12 years of Zerodha

August 16, 2022

Hindi: इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Happy Independence Day,

We just turned 12 years old on August 15th. Thanks to your support and the market action, we have grown spectacularly over the last two years, from twenty lakh customers to over one crore customers without ever spending on marketing or advertising. Not spending on user acquisition is probably why Zerodha is a resilient and sustainable business. Thank you once again. 

I want to use this opportunity to answer some common queries and concerns. I will also update you on the developments in terms of our products and services. 

Broking industry update

While the last two years have been phenomenal, we are seeing a plateau in trading activity and a 40% drop in new user addition since the market topped earlier this year. This isn’t just with the Indian broking industry, but globally. We are unlikely to have the same activity as last year, unless we maybe hit all-time highs and are in another bull market. 

The regulatory reforms in the industry are now at full throttle. While almost all of the changes are for the good of the industry and participants in the long run, they can disrupt brokerage businesses in the short term. Not just changes affecting revenue models, but drastic operational changes. Inability to quickly adapt to regulatory changes is probably the biggest risk for the brokerage industry, apart from the risk of markets going lower. As Zerodha, we are confident of our position to handle such regulatory changes.

Having interacted with brokerage firms from across the globe, I do not doubt that our capital markets, thanks to SEBI, are by far the best regulated and the safest for retail investors in terms of intermediary risk. 

Account safety

Since we don’t charge any brokerage for equity delivery trades, usually, the question I get asked is if the business is profitable and sustainable. This is an important question to ask when dealing with any platform that you trust with your savings and investments. 

When we started in 2010, we first started building the business for very active traders who pay us Rs 20 per executed order. Only in 2015 did we reduce our equity delivery charges to Rs 0 to attract investors. Today, we have not only the largest group of active retail investors in India, but also active traders. Traders who pay fees and, in turn, help keep investments for free. While many of our newer competitors started with free investments, they have now started charging for it. We intend to keep it free unless regulatory changes reduce the active trading activity. 

We have been extremely frugal in how we operate. This, combined with not spending on marketing and advertising, has meant that we are now amongst the most profitable new-age businesses in India. We have over thirteen years of runway. That is, we have sufficient capital to continue running our business for 13 years, even if our revenue went to zero. Our networth as a percentage of total customer funds is now more than 25%, which must be amongst the highest globally. We have been a zero-debt business from the start. Everyone on our team also hold significant stock options and is invested in the business doing well, which can only happen if you as a customer are happy with us. 

The new SEBI regulations have also significantly reduced the risk in the ecosystem, from capping all leverages to ensuring the broker has more skin in the game as the business grows. Some of these regulations are also why I think our markets were less volatile, and the stock prices fell lesser than the larger developed markets between March and June this year, the first time I have seen such behaviour. 

There has been some noise about the account compromises at Zerodha. I want to reiterate what I recently shared on social media

  • Out of the ~65 lakh customers who traded with us last year, we had about 100 complaints of fraud. In around 80 cases, the customer willingly shared login details with the fraudster, and in another 20, the email was hacked, and these were all Rediffmail IDs. As a percentage of such cases or even normal complaints to overall active customers, we are amongst the lowest in the broking industry. 
  • So this isn’t just about us; regardless of the broker, you need to be careful not to share your login details & use a secure email. Since all email hacking cases happened to be Rediffmail accounts, it must have been some vulnerability that’s being exploited. We blocked Rediff IDs on trading accounts a while ago and have constantly been notifying users to switch to a different email service provider. We also now don’t send password reset emails to Rediff email IDs. 
  • We will soon launch a tool that will disallow trades in illiquid options far away from theoretical price + a Kill Switch option to block orders in all penny stocks similar to F&O. These will also address the root causes of most hacking attempts.

We are already transitioning all our customers to 2FA using TOTP by Sep 30th 2022, as mandated by the exchanges. This was optional until now. This will further improve the safety of your account. 

Our improving support

By far, the weakest link in the business historically was our support. It deteriorated when the business scaled up quickly. We made a bunch of large changes over the last 18 months, and I am happy to let you know that the average wait time on calls is less than 2 minutes and our average first response on most tickets is within 1-2 hours. Thanks for using our support portal before deciding to call or raise tickets; this has also helped reduce response times. Our customer ratings have also significantly improved over the last 12 months. 

Our support ratings for the last 16 months

I understand that averages can be deceptive and hide calls or tickets that had to wait much longer than the average or where our response wasn’t up to the mark. We are working on it. Our quality team tracks almost every low-rated call or ticket and sees how we can improve, and it also brings in more accountability to everyone on the team responding to you. So make sure to rate interactions when you are unhappy with the quality of the response. It will help us get better. 

Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you

This has been the foundation on which we have built the business from the start, not just in our product but in every aspect of the business. You can read this post by K or Kailash, our CTO, to know more about how we actively disengage. We don’t do any data mining and find ways to trigger you to transact in the markets. When trading and investing, we understand that doing less or nothing is the right thing to do. This is also why we haven’t ever sent emails or push notifications nudging you to trade. 

We only reach out digitally to customers when there is a product or business update. We did have a sales team who would call back customers who signed up but didn’t finish onboarding, but we stopped that process and moved the entire team to support. We didn’t want to call and disturb customers or prospects who have not asked us to reach out to them. Interestingly, it didn’t make any difference to the customer onboarding rates.

Investing in the future through Rainmatter Foundation

I was reading this excerpt from Rohini Nilekani’s new book.

Today in many societies around the world, there has been rapidly escalating economic inequality, with the staggering rise in the wealth of the top 1%, ironically even during the pandemic. This has invited a rethink on the role and responsibility of wealth. I believe no Samaaj can tolerate the rise of such wealth for too long, unless such wealth creation is seen and believed to be acting in the public or national interest.

Almost the entire core team at Zerodha can’t agree more on this topic. We believe that wherever there is a concentration of wealth, the onus has to be to give back or, as our team asks me to say, “Invest in the future”. We set up the Rainmatter foundation with the same objective two years back with a commitment of Rs 750 crores. We have partnered with amazing organisations over the last two years, invested over Rs 250 crores, gained experience, and are now confident to do more. As Zerodha, we have no plans to get into any business that is capital intensive. As long as we can remain profitable and capital isn’t required to grow like in the past, we will continue to allocate the majority of our profits to invest in the future. 

Business and product updates

We spent most of our time last year on significant improvements to various backend technologies. While you might not have seen as many changes in the user experience, these changes are why we probably were amongst the best in terms of uptime of trading platforms not just in India but globally over the last 12 months. Our priority is to keep improving on this metric. A lot of time over the last year was also spent ensuring there’s no business disruption due to the regulatory changes, which was a big challenge at our scale. 

Here are some important updates from the last year:

We thank you again for your love and support over the years. 

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Megannelty says:

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  2. Sonu yadav says:

    Worst ec with zerodha
    First for the activation of segment, they will charge you for significantly,
    After opening account you will have to download a separate app for activity, if you are planning to keep stock in zerodha account, they will charge you very heavily (more than than any broker in india). If you will try to close account, you will have to pay even for that (account closure charges). Once close the account, they will literally forward all you details to tell callers. No doubt, in past 2 years, their active customer base has been declined by 2 billion and one with name of growth having in their name has been boosted by 3 billion.
    You fra keep charging us, you will be no more.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Sonu, we’re sorry to hear this. However, please note that there no are additional charges for segment activation except for the commodity account. There are no charges for closure of the account as well. If you don’t wish to use the app, you can use Kite web. AMC is applicable for maintaining your demat account. Neither do we share client details with any third parties.

  3. Venkatesh k S says:

    I have a request. Under holdings one more column displaying average number of days for the shares present in the account. something between current date and purchase date. This feature would help to take decision while trading.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Venkatesh, you can view the number of days for the shares present in the account or Age by clicking on the ‘view breakdown’ option of each of your holdings.

  4. Manoj giri says:


  5. Harinder Kumar says:

    Congratulations on serving the customer for the last 12 years and continue the good service.

  6. Nalin Chaudhary says:

    At 03:25 I transferred money to Zerodha account from ICICI Bank and Tim 3:29:55 pm it was not received. Last 5 seconds it showed up.


    Please rectify delay in timing at your systems.


    • Shubham says:

      Hey Nalin, if you’re transferring funds using RTGS, it can take up to 2 hours for funds to get credited. For instant funds transfer, you can transfer funds through UPI for Netbanking via the Kite payment gateway. More details here.

  7. Ishant says:

    When are we going to invest in US stocks through NSE IFSC on Zerodha ?
    Eagerly waiting for this.

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Ishant, we’re in the process of getting our NSE IFSC membership. We’ll keep you posted on it. However, cannot provide any timeline at this moment.

  8. Manivannan says:

    Congratulations for your 12 years of service in this field excellent trading platform but onething which we miss is intraday margin for clients if you can provide it will be useful for us



  10. Rahul Dutta says:

    Congratulations for completing 12 years of existence. However, in the process I feel some arrogancy has creeped in your system particularly the Support Team. Sincerely request you to upgrade your Support System. Please listen to customer’s point of view and not under estimate them. All your customers are educated person and need no advice unless requested for. If any issue is raised the Team’s first attitude is negative (other than some set replies). Governance is your prerogative but I feel that this is one area where there is some short comings.


  11. Vivek says:

    Pls add an option to trade from chart itself just like trading view, Fyers has that option.

  12. Mallik Kovuri says:

    Awesome journey indeed. I like the good wok you are doing through Rainmatter. Keep it up and good-lick!

  13. Doshi says:

    SEBI keeps changing the procedure for betterment of investing public. But some how it becomes difficult to adapt it within short time frame. Just recently SEBI wants TPV Validation for every transactions for Mutual Fund Investment. This has made it difficult for common investors to follow and thus going back to old way of investing.
    This is echoed by following in this post.
    “Not just changes affecting revenue models, but drastic operational changes. Inability to quickly adapt to regulatory changes is probably the biggest risk for the brokerage industry, apart from the risk of markets going lower. As Zerodha, we are confident of our position to handle such regulatory changes.”
    It’s been more than 6 weeks and system is not in place as yet. Conditional Orders are not available. New Funds are not available. And Third Party Auth, is failing and getting rejected. Loss to Public and Fund House too.
    There must be a faster solutions to this type of occurrences.

  14. Shikha says:

    Good service please publish research and results of equity

  15. Babasaheb Desai says:

    Happy birthday. Wish you all the best for coming years. Excellent service and I am enjoying the same.
    Many thanks.

  16. Prashant Deshmukh says:

    If possible pl.daily provide good information for purchase equity as you are reliable and customer friendly.
    Wish you great success, in future

  17. Gangani Sandeep says:

    Hi Sir,
    It’s another space on which we can proud to be,my brother has in mnc last time & have stock option plan through etrade on US, their account handling and system is hopeless, no clear charges, no clear portfolio view & dividend policy in us that @35% tds

    Great to live in India where things are much transparent and manageable, Open society to help like zerodha support.
    Now I want to give some suggestion that to democratizing the wealth creation journey please come with IPO so that we can join the team Zerodha, also as possible keep away the FII which are hostile our financial market by virtue of educating us through the series like Veracity.
    I urge you to update Veracity Income tax related book module with current LTCG, STCG concept with table in xls format of 112A etc only price index table also not updated regularly
    Also veracity on Debt instrument and Debt as collateral for trade in Equity and fo. Veracity on recent trends in Gold trading like sovering Gold bond , Gsec etc

  18. Tanveer Ahmed says:

    Excellent Service with low charges among peer.

    Easy to open account, trade, and everything will be done online without any physical back office help..

  19. Nikhil says:

    Just one feature which I want in Zerodha. Can you guys make a separate section of long term and short term trades altogether just like smallcase and mutual funds made in Holdings Section. Differentiating between them will be very helpful because it will allow us to reduce the noise of the market. Though you guys have tags system but that is not very useful considering that most of us are mostly logged into Holdings section and those tags are not shown there.

  20. SUJA DAVIS says:

    I have done option trade yesterday only 2Buy and 2 sell (total 04 trade). But total commission and tax came RS 310.52. please reduce this amount for us.

  21. Priya says:

    Hi i have issue in sip, SIP amount deducted from my account but the its shown invalid TPV and showing rejected what is that can you pls reply why it’s rejected

  22. 247NH says:

    I was wondering when charting issue will short out that the chart donot store data by default , everything time , chart type , colour .

  23. chandan says:

    You people are marvellous. Very good work.

  24. Tapan says:

    When we will be able to start investing in US markets using Zerodha?

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Tapan, we’re in the process of getting our NSE IFSC membership. We’ll keep you posted on it. However, cannot provide any timeline at this moment.

  25. Apurva Varma says:

    In 2-3 interviews Nitin has mentioned that Zerodha is working on setting up system to enable customers to invest in global markets. Any update on that? Been waiting for that a long time. I finally opened a Global account with ICICI though I would prefer to stick with Zerodha for global investments.
    Please do provide an update on this… have you dropped those plans? There is no mention of any steps towards enabling global investments in the 12th anniversary letter.
    Please do send a follow-up mail with an update… to all or to me. Would really like to know.
    Thanks for the great service. Zerodha as an organisation is great. Wish I could work for it!

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Apurva, we’re in the process of getting our NSE IFSC membership. We’ll keep you posted on it. However, cannot provide any timeline at this moment.

  26. Ramesh Ghule says:

    Sir, want to invest for my daughter marriage upto 2024, which option is good for me?

  27. Suresh says:

    Icicidirect has an option to put an order and keep it alive till a specific date at the specified price.

    Ie: the order shall be executed at any time/date if the specified price is met within the specified date.

    We, in some cases know the price a scrip might reach. What we do not know is when it shall happen. This facility overcomes that shortfall.

    Look into this

  28. Kumar says:

    Am using Zerodha for the past many years. If any segment is in dormant state then why are you allowing money to deposit. After deposited, it wont allow to withdraw due to dormant. ( Have re-activated my commodity segment but due to some reason it is failed to work but my money is locked for more than 10 days) Kindly fix this major bug in your system. Any system which is not allowing to withdraw their hardearned money is not at all good.

  29. K A NARAYAN says:

    Excellent service in this industry. Is it possible to change the user id. pl guide. thanks


    Good service compared to others Please at times gtt for buy orders is not correctly done.Trigger price and triggered at price not coinciding.

  31. Sanjay kumar singh says:

    Aur imandari pe pura bhorash and bahut bahut dhanywad

  32. Sourav Bose says:

    Zerodha has helped me reducing cost behind investing and providing a clean and easy to use platform for basic tasks. I, however, have below few requests to Nitin JI and Zerodha Team to consider.

    1. Need to mark stocks as Long Term/Swing etc in holding page. I often need to plan long term vs short term goals. Can Zerodha provide something available in the holding page pls? I have been using the tagging facility but that’s not very helpful when I review holdings.
    2. The Family functionality is excellent addition. However me and my wife would like to check each others portfolio. It is currently one way – I can review but she cant (or vice versa how you configure) We need to work on each others portfolio as a family. Pls re-think.

  33. Sanjay kumar singh says:

    Zerodha ke rulls

  34. Ro Pa says:

    With so many Mutual Funds NFO of funds & ETFs coming we still could not invest in many as they were still not available on Zerodha with the message coming that since April they have moved to a new platform and will soon start but its August and still could not invest. The ticket raised by us was as usual of no use as some junior guys or gals sitting there merely post the same with link and threaten to close the ticket in 24 hours. When we replied to keep it open there was no response even after a week. Further they lack telephonic support by call back from knowledgeable and capable persons who have understood the query and are mature enough to resolve the same which is the best way of resolving most of the issue..

  35. Suresh Kumar Srivastava says:

    You are doing wonderful work. Congrats on the completion of 12 years. We need Options Implied Volatility Charts on Zerodha Charts.

  36. Dr C. Ramachandraiah says:

    Thank you for the wonderful platform. Very easy to operate for a newcomer. Congratulations for successful completion of 12 years and wish you many more years of successful to support to millions of traders.

  37. Santhosh Kumar Ganesan says:

    Thanks Zerodha team. It is great effort build this platform. This platform easy to use understand common man inculded me. I clearly understood based on your note (20L to 1C customers), continuous effort gives perfect output one day.

  38. S s bedi says:

    New investor easy to operate well informed of transactions details.
    Response from customer care is up
    To mark.
    S s Bedi

  39. Peera Sab K S says:

    Happy 12th Zerodha.
    Honest and humble note.
    Wishing you good health n prosperity.

  40. Venu Pattani says:

    Kudos to Zerodha on completing 12 years in the field of brokerage. Zerodha is a cost effective and user friendly platform for investors.

    I take this opportunity to draw the attention of Mr Nithin Kamath to the fact that Zerodha’s Tax P & L Report does not show the expenses separately for intraday and short term/long term transactions under equity segments. Since the tax treatment for profit/loss under intraday (speculative) and short term/long term transactions are different, this information is essential for filing Tax Returns. I had brought this fact to the notice of your team in April 2022, but nothing seems to have happened.

    Hope, at least for the current Financial Year, this information will be available in the Tax P&L Report.

  41. Surajnarayan says:

    Best user Friendly app with crystal clear accounting well done team Zerodha

  42. Surya Kumar says:

    I am very Happy with zerodha. I refer this to my friends as well.

    I would be very to be work with Zerodha.

  43. Abdul khayyum says:

    Team zerodha for success full 12 years journey service good service and lower chages keep it up.
    Best wishes
    Abdul khayyum

  44. Abdul khayyum says:

    Team zerodha for success full 12 years journey and very good service Great team zerodha great work keep it up.
    Best wishes
    Abdul khayyum

  45. I. Imtiaz Baig says:

    Congratulations !

    Team Zerodha on the anniversary. Great team Great work , Keep it up.

    Best wishes
    Imtiaz Baig

  46. RAJAGOPAL says:

    Thanks for update and congratulation for 12 years successful journey.

    Congratulations, very very nice our company. All the best.

  47. BGR Iyengar says:

    Zerodha is excellent application with ZERO hassle in trading, ever transparent. In fact I have never conacted the care center, so user friendly and of course not to forget appreciating Zerodha-Varsity .
    Keep it up and congrats on completion of 12 years.

  48. Lalji Parmar says:

    very good job for investors and traders whose most of money taken by brokers and taxes and who take risk and give his time for trading gain small and some time negative return. help need for trade by trading view software.
    provide information regarding how to connect online in trading view and zerodha account.
    thanks in advance for all.

  49. Pravin says:

    Thanks for update and congratulation for 12 years successful journey.
    I was expecting some updates for Coin users especially SWP and STP features. AMC’s are way ahead in features list and ease of transactions. I generally use Coin to just view consolidated portfolio but in long run its not ideal module and must have all features.

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Pravin, we’re working on making the STP/SWP feature available on Coin. We’ll keep you posted on it.

  50. B vinod kumar says:

    Zerodha Ice The Super Pasta Growth Of Stock Market …

  51. Ganesh kalyanrao gaikwad says:


  52. Aniruddh Barad says:

    Request to add the brokerage calculator feature in the Kite app.


    very good service

  54. Asif khan says:

    Bahut nuksaan karaya hai tune.meri Jaan phir bhi tu mujhe pasand.happy birthday zerodha,

  55. spsp says:

    I feel media is biased towards discount brokers platforms especially the leaders.I feel Zerodha has made trading much more affordable for retail traders and investors and this may be hurting the brokerage house panelist who gives calls on media channels everyday.

  56. Vinayaka Magaji says:


    I have couple of small requests :
    1) To lock the stock search bar in the watchlist, currently its very inconvenient to scroll all the way up to search the stock.
    2) Increase the watchlist tab to 10 (earlier it was 5, now 7).

  57. Kuldeep Singh says:

    Zerodha से शेयर संबंधित खरीद बिक्री बहुत ही आसानी से सम्पन्न हो जाते हैं और सभी तरह की सूचना भी उपलब्ध रहती हे।
    शुक्रिया zerodha

  58. Om Prakash says:

    Congratulations Zerodha.
    You have provided excellent portal. This has increased our interest in stock trading. The only request is to provide quick response from your customer care no.

  59. Suhas Manthawar says:

    The blog is reflection of values the founders hold towards end users. Some of the things like not pushing users to trade, no data mining seem so simple but quintessential. I would say this is Apple of brokerage firms to keep things simple yet strong. Keep up the good business ethics.

  60. Jai says:

    When can we have auto pay for mutual funds?

    This is impacting my ability to invest into mutual funds.

  61. Suresh Kumawat says:

    1.Such a great platform for trading.
    2. This is only platform which provide historic 1 MIN chart structure.
    3. Reliable platform for privacy of personal information of demat account because other brokers share contact details to fake companies clients to call new traders for trading and cheat them badly.
    1. Many times we face server problem so we need to refresh its 1 MIN chart structure.

  62. Rohit says:

    Actually I was thinking about when we sell our shares the money will withdraw after two working days
    So I was thinking like why don’t you use some QR scanner for small transaction on limited amount this could be helpful for those newly in market and don’t have any kind of salery like students who buy shares from his/her savings .

  63. Vinay Sharma S says:

    Why SIP orders of stocks don’t have option of amount. I mean to say I want to make SIP of 5000 for approx value of rs.2000 of X company share, rs1500 of Y company shares and rs1500 of Z company shares.

  64. Dhruv says:


  65. Madaiah M says:

    sir,heartly congrats to your whole team for maintaining of zerodha platform with best service without any problem !!

  66. Ankit gor says:


    And wish you all the very best for future

    As a active trader wish you make API Charges free 🙂

  67. Sunil says:

    Very good services . excellent app for learning stocks market.excellent

  68. Arun says:

    Overall Wonderful Service by Zerodha . But One of my Ticket is Open for More than 1 year and Never expected these Kind of Poor response from Zerodha


    Could any one assist ?

  69. Nagendra Sai Patanjali says:

    Excellent service, nothing much to talk, except I have to toggle between ‘Kite only’ and ‘All stocks’ in holdings to get the accurate figure of LTP and P/L. Kindly look into this, though a very small corrective action expected.
    Wishing the whole team tremendous success in all future endeavours. Thanks and regards

  70. Dr Priti Rajan... says:

    very good service…most satisfying well done Zerodha….& Nithin Kamath

  71. Alok says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Congratulations on the journey so far. How soon can we see an SWP/STP option on Coin?

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Alok, we’re working on making the STP/SWP feature available on Coin. We’ll keep you posted on it. However, cannot provide any timeline at this moment.

  72. Amitabh Choudhury says:

    Congratulations to the the entire team of Zerodha.
    Best wishes

  73. K Ganapathy Subramaniam says:

    Fantastic work team Zerodha. I have however moved most of my capital to other brokers because I get the Algo facility free and intraday trading is free of brokerage on all segments. I would stay back with Zerodha if Algos trading is made free and there is a brokerage sharing after we hit a certain slab or incentivise for profitable trading. Please consider and you will customers like me trading again here on your platform much more. Thanks.

  74. vikram singh says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Great to see Zerodha growing. I started my trading journey with Zerodha and grown up with it. It’s a mutual relationship that is built on trust. I admire your strong emphasis on technology and security.

    I am sure the day Zerodha lists on market, it will cause the BSE/NSE servers crash. (Just joking)….

    Nithin, keep Zerodha the same way it is!


  75. Shammi Sudhakar says:

    The service of Zerodha is good.

  76. Suresh Kumar Lamba says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha and Mr. Nitin Kamath for excellent journey of 12 years as a brilliant broker and for giving brilliant services to people belongs to financial market. I hope, you are giving best services to the people of India, as well as abroad, during their financial journey, as Hon’ble Prime Minister Modi Ji gives us vision for next 25 years of our destiny, best services must required from people like you for better future of our country and our financial market.

  77. ajay says:

    आपकी ईमानदारी ही आपकी सफलता है।

  78. akash says:

    very good app for traders

  79. Raju kate says:

    Very good service thanks you so much much

  80. P BRAHMAJI RAO says:

    Cogratulations on your successful completion of 12 years (completed one pushkara). I have been with your Company since one year. I am very comfortable and safe with your service. I wish all success in extending clietile service in the coming years too. I feel great privilege to be part in your Company.


  81. Nandeesh says:

    Very good service thanks you so much much

  82. Sridhar desetti says:

    Kite was given Wonderful support and Service, Congratulations for the Service.
    charts are not looking good please be improve charts

  83. Rajesh says:

    Please provide option to hiding of stocks(because if we see daily will be tempted so i need stock hiding option in the longterm investment)

  84. Nikunj says:

    Congratulations and please add more features and product like mutual fund, fd etc…

  85. Gurumoorthy says:

    Ever since the regulatory mandate of not using demat funds for MF investments, the whole process of finding a MF SIP or one time purchase has broken on Zerodha. What was such a breeze earlier with e-mandates and automatic debits is now tacky and fraught with errors and a terrible interface (imagine one has to switch between the Coin app and a browser.. ugh..)! Pls fix that soonest..

  86. Sanjay Goel says:

    Commission of ₹ 20/- per order too high for intraday in view of new free brokerage platforms like m.stock

  87. Saravanakumar says:

    User-friendly.. Challenging to survive. 60 days challenge deciding to survive in share market or not. I am improving lot .. Thanks for the tool.
    All the best.

  88. Perdhuman Singh baghel says:

    Yup nitin ji your business philosophy is bound to our hearts to do forever business with you

  89. abhijit says:

    dear team ,
    i am so happy join with best Zerodha and Zerodha team.

    happy Birthday Zerodha And All zerodha family Members.

    gest of luck for future sucesss…….

  90. NARESH KUMAR says:

    Please focus on service & support . Recent incident of zerodha account hacking forced many to rethink on zerodha. Please develop another trading system as used to be like Pi before. Your support team size must be sufficient as per the number of zerodha clients to deliver satisfactory support.

  91. Naganagouda Patil says:


  92. Shivalingam Chalamala says:

    Zerodha is worst, due to some server issues I lost 4000 last Thursday. This will charge more.

  93. Saraswati jain says:


  94. Ramesh says:

    Congrats ,

    I feel everything is good , but while placing a market order in zerodha its excutes at higher price always , I compared this with alice blue and angle broking , but is not executing higher price, you can also check this. I am not the only person reporting this issue, most of my friends are reporting this issue. please check and fix the issue.

  95. Pankaj Morajkar says:

    I love Zerodha. Congratultaions Zerodha for completing 12 years. Thank you for making such an easy to use platform.

  96. Abdul Rahim says:

    I have started my investing journey though Zerodha and since then i never changed my broker. So far service is great, I’m hoping you guys will continue to give best service to clients.

  97. B-man says:

    When do you plan on going global? Also, do you plan on launching funds of your own?

  98. bhakti and pankaj company says:


  99. Ketan says:

    Can we increase the watch list count from 7 to 15 it will be helpful.

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Ketan, we’ll look into the possibilities, thank you. P.S, For now, you can add up to 350 scrips across 7 market watches.

  100. सुभाषचन्द्र अहिरवार says:

    आप एक ईमानदार संस्था व टीम हैं। आपका कार्य सराहनीय है।
    आपकी ईमानदारी ही आपकी सफलता है।

  101. Navinkumar B says:

    Congratultaions Zerodha for completing 12,through business u people r doing service.

    one small suggestion scrolling down to enter comments is little difficult, so kindly in future rectify this problem

  102. Toran prasad says:

    iska chat bahut accha hai sir all the best broking

  103. PETER says:







  104. Vijayanath says:

    Thanks… I love Zerodha, especially its reports in Console and it is very user friendly… also I love Zerodha bcs of its GTT order.

    Since I was using Zerodha last 2 years, I don’t want to shift to any other broker. So I have one request that if you can include SL and Target with GTT buy order, it will be more helpful for working persons like me who cannot participate in the market during working hours.

    Thank You

  105. Shrirang Malghan says:

    Can you please work out for highlighting long term shares in different colour with number of shares too.

  106. krishan bhardwaj says:


    Happy independence day

    This platform is great easiest to play this software but some important indicator are missing like relative strength and curve line

  107. Rakesh kumar says:

    congratulations sir
    very good service ,Make common fund for both equity and commodities

  108. Ligi Jayamohan says:

    Congragulations Zerodha !!!

    I have a request to Zerodha to reduce brokerage charges for ladies and thereby encouraging them for their participation in the stock market


    Congratulations to you all, teamwork to all of you and team members to all of you ,for so many years , you have done your job well and made zerodha no. 1
    Thank you $$$$$$$$$


    Congratulations to all the ZERODHA family for completing 12 years of your journey, after completing 12 years of the journey I will give you a few suggestions, your trading platform is good but some changes are required, you give all the data on the same page
    as the Espresso platform, so many customers shifted to that platform.

  111. Sivakumar P R says:

    First of all my thanks go to Nitin and his excellent team for having made Zerodha a very
    user-friendly portal and app for novice investors like me.

    However one suggestion. This was already made to Zerodha at support portal by me a few months back.
    This is regarding displaying of approximate brokerage charges and also approximate net position next to P&L column in the Position window of kite. This will help us in reducing the adverse situation at any point of time by monitoring our trading activity in a better way. Somehow people at the support portal pleaded their inabilty and did not consider the request. Kindly use your good offices to make it a feasible one.

  112. B Narendran says:

    I don’t know how you people are still in the market, it should he a surprise, when your company is not allowing some NIFTY options not to buy for lower premiums which is seams how clients are with you and how your surviving for 12 years which means many fools are there in the market! Where I don’t have the freedom of choice its not good for trading, but luck might helped

  113. Gowtham says:

    Congraths, continue your prosporous growth and success ahead 🙂

  114. peter says:

    Excellent service with best wishes to the entire team
    Would you be considering a PMS service in a pragmatic way

  115. Gulam Mohammed says:

    Very Good! Congratulations!

  116. R Sekar says:

    Very Good! Congratulations!

  117. c ranganayakula reddy says:

    Many more congratulations to kamath bros and family, team of zerodha , i feel good experience trading at zerodha. I hope will achieve a greater heights in the future. I wish you all the best for the entire team of zerodha.

    Thanks a lot

  118. rahul says:

    why dont you take turnover based brokerage for option , you should have given this option also for trader

  119. vishanprabhu says:

    I have use this account since last month . i was beginner and zerodha has maintained its services to its best.

  120. Parameswaran Bhattathiri says:

    Please start a mutual fund.
    And Bank also.
    Wish you all luck and Happy Onam

  121. Ajay dudhagara says:

    Congratulations 👏🎊

  122. Jashvant Patel says:


  123. Aniket says:

    I have one suggestion. If you develop some kind of AI algorithm software that does a screening of someone’s risk profile and ambitions to make stock suggestions that could help you make more money.

  124. Hemant says:

    Hello Team,

    It is an honor to be part of such a esteemed organisation. All the best.

  125. castro jagan says:

    wish you more success ahead and waiting for IPO

  126. Sks says:

    Please give following services also.
    It will make zerodha par excellence
    1. Bracket order
    2. GTC with no money blockage
    3. AMO/ pre Market order (9am – 9.15 am)
    4. NCL ( non cash limit)

  127. Harshal Chaudhari says:

    And every month some another day technical glitch.. for 12 years.. Hurray !!

  128. navaneeth says:

    please introduce instant payout and allow payout to those who trade by pledging equity,because sometimes they are not able to pay out even though they have money(negative balance due to cash settlement).

  129. Sharmistha De says:

    I have opened a trading account on January, 2021 with my name “SHARMISTHA DE” as was in my PAN card. After marriage my name has been changed to “SHARMISTHA DEPAL”. This updated name is currently reflected in my marriage registration certificate and in my aadhar card. But during the time of opening the account my PAN was not updated with the updated name. Now I have recently corrected my name in the PAN also. So I want to update my name in my trading account by providing the required documents.
    I earnestly request you to guide me with proper procedure to update my name in my trading account.
    Thanking you,
    Waiting for your kind response.

  130. Sandya says:

    Congratulations …

  131. Sudhir Shankar Padhye says:


    Warmest Congratulations to Kamath Brothers and Zerodha.

    Excellent service

    Keep it up sir

  132. Holla S says:

    We need desktop trading app like pi. Life as so simple when we had Pi. Why remove a great desktop app without providing an equivalent alternate. Please bring back pi

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Holla, Pi is not an in-house Zerodha platform and since the software updates on Pi are dependent on a third-party vendor, the development can be slow and not optimal. Kite is a web-based in-house platform and has a mobile application as well, available on both android and iOS platforms, assures you more features and speed than a desktop platform 🙂

  133. Dinesh Agarwal says:

    Congratulations to the Zerodha team for starting and thriving in a cut throat environment!

    Many companies can’t cope with providing good customer service as they scale up. But, I have never seen anyone admit so candidly about poor service as did Nithin. Well done!

  134. Gurudas Dabholkar says:

    Congrats,but Often Opening of browser? I don’t understand

  135. Rajesh Bhaskar says:

    congratulations..!!! Happy Birthday

  136. Kumar kazi says:



    Good and satisfactory service providing by Zerodha.

  138. Baby Das says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha Team Happy Birthday

  139. Nazir Dhanani says:

    Good services from zerodha
    But now one thing is very dispointing web application not available
    Browser not working properly so add any web application

  140. Pintu Gupta says:

    Sir I am 6yrs regular zerodha client holder
    But sir ji losses 60000 but no profit plz help and guide sir
    Congratulations 12 yrs zerodha my mobile no. Anybody help 7903700490

  141. beant kaur says:


  142. J PAUL says:


  143. s raju says:

    congrats and wish you to be continued as number one

  144. MANGLA says:

    Congratulations Zerodha on 12th Anniversary
    Thanks and regards

  145. Ashish says:

    Warmest congratulations to ZERODHA Team


    Happy Birthday Zerodha

  147. Mostafizur Rahman says:

    Congratulations and wish a very good service.

  148. Rakesh Ghosh says:


    if i have many broker to set one broker for forever ♾️, then I always select KITE by ZERODHA .
    Also I am a learner and new beginner in stock market.

    Hope , my small comment will help to motivate team zerodha.

    The user interface is osm.
    #opkite #wedailytradeinkite☺️

  149. s raju says:


  150. sailendra swain says:

    easy to trading

  151. Roy says:

    Happy Birthday Zerodha. Wishing you the very best as you move forward

  152. Natasha says:

    100 % safe , परवडेबल , good & excellent plateform !💖

  153. Gita says:

    Happy Birthday to you Zerodha,apki wajah se lakho logo ki zindagi badal gyi hai…. thankyou so much ……

  154. laxmidhara Murmu says:

    thank u so much sir and entire team.

  155. Giju George says:

    services well appreciated.
    Will be happy if you may send the trade report with subtotal including the sub charges of each stock Buy/Sell, then provide the grand total, which will be helping us to calculate the exact value spent on each share to calculate the Profit /Loss while submitting the ITR.
    My point of contact Mr. Ameer Basha always supports me, special thanks to him.
    Request to speedup the process in this digital world, My credit in account takes one working day to reflect the margin and same with shares, it reflects (The bought share) to trade only on third day to sell back, Sale amount is credited on second day and reflects in margin on the third working day – This practice is too slow in this digital world. Hope to see soon this transactions turned around in 24 hours.

  156. Paresh Parekh says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha Team. Only best of bests is delivered by Zerodha so far. Looking forward to your IPO!

  157. rambabu nakkala says:

    I am comfortable with Zerodha

  158. Vikas says:

    Happy Birthday. Enjoy being a teen.

  159. Noorudheen says:


  160. Madhulika Sharma says:

    Congratulations on turning tender age of 12. We both need handholding. I am just 1 year old in an open and easily accessible profession of investment and trading. One-o-one assistance required at times while using the App. How the the app can be used optimally in more customised manner should be guided by experts. Kindly add educational video at every steps stating and cautioning ‘what ifs’ and ‘what if nots’, if certain buttons be clicked.
    Kindly make your name ZERODHA truly meaningful by bringing ZERO BADHA in the App. Thanks

  161. Noorudheen says:

    I have one request
    Please provide daily one FO recomendations.

  162. Antony Peter says:

    All my family members are Zerodha clients, after me, because of your great service
    Congratulations and best wishes for the prosperous future of your team

  163. Alok Gautam says:

    Thanks for such an easy and userfriendly app.Selling and purchasing is too easy.Your support such as Fundamental ,Tikkertape,chart etc are too 👌 helpful.

  164. Susanta Dey says:

    Congratulations !
    Very Good Service. Keep it up !

  165. Ashok Kumar Sahoo says:

    thanks sir.
    a person’s life savings goes into thin air because of shortcomings in the platform. We can not pat our back on the basis of statistics that this is the best platform when compared with others. It is good, but not good enough. I find it difficult to go through your
    Please send an email elaborating how to deal with such situations of fraud. also provide your email and phone numbers. what is this concept of tickets and where do i check the replies? I can send a mail and the reply should come in my mail with a reference number. I am accustomed to such direct communication,
    a k sahoo

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Ashok, you can contact us on 080 4718 1888 or 080 4718 1999 or create a ticket here: support.zerodha.com. You can check the replies by logging into support.zerodha.com under “My Tickets”. Alternatively, you can also check the replies on your registered email ID with the ticket reference number.

  166. rajendra mudliar says:

    congratulations on completing 12 years. I am very happy with investing & trading on your platform. it is simple,easy to understand.even some querries, doubts have been answered promptly to satisfaction by your customer care. thanks to them.most important- your payment transfers to the Bank is quick & dependable.all your other systems for getting data are good.

    I am satisfied with your services for the last 6 years. I started in 2016.hope to have many more years of fruitful association.

  167. Krimi doshi says:

    Huf account opening process is terrible can someone look into helping it out. Try to learn from this support ticket #20220622418971 . Also coin is not available for huf accounts.

  168. Ajay Gorh says:

    Congratulations all zerodha team
    And very good services

  169. Vijay says:

    Congratulations……..Team Zerodha

  170. Ravi says:

    Please reduce brokerage charges, alredy i am in big loss.

  171. Lokesh says:

    Congratulations zerodha

  172. Pradip kumar Bera says:

    Good service and most important here is very low cost for trading to all people.

  173. hans says:


    Much needed feature. It’s like an automated kill switch. Traders choose their stop loss for the ENTIRE DAY. For example, you choose 10% as DSL. The moment your loss for the day crosses 10%, your trades are automatically squared off, you can’t trade that day anymore. Your trading is disabled automatically by the platform. You can only trade again the next day.

    This will stop people from over trading and revenge trading. These two are major causes for traders blowing up their entire account in a day. And when this happens a couple of times, most people leave the market forever. American trader Oliver Velez works on a platform that has a similar daily stop loss functionality. Would be great to have this functionality on Zerodha too.

  174. Ch. Veerraju says:

    Hello! Congratulations!

    Zerodha is one of the best online platforms for trading, keeping it’s word of charging lowest brokerage.
    Happy with your service. Looking forward to reach more.

  175. Kamlesh Kankariya says:

    Very good service and very low charges compare with others. Keep up the good service and all the very best!!

  176. Swati Potnis says:

    Still new. Nothing to say at the moment. But any way, congratulations to you for future.

  177. BALARAJU PULLUR says:

    Congratulations to ZERODHA TEAM. Wish you best luck.

  178. Nikunj says:

    Congratulations!! Really happy with the way Zerodha has grown over the years.

  179. Poornaraj says:

    Congratulations on completing 12 years of service.

  180. BIKASH says:

    ZERODHA Provide better service than other Brokers.Zerodha is the Best.

  181. Dr Vineet Jain says:

    Zerodha provides excellent service.
    However, there was one issue: brokage was not reflected trade by trade in the Tax P&L statement.
    It needs to be improved.

  182. Sushil Pujari says:

    Very good service and very low charges compare with others. Keep up the good service and all the very best!!

  183. Rajiv says:

    Thora fyers jaiga buy and sell line wala features laauuu…

    Baki sab wonderful hai ZERODHA team👌

  184. Jairam Kamath says:


    First of all, Congratulations! It has been a tremendous achievement and a great ft. achieved.

    Getting an idea to run zero brokerage firm is easy; however implementing it is beyond my imagination; we as investors are able to buy and sell equities at ZERO cost is bliss. You have brought innovation and played the UNO reverse card on all your fellow competitors.

    Kite is just fab!!! Hope we get to see Zerodha Listing soon.


  185. ROHIT KOLI says:

    Wish you very happy Zerodha brokerage trading company awesome all process help future treding work so good .very good performance zerodha team 👌👌👌👍👍💐💐💐

  186. Ch Venkata Rao says:


  187. Akash chaurasiya says:

    Excellent pletform
    Investments to long-term

  188. Hasan Malkhan Ai says:

    Our Wishes always with Zerodha for good success

  189. Ganesh Rampur says:


    Very Very good service.

    Keep it up!

  190. RC says:

    HONR ,




  191. PSR says:

    Warmest congratulations to ZERODHA Team on your achievement! Wishing you even more success in the future. Excellent platform for traders and investors .Intraday margins in F&O segment is stopped since 1 year. Hence we badly need combined margin facility for both equity & commodity. Alternately buy today pay tomorrow option should be provided.

  192. Vipul Chawhan says:

    Truely very good continuation since 12 years. I have this account since i was beginner and zerodha has maintained its services to its best. Best of luck for future

  193. ansh says:

    Very good service and very low charges compare with others. Keep up the good service and all the very best!!

  194. Amrita Kumari says:

    Many many congratulations for completing 12 years. I have great experience with zerodha. I started my investment 2 years ago with zerodha. It’s simple and easy.
    Now a days i am facing issue to unlock with finger print. Sometimes it’s unlocked with finger, but sometimes i have to enter PIN. If it’s any known bugs, please fix it.
    Wishing you to grow ahead…💐💐


    Many congratulations Mr kamath and zerodha Team.I hope you are doing continuous upgradations in the applications and portals. Recently the security of stocks in the Demat account has been questioned, hope the same is taken care of by you and your team.Thanks for the concept of Discount broking.Indeed it has stopped monopoly in the business and customers are benefitted out of it.Have a good day and a great year ahead.

    Thanks and Jaihind

  196. krishan pal says:

    Zerodha taught me how to do smart trading and investment


    SIR Congratulation for 12 year of zerodha and thank you good service provid.
    sir i request for banknifty and nifty option out of money normal order open kar dijiye
    out of money for BTST NORMAL ORDER OPEN SIR

  198. SRK says:

    I had been with another trading platform for a long time, but once i found Zerodha and the ease of use on the platform, I have been doing more trades on Zerodha than the other one and am planning to slowly get off the other platform. Keep up the good job and wish you many more years of success. One issue that i had seen a lot of comments about is about the website hanging. Please make the website more robust so as to avoid hanging during peak periods. I believe this has more to do with the number of traders actively working on the site or related to individual’s internet connectivity.

  199. PRAMOD says:


  200. Jaydip says:

    Apka 60 Day challenge wala idea badiya he lekin apne brokerage refund ka nikal diya is liye vo Utsha nahi rehta retail investor & treader ko ap use bapas late to bapas retail investor & treader ka Utsha badh jayega. ( ap usme limit laga ke bapas la sakte ho. example 10k+ brokerage pay kiya ho to 10k return milega esha)

  201. Suresh singh says:


  202. vinod kumar agrawal says:

    An excellent platform for new generation with transparency
    needs to improve security in view of latest developments.

  203. Ajay patil says:

    Good service keep it up thank you so much

  204. Sahadev Parab says:

    Congratulations 🎉 Good service

  205. Swayam Krish says:

    Congratulations….. I am very happy and satisfied customer of Zerodha. Thank you for your service.

  206. Srirup sarkar says:

    Zerodha you are best.

  207. sailendra swain says:

    very good

  208. abhay says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    Congratulations on completing 12 years of service.On this occassion,I would like to reiterate my faith in Zerodha.At the same time,it’s a request not to fail us as we are learning and growing gradually with you by investing our hard earned money.

  209. Dilip says:

    your trading platform very smooth easy. congratulations for ZERODHA amazing journey, all the best for future.

  210. Himanshu says:

    Congratulations Team Zerodha💐
    Please improve your customer care process. It takes a lot of time to connect through customer care number.
    I have issue with my account & tried to connect with customer service many times but couldn’t connect.

  211. UMANG says:

    Zerodha has a high class service

  212. Deepali says:

    In 6month २०००० los intaday

  213. Ketan kasbe says:

    Everyone’s experience is different…but i am very happy to part with zerodha as a new comers its very easy to start n easy to understand…i like it!!!

  214. AJESH Thankachan says:

    Good service keep it up thank you so much

  215. Shameem Ibrahim says:

    Dear sir
    pls add one more update in our zerodha interface. In our holding tab we can see 4 option. (All stocks, kite only, small case, & mutual fund) pls add one more tab for stock sector and market cap.
    suppose i want to see only auto sector in my holding there is no option in our zerodha.
    if i want to see only large cap in my holding there is no option.
    if u add this feature it wl be very helpful our users.
    I hope u wl consider this opinion. Thank u

  216. Nandkumar Ghule says:

    Congratulation, Thanks for very supportive & cooperative team.

  217. Rathan says:

    I love your business dedication..

    We all are waiting ZERODA IPO.

  218. Subrata Sarkar says:

    I have been with Zerodha for an year or so. Also, I am a new comer in the Stock Market. I find Kite platform very useful and customer friendly. Thanks everyone in Zerodha for the good job.

  219. ruushabh says:

    technically best……all the best

  220. Rohan says:

    Keep up the great work you guys are doing. Zerodha should also guide investors with financial planning to take care of their goal based needs and asset allocations. This will be an icing on the cake. Thanks a ton.

  221. Anil Dantani says:

    Congratulations for the 12th year complete zerodha anniversary thank you Zerodha and zerodha team.

  222. Rk says:

    Add more watch list.

  223. Prakash says:

    Please give some sort of kill switch for long term investors.. I dnt sell shares often and i just accumulate. Please give us option to disable sell option to prevent hacking. Sell option gets activated only after some sort of OTP verification. Thank u

  224. H Gangappa says:

    Congratulations to zerodha treding so good work so many people s life help your company s so thanks

  225. S Prabuddhe says:

    Congratulations to all team members

    Zerod Brokerage is working very well I have been connected with them for last 5 one year my experience is very good service is very good and in case of problem customer care is also very good you have provided a huge platform to people in twelve years of journey thank you very much I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

  226. Jagathees BV says:

    Congratulation Zerodha team,
    Following features need to be consider in Platform.
    1.One platform required like NEST for option strategy traders. Its really easy to operate .
    2.Backtesting app need to consider.
    3.Some better algo app required. What zerodha providing is not sufficient.

    Hope will be consider for zerodha future growth..

  227. Thamaraiselvi says:

    All is GOOD,Congratulations to our TEAM ..Please CONSIDER, All Product services in single combine common margin for equity and commodity and all. It is really very useful for Traders.

  228. Naren says:

    No app is so user friendly as yours…I love trading with Zerodha…..u dont need any service call if u r on zerodha

  229. Aninda Das says:

    Very nice, keep it up. Zeeodha is simply Better

  230. Avdhut Salvi says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha nd entire team members,God bless u all.
    ॐ नमः शिवाय 🌹🙏

  231. AKILA says:

    Congratulations, very very nice our company. All the best.

  232. Rahul rajpoot says:

    Sir kite ke chart me improvement kare.like fyre trading platform.usme chart ko bahut ache se scroll kar sakte h & kisi bhi jagah chart par hi order laga sakte h ,and many more, please improve your chart quality. Congratulations for 12 year service.

  233. Manivarman says:

    Congratulations for zerodha journey

    UI and user experience are good in zerodha

    Keep doing good , super service and continue the quality service

  234. Amardeep Awana says:

    Happy birthday Zerodha……abhi zerodha ko 1:6 ratio kar do plz…..12 saal ke bad bhi 1:4 pe hai….aur direct option chart se strike price add to watch list bhi add kardo plz…….and U R AWESOME

  235. N.seetharamulu says:

    Very good service

  236. R P Mishra says:

    Hi, Congratulation to complete 12 nice years, I have requested several time regarding square off time ie should be either 1525 hrs or leave it I shall himself do before 1530 hrs. thanks a lots.

  237. sunil shukla says:

    good job congratulations .

  238. Sohel inamdar says:

    Very good service

  239. Priya says:

    Good platform to learn n understand n actively trade in market!! Congratulations to d developers n founder of zerodha! Mile stone for good broker (12years)

  240. Avdhut Salvi says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha nd entire team members,
    ॐ नमः शिवाय 🌹🙏

  241. Dnyaneshwar P Kharat says:

    Very nice platform for trading as well investing and friendly using is too easy for everyone. Requested for additional indicators on occasion of 12th anniversary sir.
    Very good service, congratulations sir

  242. Bhaskar says:


    Many many happy returns of the day !!

  243. Suraj says:


  244. rajendran says:

    You are reaching your life time.
    Never made any progress expected from you towards retail investors.
    Made more than you expected by sheer luck and that may be a reason enjoying your fruits.
    What sort of a trading platform you have and how can you it is?
    Only profit may be your goal, please wait time will teach you!
    Not even one plus.

  245. Uday kaple says:

    Zerodha has a high class service provider and my opinion no.1.brokerage firm in India and hearty congratulations from my side love zerodha so much.

  246. Aditya Narayana Mishra says:

    Congratulation zerodha for completing 12 year’s of unbeaten service for all coustomer…. Best of luck for future

  247. Santosh kumar says:

    Congratulations @zerodha for this amazing journey and always making me the first choice.

  248. Somnath says:

    Very good service .. thank you

  249. R P Mishra says:

    Hi, Congratulation to complete 12 nice years, I have requested several time regarding square off time ie should be either 1525 hrs or leave it I shall himself do before 1530 hrs. thanks

  250. Safeer Mohammed says:

    Very good service thanks you so much. And all the best

  251. pratik says:

    keep it up!!

  252. ansh says:

    Thank you sir for your good service and efforts…

  253. Rajeswar Rao says:

    Hearty Congratulations. Wish Zerodha every success.

  254. subhash says:

    hai nithin sir i HAVE ONE REQUEST THAT DO SOME IMPROMENTS IN CHART LIKE ORDER IN CHART AND EASY SET stoploss And target and all . ovearl super sir i have been trading from 3 years in kite .. thankes


    Jai Hind, Congratulations

    Overall performance is good, if concession or reduction in charge for every trade is provided, then customers like me will be more happy.

  256. amaruddin says:

    verry good nice platfrom i am happy love it

  257. Vinay Shekar says:

    Congratulations to the entire team. And thank you

  258. Vishwas Bhor says:

    Realy very good platform i am working with great experience & satisfaction…

  259. Vishal says:

    Zarodha. App Best I don’t no but world best zarodha

  260. Dhruv says:

    Kindly, enhance the coin application. Its too simple currently.

  261. Rohith says:

    ur service is superb. a good flat form for a beginner and experience trader also. I love it

  262. S Padma Rani says:

    Congratulations 👏👏 support, information n service are outstanding, keep it continue. 👍

  263. Narinder Kumar says:

    Absolute platform even for the beginners. Simple procedure to invest in complicated assets 😊

  264. SAIBAL GUPTA says:

    You are trying your best to make zerodha the best in this industry. I feel your guidance is required for upgrading investors knowledge. All the best.

  265. avi says:

    very nice

  266. Nikkhil Udoshii says:

    Lovely wishes for the marvellous year ahead !!! 💐💐💐.

    Persistence doesn’t have Perfection they say but when it comes to ZERODHA it is proven wrong

  267. Amarjeet Goswami says:

    Thank you sir for your good service and efforts…


  268. Nihar32 says:

    Congrats Zerodha,excellent service and amazing trading platform chart patterns etc,very good, I m here about 5years,fully satisfied 👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂

  269. Parimal says:

    hi sir it a good app and good service but I can’t profit, I always loss. Almost loss all my fund.

  270. Kiran Todkar says:

    Need some escalation Matrix regarding complaint solution
    My amount is deducted from my account but not updated in coin app and not also refunded i mailed lots of time but only get answer We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. However, we are yet to receive updates from BSE STAR MF for the same. BSE StARMF is still working on reconciling all the failed transactions and refunds to your respective bank account will be processed shortly. We request your cooperation until.
    You have to do improve system

  271. Anand says:

    Please provide Single Margin Facility in Zerodha for both Equity & Commodity.

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Anand, we’re working on merging the two companies so that our clients can use one single ledger for their trades. Will keep you posted.

  272. prashant jagtap says:

    first of all , congratulations and wish to be a great journey always
    zerodha platform always creates good opportunities to traders i.e . helps to risk management correct strike price etc.
    i like zerodha always

  273. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Very comfortable interface of kite nd web versions of zerodha thank u for providing such a platform,to add on plz now focus more on forex trading thru zerodha ,24 hourly, interface with less charges as possible,
    Thank goodness
    Stay healthier wealthy!!

  274. Saurabh SiNGH says:

    A month ago I was not knowing a simple terms like equity, intraday , margin. I started searching for best app for trading & after all comparison I found zerodha better than others in the market.

  275. Anil Hargude says:

    Very nice 👍

  276. Arunkumar says:

    Intraday options charge is high 20 .per order.. If reducing to 5 or 0 .. It will help to low capital traders now…. Low capital traders now shift from zerodha to finvasia…..

  277. Naveen says:

    Looking for reduced discount broking. Rs 10 per trade

  278. Apurba says:

    4 april 20222 ko HDFC ki uper circuit laga tha aur mera position holdings lekin zeordha CDSL OTP send nehi kar raha tha jiske bjh se 75L ka loss huwa. Bohot he ghinona planning h inki. Thanks for this loss

  279. Chiliveri Rajesh says:

    Very good platform ..especially for new traders …..accurate data …

  280. V.Janakiraman says:

    My Congratulations on the superb service provided, and best wishes for continuing this in future. I had been seeing everyday the motto “Nothing is so good that it can not be made better” on my way to work. My wish is that ZERODHA should adopt this motto. I am new to Zerodha; appreciate its good points; but also point out its short comings in an effort to improve performance alround

  281. AKASH says:


  282. Kalaiselvan S says:

    Congratulation. Very good service keep it up.

  283. HASMUKH MISTRY says:

    Very very good apps and service

  284. Harish Kukreja says:

    ज़ेरोधा हे तो मुमकिन हे ! सहृदय शुभकामनाये !

  285. Abdul Basit says:

    Amazing app for long term investment easy to watch market updates and also track our portfolio only mutual funds related sections not available.👍👍👍

  286. Jignesh Patel says:

    Team is doing great work.Congrulation zerodha to make us happy too..

  287. Yogesh Sharma, Congratulations says:

    Very good service , congratulations.

  288. R Kalaimani says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    Congratulations. do you have any idea to reduce brokerage? kindly update to showing position P&L details in homepage chart window. without go and see in position page.

  289. Rizwan Ahmad says:

    Very great app
    In zerodha my must favorite app
    Thank zerodha & nithin kamat sir🌷🤝

  290. Anil Kumar Madasu says:

    Loved working with you but for a new trader the bank statement for 6 months may not be possible in some cases. Hence we request to make it a month, so that it will be easy to enter Derivatives for a new commers too.

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Anil, if you don’t have a 6 months statement you can alternatively upload any one of the other documents mentioned here.

  291. Rabindra Suna says:

    Congratulations zerodha on 12th Anniversary. Thanks for excellent service.

  292. Sunil Sawant says:

    Good platform for trading Thank you for excellent service

  293. Jatin Solanki says:

    I’m using zerodha since last few months, but it is amazing platform for beginners as well as intermediate. And i also start refer to near one will join zerodha in future for sure. All the best team zerodha.

  294. swapnil raghunath patil says:

    excellent service. I am happy with your service and suggesting my friends and family too.
    congratulations for 12 years ZERODHA…

  295. Suryabhan says:

    Zerodha is working good

  296. Aju says:

    Still we can’t put a stoploss and Target order at the same time in CNC after we initiated a trade. GTT orders require certain margin from CMP. Why Zerodha makes life harder I wonder!

    Also there is only percentage wise stoploss and target for mobile kite platform. There is no price option. 😢

    Please add these little features for the sake of god.

  297. viraj says:

    Service is great . I have suggestion that you should put ‘reply’ option in chart .

  298. Prabhu says:

    excellent Service
    app is good
    charts are good
    easley excuite the trade
    zerodha is mother for smal traders

    but charges are hevey only ET Charges and ST Charges

  299. Dharmendra Singh says:

    Very easily, fast & excited with very nice service
    Good Luck for the future services

  300. Prasanjit Nama says:

    I love zerodha ❤️ this app very easy to use pliz bring any system to buy one click 2 (Lak) and sale 2 (lak) contiti pliz
    Busket order is very difficult ❤️❤️❤️

  301. Jogeshwar Rai says:


  302. arvind says:

    They understood what actual needs of trader.
    very good plate form particular for day trader.
    must go with zerodha.
    this is India MT4.

  303. Rudramuni Swamy says:

    Congratulations ZERODHA be stay forever and give good service … GOOD LUCK

  304. Sandeep Mohapatra says:

    It’s been a principle of my life, do unto others the way you want them to do unto you. Loved it when you shared a similar quote. Best wishes.

  305. Dolly chourasia says:

    I really liked this one and many congratulations to you guys and your team just has a request from you guys, you guys give money in 24 hours process, reduce its time a little bit more

  306. Sonny thomas Valayath says:

    This platform I feel safe and secure .
    Good luck for the future.
    Sonny Thomas.

  307. Vivek Garg says:

    How to purchase stock of Zerodha, want to invest in this company 🙂

  308. Govind chaudhary says:

    Congratulations zerodha team,
    Amazing trading app
    Very too easy features thank you for making my future in easy help

  309. Shaikh Azeem says:

    Zerodha is good change my life

  310. Devendra says:

    Congratulations and best wishes for many many successes in years to come.

  311. shakil Ahmad says:

    Congratulations, but provide a platform to give some tips and knowledge for beginners.

  312. Sahebrao Yammalwad says:

    Good service 👍

  313. Md Minhaj says:

    Why zerodha not working properly some times?

  314. JITENDRA says:


  315. Mohit says:

    App is very impressive working
    Add some new feature in app to attract users

  316. Gautam Priolkar says:

    Zerodha kite is Really a great Application, It’s very easy to use. Congratulations on 12 years, much more to goo..

  317. Chinmay kola says:

    Please protected my account and other customer account
    Your security is not good I think

  318. v sudharani says:

    Congratullation tozerodha

  319. Shubham says:

    Congratulations and Excellent service and thank you so much for making Zerodha trading platform.

  320. Dinesh says:

    Very good service.

  321. Shanmukh B Konnur says:

    Congratulations👏 nd Thanks for Amazing service plz continue it…

  322. Tapas Kumar routh says:


  323. Amit Kumar Gupta says:

    Aap ke paramarsh or vichar bahut achha laga..🙏

  324. BHUPENDRA SINGH says:

    Congratulations for the 12th year client support

  325. Anil Kumar says:

    Wow congratulations for compliance of 15 years of successful journey i hope you will keep it as in the past and also appreciate what you have done in past I’m really very happy with broking experience with the real brokers of india ZEERODHA

  326. soniya says:

    good platform but fourly chart not available so plz update for it

  327. Mridul Hussain says:

    Great experience with zerodha.. really thankful..

  328. Shivaji L Shinde says:

    Excellent Service,

    Wishing you all the Best.

  329. Dharmendra Singh says:


  330. chandu chandra says:

    please improve trading view no buy sell segment in trading view

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Chandu, Trade from Chart feature is currently available only on Chart IQ. We’re exploring possibilities to introduce this in Tradingview Charts.


    when will start the bond investment through zerodha, like GOLDENPI


    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Moorthy, we’re working on making a wider selection of tax-free and taxable bonds available. Will keep you posted.

  332. Yash Shah says:

    Thank you for good app and web application. And best wishes to completing 12 years.


    Amazing service by zerodha. Just want this to continue thats all we want. Thank You.

  334. Hemant Bhardwaj says:

    Please improve your chart indicator they lag so much

  335. Shiv kumar says:

    Congratulation 🎊 best service provider.

  336. Chain Singh says:

    Congratulations Team Zerodha. Hope you will provide good and efficient service in future too.

  337. Asif Umar Shaikh says:

    Congratulations Sir, keep it up, zerodha is very good and comfortable app..best wishes ahead and God bless you Niteen Kamath Sir

  338. Syed Muktar Hossain says:

    Thank you sir for your good service and efforts

  339. Shaleen Mantoo says:

    Very good service and very easy app interface has been deployed by Zerodha.

    Very easy for traders to trade in daily basis Abbas also there same for investors.

    Congratulations to Zerodha for completing 12 long years in the broking industry.

  340. DR NAVIN O SHAH says:


  341. Ambi Sinha says:

    Please fasten up your servers. there is 500 mili seconds delay in real time trades and what is shown in zerodha charts. This is hampering scalpers a lot, and moving to different platfroms. Restify it!!

  342. Ajeeth says:

    A good app and service. User friendly. Nice UI. Awsome trading platform

  343. rampratap says:

    zerodha all service is very very good thanks

  344. Rohith says:

    Please give GTT SL and Target digits( exact value) option also

  345. Raghu manne says:

    I am customer of zerodha nearly 4 years. Ur guys completed 12 years of zerodha company. Could you please send complementrey gift for customers

  346. Ramdas Ghuge says:

    very nice platform for trading as well investing…
    friendly using is too easy for everyone,.
    best for charts – technical analysis etc etc,.
    overall best in India.

  347. Divyanshu Mishra says:

    Congratulations Zerodha and team Zerodha and best of luck for upcoming journey.

  348. Devin says:

    Happy Birthday

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    Great work By zerodha
    Congratulations 🎉🎉

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    Very good service thanks you so much

  351. Rahul Shah says:

    Such a amazing experience thnk u tram Zreodha🔥

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    Zerodha is very good platform for trading and investing. Experience of the trading is mind blowing in term of app performance.

  353. Chandra Fernandes says:

    Congratulations!!! Many happy returns of this week!!.I am happy and satisfied with Zerodha. Keep up the good work..

  354. Vinoda says:

    Congratulations and super services thank you

  355. Sunil says:

    We are happy with the services and congratulations to the entire team of Zerodha



  357. ASHOK KUMAR says:


  358. Bulesh Kumar says:

    Why Zerodha not allowing us to just order by putting no of lots instead of no. Of shares like if i want to buy one lot of nifty i have to press order in shares like 50 where as its just one single lot

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Bulesh, the number of shares i.e quantity is already pre-set to the lot size of a contract. You can just use the arrow keys to increase or decrease the number of lots which is displayed under the quantity.

  359. Ekant says:

    Reduce intraday minimum brokerage to 5Rs

  360. Hetal D Patel says:

    Congratulations 🎉🎉

  361. Sumit kumar says:

    Congratulations and Excellent service and thank you. Team zerodha.

  362. Himagks says:

    Good platform, thanks.

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    Congratulations for the 12th birthday. Thanks for the excellent service and the platform offered.

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    very nice platform for trading as well investing…
    friendly using is too easy for everyone,.
    best for charts – technical analysis etc etc,.
    overall best in India.,.,.

  365. Bijoy says:

    Congratulations on your 12th Anniversary!!!

  366. Ram briksh sharma says:

    Very good service & easly thanks

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    Congratulations zerodha

  368. Mohanrao says:

    Congratulations ✌️

  369. Pintu Gupta says:

    Sir I am 6yrs regular zerodha client holder
    But sir ji losses 60000 but no profit plz help and guide sir
    Congratulations 12 yrs zerodha

  370. Subin shajahan says:

    Please fix target by percentage to value.
    Its not easy to calculate percentage so please try to add bothe options

  371. Dnyaneshwar Saptale says:

    Congratulations. Zerodha Team

  372. Malleswar says:

    Very Good App. But some times hanging / network connectivity issue. Please improve


    Good luck for Present & Future.

  374. Shubhankar Baidya says:


  375. Mahendra kumar nayak says:

    इसी तरह जीरोधा आगे बढ़ते रहें और इन्वेस्टर का दिल जीतता रहे और विश्वास ही विश्वसनीयता होता है इसलिए विश्वसनीयता बनाए हुए आगे बढ़ते रहें थैंक्यू टीम जीरोधा

  376. Dr prayag pandya says:

    Amazing app

  377. Mangesh sonawane says:

    Nice & great work 👍

  378. Sujith Pappan says:

    Congratulations team… and Thank you for the excellent service!



  380. Laxit Senghani says:

    Congrats to the team, keep it up.

  381. RASIK Selokar says:

    Great work Zerodha team

  382. SATHISHKUMAR says:

    Good Android app for trading

  383. Ashish says:

    Really good platform to trade. One suggestion if we can work on brokerage part , it will be great for all new learners.

  384. Mukesh Joshi says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for excellent service Superb service

  385. Sudhir Ankalgi says:

    Congratulations Zerodha on 12th Anniversary,
    You showed to Market world Zero will be always HERO.
    Thank you 🙏🇮🇳🙏 586128

  386. Devendra chaudhari says:

    Congratulations on your 25 anniversary…🥳

  387. Rajesh says:

    Congratulations for the 12th birthday. Thanks for the excellent service and the platform offered.

  388. Karan says:

    Congratulations and keep growing 👍.

  389. Gourav patidr says:

    Best app for trading

  390. santosh kumar says:

    Excellent Service

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    Congratulations! Thanks for excellent service:)

  393. Prasad says:

    Congratulations and Excellent service and thank you.

  394. Arun Kaushik says:

    Very Well drafted update. The flow and content was superb. I love this app for transparency and relevance.

  395. Santhosh says:

    Very nice 👍

  396. Rajesh Kumar amrut lal suthar says:

    Very good sarvice best of luck

  397. Parveen Kumar says:

    Nitin Sir, u are amazing person
    I am greatly inspired by yr wonderful journey of life

  398. Pandri says:

    Fantastic journey of Zerodha from its inception to today. We (me and my 3 family members who all have individual Zerodha accounts) love Zerodha’s simplicity, innovation, responsiveness from support, which really make us invest without a hassle. I wish Zerodha team many many successes in years and decades to come.

  399. sajal banik says:

    chart quality is not good. need to update . otherwise overall the platform is good for investment safety and security point of view.

  400. Mayuri says:

    Love the philosophy.
    No marketing gimmicks, no spam emails, no spam calls.
    A platform that is purely a platform!

  401. Manoj Subudhi says:

    It always feels good, whenever i read some article / news letter from Zerodha. It never misses the element of honesty and humility.

  402. VIDYA says:

    I am awaiting Systematic transfer plan facility for seamless transfers within fund house and / or between fund houses.

  403. Mahavir says:

    What about SWP / STP services which you assured to enable on coin platform last time? also when NACH auto mandate will be enable for Mutual fund?

  404. VARDHAMAN JAIN says:

    I deeply commend your hardwork towards customers for keeping all updates on time with honesty in transparency.
    Keep it up

  405. suryakant jadhav says:

    very good service keep it up

  406. Akshat Jain says:

    Any updates on launching trading on NSE IFSC?

  407. Deepak Wadhwani says:

    Thank you zerodha. Your one company which gives the complete support for someone who is new to market.

    Best of luck

  408. Brij Mohan Sharma And Geeta Sharma says:

    Security is main concern though you identified redifmail but still concern is why OTP is going to email. We have opened account years back and we don’t have facilities of OTP confirmation from CDSL for sell orders so worrying this we have to shift 2major securities from ZERODHA to Another AMC by opening new demat account which was unhealthy. Secondly your helpline is another grey area where one has to be in queue for unusually longer duration.

    Thank you
    Brij Mohan Sharma
    Geeta Sharma

  409. Lucio Miranda says:

    Your statement “I do not doubt that our capital markets, thanks to SEBI, are by far the best regulated and the safest for retail investors in terms of intermediary risk” is obsequious as can be. SEBI’s handling of Chitra Ramaswamy ex- NSE as explained by the Finanical Express in article titled “SEBI chairperson likely to be questioned on NSE scam by Parliamentary panel.” clearly shows it.

  410. Aubrey Barretto says:

    Zeroda is very user friendly only needs to help out newcomers like me in trading

  411. Sanjay kumar Sahoo says:

    Dear sir,
    I have not seen any details of all index f & o option (like nifty 18000 and bank nifty 38000 ) a common section ,I have to search for each call and put option . So is there any common option available kindly guide . If not available, kindly add it , so that it will help to see all option data in one shot.
    Kindly reply

  412. Veeraputhiran says:

    >>> We didn’t want to call and disturb customers or prospects who have not asked us to reach out to them.
    Keep it up..

    Can i redeem partial holding automatically every month from stock or mutual fund (Opposite to SIP ) by scheduling ?


  413. Venkata Naidu says:

    Congratulations on successful completion of 12 years..!

    Zerodha is so user friendly and transperant in terms of charges and updates, that’s the reason growing so fast.. keep updating the same

  414. Uma hegde says:

    Best wishes and congratulations,,
    It is very easy and helpful thanks a lot 🙏

  415. Deepak says:

    Expected : Zerodha helped create a new category of investors last few years who entered investing for the 1st time or left in the past having lost. Makes business sense to have : 1. Stock recommendations for retail customers 2. Better integration of some stocks combinations(smallcases) on Zerodha platform 3. Advice on safe investing / some unique smallcases to tackle downside as in recent times by way of hedging etc.

  416. Kiran says:

    Hi Team, what is plan for launching Zerodha in Share market, really interested in Zerodha IPO and shares.
    good platform and customer friendly.
    please confirm plan.

  417. Kiran says:

    Hi Team, what is plan for launching Zerodha in Share market, really interested in Zerodha IPO and shares.
    good platform and customer friendly.
    please confirm plan.

  418. Balun63 says:

    Thanks for appreciable app.
    Some few suggestions.
    1. The open, close, high, low can be made in barcode rather than present.if barcode presents, visualisation will be better. Colours will give better idea without thinking. Mainly colour coding and barcodes will be more visual and attractive, easily understandable. Some colouring is needed for reducing fatigue of eyes.
    2. SWOT, QVT analysis to be provided for each script in the main page.
    3. ETFs, REIT are hard to discover. Please improve.
    4. R1,R2, S1,S2 and pivots to be provided in the script main pages.
    5. Classification and sectors of scripts like large cap, auto sector something to be provided.
    6. Similar company details are must for customers like me (ie) beginners.
    7.Better if Watchlist is capable of 100 instead of 50.

  419. Raj Kumar says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Please add the CAGR / XIRR data on the dashboard so that user is always updated about his gain/ loss.

  420. Vibeesh K says:

    Hi Nithin, Congratulations on 12 years of Zerodha. If you can add something where I can see all my dividends received in one report?

    I love GTT.


    Good app
    Just improve your chart
    Then you will gain more family members

  422. Sridhar says:

    Please introduce investing in US stocks. Thanks.

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Sridhar, we’re in the process of getting our NSE IFSC membership. We’ll keep you posted on it. However, cannot provide any timeline at this moment.

  423. Krishna Karthik says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Thanks for building the platform. I’m a Product manager – Growth, at a Robo advisory Platform based out of Dubai. I can’t tell you the number of instances where I use the first principle thinking set by Zerodha to design features, establish processes and most importantly, decide what not to do.
    Thanks to you and your team (Kailash, Nikhil, Karthik, etc) for setting the benchmark of true product vision.
    It’d be a dream to work for Product at Zerodha.
    PS: While I would often follow your work , K’s User disengagement Blog was an truly enlightening one. I rethought so many of my features after reading it.
    Also, one question/advice request: What is your onboarding funnel rate and what did your team do to improve these conversion rates?

  424. Digamber says:

    Hello sir,
    Market watch window must be adjustable so that we can reduce size of market watch window which provide more space for chart window which will be beneficial in case of small screen comp/laptop.

  425. Rishabh says:

    Hi , Nithin i am building a startup called finsanity , I want to educate and building some product/service ( In process , trying out different ways ) on behavioural finance and risk management but i don’t have any business model as of now in this case , should i apply in rainmatters or is it mandatory to figure out some business model first and then reach out to rainmatters

  426. Shamanth Murthy says:

    Love this post. I am very proud to be a customer of Zerodha. Please continue the great work.
    Thank you

  427. Fayaz Ahmed says:

    Today your company is the best in your field, now a days many bank’s and Trading company allowing the MTF facilities for 365 days and Mstock is giving life time free brokerage for all sigments, is there any chance in future your company will do this.

  428. Rahul says:

    Congratulations Team Zerodha…
    I am very satisfied with with web and mobile platform.
    I have few suggestions which I believe will help to improve platform even further.
    1. Kill switch Enable/Disable should require OTP to confirm action.
    2. Separate helpline no. for emergency support similar to credit card to block credit card in order to stop misuse of card. Similarly helpline number to to freeze account immediately if required.
    Hope to see more updates in future for increased account security.

    Thanks Team Zerodha

  429. Vinay says:



    • Tanmay Gautam says:

      Hearty Congratulations! Everyone at Zerodha who built this colossal set up .I love using Zerodha for small time equity trade.

      My question is more on how do we you avoid falling victim to Narrative fallacy & confirmatory biases looking at the future of Zerodha where the world is filled with noises & cognitive biases.

  430. Sandeep says:

    Associated with Zerodha for last 4 years, Zerodha doing work, Please continue to do good work and awaiting more better upcoming products.
    Please add more features to Zerodha Kite like screeners, OI changes etc

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Sandeep, we are continuously working on adding more features to our app to make your experience better. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  431. RNB says:

    Congratulations….. I am very happy and satisfied customer of Zerodha. The only things I want as a trader is improved charting software. Zerodha use old Trafingview platform where lots of indicator not available. For chart we have to subscribe TradingView paid plan for multiple window. In this fild Fyers trading done a good job.

  432. Jitender says:

    Congratulations. Proud to be part of Zerodha family of Customers. But, you are not doing enough for Coin. It’s lacking many features which others MF Apps are offering and many MF Schemes are not showing like SBI Magnum Children’s Benefit Fund. Updation of Units takes very long time as compared to CAMS or Karvy updation and many other features.

    Please work on development of Coin App. You are losing out potential customers.

  433. Hemant Vora says:

    You’ve set a benchmark in industry, it was first , noval of its kind .. now that anything lower then this wouldn’t be accepted by a smart trader/investor, your concerns towards traders/investors are so genuine I’ve no words for same . Eagerly waiting for MF forey . ZERODHA is like Ford in car industry!

  434. Krishna Rao Jallipalli says:


  435. Arunraj says:

    While I love all your products, your lowest product is COIN. Please invest time to improve that. It’s too oversimplified which is not good. It misses overlap feature, graph is too smooth hiding volatility, when you select different time like 6m,1y, it doesn’t show absolute return. Please check Paytm money which is miles ahead in mutual fund app. Don’t take me wrong, I would love to see COIN become one of the best app.

  436. Prashant says:

    No updates or plan for Coin. It looks like the zerodha team treats Coin as a side project with features being in pipeline for years now.

  437. Suresh says:

    Sir we need some basic knowledge about share market.can zerodha make YouTube videos

  438. Utkarsh says:

    Hi Nithin

    Why the repetitive communication of “not spending on marketing and advertising” across multiple articles? The innumerable (and incredibly useful) blog posts, news articles, varsity content, social media updates etc are in itself some forms of advertising and PR (the cost is your time and effort). Zerodha team has built an amazing product with constant innovations/upgrades which has helped leverage the most cost effective advertising channel – word of mouth. 🙂

    P.S. – Please introduce some proxy for Xirr. The platform has become critical to long term investment planning, and having XIRR view would help significantly in tracking the portfolio performance and making informed decisions for portfolio realignment.

  439. VINITH KUMAR says:

    As we dont want two demat account we need only 1 demat and trading account please provide us two holding page as one is investment stocks and other as trading stocks. We il adjust it once you provide us.

  440. Ajay says:

    You guys have made a great platform and made investing so easy.

    One big appreciation I want to make is the tax P&L report. Just fabulous. It just made tax filing so easy. Just drag and drop the report and the p&l plus the dividend details are all captured. I have friends on other platforms who are manually typing ‘n’ number of dividend transactions. I just told them to move to zerodha. You guys have a great strategy – create a world class platform and word of mouth is enough to get customers. No advertising or marketing cost. Keep up the great works 👏

    • Ajay says:

      One suggestion for coin platform – currently all MFs (equity, debt, balanced) appear on the same screen and P&L shows as an agreegate of all. Can a modification be made whereby the customer has an option to see equity mf, debt mf and balanced mf separately, including the p&ls separately

  441. Manish says:

    Any update on mutual fund mandates?
    Manually paying for every mutual fund order is too inconvenient

  442. Vishaal Sahai says:

    Congratulations Nithin and team zerodha. While I am not ur customer, I do follow your updates, working and news items. Your contrarion view to conducting business and keeping things simple has brought you here. A true disruptor you are and now showing the way to industry. Best wishes for greater and continued success.

  443. Dave Trilok Kamalax says:

    Support to customer services is very poor and taking long time. Immediate and friendly support are not provided by your company. Very limited quarry are covered in your support services. Telephonic conversation is hopleds. No what’s app services provided.

  444. Vijay says:

    With zerodha from past 10 years…so thankful to you too Nithin Bhai.

  445. Suryakant says:

    We shuld get otp on mobile after entering password and pin for sefty

  446. Sourabh says:

    Gr8 platform Nitin. I am a heavy user. Few suggestions that I wud love to see getting implemented. (1) some brokerage credits as a % of what heavy users pay, kind of cashback or lower rates on reaching certain slabs (2). Some equity sharing for customers that contribute to Zerodhas growth so that we also get to own this amazing business. This will also create a flywheel moat. Look forward to this.

  447. Rajgopal B says:

    When you say that a low rated service is always evaluated, why don’t you interact with the customer who has given the low rating? This will help you understand the customer’s view point better and make the customer know that his point is being considered. This will only lead to further improvements and customer delight.

    • Avinash says:

      Hi Nithin,
      Just a simple request:-
      Dark mode (interface) on coin app 😛
      Otherwise both apps (kite,coin) are perfect!
      Thanks for the amazing work!

  448. Vaibhav says:

    Me and my family has been a happy zerodha customer from years. User friendly trading platform, prompt customer service and transparency has been the key factors to remain connected with Zerodha. I Wish zerodha team best luck for the future.

  449. Ketan Arvind Bheda says:

    When will get option to invest in US stocks through Zerodha? Thanks

    • Roshan says:

      US investing is not worth it with high cost of transfer of funds for retail investors. Unless this cost can be reduced which is very unlikely. SEBI probably can allow omnibus account for brokers, but that probably needs a lot of co-ordination between RBI & SEBI and more strigent norms for brokers/customdians. NSE offering US stocks via GIFT will be a big failure for sure.

      • Rj says:

        Have you ever used INDMoney? It has a negligible cost of transfer of funds dude. Be a little updated!

        • Roshan says:

          Oh really. It may INDMoney charges. What about the bank charges for currency transfer and mark up on the currency and bank charges when you receive money into your account & mark on the currency. Not sure if you know these cost. INDMoney doesn’t state these hidden charges.

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Ketan, we’re in the process of getting our NSE IFSC membership. We’ll keep you posted on it. However, cannot provide any timeline at this moment.

  450. Rudraradhya nn says:

    Very good sarvice thanks you so much

  451. Mohamed khwaja says:

    Hi,is there any update on bringing in the corporate bonds on coin. There’s only gsec trills and sdl available at the moment

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hi Mohamed, we’re working on making a wider selection of tax-free and taxable bonds available. Will keep you posted.

  452. Rakesh says:

    No update on mutual fund launch?

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Rakesh, we’re working on it. We’ll keep you updated 🙂

    • Ira says:

      hi Nitin,

      I think, kudos to be given to launch direct mutual fund investing when no one was doing it. But i remember raising a request to allow SWP feature also which was underway two years back but no progress on that front. I am sure, if more people show interest in that feature, zerodha will try to bring in that too. but still hats off to you and your team for doing a commendable job.

  453. Pankaj says:


    Why Zerodha not combine common margin for equity and commodity? Most brokers done that. It is really required.

    • surender bisht says:

      Very good service thanks you so much

      • Maharajan says:

        Very good service and very low charges compare with others. Keep up the good service and all the very best!!

      • asmat says:

        very good service

        • Steven Nakka says:

          Thank you Nithin Ji for wonderful support like me new joiner, many more years to come to give smiles on middle man faces

          • Manivannan says:

            Sir congratulations for your 12 years service is there any chance of giving intraday margin for trading which was given by otherz

            • m ganesh says:

              Learning is an never ending process, which very aptly applies to ZERODHA TEAM, I personally ,,feel very proud to say ,our
              kannadigas have captured the broking market from the long established north based broking companies with all foolproof method ,for the betterment of investors ,& specially for our VENKA, SHEENA, NAANI”s. INDUCING them to contribute for the growth, of nation & as well as to prosper ,personally. ,An n ICONIC work my, special KUDOS to kamath bros.,And to all the team members ,who are behind the screen.

      • Sebastian Thomas says:

        I do not agree at all regarding the service. I have always felt that the employees have no regard for the customer to solve their problem. When we talk to the support team , all that we can hear is that our case is being addressed by the support team. I had the misery of going through the rekyc procedure on 03.08.22 due to the dormant status of my trading ac. Covid has affected us. No intimation about dormancy of the account. I had no such problem with Sharekhan. It was indeed a labyrinthine process. I complied with it and after some days I got a reply asking me to submit self-attested PAN card copy, though initially only a pan copy was asked for. I submitted a self attested PAN copy on Saturday, ticket No 20220820689204 dt 20.08.22. I followed up on Monday with support team. The stock reply was the process is going on. There were other remarks of avoidance to my querry. Today, Tuesday, 230822, I followed up again and getting the same stock reply that it will be done as early as possible. Later on at 15.43 hrs one Mr Bharat Suryavanshi acknowledged receipt and uploading of my self attested PAN copy. But I am asked to do the rekyc again. So again I have to start from Zero.
        I have experienced this work avoidance attitude of the employees earlier also. They are more bureaucratic than any worst Govt dept. Can any one tell me what kind of service is this ? Their website is good and informative. On a problem solving level their service is absolutely pathetic and abysmal.
        A zerodha kite dormant ac holder.

        • Shubham says:

          Hey Sebastian, we’re extremely sorry to hear this. Having this checked. You’ll have an update on the ticket.

        • Ramesh B R says:

          Same situation happened with me, Bro. The customer service is pathetic and even a Re KYC problem they were unable to solve even after 2 weeks. Every time I contact them a lame excuse was given and the issue was not at all solved. Even the shares in my holding was not allowed to sell as the account was deactivated. Due to all this goofy things from them I had closed my account.

    • Komal Ahuja says:

      Nithin Kamath Sir extremely good online platform to sell and buy shares and learn trading ,Sir i want to suggest please make this easy to understand charges i mean many time when we are doing trade we donot expense please put alert feature also please make videos about learning indepth knowledge of how to trade intraday and investment also if charges can be discounted or lessened or any way we can avoid tax…….. or unnecessary charges

    • BIPIN GORE says:

      Good service from your team but some modifications on Zerodha display such as adjustment of Watchlist from 40% to 100% so that we can have a better view of charts. Bank nifty actual level should be displayed on top left side. No more to pen.

      • Ponnanaa says:

        Yes…this needs to be seriously looked into. Option to use/change/maximise display area.

      • Abhijit says:

        It has been the best platform…keep it up n hope that it will continue to improve further on following points .
        1. Introduce corporate bonds buy/sell options.
        2. Expand to all kinds of MFs buy/sell.
        3. In the tax harvesting , pl. provide each stock/ MF wise ST/LT capital gains/ losses.

    • madu says:

      very good

    • Eswar says:

      Make common fund for both equity and commodities…

      • Shruthi R says:

        Hey Eswar, we’re working on merging the two companies so that our clients can use one single ledger for their trades. More here.

    • alok dave says:

      When will get option to invest in US stocks through Zerodha?


      • Ranjay says:

        India INX is the international exchange available for both resident indians and NRIs to access global markets even forex

      • Vincent Pinto says:

        Yes, good point. Please consider adding this to your portfolio. If other small-fry organizations can do it, surely you can. But if there is any reason why you DONT WANT to, please write up a short note, like this 12-year note, giving us a few reasons why. It will help us better understand the reasoning of our favourite broker, for this particular aspect of investing in US and global stocks.

        • Aniket says:

          I personally believe that investing in US stocks directly from India is a waste of money. Investing in US via MF’s is a much better option. I had an ICICI demat acc. I had to subscribe to a new plan to invest in US stocks, plus they partner with another US broker and they hold the stocks for us. If something goes wrong, there is no guarantee that you will get your money back. Also the currency exchange rates are complete BS and it takes days for transfer.

      • Shruthi R says:

        Hey Alok, we’re in the process of getting our NSE IFSC membership. We’ll keep you posted on it. However, cannot provide any timeline at this moment.

    • SATRUGHNA says:

      Hi, Simple thing such as DISPLAY of Daily Gain of each stock in PORTFOLIO Holdings is MISSING in KITE which is available in all platforms and very useful. Now we need to look at each stock for daily gain.. Pay attention and pls do the needful.

    • Ranjay says:

      yes it is really required

    • Amar Kashid says:

      congratulations sir
      very good service
      thank you sir

    • Mano says:

      Congratulations !

      Your doing good work..

      Keep support !

    • Vishal Bansal says:

      I am fully satisfied with your good services

    • YOG says:


    • V Srinivasan says:

      We are lower class investors,zerodha helps to grow our minimum balance and its use our monthly payments. I Blass zerodha services go long years. Jaisriram.

    • Allwyn DSOUZA says:


    • Ketan says:

      Nice comment Pankaj, i do feel the same, request Zeroda team to implement the same.

    • nainesh rana says:

      exillent service

    • jp says:

      faroff strikeprice trades restricted in zeroda. we request to allow like agencies.

    • Ankit gor says:

      Very good questions We need combine funds zerodha please do This

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Pankaj, we’re working on merging the two companies so that our clients can use one single ledger for their trades. More here.

    • Shubham says:

      This is on our list of things to do, Pankaj. We’ll keep you posted.

    • 247NH says:

      Zerodha facilitates equity and commodity trades through two separate companies – Zerodha Broking Limited and Zerodha Commodities Private Limited. Equity and commodity funds are maintained separately with these two companies in compliance with regulations. Zerodha is working on merging the two companies so that the clients can use one single ledger for their trades.

    • Ram says:

      Transparently elaborated!