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November 4, 2014


If you are looking at Quant for the first time, I’d suggest you to start with

  1. Quant – Time Based Analytics and Equity Curve. 
  2. Quant – Market Trends

Every trader has his or her favorite contract/stock, but have you ever wondered if that is actually your most profitable one?

Quant – Contract wise will help you figure out your best and worst contracts based on your own trading history. So you can now see how you have performed on say all the Nifty future contracts vs Bank nifty future contracts vs everything else. You can compare your best and worst contracts across Equity, F&O, Currency, and Commodities.



Contract wise analytics

By default you will be shown your top 10 best and worst contracts, and by clicking on the show all button a comparison will open up displaying all the contracts that you have traded till date.

The brown bar on the left  indicates the contract wise volume of  the trades. This should also help you figure out your performance based on the trading volume.

Hovering your cursor over the bars will let you know the Profit/Loss and the volume. You can use the filter box to narrow your quant to a particular segment or group of contracts.

By popular demand, we have decided to include approximate trading costs before displaying the quant. Computing exact costs is not available right now, but we have planned for it in the near future. Also, since all quants are meant to show you your stock’s relative performance, we believe that it is reasonable enough to help you make decisions based on approximate trading costs. If you want to see your normal P&L statements with the exact costs, it is available in the report section under Q.

Approximate Trading Costs assumed (including Brokerage, STT/CTT, Transaction charges, Service tax, and Stamp duty) :

1. Equity : 0.02% of turnover
2. Equity Futures: 0.0125% of turnover
3. Equity Options: 0.08% of premium turnover
4. Currency Futures: 0.0075% of turnover
5. Currency Options: 0.06% of premium turnover
6. Commodity Futures: 0.0125% of turnover
You can also see all your quants without trading costs, Click on N to not consider trading costs.
Hopefully all the quants are helping you make informed trading decisions! Do let us know if there is anything particular that you would like to see in future.
Get started on http://quant.zerodha.com/ and if you haven’t yet started trading with us, click on “take a tour” to see a demo account.
Happy Trading,
Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. aman says:

    hi sir
    i have not been able to access pi or quant/console . can you resolve the issue please

  2. Ansul Agrawal says:

    Quant is not working right now. When will it start working?

    • Matti says:

      Hi Ansul, we’re working on our new backoffice, Console, currently. Once Console is out, we’ll work on Quant. This will be an integral part of Console.

  3. Abhijay Khanna says:

    Dear Mr Nothing Kamath,

    First of congratulations for being 2nd biggest broker in India, by turover and for developing such a wonderful trading plateform with minimal costs (though can be reduced a bit more to compete with 5paisa).

    I would love to have a feature of ‘User notes” in your app which will help every user to maintain his trading notes in the app itself or on the phone but accessible through app page. It will be very handy. Ever trader needs to maintain some notes and it’s not user friendly to look for notes in diaries or in other apps. If you develop this, it will be an instant hit and a USP of your app.

    Hope I’m able to convey my point. I’m available for further discussions if required.


  4. Surajit says:

    My account balance is 48000 but withdrawal balance is shown 320 why…for 2 days

  5. Vinay says:

    how to sync my data on Quant ?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Vinay, we’ve deprecated Quant for the moment. It’ll be available only in the new version of Q, set to be launched by the end of this quarter.

  6. Shekhar Singh says:

    Hi Nikhil,
    Appreciate ur success journey!
    Keep it up, it will also be our role model as well.

    My (ZN0454) obervation to make zerodha service better.
    1-Referral wallet not updated ,hence seems no benefit referring people to zerodha.

    2- When contacting support team, no proper and solid reply till time.

    Seems zerodha support actually needs ur SUPPORT.

    Shekhar Singh

  7. Anuradha S says:


    Quant is not working with my USER ID and PASSWORD kindly activate immediately.

    With regards

    S Anu

  8. Sankalp says:

    Quant is not working…always shows NO DATA AVAILABLE.

  9. debasis says:

    After how many days quant will be upgraded?

  10. pavan says:

    Quant never loads for me. it alwasy shows no data.



  12. milind says:

    Hi Nitin Kamath ,
    Zerodha is giving nice trading platform for trader & we want to use only one application so that our expectation from zerodha is increase , we want advance option trading platform like , strategical order placement ,where can we gate information about Historical & live IV, IV,IVR & IVP of index & Stock option data & chart.
    Now we are paying subscription to my F & O type online screener application , so traders like us don’t mind to pay you paid subscription if data accuracy & utility provide like My F & O . Please provide feedback is appreciated.

    Thanks with Regards

    Milind Raut

  13. sourav says:

    I can’t able to see Quant data,Who should I contact to! please help.

  14. Amit says:

    Since 1st JAN 2017, My QUANT Reports are not working?

  15. partha singha says:

    my user id is ZV6927. please to send my next trading steps.

  16. shreenivasareddy says:

    Sir mobile number is wrong registered your Zerodha acct opening team my mobile number is 9739963221 but registered is 7406406126 this Mobile number wher is find your Zerodha team I don’t now sir mobile number is change in any without charges?

  17. chaitanya krishna says:

    Good evening
    Iam chaitanya krishna my cust id pr4645 .I buy dhfl 50 shares in 10th november for the price
    281Rs and sell 11th november morning for the price 288rs and Re buy 11th november evening 3:22pm Dhfl 50 shares for the price 273rs but system shows after trading time it shows 281Rs buy cost ( I loose 50shares*8rs=400rs). I was spoke with Zerodha by the telephone mode but i did not get proper answer . Please give me reply

    • Chaitanya, what you did on 11th Nov will be an intraday trade. It won’t affect the average price of your holding. But if you look at your P&L statement on Q, you will see an intraday trade in equity, Sold at 288 and Bought back at 273 ,so you will see this profit added on your account balance already.

      Your average price of stocks in holding/demat will change only when you delivery trades.

  18. santhosh says:


    what if i want to check the previous contracts in commodities which was not traded by me.

    expecting your quick response

  19. Umesh Kajal says:


    The data is not accurate and is not up to date. Every time i see, it shows as of some month back data.

  20. santosh says:

    When i checked time based analytics for daily profitabillity it is not matching with realized profit & net profit. I got reply from zerodha supprot tha now a days it is showing gross profit. For data synchronizing now syn bustton is available, but charge y & n button is not visible. I have one doubt is that data shown in time based analytics daily profit compairision procedure.

  21. Hari says:


    Quant system has lot of issues:

    1. The data is not up to date ( It is showing till Sep 19).
    2. It shows wrong data.
    3. Profitability chart shows wrong data.

    I already raised a ticket thrice. They resolved thrice and sent me a mail. Could someone look at it and resolve these issues.

  22. Rahil Jiwani says:

    Quant is showing No data availaible for me since past 1 month..i have emailed and it says ticket raised..but no solutions yet..pls see

  23. Vishwanath says:

    All the scrips traded by me are not displayed in Digital Contract Note . Where can I download it, if my I.T.O or my Auditor demands?

  24. Santosh says:

    Hello Team

    In Quant contract wise, I see wrong info published against of the stock “Bank India” that I was trading for last financial year.
    The information I was maintaining and the P&L statement is appropriate, and is matching. However the Quant Contact wise shows incorrect info.
    Could you please check and confirm.

    Thanks in Advance.

  25. Manisha says:

    This is for the scrips one have invested now or previously.
    Is there any way this weekly or monthly performance can be gauged on current basis relatively, doesn’t matter I have position in it or not.

    Also, is there any tool where I can chart for OI for Nifty Options? Any advance plots for options data for index only?

  26. Venkatesh B S says:

    Hi Team,

    I want to extract the file which quant is give profit and loss data is it possible .

  27. Jayesh says:

    (contd/- from above post)

    or …. maybe there is some error with my account statistics wrt Volume data… Can you pls check at your end.

  28. Jayesh says:

    Hi Zerodha Friends,
    Can you please explain in detail with “simple examples” about>

    What is meant by Volume brown bar/value (in Rs.) in Contract-wise Quant Analytics section.. and how to interpret it.

    • The volume bar basically indicates the quantity you traded relative to other contracts. So it is for you to see if contracts that you are trading more is what you are profitable in or otherwise.

      • Jayesh says:

        Thnx Nithin…
        Frankly speaking, I understood very lil…

        Lemme express my doubt..
        (see attached screenshot of some my trades)
        1. Volume for Adani Power shown (after hovering mouse) is shown as Rs. 60547.5, whereas,
        2. Volume for Siti Cable is shown as Rs. 44572.5, also,
        3. Volume for Dishman is Rs. 51150.75
        4. Moreover, for SBIN- Volume displayed is Rs. 4.67 Lakhs +

        I haven’t yet traded these amounts (in Total) neither in SBIN nor other scrips nor my full account, till now…

        So, what do I make of these variable Volumes that too in Rs. (I’m totally perplexed)…

        It would be nice if you can elaborate a bit on this, as I’m not being able to figure out the Volume bar thing (in Rs.)

        Looking forward..

  29. Abbas says:

    I want to get net performance of contact wise trading , for i.e. NIFTY15NOVFUT series,I want to know gross point earned and total amount for brokerage ( including all charges ) for all trades done with this series .
    How to get the data in Q ?


    • Venu says:

      You can check the P&L which gives you p&l contract wise. However you wouldn’t be able to get charges only for such trades. We’re working on providing you these details, will take some time.

  30. Ramesh Gangappa says:

    Hi Nithin,

    It will be very useful if we get report based on algo strategy name, so that we can analyse P&L strategy wise. Currently we need to sort out manually & calculate.

    Ramesh G

  31. Abhinav says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Quant Analytics is having too many errors. It should be temporarily be disabled if it is not giving the right analysis or is still under development. Though ironically 1 month back it was giving perfect results without any upgradation. After having detailed chat with satyajit along with giving him all possible screenshots, still the same errors exist even after more than 2 weeks.
    I think the updates that have been performed have messed up the beauty and simplicity of this section. Not only the time period for which one can analyze data is being reduced to only year 2014 till present but every stat has gone wrong


  32. Abhinav says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Quant Analytics is still having errors, its only showing data upto 16thSep.
    Also now initial data is being shown only from March2014 instead of ealier “all”. Please dont reduce the data being show as we will not be able to analyze our past losses or profits.


  33. Abhinav says:

    Yes Nithin you are right , the email id mentioned now is what is my trading email id


  34. Abhinav says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I think quant is not working for past 1 week, i m just being shown data of my 2 days and no data after 14 sep, just 3 bars of 10, 11,14 sep no matter what period of analysis i choose. Please have it working again as i think this is a very good analysis tool.


  35. Varun Agarwal says:


    No Data in Quant even after 15+ trades executed in the month of July 2015. Its exactly 10 days today and 3 followups have not yet fixed the problem. I am not sure if it is an issue with Quant or am i not doing something right. Ticket raised says developers are looking into it.

    Hope i get some help soon.


    • I think this is fixed, can you force refresh your page, Ctrl+refresh the browser.

      • Varun Agarwal says:

        Hi Nitin

        Thanks a lot for the fix. I thought Quant does not like and so is mum 😉 Ha ha ha

        Now it is showing data and i think its started to like me 😉 😉 😉

        Varun Agarwal

  36. MS says:


    Is Quant nor enabled for all users? This is what i see when i load it and it would not let me click on the Prepare my Analytics button.

  37. Aquif says:

    The Quant data for my ID DA0860 is very inaccurate. The reason i can think of is, in June 2013, i bought Sesa Sterlite and held it till it got merged with Sesa Goa. Later in September i sold the Sesa Sterlite Stocks i got in lieu of Sterlite Industries. Now my if i see Monthly Profitability in Quant, Its shows June 2013 as negative by almost same margin as was my total holdings of Sterlite Industries. Was just wondering if this can be worked out?

    • Aquif, we went live with Quant after this event, so I guess the reason for this issue. Let me bounce this off of our team and see if something can be done about it.

  38. Arvind singla says:

    i am new to trading , i am hearing about future and option buying and writing trading , i check your zerodha brokerage calculator , margin required for buying one lot of nifty is different from writing one lot of nifty option , why that ? and second i write one lot of nifty put (span+exposure,13000 rs margin) if 80% of13000 rs is lost , will you square offmy position and whether your company gives a call to customerbefore squaring off their position , and though my 80% is wipe out but suppose if i have another 13000 in my account , not used but lying idle , will your company take that into account before squaring off my position ? thanks

  39. Prime01 says:


    Firstly i want to say that i m really impressed with what zerodha has done and hope it will continue to surpass our expectations. Contract wise for me seems to be wrong. I have been watching it from beginning but somehow i am not convinced that it is giving correct results. I can say that it is wrong. Even the time analytics and Market Trends seems to be not correct.

  40. Rajesh Sah says:

    Unable to login in zerodha trader setup
    Screen shots Added

  41. Rajesh Sah says:

    Hi sir i am zerodha client, can i get the Pi trading platform

  42. kiran says:

    HI Nithin

    The brokarage for the stocks option is based on total turnout right

    (strike price + premium)X quantity

    So, most of the stock options have flat 20 rs brokarage or is it only on premium ?


  43. Dindayal says:

    Hi, Could you please arrange an demo of PI for me, so that i can open an account with you.

  44. harikumar says:

    i was trying to look at the quant reports. but am afraid the only message i get is no data.

  45. shaheem says:

    Can I have the contact number for your cochin office?


  46. vikas says:

    Quant is really awesome.
    No other brokerage house provides such indepth trading pattern report of individual trader.
    really helpful to judge our past trades in graphical look easy to understand and quick to analyse.
    keep up good work Z team.


    my user id is ra 1485. Request to send my trading pattern.