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March 26, 2019
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Mutual funds are a wonderful way to start investing. Direct mutual funds more so, because you pay 0 commissions, which otherwise you would have from your pocket. 🙂 But if you are new to mutual funds, navigating the maze of over 2000 funds can become overwhelming. We’ve always tried to educate investors about mutual funds, be it through our webinars or on TradingQnA and Varsity. We’re always on the lookout for ideas to make the fund discovery and selection process easier. In our endeavor to simplify the fund selection process, we’ve added a new feature to Coin.

Introducing fund house views

Understanding the fund philosophy and the security selection process is a really important part of choosing a fund. Now, you will see bite-sized videos featuring fund managers and chief investment officers explaining how the funds work and their investing philosophy when exploring funds. A shoutout to the LearnApp team for producing these slick videos.

These videos are currently available only on the Coin mobile app for these ICICI schemes:

  1. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund
  2. ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund
  3. ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund
  4. ICICI Prudential Long Term Equity Fund
  5. ICICI Prudential MidCap Fund
  6. ICICI Prudential India Opportunities Fund
  7. ICICI Prudential Multi-Asset Fund
  8. ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund

but we hope to cover all the popular funds across AMCs in due course. Keep in mind that these videos are just to give you a brief overview of the fund and so act as an aid when you are picking a fund to invest in. Do let us know what you think of the videos and how we can make them better in the comments section below. 🙂

Video for the ICICI Bluechip Fund

Download the Coin app, if you haven’t already

Happy investing,

Faisal Rahman

Head of Mutual Funds at Zerodha. When I'm not at work, I'm at the gym or jamming with my friends.


  1. Neel says:

    Kudos to zerodha team and learnapp!

  2. Vijay gupta says:


    • Suyash says:

      Sir i have invested mf Rs. 5000 on 31/03/2019 but it is not show at coin.

      • Matti says:

        Since April 1st was a settlement holiday, the settlement cycle for mutual funds bought on 29th, 30th & 31st has been delayed by one day. The revised settlement cycle is posted here.

        • RIZWAN KHAN says:

          Sir Mera Ek SIP by Mistake delete Ho Gaya 8 August ko Mujhe Wapas Se Use Chalu karna hai.Mujhe kya karna hoga?
          Please koyi option bataye use wapas se re activate karne ka.

  3. Ashok Kumar sharma says:

    provide this feature on desktop also

    • Thyagarajan G says:

      Coin does not have STP option. How can I invest through STP? Any Solution?

      • Matti says:

        We’re working on STP. In the meanwhile, I’m afraid you’ll have to manually redeem and invest in the other fund.

        • Suman Kumar says:

          I am doing SIP in Tax saver fund.After 3 years(Lock in Period) how can i know that how much Unit i can withdraw.Or i can withdraw all Unit at once.

          If my funds showing excepted return and i want to switch money into TAX to Balance fund.I just want to know do i need to wait all month purchased unit cross three years or only when i entered in scheme.

          Please help me on this

        • Kiran says:

          Is there a plan to enable STP anytime soon?

          • Pushker says:

            zerodha is not serious of their “COIN” mutual fund app. in the market their are plenty of other companies are proving much rich features.

            Zeordha team, please work on it , as I am used to zerodha ecosystem, does not want to try a new app, so please add these basic features in your coin app.

            1. EXTRERNAL portfolio tracker
            2. Details analysis of a mutual fund like Latest Asset & Portfolio Allocation, Comparison with Sectoral-Technology Funds, Trailing Returns and Ranks
            3. STP, SWP features
            4. In Dashboard (web) option to show return in XIRR

            • Matti says:

              Hey Pushker, all of these things are on our to-do list.

              • Mukesh says:

                Do you have timeline for features like STP & SWP. I want to start STP if coin doesn’t add it soon. Users like me will be forced to move to different platform

              • Dr RAHUL M says:

                when do u plan to do it? next decade atleast?

                • Shruthi R says:

                  Hey Rahul, we know it’s taken a while. We had built a SWP/STP where you could do it across any scheme across any AMC but suddenly this SEBI circular came out which changes the way Coin works and whatever we had built no longer works. We are currently working on transitioning Coin and once we’re done we’ll introduce STP/SWP. Please bear with us.

                  • CA Devesh says:

                    Hello Shruti,
                    I’m used to Zerodha ecosystem. I need features like STP/SWP. Since long I’m waiting. Can you please share fair time line for introducing this feature as tired of listening zerodha is working and STP/SWP feature is coming soon.

                    • Anosh says:

                      Hi Zerodha Team,

                      Any update on STP/SWP feature on Coin. It’s been more than 1.5 years since users are asking for this feature. When will Zerodha release this feature? Eagerly waiting for it.


                    • Shruthi says:

                      Hi Anosh, we’re working on making STP/SWP feature available on Coin. We’ll keep you posted on it.

            • Ashish says:

              +1. I’m also looking for these features – currently I have these features in my portal (from financial advisor) – STP, XIRR return in dashboard, MF details (allocation, historical stat, etc)

        • Pranay says:

          Did STP go live on coin? Any timeline on this feature? When will it be launched by

  4. rajan says:

    want to invest in new bharat consumption

    • Matti says:

      Hey Rajan, NFOs aren’t available on Coin right now, but we’ll have this soon. In the meanwhile, you can still apply for the NFO. The process is explained here.

  5. Shivpal Daiya says:

    how to work in trading sector. anyone here as know how to buy a trade at right time.

  6. Kandasamy Mohan says:

    Excellent. I have started using coin to invest ELSS and other noteworthy MFs.

    Thanks for the awareness created by Zerodha through COIN.

  7. Amogh says:

    When would Zerodha get into Asset management and run funds of its own?

  8. Sahiriar says:

    It is a good feature which will add a qualitative feature to zerodha and set it apart from other discount brokers. I communication of believe investment philosophy is more important than the medium. Currently, we need to go to amc website, download their fund details PDF to see it. It would be great if you could add the text version of investment philosophy of each fund from the official sources directly in the fund page of coin app. That will be much better, more efficient and helpful.

    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… Will pass this on to the team and we’ll think about it.

      • Gopishankar says:

        Also, Displaying sector wise weightage of the funds would help us plan better. How about showing sector allocation across all my investments in all my funds? Too much of an ask? I dont see anybody doing this..

  9. Shrikant says:

    It will be helpful if it is available from the website also.

  10. Gopishankar says:

    Is it possible to automate money transfers to my zerodha account from my bank account every week ?

    • Matti says:

      Yes, you can set up a standing instruction from your bank’s net-banking portal to our accounts. The account details are available here.

      • Gopishankar says:

        I could see it can be scheduled from bank to your bank account via IMPS/NEFT/RTGS. Is there a way to schedule it via UPI the prevent the transaction charges as I wish to move money every week?

  11. Palash says:

    Several funds are not available from Coin. Wonder why !
    For example: HDFC Index Fund-Sensex Plan – we need to go directly to AMC

  12. sunil kumar says:

    How can i invest in ipo

  13. Avinash says:

    Hi, Every month manually I am adding SIP amount to Zerodha account. Is there any way it will automatically deduct SIP amount from my bank account (like standing instruction) ?

  14. Jitendrakumar Padhiyar says:

    I want to start sip but after investment what is the procedure for widraw is online possible or have to visiteZerodha??

  15. Baljeet says:

    I had invested in mutual fund in coin through SIP. However, it is showing nothing when I check my portfolio..I invested on 2nd April.

  16. Kamlesh rajpur says:

    I am investing 25000 in Franklin low duration fund. My balance is mines my account but coin show still your order is processing .Iam placed order in 4 th april. Long time passed but fund not show in my portfolio.

  17. Kamlesh rajput says:

    I am investing 25000 in Franklin low duration fund. My balance is mines my account but coin show still your order is processing .Iam placed order in 4 th april. Long time passed but fund not show in my portfolio.

  18. Arun Joshi says:

    I have set up mutual fund for 5th April but still amout not deducted from my balance, I have enough balance in zerodha account fund was Kotak blue chip

  19. Umashankar says:

    Hi i have submitted for MF redemption of Baroda Liquid Fund, still redemption proceeds is not reflecting in my Account.

  20. Subhashish parida says:

    I have invested 500 and 1500 as 1st instalment…but it is showing investment as rs 500 only!!!

    • Matti says:

      Hey Subhashish, the SIP amount for your order is 1500. This will be invested on the 1st of every month, the next and first instalment order being placed on 1st of May. The initial investment was Rs. 500 which is what you’re seeing as the investment amount.

  21. VN Vara Prasad says:

    Dear sir
    i V.N.Vara Prasad i have invested 5000rs today so here showing Order sent to AMC.
    i would like to know that what is the AMC. Please tell Briefly

    thanking you
    VN Vara Prasad

  22. udit agarwal says:


    I have started a SiP of 2500/- per 15 days and transferred 2500/- to zerodha account, but it says insufficient funds.

    I would like to know the reason for it.


  23. awdhesh sony says:

    plz tell me charges of zerodha coin. (in detail)

  24. Priya says:

    I am new and Just started Investment in Bluechip MF as a initial deposit 5000. My question is, Shall I deposit any amount in My SIP Account at any time without any restriction or Do I need to invest monthly once only. Kindly advice.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Priya, you have both options. You can create a SIP and the amount will be invested on the due date as well as invest some lumpsum amount whenever you want to.

  25. Debarati Mukherjee says:

    Hi ,
    I am investing in MF through SIP of amount 2000 monthly for 5 years and my portfolio is ICICI prudential blue chip fund-direct plan, Mirae Asset Large Cap fund,DSP Equity opportunities fund and DSP tax saver fund. Since I am not much updated with the current market tends, could you please advise if I need to modify my portfolio or keep as it is.

    From your experience please let me know whether I would get good return as compared in Bank FDS by investing in these MFs

  26. Chanchal Abinash says:

    When we can see S&P 500 on Zerodha Coin?

  27. Deep says:

    If I invest in direct mutual funds, through coin, will I be able to see
    1) CAGR & annual/actual returns of my portfolio
    2) Will I get tabulated L.T And S.T capital gains which I can forward directly to my Tax consultant
    3) Can I transfer /invest funds redeemed from folio of one fund house to any other mutual fund of my choice.

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Deep,
      1. Yes, we show both XIRR and absolute returns.
      2. Yep. You can download your tax-P&L statement from
      3. In demat mode, folio number doesn’t have any importance. But yes, you can remat and transfer your holdings anytime.

  28. Surjith S M says:

    I asked an easier way to list the funds, like groww or smallcase. But now onlu launched on mobile.

    When I can expect on Desktop?

  29. Ketan says:

    The zerodha UI needs to be more wholesome.. In a way provide details of earlier sold shares/MFs so that we know overall how has an individual done wrt Short term/long term gains/losses (no of shares and price) looking into kite itself (currently the feature is available in q to an extent, but dont want to browse multiple places, download a few reports to make meaning out of them?)
    For MF, we can get grouping if my bought MFs wrt their category (Mid Caps, Small, Debt, ETFs etc etc)

    • Matti says:

      Ketan, historical performance does not belong on the trading platform. It will continue to remain on the backoffice.

  30. santhosh says:

    Really… Great work.helping us to know how our money getting invested by mutual funds , i hope all AMC will support this . Kudos Zerodha.

  31. Senthil says:

    How to do switching in coin?
    is it there..!!

  32. Vijay says:

    When will zerodha start allow us to pledge mutual funds?

  33. Anushka Dubey says:


    If I am investing lumpsum amount in any MF, then can I withdraw it anytime in future? And what is the procedure for that?

    • Matti says:

      As long as the fund has no lock-in, you can. All ELSS funds have a lock-in of 3 years. There are some retirement funds that have higher lockins.


    Sir, I have invested in the mutual fund. I got mail from the mutual fund provider that my investment is confirmed, but it is not been updated in Zerodha Coin. Please update so that I can be sure.

    • Hi Chiranjeeb.
      The order was processed on 4th June 2019 and today is the T+1 day as 5th June 2019 was a holiday on account of Eid hence the units will be allotted to you today (6th May 2019), by 3 PM and the same will be reflected in your Coin Portfolio.

  35. Mahendra wagh says:

    Is TER applicable in mutual fund via purchase through coin?

    • Matti says:

      Yes, TER is applied by the AMC. It’s the cost of maintaining the fund. However, since Coin only has direct plans, there is no distributor comission component to the TER and so is lower than that of regular plans.

  36. Bharath Kumar H K says:

    hi Guys, I have started investing in Mirae Tax saver fund via SIP, however I need a proof showing mutual fund investment is valid under 80c with 3 year lock in period for my Tax saving benefits. Please help how to get the same.

  37. Rohit Chhabra says:

    Is there any way SIP will be automatically deducted from bank on monthly basis as currently i have to add every month and sometimes forget the SIP date which results delay in transactions

  38. Sivasankaran Lakshminarayanan says:


    I have already invested in Direct MF from ICICI and HDFC. How can add these funds to COIN?


  39. Abhay Veerkar says:

    I already have portfolios with many AMCs ( eg AXIS, BSL ). COIN should have a facility to input my existing portfolio number so that new purchases made through COIN would be linked to the same folio. Currently COIN purchase creates addition portfolios at AMC which could be avoided. Multiple portfolios at AMC creates a clutter which is avoidable

    • Matti says:

      Coin investments are in demat mode. For demat mutual fund holdings, the folio number is meaningless. All you need is the demat account number to track your investments.

  40. K Narayanan says:

    When STP (from liquid funds to equity MF) will be available at coin.

  41. santana says:

    Just want to invest more in mutual funds. But querries as mentioned below.
    1) How will you prove that Zerodha take only Rs50 per month as commision but other brokers take 1% yearly.
    Can this be explain by ACTUAL showing some customers purchases on Zerodha with others.
    2) How to get history of NAV of direct and regular mutual funds since inception ?

    Kindly explain

    Yours truly,

  42. kumar says:

    sir, I have already shifted to zerodha for mutual funds but it does not appear to be easy to transfer my all mutual funds from Prudent to Zerodha as I learnt that it is very difficult to do so.
    Please guide me as i also wish to transfer my all ELSS funds to this account. waiting for your reply.

  43. kumar says:

    sir ,
    I also wish to know if there are any hidden charges in mutual funds of Zerodha platform for any other purpose like statements , P&L account statement ?

  44. kumar says:

    I have two accounts with Zerodha. One is in my name and other is in my wife’s name.
    Now I wish to transfer my all shares from my account to my wife’s account . In both the accounts the nominee names are written of each other. Please let me know as to what is the process for such transfer . Early reply is expected.
    Thank you sir.

  45. Sejo says:

    i had been investing in the Mutual Funds ( Directly and through brokers ) for the last 10 years. Is it possible for me to bring all of them under the ” Coin” system, without redeeming and reinvesting?

    • Matti says:

      Yes. You can dematerialise your mutual fund holdings and track and redeem them on Coin when required. You can continue investing in the direct funds on Coin, however, the regular funds can only be redeemed since we’re a purely direct platform. The dematerialisation process is explained here.

  46. Pramod Vasudev Bhat says:

    I am not seeing Zerodha’s recommendation on mutual funds on the Coin website. However, I can able to see in Coin App why it is like that?

    I can see recommendations on an app like these
    Best of Equity
    Best of Debt
    Best of Tax Saving


  47. sk says:

    in Tata digital direct growth plane i invested via other mutual fund app with minimum sip amount of 500/- and in this app there is a minimum value of 1000/- to invest with initial investment of 5000/- why ??

  48. Zerodha Long Term Investor says:

    I think the whole MF industry should make it standard practice to release information about the fund SID in a video. Also whatever regulatory or internal changes of the fund must be updated in a new video, or provide a link to the source in one place… More standardisation required from industry to make MIS easier for clients.

  49. deepak says:

    can i redeem my all units at any time?

  50. Vasudev says:

    Sir, I want to invest say Rs.50000/-in an ultra short fund to buy units in a nifty index fund ,when market is low. Similarly ,I would sell when I make profit and revert the money back to the debt fund. Can I do it in Zerodha COIN without money getting credited or debited to and fro my bank . Is so,how can do so with ease.

  51. Mohan says:

    How long will it take for switching funds?. That is redemption of one fund to wallet and investing it on another fund?

    • Matti says:

      Redemption orders placed before the cut-off are processed the same day and you’ll have funds in your account to invest on the next day.

  52. Vasudev says:

    I invested Rs.5000/- from my Zerodha account to ICICI ultra short term fund but I am not able to view the status of transaction. I am not able to operate the COIN now after downloading and opening it.

  53. Bharat Bhushan Khattar says:

    Hoe does one redeem the MF units purchased thru Coin?

  54. Kranti says:

    I have purchased ICICI Prudential Overnight Fund on 20 november but today i.e. on 23 november still it shows processing.

  55. Rachel says:

    If I invest in mutual funds via coin (demat), will I be able to redeem them directly from the fund house if I want to? Or am I forced to rely on Zerodha’s platform for this?

  56. Ajmat says:

    Sir I have 3funds since march 2 but the respective amount is not deducted from my demat account and it shows no investment and today is 3rd day…
    Please help me out… The nav is going up

  57. Tripti Chandrakar says:

    Sir I have completed all the formalities to open account but still not got the client ID please suggest

  58. Harsha says:

    what are the chargers for SIP orders executed each month.

  59. Tina says:

    Hello Team @ Zerodha,

    Thanks for providing a a user-friendly interface for buying the mutual funds.

    STP and SWP framework is much awaited on Zerodha. I have been viewing the communication from zerodha for a year now, that it would be introduced soon. Any idea when it will be available?



    Very long time waiting for STP framework which more beneficial for customers. Is there any light on this matter.

  61. Rajesh says:

    STP and SWP framework is much awaited on Zerodha. I have been viewing the communication from Zerodha for a year now, that it would be introduced soon. Any idea when it will be available?

  62. Noble Antony Thattil says:

    Please update when will the STP option be available in Coin/Zerodha.

  63. Ravi Teja says:

    In my coin app i have deleted SIP’S from Home which are coming for montly payment unintentionally . but all SIP’S are visible in INVESTEMENTS –PORTFOLIO ,but not in investments–SIPS . and this month i got only 3 sip due .plz help how to get back those SIP’S back for payment

  64. Sajeev L says:

    i already opened a demat account through zerotha,
    now i want to invest SIP, how to i join?

  65. Tony says:

    I have purchased Mirae asset Emerging Bluechip fund through Coin. Now i get a message from the fund house saying, nominee details are missing. Do we need to do it seperately with the fund house?

  66. Manish says:

    Can we set up STP from money parked in arbitrage fund to small cap fund of same fund house, using Coins

  67. Piyush says:

    Have you any plan to add STP in COIN ?
    Please tell us Otherwise We need to choose another platform like
    I invested lots of money in MF by COIN but Now I need to invest by STP

  68. Milan says:

    Why is there so limited information on coin as compared to Groww and Paytm Money?

  69. Rajesh Jain says:

    Hi, I am an NRI and want to invest into Direct-Growth Mutual Funds through Zerodha Coin. Can we signup online?

    I also have folio created in other AMcs and banks with acive funds. Can I view and redeem / switch these exisiting funds on Zerodha Platform?

    Do you have any rep office in UAE? or team to handle NRI customer? I am interested in openning DEMAT account as well with Zerodha,

  70. Rony says:

    Hi, I started Step-up SIP through Zerodha with Initial Investment. The initial purchase was processed but the SIP has not been triggered on the given date. Why did this happen and how to resolve this?
    It is also not showing up in the Fund house website

  71. Vedant Arun Benwar says:

    Please provide STP option on Coin. Or else i will have to look for some other Mutual Fund platform

  72. Rachit says:

    Is STP (from liquid funds to equity MF) available on coin ? If yes, how to do that ?

  73. Manoj says:

    The lack of STP and SWP options is a big drawback of Zerodha. I think clients will be willing to pay for these services too. Why not explore the option ?

  74. Suvo Pal says:

    The lack of STP and SWP options is a big issue for investors. It was mentioned that functionality will be available 2 years back after which there have been no updates on the same.
    I just started my SIP and wanted to continue but it seems I need to redeem it and then move my investment to the Groww app which provides me with both the above options.
    It would be great if Zerodha can provide some kind of tentative timeline on when these features will be available?

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Suvo, we know it’s taken a while. We had built an SWP where you could do it across any scheme across any AMC but suddenly this SEBI circular came out which changes the way Coin works and whatever we had built no longer works. We are currently working on transitioning Coin and once we’re done we’ll introduce STP/SWP. Please bear with us.

  75. Kamlesh says:

    I need STP & SWP feature in coin. Those are very important feature to manage mutual funds and manage retirement monthly income.

  76. सविल says:

    इस ऐप से म्युचुअल फैंड में निवेश कैसे करते हैं

  77. Karan says:

    I think everyone’s been waiting quite patiently for STP now, easy to move to another broker (Upstox/Groww) which are offering this feature.

  78. Ketan Sahasrabudhe says:

    Hi, Any update on STP/SWP?
    I have read previous comments, it’s been almost a year since the new SEBI circular and Zerodha promised about working on solution. What’s the status on that?

  79. Sanchaya Sriramka says:

    Whats the update here?
    Its been years and years and no update?
    Is it possible to know is zerodha planning to give this option or not.
    If not just let us know.

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