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January 23, 2024

2023 has been a phenomenal year for Varsity. We kickstarted many new initiatives (details below) with a long-term vision. We finally expanded the Varsity content team from 1 to 5 🙂. While Varsity always had content in the form of text, we are now complementing our text content with simple YouTube videos done in both Hindi and English.

Regarding videos, one question that always concerned me was, how can a five to eight minute video do justice to a financial topic? Finance, after all, is a very vast subject with many topics and sub-topics. The nuances are plenty, and missing out on details can be dangerous. Think about this, there are 5-minute videos on YouTube that quickly explain what a call option is. Trusting this 5-minute explanation, there are people who trade options with real money. Only to realize they have lost their hard-earned money and eventually realize that options are super complicated and would probably need a few years to master.

While I’ve quoted Options as an example, you can extend this to any financial topic. It is akin to saying, here is a 5-minute video on brain surgery; post that you are good to operate 🙂.

Luckily for us at Zerodha Varsity, we have detailed notes and articles backing most of our videos. Given this, our video strategy is to share a short, simple video explaining the key highlights of a topic with relevant links to our articles, where we invariably cover all the nuances in the detail you need to understand. This combination of detailed articles plus the highlight videos puts us in a unique spot as financial educators, and I’m personally super proud of it.

Besides YouTube, we have a growing community on social media (X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram). We understand that social media is a crowded space, and everyone is trying to grab your attention and bombard you with information you may or may not need. Hence, our social media motto is to not put up content just for the sake of engagement or entertainment, but rather put up content only if it’s meaningful and has a learning outcome.

I’m looking forward to 2024, this will be a landmark year for Zerodha Varsity as it enters its 10th year of existence. A decade spent on a single mission – i.e. to simplify finance to the masses and help people do better with their money.

2023 – Varsity’s key highlights

Growing the YouTube channel

We put in a ton of effort to create more videos, both detailed videos and shortform reels at a regular cadence. So going forward, you can expect a steady stream of simple videos on all things trading, investing, and personal finance. A popular request from traders and investors has been video in Hindi. We’re now publishing Varsity videos in Hindi as well.

If you haven’t already, subscribe and enable notification to get an alert whenever we publish new videos.

Check the Zerodha Varsity YouTube channel here.

Varsity Certified

We started Varsity Certified, an online certification program designed to test your market knowledge and give you the confidence to start your career in capital markets. The Varsity certified program is graded and strictly proctored to ensure the sanctity of the certification. We had nearly 2,500 students sign up for the certification program, with nearly 550 candidates successfully securing the Varsity certified certification. Nearly 50 colleges came forward to collaborate with Zerodha Varsity to offer the certification to their students.

Varsity Junior

Knowing the basics of finance is a life skill because financial decisions are a big part of everyday lives, both personal and professional. Unfortunately, our schools and colleges don’t teach enough on the the basics of money. The best time to learn about finance is to start early because what we learn when we’re young tends to stick with us for the rest of our lives. It is with this intent we launched Varsity Junior—a series of animated stories. All the stories revolve around the day-to-day lives of a group of friends in a small Indian town. Each story has an underlying financial lesson for kids to take away.

Creating each Varsity Junior episode takes a ton of effort. The steps involved are plenty and they are all sequential and can’t be executed in parallel. Ideating a story with a financial message with several drafts and redrafts. Followed by voiceovers which again is an elaborate affair with several takes and then the mammoth task of sketching, coloring, animating, sound design, and final production. Given the efforts involved, each story takes at least 4-5 months to produce and present to you.

But then, we are looking at Varsity Junior as a long term project where over the next few years, you will find a playlist of at least 20-25 short stories which can teach generations of children the basics of finance.

Here is the Varsity Junior playlist with two short stories.

Do subscribe to the channel to receive notifications for all the upcoming stories.

Spreading financial literacy across India

One of the most heartening and exciting things for us in 2023, were the multiple initiatives that we undertook to spread financial literacy across the country.

Helping women take charge of their finances

Alluding to the earlier point I made, India can only do well if all the smaller towns and villages do well. For that to happen, efforts have to be made to teach people about money. While people in cities have become impersonal, the beautiful thing about smaller towns is that social bonds are stronger. If you teach a person about something, the odds are that the knowledge will spread, especially among women.

With that in mind, we conducted a financial awareness workshop for rural women in Chikodi, a small town along the Karnataka-Maharashtra border in association with Pankh India and Svatah. We wanted to create a safe space for women to discuss their financial issues and empower them to take charge of their finances. I’m proud to say that, the session was successful and I left with a lot of stories. Here’s a small video about the session:


Getting them hooked at a young age

We developed a financial education curriculum for the kids in Nagpur district’s 1500+ schools in association with the Nagpur Zilla Parishad office and Svatah. We trained teachers nearly across 525 schools, spread across 13 blocks of Nagpur District. The program impacted nearly 15,000 Govt school students.

Varsity Blog

We now have a blog on Varsity where the idea is to curate insights from the best in the business. The blog already has some amazing posts across personal finance, equity investing, venture capital, taxation, and various asset classes. If you would like to contribute your expertise, please feel free to reach out to me.

More Social

We are putting in efforts to share more simple financial insights on social media channels. If you aren’t already following us on social media, then do follow us on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.

Head of educational initiatives at Zerodha.

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    Really happy to see Zerodha working like a non profit org. I am surprised and happy at the same time to see that this workshop happened at Chikodi, my native. 🙂 Next time it happens will definitely inform my family back home to attend it. Kudos to organizations like Pankh, Swatantra and Zerodha☆

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    I love to read the textual matter from varsity, much more thing the video content. The app from varsity is fantastic to browse the material. However, the text matter in app is not being updated and is not quite in sync with the text matter available on web. Can this be focussed onto?

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    Financial literacy awareness program is good idea

    Please guide me how to reach you

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    I sold 300 shares of Ambuja Cement around 15th January, 2024 through Zerodha. I have not recieved the cash for that amount from Zerodha.

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    Kindly clarify at the earliest.

    Vijaya Srinivasan

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    Please make a video on tax filing for the people who are earning the income from salary and from stocks.Many salaried people tend to stay away from investing in the market due to income tax filing intricacies.Even if people are investing they are not sure which ITR form needs to be filled for ITR filing.

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  17. Gaurav Jain says:

    Hi I am a graduate in commerce in 2002 and run a shop, even though I am from commerce background I didn’t know personal finance and investing and trading all that till 4 years back, and now I know how important it is to become Financial educator and I like the way u are spreading Financial knowledge in these remote areas as well….well done 👍 and keep the good work going….Gaurav jain

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  25. Lt Col Prakash Joshi says:

    Dear Mr. Kamath,
    There is a lot in common between my life purpose mission, “Free Financial Literacy and Freedom Mission”, and the aim and purpose of Zerodha University.
    I am sure there is a lot of synergy to explore.
    Do get in touch to explore, it is all for free and has no commercial interest.
    Lt Col Prakash Joshi
    Money Monk

  26. Amit Dubey says:

    Hello Karthik this is my story, I am heart believer of understanding some topic with the form of text but not in the form of the video in the text you can revisit those lines and while in the YouTube video you do not create any imaginations in your mind any graphics in your mind which is the key point to learn something, I am from it background and these days the culture of YouTube videos to understand certain topic is going on but trust me you do videos do not help in anyway to understand any topic in death and keep it in your mind for long time, so the job you have done is commendable and the text and the blogs you have written those are going to be helpful in long run believe me, YouTube videos content consumer is watch and forget kind of thing, if one has to honestly learn something he has to go for text but not for the videos for sure this is just a matter of time while these days videos are popular but they will die soon

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    Please advise which mutual funds do I need to sip
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    Thank you

  40. Govardhan says:

    I’m of the belief that trading and investing is not a gift that you are born with but rather a skill that you can develop over time with practise and constant learning. At Zerodha, I’m focused on helping not just our clients but the community at large to understand the capital markets better and help them make better choices in the marke

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    I lost everything…. I’m totally zero…..
    last from 3 year … same technical problem every day occurs in daily basis.. Automatically trade should be initiated And trade in loss ..without any acknowledgment
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    We Love Zerodha Varsity, it is made simple with great clarity to understand the financial concepts

    Let us all together practice
    to build our nation through such wonderful initiatives in every sphere of our society

    Some of us are lucky , having born in good educated well to do families and we need to reflect on this and help the not so lucky ones through such initiatives

    This makes our life so much meaningful

    Thank you so much

    Mrs Gurudevi Ashok Shetty
    #61 Tata Motors (Telco) Senior officers co op
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    Thanks and regards
    Abhishek Banerjee

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    • Shruthi says:

      Hi, we’re getting this checked. Someone from our team will reach out and assist you. Alternatively, please check your email ID for Ticket #20240130960358, you can reply to the ticket for further assistance.

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    First of all, great work done so far and i belive in your mission to democratise the financial inclusion through education first ( both at junior and adult level) and it is a most sustainable way to go forward

    Also I appreciate your honesty when you admit and say that the duration of these videos don’t do justice to nunces of the subject ,but yes at the same time give food for thought to go step further

    can i suggest here to maybe start a pilot of online classroom sessions decicated on investing, trading and personal finance ( can ve chargeable ) so that there can be decicated community of these learners who after completion and provide a trickle down affect to a wider audience with power of wider and accurate knowledge on subject

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    Thank you for providing nice start introduction as you said correctly
    “Finance, after all, is a very vast subject with many topics and sub-topics. The nuances are plenty, and missing out on details can be dangerous. Think about this, there are 5-minute videos on YouTube”
    This good example to everyone to go in depth to learn then get into stock market. Thank you for sharing

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    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Gagandeep, we’ve explained how the allotment process works here. Do note that IPO allotment is not guaranteed. The allotment process is subject to various factors, including demand for the IPO shares, the allotment ratio, and the number of shares available for distribution.

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    Earlier it was difficult for me to trust others who claimed to provided financial knowledge but with huge sum of money to enroll for courses.
    Thankfully I can trust Zerodha and improve my knowledge without any doubt. 🙂

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      Hi Shabana, we’re getting this checked. Someone from our team will reach out and assist you. Alternatively, please check your email ID for Ticket #20240130472604, you can reply to the ticket for further assistance.

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    I applied from zerodha ipo but 1 amount got stuck but zerodha is not helping in any now how can I ritriew that

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Babureddy, we’re just intermediaries who submit the application to exchange and have no control over funds. You can contact NPCI at [email protected] with your application number, IFSC Code, and Bank account number, also get in touch with your respective Bank.

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      Hi Mukesh, we’re sorry to hear this. You can call us on 080 4718 1888 or 080 4718 1999. Alternatively create a ticket at with details of the issue, so we can have this resolved at the earliest?

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