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  1. Manjunath C says:

    Very useful for me and explained clearly

  2. Sundar says:

    Really simple and useful. Thanks

  3. Tauseef says:

    Simple and effective. To the point explanation. Watching videos and going through the theory module definitely teaches you a lot. Honestly, so much better than paying 25-40k to these youtube trainers out there. The stock market is the same around the world. There is nothing extra or new someone is gonna teach. Thank you Zerodha, Karthik, and Prathik for putting out efforts to spread the rightful knowledge without being selfish.

  4. Harsh kumar says:

    It was awesome, attended so many youtube classes, bought so many classes over Udemy but could get even a single thing there, you explained very clearly the things, it was so interesting classes with clear examples, that’s why i finished it within single shot of sitting

    thank you so much for all thins

  5. abhishek shetty says:

    thank you sir very helpful

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