Kite 3.0 – Everything just got better!

December 6, 2017


Super thrilled to announce the launch of Kite 3.0 beta. It has taken our technology team one whole year to rebuild the vast Kite ecosystem from the ground up, all the way from the backend systems, APIs, and to the web front-end. We have learnt and adopted new technologies and have replaced the underlying ones completely. Kite 3.0 significantly improves on performance, design and UX, and comes with a host of new features.

We are today probably amongst the top brokerage firms in the world in terms of the number of daily users and trades (and most definitely in India). The biggest challenge for us, the one that has made updates and releases seemingly slower than before, is that more than just adding new features, we have to constantly innovate and evolve our technology stack to cope with the massive scale and volume.

Here’s a gist of what’s new in Kite 3.0. Visit to get started.

All new login

The login page is now much faster and it is now customizable with your personal avatar for added security.

The fresh new Kite login

Personalise Kite with your profile photo

Just head over to the profile page on Kite 3 and set a display picture of your choosing. This will show up on the login page as well!

Personalise Kite with your profile picture

Browser notifications

Never miss any important notifications from us with the new browser notifications on Kite. You’ll see all the messages we send on Kite no matter what application you’re using.

Browser notifications on Kite

Marketwatch & Dashboard

You can now customize your marketwatch to toggle the visibility of various fields to suit your liking. The dashboard now shows concise summaries of your accounts with a slick new visualisation of your equity holdings.


We have also increased the number of scrips that you can add to your marketwatch from 20 to 40.

Pin your favourite scrips as sticky global scrips on the top left header. I have Nifty and Sensex in the below image.

Pin to top

We’ve completely revamped the market depth view. You can now see dynamic market depth bars for a visual overview of what levels most orders are being placed and place an order at any price in the depth with a click on it.

The new market depth with dynamic volume bars

Better Search/Filter

Search for specific scrips on your order book, filter by MIS/CNC/BO/CO, buy/sell order, etc.

A search result on the Kite 3 order book


Sparklines on Holdings (52 weeks)

See a brief overview of how the stocks in your holdings have performed in the last 52 weeks right from the holdings page.

Sparkline – 52-week chart

Universal context menu

You no longer need to add a scrip to your marketwatch to invoke charts, view the market depth or the stock widget. Access all these functions from the universal context menu from the order book, holdings, and positions pages. Just click on the “…” button and you’ll be able to do all of this.

Universal context menu on the holdings page

This is what the market depth would look like when invoked from the order book/positions/holdings page. Place orders directly from the market depth view.

Market depth invoked from the order book

Floating order window

You can now reposition the order window anywhere on the screen and Kite will remember where you placed it next time you want to place an order. Just click and drag on the coloured header on the window.

Movable order window

Exit multiple orders/positions

You can now select multiple open orders/positions and cancel or exit them all at once. Use the search and filters described above to make this a lot easier.

Select & exit multiple positions


Multiple chart view

You can now view up to 4 charts on the same screen using the multiple chart view. Just select the 2-chart/4-chart view from the display drop-down on the charts.

Initiate multi-chart view

This will pop out a new tab with the charts of the 4 scrips you select. Apply studies, drawings, change timeframes,etc., for each chart individually as you see fit.

Multiple charts

Trade from charts

This one has been a very popular demand and is now live! You can place trades from popped out charts without having to go back to the marketwatch. Click on the top-left corner of the chart to invoke the trading panel. Use the trade panel to view the market depth, your positions & open orders before you take a trade.

Trade panel on the chart

New order types

Bracket order with trigger entry

Another very popular demand we’ve had is to allow bracket orders with SL entry. This feature is now live with Kite 3.0 too! Check the example below, Buying SBI bracket with Trigger at 318 and limit price, when the stock is at 316.

Bracket with entry as SL

Cover orders with limit entry.

This one has been live on Pi for quite a while now and with Kite 3.0, our web platform also allows placing cover orders with a limit price as the entry.

Cover order entry using limit

Repeat orders from the context menu

If you want to quickly to place an order which was already placed once again – both rejected and completed, use the repeat order option from the orderbook.

Repeat orders

Equity aftermarket orders can be placed with the SL/SLM order types again.

Personally, it has been a pleasure for me to experience the new Kite 3.0 and I hope you enjoy it too! If you spot any issues, do report them on this form. We will soon update the Kite user manual and videos and phase out the old version.

Happy Trading,

Nithin Kamath

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha. Partnering startups through Rainmatter. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter. | Personal website:


  1. Vikas says:

    Bravo Nithin and Kailash,

    always appreciate crafted version of Kite.
    keep up good work -new clients will be added just by your technology marvels not by advertising.

    i was fan of PI but since when started using kite – just fall in love with it.
    and everything dreamed is available now.

    really appreciate.

    • Macchindranath says:

      Nice !!!

      • Manish says:

        How can I downloaded this App 3.0 beta

        • Vivek says:

          @Nitin can I know when will the backoffice reporting be revamped?

          The option to download contract note in XML format is great, but at present it is missing the complete info. as seen in PDF format & also the Contract Note number is wrong. This should be relatively easier to fix I presume. When will this be fixed?

        • Zerodha Social says:

          Manish, we haven’t rolled out the updates to Kite Mobile yet but we are working on it.

        • n says:

          My triggered GTT order are not Looking in pending order tab they are still looking in GTT order tab and there’s no delete or remove option. What to do for delete triggered order ?

    • Manish says:

      Nice one !,Surely benefit to us which we are looking for

    • Rohit Chauhan says:

      Awesome job Nithin, you are really bringing revolution in India broking industry. I am such a big fan of zerodha’s clarity in terms of thoughts and requirements. Kudos to you guys

    • Sivakumar says:

      It is nice to see a upgraded page with more facilities. Kite mobile app is running very slow, is there any plan for improvement.

    • Mathew jose says:

      It is not possible to update co or ba order,only last order is allowing to modify by default while multiple orders are placed. Please fix this bug.

    • Prabhu Patel says:

      Execution Sound is still missing,
      please add sound on execution of any order like kite web version

    • vikas says:

      very nice interface , gr8 design, few more things can also be done
      1.old switch option which show % change on switch show price change, now we have to go to dropdown to remove dropdown which i think is not good.
      2. watchlist no:-1,2,3,4,5 should be renamed accordingly to user ,,
      3.under charts i can not move views up/down according to my confront and analysis it should also be there.

    • Shubham says:

      You just got me by the improvements
      This was all i needed from zerodha & here we are working with more advanced interface
      Everything stopping me to think and make decisions on a whole new level is now resolved
      Thanks zerodha

    • T K Ram says:

      All the new features are found working fine and they add value to users very much. Congrats on the release and thanks. Wish you all the best

      Not specific to this version ….Can the font size / foreground / back ground (currently white) be customized by users as it is a little bit difficult for me to view distinctly? Current;y it is very light and difficult to read. I am a senior citizen… 🙂 and spend long hours glaring at the white screen…

      • Shikha says:

        1. I am a Sr. Citizen, In the market Watch it is more preferable to customize the font size and the increase the number of rows for wide number of scrips. The width of the market watch rectangle may require to be reduced for invoking charts.

        2. The Multi-Chart view is not showing Display, Studies, Layout button in my kite 3.0 terminal. This may please be solved.

    • Sandeep says:

      Thanks for updated version !

      Can we trade on this new beta site or wait for final version ?

    • Amulya says:

      Good to hear, would be very good if they add the expert recommendation with analysis of each stock. This kind of things available in

      • Zerodha Social says:

        Amulya, we have always believed in educating traders and investors rather than providing tips/recommendations and advisory. Check this post for more. You can explore our educational initiatives here.

    • Ashutosh says:

      Great initiative, does earlier portfolio pricing calculation due to ipo scripts also been corrected as i was following to get my avg prices corrected since 3 months but no solution

    • Hansa says:

      Dear Mr. Nitin,

      Thanks for 3.00 .

      A review of the same shows that still GTC (Good Till Cancelled )orders cannot be place. This is no good because if someone wants to buy shares only at a particular level than i have to feed all my orders everyday till it gets executed.
      Secondly in the Open Orders screen the current price of the security should also be displayed. it gives an idea how far/away is my price compared to the market. Now i have to go through 5 pages of marketwatch to compare market price and my order price. This is a small change but very essential. International sites like TD Ameritrade have the same.

      thanks and congrats.


      • Chirag Arvind Thakkar says:

        good till cancel or valid till cancel is required since long,,, when is this feature anticipated?

        • Zerodha Social says:

          Chirag, we are working on making this available but will take some time.

          • Arshad says:

            Please please introduce GTC (Good Till Cancel) or VTC (Valid Till Cancel). This is the only thing that restricts me using zerodha trading account. Helplessly I am forced to use other accounts. Pleas please do something….

            • Meera says:

              Yes, GTC or GTD or VTD is must to have in today’s busy schedule. This is come along with option to have margin fund by pledging shares. Otherwise, monies get blocked to just place the VTD order. And as soon as order is executed, we can settle and continue to use this float to place new VTD orders.

              Kindly bring this up at earliest. Meanwhile, if you can’t bring this up, allow some excel upload to place daily orders.


          • Prashanth says:

            Thanks for this.

            Is there a broad timeline for GTC / VTC feature (couple of months / 6 months / 1 year or more)- it will help calibrate what kind of plans we need to buy on other sites before we can switch to Zerodha properly.


    • Rashmi Kanta Dash says:

      Awesome work !!! Keep updating, congrats to all developers!!!!!

    • surendra says:

      All the new features of the Kite are amazing making it one the best tools available. However one feature lacking is the facility of putting alarms which are very important and useful. Hope to see this feature in kite.

    • Pavan says:

      I started using kite3. The awkward thing which i found from previous versions is the holdings which i m carrying is not showing for the stock in market watch where the previous versions show it irrespective i hold for NSE or BSE even though in the holdings tab it show only NSE values. Please correct this

    • Gulappa says:

      Everything is good,
      Please add SL entry in CO cover odrer…I think it’s very use full

    • sumit says:

      Please provide XIRR calculator for COIN.

    • Aishwary Bramhecha says:

      Nitin can you introduce top 10 gainer and losers option when nifty50 or nifty200 selected. As this would help us to take intraday trade easily.

    • Praveen Kumar Singh says:

      There is no mobile apps for this version. if have please share the link.

    • shailendre jain says:

      please provide screener in kite. because hang kata h

    • Sheetal says:

      I love the new 3.0 Kite, as the same features I use to love in PI but since I have in 3.o Kite, its just awesome, I would have loved to have “cover order”with stop loss and take profit at the same time like we have it in MT4.

    • ravisai says:

      when will zerodha allow metatrader 5 for trading ?
      im waiting

    • Bhavesh says:

      Sir , plzz in kite market watch provide in full screen like PI
      And in multipal chart provide indicator….🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • MDR SHIBKJUMAR says:

      Nice software. I was originally pi user. Here multiple graphs, order from there itself are creasy and mind blowing.
      Wish u all the best.

  2. Anand.AV says:

    Since this is beta I hope you are open for some feed-backs
    1. Want to save Multiple charts with the setting I configured.
    2. Missing Open, Close, High, Low, Volume Traded…………… on below of the chart like in the current portal which is missing in K3.
    3.On Multiple charts, If I want to change the style. I have to change style for every chart manually, can’t it can be applied for all 4 chart.
    4. Tool-tip on the Order form are not explaining what they are suppose to say for example MIS should say “Intra day” but its “MIS”


    • Matti says:

      Hey Anand, we’ve always welcomed feedback. 🙂
      1. Will look into this.
      2. You can see the OHLC. Just click on the ‘Info’ button in the chart toolbar (it looks like a speech bubble).
      3. The idea here was to allow you to have the flexibility of choosing whatever kind of chart you want and view them on the same screen. Will check if an apply to all option is possible.
      4. Thanks for pointing that out. Will have that fixed ASAP!

      • Anand.AV says:

        1.I wonder why the Chart date format is in MM-DD-YYYY. According to Indian Standard it should be DD-MM-YYYY.
        2.How can I see Volume traded, Avg. trade price, Total buy quantity, Total sell quantity. for the day when the chart is on 1Min

        • Matti says:

          The date format is set by ChartIQ, the charting library provider. For the day’s details, check out the market depth.

          • Madhumita says:

            How can we see multiple time frame chart for the same scrip on the multi-chart layout and can we save this layout? For eg.. I want to see hourly, daily, weekly and monthly chart for the same scrip and want to save this as a template chart view layout. Is this possible?

            • Matti says:

              You can invoke multi charts for the same scrip and change the time frame. The layout is saved for the next time you invoke multi charts.

      • Chandra says:

        On Marketwatch, you must have options to host all the stocks which are in futures – currently there are only 1-5 tabs and you cannot put more than 100 stocks for analysis. So you must have 10 tabs to toggle between

        • Matti says:

          The number of marketwatch tabs and the number of scrips per tab is limited in the interest of bandwidth. Too many instruments streaming would take up way too much bandwidth and nobody really trades over a 100 scrips regularly. Best add the scrips you wish to trade. The idea of Kite is to provide a clean, fast and noise free platform for our users. hundreds of scrips would defeat that purpose.

          • VIvek says:

            On Multiple chart we dont have the option to place any order can we have any such option in future… As i would be happy when tracking multiple scrip any opportunity comes I shall be able to place an order from the chart itself!!

            BTW – Great improvements in Kites.. Loving it!!

  3. Rakesh says:

    Tried it yesterday, loving it. When will the new order types be available on mobile?

  4. Billy says:

    As a day trader, i am quite grateful for this..this will certainly improve the trading experience!

  5. Sharath says:

    I’m excited to get started using kite3, really happy with new additions to CO & BO!

  6. Abhishek says:

    A nice treat from Zerodha to all of us before the new year starts!

  7. Suresh says:

    Kudos Nithin and team, the refreshed Kite looks cool. Was waiting for BO and CO with trigger entry. Love the multi-view charts and the trade panel.

  8. Kiccha says:

    Finally!!! the option to place orders from charts..i had to use the chrome plugins from the popped out charts to place quick orders, this makes life a lot easier.

  9. Abhishek Iyer says:

    A nice treat from Zerodha to all of us before the new year starts!

  10. Zom says:

    Too Good!

  11. aneel m says:

    Finally, something for intraday traders. SL- BO orders finally.
    Thank you Nithin.
    when you guys getting listed?

  12. Bharath says:

    Day profit or loss amount for holding … below the day percentage change

  13. Raju says:

    Congratulations . But when is the kite3 Android app is releasing .waiting egerly

  14. Rakesh G R says:

    Price alert feature,please include

  15. Alwin says:

    Nice work team, Bravo!!!
    I have a suggestion. Please introduce price alert. For instance let kite should alert you a personalized message on reaching a particular price of a stock. This will be a further helpful in using this.

    With regards,
    Alwin Eliezer.

  16. Aarceegiri says:

    I am too happy for multiple charts and Bracket orders with trigger entry. I wanted to place the orders from multiple charts view, hope it will be available soon.

    • Matti says:

      Will try to make this happen if possible. A little tricky to implement.

      • Rudra says:

        Yes, same request, would be great if we could place the order from multiple charts window itself, wouldn’t have the switch tabs. The option to place order from the single chart and track the open order and position & P&L is a great addition. Would be great if we could do the same from multiple chart tab/window

  17. dheeraj says:

    Sir i want to know can i use stoploss for delivery

  18. Stanley says:

    Please introduce ability to custom tag and filter individual stocks using custom tags in holdings screen

  19. Praveen says:

    Nice work from Zerodha team. The kite 3.0 features are really helpful.

    In the multiview window, there is no option to initiate a BUY/SELL order as we see in the individual chart.


  20. Mayank Shah says:

    Love the new updates..Best broker Zerodha!

  21. Arun says:

    Where is goods till cancelled option it is still missing

    • Matti says:

      GTC orders are still a way off. Working with our OMS vendor to get this built.

      • Priyam says:

        Extremely excited to see Kite in its new look.
        I understand that you guys did an excellent job and deserve a night off with chilled beer maybe 😉
        So not forcing you to do anymore work tonight 😛

        Having said that, I would also like to mention that in future please add GTC or GTD order type if possible. That will be of huge help to us. In fact, I believe, that will also solve the problem of stoploss in delivery orders as many people mentioned in this thread. So if possible please look into that.

        Other than that, amazing job with the new Kite 3.0 . Kudos to the Zerodha team.

        • Matti says:

          Thanks for the kind words mate. 🙂 Yeah, GTC orders are something on our todo list. Talking to our OMS vendors to make this happen.

          • Ram says:

            Yes, GTC order type is much a requested and much awaited feature for me. It is the one reason that I still have account with other brokers.

  22. P K says:

    Price alert feature please.

  23. Jithin says:

    Multi view shows only daily charts. Is there any option to change the time frame in multi view charts ? Also is there options to draw on multi view charts ?

  24. Noble says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Congrats on Kite 3.0!!
    Any major update to PI?
    Is Pi being left out from upgrades?
    Please add VWAP in Pi.

  25. Vijay P says:

    I wanted to see both the price change and percentage change alongside for a long time. So, I happily checked both the checkboxes in the settings but it is showing only one of them only. 🙁

  26. mohit says:

    Great features & Nice updates, surely helpful to both traders and investors.

  27. Mayur says:

    One request. Plz aap apne pi software me oi data ke sath kitne % ( percentage) change hua vo bhi batao.

  28. '>"/>xxx says:


  29. S Mukerjee says:

    Please introduce batch orders that can be sent to the exchange straight away at 9.15 AM. As you don’t allow fno orders before that.

  30. ASHOK PAL says:

    nitin sir. plzz give all updates on kite mobile..

    when it will be available on kite app…plzzz tell me..
    i only trade on kite mobile app..

  31. Kaleemullah says:

    Great! NITHIN
    Congrats Zerodha TEAM !
    I am PROud to be a trade in zerodha.

  32. shree says:


    Awesome improvements.Kudos!!!

    can you also please add these two features that i have been requesting for a long time

    1. It would be nice if we can just click on script in the market watch and we can see the chart on the right side.
    something like a chart view by default instead of choosing chart each time i change the script.This is very handy for ppl who has more stocks in watchlist. If we are monitoring 10 charts we have to open 10 windows to see these charts or keep clicking open chart window. It would nice if we can just click on the stock in that watchlist and chart changes on the right side.

    2. Just like being able to place orders from chart can you please allow us to place alerts from charts? By doing so we can just place alert at what ever point we want instead of entering manually. And if the price is triggered the alert should come to email or a phone. I know some softwares which send alert even when we are not on the terminal. For people who go to office it is a great feature to just receive alert on their mobile at a a particual preice even when their terminal is not open.

    3.Basket orders. In Nest there is a feature to upload all the orders via test file. can you please bring that feature into kite?


    • Matti says:

      To answer your concerns,
      1. If the click is for charts, how would the other functions and moving scrips be accommodated? Makes things quite unintuitive, hence a separate button.
      2. Tricky, but we’re trying to make this happen.
      3. Basket orders are on our to-do list.

  33. PITAM MONDAL says:

    Thanks Zerodha Team for this new release.
    CO get more handy by this update in kite.

  34. PITAM MONDAL says:

    If the trailing stop loss feature bundle with Cover Order then it will a big help

  35. Rushabh says:

    Good work!

    Should add margin blocked on positions view i.e. how much margin is blocked for each FNO position.

    Under marketwatch, currently need to add FUT contracts of each expiry manually. Can automate that i.e. currently showing SBI Dec expiry and post expiry it should automatically change to Jan.

    • Matti says:

      The margin amount blocked is dynamic and so displaying this live would make the program a lot heavier than it is worth. However, we’ll try to make this happen. Automatically adding the new contracts wouldn’t be possible as there are hundreds of contracts (considering multiple option strikes) and checking what each user has on the marketwatch is a very intensive process.

      • BHARAT KANODIA says:

        I agree the margins fluctuate as price changes. But you can show margins updated against each position after evry one hour or end of day such that your speed is not comprimised.

        • Matti says:

          Hmmm… Possible, but since this margin requirement isn’t just live but also depends on your current open positions, getting this right would be tricky, and if it’s not right atleast down to a few hundred rupees, this would make no sense at all.

  36. pavan says:

    one more feature i request u is to place one click stop loss on market depth window . this can be done by right clicking mouse on particular price . the market depth we see is of grid type. we want ladder type market depth . not sure whether we can implement this on kite but possible on pi software. for example take a look on softwares used by U.K betting exchanges to trade horse racing markets .

  37. Abhishek Rawal says:

    Very good updated
    Thats why I liked you guyz the most
    Different updates according to the demand
    Well ahead of others
    Keep growing

  38. Baalshastri says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Thanks million for those exciting new features. First time, I will say that useful features have been added..

    Following wish list remains with you (Both in Android and Web Version)
    – Price Alert
    – GTD/GTC Orders
    – ULC/LCL
    – Sound for events

    Brother, please surprise us with those additions…

    Thanks and regards,

  39. Abhishek Rawal says:

    Whether these features will be added in android app?

  40. Saleem Iqbal says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Pls provide Bracket Order facility in MCX also


  41. Rajan says:

    Since you are providing multiple position exit feature why not give feature for multiple entry feature I.e. Basket orders and spread orders entry.

  42. Sanjay Lalwani says:

    Congrats, Great going Team Zerodha, You rock as always.
    One functionality “SMS/email alert”, for triggers is of greatttt utility.
    Hope this get added to Kite 3.0

  43. Ranjeet Kumar says:

    G8 job by IT team and zerodha.
    Hope all new features are updated on our existing mob app. Also one my view to trading system zerodha provide PI application for teading if we do kite application for trading this is also a big achievement.

  44. Ranjeet Kumar says:

    if price alert pop up feature added in kite 3.0 that is rock.

  45. Amit Rajderkar says:

    Wow.. Superb new changes..

    Please include inserting option chain in watch list..
    Option to insert 4 to 5 OTM and ITM from spot price will be most helpful.


    • Ramesh says:

      I am also waiting for Option Chain with Greeks, Upstox has provided on request. Also check them out if you need option chain meanwhile.

      • Kiran says:

        I am waiting for that too.

        Its easy to glance at-least 5 to 10 option strikes at a time.
        It will be good to see 5 in and 5 out of strikes for a script.

  46. Vijay Bhagwan Keni says:

    Bravo Nithin,

    Tried it today, loving it. When will the new order types be available on mobile app ?
    Really happy with new additions to CO & BO ! needed for the long time !!
    One more addition in positions tab if in profit it should be in green and if it in loss it should be red. please make
    that happen. Will it be available online ready for trading ? can I trade regularly now on new Kite3 ??

    Good Job Done !!

  47. SURYA K MAHARANA says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Thanks to the new improved Kite version 3.

    I want the Open interest percentage in derivative section and if possible please add the active stock with top gainer and looser tab so that we can quickly check and trade in that counters.

  48. Akshat Patwa says:

    It will be more awesome if zerodha provides order from chart feature.. just like pi… Right click on chart and put order…

  49. Elam says:

    Just like other clients I too appreciate the good work that you are doing for the community. But I would also like to point out that I have been asking Zerodha to allow me to add discrepant Holding since April and till now it’s not possible. Everytime I get an answer saying our new back office would be released in a week or two and then you can add. Not sure how much more time I need wait.

  50. Viijay says:

    Why TSL option is not provided for Cover orders.

  51. shraddha Ekhande says:

    In kite quant is not working since one year so why you have kept this options please remove it every time customer support tells us we don’t know when it will start so what is problem behind this query

    • Matti says:

      Shraddha, quant was deprecated a few months ago and will be live in the new Q, which we’re hoping to take live in the next few weeks.

  52. Shirshendu Bhowmick says:

    Superb !!!!!!!

  53. kriti says:

    Hey , can you please incorporate live scanner in your new really will help us trade better.

  54. Krishna says:

    Wanted the feature of setting a stop loss and a profit order together , once the share is bought.
    Ex: I purchased a stock for 100rs.
    The buy order is executed. Now I want to place a sell.order for it, which can cover both my stop loss and profit either if which is triggered. Having a trailing stop loss wud b gud.

    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… We’ll try to make this happen but right now, there are no exchange approved order types that allow you to do this.

      • Shriram Chakravarti says:

        I’m sure there would be some way you can introduce trailing stop. It is a vital tool for profitability. So many times scrip moves few points below target and falls to stop loss. I’m sure many would agree that trailing stop made available across the board will be greatly appreciated and hugely applauded.

  55. sridhar says:

    It is very nice. However, I cannot give 100 marks unless you add GTC order (good to cancel). A feature promised almost 2 years back to zerodha users.

  56. Prateek says:

    Nice job thumbs up: especially for trade from charts and SL-BO.

    Dear Zerodha I have two suggestions or question regarding this update:
    1. Why don’t you provide customise time frame feature in charts. There are only default time has been provided.?
    2. Like 1Hr or 15min there is only back one yea kr charts are available why don’t you provide it for more longer period.

  57. Amal Joseph says:

    Superb enhancement especially the bracket order trigger entry. Fantastic. Now my trading strategy will be accurate.

    Few suggestions in PI:
    1. Market watch limit to be increased from 50 / MarketWatch to 250 / MarketWatch
    2. Price Alerts
    3. All Kite technical indicators in Pi
    4. Multi Timeframe Scanner: I have a good strategy which requires RSI(14) for a 15 min candle to comply with a daily RSI (14). now I can either scan for a 15 min time frame or a 1 hour time frame. Not for both in one scan.
    5. The above point for backtesting as well.

  58. Kavita V says:

    Why don’t you start CO/BO for options without any leverage ,upstox has this facility.

  59. Dwaipayan Ray says:

    Can we place OCO order in pi and kite now??? Waiting for your reply

  60. Rajkumar says:

    Commendable job Zerodha !!

    I have one requirement from my side

    In options ( buy or sell )we need a Trigger price with SL , Target in one order . Is it possible ?

    Current I’m using limit order to place my order .. Then SL or SLM for trigger price with SL and then the exit order with target

    • Matti says:

      I’m afraid BO has been disabled for stock options to protect you impact costs. Will try to make something available with time.

  61. Pradip says:

    Is BO order with SL trigger price work on PI ?

  62. Dhamu says:

    Wow! I’m excited with kite 3.0. great job kite team. Keep going.
    Pls consider to add more scrips into the market watch or like any chart can be open without adding same into the MW.

    • Matti says:

      You can now open charts for any scrip in your holdings/positions without adding it to the marketwatch. Will try to make searching directly from charts possible, but will take some time.

      • Vishal says:

        Please make it a priority as it’s strange to be dependent on other sites only for charts in spite of having handsome charts in Zerodha itself, and that is also just because of we can’t add a scrip to the Marketwatch list only!!
        Disappointing 🙁

  63. Vinay says:


    I have sent multiple emails with new features enhancement requests, your support team doesn’t understand when I explain these features and inform development team will be informed. Do you think we have a 15 minutes meeting with any one in Dev team to give inputs to make this the best platform.

    If yes would like to talk to someone for 15 minutes


  64. krishna kumar says:

    Hi nithin,
    your kite 3 is really amazing,
    it is like what i thought i shared the same with your manager dhanush 3 months back about how the kite should be u did like what i have shared with him. now it is really really helpful for all newbie and also user friendly.
    thank you
    money magnet
    krishna kumar

  65. Shaik Nishad says:

    Excellent guys, Great Work..!!

    i have tried it today there is something is missing.
    I have tried multiple charts in that every chart i have to apply new study, please set one click for (previous/saved) study on all charts.
    As a day trader i’m loving to use it.

    • Matti says:

      You can add saved views on each chart separately. The idea was you give you the flexibility of looking at different charts with different indicators.

  66. M. Meenakshi says:

    option calculator add better in kite

  67. Vaibhav says:

    Awesome. Saved view from Old Kite are not visible in Kite 3. Is it still under development ?
    Also when are you planning to add a feature – multiday order ?
    Sharekhan has it and its very useful. I can just place an order with some days of validity so I don’t have to place order everyday. Please provide this feature.
    Thank you.

    • Matti says:

      The saved views from the old Kite cannot be imported to 3.0, I’m afraid. Also, we’re working on GTC orders, but will take some time.

      • Rudra says:

        That’s a bit disappointing but I guess it can be considered for the good changes that you have brought in this release.
        1. Need the toggle button to switch between % and actual change in the watchlist, using the setting options is not helpful.
        2. Also one need to have the option to select the same view in all the charts/multi chart in different time frame.

  68. GILARI says:

    Please introduce second (time frame ) charts

    • Matti says:

      Charts with a second time frame would be too noisy and wouldn’t make sense to most people, so this is something that is quite unlikely.

  69. shrikant says:

    Rollled out?? if not when??

  70. abdul says:

    Everything is good but i think thikness of text should be more or it can be Black instead of Brown/Gray to easy to read. Some of more feature could be improved.

  71. Soumya says:

    Please provide the days change in rupees also along with percentage under holding.

  72. Soumya says:

    Under Market watch also Please provide the changes in rupees along with percentage

  73. Manoj says:

    Congratulations. But I have some feature request for Kite 3.0, please see below.

    There needs to be an option in the bracket order that, if there are multiple executed orders needs to be considred as single. For example

    1) Placed Buy 4lot nifty future – at 10255 with 5 tick SL and 10 tick target

    2) It is executed as four different orders, that is (10252,10253,10254,10255). But now in the holdings it will be displaed as 4 target orders and 4 stoploss orders.

    3) But it needs to be grouped and target and stopless needs to be modified as the order gets executed. For example since my taget is 10 ticks there will be
    one tagrget order with 4 lot at average of executed price (((10252 + 10253 + 10254 + 10255)/4) + 10)

    and one SL order for 4 lot at average of execute price (((10252 + 10253 + 10254 + 10255)/4) – 5)

    4) We can adjust the target and SL price manually (after execution) so that target or SL price of all 4 lots will be changed.

    5) In this way we can easily scale in and scale out additiona lots so that target and SL will always be recalculated with whatever lots we are currently holding

    6) It would be even bettter if all this can be integrated to the chart so that target and SL can be modified by simple moving a handle in the chart.

    Could you please consider this feature?

  74. Rohit Dwivedi says:

    Thanks a lot for activating long awaited features like multiple charts view and trade from the charts.

    I have couple of suggestions, and believe that if your wonderful team can make it happen, it would make trader’s life even more convenient-

    1. When an order is placed and the moment it’s get executed, sort of horizontal lines (preferably dashed lines), should appear on the chart, which will make it very convenient for the trader to see all 3 levels (entry, sl and target) at same time on the chart. Colors could be for SL (Red), Target (Green) and for the Entry point (Black).

    2. When order gets executed, more prominent bell sound come.

    3 In the tool’s list if you can add a horizontal ray line

    4. if you can give a text feature for the tools, especially for lines like horizontal and ray, meaning when I draw a horizontal line on my chart for marking the support and resistance, with text feature I can define if it’s a daily SR or Intraday (hope you’ll understand my point)

    I must once again congratulate the entire Zerodha team for the Kite 3, it’s really a New year gift for the clients.


    • Matti says:

      1. Tricky to implement. Will talk to the team and see what can be done.
      2. Yes, we’ll start order alerts in browser notifications as shown for messages from Zerodha above.
      3. The ray tool is already available under drawings, just click on the “+” icon in above charts and look for Ray under tools.
      4. For text, look for the “annotation: tool.

  75. ali says:

    Thanks for the nice update.
    I am looking for tagging individual stocks with custom name and
    giving custom label for marketwatch tab.

    When can we expect them?

    Thanks again.

  76. Arpan says:

    Liked the new version of Kite very much. Was waiting for BO and CO with trigger entry for a long time. Want Zerodha to add one thing in “Market Depth” – Upper and Lower circuit prices.

    Thank you

  77. Padam says:

    It has solved many of my issues for which I used to check other websites.
    Thanks Nitin.

  78. Purushotham says:

    Thanks Team, I Like all the new features. Its excellent. Keep it up.
    Can you pls try to keep\export the “Saved views” from old kite to 3.0??

  79. Vinay says:

    Options trading n Zerodha is still not convinient as in Upstox, please look into it.

    Also if you are not able to provide diff reporting, please provide raw data dump, so we can build our own reporting in excel

  80. SK Raman says:


    Position Screen:

    Shows single row for a stock. with P&L
    When say 3 trades on the stock have been closed, and a fourth is running, it would greatly help to see:

    P&L (For Closed Trades) – Total for all completed Trades
    P&L (For the Open position)

    While this could result in 2 open positions being combined for their P&L position, better still would be:

    + expands the stock into multiple Rows (one for each completed Order)
    and P&L relates to that single row

    SK Raman

  81. SK Raman says:

    Profile section on the Dashboard top right corner displays email ID

    Preferably, no personal information should be displayed – the user knows the ID and zerodha can access it when needed, no third party needs to come to know, even accidentally.

    SK Raman

    • Matti says:

      Raman, the profile page is only accessible behind the Kite login with password and 2FA. The email is displayed so the user knows where to look for emails from Zerodha (like daily contract notes) and update if the ID is to be changed.

  82. Kumar20 says:

    Please include 4hr chart option in 2/4 charts.
    Basic Pivot points showing different values in Pi and Kite.

  83. Pemba Lama says:

    I loved the features and is very helpful for traders. One problem I faced was with the Multiple Charts (“4 charts) – The bottom two charts in the multiple chart window was showing a big RED candle (recent bar) when the price was actually in a constant uptick.

  84. vishal kishore singh says:

    please increse market watch in kite from 100 to 300 or more if possible

  85. Nataraj says:

    Is there any plan to Add seperate Fund Segment for MUTUAL FUND same like equity or commodity ?

  86. PRASHANT says:


  87. Siama says:

    Kite 3.0 have all the necessary tools and features but Adding Circuit Limit on Market Depth will make it more complete. Just a personal preference.. 🙂

  88. Parthiban says:

    Hello sir,
    Holdings are not aligned in mobile version like desktop. Could you please align mobile version also like desktop version. This helps us a lot in mobile version.

  89. vishal says:

    Many Congrats for new improvements!!

    Please explain below,
    Above mentioned new order type “Bracket order with trigger entry” … we see stock price at two inputs but the price difference with Entry Price as SL as well exit. Is it the correct way to input values?? if someone wants actual exit price both towards profit side as well as SL side then what to do do?

    Also, me and many of friends don’t understand what these special order types mean. So I wish There should be a small help “?” button on the Order Box on the right. If the trader is confused he will click “?” Button and will be redirected to order explanation page


    • Matti says:

      That’s a good idea. Will have tooltips for all this soon. As for the entry order, the trigger price is when the order hits the exchange as a limit order with limit price mentioned in the price field. The stoploss and target values are defined by you below.

  90. vishal says:

    1. The chart itself should show me the level where I have taken the entry, The stop loss level if I have put such an order as well as exit order level “Right on the Chart”.

    2. One should be able to modify above pending orders simply by dragging these horizontal lines on the chart by “drag and adjust and confirm” method. The way it would be very easy to manage a trading position.

    3. Sign a separate form from me and traders like me for this, but I want to have an auto-square off to happen if my position goes more than 2% of my capital in drawdown in any given intraday trade in any given scrip. Belive me, this will be a real “game changer” for “out of discipline” traders like me, who are “good at trading” but “bad at Risk management” .

    3a. This 2% stuff will be set by user. He can set in % of Capital as well as amount in Rs.

    3b. If this is hard to implement for you then please provide an alert facility where kite will provide me a Pop-up or some kind of alarm or alert where it will tell me that I am in drawdown which is more than 2% (Set by user) of my capital at day start or before entry. Even you implement this small thing, it will act as a game changer. You can also Charge me and people like me separately (monthly or yearly) to provide me Email and SMS facility to send alert about drawdown level breached trade positions.

    This is “the most serious issue” for so many traders. I urge you to take this feature in “Top priority in your to do list” in case you agree to implement any of this.


    • Sanjay Tyagi says:

      Gr88 Idea.

      I’m also looking for these features.

      Would be of great help.

      And Thanks Team Zerodha, for such a superb feature rich product initiative.


  91. Maruthamani P says:

    Hats off!! Team for such a wonderful work..

    I have a small suggestion to add in your future updates if possible and really useful to myself & others..
    When we draw horizontal or vertical lines in chart view, currently we are dragging cursor from one point to another; additionally will you provide digit based on (both time & price) draw comments where if I intended to draw a line in a chart, we just enter price & time in digits in start and ends which will form lines or anyshapes automatically like CAD soft offers, This may save enormous time while market analysis as dragging cursor will not really helps us in this scenario..

    Hope this really matters to all dudes.. thanks

  92. varun s says:

    Hi have a serious concern for BO facility in commodities segment.. its still a great inconvenience to trade in commodity to remain active all time for manual exiting of orders. Why are you not looking into commodity segment for making things simpler. Other brokers are providing this facility for Bracket order. Bracket order with SL entry is the most required feature people are looking for in commodity segment as well. Otherwise, it will remain a pain forever to work in commodity segment. Please look into this.

  93. Omhan says:

    Is it possible to have a market replay function( for bar by bar analysis) for one day so that we can analyze the stocks later on the day. It will help analyzing the stock later, on hindsight and compare it with our original analysis during market hours?

  94. Bhushan K says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    the entire charting library in kite 3.0 is supposed to be based on chartiq……then why not the trade from charts like them. Instead of opening a separate section in the pop out chart. Can you guys implement the same like chartiq provide a functionality so that the buy or sell alongwith stop loss and target are also taken into consideration.
    Awaiting positive feedback and a upgrade to the unattended pi version.
    Hope to get some answers from Nithin sir or @ Matti..

    Bhushan K

  95. Maruthamani P says:

    Hi team,

    1. Will you please include Previous Day HIGH & LOW in market depth below Day -OHLC which will be very much helpful for trading and R&D on EOD..
    2. Can you add Executed Qty, entry & exit price in nutshell in POSITION TAB along with present P/L format as mostly we, traders keep daily screenshot of day positions in our logs for ready reference, but without qty & entry, exits, this is simply a statement.. though we can get from tradebook from Q, but if you give us here, definitely most helpful & useful..


    • Matti says:

      1. For the previous day’s data, you can always look up the daily charts. Adding this to the market depth simply adds noise.
      2. You can always refer to the orderbook for this data.

  96. Rakesh Singh says:

    I feel it’s a UI bug! The modal for ‘Marketwatch settings’ in ‘Take Tour ‘ is not fully visible. Its position is below the screen. I have seen this issue on my laptop in resolution 1920 X 1080.

  97. Mehamood PATHAN says:

    Is it possible to plot my delivery holdings? Suppose if there are 20 equities in my portfolio, I would like to plot them in the kite itself and would like to overlay with Nifty50/NiftyBank to compare the growth and calculate alpha, beta factors to hedge my holdings whenever I think like markets may undergo for correction or big fall.

  98. Kuldeep says:

    Pls ad margin calculater in kite

  99. draj says:

    I’m looking for a feature by which I can place multiple orders simultaneously, as a batch or a basket. Kindly add this feature soon.

    We may either store these multiple orders in a file which can be read and executed by kite or nest
    Specified and stored as a “saved order basket” in kite/nest itself. This saved basket order can appear along with other orders in the order window. It can then be executed by selecting it and clicking execute / run.

    (I have asked for this feature in another webpage, i have just repeated here, as this page seems more active)


  100. Sourish Chakraborty says:

    Pls introduce “Bar Replay” facility in Kite 3.0, It is already there in Trading View’s Indian edition of the website. It helps a lot in testing strategies.

  101. JAGAJEEVAN T says:

    Is there algo trading feature in Kite3 ? And feature to export data to excel for analysing ? Have you stopped devoloping Pi ?

  102. shinderavi321 says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    i already have account with but i want to open Commodity account what is the process or Charges?
    also i want to convert my Demat to BSDA please help.

  103. Julius says:

    Kite is is very much good. Thank you. However I feel few things can be in previous version
    1) Price cannot selected in new version. Edit digit by digit is little un easy. (Orderform)
    2) in single chart window TAB header can be LTP so that whenever we use another tab/window in browser still we could see our price.
    3) I am expecting CAMARILLA pivots from the very long time in Kite. Already added in Pi.

    Thank You

  104. Julius says:

    Pls add Camarilla Pivot Lines [Indicator] in charts

  105. Namit Gupta says:

    Hi Nithin and team,

    First of all thanks for improving the most likable platform ZERODHA for us and providing excellent service.

    Can we have folder options in the Holdings page. this will allow the user to categorize his investments in Short-term, Long -term, specifc names… being an IT person I dont think this feature should be very difficult to implement. But this will be very usefull for many traders who need to categorize their holdings.

    Hope to hear back and will wait for new features in KITE.


  106. Sudipta Chakraborty says:

    Thanks a lot for such an advanced trading platform…..Zerodha……u guyz rocksssss……….Zerodha is the best broker in India for not just advanced trading platforms but also for their excellent customer friendly approach….Once again a big and heartiest congratulations to Nithin Sir and his team…keep it up…

  107. Prateek Das says:

    Great work guys.. One suggestion though, please incorporate the functionality of price alerts. That will be very helpful.

  108. Arunsanthoshkumar says:

    Saved charts and setting were not migrated.

  109. srinivas says:

    Everything there except spread order and basket order. please do something. life will be set if you add these in kite.

  110. Ashwin says:


    I’ve used K3.0 and it’s really good and I liked all the updates in it.
    I’ve one issue with PIN-1 and PIN-2. There’s no option for changing it back to normal as it was before (Default). I’ve added one stock as PIN-1 but now I want NIFTY50 back as it was prior. I’ve tried to search for NIFTY50 in stock search option but there’s no NIFTY50 available in the list. Now I’m thinking that I should not PIN any other stock.

  111. Romeet K says:

    Looks real good. Thanks. Not happy with the fact the chart settings are not migrated to the new version. It is real pain to redo the chart settings all over again. Any fixes?

  112. Akshay says:

    Plz add price alert.

  113. Viraj says:

    Hi Kite,

    New Kite is awesome ! I just wanted to give one suggestion regarding having multiple portfolio option.

  114. Ramesh says:

    Excellent work Nithin sir!
    Sir, I would like to know when bracket order would be available for commodities(MCX). We, the retail traders have been waiting for it since long.

  115. Siva says:

    Nice changes! Is there any updates coming on Mobile Devices also? mainly on iPad?

    • Matti says:

      Yes, we’ll be updating the mobile apps in the coming weeks. For an iPad, I daresay the best experience would be on the web platform itself.

  116. Premsagar says:

    Can I add USDINR (cds) to market watch in kite?

  117. Swapnil Barmase says:


  118. kamakshi says:

    Wonderful & appreciable efforts. Keep up the good work.

  119. Sagar Potekar says:

    market depth view Please Show Scripts Upper Circuit And Lower Circuit Details

  120. Kartheek says:

    Do improvements in app too.
    There is lot to be done.

    No history to track for sold stocks
    Keep sorting option in watch list

    • Matti says:

      The mobile apps will be upgraded over the next few weeks. As for historical data of stocks sold, this doesn’t belong on the trading platform, but in the backoffice, Q.

  121. Gurpreet says:


    Kudos to Team Zerodha for providing such a wonderful platform for trading. All changes are highly appreciated but i’ve always been waiting for a small feature, not sure if that’s already present and hidden somewhere 🙂
    Can i get a notification on my desktop/phone when a stock crosses a particular price?

  122. Hiren says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Request you to provide the feature of Price Improvement Order (I had sent a mail to briefly explain it).

    It would be very good if you could provide this for option trading.



  123. RSD says:

    Great job Nitin! The multiple order selection and bulk exit/cancel is going to be a great time saver esp on days of low data speeds!

  124. ajit says:

    nice gave new hope to the traders otherwise the fruits earned by us were eatwn by the brokers.Thanks to all the Team Zerodha

  125. Ramesh Krishnan says:

    Well done Zerodha. The moving order window is a nice change along the with the others.

  126. PHANI says:


    Is it possible to have

    1) —> Carry forward stop losses – , one need not keep on updating stop losses everyday morning, al thought it may be good idea.
    2) –> Is it possible to trigger sell based on time, for example, square off positions on thursday before 3PM for bank nifty so that manual intervention is not needed. There may be some limitations, but optional usage of it may be useful for people who does part time trading.


    • Matti says:

      1. No Phani, exchanges don’t retain orders overnight, so this is a little tricky to implement. We’re talking to our OMS vendors to make this happen, but it’ll take some time.
      2. This, I’m afraid isn’t really possible. Having a time-based square-off is tricky because the trade may get closed for a loss and this isn’t desirable. We anyway have MIS square-off for this on our end, so on Thursdays, you can simply convert your position to MIS.

  127. Mayuresh says:

    I was eagerly waiting for limit order in CO
    Good job zerodha!!

  128. Anubhav Agrawal says:

    Great work and we need more :)=
    I really appreciate your work and hope you keep going.
    I hope pi gets more attention too cause rn it has many limitations.

  129. Mohan says:

    Kudos to Team Zerodha. The nice part is, you Folks hear what your Customers say and you implement it. We will share more of our suggestions. Let’s make Zeordha best platform of all time.


  130. Sanjay says:

    wow, I was waiting for long time. JIO ZERODHA 🙂

  131. Brijesh says:

    Hi Nitin and Team,

    1. Please provide option to store multiple preferences. This will help to quickly change the indicators settings based of trading styles.
    2. It would be better if both percentage change and amount change are displayed (Like in KITE app) instead of switching between them.


    • Matti says:

      Hey Brijesh,

      1. This is already possible. Apply a set of indicators and save it as a view. You can save multiple views like this.
      2. Hmmm… Will consider it.

  132. Manish says:

    Do you have any plan of introducing Sectorwise Grouping for stocks in portfolio, like ‘Metals’, ‘Banking and Finance’, ‘FMCG’ etc.

    It will help a lot in tracking and analyzing overall portfolio.

  133. Praveen says:

    It would be great if you could able to show the deductions after transactions, than waiting for the mail at EOD.

  134. Dr.Shishir says:

    Love the new features…

    Awesome flexibility added with the new order types.

  135. Ashok D says:

    Please add open interest(OI) with %change in OI in F&O scripts to take informed decisions

  136. sameer says:

    Expecting some features for option trades. Like

    1. Option chain (with greeks preferably)
    2. Option strategy trading in one click

  137. Hayet khan says:

    Everything is so nice. But we don’t see the market depth in Holding tap. So update the said problem in next update version. Thanks

    • Matti says:

      This is mentioned in the ‘Universal Context menu’ section of the above blogpost. You can invoke market depth from holdings. Just click on the “…” button on any of your holdings and click on Market depth.

  138. Umesh says:

    Can you provide the feature to set custom alerts for our portfolio to track critical price movements if possible?

  139. Sanjay says:

    Good to see these enhancements, can’t wait longer to experience these enhancements.

    Just one more requirement from my side (may be silly one) – while placing the order, it shows qty and price but it does n’t show the total amount for which the order is being placed. If this feature can be added, it will help.

    Hope am making sense, if it is already available, please let me know (am new to trading).


  140. raviprasad says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I am a intraday trader i need a in a one window mutliple stock share.In one window 5 stock chart in conseize manner.

  141. Ajay Parmar says:

    Hi Kite,

    These are nice changes in Kite.

    Here I have one query. When we go to Q-Backoffice, there is no such facility to see all scripts (already sold which are not in current holdings).

    If I have missed that option, do let me know please.

    If not, we should add this option to calculate the actual profit / loss.

    Hope to see your response soon here to clear my query.

    Ajay Parmar

    • Matti says:

      Currently upgrading Q. You can still go to a particular date and see all the holdings for the date, or check out the tradebook for a given period to see all the trades in that period.

  142. Karun says:

    It would be good if we have grouping of the positions or tagging of the positions in Positions tab.

    I mean we can have all the positions belong to one option strategy can be seen at one place.

  143. Yatin S. Visawadia says:

    Your current developments are highly welcome and very good in nature. But the most important feature of all which is found nowhere except very very few websites is called alert facility. If we want to set price alerts, we should be able to create those. One can not be sitting whole time on market. There must be some system which should help us monitor the price movements and alert us upon breaching the set levels. Unless you introduce this, we can not trade successfully….

  144. Raj Sharma says:

    To motivate new traders, Zerodha can also launch Demo/Test environment. This would help paper/demo trading right on Kite 3.

  145. Gauri says:

    Please include Alerts in kite 3. for example alarm if nifty goes to 10250 or 10350 etc. Waiting desperately for this feature on kite. hope it gets included in the release 🙂

  146. Ashish says:

    Plz allow bracket orders in banknifty options so stop and tgt can be defined at same time… if needed, do not allow margin but we need to place stop and tgt same time please..

    • Matti says:

      The bank nifty weekly options are rather illiquid, and the SL leg of a BO is an SLM order. Since market orders are blocked for illiquid options, this wouldn’t be possible. This is to protect you from impact costs.

  147. ZM4452 says:

    Can you please have % change and absolute change visible by default in the market watch instead of going to settings and changing it manually

  148. gvnarendra says:

    oh good platform
    all of us can use the beta? or do we have to wait for some time to use it?

  149. nagaraj says:

    Features seem to be good, but there is no talk of improving the portfolio (profit and loss) , it all shows wrong data,
    and there is no provision to modify portfolio manually (with user entered data),
    filed many tickets for this but nobody bothers

    • Matti says:

      Working on the new Q as we speak. Should be live in a few weeks.

      • Bhushan says:

        Dear Nithin Sir,
        Can you please brief about the projects being undertaken in the following matter and the time taken for being completing the same.
        1. When will be the new Q being launched.
        2. When will be the Kite 3.0 moving to the original kite webpage so that it can integrate with Q and other apps.
        3. When will be the Kite Mobile app will be upgraded.
        4. Is any update being planned for unattended PI.
        5. When will the stability be brought into Kite Web for frequent crashes and hang mechanism (this includes for Kite as well as PI).
        Please update on the above matter.

        Bhushan K

  150. Dilip says:

    Thanks Nisith for the commendable work and exceeding customer expectations!. Can your team work on options greeks on the position taken by a customer. I think this will help us in taking right action as the Delta moves?

    Dilip Pal

  151. Dhrumil says:

    Incredible Efforts ! Like your Passion to make Zerodha world class brokering firm with adding continuously upgrading technology with easing off the traders & investors approach with simple & effective navigation.

  152. Sumeet says:

    Thanks for all the new features. Amazing news. Best wishes to the zerodha team. Keep learning. Keep improving.

    I know you guys have expressed your intention to offer margin funding (for delivery positions) to clients.
    1) Is it still in the works – the rules and other details?
    2) If it is coming soon, a ballpark time estimate would be nice. Next quarter? Mid 2018? End of 2018?…

    Thanks and regards

  153. Raghav says:

    Hi Team,

    Looks like every thing cool but as i noticed you missed the refresh button as in your previous kite is having which means it will show both change in % as well change in value Ex: 25% = 25 pts wrt 100.

    and if possible please reduce font size in left tab so that we can add more index.


    • Matti says:

      You can use the settings icon at the bottom right of the marketwatch to switch between % and absolute change. You can add 20 scrips to the marketwatch irrespective of the font size. The font size was chosen by the design team after careful consideration.

  154. BHUPESH says:

    I request you please provide stock,index alerts option in zerodha kite. It is very useful to everyone when a stock crosses the price or good volume, positive breakout etc.

  155. k.v.krishnan kutty says:

    can we get the holding date (to know whether it long term) in the new kite

  156. Sikander says:

    Hi Nithin, I need 2 minute timeframe for charts. please add this feature soon.


  157. Praveen says:

    1. NIFTY 50 is repeated twice on top of Market Watch by default,
    2. There is NO Toggle between Change in % VS Change in Price in Market Watch (Need to always go to Settings to enable or disable Change in % ). Need to have Shortcut Key for Toggle instead of doing at Settings Level.

  158. Yathisha says:

    Please add notes column in the portfolio section

  159. shaphaba says:


    I heavily depend on range bars for my intraday analysis. However, in the new kite 3.0 the range bar depicts as candle with a wick, which is inaccurate and disappointing for my analysis.

    My earnest request, please retain the range bar properties and visual or at-least allow the old version to run for traders like me. Range bars is also not available on pi. However, the current kite range bars is always my favorite.

    Please have a look a the current range bar and the range bar of kite 3.0. It’s totally different and my trading system have been totally dependent on range bars.

    Feeling sad.

  160. vidya says:

    the stock bought under LIMIT order do not show in teh holding for 2 days whereas other broking website show them either in executed order or in the holding . but zerodha show NA . This is bit bad feature.

  161. Ruchit Darji says:

    Dear Team,

    Delighted to see bracket order with advance limit price.
    This suggestion was raised many times by me and thanks for making it possible.
    That’s why you are best.

    Do we have update for Kite Android APP?

  162. Mihir says:

    Great work Nithin sir,
    Team zerodha is always ahead for taking initiative for new and practical features updates.
    Sir please add one more feature :-
    Order placement on the chart screen by placing horizontal lines of buy/sell price, stoploss price and target price. also we can change their values by simply dragging them up or down instantly. this will help real time traders to get advantage of any instant spike happening in the market.
    Hopping for this feature on all the platforms of zerodha.
    Please make it happen sir.

    • Mihir says:

      We can change price by two ways :
      1. by simply dragging them up or down
      2. by double clicking on the line, a price box will appear. we can manually type new value and hit enter button

  163. Pavan says:

    Pi and Kite charts dont match, pi shows wrong charts and screeners picks up pi chart and gives wrong signal many times for rlexample pls check last weeks daily chart on fortis, i dont time and date handy here.

    And if screener is running pi hangs a lot, have to keep restarting it so many times.

    Secondly, onpy kite updated? what about mobile app? changes made to chart in kite is not showing up in mobile app.

    Please check on that, thanks…

    • Matti says:

      Charts looking the exact same across platforms is quite unlikely. Read why here. The mobile app will be updated soon. Also, the scanner is quite an intensive program and may crash if the system resources aren’t enough.

  164. Sanjeev says:

    Great features in Kite 3.0 . I would like to point out that when I pop out a chart in the older version I would get the Scrip name and the price( SBI 318.6) in the title bar.In this newer version It shows Scrip name and the exchange name(SBI NSE). I think price if a more useful information than exchange name.Especially when we work in office as we have different tabs open. Keeping an eye on the title with the price was very useful information. Please help.

  165. Raziq says:

    Hi, I wanted to ask is the option of editing rejected order possible? Sometimes, it becomes difficult to go back and give a fresh order. There should be an option to modify rejected order and place it as a fresh order. Because it takes out some precious time while buying at market price. It would be highly appreciated if that facility is available both in Web and mobile versions. Thank Raziq

  166. Thulasiram Thota says:


    Can you add Sector information and categorize holdings and display them based on the same. It can be an option to enable if not mandatory. Will help a lot.

  167. Deb says:

    Kite will reach a significant step forward if we have multiple chart opening in one window and it could be saved for future use. Like wise template 1# 10 charts
    Template 2# 10 charts
    And so on…
    Thank you

  168. DARSHAN M says:

    Keep up the good work people !!

  169. Ashok says:

    Again update available but nice work, but my 2 point still pending …… Price alert message at @ LTP and CO/ BO in commodity.

  170. Vikas Frank says:

    Kudos to the team at Zerodha for the newer Kite Release.

    Under the Sparklines on Holdings (52 weeks) arena, it would be wonderful to include the “Realized PL” which will help better in decision making.
    Whether to continue to hold or exit. This one feature is missing currently.

    Also kindly update on the progress to edit incorrect entries on Discrepant arena. Realtime PL correction will help a great deal

    Always wishing you all the very best.

  171. Sanjay says:

    Hi Team,

    There is a small suggestion for improvement in the Kite 3.0 web platform. While working with multiple charts we need to use technical analysis tools like horizontal lines etc or trend lines. Currently we have to separately choose such tools for each window of chart.

    It would be great if we can use the same technical tool in all the windows because generally we use multi window to compare certain aspects of a chart against the other.


    • Matti says:

      The idea was to give the user flexibility to apply whatever he wishes on the different charts. You can save views and apply the same set of indicators on all charts.

  172. Neel says:


    Its good to see that Zerodha team is working on improvements..Keep it up!!! Few suggestions:
    1) can we get price alerts on our mobile by SMS…all the price alerts will marked on your web platform or PI…once the price gets to marked zone, the system should alert us by pop screen plus alert on our mobile. Reason behind this suggestion is that many a times when we are traveling & do no have access to our desktop/laptop…this alerts will help us in taking some action…by either using mobile platform or by calling your Trade line.

    2) Like in cash segment where we can place AH orders, can we have the same option in FNO. Also like cash segment where we can place order having validity decided by us, can we have the same facility in FNO. For eg in cash segement if we place, say, stop loss or sell order or buy order with validity of say 7 days…the order remains in force till it reaches its target or expiry of validity period. In other words one the order is placed we don’t have to place it on daily basis. Right now, we have to place such order on daily basis in FNO ..if does not get filled, it gets cancelled and we have to place it again next day and so on. So if we can validity option in FNO, it will be great.


  173. sanjeev kumar says:

    CO started in commodity??

  174. Ramu p says:

    Great to all the new features. but i wanted to point some issues in current version
    1. Positions buy price some times becomes zero.
    2. modify orders some times starts with empty qty(some times values is picked from existing order)
    3. fund value some times mixes latest cash (after selling previous day carried positions) plus previous data equity value.

  175. sanjeev kumar says:

    Bracket order is still missing in commodity


    Still average value calculation is not working in case of Bonus share or split … Please make sure it works that is very important.

  177. Suman sadhukhan says:

    Need alert functionality on stock for example, x stock current price is 300, i want to get notified once price will be 320 . This type of nofication/alert should have in kite ….

  178. Vivek says:

    When there will be update on Kite? Both Kite & Kit3 will run in parallel?

  179. Mahesh says:

    studies like horizontal line should remain until deleted by user on the charts.though logout & login again

  180. T S Kabilan says:

    Thank you Nitin and Zerodha team.

    Made kite far more convenient.

    One very important and very essential feature is required. price alert chart/market watch item wise with sound.
    now, we have to keep looking at the chart,and keep changing widows and fatigue sets in.
    we feel tired and overlook many times, that’s when the price goes up/down.
    an alert will help to make more profitable trades.

  181. Vikash says:

    I can only see the % under the list. In earlier version of kite you have % and the amount as well ( up / down ) but I can’t see any option to see the amount that have increased for the stock in a day.

  182. harshit says:

    Sir can we have the night theme in whole kite platform, please.

  183. Sandeep Kumar says:

    Great Work Nitin. Appreciate your efforts to make the zerodha’s trading platform more user friendly. Looking forward for more and more new friends.

  184. Amit says:

    Hi Nitin,
    You have added multiple exit positions, but can we able to limit exit price for all these stocks at the same time? And is it possible for you to increase number of stocks more than 20 in watchlist in next release? and need 10 tabs in watchlist so we can add stocks as sector per tab, so is it possible to add these improvements in next release?

    • Matti says:

      Different stocks trade in different ranges. Impossible to have limit exit applicable to all. Also, the number of scrips on the marketwatch is limited in the interest of bandwidth preservation. Nobody realistically trades over 100 scrips regularly.

  185. Anshul says:

    Thanks, Looks good.
    Can we also expect Good to Cancel orders soon?

  186. Bhupendra Kumar says:

    Great effort by development team. One observation, CMP not available on browser tabs when hovering mouse over it. Earlier it was there.

  187. harish kumar k g says:

    good going nithin

  188. Atish says:

    Nice update guys…i was looking forward to the Price Alert feature, but its not there in the update…
    Can ull add it in the future updates ?

  189. JAGADISH BABU S says:

    pls make it to at least 25 stocks per window. thanks

  190. Jalaj says:

    Hi, I have been using Kite3 beta from later half of Nov-17; it is one awesome thing happened to Zerodha and stock trading. Looks good and highly performant. Impressed!
    Since this is beta, so some issues I want to mention: 1. Chart setting does not persist (e.g. ‘studies’ I save, goes away randomly) 2. charting sometime swing between current tick and some random(?) base at every tick.
    Requests: Browser based alerts on options, say above/below x day Moving Average etc.

    Otherwise, awesome… the Dashboards, position, order… almost all the screens are crafted to perfection!!

  191. Ravindra says:

    I like the Kite on Web and Phone and still there is no match in market.

    Is it possible to change the back color? I like to make it Gray to down the stress on eyes

    Font color is also bit light and like to make it dark.

    Hope this can take into consideration in next versions.


  192. linkesh says:

    How to trigger buy a stock.. suppose a stock is trading at 10. I want to buy if the stock comes at 11… How to give the order? BO n CO , it is happening but it’s only for intraday.. I want positionally.. is it possible?

  193. PMaha says:

    Thanks for adding new features in Kite:

    1) Does it work well with Firefox Quantum?
    In market depth, ORDERS is left aligned hence mixing with BID.
    2) How to get rid of pinbar window if not required?
    3) Is there a way to change fonts?

    • Matti says:

      1. Yes, works perfectly on Quantum.
      2. It’s not removable, I’m afraid.
      3. Perhaps a browser extension?

      • PMaha says:

        Pl look into market depth issue:
        The ORDERS tab is mixing with BID tab as if appended in FF Quantum. Especially for scrips like Nifty Fut, Usd where price is too long.

  194. amit says:

    awesome . , now . all i want is . a . dark theme its . a lot easy on my eyes . to read . graphs and . candle sticks . on dark theme . than . light theme , or . is there . a way already to tweak into dark theme . ??

  195. Varad says:


    When will we be able to use Mutual Fund portfolio as margin for taking positions?

  196. Satyendra Kumar says:

    Great Job Zerodha team, thanks for continuously improving services.

    Kindly look in to the Charts as it’s not opening in Internet Explorer.

  197. Sreekanth says:

    Please provide custom time frames settings like 2h or 4h time frames.

    • Srikanth says:

      The 4 hour time frame is already available in Kite. You can view 4 Hour chart of a stock by selecting “1M” period at the bottom of your chart.

  198. Sreekanth says:

    Where user can define their own time frames

  199. Prabhu S says:

    Thanks for the new version. Is it possible to add more than five pages to add the stocks?

    Currently we have 5 pages and 20 stocks each page.. which we can add only 100 stocks.

    Do let me know if you have any plans to increase the number of pages.

    • Matti says:

      Realistically, does anybody regularly trade over a 100 stocks? This limit is placed in the interest of bandwidth. Unlikely that this will be changed anytime soon.

  200. Ramesh says:

    it takes time to search any particular script from market watch of five pages. can you provide sorting of all the remaing pages in alphabetical order for particular page or for page no 3/4/5 or 4/5 etc continuously .

  201. Vipul Rozera says:

    Hi team Zerodha, Thanks for the long-awaited updates.

    Small suggestions for the update in next roll.
    1. I didn’t find any option to buy/sell directly from multiple chart view screen. Please add that option to multiple chart view also if possible.
    2. Put some commonly used drawing tool icons( like line, segment, shapes etc) outside that drop down menu for quick use.

    Thanks again for the update!!

  202. Ramaesh says:

    We need a Pre open market watch, so that by 9:07 AM itself we’d be knowing the opening prices of the stocks which is not available in the current kite version

    • Matti says:

      As soon as the price discovery happens on the pre-open, this is updated on the marketwatch. No ticks happen in this period, just one update around 9:08. This is visible.

  203. Taher Bohari says:

    Great Job team…

    It has been a great experience trading with Zerodha until now. But one feature I am still looking out for, from Zerodha is to show the holdings as per sector wise. This feature will really help investors to check how much they have invested in a particular sector. This can be a pie chart or so, as we can see in moneycontrol.

    Really looking out for this feature…

  204. Prasad says:

    HI Nitin and Team,

    Good work!! We have been eagerly waiting for these salient features on Kite.

    are these features also available on Android App?

    Prasad B M

  205. viveksah says:

    Thanks, hope you have been able to resolve issues which existed in Kite 2.0

    Any idea when Crux would be launched to replace Q, have been waiting patiently for Crux for over 6 months

    • Chandrayya says:

      Yes I am also. Need very urgently to do my tax planning or this year. Transferred stocks from other broaker, stock got from right issue, IPO were not considered properly. So my P&L statement is wrong. Also DP charges and payment gateway charges were not include in P&L statement. Please bring CRUX ASAP.

  206. Nirmal says:

    The application is too slow. The speed is very crucial, loosing so much slippage. Margin for bracket orders needs to be increased as it is for cover orders

    • Matti says:

      We’ve worked tirelessly to make the application as fast as possible. This seems to be an issue with your machine or network, not the application. The leverage is decided based on your SL.

  207. SS says:

    Loved the Pin functionality…So thoughtful and useful

  208. Digbijay mallik says:

    First of all thanks to zerodha developer team and nithin kamath for the new interface of kite. I waited since from a year for the multiple charts view,trade from chart and Bracket order with trigger entry. Now I got them and they are super.I appreciate for your team effort and work. Again thanks to zerodha team and nithin kamath for continuously improving services.

  209. Siddharth says:

    Hello Team
    Most of the new features incorporated are welcomed,
    Kindly include these feature
    1. in split window – need an option to link symbol to all charts simultaneously and make the chart functions common so that we can have bigger view/window size of each.
    2. In split window – Need option to sync cross-hair on all charts, this help to compare different charts/segments w.r.t time.
    Thank you

  210. Tapan says:

    I love the new KIte3 Web version !!

    There is a image showing bracket order with a trigger price ?! Kindly explain this.
    Does this mean if a share price is 30.30rs is running and I can put the order at 30.5 rs for buy ? As I think once it cross 30.5 it will go towards 31. So I can put stop loss for 0.15. Target 0.50 and trailing stoploss at 0.10 ?


  211. aman goyal says:


    Good improvements.
    Few suggestions:
    1) Can tabs in the marketwatch be increased and should allow users to choose the number of tabs required. I prefer switching tabs rather than scrolling down in the marketwatch.
    2) Is it possible to add stoploss option later in a normal trade order which has been already exceuted.

  212. Kalpana Rawat says:

    Dear sir,
    Beta edition is a huge improvement on already excellent KITE.
    We were also expecting the addition of ‘VTC’/’GTC’ order facility with the new version of KITE, which is not there. This facility is available with ICICIDirect and Kotak Securities. It is very helpful as we do not log on everyday.
    Since it is Beta version only, we hope this facility will be added with regular version.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  213. Sandeep says:

    Best of luck.

  214. JeVs says:


    Enhancement is amazing in Kite 3.0. Appreciate your IT team’s work.

    Few queries.
    1. EOD whenever I want to go through all the FnO stocks, I end up using as in Zerodha without adding companies in watch list I can’t pull up their charts.
    Is it possible to check charts of various companies that are not part of my holdings or market watch. Be it Futures or different options.
    2. Whenever I modify the order or place any order, it takes around 2-3 seconds before it shows in depth of that contract. Thats very late. Is that thing fixed in new version.


  215. ved says:

    trigger bracket order not available in mobile kit. will be available or i have use web kit to use this feature

  216. Abhijit says:

    When will Quant become active ? any plan in roadmap .? asked the same an year ago got poor response from support

  217. Shashikanth S says:


    I am presenting trading in NSE equity with Bracket Order, but I want to know whether the same can be traded using Cover Order? Someone please guide me with example. I am just not getting it.


  218. Abdul Azees says:

    Kite 3.0 platform is extremely awesome and sleek moreover, ultra speed. Thanks a lot Zerodha team for made it. I am big fan of Zerodha kite platform. I really appreciate your hard-work.

    Please introduce SL-M order soon for Options-stock (Normal type order – CNC). How long it would take?

    I have been using it for the last 20 days and I have found some of the issues to notice to fix them. They are,
    1. When I try to open multiple charts, most of the time some of the scripts are not showing in the drop-down menu when it is available already in the scripts list.
    2. Most of the time notification bell doesn’t show any notification for the orders.

    1. Notifications from the notification bell is very very tiny and it is very hard to find it too. If the red coloured numbers are little bigger, which is showing in the bell icon will be easy.
    2. Fund withdrawal from the Q-Back office takes 1 day at this competitive market shows, Zerodha needs to improve it. Most of the brokers have the service to withdraw funds in couple of hours.

    Once again I really appreciate Zerodha team for their great job.

  219. PINAKI PAUL says:

    I will only point out what it still lacks – scanner or alerts which are there in Pi. Visual alert will not be of much use unless you want someone to sell .ahk plugins for around 1000 bucks (as being sold for Pi scanner).

    Sound alerts preferably enabling user to upload the sound file to replace the default.

  220. Sreekanth says:

    In multiple charts the time frame is constant across all the charts . There should be an option to change time in each of the charts

  221. Yogesh says:

    Need to convert MIS order into CNC and vice versa. I think this facility is available in Pi

  222. Kaushal Singh says:

    Pls look Range bars Chart in kite3.

  223. Ash says:

    Seems adept with cosmetic changes than rich on functionality, who needs a new login or a profile picture as additions? As long as it gets a job done one would be happy.

    The one backward compatibility thing one would have expected is importing the Old Views into the New one, but that is not present, don’t you do a market research before coming up with a new upgrade asking what features they need, I think this is a most basic feature you should have implemented without asking from the customer. So now I have to re create 10’s of views that I already have in Kite?

    Also I was promised there will be a Greater than Day(GTD) kind of Order in Kite 3 but couldn’t see them?

  224. NITESH SHARMA says:

    Thanks a Ton

  225. Pritheesh Lohidakshan says:

    Please add the expiry date of contracts in market depth like before, atleast for MCX

  226. Manjunatha D says:

    Very nice Thank you

  227. Jagat Narayan says:

    Please provide Good Till Month(GTM) Orders … it is quite irritating when placing SL or Buy or Sell Order every day for multiple securities.(Funds or Securities can be easily blocked when we place GTM order for an Month as it works for the Day.)
    GTD – Good Till Day is not sufficient for Holding or for Swing Traders.

  228. Vinay Kiran says:

    Hi Team

    Thanks for updated UI!
    But I am unable to find Trade from charts option.


  229. Anand says:

    Please please please please increase the number of stocks that can be added to watchlist ….This feature is required very much ..please do this …

    • Matti says:

      Anand, nobody realistically can trade over a 100 stocks regularly. This limit is in the interest of bandwidth and is unlikely that well change this soon.

  230. Rajendra says:

    Very attractive UI. Just a small suggestion –
    provide shortcut for “Toggle change price and change percentage”. Though it is there under setting. But better to have shortcut similar to previous kite.

    Thank you!

  231. Bhalchandra Lugade says:

    Please incorporate following:
    1. Margin position to be carried for more than 1 day. (at least 5 days)
    2. For delivery Buy or SL order- No need to place limit order every day. Order validity period should be more.
    3. Option Writing Margin– Margin required for Option Writing for positional trades to be reduced with SL entry.
    4. Daily summery of trades & Portfolio details are to be sent on Mobile every day.(may be notifications)

    Thanking you.

  232. rama krishna says:

    Dear Nitin sir,

    The kit3 web is very fast compare to kite. you missed in kit3 are
    1) buyer and seller count in kite3.
    2) shift+ not working for open in new tab
    3) please added L/U PRICE BAND

    • Sharad says:

      I also always miss the L/U price brand. This is really helpful to know the circuit ranges for trading day.

      to get this info either i visit icicidirect or edelweiss

      psl add this also in your KIt3 final version

  233. Yogesh says:

    Hi Team,

    I would like to ask :
    1. Is it possible to add a screener to the web terminal for searching stocks and also a system to generate alerts.
    2. Are all these features also rolled out on the kite android app.
    3.I also have found there is a discrepancy in data provided in info especially PE ratio provided there and also i am afraid the data provided in the indicators also doesn’t seem to accurate. I find three different information in three different websites.

  234. Saurabh says:

    This is kind of off topic question!

    Is there any way to buy a stock with fraction value of it.
    Eg. Eicher Motors 22,000 for 1 stock so getting it 0.5 for 11,000

    Let me know!

  235. Sandeep says:

    They key purpose of MarketWatch is to allow the computer to highlight those stocks that are moving in extremes and not to distract the user with mean movements. MarketWatch needs facility to alert when stocks cross watermarks. In high tide situation, some stocks cross some water marks, similarly in low tide they fall below water marks. Facility to enter limits beyond which an alert is triggered and based on alert the user might choose to buy or sell. Most of the established brokers have this feature built into the software.

  236. manjunath says:

    thank you for the wonderful features,request you to add one more indicator STOCHASTIC RSI.

  237. AMAN RAZDAAR says:

    Please tell Can we trade on this Beta
    or should wait for final release?
    When is final release by the way?

  238. Abbas Ali says:

    Time frame changing for chart becomes tedious job on mobile web browser as time frame option is colliding with newly added buy/sell option. It is tested on chrome mobile browser.
    Can you suggest some way?

    • Abbas Ali says:

      Chart time frame changing on mobile web portal is not working, needs attention. My earlier query for the same is also not answered.
      Trading is not possible without it, if you are not able to resolve it then don’t discontinue current kite version.
      Abbas Ali

  239. Aswin Jose says:

    The interface is looking great and I have never had any real complaints about the user experience in Kite.

    However, with the new system in place, please ensure the following
    1) availability and smooth execution throughout the exchange timings
    2) precision and accuracy in the buy averages and other financial calculations
    3) A up to date and absolutely accurate profit or loss report that we can depend on.

    If you can ensure these aspects, then zerodha truly will make life easier for everyone.

    Hope you will take this feedback and put it to good use.I have reported so many tickets myself on these areas ( now a days I have given up and stopped raising tickets ) and I want the new system to get rid of these problems at the earliest.

  240. kiran says:

    In kite 3, when I use up/down arrows to move through instruments in the marketwatch, the movement/selection is not visible at all. In the old version, gray color selection was clearly visible. Am I missing something?

  241. Deepak says:

    Nice but font size is very small do it large

  242. hari says:

    dear kamath
    when we got shares through ipo window Zerodha system unable to show the buying price So where is the error? and is it un solvable?

  243. bhaskar says:

    Hi Zerodha ,

    Just experienced the new kite 3.0 its funtionality is quite good ,but only concern is saved views were not showing in this version .please take neccessary steps for proper saved views migration , because same issue happened in MAY month update and all saved views got erased.

  244. AKD says:





    • tarak says:

      Please do not use capitals. Difficult to read. Also, in the internet world use of all capitals is considered as shouting.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      1) To get the best experience I would suggest you use Chrome.
      2) We have designed Kite to be as intuitive and minimal as possible. If you want to check the OHLC details of multiple scrips at once you can try the multi view chart.
      3) You can pin any stock/contract or index you want. Right and select the pin location.

  245. Sagar Shirsath says:

    Kudos!!!!, We have been waiting for so long for BO and CO features and pop-out window buy/sell order, Thanks Zerodha Team

  246. Ashish Mehra says:

    Can we have a way to create a few different views on our holdings – so if I just want to see hows my short term, mid term or banking folio doing I can do that using those views

    Thanks for making all the other changes

  247. Jeet says:

    Great interface.. congrats Nithin and team Zerodha for an awesome experience.
    I thought Banknifty spot scrip would be included in the update into kite. However, sad to see even now banknifty spot scrip not being included. Maybe your team can look into this minor issue. Otherwise awesome.

  248. Viahal says:

    I was hoping for GTC to be implemented in the new version.

  249. George says:

    I am not able to access Back Office from Kite 3.0. It is asking for password and my current password is not working. It is working seamlessly in old version of Kite.

  250. santosh kumar says:

    All New features Are Awesome
    Add two More Feature in Chart 4 H Chart and Stochastics Editing Feature .
    This is most important Feature in Trading .

    Thank You..

    • Srikanth says:

      The 4 hour time frame is already available in Kite. You can view 4 Hour chart of a stock by selecting “1M” period at the bottom of your chart.

  251. Anabik says:

    its really look good now. But I found some refresh problem still exist. I cant see some stock prices which are listed in BSE in my holdings.
    Another wishful demand I am not sure whether now present or not,to set a trigger price for buying or maintaining SL for a longer period.Because people like me do not check everyday. So it helps to buy or sell automatically and gives a peace of mind.

  252. shubham kumar says:

    what about kite app upgradation??

  253. Narayan Dass says:


    Welcome move. Investors are also expecting similar type of changes in Kite Mobile version also.

    An early action taken in this regard from your end will be highly appreciated.


  254. Valuable Client says:

    Nitin, I think Zerodha should not charge the brokerages on split orders as it hampers a lot with brokerage amount for a single order.
    Also other brokers like Upstox are not charging further brokerage for these kind of split orders and considers split orders as a single order.
    Please look in to this concern.
    Thank you

  255. Creed says:

    Hi Z Team,

    Great Job….PI was a bit tricky for me … Kite 3 is fantastic..
    Now focus to get Q on board asap please…..awaiting it for a looooonnnnggg time

  256. Avinash says:

    Feedback: While placing buy market order, when i enter number of shares why don’t you display the total amount. Every time i place an order i had to open calculator to check how many shares I am eligible to purchase based on the funds :(.

  257. Avinash says:

    While placing buy market order, when i enter number of shares why don’t you display the total amount. Every time i place an order i had to open calculator to check how many shares I am eligible to purchase based on the funds :(.

  258. vivek says:

    Do we need to download beta version and if so what happens to current version that works on our pc? The beta installs as a separate app?

  259. Ramesh says:

    1. Cant delete a script from watch list on a single click… bad
    2. You open a chart, -> right click on positions -> open new tab.. see what happens.. Your QA team is not doing their job bro… very very bad.

  260. Sandeep P says:

    When will u implement searching for a non-MW scrip directly from the chart ? Also, in the chart, when I type a MW scrip, I am unable to select it using the “Enter” key. Need to use the mouse for it. Pls look into it

  261. a s k says:

    charts are not working properly ,inline with the price . means streaming graph is not shown on my p.c.
    both the versions , previous as well as currently developed ( KIte 3.0 beta) is not supporting my p.c.
    pl look in to the matter…

  262. Amit A says:

    Zerodha Team,
    Great and excellent work done! Hats off to your innovation.
    Please try to add “Time format = 00:00:00” which is missing on kite platform, especially when we have to square-off MIS position at around 3:20pm.

  263. Vijay K N says:

    Pls update the COIN MF UI as well. It needs some improvements from usability perspective.

    1. It should be simpler to invest in schemes that you already hold by providing Buy/Sell options in the holdings/positions view. Every time the need to type the MF name and then choose from one of several options for dividend vs. growth, regular vs direct etc. is unnecessary and has potential for user to make mistakes – I just need to use the same scheme option that I already hold, which should be convenient.

    2. For orders placed, not much information is available to track – I just see (Pending or Sent to Exchange). We should have a reference no. to track orders placed for tracking status – buy/sell equity MF take upto 3 days to execute – and till such time, there is no way to track these orders.

    3. Folio No.s are not displayed on the UI. we get the folio no.s only in the Allotment report email.

    4. Categorization of holdings under Equity, Balanced and Debt schemes can help assess the performance better (perhaps adding a pie-chart) than just one consolidated view.

  264. Raja says:

    I cant see the icon of buy in the pop chart as mentioned. When we buy any stock BO or CO we have to calculate separately then enter the No. of stock can zerodha 3 show it self how much we can buy

  265. Raja says:

    multiple clicks are need to upload the charts. it was not their in the previouse

  266. Athira B says:

    The graph is getting fetching errors in 2 chart display . Even in popout windows,the graph is showing errors while changing 1 min to 5 min .This is much Irritating

  267. sankar says:

    Please let us know when can we get Gold-Options
    It will be almost two months since MCX had given

  268. Pratap says:

    Dear Zerodha Team, great job in implementing all these upgrades. One request I have is that kindly incorporate Good For Multiple Days Bracket Orders for both Equity and Futures. It is very annoying to place the same orders for a given scrip everyday as we wait for the price to come to the desired levels.

  269. MONIL says:

    @nithin Happy to see new updates
    but still have few questions in mind
    1) why isn’t your team working on improving options interface. Why can’t we see live option Greeks data. Why can’t we see net position Greeks(forget the graphs ) . More over the 2L,3L strategy orders are available only on PI , what about kite ?

    Don’t you feel that the kind of option trading that we are currently doing is just like what US did 20 years back. If you can just make this platform like that of think or swim than i think nobody can stop Zerodha from being the most preferred brokerage firm in India

    A fan of Zerodha

  270. Mohan says:

    It’s great but why don’t you more working on quant??? it’s 1 year from sync data…

  271. Harishankar says:

    It’s great,you are doing very good job implementing new technologies and improving UI/UX in Web and Android app.

  272. chetan says:

    A very critical feature which most of the brokers( sharekhan, iifl etc ) have already implemented 2 years back is VALID TILL DAY/ GOOD TILL DAY orders

    here in we can put orders which are valid till 30-45 days( option to select date) untill it gets executed, so every morning the system checks the order log and puts those unimplemented orders as pending orders

  273. devesh jain says:

    hello nithin

    Still there is no alert option which we can set as it is available in NOW OF NSE…please incorporate the same as it is always beneficial to set an alert on various parameter.

    thanx in advance

  274. chetan says:

    limit on liquid funds- can there be a system where we get limit on liquid funds ( purchased via COIN ) ,

    reason- instead of putting cash in my account i would put liquid funds so i will get that extra 6-7% on the money and trading limit too , so whenever there is a debit i will liquidate my funds only on that day

  275. Lijo John says:

    Kite 3 is very nice. the new features are very useful for intraday traders.

    one problem i feel is its very slow when loading charts.
    most of the time its showing ‘Error while fetching chart data. Please refresh again’

    Pls solve these issues

  276. santosh patidar says:

    By clicking on chart chart displays, similarly 1 fundamental analysis tab can be added, when we click on that tab it may display different ratios of that stock, Ex: PE, EPS, dividend etc.. I read somewhere chart is provided by 3rd party, similarly fundamental data also can be taken from 3rd party ( may be from Rate star, screener, reuters, factset etc. )

  277. Amitabha Das says:

    Just awesome development . Sparkline charts requested in watchlist also along with holding . Sparkline charts to have daily , weekly , monthly , yearly options , Kindly have a re-look , please.

  278. Ashwini says:

    Any chance of adding open interest data for the options.
    Also a graph of open interest would be quite interesting.

    Here are few more ideas:
    1. Graph of Open interest and the price of the underlying asset that can be overlayed on top of each other.
    2. An indicator that shows the strenght depending on the price and OI variation.


  279. Prateek Verma says:

    Zerodha always a step ahead from competitors, the changes & need I was wanting to have in kite, now all are there in Kite3, Thanks Zerodha. Awesome KITE3.

  280. Ravi says:

    Sectoral display of stocks in holdings not introduced

  281. Sreenivas says:

    The new look is awesome with so many features. Thanks a lot for your effort in achieving this.

  282. Satish Manchana says:

    Kite 3 is looking nice.

    charts Error
    most of the time its showing ‘Error while fetching chart data. Please refresh again’

    Pls solve these issues

  283. Ratnakar Dutt says:

    Great work from Zerodha. Thank you for the wonderful interface. I have not looked at it full. but I am sure it would be with a bundle of enhancements.

    Suggestion: Lightweight UI is now trend but the most ignoring fact in this modern UI is that people who have spects really suffer to read text with very light and very small. I mean text should be little darker, or please provide an option to change colour to dark black or font change to bold. I am looking option to change not to change the default setting.

    Thank you, Greak work.

  284. Mohan says:

    Where is contract expiry date, in old version when u click market depth, this used to come. Another suggestion is also to put up the time of expiry also, have to keep calling to figure this out as it is different for different products.

  285. Sudipta Chakraborty says:

    Hi team zerodha….i would like to point out a few issues with kite 3.0…
    1) Chart views are not getting saved.
    2) When I pop out chart…it is getting opened in new tab with no drawings and indicators.
    3) Preferences are not getting saved properly all the time.

    Kindly look into the issues..

  286. Kalyan says:

    Great revamp, liked it. But still the stock prices don’t load in watchlist when I connect from my office network. They do load on app and when I connect from my home network. Same behavior earlier as well, what could be the reason? Because prices do load in my another broker website even when I connect with my office network.

  287. Chintan says:

    looks good guys! one suggestion, please add toggle feature for showing marketwatch changes in percentage as well as absolute values like we already have in the older version

  288. Vinod Meena says:

    Dear Sir,

    Very good efforts by your team for improving user’s experience on Kite, just want to give some suggestions for improving it further:-

    1. In Market depth please keep High and Low price of a share in 2nd row and open and Last close in 1st row or vice versa (so that user can quickly check the high and low ).
    2. While buying or selling any share the Blue and Red bar shows Qty and price, Please also add the value of the total order for eg:- 2 share(Qty) to buy at limit order price of Rs135 then order value become Rs270 (so that we don’t have to use calculator).

    Best wishes keep improving the kite 🙂

    Vinod Meena

  289. Sivakumar P R says:

    Very nice and user friendly. However the following hitch is still continuing.

    1.The background colour is white and too bright. Hence too much
    glaring and disturbing the eyes

    2. Added to the above, letters are thin. They can be made to look thick
    and bold

  290. Dinesh Malekar says:

    Bravo….amazing updates and so damn easy. Kite n Zerodha were always easy to use for a retail trader like you have made it more user friendly and now it is like a toy.

    You are awesome. thank you so much.

  291. Shujaath says:

    when opening chart in new window
    Error while fetching chart data. Please refresh again.
    blank chart page

  292. Laxmi says:

    From where we can download Kite 3.0 beta

  293. Darshan Bhanushali says:

    Hi Nitin,

    The chart needs to be manually refreshed when using the popout option and keeps displaying different candlesticks, varying open price (for current candle) when refreshed.


  294. Purav Sheth says:

    All the said and done looks better. One most important thing foreign brokers have and Indian brokers dont is maintaining Position /Holding book Position wise. I mean when i buy NIFTY 1 lot 10 times i should not average and show total but should stand individually. Average should come next day if carried forward.
    This help day traders a lot in calculations. Generally all averages are screwed up in kite when you buy and sell several times in same script. This in turn never gives a clear picture to day trader .
    What i just is “Positionwise option to exit as they were taken”(In the same script intraday)

    • Brijesh says:

      I agree.
      If we buy and sell multiple times, system averages the amount and it is really very difficult to know the exact position. Even if our latest position is at loss, system shows as profit after averaging all the trade amounts.

  295. Darshan Bhanushali says:

    Hi Nithin,

    The chart requires to be manually refreshed and displays varying open price for the current candle when refreshed. also when displaying multiple charts, the price doesnt get updated automatically


  296. Purav Sheth says:

    For further detailed understanding you can down load any forex brokers software fxcm or xm or any of them..they all have same feature..Your day traders will flourish if you give them this option

  297. Shujaath says:

    Can we’ve a paper trading terminal, I know ask might be out of scope but I think it could be good cut through to reel invest learn and then real invest

  298. Balanayakar says:

    Hi zerodha welcome to the new version. Very very interested in the new look page. Nice accuracy formula method. Easy to learning contains. Marketing issues financial development very simple charting. – balanayakar

  299. Yunus Khan Saifi says:

    Nitin Sir,

    I have a query please reply… older version of kite is going to be shut down or you have updated android app also ie. kite 3.0 please tell me

  300. Nikhil says:

    love the update , multiple chart that’s what i was looking for thanks, good work.
    I have pinned stock where nifty 50 and sensex are above the market watch but I am not able get back nifty 50 because it is not showing in my search, I get back sensex but how to get back nifty 50 now?

  301. Hemant says:

    Thanks for this major Kite upgrade !
    Is it possible to provide the following feature in Kite? :
    1. To filter NSE / BSE and present a list of stocks meeting one or more technical indicators criteria, e.g., rsi above 50 and stock trading above 50 days moving average but below 20 days moving average? I am inquiring this since you already have such technical indicators in Kite.

  302. Piyush says:


    Please include an IPO option too on Zerodha. We are certainly missing potential earnings on IPO bids.


  303. sudhanshu Aggarwal says:

    Do we have the feature to have a stop loss Order for more than 1 day ..Like if i had 500 SBI shares I want to sell the Shares when ever it goes below 300 any day. or it goes above 400 any day. i dont want to place an order each and every day.

  304. RAKSHITH S says:

    Awesome team! This update surely takes the trading interface to a whole new level.
    Keep up the great work.
    Thanks a lot!

  305. Venkatesh says:

    Hi Matti

    Few first glance observations after viewing your new kite 3.0 beta…
    Very first my sincere compliments for a sleek and cute look with lot much awaiting features…commendable to your entire team for such a hard effort….bravo..

    first i will list few bugs/observations
    1) on the order pop up window Up/down arrows to modify prices were not working…and not working to modify any of the order window entries in fact. however if i use my computer keyboard up/down arrow, i could change it…however it’s practically impossible while working on a mobile browser…pls fix the same ASAP

    Other very important feedbacks/Suggestions.

    1) on the market watch list, a Mini thumbnail Sparkline chart could be placed next to the script which is very useful for anyone to see a quick glance on the stock’s Intraday movement, rather going to a detailed chart always, in fact you have a good amount of blank space available which you could make use of it….FYI This is already available on platforms like Upstox…

    2) At present there is no way to know the market open status for segments NSE, NFO BSE, CDS, MCX… Pls provide a tab in kite to show the market Open status…which is vital for traders.

    Venkatesh V

  306. Brijesh says:

    Hi Matti,

    Thanks for responding to my previous post. I appreciate your efforts that go into responding to all the customer requests.

    I have one more request, please have a look into it.

    If we want to draw using any tools, it requires 3 clicks.
    Click on Pencil Icon > Click on drop down > Click on the required tool.
    If you can provide shortcut of the most used tools on left side of charts window, it would be easy with one click.
    For more tools, a shortcut of … can be provided at the bottom. Click on … button would display other tools.

    This would increase the ease of use and enhance customer experience.

    Thanks in advance

  307. Vijay P says:

    Could you please add the following column to the Holdings section?

    *Investment percent of a stock in overall portfolio

    Eg. Using 1 lac four stocks are purchased. Stock 1 is bought for 20k; Stock 2 is bought for 15k; Stock 3 is bought for 55k and Stock 4 is bought for 10k. So, the column will show 20%, 15%, 55% and 10% respectively.

  308. Shadow says:

    Dear Team,

    Would there be a change in APIs too?

  309. Sriram says:

    It’s a brilliant update. I see you’re using Vue JS for the front-end. Would love to see a post from your engineering team on the challenges and how they pulled it off. :thumbsup:

  310. Gaurav says:

    Hello there,

    Can I carry forward the SL which we put in the equity cash market? for ex. if I put SL of 50 on stock ABC, i want this SL to be maintained for a specific # of days (may be like a month) so that I don’t have to put this everyday. Is that possible now?

  311. Krish says:

    still waiting for 2H & 4H time frames in Kite

    • Srikanth says:

      The 4 hour time frame is already available in Kite. You can view 4 Hour chart of a stock by selecting “1M” period at the bottom of your chart.

  312. jagdish says:

    Great work but not sure why Zerodha not making Valid till cancel/ good till cancel order?
    its simple feature but very useful for people who just want to buy share at some price and forget placing order daily.
    Any reason why Zerodha do not consider this?

    • Thiyagarajan says:

      They are also not providing basket orders which is critical. Who will enter 10 orders or 20 orders on daily basis . A smart trader always key in prices at low price or high price (never at market price). If i wish to buy 50 stocks at such low prices i need to key in on daily basis. If basket order is available i can load through file upload. Also if some one know which broker provides this functionality then let me know. Kind Regards.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Jagdish, the exchanges currently don’t allow this. Others brokers are using a hacky way to get around this. Having said that, we are working making GTC/GTD orders available.

      • Thiyagarajan says:

        @jagdish. We need to be careful on GTC/GTD order. Because you cannot enter the target price and forget all the way. On daily basis exchange sets upper price limit and lower price limit for stocks. If your GTC/GTD order price does not lies between this range then your order will be cancelled by Zerodha systems. Atleast once you need to login and check if the old orders are repeated in the system.

        • MS says:


          GTC, as already mentioned by many, is a very powerful feature. A very simple way we can think of implementing this is to have the stock/price/qty in a dbase, and on a daily basis during the start of the day, run GTDaily for each of those scripts. So, basically, it can be easily implemented on top of GTdaily, with a script. Now, if on certain days if it doesn’t fall within the range of exchange provided price, then it doesn’t get set, s/w can easily handle this. And if you are worried for such orders to exist for a long time, then mark them as obsolete after 1-2 months (use the notification feature to intimate the user). (This can probably be easily done/tested with a script+db+JSON order place support that you have mentioned somewhere).

          Also note, it helps to get the differential price and % diff between GTC price and current price. That helps one to realign and change GTC pricing, if necessary.

          • Thiyagarajan says:

            I think Zerodha should push GTC/GTD/BASKET orders after 9.30 Am, so that their concern on handling such high volume (performance issue) during market open can be averted.

            • MS says:

              In my opinion, high volume should never be a concern — all exchanges are designed to absorb very high volumes in realtime, in a responsive manner. And, zerodha is way much smaller than most of the broking farms, to even worry about it, of course, unless exchange enforces limits on specific brokers and if zerodha unfortunately is one of them. From zerodha’s systems perspective, their s/w team will know that this is not any demanding task.

              Problem with a delayed execution after market open means a potential opportunity loss, diminishing it’s value.

              • thiyagarajan says:

                Something is better than nothing. Even delayed execution is okay for basket orders. Basket order is the way to earn money. The customer segment for Zerodha is self trading or investing customers. So it is better to provide special case orders which will differentiate Zerodha from other brokers.

  313. Rashmi Kanta Dash says:

    I have tested kite3 and I found very comfortable with the additional features but one problem I am facing with kite3 during testing that as you mentioned above one can place buy/sell order inside the chat itself but to bring buy/sell button you need to click on the left corner of the chat area but after the market I have checked it it is not showing is there any restriction in that which is not allowing after market is closed. I was checking in mozilla firefox web browser.

    One concern I would like to bring your focus that while buying / selling if you want to check the quantity of stock you can buy or sell with the margin you have through a single click in the same screen, then it will be better for us, if possible add the margin calculators with brokerage calculator somewhere which will be helping me a lot so that I can easily calculate the number of stocks I can buy with my margin.

    Otherwise you have done extremely good job by providing BO buying SL facility and CO order Limit facility. These two tools I really believe was must awaited tool I think after this Zerodha will be the only discount trading house in India where such facilities are available If I am wrong then please correct me.

    Thanks for providing awesome platform by making user friendly trading system for traders where one can will get profited if he has little bit knowledge about market.

    Rashmi Kanta Dash

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Rashmi, thanks for the kind words.
      1) there is no such restriction. You can access the buy/sell panel even after the markets close.
      2) Displaying margins on the buy/sell window is on our list of things.

  314. Guru says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Didnt get funda of Price and Trigger Price in BO and CO. Also advise how i can place order with trailing stop loss?

    for example, If i buy 1 lot of Idea @ 95.5 and want to sell it on 95.8 with stop loss of .5 and trailing stop loss of .05 , then how to place the order?

    • Rashmi Kanta Dash says:

      I have also the same concern although I am waiting for tomorrow for testing during market hour. If BO order whether we place the order with target and stop loss in points or in LTP that is one of the concern for me also. Suppose I am going to buy a stock which has the current market price 100 rupees I want to place the same order with target 110 and stop loss 95 what needs to be mentioned in target box simply 10 or 110 similarly in stop loss it is 5 or 95. It is little bit confusing unless we place the order we can’t tress out the behavior of the system. If anyone already placed the same order and tested please comment.

      • Sangam Patra says:

        Hi – I just want to share my personal experience with regards to Bracket Orders. Same Example: Suppose you are buying a stock which has the CMP 100 rupees and you want to place the same order with target 110 and stop loss 95, you would need to mention target 10 and stop loss 5, not 110 or 95. This way your order will be executed. Also, you can choose whether you want your order to be executed at a Market price or Limit price. If you want to double assure yourself, just buy a share and try this. Hope this helps you! Thank you!

        • Guru says:

          The main question is Trailing stoploss. we can use this function in Nifty/Index but not in stock

          • Matti says:

            Bracket orders are not allowed for stock options as the SL leg of the bracket order is always SLM, and market/SLM orders in stock options can lead to huge impact costs.

  315. Thiyagarajan says:

    Sir, Where is basket orders feature? that is the critical one. Atleast you can provide basket orders with 5 line of order entries in a upload file, if you afraid system cannot handle bulk orders

  316. Rushil B Thakar says:

    nice work sir
    great to have this account

  317. Ravi Kumar BA says:

    Kudos to the Team Zerodha…

    Its a pleasure to be your client

  318. Ashish Sharma says:

    Thanks a lot Team Zerodha and Nitin ji for this much awaited update. We users really appreciate the updates. Specially :
    Pin feature. Avg price in depth. Being able to see depth from holdings. Trade from chart.
    Trigger and SL in BO is a great one. Special thanks for this one.

    However please have a look at points I mentioned below. Some of this were requested earlier too. Certainly those would make the platform more user friendly.

    1. When I search new scrip from watchlist search, along with +, B and S, please add open chart option. This would help to study a chart without adding to watchlist.(Good to have)
    2. The menu that comes on hovering a scrip in watchlist, could have all the options directly visible as before. Stock widget option is more frequently used. If you reduce the size of buttons by a small fraction (2-3 Pixels), all the buttons can easily accomodate there on the hover list only. Nobody would mind, even a couple of last characters from of the name of the script being hovered are shadowed because of this expanded menu.(IMP for 3.0)
    3. Menu on hover of holding script – The Universal context menu is not Universal. Instead of Options button(…), can’t it be the same menu that comes on hover of watchlist so that it can then be called as Universal context menu that comes on hover? This I had requested earlier too. Yes you can add your new menu ‘Add to watchlist’ to the hover menu list in case of hover in holdings. (IMP for 3.0)
    4. Menu on hover in Positions – Instead of Options button(…), please make it on hover as before. It saves time and is more user friendly. Here we dont need ‘Add to market watch’ as the positions are most likely are taken from market watch i.e. script is already in market watch.(IMP for 3.0)
    5. Total Day’s change is not available on hovering the Day’s change as before. (IMP as a regression)
    6. From holdings, if I can open all past trades for a particular scrip it would be great. (Great to have in future release).
    7. Multiple chart view is nice. It could be great if I can scroll through all my positional holdings on watchlist from the chart itself. You might check Economic times charts features for this. (Not a must. Could be the last thing to do)

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ashish Sharma

    • Ashish Sharma says:

      Please consider the point on Universal Context Menu. There is absolutely no need for those three dots “…” , Its not culttering the noise, in fact it is the noise!
      There are 3 menus that come on the hovering the dots,
      1.Pin – these can be removed, instead you can directly make the two Pin positions editable. Anyways people will rarely do this.
      2.Popout chart and 3. Stock Widget – both these are great and must exist. If you remove the dots we will get 1 place and 2nd place can be obtained by either decreasing the buttons size by 1-2 pixels or increasing the length of hover menu by 1 button size.

      Remove the three dots and copy-paste the extact code from watchlist context menu that you have after having the mentioned updates. 🙂

      There are some confusions over how the Realized profits is calculated, it looks it ignores the profit gained by options. Anyways I will include this point after having a call with customer care. But please consider the suggestions I have mentioned in the above 2 msgs.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Ashish Sharma

  319. Nikhil says:

    Kudos to the team.

  320. Avinash Chintamani says:

    Thanks Zerodha team.

    Three things I liked about the new version are.

    1. Multiple charts on a single window.
    2. Placing order from market depth.
    3. Placing orders from rejected queues.

    Thanks a lot.

  321. Asghar says:

    Plzz plzz plzz add an option where we can get atleast get 15 scripts per watch list ….it may not effect the performance of kite app as those who need more scripts they can add it those who didn’t want it they don’t add scripts.. bandwidth depends on users data package …as I do intraday,swing and investment I need more scripts in my watchlist as per my needs which I always or better to say everyday missing it ….

  322. Syed hussain says:

    Please add “market depth” in holdings where we may able to see each holding/ script with a” market dept” option in it apart from buy/sell

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Syed, you can check market depth from the holdings. Just click on the “Options” menu and you will see the option.

  323. Nitin says:

    Very nice feature. I am excited to try them.

  324. Chandan sabarwal says:

    Too bad still no improvement with basic drawing tools. I had written a mail about a year ago and sad to see genuine trading and analysis tools are still most neglected.
    1. trendlines cannot still be copied
    2.all drawing tools must snap to candle high/lows
    3.disable bakground color in fibonacci tool and allow custom ratios to be input by user eg 76.4 / 88.6 etc
    4.2H Timeframe needs to be added..pi has uptil 4h why only 1h in kite?

    • Srikanth says:

      The 4 hour time frame is already available in Kite. You can view 4 Hour chart of a stock by selecting “1M” period at the bottom of your chart.

  325. Manish says:

    Just one word to describe Kite 3.0. Awesome !!! 🙂

    Really fast, smooth and memory efficient from what it seems. And some very needed features are available now like the multiple charts, selecting multiple orders to exit, etc. Very nice it all is.

    Just one thing that i think should be included is the ability to modify multiple orders of the same stock using the select check button.

    Why this is really important ? Because of the way Bracket orders gets filled sometime. Which is in chunks of paired Stop loss and target and its really a pain to modify all of them in realtime esp when the market is moving and you are desperately grasping to modify those chunks of orders correctly.

    For example say a Bracket order is placed for 300 SBIN. It gets filled in several small chunks. A long list of paired Stop loss and target orders appears in the order window. Now modifying all of these chunks is a real pain man. Like really frustrating and inconvenient and it just induces unnecessary anger which again have its own bad consequences.

    So i think it would be really nice if these chunks of orders can be selected and modified at once. Right now these can be selected and exited at once. But cannot be modified. Hence the ability to modify them at once from one order dialog box is really important. So i can just select all of the stop loss orders for SBIN and modify them from a single order dialog.

    Other than that everything is just shining. Thanks for providing just a fantastic trading platform. Keep up good work.

  326. Nitesh says:

    I found most of the thing fine.
    But when popout the chart the price of stock doesnt sown in top.
    So it should be sown while looking other chart…

  327. Narendra Sambhus says:

    Thanks for Kite 3.0.

    Great that charts are now available for ‘Holdings’ in addition to ‘Marketwatch’!

    Just one request. When we bring cursor on stock listed in Marketwach, it immediately displays ‘Buy, Sell, Depth, Chart and More’. Upon bringing cursor on stock listed in Holdings, a display of ‘Options’ appears. This makes us to click one more time for opening the chart. This extra clicking can be avoided if same arrangement is made as done for ‘Marketwatch.

    Request you to try to implement the above suggestion.

  328. Rahaliyas says:

    GTC GTD is the only request I had ,I still have another account due to this …..
    Appreciate the changes but this point has disappointed…..
    Hope you listen to the customer……

  329. Madhan says:


    The New Kite3.0 is Awesome. Thank you.

    It would be nice if you guys check the following things,
    1) Price of the stock in tab of popout charts.
    2) When i select multiple chart from a script, a popout is asking me to select a script for each chart. Please have the script from which i choose multi chart as default.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Madhan, 1) If you are using a chrome browser the LTP is shown on the tab of popped out charts.
      2) That’s how multiple charts are meant to work. But will check this with our team.

      • Bala says:

        Hi zerodha social

        The new kite3.0 is not showing saved views from old kite version

      • Madhan says:


        1) I’m using chrome browser only. In kite the price is showing. In kite3.0 the price of stock is not shown in tab of popout charts.
        2) For multiple charts, if i’m using 4 charts. To see a script in 4 charts, each time i have to select the script in each chart, which will be irritating. So choose the script from which i choose multiple chart as default to all 4 charts. So that way user can select a script and see multiple chart of that directly. It’ll be user freindly.

  330. Sagar says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Thanks new features.

    Following wish list remains with you (Both in Android mobile app )

    – GTD/GTC Orders
    – Price Alert
    – ULC/LCL
    – Buying and selling option through live chart in android mobile application

    So many traders having other accounts because lack of these options in zerodha



    • Zerodha Social says:

      Sagar, 1) We are working on making GTC/GTD orders available.
      2) Price alerts will available soon. 🙂
      3) We are working on displaying UC and LC values on Kite, hopefully soon.
      4) Already working on rolling out the updates to Kite mobile.

  331. ganesh deo says:

    we still can not see the option greeks. I dont know why this critical feature not on kite. Instead of adding options by searching, why cant kite display entire option chain once you type equity ticker symbol. puts on one side, calls on other side. its so intuitive design but, its missing completely in kite.


    CLIENT ID YG 7422
    In spite of repeated requests you are not allowing me to trade by not enabling POA for e trading for a very long time.
    In this connection refer ticket number 572905 dtd 11.12.2017.
    What is the use of kites 3 or 4 or 5 for me?!

  333. Ashish Bansal says:

    It would be awesome if we would have something similar for Bitcoin & other altcoin trading. I would be happy to pay too.

  334. Manmohan Singh says:

    Please allow bracket order in options also.

  335. sandip khadke says:

    hello Sir,
    please send me link to download latest kite 3.0 on my mobile. my mobile no 7757050655

  336. Santosh Rathod says:

    Hi Zerodha team,
    I really appreciate your work. Nice to see you with New features. KITE 3 Beta is simply great compare to other trading platform options.

  337. Harsh Parikh says:


    In the old version when we placed mouse on a scrip (Futures – eg. Indigo Dec Fut) inserted in market watch we had option of stock widget. it is missing in kite 3.0
    pls add it.

  338. Harsh Parikh says:

    Alert Option for prices should be added.
    In the old version on the top right of the market watch, there was an option to show the change in % as well as rs terms.
    In the new version such option is placed in market watch settings on bottom right.
    It is suggested to keep such option as it was in old version. i.e. on top right of the market watch since it is easy, convenient and fast to use.

  339. niranjan says:

    Do you provide multiple order placement (similar to something buying multiple stocks keeping their buy limit) in one submit ? It will be a much needed feature.
    Another feature would be creating your own basket of stocks similar to etf and monitoring it ?

  340. Bhs says:

    Few things that are still missing in Kite are:

    1. Availability of the system during non-trading hours and weekends, this will help users to understand their portfolios etc.

    2. Trade Settlement information, In the current system I don’t see anywhere the details of the sale settlements and the expected date of settlement.

    3. Session Timeout, currently I can use the same session even after 1 hour of non activity.


  341. tarak says:

    Is there a way to get 3 lines corresponding to previous day close, high and low?


  342. Amit Rajderkar says:

    Hello Team,

    found below 2 issues while using Kite3.
    1. Added few scrips in watchlist using anroid mobile app, but those are not visible in Kite3 login. (visible in normal kite login).
    Kite3 login doesnot allow to add same scrips showing error “already added” however not visible in watchlist.

    2. Chart settings are getting disappeared after logoff.

    Please check on the same.

  343. narasimha says:


    Bracket orders with trigger entry, cover orders with limit entry. superb work.
    movable order window. whoever came up with that — intelligent, that’s trader friendly
    volume bars on the market depth – are they relative(bids and asks have same sacle) if not are useless and distracting.


  344. Sudarsan Gouni says:

    Appreciate your work,

    i have faced below issues…

    1)update price not working properly… i mean selecting and removing at once not happening and up/down also not changing price.
    2) Switching between periods(example: 1 Day, 6m, 1 year, YTD) on chart throws “Error in fetching data,try again” most of the times in Kite3
    3) Matketwatch setting option text padding is not good – small minor UI issue

  345. Sudarsan Gouni says:

    And also views which saved in kite only displays here,
    if i saved a view in kite3, logoff and login – the new view is missing

  346. Gowtham says:

    Do we have the following features in kite3?

    1. Day P/L in INR instead of percentage. Either in app or website is fine.
    2. In chart view of a stock, can we get the price of stock at the position of mouse pointer? It will be helpful to find the price of a stock on a particular date by just moving mouse on the chart.

    If not, can we expect this in the next version?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Gowtham, 1) Both the holdings and positions page show this.
      2) Yes, just click on the info box.

      • Gowtham says:

        1) It doesn’t show day’s change in INR. It shows in percentage and per stock. I am asking for per stock day’s gain in INR and total portfoilio’s gain in INR as well. Please let me know.
        2) We can see the chart for a stock but we cannot hover the mouse pointer over it to get the price on a specific time period. I am looking for something like “Market overview” section on the dashboard home-page for every stock.

  347. Akhil says: documentation mentions:

    “Bracket orders only support the LIMIT order type.”

    Kite 3.0 introduced Bracket Orders with Trigger entry.
    When will the API’s support Bracket Orders with Trigger Entry?

  348. Shefali Doshi says:

    To the whole team,

    Thank you so much for all the simplified versions especially for professionals like me who are not so in league with online things in stocks and equities. The software is awesome and I am loving it day by day and learning from all the tutorials you’ll have put up for us.

    Good good work and keep it going…


  349. Vishal says:


    Possibly I couldn’t find it, but is there any way to open a chart for any symbol without adding it at first to Marketwatch.
    Every time I wanted to see a chart for any stock/index I had to add it to Marketwatch first then only I can find it in the search box. Quite tedious!

  350. Apurva Monal says:

    Overall is improved but there are some issues like

    1- you can add 4 charts of those stocks only which are in your marketwatch
    2- adding same chart in 4 chart view with different setting like drawing different in different chart view is not possible for same stock.
    3- there should be button on the chart with all order type in a compact section on the chart itself.
    4- trader need good exit buttons directly not by going to click button and then another bottom so for order exit there should be easy setup , so if anyone goes to position he can easily exit CO or Bo order from there so order book should be floating window so that it can be customized in the screen.
    5- All tab (like-position,order,,etc)should be floating .

  351. K says:

    Overall the features are good and much awaited ones. Regarding “Sparklines” on Holdings, along with 52week progress, can we also have how the shares have been faring from the time we bought? This is in addition to 52week data. Basically users should be able to switch both the views depending on the requirement.

  352. Manmohan Singh says:

    Please allow positional F&O writing with SL so that margin is reduced accordingly.

  353. Mayank Singh Solanki says:

    The order window has some issues. The increase or decrease in quantity cannot be done using the up and down arrow provided in the window. Further, only the down arrow clicks, and that too doesn’t work. Please fix it.

  354. Bandhan Sharma says:

    I am checking the option pin 1 and pin 2, now I again pin NIFTY 50 on top but failed. Please guide

  355. Avinash Jawalkar says:

    I,m so used to Pi I wish you could do the same to Pi which is very user friendly & simple.But anyway great work,will also try to use Kite.Please add Camarilla pivot points to Kite.Pi also hangs a lot specially when we change the time frames we have to reconcile & load again.

  356. chaitanya says:

    Pls place delete tab on scrip like in previous version, instead of going into the option and delete scrip from watchlist
    Can you add more number of watch list page upto 10 pages instead of current 5pages

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Chaitanya, we wanted to make better use of the space, give it a shot and i’m sure you will get used to it :). Increasing the watchlist limit is not possible at this point.

  357. draj says:

    Good to see the new kite3.

    I trade in options. is it possible to buy or sell an option based on the crossing of a price of the underlying stock or index? i.e. basically I’m looking for Limit order or SL order for an option based on the price of underlying. I need this because it is difficult to judge the exact price of an option for a given limit/SL price of the underlying.

    If it is possible to do easily thru scripting, kindly provide a sample script for doing this kind of trade.


  358. Ramaesh says:

    Kindly somebody answer this, how many charts can be opened at a time and how?

  359. vinothprabhu k says:

    hey hai, now am getting used kite 3, since its new can i point out few things to make it better,
    1)there is an little error while live streaming of volume data, bcox volume data gets fluctuate between days volume and specified time frame.
    2) i recommend to add angles tool so that traders can use gann fan with more reliablity, as it is difficult for me draw gann 1*1 exactly at 45”,
    if there is any other request then i will post it here .
    thank you,

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Vinoth, 1) Exchanges don’t give our OHLC date minute or hourwise. Check this post.
      2) Will pass this on to our team.