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July 5, 2024

Educating traders and investors has been a core aspect of what we do at Zerodha since day one. Through the years, we’ve tried to do more across platforms and formats. In the past year, all of our efforts to create more educational resources have gained momentum.

Since we are publishing text and videos across platforms and under different names, many of you may not know about all our educational initiatives. So we figured we’d post an update on all that we are doing so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Zerodha Varsity

Distilling Warren Buffet’s letters

A lot has been happening on Varsity. The latest initiative is a ten-part video series summarizing Warren Buffett’s letters to Berkshire’s shareholders. These letters are a treasure trove of lessons for business, investments, and life in general. He peppers those letters with personal stories and anecdotes, which makes reading them fun. They are a delight to read if you are an investing geek.

However, if you don’t have the time to read all the letters and instead want a summary, we’ve been covering all his letters since 1977. We shot the videos in a round-table discussion to maintain engagement. Check out the five episodes here.

Varsity Live

We launched our live training initiative, called “Varsity Live,” two months ago and have crossed 20,000 registrations so far. We offer three high-quality programs, two days a week, for free. The goal is to make learning about the markets interactive and not just a one-way sermon.

As you listen to the instructor, you can learn by doing. For example, you can draw support resistance lines, identify candlesticks, and run a SIP calculator all live while the mentor is teaching. The programs have an average of 4.8 user ratings because we keep the quality in check, even at scale.

Sign up here to start learning about markets.

The Week That Was

“The Week That Was” is an Instagram series in which we summarize the most important news we read over the course of a week. Given that we regularly consume so many news articles, research papers, and reports to consistently bring you quality educational content, we thought we might as well start summarising them into a weekly rundown for you.

Check out the first episode here.

Zero1 by Zerodha

Zero1 has been in operation for 9 months, with the primary objective being to establish a secure environment for financial discussions, something we never experienced as children. We reach more than 2.5 million users every month and have built a community of 250k people today. We are also slowly building a media network by partnering with talented people to create new shows like:

Girl Boss

Hosted by Sahiba Bali, we explore how ordinary women lead extraordinary lives and their relationship with money through the years.

The How

Hosted by Shreyans Jain, we explore alternative careers and create a blueprint for the viewer on how to get started in that profession. We’ve met chefs, artists, and vloggers, and we have a lot more in store.

The Perspective

A talk show where two middle-aged men, Abid and Prateek, talk about stuff they know nothing about. Episodes on the snake oil salesman, GMOs, electric vehicles, fast fashion etc.

We also organised the world’s first fest around money and wealth. Young adults interacted with founders, finance leaders mashed with stand comedy and live music. The tickets were free, people had to prove they were fans of Zero1 by completing a mission to get the passes. We got over 10,000 mission completions, and 800 people were given the pass. Finance nerds finally have a place they can call home. We’ll organise one more fest by early 2025.

To de-influence misinformation on the internet around popular ways of making money, the De-Influencing series has now had 38 episodes. Money Psychology deals with money questions nobody helps us answer. In this particular episode, we talk about health insurance.

Markets by Zerodha

The latest initiative we are starting is a new channel to cover all the latest developments in the markets—both public and private. Think of it as a news channel, but a little slower and better. This channel started out of frustration over the lack of high-quality financial news content. The goal is to distil and decode the biggest developments in the markets. The first series we have started is a daily video and audio series that distils the top 3–5 stories on a given day. Here’s the latest episode:

If you prefer audio only, you can also listen to the show on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or any other podcast app.

In the coming months, we’ll start creating more topical content around the markets. To get all the updates on Markets by Zerodha, subscribe here.



The goal of Subtext is to publish in-depth explorations of the lesser-known aspects of finance. So far, we’ve published long-form articles on how investors learned to tame risk, what history can teach us about uncertainty, the futility of risk profiling, and one financephobic’s journey to conquer his phobia of finance. Along with that, we also publish a weekly series called “It’s the economy, stupid” where we demystify Indian economic trends. We’re just getting started, and in the coming months, you’ll see more good stuff.

Check out all the posts here.

Varsity blog

The Varsity blog has numerous articles that simplify topics ranging from markets to taxes to personal finance, just like the Varsity videos. These articles are written by some of the best domain experts from across the financial services industry.

Check out the latest articles here.

Rainmatter blog

We continue to partner with brilliant founders across health, wealth, and sustainability through Rainmatter. Whenever we make an investment, we ask the founders to write about the journey that led them to startup. We are publishing insights about the sectors in which we are investing.

Check out the latest posts here.

The other side

On this podcast, Dilip, who heads Rainmatter Health, speaks to some remarkable individuals across domains about physical and mental health. The latest episode is with a leading cardiologist.

From scratch

In this podcast series, we talk to the founders across the ever-growing Rainmatter portfolio about their journeys, challenges, and more.

The climate conversations

At Rainmatter, climate and sustainability are core investment focuses. We’ve invested in fascinating startups that are tackling major climate-related issues, such as developing alternatives to plastic and improving recycling processes.

Email digest

We also send a fortnightly newsletter with crisp summaries of all the content we publish on Subtext, Varsity, and the Rainmatter blog. You can subscribe here to get it in your inbox.

You can also follow the Zerodha WhatsApp channel to get updates.

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