We recommend reading this chapter on Varsity to learn more and understand the concepts in-depth.

Key takeaways from this chapter

  1. Technical Analysis is a popular method to develop a point of view on markets. Besides, TA also helps in identifying entry and exit points.
  2. Technical Analysis visualizes the actions of market participants in the form of stock charts.
  3. Patterns are formed within the charts, and these patterns help a trader identify trading opportunities.
  4. TA works best when we keep a few core assumptions in perspective.
  5. TA is used best to identify short term trades.



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    Zerodha will eliminate all the fake market gurus from YT.

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    Dear team,
    I really appreciate your commendable effort for coming with this video series for which I was looking for. As I was studying the varsity but due to time factor was unable to complete as per the target.
    Also, many of the fake YT with simply making people bluff with the name of free webinar and earning lots of bugs will be eliminate

    Great salute to Kartik sir and zerodha team along with Prateek sir

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    First up all thanks to zerodha for such vdo arrangements. The vdo are very easy to understand to a newer trader. I like it very much . The style of Pratik sir to teach is very informative, creative examples are very good easily understood. The short short vdos are easy to play ( no issue of net or range) . Not boring as if it is in one slot


    I know candle sticks , but how do i become expert in these

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