Sector Analysis

  • 1. Sector analysis overview

    1.1 – Introduction Welcome to another Varsity Module! This module on Varsity explores sectors as an investment avenue. We all know that a well-diversified portfolio is the key to building a succ ..

  • 2. Cement

    2.1 – Cement – An Introduction We laid down a basic foundation for sector analysis in the previous chapter. In this chapter, we will discuss the Cement industry. I have picked cement as th ..

  • 3. Insurance (Part 1)

    3.1 – Insurance – An Introduction In a broad sense, businesses can be into either manufacturing or services. The previous chapter was about cement, a manufacturing business. In this chapte ..

  • 4. Insurance (Part 2)

    4.1 – Studying the Different Types of Insurance Companies The previous chapter set the tone for the overall insurance industry. It spoke of the market structure, sales channels, and the risks in ..

  • 5. Information Technology

    5.1 Introduction In the previous chapter, we studied the parameters unique to the insurance industry. Here, we will explore the performance metrics specific to the Information Technology (IT) industry ..

  • 6. Automobiles (Part 1)

    6.1 – Automotive: An Introduction The previous chapter was about the IT sector, a primarily B2B service business. This chapter will look at the automotive sector, mainly a manufacturing business ..

  • 7. Automobiles (Part 2)

    7.1 – In continuation with Part 1 This chapter is in continuation with the previous chapter, Automobiles – Part 1, which sets the context for the automobile industry. So, I suggest you rea ..

  • 8. Banking (Part 1)

    8.1 – The First Digital Industry I opened my first bank account at the age of 13 or 14, I think. I had to fill out and sign an account opening form. My friends and I would love to go to the bank ..

  • 9. Banking (Part 2)

    9.1 – How to Analyse a Bank? The banking sector can be analyzed by studying its sources of revenues, capital adequacy, and asset quality, among other parameters. The previous chapter, Banking &# ..

  • 10. Steel (Part 1)

    10.1 – Overview As I want to start writing this chapter on steel, I am thinking of a good way to start. I look out the window; the balcony railing is made of steel. The chair I am sitting on has ..

  • 11. Steel (Part 2)

    11.1 – The context In the previous chapter, Steel (Part 1), we established that steel comes in various grades and forms and has a wide range of applications. We also saw how steel is produced an ..

  • 12. Hotels (Part 1)

    12.1 Why the Hotels sector? The past few chapters have been about heavy industries – cement and steel, banking and insurance. These are the building blocks of an economy. We will study more buil ..

  • 13. Hotels (Part 2)

    13.1 The aspirational value of hotels I was once talking to someone researching the brand position of five-star hotels in India. And it occurred to me that while people may not be able to use or affor ..