Module 2     02:01:36

Technical Analysis (Video Series)

  • 1. Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis 00:05:41

    1.1 – Introduction to Technical Analysis Technical Analysis (also abbreviated as TA) is a popular technique that allows you to understand the risk and rewards involved while taking a trading dec ..

  • 2. Setting expectations 00:04:23

    2.1 – Expectations Often market participants approach technical analysis as a quick and easy way to make a windfall gain in the markets. On the contrary, technical analysis is anything but quick ..

  • 3. Chart Types 00:07:29

    3.1 – Types of Charts If not for a good charting technique, charts can get quite complex. Each trading day has four data points,  i.e. the Open, High, Low, and Closing called the ‘OHLC ..

  • 4. Timeframes 00:10:51

    4.1 – A note on Timeframes A time frame is defined as the time duration of choosing to study a particular chart. The time frame can range from intraday to monthly, to even yearly. In this video, ..

  • 5. Key assumption of technical analysis 00:04:26

    5.1 – Assumptions in Technical Analysis Unlike fundamental analysts, technical analysts don’t care whether a stock is undervalued or overvalued. The only thing that matters is the stocks past ..

  • 6. Understanding candlestick patterns 00:03:45

    6.1 – Candlestick patterns The candlesticks are used to identify trading patterns. Patterns, in turn, help the technical analyst set up a trade. The designs are formed by grouping two or more ca ..

  • 7. Single candlestick patterns 00:16:21

    7.1 – Single candlestick patterns As the name suggests, a single candlestick pattern is formed by just one candle. So as you can imagine, the trading signal is generated based on one day’s tra ..

  • 8. Multiple candlestick patterns 00:22:42

    8.1 – Multiple candlestick patterns The trader needed just one candlestick to identify a trading opportunity in a single candlestick pattern. However, when analyzing multiple candlestick pattern ..

  • 9. Support and Resistance 00:13:49

    9.1 – Support and Resistance The best way to identify the target price is to identify the support and resistance points. The support and resistance (S&R) are specific price points on a chart ..

  • 10. Technical indicators 00:19:36

    10.1 – Indicators Indicators are independent trading systems introduced to the world by successful traders. Indicators are built on preset logic, using which traders can supplement their technic ..

  • 11. Moving averages 00:07:44

    11.1 – The moving average We have all learned about averages in school; moving averages is just an extension. Moving averages are trend indicators and are frequently used due to their simplicity ..

  • 12. Your trading checklist 00:04:49

    12.1 – The Finale In this video, let’s learn how to build our trading checklist. Hurray! You now understand Technical Analysis, share this information with your friends, and pick up your p ..