Module 2 Technical Analysis

Chapter 21

Interesting features on TradingView



If you don’t know already, then TradingView is now available on Kite. Here is the TradingQ&A post announcing the beta launch.

Given this, I thought I could share a few of my favourite features on Tradingview (TV) and hopefully, this will help you, especially if you are new to TV. I do not intend to discuss the most obvious charting features on TV, as that I’m guessing would be quite intuitive to understand. These are a few offbeat ones, comes in quite handy when you are working with the charts.

21.1 Multi timeframe settings

This feature is not specific to TV, but I do get a sense that this works better on TV compared to other platforms. I’m sure most of you are fairly familiar with the layout options.

Imagine, you intend to trade ‘Indigo’ on an intraday basis.  One of the things, you’d want to look at before placing the order is how Indigo’s price looks on different time frames. The regular practice is to change the frequency from 1 day to say, 15 minutes or 5 minutes. While this serves the purpose, it would nice if you can see how the chart looks at different periods on a continuous and simultaneous basis. This helps you anchor the price and build a perspective of where the current market price is with respect to other timeframes. For example, I like to look at the 1-day chart, 30-minute chart, and 15-minute chart, all at the same time.

You can do this fairly easily with TV. Here is how –

Click on the ‘Select layout’, an option available at the top right corner, and a select a layout you are comfortable with. Since I want 3 charts, I’ve picked a 3 chart layout which suits my preference.

Once you pick the layout, this is how the chart layout appears. Notice all the three charts now displays the same scrip, same time frame i.e Indigo’s 1-day chart –

Also note, within the three charts, the one on the left panel is highlighted, this is evident with the blue border.

The next step is to change the time frame across the three periods. My personal preference is to keep the left panel to the frequency that I intend to trade on i.e 15 minutes, the right top panel would be 30 mins, and the right bottom panel would be 1 day. You can change the time-frequency by clicking on the chart (when you do so, the chart is highlighted and a blue border appears), and changing the frequency to your desired one. The option to change the frequency is highlighted by a red arrow.

With this layout, I can now see all the price behaviour across all the periods in 1 single shot.

Once you have this setup, then you can do a few cool things. For example, the crosshair is in sync here –

So when you place the crosshair on a particular price point, it appears across all the time frames simultaneously. This helps you build a perspective on the price action panning out across these time frames.

Out of the three charts, if you want to focus on any 1 particular chart, then simply click on the toggle button at the right bottom. This will blow out the chart to help you focus better –

You can annotate the chart, make notes, and make it visible on only the desired timeframe. For example, the end of day chart may hint at a double top, if yes, I want to keep my shorts ready. However, this is on the end of day chart. So I can annotate just that chart. Click on the text options, and select a text box –

Drop the text box to the time-period you want and scribble your notes –

That’s with the multi-time frame functionality, which in my opinion helps with intraday trades.

21.2 Undo-Redo

This one is a fun feature that I really like. Many times, I mess up the charts by placing trend lines and indicators that does not make sense, like this one –

If you have to get rid of this, in most of the other platforms, you’d be required to select the trend line and delete. In TV, you can do this with a click. Please note, the undo functionality undoes only the most recent action.

21.3 Visibility

This is another cool feature. The visibility settings help you visualize a certain drawing or a trend line only on a certain time-period. Here is an example of Fibonacci retracement on the end of day chart –

Now, I change this to an hourly chart, and I can still see the Fibonacci retracement –

This can be a distraction as the study may not really be relevant to this particular time frame. TV has this feature wherein you can fix the study only to the relevant time frame, and when you change the time frame the study would not appear.

To do this, double click on the study and invoke the settings –

Here, I’ve specified that the study should be visible only on the end of day chart. So when I change the frequency to any other, this study will not appear.

21.4 Go-to date

This one is really cool. How many times have you been in a situation where you would want to figure out how the stock price behaved on a certain date on a specific time. Let’s say, I want to know what Infy did on 2nd Jan 2019, at 12:30 PM. To figure this, you usually have to scroll through the charts and after few trial and error, you’d land upon the exact date. There is no such hassle with TV, as TV has a ‘Go-to’, feature. This feature is so powerful that it can take you to the exact candle even on an intraday basis. This is available right at the bottom of the chart –

Here, I’m looking at March 5th, 12:15 PM candle –

21.5 HD images

How many times, have you created a meaningful chart with tons of study on it. You want to share it with your friend over what apps or just tweet it out, but you end up taking a screenshot of the chart and that results in a rather ugly output. You can avoid this by taking high-quality images of the chart on TV.

To get the image, all you need to do is click on ‘Alt + S’ –

This will give you an option to either save the image or tweet it.

I’ll keep this chapter open. I’ll add more interesting features as I discover them myself. Meanwhile, if you have something interesting to share, go ahead and comment below.

Happy trading!


  1. Sudheer Chejarla says:


    Thank you for introducing this useful feature. I tried to find it on Kite but couldn’t find any option to open TV.
    Could you please help me to navigate to this feature?

    Sudheer Chejarla

  2. Mohan says:

    Your 8th March candle is not showing properly irrespective of charting software and scrips.

  3. Ankitkumar says:

    After the recent fiasco, i had made up my mind that my annual renewal date is coming on 10th April before that I will submit my account closure request with u guys. But after introducing tradingView on the platform, I just fell in love all again with the brand Zerodha. Keeping up with technical features is something nobody can take from zerodha.. And now I sure, as time pass by, zerodha will come up with solution for all the problems we, users, face during few occasions. U earned respect all over again! Thank You Zerodha

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation, Ankit. Unfortunately, the fiasco was not in our control and trust me, we are deeply disturbed by it. We will continue to do our best to provide the most amazing tools and features to our clients. It is more like a cause we are committed to.

  4. Bhushan K says:

    HI Karthik Ji,
    Accolades to Team Zerodha for Finally having TradingView Charts on your platform much after the false promises passed by Mr. T Siva.
    None the less, please look into the following points.
    1. TV charts do not get fit into one page. Thereby the portion of volume or other indicators cannot be seen unless the chart is pop out.
    2. The old functionality of choosing the ONLY SCRIPTS marked in the Marketwatch only are appearing. If the script is not added to the marketwatch then the chart is not allowed to be open. This is not in tune with the integeration which Sharekhan and Fyers (Entire platform of TV) is made available. Please allow all scripts irrespective whether it is added to marketwatch or not to be opened for charts.
    3. TV Features of Buy and Sell orders from chart is not made available. Without this it is of not much use since the same can be viewed on TV Website just by opening a FREE ACCOUNT. Please consider ASAP.

    Hoping to get a Favourable Reply from Team Zerodha.
    Indeed Mr. Karthik, honestly your efforts for Zerodha Varsity is unmatchable in the industry and is of highest quality parameters.
    Good Work Done Team Varsity. Hope to get more added modules on Derivatives and All sorts of Option Strategies for free reading and learning which other trainers and paid programs teach for more than 30K.

    Bhushan K

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Bhushan, Siva has played a key role in getting this up a and running, so we need to be thanking him. Unfortunately, timelines are something that no one can bank upon 🙂

      1) For a feature rich charting package like TV, I guess it makes sense to pop out the chart. However, I will look into this.
      2) We have kept it this way to optimize on bandwidth. By the way, we have 40 * 5 scrips in marketwatch, this is 200 scrips. I guess this should be good enough 🙂
      3) You will have to popout and click on the top left button now. Looking into this though.

      I’m glad you liked the content on Varsity, Bhushan. We are looking at enhancing the content everyday!

  5. RYAN DIAS says:

    Why do the drawn lines wont get saved ??

  6. Abhijeet acharya says:

    In previous chart layout(chartiq) we could buy/sell with keyboard i.e B for buying, S for selling
    Can you please make it available on TV
    Also it would be amazing to open charts of the scrips that aren’t on marketwatch i.e without adding it to marketwatch like what we can do on tradingview

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Trade from the chart can be done by clicking on the top left icon.
      We have kept it this way to optimize for bandwidth. The marketwatch is deep enough to accommodate 200 stocks, Abhijeet.

      • Mohan says:

        Hi Karthik,

        This feature should be added otherwise we have to use free version of tradingview or for quick analysis.


  7. Srikrishna Rowthu says:

    Hi Karthik,

    I just wanna re-look at few concepts of “Technical Analysis” again here and I came back to see all the chapters. Luckily, I found this chapter very soon :). Very happy about this feature. (Looking at multiple time frames at a time). Earlier, I had to open 2-3 pop-outs of the same chart and select different time-frames and then compare one by one and come back.
    This was one of the problem which I was facing from a long time. Good that it got resolved now.

    And like “Bhushan” mentioned about “viewing share” without adding that script to marketwatch. That’s one concern.
    So, please try to work on this so that everyone is able to quickly look at any script chart without being able to add it to marketwatch.

    Great applause to you and your team. Good Work!!! Thanks again.


  8. Ajay Singh says:

    Hi Karthik,

    The Tradingview charts in kite don’t have an option to change the ‘Source’ of indicators like Bollinger Band, Moving Average etc. This simple feature is available in ChartIQ and TradingView. Can you please confirm if this feature will also be updated ?


  9. kawal says:

    hi, can we trade from tv charts?

  10. Mohan says:


    I saved chart layout it worked fine on same computer but today I opened in office computer…it didn’t preserve my changes…is this normal ?

  11. Vishwas KS says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Why bar replay feature has not been made available?

  12. gautam says:

    who owns the trading view
    how long will it stay with kite

  13. nikhil says:

    hello sir,
    I was not able to find volume profile in trading view charts technicals?
    Is it available or is it on process?



    I still prefer chartIQ because the interface is more faster and elegant.
    Also some of the indicators like ATR trailing stop loss is not available in TradingView and MACD histogram in chartIQ shows colour change which is visually more appealing.
    Will chartIQ be removed from zerodha?

  15. Dileep says:

    Thanks for integrating Tradingview and Zerodha.
    I am facing few issues with Tv Zerodha, could you answer these issues.
    1. dark mode is not available TV
    2. Option for selecting favorites
    3. saving the selected template as the default background template
    4. Tv is not showing in mobile App.
    Thank you.

  16. C Sah says:

    There is no volume profile indicator in tradingview charting. when this will be added?

  17. Ankit says:

    Can we export the chart settings from one login and then import into another login? We can then share chart settings with other users in forums, WhatsApp groups etc.
    Also, will be useful if there could be set of default chart settings/templates available to use or use as base to customise.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Can we export the chart settings from one login and then import into another login? We can then share chart settings with other users in forums, WhatsApp groups etc. – No, this is not possible. But you can share HD images of the chart.

      Will be useful if there could be set of default chart settings/templates available to use or use as base to customise –> You can customise this and save as default.

  18. Davinder kumar says:

    I am not able to view weekly chart on trading view. I have tried multiple times for different securities but weekly charts not open. Daily and shorter time frames are working well. Plz fix this.

  19. Darshan says:

    When using multi timeframe settings, only one timeframe candles are updating while the others don’t work

  20. Mani says:

    Hello sir, I am very pleased to inform you that I scored 220 in TA module, those tests took me to CAT exam days.

    I was sceptical regarding TA sir, does it work?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Mani, glad to note that! We have kept the tests and certification slightly on the tougher side, glad you cracked it 🙂
      TA/FA/QA are all techniques which work when applied with the right spirit and expectation.

      • Mani says:

        Those tests did really gave confidence to explore TA further sir,

        also I think I found a trade in Maruti, need your opinion on that,
        a bearish engulfing pattern followed by two spinning tops, but the uptrend is very small. Can this be considered as a shorting opportunity.

        Also I found some typos in certification test sir,
        in Q19, in that volume table picture, last row, increase is misspelled as increaser
        in Q24, in choice (1) correct RRR is 1.6 (37/22) instead of 2.6

        also for trades executed based on TA analysis, how to trail SL sir.

  21. tharun says:

    congratulations on introducing TV to Zerodha.
    the alerting system which is in TV , will this feature come to zerodha also.
    i think most of them will be willing to pay some amount yearly for this feature.

  22. Yeshwanth says:

    Its good but not best… still no sell and buy buttons on chart only we have power button on left side like old chart .
    Still lot of features needs to provide by Zerodha for an quick trading

  23. Samarth Goel says:

    I already contacted Zerodha Support regarding this issue, the issue is mentioned by other users in above posts. But still just wanted to give a suggestion if possible & you can implement it. I am already aware that CHART LAYOUTS on Trading View are not stored on cloud & are stored Locally On a Machine. But instead of saving them in BROWSERS CACHE MEMORY if it can be saved locally on to another location so if by any chance I clear the BROWSER CACHE, instead of creating all layouts again I can simply load them from a previous saved location. Because Browser Cache is not something that is permanent & needs to be cleared periodically, it becomes really frustrating in middle of trading to create the entire chart layout again if by chance the browser Cache is cleared. Please look into it if possible. Thanks.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      I understand, Samarth. Will pass on the feedback to the tech team. But I’m not sure since this is not an EXE, but a browser-based system.

  24. muniraj says:

    plese add kite tradingview chart to candle Countdown timer indicator (scales) [email protected] @nithin @siva


    how to save the chart setting permanently so that when i open the next day it will open in the same settings . it seems the chart is saving ticker wise and that too only on that day . the next day i cant find the saving template and do it again .

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Ram, the layouts are ticker wise only, saved in your browser cache locally. Templates are generic and saved on the cloud.

  26. Vivek Rajput says:

    Hello sir,

    Thanks for updating this feature

    How can we add two different stocks in one single layout so it will be easy to track stocks and charts from the same sectors
    just like the example of the indigo and SpiceJet.


  27. Rajesh reddy says:

    Thanks for updating with trading view
    Kindly reply this sir
    1) It’s very difficult to load indicators, time frame daily, Kindly reply me sir how can I make stick my regular time frame, indicators permanently to trading view chart.. (Such problem I didn’t notice in ChartIQ platform)
    2) I opened my zerodha account on 30 July 2018.. When and how should I have to pay Annual maintenance charges for my Demat account?
    Whether it will be automatically deducted from my trading account balance?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) What exactly is the problem, Rajesh?
      2) It will be deducted from your account

      • rajesh says:

        Whenever I open (TV) it opens with daily time frame with no indicators. I have to load indicators, change the time frame (5min) daily.

        I don’t think you require a TV platform. Just add buy and sell orders, order cancellation etc on the chart also, change colour from wheat white(looks dull) to pure white like the trading view, countdown, decrease watch list area (it increases space for chart area)

        • Karthik Rangappa says:

          Rajesh, you can always set a template with your favorite indicators and save on the cloud. You can loan it whenever you want.

  28. Giridhar says:


    TV integration is highly appreciated.
    I have a query, can paid plans like TV Pro or Pro+ be integrated with Zerodha? Making this possible will greatly help to all who are interested in premium features of TV.


  29. Tom says:

    Hi, nice work its very usefull. I have one question and i hope anyone could help me with that:

    Im using TV pro since a year but he still DOESNT save my works… So my lines and drawings dissapear. Im using the same laptop. I usually got a few tabs opened with different currencies. The problem is he only saves the last one, even when i click on ‘save’ at all of them before i close Chrome… Its just ridicilous, im paying for this. TV doesnt reply on anything i tried so far.

    Anyone who can help me out…?? thanks.. !!

  30. Vishwa says:

    In the new Tradingview template, the weekly time frame charts are not loading properly for many equity shares (NSE). Either only 3-4 years of data is loaded, or even less, which makes no sense for Weekly time frame chart. The charts are loading properly for the daily time frame. I guess there is some bug with weekly charts only. Please look into it.

    Also, many charts are loading way too slow. Especially when I am switching to multi-screen window.

    I have sent the issue details with screenshots to [email protected]. Please have a look.

    I am using paid subscription of tradingview, and same charts are loading fine there. So, I am sure the bug is in the Kite Version itself.

  31. Sam says:

    Hello, will Zerodha be available in tradingview as a brokerage option anytime soon?

  32. Sumit Gore says:


    Is there a option to use custom indicator as available on original TradingView Platform.

  33. Dear Kartik,
    Is there any way I can customize the time frame? For eg I would opt for a 37.5 minute candle and monthly candle to be based on FO calendar month rather than on Gregorian calendar month .

  34. Atul says:

    Facing problem in weekly and monthly charts, they do not load.

  35. Abhijit says:

    How to delete saved study template on zerodha trading view charts on kite web? I have saved some templates on kite web which I want to delete. But clicking on the ✖ option next to the saved template does not delete the saved template from the trading view chart on the kite web. I have been trying to delete them for some time but I failed. Note- I don’t use kite pie. Is there any other way to delete them? Kindly do let me know. I hope you guys can solve my problem so I am thanking you in advance.

  36. Atul says:


    Recently, the tradingview chart is empty/blank, even though its selected in the My Profile. The other chart option ‘ChartIQ’ works fine, but not the tradingview. Tried in chrome, and other browsers the chart just doesn’t load. Also, this was working few days back, and has suddenly stopped working, same is the case on the Kite app too. When the tradingview chart is chosen, only the price is shown at the bottom of the screen, but not the actual chart and is blank.

    Any reasons for this?


  37. sunil manchanda says:


  38. Aslam Randhanpara says:


    Kindly Make us available the Trading Journal App or please provide us the information on how to make trade journal in excel and how to maintain it

  39. Puneeth S says:

    Hi Karthik,

    On desktop when i save chart layouts,, the same is not reflecting on the mobile application. Am using Kite Version 3.0.1 Build 27

  40. sattya says:

    How many charts can be saved in layouts? I.m able to save only 10, if add 11th one, one will get deleted by default, why is this? can’t more charts be saved?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Thats right, Sattya. 10 is the maximum number.

      • Afaque says:

        Karthik…being provided with 200 scrips in the MarketWatch, but only 10 could be saved in chart layouts turns out to diminish the utility of both ChartIQ & TV. Please look into it to increase it soon.

  41. abhishek kumar rai says:

    dear team,
    save option not working , my all load chart get erase next day . most frustrating.

  42. kishore says:

    In ChartIQ we had the option of continue of chart to check the price of previous month futures. How can i check the same in Tradinview chart?


  43. Rahul says:

    When will I able able to write my own pine script indicator?
    Is there a plan to get this feature in?


  44. vijay says:

    awesome hear that all trading view features come to here
    but one things to miss in this features is
    please make tredline alerts on tredlines feature the only Trading view have this features
    so make this features to add for us.
    my favorites indicator is this tredline alerts

  45. VIROCHAN says:

    Any plans to get charts analysis ( trendline , comments etc )getting stored on cloud so anytime anywhere access can be done ? as this is very much needed for working professional where he can execute trades from mobile office machines even though analysis done at home ( specially during weekend )

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Virochan, let me check. I don’t know if this is possible, but getting this checked.

      • VIROCHAN PRABHU says:

        Hello KArthik, any update on this ?? can we save all our study similar to trading view website ? as this is very much needed part

  46. suyash says:

    can i shift the volume profile indicator to the left side as it is on the right side if yes please kindly reply me with the settings

  47. Ashok Kadam says:

    Why I am not getting Volume profile indicator in Zerodha TV Chart

  48. harsh says:

    Dear sir kudos for bringing here tv it was long awaited ,
    when we can have our stretagy written on tv or? can we have help of scripts available at tv portal?
    thanks again


  49. Prasanna Zore says:

    There is no useful information about how to set different time frames in different panes. When I changed the time frame using the left most panel, time frame changes in all the three panes. Please post useful/actionable information for the same.



    I am using TV charts by Zerodha.. How can i set the default candle colours to what i want and even the font size ?

    Please advise.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      On the top right, just before the OHLC data, you can see the settings icon. You can use that for changing the display.


        Hi. Thanks.

        yes i saw there… And i changed it… For example i need the wicks to be BLACK COLOUR on the white background… So i change it to that.. BUT HOW DO I MAKE THAT SETTING THE DEFAULT PLEASE ??

        • Karthik Rangappa says:

          You will have to save this as a layout and then reapply the same the next time you log in.

          • GREGORY FERNANDES says:


            Thanks for your reply. I understood that part and am currently doing it…. But is there no way i can save the CHANGED COLOURS and FONT SIZE etc as a TEMPLATE that i can use for any chart i open ??

            Currently the way you suggested is i do that for each and every chart…..

            Tradingview has a DEFAULT TEMPLATE setting for this but yours doesnt have it.

            Kindly see if you can incorporate it please.

          • Karthik Rangappa says:

            We are aware of this, we are talking with TV’s team. Hopefully this and few other things will get sorted out soon.

  51. Nandan Singh Karki says:

    Can we get greeks on kite plateform


  52. Sanket says:

    Trade from chart and positions on chart and also drag and drop to change the SL or Take profit order …its available on fyers then why not on Zerodha.
    Zerodha is my favourite and it have to maintain this. 🤗

  53. Adesh says:

    Hi, Are you considering buy and sell option from TV charts or no plans.

  54. ajay R says:

    sir seriously …this lacks many feATUREs from original free tradingview software sir pls work on it sir nd the chart iq is also goin through many issues …it hangs a lot…it makes trading very difficult… pls improve it sir

  55. Arjun Krishna says:

    I would like to thank the Zerodha team from the bottom of my heart for introducing this feature. There is no doubt that Zerodha will decimate the competition ! Wohoo ! 🙂
    There may be a few glitches in the beginning stage – but I am sure the tech team at Zerodha will fix it.
    First, I was impressed with the Ticker-Tape / SmallCase/Zerodha integration – and then I was impressed with the API features. And now this tradingview interface. Terrific job ! Keep up the good work guys !

  56. Arrpan says:

    How many charts can be saved in trading view chart format?

  57. Aditya Ranjan Singh says:

    Please Add “Drag and modify” feature as soon as possible… it’s been too long, everyone is waiting for it…

  58. Sruti says:

    Hi, I want to apply an indicator on an indicator (eg. MA on RSI) on the trading view chart on zerodha. Please guide.

  59. Somashekara M says:


    This is possible in, please enable indicator on indicator option in zerodha trading view.

    Also in bollinger band option in zerodha we can choose EMA or DMA option(MA type checkbox), which is not there zerodha trading view. can you please enable this option?

    Thank you

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Will pass the feedback, Somashekara. But out of curiosity, I have a question for you though – how will an indicator on an indicator improve the trading performance? By that logic, there is no end to overlying an indicator right?

  60. Adesh says:

    Hi, are you working on chart trading facility. If yes,
    what is tentative launch date.

  61. Harish says:

    How to plot continuous future in TV?
    chartIQ on kite already we can plot continuous future data for daily Time Frame.


  62. Harish says:

    Thanks Sir …

    Few more request …..

    1.Improve in data quality for intraday charts (mostly in chart IQ / Tradingview charts in zerodha kite … daily open / bar high – low not match with nse data ( If you wish you can compare any intraday timeframe data on kite chart with zerodha trader Vwap statistics data ) . If data is not proper even best charting tools or platform is useless.
    2. Add 25min / 75min / 4Hrs …. chart (or custom timeframe)
    3. Add continuous data for Intraday ( atleast for 60min and above time frame)

    Thanks once again

  63. Nilesh Koyande says:

    Its allowing only 10 charts to save and Load. How to Save more than 10 Charts in TV zerodha Kite? Is there any option?

  64. Nilesh Koyande says:

    TV allows trend line alerts on its website. But we unable to do the same on Zerodha Kite. when we get that update?

  65. Harish says:

    Hello Sir

    How to plot Moving average on indicator and / or replace indictor input with indicator. for example stochastic of macd ….


  66. Rahul says:

    Hey Karthik!

    Firstly thanks for the amazing content. As a beginner, I found this really useful and now feel confident to start. I have a few doubts tho.

    I have been using only Kite till now to explore and see how the indicators and the studies work in general. But in the last chapters, after reading about more technical indicators, and the tradingview chart in Kite, I am confused. I just got to know that Zerodha also has a software terminal called Pi.

    I felt overwhelmed after having a look at the TradingView Chart option on Kite and also Zerodha Pi’s features. Is it okay if I stick to only what’s been discussed in the previous chapters and I try it out on Kite and later move on to more advanced features on Zeordha Pi progressively? What would be your suggestion on this?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Rahul, I’d suggest you only look at Kite, its a far better feature rich platform compared to its peers in other avatars.

  67. raju says:

    Kindly reply this
    How can I pay Annual mantainence charges for my demat account associated with zerodha trading account?
    I opened on July 30 it’s nearing
    Will it be deducted automatically from my trading account (I have sufficient balance in my trading account)?
    If any link associated for it kindly provide me
    Hoping for reply
    Thank you

  68. ARPIT says:

    Sir, is it possible to save a lot no.of charts(50-60) with trendlines , support and resistamce permanently on kite ? i am able to save hardly 9-10 charts by saving the layout . Is it possible to save more ?

  69. sameer says:

    In trading view we are able to show time remaining for a complete,a countdown timer is there.How to get that in zerodha?

  70. Anirban Mukhopadhyay says:

    Hey. Great article as always. I actually prefer a dark mode for my charts. So I painstakingly changed the background color, grid lines and basically every aspect to get my desired view. However, I wasn’t able to save these viewing settings and nor was I able to automatically load these settings in the next chart that I opened. Is it possible to save the preferences in TV like in the IQ charts? Appreciate your help.


    Sir i clear certificate exam for Technical Analysis. Can I get physical certificate of this or not ? or I want to know that if there are any value of this or not ? I want to pursue in finance field it help me or not ?

  72. Abhijit says:


    Congrats on providing TV platform on Zerodha. This is really cool and Best platform for charting. However, IAM not able to see / select 4 hour timeframe on TV. Can you please help. Also I want to keep chat clear, so I removed OHLC values and other Indicator values from Settings – Background tab. However, these values keep returning whenever I close and open the chart/ New chart. How to resolve this?

    Thanks again and keep Going!!

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Are you saving the layout? Btw, 4hr candles aren’t there, it will just end up forming 1 single candle.

  73. Abhijit says:

    Yes Karthik, I am saving the layout. And another issue here, you can’t load the saved layouts. Nothing happens when you try to load the layout. I am using Kite mobile app. Let me know if you need further details.

  74. Abhijit says:

    Any updates Karthik?

  75. Nagendran Ns says:

    Can you please consider allowing to save more than 10 Layouts. Will really appreciate the feature. At least F&O number of stocks. Would be really helpful if one doesn’t need to redraw previous drawings everytime. Please consider. Thanks.

  76. Pratik says:

    Please update all the PDFs that are available to download. Some content is missing and not updated in modules.

  77. RAHUL BISHNOI says:

    Which One to Use “Kite” or “Pi”??
    so i’m new to trading and i would like to do swing trading, I read all of yr concepts for TA, But now I’m confused between “Pi” and “Kite”.
    1. How are the 2 platforms different, Which one is good for a beginner?
    2. If one is good for a beginner, should i switch to other one after I’m a bit experienced?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      I’d suggest you use Kite. Kite is a far more superior technology. Its browser-based, so you can use it on any system. The charting experience too is far better on Kite.

  78. Deepak yadav says:

    Please help me anyone

    Trading view in android and ipad, when cross hair is selected on moving cursor whole screen background gets moved. Please enlighten me if i m doing something wrong no problem in pc .

  79. Ashish says:

    How to set 4hr chart in zerodha trading view chart …..?it is coming upto 3hrs

  80. Ashish says:

    Please do the needful at the earliest

  81. Mahi says:

    Hi, I am trying to setup my charts using tradingview from Kite. The drawing trendlines, channels, text I enter on charts get lost…when I logout and login…is there something I am missing?


  82. Manju says:

    Hi Team,

    The layouts saved in Kite mobile app doesnt show in Kite weblink. Could you please advice on this?


  83. Manju says:

    Ok thanks

  84. kamesh says:

    Hi Karthick,

    Tv that you have provided us have all features that is available on Tv pro?

  85. Guru says:

    well I am using the trading view option for charting, I have issue ,I am logging in two different laptop but same browser when save the charts in one laptop same is not reflecting in other laptop…though chart names are there but individual stocks drawn charts are missing,both place used is chrome with same login in chrome.

  86. Arunkumar Hegde says:

    It would be great if you could provide a 75 min and 125 min chart. Problem with the hourly chart is that the last candle will be of only 15 min similarly 2H chart also the same problem, the last candle will be of 15 min. If you could provide 125 min and 75 charts, they divide 375 min without leaving any remainder. Kindly consider this request.

  87. Manju says:


    Is there any limitation on saving the chart layouts. Currently it saves only 10 charts. If I save 11th then the first one is removed. Please advice.


  88. Manju says:

    Thanks Karthik. If you can increase atleast to 25 it would be good. just a suggestion

  89. Shrikant says:

    Hello sir,
    Other broking firms provide very helpful features like
    1) Drag &Drop
    2)Trade from the chart
    Since you are the no.1 trustworthy broking firm in India, when are you going to provide us these features like Fyers Securities?
    We’ve been eagerly waiting for these features from last 6 months, give us exact date

  90. Manju says:

    Hi Shrikant,

    Fyers is integrated with travingview. Now its available on Zerodha also. You can change the chart setting in your profile. Give a try its good.

  91. AMER says:

    I am using tradingview charts on Kite. Every time I open a new chart, I am forced to go apply the layout. The behavior seems to be different on , why is it? Please reply

  92. Shrikant says:

    Hi Manju,
    I think you are unaware of these helpful features
    1) Trade on chart :- It means you can place your order with just right click at determined price
    2) Drag & Drop :- It means you can modify your stop loss & price easily on chart without going in the order book
    Zerodha’s tradingview is lacking in these helpful features which Fyers Securities has already provided
    We’ve been eagerly waiting for these helpful features from last 6 months & hoping that Zerodha will provide these features as soon as possible

  93. Shrikant says:

    Hello Karthik,
    You’ve been working on these features from last 6 months , how long it’ll exactly take to provide us these advanced features ( Drag & Drop, Trade on chart)

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Unfortunately, it is hard to assign a timeline as the team is constantly working on adding features and enhancing the user experience.

  94. Jignesh says:

    Hi Karthik,
    I don’t understand why Zerodha who is no.1 broker in India is still not able to give facilities like trade on chart, drag & drop , cancel all orders in 1 click

    Zerodha should’ve launched tradingview chart along with all above mentioned facilities before Fyers

    Now it’s high time to launch new version of tradingview chart wherein facilities like drag & drop , trade on chart & cancel all orders in 1 click should be available

    Give us estimated timeline rather than make us wait

  95. shameer says:

    I am using trading view charts on Kite. Every time I open a new chart, I am forced to change color. please provide dark color theme.

  96. M.Venkat says:

    Sir,I mark a buying line &selling line on chart every night for next trading.but I couldn’t find them though I clicked save preferences option.pls help me . Thanq

  97. Sundeep says:

    Sir what is your take on Point and Figure trading? Could you recommend a book on TA that goes beyond what is covered in this Module? Thank you.

  98. Jignesh says:

    Hello Karthik,
    Zerodha has more than 9.8 lakh active clients whereas Fyers has only 10 thousand client base even though the tradingview version given by Fyers is far more advanced & full of convenience. The Tradingview version of Zerodha is lower than basic level
    – While actual trading , clients of Fyers have more advantage as compare to Zerodha’s clients
    – Missing Features :- 1)Drag & Drop 2) Trade on chart 3)saving chart’s layout 4) DOM trading 5) changing time frame with just typing
    I don’t know how long Zerodha will make us wait & remain us in disadvantage position.
    Now it’s inevitable to launch tradingview with all advanced features because Fyers has already made trading easier than video games.
    – I don’t wanna change my account of Zerodha but at the same time feeling helpless , don’t know how long I can stick with Zerodha

  99. MAHESH says:

    When can we expect Custom Indicator on Zerodha TV Platform using Pine. We would like to code our own custom ones for personal use.

  100. Shreyas S S says:


  101. Zac says:

    TV chart on mobile navigating with single finger only, very difficult to check the candle status on moving chart. Can you please tell me how it can be locked or set to move with two finger like chart IQ. Thanks

  102. LOKESH says:


    Trading view chart does not have a CPR Indicator.

  103. Rajesh says:

    Please introduce CPR in charts.. Its an important indicator for intraday!

  104. Bhavesh says:

    Hi Karthik
    Can I Import A Blue Sky Strategy From TradingView To My Zerodha
    Waiting For Your Favorable Reply

  105. Satish says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Just wanted to know if I have to predict tomorrow’s movement of say, NIFTY, should I look at today’s chart or maybe 5 day chart?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      It depends on your view, if the idea is to trade intraday, then you need to look at 5 or 10 mins candle. For overnight positions, you are better off looking at the end of day chart.

  106. SIVA says:

    Dear Team,

    1. In Charting view , for Pivot point indicator , kindly bring the shades, that will be help full
    2. kindly bring the facility PIVOT POINT with CPR , weekly CPR and monthly CPR concept indicator.

    3. Provide the facility to include user defined indicators to be add on if required to trader

  107. Altaf says:

    Too many issues with Zerodha kite Chart ( both in chartiq and tradingview).
    1) Can’t save more than 10 Stocks layout that is not at all sufficient.
    2) Can’t put Moving average to RSI for refinement.
    3) If i want to change background colour or candle colour (background color for removing gridlines, candle color because given color in trading view kite is too lite) then i have to change one by one for all stocks, there is no option to make them as default. Only indicators got saved not background.
    These three major issues i encountered as of now and they are so frustrating. I am zerodha client for almost 4 years. If these issues will not be sorted out soon then i will have to switch to another brokerage.

  108. Aravind Sreeram says:

    I have saved the chart layout to cloud, but whenever I load the layout it gives me same instrument chart. How do I change Symbol on the layout which is pre-loaded (from cloud) .

  109. Aravind Sreeram says:

    Please ignore, I had to mark the template as default template.

  110. Gitartha says:

    How do I turn on the dark theme in the desktop version of tradingview on the kite desktop platform?

  111. Akhil A Zeeb says:


    Is 4 hour time frame possible in Zerodha trading view?
    Also, does it have night mode view?

    Akhil A Zeeb

  112. Imran S Khan says:

    hi karthik

    is there option to log in with my tradingview id , so that it will help me to use other feature and strategy available with tv platform,
    this will help me to confirm my trades.

    i really appreciate your hard work. thanks for helping us all…

    thanks and regards


  113. Shaheer says:

    Hi karthik,love what you’re doing and as a newbie it helped me even more.Could
    you help me with Strategies for scalping and more insight on how to use margin leverage from zerodha.And keep up the good work karthik and team zerodha!

  114. Shaheer says:

    Thanks for your response,Karthik;really appreciate it ;but candlesticks often don’t work on smaller time frames(1min or 5mins);could suggest apart from candlesticks any indicators which I should learn and use?
    Thanks again

  115. Arjunsinh Parmar says:

    I’m investing in stock,and occasionally go for stock trading also. So far stock trading is concerned,I’ve evolve my own way of trading after observing stock movement,general market trends,following individual stock chart pattern etc.,without any knowledge of technicalities.I wanted to read some good books on stock trading,and I came across Zerodha varsity,I studied it,and ‘m still reading and find it extremely useful. you have explained it very nicely and based on your explanation and thorough presentation,I can now set up my trade,though with a poor knowledge and getting success too !!! It’s (different modules ) mind boggling , fantastic.Thank you very much for providing such marvelous and in-depth reading. Thank you once again.

  116. Imran S Khan says:

    Dear Karthik , can i add my customise indicator in Zerodha tradingview.

    Thanks and Regards


  117. Rkvinay says:

    Hey Karthik,

    introduction of TV has saved us lot of effort. The only missing factor is the custom indicators which can be coded using Pine, Can you please check back as to how soon this feature will be made available for users.


  118. Harsh verma says:

    Hi Karthik, I have the following requests:

    1) Can you please add the Regression channel in Pitchfork/ Fibonacci Retracement,Circle, Fan,/Gann Toolbox?
    It is available on the Tradingview platform.

    2)And can you please make the default web view in Night/Dark theme just like the mobile app version. it will be so soothing on the eyes.

    And a complaint.

    using Fibonacci Retracement levels/Extensions using selective levels, while zooming out and shifting chart time frames, suddenly the level texts become blurry and smudgy, unreadable. Please fix it. 🙁

  119. Gouttam says:

    how can i use pine aditor in tradingview in zerodha. no option showning.pls suggest

  120. Sukanth says:

    How do I put dark mode in Tradingview chart?

  121. Narasimha says:

    Hi Karthik,
    TV chart provided on real time basis is very much useful and I’m using it since you provided this on our Kite. Like EMA crosses, bullish/bearish crossovers for other indicators (like RSI cross over with set level like 50, 60 etc and MACD Signal/Line Crossovers etc) are also provided it would be further more useful for us. Pl look into it if possible.

  122. Sandeep Aggarwal says:

    Is there any place we can learn the features available in Tradingview charts?

    Thanks in advance.

  123. K C Rana says:

    I have recently opted for zerodha…to get benefits of best indicators and charts……but sad to we can not create custom indicators such as CPR…….or Zerodha team can add them.

  124. Anant says:

    Hi Karthik,
    Any update on ability to use pine script on Zerodha

  125. Rajesh says:

    1) Kindly provide trade initiation on the chart. We are facing difficulties in adjusting stops and target (We have to look back on orders and adjust those) and moreover trade initiation is fast if you provide on chart facility
    2) Please make a separate window for CNC orders. We are accidentally closing CNC orders while closing MIS orders
    3)Please increase the chart window size(it looks small) and decrease the stock selection part( in lengthwise such a big size is not necessary)
    Kindly consider our requests
    Hoping so
    Thank you

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Rajesh.
      1) Working on this
      2) Added holding tab for CNC on the positions tab
      3) You can pop out the chart for a full view.

  126. Venu says:

    Hi sir
    1)Kindly add top gainers and top losers from zerodha also. It helps lot of intraday traders like me..
    As nse website is slow in updating by 1-2 minutes..
    2)Kindly add trade initiation(buy and sell) on the chart itself (it helps for faster initiation and faster closer of the trade)
    3) Add timer(count down to bar close) like in tradingview in zerodha also
    All these features helps intraday traders
    Consider my request
    Hoping so
    thank you

  127. Jervis says:

    Hi, can I use trading views 8,000+ indicators on zerodha ?

  128. Achyuta Madabushi says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Any update on increasing the number of saved charts feature, we are still able to save 10 only, increasing that to atleast 20-25 will be very helpful.


  129. Achyuta Madabushi says:

    Ok, thanks Karthik, hoping to see it soon

  130. Anil says:

    When can we expect indicator on Indicator feature in TV (Ex: Apply a moving average on RSI)

  131. sintu says:

    why not you provide future continuous chart in zerodha tradingview platfrom. plz focus on it ,try to give atleast 3years future data .

  132. Vijay says:

    Hi Karthik,
    Can you please help for the below.

    How can we increase size of candle.
    How to remove the grid (horizontal and vertical lines shown as boxes)on chart

  133. deepu says:

    When custom pine script indicator will be available.


    TV us best in charts thanks for bringing the feature on zerodha.

    Secondly tradingview offers various built in indicators please enable it.

  135. ravi says:

    Plz help me to construct Fibonacci on chart.

  136. ravi says:

    Plz help me to construct Fibonacci on kite chart . it is not reflecting on kite.

  137. Harjit says:

    To access the full features in Trading-view one need to pay for their plans, Basic, Pro, Pro+, Premium, so will all the features will be accessible through Zeerodha without paying extra?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Harjit, we are working on integrating whatever is possible. Not all TV features will be available here, but most useful ones would be.

  138. Ganesh Palani says:

    How come platforms like square-off are able to integrate with zerodha and generate bot orders with their personalized indicators whereas we are not able to build a indicator of our own and automate with zerodha.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Ganesh, if you have programming skills, then its very easy to build custom indicators on any platform of your choice.

  139. Yogesh says:

    I have started using TradingView on Zerodha since yesterday. I saved the chart layout 3 times, but once I log out from Kite and re-login the saved chart layout disappears. Please advise.

  140. Yogesh says:

    Hi, what I want to do is save charts with pre-drawn trendlines which should stay on my chart even after I logout and login. Is this possible?

  141. Yogesh says:

    After your reply I have again tried to save layout in Kite. But once I logout and re-login, the layout automatically gets deleted. I had prepared my charts with trendlines drawn as per my requirement. Post logout and re-login I can only see the indicators as per my default chart template but the trendlines drawn get deleted since I am unable to load pre-saved chart layout.
    I have referred to the link provided by you and saved layouts accordingly. I have been regularly using Tradingview and for my charting requirements and layout once saved on these websites is available for future requirements but on Kite it is disappearing.
    Please resolve urgently. I am unable to post screenshots in this panel, else would have shared them with you for ready reference and clarity.

  142. Yogesh says:


    No, I am not using different systems. I read all the rules given by you in the links and worked accordingly.
    I can share my screenshots with you if you need to see what is happening.
    So you may understand if I am erring somewhere.


    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Yogesh, I’d suggest you create a ticket or speak to our support desk for this. They will sort this out for you.

  143. Ravinder Singh says:

    Hi Kartik,
    First of all thanks for sync Trading View Charts in Kite. Could you please let me know how do I open 4H timeframe chart while using Mulitiple charts option? I am not able to figure it out. Thanks 🙂

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Thanks, Ravinder. I’d suggest you call our support desk for this. Its easier (and quicker) to explain this over the phone.

  144. Sadhna says:

    Hi Sir, How can i see my watchlist in tradingview. Or I need to add Symbol everytime to analyse it?

  145. sagar says:

    When can we expect Custom Indicator on Zerodha TV Platform ? Or atlease Indicator on Indicator similar to ChartIQ –where we use to get MA of RSI

  146. Rajesh says:

    Today I initiated trade SBIN (Bracket order) at 319.15 with target 3.2 (322.35) and trailing stop loss of 1.6 (320.75) with a stop loss of 317.50
    The stock went up to 320.85 and reversed but trailing stop not executed. May I know the reason why my trailing stop not executed?
    Kindly consider my request and reply to me

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