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Coin newsletter #2: Expectations, disappointments and regrets

There’s nothing new that you can say about investing. The basics – save more, spend less, diversify, keep costs low, and don’t tinker with your portfolio have remained the same for ages. It’s just that we have to find new ways to keep saying the same old things.  And since most of you are probably […]

Financial analyst and researcher at Zerodha
14 Sep 2021

Fund house views on Coin

Investors, Mutual funds are a wonderful way to start investing. Direct mutual funds more so, because you pay 0 commissions, which otherwise you would have from your pocket. 🙂 But if you are new to mutual funds, navigating the maze of over 2000 funds can become overwhelming. We’ve always tried to educate investors about mutual […]

Head of Mutual Funds at Zerodha. When I'm not at work, I'm at the gym or jamming with my friends.
26 Mar 2019
Free investments in direct mutual funds on Zerodha Coin 

Free ELSS investments on Coin

Investors, Super happy to let you know that we have had 100,000+ clients invest over Rs 2200 crores in the last 15 months on Coin. Even more gratifying is the fact that we have helped our clients save potentially tens of crores in commissions by enabling them to invest in direct mutual funds. Coin is […]

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha
28 Jul 2018