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September 13, 2021

Hindi: इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें।

You can now add single or multiple nominees to your trading & demat account completely online on Console. We will alert your nominee(s) over email/SMS if your account becomes dormant after one whole year of inactivity and you do not activate it by performing reKYC in time in response to the notifications we send you. This is to ensure that your nominee(s) are informed of the existence of your trading & demat account and the nomination in case of any unfortunate eventualities.


While the demat account opening became digital in 2016 (using Aadhaar eSign), adding nominees has been a physical process until now. This is because the process of nomination that the MCA defined mandated the collection of a physical form and multiple witness signatures. The regulation around this changed very recently, with SEBI allowing an option to add up to 3 nominees to your trading & demat account completely online using eSign.

When you open an account with a broker, you open two types of accounts:

  • A trading account that is registered with the Exchanges (NSE, BSE, MCX). This is the account where you hold your funds & F&O positions. If there has been no activity in your trading account, the funds will be transferred back to your Bank account as part of the Quarterly settlement, and the nomination that applies to your Bank account would hold valid for such funds. If for any reason, the funds are still lying in the trading account, they can be transferred to the nominee. F&O open positions can’t be transferred, so they will be liquidated and settled before the funds can be transferred to the customer bank or to the nominee.
  • A demat account that is registered with the Depository (CDSL at Zerodha). This is the account where you hold your securities in demat or electronic form. Securities once in a demat account can stay here forever unless you sell or transfer them to another demat. So it is important that you add a nominee to this account. Along with adding a nominee, it is also important to keep the nominee informed that you have a demat account, similar to a bank account. As mentioned earlier, we will alert the nominee on the email/mobile provided by you during nominee registration if your account turns dormant after a year of inactivity and you do not come back and enable it by doing a reKYC in time.

Why do the nominees have to be alerted?

A recent survey showed that there is a corpus of over Rs. 82,000 Cr lying in unclaimed deposits in India. This is a conservative estimate and includes:

  • Unclaimed Provident Fund Accounts – Rs. 26,497 Cr
  • Unclaimed Bank Accounts – Rs. 18,381 Cr
  • Inactive Mutual Fund Accounts – Rs. 17,880 Cr
  • Unclaimed LIC Policies – Rs. 15,167 Cr
  • Matured Fixed Deposits – Rs. 4,820 Cr
  • Unclaimed Dividends – Rs. 4,100 Cr

These are unclaimed, most likely because the nominees don’t know of the existence of these assets. We hope that the alert feature will act as a backup for all our customers in case of any unforeseen eventualities.

Also, since we offer direct mutual funds in demat form on Coin, this nomination will automatically cover all your mutual fund holdings along with all your other securities held with us as well.

How to add a nominee

You can do this by visiting Console. If you are adding multiple nominees, make sure to mention the % of holding that you want to allocate to each nominee so that the sum total is 100%.

  • You will need Aadhaar linked to your mobile number to receive the OTP and eSign.
  • You need to upload the proof of identity of the nominee in PDF format. If you don’t know how to convert your image from JPG to PDF, check this article.
  • Once you have completed the above process, nominee addition to the account can take up to 48 hours. You will get an email from us as well as from CDSL (Depository).
  • For your privacy, no email notification is sent to the nominee(s) immediately. An alert is sent only when the account becomes dormant after one year of inactivity, and you fail to enable it even after multiple alerts from our side.
  • Once you have added one or more nominees, you cannot modify it or add a new nominee online. You will need to send us a physical nomination form. We are working with CDSL (depository) to make this online as well. Nomination is free for the first time, and Rs 25+GST is charged for modifications.
  • Non-individual accounts (including HUFs) cannot have nominees. Joint accounts will need to send the physical nomination form.


Team Zerodha

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  1. Rakesh Bhathija says:

    Brilliant. I am hoping everyone can introduce the alert feature. Especially the banks. We save for the rainy day for ourselves and our family, what is the point if it lies unclaimed.

  2. Dr M Anudeep Reddy says:

    Thank you Zerodha for making it online..
    You are the Best

  3. Kapil Khurana says:

    Nice, but Relationship field is confusing. If i am nominating my father, should I mention father or son?
    Also whose dob, and whose id proof is required? The account holder or the nominee?

    • The entire table is for the nominee. Your relationship with the nominee = Father & Nominees ID proof (your Father).

      • Rupesh Mandal says:

        This Nominee relationship field confuses a lot of people. It can be solved with a small tip. As the user selects a relationship option from the deopdown list, a text can appear below –
        is your

        E.g. if I add my mother’s name and relationship as mother, the text below would read as – Nandita is your Mother.

        By showing this text, the user can be sure that he has written correct relationship.

        What do you think?

      • sudipta says:

        hello nithin sir, you have changed broking industry and keep introducing unique and helpfull features.
        i want to suggest one idea of giving a 1 lakh cash for one lucky ac holder of zerodha who made loss for the entire year, this will give hope and may even change one mans life every year. and zerodha will be more awesome then ever

    • CK says:

      How stupid of you to make such simple things most difficult. Above added GIF and the step by step procedure already states that you need to add all these of Nominee.

  4. Amit Semalty says:

    Thank you zerodha for this most awaiting feature of adding nominees online. You became pioneer in this field also…

  5. Aditya Patel says:

    I am unable to add 2 nominee, getting error message as “Error updating nominee: Error in secondary nominee address line 1: Allowed characters – hyphen (-), forward slash (/), alphabets, numbers, spaces”. Although I am just adding 2nd nominee address which includes only number and text.

    • Team Zerodha says:

      Hey Aditya,

      This happens when you have commas in the address field. CDSL does not accept commas in the address field, as a result of which, we don’t either.

  6. ABHIJIT PAL says:


  7. Pratibha says:

    After online form filling…. is it compulsory to send physical nomination form…

    If we dont send physical form… will there be any issue

  8. ArunSanthoshKumar says:

    I was expecting this for some time. I believe Zerodha always thinks from a customer angle and implements a lot of great things. this is great

  9. Kiritkumar Jayantilal Darji says:

    Zerodha kite app not work, so uninstalled and tray to reinstall, but not happening last 3 days…

    Now what i do??

  10. GL Narayanan says:

    Hi. I hv sent physical nomination form to Blr office a month back, it is not yet updated. Meanwhile, read about online process. Tried but getting stick up in uploading file. Nothing happens when the tab to upload file is clicked….
    Repeatedly asks for file to.upload….

  11. Akhil says:

    Where to add nominee’s middle name ?
    Should it be appended to first name field itself ?

  12. dhairya says:

    The nominee is for both the shares in the demat account as well as Mutual fund holdings in coin?
    Please confirm.

  13. Anuj Gupta says:

    Great Feature Guys !
    Hats off to the entire Zerodha Team. With the online feature, I am able to add nominee in less than 2 mins which I was trying to add offline for the last 2 years.


  14. Sanchit says:

    After filling the details, when I click on Continue, I get the error: ‘Error updating nominee: Failed to esign’.


    Should I receive confirmation mail from KRA institute along with zerodha and cdsl after successful nominee addition?

  16. Vikas says:

    This is an Excellent. Just a week back approximately I have requested for the Online nomination form Introduction. I’m not sure whether already the process was on going in the background. But I’m Extremely happy to see the introduction of nominee in the Online.

    Great thanks to Zerodha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Query : Can the nominees be changed at any time in the online or once submitted cannot be changed.

  17. Arnab Dutta says:

    Clicking Continue does not do anything. Tried in 3 devices and it just does not opens any other page or does not give any error. What to do?

  18. Isha says:

    Can we now add the name of nominee during new account opening with Zerodha?

  19. Ashraf says:

    Was wondering why physical form is insisted only for nominations

  20. Shravan says:

    hi Zerodha,

    Thanks for the much needed initiative to make nominations online.

    I read this in this article.
    “You will need to send us a physical nomination form. We are working with CDSL (depository) to make this online as well. Nomination is free for the first time, and Rs 25+GST is charged for modifications.”

    What does this mean ? Is it mandatory to send physical nomination document ? What then is the use of Online nomination ? This is confusing.

    Plz clarify.


  21. Uday says:

    While trying to add nominee details, I keep getting 2 popup’s with the following errors
    Error uploading proof for xxxxx: Request timed out
    Error uploading proof for xxxxx: Internal Server error

  22. K Yogesh Patel says:

    I tried to edit the nomiee but it says –

    Error updating nominee: Error in primary nominee address line 1: Allowed characters – hyphen (-), forward slash (/), alphabets, numbers, spaces

    my address is – Flat No 201, Khetani Nivas, Plot No 22, Road No 1, Yashoda Nagar, High Tension Wire Road
    No where is the problem in that address?

    Commas are also not allowed?

    • Prashant Prabhu says:

      Hi… I too had same issue…I just removed all the comma (.) in the address lines….and it worked !!! 🙂 …. maybe you might like to try it…

  23. AJAY TIWARI says:

    Great Move!
    Thanks a lot, I have opened a demat account recently and was worried about this feature.

  24. Prashant Prabhu says:

    I just completed the Nomination request….Excellent…seamless completion of the Nomination request process… Thank you Zerodha Tech team. This was long awaited requirement.

  25. KINJAL says:

    Hi, while adding nominee I am getting an error “enable browser pop-ups and try again”. I tried to add extension but unable to do it. Let me know if anyone has faced the similar error and how it was resolved.

  26. Amol says:

    I have recently opened account with Zerodha and I was planning to send the nomination form physical.
    With this online process addition, do we need to follow physical process as well?
    If it is entirely online, Zerodha team is superb.

  27. Sudip says:

    Nomination id prove is not taken
    By kit online nomination form

  28. Shanti Devi Sharma says:

    I’m trying to complete the nominee form online but it keeps showing the error messege that the file is not pdf. However, the file format is in pdf. Has someone else had this problem?

    Zerodha, can you please help?? Thanks

  29. Abhishek says:

    I am selecting pdf file as a proof and even then it is throwing an error that File should be pdf. Let me know what to do

  30. Naveen Malik says:

    While trying to add nominee details, I keep getting 2 popup’s with the following errors
    Error uploading proof for xxxxx: Request timed out
    Error uploading proof for xxxxx: Internal Server error

  31. abhinav says:

    there is one problem in adding nominee online . i want to add my wife as nominee but in any document, she only has first name and no last name. but this portal requires me to enter last name also.thus i am not able to add her as nominee. please help

  32. Iqbal Kaul says:

    Thanks Zerodha for providing this facility.

    Can a child who has acquired a US or a UK citizenship be nominated ?
    If so, what are the documents which need to be uploaded in his/her case ?

    Thanks once again.

  33. Shree says:

    What about existing user? I can see only the nominee name. I’m not able to see any other contact details of his. How to verify if contact details provided are correct or needs any change. Nor I can see the option as shown in video to add nominee details.
    Already raised ticket #20210914995387 but didn’t get satisfactory answer.

  34. Srinivas P says:

    I updated the nominee with the aadhar of my spouse and it got rejected. Not sure whats the basis of rejection. It would be good if you can call before rejecting or at a min provide reason for rejection. This time gave pan details… fingers crossed. Tha

  35. Sivakumar D says:

    I get the error: ‘Error updating nominee: Failed to esign’.

    I see already reported this error! Any resolution yet!!

  36. viji says:

    Good article

  37. Madhur says:

    Dear Mr. Kamath,

    This is an absolute essential feature. I have a product in mind which can be much bigger than this. If you can spare 2 mins, I can share it with you.

  38. Raj dixit says:

    Can it be changed? I already have a nominee but in case I want to change it

  39. Mahesh Tarte says:

    This is really helpful, having this process manual is one of the reasons that most of the retail users miss it. This should be mandatory to put when one opens an account if not then periodic reminders to be set if it’s left blank.

    It’s really sad to see so much of corpus unclaimed and most of which belong to the common man who spends his/her entire life saving it for the family! This change is really a step towards financial awareness!

    Thank you Zerodha Team! …. you really make investment digital, easy and in reach for the common man!

  40. Dilu alex says:

    What is file password in nomination procedure?
    Is it same as my contract note file password or i need to add new file paasword

  41. Munira says:

    what to do if zerodha reject online nomination for some reason.
    how to apply again for nomination.

  42. Umesh Kumar Gupta says:

    Document upload option I’d proof of nominee is not working


  43. Amit Kumar says:

    Hi Team,

    When I am trying to add nominee into my Demat account using Console application.

    On entering the Pin Code as ‘122001’ or ‘110001’ then ‘Enter a valid pincode’ is displaying on the screen.

    Due to this, I am not able to submit the nominee form. Please advise.

    Amit Kumar

  44. Sameer Das says:

    I want to change the nominee for my account please tell me how can I do this?

  45. Mohan Raju Kondra says:

    I am unable to add second nominee or edit the existing nominee. Its just being read only for me.

  46. RD says:

    Very painful and unhelpful to use. Despite having applied twice with all the necessary documentation the nomination has been rejected. Though there is an option to enter the password for PW protected ID proofs in the online application, have again received a message “• The identity proof uploaded is a password protected file. Please upload an unprotected file for processing this request.”. Zerodha should get their act together and stop wasting their customers time and efforts.

  47. Shravan says:

    Hey Zerodha team,

    The 2nd line of address is not accepting comma”,”. But, this line caption is Area, Town, City etc….How can we write if you don’t allow “,” to separate different sections ?


  48. Sandesh says:

    How to modify or change the nominee?

  49. susmitha says:

    Unable to submit nominee form. Goes to cosole home page but nothing happens. On mobile it says comma not allowed in adress line

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