December 6, 2014


Continued from PI – Overview and Feedback. 

Click here to watch the video on youtube. We will soon have a dedicated section on Z-Connect for Pi to help you understand all features and functionality.

We are probably 3 to 4 weeks away from the final release of Pi, and thanks to all of you who are helping us test this out. 1300 suggestions/comments and all your emails, is an incredible response, Thanks a ton!

Wanted to let you all know things which we intend to be ready with before our final release. A lot of what you all have requested for are features, our initial goal is to make sure everything that is available till now works well especially trading related, and we will keep adding all your requests in due course of time.

Pi is a trading platform that also has advanced charting, backtesting, and many other functions. It has to constantly communicate with exchanges both to send and receive data. I don’t think it will be fair to compare this with any standalone charting software available in the market like AmiBroker, MetaStock, and others, in terms of features, data usage, or nimbleness.

We have done a fair bit of fixes in the last couple of months, and delayed on the final release because of roadblocks that we hadn’t expected earlier. All the feature requests in terms of new indicators, more drawing tools, pivots, crosshairs, adding option calculators, and many others are all noted down. Few of these like not being able to change color for all the three lines on Bollinger bands or not being able to remove the volume section on a chart, etc., are I guess things that you expect by default, but we had to prioritize and we have decided to first work on things that are most important for trading.

For the final release, here are the things pending:

  1. We are waiting for our data server to go live, so that we could give you historical charts with no missing data. We are also planning an advanced data streaming solution within a month from when Pi is released which should also make it the fastest platform in terms of speed of update of quotes. Once done, the bandwidth utilization also would reduce significantly.
  2. The above will also allow you to see daily charts, which is presently missing.
  3. Trading on all exchanges have been enabled now, MCX trading will be available on Pi from next week.
  4. Taking Bracket orders live.
  5. Getting the Pi bridge live for AmiBroker and Metatrader for semi-automated trading. You can have strategies run on Ami/Meta, which can generate buy/sell orders on Pi.
  6. Presently, you can see the actual average buying/selling price for both open positions and holdings. A few bugs still exist on this, we will have those fixed soon.
  7. Certain actions like double clicking on snap quote are causing Pi to slow down, these issues will be fixed.
  8. Saving and loading work spaces.
  9. Putting up a help video and Z-Connect blog posts on all aspects of trading using Pi.
  10. Getting all your TradeScript coding related queries answered on TradingQ&A.
  11. If quick login is not enabled, it takes some time to login. Having this issue fixed.
  12. Fixing tiny trading related issues that are still prevalent.
  13. Small little fixes that are still pending in the UI.
  14. Taking your feedback on trading related issues/improvements and having them fixed.

After the final release, we will start working on all the feature requests that we have received until now. Do continue posting suggestions and requests if not posted already here.

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  2. LOHIT says:

    Launching Pi gives an error message ..The remote server returned an error(503). Server Unavailable.

  3. sahil says:


  4. Suresh says:

    what is the difference between % charge and net change in market watch window of (in zerodha pi software)?

    • Matti says:

      %change indicates the net change in percentage points. The net change is the change in the value of the scrip w.r.t. the close price of the previous trading session.

  5. Hrishikesh kakodkar says:

    Zerodha PI had a critical update today. After update and re login again asking for critical update and repeating and not able to trade.

  6. Saransh Bagdi says:

    Error: the underline connection was closed.
    the remote name could not be resolved: piomne.zerodha.in

    these two errors occurring while trying to connect pi

    • algogeek says:

      these errors comes while login to pi when the network is not connected or not reaching the application, check the firewall / antivirus might be blocking the application and add exclusion to pi and check.

  7. shobhit verma says:

    I am not able to login on PI after initial setup. I have allowed PI in windows firewall etc. After entering login credentials, I just hit enter and get a message “No response from server”. Could anybody help me out in it.

  8. PAWAN says:

    I am using Pi for past three months. for some days i am not able to login to Pi. Every time a msg appears (Pi not responding). I have reinstalled it few times. the net connection is also fine.
    pls Suggest the remedy..

  9. santan7600 says:

    Sir i have an suggestion related to the trading application “pi”. please add sms alert after sell or buy of share.

  10. sachin says:

    plz introduce fibonacci extention tool in pi

  11. Sanjay says:

    this is not good software and not good support provide by your team,
    my account balance deducted. ticket raise time around 1 hour 15 min. but not any reply from your team site
    and when i open account in your company no any person responsible.

    and your software when i add fund in your software software gate server errors but amount hase been detected and i also shared screen short.


    • Venu says:

      The funds have already been updated.
      There are times when we do not get confirmation of a successful transaction from our vendors which would then need our intervention by following up and reconciling. In light of such follow ups, there may be a delay in funds getting updated on your account.

  12. Siddharth says:

    i have all the C++ package files installed already on my system but still PI fails to install.

    it tries to goto a Microsoft link to download the C++ files and I suppose that link is no more active.

    please let me know how to go ahead with this issue.

  13. Krishnaveni says:

    is pi bridge activated for mcx also?

  14. Bipin says:

    I’m using PI. When i open a daily chart with 60 months period i get a daily chart starting from 02-Feb-2015 which should actually start from 14-Jan-2011 and there is no way i can see 60 months candles, the script name is TCS and i’ve found similar cases with other scripts.

  15. Voyager says:

    Can we get Heikin Ashi (smoothed) chart type available on Pi and Kite sooner or later ?

  16. Happy1 says:

    so good that pi bridge for amibroker has been launched. One suggestion, other trading platforms can feed data to amibroker through utilities, why u r not implementing in pi? why to depend on external datafeed??

  17. Deepak says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Any updates on when Ichimoku clouds would be available? It is a great tool to have to the already great Pi software 🙂


  18. Manmohan says:

    Thank you Sir

  19. Manmohan says:

    Dear Sir
    I am a new customer and find “pi” is excellent. Can we change the price style from Candle to Line? Line chart is very basic but I didnot see that option in pi.

  20. After login Pi Error message come, Error:Unable to connect remote server.
    I cant login to pi , kindly help me..

  21. D S says:

    Thanks very useful information.

  22. roysoma says:

    I have been using Pi regularly for trading since it was first beta released for trade. Seen this platform evolve quite a bit. I use other platforms from other brokers and have a view of whats there for competition. I thoroughly appreciate the work done by the Zerodha team while keeping cost of trade low. There are several issues with Pi that when attended will make Pi much superior to what it is now. I am listing them for your review.

    1. There is a statement that hangs on the screen during log in preventing the use of the computer at the time. My other trade platforms are working at the time which take a break.
    2. The index numbers are needed when using the Pi, when one has moved out of it looking at other screens, its continues to hang on. It needs to be minimized to prevent it, but while working with multiple screens one uses the Alt+Tab more often and that doesn’t resolve the issue.
    3. The font on the ‘Stock Holding’ screen is green on a blackish grey screen, making it less visible, do not know if I can modify this. Guidance please…
    4. The holding screen can be more relevant providing real time gain / loss positions for T1 holdings, unfortunately need to keep money control terminal on for this.
    5. Convert position works some of the days, and on others they don’t.
    6. No more than 50 stocks in the watch list, no way to load more than one market watch.
    7. Graphs and admin positions cannot be viewed at the same time on the same screen.

    I hope to see improvements on this. The key forte of Zerodha is its low pricing that allows realization of low value gains and hence multiple trades. So it is expected that the platform should allow ease of rapidly putting in orders and stop losses. All efforts in this direction is welcome.

    Thanks for your great efforts.

  23. vikram says:

    Pi not working just shoeing login window, when i enter wrong password it shows an error but nothing on correct password, what to do?
    my id is dv2254,it was working but when my password reset it stopped, I have windows 8.1

  24. Ankit Kukadia says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Just noticed one thing in daily charts. Bonus adjustment has not been made in stocks like Infosys, Kotak Bank etc. Without that big gap down visible on daily chart on ex date. Kindly resolve that if possible.

  25. Kumaranand says:

    Hi Nithin,
    It would be really helpful to add cross hair lines on the Pi chart. Without this it is almost impossible to find the price/technical indicators value at a particular time.

  26. Balaji says:

    Dear Nitin,

    It would be Very nice to add some nice product like BTST and STBT Etc and also margin trading using our existing stock as collateral. Otherwise it would be difficult to always mobilize fund and trade. which will add value to zerodha and more customer will walk in, since becoz of this option not available few of my friends giving second thought for opening account in zerodha.

    Trust this will be considered and soon the product and features will be provided.

  27. chithu says:

    i happy to use pi for 1 to 2weks now ,iam looking forward to use final vers with all important indicators ,
    may be my comment may help, and i need tis some too when compare to the old brokerage i get used to it no prob if not ,
    Donchian Channels
    and some important ….
    in the reference indicator like rsi,macd there no line to check them fast while day trading, and even when i draw line in the particular point its automatically changes so there where some loss happen 1time no prob though
    can make the default line and can modified if needed.
    – cursor
    + is need to see the Accuracy.any one it is realy important.
    -short key
    alredy got plenty of them is wonderful but hope to have in chart drawing eg. instant drawing hrzn line with a click of a key where ther is a pointer
    -may be
    a margin calculator in the snap quote or in the order window
    saving templt is super
    all with min cons
    -may be i feel the chart segmentation while opening chart,like cant simply see the yesterday r day before charts , need to calculate candle sticks for a day for 1min or 5min etc…
    -the price movemnt can been some time may be some bug can be over come in full vrs.
    -may be it will be cool if the range is default can be zoom if needed eg, rsi 70 50 30 range is show all time not rather in the real time.
    -market watch i arrange in the way i like to trade fast and the easy to see with a space but when open in the next time i all rearrange.
    i recmnd my family n frds to have zerodha the brokerage n importnt pi nice wrk out there my cong u guys , come well in future

  28. kishan says:

    🙂 🙂 Finally i have successfully installed Pi in my Ubuntu OS, last night i decide to make it work in ubuntu and played with it for couple hours and have been successfully in installing, charts are also working, and i will test it for couple of days in live market conditions to see any bugs, until now there is only one issue that is it is not showing complete words like “logi” instead of “login” on login screen and “o” instead of “ok” on security answer windows and expert advisor , other than that it is working fine, so if it does work in live market with out any error than believe me it will work on Mac pc also

    i will send u an email on how to install Pi on Ubuntu once iam sure it is working so it can help other Ubuntu and Mac users

  29. ST says:

    When will the Basket order be available in PI? It is a must to have feature.

  30. tarak says:

    The high of the day, low of the day from market watch matches with that of nseindia.com. I’ve noticed the market watch’s high, low of the days does not match with whatever seen on the chart. This makes be believe that chart is plotting data from totally different server. Is it possible to have daily chart with data that is coming for market watch (given that if I’m not interested in any historical data).


    • Tarak, if there are any freak ticks that happen the chart is designed such a way that it ignores them. If we consider them, then the chart for the rest of day will look awkward. The marketwatch will capture such ticks also. So for example everyday when the market opens, there are a few freak ticks much higher or lower compared to the current price. The chart doesn’t show that. No, we can’t give data separately.

  31. Sukesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Sometimes the OHLC data given in the market watch of Pi does not tally with the charts. Below screen shots for an example.

    In the screen shot we can see that the market watch shows the low as 8264.74 for Nifty while from the chart it is clear that the low is 8334.00.

    Is this a big or am i missing something?


    • Sukesh, on the chart we have a filter to remove any freak ticks that happen at the open. That is why the low or high may not match.

      • Sukesh says:

        Thanks Nithin, Can you please elaborate on what are freak ticks? Do they affect my stop loss triggers?


        • Freak ticks usually happen in the first minute when the market opens. Since price discovery has just begun, it is possible that suddenly you will see a price 40 points above or below just for 1 tick, and then it comes back to normal. But yes, if such a thing happens during the market hours, it can affect your triggers (usually doesn’t happen once the market has opened).

  32. M ANANTHA RAMAN says:

    I have also noted the similer problem. in my case it is asking 2 questions which are always asked, sometimes the questions which I have not opted for. Kindly rectify this problem.

  33. Sukesh says:


    I have an observation:

    Before Pi was introduced, for the 2nd level verification, system used to ask any 2 questions randomly out of the 5 questions that were answered at the time of account set up.

    From when Pi has been introduced i see that there are only 2 questions which are always asked, sometimes both the questions asked are the same. The other 3 questions has never been asked from when Pi was introduced.

    Just wanted to point it out so that it can be corrected and security enhanced.

  34. Ankit Kukadia says:


    Which release will include options price calculator… Also, is Market Profile indicator on cards?

  35. Ankit Kukadia says:

    Opening less than 500 candles did work well through out the day.. Time sync is still a problem though…

  36. Rahul Malik says:

    Post the update today morning, the Q update is not showing any prices – in Admin position segment. screenshot attached. it is showing as blank. it was working fine as of yesterday.

  37. Abdul says:

    Pi is crashing for minute candles after latest update. Not able to trade.

  38. Ankit Kukadia says:


    Seeing Mock trading quotes in hourly charts… hope it will get erased on Monday when there will be actual trading!

    • Yes, it must already be removed .

      • Ankit Kukadia says:

        Yep it has!

        Please try and sync chart timings with exchange timings… Also, when market starts, it starts updating from candle of last trading session and does not show new candle by itself.. it shows new candle if we log out and login again after an hour… problem with that is again the new candle takes into consideration the time frame from the hour of login and not actual exchange hours…

  39. Rohit says:

    Hi Team,

    I am Seeing lot of discrepancies in OHLC prices in Candlesticks,i have attached one for example.(Please try Comparing the same in Zerodha).
    Can you Please Have a Look and let me know,,if there is an issue with the software,As i have Observerd many times in Crude where the high is actually something else,and on Candlestick chars,ts if does not show the same high.And also,when i compare the candlesticks from Zerodha PI,with Others(Like the one in which is i have attached),there are small discrepancies,due to this when i use technical analysis on a hourly basis,it sometimes gives me wrong results,

    Hope to hear from you soon,

  40. Ankit Kukadia says:


    Please give facility of saving drawings on chart.. it will be really helpful.. drawing same analysis everyday is quite tedious…

  41. ABMALVE says:

    It would be very helpful if one is able to change timeframes from 5 mins to hourly to daily on the same chart instead of having to open multiple charts for the same purpose. For example, if I have to monitor 5 scrips then I have to open and navigate through 15 charts. Also if I create a daily chart PI is reporting an error and has to be shutdown and restarted.

    • Are you using the latest release? Getting someone to call you back on the daily chart issue. About changing timeframe from the same chart, it will take longer for that.

  42. Ankit Kukadia says:


    This error popping up while logging in to pi…

  43. p gopal says:

    in pi terminal Alerts<create scripted alerts and back test.how create.always shown failed to load script.

  44. p gopal says:

    pi terminal not working,key was not present in the dictionary error coming

  45. Ankit Kukadia says:


    If we login after markets get started, futures quote take open price of the price at which we login and not actual open price.. that is to say OHLC data post logging in gets registered and not actual OHLC… Any way to resolve it?

  46. Ankit Kukadia says:


    Is there any way that we can save hourly charts so that we don’t need to rework things next day post closing pi?

  47. Vinod Nadoda says:

    Dear Sir,

    is it possible to have release note available with each update ? So that we can know what are the changes or updates in new release.


  48. pankaj says:

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Few queries.

    1. So is it possible that within milli seconds option prices go down by 10% (thats huge)? I means if its just like 1to 2% …that pretty much understandable but 10% in Nifty options (without being captured in chart)…

    2. Is there a way that we can prevent this from happening? Can this also happen in futures trading?

    3. Will SL-L work better than SL-M?

    I have this questions because its really demotivating that charts cannot capture 10% fall or rise.

    • Pankaj,
      1. If the SL was triggered, that means the price had hit on the exchange. Ideally shouldn’t happen so far away on Nifty options because of liquidity, but if you look at the exchange trade data for that day, you will find that trade.
      2. Futures on Nifty, and other liquid contracts, you will not find this.
      3. SL-L is risky, as it might mean your order never getting executed in case market moves fast against you.

      Pankaj, if the market stays there even for a few ticks, it will definitely get captured. Also, it is best to use the Nifty charts, instead of the options chart to determine when to buy/sell.

      • roysoma says:

        I use a tick chart for day trades, and I do some times open and square off trades at market, my experience is that the average price often registers lower than trigger price as my trade volume is high and it sweeps out more than the top 5 quotes which are visible, but the same is recorded in the tick charts.
        Would it help to get a better understanding of the issue if a tick chart is analyzed for that derivative on that day and time?

        • The issue is that there is no one who provides live tick by tick data on the internet because of the technology constraints. But yes, if you have access to TBT data, you could probably run those as a chart end of the day. You can use Pi to load a chart from excel.

  49. pankaj says:

    Hi Nitin,

    My client id is RP1416.

    Today, i have bought 175 quqntities of NIFTY15APR8200PE AT 78.70 and have put the SL-M at 61.25. At 1.25pm price was hovering around 67 rupees but my SL-M order got executed at the same time. This has happened twice with me , Have already send mail to zerodha support team before also but nothing has happened. i even called zerodha team but they told me anything can happen in Options which is an unacceptable answer. I mean if one has put SL-M order then it should only be executed when price has hit the stop loss price not before that. This has happened twice and which is kind of bit unfair. For more info i have also attached screenshots which clearly shows that price duering 1.25pm was nowhere near 61.

    • Having this checked, will get someone to call you back.

      • pankaj says:

        Hey Nithin,

        So somebody did call me from zerodha support team yesterday. But the answer was really weird…:):).

        So they told that it happens this way many times…its just a surprise even for them that it had happened twice for me in last 5 days….otherwise many people call them and report the same thing so he says basically SL-M only works correctly 90 -95 % of the time ………and even if i go to icici direct, sharekhan …i will see the same things ……i told him even on 1 min chart …i don’t see price reflecting anywhere at 61.25 rupees….he told during micro seconds it happens which charts doesn’t capture…..

        My question is simple price at 1.25pm was trading at 67 rupees …and i had put the SL-M order at 61.25 now for micro mill second it cannot ever go 10% down…..and that in Nifty…i am sure it can never happen ….if someone wants to move nifty options price by 10% in milli seconds which is not even captured in charts…thats simply not possible.

        And also if SL-M works only 90% of the time then it should be put in the zerodha blog ….blogs no where says that…….i surely beleive thats not the case…..

        Today i am treading in thousand but what if i start trading in lakhs ….that time i can easily lose lot of money and that without my fault………….

        Nithin, its my request to please look into this because this happened twice with me…..i have already send so many mails with screenshots…but nothing fruitful has yet came out and an answer like – this happens with many people and SL-M doesn’t work all the time is seriously weird.

  50. roysoma says:

    First, the trading platform Pi is working out well for me. Since I make some day trades time to time, I would appreciate if there is a facility to draw free lines on intraday tick by tick charts. Let me know if this is coming some time soon.

    Second, While placing cover orders it is observed that I could not modify Perc Max and Trigger price range. Can you advise how I may do it?

    Third, is there a trailing stop loss to limit losses within a certain monetary value and book profit option available so gains are not lost during day trades.

    Final, keep up the good work.


    • Roy, you can already draw horizontal and vertical lines on your intraday charts.
      Yes in cover orders, you can’t modify the perc max and trigger price range, that is prefixed.
      No Bracket orders and Trailing SL is still not available

  51. Mahesh Varma says:

    How to get cross hair on charts on pi ? i want to see the open close high low of candles but iam unable to see by clicking or by any means on the candle chart

  52. Harshit_Kumar says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I have noticed that whenever you put after market order for SBIN Future (not with other scrips), Despite being price correct it says that invalid price. Please see the attached error.


    Hari Madhav

  53. Mithoon says:

    Could you please tell me if PI has a limit order modifier( for each symbol) for pending orders,what i mean is,in case there is a pending order,is there a way to have it automatically modified at a pre set time,by a pre set number of ticks and pre set number of attempts,example-Long entry sent at 100,and is still pending,pre time is set to 20 sec and pre set tick is 20 and pre set attempt 2,so after 20 sec if the order is still pending,it will modify the order by adding 20 ticks,so new order is for 101,if still pending after another 20 sec ,it will be bought at market price or cancelled ,whichever option is pre set by you.

  54. Riddhi says:

    Can anybody check DLF-EQ chart.First time stamp today is 9:27 A.M after 3:30 yesterday in my chart.

  55. Riddhi says:

    I Just talked with Customer Care and he assured me new version is fine.Now i am very confused.He said our team worked on it so we don’t need to uninstall new version.Can you confirm???

    • Riddhi, all is well now. You don’t have to uninstall and roll back. Ideally the delay feeds issue will be fixed on Monday, we checked it out in mock trading today.

  56. Julius JR says:

    Yesterday ive updated 10.3.15 with patch
    it says multiple times login err. so uninstalled and
    installed whole version 10.3.15

    Morning Price delay 3 to 7 mins …. Could not realised immediately….
    sometimes its showing right ticks without delay
    comparing with google finance.

    Ive sent mail to the [email protected]
    do i need to update with any other new patch or something.
    please guide.

    • We have put back the old installer on Q, can you uninstall the current version of Pi and install the previous one. In the current version we have done data compression, which is causing delay in price ticking for a few. We will have this fixed asap.

  57. Riddhi says:

    From the last comment it was clear that delayed data problem is not only from my end only.Sometimes Nifty Future is showing 10 points variation.Equities are showing difference of 3-5 points.Please see this as quickly as possible,cause integrity of data is paramount.
    I have checked NSE,SBICAPSEC,ICICIdirect data and while all are almost same zerodha is off by 10-12 points in Nifty future.Screenshot attached.


  58. DV0639 says:

    There is delay of 7 minutes (at least today) in Pi data. The same situation was there yesterday also. This has resulted in wrong trades as I was not aware of this. Happened after latest patch upgrade dtd. 10.3.15
    It needs immediate attention.

  59. Rahul Malik says:

    The Pi data is delayed by 3 to 5 minutes, causing a lot of incorrect trades for intraday. This has started happening after the Pi patch was run on 10/03. Please correct this on priority.

    – As an observation in last 2 days, the NSE on Pi runs till 1533 hours, and shows market is running.

  60. raja says:

    How to solve this (feeling very bad)

  61. Prabhat says:


    How does one open the Apr/May contracts on the MarketWatch? In the drop-down window only Jan/Feb/Mar contracts are available, even though it’s now March.

  62. sharath says:

    Dear Nithin

    Can the cover orders have the feature to put a limit order ? This would be helpful even if bo is not available

  63. sharath says:


    Can you please let me know the tentitive date for activation Bracket orderers on PI.

  64. sureshvasudev says:


    [1] Sorting issue in Holding page
    All columns are sorted in alphanumeric fashion which is not true. It holds good only for stock sorting. if we sort on QTY , then 50 will come after 100. So please fix this which will be helpful

    [2] Option to take Chart from the Holding page.

    It will be great if you provide additional options like Chart . Now there is only Square Off / Write to Excel. Also provide an option to “Add to Market Watch”

    [3] A Default Holding Watch.
    It will be great if the holding page is managed like the MArket watch page. It is not difficult to find these stocks to add to Market Watch. It will be good for investors who are holding it for long term.

  65. Sharath says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    In EMA there are LOW – CLOSE , please add HIGH too

  66. jitender says:

    hi Nitin,

    IS Ichimoku Cloud is available on PI, i am uable to find it.

  67. ST says:

    When next patch will be available?

  68. nandha says:

    hi.. herewith i have attached the copy of sample window.
    i have selected nifty-march9000 call..
    but the f1 key press windows is show the HDIL scipty from the market watch window

    kindly update if the focus window is f11 – admin position then f1 or f2 should be focused the selected item of the row in f11 window with total qty and current market price….
    in all other trading softs like this only.
    this is very useful for the traders who are trading dailyu more than 100 orders like me…
    thanking you
    nandha –

  69. ST says:

    Hi Nithin,

    How can i get VWAP statistics data in PI for different intervals. It is very useful,Is it available in pi then requesting you to add it soon.

  70. vikas says:

    Hi Team Zerodha

    Thanks ..no issues at all on big budget day.
    PI worked perfectly as in normal days.
    great work by your team Nithin.

  71. gaurav says:

    hi team zerodha

    request for average directional index (adx) to included in list of indicators in pi

    plz reply if it would be possible

  72. Venu Gopal says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I have been using Pi now for a month or so, it is very good. I have a couple of issues with regard to Pi.

    1. Whenever we place a cover order and later want to modify the stoploss, we are unable to do it.
    2. In the alerts and messages window, always some alerts (I feel garbage, like some freeze values of some scripts) every now and then and when there is an alert like this, Pi will hang for few seconds and resume. So is there any way if we do not want to see these type of alerts, to block.
    3. If we place the order, for few split of seconds, Pi will hang, so please make it fast.


    Venu Gopal

    • Having this checked Venu, thanks.

      • Venu Gopal says:

        Hi Nitin,

        Thanks for considering to resolve my concern. With the patch that was updated on March 10, the first issues which I raised is resolved. The remaining two issues are still present.

        One more new concern with the patch is that, whiling logging off from Pi, previously it used to ask whether to save the Marketwatch, so if we say yes, then next time we open it, it used to open whatever the charts that we had opened earlier, which used to save lot of time, now with this new patch, again we need to open all the charts that are needed everyday.


        Venu Gopal

  73. Balaji says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I’m finding Difficult to view and have all stock in( Equity and F&O) in a single market watch view PI Software. Even though we have option to save multiple Market Watch, but can view only one market watch at time. It would be really helpful if we can more than one Market Watch at a time.

  74. Vikas says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Brought new Laptop with below configuration – just for trading through PI.

    Processor: I7-4510
    OS: Windows 8.1
    Screen Size: 35.56cm (14) FHD IPS MULTI-TOUCH(SLIM)
    RAM: 8GB
    HDD: 256 SDD

    Laptop takes just 3 seconds for boot up and PI takes just 4 seconds to load.

    So total 7 seconds to start – Feeling great.

  75. prabit says:

    Dear Nithin,
    I posted about “hide volume”. Now I found a solution, volume can be minimized, so that serve my purpose.

  76. lalitha says:

    Hello Zerodha,
    Features in PI is making trading experience rich and better. I would love to have super trend indicator added into PI. You have mentioned you would do it in the earlier post. So just to know, any time frames?
    And do PI have bracket order option?

  77. DIlip says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Thanks for the awesome Pi.. its really cool. Great job on the software.

    Could i suggest one small change. INdicator – Keltner channel. In the softwares that i have used Keltner. could be applied on Price directly just like Bollinger bands, With PI, Keltner channels are added as a separate window, instead of being applied on the price. Maybe this is by design, if not – would it be possible to have it in a future release.


    • Dilip,

      We will have this fixed. For now what you can do is, once the Keltner channel is plotted on a different panel, you can drag it onto the main chart. Left click on one of the channels, you get a white square box, hold it and drag it to the main chart. Check this:

  78. prabit says:

    Dear Nithin ,
    On the chart I never use volume, so how can I hide/remove volume to make my chart a little bigger?

  79. roysoma says:

    After placing a buy order came up with an error message as posted. Is it possible to provide a error code list or error type text to help the consumer better understand the error.

  80. roysoma says:

    Pi has all that would make it a great trading experience. Its both intuitive and informative. while trying to check status on my current holdings it was noticed that I cannot see the Stock receivables and their mark to market positions of the portfolio. Neither the information is available in any of the possible ways to see the current positions. screen shot attached. Request you kind advise on this.

  81. prabit says:

    dear nithin,
    How can I put price alert? I found scripted alert, but I don’t see any price alert option. Please advise.

  82. chetan says:

    Please add Ichimoku & Super Trend in the Technical Indicator.

    Also i am not able to see EOD chart.

    Awaiting your reply as earliest.


  83. Sahil makhija says:

    I’m using Zerodha pi and found it an excellent interactive trading platform.
    Some things need to be fixed:-
    1)The Market Index Bar keeps on floating on top of other windows also while the platform is running in the background.
    2) In the detailed Snap Quote we can’t see the total number of orders as it was there in the previous platform.
    3) I can’t create a separate market watch.

    • Sahil,
      1. if you minimize Pi, the index bar won’t stick there. You can also disable the index bar by going to user settings.
      2. The next release will have this.
      3. Yes, for now you can have only 1 marketwatch.

  84. Lalitha says:

    Hello Zerodha,
    When we use PI back test for the codes, result shows trades only from the month of January 2015. So the result (like profit, loss, profit% and loss%) shown is only from January or the number of candles and time frame chosen for back test?

  85. NIKET says:

    when your PI released for all your account holder. means those whose are not active trader

    • Niket, even after the final release we will give out Pi only to our active clients. There are a lot of resources that go into running Pi. The definition of active we will change tough.

  86. Amul Pandya says:

    Zerodha pi seems to be a wonderful tool. Best tool currently in market.
    I have few sugestions, please consider.

    1. Group charting can be availed to do comparative analysis of stocks. Multiple charts can be plotted together along with indices to find strong and weak stocks.

    2. Beta values of stocks can be shown to filter stocks based on the beta value to scan the stocks in action.

    3. “Good till Cancelled” orders can be useful, so as to take an entry, the order continues till it is executed.

    4. Price Alerts should continue till the day or time it is hit, rather than for the day.

    5. EOD(Daily) data should be provided for around 10 years to trade on the longer timeframe support and resistance. It is really necessary.

    I am an active trader, if you can provide these features, I would be delighted to trade with your platform…

  87. kapil says:

    is it possible place orders like in mt4 forex market where we can place one click orders and stop loss orders directly from chart.
    In mt4 the line appears on the chart where the order is placed, we can drag and drop stop loss take profit directly from charts and also the terminal for square off your position.
    its great platform is it possible in indian markets?

  88. Ankit says:


    Sometimes Pi lags when we press F1/F2 to put order entry.. As option rates fluctuate quite fast when market is volatile, we don’t get to enter the trade at desired rate due to lag when we use F1/F2 when placing order.. also, double click stops working sometimes when we try opening snap quote… guess some bug needs to be sorted out…

  89. prabit says:

    From the chart, how can I remove/hide volume? Secondly not getting candle HLOC nor I can see price & time at a point on the chart. Please advise.

  90. Shriharsha says:

    1. Spell error in the splash screen.
    2. Open Orders window is not updated immediately when the order is complete.
    Same issue is seen when the order is modified.
    Stale entry remains in the open order window even after pressing refresh button.
    3. Admin Position is also not updated quickly after the order execution.
    4. Incorrect High/Low values in the market watch window.
    5. Indices in market watch is shown with a comma but futures is shown without comma as thousands separator.

    This would be a great tool if the trading related issues are resolved.
    Charting feature should be improved. Bar selection to see historic price is a must feature in any charting tool which is missing in Pi. ZoomIn/ZoomOut is also awkward.

  91. M ANANTHA RAMAN says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I have account with you as well as with sharekhan. I was surprised to see the premium of PE 8400 for Feb 15 contract in your platform is showing 59.30 and with sharekhan terminal the same contract premium shows is 46.40. Can u pl tell me which one is correct and why is this difference?

    • Anantha, there was mock trading on Saturday on the exchanges. So the prices that you were seeing on marketwatch was from mock trading day which is not real. I guess sharekhan hadn’t participated in the mock, and hence their marketwatch was showing Friday’s price itself.

  92. nasiketas says:

    Hi Nitin,
    How do I have market watch with more than 50 scripts?

  93. Lalitha says:

    Hello zerodha,
    Can you please help me by writing the code for below strategy initially:
    1.When increase in volume by 2% compared to average volume and price makes new day high when the stock is in uptrend and
    2.Current price should have broken the intraday resistance and stayed above the intraday resistance
    1.When increase in volume by 2% compared to average volume and price makes new low when the stock is in downtrend and
    2.Current price should have broken the intraday support and stayed below the intraday support

    • Can you ask this on tradingqna.com under algos category. Also, you need to define what you mean by average volume and what is stock in uptrend. To write a code, you will need each and everything to be defined correctly.

  94. Lalitha says:

    While testing a strategy, got the results which is shown in the picture. Trade was carried out on 7.2.2015. Im suppose its an error. If so kindly have a look into it.


  95. ramesh says:

    The on chart buy sell option is the best thing i found in PI.
    but if you add the bracket order facility also with this it will be a dream thing
    for a trader. can we expect this in the final release ?

  96. kiran Clement dsouza says:

    Error while logging into PI

    “Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue.
    Configuration system failed to initialize.”

  97. Ankit Kukadia says:


    Pi worked fine until yesterday.. but since today afternoon facing some issue. When I press F1/F2 to place orders, pi shuts down automatically with screen annexed.. when I right click to place order another error pops up which is also attached. Request you to kindly help out.. FYI, I have installed required patch which was available on Q and post encountering this error multiple of times, have reinstalled the new version available there…


  98. dino says:

    dear nithin .

    pi is wonderful addition … a bit of tweeking is most welcom …

    i have 3 requests regarding charting
    1. we see fibonacci … but cannot edit fibonacci settings .. or can view fibonacci extension which r very basic tools for all kinds of traders
    2. provide super trend indicator with automatic sell options
    3. please activate braket orders ..
    4. a bit more speed in opening charts is also welcome ..

    thanx bye

  99. kapil says:

    can i install pi on two different computer ?
    i know login should be only at a time one computer.

    but i am getting problems for login failed and pi is not responding.

  100. M ANANTHA RAMAN says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Thanks for the patch for pi. I have a equity account with you and I want to open a commodity account as well. But I am in US at present and will be here for six months. Is there any way I can open the commodity account on line ie with out getting the form physically and send it back?
    Thanks again

    • Online is not possible, you can print the form, sign, attach all documents and courier the forms to us. You can use the account opening module, where you can pre-print the form.

      • Muthukumar says:

        I have query ie. about ATP (Average Trading Price). Now Pi Terminal showing only rounded price. for example IndusindBank Fut ATP in NSE site is 858.49 but in Pi it showing as 858. all most all the stock ATP is showing round of price like 175, 189,. it is now following like 175.49/175.55 like. Please clear my doubt.


        Muthukumar E

  101. HP says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have been using “pi” for 3-4 days now and this s/w seems very promising for intraday tradinding.
    The best features which I find are :
    1. On chart Buy/Sell option
    2. Voice based alert for order execution
    3. The software seems pretty light.

    However, I find a lot of scope of improvement/advancement too.
    1. Adding Cross-hair feature in charts
    2. The vertical lines in the Grids (which show time-stamp) are not even. These vertical lines should start with 1st candle of the day (irrespective of the Timeframe). Otherwise it really makes it very difficult and time consuming to see each and every candle to find the first candle of the day. And imagine seeing each candle’s details even without Cross-hair. A chartist shouldn’t waste time in doing so.
    3. The option of changing the TimeFrame in the same chart should be available and that too without disturbing the Studies on other timeframes.
    4. I’ve noticed that the “Reconcile” feature doesnt work for charts. If some candles are not complete or missing because of internet problems, “reconcile” doesnt at all work. The only solution is to open a new chart and loose all the studies.
    5. The first candle in 30 min or Higher TF should start from 9:15 to 9:45 or so on and not from 9:00 to 9:30. Because of this, the first candle in 30 min & higher timeframe are always wrong. The last candle can be incomplete but first candle is very important for day trading.

    Hope these changes/features are easy to implement if you too find them worth having in pi.


  102. Bala K says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    I just started using Pi Software. It looks slick with lot of technical indicators but want to provide constructive feedback here. Usability is a serious concern based on my experience with charts.

    1) Saving Work spaces and Saving Chart Templates and re-using them is not a good experience.
    — If i add a bunch of indicators on a chart, saving the chart template and then loading it for another stock is really tedious. Let’s say, i want to do this for 20 stocks, it becomes next to impossible. Please remove this template concept and just save user’s preferences/styles and use them through out the session and the following sessions until the user changes them again. Please get away with multiple chart windows as i don’t want to open 20 different windows. When i change a symbol, if the stock chart window refreshes, that’s awesome

    Hope this feedback helps.


  103. MADHAVAN says:

    hi nitin,
    I can’t able install pi- its showing error.

  104. R S says:

    Thanks Nithin, I am finally up and running. I wanted to know how can I see daily charts, there is only minutes and hours periods in the chart settings. How can I see them ?

  105. Muthukumar says:

    What are the changes in Pi critical update?..Please explain

  106. PavanV says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am unable to load the charts of Hawkins… So BSE charts not enabled in PI.


  107. R S says:

    Hey Nithin, I still don’t have it. I have been waiting for like 3 days now and growing restless by the moment. Please activate it , please.


  108. R S says:

    I had requested for Pi more than 48 hours ago, still don’t have it enabled for my account. Please see.


  109. ramesh says:

    trading on chart – how to modify and exit an order ? please explain..

  110. Ravi says:

    PI charting didnt work on 30th Januaray 2015 it showed only one candle for 1 min, 5 min,15 min and all timeframe for only January 30th & also after going live it just alerts & doesnt give buy & sell signal it generates as buy/sell no complete information.

    Doesnt show as buy & sell my PI has ebnable with go live.

    DR0875 Client id

    • Ravi, until late afternoon we had issue with the MCX data server. It is fixed now. If you open the generated alerts window under the view option, you also get a button to initiate the buy/sell

  111. gaurav says:

    thanks for enabling pi ,
    here are a couple of suggestions
    missing the set as default template option in charts(it was available in nest charts)
    the ability to switch between 2-3 time frames from same chart like google finance charts would be really use-full for day trading…as one often needs to check what is happening on higher or lower t/f and than switch back

    plz provide a check box to enable or disable volume window at the bottom of chart….presently it takes much space

    (a couple of minor things more if possible
    the chart data if it can be displayed in a small row as one moves mouse on the chart candles ,right now we have to click on a candle to check parameters …..something like this is enabled in the icicidirect trade racer charts presently ….
    it will really improve the chart experience)

    .the drawing tool shortcuts are really helpful ,\the whole look and feel of charts is excellent,
    appreciate the detailed help file going through it .

  112. Hrishikesh says:

    hi nitin i dont have 10000 in my account as of now but i would have been generating atleast Rs. 1000-2000 brokerage a month.will there be any possibilty of getting pi or you are planning to release it for everyone some time soon.


  113. Hrishikesh says:

    I have been reading that PI software is going live in 1st week of Jan 2015. till now have not heard anything about it.
    What exact date Pi is going live??

  114. Rajat says:

    When is the final release happening ?? Too impatient. I want the final one not the beta.

  115. ramesh says:

    Thanks for giving access to pi .After one year gap i started trading with
    zerodha last week and until now i am profitable.
    but i feel some features are missing in this beta version.
    1) the crosshair in chart
    2) a seperate row for the opened [ current trading ] positions with profit/loss; in admin positions.
    ( so many times i closed my trade thinking im in profit
    just looking @ the admin positions. )
    hope it will add in final release.

  116. spacer says:

    While logging in, the loading window is taking time and blocking half of the screen of system and also other applications. ZT-trader loading window is preferable with options to choose only load the required exchange like either MCX or NSE-fno or NSE-CASH. Also reduce the size of the snapquote window or give option to reduce the size.


    • Elam says:

      Yes. Even I am facing the issue. I am not sure how long it will take to load. Its downloading scripts for past 30 mins and still not over.
      I hope this is only one time download. Else it ll get really difficult.
      Did it work for you finally? any update?

  117. harikumar says:

    Another clarificaliton please. in your video there is a reconcile button shown, which does not seem to be there now. in the nest trader there is an option of refresh broadcast and reconcile, since there are frequent interruptions due to various reasons, i would like to understand how i would be able to do these functions in PI.

    • Hari, you can see the reconcile in user settings. But if your internet goes off and you have missing data on the chart because of this, you will have to close the chart and open it again.

  118. harikumar says:


    am not sure if someone has posted this. when a buy/sell/modify window is invoked, we should be able to increase or decrease the price / size etc by using the up/down key. this feature is there in other software but seems to be missing in PI. this would help a lot in reducing order placement time. having to manually type in the figures all the time would be tedious

  119. Ravi says:

    Please include super trend for analysis as all good Software has that feature

    Indicators to include for analysis

    Super trend
    Auto Pivot points as it was in Nest.

    • Yes Ravi, we are right now making sure that everything that is already on it works 100% right. Adding new indicators won’t take us too much time once we are done with this.

  120. Vikash says:

    Hi, While loading a chart I do not see “day” and “week” in periodicity dropdown which is there in Pi youtube video. Is there any setting to enable this or just get messed up in the latest beta release?

  121. prabit says:

    whether option chart available in Pi?

  122. velan says:

    Hi nithin,

    I presently dont have the Required amount in account. But i am a very active trader generating more than 500 per month brokerage . will it be enabled to me ? or should i wait till final release , in that case can you tell an approx time frame ? Good luck.


  123. amit says:

    hi nitin i dont have 10000 in my account as of now but i would have generated atleast 300 brokerage in a month.will there be any possibilty of getting pi or you are planning to release it for everyone some time soon.


  124. Saurabh says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Congratulations on the launch of Pi. Though there are so many discount brokers in the market but zerodha is the one with the edge. Though I am having som issues with Pi regarding hang ups and restart, I am sure they would get resolved with the launch of final version.

    Some suggstions:

    1) When you keep your pointer to a candle in chart, It should show High,Low, close and open values along with time stamp. This is a big let down as I need to keep guessing the values.
    2) In the technical indicators drop down, there is no option of going to the indicator by pressing the first alphabet, so you need to keep pressing down the down arrow.

    I could think of only these two as of now which means you have done a good job 🙂


  125. santoshpadhy says:

    Hi Nithin

    still alerts are not working and the root cause I think is that the alert linked chart which is opening automatically when we start the alert is not getting data automatically—it just freezes after opening—–I told this to siva, but he is saying why do you need the alert chart!!!!

    He is not patient like you to listen and understand things. as per me the simple ligic is that when alert chart will not get data aotomatically –then how can it does its function properly???

    I had lot of hopes to see at least the basic things like alerts and scanners to be perfect in the final beta release (becsuse these two aspects only primarily makes PI distinctive from other softwares available in Indian market freely to the traders), but sadly no improvements at all in these two aspects.

    Hope to listen from you with things got done and dusted!!!



  126. M ANANTHA RAMAN says:

    You had promised that we will get Pi by 15th night. But till 17th we have NOT got it. Kindly see it to it that we get our PI by this weekend at least.

  127. Harshit_Kumar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    How do I save the preferences in PI? Like I rearranged the columns in Admin position and want the same layout to be shown every time when I log in. its not feasible to every day rearrange/add remove columns. Please help on this.



  128. Raja says:

    There is any script to see Hi / low breaking stocks ? (image)

  129. Chandra Mohan says:


    What is the system requirement for Pi. My desk top has only 1gb Ram & dual core is it enough for Pi ?


  130. HP says:

    3rd weekend of this month approaching. When is the official release of PI ?

  131. Nataraj says:

    How to load multiple workspaces simultaneously in Pi? Currently we can load only 1 workspace at a time.

    • peter says:

      I also researching on that. any way one solution connect your laptop(if you are using pc please forgive me) to a monitor.extend it. then pi , view popup active window . move to extended desktop. then you can view.

  132. Girija says:

    Installed pi.half an hour ago. everything fine. perfect software. darwas box. linear regression. everything is ok.
    but where I can change time frame of chart?. for example i want to change the same chart from 1 minute to 5 minute. How can I do it?. and even being an expert in software and a hacker unable to view all windows together in one frame. for eg. market watch and charts in one view. i seen it in the video.. but not find a link or clickable area to make everything in one frame. please help.?

    • Girija, you will have to open a chart with a different time frame. You can’t change the same to another one. To drag and drop windows in one frame, I have given a link to the video in the post above(go to min 6 and start watching). You need to hold the tab, drag and drop to wherever you want it to be placed.

  133. Deepak says:

    Nithin and Zerodha Family ,

    Wish you all a very Happy Sankranthi and New Year ( -15 day old) !!

    I got the Pi enabled and started testing and playing around, I do like it very much.
    I never checked my Q account so many times logging in logging out till I saw the link was enabled.

    PI is advanced and easy to understand.
    I have very few basic ASKs at this time to make it much more robust and useful to be moving out of from the Nestplus.

    How should I report about all the requirements to be added for this software?
    What is the Final release of the Software date?

    I am documenting with screen shots so that it would be helpful to all traders if you implement it before final release.
    Not a major rework, but small tid bit changes in and around.

  134. Ankit Kukadia says:

    Hey Nithin,

    I guess options Greek Calculator has not been added to this update.. When is it expected to be part of software?? Also, in Fibonacci analysis do add Extensions and Projections… It will be very helpful for target setting..


  135. Muthu Shunmugam says:

    Wow!!! thats gr8 nithin….

  136. M ANANTHA RAMAN says:

    Mr Nithin

    Happy Shankaranthi Please give us our long awaited gift today by actvating Pi link.
    RA 2465

    • We were able to add all the additional load with the market bump very well, Pi worked very well today. We will enable for everyone else today after market closing.

      Happy Sankranthi.

  137. Ravi says:


    Money management is easy from this So think about the banks holding cash & gave plastic card all salary directs to bank. 🙂

  138. Ravi says:

    @ NItin

    Zerodha became crorepathi with actual cash holding for 2 days.

    Due to there terminal activation Sound goods for business people.

    10000*50000 active clients 45 crore rupees in a day hard cash in there account.

    Can trade & earn very quick money there cost of PI recovered in 1 day trade.

    Turnover & the hard cash matches.

  139. Mita Chattopadhyay says:

    Is it possible to provide “Busket Order” for “Normal” and “After Market Hour” in Pi ? It will be very helpful to me. Thanks in advance.

  140. Senthil says:

    Hello Nithin,

    While we wait for the release of the final beta, would appreciate if you could let us know how the limited release has fared thus far. Am sure most of the traders with Zerodha are as eager as I am to know how ‘Pi’ has done in the last two days. Additionally, it will also help set the right timeline expectations for those of us who await ‘Pi’ to recommence trading.

    Looking forward to your response,

  141. AKASH KHETERPAL says:


    Sir, as per the commitment given Mr. Raj Gaur Of Delhi Branch,his contact no. is 9310092020,8049693030.
    firstly i send the documents to delhi branch then they forwarded the documents for account opening to your head office, at that time when account was not opened,i called your headoffice that i dont wanna open an account,immediately i got a call from “Raj Gaur” and he convinced me and i said okay i wanna open an account.”AT THAT TIME HE TOLD ME THAT MY STAMP DUTY WILL BE CHARGED OF DELHI I.E 0.002% FOR FUTURE AND OPTION” BUT NOW I HAVE SEEN THAT MY STAMP DUTY IS CHARGED RS. 50 ON THE STOCKS THAT I HAVE BUYED AND SOLD AT THAT DAY ONLY ON 7/1/2015. “HE SAID THAT DONT WORRY STAMP AAPKO DELHI KA HEE LGEGA BUS ACCOUNT OPEN KRWAVIYE”

    “Sir ab ye puchna hai aapse agr “raj gaur ji” ne kaha tha stamp duty aapko 0.002%lgega toh ab jada kyu lg raha hai”

    aap aise logo ke khilaf action kyu nhi leta jisse aapke client kharab ho”please tell me sir??

    • Akash, Raj assumed that you are from delhi. Stamp duty in Delhi is 0.002%. Since we have no setup in Punjab, we charge stamp as per our head office (Karnataka which is 0.01%, but a max of Rs 50 per day). Karnataka stamp is actually a boon for active traders. The stamp duty per day will never exceed Rs 50, whereas in Delhi it will Rs 200 for every crore. We will take action against Raj for not informing you correctly.

      • AKASH KHETERPAL says:

        no sir he knew that i am from punjab, i told him at that time that about this stamp duty,but he simply said” wo muj pe chor do,aap bus apna account open krwaiye”
        aaj mr.raj gaur ji se phone pr baat pr maine unko bola ki stamp duty toh delhi ki nhi lgi jaisa ki aapne bola tha toh kehne lge” haa wo galti hogye merese”

        sir,ab aap khud btaye aapke liye ek ek client matter krta hai yaa nhi??aapke liye ek ek client matter krta hai for growing the business more.uss bande ne commitment krke tod diya

        all i want is to take strict action against him if client is saying truly then from my point of you you must take strict action agianst him


        • AKASH KHETERPAL says:


          aur rahi baat business ki toh apne bola ki “this is illegal to operate someone trading account” so you have given me good advice.

          i talked to “Mr. Raj gaur” about this,his views are:- “aap bs clients reffral karo,maine bola ki mere paas kuch aise clients hai jinke paas time nhi hota ” toh wo bole “aap chinta mat kro aap clients reffer kriye mai aap unka trading account through trading krdena koi problem nhi aayegi ” sath mei bole ki ye baat aap upper mat btana”

          “aur bole company ke andar abhi andar hee baat chl rahi hai ki “jaise 50000 mei 200000 ki delivery utha sakte ho pr thoda sa time lg sakta hai pr jaldi hee hojayega toh aap ko mai uss ke baare mei bhi btadunga” “bs clients reffer kriye”

          all the above statement is true as per conversation with him..if above the statement went wrong..i am liable for it!


  142. chingkhei says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I have found pi link on my Q but still not activate.pleased make me enable trade on pi on my I’d RC0258.i Iove pi I like trade on pi.
    With thanks

  143. AKASH KHETERPAL says:


    my account was opened through delhi branch so future&option stamp duty charges must be 0.002% but they are charging me rs.50,???
    client id:-da2880 .. you can check my jan. 7 contract note in which i have buyed and sold same day (voltas f&o future). please take immediate action to solve this problem.

  144. Anantha Raman says:

    Dear Nitin,

    It is really long time I am waiting for the pi. Kindly actvate the “GET BETA PI ACCESS”.
    M.Anantha Raman ID: RA2465

  145. Anantha Raman says:

    Dear Nitin,

    It is really long time I am waiting for the pi. Kindly actvate the “GET BETA PI ACCESS”.
    M.Anantha Raman

  146. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi Nitin
    My ID DO0042. I have activated zerodha PI in zerodha q two days before but still showing activation status as pending. As Mr. Nitin said minimum balance in account should be 10,000 but i have more than 1 Lakh in my trading account and apart from this i am doing Equity and commodity intraday trading daily generating brokerage at least Rs. 50 per day for zerodha. So please activate the Pi by today or tomorrow else surely switch my trading account to some other better broking concern.
    My name D.Omprakash
    phone: 9566068331
    Id: DO0042

  147. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi Nitin
         My ID  DO0042. I have activated zerodha PI in zerodha q two days before but still showing activation status as pending. As Mr. Nitin said minimum balance in account should be 10,000 but i have more than 1 Lakh in my trading account and apart from this i am doing Equity and commodity intraday trading daily generating brokerage at least Rs. 50 per day for zerodha. So please activate the Pi by today or tomorrow else surely switch my trading account to some other better broking concern.
    My name D.Omprakash
    phone:  9566068331
    Id:  DO0042

  148. Chandra Mohan says:

    Hi Nithin

    I have transferred Rs 45,000 through Zerodha gate way in the morning
    it is not reflected in the Zerodha Q but the ZERODHA TRADER is reflecting the amount. Please reconcile and do the needful.

  149. Jayani says:

    Though i am eligible in all the criteria, and having message since last 72 hrs that link to pi will be activated in 48 hrs. no actions at your end. also there is no request button seen in q.zerodha. only there is message that your link to pi will be activated in 48 hrs. do need full

  150. Muthukumar says:

    I have requested Pi in BO on 12/01/2015. still request is pending. please do the needful asap.

  151. Chandra Mohan says:

    Hi Nithin
    I have Rs 45000+ in my account and Equity Holdings worth Rs.42000 Not able to make rquest in ZERODHA Q since the request buttons is not opening.Kindly look in the matter.

    NAME G.Chandra Mohan
    Client ID DC0024

  152. Ravi says:


    Even after sending request to activate PI & with minimum criteria your support team has not activate the field highlighted in q.zerodha.com I can see Pi the icon to activate is being freezed.

    Please provide me the link to activate it My Client id DR0875

  153. chingkhei says:

    Dear nitin
    Thanks ZERODHA for providing awaiting PI

  154. Ravi says:

    @Nishant no free lunches we are paying brokerage for trading & getting services from zerodha neither zerodha give brokerage free services even for a day. And the software part is analysis & trading but for exchange its just an order nothing more than that.

    we would have switched to other brokers I am active trader for 5 Broking firms.

    If they charge extra also i will switch to discounted brokers.

    • Nishant Jain says:

      Thats what i said.. no free lunches.. and to have pi then fulfil few conditions..

      I am impressed that You are active with 5 brokerage firms.. you must be the Warren buffet of India.. don’t mind .. just kidding…

  155. Nishant Jain says:

    I believe the decision to make PI available at the cost of 300-500 rs per month or a deposit of 10000 rs is very decent.. Well, everyone needs to understand that there are no free lunches in this world and if PI is that good as it boasts to be the India’s most advance trading platform, no one would like to see it slipped from there hands just for 300 Rs that too when it can be adjusted against brokerage.. I would like to see PI growing mature, bug free and really a game changer platform and this is only possible when it runs loss free. ..

  156. fazlur rehman says:

    Mr nithin. Thanks for taking a great decision of keeping Pi free. Everyone will fulfill the criteria of 10000 Rs. BE READY TO OPEN THE LAKHS OF ACOUNTS IN 2015. PLEASE ACCEPT MY ADWANCE GREETINGS FOR MAKING ZERODHA THE NO ONE INDIAN STOCK MARKET BROKING FIRM.


    Fazlur Rehman

  157. aditya says:


    will holdings value(demat) also count in 10000?
    good luck for your team.:)

  158. AKASH KHETERPAL says:

    dear Nithin,

    Is there any way to calculate the margin required for BO&CO without going to your website and calculating there, i dont trade myself as i am using your paltform to trade my clients.its a very good facility to provide high leverage.can we calculate margin manually using normal calculator,so that i can provide this BO&CO facility to my clients?
    If there is any way to calculate the margin required using bo&co,i will be very thankful to you.

    if there is no such way right now,then its a suggestion that please work on it also.

    • Not possible right now other than going to our webpage.

      • AKASH KHETERPAL says:

        can i get some other facility beside this refrral program as i have many clients who dont have time to operate themselves thats i do their trading.so i want to expand my business and i wanna expand your business too.
        now i am looking for long term business relationship with your company.

        just i am looking for is good facilty if someone is using your platform for business purpose.


        • Akash, as per SEBI rules, you are not allowed to trade on behalf of another person without the mandatory licenses. At Zerodha we don’t allow anyone access to terminals where they can trade on behalf of another person. Check this: http://tradingqna.com/780/trader-dealer-terminal-portfolio-management-what-right-about

          • AKASH KHETERPAL says:

            Sir,no other person is accesing the terminal.i am the only one who is accesing your terminal.like a normal trader i am doing trading.i am thinking to deposit more money today in my trading account using cheque. i assure you and your company that i will take any wrong step.

            just as a simply trader i am doing trading?

            • AKASH KHETERPAL says:

              they dont have any trading account.its my account only and i am trading as a normal trader.

              • AKASH KHETERPAL says:

                if above the things i am doing wrong,then find some solution for it and guide me properly.i also want stand in the stock market.

                • Aksash,

                  I thought you asked me, if there is a way to trade on other people’s account. There is a way to do it, using what is called as dealer terminals. But we don’t allow it at Zerodha as it is not legal to do portfolio management without a license.
                  If you have raised money and trading with it, there is no issues with it at all. But here is the thing, you seem like a fresher and the best way to start is by trading only on what you can afford to loose. Don’t borrow money, unless you are able to first make money yourself consistently for atleast 6 months to a year.

                  • AKASH KHETERPAL says:


                    thanks for your suggestion nithin,but i am not totally fresher.as firstly i had account with Angel broking i made people trade through me using angel broking.i have already raised some money,i am not trading here properly because i want to be perfect in zerodha.i have some other accounts also.

                    anyways i got your answer that i can do trading here,thanks for your help!

  159. AKASH KHETERPAL says:

    if i will deposit rs.10000 then can i put a request for Pi software?

  160. Rahul says:

    Can u give us the link to the new video of pi !!!

  161. AKASH KHETERPAL says:


    i am new into zerodha as my account is recently opened,so i think i am inactive trader for zerodha.as you said that “Omnesys/Reuters the vendors of NEST have stopped supporting Nest Plus, and hence the previous version is not available. We will start giving out Pi to everyone very soon.”
    so if my zerodha trader will stop working and i want to trade then how can i trade.?

    and you will charge rs.300 for pi software for inactive trader.if you charge firstly rs. 300 for pi software and if in the end the brokerage generated is more than rs.300 then will you refund the money?

    • We don’t plan to charge anything for Pi, whatever you pay will get adjusted for brokerage. For now we have decided to remove that Rs 300 condition, we have decided to give it to anyone with Rs 10000 in their account. Check this post.

      • AKASH KHETERPAL says:

        “whatever you pay will get adjusted for the brokerage-nithin kamath” then your brokerage is still rs.40(buying and selling) or it will be now in pi like 45 or 50?? is it still same brokerage like rs.20 per executed order in the pi??

  162. Ravi says:

    Well predicted the release of Jan 14 2015 as PI link given today it will be activated only on 14th Jan 2015 I will swith to other broker if any glich single comes in picture of zerodha trading in this new terminal.

  163. SUSANTA BALA says:

    DS3412 if am I active trader for enable Pi

    Then Release Please.

    Thanks ZERODHA TEAM.

  164. V.Ramamoorthy yadavar says:

    Please activate the PI link to my account RR3277.My account meets all the criteria required for the activation of PI.
    Waiting eagerly for the activation .
    Thank you in advance.

  165. Bala Pavani says:

    Got the link for Pi and registered for it. Shd be up and running in a day or two.

    Have attached the screenshot.

    Rather than one size fits all strategy, I hope Zerodha has a few options for weeding out dormant/inactive, resource hogging account .

    1. Rs 300 adjustable towards brokerage
    2. X Amount as average balance
    3. Loyalty Points or
    4. Others strategies

    Sticking only to charging monthly fee may be a high risk strategy since may spoil Brand Zerodha.

    Good to always give 4 or 5 options and let the dormant accounts weed themselves out!

    Please do not misunderstand my comment since I do not want to teach you how to run a business that you have built .

    • Bala, we want to keep the business simple. It has worked well for us until now. Rs 10,000 in the trading account covers most of our active clients. But yeah, before we roll out the final release, we will think of adding another option to determine active traders.

      • AKASH KHETERPAL says:


        if a client has minimum rs.10000 in his trading account then still he has to pay rs.300 or not??

      • George P says:

        Thank you …. 🙂 …. U have listen to us …. relief …. 🙂

      • George P says:

        “Active client for us is anyone who has atleast Rs 10,000 (including cash + Option premium + margin blocked) in either the equity or commodity account with us.”

        I think this criteria will cover the eligibility criteria for active traders ….. 🙂 …. Thank you again ….. I will reiterate again again ….. you are one hell of a CEO /LEADER 🙂 …. keep it up ….. GOD BLESS YOU AND UR BUSINESS …..

  166. DHIRENDRA says:

    Here comes one more criteria from Mr. Nitin.
    New criteria to have Pi (or for being considered as an active trader)—-minimum Rs. 10,000 in your account.

    I got Pi link in my Q but with the following message:-

    “We are allowing access to only active traders as of now. Make sure to have atleast Rs 10,000 in either your equity or commodity account to qualify as an active trader.”

    • DHIRENDRA says:

      One more thing Nitin Ji,
      Suppose at present the balance in my account is Rs. 10000. So as per your criteria I can download and use Pi.
      After one month while trading I lost Rs.4000 and my balance get reduced to
      Rs 6000. So in that condition can I use Pi with Rs 6000 in my account.

      Please reply Nitin Ji

      • Dhirendra, very soon we will have the final release. We still aren’t fixed on a condition, but as long as you are trading with us, we will ensure that you get this for free. We just want to be sure, that people don’t use this with us and trade somewhere else.

    • This Rs 10,000 was by popular requests, there are many active clients of ours who might be trading once or twice a month for the last 3 years. Hence we decided on an account value of Rs 10,000.

  167. roy says:

    ‘Access pending activation’. Things are falling into place. It has been pretty rough for you .Hopefully the going will be a lot smoother from now on. Congratulations!

  168. Muthukumar says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Is there any link to see the new video. Please post in Z-Connect for General View!!!!

  169. Deepak says:

    Got the link and Pi Status : Pending activation
    Do we still need the 48 hour period to wait, it is getting exciting at this point and I really want to get my hands on this awesome software, please enable and bump it up
    on my login ID as per your records

    Thanks for all your efforts.

  170. virender kumar says:

    finally gets link on my q hope gets pi too early thanks zerodha and thanks nitin

  171. AG says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Please start Part 3 of this PI feedback and overview thread. User who have got access to latest (final) beta can share their experiences for the benefit of others. We would like to hear more about Final PI beta.

  172. Chethan Rai says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Please activate PI for my user id RC 0547; i am active member generating more than required brokerage.

    Chethan Rai

  173. eagal says:

    All the Best Nitin. I really hope you will release PI very soon to us to trade on most advanced trading platform.

  174. amit says:

    hi nitin,
    please let us know if pi is working fine for those client whom you have licensed today,so that we could expect further release.

  175. vinesh kumar says:

    nithin ji
    please post latest updates, half of the day has gone.

  176. Rakesh Naik says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I got an email from Zerodha that Pi will be available shortly and the icon will be in q.zerodha.com. I dont see the Pi icon yet there. I am using the PI beta please enable the new release so that i can trade using PI.

    I am a active user and have generated more than rupee 300 brokerage….

    Client Code:RR0650

  177. sachin says:

    नितिन प्लीज
    पाय दो या मत दो पर काम से काम हेईकन अशी चार्ट्स तो ज़ेरोदा ट्रेडर पर चालू करो मैं सिर्फ हैकेन अशी चार्ट्स फेलो करता हूँ
    १/४ ट्रेडिंग कैपिटल लॉस कर चूका हू ज़ेरोधा पर अकाउंट खोलनेका मकसद सिर्फ हैकेन चार्ट्स था
    अगर ट्रेडर लॉस करने लगा तो कोई फरक नहीं पड़ता की ब्रोकरेज कम रहा तो भी
    हम लोग सर्वाइव नहीं करेंगे तो आप कहा से कमाओगे

  178. chingkhei says:

    we like the reason why zerodha keep segment on yours client.we are confuse why we are her with zerodha.its not good waiting for long and again making client segment active- inactive,I think its not necessary you keep us somewhere farther

  179. Rachit Gupta says:

    Sir this is my user id RR1226 please activate PI
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  180. Rachit Gupta says:

    Sir this is my user id please activate PI
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  181. Rajendra says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I got an email from Zerodha that Pi will be available shortly and the icon will be in q.zerodha.com. I dont see the Pi icon yet there. Is there is a general email to all or the email is sent to select few. Please clarify

  182. DS1917 says:

    Please enable PI for my client ID DS1917

  183. Jayani says:

    ID dj9270 active member, provide link for pi

  184. Ethan says:

    Am i eligible to get Pi ? please look @ my profile and provide me the link ….. without charting i cant trade …. please provide me the downloading link …… And please make it free from bugs ………

  185. Shobha says:

    Hi Nitin,

    As per your eligibility criteria, I’m an active trader. But though not able to see Pi download link. Please let us know when I can see this. It’s very annoying to wait.
    Client Id: DS3538

  186. pradeep cr says:

    Dear nitin
    I am active trader Please make able PI on my I’d RP0187 please…

  187. chingkhei says:

    Dear nitin
    Please make able PI on my I’d RC0258 .I m waiting for many day without trading here

  188. We have given it to around 50 people for now. If everything is alright, we will start releasing it to more number of people soon.

  189. DV1444 says:

    Nitin I think it is time to scrap Pi . its disgusting Zerodha keep promising Pi release of just few days ahead.

  190. Jimmy says:

    Not able to find the download link in q.zerodha.com as posted. Please update status and link.


  191. M ANANTHA RAMAN says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin,

    This is regarding Pi I want to inform you that I am generating brokerage more than your said limit. and you admin people keep on promising that I will get the PI before 12th. Now they are telling that I will get the NEW REQUEST FORM AFTER TWO DAYS. This is NOT acceptable at all. I closed my trading account from my previous broker and Joind Zerodha after seeing the demo of PI. But I am disappointed. Kindly do the needful ND GET ME pi IMMEDIATLY.
    Anantha Raman

  192. Yogesh Kalal says:

    Dear , Sir
    Please tell me how to get PI Link
    MY Client ID is RY0132

  193. Deepak says:

    Watching Pi movie while waiting for Pi software release, eating my apple pie , hope to hear soon by 22/7 (π) time.

    Still waiting on the link to be enabled and reading about Pi

    The record for memorizing digits of π, certified by Guinness World Records, is 67,890 digits, recited in China by Lu Chao in 24 hours and 4 minutes on 20 November 2005

  194. DV1444 says:

    I still havent got link in Q…. Please activate Pi

  195. AG says:

    How to request for Pi? There is no link/ button on Q as informed earlier.

    Hope its not delayed further.

  196. chingkhei says:

    Dear nitin
    Please tell me how to get PI

  197. Bhanu Rekha says:

    Hi Nitin

    Could you please facilitate for the Pi updated version as i am waiting since there is some upgradation in Pi. I have already forwarded the request to rms team.


  198. Susanta Bala says:

    Release please Pi for DS3412
    Thanks a lot.

  199. SUSANTA BALA says:

    Release me DS3412 Pi Please
    Thants a lot.

  200. Ravi says:


    I am a active trader from 2010 if your charging 300 rs for software I dont think your discounted broker as if you consider that around 100000-300000 users in zerodha you would earn 300*300000+ Brokerage which is unfavourable & you pay to servers & esignal data very low cost. Very soon you can see dormant accounts lying in Zerodha. Advanced broking terminals are going to come in india very soon.

    I would switch to other broker with free of cost terminal as analysis part only does the terminal not the order part.

    Hope you understand that generating income from market is very tuff after brokerage itsellf & adding to a cost of 3600 as your AMC charge for terminal.

    Its seems not a right model to go with.

    Rkglobal was charging with 300 rs for ODIN & 100rs for webbased but there price changes are very quicker than your & also mobile version is very good compared to ZT.

  201. Manu says:

    I used to be a very active day trader on zerodha. But when I visited the trading platform yesterday after some months, I found that the user interface….if I may so ….of the charts have changed. Earlier it used to be a black background but now it is white and looks boring. So can I still access the old interface where the charts had a black background.

    • Manu, Omnesys/Reuters the vendors of NEST have stopped supporting Nest Plus, and hence the previous version is not available. We will start giving out Pi to everyone very soon.

  202. George P says:

    Dear Ramdas Ji , You dont need to feel scary , this x balance you can use for trading also , 🙂 I hope that Nithin will keep this x amount nominal … As Nithin has clearly told 1 brokarage , 1 RMS plan , from his above posts you can clearly see he encouraging you to do trade more with Pi ….. dont worry Nithin knows better than anyone of here who is a active trader …. a person may do trading daily like a scalper or he may do trading every 4 – 5 days like a swing / positional trader …. Or he/she may be an investor who use Pi just look at the performance of the equity …. NIthin knows this well …. Keep the trust on him …….End of the day he made Pi for us and spend a hefty amount to build Pi …. if you are not using Pi or taking the advantage Pi’s charting and placing trade on some other terminal whats the point of making Pi … I am requesting Nithin please release it everyone and hope that Pi will be bug free this time ….. Then you also dont need to worry THEM …. 🙂
    We are all are doing businesses here . Point is how lovingly and how supportive we are to each other. Zerodha needs us likewise we also need Zerodha , like a family. Its not a one day affair . Happy trading . 🙂

  203. ana says:

    So, whats the final word on Pi for atleast timebeing. Who will get to use it and for what?????

    • This week, we will be taking it a little slow, and we will be giving it to our active clients. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we should give it to everyone. We have always tried to keep the business simple, 1 brokerage plan, 1 RMS rule, Same deal for everyone. The last thing we would want to do is to put conditions like minimum brokerage and all. But that said, we would want to somehow ensure that the person who is using Pi is trading with us whatever be the frequency. So yeah, like George said, probably put a condition saying your account should have a X balance. Let us see, we will come up with something tomorrow.

      • Ramdas Pai says:

        huh… I know… I will get disqualified, just because of “X balance” 😮 😀 😀 😀 😛
        and do I need to care about it??? 🙂 🙂

  204. vinesh kumar says:

    dear nithin ji
    i am very much impressed with the words of mr george P in above post, i do very much feel in my heart same love and respect for zerodha and you , not because of your brokerage ,but because of your prompt reply , care for client ,and eagerness to resolve the problem of your clients. which is 3-4 steps behind in other brokers . so please don’t let these things meshed with others. A TRUE LEADER DO NOT COMPARE ITSELF WITH OTHERS.
    in respect of your defination of ACTIVE TRADER i have some points , and suggestion .
    please have a look on these two cases
    CASE 1= small trader/new trader= open a trade in ZINCM/LEADM/COPPERM/NICKELM/SLIVERMIC and square it before market close ,
    frequency = daily one trade
    trades in month=10-12 DAYS in a month
    total turnover = 20-25 lac
    brokerage generated= rs 250 (as per your brokerage calculator)
    CASE 2= swing trader = open a trade in market on MONDAY- TUESDAY in 10 LOTS of NIFTY and square it on THU-FRI and spend a happy weekend with family
    frequency= 1-2 trade weekly
    trades in month=whole month
    total turnover= 2-2.5 crore
    brokerage generated =rs 240 ( for 6 trade)
    both traders are full time traders in market but not able to generate RS 300 , so how would you call them that they are not active . in my knowledge the previous defination of active trader by you was that ACTIVE TRADER = those who open 5 trades in a month with you,
    so , my suggestion is that please do not stuck with generation of RS 300 only ,please provide some more flexiblity in the defination of active trader, like that
    1> generate minimum brokerage of RS 250 per month
    2> trade 10 days with you
    3> maintain 15-20k balance in his trading a/c
    please consider my views in this respect.
    i also want to say that putting some condition for the use of a software which is still in its infancy is not good , let it used by existing users , develop it , make it powerful,bugfree,let it grow and then put some condition.
    BUT any how , if you do not agree with my points then this is my humble request to you to reduce initial condition of RS 300 brokerage cum software charges to RS 200-250 to qualify us active trader

  205. George P says:

    Excellent 🙂 say , those who have 5 – 10k in their account they are active trader/investor …..

  206. George P says:

    If everything goes well with Pi those people who were not trading they will be coming back and lots of new member will also come 🙂 We all know that you have a business to run and mouths to feed … 🙂

  207. George P says:

    Dear Nithin ,
    I would like point out few things ,
    1.lets start with your one comment “I was saying, the last time around we realized that most of our time was spent answering and supporting people who hadn’t placed a trade with us also. “Though I am a active trader (I generated 5645 rs from sep to dec and total brokerage with all the taxes was around 11 k)

    2. I would like to say why would I place an order over ZT with limited features and Pi which was not working. As a scalper I mainly depends on the charts . After the critical update ZT terminal was working fine most of days . But charting in ZT was barred from any indicators , and zoom in ( a basic feature) was limited . Now I will be using ZT to place an order only and to see NSE, BSE THE LIVE TICKER) . You know Nithin I can actually see those data in my windows mobile NSE app. 🙂

    3. Nithin you are a dynamic CEO , I love you for that . Those who place trade ZT last month either they are having another platform to look at the charts or they are purely gambling . 🙂 I dont have any other platform to look at the charts . So why I would take the risk of gambling (I know You need luck and timing in trading also still ) as I am a scalper.

    4. All those 45 – 50 k people who are in Zerodha family are not HNI , superactive traders I guess (I may be wrong ) . Most of them like your business policy . You brought a revolution “Discount Brokerage ” others are following you steps. Zerodha became so popular because you listen to the people and caters their needs . And you know Nithin in this market panics a lot , it applies to Zerodha family members also . When Pi was not working and at the same time ZT crashed you I panicked , like me lot of other people they must have panicked . I lost 40k . I appreciate that You told us that you will refund the brokerage and You have done it , but I lost 40k because of this technical glitch. So Nithin I will not put my hard earned money over a faulty trading system. Now as per you those who didnt put their hard earned money (again I dont have any other trading platform , I didnot have that amount of money to buy expensive live data feeds ) they are inactive trading . And who must be a gambler or have other trading platform as they have more money are active traders !!!

    5. About you comment on Sharekhan ,
    Sharekhan is a full time old brokerage house , they have their own HNI’s and lot of small time retail investor and traders have paid a huge amount of money as (costly brokerage ) , but Zerodha’s business model are totally different from Sharekhan , You are Discount broker (a life saver for the small retail investors and traders ) . Zerodha’s CEO replies to all the members and few non members ( people loves you for that ) . People , I love you because You reply to all the queries . You fair in your business . You know there are few more Discount Brokerage houses offers same brokerage or than You . Still I am with you because of the love for Zerodha . For You Nithin . Thats the only reason people are joining you . Because others are offering Nest , almost same brokerage . So when you said “…..spent answering and supporting people who hadn’t placed a trade with us also. ” I felt little bad . People , I will place trade if we got the basic things are working fine . ZT ‘s chart was untraceable ad the indicators were not there . If You had given them the OLD ZT with all the charts and indicators I dont think that you could ever say this active or inactive traders . 🙂

    6. Now Pi , I have beta tested it and it was a refreshing experience until that D-day when you upgraded your servers and everything went wrong . Now you are saying people have to generate 300rs as a brokerage for a month . That counts 3600 rs brokerage a year . Say I dont use Pi for placing a order (or generate your mentioned brokerage) for a year , I will be qualified as a in active trader so I have to pay 3600rs as a platform using fee ! What do you say I am occasional trader and I do mainly investing as your brokerage charges are competitive , for investing also I do need to look at the historical and weekly charts of the particular stock , He/she has to pay for the trading platform uses charge . Dont say he/she can use kite , trade.zerodha or ZT , as they either dont have charting and ZT charting is unspeakable . So that that investor has to pay max 20 rs+ stt and other charges + platform uses charges !!!!! I think again a panic will start spreading . 🙂 For a trading scalper like me its oki , but for positional trader , occasional trader it will be a costly affair. Your platform usage charge alone will make you a moderately charged brokerage house.

    7. Now before charging upfront money or your desired brokerage ,
    a . First make Pi a stable trading platform. Let the traders regain confidence on Pi.
    b. Let it run on all the traders desktop and take the feedback .
    c. Do the final release bug free .Make it popular . Add all the indicators .
    d. Pi should not be a resource monger application , make it right .
    e. In Your blog when you were reply to a member , You wrote we have miles to go to catch Ninja trader or MT4 . By God’s grace You and your dream child Pi will be there one day . When Pi will be very powerful trading platform , that day will you charging us for platform use like the Sharekhan 10000k 😛 or may be more that that 😛

    I know making trading software is not a easy and you are burdened by a huge infra cost and You were bog down by many unavoidable circumstances . You did a personal apology for that I respect you for that . I know that it was not you fault , You are great leader . Keep the spirit . I will tell my friends to trade and investing on Zerodha if this business continues (By Gods grace ,I hope that it will ) . These increasing number of love and membership towards Zerodha will compensate your huge infra cost . Always remember we , I love you and Your Zerodha for your business model and the interaction I can have with you . We love you , just dont forget us . 🙂 .

    • :), Thanks George. We will figure out something soon. We could probably have a condition saying if a client has X amount of funds in his account, he is an active client for us. But like you said, we want to first ensure that Pi is working properly over the next week.

      Good night.

  208. Like I have clearly mentioned, we are not charging anything. All that we are saying till now is, the first set of clients who will be given access to the final beta release of Pi will be those who are active with us. Very soon we will give access to everyone (even if you are dormant).

  209. fazlur rehman says:

    Mr. Nithin, I preferred Zerodha over SAS online or Trade smart online which were much cheaper brokerage firm. Don’t you think It will be a burden on the small traders head paying 300 Rs or more monthly. Cant it be avoided ? I Think , Pi is capable of generating enough brokerage from the traders uses charting software while trading. Anyway I hope you will choose the best possible way in favor of your traders.
    I along with your thousands of traders demand to provide us daily and weekly view on market so that we could have an idea to decide the direction of our trades. You should provide a good technical analyst to your over 40000 customers .

    Fazlur rehman

  210. Arun says:

    hi nitin,

    please give weightage to the mt4 bridge , the faster this feature is released and hopefully it works without bugs it will be a big boost for traders.

  211. Chetan says:

    I am a day trader who is still still learning the system and money management, So i’m still trading with very small quantities, I trade a maximum of 10k to 30k per day. So last month i might have generated a brokerage of 50 rupees or less. I am using Diet odin for charts and placing trades through Zerodha trader. The problem i had during beta phase of pi was, after logging in though Pi and then opening Diet odin, i could not see the charts in Odin, i had to re-install Odin to see charts again. So there is some conflict between Pi and Diet odin.
    For people trading futures they will easily generate a brokerage of 300 rupees with only a single trade everyday.
    Anyway, i was hoping to use Pi but won’t get a chance as i have not been generating 300 rs brokerage/month. But last time, i was the one who pointed the inaccurate intraday charts of Pi with pictures. I proved to be a useful beta tester and looks like my feedback has been implemented based on the notes i read.

  212. gilari says:

    Mr Nithin
    I think small traders should say good by ,if he is not a day trader.Shall there be any other platform for small traders ?.Should we pay for Kite also?

    • Charles says:

      Yes it seems that way. Small traders must generate volumes now to pay for Pi software or keep using ZT. Freeze, restart…. freeze…restart…. and on…………………..

  213. H.C. says:

    Hi, Nithin,

    Rs 300 brokerage per month is small amount for most of traders, no problem. But a month consists of only about 20 trading days, so u can think of little flexible options also in longer term like:-
    1. Rs 600 for 2 month,
    2. Rs 900 for 3 month (or like 60 day challenge, 60 trading days which is about 3 month).

    Active traders would not bother to choose 3 month scheme as they generate thousands of brokerage for you in small time. But in that case they don’t have to pay per month charge for any inactive month(say 1 month holiday 🙂 ). They can trade more peacefully with 3 month plan.
    Please think of it & give us longer term option also.

    With all good wishes for PI.

    • DHIRENDRA says:

      Ya Nithin
      I too am a bit concerned about this.

      What if an active trader is unable to trade for a month due to some reason?

      Will his rating of being an active trader till the previous month is going to get in vain just because of current month’s in-activeness? (I think that will be a bit unfair).
      Wouldn’t it be wise and fair if you let trader to activate and deactivate the use of PI for any particular month?
      If he choose to use Pi for a particular month then he will be charged.
      And if not then he can use ZT without any charge.

  214. Bimal says:

    Dear Riddhi,

    As far as I understand what Nitin is saying is that they will release PI to those who are generating them brokerage of at least Rs 300 brokerage per month. Now this means that a trader who is doing only 15 trades a month will get Pi on priority and those who are not that active may give Rs 300 upfront which will be adjusted against their use.

    Thus, you can understand that Zerodha is not charging any thing extra. So don’t worry. If you are subscribing advanced feeds then you must be a very active trader. So you should get Pi without any upfront payment.

    As trader we should give a big thumbs up to the Zerodha team. We have high hopes from Pi.


  215. Riddhi says:


    As far as mail from Siva goes ,he mailed me that I would be getting Pi on 12th jan.From the look of it,probably won’t be happening.No point crying over spilled milk.
    Paying fees for using Pi would be acceptable,but then I hope payment gateway would be smooth and Pi would be enabled much quicker than “email and wait” process.
    The problem is for those of us who have already paid costly data packages and now need to trade compulsorily or fork up data cost again for Pi.My current annual subscription for real time data still has 5 months at least.So,its a bit messy for us right now who actually has rtd package.Thank god I didn’t subscribe for F&O and MCX.
    Secondly, if usage of Pi is charged, people will clamour for heads if server goes down.Hope Zerodha is aware of that.
    For those who are scalpers it is absolutely important to trade from chart.So Pi would have solved the problem beautifully.But awaiting three weeks is a buzzkill and probably won’t be trading ZT cause opening ZT and RTD chart is a problem in laptop screen.
    Active traders who already beta tested has got a feel of Pi.But please release it to dormant(?) traders as quickly possible.And before charging fees please allow at least two months time after releasing Pi.

    • Riddhi, we are not charging fees for PI, Pi is still free of cost. We are just saying that the client has to be an active trader with us. Rs 300 of brokerage a month, that is like the cost of 4 plates of Dosa in a Darshini in Bangalore today. Like I was saying, the last time around we realized that most of our time was spent answering and supporting people who hadn’t placed a trade with us also.
      There is no payment gateway and all, if Rs 300 is not generated, at the end of the month the difference between Rs 300 and brokerage paid will be debited. Yes we will try to give this to everyone as fast as possible.

  216. aditya says:


    i have just started trading. i have rs 28000 in my account.
    i trade approx once daily mainly through the android app maybe once or twice a month through zt.last 30 days generated around 120 in brokerage.was really looking forward to pi.dont mind waiting few days but i am a little confused about the fee which was never mentioned before.will the fee be for tools or for the whole platform instead?cant you waive the fee for accounts with more than 25000 rs?have no other account with any other broker so little hard to misuse pi.please clarify


    • Aditya we have spent a lot on infra and our running costs are quite high for Pi, especially for streaming data to power the charts. The quality of data that you will see on pi, will probably match up very close to esignal which charges over 10k a month to use it. So to ensure that atleast the cost of running the platform is covered, we are saying that we will give it to only those who are generating atleast Rs 300 brokerage per month. Very soon we will give an option, where you can pay this Rs 300 upfront which gets adjusted with brokerage for the month. If you don’t trade anything for the month, the Rs 300 will end up as a platform usage fees. So technically speaking there is no fees for using Pi. Pi is the desktop application, there is no mobile version of it.

  217. AKASH KHETERPAL says:


    i want that Zerodha should also start unlimited monthly brokerage plan,are you also working on it?

  218. Rahul says:

    I completely agree with you nithin Let’s say a client has 10000 in their trading account collateralize the platform fee and start giving it to us in case they don’t generate commissions you get to keep the fee or else if they do you end up getting your commissions anyway !!!

  219. sham says:

    Understand your concern about misuse of Zerodha’s liberalism. Yet, Please consider giving inactive traders other options – like, pay and use your tools as in eg: trade tiger. For beginners it is important to watch the market, learn the tool and do some mock trading before putting real money on the line. Hope you give Pi to everyone after the release, thats fine; or else the policy of limiting usage to active traders only is going to be a spirit dampener. Hope Zerodha comes out with an mutually agreeable strategy which is.

    • Yes Sham, we will come up with a plan for that (Rs 300 to Rs 500 per month, which gets adjusted with brokerage). If no trades happen, that becomes like a platform usage fees. We will have this up soon for our inactive clients.

      • Charles says:

        Wont this be possible ? Give Pi free for everyone for a month or 2, let everyone understand it and be confident trading markets; then u can start the charges against brokerage as planned. Seriously u need to give inactive clients and newbies a chance to use Pi. Thanks.

        • Yes we will in the next 2 weeks. We plan to charge an upfront Rs 300 to Rs 500/month, which gets adjusted with brokerage. If no trades, it becomes a platform usage charge.

  220. charan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Currently I have a trading account with SBI I want to open a account in Zerodha soon. I have a doubt with respect with options. Do you have any tool in your option trading platfrom where i can build A Option strategy and execute a trade in one go. Like buying and writing calls at different strike prices ex spreads, coz the overall margin requirement for a option spread is lower than for a individual put or call.

  221. Shashank jain says:

    Hi ,
    Only reason opening the account with Zerodha was that u r providing the PI software , if still I need to wait for another 3 week or so then its totally useless for me because I am also having trading account with 1 more discount whose charges are similar to of yours and have been trading with them for last 2 years , I opened another account just for PI

    So it would be great for us if u could remove this condition for distributing the software


    • @RK, Sutha, Jana, Rahul, Shashank,

      Firstly, we should hopefully have it released for all much before 3 weeks. Since we have extended the deadlines the last time around, I am just being safe.

      Secondly, we have to give priority, and as a business we have to give it those who are trading with us before we give it those who aren’t or haven’t yet. Yes we had issues in December when we did the server upgrade, so it makes it even more important for us to give priority to those who traded with us during that time.

      Also, we have put a lot of resource and fire power behind Pi. We won’t let the mistake that Sharekhan did, everyone was using their charting/resources for free, and trading with some other brokerage (They just woke up now, and charge I guess for Trade tiger, which gets adjusted with brokerage, Rs 10,000/year).

      If during the next week there is no issue in scaling the number of licenses, we will have most of you using Pi much, much before 3 weeks.

      Happy weekend

      • Jana says:

        I understand.. but tell me how am i supposed to trade till then.. if you had provided me a solution for the problem ZT is posing right now, i wouldn’t have been here in the first place.. Doesn’t this amount to deficiency of service?. What answer do you have for the issue of freezing of ZT?. its like saying ‘look mate, we couldn’t sort out your problem.. so wait till we see if people with no problem face any problem’..
        and for your comparison with sharekhan, people accustomed to zerodha will find it hard to trade or move on with some other brokerages.. that is why i’m still here reasoning with you and i’ll be with you..

        • Jana, there are no freezing issues on ZT. There were issues for a few days last month when we did the upgrade. ZT has been working quite well over the last month. I will get someone to call you back and see where you are facing any issues on ZT.

          • Jana says:

            Thank you for writing to Zerodha.
            We have also come across this issue from our few other customers too, our developers are working on it, and we are hoping a speedy solution on the same. Until then, we thank you for your patience and cooperation.
            If you have any queries please do write to us or you can also call us on 080-40402020.

            this was the response your guys gave on 19/12/2014 for the issue i reported..please refer my to support tickets.. i had attached snapshots too.. if you still need it, i’ll attach monday’s snapshot when it happens..

      • Ramdas Pai says:

        “Learn from the mistakes of others… you can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves!!”
        #Sharekhan 😛

        • Learn from a lot of our own mistakes, and from others as well I guess. ;)… The thing is, if you don’t risk being wrong/commit mistakes, very tough to be progressive.

  222. Rahul says:

    Do consider our request the reason i opened a trading account with you guys was because of pi and now you say we have to wait for 3 more weeks i think this is a bit unfair trading on ZT is a bit difficult !!! Do consider this !!! My demat was opened on 6th jan !!! Don’t make us wait like this !!

  223. 9th Jan 2015

    So we are almost ready to launch the “final beta release of Pi” from monday, 12th Jan. If everything works well, we will have the final release of Pi within the next 3 weeks. For all those who have used the previous beta and given us feedback, it has taken us over 2 months to incorporate most of what you had requested for.

    1. We did a complete upgrade of trading servers last month, so the performance has gone up significantly.
    2. We have upgraded the servers that send data to the charts, so NSE, NFO, and Currency charts, will probably match up to data of the most expensive data providers in the country. Also adding indicators, drawing tool bar, and all issues around it has been fixed.
    3.All exchanges: NSE, BSE, and MCX are live.
    4. We have created a screen to log all your alerts from Expert advisors, Scripted alerts, and Pi bridge, for semi automated trading. Clicking on the alert places an order.
    5. Pi bridge is live for amibroker. We are working on having the bridge to MT4 soon.
    6. Issues around saving layouts is fixed.
    7. You will have 1 year of intraday data for the top 200 stocks and indices. We will slowly add more stocks to the list. You will be able to load upto 50,000 candles on a single chart.

    Bracket orders will take a little longer. Also, we presently have minute and hourly charts. End of day charts, will take few more days.

    We are going to start releasing Pi from monday, we will release it only to a few for the first 2 or 3 days, and slowly increase the pace.

    To enable Pi:
    1. From monday, you will see a Pi icon in Q(https://q.zerodha.com/). The ID’s that we had previously enabled for beta of Pi, won’t work from monday, you will have to put a new request.
    2. You will have an option to request for beta of Pi when clicked on the icon. We will be giving this beta only to our active client base, (clients who have generated atleast Rs 300 of brokerage over the last 30 days). If you are not our active client, you will have to wait until the final release.
    3. Once you place a request, you will get a download link, and a key. The download link, also has a readme doc, that explains the installation process. We have simplified the installation process quite a bit. Four clicks and you should be ready.
    4. Once you have done this, you will be notified on the same page when your login is enabled for trading on Pi on the same page in Q. How fast this happens will depend on the queue, and the speed at which we are releasing licenses.
    5. The link to enable “Pi bridge” to connect to Amibroker for semi-automated trading will be available by next weekend on the same page in Q.

    Note: It is still the final “Beta” version, so if you spot any issues do let us know. I will put up a blogpost with video on monday to run a quick overview of latest beta release of Pi.

    I understand this has gotten delayed quite a bit and having Pi out soon is quite important for us as a business. We hit multiple roadblocks along the way, hopefully as they say, ” Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”.

    Happy Trading,

    • Jana says:

      Appreciate your work Nithin..
      I still have an objection to make.. I may not be an active trader according to your logs.. i was testing out my strategies and just when i started executing, your critical update and things happened.. from that day, issue of freezing of ZT took over.. When a terminal freezes 6-8 times everyday, how is a new trader supposed to be active.. and that too when your support dept didn’t have any answer for that.. i was hoping i could become active but now it seems i’ll have to wait three more weeks which is a bit unfair.. may be, you ppl will have a log of clients who complained about ZT freezing.. you can enable Pi for those clients even if they were inactive.. i guess i’m not the only one with this case here.. please consider it..
      my client id is DJ9517..
      thank you..

    • RK says:

      Hi Nithin,

      I guess Nest chart issue started on Nov 5 after their update to V and ZT problem started on 5 Dec after the critical update ,so for the past 2 months many of the active traders probably stopped trading with these issues,So giving Pi based on active clients is not fair.

      And for people, who recently opened their accounts also would probably waiting for Pi to start their trading so they cant qualify as active trader,please give preference to them.

      Previously you told Pi will be randomly given to 500 – 1000 clients, now you came up with this active client criteria. I can understand that Pi will be out to everyone slowly may be of scalability issues.But it will be fine if the system randomly select clients rather than this “active client” thing.


    • Sutha says:

      Nithin, since you were a trader, lets see this from a traders’ perspective.
      inactive traders are a different story. but traders rendered inactive due to a frequently hanging trading terminal are entirely a different story.
      if you were providing a smooth terminal all along and say that only active people will get pi, it is justifiable, acceptable and others will continue with their existing one.
      what we were provided was a frequently hanging/stopping/freezing/whatever terminal to which the technical department had no answers whatsoever.to trade with such a terminal itself needs a separate skillset and temperament. and still you expect people to be active.
      Come on. look from reality point of view. if the terminal was faulty beyond repair, is it fair to pin the blame on the trader for being inactive? and if it happened for few days or a week, your stand might be acceptable. instead it is nearly two months.
      Can you accept if you were in our position?.. will you waste three more weeks just because the brokerage house could not identify or rectify the problem with your existing terminal? while others who were lucky to have their ZT functional get Pi in addition.
      even after reading this, if you still feel justified with your stand, please give us an answer how should we trade until we get Pi. and three weeks is no mean timeframe. For the first time i feel let down by you.
      BTW i donot want to take the credit away from you. you guys do an excellent job and ZT before strip down & update was very nice. it will be nice after Pi release. but you owe us an answer, for us who ZT poses problems.

    • japjit100 says:

      thank for launching pi bata

      i want know which email i have to send request ?
      or any link

  224. Bimal says:


    I believe that release of Pi is stretching a bit too far. It is testing our patience. We have very little trust in ZT now.


  225. SUSANTA BALA says:

    Commitment is more important Mr. Nithin. Wetting for Pi, release fast as soon as possible. Thanks.

  226. Kantilal Kshirsagar says:

    Hi Nitin,

    First of all Very Very Happy & Profitable New Year to you and all our zerodha family

    I am egarly waiting when i am use Pi software

    any release date of the same

    And last but not least Thanks for your energetic efforts

    • Thanks Kantilal, we are hoping to have the first few clients to start trading on it from monday. But we will slowly scale this up next week, monitoring the performance.

  227. virender kumar says:

    i mean can we use it as modrate tech charting software

  228. virender kumar says:

    sir i want to know is pi have only charts like nest plus or it has some feature of charting software like list of gainers on high vol low vol and other things like that

  229. Muthukumar says:

    mail sent already, is Pi is allocated for me?

  230. Muthukumar says:

    My ZT trader not working. i have downloaded as fresh exe from zerodha, but not working now. is there any other links?

  231. NEO says:

    Hey Nithin,
    A quick query on Pi MT4 bridge..I understand that its not a priority for u guys now, but do you have a timeline in mind for its support ? or it isnt in your plate of TODOs right now ?
    + Data feed for MT4…I suggest you guys include this as an expansion of your products and provide that..( after all you must be entitled to redistribute the data that you might be feeding to your servers.. I assume you are using Globaldatafeeds)

    Wrt Pi..do we have a method to reconcile to data that is not updated due to power failure / internet disconnectivity ? Method to export tick data / Historical data to csv ?

  232. Chokkarao says:

    Dear Nithin ji,

    From past one month, i stopped my trading and waiting for PI updated beta version.Now i get only market watch on PI. So please provide me PI beta in the first phase in your next release.
    I agree with your comments that, creating a good trading cum charting plotform is not a easy task. I know so many technical issues to be resolve to run it accurately and effectively.

    As aware of your/zerodha commitment and professionalism towards customers benefit and your efforts to provode great tools to your customers to their trading edge, i understand how you put great efforts to fixes problems in PI. But i know it takes some time. Its a crucial time to zerodha.
    In a individual or company career, we may face some struggles or obstacles. its a temporary. it can teach us some lessons to evolve to more better in our tasks.Not ready PI in stipulated time, temporarily create some discomforts to traders at zerodha.

    But i have a great confidence in zerodha. A great future ahead to zerodha and its customers. Good luck to zerodha and Nithin bhai.
    MY ID; DC0292.

    • Having Pi out, is probably more important for us as a business than any of our clients. We are desperate to have it out as soon as possible, we don’t want to push it this time and compromise.

  233. Poovhen says:

    When will CO/BO be available on web platform? Will it be only IE…or Firefox will also be supported?


  234. vinesh kumar says:

    dear nithin ji
    is it possible ( not now ,but in future) to view SGX NIFTY in our pi.

  235. Vivek says:

    How to get Pi Software.. First week of Jan is over but it is still not viewable anywhere

  236. Swagata says:

    When are you finally launching Pi? Was it not supposed to be the first week of Jan?

  237. Ravi says:

    I have been trading from zerodha from 2010 & i didnt face any issue till now as this the best brokerage firm and Nitin is aware of his business model and to take off.

    Please reduce brokerage as you have earned much.

    I would like to use Pi this weekend. Send me the details pls. My zerodha ID : Dr0875

    Akash is just a new bie to trading & didnt go through the demo & research as he is trading in currency without researching his platform


      i asked for the solution for nithin kamath, so dont interfare in my matter.dude,do your work,got it? you are trading from 2010,did i asked you? its just shows duplicacy to hide the face.hope you understand what i mean.

      • Priyesh says:

        Dear Akash Kheterpal, kindly stop abusing Zeodha & Nitin. It seems that you are unaware of trading and are also facing some personal trauma. Kindly visit a psychiatrist for a resolution. And as Nitin already mentioned above, withdraw your funds and be at peace with yourself. Have a nice day…

  238. japjit100 says:

    zerodha is lies every time when ask for pi launch date

    when i call zerodha for account open 2 months back they tell pi will launch in 2 to 3 days

    NITHIN please answer that




      eh zerodha wale jhuth hee bolna jaande hor ehna nu aaanda ki hai..ek no. de farzi bande ne eh..nov. toh bolde aa rahe ne mainu lgda..jan. aagya hje tak ta ehna zerodha pi release nhi ho rahi…

    • That video is hilarious :), but seriously speaking launching a trading software is not an easy task. We have over 1000 people testing out Pi, I guess that is when you opened an account with us. We had to delay the launch because some of the fixes took longer than expected. We will start giving out the final beta release of Pi in batches of 500 to 1000 from Monday onwards.


  239. AKASH KHETERPAL says:







      CLIENT ID :- DA2880.

      • shankar says:

        1. zerodha is best in market with low brokerage and service. some times unexpected problems arise. and also revolution in industry. this my personal experience.

        • AKASH KHETERPAL says:

          Shankar i have seen on thing..whenever client complaint about zerodha.,””CEO OF ZERODHA NITHTIN KAMATH “” DONT REPLY..HE TRIES TO STAY AWAY FROM THE ISSUES RATHER THAN LISTENING TO THE CLIENT.


          • Hey Akash, If you are trading currency futures, you should do it only if you know how to. We as Zerodha offer you an execution platform with all the tools. Our business model doesn’t let us give you a dedicated RM who can teach you what currency trading is, and etc. We have never said that we will give such kind of support anywhere. But if you are interested, most answers to your question is already available on Z-connect, you just have to search for it. I guess you also know that I run a decent size business, so I am not on Zconnect all the time answering queries. If you have any trading queries, ask on Zconnect or tradingqna, and if it is specific to your account send it [email protected]. If your expectation from us was something else, and you want to withdraw funds, login to Q.zerodha.com and you can place the fund withdrawal request.

            Best of luck.

    • Riddhi says:


      1. First of all this thread is about Pi and related topics,not personal complaint thread.
      3.You said ,you had to wait for one hour for them to answer.Apparently it could have been well spent actually going to Zerodha website and in the clicking http://zerodha.com/brokerage_calculator link.
      4.You should have gone through “How to place Order” threads in Z-Connect.Seriously ,give them a break!
      5. Wow,they have to tell you to put in transaction password which you set up earlier when you initially installed NEST.What do you think that password was for?
      6.I am not even sure what money you are asking? Account opening charges or the money YOU transferred to the trading account which you can withdraw at any time.Why the nagging?

      Although Zerodha facing problems in many aspects but come on!!

    • rastogi says:

      I should not comment.. but .. I like below statement :-

      Does any guy from google told you to give password while using gmail ? 😀

      Don’t Mind..Just kidding!!
      Enjoy 🙂

      • AKASH KHETERPAL says:

        i mean there technical person never told me that after you place order,a tab will come that will ask you transation authentication password.seriously i didnt knew my authentication password.so i called their Paid Customer Support that its asking for transaction authentication password then they send me temporary authentication password..after that i changed it,..just because of it i was unable to trade..they are just FRAUD AND MISGUIDING THE PEOPLE.



        • Kars says:


          I had a good laugh reading your complaint . You seem to be from other planet just landed here.

          I have high respect for Nithin ( of course he can do better). His mistake here is that he made this forum so open allowing th

          • AKASH KHETERPAL says:

            apni maa ki kasam khaa..kitne paise diye hai nithin ne tuje ye comment likhne ke liye?

            • And to add on to what I have written above, I am looking at your trading details, you had traded on 6th as well. So my guess is that you already knew about transaction password. You haven’t traded GBPINR, so I really don’t know what your issue is. And if there is anything, do send it to [email protected], zconnect is not the place to discuss any of your account related queries.

              • AKASH KHETERPAL says:

                yes,thats what i am talking about..when your technical person has given me a demo,then at that time why he didnt told me about “Transaction authentication password” and never told me at that sir you have to put a request for enabling bracket order.is he was sleeping at that time.why he didnt give me full information,if you are watching my trading details,then tap the voice also while he has given me demo that he didnt give me full information.

                • Rakesh Naik says:

                  If your trading one should know transaction pass is mandatory, its set by the sebi and has to followed by broker. its a security feature to protect your trading .

                  i cant stop laughing the way you are complaining here in this forum..very kiddish

    • Deepak says:

      I could not resist myself writing this as a response just to make aware to “tribesmen who don’t know how to interact on a social platform”

      Understand that just having Money in bank + A Trading account + Bookish knowledge + 0 researching capability = will not sustain this market.
      Reading Trading for Dummies should not be your last trading book !!
      You better practice on a demo account before you blow up your capital.
      (Mark this date)
      Why the fuss over just a transaction password and trying to blame everyone from support to CEO. What was your logical thinking saying at that point?

      I thought your key board had a problem and now I know it is your anger.

      If you don’t control anger you will never be able to trade without anxiety for the rest of your life.
      What is use of that money, when it is going towards Dr expenses!!!

      *I can sense that you have very high possibility of revenge trading and wiping out your account clean( Don’t go by Modiji’s word for this –swachh bharat abhiyan)
      *You would be very soon depressed when a trade goes against you and so is the next day and next trade.
      *People are put into stress around you

      Best of luck, get a crash course from babypips.com and lot of demo trading or a much better hobby

  240. Ram Prabhu says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Hope you are doing good.

    I would like to use Pi this weekend. Send me the details pls. My zerodha ID : DR1974

  241. Mukesh Parekh says:

    hi nitin,

    please include Donchain Channel Indicator on charts for intraday / positional trades in PI.

  242. ambassador says:


    I am unable to start PI since yesterday. I contacted support, they are saying they have upgraded servers and I have to wait till Monday to get new update. If that is the case, PI shouldn’t work for anybody.
    Here is the message that pops up when I try to start PI:

    Microsoft.NET Frame work

    ” Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue.
    Configuration system failed to initialize.”

    I will appreciate it if anyone can guide me how to rectify this problem.

    Thanks a lot.

  243. RAJESH J says:

    Hallo Nithin Can We Use ZIGZAG Indicator For Algo Coding & back Testing in New PI ?

  244. H.C. says:

    Hi, Nithin,

    Is that
    1. Automatic back-filling (and or) 2. Commodity Trading
    available with Final Beta release?

    Wishing you & Zerodha Team belated Happy & Prosperous New Year 2015.

  245. Paras Agarwal says:

    Hi Nitin,

    any updates on Kite?

  246. Vipul Seth says:

    Thanks Nithin for your instant reply,

    I will be starting trading also next week with you. I wish you all the good luck and good health 🙂

    Thanks again. Wishes to Zerodha team

  247. Vipul Seth says:

    Hello Nithin, I am planning to open an account with you because of your Pi Terminal.

    I want to know when it will be tradeable as i have already sent forms because my friend told me it is operating. Do let me know.

    Thanks in advance and hatts off to you being an entrepreneur

    • Vipul, we had given the beta release to a few clients, but we will be putting up a new release by this weekend. Next week, we will slowly start releasing this to everyone.


      • shashank jain says:

        Hi Nitin,
        My only reason to open account with Zerodha was PI software that is going to get released out,So could you please let me know do i need to send a specific mail to some one to get it as early as early because as you mentioned that you will slowly start releasing to client from next week .

        Thanks in advance .

  248. Senthil says:

    Dear Nithin,

    As you prepare for the final beta release, thought it would be better to mention a few basic issues in Pi (am sure they are already handled , but just in case):

    1. Chart data backfill: The patch certainly reinstated backfill, but the last historical bar and the first new bar are not accurate. Equivolume charts’ rendering is quite off track with backfill data, so am assuming that even though the prices for all but the last bar is OK, there may be issues with volume data (looks like it gets aggregated). The charting itself is fine when only current data is used, so this just has to do with data I guess.

    2. In the order window, once invoked using F1 on market watch, I am not able to change the instrument. Though the display shows the change, the order when placed, is the original instrument.

    3. Occasionally, an order is rejected with a message “Server not ready” … faced this issue today after a long time.

    4. Sometimes, when I login with the Quick Login checkbox unchecked, the Market Index does not appear.

    5. In a saved market watch, index rows are not retained when we login again.

    1,2, & 3 are the more critical ones – of which (2) has resulted in some serious situations.

    All the best for the release. Looking forward to it.

    Senthil (DS2929)

  249. gopal k. dhamija says:

    Hi Nitin ji
    installed new version of zt and also updated nest update and plugin…. but still facing problems…
    platfrom is crashing many times… which is causing trouble mentally and financially…

    Eagerly waiting for the launch of pi… can u please tell us the exact date of the launch.. 1st week of jan is almost over, as u said.

    * please if possible ad features like elliot wave, and different strategies as included in motive wave.
    * if possible available data integrating from pi to amibroker/metastock.. if they can fetch data from pi to ami/meta.. resulting no data delay to them..
    thanks !

    • This weekend we will release to between 500 to 1000 people. And over the course of next week, we will give it to all.

      • Rahul says:

        How do i apply for Pi ?

      • Senthil says:

        Dear Nithin,

        In case a few of the clients currently using Pi ( are not in the set of 500 – 1000 people to whom the next version will be released, would the version of Pi be supported for the other users during the transition ? Am asking because I am a very active user of Pi for trading, and would not want to switch back to ZT and back again.

        Alternately, is there a criteria selecting people for the limited roll-out ?


        • The latest release has almost everything fixed, and we will give it out to everyone next week. We just want to see if everything behaves correctly when adding new users. Yes you can use until then. No criteria as such, we plan to randomly pick 500 to 1000.

      • AG says:

        What is the criteria for this release?

        Facing several issues with ZT on daily basis. Can’t wait to get back to Pi.

        • Just posted this: The latest release has almost everything fixed, and we will give it out to everyone next week. We just want to see if everything behaves correctly when adding new users. Yes you can use until then. No criteria as such, we plan to randomly pick 500 to 1000.

    • gopal k. dhamija says:

      today faced huge losses coz terminal hanged in the morning so not able to book profit… which later converted into loss… now zerodha mush pay me…

      • AKASH KHETERPAL says:

        Gopal,i also faced the problem of software hanging in the morning.but i used call n trade facility immediately.so whenever the problem comes,always use there call n trade facility,

      • Gopal, today morning there was an issue from the exchange itself, where order confirmations were not coming through in time. It is best to send all account specific queries to [email protected]

        • gopal k. dhamija says:

          thats no excuse.. ur co. is responsible for my loss… i was in abt 5k profit.. now i end up.. in abt 6k loss….. last 3-4 days earnings/hardwork all gone in vain…
          your co. should have backtested before doing changes in ur server etc…

          even today it crashed 10 time, how can somebody work in these condition…
          i don know what to do now??

  250. AKASH KHETERPAL says:

    dear Nitin sir,

    i have deleted the older version of zerodha trader(ZT) and installed the the newer version of zerodha trader.i am new to zerodha so i wish i will trade tom.
    But newer version is showing the problem ” “NEST INITIALIZATION FAILED FOR IINTERACTION ENGINE:<> “..
    thats why i am unable to log in to my account.

    help me what should i do now?

  251. Harry says:

    Great Job and excellent software. Would please include Donchian channel or Highest high lowest low indicator thanks

  252. Harish says:

    There was option to set price alerts (Scrip/Index alert) in ZT which is disabled from past 1 month. Is there similar option/function available in Pi?
    It is very difficult keep on watching the price levels each time and that too for multiple scrips. Please enable this in ZT asap.

  253. Amrik Virdi says:


    I am eagerly waiting for the Pi software. My Nest Plus account is not working I am unable to use charts etc.
    Please offer me atleast beta version.


  254. Ratnam says:

    Download link of ZT is not working.

  255. VIJU PAUL says:

    Dear Nithin,

    zerodha trader is not working . Kindly help me.


    Viju Paul

  256. kalyan says:

    Thank You Nithin for the quick reply.
    1. i have checked the video and prices are being included in backtest report.
    2. In amibroker afl it is possible to control trade price. Like it is possible to fire buy at low and sell at high. In nest plus it was not possible. ( In amibroker afl ” Buyprice= low; sellprice= high; shortprice=high; coverprice=low; is possible). Is similar kind of coding possible in tradescript.

    3. In amibroker its possible to control timing of orders like: buy=timenum()>110000; It places buy order after 11 am. Is similar kind of coding possible with tradescript.

  257. kalyan says:

    1. I have been waiting for the final release in january. When you backtest a strategy in expert advisor, the backtest report includes the time wen the alert was fired and sell/buy. It doesnt include the rate at which alert was fired. Is this being fixed.
    2. I have been repeatedly reminding you that the expert advisor flashes for a moment and disappears. there is no provsion to navigate through the alerts. are these being fixed.
    3. Are you also releasing amibroker to pi plugin with this release. Does this plugin require subscription to global data feeds or does it extract real time data from pi.
    4. For both nest trader and pi, can we use real time data from a vendor other than global data feeds for using amibroker -pi/nest plus plugin.

    thanking you

    • 1. hmm.. it includes prices at which alert was triggered isn’t it? Can you check this video (go to 12 mins)
      2. Yes, this is fixed.
      3. Yes we will have the plugin available, you will not be able to extract real time data from Pi (this is not being compliant to exchange data vending rules). You will be able to fire orders directly from Ami.
      4. For Amibroker-Pi plugin. Yes, you will be able to use any data vendor on Ami like I mentioned above. For NEST, you will still need GFDL.

  258. VIJU PAUL says:

    Are you going to incorporate Gann Levels on the chart in Pi?

  259. dk0870 says:

    Dear Sir,

    Are you going to incorporate Gann Levels on the chart in Pi?

  260. vinesh kumar says:

    release date of next Pi version is fixed ie Pi is not going to release befor 9JAN15 2133 hrs ,( strictly my view) so be patience and keep trading with ZT .

  261. Muthukumar says:

    i agree with gilari message…. they are working hard…putting their team effort to make Pi better.

  262. gilari says:

    If release of Pi is delayed further,it means that there are few more bugs to be removed.Please don’t blame zerodha team for this because they have initiated a revolution in trading history of india with Q ,Quant ,varsity ,pi and kite etc.They don’t gain anything by delaying release of Pi
    Please be patient.

  263. Praveen says:

    Hey Nitin i want to know is there any application or form one has to fill to get PI or it will be available to all after it released. Please tell me

  264. Rahul says:

    Hey Nithin Can you tell us when exactly PI would be out ?

  265. chingkhei says:

    commitment is more important than your tool pi.we are here at zerodha because of we kept confidence on yours team.please don’t make any mistake to stay here longer.

  266. Ravi says:

    Release date of PI is Jan 14 2015

  267. ARVIND SINGH says:

    zerodha trader is not working

    • Riddhi Pratim Dutta says:

      Yeah, problems are becoming a bit regular.I am infrequent trader cause I don’t get holidays much but the days I am home,well ZT throws up errors.Z5 keeps me logging out.Fun day.

  268. kory says:

    1st day of 2015, traders of zerodha will not get their commitment of PI on this happy day.

  269. AKASH KHETERPAL says:

    Dear Nithin Sir,
    Recently opened an Account with Zerodha(29th dec.,11:17 pm) but now i want to know who will guide me to install a zerodha trader software,yesterday opened an account.but feeling like nobody will listen to me.As nobody called me today that “your account has been opened” till noon i dont get any call,so i think i should have to call,not fully satisfied with the customer support.Frankly saying i came to Zerodha just because of low brokerage otherwise i am doing trading with ICICIDIRECT SECURITES.BUT there service is very fast when i open an account,they called me “that my account has been opened”.its okay that you have sent a SMS that my account has been opened.I am not criticising,but just simply saying that yesterday my account has opened but i am not feeling happy.my account has opened not deposited the investment yet.i have opened account(trading,demat&commodity).Also by reading views of some clients that i have to fill the Zerodha Pi software form? Now,i wanna know that if i have to gather all the information whats happening in Zerodha? I FEEL THAT YOUR EXECUTIVE SHOULD CALL ITSELF ABOUT OPENED ACCOUNT,ASKED ABOUT ANY QUERIES,TELL THAT HOW TO INSTALL THE SOFTWARE,SO THAT CLIENT SHOULD FEEL SATISFIED. “DA2880”

  270. DM1021 says:

    i am using gann levels for intraday trades. Now I am using Trade tiger as charting tool and i have to draw these gann levels horizontally. So please can you incorporate these gann levels (if selected by user as per his/her choice)for all scripts like Equities, Stock & Index Futures, Options, Indexes like Nifty, Banknifty, Currencies etc. These feature will be must for day traders and will be very good feature for Pi and you.

    thanking you in anticipation.

  271. Rachit Gupta says:

    hey Nitin Sir i have already submited PI sw application form but i am not getting any reply …

  272. NINAD PAWAR says:

    Please tell me

    When will PI comming date of jan 2015

  273. Ankit Kukadia says:


    Getting an error while opening charts in Pi “Unable to connect to data server. Should be soon.” Neither stock or index charts are opening. What might be the reason?? Also, wanted to ask whether ZT will be discontinued after implementation of Pi?


  274. Santhosh says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have free cash in my account but couldn’t able to sell any share. the error showing check holding for entity acount-DS4593 across exchange across segment across product

    • sachin says:

      hi santosh
      i am answering your query as every one in zerodha is busy for pi launch or go live with pi. (isn’t it nithin sir)


      if you don’t have shares in dmat you would not be able to sell in normal order.
      if you want to short sell for intraday plz check order it should be mis type

  275. Arunjn30 says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have to restart my trading do you suggest me to wait for PI next year or start trading in ZT by transferring my amount in the current system.
    i wanted to know the transition from ZT to PI of cash in my account.


    • Arun, ZT and Pi will work in parallel, so there is no transition as such. You can logout of ZT and login to Pi and trade using the same funds. So if you want to transfer funds and start, you can do this right away.

  276. K. Subhash says:

    How come Zerodha does not offer demo account for practicing a particular strategy?
    I wish one can simple create a demo account and start practicing……
    For example: I would like to create a demo account for 200000 and practice my strategy………
    I called Zerodha and they dont have any practice account…..

    • Subhash, actually no brokerage in India offers you a simulated trading environment. But we are trying to build something out, might take a bit.

      • Riddhi Pratim Dutta says:

        Actually ICICIDirect does.And though the platform is not excellent (sluggish,sometimes and no charting) they actually done pretty decent job.

        I use it heavily to learn future and options trading,and from that onward I also joined their Center for Learning and actually forked out money for three courses.

  277. Sukesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Sorry to say that my trading experience has not been comfortable since the new NEST update till today too.
    Small but important things are missing like Alerts, SPAN Calculator etc are missing, I have raised a ticket mentioning these concerns however they are not yet resolved.

    Because of this I am desperately waiting for trial activation on Pi, I had requested this approximately 4 weeks back however my trial for Pi has not yet been activated.

    Could you please advise when the Pi would be active. Also when will NEST become like what it was before?


    • Hanan says:

      Pi is being released in batches, so you should get it early next year if you’ve already requested.

      Zerodha Trader is being tested for stability without the alerts and SPAN calculator features as they were causing some issues.

      Alerts should be back sometime next month. And we have our online margin calculator at http://www.zerodha.com/margin-calculator

      • Sukesh says:

        Hi Hanan,

        Thanks for the update. Issue with Online SPAN calculator is that the prices are not refreshed till the markets are opened the next day.

        For example if I calculate margins after closing of markets @ 3:30 PM today, it’ll calculate the margin requirement based on closing price yesterday.

        Is there a way to fix this?


        • Hanan says:

          We get the updated SPAN report only the next morning so it wouldn’t be possible to update these values after the close of the day’s session. The only work around is to get ballpark figures by using the previous day’s values until the opening of the market.

  278. please add multiple Market watch.So that we can easily track and also please let me know when Can we can expect range bars to be added to Pi.Eagerly waiting for it

  279. Venkat Reddy says:

    hi nithinn
    please add multiple Marketwatch option in Pi

  280. sharan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I don’t know. in my system The pi software is not working. charts are not getting also when i add new chart .it completely not working. can you plz help me what to do.? i know this is a beat version but at present my Zerodha trader also not working last 2 weeks i am not doing any trade. can you plz help me what to do now.?

    Best Regards

  281. vinesh kumar says:

    nithin ji
    when you are preparing for next Pi release, there are few suggestion for future,regarding the visual and functationality of Pi.
    Pi can’t be used in multi system , because neither of its window is detached from main window , please considerd it .
    omnesys nest trader can be consider as benchmark in this regard because many discount brokers using nest,also nse now is one of that , any trading software developed must be one stage above in all respect and not 2-3 steps leg behind . because as a day trader we need SPEED- ACCURECY- BEST VISUAL -SEEMLESS FUNCTATIONALITY.

  282. vinesh kumar says:

    nithin ji
    i want to know that, Pi release in january first week would be beta release for all or it would be final beta release, or release candidate. kindely explain

  283. Santhosh Anchan says:

    Hi Sir,

    If i Place an order in Market type order in AMO for which price it will take open price or some other price.
    and please confirm is there any charges applying for AMO.

    • No charges for AMO. IF you place a market order as AMO, the order gets placed at market price once market opens, and if you choose limit order in AMO, it gets placed at the price you have chosen.

  284. Bimal says:

    Hello Nitin,

    Hope we are in line with Pi release date. Since last week the Pi test version that I was using is not working properly so I am back to ZT again. But in chart the candles are showing only Open and Close. It is not showing high and low. Is it a problem with my settings or is it a problem with ZT?

    By the way I must inform you that I tried to get help of your support team but my phone went unanswered. Again lost quite a few rupees on unattended call Nitin (Hope I qualify as an ‘active trader’). Feel that your support team/infrastructure needs a lot of bolstering. I never face such problem with Ventura. Reaching them is only a click away. Anyway, living the day with hope that Zerodha will give us great experience.


  285. Dear Nithin sir
    As our pi is going to be the best trading software of india I would like to request u to add some features for it which I didn’t find in beta testing.
    1.As u know pro money flows in to or out of d stock once they have gone over the privous days high or under d privious days low hence Pi should scan through your basket of core trading stocks and look for a stock that is about to move above its privious day’s high or low.
    2.Market watch should be group wise with respect to exchange defined. screen shot of ventura attached herewith
    3.Mrkt summery should displayed so that retail trader would identify where the action is.
    Best 20 wrost 20 top traded screen shot of ventura attached herewith

  286. priya bajaj says:

    Hi Nithin, Logging in late in the discussion , huge efforts,.. congrats..
    what I cud see is most of the focus is on charting software and algo system.Are we getting few luxuries in order management as well.My wish list is
    1.If I can include multiple targets in the bracket orders for one order.
    2.If these targets can be carried forward to position trades , rite now bracket orders are available only in intraday
    3. If I can take a trade in futures on the basis of spot without me manually calculating It and system doing it instead.
    4. If I can get bracket orders in MCX as well.


  287. kalyan says:

    i have mentioned before, expert advisor and scripted alerts flash for a second or two and disappear. They dont even give us time to think. Its not possible to navigate through the alerts. In back test price is not seen. Are these things being fixed in the final release or not

  288. saurabh says:

    charts not coming up since morning. The error reads ” cant connect to the data server “

  289. Prince thakur says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    Do we have option to put GTC orders in the PI software ??

  290. Satish says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is it possible to add below feature in MT4 to Pi plugin,

    Buy or sell on a single button click on mt4 (using MT4 one click trading) and the trade gets automatically executed in zerodha Pi.

    Trader should be able to save the default order type, quantity, product code (NRML/ MIS) etc. on Zerodha Pi so that when Buy / sell command comes from Mt4 it automatically gets executed in Zerodha Pi.

    I really appreciate Zerodha for talking customers feedback while develpoing trading platflorm. Would like to know if this feature will be supported.


    • Satish, it is a little tricky with MT4, as MT4 doesn’t really let you fire orders to anything other than the MT4 servers. Also the regulations won’t let us allow you to fire an order automatically from a front end which is not approved by the exchange. But I get what you are saying, and we are working on something that can work similar to what you have asked.

  291. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Pls let me know by when exactly your Kite Web Application is likely to launch and available for users like us…

    when can we expect the modified Mobile App similar that of PI or KITE.


  292. vasant Naik says:

    Hi Nithin,
    In the ‘Pi’ final version, is it possible to place “stoploss & target price” in one window/single order for existing position – so that as soon as either of stoploss or target price trade takes place the other will automatically get cancelled immediately.
    This will be of great help and avoid loss to the trader if he places seperate stoploss & target limit price order and goes away from terminal – And both are hit in volatile day in short time.
    Best regards
    Vasant Naik

    • Vasant, have you seen the bracket order feature, that is already available on NEST, and will be also soon available on Pi.

      • vasant Naik says:

        Hi Nithin, thanks for your prompt response. I have seen the “bracket order” feature – but this “BO” feature is intra-day product and can be used while placing a new order.
        My request is extend the same feature for carried forward/existing future position square-off with “trailng stoploss / target price” option. Since the position is existing/carried forward, full margin is already accounted for existing position.
        The problem I am facing for carried forward future positon is that I have to place 2 orders – one for SL and another one for limit/target price – and I have to be alert & manually cancel the other order when one of them gets executed.
        May be I am missing out on some Nest trader facility. I can explain it further on phone – please advise contact person/number.
        Best Regards
        Vasant Naik

  293. Shahnawaz Shaikh says:

    Nitin Sir,

    From past two days, was not able to see the charts on Zerodha Pi. Trying to load the charts gives a message “Unable to connect to data server. Should be soon.”
    Not able to trade since.

  294. vu2tru says:


    I had put the Index in my watchlist CNX Nifty and BankNinfty basically to view the charts , while exiting I have saved the settings, when restarted again both the index scrips disappear. Please look into this.

  295. alaise says:

    please include SL order&BO in Pi chart, curently SL-M only

    • Placing limit orders on the chart is an issue because, if the order is partially filled it might create a confusion for the trader. BO on Pi chart directly will take some time.

  296. agsuresh says:


    While starting the Pi, it has load, Marketwatch, NewsReader, Order and all the charts I may have opened during the previous session.

    This will obviously take a lot of time and uneccessary Internet time.

    You can load these as per the settings provided in “usersettings”

    Marketwatch is a must

    order tab may be opened only if there are orders pending or trades that are not squareoff.

    NewsReader can be purely on usersetting, which should reduce some resources

    I may have opened many charts just for checking that may or may not be important. I feel it is better to provide a check box on the usersetting panel for loading the charts or not.

    You may also think of adding a checkbox on the “alert” setting for each scrip to open its chart on startup.

    On an advanced setup, you may think of adding a facility for “remembering” the settings for each of the charts like various lines, levels, type of chart etc.

    just a few ideas.

    {by the way, I think you should take some time for launching the next version of Pi, than the 1st week of Jan. The holidays can be a problem and I am sure you don not want yet another botchedup job. It is better to postpone it to the 2nd or 3rd week , make sure every thing alright}.

  297. japjit100 says:

    hey nithin you tell me last week you resolve my pi not working problem but till now no solution

    i getting problem in trading because of nest only 1 chart at 1 time

    i open zerodha account because of pi

    please solve my problem as early as possible

    my client id rj0733

    • Japjit, like we have recently communicated, we are currently fixing all the issues that the people testing Pi have give us as feedback. We will be good to launch this for everyone by 1st week of Jan. Until then, request you to trade on ZT/NEST

  298. RP0395 says:


    please give me a brief description of Pi, and particularly scanner

  299. vinesh kumar says:

    nithin ji
    one more suggestion , if it can be implemented-technically, that if it is possible to login zerodha trader and Pi at the same time . then please consider it from january.

  300. vinesh kumar says:

    nithin ji
    thanks for your prompt reply , waiting for january . but some problems are there with zerodha trader it hangs very often during the whole session .while there is no such problem with other brokers using nest ( i am talking of edelweiss xtream trader).

  301. vinesh kumar says:

    dera nithin ji and tshiva
    while you r preparing to launch of final beta version of Pi , there are some mandatory requirement which should be included . as you know you have so many clients(35k-45k) and every other client have their own preferances in respect of visual and function of the trading software and you can not throw out the preferances of your software developer( tradelab ) on the clients,i am telling this because they (tradelab) provide very – very -very much less options to setting individual preferances in visual and functioning dept .
    starting with visuals=
    1) they provide only four themes for application style an no other option to change it , as a default, black background and white font with maximum contrast is only needed, but the ZERODHA THEAM has less contrast and background is not completly black and fonts are off white whict put extra strain on eyes ,kindely consider this issue as top priority.
    2) no option for hiding grid lines is present there
    3) snap quote window and oder entry window always open in the middel of screen , there should be an option to save last used layout ( as present in odin)
    4)column width has to be adjusted every time of login . it should be saved as last used automaticly.

    1) cross hair is basic need of any chart, which is not present here .please ask them (tradelab ) why?
    2)no option to remove volume from chart.
    3)why zoom in -zoom out is not enabled with mouse and key board, as i suggested earlier?
    4) every time when we open chart they open as candles chart amd templates are applied then to it. why there is no option to “save as default template” present there .
    please consider these issues before final release of Pi .
    ( those fellow traders are in support of my arguments please put your views below this)

  302. ravi says:

    I Made a request to enable the pi on 6/12/2014, i filled the survey form also. still i didn’t find any link in my BO.

  303. kars says:


    I had some problems with Pi today. I put cover buy order and it didnt show up in the orders window. I closed and opened ZT and the order is executed after I login in ZT. When I checked later, I had similar problem with buy order but not sell order. Apparently there is some blocking delay somewhere for buy order.

    Pi charts had a problem today. Till 10:10 or so there is only one candle. i.e. After yesterdays 3:30 candle, I see one candle for 10:10 which covers 9:15 to 10:10 price move.

    My moving average setup went useless because of this.

    There are many minor issues with Pi. I do not think Jan 1st week for public release is a good plan.
    This app still needs lots of fixing even for existing features.

    btw, If you people at zerodha is happy with Pi, please share which vc++ runtime and dot net versions are installed in your machines (along with os version).


    • kars, we are all working on getting pi out by 1st week of Jan, so yes the current version has a bunch of bugs, from data server not being live to not being able to login. We will have all of this sorted and release Pi officially by 1st week of Jan.

  304. Bharath says:

    Pi software’s first official launch will have Algo Trading (Fully & Semi automatic) & Pi Bridge to link AMIBROKER & Meta Trader?

  305. Praveen says:

    Nitin, I am a Zerodha trader
    Some where in the comments I saw that you don’t have Pi for 64 bit right now
    Do you have 64 bit Pi in the final release ?

  306. harikumar says:

    Since i was having issues with the nest trader charts, your person suggested i try the new pi instead, as suggested i sent a mail to your office, was asked to fill an online form which i did, but i am yet to get the link to download and use the software, i have sent reminder mails but still i havent got a response.

    can you help me out here.


  307. Karthik says:

    see attached ZT error message. Tried bunch of times with new installation. Still giving me this error message. Please help

  308. Sundar21 says:

    Pi not working and you have a plan to implement by 1st Jan 2015. At least you should have left the Nest as it is, to enable us to trade using the usual advanced charts. This should have been your mitigation plan. Which is not. We could not trade without charts for the next 15 days. If the PI could not give the advanced charts from 1st jan, then again we could not trade. What is the workaround you have? I need advanced charts to trade.

    • Sundar, NEST is a vendor product (omnesys/reuters), and they stopped supporting the Plus charts. Unfortunately nothing much we can do about it. You will have to use the NEST charts until then.

  309. Adam Banerjee says:

    Hi! Can we expect to have Pi for Mac? Also would like to know the timeframe! Otherwise having a great deal of inconvenience, and almost having barriers to trade! Please, get Pi listed on the Apple app store.

  310. nagen79 says:


    Greetings!!, We are still facing issue with dealer terminal. Is there any time frame you can solve. Today it went down in between market hrs. Its very dangerous for autotrading. Can you please let me know any time frame infra will be alright. thanks a lot

  311. M ANANTHA RAMAN says:


    I am extreemly sorry to state that so far the PI is not working at all. More ove the nest trader as well stopped working today . I reported this and they told me there is some problem. I could not square off the positions and cancel my pending order and I made a loss toady because of this error. Kindly get this rectified and get us the pi version as soon as possible.
    M.Anantha Raman

    • Anantha, a bunch of things changed when we did the server upgrade. We are working on it, and have decided to give out the final beta release with all the fixes in bugs that people have spotted till now on Jan 1st 2015. We don’t want to put another release before that as it would slow us down.

  312. padmanayan g says:

    i am a trader in zerodha, plz give me the exact date of launch of

  313. A L Khobung says:

    please sent me zerodha pi sofware. id no. da1014

  314. vinesh kumar says:

    nithin ji
    UNABLE TO CONNECT TO THE DATA SERVER. SHOULD BE SOON . this message is flashed every time i try to open any chart since morning, kindely confirm me whether server is realy down ,or it is my system fault.

    • Vinesh, we are working on the backend. We will take atleast 10 more days to have it all fixed and also to work on the multiple requests that we have received from clients. So we are aiming for Jan 1st 2015 for the official release of Pi.

  315. Karthik says:

    Hi – See error attached on the Indusindbk trade..bought once but calculating PnL different from executed prices..it’s wierd. Tradebook is different from Admin position. This error both in Pi and Zt.

    • Karthik, the server upgrade has changed a bunch of things at the back end. We will have all things fixed and give a new release on 1st Jan 2015. Until then, I’d suggest it is best to use NEST to place trades.

  316. chingkhei says:

    dear sir,
    I have already summited the survey form for testing pi last week with my I’d RC0258 but till now I don’t get any response from your side.I think this time
    you will help me.

    • Our next release will happen in 3 to 4 days, we will have Pi enabled for all pending requests by then. Also the current version has some issues because of the server update we did last week.

  317. kumar says:

    do you get Pibridge to amibroker approval from nse ? is it available now to put order to exchange for real trade?

  318. vinesh kumar says:

    nithin ji
    when i login at morning charts are ( in commodity) working well and candles are forming well, i loged out at 12:30 and login again at 3:00 pm , now the chart is showing single candle of 10:00 am to 2:30pm , and there after , this was the problem which i also faced yesterday , and also talked about here.
    kindely look at the problem ,because this is creating problem in chart indicators,

  319. kumar says:

    do you have pi 64 bit version available?

  320. spacer says:

    When I tried to add 200 SMA, I got the following error msg today.

  321. Karthik says:

    Pi is messed up again, just now. can’t seem to update open orders, not showing filled orders on the admin position.

    • Karthik, the admin position behavior has changed after the upgrade. You have to say get positions, to see the udpated positions in the admin position window. We are fixing all of this.

  322. Senthil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have a quick question on Pi. Some execution algorithms for high volume traders were packaged as Zerodha i3 for dealer terminals. Would such algorithms be available for Pi as well. (I do understand that retail traders are not permitted to use these algorithms).


  323. binu says:

    different time frame shows different prices

    thank you.

  324. brijendra singh says:

    Dear Nitin ji,

    Hope we will get lollypop andorid 5 app (zerodha mobile trading app) till this weekend… Is any updation on this?

    Brijendra singh

  325. vinesh kumar says:

    missing of some data from the chart produces false signal by modifying indicators and it is very FATEL for day traders , who uses charts for their entry and exits . please leave eyery thing aside and concentrate on the charts so that they can work correctly , . after all you had advertise Pi as a trading terminal with advance charting solution .

    • Yes Vinesh, like I have said a few times, things changed during our recent upgrade. Pi is still in the beta, our final release after the recent issue has been pushed to first week of JAN.

  326. vinesh kumar says:

    dear nithin ji
    we are totally now on Pi for charts ,after omnesys downgrade its charts, but the charts produced by Pi are not trust worthy till now , they stoped working some time . yesterday was the day every thing was right , but today , charts are showing data starting from 2:30pm in commodity and from 10:30am for nifty.

    please make it more reliable and accurate so that we can TRADE instead of writing comments here .

  327. Bimal says:

    Dear Nitin,

    The PI worked well for most of 10th Dec and the first few hours of 11th Dec. But it is back to its worst of past few days. Today’s candles are not updating (only one candle is representing the time period from opening till the chart is opened). The candle is also giving wrong information. For example, the high shown is the candle is not correct.


  328. Nachiket says:

    Can you please let me know by when we can expect range bars to be added to Pi?

  329. sathish says:

    Mere apology will not help..! Please ensure this does not happen again…!!!

  330. sathish says:


    What is happening to Zerodha Trader? Feed is not coming. Is anyone there> This has been a very bad week so far…Never expected from Zerodha.

    • Between 9.18 to 9.30, one of our lines connecting to the NSE was down. So clients on this line, the orders were not going through. We have backup lines, but it took around 10 to 15 mins to switch. It has been one of the weeks for us.

  331. Karthik says:

    what’s wrong with all your systems? can’t close any of my positions

    • Between 9.18 to 9.30, one of our lines connecting to the NSE was down. So clients on this line, the orders were not going through. We have backup lines, but it took around 10 to 15 mins to switch.

      • Siva says:

        I have seen a terminal in India (don’t remember the broker name) they give you options to choose between their data servers while logging into the terminal. they have 3 or 5 servers don’t remember the exact number. so if one server is down clients can logout this and login to to another. i think zerodha also should have this kind of setup bcoz this is not the first time we are facing server issue.

  332. Karthik says:

    INFY: why are the calls and puts not reflecting the accurate strike prices based on the underlying in Pi?

  333. RAJESH J says:

    Hallo Nithin
    Pleas Set Symbol & Period Time Changing option For Chart Window And Most Gainer Looser & Most Volume Value Window For New PI That’s Best option For Active Traders Thank You

  334. japjit100 says:

    pi is not working till last week please tell me how fix it

    i entered my user id and password then click on login nothing happen

    my client id rj0733

    • Japjit, a bunch of things changed when we did the update. If you are not able to login after downloading the latest version of Pi, we will have a new release of Pi by next week.

  335. Siva says:

    Need Pi chart to be completely functional soon as the latest Nest critical update has caused a catastrophe to nest charting

  336. vinesh kumar says:

    dear nithin ji ,
    i have notice one thing about zerodha Pi and want to share with you . the CONTRAST between background colour (black) and font colour (white) in zerodha theme is some what less , when compared to zerodha trader , nse now , odin , i.e what i mean to say that ,black is not completly black, and white is not completly white and some what dull colour is present there . this issue must be resolved as soon as possible , because the less contrast will put more strain on the eyes .

  337. Bomdila says:

    I am using latest version of ZT but MCX charts are not neat, I checked Data Table but the high and low of entire session is the same.

    • Bomdila, wait for a few days, Pi is almost ready for MCX as well.

      • Bomdila says:

        Nitin sir, there are lots of trader who like ZT/Nest Trader only, in them I’m also one. Pi is a good alternative but please don’t put ZT aside. For me Nest Trader is good now, so please cure MCX charts / Table/vwap data in ZT server.

        • Bomdila most of our clients are on NEST/ZT and our focus is on that. There is a separate team handling Pi. The issue with NEST is that Omnesys/Reuters is the technology vendor for the platform, and we can’t really control what they do with it. They decided to stop Plus charting and hence all the issues

  338. Senthil says:


    ZT has a workaround that allows one to run 2 or 3 instances concurrently. Can the same be done with Pi ?


  339. Santhosh Anchan says:

    Hello I have installed latest version zeroodhda but i couldn’t able to log in,am using windows 7 enterprises.

  340. puneet says:

    the zerodha terinal has become unstable after i installed the latest version. The help desk operator told me that it requires minimum 1 Mbps speed. but before the critical update it was working fine. now its keeps disconnecting all the time. my internet speed is around 2 Mbps. also to bring to ur notice my trade tiger works just fine even now. although i dnt place orders there.
    please help me on this as i am a futures trader and price freezing is like doomsday for me.


  341. Satya.c says:

    this is the error mgs i am getting , what to do ?

  342. Rahul says:

    Hi team zerodha,
    Does mobile app work on latest android version ‘lollypop’.. Will upgrade my mobile software only after your confirmation.