22.1 Trade from charts

If you are familiar with Zerodha’s trading terminal, Kite, you probably know that you can choose to analyze stock/index charts either on Tradingview or on ChartIQ. These two charting platforms are probably the most powerful charting engines to analyze charts. As a customer of Zerodha, you have access to both these platforms without having to pay for it.

ChartIQ recently had an update, and with this update, there are many cool indicators and studies that you can use. Let me list a few –

  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Stochastic RSI
  • RSI divergence
  • MACD divergence
  • Stochastic divergence
  • Central pivot range (CPR)
  • Trade from chart

I particularly find the candle pattern, CRP, and the trade from chart quite useful, hence this quick supplementary note to bring you up to speed.

Ensure you have opted to look at charts from ChartIQ. You can do this by clicking on the profile section in Kite.


Now, open any chart from your market watch –

On the top right, you can now see a Trade button. Click on the trade button to invoke the quick order window.

This is a floating order window and helps me drag the order window to key price points and fire order from the chart itself. For example, when I look at this Ashok Leyland chart, I know the stock is moving sideways from the last couple of trading sessions. I may consider a buy position if the stocks break out from the trading range.

From the chart, I know the break out point is around 45 or thereabouts. All I have to do is click, drag the order window, and drop it in a place that I think is relevant on the chart. Once I do, I can place an order to either buy or sell. I can even choose between a delivery/CNC and MIS for intraday.

In Ashok Leyland’s case, I want to be a buyer at around 45.40, a price I think is crucial for momentum to pick up.


As you can see, I’ve dragged the order window up to 45.40, and I can fire an order within the charts without going back to the marketwatch and getting distracted with other quotes. The current market price, i.e. 42.45, is seen with the red background.

Please use this feature; I think this is a great way to isolate yourself from the information clutter and focus purely on the price action.

22.2 – Candlestick Pattern

Candlestick pattern is an interesting addition in the recent update. The candlestick pattern study helps you identify the candlestick formation from the charts. The candlestick pattern identification is a great way to validate the patterns. However, I was hoping you could use this with some caution.

To load a candlestick pattern, select the same from studies –  

Once you load from studies, you can see that the system automatically identifies the candlestick patterns.

ChartIQ identifies candlestick patterns on the chart. I’m looking at the EOD chart here, but you can do this on intraday charts as well.

While this is a great way to validate the candlestick pattern, there is one problem with this. The identification process does not consider the ‘prior trend’, rule that is critical to candlestick pattern.

For example, the three engulfing patterns are accurate, but one should not trade based on this, given the fact that the prior trend is missing. However, look at the hanging man pattern; this is one makes sense.

So how should one use this?

Well, I’d suggest you carry out your analysis as usual, and once you are convinced that there is a trading opportunity based on a candlestick pattern, then switch on the candlestick pattern studies and validate the pattern. The pattern you have in mind and the one ChartIQ should match.

For example, here is the chart of DCB Bank. Pay attention to the encircled part here.

There are a couple of things that are happening –

  • Stock is in a downtrend
  • P1 formed a long bearish candle
  • P2, after a gap down, forms a spinning top
  • P3, after a gap up, forms a long bullish candle
  • P1, P2, and P3 together appears to be forming a morning start

A trader would probably go long based on the above. However, before placing the order, I’d now want to switch on the candlestick pattern in studies to validate the pattern –

I get the confirmation of the pattern; hence I’d be more confident in placing my buy trade here.

22.3 – Central Pivot Range

The Central Pivot Range (CPR) is an indicator to identify key price points to set up trades. CPR is beneficial for intraday trading.

Before you understand the CPR, it is important for you to know the Support and Resistance; I’d suggest you read through this chapter to know what more about Support and Resistance before proceeding further.

The CPR consists of three components –

  1. Pivot
  2. Bottom Central Pivot (BC)
  3. Top Central Pivot (TC)

These are derived out of the underlying’s High, Low, and Close calculations –

Pivot = (High + Low + Close)/3

Bottom CPR = (High + Low)/ 2

Top CPR = (Pivot – BC) + Pivot

Spend a minute to understand the formula. These are simple averages and manipulation to the averages. In any technical indicator, the moment you see averages, you need to associate the indicator to the underlying trend.

The CPR does just this, i.e. helps the trader identify key price points and the associated trend around these price points.

Today’s CPR values act as the reference for tomorrow’s trading. We will get back to this in a bit.

On Kite search for ‘Pivot’ in studies, and you’ll find the CPR indicator –

I’m looking 15-minute chart of M&M here. Once you load the CPR, the CPR loads as three horizontal lines, as seen below.

One thing that stands out is the varying width of the CPR. I’ve marked three points on the chart to discuss this.

I want you to look at the first arrow starting from left, ignore the CPR but look at the price action itself. Remember this is the 15-minute chart, and it is quite clear that the day started with a small green candle with not much movement through the day. The open and close were close to each other.

Whenever, we have a sideways movement, the next day’s CPR narrow ranged, this is exactly what we observe on the next day. Now the 2nd day itself was trending day. Hence the CPR for 3rd day was a wide-ranged one.

So the point is –

  • If today is a narrow range day, tomorrow’s CPR will be a narrow ranged CPR.
  • If today is a trending day, tomorrow’s CPR is a wide-ranged one. Higher the trend, wider is the CPR.

Alright, so how do we use the CPR? Well, this is quite straightforward –

Bullish outlook, look for buying opportunities when the current market price is higher than ‘Top central pivot’ (TC).

Let me elaborate. Assume a stock has rallied for a bit. The current market price is higher than the TC, and you are looking for an opportunity to set up a buy trade.

You can now wait till the stock arrests its rally and retraces back to the TC line.

I’ve highlighted a possible opportunity here –

From a price action perspective, when the current market price is higher than the TC, it indicates that the traders are willing to buy even though the average price is higher.  Hence, it would help if you are looking for buying opportunities. Remember, when CMP is higher than TC, the TC now acts as a support line.

Likewise, when the stock or the index is trading lesser than the “Bottom Central Pivot’ (BC). When the current market price is less than that BC, it implies that there is bearishness in the market, hence look for selling opportunities.

Again, look for a price pull back to the BC line before initiating a fresh short.

You can even trade the stock while it is within the CPR. Trading while the stock price is within the CPR is like a range trade.

You buy when the stock is at BC, with TC as a target and sell (fresh short) when the stock is at the TC with an expectation that the price declines to BC soon.

Of course, I know many traders who prefer not to trade the range and prefer to trade only the pullbacks. I too would prefer to use CPR only to trade the pullbacks.

Lastly, here is something that you need to be aware of when trading the CPR.

  • When you plot the EOD CPR, the previous month’s OHLC is referenced.
  • Previous week’s OHLC is a reference when you plot CPR for 30mins and 1-hour candles.
  • Previous day’s OHLC is referenced when you plot CPR for 1, 3, 5, 10, and 15 minutes candles.

Happy trading.

Key Takeaways from this chapter

  • You can trade from the chart by selecting the trade button.
  • The trade button is a floating window which you can place anywhere on the chart.
  • The candle pattern helps identify the candlestick patterns, use this to reconfirm the pattern.
  • CPR helps you identify the S&R pattern
  • It is considered bullish if the current market price is higher than the TC line.
  • It is considered bearish if the current market price below the BC line.



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    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Surya, I understand. The initial few attempts will be difficult. Look at as many charts as possible with a single point agenda i.e. to spot one pattern. Next, match that pattern with S&R, build on it one by one and I’m sure you will get comfortable with it.

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      The priority should be candlesticks, all other indicators, including CPR is a supplementary study.

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    One more question Sir,
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    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      2) For intraday, use 1o mins. EOD can be a bit dated in case of CPR
      3) With the pullback, there is a test of support and hopefully buying activity kicks in leading to a bounce in prices
      4) I started roughly in 2004-5. Changed my perspective about 6 years ago.

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    • Karthik Rangappa says:

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      1) Noted, passing this query to our chart team
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    P.S: Apologies for long typing. I want to trace how an institute like you gauge the market/stock and take you the call wrt the charts and indicator. Awaiting for your response! ( Please respond in the order i have marked)

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    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) I prefer looking at EOD chart even for intraday. However, you can consider 15 mins chart as well
      2) I prefer simple ones like MA, Bollinger Bands, and the ATR
      3) Whenever the opportunity comes by
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      The trick is to keep it really simple plus assess the market from both TA and FA perspective. About the watch the expert bit, I’m not sure 🙂

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    I want to know if there is any book or anything where we get case studies of succesful and unsuccesful trades where there is content on what went right and why it went that way and in what went wrong with unsuccesful trades.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Parul, at one point, especially after learning the basics, the next set of learnings will have to come from the market. No matter how much you read, nothing beats the experience of real markets. For example, in this case, you need to ask if all the checklist items were followed. If yes, then this is sheer bad luck, else figure out what did you miss out on and if that factor working against you. End of the day, be ready to learn from the market and pay a fee for it. The trick is to ensure the fee is small and the lessons you learn are big.

      Good luck!

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    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Varsity is for all, does not matter if you are a client of Zerodha or not 🙂
      I’m available on this platform, please do leave your queries and I will respond to your queries.

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    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) That’s ok. This is a case where you are booking profits
      2) Its best if you can wait for confirmation. However, if the support level has been tested multiple times, then you may want to go ahead and take a punt on it.

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    a few questions and suggestions
    1- what is the difference in sgx nifty and cnx nifty(what is cnx)?
    according to my understanding sgx is ‘Singapore exchange’ in which Indian stocks are traded.
    i- why Indian stocks/derivatives are traded in Singapore?
    ii- why are they traded there for 16 hours a day.
    iii- can’t we use this somehow to drastically gain profits?
    2- i- I know regarding mails as notification for comments in varsity you have said that many times that mail option for the replies would result in a lot of mails. But can’t just notifications for the replies to our comments be turned on via mail or message.
    I often forget where I had posted and comment and then later on I have to go through every article’s comments.
    ii- if possible reorder comments as the latest first so that one doesn’t have to click “View all comments” every time to visit the latest comments.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) The index is called just Nifty 50 now, SGX is Nifty 50 listed in Singapore. Not all stocks, just the index
      2) Any index can trade in any exchange as long the local exchange enables it. I suppose many FPIs operate out of SG, so it becomes easy for them to track, trade, and hedge. Number of trading hours is also dependent on the exchange
      3) I completely understand, we are trying to find a fix for this
      4) Noted.

  85. Anupam chatterjee says:

    Sir, whether cpr pivot point is available in dekstop & if available whether can I use both the strategy Pivot point & Cpr pivot point , plz guide I am new to this market

  86. roopam says:

    when comparing the charts, it shows the price as percentage.
    please guide is this % plotted

  87. Arjun says:

    Can we set cpr in mobile kite app

  88. J V Nagarajan says:

    When cpr will reflect in mobile kite? Under INDICATOR section

  89. Mohit Jain says:

    Sir, in the above trade my stoploss is at 170, And the price is around the stoploss but i am queit confident that the price will move up within few trading sessions. So, if the price hits my stoploss should i square off my position or wait for the price to move up.

  90. Benu Chattaraj says:

    When will your kite app be able to display CPR indicator?Sir,Please let us know. we are eagerly waiting for it.Till now I am not able to see it in my kite app. If it already exists, please tell me the way to find it.

  91. Lalit kumar says:

    Sir, plz include the CPR on kite mobile application. It is very useful tool. Moreover CPR followers have to calculate and draw CPR manually on daily basis, which is somehow time consuming. Also the biggest problem is that we have to remove those manually drawn lines, after day’s session (As can’t keep so many lines mingling with each other). So previous day CPR is not available for reference.

    One kind suggestion from me is that –
    CPR for tomorrow should be available just after today’s closing session. So that we can plan the tomorrow’s trade, and can trade the panned strategy. If tomorrow’s CPR is not available today then again I’ve to plot is manually after today’s closing to plan my tomorrow trade, which is again hectic.

    Hoping an optimistic response at your end

    Regards and thanks,

  92. Pavithran says:

    I wonder, how you had made all this sir. You don’t even place ads to earn in the site. I kindly want to know, what made you to do this kind of great gesture?

  93. Gowtham says:

    Why there’s no CPR tool included in Trading view charts in Kite?

  94. Ankit says:

    Does this CPR works for Monthly time frame as well?

  95. Mahesh says:

    Dear Rangappa Sir,

    We need developed CPR (Next Day) Level today only after completion of todays market session.

    Kindly add in the next Updates, so that we can plan & Prepare for tomorrow in a effective way,,

  96. Subir Dey says:

    The new chart features like “Central Pivot Range”, “Multi timeframe settings”, “CPR -Stochastics”, “RSI Divergence”, “CPR -Stochastics” can not be added from studies. I would kindly request you to check the same and revert back to me. This is of paramount importance to me as I am a beginner in the Stock market and now decided to invest in the Zerodha platform. Before that, I want to check all these indicators for my own understandings. Hope that I hear back from you soon.
    Subir Dey

  97. Mohit Jain says:

    Hello sir, is there any trading community groups of zerodha or any other source through which we can join and meet several other traders and learn from them. Or any place you would suggest where i could watch trading setups and strategies of different people.

  98. BabuR says:

    I couldn’t find CPR or unable to locate CPR on Tradingview but just only standard pivot point (which i could do in ChartIQ). And when pivot point is added then it kind of compresses the entire chart view and making it difficult to read the charts.
    Could you please help?

  99. BabuR says:

    Kindly ignore the above query!!

  100. Aditya Singh says:

    Hello Kartik,
    Thanks for the course. I have started to take calls. But most of my calls are going wrong. I understand that it is only 2 days ago I completed the course. And I am obviously making a lot of wrong calls. Please suggest me something about how should I go about practicing before entering the market. Thanks a ton in advance.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Aditya, it takes years of consistent practice to get the orientation right. So you just have to trust the process and continue to do what’s right 🙂

  101. Moloy Chakraborty says:

    Thank you so much for your Guidance and help .

    1. If there is a series of Narrow Range CPR (at least for 2-3 days ) , can we expect a big move in either side ?
    2. Can we initiate Long Strangle/ Straddle in weekly index option? (because the premium will be in lower side ? )
    3. Is there any other Indicator/Price action / Set Up by which one can predict a big move before hand?


    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) Not really, the narrow range can continue for weeks 🙂
      2) Hard to time since the range can extent for a while
      3) No indicator as such, but CS pattern helps to some extent.

  102. Ishwar says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am using web version of zerodha in chrome browser. I can find candle stick pattern in studies and manage to load it. However it does nothing. I was expecting that by just by hovering mouse it will show pattern as depicted in the pic. but it doesn’t. Am i missing any step?

  103. Tilak says:

    How soon is it coming? Any tentative dates to expect this?

  104. Aswini says:

    I am unable to get CPR in my mobile app.. what to do.. how to get it.. please help

  105. Amarnath says:

    Please make CPR available on Trading View Chart [or pivot points – camarilla (H3, H4, H5…) on ChartIQ].

    Either one should suffice as of now…as I’d like (in fact, most of the flock that I know) study combining CPR & Camarilla Pivot for intraday day breakouts.

  106. Chandra Gangani says:

    In my Zerodha Account
    Didn’t see CPR
    Why ?

  107. Karan says:

    What is the formula to calculate 15 Min CPR Value ?

  108. Bharath says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Greetings. I really like your content and the way you explain it in simpler terms.

    I do not find candlestick patterns in studies in kite app. Is it discontinued? Or is it available only in kite web?

  109. R Murali Raghavan says:

    In calculating the Pivot points, in a day graph, the previous month OHLC is referenced. Is there any specific reason. Further will it be advisable to trade on the basis of the previous month OHLC. Pl clarify

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      If you don’t take that way then you wont have a smooth graph and will be highly distorted. Yeah, it is ok to take previous month OHLC.

  110. Ankit sharma says:

    Okay, Karthik sir, Technical analysis is done though I am not able to make money through this, its fine money-making is secondary but I learnt a lot from your lessons thankyou for all of this. Want some book recommendation from your side. I have been doing this for 3.5 years (i am 24 BCom graduate and
    CA dropout) maybe somewhere I am doing it wrong I mean trendline or reading patterns etc. If possible guide me how should I pursue my passion for the stock market? I have also tried to get a job in a few financial companies but no one is hiring right now. That’s all I wanted to ask sir, reply me sir here or you have my email id too.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Ankit, if you are serious about a career in finance and something like asset management interest you, then you should look at CFA certification, it is globally recognised and it opens up many avenues for you.

  111. Ankit sharma says:

    Thanks sir.

  112. Samuel says:

    Which chart is better for analysis ChartIQ or TradingView?

  113. Mandha says:

    CPR is not available when i select 2/4 multiple charts. Could you please add to multiple charts aswell.

  114. Balachandra says:

    Sir when we get CPR indicator in the Kite for mobile users

  115. Mandha says:

    Thanks Karthik, Please confirm once CPR and pivot points available in multiple charts (2&4).

  116. Ankit Sharma says:

    Hey karthik sir, sorry for asking this question here but actually a situation of ‘Short Delivery’ arisen.

    On 17th I Shorted IIFL stock of 600 qty @ 110 intraday with 17000 amount approx and due to upper circuit i wasn’t able to bought them. Now today i got Zerodha notice that those share were bought @123.95 and ”Total Amount due to us’ – 74364. I want to ask if i dont have that much amount in my zerodha account then what will happen?

  117. Ankit sharma says:

    I will pay Zerodha, I just have a few doubts like the amount I paid on 17th i.e Rs17000 it becomes nil?

  118. Ankit sharma says:

    Okay sir just checked my Zerodha Account and they deduct 10000 approx.

  119. Bibhudatta Mishra says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am new to trading, so please do not mind if my doubt appears to be very dumb.
    First of all, on kite only pivot points is available but no central pivot range.
    Secondly, if I plot pivot points on daily chart, a single pivot line is plotted for whole month. How could this the possible if the price changes daily?
    According to formula, pivot line for Nifty 50 on 19th Nov 2020 should be 12,826.8167, but the pivot line plotted on daily chart is at 11674. However if I change to 5 min chart, the calculated pivot line and plotted pivot line matches.
    Please can you clarify?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      CPR is available on chartIQ, please do check that. Yes, that right, that’s how the CRP and pivot lines are designed. Also, S&R once formed are likely to remain the same for a long time.

  120. Rajesh says:

    I got a pop-up message on my Zerodha kite about changing margins for intraday from Dec 1, 2020
    Can you say clearly what impact on intraday traders? I didn’t understand it
    Kindly reply to me, sir
    Hoping so

  121. Ravindra Dhankar says:

    Why zerodha does not provide CPR in Tradingview?

  122. MANGESH DANI says:

    If trade is placed from the quick trade button then how to place SL or SL-M?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Quick trade button is to place mkts orders. If you intend to use SL and SL-M, then it is best if you can invoke the regular market order.

  123. Jayaprakash Narayan says:


    Please introduce CPR indicator even in mobile software.

  124. Pranali says:

    Why you don’t you provide CPR in trading view charts? What the use of having CPR in IQ charts where we can’t watch multi time frame charts?

    When is CPR going to be available in Mobile? You have given good features recently but are of least use due to this limitations!!

  125. Arun says:

    When will tradingview chart support CPR ?

  126. mantu kumar says:

    Hi sir,
    I have huge respect for you for providing us the platform for learn through your varsity I started my learning journey in stock market from this platform. After spending 2 year I am able to select stock for doing trade but now I am facing similar problem of can’t able to hold for longer time and book my profit very quickly and later on when I see the stock which I left is at much higher position. so, sir please suggest me how I over come from these problem.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Mantu, I understand this. Have been there myself. One of the things you can do is to sell 50% of your holdings and hold the rest. In this way you get to participate in any upmove if there is any left.

  127. Prashanth av says:

    Sometimes as per formula tc will be below bc and bc will be above tc

  128. Atauzzaman Ahmed says:

    Why i cant set cpr in zerodha???

  129. Deepak Shethia says:

    According to me varasity is too good aap. It will be great help if it is made available in all major indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi,Gujarati,bengali, punjabi,telugu, kannada and malayalam🙏

  130. Debopam says:

    CPR is not available in TradingView yet. Any idea when will this feature be introduced?

  131. Mohit Jain says:

    Hello sir, for an intraday trade, the Higher time frame(HTF) is daily chart where we find the trend, volumes, candlesticks, indicators? and under the Lower time frame(LTF) we mark the support & resistance and the RRR?

  132. Srinivas says:

    Pls upload the cpr in mobile app as soon as

  133. Mohit Jain says:

    Sir, for a weekly trade trend should be found in which timeframe?

  134. Sunil says:


  135. Chandu says:

    Happy new year sir!

  136. Arun Agre says:

    Why CPR option is not available on mobile???? Help me

  137. Jigar says:

    Waiting for the feature to be available on mobile

  138. Ankit Prabhu says:

    Can we use CPR for swing trading ? i.e. using 1day time frame and use CPR tool for a week or month maybe?

  139. Ankit Prabhu says:

    Can we use CPR tool for swing trading? i.e. using 1d time frame with CPR being plotted weekly or monthly along with pivot points?

  140. Ankit Prabhu says:

    Also, if yes then while plotting CPR and pivot points, the CPR gets automatically plotted for month and no option to edit to for a week. Is it because using weekly CPR for swing trading is not advisable and hence the same hasn’t been developed by the zerodha dev team. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  141. Amith Kadam says:

    Hi Karthik Rangappa, the varsity has given me a good view of the markets, a suggestion I want to seek from you, I would like to know more in detail about Technical Analysis and Intraday Trading. Would you let me know an individual from whom I can learn or learning from a book is ultimate?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      I’m not sure about individuals, Amith. What else apart from the things we have discussed here you are looking for?

  142. gopi says:

    i didn’t see cpr in recent zerodha chart view. when you are gonna add?

  143. Janesh says:

    Hello Karthik,
    Every stock has its own movement style.
    If I do research in 3-4 stock thoroughly but the thing is Nifty 50 stocks not much volatile if I make entry then its difficult to maintain 1:1 R:R. only out of 7 days one day we can catch big move rest are range bound or SL hits.
    & Banknifty movement is based on major banks like HDFC,ICICI etc. so if one down & other up finally its neutral. Only sometimes its observed that all banks up/down then we get unidirectional movement that is also very low probability
    I am stuck in creating strategy so at least 1:1 can achieve

    Please guide.

  144. Prasad says:

    Please provide the feature in mobile asap. Waiting since 6 months after taking confirmation from customer care.

  145. Santosh Kumar Verma says:

    Central pivot range (CPR) chart not showing plz provide chart

  146. Rounak says:

    Not able to see CPR indicator in zerodha. Can you help me please?

  147. Sameer says:

    Still waiting for CPR on kite mobile android app.
    When is it coming?

  148. Goutham says:

    Please help me to calculate the CPR
    High- 80.05
    Low- 77.15
    Close- 77.85

  149. Goutham says:

    Please help me calculate the CPR
    High- 80.05
    Low- 77.15

  150. Ashish says:

    Has CPR feature updated in mobile.
    If yes than how to use it?

  151. Hetalben PAtel says:

    I am not able to see CPR in KITE web or mobile or even in pi

  152. Prasanna says:

    When will CPR come to mobile application?
    Waiting for it☹️

  153. Prashanthi.Palle says:

    Please mail CPR Rules

    Thanking you

  154. Shaik mujahid says:

    hai sir iam mujahid pls tell me correct calculation for bottom range pivot point

  155. Akhilesh Shukla says:

    Why cpr is not show in chart on my phone please answer

  156. Daman says:

    Please publish a book on Zerodha Varsity

  157. V.Rajesh says:

    CPR along with pivot points has proved to be quite an effective indicator for trading. Have been making fruitful trades for the past couple of weeks. Thank you team Zerodha

  158. Gaurav says:

    CPR is not available on Zerodha now, why?

  159. Deeksha says:

    Is this feature available on mobile yet?

  160. Satish says:

    Normal candle or heikin ashi candle which is more suitable for trading CPR

  161. Satish says:

    Which time frame is best for trading CPR for intraday

  162. Avinash Rao says:

    Is it possible to add previous time frames high and low along with pivot points ? it would be very useful .

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Not possible I guess. We get these from the charting engine providers, this will have to come from them.

  163. Shelendra More says:

    Mobile app please update cpr indicator are not valid

  164. Gunjika says:

    I am unable to find the “Studies” or the “Central Pivot Range” on my Kite…. Please help.

  165. Dnyana says:

    Still not showing CPR tool on mobile version

  166. YUVRAJ PARMAR says:

    Trade now button not available in TV chart mode, kindly update

  167. Amol Bhatia says:

    Please provide filter for narrow cpr

  168. Indu sadh says:

    When will the CPR feature be available on mobile as its very essential.

  169. Chandu says:

    In the above pic which I’ve shared,it is bullish harami right sir I’ve marked the candle
    But to confirm I used in built function in trading view which identifies candelstick pattern,but it’s not showing the candle where I thought it is harami
    Please confirm whether I’m wrong or app function

  170. Chandu says:

    Yes sir,other checklist to confirmed
    Listened to your podcast sir,very inspiring and motivating🙏

  171. Viren says:

    When will CPR be available on mobile?

  172. Baskaran says:

    I am not finding the central pivot range indicator in kite chart . Please advise

  173. Dhawal says:

    I hv just completed reading and found the information very useful, but at the end I m confused between duration n Timeframe on charts. Under S&R duration is 2 years, under positional is 6- 12 months. what duration we should take for weekly n Intraday ?

    For duration of 1year if we change time frame like 1 week , or 1Day or 1Hour the candlestick pattern changes altogether , however the duration is same . What are the time frame to choose while checking for patterns in charts of particular duration ?

  174. Prithviraj says:

    Still this feature is not available to mobile users. When it will be extended to traders/inv
    Esters using mobile.

  175. Rakesh says:

    CPR showing in Kite is not correct. date-16-Feb-2021 (Bank Nifty)
    Pivot = (High + Low + Close)/3 = (37449.9
    +36405.1+37306.25)/3=37053.75 — Values used of 15-Feb-2021 to calculate the CP of 16-Feb-2021
    But in Chart IQ it is showing -37110 and it is varying with 5 min and 15 min candle. CPR should be same for any time frame for the day right ?

    Please correct me if my understanding is not right.

  176. Rakesh says:

    Thanks Karthik.
    CPR will be calculated based on the previous day close, low & high right ?

  177. Harsha says:

    Hello Karthik,

    We request you to provide screeners in zerodha.

    pease provide stock recommendations for short term & long term perspective

    YouTube live webinars on trading

    Why most of the stock market books are in hindi, English

    What about regional languages!?.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      We dont provide tips, we rather prefer educating our clients. Converting the content to regional languages is a very elaborate and expensive affair, given our bandwidth, this is the best we can do.

  178. Giridhar says:

    when did demand and supply zone module release waiting for it in technical analysis module

  179. deepali says:

    Hindi me update nahi hua yeh wala chapter

  180. Badrinath says:

    CPR is used for long trade? Or is it just for intraday trading?

  181. Abhilash Vaidhya says:

    Can CPR be used for positional trades?

  182. Chandru says:

    Cpr is removed, I am not able to see today

  183. Melrick Noronha says:

    Still awaiting CPR to be added to Kite mobile. Any update on this?

  184. Sri says:

    Hello Karthik,

    After Studying all the patterns for trading Intraday, So much noise, and can’t guarantee whether if I have taken a position it will be successful or not (Not Sure?)

    I understand all these are important topics and patterns….May be Long time investing is more profitable than intraday trades

  185. Belal Ahmed says:

    How can I use CPR in tradingview chart? sir

  186. Sri Harsha says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Any plans for launching the kite app in tv screens.. I would like to trade in large tv screen:) charts, moving averages, cpr, Bollinger bands etc etc will be more clear in tv’s

    Smart watch trading

    Zerodha should come forward…what do you say

    I hope I can join your team and motivate zerodha

  187. Sri Harsha says:

    Hi Karthik,

    After studying most of the comments…50% of questions are cpr on mobile when it will be available

    For introducing 1 new feature on mobile how hard it is?

    How big companies like what’s app or Facebook or Instagram brings new feature with in weeks or days..?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Yeah, I understand. But we operate on limited bandwidth and the team is brimful with a list of tasks with priorities. So have to be done accordingly 🙂

  188. Heet Patel says:

    In kite mobile app CPR not available not on chart iq not on tradingview.

  189. Sri Harsha says:

    Hi Karthik,

    I see in the future a big stock market bubble coming…Are we depending too much on the global markets for Indian markets direction….Europe, China, Japan, America, Australia, Japan…Brexit etc, etc

    Why do we have to track China Job markets, Production data, American Jobs?.

    What is your opinion

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Because Indian markets are dependent on global inflows and btw, all markets are interconnected. None of the markets operate in isolation, they are all interconnected at some level.

  190. Deepak S says:

    CPR, RSI divergence, Stochastic divergence indicators to name a few are available in chart IQ only when we use a single chart. However, when we use multiple chart options like 2/4 charts, they cannot be loaded on to the chart.

  191. DEEPAK says:

    Where can I choose 22.2 – Candlestick Pattern.. I am not seeing that option available..where exactly we need to look for it in KITE.

  192. Sredhar Arun says:

    But these are not available in their Mobile platform. When will they be available?

  193. Shrinivasa says:

    Cpr concept is good..thanks for that especially.. 🙂

  194. Sri Harsha says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Many of the investors or traders use stock markets to beat inflation..to get good returns

    What if 1 person gaining is other person loosing…1 person loosing money.? am I right

    For the loosing person they may pump more money from interests etc etc or invest in there savings

    If the loosing person recovers some losses and previously gaining person brings some more money to recover his losses

    This is like a chain…I don’t see any person being rich except stock brockers

    How does they beat inflation when they loose so much money

  195. Harsha says:

    Hi Karthik,

    In the near future soon the water, electricity, gas, petrol, diesel will be traded as commodities and they become like gold and silver which can’t be affordable for common people

    What is your thoughts

  196. Harsha says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Can you please explain more in detail…if I buy any options futures and stocks and get some profits…it won’t be coming from NSE cash reserves or company cash reserves right?…the other investor or trader is loosing money?

    How the system works?

  197. Sreejish Mohan says:

    Sir I use Kite application in my ipad why does the CPR not showing in “studies” whule using chart.

  198. Ravi ramani says:

    CPR indicator not showing in kite app chart iq.

  199. Mohit Jain says:

    Sir, do you prepare trade journals? If yes can you please share the format in excel or the application you use for the same.

  200. Nanjundaswamy N says:

    Sir,can we trade on the basis of cpr(any range) or only narrow day.

  201. Nanjundaswamy N says:

    Sir,can we do intraday trading by using cpr(means all ranges) or narrow range only

  202. Aravind says:

    i couldnt able to find “CentralPivotRange” in kite chart indicators. Can you guide me to get that indicator?

  203. Kiran kumar jain says:

    can you please provide the cpr indicator on mobile platform, its like having car withoutsteering, we have to take trades blindly hv already put requests to your technical team but no development in this regard except a mail im response .

  204. Aakash says:

    Cpr and candlesticks pattern feature in studies on android isn’t available?

  205. SUDIP TIKAIT says:

    Hi Sir,
    Why discontinued ” Central Pivot Range (CPR)” indicator from Zerodha Kite Web as well as from Mobile app? Please add this indicator again.
    Sudip Tikait

  206. kiran says:

    Not able to see CPR in studies . I can see only Pivots (standard) indicator

  207. Amol says:

    CPR is not getting in studies on mobile

  208. Ankit Kumar says:

    How to get CPR in TradingView?

  209. Ankit Kumar says:

    How to do forex or currency trading from kite?

  210. Bilal Ahammed says:

    How to enable CPR in Ipad and mobile?

  211. harsha says:

    Can you ask SEBI to increase the time limit for trading…I wish it runs 24*5 🙂

  212. harsha says:

    what type of trader you are scalper, short-term trader, long term trader…Do you earn millions or billions in the markets

  213. harsha says:

    Hi Kartik,

    May I know why Karthik doesn’t trade in stocks…..Karthik doesn’t want to beat inflation or he has 10 or 15 digit salary

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Company policy does not permit employees to trade. We can only invest, hence I’ve invested in few stocks and mutual funds.

  214. harsha says:

    Hi Karthik,

    I recently bought a bank nifty call option…I enabled the stop loss for the bank nifty

    if the stop loss has been skipped…whose fault is that NSE or Brokers fault

    if I bought a bank nifty for RS 100 and put a stop loss at 90…when the bank nifty fell to 80 and my SL didn’t get hit (executed)

    I lost good amount of money because of SL didn’t execute

  215. Albin says:

    Can we exit a trade using the trade from chart feature after buying?

  216. Anil sah says:


  217. Jai Panwar says:

    This feature is still missing on mobile.

  218. Suraj Vishwajit Shah says:

    CPR and ORB indicator are still not available on mobile app.

  219. Vishal vishwas yadav says:

    Can you tell me whic books I reàd .so I am great technical analyst.whic books you prefer me.

  220. Vishal vishwas yadav says:

    Yes sir, but only one time

  221. Vishal vishwas yadav says:

    And sorry sir,because I don’t no giving answers in 5 minutes. I think you give answer in one two days. Thank you for your too much support and guide. One day I meet with you sir.

  222. When CPR features available on mobiles kite app says:

    I have an zerodha kite account .CPR indicator not shown in studies on my mobile

  223. Kalavathi says:

    Is cpr indicator updated in mobile version….also idfc one click ?

  224. Sri says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Requesting additional features in options trading…When buying an option ex: 14500CE trading at 145 (2 features available)

    1) stop loss% 2) Target percentage%

    2) Is it possible to show numbers instead of a percentage…Ex: SL 135 or Target: 145

    3) if not possible to change from percentage to value in SL% & TGT%…Along with percentage, an auto calculation of percentage to numbers below stop loss percentage and target percentage

  225. Bharat Chandra Doley says:

    I tried to search CPR in indicator, but there is no CPR , like the one explained in varsity . Instead I found “pivot points standards”. Is it same as CPR ? Can you explain how to set up Pivot, Top CPR and Bottom CPR in Kite ( there are 15 nos. of lines R1,R2……….. S1, S2……….), which one is Pivot , TC , BC ? If I select S1,P & R1 , it becomes Top CPR , Pivot & Bottom CPR ?
    Again are “Traditional” and “Classic” same ?

  226. Rakesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    Many thanks for your tutorials.

    Can we use CPR for swing trading(5-10 days )?

  227. Veerendra says:

    CPR is entered as CRP at the top after “Let me list a few”…

  228. Himanshu mishra says:

    Hello sir
    I have read all the pdfs but I am still not feeling confident to enter market.
    I want to learn more where will I get more material about stock market plz help

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      That is a never-ending quest 🙂 I’d suggest you start with a small amount and take a few trades to see how it goes for you. Dont be afraid to make small mistakes. You can learn from this experience. Good luck 🙂

  229. Bhuvan says:

    sir in which time frame its works the best.Plzz reply

  230. Akhil Sharma says:

    While placing two chartes in one screen i m not able to use CPR indicator in chart iq. Can you pls fix it. Because for trading one needs to go through multiple charts.

  231. Prashant Sadashiv Patil says:

    My kite app doesn’t show CPR in studies, how to get it?

  232. vanshbhan sharma says:

    hey when are we having risk to reward position indicator [long and short position] in chart iq i think it is only there in trading view it is not in chart iq

  233. Budhdev ram says:

    Dear sir please activate pivot range my id NT2273

  234. Budhdev ram says:

    Candlestick Patterns
    Stochastic RSI
    RSI divergence
    MACD divergence
    Stochastic divergence
    Central pivot range (CPR)
    Trade from chart

  235. Budhdev ram says:

    Dear sir please activate pivot range

    my id NT2273

  236. Budhdev ram says:

    Dear sir please activate
    Candlestick Patterns
    Stochastic RSI
    RSI divergence
    MACD divergence
    Stochastic divergence
    Central pivot range (CPR)
    Trade from chart

    my id NT2273

  237. Budhdev ram says:

    I request you to start my all indicator

    Candlestick Patterns
    Stochastic RSI
    RSI divergence
    MACD divergence
    Stochastic divergence
    Central pivot range (CPR)
    Trade from chart

  238. Abhaysinh says:

    Please add this chapter in hindi soon

  239. vishal says:

    How do we scan stocks for this? Is there any way we can use previous close nse/bse data to identify stocks?

    Can we also use this swing trader if used on a day candle/heikenashi?


  240. Matilal Deb says:

    We are not to plot cpr on chart on kite. Cpr tool not available on study tools.pl. provide us this tools.

  241. Siddesh says:

    Hello Sir,

    What is the difference between Central Pivot and Fib Pivot and Carmilla Pivots?

    Could you care to explain?

  242. Kunwar says:

    When CPR will be working on kite mobile app?

  243. Sunisith Ravva says:

    CPR, Stockchastic RSI etc these new tools are no updated in my kite app.
    Or is there any procedure to update the new tools.

  244. Yogesh Jagtap says:

    How to set targets for swing trading?

  245. Abhinav Singh says:

    I can’t find this on kite search.

  246. Rustam says:

    Kb aayega CPR and OrB

  247. Sachhidanand says:

    Karthik Sir, can you please confirm; whether Candlestick Pattern feature shows Dow formations, or not? Thanks.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      No, these two are different. However, the more experience you gain, you can start to notice Dow behaviour in candles as well.

  248. Umashankar says:

    Hi Team,

    Could you please make CPR tool available for “trading view” type of charts? only pivot points standard is available.


  249. soumya C says:

    Ghatiya site hai ekdum

  250. Bharath says:

    While calculating pivot points for EOD or swing trades shoul we take weekly or monthly H,L,C
    And number of pivots back,should I leave it as default

  251. Manash pratim says:

    The candlestick identification and CPR is not being found in the mobile app. How can it be found??

  252. Manash pratim says:

    Why is there no option for CPR and candlestick patterns in TV? Why are the indicators not saved on TV?

  253. Sachin Alamale says:

    After nearly one year CPR is not provided for mobile

  254. Prabhat says:

    In the graph for section “current market price is less than that BC”, the market trended downwards even more than previous day, even though the CPR width is greater than previous day. Would appreciate your view on this.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Hmm, I’ve tried to explain this bit in the chapter and in the comments Prabhat. Please do check. Thanks.

  255. Aravind says:

    it is really helpful for many beginners sir so pls make more and make many happy traders sir
    thank you so much sir

  256. Prabhat says:

    Hi Karthik, I couldn’t find a reference in the chapter or in the comments where it explained why it was directional downtrend even though CPR width was wider. Can you please guide me to it.

  257. Harmen says:

    Hello Sir,

    What exactly is your trading set up?

    What indicators do you generally use?

    Do you use different indicators for different time frame and different for F/O and Delivery and Intraday cash?

  258. SAMIR DAS says:

    Central pivot range indicator is not available in zerodha ChartIQ chart when you use multicharts. Please look into the matter so that trader can use cpr with chartIQ multichart layout

  259. Harmen says:

    Hello Sir,

    What was you basic set up back then? Did you use multiple screens or only used a single screen?

    Also doesn’t Nikhil Kamath trade, is he allowed to?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Single screen…but later had a dual-screen for a while. Nikhil is the only exception, he runs a hedge fund 🙂

  260. Yazhini Muthazhagan says:

    Hi, I’m not able to find cpr indicator in mobile app. Is it removed?

  261. Harmen says:

    Hello Sir,

    Back in the day when you actively traded did you work from home or had to go to an office?

    Why did you stop if you were profitable? Was joining Zerodha’s education team a more profitable venture to make you stop trading?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Was working out of the office with the Zerodha team 🙂

      Dint really plan anything in life, just went with the flow.

  262. Sumit says:

    Please update one more indicator.

    “Relative strength compare to Index”

  263. swapnil wadekar says:

    Thank You

  264. Chandan says:

    The pdf provided for the technical analysis module contains only 20 chapters whereas the module contains 22 chapters. It is requested to add the remaining chapters as well.

  265. Chandan says:

    Also, it is requested to keep updating the pdf in case new chapters are incorporated in future.

  266. Jon Doe` says:

    Please add more indicators(Candlestick Pattern, Pivot range, etc) on Trading view.

  267. Jon Doe says:

    Yes, please.

  268. Ashok says:

    How save trendlines in chart

  269. Pratyup says:

    Is there an option on Trading View where if I use a drawing tool(trend line/ Fibonacci etc) on a particular stock and after reopening the same I do not need to redraw the same?
    Also kindly please an alert feature on TradingView if possible, that would be of huge help.
    Thank you.

  270. Prasad N Shetty says:

    Unable to update CPR

  271. Manish Sarda says:

    Hello – not able to find candle study pattern in kite. Is name changed ?

  272. shubham says:

    why is this feature not in mobile.?

  273. Gireesh says:

    Is this cpr introduced in kite or not?I’m not able to find it.

  274. Prashant Singh says:

    When i plot 2 charts in the same tab and try to put the CPR study on it , it doesn’t work out

  275. Laxman says:

    Hi Team,

    Not able to save multiple charts window with new Save name.
    daily we need to set multiple charts(2/4) as per our study/style of trade requirements, it consumes more time to do daily.

    in multiple charts section have only to save individual charts to save option.

    Ex – Need Reliance, HDFC, SBI, Kotak on one window (zerodha have multiple charts options to view these in one window using 2/4 multiple charts option under display section)
    but not able to save this whole window and next day again we need to add all 2/4 stocks using multiple charts.

    Checked in all the way dint get any information regarding multiple charts save steps it consumes more time to do daily.

    could you please help me on the above or i missing any content.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Laxman, I’d suggest you speak to the support desk about this. Easier to help over the phone.

  276. mohit kumar says:

    how to trade with quarterly results ? sometimes even after posting expected estimates price sharply fall for 2-3% & vice versa

  277. kiran sharma says:

    i use this strategy in crypto trading works most of the time

  278. Ashwin says:

    When compared to trading view and chariq there is lot of difference in the cpr points.same foemula is used to derive in tradeiq but the lines are totally differnt in chartiq.this is mislead the trading analysis.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Every engine used a slightly different formula, hence the minor difference. You need to see which works better for you.

  279. Aditya says:

    Why didn’t zerodha added some last chapters in PDF?

  280. Prashant Singh says:

    Please provide R1 ,R2 ,R3 AND S1 S2 S3 in CPR

  281. Sandeep desai says:

    Why CPR indicator is different in zerodha kite mobile application ..

  282. Soul anonymous says:

    Why didnt u give full info of CPR consisting S1,S2, S3 and R1,R2 and R3?

  283. Devdatta Singasane says:

    When it will be available in Mobile?

  284. Srikanth says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have observed that the CPR calculation value in the KITE is different from the Trading view application, could you please explain which one to be considered.


    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Thats because of the way OHLC is treated, I think the chapter has this explanation I suppose.

  285. Vikram Patel says:

    In kite app, full cpr not able to see. Means CPR 3 line,TC,BC and central pivot. Pls provide solution.

  286. Deven says:

    If the market price is very high from the cpr so should we take a long trade or should we wait to let the price come down to cpr

  287. Antony KR says:

    What the correct bottom CPR

  288. Mahesh says:

    How to add CPR indicator in kite app in mobile. Not getting the CPR indicator itself when tried on mobile.

  289. Sagar says:

    when is this feature coming to mobile?

  290. Chandan Kumar says:

    Your work is phenomenal and I am vary grateful. It would be better if you throw some light on Elliott Waves and Gann Theories. In this regard, it is requested to cover these in the way as you have done others.
    Thank You.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Chandan. I’ve not used these theories myself, hence I don’t have any experience to share 🙂

  291. Sunil Kumar Atthuluri says:

    Hi Karthik,
    If a stock is trading at all time high, then what could be the Target price while trading ?

  292. Sayamanta says:

    Will there be any updates on candlestick pattern for trading view

  293. Yaseer says:

    Why the CPR is not available in the Trading view chart?

  294. manikumar says:

    now remove this chart in zerodha kite why this Central Pivot Range remove pls tell me why this remove in zerodha

  295. Devdatta Singasane says:

    When it will be available for mobile?
    Also it is not available for multichart setup in Kite Web

  296. Sagar says:

    Sir when this feature will came on mobile??
    We are looking for it.
    Please sir do as possible as early
    We are waiting on mobile…

  297. Haresh Yadav says:

    Hi Karthik,

    I am customer of Zerodha, I oberserved few topics are missing in Versity mobile application. It’s been a while you commented to cover this topics. However, we are still missing it in Versity app.
    Further, I would like to encourage you to conduct a training classes from scratch to advance, because majority of retail traders can’t “Trade” in Market by just reading. Because, I believe there are still certain “Secrets” of trading yet to disclose atleast to us as a customer, to be loyal on how a HNI/Institutions Trade is something different I hope you are getting my point. So, I would like to request you to start a initiative to provide training to customers.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Training courses may not be possible, Haresh. We have shared whatever we know here and we will continue to do that 🙂

      We are updating the app almost on a regular basis.

  298. Naveen says:

    CPR seems to be not available when using multiple charts in Kite.Is there anyway to get it added

  299. Haresh says:

    Allright, but atleast create a seperate module for intraday trading strategies, which should have topics on how to select stocks for intraday, etc.

    If you have above topics covered then please let me know where.

  300. Mani says:

    Hello sir, can you suggest books on price action trading.

  301. Mani says:

    Ah, yes sir. I have read it sir. I have been trading consistently for 3 years now.
    If I google, there are n number suggestions, so I thought of asking you.

  302. Haresh Yadav says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Would you please suggest filter to find Institutional buying stocks in Nifty. I mean by volume and price filter or something else as per your experience.

  303. paresh k rawal says:

    How to use CPR in kite app

  304. ANJUM says:

    CONGRAT, kartik. The discussion is lively, useful . Your in-depth knowledge in intraday trading and efficiency in handling multitude of queries is what makes you unique and indispensable to Zerodha. Continue like a TREND, thank you, Kartik.

  305. Sriram says:

    How to trade with stocks which are trading at all time high.
    There is no Resistance.
    I do swing trading in CNC.
    Please let me know what are things one must see while stock price is trading at all time high?
    Thank you.

  306. Raghavendra K M says:

    Please add settings for cpr line style(dotted)

  307. Sriram says:

    Happy Teachers day Sir

  308. Abhay says:

    But how do we fix stop loss in quick trade window?

  309. Mohit Jain says:

    Hello sir, can this be considered as a possible inverted head & shoulders pattern reversing the trend.
    If yes then, should we trade this pattern when the price retests the resistance line(earlier a support) or the monday’s closing price?

  310. Mohit Jain says:

    Hello sir there’s another question linked up from the same chart that there are two trend lines-
    i) The trendline from the head and shoulders pattern
    ii) The most tested trendline
    which one should be considered as important here and please tell the reasoning also, it would be a great help to me:)

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) Not convincing for me
      2) The first line, because there are more price action zones touching the trend line.

  311. Mahesh kumar says:

    Please add the cpr indicator

  312. Vinay Chandran C says:

    I don’t have this menu (view, display, studies, layout, events). i have these lists (compare, indicators and templets). not able to include CPR as per your notes.

  313. Vinay Chandran C says:

    Got it. Thank you.

  314. Vinay Chandran C says:

    I am not able to insert CPR in 2 split windows (ex. i need cpr setup for nifty and bank nifty )

  315. Arunkumar.v says:

    Pls update cpr in kite mobile version

  316. crystal says:

    Thank you!

  317. Bharath says:

    Sir stock as given breakout but RSI is above 75-80 levels should one enter
    Or avoid..it’s overbought

  318. Bharath says:

    I’m implementing what I learnt..just keeping low of the candle my sl gets hit and moves
    Which method should I follow.. just follow current one
    Any advice

  319. Bharath says:

    In flag pattern we keep pole of the flag as target from breakout point
    Should one avoid even if there is any previous resistance
    And if there is bearish engulfing in a uptrend and target is not achieved should one wait till target is achieved or exit
    Sir I asked lot of questions..I’m really confused no friend or person is there to discuss
    Thank you

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Bharath, once you initiate the trade, you need to ensure that you stay invested either till target or SL is triggered. Btw, feel free to discuss here, don’t hesitate 🙂

  320. Lokesh says:

    Why study option is not available on trading view? I prefer trading but it has less indicators than chartiq.

  321. Satheesh says:

    Can you throw some light on this confusion for traders. With respect to Technical analysis tools, what do we decide when different indicators are indicating contradicting outlook. For e.g., if RSI is giving a buy whereas Pivot is giving a bearish signal, then in such cases how do we go about taking a decision. In general, 1) what are some important technical tools that we can rely on ? 2) how important is the tool itself for a buy/sell decision. This is all in the context of swing trading.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      I’d always suggest you base your decision on candlestick patterns, and not really on indicators. Indicators can be confusing. In fact, I’d suggest you stick to just 1 or 2 indicators that you know really well and stick to it.

  322. Rajeev bhargav says:

    When this feature is available on kite mobile

  323. Gopal says:

    Thank you foe the information. but i am not able to select the CPR when i select the trading view options in settings

  324. Nithin says:

    When is CPR and Anchored VWAP coming kite mobile app?

  325. Abraham C says:

    Do not see CPR indicator in the current Kite( Oct 21) has it been removed?

  326. Venki N says:

    Is CPR available for Kite mobile now?

  327. Rakid hosen says:

    Updated in mobile as well..

  328. Vicky says:

    thank you so much Karthik sir & team varsity. All modules are very simple & understandable, not get bored for a single minute while studying. Very useful study material. Thank you again.

  329. Angel says:

    I am using Zerodha kite since last one year over my SmarPhone..But I am not getting CPR…STOCHASTICRSI…Other additional indicator in CHART IQ…As mentioned by you.
    To get those additional Indicators in my chartIQ..What shd I do..Plz advice

  330. Laxman Bagree says:

    Where is Central pivot range in kite , it’s not showing there

  331. Manish says:

    Unable to find cpr in study section
    How to find cpr in zerodha?

  332. Prasad says:

    Calculation of Central Pivot Points is incorrect. Please check.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      It’s not the standard calculation due to the way ticks are streamed. There will be some differences with respect to standard CPR math.

  333. Renu singh says:

    I cannot find central pivot range in my app please help !!

  334. Manoj patil says:

    In my tools there is not cpr I’m mobile

  335. Shihab says:

    In 22.3, Top CPR = (Pivot – BC) + Pivot ie, Top CPR = BC

  336. Rahul Sanadi says:

    Is it possible that BC is higher than Pivot point??

  337. Satish NL says:

    Dear Sir,
    It is noted that sometimes in options, even though the underlying is moving well, the option is not moving and stuck at one place.
    Why is this so? And how can we avoid this?
    I generally buy ATM calls.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Satish NL

  338. Vinod says:

    How to add central pivot range on zerodha charts? It doesn’t show in the indicator list

  339. Pratap says:

    hey, I want to use a trading view of yours, but there I haven’t found CPR indicator can you guys please do so which is very useful.

  340. Bharat Darji says:

    In Tradingview chart Please do avilable facility of chart layout save in cloud. so we can use it at any laptop with login, At present its only save in current session.

  341. Mivheal raj says:

    Super 💯 & very simple tell you thank u very much

  342. Amit Kumar Yadav says:

    I got problem regarding Certification test at varsity app.
    In instructions it shows that you can give 3 attempts to qualify the test but it didn’t gave me second chance for the test.I get 170/250 in first attempt and didn’t get in the passing criteria. (75%).
    Kindly guide me how will I get second attempt for the exam.

  343. Gurpreet says:

    I am unable to use CPR in zerodha’s mobile app

  344. Rajeshwar says:

    I have observed that on Daily chart CPR changes after one month and on hourly chart CPR changes after a week. What is the logic behind this and how do I calculate CPR for daily, weekly and monthly charts?

  345. Siddu says:

    Sir,cannot find CPR in kite!

  346. Ram says:

    Yet to get this feature in mobile app 🙁

  347. Kanhu says:

    There is a diff in the CPR values for the 5, 15 min time frame when compared to the Trading view. Can it please be fixed so that there is no confusion. No sure how much reliable CPR values are in Kite.

  348. Gurpreet says:

    I am not able to use Central Pivot Range indicator in my Kite mobile app.Why?

  349. Jidugu says:

    Hello Karthik,

    Warm Greetings,

    The candle stick pattern on the Chart IQ is a brilliant feature. Its a boon for beginner like me who can use it for learning purpose. I think it would best suit us to first identify patterns and cross check it with this feature to check if are on the right path. That’s just brilliant. Thank you for bringing such a fantastic feature.

    Can you tell me if there is any such feature that identifies S&R levels. That would be a cherry on the cake.

    Thank You 🙂

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      YOu can try using the pivot points to get a sense on S&R, but from my experience, I think plotting them manually is better 🙂

  350. Jidugu says:

    Thank you for the reply.

    I posted another query in Chapter 19-The Finale – Helping you get started, but I dont see the question over there. It took good one hour to put my question in the right way to hep you understand what I intended to ask, But alas, I think I need to do it all over again.

    Is there is possibility to check if the question I asked reached you.

    Thank You.

  351. Jidugu says:

    Hello Karthik,

    Last couple of days, I have been asking few questions in different chapters of this TA module and am receiving your reply for all of them. I wholeheartedly Thank you for solving my queries.

    I have a couple of queries in this chapter as well- (I am asking these from Swing trading perspective)

    1) LBP of 6m-1y for swing trading – What is that we are exactly viewing in the candles in this LBP? Can you please specifically mention few things (at least 1 or 2 points) that we can look in or make out of LBP. Like if prior trend can be determined etc.

    2) LBP for S&R at least 2years: Please let me know if my understanding is right – Say today in Feb 2022 I identified Bullish Engulfing pattern, if I plot the S&R levels, will the S&R lines look like they run from Feb 2020 to Feb 2022. Is this what the LBP mean in this context?

    3) BTST – To avoid the risks involved in BTST you advised us to trade highly liquid stocks. How high the liquidity has to be? Can you please quote a number? May be 30,00,000? Because in general you asked us to look at stocks with volume of at least 5,00,000.

    4) Prior Trend – How many previous candles should be looked at to determine the prior trend? There could be at least two prior trends isn’t it? If I look the previous 20-30 candles it could give us most recent short term prior trend and we use the LBP of 6m-1y, it could give us prior trend from longer perspective. Should both the trends be same when making a trading decision? As in the above example, if the short prior trend (previous 20-30 candles) is downtrend for a bullish Engulfing pattern but the longer prior trend (based on LBP 6m-1y) is not downtrend. Should this trade be avoided/skipped? Or can we say that it need not be avoided, but if the long prior trend is also the same, that could be a double confirmation to our trading decision?

    5) Time Frame – Can we use the same EOD charts for:
    a) Identifying candlestick patterns,
    b) Identifying Prior Trend,
    c) Plotting S&R levels etc.
    For what other purposes we may use the EOD time frame for?
    Is there any time when we may be required to use Weekly time frame or other time frame for swing trading?

    6) Referring to 19.5, part 2, point 7: “If the steps 1 to 5 are satisfactory, I proceed to calculate the risk to reward ratio (RRR)”:
    There are actually 6 steps mentioned over there and the 6th step being Dow patterns confirmation. Is this a typo error or only following the first 5 steps is enough for calculating the RRR.

    Can I take the trade without confirming the trend with Dow patterns? What could be the chance of successful trade ignoring Dow Patterns.

    Thanks a ton for reading through our long queries and addressing all our concerns. Thanks a lot.

    Can we use emojis in our comments? Because when I use emojis the comment is not getting posted.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Glad you found my comments helpful 🙂

      1 & 2) LBP, not sure what this means, can you please share some context?
      3) To get a sense of liquidity, see the difference between the bid and offer price. The lower the difference (spread), the higher the liquidity. Nifty/Reliance/Infy/TCS Futures is highly liquid, see the spread on these and then compare that with the stock you are looking at.
      4) Again, I’m unable to figure what LBP is, but to get a sense of prior trend, evaluate your trading time period. If its say for swing positions, then at least 8-10 trading sessions will help
      5) I personally end up using EOD almost always 🙂
      6) Must be a typo 🙂

      There are no guarantee in markets and TA, just that these things enhance your odds of making a profitable trade, keep that in perspective 🙂
      Emoji – I always use this ‘ 🙂 ‘

  352. Jidugu says:

    Thank you for your reply Karthik. I am amazed how you are able to reply to our comments and that too well with in a day. There are many other modules and I can see you there as well. I am spellbound 🙏🏻

    I guess you are really enjoying & loving what you are doing. That’s some character you have showing the upbringing of you by your parents🧡

    I mean LBP is the Look Back Period. All the questions I am asking are relating to Chapter 19, I am unable to post a comment over there (not sure why), so posting here.

    For you reference I am posting my query again here:
    1 & 2) Referring to Chapter 19, 19.3 – Look Back Period: Look back period is simply the number of candles you wish to view before taking a trading decision.
    What is that we are exactly viewing in the candles in this LBP? Can you please specifically mention few things (at least 1 or 2 points) that we are looking in the candles in this LBP. Like if prior trend can be determined, S&R can be plotted etc.
    4) Prior Trend – This is where I am getting a bit confused – if I can make out the prior trend for my particular trading decision based on prior 8-10 trading sessions, then what is the Look back period of 6months – 1year is for in swing trading?
    Referring to Chapter 19, 19.3 – Look Back Period: Look back period is simply the number of candles you wish to view before taking a trading decision.
    What is that we are exactly viewing in the candles in this LBP? Can you please specifically mention few things (at least 1 or 2 points) that we are looking in the candles in this Look Back Period. Like if prior trend can be determined, S&R can be plotted etc.

    If Prior trend can be determined from Look Back Period, doesn’t this trend differ from the prior trend that we make out viewing prior 8-10 candles? If so how should our trading decision be made?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Jidugu. Yes, I love markets and helping people find their way through this 🙂

      I should have guessed what LBP means, don’t know how I missed that 🙂

      1&2) When you look back at the candles, you are simply trying to gauge the market sentiment for a given period. For example, if I’m doing a swing trade, I’ll look at the market from say 10-15 sessions prior to get a sense of how the market is moving. If I’m planning a long trade, and the candle suggests a reversal, then the look-back period should suggest a bearish trend.

      4) For 6 to 1 year kind of trades, look at least 1 year of data (end of day data) to get a sense of how the market is doing. YOu want to see momentum driving the stock prices for the last year and you should be buying in during a short-term correction.

      I hope this gives a perspective to your other queries as well 🙂

  353. Muthu Suriya says:

    Karthik Sir, i have read TA module fully, worth sir thanks a ton and sir i came cross one indicator which quite famous which “super trend indicator” yours views on this Sir?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Muthu, most of these indicators are systems developed by someone else. I personally don’t like to rely on it much. The bulk of my trading decisions is based on candlestick patterns themselves. Indicators are a good supplemental tools for helping me make my decision, but not the main one.

  354. Muthu Suriya says:

    Understood Sir 🙂

  355. Naveen says:

    What if the current price is below the CPR and trend is bullish. Also the CPR is Wider ranged .

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Naveen, I’d suggest you place your decisions mainly based on candlesticks patterns (bullish trend) and look at the indicators as a supplement study.

  356. Keshav says:

    P3 opening should be a gap up, plus the current market price at 3:20 PM should be higher than the opening of P1
    In the above candlestick pattern CMP is not more that p1 opening price then how it would be morning star candlestick pattern?

  357. Shivansh Agarwal says:

    hey ! do you have any plans on teaching about Elliot wave anytime.
    if no, then where can I learn best about it the way you teach

  358. Keshav says:

    Sir where I will find the candlestick pattern point

  359. Keshav says:

    Candlestickpatterns ko identify karane wala point

  360. Deepak Kumar says:

    Sir, you say you trade only the pullbacks. What’s really the logic behind this?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      In case you missed the original rally, then pullbacks give you another chance to enter the trade.

  361. Keshav says:

    How can we check the candlestick patterns in chart using chart IQ

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      There is an indicator called candle patterns from the drop-down menu, please click on that and load the indicator.

  362. Keshav says:

    In kite

  363. Jidugu says:

    Hello Karthik,
    Warm Greetings 🌹

    I hope you are doing well 😊.

    I would like to ask you if the technical analysis works in any situation? With the war between Russia and Ukraine the market looks highly volatile and I am not sure if it is good for trading (price action).

    How should a trader behave under such circumstances. Is it advisable to take new positions based on price action if all the criteria in your checklist are met. Or, is it best avoided to trade under such circumstances as the market looks highly volatile. Can you please shed some light on this.

    This particular phase should be very interesting for traders (especially those who are new and learning) to observe how the market behaves under such situations.

    Thank You

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      I’d generally suggest you decrease your positions when trading the market in such situations. There is too much volatility in the market right now, and you don’t want to expose your capital to such volatility.

  364. Vinayak K says:

    This CPR is static CPR. is there any Developing Pivot Range(CPR) available in study of zerodha chart? it would be helpful if added.

  365. Rakesh kumar says:

    In the year 2020 you told it CPR will be updated in mobile app, still it is not deployed…

  366. Akhilesh says:

    If the current market price of a stock is at 50 and its upper circuit value is 10% i.e, 55

    A-If I place a buy order at 54 and at the same time my friend places an order for 54 then will the order be executed,

    B -Even if the both orders (mine and my friend’s) wont get matched but can someone buy a stock at a price higher than the latest trading price and if there are sellers on that price then will the order get executed

    If the order will get executed at 54 then will it show in the candlestick chart (closing price may be near 50 as it was at that demand zone but will the candlestick show the high price as 54?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) Yes, provided 54 is within the execution range
      2) Yes, this is how the best bid and sell get built
      3) Yes, if 54 is the high price, then the candle will have an upper shadow marking the high as 54.

  367. Anukool says:

    what if the stock breaks CPR ?

  368. Keerthan says:

    Will we ever add Visible Range Volume Profile? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1xjh79XC4U
    Its about time premium version of Trading view can be added at a fee on Zerodha

  369. suman mohanty says:

    why CPR is not available on tradingview chart software

  370. Anukool says:

    sir , why there is two different level of pivot points levels , as in chart Iq as compared to trading view . THE cpr is the middle value of pivot point in chart iq not in trading view why ? pls tell .

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Anukool, the way these are calculated is different. Hence the final values are different as well.

  371. Anukool says:

    so which to follow , which is better any idea ?

  372. OB says:

    Sir so far could not find CPR on mobile kite pls do it will be helpful for many of us .

  373. Gaurav Dahiya says:

    CPR option is not there when I try to use the split screen with 2 charts. Could you please resolve this.

  374. Bblprasaad says:

    Hi, why don’t you accommodate CPR in trading view charting, bit useful to us

  375. Hussain says:

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  376. Pallavi says:

    The candlestick pattern is not loading in mobile app i guess.I tried it in chart iQ.😔

  377. Sagitha says:

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  378. JAYASANKARAN says:

    cpr is not avilable in indicator list. please add

  379. Shubham says:

    Hello !! I want to learn about advanced technical analysis and I have completed this module. Can you please suggest me some best books’ names that can help me in this ?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Shubham, I’d suggest before you read anything more, practice what you have learned for a few months. You will then know which areas you’d need improvement in.

  380. Sandeep says:

    When it will be present in TradingView charts ?

  381. Ashfaque says:

    For beginners like me it’s great lerning

  382. Tractorjobs.in says:

    Very useful indicator for intraday trading.


  383. keshav taparia says:

    sir please tell me regarding the lookback period for intraday ,swing trading ,and also for scalping.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      For intraday, I’d suggest 15 mins chart for at least 3 months. For positional, I’d look at EOD charts for at least 1 year.

  384. Jayashree says:

    Please tell me how to draw a circle(not ellipse) on the zerodha trading view chart.

  385. Chandrapalan says:

    Excellant chapter

  386. Pardeep says:

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  387. Mohammed says:

    How to add Money Zone Pivot Levels and Camarilla Pivot Levels
    I did googled but i cant find these important things

  388. jabastin nadar says:

    now I can trade by using technical analysis or I should wait till i complete read all modules

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Why dont you start paper trading with whatever you’ve learnt and evaluate and improve on specific areas.

  389. jabastin nadar says:

    sir can you tell which specific area are you talking about

  390. Balakrishnakurup says:

    I am not getting CPR Indicator

  391. RajKumar says:

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  392. Praveen k pillai says:

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  393. Sathya says:

    Great work i have to say. Enjoyed reading this stock market educative Chapters. Hats off to the Author.

  394. Deepti says:

    When cpr will come on mobile app

  395. amrut says:

    Why there are difference in value of TC & BC in zerodha and tradingview. Sometimes there is narrow CPR in zerodha and wide CPR in trading view and viseversa.

  396. hemanshu says:

    what is formula for camarilla pivot and woodie pivot in zerodha latest version

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Not sure. If you are looking at tradingview then search Camarilla formula + trading view formula and you will get the document.

  397. Amit says:

    CPR – R1,R2,R3 & S1,S2,S3 are not showing in ChartIQ

  398. Bijoy says:

    Very informative…
    Need more in depth.

  399. Satya Koneti says:

    Hello Karthik sir,

    I need your small help to understand the CRP. if the prices are High: 109 Low 100 and Close is 102, then
    Pivot = (109+ 100+ 102)/3 = 103.66
    Bottom CPR = (109+ 102)/ 2 = 105.50
    Top CPR = (103.66– 105.50) + 103.66 =101.82.
    If closing price is near to low, then bottom CPR is higher than the top CPR. Can the Bottom CPR value be above the top CPR. Am I missing some thing here ?


    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Satya, I’m not sure..maybe you are missing some point here. Maybe in calculation. Can you recheck the data once?

  400. Manish says:

    Sir, the CPR is not available. Pls could you advise how to get.

  401. Satya Koneti says:

    Hi Karthik sir,

    I verified the data and it is fine, only doubt is Can the Bottom CPR value be above the top CPR ?

    if closing price is near to low, I am getting top CPR line below the CPR line and bottom CPR line is above the CPR.

    I couldn’t find the answer on the internet, please clarify this.


  402. Srinjoy says:

    Hey Kartik

    The CPR indicator on Zerodha doesn’t seem to indicate the correct levels. I matched it with CPR indicators from many charting softwares.

    Can you cross verify if the CPR levels are accurate in Zerodha, and that it is consistent with all the indicators generated by others?


  403. Tanish jain says:

    Sir, where can I learn tread lines, breakouts, types of trends, eg. Cup n handle and all, please add the reference.

  404. tanish says:

    thank u 🙂

  405. SUPRATIM says:


  406. Dhirendra singh patel says:

    Cpr not available in kite

  407. Sushil Sinha says:

    Can you publish pivot point concept . I mean pivot point indicator in Zerodha Chart IQ

  408. Sharath B N says:


  409. Naveen says:

    Could you check this please……If today is a narrow range day, tomorrow’s CPR will be a narrow ranged CPR…
    If today is narrow range day than Tomorrow’s cpr will be wide right

  410. Mrinal says:

    The pattern at the DCB bank chart cannot be a morning star cause the P3 candle’s CMP is below the P1 candle’s opening, also P3 doesn’t open on a gap-up.Neither does P2 look like a spinning top. Doesn’t this violate almost all the rules of being a morning star that you mentioned, Karthik sir ??

  411. Arijith S says:

    sir,i completed learning technical analysis that you taught us very well.Its been 6 months i’ve been trading with indicators.Now i’m using chart patterns , price action methods like supply and demand,that is more interesting to learn also.i’m not good at price action because i didn’t learnt it from any where rather than some youtube videos.So i kindly request you to make learning sessions about price action that will let everyone including me to read the charts properly by drawing trendlines and all those stuff.

  412. Naresh says:

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  413. Kedar says:

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  414. Shiva says:

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  415. V K Vijayaraghavan says:

    very detailed and simple language and well illustrated. Summary of points /check list is very good

  416. Solly says:

    On line 16 it’s written CRP I/o CPR

  417. Jazeel says:

    When will these feature available in phone?

  418. Subhajeet says:

    Hi Karthik,

    I love the article but, i have one question.

    Why the TC position is changing with times. Some times BC is on top and some times TC is on top. This really confusing me. Could you please provide more detail on this please.

  419. Kiranbhai Rajput says:

    Best lag raha he

  420. usha says:

    Sir pls put study material for using draw tool for average line, volume profile , Tireoneline, regress line

  421. Anirban Basak says:

    Sir, I would like to know more on intraday trades. Can you suggest some good sources/ material/book on it?

  422. Sivanesan says:

    In trading view chart :
    when the CPR will be added?

  423. Anirban Basak says:


    I have long some shares under CNC for long term investment. However, recently, I noticed that few of the stocks are reflecting under “Auction” tab. Why is it so? I am a bit panicked.

  424. Swayanshu Mallick says:

    Hi just completed the 2nd module and it was as great as the 1st one.

    Since I am into trading.. can I skip the 3rd module and directly get into the 4th one i.e. Futures?

  425. Rakshay Jain says:

    Hello sir, do you think the pivot points indicator gives accurate S&R levels?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      These are all approximates, anyway 🙂

      Remember, S&R levels are not exact price points, these are ranges.

  426. Arun says:

    I can see the chart now in kite indicator ?? Is it removed now ???

  427. Pradeep Ponnudurai says:

    Bringing the CPR in mobile is bliss to me…Thank you

  428. Shridhar Kapse says:

    Hi, I am viwing Trading view for charts on zerodha. I do not see indicator Swing CPR available here. Also Do not see any drawing tool available to draw trendlines.Please help me if i am missing something. Please send copy of reply to my mail as well. Thanks – Shridhar

  429. Anirban Basak says:


    Since I begin the first module, my vision on capital market was different and more I keep on going forward (Now in Personal finance), my vision is getting changed every time. Meanwhile, I am stuck with one rather dearth of understanding, as below:

    i) Is there way (Technical/ Fundamental) to time market regarding entry & exit?

    If yes, I would request if sometime you could kindly float some material on the approach. It would be more a practical thing for newbie like me. Thanks.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) There are techniques, but none of them are perfect. They all come with their own strengths and weakness 🙂

  430. chandu says:

    I want to add all the Common stocks from NSE & BSE in my watchlist and also their prices respectively, Is it possible?

  431. keerthi says:




  432. Abhishek Rane says:

    Kya pivot Point indicator ko support and resistance ke liye faydemand mana ja shkta hai
    Kya isko use kar shkte hai intraday trading me

  433. Srinivas says:

    Reg. Central Pivot Range:
    In 2020 is was said “Soon it will be updated on mobile as well.”. Its 2023, the Company should look into it.

  434. Nilesh says:

    Will there be more content in the video series or that’s it ?

  435. Nirman says:

    Why doesn’t the calculated CPR align with the indicator displayed on the charts? I attempted to plot it using the High, Low, and Close of the day, generating CPR for the next day. However, upon activating the indicator, the results diverged significantly from the expected outcome based on the formula. Additionally, there’s a curiosity about the TC formula—shouldn’t it be 2xP-BC instead of (P-BC)+P? This is essentially same to the Central Pivot, with a marginal difference. Could you please confirm?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      The difference as you said is basis the formula used by the charting engine. You can check the documentation provided by th charting engine company to see their exact expression along with the explanation. Additionally, small differences can also come up based on the closing prices.

  436. Nandkishor C says:

    Please remove this last ‘t’ in above article:
    Thank you.

  437. Kishor says:

    When will this indicator be available in Zerodha mobile app ?
    It is still not available.

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