing. Portfolio view and its functionality of Zerodha app & website is very poor compared to that of Angel Broking. I would be glad to explain it further if it can be improved.

  349. Hemant Chaudhary says:

    Kudos to Team Zerodha!! Amazing products you have and trading app is top notch!! Keep doing wonderful work.

  350. Rajarajan says:

    Congratulations Sir

  351. Rajesh Rajbhoi says:

    Congratulations Nitin Sir & Zerodha team, truly deserved.

  352. Mudit mohan says:

    Congratulations sir…

  353. Ravindra Bhavsar says:

    Many Many Congratulations for Zerodha.
    If possible in future Please increase for the retail investors leverage limit from 14 to till 40.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hi Ravindra,

      Check out this post on TradingQ&A to know why we offer the leverage we offer and dont plan on increasing it in the future.

  354. Keshar singh rathore says:

    Congratulations zerodha team

  355. Mahesh Ramteke says:

    Congratulations Nitin sir and Zerodha team! keep going

  356. RISHAV BAIDYA says:

    I am a small novice trader. I am really glad i started my trading carrier with zerodha. Hope in future will grow with you more. Congratulation on such a big success which was obviously coming at one point of time.

  357. Songs dineshkumar says:

    Congratulations sir and also feel pride as a zerodha member

  358. Yasin Bhojawala says:

    I can only say that you guys are doing a great job. Congratulations and all the best for the future.

  359. Bichitrananda swain says:

    Many many Congratulations nitin sir wish u all the best.

  360. Aditya says:

    Congratulations sir

  361. Om says:

    Congratulations to zerodha team, but need to improve your kite app. As sometime it crashed very badly and improve settlement issues

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Om,

      We will continue to work on improving our platforms. Could you please elaborate on what you mean by settlement issues?

  362. Wasim says:

    Congratulations Nitin and team!
    Great work. Keep going 🙂

  363. Bichitrananda swain says:

    Congratulations nitin sir wish u all the best.

  364. Murali Ravitla says:

    Great, well said.. good message.. thanks.. we love you..

  365. ABHISHEK Kumar choudhary says:

    Congratulations sir, I’m so proud to be zerodhian.

  366. Kapil brahmbhatt says:


  367. Pranaygowda says:

    Congratulations sir

  368. vivek agrahari says:

    congratulations sir

  369. Hasan Reza says:

    Congratulations sir

  370. Venkatesh Kusalkar says:

    Hearty Congratulations!!!!
    I am proud of myself for being in the right place.

  371. Aw says:

    Congratulations Nitin Sir,
    I wish you all best and hope soon Zerodha to nominate for the best brokerage firm globally as well.

  372. Suresh mandal says:

    Many many congratulations to team Zerodha for achieving such great award , with hope to many more such types of achievements in coming future by management/team Zerodha.

    With Regards
    Mandal Suresh

  373. Sunil agnihotri says:

    Congratulations sir best wishes for next step!

  374. Sunil Thonse says:

    Congratulations and keep up the good work … Cheers.

  375. Mahesh Kumar Das says:

    Good services

  376. Satish kumar Aketi says:

    You are very inspiring Nitin Kamath…keep going..!

  377. Santosh Shetty says:

    This is great news, awesome. Congrats Nithin and the entire team..

  378. Sahil saini says:

    Huurreeee .. congratulations to all of our zerodha family and very very good luck for future .. and specails thanks to top managerial officails to make the things better everytime 👍

  379. Sikkander kaleelrahman says:


  380. Ajay Kumar S says:

    Well, I had to scroll down a lot to get to comments section!!
    This itself shows what a feet Zerodha has achieved and I’m proud that I’m a part of it.
    Thanks a lot, guys/girls!!!

  381. Vijay says:

    All d best and many more

  382. Abhijeet meena says:

    Congratulations Sir Mr Nitin and whole zerodha team.

    Keep going on zerodha is always the best for trading services

  383. Madhusudhan K says:

    Congratulations to team zerodha

  384. Mithun Paul says:


    Really your trading platform and service is excellent…..Congratulations for the award.

  385. Pradeep says:

    All the best Nitin ji

    I will grab this opportunity to request you to add GTC or GTD orders in Zerodha


  386. Dhiiraj Gulecha says:

    Congratulations to all direct-indirect team members .

  387. satya says:

    Gateway Timeout red colour

  388. Manish says:

    Congrats nitin…awaiting for next big thing in trading…

  389. Andrew Ronaald says:

    Glad to see. It all is your genuine work and dedication towards trading. Thanks for easing the way, and we are moving ahead of others who have vested motives, rather than a passion towards stocks. Good & Keep up!
    – Andrew, Trichy,Tamilnadu

  390. Sanjeev Rajput says:

    Congratulations Mr Nitin and whole zerodha team.
    Pl have suggestions box, by which I can improve further.
    Pl put a option of stop loss in positional calls, in future and option section .

  391. Mallikarjun says:

    Congratulations sir

  392. Balakrishna chari says:

    Congratulations sir you and entire zerodha team for this wonderful journey

    Keep going on zerodha is always the best for trading services

    Thanks and regards

  393. Mahesh says:

    Congratulations! Zerodha team,Keep it up….

  394. Puran Bahadur Thapa says:

    Congratulation Sir and all team of Zerodha.

  395. Shailesh Tipnis says:

    Congratulations team Zerodha.

  396. bonka vikram says:

    see, your said we are responsible for your achievement. but I have no other option that why doing business with you, our drawbacks, your advantages , I did not observe any thing special in your platform, except trading software, is user friendly, sensibull poor accuracy tool, share market things are not transparent, your technical team leak my personal data out side, every days I got more 50 to 60 call from tips call, so many loop holes you have, your team is not agree with this thing, time is good that why you get award,


    when we meet any meeting definitely we will discuss the reason,

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hi Bonka,

      We are sorry to hear that.

      For market timings please refer to this support article.

      With regards to Sensibull please write to [email protected] and they will help you out.

      Unsolicited stock tips via SMS and calls are a serious menace plaguing the stock broking industry. Zerodha doesn’t, nor are we allowed to, share client data with third parties. To know how to stop these tipsters check out – https://fightstocktips.zerodha.com/

  397. He-men dad says:

    Congratulation to all team of zerodha…Our support with u….Hope u all will provide the best service to us in future too..

  398. Ranjit says:

    Please sir bracket order for commodity section

  399. Satyananda Teegala says:

    Congratulations to Nitin ji and Zerodha team. Kudos to all. keep up the good work.

  400. Rajesh Nirankari says:

    Many Congratulations. Zerodha is the BEST. Way to go Mr. Kamath.

  401. shankara says:

    Congratulations Mr Nitin and TEAM. Best of luck for the future.

    • SUMANTA MONDAL says:

      But need some changes on system.
      Many complaints raised to the customer care but not resolved till yet where as ICICI direct response was good compare to zerodha.
      Note :Still I am the customer of Zerodha

  402. ARUN GALGALI says:

    Congratulations Mr.Kamath & the vibrant team Zerodha. Continue the good work. All the best.

  403. M D Shivashankar says:

    You deserved & got it. I am thrilled being a client. My experience with you is rated as Excellent. Congratulations. God bless your team.

  404. Manoj sah says:

    Congratulations sir, We wish all the best..

  405. Kashinath Medidar says:

    Congratulations to you and your team. All the best for your endeavours in future

  406. Sanjeev kumar Batra says:


  407. Irfan pasha says:

    Congrtz @ CEO Mr.Nitin for you guys wrk,

  408. Pradheep says:

    Nitin & Team Zerodha…..you guys are doing good job!
    Thanks for the fabulously simple platform!

  409. Sagar Gawade says:

    Hi Team Zerodha,

    Congrats to all Zerodha employees and partners. I am proud to be a part of Zerodha.

  410. praveen gorthi says:

    Congratulations team Zerodha 🙂

    Wish you more SUCCESS …………

  411. ajit says:

    we always support zerodha and always with zerodha. Because zerodha work for their clients benefit that’s why I joined zerodha.

    Congratulations sir with best regards.

  412. Shrikant Mhetre says:

    Congratulations all Zerodha Team

  413. Sacheen Joshi says:

    Congratulations Nithin and Z Team….

    TEAM…2 geather every 1 Achieve More…

    Sacheen Joshi

  414. ajith raj says:

    best service , good support from opearaters , very good ,thanks zerodha team,ajith

  415. Paresh Kava says:

    Congratulations and I wish more successful milestone.

  416. Gauri yadav says:

    Congratulations team zerodha.. keep it up and maintain the success… Thank you zerodha for providing us such a smooth and successful trading platform with low brokerage.

  417. A V S Rao says:

    Hearty Congratulations.Great recognition for great job done.Best brokerage firm around to enter the market,understand trading through your University and take proper investment decisions.Thank you

  418. Naveen Kota says:

    Congrats Bro. You really deserve it.

  419. Ambarish Baruah says:

    Congratulations to the entire Zerodha team.
    You have done a commendable job.
    The platform is clearly the market leader!
    Best wishes for the future.

  420. RamakrishnaVaka says:

    Congratulations. Keep up the good work…..

  421. ASHOK MUDIYALA says:

    Great man..

  422. MOHAMED AKBAR says:

    Congratulations for your hard work and appreciate your effort.

    But this is my humble request please kindly arrange to changeover facilities of referrals which your customer if willing to do so, because like me maybe many willing to do this.

  423. Leena says:

    Congratulations to u guys and keep up the good work. I agree it’s the best when it comes to brokerage..

  424. Younis wani says:

    I’m an investor today all because of you… otherwise brokerages just like sharks dont let you to enter the sea.

  425. Dinesh says:

    Congrats Nithin Ji and Team Zerodha. Keep growing.

  426. Rajesh Subramaniam says:

    Congratulations👍. Let’s keep growing together.

  427. Vineet Gokhale says:

    Congratulations sit.God bless you & your team

  428. ratan says:

    Congrats to Zerodha team. Lots of gaps have been filled by Zerodha. It meets my needs as a great execution platform. There are some issues but I have seen this with almost all the brokerages. Great work!!

  429. Neeraj Chandak says:

    Zerodha is a REVOLUTION !!!

  430. SANJAY kumar gupta says:

    Congratulations sir.
    The zerodha is best brokarge firm with customers facilities.
    Thanks for your best work.

  431. Vinay Shivanna says:

    Congrats, great award for a great journey

  432. Perusetti Durga Prasad says:

    Congrats Sir

  433. Kedar Nath says:

    I will not congrats you because I never appreciate any achievement which has a constant client dissatisfaction. I joined you with enthusiasm but was compelled to close my account within 6 months. I will advice all investors not to be lured by discounts. Highly painful back office with very poor services

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Kedar,

      We’re sorry to hear that, what seems to be the issue, is there anything specific we can help you with?

  434. VIJAY KRISHNA says:

    Congrats Nithin and the team of Zerodha. I really liked the above article which is honest and straight from the heart. God bless you, your company and all your employees. I especially liked the way, you gave the credit to one and all (your employees), rather than taking the entire credit yourself. In this present day world of greed, your decision of not going for massive expansion (in spite of it being available so very easily for a company like yours) at the cost of your values is very much commendable.

    – Vijay Krishna.

  435. Nilesh says:


  436. Rajendra Narayan Dash says:

    It’s really awesome and most deserving award for zerodha. Congratulations to the whole team.

  437. Sumit Jorvekar says:

    Congratulations sir💐💐

  438. Dheeraj Kohli says:

    Let people say! Its good you put your point forth. We already trust you and believe in your products and the (mature) startup you are now. Keep growing!

  439. Murali Reddy says:

    Well done Zerodha !!! You deserve the award for low brokerages but as always we expect flawless tech systems from your team.

  440. HAri says:

    Zerodha built a business on foundation of customer service and by serving to customers also trying to satisfy them you are growing like a big tree Wish you all the best for more bright space in broking and financial service of India

  441. L N Pandey says:

    We can shine more if we make our partner dashboard more intuitive.

  442. Rohit says:

    Congrats sir..grt job…

  443. T subramanyam says:

    Congratulations Zerodha
    I am very proud to be a Zerodha Employee….and all the very best for future Zerodha

  444. Sheela says:

    Congratulation sir. Keep it up.

  445. Jigyashu Keshri says:

    Congratulations to team Zerodha and the fans (rather not say customers). I like to be called as fan. I shared this post with my office colleagues who thought Zerodha ko koi bharosa nahin kab bhaag jaaye.
    Love you guys. Keep rocking!

  446. Dr. Anwar says:

    Hearty congratulations to ZERODHA team.
    Ur priceless efforts will bring u mountain high.

  447. ramalingam muthukumaran says:

    Super achievement without deviating from core values. Best ever brokerage for all, particularly small and new investors.

  448. Sumit kumar says:

    Congrats to zerodha team!

  449. Vimal AnantDeo Mishra says:

    Congrats Sir. Zerodha compete Worldwide and i am sure Zerodha will become a Master of Universe in Share Retail Brokerage.

  450. Keyur says:

    Congratulations Zerodha team. Well deserved.

  451. Sai Krishna says:

    Congrats to you and your team Nitin..!! I am sure you will keep innovating and all these awards inspires your team to achieve many more wonders..!!

  452. vijay Gajera says:

    Congratulations you and team zerodha… Keep it up

  453. Sirajudeen says:

    We are equally proud to be zerodha’s clients. Please always keep Zerodha’s products (streak, smallcase etc) well within the reach of small customers during next many years to come.


    💐Congratulations Team Zerodha !!!!!

  455. Ritesh says:

    Thank u
    Good luck team zerodha
    We all love it.

  456. Rakesh says:

    Totally agree with CEO

  457. Pratik says:

    Nithin, congratulations and keep up the good work! Your products speak for themselves.

  458. Narayan Joshi says:

    Heartiest Congratulations 💐💐💐
    Zerodha is a disruptor in the Stock Market / Brokerage Industry. All the products of Zerodha have disruptive innovation & have greatly benefitted the Small Retail Traders / Investors.
    Keep on disrupting the Stock Market Industry, you guys have best wishes of Lakhs of Small Retail Traders / Investors.

  459. Mayur Khule says:

    Congratulations Sir and team Zerodha !!!

  460. Dr A K Roy says:

    We are proud of Zerodha.

  461. Saket Sinho says:

    Congratulations to Nithin and team Zerodha 🙂

  462. Hemant Laxmi-Shankar Charya says:

    Fabulous performance! Congratulations, Team Zerodha! May you win this award and more for each of the next 300 years.

  463. Darbara Singh says:

    Congratulation Zerodha Team!!!! Keep up the good work.

  464. Suhas G says:

    Congrats Nitin,

    We r proud of u

  465. Navin D says:

    Congratulations Nithin and Team Zerodha !!!

  466. Rashmi Dubey says:

    First of all…. Congratulations to team Zerodha….. Today I feel this award for me also as I have attached with this team since last three years. I have referred my 10+ friends to open account with Zerodha and today I have great pleasure to say that approx 30+ of my friends are having their account with Zerodha.
    Once again thanks and Many Many Congratulations to entire team for this achievement.

  467. Anjanappa says:


  468. Aditya Jain says:

    What about Tata motor future trading case. Kindly update

  469. Binay says:

    Hi Nithin and all Zerodha team – Congratulations to all if you . Keep doing great things . Thanks Binay

  470. Arun Kumar singh says:

    Congrats Zerodha Team

  471. Rajesh M R says:

    Congrats…You should achieve more milestones in future.. Keep it up..

  472. somasekharaiah says:

    congrats, very easy to cope up with zerodha, keep it up.

  473. Sanjoy Talukdar says:

    Had many brokers over the last 30 years. Been through Bank Bankruptcy.. I believe in your firm

  474. Gnyanodipta Parida says:

    Congrats Sir
    I’m hopeful and glad with team Zerodha.

  475. Gnyanodipta Parida says:

    Congrats Sir
    I’m hopeful and glad with team Zerodha.

  476. Harish says:

    Congradulations Sir,
    Zerodha is my first trading account. I am with zerodha since 2014. I mostly use it for investment. Its been a good experience. keep it up.


    • Renukumari says:

      Sir mera PNB bank account h….m Apne demat account m paise kaise send karu ….jise ki m share market kr saku.

  477. Bhadresh says:

    Congratulations Nithin and Team Zerodha.

  478. Salim Kalathil says:

    Nithin, in our life we have to face many hurdles. Never mind. We are with you.

  479. Tam says:

    Congrats Nitin… Good work..

  480. Raghavendra says:

    Congratulations Sir you and your team members 👍

  481. vijayalakshmi says:

    Really great sir.keep it up.you are the best sir.VAZTHUKKAL

  482. B S V Murthy says:

    Wish you all the best and sure you will maintain your high standards.

  483. CDMoorthy says:

    Congrats.. You deserve it

  484. Nareshkumar Jayachandran says:

    Congrats all of your team

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    Congratulations sir

  488. Raghavendra Prabhu m says:

    All the very best.keep it up.

  489. Rajakumar K N says:

    Congrats sir
    I also proud to become zerodian .
    Keep going to achieve many more .

  490. Dileep Kumar t says:

    Congrats zerodha team keep it up. Best of luck for the future

  491. kailash chaturvedi says:

    Congrats team …. keep rocking

  492. C.Dilip Kumar says:

    Great Zerodha team,keep it up…Congratulations.
    Now more expectations from you for another path of great services.

  493. SACHIN AHER says:

    Congrats Zerodha….!
    Next target will be No.1 broker with respect to no. of clients

  494. Streak says:

    Congratulations 🙂

  495. MUNIRAJ says:

    Hay CEO@ Zerodha
    Nice work hi please add in kite trading terminal countdown time indicator as like tradingview

  496. Harish Reddy says:

    Keep up the good work

  497. Amar says:

    Congratulations Sir.
    More power to you.
    Best of luck for the future.

  498. ramanuj says:

    congrats . keep doing good work. all the best.

  499. Manish Chakraborty says:

    This is awesome… Its really nice to see Zerodha getting so mature and reliable year after year… Congratulations on getting the award… I have been referring any and all among my friends and family who wants to trade to open an account in Zerodha… And till date each and every one is totally satisfied with the whole Zerodha experience… It should be known that Zerodha plays an important role in bolstering the retail market growth and i sincerely hope it continues to do so and get even better and more robust in everything they offer…. Keep up the good work…

  500. Harold Jeffrey Cabral says:

    Congratulations Sir