Kite 3.0 – Everything just got better!

December 6, 2017


Super thrilled to announce the launch of Kite 3.0 beta. It has taken our technology team one whole year to rebuild the vast Kite ecosystem from the ground up, all the way from the backend systems, APIs, and to the web front-end. We have learnt and adopted new technologies and have replaced the underlying ones completely. Kite 3.0 significantly improves on performance, design and UX, and comes with a host of new features.

We are today probably amongst the top brokerage firms in the world in terms of the number of daily users and trades (and most definitely in India). The biggest challenge for us, the one that has made updates and releases seemingly slower than before, is that more than just adding new features, we have to constantly innovate and evolve our technology stack to cope with the massive scale and volume.

Here’s a gist of what’s new in Kite 3.0. Visit to get started.

All new login

The login page is now much faster and it is now customizable with your personal avatar for added security.

The fresh new Kite login

Personalise Kite with your profile photo

Just head over to the profile page on Kite 3 and set a display picture of your choosing. This will show up on the login page as well!

Personalise Kite with your profile picture

Browser notifications

Never miss any important notifications from us with the new browser notifications on Kite. You’ll see all the messages we send on Kite no matter what application you’re using.

Browser notifications on Kite

Marketwatch & Dashboard

You can now customize your marketwatch to toggle the visibility of various fields to suit your liking. The dashboard now shows concise summaries of your accounts with a slick new visualisation of your equity holdings.


We have also increased the number of scrips that you can add to your marketwatch from 20 to 40.

Pin your favourite scrips as sticky global scrips on the top left header. I have Nifty and Sensex in the below image.

Pin to top

We’ve completely revamped the market depth view. You can now see dynamic market depth bars for a visual overview of what levels most orders are being placed and place an order at any price in the depth with a click on it.

The new market depth with dynamic volume bars

Better Search/Filter

Search for specific scrips on your order book, filter by MIS/CNC/BO/CO, buy/sell order, etc.

A search result on the Kite 3 order book


Sparklines on Holdings (52 weeks)

See a brief overview of how the stocks in your holdings have performed in the last 52 weeks right from the holdings page.

Sparkline – 52-week chart

Universal context menu

You no longer need to add a scrip to your marketwatch to invoke charts, view the market depth or the stock widget. Access all these functions from the universal context menu from the order book, holdings, and positions pages. Just click on the “…” button and you’ll be able to do all of this.

Universal context menu on the holdings page

This is what the market depth would look like when invoked from the order book/positions/holdings page. Place orders directly from the market depth view.

Market depth invoked from the order book

Floating order window

You can now reposition the order window anywhere on the screen and Kite will remember where you placed it next time you want to place an order. Just click and drag on the coloured header on the window.

Movable order window

Exit multiple orders/positions

You can now select multiple open orders/positions and cancel or exit them all at once. Use the search and filters described above to make this a lot easier.

Select & exit multiple positions


Multiple chart view

You can now view up to 4 charts on the same screen using the multiple chart view. Just select the 2-chart/4-chart view from the display drop-down on the charts.

Initiate multi-chart view

This will pop out a new tab with the charts of the 4 scrips you select. Apply studies, drawings, change timeframes,etc., for each chart individually as you see fit.

Multiple charts

Trade from charts

This one has been a very popular demand and is now live! You can place trades from popped out charts without having to go back to the marketwatch. Click on the top-left corner of the chart to invoke the trading panel. Use the trade panel to view the market depth, your positions & open orders before you take a trade.

Trade panel on the chart

New order types

Bracket order with trigger entry

Another very popular demand we’ve had is to allow bracket orders with SL entry. This feature is now live with Kite 3.0 too! Check the example below, Buying SBI bracket with Trigger at 318 and limit price, when the stock is at 316.

Bracket with entry as SL

Cover orders with limit entry.

This one has been live on Pi for quite a while now and with Kite 3.0, our web platform also allows placing cover orders with a limit price as the entry.

Cover order entry using limit

Repeat orders from the context menu

If you want to quickly to place an order which was already placed once again – both rejected and completed, use the repeat order option from the orderbook.

Repeat orders

Equity aftermarket orders can be placed with the SL/SLM order types again.

Personally, it has been a pleasure for me to experience the new Kite 3.0 and I hope you enjoy it too! If you spot any issues, do report them on this form. We will soon update the Kite user manual and videos and phase out the old version.

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Laxman says:

    Hi, digital clock missing in kite app 3.0

  2. Denis says:

    For NRI customers, currently you are providing 2 IDs (one for NRE and one for NRO). Please explore the possibility :
    1. To switch between IDs after login or;
    2. View and transact as combined account (select NRO/NRE at the time of transaction)
    I know the functionality of “Family” view but it goes to Console (previous day snapshot).

  3. digvijay singh says:

    my id kis894 not open pc and mobile same time

  4. JItendra Singh says:

    Good to know that it is one year effort of Zerodha team to develop Kite 3.0 version with lots of mprovements. I would like to see seamless integration of Kite with Coin app to hadle equity and Mutual fund without the need of logging into each app or web version.
    Also pl work on 3-in-1 account integration of KITE/COIN with IDFC savings account which is presently disabled by Zerodha due to updated POA not provided by user (which is generated on Zerodha website automatically). I created half a dozen tickets for this. The only answer I was given the answer that “we are working with IDFC and inform you shortly” and the ticket was closed by Zerodha on the pretext that I did not respond within 24

  5. Byomkesh says:

    Now a day the refresh rate is very slow. It frustating when trading in NIFTY options .

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Byomkesh, we’ve been working fine. Could you please create a ticket at with more details so that we can have this checked?

  6. U Srinivasa rao says:

    In Kite Chat, below the Chart , There are 3 data items: Total Volume, Total Buy Qty, Total Sell Qty. When we add the total Buy Qty and Total sell Qty, it is not equal to Total Volume, but Much below it, say 25 %to 35%. All these figures are live figures, constantly changing every second n screen. during trading hours. What are the meanings of these 3 figures? Kindly reply

  7. prithvi says:

    sparklines are great. you removed it. do you want to keep us in darkness and spend all time switching between orderbook watchlist holdings positions charts? why cant you make one point data for all?
    all data in watchlist is best, at least a sparkline

  8. Hitesh says:

    Nitin sir, please your next big update must be on switching the charts on different companies…’s very difficult to select the script name—> then on charts -> then on x for going back.. again the same drill for another script!! Please give a scroller which could scroll between the charts of my watch list

    • Matti says:

      Hey Hitesh, there simply isn’t space on the mobile screen to change this. We are working on finding a way to add this to the app, but it’ll take time.

  9. saurabh says:

    Please let me know if there are any shortcuts keys to navigate the orders menu and delete one / more than one orders. Its very very tedious to navigate in absence of a mouse . Please help

  10. Aditya Jadon says:

    While accessing chart it always shows, it’s not working while fetching chart please refresh again, this is all happenedfrom last 1 month, do something as soon as possible.

  11. Gaurav Bharadwaj says:

    Hi Team Kite,
    Will it be possible to customize the name of the watchlist from the generic 1-2-3 and so on.

    For instance i would like to have watchlists such as one where all the stocks i invested into are listed and one where all the stocks i am contemplating and sort of seeing before i decide to invest, stocks i have abandoned or cashed out of etc.


  12. Swapna Shil says:

    How to be downloaded Kite platform to trade in my desktop. Please guide me step by step for downloading Kite. Thanks.

  13. Rakesh Chotaliya says:

    i am big fan of your kite platform but Today i miss a notification tab in your platform.i suggest you to add notification tab in your platform So if you sent us a notification, we could easily see,I trust you will think something about this suggestion

  14. Maruthi says:

    Dear Team,

    There is a limitation in the application with regards to live watch.
    Currently, the application limits to only 5 separate live watch, each one can hold upto 50 stocks.

    In NSE, we have 11 sectoral indices, if zerodha can increase the live watch in KITE to 11, it would be of great help in terms of monitoring all stocks under each live watch resembling particular indice. The current limitation of 5 is complex to manage and seggregate stocks under each sectoral indices.

    My sincere request to zerodha to consider the above.
    Thanks a lot.

  15. Nakul says:

    Can we have option chain as a part of zerodha instead of sensibull plugin.

  16. Santhosh says:

    Can you introduce Bracket Order with Market Price entry. The BO feature supports only Limit price for entry, which means if the price movement is rapid, the order is missed out. If the entry could be facilitated at market price (with the limit price acting as a trigger just as in SL-M), it would be useful for traders like me who do scalping. I know many traders who are using algo strategies with only limited success for this scalping strategy.

  17. Navitha says:

    Is it possible to view the stocks on different sectors level in a tabular view?

  18. Anshul says:

    As of now Kite mobile app shows change in percentage as well as points in market watch. But web version has only option of either percentage or points. Please provide both at Web kite also if possible. Thanks.

  19. L K P Singh says:

    i could not down load new app ple help me.

  20. sashikanta sahu says:

    i want to know that any setting need for wide view max-width: 1920px1080

    i use injector code extensional it work .
    .app .container .container-right {max-width: 100%;}
    .app .wrapper {
    width: 100%;
    max-width: 1920px;

    but if zerodha officeal any setting please inform me. because i trust zerodha not other extension that i did not know.

  21. joe says:

    1)has backtesting been made available in kite yet?
    2)any plans to increase the backtest period for intraday candles in pi?

  22. Manohar Lal Bhatia says:

    I can not log in as there is no prompt when I want to enter my user id. HELP HELP

  23. Dr ML Bhatia says:

    I just can not log in as the user id does not give me any prompt. Pl help.

  24. A Banerjee says:

    When can we have trading from chart ( drag and drop) like tradingview enabled in kite? Fyers already have it..

  25. bhalesh patel says:

    hello sir,
    Please tell me how to login kite 3.0 in laptop…..

  26. Deepak says:

    Do you support more than 10 charts under “Load chart layout” ? As of now i can save chart for only 10 companies.

  27. dhanu says:

    downloaded Kite 3.0 today. Very disappointed.

    The watch list screen keeps moving up and down especially for Bank Nifty list. very annoying and tiring.
    Adding and removing items to watch list is painful. Especially removing. Swiping out for removal was sweet. Please enable that feature.
    Text size is too big cant see more than 4 items, previous version was way better.
    buy/screen- need to scroll down to select various options, would be great if all could be fit in single screen like earlier.


  28. Boby Joseph says:

    How to pin the favorite scripts as global script? Please explain..
    I need NIFTY 50 and SENSEX in the Overview, but currently I have NIFTY 50 and NIFTY BANK. How to change it?

  29. Paresh says:


    I just got the opportunity to try and install Kite mobile 3.0 and just one word

    what a look, Sorry I really short of words Brother.
    Wow ! Wow !

    But the Comment site was not opening to post my initial comments, hence posted it here.
    I am so excited.

    With a lots of Love and Respect !!!!

  30. Sindhu RH says:


    Is there an option to pre-load Index stocks (like the full set of Nifty Next 50 stocks) in Kite market watch (as is currently in Pi)?


  31. ameinbeer singh says:

    How can we compare two or more stock charts on kite 3.0?

    • Matti says:

      You’ll see three dots beside the scrip name, click on this and you can add more scrips to compare.

  32. Ayush Bhoyar says:

    Sir, please enable some hotkeys for fast execution of orders. Give us some option to create our own order type so that we won’t have to type each time.It is very important. Or please tel me some other zerodha platform where I can trade like this.

  33. Ashwani Kumar says:

    Keep up the good work Zerodha team!!!

    However, I am very disappointed with the fact that NO INITIATIVE as been taken so far to sync the charting work across mobile and web platform. It will be really helpful if I could view my observations made on WEB platform chart, on my Zerodha mobile app.

    All the best !!

  34. naem says:

    Nitin sir, pls add 2 minutes time frame in charting..

  35. Ali says:

    I draw trendlines, annotations in chart from my home computer and when I open the same from my office computer it doesn’t appear there. It would be very helpful if we could get the same from all the devices.

  36. Dipti says:

    Can you please add a feature to toggle the studies one has set on the charts? At times I just want to see the charts without the studies – it takes up good amount of screen space.

    • Dipti says:

      And with studies, I meant RSI, MACD, Volumne and all those which take up the regions below the chart. There should be a toggle besides the ‘Up, Down, Maximize, Settings’ option to Hide/ Show the region. I need not add and clear the same again and again!

  37. S Jain says:

    On invoking multi chart on kite platform, I don’t see the option to change the timeframe. For example if I want to open BankNifty hourly and daily chart I am not able to do so. I see this option is available as mentioned in this article. Has anything changed thereafter? Can you please help?

    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… I just tried this on my computer and there was no trouble in achieving the desired effect. Are you altogether unable to see the option to change timeframes?

  38. Rupesh Parte says:

    When you will provide Cover order with SL-M for Commodity ?

  39. Pande 9822358870 says:

    I want to download Kite 3.0 on desktop

  40. SREEJITH says:

    Is Bracket order and cover orders facility available in Bank Nifty option?

  41. Rajesh says:

    There is a possibility in Kite to simultaneously exit multiple positions. This is a very useful feature. Would like to know if it is possible to have a feature to simultaneously buy multiple stocks.
    To give you logic. There are times in the day, when it seems that have made good profit on F&O positions. It looks a good idea to sell all positions and then buy back same stock portfolio later in the day.
    Kite has feature to exit positions. Is there a feature to buy back the same stocks simultaneously later in the day.

  42. SHEHZAD HASAN says:


  43. GVPARMAR says:

    kite is quite good trading platform but there are some modification require for better use
    1. there should be predefined stock list available ( like Nifty50 stocks, Futur stocks ) so that we can add easily list in short time
    2. The trend lines drawn are being save in one computer is not available in another computer browser
    3. Future stock’s change in interest in % is not available in pi and kite.

  44. Girish says:

    Mr. CEO,

    I am not getting P/L reports correctly, I reported it on support system, but not given solution…

    are you able to fix this reporting system??

  45. jagan says:

    Kite web provides day’s realized and unrealized intra-day profits. Where can I find the detail of net profit (realized profit – (brokerage+exchange charges+SIT etc) ) ? I am not able to find net-profit in Kite connect API too. Can we expect that piece of data in kite web and kite api?

    • Matti says:

      Factoring in charges would require us to run a trade process for your trades. This can only be done at the end of the day since we receive the requisite files from the exchanges only at the end of the day. However, we do intend to factor in charges that we can during the day on Kite. This will take us a little time though.

  46. Sandip says:

    When are you guys going to provide commodities from BSE and NSE?

    • Faisal says:

      We are testing BSE Commodities that was launched on the 1st internally. NSE is yet to launch commodities. We will launch soon 🙂

  47. Veeresh says:

    Hi guys, is there any plan to give 1 click trade option on chart (single, 2 & 4 charts), ideally it should have an option to set predefined quantity for each symbol with buy and sell button, it will be very useful for intraday trading.


  48. puli sampath says:

    live prices am not getting on KITE. am not getting proper support from you to rectify the problem.

  49. Sandip says:

    When we will have one account for fund for Equity , Currency and Commodity , so that we doesn’t have to move the funds to bank account and back to equity or commodity. A single account for both as we can use the same fund for Commodities once equity market is closed

  50. Sandip says:

    Are we going to see Market Profile on Kite?

  51. abhishek agrawal says:

    I am not getting an option to overlay 10 day moving average on volume in kite. Has anything changed?

  52. vinesh kumar says:

    dear sir , there is a lot of space covered by the box placed at the top of scanner window , if this box is compressed up to some extent ,then there will be some more space available for some more scrip to be viewed , and this is my request and suggestion to you for PI scanner . please think about it .

  53. soms says:

    Please provide a “Select All” feature for Cash positions (like in Intraday positions) that are carried forward for BTST from previous day, so that we can square off all the selected positions in one go when the market opens the next day. Currently we have to select each cash position separately to exit from it. This is time consuming and we don’t get to square them off before the scrip goes down.


  54. Sukesh Jain says:

    Hi Nithin,

    The feature I am missing in kite is that it does not show the long term holding (on a given day) out of total holding of a particular security. This would be useful for long term investors.

    Thanks & Regards,

  55. Neelima Misra says:

    I have an account with Zerodha for last 2 years. It is wondeful. But for the last 2-3 months, frequent disruptions in chart display is observed and it gets restored in 10-15 minutes. This is a big problem for traders and one may put to heavy losses. I have written to them several times by using Support Tickets but nothing is done and even reply is not posted most of the times. To top it all, they close the Support Ticket. This has become a big issue.

    The Charts saved by me also disappers from SAVED CHARTS and it comes back after several minutes. The problem is faced by many of us in Mumbai and I know at least 8-10 such persons. They don’t rake up this issue in a big way as each one of them has 2-3 more accounts with discount brokers and they generally use those brokers for intra-day trading as their chart system is much more robust and never faces such issues.

    I will request Mr Nithin to please look into the matter. And ensure that proper replies are given to customers particularly when they log in a complaint.

  56. Amit says:

    Sir, I’m planning to buy Mi A2 phone. It is having Android One Operating system. Google Play Store is showing latest version 2.1.9 as on 16-August-2018. My Questions are as follows:

    1. When will we get Kite 3.0 final release?

    2. Does current version 2.1.9 and 3.0 of Kite support Android One?

    Please confirm. It will help.

  57. vinesh kumar says:

    sir , 150hr sma, 5hr sma crossover in hourly chart do not generate any signal when placed in scanner , please tell me , is there any limit of candle , if not then what is the reason of no signal generation , also higher time frame scanners( 2hr, 4hr,8hr) do not generate any signal for any script ,

  58. Ritesh says:

    Hi, When we open zerodha Kite and search any Script chart so in chart we seen IN BIG BLACK WORD “ZERODHA” that hide my chart please reset your chart witch is before 9th Aug 2018. or Less “ZERODHA” word size in chart it’s so irritating and interrupt my way to seen market.

  59. karuppasmy says:

    Hi ,

    Pls intorduce Lock drawings on chart facility or hide drawings already drawn on charts . while see charts history or scroll charts in kite mobile app the drawings are moved from drawn places . it increases workload . pls intorduce any one feature it solve this problem .. if you introduce both then i enjoy lot thanks

  60. Sougata says:

    Nitin Kamath Ji

    Please something about data security and trade confidentiality in your platform for the HNI clients.

  61. Shikher says:

    How to get 2 Hours charts like in Pi overe here?

    • Matti says:

      Hi Shikher, I’m afraid 2-hour candles aren’t available on Kite charts. We are working on making custom candle timeframes available, but this will take some time.

  62. Vinit M says:

    Can I link 2 accounts of mine
    Any trade taken in 1 account to be copy orders from one trading account to another trading account.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Vinit,

      Having two trading accounts with the same broker is not allowed. Every account will need a unique PAN.

  63. umayun says:

    Hi, when i bought or sold any same stock / same day at 2nd time it was showing in average price instead of what i purchased ,it will make difficult to take a decision how much i gain or loss ,there is no any solution to make differential between previous and current? and also there is no option to know history by sector wise

  64. Amit says:

    Hi Team,
    There are few issues with q

    1] Holdings in are not updated properly. Today is 24th July and q is saying holdings updated on 20th July. Because of this I am not able to pledge the holdings.

    2] In P&L statement report I can choose only date 1st April 2017. It should now switch to 2018.

    3] In Tax P&L statement I am not able to see report for current year 2018-19

    • Matti says:

      Hi Amit, we’re working on a new backoffice platform that should address these issues. You can check out the new platform here. Feel free to write to us with your feedback. 🙂 The Tax P&L should also be available here soon.

  65. Mohan says:

    Hi Team,

    How do I place the positions screen under the market depth screen? I have done it earlier. Can you please guide me.

  66. vinesh kumar says:

    sir , when will you add (% change in open interest) in Pi and kite , this is an important indicator to judge trade , while open interest only do not deliver the same information

    • Matti says:

      Hey Vinesh. This wouldn’t really add much value. Read why here.

      • vinesh kumar says:

        dear Matti,
        you had provided your excuse with a well defined reason , and i don’t have such reason for my query /demand , but i want to attract your attention towards the bussiness channels , where various experts of F&O- (whose creadibility is on the table when they speak in a live show ) put there views and reccmondation for intraday trade puerly on the basis of increase or decrease of open interest from previous day i.e % change in open interest and the interesting thing is that their calls hit targets , while you people are saying that this data wouldn’t really add much value.
        this kind of unresponsible answer is not acceptable from the india’s most popular stock broker .
        we need this data in market watch
        kindely reply

  67. Abdul Wahab Bhoira says:

    Your comment section should be on top. To place comments scroll down , time consuming.

  68. Abdul wahab Bhoira says:

    I have just shifted from sharekhan to zerodha. In sharekhan there is system where I can place Buy or sell orders before 20 days, 15 days and so on. But in zerodha I don’t have that facility to give orders next day itself. Any facility of this?

  69. Roopak says:

    Sensex or any BSE index chart not showing up in Pi. Its says, historical data is unavailable, only current day chart in available. Please fix this.

  70. Satya says:

    hey Team Zerodha,
    i need some updates i.e., more shortcuts and Buy/sell popups on Multiple chart tabs.

    Need shortcuts of everytool.
    Example ;

    Rectangle- rec
    Gartley- gar
    Line – ln
    fibnocci- fib
    horizontal line- hl
    verticle line – vl.

    Like this i want this new update.. please change the kite skin and interface in next update


  71. Farhan says:

    Two features are inevitably required:

    (1). Hide/display studies.
    (2). Enable increasing/decreasing the width of indicator lines in pixels.


  72. Satheesh says:

    Its difficult without net change values in market watch space. Added advantage if we have net change with % change in Marketwatch space.

  73. Rounak Agrawal says:

    Can you add a feature of fixing a line/ Draw on the chart itself, Like locking a vertical line, so it does not move while working on charts. Thanks!

  74. Raj says:

    I am using Kite iOS app. The scrip frame width in market watch is quite large and I wanted to reduce it in order to see more scrips in single screen without much of scrolling. Can you provide a feature to adjust the frame width?

  75. nandha kumar says:

    how to save support and resistance lines and lock them at the same level in kite chart.

  76. Hitesh Agja says:


    I am using renko from few days and I have observed that it’s very buggy.

    When I opened renko 5 min in popup chart and also have opened same BANKNIFTY chart in right side panel in same window, it shows different brick size value and due to that chart changes completely. This looks really very funny at the same time very scary.

    I am little skeptical about other app data as well.


  77. viveksah says:

    Stock Widget option for holdings was available until last week for Holdings.

    This week when I tried I couldnt see the option.

    I raised a ticket with Zerodha Support & they told me “Currently, this feature is not available in holdings page. This is available in kite app. We will share this feedback to the concerned team for the consideration. ”

    Subsequently, I shared a screenshot from it shows stock widget for Holdings which showed that stock widget could be viewed from Holdings.

    I then get a reply, “Currently the same is not available, Will keep you posted once the above feature is updated.”

    This clearly shows that Zerodha Support is not aware of the product, and even the Product Software team is not monitoring changes in the product.

    This is a cause of concern. It happened over a year ago with Q. They had promised that Crux would replace Q, its over a year, and no sign of Crux.

  78. shaji john says:

    what a feck thing is kite
    it is not working good every day after 10 am it is hanging
    if you not maitant it you will loose your customers

  79. PavanKumar says:

    Nithin first of all I Appritiate you for bringing Revolution in Trading in India.
    iam a Visually Chalenged person and there for use mobile with a screen Reader hence I request you to improve accessability standerds while enhancing the application you can go for accessability testing before final release

    • Matti says:

      Hey Pavan, Kite does work quite well with the Android Talkback screenreader. What is the issue you’re facing?

  80. Muzammil says:

    In the previous version of Kite web there was information on the scrip/index change both in percentage and points as well. However its now missing in the current version Kite 3.0. I strongly recommend you to get back the feature of displaying the change in stock/index in both percentage and points as well.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Muzammil, you can switch between percentage and point change in the settings menu of the marketwatch. This was done to de-clutter the marketwatch as most users only view one of these at a time.

  81. raman says:

    How to change white background in Kite? Nithin Kamath Bhai
    I checked above but looks like that option is missing in Kite 3…

    If there is such option,please let me know..

    • Matti says:

      Hey Raman, the Kite colour scheme is fixed, you can only change the colours on the chart from the display menu.

  82. Ramesh says:

    Hi Nitin,

    1) In KITE 3.0, If i have multiple saved chart views and pick any one for trading purpose , I do not get to know the name of the view on the screen. Is there any setting exists to get the same or if this feature does not exists, can you please incorporate the same,
    2) In the chart duration/ time selection option, we have only two digit displayed, There is a conflict between 1 minute and 1 Month option as both shows only as 1m , The only difference is one is shown as 1m ( for one minute) and other as 1M ( capital M for one month ).Can you please incorporate alteast 3 digit to avoid anomaly


  83. SAYAN SEN says:

    Hi, Team Zerodha! I need your help in understanding something. I invest in Indian equities, but I have also wanted to diversify into the US market also. I recently came across this product called “Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares NASDAQ-100 ETF”, but I don’t know how to buy it. The closing price was Rs.545 as of Friday, May 18, 2018. So, does that mean that I can simply buy 1 piece, or unit, of it for Rs.545, or is there a minimum amount that I need to invest in it? And since it comprises of stocks in the US market, will I enjoy the benefits if the NASDAQ goes up? And finally, what is the difference between the NAV and the normal price and how will it affect me as an investor? Please help, thanks! 🙂

  84. Huzeifa says:

    when would be the much awaited New Q-Back office released?

    Kindly provide approx. date ?

  85. Krishna says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,
    I have this simple requirement for Kite charts, can you please help me on if this can be achieved. If so, how?

    On each and every stock chart, similar to indicators we add, I would like to see HORIZONTAL LINES drawn at fixed numbers like at say 79, 105, 127, 189, 208, 339, 449, etc. When i add indicator I see that they appear on all charts. I want to see horizontal lines drawn on each chart at some fixed numbers. For example, I gave some random numbers. I do want to see the lines at those specific price levels on each chart I open by default.

    Can this be done? If so, how? I have tried drawing lines at the price levels i want, but they are NOT SHOWING in other charts. My requirement is that lines should be shown on all the charts at specific prices.

    Thanks a lot.
    Waiting for your response.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Krishna, that wouldn’t be practical to implement. The price range any given instrument is trading may vary drastically from another, i.e., one could be trading at Rs. 100 while another at Rs. 1000. Drawing lines at the same price levels for both wouldn’t be practical.

  86. vishal says:

    plz add 4 hour interval chart & price alert

    • Matti says:

      Hey Vishal, custom time frames are on our list of things to do, but this will take some time. In the meanwhile, as a workaround, you can choose the 1M time-period from the bottom left of the charts to get 4h candles.

  87. Bhushan K says:

    Dear Nithin Sir,
    I read your following lines in Zerodha Bulletin
    “To this end, we’re rebuilding how the Kite login system works completely. This will also have the added benefit of doing away with the current 2FA security questions in favour of a simpler numeric PIN-based system.”

    When will the same be updated in Kite.

    Secondly the launch of your Back Office is now pending for long time. Please provide input on the launch date.

    Bhushan K

  88. uk says:

    The 2FA password is quite irritating, I understand that its a security requirement please consider following option.

    Allow user to select 2 or 3 devices for registration where 2FA password is required only once in a week or month and use normal password to login.
    Or other way is sync up with finger print login or face id login.


  89. Maruthi says:

    Dear Mr Kamath,
    In continuation of above I would like to ask you that when any system is working perfectly and there are no complaints from the customer especially about upgrading the program then why it has to be done? It is waste of money and energy. I hope there are not enough complaints about the program and the display and functions of it.
    I think you need to evaluate and work on the type of complaints being posted rather than upgrading the system. Most important is -the system should work without any breaks during market hrs.
    As you know , when people are used to something then they like the same and do not like the changes. It takes time to understand and apply for an average person like me and I hope most of Indians are average persons.
    If any additional to be added,please do, but do not change the original settings.
    The above is only my opinion and suggestion.
    Thanks and regards, Maruthi

  90. Maruthi says:

    Dear Mr. Kamath,
    During intraday trading I find it difficult with the new display in KITE program. Earlier when we used to take trade and later when go to positions and place the cursor on the row of traded script then used to get a pop up saying ‘buy-sell-exit’ and when we click on ‘exit’ a window used to come out saying ‘qty- price-Sl’ etc. But in the new window it is confusing and not user friendly. Hope you understood my point. I spoke to your executive Mr. Mahesh about this issue on phone and explained him and asked him to report to concerned person/department to look into it. Hope this issue is in queue and awaiting for the reply from Zerodha. If require more detail can contact me.
    Thanks and regards, Maruthi

  91. pradyumna says:

    I want to back my kite2 setting in web
    plz suggest me how to do it?

  92. nandan says:

    pls look into the renko charting system…pls..pls make it as it was in kite 2.
    it is becoming very difficult to trade with the drawbacks in the kite 3 renko charting system. i had brought this to ur notice previously too.
    ((( hi
    i trade on renko charts. the time of the renko brick in the info panel does not update as it used to do in kite 2.
    for eg . if u trade in a 3 min renko chart and if a brick take 15 mins to form….the time of the brick in the info panel should keep on updating every 3 mins.
    this does not happens in kite 3….which leads to a guessing game of whether the brick has really formed or not….i hope u got the issue here.
    as far as renko trading is concerned kite 2 was better
    pls rectify this problem sir. it becomes very difficult to trade .
    thanks )))

  93. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Please Zerodha please give us ability to use pi and kite at the same point of time.

  94. Harvinder Chauhan says:

    no tools & different time frames apperaing on multiple charts. why is it so?

  95. Venkatesh says:

    Hi Sir,

    when would be the much awaited New Q-Back office released?

    we are waiting almost 3plus years and our eye’s become dry now.

    Tell me what is the show stoppers of not getting the new Q Back office at present.

  96. Neeta Sivadas says:

    No toolbar is coming in multiple charts. Only charts are appearing.

  97. Venkatesh V says:

    Hi Sir,

    Being now Kite3.0 Rolled out more than a month ago
    Still the mobile app is on older version..

    when are you planning to relase Kite 3.0 Android & iOS Apps?

    • Matti says:

      We’re working on it as we speak, Venkatesh. The backend powering the apps is already the new infrastructure. The cosmetic changes should be rolled out soon.

  98. Navin Amin says:

    I want to use KITE3.0 to be able to integrate into my accounting system which is basically currently on LAMP
    platform on Cloud.
    I am very keen to start this immediately.
    Appreciate your reply.
    Thanking you

  99. Anant says:

    Please add / show “Margin required” (amount) option in buy/sell window, so we don’t have to go to zerodha margin calculator again and again to check how much money is being required as margin. Please have it for every order. Like FNO, Equity and so…..

    This would be more user friendly.


  100. Venkatesh V says:

    Hi Sir,

    Being now Kite3.0 Rolled out more than a month ago
    Still the mobile app is on older version..

    when are you planning to relase KITE3.0 Android & iOS Apps?

  101. Rahul Banker says:

    The holdings do not auto-refresh every second which is a letdown, can we please have it back?

  102. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Hey Zerodha Team, Please do us a favor at least give us one complete platform to do trading instead of two incomplete platforms a lot has been missing from pi regarding indicators and their customization(ichimoku, awesome oscillator demanding for 2.5years ) and also a lot missing from kite3.0 too (like connect to excel, proper market watch and so many) and most of all we cannot even use both of them altogether. So please do us a favor please develop any one of them in the most efficient manner.

  103. Vipul says:

    I pinned a stock at place 1. Now how to bring back Nifty indicator there. Please help.

  104. Benny says:

    Hi Sir,

    Please try to include the below change in the positions tab:
    1. Display the pending orders instead of break down chart. You can move the day’s history to another tab. Important thing is to bring the pending order into the positions tab. Which will help to modify/cancel the order easily.

    • Matti says:

      Benny, positions data and orders data are kept separate intentionally to provide you with a clean interface and also because these are 2 completely different datasets and as such belong on separate tabs. Showing everything on one screen would go against the design principles of Kite.

  105. Rohit says:

    Can you please add live option chain in kite? It is important thing that is missing in kite. Please do the needful.


  106. Jitendra says:

    On candle chart, can it possible to display expire time of current candle

  107. nandan says:

    i trade on renko charts. the time of the renko brick in the info panel does not update as it used to do in kite 2.
    for eg . if u trade in a 3 min renko chart and if a brick take 15 mins to form….the time of the brick in the info panel should keep on updating every 3 mins.
    this does not happens in kite 3….which leads to a guessing game of whether the brick has really formed or not….i hope u got the issue here.
    as far as renko trading is concerned kite 2 was better
    pls rectify this problem sir. it becomes very difficult to trade .

  108. Brij says:

    With current market volatility I am worried sick about not being able to protect my portfolio downside by using GTC trailing or normal stop losses on Zerodha. Am I expected to reinput my SLs for 50 or so equities I have daily. How do I protect myself when I am say on vacation. I need a acceptable timeline for GTC Sls or I will be forced to close the account and sadly move elsewhere

  109. bhaskar says:

    dear zerodha,
    Saved views not showing in any browser in latest version,tried repeated times clear cache but views got visible once or twice and even not able to save preferences.

  110. tarak says:

    Not able to see REPEAT ORDER for BO orders ( I use edge browser). Is it there for BO or not?


  111. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Sir please remove arrows from supertrend because it makes the chart clumsy.

    paste image host

  112. Sarang says:

    Facing issues in charts since last 3 days. No reply from tech team. I dont know whether they are looking into it or not. Waste service!!

    • Matti says:

      What is the issue Sarang?

      • Sarang Paikane says:

        I have imported my charts but RSI is getting vanished suddenly. Time is suddenly getting changed from 15 mins to 1 day. I dont know if you have done any testing or just moved to 3.0. Ticket raised on 27th 20180327921120. Still the same issue.

        • kamini says:

          Hi !!!,
          Even I am facing same issues. Switching between saved views is a havoc . It goes back to previous view all the time whenever chart is refreshed or new chart is opened. Hope this improves soon.

          Thank You for increasing the size of watchlist.

          • Matti says:

            Your changes need 30 seconds to be automatically saved, else you can save the view manually from the views menu.

            • Sarang Paikane says:

              I have saved my views and saved layout preferences also. Still getting the same issue. I have shown this to your tech team, still they are not able to find the solution for it.

            • kamini says:

              All the views are saved. Switching between views is not proper. This was not at all a problem in kite 2.0 .

            • Sarang Paikane says:

              Matti, I have replied with some errors through mail which I found in developer tools. Hope that will help to get the issue to your tech people.

              • Matti says:

                Thanks, Sarang. Will have someone check this out.

                • Sarang Paikane says:

                  Matti, still the tech people are not able to resolve the issue. It is seriously impossible to trade with this issue. Can you please get it rectified ASAP.

  113. Zameer says:

    My web version of kite appears like Android app how can I change it.

  114. Sanjoy says:

    Dear Zerodha/Kite Team,
    Any update on when can we have price-alert functionality in Kite please ?

    Thanks in advance.

  115. Ankur says:

    When will the chart issue going to be resolved ?
    This was never resolved in beta released. And there is no response to this issue.

  116. Suny says:


    request you to please help to get.
    1. Apply studies, drawings, change timeframes,etc in multiple chart setting is not showing so i am unable to get analysis. as well as
    2. Trading panel on the top-left corner of the chart is not appearing.

    can you please help to get this or let me know if there need to change in any settings to appear these.

    Thank you,

  117. bharat verma says:

    Dear Sir
    Please enable GTC orders for equity.

  118. Mayur says:

    1> How to set defaults for order window? Example current default is Normal and Market, I need it to be Normal and Limit order type. How to set this?
    2> Page does not refresh automatically like it used to on the old version when a order is executed or modified. Page needs to be refreshed – is this problem limited to some users or everyone?

  119. Navin says:

    worst software and worst customer support. modification of order or delete of order taking time of 1 century, mean time market closed for day. when you are going to put button making change in order. are listening customer voice???? otherwise we have find other brokering house.

  120. sumsum says:

    That’s it,

    Today I will charting for once and if the same nonsense continues, I am switching 5 paisa or upstock, far better broker.

  121. chandan mishra says:

    i am facing charting issue from 15 Mar 2018, almost every day i call customer support and as usual they are doing nothing.
    ticket issued @ 20 March (20180320936345)
    please solve this problem or i will find other discount broker.

    I think you can replace customer support with technical team, so all query solve hassle free.

  122. Dhanasekaran N says:

    Good improved and re-designed Kite portal. Happy and appreciate it. But I am upset about the Q-Zerodha backoffice application which always show wrong P/L statement, which makes profit/loss not recorded properly and makes my fund (liquid cash) less.

    Raised complaint multiple times but never received a response from Zerodha Customer Care.

    I was hearing the same comment from customer care agents from last year Mar, 2017, about backoffice new version will be introduced, but till now no changes.

    I am in the verge of dropping Zerodha portal and move to some other broker due to the Backoffice issues.

    Please do fix the backoffice portal soon. I wonder why no one complained about Backoffice in any of these comments.

  123. Janarthanan S says:

    I am short term trader. So i am relying on charts.

    I can’t draw more than 10 trend line in browser. Please change to un limit or at least 50


  124. Reema says:

    Can you also add this feature which quite a few of us might find useful.
    Filter holdings on a sectoral basis.

  125. Anil says:

    Well-done Team,

    I have been using Kite 3 along. It is very good. But below are the expectation looking at all the area (Not only Kite 3) from your customer: –

    • When we can get option chain? This is missing in Kite Zerodha flat form.
    • One of the important indicator Stochastic RSI is not available. How ever we have Stochastic & RSI is separate.
    • Watch list rename functionality should be there.
    • Watch list gap size is very huge, it can be squeeze.
    • Watch list width is huge, can’t it be squeeze?
    • If you can add % and price change at same time in Kite web that will be really help. And it is available in our Kite mobile app.
    • When we can get sticky global scrips facility on the top of Kite mobile app? This going to help a lot.
    • Price movement is not available under order section of Kite mobile app. When we can get this? This will make our trading easy in mobile app.
    • Price movement through color (Red for down & Green for Up) indication on every movement of price was available in previous version. Which was very help full. But in Kite 3 it has been rolled out in constant mode, like if price has been increased from open price it shows constant green and if price has been decreased then show constant with Red. Cant we change to the previous version? I can understand there is Phycological thoughts you have put, but in terms of smooth trading, I feel we need the previous approach

    • Jignes techno patel says:

      • When we can get option chain? This is missing in Kite Zerodha flat form.
      • One of the important indicator Stochastic RSI is not available. How ever we have Stochastic & RSI is separate.
      • Watch list rename functionality should be there.
      • Watch list gap size is very huge, it can be squeeze.
      • Watch list width is huge, can’t it be squeeze?
      • If you can add % and price change at same time in Kite web that will be really help. And it is available in our Kite mobile app.
      • When we can get sticky global scrips facility on the top of Kite mobile app? This going to help a lot.
      • Price movement is not available under order section of Kite mobile app. When we can get this? This will make our trading easy in mobile app.
      • Price movement through color (Red for down & Green for Up) indication on every movement of price was
      available in previous version. Which was very help full. But in Kite 3 it has been rolled out in constant mode, like if price has been increased from open price it shows constant green and if price has been decreased then show constant with Red. Cant we change to the previous version? I can understand there is Phycological thoughts you have put, but in terms of smooth trading, I feel we need the previous approach

      • Anil says:

        Every requirement is “No”….
        What is this????

        • Jignes techno patel says:

          bro, these would ruin the platform. why you want zerodha to make this changes? Simple is good!

          • Anil says:

            Understood Buddy, thing is that we are the people who wants zerodha should be on top of every facility/flexibility on trading. Thats how Nitin’s dream is. But yes I understand, there will be restriction, but our suggestion on improvements may be valuable if you guys having some developments. As a trader I looked the way where smooth platform is available and Zerodha is the one who is a hunk in this industry.

  126. sundeep says:

    how long we options trader have to wait. please do provide some advanced study too for us too. like option greeks and their payoff graphs and u can also provide us their option greeks graphical representation(No one has this).

  127. guru says:

    Each time a refresh needed at marketwatch for the script to b visible in chart window search box..

    There should be feature to pull chart of any scrip irrespective of it’s place in marketwatch from search box

  128. T sudhakara rao says:

    chart not working in mobile APP.

  129. Rajeev Ranjan says:

    Kite 3.0 charts not working on Chrome. Last 1 min and 5 min candle and other duration candles are not showing proper data and is frequently moving up and down.
    Price movement is also not getting refreshed.
    Charting was good previous version of Kite.
    Also, saved views are not visible most of the time.
    Not happy with the Charting feature. Please correct it asap.

  130. Jeffrey says:

    With regard to my earlier posting today about trailing stop loss being cancelled it has happened again with my 2 trades of SBIN (TARGET PRICE SET AT 251.75 & 252.55 THE CURRENT TRADING PRICE IS 252.20 AND THE HIGH WAS 252.55) Just want to know if the trading trailing stoploss work or not in KITE version 3. Requesting a reply as soon as possible as I think at least one of the trades should/would of/have has a possibility of activating the TSL option. Feeling a bit disappointed in not having a possible chance to see this pioneering tool in action. Warm Regards, Jeffrey

  131. Soma Mishra says:


    I was using your mobile apps and was able to open the chart from my android mobile but since yesterday chart is not opening . Message is showing that “CHARTIQ IS NOT SUPPORTED ON THIS PLATFORM”

    Pls help.

    Soma Mishra

  132. Sabbir says:

    How about hanging issues every week. Will it work properly in this version ?

  133. Dipesh Bujad says:

    Dear Sir,

    PLease add support and resistance level of share while we open chart of any share if possible.

  134. ARPAN says:


    there is problem with chart regarding this i have sent an email on your support email id with snapshot. please check it.

  135. Shiva says:

    Can we have straddles / strangles charts for Nifty / Banknifty at least


  136. chirag upadhyay says:

    you have made kite3 more complicated

  137. Santhosh says:

    Super Fast(Rocket Speed) in loading now… Kudos to the team who worked to get this KITE here.


  138. Jeffrey says:

    Does trailing stop loss work on KITE, I am a Newbie and do not have much experience reason I am asking is that I have noticed that when my target is met and profit is booked the trailing stop and stop loss are both cancelled even though the market is moving in favour of the trade. would be grateful if you can explain to me why this happens (I understand that the change has to be greater than one before the TSL will register a change and show a new TSL) I think there was at least one occasion when this did when it did not. Thanks in advance

  139. Debarpan Paul says:

    yes changes made are good but do check refresh icon ones I moment i click on that icon my selected indicators are not visible… and please make an option to remove background colors in drawing tools like Fibonacci etc….
    Thank you

  140. Udaya says:

    The new kite3 chart is not stable at all.It keeps fluctuating making difficult to read the price action and trade.I would request you to keep kite2 till you could fix the chart problem.

    I hope someone is reading and would revert back


  141. DEV says:


    this is really very frustrating. everytime i refresh my charts the whole view changes…i cannot switch back to my old view/prefrences. i cannot spend time to adjust my chart prefrences while day trading…kindly send me an email address…i shall email you the recording and then you may understand the frustration…

  142. yashaswi says:

    canyou please add a way to plot supply and demand along with price alert
    all your peers have those tools in their platform

  143. Amol Warade says:

    Hi Team,

    is it possible to show the number of quantity which I purchased according to my margin balance as like Kotak?

  144. Hariharan says:

    I like the multi chart view option and increased size of marketwatch.
    But i have an issue with renko charts. The timestamap in renko charts in incorrect. It was working fine in KITE2. Despite the new features i cannot use KITE3 until this issue is fixed.

  145. Santosh Bakare says:

    Overall experience of new Kite3 is fantastic, interface is very good, dynamic n changes are welcome, one finding/suggestion is:
    For pop-out chart the new scrip selection is not coming, e.g. today i have added DLF fut in watch-list but it doesn’t appear in chart’s Symbol list choice. Only previously added symbols/scrips are available for pull-down menu option, please fix this ASAP.
    Or May be even altogether new symbols also should be possible to get on charts through find option.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Santosh Bakare

  146. Sheersh Jain says:

    An alert option of stocks after they hit the trigger, would be really appreciated. It could be done via SMS or Browser Notification.
    Would be great for employees like me who are not keeping a watch on the screen all the time. Edelweiss offers this kind of feature on their platform too.

  147. tony says:

    i have only one issue. Why in earth the range bars looks like candles??
    Range bars is equivalent to henko. And the previous 2.0 has the most accurate range bars, for sideways or any trend.

    Now, Zerodha you messed up the range bars. Bring it back or let me allow to sign up to 2.0.

    I am ditching this 3.0 until then. Mail me or let me know here if you are really serious about it.
    Keep in mind, we are the end user who bear the burnt of the market and brokerage. And not you @matti.

    So, while making things glitter you forgot “us”.

  148. Pratik Shah says:

    Hi Team,

    is there any plan to introduce t+5 margin trading? I can see this features is missing in our app. Appreciate if you can help to get this up?

    Also, if i change % to price, i can still see % showing in price in market watch. can you fix this as well?

    Pratik Shah

    • Matti says:

      We’re working on the T+5 product, Pratik. As for change to percentage change, it seems to be working fine.

  149. sangita says:

    Thanks, quite a improvement from the original kite. As being newbee , I am still learning about charts and various type of orders. Hopefully will be able to use the same in future.
    Please keep up the good work, thanks again.

  150. TUSHAR says:



  151. Satya says:

    Great work taken nicely and executed timely. I would request if you can add another option to save the charts. Like I have 4 charts in one sector and would not like to open them everyday and apply the indicators. Something provides to save the format.


  152. Barun says:

    All is so good in new version, just one confusion is that market green & red is showing even after market hours. All scripts should turn white just after market close and till open, others added features are good until tested rigorous.

    tkr of you !

  153. Namrata patel says:

    kite 3 is good. I want to suggest that add price difference with previous close both absolute and in percentage and add open interest column in future and option and commodity.Add this future in both kite3 web and kite mobile App.

  154. Sharanappa says:


    Kite 3 is very good improved version. I have one another suggestion and could be implemented if possible.
    In Chart window whenever we place the order with SL and target, is it possible to draw the line for same SL and target. This will give more comfortable to achieve our targets/change our SL or target also via charts only. This will be very use full for Intraday traders. I know this is difficult but very useful.

    Thanks and Regards,

  155. jamal says:

    you people are awsome

  156. Siddhant Jaiswal says:

    Hi Team,
    It would be great if you could add a feature to toggle/hide or not display the holdings amount directly
    (Investment, Current, Holdings). In case one wants to open Kites in front of others just to check the charts.


  157. M V PRASADA RAO says:

    Hai Sir,
    I am Very happy that You have launched New Kite Version. I am suggesting small changes in the Trading Window.
    When we are looking into Stock Charts It becomes very uncomfortable.
    1) Search Symbol window can be shifted to upside ie. near Dashboard window.
    2) Stock Symbol and Info details (open, high, low, close, date&time etc.) can be shifted to upside ie. previous search symbol space.
    3) In my opinion Info symbol in the second row adjacent to Crosshair symbol is not necessary.
    4) Draw symbol can be replaced with a New symbol named as “Tools” and all Symbols & Tools will appear in the Drop down box, So that we can pick the required symbol.
    Thanq Very much
    M Vara Prasada Rao
    Mobile: +919032967899

  158. laxmikanth says:

    100 % satisfied ur service ..but pls last 3 months we repeatedly tell u that one more option u should giv in kite ..
    that is “ALERTS” me zerodha online partner and lot of clints are asking for alerts ..that is the only reason they left zerodha and join sharekhan ..if u r trying to giv this alerts inside kite then nobody will beat u sir ,..
    its a humble request as soon as possible u must and should giv this in kITE ..
    LAXMIKANTH 8971411767

  159. gaurav says:

    One more feature you could add here which would be very beneficial to us traders – suppose i want to see 10 minuter interval chart for any stock and I want to it see it for a date which is 3 months ago. I had to scroll down to the date in 10 min interval format which takes a long time. Could you provide a feature where i can enter date and interval and can directly jump to that date just as has done in on their site.

    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… Will try to make this happen. The charts are actually powered by ChartIQ. Not sure if they support this.

  160. Alex says:

    Make Bo product and Co product to Nrml product.
    Kindly develop such tool

  161. PRASENJIT DEY says:


  162. Rajesh says:

    After pinning the NIFTY BANK to top bar if its chart is opened, name at the top left is shown as SENSEX instead of NIFTY BANK. Even when this chart when popped out in another tab, it shows as SENSEX instead of NIFTY BANK. However, vales are that of NIFTY BANK.

  163. sameer kalgutkar says:

    Its an awesome update. Trade from chart is great feature.

    Wish list.

    1. Ability to mark Entry, Stoploss, Target on chart graphically
    2. Market watch with more data like OI
    3. Link Market watch to Excel

  164. dinesh pal says:

    sir there is prblm in new update when uou open your saved view..and then again open other saved view its show old save view.

  165. Mohit says:

    Hi ,
    This is really a great update. can you please let us know when we will be having update to the mobile application as well.

  166. DR.KARTIK says:


    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… No such issues. If you have saved views, you can add them to each chart individually, or add different indicators on each chart.

  167. gaurav says:

    When I open the char in internet explorer it says – “ChartIQ is not supported on this platform”.
    Does kite web version works only on chrome and not on internet explorer.Which other browsers are compatible with Kite 3.0?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Gaurav, while Kite works on almost all browsers mainstream, ChartIQ has stopped supporting Internet Explorer. You can use Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. Should work fine.

  168. Mitresh says:

    Too many issues with charts. The last time frame does not stay. If for say Nifty i jump from 15m to 3 m and back to 15m. And then jump to banknifty. Then ideally the banknifty chart should open in 15m as that was my last viewed timeframe. But it jumps to 3m somehow. Also when i save the preference at 15m, still it moves to 15m on the top but actually the chart shows 3m only.

    • Matti says:

      The preferences are automatically saved in 30 seconds. So, if you switch Bank Nifty from Nifty after 30 seconds of changing the timeframe to 15m, then the latest timeframe will indeed show up.

  169. chandrakant says:

    pls also add VTC order type (valid for 45 days)

  170. selvakumar says:

    need 2mins chart and 30 mins chart starts at 9 to 9:30
    not 9:15 to 9:45

  171. Sumit says:

    hi, app is fantastic but chart does not change as per the views saved by me.. i am encountering this problem from last 3 days.. kindly resolve it

    • Matti says:

      Hey, not sure what the issue is here. Once you apply a set of indicators, click on Views and save it as a new view. You can also save this as a preference from the layout menu so the same set of indicators are displayed each time you open a chart. Preferences are auto-saved 30 seconds after you make any changes to the layout.

  172. ronin says:

    Why Zerodha why??

    Why did you modify range bars giving wicks? I depend hugely on range bars as it eliminates noise. Now the current range bar works like candle.

    Please revert to the old range bars. This has been my hundred feedback, but its useless as i never get any reply.

    ****Revert to the range bars of previous versions. The current range bar has wicks and does not eliminate noise. Trust me the old range bar was very accurate.

  173. sunil kotian says:

    awesome and perfect……love it


    requesting you past two years for price alarm setup. you have not at all heed to this. very sorry i never expected

  175. prasanth says:

    Add BO features in commodity market

  176. smad says:

    For the first time,

    I felt Kite charting is the worst!!!!!!!!!! It doesn’t update at live, whats the point guys??

  177. DEV says:


    kindly rollback to the old version of kite…it was so much better. can’t view my saved views most of the time. every time I refresh my chart the view changes…my resistance/support levels are not visible…at times the indicator are not visible…what’s so much wrong with this kite3. if you guys can’t fix it…keep earlier version of kite open…don’t play around with our money.


  178. Vaibhav says:


    Kite 3.0 charts not working upon internet explorer.
    Also future prices movement today is adding up yesterday’s movement as well.

    Please check ..

  179. S.B says:

    Hi ,
    In Kite 3 , For Modify the existing order or For exiting the already executed order , you have introduce additional click which was previously given by mouse over function.

    Bring it back , Modify order is very critical for intraday traders , it shouldn’t take additonal click ,
    Kindly look into this and do the changes.

    Rest the new UI is awesome guys , You are rock star folks .

  180. smad says:

    kite 3 is so bad….
    Even Nifty Index chart doesnt show proper live chart, forget about other company charts?? T
    This is extremely disappointing you guys, kite 2 was far far stable.

  181. vishal gupta says:

    Hi Team,

    I just want to point out 1 issue with Kite3 and have been facing it since its launch. its the day change %. Right now its showing 461% day change for Suzlon and 441% for TV18 and best is Vividha 16667% day change. Could you please fix this as well?


  182. Sujeet says:

    I have one recommendation for Kite mobile app. The login is extremely painful !!! The initial password, and then 2 security questions are very very tedious. Once the kite app authenticates its installation on registered mobile number, I think some kind of PIN based authentication should be supported, so that the login on mobile app is simple. Please see if this can be implemented. I think it may need quite a bit of backend changes, but the fact that even banking apps have adopted it means, there is no risk on the approach..

    • Matti says:

      The current 2FA mechanism wasn’t actually built by us, Sujeet. It comes from our vendor, who is, in turn, an exchange empanelled, exchange approved, vendor. That said, we are working on a new 2FA flow with PIN-based authentication for phones.

  183. DEV says:

    first day of kite 3 and so many issues…cannot migrate my settings to kite3. created new preferences on kite 3 charts
    which i cannot save. save view not active… kindly fix the same
    i think old kite was much better…very disappointed.


    • Matti says:

      If you want to migrate/carry forward the saved chart views and preferences, click on the ‘Migrate’ button on the ‘Dashboard’ on Kite.

  184. Uday says:

    The display in kite is very light and hence sometimes less visible. If the scripts information displays would dark,it will be visible prominently. Request for upgradation for dark scripts for better display

  185. sathiyaseelan says:

    you guys rocking…
    Multi chart feature really awesome. i dont find option to buy/sell orders in multi channel. it will be really helpful if add link to buy stock from multi chart.
    i hope kite3 fixed gateway timeout error. during critical time its killing us.

  186. Selvaraj arjunan says:

    As in earlier version of kite, I am unable to save the charting preference. Is it rectified. Else do something

  187. chahat says:


    When the BO will be available in MCX

  188. Avinash Jadhav says:


    i am now using kite3 , how can i see the ohlc stats on chart above with help of crosshair.. i did try using the display setting on chart and checking mark on log scale but its not happening or may be i am doing some mistake. pls somebody help me

  189. Harish says:

    Ever since I started using Kite 3, the live trading price in candlestick chart is fluctuating erratically creating false highs and lows. Clicking on refresh temporarily corrects the charts but this glitch reappears within next 15 seconds.

    BTW I am not using Heikin Ashi candlestick. I use conventional candlestick.

  190. Vikrant says:

    Hi All,

    Can anyone please tell me how can i find live streaming charts in web application of kite 3.0 beta version?
    For live chart every time i need to refresh the technical chart this makes very frustrating .


  191. rishijadeja says:

    kite 3 site not run in pc my pc is secured by symantec protection so when try to open site show me error “insecured content blocked ” in crome i tryed all browcer but its not open

  192. dushmant says:

    Price Alert still missing. We have to depend upon other broker’s software for this. WHEN WILL THIS FEATURE BE ADDED TO KITE3.

  193. Raj says:

    In Kite3 is it possible to place stop loss order by just giving the difference in the price from current market price?. i.e., if the LTP is say 562, then I want to specify 4 to buy above 566. Similarly sell below 560 by specifying 2.
    The reason for asking for this feature is to be able to quickly place an order.

  194. SHARMA says:

    Hello Zerodha team,
    I implore you to improve page contrast and formatting on kite and Q for easy legibility of data. It’s eye-wateringly bright and hard on the eye with the small formatting and poor contrast of letters and symbols against the background. It even bears the potential to damage healthy eyesight, speaking from clinical ophthalmology experience. I would go as far as to say that this exposes you to libel. It is an extremely damaging thing to discourage investors from analysing their assets in such a sadistic manner and especially discriminatory towards the elderly and the weak sighted,some of whom have already complained repeatedly.
    You need change the formatting immediately.

  195. Benny says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Please include the following options in Kite 3.0
    1. Option to open multiple buy/sell window
    2. Option to calculated the margin calculator inside the buy/sell window

    Thank you

  196. Srinivasan says:

    Kite3 sucks ! its not user friendly access.. but features are great.. really fedup to use.. still using old version.

  197. Mehamood Pathan says:

    In stock widget which is available in Kite3 shows PE of NIFTY50 as 21.18, where as in the, its 24.97. Why is this deviation, that too, that large extent? And what is time period of stock beta that has been considered?

  198. Ratnakar Dutt says:

    Please explain the below options of chart
    Chart -> Display ->
    1. Long Scale
    2. Range selector
    3. Continues Data checkbox?

  199. Ashish says:

    Re-posting unanswered post in short:
    There are 3 menus that come on the hovering the dots,
    1.Pin – these can be removed, instead you can directly make the two Pin positions editable. Anyways people will rarely do this.
    2.Popout chart and 3. Stock Widget – both these are great and must exist. If you remove the dots we will get 1 place and 2nd place can be obtained by either decreasing the buttons size by 1-2 pixels or increasing the length of hover menu by 1 button size.

    Remove the three dots and copy-paste the exact code from watch-list context menu that you have after having the mentioned updates.

    There are some confusions over how the Realized profits is calculated, it looks it ignores the profit gained by options. Anyways I will include this point after having a call with customer care. But please consider the suggestions I have mentioned in the above 2 msgs.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ashish Sharma

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ashish. The universal context menu was added intentionally in this version to maintain uniformity across the platform.

      • Ashish Sharma says:

        Hey Matti,

        thanks for the response but could you please read the complete msg I sent? Those three dots in holdings really sucks when you already have a nicely build menu that comes in watch-list. Please read the complete msg and I am sure you would find it sensible to alter the way the Kite 3 menus are placed. At max few minutes of efforts from dev+testing is enough to save few minutes of your thousands of clients.


  200. Ajay Kumar says:

    My dob is not showing in my Q back office and my name is Ajay Kumar, so my name is Ajaykumar doing the show
    Is this a problem?
    I mean not showing space in the name

  201. Sarfaraz Patel says:

    Hi, I have just moved to Zerodha from other DP. One very interesting and useful feature that I will miss here(And at a same time recommend you to implement) is Good to cancel order. So say if I hold a Reliance share at 800 then I can place a sell order at 950(which is way beyond the circuits for today) but open till next say 6 months. So everyday morning for 6 months this order will be checked by system and if falls in today’s circuit range will be placed automatically for me. Same can be done for Buy order also. Please see if this very useful feature can be implemented as this can be of great help and will reduce the pain to follow market on day to day basis.

  202. Sandeep P says:

    When are you going to allow non-MW stocks to be selected from within the chart ?

  203. Ujwal Sandeep says:


    I have a strategy that i thought of. I may be naive asking it out here though.

    In Kite 3.0 now, if we are trading Range Breakout Strategy, can we place 2 Bracket Orders, one on the 15 min candle high level and the other near the 15 min candle low?

    So that we would make profits in both the ranges if the stocks breaks both, the upper range and the lower ranges on the same day?

    I think it should be logically working, but just wanted to see if Nithin or someone can see an ambiguity in this strategy i thought of.


  204. kamal says:

    In kite 3.0, i saved many studies by clicking saved view but not showing for next time when i I open it , pls help me …….. and how can i talk on customer care pls arrange a call back for me ..i m trying to call to the madam who help me in opening my account but i m not able to talk……. to any one … my call back no. generated by software is 20180223663356


  205. RAJESH REDDY says:

    Hello Kite Team,
    Kite 3.0 is a large achievement, Indeed…but few things which are needed to included in next update.
    1. A clock with seconds on – why needed when we turn to full screen, system time cant be visible.
    2. A counter to indicate candle close.
    3. A line indicating open positions a horizontal line.

  206. Virendra Nirmalkar says:

    Hello Nitin,

    Kite-3 does not show up the Chart as it says Chart is not supported.
    I am using Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.18860 version.
    Kite-2 was all good.
    I can not get the IE updated as I use it in my office and Admin does not allow.

    Please resolve.

  207. Vikas Arsid says:

    In kite 3.0, all studies, that I saved like MACD, moving average, pivot points are are not showing for next time when i I open it, it is not like kite2.0, in older kite all studies are saved, even when i open it for the next time

  208. Ajay Kumar says:

    I opened a new account but my QBackoffice is not open
    This massage show kite login and q back office login now same

  209. S Sahu says:

    Kite 3 is overall a nice upgrade. Looks cleaner and is quite user friendly now.
    However, please consider changing a couple of things:

    Liked the delete button under ‘More’ coz it eliminated the risk of unwanted deletions. But now not only is its back there on mouse hover & worse its right where the ‘Chart’ option used to be causing scrips to get deleted inadvertently which is quite frustrating. Could you please at least consider moving its position ?!

    Q needs a separate login now while launching it from Kite 3 as people have already mentioned. It was integrated with Kite 2 so could the same be done with Kite 3 ?!

    • Matti says:

      The delete option was moved out of the context menu owing to huge user demand. Could look at the placement. As for the Q session, this is only until Kite 3 is a separate app. Once Kite3 is moved to, this should be fixed.

      • Ashish Sharma says:

        Hello Matti ji,

        Please have a look at my suggestions I posted earlier. You can find those by searching “Universal” on this page. There are 2 msgs.

        Thanks & Regards,
        Ashish Sharma

  210. Yadhukar Bhandary says:

    Hi. Thanks to zerodha team for kite3 with new features.
    I place daily 40 AMO’s for 20 stocks in my portfolio in kite. I was wondering is there any way I can place My AMO’s by uploading excel to kite in specific format? without using kiteXL/Kite app connect.
    Thank you.

  211. Faizan says:

    I am existimg customer of zerodha. I have question regarding buyback forms.
    Generally, when buyback is offered, to tender shares other brokerages (eg. ICICI Direct) have a link/option to tender the shares. No need to submit Physical form. In future, can we have same in zerodha?

    • Matti says:

      This option already exists for buybacks and OFS, Faizan. You’ll find the option on Q > Portfolio whenever there’s an offer open.

  212. Arun says:

    Hello sir.
    Can you please add the paytm option in future for transfer of balance to trading account. Because now a days paytm is very popular

  213. Vaibhav Pavtekar says:

    Hi Nitin,

    You have started era where Desktop client will soon be phased out in India.. This is historical movement for Zerodha.

    i Wish :

    1 – You should now add Option chain with geeks and Strategy calculator to Kite.

    2 – Running Scripts using portal is another Challange buthaving it soon will wipe all Algo software too..

    I belive you are the person with vision who can enable normal person to do unlimited things with small pocket.

    Best Regards
    Vaibhav Pavtekar

    By the Way : i am in love with Kite from version 1, you made it unforgettable..

  214. DeepWater says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Why in Zerodha Shares are debited from demat account on T+1 day instead of T+2 as per SEBI? . This is creating problem for people who sold on ex- date for buyback . People selling on ex-date don’t get offer for buyback? Is it same on other brokers? Is it possible to resolve this ?


  215. Raghu says:

    I tried loggin in to kite3. completely different set of questions and unabel to reset 2FA questions.

  216. nancy says:

    all good platforms,there is still oco orders in commodity and no ncdex in zerodha,dont know why is the delay

  217. vara lakshmi says:

    I would like to know that the “wheteher the margin requirements are normalised or not ? because, I observed that the earlier leverage is 55.6 times (for F & O orders) in BO & CO orders, now it is showing as 33.4 times only.

    Kindly confirm and reply please.

    Vara Lakshmi

    • Matti says:

      The margin requirements are dependent on a lot of factors. At any given time, the margin requirements could change. Best check with the support desk for the current requirements.

  218. Ritz says:

    Kite3 Charts are not visible on IE11.
    It throws an error saying that ChartIQ is not support on this platform?????

  219. Jayant says:

    How can I see day’s % change of my holding? On dashboard, it shows total % change of holding but day’s % change is missing I think.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Jayant, the day’s change for individual stocks is available on the holdings page. The cumulative day’s change for all holdings isn’t shown as we didn’t think it’d make much of a difference as the total P&L is what matters in this context.

  220. Jagadeesh says:

    The MarketWatch Switch between % to # is missing … it was a very handy one … pl add it.

    • Matti says:

      At the bottom right of the marketwatch, you’ll see a settings icon. You can click on this and switch between absolute and percentage change in the menu.

  221. Prabakaran says:

    In Kite 3 .. Ctrl C / Ctrl V functionality for copying drawing elements (Arrows, lines, annotation etc) are missing, which was available in earlier version.. Why it was removed?

  222. Srinivasan says:

    hi, i have few issues/concerns for the new version.
    1.i am not liking the context menu in positions page, if i want sell/buy immediately it is very difficult to do. its required two click. Previous version is good in this feature. Hover i can see “add”,”exit” button. I am feeling older one looks better.
    2.Reset to default from favorite scripts to sticky global scrips
    3.Global settings for Day,Night theme
    4.Display 2/4 charts view -> some indicators not visible properly
    5.How to do buy or sell from “display 2/4 charts” view
    6.I would like to view the app in my 24″ inch full screen-fluid layout (now it is fixed layout for laptop screen resolutions)

  223. Sandeep P says:

    Single sign-on is still not available in Kite3. I need to login separately into Q (even if I’ve launched it from within Kite3). Same issue with Smallcase

  224. arvind says:

    you should develop whole charting system & tools in kite3 as there is in upstoxpro

  225. Sudhir says:

    Issue: Download of Holdings and Positions is not working intermittently on Kite 3.0
    Have been unable to download Holdings and Positions on Kite 3.0. And I have to go back to Kite 2.0 and download the Holdings and Positions when such issues happen.

    Please fix issue.
    And as always, any new tool deployed will have bugs, so please keep the legacy version live at least 6-9 months till your new tool is stabilized.

  226. Gaurav Kumar says:

    I had transferred Rs. 500 to Zerodha NSE account on 2nd Feb, 2018 through NEFT from my indusind account which is not linked to my Zerodha account.

    But the amount is still not credited to my Zerodha ID: YQ5525.
    The transaction ref number is: 000115062787.

  227. Harsh says:

    A genuine request to Zerodha, Please stabilize your system. Its very irritating for a trader to see gateway time-out every now and then. Rest all things are immaterial if you cant place order on time.

  228. krunesh kamboj says:

    Will kite have tick and volume based chart in near future? I mean 100 tick, 200 tick or 1000 volume, 2000 volume chart.

  229. Stuti says:

    I am not able to figure out how to find my long term holdings and no. of days pending to become long term. If option is not thr already, is it too difficult to built this basic requirement?

  230. ROHIT KUMAR YADAV says:

    please provide an option to save chart layouts as others did. it is indeed a very helpful feature to use charts for future refrence. now the drawings sometimes do not load or get wiped out after some time.

  231. ROHIT KUMAR YADAV says:

    eveything looks much better on the new kite version. to make drawings on chart is still a tough task. first click on the draw icon on top right, then on the top left for a draw down menu and then select an option. instead there must be single click action to it. as we click on the draw icon on the right, on the left icon should appear in a vertical line directly. please make it easier to draw on charts.

  232. SK Raman says:

    Multiple Charts View:
    Unable to see chart of interest, since the drop-down for chart 1, chart 2, have limited number of stocks, and even all stocks in the Market Watch ( 1 to 5 ) do not show up for selection

  233. Vikas says:

    How can I fully automate my trades.

  234. Sudipta says:

    I have a question on a simple trick I thought of. I want to know if this is legal / if any other concerns. I have made a good profit in short term trades (not intra-day) which will attract STCG tax. Now say IOC has announced a dividend of Rs 19 per share. I do not own any shares in IOC. If I buy 100 IOC just before the record date, I will get Rs 1900 as dividend. The share price is also expected to fall by Rs 19 after the record date. Now let’s say I sell those shares. This will show a loss of Rs 1900 in my STCG. Overall the total STCG will reduce and my tax liability will reduce. But my net gain (STCG + dividend) remains same. I will not have to pay any tax on the dividend. Thus I can save the tax to some extent.
    Question is: Is this possible & legal ? Do you see any other concerns or any other point I need to consider here ?

  235. Thamizh says:

    How do I transfer money from one zerodha demat account to another zerodha demat account ? is it possible?

  236. Vishali G says:

    Hi Nithin,
    The ATR bands & ADX values looks like different from conventional methods of calculation. (For example differs from R programming packages to what I see in kite.zerodha). Both kite3 & kite2.
    So, where can I check how Kite calculates these values ? Basically I am looking for the logic how kite calculates values of ATR bands/ADX.


  237. Sandeep Mungilwar says:

    Very Nice Update

  238. sandeep singh says:

    Sir, Please Add Black Background to whole window. Gives lot of pain to eyes if working on bigger screens for longer size. Hope You Will Understand.

  239. madhu says:

    what about kite3 google chrome extension

  240. Vijay says:


    Pls increase number of scrips per market watch from 20 to at least 50 in Kite.

    Also introduce De Mark’s indicators including support/resistances


    • Matti says:

      Hey Vijay, nobody realistically tracks 50 stocks at once. As such, in the interest on bandwidth, we’ll keep this at 20.

      • Sudipta says:

        To support this requirement, I want to inform you that I am tracking more than 300 stocks at a time. This limit of 20 stocks per market watch is really painful for me too. I can only add 100 shares, including all 5 market watches. I am taking the pain to track everything via a manual excel and you can imagine how cumbersome it can be. So the need is very valid to allow us to add more shares in the market watch. However, I also understand that it is not a normal use case, a user will generally not need more than 100. But looking at the tail users like us, I believe you can enable some option so that we can add more market watches. The limit of 20 per watch is okay. But please lift the limit of 5 market watches. Let there be a ‘+’ icon and we can add as many market watches as we need. That will solve our issues without making the GUI complex for a normal user. Thanks.

  241. Nagendrasinh says:

    – previous version’s Delete option is better we can directly delete script from Market watch now in kite 3.0 we need to open one menu then select delete.

  242. Gagandeep Saini says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    When we can expect OCO (One Cancel other) Option In kite.

  243. Swapil says:

    Dear Team,

    After Switching to Kite 3.0 i am facing below problems:-
    1. After placing order i have to manually refresh my browser (Using IE and Chrome both).
    2. Due to alignment notification icon is hidden behind the user profile menu.
    3. Deleting a script in market watch is tough job, though option is available easy but in browser it is overlay on the other entity until and unless first i have to select depth and then using option button i have to select delete, very irritating sometime.
    4. In the open position i would request you to show total buy and sell amount.
    5. after every order gets complete i have to refresh browser to check my current Available balance as earlier it gets refreshed automatically.

  244. Rahul K says:

    Dear NITHIN,

    I tried placing a market order MIS for a Bank nifty call option. And the order got rejected since the market wide limits on the brokers (i.e. zerodha) side exceeded limits mandated by exchange.


  245. SunilDe says:

    I liked the Kite3 interface till a few days ago when it started throwing javascript errors on Safari and Chrome (mobile and desktop versions). I’ve logged a ticket to try to get this fixed before you phase out the original version of kite.

    Also it would be nice if you could publish the days gains or losses (for individual scrips as well as the selected holding type (kite/smallcase/mutual fund) on the holdings screen. Absolute and percentage are what I’d like to see.

  246. Raju says:

    There is a new update for iOS with co limit price and BO with trigger entry when Android app will be updated

  247. Anant says:

    Please keep DELETE instrument option/button right there where it was previously.

    Currently we have to go to drop down first then go to delete option, which is not user friendly. Delete is more commonly and frequently use option, so it should be on your face, also please have delete all scripts/instruments button on top or bottom so user can easily remove all script at 1 time, it will save time. Please make it more user centric design.


  248. Krishna says:

    Same with me.. My position is missing in Kite2 and also in Kite3. Wondering if there is any data issue on Zerodha side.

    • Matti says:

      You’re probably checking this at the time when the trade process is being run. Numbers could be off at such times, but normalcy is restored as soon as the processes are completed.

  249. viju_1105 says:

    I think you should write about bonus stripping to adjust the short term capital gains against notional short term loss when companies declare bonus shares.

  250. Pinakin Patel says:

    Hey Zerodha,
    While I am logging in 3.0 version from 2.0 the page has stopped. Nothing is appeared and no preview is there. What is the reason for that?
    Tried in IE, Chrome. Mozilla.. But Same result.


  251. Janarthanan says:

    dear zerodha,
    kindly update the depth with FACE VALUE, day changes %, Sector with sub division Like Selfie trading software.
    thanks and regards

  252. Manu says:

    Hi Matti,

    I am really waiting for kit 3 mobile app.Also please let me know when we can expect inbuilt margin requirement in kite.This will help us lot to trade along with price action with out waisting the time.

  253. AKASH says:


  254. AKASH says:


  255. Anirban Ghosh Hazra says:

    Hi Nitin,

    When will I get to see Bracket Orders for commodity?…Can you include this feature in KITE 3.0?…Thanks in advance for all that you have done.


  256. Nitin says:

    kindly provide moving average line on volume chart so that volume action can be judge more efficiently.

  257. Nitin says:

    kindly provide moving average line on volume chart so that volume action can be read more efficiently.

  258. Nitin says:

    Please add BO order also in commodities as it is also provided by some of the brokers so it can’t be a limitation from the exchange.

  259. vara lakshmi says:

    In the charts are created as per our wish, the preferences are not saved though the charts are saved. again, we have to create the preferences. Kindly look in to this and suggest.

    Vara Lakshmi

  260. Shailesh says:

    Hi, how to change the 2FA questions and answers?

  261. girish says:

    how to get client id for kite, i make my account in

  262. Mangala A S says:

    Dear Sir,
    Great you launched an awesome trading facility “Kite 3”.
    Please make the appearance of text and values distinctly than the background of Kite 3 which is very bright by making text little bit bold and increased contrast as it is making very inconvenience during trading.

  263. Lini Mol says:

    Missing OI and change in OI, hope to see in kite 6 or kite 9.

  264. piyush says:

    It is good but order update is very slow.
    I am unable to place the order. Initial kite was much better in term of real-time value, also charts need to be refreshed constantly in order to se it get stuck at one time

  265. Vinayak says:

    In Kite 3.0 Display – Range Bar doesn’t seems working correctly, look after that

  266. Soumitra says:

    I am not able to login in Kite 3. It is a blank screen whenever I am trying to login.
    Have tried in Chrome and IE. Have deleted browser history and tried but still not working

    • Matti says:

      Can you email screenshots and details to social[at]

      • Pd.sridharan says:

        same problem! not able to login to .. blank screen appearing! and when i login to, my investments are not reflecting!! 🙁 wats happening?

  267. Ronak Shah says:

    Been having some issue with kite. My watchlist is has been showing ” loading” and the rates or anything is not getting updated.
    Dont know what the problem is.

    Ronak shah

  268. bharath says:

    Prices are not being displayed in market watch for my friends id ZR0496, tried different browser too, when i used another account market watch displays price. What should i do..kindly help.

  269. Mehul says:

    Please keep that toggle button which was there in the previous kite to switch between % and actual change in the watch list, using the setting options is not that helpful. If not that, can there be any short cut keys available to switch for the same.

  270. Mahesh says:

    U should have built in VTC order type in this version which is a long pending feature. Today mostly all platforms have this order type. Once you place the order at a particular limit price it remains valid for the period specified by user (max 45 days)… Check icici direct… it is a must have feature… try to build it in

  271. Vinayak says:

    In Kite 3.0 Display – Range Bar doesn’t seems working correctly, kindly look after that

  272. Venks says:

    It seems now SL-L/SL-M are possible for amo orders. 1) How will this work? 2) what happens when there is gap-down-open below each of SL-L or SL-M levels?

  273. Parth Shah says:

    Delete option on the stock should be available on the outside not in the more section because that is important like the one in old kite ! While in a chart if i search for a scrip it shows only the ones in my first or second market watch not the ones in 4th and 5th market watch ! I suggest search symbol should be the one like the main search in the dashboard and not the ones just added in the market watch because that feels a little hectic to be frank ! for eg i have opened a chart of idea and im wondering i should check airtel so for that i need to add airtel first in market watch and den i can see airtel as in option and sometimes they dont even show up when they are already added in the market watch !

  274. Parth Shah says:

    Some of my suggestions which can be taken into consideration ! More indices are required to be pinned ( 2 is way less) ! In 4 charts the option of buying and selling directly isn’t available ! A dark version of Kite would be very Helpful because the white panels and the dark charts don’t go together very well ! Even a default setting option can be made to switch between the white and the dark background ! Still facing the issues of selecting the options in multiple charts like selecting nifty indices but the chart opens of banknifty ! As of now came across these issues will update if i find any of them !

  275. sameer says:

    please add market watch letter size. as in kite 3.0 it seems that the fond is too small that 40+ couldn’t read it clerly

  276. Sumit Kumar Pandit says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Kite 3.0 is very slow especially while working with chart. I switched back to Please keep the older version alive as long as bugs in Kite 3.0 aren’t fixed.

    Sumit Kumar Pandit

  277. Rahul K says:


    Just have some serious issues with Kite and Pi. Your candle chart data quality is very very poor. Candle forms differently on same charts even when loaded freshly/refreshed.

    For Zerodha Pi charts, I started facing a new issue. When I add supertrend indic in Pi, the chart becomes very slow and laggy if I try to zoom in or zoom out. It’s becomes barely usable and everything goes into a 2-3 second lag mode.
    Definitely no issue at my end.

    Rahul K.

    • Matti says:

      Why the charts differ when you refresh is answered here. As for the issue you’re facing with Pi, best write to support[at] as this is specific to your machine. Someone will get in touch.

      • Rahul K says:

        Dear Matti,

        The issue is “not specific to my machine”. This is a standard escape goat answer to many charting problems for Pi and Kite by Zerodha.

        Rahul K.

  278. VISHAL says:

    Hellooo zerodha

    I have an issue with charts in KITE 3.0
    When zoom in or out in chart window charts loading again n again which is getting more time to load chart in every time frame please solve the issue
    above issue not found in zerodha kite 2.0

    • Matti says:

      That’s because whenever you zoom in or out, more data is fetched from the servers. In Kite 2, we just didn’t display the spinner on the frontend, but it did take some time to load the candles. It’s the same here.

  279. Rohit says:


    I am getting contradiction in weekly charts of CopperMini when using older and Kite 3 version.

    I am using MACD indicator with (10,16,3) paramater and in old Kite the Weekly bar is showing UP and with same parameter in Kite 3.0, the weekly bar is showing DOWN??

    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… Rohit, if you’re looking at the weekly chart of this contract, there are very few candles. Can you check this for continuous data? Go to the display menu on the chart and click on continuous data. That way, you get more candles and the match would check out.

      • Rohit says:


        I just noticed that it is not allowing continuous data option for Weekly as it says it is only for DAILY charts.

        So my concern remains..when both platforms are using same limited data why two DIFFERENT indications using same indicator same parameter??

        • Matti says:

          That’s strange. I can see the continuous data for weekly candles as well.

          • Rohit says:

            I did as you said and both the versions are showing the same weekly down. But there is a problem, I checked the weekly charts in MCX website using same parameter for MACD(10,16,3) and it is showing weekly UP as per older version of Kite without the continuous data option selected? The MCX site does have continuous data. I am not sure whether to believe in Kite signals in Copper anymore?

  280. Guru says:

    Nithin and Matti… Just got very exited with Kite 3.0!!!

    Things to include for Intraday traders :-

    1) Open Buy window and place order by picking Price, Target and Stoploss by using Crosshair ‘+’ symbol from Chart.

    Once an order is placed and when entered into a Position, say ‘Buy’, the ability to modify order by opening the ‘Modify Order’ window and moving the ‘Stoploss’ line from the chart.

    My point is simple, the ability to pick price from chart in ‘Order’ and ‘Modify order’!!!

    Lesser typing = Quicker decision and Order execution = Better Profits!!!

    2) Please remove the Info Bar which tells info about the Study/ Indicator.

    For example “Donchian Channel/Right click to manage”.

    It always comes in the way when viewing charts. You can put a transparency effect to this window but still it will come in the way.

    You can create a ‘Status Bar’ in the extreme bottom or top of the chart which tells info about the indicator.

    3) The Chart options (Time Frame, Views, Study, Display ,Layout) for 4 charts and 2 charts View is not visible!!! They become visible only if the Browser window is zoomed out to 65% and when zoomed out the charts become unclear and fuzzy.

    Point Number 1 is of urgent requirement!!! 😛

  281. kalesh13 says:

    Price and volume stats below the chart was a good feature. Now we have to click chart button to view chart and market depth to see present day stats.

    If I am not wrong you were showing previous day stats below the chart. It’d be better if you show present days open, high and low price and volume traded. I suggest you to bring it back.

  282. satish shanmugam says:


    When is the SIP for Equity stocks planned .. I have been waiting for a very long time .


  283. Pavan says:


    I have purchased stocks in BSE but it is showing holding in NSE script name in Kite 3.0 can you correct this?

    thank you

  284. kev says:

    I am new to zerodha. having a tough time understanding the different order types. I have used Metatrader 4 which had simple order types. when you put an order you simply got to put (take profit @price) and (stop loss price) and you could just modify the stoploss and take profit by dragging the line from the chart itself. i love the overall simplicity of kite. i wish if you could incorporate this feedback and improve on kite.

    Also, if you could have a window on the chart which displays the position of orders so that you dont have to do lot of switching of tabs

    thank you

    • Sanjay says:

      International brokers have this feature but our Indian broker has not done it yet. Dont know why. For both ChartsIQ and Trading view, stop loss and profit target can easily be dragged for international brokers. Only time will tell when our Indian brokers will add this feature.

  285. niraj kumar singh says:

    Hell zerodha

    when is coming stop loss order in bracket order in mobile app.

  286. Vishesh joshi says:

    Hi, i am from punjab and i am not able to access the new kite 3.0 login page. Everytime i open kite page the same old login page opens. How can i access the new 3.0 ???

  287. siva ch says:

    today is slow. terribly slow. i have recorded my screen where i don’t see nifty future and options prices changing nothing less than 30-40 seconds gap. if the prices are not refreshing fast then it’s very difficult to trade.


  288. siva ch says:

    today also is slow. terribly slow. i have recorded my screen where i don’t see nifty future and options prices changing nothing less than 30-40 seconds gap. if the prices are not refreshing fast then it’s very difficult to trade.


  289. siva says:

    today also is slow. terribly slow. i have recorded my screen where i don’t see nifty future and options prices changing nothing less than 30-40 seconds gap. if the prices are not refreshing fast then it’s very difficult to trade.


  290. Hemant says:

    I am write my problem yesterday. But till today when more than 24 hours gone on I can’t got by answer. Will u tell me sir how much time u take for resolving my problem

  291. Bhushan K says:

    Dear Nithin Sir / Siva Sir,
    Today also your Kite 3.0 got hanged on morning opening and giving gateway timed out errors.
    I had a open position in Granules and was seeing a good four digit profit.
    I placed a square off order and the Kite showed it was a error in order book.
    Immediately I called up your call and trade facility and they even after connecting the call disconnected the same. I have a recorded proof of their disconnection.
    Please guide in such case how can someone trust Zerodha who aclaimed they are best discount broker with the best technology in India.
    Anyhow managed to book some profit but could have made much more.
    Please dont post your vague reply. Its just a request.
    Frustrated with your technology on major occasions.
    Bhushan K

  292. Mani says:

    I trade in commodities and mostly use cover orders. I am very thankful to zerodha for introducing limit entry in cover order. As MCX does not permit trailing stop loss, Bracket orders are not allowed in Commodities trading. As per my trading strategy, it is very useful for me if there is an option of trigger entry (which is already introduced in Bracket order). Can the same happen in CO as well?
    Is there any possibility of allowing BO in commodities without trailing stop loss option?

  293. Shashibala says:

    Team Zerodha, please add Turnover “in Crores” next to Volume Traded

  294. siva says:

    Hi ,

    I trade in nifty futures and options using kite.zerodha. Now a days i see very slow refresh rate of the nifty future and option ticker prices in the market watch. prices are refreshing almost after 10-20sec gap and it is frustrating to trade nifty options with Zeroda kite. My home network connection is very fast. Not sure how to complain.. reported this to customer care but they say ur network might be slow which is actually not..


  295. Minal Patil says:

    Very nice new features. Thanks to those developer/QA who has worked to simply the things for users.

    I have Couple of suggestions.
    1. Currently holdings page display only the overall P&L. The day’s change is displayed only in %. Along with % can we show the days value in INR as well (i mean actual value rather than just %).
    2. On orders Page. Earlier in open order modifying the order was just a single click activity. It was quicker and easier. Now in Kite3 i have to do two clicks. I believe this would be more more mettlesome for intra day trader, as it increases the actual time for modifying the order.

    Minal Patil

  296. Gaurav Tank says:

    How to migrate watch list from old Kite version to new Kite 3.0.

    I am not getting old watch list in Kite 3.0.

    Please guide.

  297. Rajendra says:

    Is that option chain for individual stock strike feature included . It will really helpful for faster trading.

  298. Raja Sekhar.B says:

    Recently, I started trading using Kite. It’s going good but today I faced a problem,

    The AVG. PRICE and PROFIT/LOSS of stocks which were traded yesterday were not shown in the holdings. Also, total investment was not updated. Due to this, I faced problem to trade. So, please make sure to update the values before the commencement of trading i.e before 9.00am .

    Thank you.

  299. Hilesh says:

    Great effort by team zerodha. Congratulations.
    Sir in stochastic it is not possible to change %D %K value as in Pi.
    Sir if it is possible in kite3 too than how?
    If it is not possible now than try to bring in changes in next update.

  300. Mandar says:

    I have been using kite for a year. I have few suggestions to make
    1) There are 15 min., 30 min and 1 Hr. charts available. And then directly 1 Day , 1 Week chart. There is huge gap between 1 Hr. chart and 1 Day chart. Try to incorporate 2 Hr. and 4 Hr. charts in the kite.
    2) Font size being used in the kite is very small. There should be option to increase the Font size so that chart can be easily readable.


  301. saurabhyadav says:

    Hi ,

    Is Pi not available for Mac users?

  302. SD says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a satisfied client of zerodha and using your kite application (mobile and web) for last 2 years.
    I appreciate your constant effort for improvement of the trading infrastructure with very competitive brokerage rate.
    You also encourage traders through innovative ways (like 60 days challenge, addressing client’s queries etc.).
    But, I have some real concern as well. While trading in kite application during heavy trading traffic period kite application some time do not work. It shows busy or something like that. Even the website version also lag from real time (example in the morning of Gujarat state election result). I am more worried if similar situation happen in future. Because that is the time traders and investors get opportunities to create fresh position or want to exit from their old positions. Kindly do the needful.

  303. Priyanka saraiya says:

    Sir one magic option you create in kite 3.0 beta thst is buy or sell with future price along with target and stopless. That is only showing in webpage pls introduce this magic option in kite application so those who are trading with phone they can take benefit of this option.pls pls consider this question anf try to provide this option in application

    2) pls also give information about all types of financial product in which small investor can also invest their money in kite application only .

    3) pls give option for checking previous trades with charts and price do people can take benefit of that

    4) pls provide wealthy information about mutual fund that in which mutual fund is trending and which mutual fund is beneficial for future purpose also

    5) also tell is there any option in kite for investing in IPO if yes than pls ptovide steps for apply in IPO and what is the process for refund of money or allocation of shares

    Pls reply for my all this questions

    • Matti says:

      1. The recent updates to the Kite web app will be pushed to the mobile apps soon enough. Working on it right now.
      2. Kite is a trading platform only. Adding other products here would create too much noise which is not something we’d want to do.
      3. This is something we’ve been considering for a while. This should be done in coming releases, but will take some time.
      4. This is on our list of things to do.
      5. For IPOs, you can easily do it from your net banking login using your Zerodha DP ID as the beneficiary account using the ASBA method.

  304. Pratik says:

    3 questions:
    I faced this problem numerous times that Limit order doesn’t get executed. Even the price on the chart and market watch shows the exact amount as my Limit order trigger amount, it does not get executed. Why is it so?
    And next question is the that I didn’t get answer from you I guess on different thread, does the price that we see is actually rounded up to 2 digits?
    Next one I mailed but on zerodha support but didn’t get reply – As I switch between tabs (positions/holdings) and back to viewing charts, the studies I saved as personalized view disappears and I have to again personalize.
    Please respond here.


    • Matti says:

      Pratik, though a price does show up on the charts, there may not be enough counter orders for your order to get filled. In such cases, the order remains unfilled.
      The live price on the terminal is rounded up to the nearest 5 paise for NSE and 1 Paise for BSE. The average price is rounded off to 2 digits.
      To save the studies, first click on save view, then same preferences.

  305. Raju says:

    Plz enable BO with SL and CO with limit in kite app and take it own time in developing kite3

  306. Ramesh says:

    Hi Kudos to the KITE 3 development team.
    1) The layout preference does not get saved permanently in version 3 but same is not an issue in version 2.
    2) In view option , the preferred view is not getting saved in version 3 , however this is not an issue in version 2 where even multiple veiws are possible.
    Is this a bug or needs to be enabled in KITE 3 version by you ??

  307. Gaurav Tank says:

    It’s Just Fantastic.

    Need some improvement.

    Please add Day’s Gain (in INR) under Holding for each share. Day’s Change (in %) is already available.

  308. Ratnakar Dutt says:

    Suggestion 1.

    Currently, Draw -> Select Tool drop down coming to the left side. we have spending moving cursor every time from right to left extream ends. Please keep the select tool drop down also coming below the Draw button. Kite 3 also the same issue.

    Suggestion 2: Please provide the option to set the horizontal line at given position.
    After selecting the Horizontal option show popup to input the number where I want to place the line
    or after placing the line show settings button to set the value.

    Ex: Problem: currently If I want to set the line at a position (especially when decimals very difficult). I need to do a lot of exercise to get the exact location. if you allow inputting the number then the line comes perfect at the required position.

  309. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi when I select 4 charts at a time in Kite 3.0 versions I am unable to find the scripts name most of the scripts missing in both nse and future. Kindly resolve this. My ID DO0042. Omprakash.

  310. Ramaesh says:

    When will Kite3 ios and android app be upgraded? Kindly answer

  311. Raja says:

    The four chart option…in the symbol, all the stock symbol when we type it dont come as the drop down. Why?

  312. Ajay N. Khosla says:

    Kite 3.0 looks like more cosmetic changes. I don’t think it is major version change as far as functionality is concern. Some major pains are still unresolved.

    It is really painful to key-in 5-20 order for 5-10 CNC stock every day. I prefer that each and every order for CNC should have expiry date/days, so that same is repeated every day automatically till executed/completed.

    I also want bracket and cover order for CNC stock with expiry date/days so that user can set a trade for a particular stock with buy, stop-loss and target price for weekly or fortnightly or month or any days till 365.

    After technical analysis I create Excel sheet of my orders to be key-in. Like download, please also give facility to upload such excel sheet of orders.

  313. Manmohan Singh says:

    icicidirect has futureplus , optionplus and marginplus facilities where due to stop loss one can take intraday positions with extremely reduced margins whether buying or selling.request zerodha if they can also come up with some such product where margin required to take intraday position is reduced considerably depending on stop loss.

  314. Sreenath K says:

    Can you pls provide “Previous Day/Week/Month High/Low” indicator in Kite? It should draw horizontal lines on the chart for the respective high/lows and we should be able to select/deselect any one or all of them as per our need.


  315. AMITABHA DAS says:

    GTC order (Good Till Cancellation) is must for matching the industry standard . If you face any issue regarding validity period for huge number of order etc , please initially provide support for 15 days instead of one month .

  316. AMITABHA DAS says:

    Please arrange for GTC (Good Till Cancellation) Orders

  317. Ramaesh says:

    It often signs out automatically. Again signing in looks a time consuming n tiresome process in the mid of trading. Why it is like this ? Or am i committing any mistake? Pls clarify

  318. Sandeep Tulshyan says:

    I’m using KITE3 platform. I draw my horizontal lines for Support/Resistance, trendlines etc for my analysis. The issue I’m facing is sometimes it get’s saved & sometime it doesn’t…never sure if it will get saved or not.
    I’m also told that drawings can be saved on a maximum of 10 charts, is that true?
    Request your guidance , Thanks!

  319. AMIT SINGH SIROHI says:

    Trailing stop loss is not working.. 🙁

  320. Arun says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,
    While using up and down arrow on the watchlist. I don’t know where were the cursor on the watchlist. it’s better to change the color of the cursor or the board of the color will be different is easy to identify.

  321. Sanjay says:

    MACD histogram colors are the same dark colors.
    All drawing tools are displayed, frequently used tools are not shown first
    78.6 Fib level in fibonacci is not there till now even in Kite 3.0
    Market watch minimizing is not possible
    Trading view charts has all the above which is a lot better than ChartIQ charts
    Basically Zerodha wants users to use their way or the high way.
    Who needs a picture in the profile when the above problems are not been addressed till now even in Kite 3.0?

    • Sanjay says:

      Also No template save option and no chart save overwrite option either. Very disappointed.

    • Pratyush Shankar Lal says:

      TradingView charts have got no memory. I draw support and resistance for scrips and next time I login, all my drawing are gone. This memoryless version is not helping. Please add it’s memory for drawings.

  322. garvjain says:

    Nitin and Zerodha team, just want to reach out to you regarding your customer service. last few days have been horrendous for me dealing with your support team. They do not pass on the complete information which leads to lot of confusion and delays. It s good that you are improving your product but without a strong customer service team, its all waste. Your team gives one information on phone and completely opposite when asked on mail. Looks like there is no process awareness as well as no proper training. I have had to send multiple couriers to zerodha because of incomplete and wrong information provided to me. Not sure if this is the right channel to reach you but am done with Zerodha. It would be good if someone can look into this matter urgently.

  323. srini says:

    in Positions page keep add and exit as old please don’t change like new.

  324. Oliver D says:

    Many congratulations to the Zerodha and Rainmatter team on the new release.

    I am interested to see if the Kite API allows placing SL and Square off value by ticks vs points.
    In some of the old documents it seems like you guys had both options on the front end tool.

    Having SL and Square Off by points is such an issue if the stock prices are lower.
    In another forum post it was commented saying your underlying service providers platform does not allow for it, which rely does not make sense

  325. Ashish says:

    Can you please provide trailing stoploss in Cover Order?
    Or atleast make the Target price in BO optional?

  326. Santhosh says:

    Hello Kite Team,
    Kite 3.0 is a large achievement, Indeed…but few things which are needed to included in next update.
    1. A clock with seconds on – why needed when we turn to full screen, system time cant be visible.
    2. A counter to indicate candle close.
    3. A line indicating open positions a horizontal line.

  327. Sunil says:

    Still the holding does not have the invested amount. Also the mutual fund holding should have the investment value, Absolute return % and Annualized return %. These are very much need to check the performance of the funds easily.


    Sir, It is not possible to log in to Small case as it is in previous version.

  329. Aslam Randhanpara says:

    It’s Great to have some good features in Kite 3.0 the whole new system for the traders
    Sir i would like to make suggestion that in cover order there should be an option to exit the trade with limit price, if the limit price is higher in case of Sell order. Like most of the time it happens that i make a modification in cover order to exit the trade at current market price say, @105.90 but as i place the order(i.e. revise the stop loss in case of cover order) than it gets completed on 105.80 or whatever the price was at that time so, on higher quantity it effects a lot, so do something about the same.

  330. Sanjoy says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,
    I am a new user in Zerodha. There are lot of great features here – Thanks a ton for all the hard work to come out with such a platform. The entire team deserves an ovation !!

    But one observation – I fail to understand why the font color in everything (trading platform, user manual, discussion forum and other documents) has been made gray rather than a dark color (like black or deep blue). This quite impedes readability. The light background can definitely have a soothing effect, however this light font color actually strains the eyes (in my view). Is there any option to change the font color if someone so prefers ?

    Thanks & Kind Regards

    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… Perhaps try a chrome extension to change the colours? The design philosophy was to keep the platform noise free, at the same time, the font colours selected were made sure to be legible but not too dark.

  331. Pavan Kumar says:

    There are two things to be rectified in the kite 3.0 as per my observation.
    1. If I login to my account and later after some time I logout and login using different account still I can see my dashboard page and marketwatch
    2. The pin options which you have provided is good.but the change in the price of pinned scrip happens only when you move to the page in marketwatch where the scrip you have pinned is present.

    Great Work by Zerodha team especially for the BO with trigger price.

  332. Sainudheen says:


    Kite 3 have excellent feature it is beyond the expectation very useful software… high standard compare to kite zerodha…

    Excellent woth both BO and CO best wished for leading broking firm in the world all the best for future prospectus


  333. Ranjana says:

    After starting to trade on Kite 3.0 will the old/present version of Kite be inactive or both will remain active. Because I am now very mach comfortable with the old version.

    • Matti says:

      Both will remain active for now. Soon, we’ll phase out the old Kite completely and only the new version will be available.

  334. wilfred says:

    is this active….. how can i log in

  335. Sahil Vatsa says:

    The feature of executing and managing orders from chart only as now in fyeres web only has this feature in India will be a great enhancement to KITE.

  336. AD says:

    On the BUY screen what is the logic in changing the position of MIS option. I once lost money since you had changed this earlier. I placed my order thinking that it was regular CnC. But the position got squared off in loss at the end of day even though it was not my intention, since default option was MIS. Would have happened again with Kite 3.0. Luckily I noticed that in some other comments.

    • Ar says:

      yes same thing happened with me also. Due to habit, i just placed the order and later on realized that I bought stocks in intraday. Suffered a loss of 1200 due to this yesterday. It was really silly on part of Zerodha.

  337. gaurav jain says:

    I want to download all the orders executed by me with type of ordee i.e. CNC/MIS. I can only download one day order book from kite which is giving order type. For past records i am not getting any order type rather i can dowload only trade book without order type. Can you specify the navigation of how to download old orders with order type column.

  338. HEMANT says:

    kite 3.0 greet…..

    i think zerodha has to introduce monthly unlimited brokerage plan


    • Matti says:

      The reason for a flat fee of Rs. 20 per trade is that the amount of resources required to facilitate an order doesn’t change depending on the size of your order. However, it does change based on the number of orders placed, so monthly plans are unlikely.

  339. Nagendra says:

    – in older version of kite its easier to delete any script from Marketwatch in single click(more user friendly), now n kite3 it require additional click to open popup n select “delete”.

    Hope you will consider this.

    • Nipun says:

      The Q (Backoffice) is not integrated with Kite3 ? Need to login separately :(:(

      • Matti says:

        Hey Nipun, Q now has a login with Kite option, so you can just click on the login with Kite button and if you’re logged in on Kite, you’ll log in automatically.

  340. Thiyagarajan says:

    @ Matti and Zerodha Social

    I used AMO, it is okay to use that for time being instead of basket order feature. I have executed an order using AMO as per my plan. Unexecuted orders are kicked out of the system today. It seems AMO orders will stay in the order screen for only one day. If not executed, then order will be off the system after market hours. Is it possible to reload the unexecuted AMO orders again on next day market open? It is painful to key in orders again in the AMO (If basket order feature is there, I can reload the unexecuted orders quickly). AMO is helping for only delivery. But for doing intraday i need either basket order feature or resubmission of unexecuted AMO orders on next day to market. Pls share your opinion.

  341. Aryan says:

    Also, when selling order beyond intraday, it doesnt show how much profit loss it made. After selling it goes to the Position tab and there it shows what “could have been” profit or loss, instead of showing what is my profit/loss. One has calculate manually their profit/loss! Its silly!

    I called the customer care also in this regard, but they told me to calculate it manually!

  342. Sandeep P says:

    Why is Smallcase still not integrated with Kite3 ? Need to login separately

  343. Suman says:


    1. In IE browser the quotes in the marketwatch is not loading. What could be the problem?
    2. Is it possible to create the following type of order in KITE 3?
    Suppose SBI is trading at 315, while day high is 317. Buy Order will be activated when it breaks day high, e.g.- 317.05, the the actual buy will be happened at lower price e.g. – 316.2. I watched a lot of time after breaking day high stock gives chance to enter at lower price to trade for 2-3 points move.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Suman,

      1) IE has a few issues that cannot be addressed on our end. The IE team would have to make changes, so we recommend you switch to Firefox or Chrome.
      2) You can place an SL/SLM buy order above the day’s high. Automatically detecting the day’s high to place an order wouldn’t be possible. Perhaps this would be possible on some of our other products soon.

      • Suman says:

        1. Even in the chrome the prices are not showing in my end execpt few e.g. – Future and Options quotes and CDS quotes are showing but not equities.
        2. If I place SL/SLM buy order above day high it will be executed around day high price only, but I want to enter in lower levels only if day high is broken. I think this would be easily achievable in KITE if you remove the client side validation of – ‘Limit price can not be less than trigger price’. Isn’t it?

        • Matti says:

          1. This seems to be more of a connection issue than a platform issue. Can you call our support line on 080-40402020 if you see this again. We’ll do our best to help.
          2. This validation is required as that is how these order types were designed. We get the specs from the exchange for this.

  344. Brijesh says:

    When I am opening multiple chart , it does open 2 or 4 charts in a single window but time frame toggle & all other as studies ,view or display button is unavailable.

  345. Byron says:


    Yall have done a great job introducing Kite 3 with a whole lot of features.. Congratulations to team zerodha.

    It would be realy helpful if you add a feature in the buy and sell window where when you fill the rate/share and the quality, it will automatically show the total amount in Rs. to be used for that order..
    Please let me know if that’s possible..

    Thank you

  346. Sanjoy says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,
    I am a new user in Zerodha. I have an observation from my few days’ usage experience on this platform. It seems in the ledger, Intraday outcome (i.e. Profit / Loss) is combined with Delivery Settlement figures. I would like these to be separate entries in the ledger so that it is easier to track these two activities. I am not sure whether this can be done – if so, I would like to be advised and if not, can this feature be incorporated in the system?

    Thanks & Kind Regards

    • Matti says:

      Sanjoy, this cannot be a part of the ledger as the exchange settlement file doesn’t differentiate between intraday and delivery trades. Only a new credit/debit is calculated and that’s the number posted on your ledger.

      • Sanjoy says:

        Thanks for your comment, Matti.
        But I am little disheartened – I have seen these two (intraday and delivery activities) as separate entities in the ledger of another broking house. And this really helps.

        In order to make Zerodha a platform of choice for lot of other people, this is one of my humble feedbacks which, I will appreciate if Zerodha can make note of and incorporate in next upgrade / release.

        Thanks & Kind Regards

  347. Venkatesh V says:

    Hi Matti,

    When would be Kite3 rolled out for iOS Platfrom?

    Venkatesh V

  348. Venkat Reddy says:


    in mobile under portrait view, market depth is showing top to bottom with buying on top and selling below. Due to this, it is occupying entire screen and nothing else can be seen. Is there any option to the users to view buying on left side and selling on right side so that it occupies lesser screen space.

    • Matti says:

      I’m afraid that wouldn’t be possible. In the mobile view, showing the market depth the same as a wide screen is not possible.

  349. Pawan Kaushik says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I am new here but as a trader I want my platform to calculate number of shares as per their current price.
    E.g. If want to manage my 10000 Rs in liverage of 10X, and 5 intraday stocks need to be bought in morning, it should calculate number of shares which I can buy in Rs. 20k of margin for each scrip.
    Is this possible in kite?
    Thanks for Kite and added features.

  350. Shubhangi Pavtekar says:

    Hello Nitin,

    Zerodha has turned to Kalpavruksha, you wish it… you will get it..

    Thanks for Trigger entry in CO order..

  351. Thiyagarajan says:

    @ Co Traders

    I am new. How do Zerodha sends contract notes daily SMS/Email? It seems there is option in backoffice Q for downloading contract notes, and we need to check on our own. There wont be sms or email. pls confirm

  352. Kamal kishor rathor says:

    Nice update zerodha team thanks
    Pls add upper circuit and lower circuit on watch list

  353. Mohan says:

    I would like to let you know that I have used for today trading.

    When I placed the order it defaulted to “MIS” instead of “Normal/CNC” for intraday. (May be it is it is a miss or was not i

    This is unlike the previous version “” wherein when we click “Buy” button it defaults to “Normal/CNC”

    Also it reads as “Normal” and not as “CNC” which is provided as “CNC” in the above user manual. Please correct it. I have lots a huge sum of money because of this minor change in your UI, which is defaulting to “MIS” My suggestion is to keep the orders in default to “CNC”

    Like to hear from you folks!

  354. siddharth says:

    Please add Pre open market chart to the kite which allow us to access detail of the pre open market. It will help full for us to get the levels to trade at 9:15am.

    • Matti says:

      There are no trades in the Pre-market session Siddharth, just one tick happens. This cannot be shown on the charts.

      • siddharth says:

        Can you please make your drawing tool like have, can you please make fibonacci retracement like more colorful and bold and pre save 23% and 78% in it. Add trend line in it and all the drawing tool which have, because for fibonacci retracement and to use other drawing option I have switch from kite to and one more thing can you please make drawing tools lines more visible because they are very faded.

  355. Anant says:

    All looking good so far.. thanks a lot for new kite features.

    Please provide delete icon separately as previous, and also button / icon wold be helpful on top to clear all stocks from watch list, so one can don’t have to delete every stock one by one.

    Thanks 🙂

  356. Kiran Kumar says:

    Hello team,

    Do we have the square off option like Pi in Kite?


  357. Titas says:

    Please please please, add hot keys in chart with predefined order type(changeable with keys-like 1>market, 2> limit, 3>sl-m, 4> trigger) and volume(also changeable).

  358. Sandeep P says:

    Can u pls revert to CNC being the default for the cash segment and NRML for F&O. This change to MIS being the default has resulted in a loss to me and quite a few others I know !!

    • Matti says:

      Sandeep, the platform remembers your last choice per login. If you place one CNC order, the same will be chosen next time you place an order.

      • Sandeep P says:

        That wasn’t the case earlier though when CNC was the default always. The issue is that my first order post login can be erroneous bcoz of this. Cant you have something in settings where you can specify the default ?

        • Matti says:

          Allowing a user to set these preferences though may not seem much from the user’s end, managing this on the backend would be too much. However, what we’re doing now is changing the default to CNC.

  359. AD says:

    Hello Zerodha,

    There are some good to have features and some cute ones like photo personalisation. There are other hard core features required.
    1. Overall NIFTY ADVANCE/DECLINE in a chart.
    2. NIFTY 50 – ADVANCE/DECLINE in a chart. Ditto for Sensex, Bank NIFTY. The trends in these indexes (rather than just numbers) are helpful to index traders.
    3. World Market – indexes. Some of these are available at other sites but we have to look at different sites for these.
    4. For options – should be possible to look at option greeks
    5. For long term holdings, returns in terms of IRR.
    6. For long term holdings, in the same rows other columns can be added like major ratios PE, P/B, Dividend Yield etc.
    7. For charts in your previous software you had just dots. That was very useful. Bring it back.

  360. Harshal says:

    Congratulations Zerodha team for your stupendous efforts !!! After using Kite 3.0 for few days i would like give following feedback:
    1. Under position tab, options such as cancel or modify position should come as mouse hover similar to marketwatch to facilitate fast order management and reducing the no. of mouse clicks

    2. Under open orders, is it possible to disable LTP column as it just creates confusion. Keep it simple

    3. Lastly but most important, time and again the system/server don’t respond during high volatile days such as today morning. I missed out on many trades. If this is not sorted soon then there is no point for Kite 3.0

  361. venkatachalam says:

    Good job kite3. I like to add single button to exit Holding stocks in kite 3.This is more useful if any panic circumstance come.

  362. Sudipta says:

    I am an existing customer of Zerodha. I have received one SMS last week with a recommendation to buy BRFL with some target price etc. on the mobile number I registered with Zerodha specifically. I have never received such recommendations ever earlier, so I am skeptical if it is really sent by Zerodha. If yes, I will be happy to get such expert advise as I trust your knowledge. But if it is not sent by you, it is a worry. Please suggest if you have started any such initiative to inform the traders about useful Buy/Sell recommendations.

  363. Thiyagarajan says:

    @Zerodha Social

    I have plan to take loan of 20 lakhs and invest. I need basket order option to execute my plan. I am aware that you may provide it in future but nobody knows when will be. it may be 6 months or a year. Till that time can you provide me some work around method? Can this After market order (AMO) be an alternative for basket order? For example if i Key in each order, say at night 11.00 Pm (After regular market hours) will this be loaded during market open hours? I am looking to save time during market hours.

  364. Vikrant says:

    Hi Team,

    Thanks for Kite 3.0 beta.
    I found one indicator missing here “stochastic RSI” .
    Please suggest when can i found it in kite?

  365. VISHAL DHAKAN says:

    Good Job team Zerodha..
    But why it doesn’t have 4H timeframe?


  366. SANDIP SEN says:

    plz provide stochastic RSI indicators(which is provided on INVESTING.IN). nd congratulate for kite 3 beta version

  367. Omkar says:

    Kite 3.0 is super exciting and whatever features coming are awesome.
    One Suggestion :
    1. Can we have buy-sell order button to nearby Search Symbol Option instead after clicking on Storm button.
    2. Any option to buy options Spread at the same time? instead of doing each market order in options.

  368. shekhar Phatak says:

    Good day Sir,
    I have two suggestion for FUTURES stocks, is it possible to show the LOT Size and Expiry Date somewhere visible on this app. Thanks in advance, pls reply.

  369. Brill says:

    Hi Sir,

    It is really very nice to see the all New Kite 3.0!!!

    The following bugs i would like to make notice of ( may be already put forth by somebody )

    1. The “Saved Views” are not available in the Poped out chart.
    2. Any Saved view applied on a chart is lost once the chart is poped out to a new tab.

    Kindly rectify these issues.

    Keep up the good work.

  370. shekhar Phatak says:

    Good Day sir, Its a Great version, it is as per my expectation. My two most important features are fulfilled y this version.
    1 Multi charts on website gives me real time update to trade, now I can view more 5 charts at a time. Great work.
    2 Cover Order with SL and Target, when Target will hit, SL will close automatically. Its a Great relief while trading.
    all other features also Great. Hats Off Zerodha Team.

  371. Raj says:

    Can we get cover order with trailing SL

  372. santosh says:

    kite3 version official launch date ??

  373. Bharath says:

    In the Multiple chart view i cant apply studies, drawings, change time-frames etc and its showing one year chart view and cannot view intraday chart in all 4 charts..
    Please provide intraday chart view…

  374. Manmohan Singh says:

    Please allow multi leg strategy to be entered and exited as a single order where squaring off individual orders is not permitted, with all the legs expiring at the nearest month leg if not exited earlier.This will help traders enter different strategies of their choice with reduced margins.

  375. dmj888 says:

    Thank You….


    Thanks for updating kite and making it the best trading platform.
    Again on feature I want to suggest that to show time countdown on candle.
    Ca you add that feature?

    Thank You….

  377. Gowtham says:

    Need your response for below questions.

    1) P/L in Holdings page. It doesn’t show day’s change in INR. It shows in percentage and per stock. I am asking for per stock day’s gain in INR and total portfoilio’s gain in INR as well. Please let me know.
    2) We can see the chart for a stock but we cannot hover the mouse pointer over the graph, to get the price on a specific time. I am looking for something like “Market overview” section on the dashboard home-page for every stock.

    • Matti says:

      1) The total P&L in rupees and percentage is available at the bottom of the holdings page as well as the dashboard. Adding day’s gain/loss in rupees per stock would simply add noise to the platform without adding much value.
      2) The sparkline on the holdings page is just to give you an overview of how the stock has performed in the last 52 weeks. For detailed info, it’s best to invoke a full chart.

  378. Rohit Dwivedi says:

    I think instead of working on a software, which even after after this version (beta) is actually ages old than the software available in the market, just support them, meaning integrate your services with charting softwares like, Trading View, Trade Station, Ninja Trader and MT4, so that we can trade through them, it will solve all the problems.

    thanks and regards

  379. YI0280 says:

    How can i download all the orders executed which were of cnc type. There is no option to download such a list in zerodha. I also want to know which orders got converted from mis to cnc . Can any body help me.

    • Matti says:

      You can download the entire orderbook and then filter the order type from Kite directly.

      • Vishal Prabhu says:

        i am not able to login in Kite 3 with my user id YG5830.
        how do i do it.

        i am able to login on old desktop version of kite
        pls help

      • gaurav jain says:

        I can only download one day order book from kite which is giving order type. For past records i am not getting any order type. Can you specify the navigation of how to download old orders with order type column.

  380. tarak says:

    In the chart (popped out) we can not choose a new symbol which is not in the watch list. Even if market watch is updated after the popped out chart, it does not appear in the symbol list of the chart. Please fix this asap. Else every time new symbol is to be added and then a chart has to be opened.

    Please add a indicator for previous day low, high and close (I was not able to find one).


    • Brill says:

      An indicator to show PDH, PDL and PDH is a highly needed requirement. I had requested the same in Pi also, but nothing is done on this requirement even though it is not as difficult as adding a new study(I feel).

      Hope Zerodha will make note of this.

  381. tarak says:

    Dear Nithin,

    It appears kite3 does not show the market depth (visualization) correctly in edge browser. Also, short cut keys do not work consistently in EDGE browser else the speed is very good !


  382. akash says:

    Add fibonacci retracement line for swing low to swing high and again third point at latest swing low (correction low) to define target.

  383. akash says:

    Add 4hr chart in multi time frame charts, it is so useful in intraday, with out this there no use of mtf.

  384. DK says:

    Where is that ‘TOC’ sound
    I love that sound. Please add it

  385. Sudarshan Wankhede says:

    Kite3 app or kite app not available for window phone. When it will launch ??

    Further future price alert option to be set so that as soon asit pop up on screen same investment/trade can be initiated.

    • Matti says:

      A Windows app being released is unlikely Sudarshan, as Microsoft itself has officially discontinued support for Windows phone. You can still use Kite from your Windows device by logging into Kite from your browser, the web app is optimised for mobile usage.

  386. Pratik Modi says:

    Dear Team,
    While placing buy or sell order current market price is not reflecting on a window so please check this issue and fix it ASAP.

    For e.g: If i open buy window when CMP was 106 then buy window always shows 106 even though CMP is changed to 109.

  387. sriramkandukuri says:

    Every order getting executed as MIS, Do we need to select NRML every time? Please change it to remember last choice.

    • Matti says:

      Kite remembers the last choice you make here. If you place an NRML order, you’ll see that the next time you open an order window, the default selection is NRML.

  388. James says:

    please provide custom fibonacci levels text box in kite. Also please allow the flexibility to fibolevels to be named on left of right of the plotting


  389. M R Verma says:

    Dear Mr. Nitin
    I’m using Pi. Can we get Stochastic RSI indicator in Pi. Its very useful for day trading.
    Hoping many other traders might be expecting it.

    Thanks & regards

  390. M. Muralidharan says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin
    Congratulations and I am very happy to see the upgradation.
    Here I would like to point out about a problem I have noticed in the earlier version as well as in this upgraded version. Many instances the average cost shown in is not correct. (This is not for all cases). I have written about this to the support team and received a mail saying they will work on it, but so far it is still there.
    Hope you will arrange to look into it at the earliest.
    Thanks and regards

  391. priti jadhav says:

    Dear Nitin,
    Thanks for your endeavor to make us trade with more convenience.
    One important issue in kite charts is, it shows some deviation in OHLC figures in comparison to NSE data.
    This is very serious issue and hope will be addressed ASAP.

  392. Ratnakar Dutt says:

    Could you please provide an option to set the Horizontal line for given specific point. it’s getting very very difficult to set the line exactly at the same point when decimals include.

    Ex:- Try setting Horizontal like at 3700 of Crude Oil. you can not, its very difficult to set point exactly at given point due to decimals.

    Any backlog item you are already working on it?

  393. Nikhil says:

    Are you updating Quant ?
    it was helpful for own trade analysis
    is it coming back?

  394. Ravi says:

    Please increase number of stocks in market watch.. It is very much required for swing trader or Btst trader. If more there one can quickly analyze them as per one’s technical set up.. No need to add and remove stocks everytime. Adding nd removing takes most of the time of study. Currently I have my stocklist in UPSTOX APP, there we can add unlimited stocks on watchlist.. Even though kite is good, lack of this one feature force me to use upstox app. If smaller broker can provide this why dont you guys do that.. Now dont say that this will make price update slow but i have observed many times even if i have 5 stocks in my watchlist in kite, LTP never updates while placing a order. This is not the case with other app where i have 500 stocks in my watchlist.. I dont know you guys will read this or not.. If you are reading please read it twice

  395. Piyush says:

    I loved UI/UX. Superb experience.
    Great work. 🙂

  396. Vara Lakshmi says:

    Nice Sir.
    Very happy to see the upgraded Kite 3.0 I Like it very much. It is very good and useful to everyone. I am a small trader. I request you the following.
    1) I am not aware of this – Is there any facility for the online of instant funds transfer available in Equity accounts to Commodity account during the Trading timing. Suppose, by 3.30 PM, I am having funds in Equity account only. I want to do the trading in Commodities from 3.30 PM for which I have no balance in commodities account. Pl. suggest.

    Vara Lakshmi

  397. Vara Lakshmi says:

    Nice Sir.
    Very happy to see the upgraded Kite 3.0 I Like it very much. It is very good and useful to everyone. I am a small trader. I request you the following.
    1) In the market watch, Only 5 tables given ie.upto 100 stocks. – More market watches, ie. nearly 10 to 15 tables, It will be beneficial to track and study the more stocks using charts.
    2) I am not aware of this – Is there any facility for the online of instant funds available in Equity accounts to Commodity account during the Trading timing. Suppose, by 3.30 PM, I am having funds in Equity account only. I want to do the trading in Commodities from 3.30 PM for which I have no balance in commodities account. Pl. suggest.

    Vara Lakshmi

  398. Harpreet Singh says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I congratulate your team for this amazing kite 3.0 . It’s very good & useful for everyone. I like it very much. I m not a big trader I m a small trader. I m not using any other software except it. I m on a learning level. I used it very much. It’s really good. But it has also some drawbacks. I have also some problems with it like I am using 27 ” screen monitor. The space on its sides remain blank. Please upgrade it also so that it cover my full screen. And another drawback is that in its watch list we can only reserve 100 stocks which I think are very few its my request to you please increase it to 250-300 so that we can get benefit from it. And also please show its study tools like (trend line, horizontal line, vertical line, fabonaci, line, channel) on screen interface so that we didn’t go again & again on menu bar for these tools. According to me these are the drawbacks which I feel & I think some other also feel the same.
    I hope that you will resolve these drawbacks and update these as soon as possible. Thanks.

  399. Yogesh says:

    New Kite 3 is very nice , but some suggestion as for future price in watchlist stock , 52 week High and Low should be visit , at present it is available for only stocks.
    secondly , Aadhar is not getting linked.

  400. Kannan says:

    How about incorporating Day’s P&L (currently you have only % and in 3.0 too, its not provided I presume looking at the screnshots) in Holdings tab to know how the portfolio has performed on value every day? If its already there, please let me know.

  401. AMITH says:

    hello TEAM ZERODHA. TZ is doing great job. i have a request .
    There is an issue in linking AADHAAR with brokerage account. The AADHAAR verication process needs to complete OTP validation . Problem is that, OTP is texted to my old mob_no which i used during AADHAAR enrolment process. Since i dont use that number anymore , i cant get hold of OTP . one option i have is visit AADHAAR KENDRA and apply for AADHAAR correction . i will do that if no other option. But kindly do tell if any other way to link AADHAAR, like LINKING USING SMS

  402. B.N.SINGH says:

    Great job,

    Add small tab on order window that shows if you trade this, and trade is the success then how much you get after brokerage and taxes, and if not after stop-loss how much you suffer. because it takes more time for small investor and trader.
    1.Price up & down arrow key not working.
    2.Chart preferences lost automatically even you save it.
    3.Chart updateion and price updation stuck.

  403. Mahendrasingh says:

    1 Pls add upper and lower circuit limit with watch list

  404. Sushil says:

    Super trend indicator show value intraday and EOD defferent mean it changes it’s value

    • Matti says:

      The intraday chart is plotted from the live data streamed by the exchange. The signals are hence generated real-time. However, at the end of the day, the charts are synced with our data servers and the candles may change a little. This is normal behaviour. Read more about this here.

  405. Subash says:

    Thanks for the update of Kite. However please allow us to make /change default setting like in buy/sell window order type default is set to MIS , which is not the case for all. Please provide options or change the default setting to NRML.

    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… Kite does remember the last choice you made while placing an order. So you’ll only have to do this once a day.

  406. Pratik says:

    Today it is not even loading charts? Is it problem with too much load or something that needs to be changed on my end? I’ve good internet and rig to trade, so it can’t be

  407. Vijay says:

    First of all and Big Thank you for giving such a fantastic platform.

    You mentioned in the multi-chart section:

    This will pop out a new tab with the charts of the 4 scrips you select. Apply studies, drawings, change timeframes,etc., for each chart individually as you see fit.

    For me it always display as a daily chart. I am not able to see the toolbar where we can change the timeframe, apply studies etc. Am I missing anything?



  408. Ajinkya says:

    The new features surely look promising. Congrats team Zerodha.
    However I have been trying to open a chart on, but it doesn’t show the chart at all. I am trying this from my office network. The charts work just fine on existing kite website. Not sure what’s the issue on kite3. Please check.

  409. gaurav says:

    lovely updates but how long before the final version goes live?can’t wait for it!

  410. Pramod says:


    The UI looks neat in kite3 but here are some issues/suggestion which can be worked upon:
    1. Previously was able to delete the stocks from watch list by just hovering over it and delete icon was coming up but not need to expand the options to do the same. The delete icon should be shown in main options itself.
    2. Continuously getting error fetching data while loading and more over it comes in pop up which cannot be dismissed by clicking anywhere in screen but need to be dismissed by clicking on popup ok button. Please fix it and it would be great if the popup can be dismissed by clicking anywhere in screen.


  411. Rohit says:

    Kite mobile enhancement request – I should be able to use fingerprint if mobile supports it, to login. Entering regular credentials like Kite Web is cumbersome.

  412. mahesh panchal says:

    please guide video for new version of kite 3.0 beta software download and installed on computer as well as mobile. to all traders ?

    Thanking you

  413. Amey Gokhale says:

    Hi – kite3.0 seems to be great with useful additions. Btw i am inspired by Nitin’s single digit % body fat goal mentioned in his signature.
    I tried new Kite version this morning and loving it. Couple of things i observed on Multiple chart view (4 charts) :
    – “display” menu for the charts at the bottom seems cut. I cannot really select different charts towards bottom such as “heikin ashi”/”Point n figure”/”Renko” etc for charts in bottom half of the screen.
    – Instead of having to go through each chart and selecting various studies, it might be cool to have a feature that if i add a study on one chart, it reflects it on all charts in multiple views. For some reason, when i open multiple charts, it doesn’t use my existing view from main window (i have to switch to my saved views on each individual chart thru -> Views -> “pref view”.

  414. Goutam says:

    Kite3 has bug. After opening accunt with you, did the first trade using Kite3 and saw the bug in system.

    Pls look at my transaction detail to see the issue in detail.
    At 9:20:12 I placed an order of 200 qty order on Hubtown, system placed 2 orders at the same time. Exact at same time, same seconds… which is incorrect. I am sure to place one more oder, some one will take not less than 30 seconds for the 2nd order. For a human being it is not possible to to place 2 orders at the same time (in seconds).

    I have no issue as far as this particular transaction as I wanted to buy more but the bug can cause huge to some one… think some one want to place an order of 1000 qty on some script for trading and system placed 2 order of 1000 qty which may go against the market and the customer will have to bear the loss.

    Hope you acknowledge the issue and try to resolve.

    Client id YQ5660

  415. Venkatesh says:

    Hi Matti

    I’m afraid have you seen my previous post.

    Few first glance observations after viewing your new kite 3.0 beta…
    Very first my sincere compliments for a sleek and cute look with lot much awaiting features…commendable to your entire team for such a hard effort….bravo..

    first i will list few bugs/observations
    1) on the order pop up window Up/down arrows to modify prices were not working…and not working to modify any of the order window entries in fact. however if i use my computer keyboard up/down arrow, i could change it…however it’s practically impossible while working on a mobile browser…pls fix the same ASAP

    Other very important feedbacks/Suggestions.

    1) on the market watch list, a Mini thumbnail Sparkline chart could be placed next to the script which is very useful for anyone to see a quick glance on the stock’s Intraday movement, rather going to a detailed chart always, in fact you have a good amount of blank space available which you could make use of it….FYI This is already available on platforms like Upstox…

    2) At present there is no way to know the market open status for segments NSE, NFO BSE, CDS, MCX… Pls provide a tab in kite to show the market Open status…which is vital for traders.

    Venkatesh V

    • Matti says:

      Ah, sorry for missing out.
      1. Yeah, the team is working on having this fixed. The arrows to change the values in the order window will start working as expected soon.

      Adding a sparkline on the marketwatch would be quite against the design principles of the platform. The change with respect to the previous day’s close is anyway available on the marketwatch. The actual movement of the stock can always be gleaned from the primary charts. The sparkline wouldn’t really add much value here.
      We’ve previously considered adding a market status on the platform but decided against it as most traders are generally aware of market timings.

      • Venkatesh V says:

        Hi Matti,

        great to know that you would fix the up/down arrows issue…

        market status is good to have, still can live without that…

        thumnail sparkline on mw I cannot understand why would it go against design? very first you have space and second thing is one has to click the big chart only when he wanted to see more in detail as one can see the intraday trend already on the sparkline chart….think from the peoples who trade from mobile browsers or mobile apps, clicking to get detail charts is always over killing? do find a point what I say?

        beiive me the other player in market do provide thumbnail sparkline charts on mw

        I’m sure majority of the mobile users sure will agree that I say?

        you must consider this option to make your app to meet its best of requirements satisfying all type of users


  416. Ashwin says:


    I’ve noticed one issue with Pop Out chart, When I pop out the chart in another tab and use the chart trading function then I’ve noticed that the whole window stop refreshing by itself. I’ve to refresh the chart again and again and then it shows the present status of graph as well as trading window price section.

    Kindly look into this problem.

  417. Rohan says:

    in positions tab . Now i need to make 2 clicks to open exit window.
    Plz make this similar to previous kite where 1 click was enough to open exit window

  418. Mitul Bhawsar says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I truly think that there is a need for the below 2 features:

    1) More tabs to add stocks to watchlist – 5 is not enough for me at least
    2) A feature to add my own view against each stock or chart which reminds me my previous view.

  419. UDAY KUMAR says:

    Many many thanks to NITIN and the whole zerodha team. thanks alot..!!

  420. Ganesh Pathak says:

    Good efforts one difficulty I face horizontal line , once it created can’t move

  421. Aravind says:

    when I log in to my kite app from my phone and open a chart and then press on option full screen the same chart opens in another window.. so now the problem is when i try to change time frame its not happening because the new feature flash symbol is sitting on the time frame not allowing me to change it…. plz fix the problem ASAP

  422. Huzeifa says:


    There are more than 2000 scrips listed on the stock exchange. Cant you add more pages to the watchlist. 5 pages is not simply enough. Also monthly profit and loss data is not available Q back office is very outdated. This are simple things which should be available to investor

    • Matti says:

      Nobody realistically trades or tracks over a 100 stocks parallely. This just doesn’t make much sense for a trader or investor. As such, we’ve limited the marketwatch to 100 in the interest of bandwidth. We’re currently working on upgrading Q and should be live in a few weeks.

  423. Sathia says:

    Partial exit not available in cover order and bracket order, so if i have 500qty, the system should allow split the order and sell like 300qty at one price and 200qty in another price. Feel uptox is good compare to zerodha. Please add this option, automatic split qty is waste.

  424. Kumar20 says:

    zerodha team,
    Hope someone will reply regarding the addition of 4hr timframe in 2/4 charts.Multiple people are asking the same question,no one from zerodha has replied yet.

  425. draj says:

    i think there is a bug in market watch. I had 20 entries in market watch. I deleted 5 of them. Now with 15 entries, I tried to add one stock to the same market watch. It is giving a message, “Can’t add more than 20 elements to the market watch”.

    Please check this.


    • draj says:

      sorry, it is working after I re-loggedin. But I could not scroll till the last entry in the market watch, after deleting some entries. I could not replicate this error now. If it happens again, I will post it.

  426. rahul says:

    plz add option to change background colour of kite.

  427. Namit Rathore says:

    Hi Zerodha Team
    I mostly trade on F&O segment. Once the near month series ends, I have to delete the expired contracts and add all the contracts for the next series in marketwatch manually. This is quite a cumbersome process. Can this be simplified. I remember having a trading account with Religare once and instead of the expiry date, the contracts were classified by near month, next month, next month +1 and so on. Can something similar be done on Kite and/or Pi?
    Other than this peeve, I think Kite is the best platform I have ever used – love it for it’s really light, simple and intuitive.

    On a separate note, Quant on Q is deprecated quite a long time ago but haven’t seen a replacement tool like it. I would really love to see my daily MTM profits and losses in the form of a graph over a period of time to learn from mistakes. Is there anything that you are working on to provide this kind of information?


  428. Mandy says:

    Thanks for providing the much needed features:-
    But i still need some more things from Zerodha’s end.

    1. GTC orders.
    2. A better portfolio manager in Q which can tell me the beta and alpha of my portfolio without me having to calculate each time. So that i can know the risks of my portfolio.
    3. Also please start the analysis of the trades again. I am waiting to run the analysis of my trades but time conrtacts and quants have not come up yet and have been depreceated as per Q.

  429. vinothprabhu k says:

    hey hai, now am getting used kite 3, since its new can i point out few things to make it better,
    1)there is an little error while live streaming of volume data, bcox volume data gets fluctuate between days volume and specified time frame.
    2) i recommend to add angles tool so that traders can use gann fan with more reliablity, as it is difficult for me draw gann 1*1 exactly at 45”,
    if there is any other request then i will post it here .
    thank you,

  430. Ramaesh says:

    Kindly somebody answer this, how many charts can be opened at a time and how?

  431. draj says:

    Good to see the new kite3.

    I trade in options. is it possible to buy or sell an option based on the crossing of a price of the underlying stock or index? i.e. basically I’m looking for Limit order or SL order for an option based on the price of underlying. I need this because it is difficult to judge the exact price of an option for a given limit/SL price of the underlying.

    If it is possible to do easily thru scripting, kindly provide a sample script for doing this kind of trade.


  432. chaitanya says:

    Pls place delete tab on scrip like in previous version, instead of going into the option and delete scrip from watchlist
    Can you add more number of watch list page upto 10 pages instead of current 5pages

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Chaitanya, we wanted to make better use of the space, give it a shot and i’m sure you will get used to it :). Increasing the watchlist limit is not possible at this point.

  433. Avinash Jawalkar says:

    I,m so used to Pi I wish you could do the same to Pi which is very user friendly & simple.But anyway great work,will also try to use Kite.Please add Camarilla pivot points to Kite.Pi also hangs a lot specially when we change the time frames we have to reconcile & load again.

  434. Bandhan Sharma says:

    I am checking the option pin 1 and pin 2, now I again pin NIFTY 50 on top but failed. Please guide

  435. Mayank Singh Solanki says:

    The order window has some issues. The increase or decrease in quantity cannot be done using the up and down arrow provided in the window. Further, only the down arrow clicks, and that too doesn’t work. Please fix it.

  436. Manmohan Singh says:

    Please allow positional F&O writing with SL so that margin is reduced accordingly.

  437. K says:

    Overall the features are good and much awaited ones. Regarding “Sparklines” on Holdings, along with 52week progress, can we also have how the shares have been faring from the time we bought? This is in addition to 52week data. Basically users should be able to switch both the views depending on the requirement.

  438. Apurva Monal says:

    Overall is improved but there are some issues like

    1- you can add 4 charts of those stocks only which are in your marketwatch
    2- adding same chart in 4 chart view with different setting like drawing different in different chart view is not possible for same stock.
    3- there should be button on the chart with all order type in a compact section on the chart itself.
    4- trader need good exit buttons directly not by going to click button and then another bottom so for order exit there should be easy setup , so if anyone goes to position he can easily exit CO or Bo order from there so order book should be floating window so that it can be customized in the screen.
    5- All tab (like-position,order,,etc)should be floating .

  439. Vishal says:


    Possibly I couldn’t find it, but is there any way to open a chart for any symbol without adding it at first to Marketwatch.
    Every time I wanted to see a chart for any stock/index I had to add it to Marketwatch first then only I can find it in the search box. Quite tedious!

  440. Shefali Doshi says:

    To the whole team,

    Thank you so much for all the simplified versions especially for professionals like me who are not so in league with online things in stocks and equities. The software is awesome and I am loving it day by day and learning from all the tutorials you’ll have put up for us.

    Good good work and keep it going…


  441. Akhil says: documentation mentions:

    “Bracket orders only support the LIMIT order type.”

    Kite 3.0 introduced Bracket Orders with Trigger entry.
    When will the API’s support Bracket Orders with Trigger Entry?

  442. Gowtham says:

    Do we have the following features in kite3?

    1. Day P/L in INR instead of percentage. Either in app or website is fine.
    2. In chart view of a stock, can we get the price of stock at the position of mouse pointer? It will be helpful to find the price of a stock on a particular date by just moving mouse on the chart.

    If not, can we expect this in the next version?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Gowtham, 1) Both the holdings and positions page show this.
      2) Yes, just click on the info box.

      • Gowtham says:

        1) It doesn’t show day’s change in INR. It shows in percentage and per stock. I am asking for per stock day’s gain in INR and total portfoilio’s gain in INR as well. Please let me know.
        2) We can see the chart for a stock but we cannot hover the mouse pointer over it to get the price on a specific time period. I am looking for something like “Market overview” section on the dashboard home-page for every stock.

  443. Sudarsan Gouni says:

    And also views which saved in kite only displays here,
    if i saved a view in kite3, logoff and login – the new view is missing

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Sudarshan, when you save view you will have to click on save preferences. Otherwise, you will lose your views.

  444. Sudarsan Gouni says:

    Appreciate your work,

    i have faced below issues…

    1)update price not working properly… i mean selecting and removing at once not happening and up/down also not changing price.
    2) Switching between periods(example: 1 Day, 6m, 1 year, YTD) on chart throws “Error in fetching data,try again” most of the times in Kite3
    3) Matketwatch setting option text padding is not good – small minor UI issue

    • Zerodha Social says:

      1) Will be fixed shortly.
      2) Must be because of connectivity fluctuation, let us know the next time you face it.

  445. narasimha says:


    Bracket orders with trigger entry, cover orders with limit entry. superb work.
    movable order window. whoever came up with that — intelligent, that’s trader friendly
    volume bars on the market depth – are they relative(bids and asks have same sacle) if not are useless and distracting.


  446. Amit Rajderkar says:

    Hello Team,

    found below 2 issues while using Kite3.
    1. Added few scrips in watchlist using anroid mobile app, but those are not visible in Kite3 login. (visible in normal kite login).
    Kite3 login doesnot allow to add same scrips showing error “already added” however not visible in watchlist.

    2. Chart settings are getting disappeared after logoff.

    Please check on the same.

  447. tarak says:

    Is there a way to get 3 lines corresponding to previous day close, high and low?


  448. Bhs says:

    Few things that are still missing in Kite are:

    1. Availability of the system during non-trading hours and weekends, this will help users to understand their portfolios etc.

    2. Trade Settlement information, In the current system I don’t see anywhere the details of the sale settlements and the expected date of settlement.

    3. Session Timeout, currently I can use the same session even after 1 hour of non activity.


  449. niranjan says:

    Do you provide multiple order placement (similar to something buying multiple stocks keeping their buy limit) in one submit ? It will be a much needed feature.
    Another feature would be creating your own basket of stocks similar to etf and monitoring it ?

  450. Harsh Parikh says:

    Alert Option for prices should be added.
    In the old version on the top right of the market watch, there was an option to show the change in % as well as rs terms.
    In the new version such option is placed in market watch settings on bottom right.
    It is suggested to keep such option as it was in old version. i.e. on top right of the market watch since it is easy, convenient and fast to use.

  451. Harsh Parikh says:


    In the old version when we placed mouse on a scrip (Futures – eg. Indigo Dec Fut) inserted in market watch we had option of stock widget. it is missing in kite 3.0
    pls add it.

  452. Santosh Rathod says:

    Hi Zerodha team,
    I really appreciate your work. Nice to see you with New features. KITE 3 Beta is simply great compare to other trading platform options.

  453. sandip khadke says:

    hello Sir,
    please send me link to download latest kite 3.0 on my mobile. my mobile no 7757050655

  454. Manmohan Singh says:

    Please allow bracket order in options also.

  455. Ashish Bansal says:

    It would be awesome if we would have something similar for Bitcoin & other altcoin trading. I would be happy to pay too.


    CLIENT ID YG 7422
    In spite of repeated requests you are not allowing me to trade by not enabling POA for e trading for a very long time.
    In this connection refer ticket number 572905 dtd 11.12.2017.
    What is the use of kites 3 or 4 or 5 for me?!

  457. ganesh deo says:

    we still can not see the option greeks. I dont know why this critical feature not on kite. Instead of adding options by searching, why cant kite display entire option chain once you type equity ticker symbol. puts on one side, calls on other side. its so intuitive design but, its missing completely in kite.

  458. Sagar says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Thanks new features.

    Following wish list remains with you (Both in Android mobile app )

    – GTD/GTC Orders
    – Price Alert
    – ULC/LCL
    – Buying and selling option through live chart in android mobile application

    So many traders having other accounts because lack of these options in zerodha



    • Zerodha Social says:

      Sagar, 1) We are working on making GTC/GTD orders available.
      2) Price alerts will available soon. 🙂
      3) We are working on displaying UC and LC values on Kite, hopefully soon.
      4) Already working on rolling out the updates to Kite mobile.

  459. Madhan says:


    The New Kite3.0 is Awesome. Thank you.

    It would be nice if you guys check the following things,
    1) Price of the stock in tab of popout charts.
    2) When i select multiple chart from a script, a popout is asking me to select a script for each chart. Please have the script from which i choose multi chart as default.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Madhan, 1) If you are using a chrome browser the LTP is shown on the tab of popped out charts.
      2) That’s how multiple charts are meant to work. But will check this with our team.

      • Bala says:

        Hi zerodha social

        The new kite3.0 is not showing saved views from old kite version

      • Madhan says:


        1) I’m using chrome browser only. In kite the price is showing. In kite3.0 the price of stock is not shown in tab of popout charts.
        2) For multiple charts, if i’m using 4 charts. To see a script in 4 charts, each time i have to select the script in each chart, which will be irritating. So choose the script from which i choose multiple chart as default to all 4 charts. So that way user can select a script and see multiple chart of that directly. It’ll be user freindly.

  460. Rahaliyas says:

    GTC GTD is the only request I had ,I still have another account due to this …..
    Appreciate the changes but this point has disappointed…..
    Hope you listen to the customer……

  461. Narendra Sambhus says:

    Thanks for Kite 3.0.

    Great that charts are now available for ‘Holdings’ in addition to ‘Marketwatch’!

    Just one request. When we bring cursor on stock listed in Marketwach, it immediately displays ‘Buy, Sell, Depth, Chart and More’. Upon bringing cursor on stock listed in Holdings, a display of ‘Options’ appears. This makes us to click one more time for opening the chart. This extra clicking can be avoided if same arrangement is made as done for ‘Marketwatch.

    Request you to try to implement the above suggestion.

  462. Nitesh says:

    I found most of the thing fine.
    But when popout the chart the price of stock doesnt sown in top.
    So it should be sown while looking other chart…

  463. Manish says:

    Just one word to describe Kite 3.0. Awesome !!! 🙂

    Really fast, smooth and memory efficient from what it seems. And some very needed features are available now like the multiple charts, selecting multiple orders to exit, etc. Very nice it all is.

    Just one thing that i think should be included is the ability to modify multiple orders of the same stock using the select check button.

    Why this is really important ? Because of the way Bracket orders gets filled sometime. Which is in chunks of paired Stop loss and target and its really a pain to modify all of them in realtime esp when the market is moving and you are desperately grasping to modify those chunks of orders correctly.

    For example say a Bracket order is placed for 300 SBIN. It gets filled in several small chunks. A long list of paired Stop loss and target orders appears in the order window. Now modifying all of these chunks is a real pain man. Like really frustrating and inconvenient and it just induces unnecessary anger which again have its own bad consequences.

    So i think it would be really nice if these chunks of orders can be selected and modified at once. Right now these can be selected and exited at once. But cannot be modified. Hence the ability to modify them at once from one order dialog box is really important. So i can just select all of the stop loss orders for SBIN and modify them from a single order dialog.

    Other than that everything is just shining. Thanks for providing just a fantastic trading platform. Keep up good work.

  464. Chandan sabarwal says:

    Too bad still no improvement with basic drawing tools. I had written a mail about a year ago and sad to see genuine trading and analysis tools are still most neglected.
    1. trendlines cannot still be copied
    2.all drawing tools must snap to candle high/lows
    3.disable bakground color in fibonacci tool and allow custom ratios to be input by user eg 76.4 / 88.6 etc
    4.2H Timeframe needs to be added..pi has uptil 4h why only 1h in kite?

    • Srikanth says:

      The 4 hour time frame is already available in Kite. You can view 4 Hour chart of a stock by selecting “1M” period at the bottom of your chart.

  465. Nitin says:

    Very nice feature. I am excited to try them.

  466. Syed hussain says:

    Please add “market depth” in holdings where we may able to see each holding/ script with a” market dept” option in it apart from buy/sell

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Syed, you can check market depth from the holdings. Just click on the “Options” menu and you will see the option.

  467. Asghar says:

    Plzz plzz plzz add an option where we can get atleast get 15 scripts per watch list ….it may not effect the performance of kite app as those who need more scripts they can add it those who didn’t want it they don’t add scripts.. bandwidth depends on users data package …as I do intraday,swing and investment I need more scripts in my watchlist as per my needs which I always or better to say everyday missing it ….

  468. Avinash Chintamani says:

    Thanks Zerodha team.

    Three things I liked about the new version are.

    1. Multiple charts on a single window.
    2. Placing order from market depth.
    3. Placing orders from rejected queues.

    Thanks a lot.

  469. Nikhil says:

    Kudos to the team.

  470. Ashish Sharma says:

    Thanks a lot Team Zerodha and Nitin ji for this much awaited update. We users really appreciate the updates. Specially :
    Pin feature. Avg price in depth. Being able to see depth from holdings. Trade from chart.
    Trigger and SL in BO is a great one. Special thanks for this one.

    However please have a look at points I mentioned below. Some of this were requested earlier too. Certainly those would make the platform more user friendly.

    1. When I search new scrip from watchlist search, along with +, B and S, please add open chart option. This would help to study a chart without adding to watchlist.(Good to have)
    2. The menu that comes on hovering a scrip in watchlist, could have all the options directly visible as before. Stock widget option is more frequently used. If you reduce the size of buttons by a small fraction (2-3 Pixels), all the buttons can easily accomodate there on the hover list only. Nobody would mind, even a couple of last characters from of the name of the script being hovered are shadowed because of this expanded menu.(IMP for 3.0)
    3. Menu on hover of holding script – The Universal context menu is not Universal. Instead of Options button(…), can’t it be the same menu that comes on hover of watchlist so that it can then be called as Universal context menu that comes on hover? This I had requested earlier too. Yes you can add your new menu ‘Add to watchlist’ to the hover menu list in case of hover in holdings. (IMP for 3.0)
    4. Menu on hover in Positions – Instead of Options button(…), please make it on hover as before. It saves time and is more user friendly. Here we dont need ‘Add to market watch’ as the positions are most likely are taken from market watch i.e. script is already in market watch.(IMP for 3.0)
    5. Total Day’s change is not available on hovering the Day’s change as before. (IMP as a regression)
    6. From holdings, if I can open all past trades for a particular scrip it would be great. (Great to have in future release).
    7. Multiple chart view is nice. It could be great if I can scroll through all my positional holdings on watchlist from the chart itself. You might check Economic times charts features for this. (Not a must. Could be the last thing to do)

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ashish Sharma

    • Ashish Sharma says:

      Please consider the point on Universal Context Menu. There is absolutely no need for those three dots “…” , Its not culttering the noise, in fact it is the noise!
      There are 3 menus that come on the hovering the dots,
      1.Pin – these can be removed, instead you can directly make the two Pin positions editable. Anyways people will rarely do this.
      2.Popout chart and 3. Stock Widget – both these are great and must exist. If you remove the dots we will get 1 place and 2nd place can be obtained by either decreasing the buttons size by 1-2 pixels or increasing the length of hover menu by 1 button size.

      Remove the three dots and copy-paste the extact code from watchlist context menu that you have after having the mentioned updates. 🙂

      There are some confusions over how the Realized profits is calculated, it looks it ignores the profit gained by options. Anyways I will include this point after having a call with customer care. But please consider the suggestions I have mentioned in the above 2 msgs.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Ashish Sharma

  471. Ravi Kumar BA says:

    Kudos to the Team Zerodha…

    Its a pleasure to be your client

  472. Rushil B Thakar says:

    nice work sir
    great to have this account

  473. Thiyagarajan says:

    Sir, Where is basket orders feature? that is the critical one. Atleast you can provide basket orders with 5 line of order entries in a upload file, if you afraid system cannot handle bulk orders

  474. Guru says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Didnt get funda of Price and Trigger Price in BO and CO. Also advise how i can place order with trailing stop loss?

    for example, If i buy 1 lot of Idea @ 95.5 and want to sell it on 95.8 with stop loss of .5 and trailing stop loss of .05 , then how to place the order?

    • Rashmi Kanta Dash says:

      I have also the same concern although I am waiting for tomorrow for testing during market hour. If BO order whether we place the order with target and stop loss in points or in LTP that is one of the concern for me also. Suppose I am going to buy a stock which has the current market price 100 rupees I want to place the same order with target 110 and stop loss 95 what needs to be mentioned in target box simply 10 or 110 similarly in stop loss it is 5 or 95. It is little bit confusing unless we place the order we can’t tress out the behavior of the system. If anyone already placed the same order and tested please comment.

      • Sangam Patra says:

        Hi – I just want to share my personal experience with regards to Bracket Orders. Same Example: Suppose you are buying a stock which has the CMP 100 rupees and you want to place the same order with target 110 and stop loss 95, you would need to mention target 10 and stop loss 5, not 110 or 95. This way your order will be executed. Also, you can choose whether you want your order to be executed at a Market price or Limit price. If you want to double assure yourself, just buy a share and try this. Hope this helps you! Thank you!

        • Guru says:

          The main question is Trailing stoploss. we can use this function in Nifty/Index but not in stock

          • Matti says:

            Bracket orders are not allowed for stock options as the SL leg of the bracket order is always SLM, and market/SLM orders in stock options can lead to huge impact costs.

  475. Rashmi Kanta Dash says:

    I have tested kite3 and I found very comfortable with the additional features but one problem I am facing with kite3 during testing that as you mentioned above one can place buy/sell order inside the chat itself but to bring buy/sell button you need to click on the left corner of the chat area but after the market I have checked it it is not showing is there any restriction in that which is not allowing after market is closed. I was checking in mozilla firefox web browser.

    One concern I would like to bring your focus that while buying / selling if you want to check the quantity of stock you can buy or sell with the margin you have through a single click in the same screen, then it will be better for us, if possible add the margin calculators with brokerage calculator somewhere which will be helping me a lot so that I can easily calculate the number of stocks I can buy with my margin.

    Otherwise you have done extremely good job by providing BO buying SL facility and CO order Limit facility. These two tools I really believe was must awaited tool I think after this Zerodha will be the only discount trading house in India where such facilities are available If I am wrong then please correct me.

    Thanks for providing awesome platform by making user friendly trading system for traders where one can will get profited if he has little bit knowledge about market.

    Rashmi Kanta Dash

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Rashmi, thanks for the kind words.
      1) there is no such restriction. You can access the buy/sell panel even after the markets close.
      2) Displaying margins on the buy/sell window is on our list of things.

  476. jagdish says:

    Great work but not sure why Zerodha not making Valid till cancel/ good till cancel order?
    its simple feature but very useful for people who just want to buy share at some price and forget placing order daily.
    Any reason why Zerodha do not consider this?

    • Thiyagarajan says:

      They are also not providing basket orders which is critical. Who will enter 10 orders or 20 orders on daily basis . A smart trader always key in prices at low price or high price (never at market price). If i wish to buy 50 stocks at such low prices i need to key in on daily basis. If basket order is available i can load through file upload. Also if some one know which broker provides this functionality then let me know. Kind Regards.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Jagdish, the exchanges currently don’t allow this. Others brokers are using a hacky way to get around this. Having said that, we are working making GTC/GTD orders available.

      • Thiyagarajan says:

        @jagdish. We need to be careful on GTC/GTD order. Because you cannot enter the target price and forget all the way. On daily basis exchange sets upper price limit and lower price limit for stocks. If your GTC/GTD order price does not lies between this range then your order will be cancelled by Zerodha systems. Atleast once you need to login and check if the old orders are repeated in the system.

        • MS says:


          GTC, as already mentioned by many, is a very powerful feature. A very simple way we can think of implementing this is to have the stock/price/qty in a dbase, and on a daily basis during the start of the day, run GTDaily for each of those scripts. So, basically, it can be easily implemented on top of GTdaily, with a script. Now, if on certain days if it doesn’t fall within the range of exchange provided price, then it doesn’t get set, s/w can easily handle this. And if you are worried for such orders to exist for a long time, then mark them as obsolete after 1-2 months (use the notification feature to intimate the user). (This can probably be easily done/tested with a script+db+JSON order place support that you have mentioned somewhere).

          Also note, it helps to get the differential price and % diff between GTC price and current price. That helps one to realign and change GTC pricing, if necessary.

          • Thiyagarajan says:

            I think Zerodha should push GTC/GTD/BASKET orders after 9.30 Am, so that their concern on handling such high volume (performance issue) during market open can be averted.

            • MS says:

              In my opinion, high volume should never be a concern — all exchanges are designed to absorb very high volumes in realtime, in a responsive manner. And, zerodha is way much smaller than most of the broking farms, to even worry about it, of course, unless exchange enforces limits on specific brokers and if zerodha unfortunately is one of them. From zerodha’s systems perspective, their s/w team will know that this is not any demanding task.

              Problem with a delayed execution after market open means a potential opportunity loss, diminishing it’s value.

              • thiyagarajan says:

                Something is better than nothing. Even delayed execution is okay for basket orders. Basket order is the way to earn money. The customer segment for Zerodha is self trading or investing customers. So it is better to provide special case orders which will differentiate Zerodha from other brokers.

  477. Krish says:

    still waiting for 2H & 4H time frames in Kite

    • Srikanth says:

      The 4 hour time frame is already available in Kite. You can view 4 Hour chart of a stock by selecting “1M” period at the bottom of your chart.

  478. Gaurav says:

    Hello there,

    Can I carry forward the SL which we put in the equity cash market? for ex. if I put SL of 50 on stock ABC, i want this SL to be maintained for a specific # of days (may be like a month) so that I don’t have to put this everyday. Is that possible now?

  479. Sriram says:

    It’s a brilliant update. I see you’re using Vue JS for the front-end. Would love to see a post from your engineering team on the challenges and how they pulled it off. :thumbsup:

  480. Shadow says:

    Dear Team,

    Would there be a change in APIs too?

  481. Vijay P says:

    Could you please add the following column to the Holdings section?

    *Investment percent of a stock in overall portfolio

    Eg. Using 1 lac four stocks are purchased. Stock 1 is bought for 20k; Stock 2 is bought for 15k; Stock 3 is bought for 55k and Stock 4 is bought for 10k. So, the column will show 20%, 15%, 55% and 10% respectively.

  482. Brijesh says:

    Hi Matti,

    Thanks for responding to my previous post. I appreciate your efforts that go into responding to all the customer requests.

    I have one more request, please have a look into it.

    If we want to draw using any tools, it requires 3 clicks.
    Click on Pencil Icon > Click on drop down > Click on the required tool.
    If you can provide shortcut of the most used tools on left side of charts window, it would be easy with one click.
    For more tools, a shortcut of … can be provided at the bottom. Click on … button would display other tools.

    This would increase the ease of use and enhance customer experience.

    Thanks in advance

  483. Venkatesh says:

    Hi Matti

    Few first glance observations after viewing your new kite 3.0 beta…
    Very first my sincere compliments for a sleek and cute look with lot much awaiting features…commendable to your entire team for such a hard effort….bravo..

    first i will list few bugs/observations
    1) on the order pop up window Up/down arrows to modify prices were not working…and not working to modify any of the order window entries in fact. however if i use my computer keyboard up/down arrow, i could change it…however it’s practically impossible while working on a mobile browser…pls fix the same ASAP

    Other very important feedbacks/Suggestions.

    1) on the market watch list, a Mini thumbnail Sparkline chart could be placed next to the script which is very useful for anyone to see a quick glance on the stock’s Intraday movement, rather going to a detailed chart always, in fact you have a good amount of blank space available which you could make use of it….FYI This is already available on platforms like Upstox…

    2) At present there is no way to know the market open status for segments NSE, NFO BSE, CDS, MCX… Pls provide a tab in kite to show the market Open status…which is vital for traders.

    Venkatesh V

  484. RAKSHITH S says:

    Awesome team! This update surely takes the trading interface to a whole new level.
    Keep up the great work.
    Thanks a lot!

  485. sudhanshu Aggarwal says:

    Do we have the feature to have a stop loss Order for more than 1 day ..Like if i had 500 SBI shares I want to sell the Shares when ever it goes below 300 any day. or it goes above 400 any day. i dont want to place an order each and every day.

  486. Piyush says:


    Please include an IPO option too on Zerodha. We are certainly missing potential earnings on IPO bids.


  487. Hemant says:

    Thanks for this major Kite upgrade !
    Is it possible to provide the following feature in Kite? :
    1. To filter NSE / BSE and present a list of stocks meeting one or more technical indicators criteria, e.g., rsi above 50 and stock trading above 50 days moving average but below 20 days moving average? I am inquiring this since you already have such technical indicators in Kite.

  488. Nikhil says:

    love the update , multiple chart that’s what i was looking for thanks, good work.
    I have pinned stock where nifty 50 and sensex are above the market watch but I am not able get back nifty 50 because it is not showing in my search, I get back sensex but how to get back nifty 50 now?

  489. Yunus Khan Saifi says:

    Nitin Sir,

    I have a query please reply… older version of kite is going to be shut down or you have updated android app also ie. kite 3.0 please tell me

  490. Balanayakar says:

    Hi zerodha welcome to the new version. Very very interested in the new look page. Nice accuracy formula method. Easy to learning contains. Marketing issues financial development very simple charting. – balanayakar

  491. Shujaath says:

    Can we’ve a paper trading terminal, I know ask might be out of scope but I think it could be good cut through to reel invest learn and then real invest

  492. Purav Sheth says:

    For further detailed understanding you can down load any forex brokers software fxcm or xm or any of them..they all have same feature..Your day traders will flourish if you give them this option

  493. Darshan Bhanushali says:

    Hi Nithin,

    The chart requires to be manually refreshed and displays varying open price for the current candle when refreshed. also when displaying multiple charts, the price doesnt get updated automatically


    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Darshan, this seems to be a connectivity issue. Can you try using Kite on an alternative network maybe.

  494. Purav Sheth says:

    All the said and done looks better. One most important thing foreign brokers have and Indian brokers dont is maintaining Position /Holding book Position wise. I mean when i buy NIFTY 1 lot 10 times i should not average and show total but should stand individually. Average should come next day if carried forward.
    This help day traders a lot in calculations. Generally all averages are screwed up in kite when you buy and sell several times in same script. This in turn never gives a clear picture to day trader .
    What i just is “Positionwise option to exit as they were taken”(In the same script intraday)

    • Brijesh says:

      I agree.
      If we buy and sell multiple times, system averages the amount and it is really very difficult to know the exact position. Even if our latest position is at loss, system shows as profit after averaging all the trade amounts.

  495. Darshan Bhanushali says:

    Hi Nitin,

    The chart needs to be manually refreshed when using the popout option and keeps displaying different candlesticks, varying open price (for current candle) when refreshed.


  496. Laxmi says:

    From where we can download Kite 3.0 beta

  497. Shujaath says: