Latest updates – March 2018

March 22, 2018


Our tech team has been slogging away for the last one and a half years to bring you an even better version of almost everything at Zerodha in the next few months – from new tools/utilities to trading, to Coin, to reporting. Yes, the long overdue new backoffice is very near the launch! You will also get to experience products from our two new startup partnerships through the Rainmatter initiative very soon.

Find below the latest updates, in case you missed any.

Kite 3.0

We launched a beta of Kite 3.0, packed with exciting new features last December. We’ve been collecting user feedback and fine-tuning the platform ever since. Four months later, we’re now ready to make the switch to Kite 3.0 for everyone! So, starting 26th March 2018, logging into will present you the all-new Kite. Having personally used the platform for nearly 6 months now, I’m confident that you’ll love the new Kite. We’ve added a lot of new things with many more in the pipeline, and improved the user experience significantly. Read what’s new in Kite 3 here.

All new Zerodha Support

Having grown exponentially over the last 2 years, we’ve still striven to provide the best possible support experience. In order to maintain a high standard of support, we’ve created an all-new support portal that is directly integrated to Kite. Now, instead of writing e-mails, you can instantly get the answer to your query, or pinpoint exact issues facing by pulling data automatically from your account. As this is a much better experience that should drastically increase query resolution times, we’ll soon phase out receiving queries directly via email. Read more about the Zerodha Support portal here.

Free fund transfers using UPI

With UPI, now clients banking with any bank can now transfer funds to the trading account directly from Kite. Not only can you now transfer funds from any bank using UPI, we’ve also been able to push our bank to waive off any transaction charges for the first 6 months. We will be able to negotiate keeping the cost at zero if the volume of transactions is sizable. Make sure to use UPI to fund your account and also let all your friends/family using Zerodha know about it. Read more on UPI at Zerodha here.

EY & Outlook Money Awards

Feels like just yesterday that NSE/SEBI approved our membership. Thanks to all your support, within 8 years of starting, we’ve been able to grow extremely fast and win the two biggest awards that we possibly could in the last few weeks – Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year (Startup) ” and the Outlook Money “Retail Broker of the Year ”. I know we are still some distance from being able to call ourselves the best broker you can have, but we’re working hard to get there.

You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things – to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals. – Edmund Hillary

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Robin Varghese says:

    Is there any facility on zerodha pi to view all the bid and ask quantity as well as bid and ask price ???

  2. Pemba Lama says:

    The latest update for PI took away the feature where we used to view M2M in the market depth window along with the best 5 bids and offers . Kindly continue the feature.

  3. SAMBIT says:

    How to increase the script count to 250 in this new version. I am not seeing any options here in the user setting. In case this has been removed, please allow us to use the older version. It was just fine.

  4. jayeshkumar says:

    since zerodha start his own demat account,and i had 3 years back open trading account with zerodha and demat account was mapped with sharekhan.
    one month back i received an email to open demat account with zerodha and sharekhan demat account with IL&FS WOULD BE CLOSE IF I WISH,THE SAME FORM WOULD BE DOWNLOAD LINK SENT BY ZERODHA.

  5. Rupesh Parte says:

    When you are providing Bracket order and SL-M for CO & BO in commodity.
    we have to stick on terminal to book profit because of unable to place to target price.
    Please provide BO in commodity.

  6. Suresh says:

    Hello Team ,

    as you have the Data feed from the ninja traders & amnibroker on your zerodha pi platform
    query is do we have the option of market profile ?

  7. Srinivas says:

    Is there any update of Kite 3.0 Android Version,
    1. Setting on the Search Bar is not available, but desktop version its available.
    2. Chart Loading is very low n sometimes it hangs (very horrible situation during the trading)

    Please look into this

  8. b.gururaja says:

    I want my stocks in my a/c and kindly contact my mobile number.

  9. Yogesh says:

    Why GTC and GTD order types are still not available?

  10. Jyoti Kumar Nath says:

    When we will be able to to watch 8 charts simultaneously.. 4 charts is not enough

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Jyoti, no immediate plans to offer an 8 chart view layout but we’ll look into the possibilities.

      • Paras says:


        Can we have a feature on the Multiple chart option where we can have the script name enter in one location and the Market depth and chart get open in that TAB or PAGE.

        For Example:-
        Consider the 4 window layout (like 4 quadrant) out of which one quadrant can have the Market Depth and rest three configured as the charts which is configured to view in multiple time frame like 1m/5m/1d candles (where in entering the scrip name can open all for the same).

        Like the POP-out Chart function which we have currently but with multiple chart feature . This could be helpful for the quick trade to get in and get out.

  11. Harish says:

    I won currency challange recently . Nithin kamat also issued digital certificate , but team zerodha not giving refund .
    Serious errors in back office calculation they mentioned the reason.
    I square off trades based on this report and faced looses due to faulty back office calculation .
    Who will bear such losses ?

  12. siji vijayan says:

    New version updated after always crashed the application

  13. Rikil Shah says:

    Hello, Hari.

    Is there any updates in line for Desktop platform Pi? I think there can be a lot of scope improvement in Pi.

    Best Regards.

  14. Anand says:

    Dear Sir

    Thats a great job.

    What is your advice on opening of account with Zerodha by a person who is an occasional investor.
    Pls advise.


  15. Shrikant says:

    Kite 3.0 is not working as expected. Saved views are not working properly. If I change from one chart to another, I have to again go click saved view to get my all studies. Really its waste of time and losing patience. Even tried to save preference.

    If I have to change from one saved view to another I have click it twice then only chart shows with updated studies. Day by day chart reading becoming very difficult and tidies. Contacted support team, But still problem persists. ‘

    Please fix the issues in new version ASAP.

  16. sandeep kesarwani says:

    Hi Nitin,

    First of all, I greatly thank you and congratulate you for providing such a great application and services. You have truly revolutionized the indian trading industry.

    I am associated with zerodha since long. I am recently facing issues while placing bracket order in Bank Nifty and Nifty options. Most of the time the service are suspended from the zerodha.

    Request you to do the needful.

  17. Kumar says:

    Withdrawal 1.3 Lakh from zerodha kite last monday.but it won,t credit still my account.what the reason for tat?


    i mean pi bridge access cancellation


    I just downloaded the same and have not used it. i fear unnecessary charging me for this.


    Please advise how to disable pi ambibroker trial version connect to avoid paying Rs 500, one week after trial.

  21. Sudheer Singh Solanki says:

    Dear sir

    when we can have a spread order on kite please inform can we fire spread order with excel if so what is the procedure .




  22. PRATAP says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I have been one of the biggest fan of Zerodha and I have recommended it to tens of people. Have been using it for the past 2 years.. but off late I’m a bit disappointed regarding the back office issues..
    My client ID is RP7493.. have raised a ticket and called multiple times regarding my tax P and L .. It shows incorrect data.. I have attached a screenshot as well in the ticket.. have been waiting for a response for a while now..
    Its pretty scary If I don’t keep track of my profits and just believe what the statements show. It has been over a week now and still no reply yet.. Would appreciate if you could look into the matter.

  23. Nitin says:

    Hi Do you still have bridge enabled for amibroker? when can we expect a good desktop software from Zerodha with latest indicators and studies? Pi is too behind from kite and on the contrary pi is easy for trading (day trading). I know you promote long term investing but can you also work towards your software for day trading. as it needs much more studies, scanners and hot keys for intraday trading.

    hope to hear you.

    Nitin Jain

  24. shobana says:

    My Id YA4878. Shobana. In my commodity account I recd a message to mobile no 9566068336 withdrawl fund request has been made for Rs. 13000. The problem is I have never put a pay out request.Then I raised ticket #20180404210920 your rep told me and arguing with me request made from my side on 03-04-2018(tuesday 10:15 pm) I have shutdown my system around 9:30 pm itself then how it is possible?He told me to send screen shot regards the info. But still as of now nothing recd to the maild id.please make sure to send screen shot with the system IP address to make things clear or please anyone call me regards this.

  25. Dipankar says:

    In March last week Zerodha announce some update on Kite 3.0
    Since than the charts are not working like before in kite.
    I sent my first email on 27th March stating the problem, I got an email back asking to delete browsing history, temp files. I did the same but problem persisted than I emailed again and got an email back that someone from technical team will call and get this resolved. Till date no one has called to get the issue resolved(8 days and counting). This is the present state of Zerodha support team.

    When I saw no one will call from Zerodha I called and asked feedback on my complaint, again I was told that it was a long weekend and someone will call to get the issue resolved, alas no one has called till date.

    Boss congrats to Zerodha on getting 8 Lac clients, I am using since 2016 and have referred and got 5-6 friends to open Zerodha accounts, but this in an unacceptable level of poor service.

    I dont know what update has been done in Kite in March but the charts are working in bizarre fashion since last week of March and no one is reverting to client issues but we see Zerodha’s founder’s interview on ET…Cool…

  26. TAJDAR says:

    hi Nitin

    can we get MIS volume of particular stock in live market.

    • Matti says:

      The exchange does not differentiate between MIS/CNC trades. They’re all the same to the exchange. The MIS product type is provided by brokers to offer leverage to clients and to know which positions are leveraged so they can be squared off at the end of the day.

  27. Bhushan K says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,
    Following updates are still pending for launch.
    1. New Backoffice.
    2. Alert to trade orders.
    3. Options chain live data for all FNO and 2 indices.
    4. Updates for Kite 3.0 to Mobile App.
    5. Logout option in support portal is not available.
    6. Link to go for support portal through Kite 3.0 login itself without invoking seperate tab.

    Please inform when the updates are going to be launched.

    Bhushan K

  28. Rhishikesh Agashe says:

    I am finding it difficult to trade using Kite after the merging of Kite 3 with it. I had moved to Kite 3 the day it was announced and found it immensely helpful, however after the merging of Kite and Kite3, I am facing the following issue on a regular basis:

    1. Kite has become slow. When I click on a particular Stock for viewing its chart, it takes a few seconds to display it properly, which for an intraday trader like me is proving to be costly.

    2. I have saved numerous views for view different technical analysis parameters on a chart and I am unable to see them many a times. I need to log off and re logon to view them.

    3. In case of popping out of various charts into new windows the saved views are not visible, so getting the technical parameters in place for each and every chart is a tedious, time consuming and literally lossy process.

    4. Even if I open up a 15 min chart, I see 1 Day charts opening up and I have to re-adjust them to 15 min charts for each and every chart that I open. It carries on previous settings on the chart and does not let me adjust to the new settings.

    Overall, there’s still a lot to be done to get this merged code up and running again to a level comparable to Kite3.
    Please do the needful asap.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Rhishikesh Agashe

  29. draj says:

    In Kite3 is it possible to place stop loss order by just giving the difference in the price from current market price. i.e., if the LTP is say 562, then I want to specify 4 to buy above 566. Similarly sell below 560 by specifying 2.
    The reason for asking for this feature is to be able to quickly place an order.

  30. shobana says:

    I have placed sell slm order in kite 3 stock BEML for price 1040.60. But when checked in open order it shows only the round number part (1040) not the decimal part. I have already created a ticket with screen shot and also spoken to your rep named Mr. shasun. He came thru ANY DESK and accepted the issue was found. Why zerodha getting day by day new problems and issues?Really very poor service from zerodha. Please call me or at least reply for this when it will get resolved
    contact alternate no: 9566068331.

  31. shobana says:

    I have placed sell slm order in BEML for price 1040.60. But when checked in open order it shows only the round number part (1040) not the decimal part. I have already created a ticket with screen shot and also spoken to your rep named Mr. shasun. He came thru ANY DESK and accepted the issue was found. Why zerodha getting day by day new problems and issues?Really very poor service from zerodha. Please call me or at least reply for this when it will get resolved
    contact alternate no: 9566068331.

  32. Paresh says:

    From where we get epin…I don’t remember…what was that

  33. Harichandran.M.T says:

    I did not get repose to the comment below:

    Under study, in trading platforms, both in kite and in Pi, there is lot of difference in ” Qstick” oscillator plotted. Y axis scales as well as the oscillator line direction are having difference.

    In Kite price movement and “Qstick” line movement has relation but in Pi do not have.
    I don’t find any option to attach screen shots with this mode of communication with you.

    Please advice.

  34. Paresh says:

    Why zarodha mobile app not working??

    We have to bear a loss due to your technical issue


  35. Swapnil says:

    I’ve noticed that the most recent data goes missing in Kite Charts if one were to plot the chart beyond 12 AM. I was told by your support team that you guys run some process from 12-3:30AM because of which the last days data goes missing during that time. Is it possible for you guys to start this process say after 1 AM? Due to a hectic work day sometimes its not possible to prepare for next day’s trade during the day time, so I tend to study the charts during the night. I am sure there will be many like me.

    • Ravi says:

      I have been noticing the same, and I am facing the same problem. I try to analyze the charts during night, and the recent day chart goes missing in Kite. I would request Zerodha team to find some graceful way to run the processes, so that it does not impacts the data availability to Kite users.

  36. Ezhilarasan says:

    I want to open a Zerotha branch office in my city. Its ok or not?

  37. D.Omprakash says:

    Zerodha chart kite 3 shows huge difference in open price. Stock name SREINFRA CASH SEGMENT open price in nse is 72 but in the chart it shows 72.70. I have already sent mail Mr .Vinaya Bhat replied me to see in the depth column mentioned correctly. But the issue is when we plot the day chart. How can customer backtest with this wrong data feeds. No one has cald regards this as of now. Kindly call.

  38. vinod says:

    After refresh chart, saved views not loaded properly.

  39. Vaibhav says:

    Hi Nitin,

    It is really embarrassing that your kite 3.0 version is not supporting charts on internet explorer.
    And you have also stopped kite 2.0 which has messed up my work. You should have checked this on Beta Version..
    told me that it is expected to resolve with in this week but don’t you think that you should have tested this on beta version that charts are not supporting on internet explorer.
    Your CC exec.
    I do not want to download any other explorer on my system.

    Bad experience !!

    • Matti says:

      Hey Vaibhav, the charting library we use on Kite, Chart IQ, has stopped supporting all versions of Internet Explorer. They now only support newer browsers like the Microsoft Edge. This is due to certain vulnerabilities in the older IE that could not be resolved as it’s an outdated software.

  40. Dinesh Tripathi says:

    I want to know that can a govt. Employ do trading, if yes how will he get loss and profit details to pay income tax

  41. BG Patil says:

    Congratulations for award. When new NCD participation software will be implemented in Kite platform.

  42. AVSR KISHORE says:


  43. Harichandran.M.T says:

    Under study, in trading platforms, both in kite and Pi, there is lot of difference in Qstick oscillator/indicator plotted. y axis scales as well as the oscillator line direction are having difference.

    In Kite price movement and Qstick line movement has relation but in Pi do not have.
    I don’t find any option to attach screen shots with this mode of communication with you.

    Please advice.

  44. Mukesh Suthar says:

    when are you giving us option of GTC (Good till cancelled) order type.

    • Matti says:

      We’ve been working on building this. Since the exchange flushes all pending orders at the end of the day, implementation is not as straightforward as one would think. However, this should be rolled out soon.

      • Sindhu says:

        Desperately need this as I am always on the go. Other brokers already do have this option. The sooner the better please. Looking forward to the new CS, the old one was really a mess. A headache to call as I have never had resolutions many a times.

  45. Frustraded User says:

    Global currencies and commodities do not work only within Indian hours. To meaningfully trade the derivatives, we traders need to get a chance to work round the clock and to get sufficient liquidity, if our NSE (and/or BSE) is linked with at least CME Globex and EUREX Fx Derivatives, it may be easier to operate. Would greatly appreciate if you guys take a sincere effort in this direction. You are members and we’re just traders. You’ve right platform, plz try to make an arrangement, help us, maybe help yourselves too.

  46. Nikhil dungr says:

    Congratulations Team Zerodha???

  47. Pritam Kumar Roy says:

    Congratulations for the award. I’m happy with the fast and comfortable kite app on mobile. But there are AVERAGE PRICE ISSUES and I think all of us are familiar with it. It is very problematic. Please solve it .

    • Matti says:

      Hey Pritam, we’re hoping to launch our new back-office platform soon. This should solve all the average price issues once and for all.

  48. Ashok says:

    I am using zerodha Kite on my mobile phone. How do I upgrade this to new platform? Can you please provide the link?
    Ashok Sawant

    • Matti says:

      We’re working on updating the mobile app Ashok. Since most of the updates were back-end, a lot of the new features are already available in the current app, however, we’ll launch a new app soon with all the changes we’ve made on the web-app.

  49. Nambirajan says:

    Hi Team, thanks for the update..
    Any plan for updation of mobile version

  50. Rajesh says:

    Thanks for the updates.

    Improvement needed on the support side too. Sometimes responses take days, wrong commitments are given etc

    • Matti says:

      That’s one of the reasons to introduce the new support portal, Rajesh. Most questions have already been answered. If not, you can create a ticket. This would mean that a lot of the repetitive, generic questions we get now will stop and the team can more efficiently answer other queries.

  51. Raviraj says:

    Congratulations team zerodha.

  52. Harichandran. M. T says:

    Hi Matti

    Just for your information:

    There are some unregulated brokers operating Forexin India. They collect deposit in INR and settle in INR to their clients in India. Understand they are not regulated by RBI.

  53. Himanshu says:

    Congrats to the Zerodha team. I have been zerodha exclusive , would like to continue to do so. On the intraday trader’s forums there have been a lot complaints regarding reliability issues of the trading platforms / infrastructures. Hope, those get resolved soon.

    A few suggestions for Pi though….
    1. It should be multithreaded, gets very slow on my i5 laptop, if I am using multiple scrip in watchlist, and around 12 charts open simultaneously. Can see only one processor core being used.
    2. The plethora of options available for Co and BO on kite should also be made available on Pi.

    Other suggestions:
    1. Introduction of VTC/GTC orders for low frequency trading.
    2. A cross platform trading app…would love to have a trading app that runs on Linux.

    • abhi says:

      true , pi is too slow with multiple charts.. dont know why its 32 bit .. why cant you move it to 64 bit.. this desktop client is not good.

  54. Harichandran. M. T says:

    Hi Matti

    I believe at Zerodha not yet implemented currency trading.
    Now there are total seven pair of currencies permitted for trading and at Sharekhan 9 ton5 pm thrse are being traded.


    Well done TEAM ZERODHA
    Congrats on awards and I hope many will follow.
    Best of Luck

  56. Thambuswamy Peter Baptist says:

    Can you please include and make available the CYCLE INDICATOR to the host of existing indicators

  57. Harichandran. M. T says:

    Hi Ragendth

    Five pair of currencies are being traded at Sharekhan and is from 9 am to 5 pm



    • Matti says:

      We’ve just gone live with UPI. UPI 2.0 will also allow you to set up e-mandates to transfer funds automatically. We’re working on this and should be available soon. STP and SWP are in the pipeline as well.

  59. Aakarsh says:

    Please update Kite Mobile version.

    • Matti says:

      Working on it, Aakarsh. 🙂

      • Addanki Venkatrao says:

        feeling happy with Kite Mobile version But Please update this feature “Notification”
        When We Buy & Sell we have to get mobile screen notification, This will help for Intraday Traders.
        Please take my feedback, I know about Zerodha team will understand the customers world.
        Thank you.
        +91 9989819102

  60. Ravi says:

    Awesomeness, congrats on the awards. Waiting to see everything new.

  61. Jafer Ansari says:

    Kindly give the approx launch date of new backoffice

  62. Ragendth says:

    Hi Hari,

    How will you be able to trade FX when its not authorized in India?

  63. Harichandran. M. T says:

    When you will exactly launch Forex/currency trading. Will it be 24×5 or 9 to 5 pm


    • Matti says:

      Forex trading isn’t allowed in India, Hari. You can trade the currency pairs listed on NSE during market hours.

    • Tanmoy says:

      I am unable to find Pivot Point on Chart in Pi platform. Please help me how can I apply Pivot Levels on Chart.