Pi – Final Beta Release

January 12, 2015


We had over 1000 people test Pi over two months in October/November. We took suggestions and feedback and today launched the final “beta” release of Pi. This was released to around 100 of our clients today, and over this week will be released to over 5000 of our clients who have requested for the same.

If you login to Q, you will be able to see a menu called Pi where you can put in your request to test the beta. A lot of new infrastructure has been added which has upped our running cost for Pi and hence we are giving access to only our active clients. An active client for us is anyone who has at least Rs 10,000 (including cash + option premium + margin blocked) in either the equity or commodity account with us.

Pi is enabled for all the three exchanges now – NSE, BSE, and MCX.

Following is an overview to get you started on Pi. I also suggest you to go through these two blog posts and videos Pi-1 and Pi-2.

1. To get access:

Login to Q and place a request. We will increase the speed at which we are giving out licenses from January 14 (two days from the launch). We are trying to scale up slowly to avoid any unforeseen issues.

To request Pi access


Make sure to uninstall all the previous versions of Pi, and install the latest one (Version and above). Here is how you check, In the help menu, click on About Pi. The Version number shows up there: New Bitmap Image

Quick login helps to login faster by not having to download scrips everytime. But when new contracts are added (including stock splits), make sure to untick on quick login once. This will ensure the latest scrips are updated on your Pi.


2. Marketwatch

Very similar to a standard marketwatch on ZT/NEST, a few things that are new:

  • Quick snapshot chart for each scrip on the marketwatch, to help you spot intraday trends.
  • You can add indices on the marketwatch and also view their charts. To add an index, click on the dropdown which says EQ, and choose indices instead.
  • A column called Predictive Closing, which will in case you trade futures and options, help predict the weighted average price of the last 30 minutes of trading. This is especially more important on expiry days.
  • If you want to add a gap/space between two rows on the marketwatch, click on the row and  click on the space bar on the keyboard.
  • You can’t have multiple marektwatches like in ZT.
  • You can use the User Settings option to enable/disable market indices on the top right, and to change few other settings.

3. Multiple Application styles

Zerodha Theme




Application style can be selected under “View” on the main toolbar.

4. Admin Positions

One of the drawbacks of NEST was that your overnight positions would show the average price as previous closing price. This required you to either login to Q or keep a tab on the actual Buy/Sell price.

On Pi, the Buy/Sell average price will show you the actual entry price. Also, the Total P&L column will show your actual P&L, whereas MTM will show the marked to market profit based on the previous closing price. The same applies to the Demat Holdings menu as well.

Also unlike NEST, the admin positions window is auto updated, you don’t have to click on get positions to see your latest positions.

Admin Positions

5. Charts

We have intraday data from June 2014 onwards for the top 200 NSE stocks.  You will be able to see intraday data for the remaining stocks, futures, and Indices from January 6th, 2015 onwards. We will add end of day charts for the last ten years soon. Do keep these things in mind:

  • Up, and down keys to Zoom in and Zoom out. Right click on the chart, and click on complete Zoom out, to see the entire chart. Right click and choose Zoom selected area if you wish to Zoom into a specific area on the chart.
  • Left and right keys to move left and right on the chart.
  • To delete an indicator, left click on it, and hit delete.
  • To move your horizontal and vertical trend lines and other drawing tools, left click and drag.
  • Drawing tools and all indicators will be active only when you open a chart.
  • You can presently open minute and hourly charts. Daily charts will be available soon.
  • Left click and hover over the candle to see the OHLC
  • You can open multiple charts, and can pop out any window (including charts) by clicking on “popout active window” under the view menu. This will be particularly useful in a multi screen setup.
  • To arrange your screen with multiple charts/marketwatch/positions, you have to left click, drag and drop the window. You can also look at this video (time: 6:40 onwards)
  • To trade from the chart, right click at the price point where you want to place your buy/sell orders. Pending orders show an arrow, executed orders don’t. To cancel/modify orders placed on the chart, use the order book. Right click on the chart and clear orders will cancel all the pending orders placed from the chart.
  • For optimum performance don’t open more than 20,000 candles at one time on a chart.

Trading from the chart

6. Backtest, Scripted alerts, Expert advisors, Pi Bridge, Scanners, and Pattern recognition

We will run a detailed section on each one of the above. For those who want to give it a shot:

The programming language used on Pi is called TradeScript, and this post has around 300+ queries answered and the manual should help you get started.

Backtest: You can code your strategy in tradescript, and backtest using this menu. Note: Backtesting uses your system resources, make sure that you have a powerful computer especially if backtesting on large amounts of data. Also try to ensure that your strategy doesn’t have code that can go into loop and cause infinite number of buy/sell, this can also crash the program.

Scripted alerts: You can go live on your backtested strategies using scripted alerts.

Expert Advisor (EA): Very similar to scripted alerts, but it is easier to run multiple EA’s and sharing with others. We have shared 14 public EA’s with you to help get started.

Pi bridge for AmiBroker: Those who are used to AFL (AmiBroker Formula Language) can fire orders directly from AmiBroker into Pi.

Generated alerts: Scripted alerts, EA’s, and  Pi bridge for AmiBroker; all buy/sell signals get logged in the generated alerts window. One click from here to buy/sell.

Consensus report: You can see what is the consensus of multiple EA’s, how bullish or bearish.

Scanners: You can use TradeScript to scan on a big group of scrips for trading opportunities.

Pattern recognition: Open a chart and run this tool to find the patterns that you are looking for. For example, head and shoulders, double tops/bottoms, or create your own pattern and scan the chart for it.

Here are some screenshots for those who want to get started right away:


14 public Expert advisors



Order getting fired from Amibroker to the generated alerts screen on Pi. Can be traded with one click.


Cover Orders are available and Bracket Orders will be made available soon.

As I said already, we have over 5000 requests for the beta of Pi, and we are releasing new licenses slowly. So it might take a few days before all of you get your hands on it. We want to be sure that everything goes right when the load increases. Sorry for keeping you all waiting, having Pi out soon is very important for us as a business too.

This is still a beta release, so if you spot any issues do let us know either on this blog post or by sending an email to [email protected] and [email protected].


** 3rd Feb 2015**

We have an updated release available for Pi. You can either uninstall and install the latest release of PI, or else update by downloading and running the latest patch available on Q. Once updated, the About Pi link should show the date as 01/30/2015.




Happy Trading,

Nithin Kamath

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha. Partnering startups through Rainmatter. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter. | Personal website: https://nithinkamath.me


  1. Rajendra says:

    Thanks for giving early access. If this is not a game changer in India, I don’t know what else will. Loved trading from the charts and using expert advisors. The charts felt like a dream, probably because I am moving from the horrid charts on NEST and ODIN.
    Missed using bracket orders, and having multiple marketwatch. I was told that multiple marketwatch will take time, hopefully you people can do something about it soon.
    I also hope that the performance does not drop as more people start using Pi.

    Great job, with this I have run out of all excuses to not make money trading. 🙂

    • Bracket orders will be available soon, Multiple marketwatch might take a little longer.

      • sandip says:

        Nithin Sir , Pi = nest trader + amibroker/meta-trader ? good,but where is automated trading (in MCX) ?

        is there any scope of automated trading in MCX with Pi / Pi-amibroker bridge ?
        first remove that annoying confirmation box between the pi and amibroker bridge.

        is Pi for MCX , having features like :-
        Bracket order , Trailing stoploss , order modification and cancellation with tradescript or AFL .
        if not , Pi will like re-inventing the wheel again n again. some good charts , nothing new.

        also please don’t lie to whole india that MCX is not giving approval for automated trading . inside news confirms that zerodha(sir Nithin) is saving money , nothing else.

        • 🙂 Saving money on what Sandip? If we can enable auto trading, that would mean more business for us right? Do let us know if you know anyone who is automating on MCX, we would love to figure out all the regulatory hurdles. There is no set documents for getting approvals.

          As long as auto trading is not allowed in India, we will need to put that annoying box for order confirmation. Nothing we can do about it as long as exchanges don’t change the rules.

          Bracket and TSL is not approved by MCX yet. We are working on being able to have the bridge communicate with Ami two ways, fire orders, and receive order details. Once this is done, you will be able to use it as an Input to place modify orders from AFL. Tradescript doesn’t have this functionality, tradescript is not as advanced as AFL.

          • sandip says:

            Brokers (automating on MCX) : GRD group , master-trust etc…
            as you said: There is no set documents for getting approvals.
            regulatory hurdles ? good joke.

            how these broker are able to remove “annoying box for order confirmation”. you don’t have answer . right ? so find it. simple.
            just call the broker and ask.

            • :), Sandip you need to understand that we as a business loose out more by not offering automation. But that said, we don’t want to take any route which is non compliant to exchange rules. But we are working on having something out which is in accordance.

              • sandip says:

                thanks . sir , i hope you will do it within 2015. best of luck. 🙂

                • sandip says:

                  Sir , Don’t mind i am asking this question publicly.

                  from where you got funds for becoming a broker ?
                  from sub-broker to broker ? how this happened ?
                  good trades or good people helped.

                  if answer to above is private, you can email me.

              • sandip says:

                Why any discount broker (like zerodha,composite-edge etc…..) is unable to offer auto-trading in MCX ?
                because others brokers :-
                GRD (powered by symphony) ,
                master-trust (powered by QuantX) etc…
                are able to provide it,but they are not discount brokers.
                These broker are not doing anything against the exchange rules.
                Sir,even with Pi , you changed nothing in auto-trading.what is the point of your efforts ?
                Zerodha will be able to provide auto-trading in MCX ?

                But :
                1. need more time……………… 1 year or unlimited time…
                2. don’t know , how to do it…………… i hope you know it.
                3. can’t do it………….. excuses means failure.
                I recommend: if you can’t do it yourself, why don’t you simply join with symphony ? what is your problem ?
                Symphony will take care of all exchange hurdle and exchange rules.
                Lastly its about whether you want to do it or not . there is always a way.

              • Bidhan Haldar says:

                Dear Nitin,

                As I far as know , Zerodha Broker Terminal allow fully Automated Trading. can You wxplain how it is possible??


          • Saurabh Rehan says:

            Sir when will we have Stochastic RSI indicator as it is on investing.com? This indicator helps a lot for intraday trading.

      • Investor says:

        Is Bracket Order ready on PI?

      • RH0146 says:

        Dear Sir,

        I want add parabolic SAR in zerodha pi so please help me

      • Yunus says:


        I m seeing PI first time and first problem I found is that is not saving layout like I change admin position, order position I saved it on default layout as well as other name also . I re installed with admin right but nothing work anything I m missing what ever I do it always back with original lay out after log out.


        • Yunus, layout saving doesn’t save the way you have arranged the screen (order book one side, admin position one side, and etc). It saves all the windows that you have opened, once you load the layout, you will still have to adjust all those screens. But we will have this option soon.


          • Yunus says:

            After 5 months I have downloaded again latest PI. layout saving still does not work. :(. you should push your programmer for this basic work. I cant see support and resistance in market watch. honestly that’s too slow.

            • Support and resistance points open up on the chart. Right click on the chart and click on day separator. You can save layouts with indicators (click on save template). But by layout if you mean the way you had positioned all your windows, no that currently cannot be.

              • Arshad says:

                Hi Nithin,

                In the latest PI release, backtesting of strategy has been limited to 120 days irrespective of whether its hourly or daily charts. This is very disappointing, in the older release the backtest was from Feb 2015 onwards. With 120 days limitation backtesting is useless for positional strategies. I was expecting the latest release to have better backtesting capabilities , but it has in fact degraded.


      • BHimashankar Torane says:

        Dear sir,
        can you please explain me chart issue i am facing in pi chart as i have sent a mail at [email protected] my issue is same chart of nifty showing different values,,,,,please please check and inform me the solution,,,,waiting for your first and important reply…..if possible please mail me soon,,,,,

        ours zerodha…..

    • Srikanth Gokavarapu says:

      This makes me want to come back and get some rest.

  2. R. Saravanakumar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    1. I need a small clarification. You are saying that, to qualify as an Active client one has to keep atleast Rs.10,000. Well. Does is it mean one should maintain the balance of Rs.10,000 forever, or could it be monthly average balance or quarterly average balance?

    2. Why dont you consider one’s portfolio value too as one of the eligible criteria? This will help long and medium term investors, who dont trade daily but holding some sizeable portfolio.

    • Sarvana, for now we are saying rs 10,000 to get access to final release of PI. But yes by the time we reach our final release, we will have a more defined rule, and yes we will also include holding value then.

      • Sanjay Marathe says:

        Nitin its great to have such software. i have some questions like in charts how i set cross hair, candles after 3:00PM not showing in 30min chart how I set correct periodicity and interval and historical charts when will be available.

        Keep this great work

        Sanjay Marathe

        • Sanjay, we have a new patch of Pi ready to be released on Tuesday. There is no crosshair, but if you left click and hover over a candle, you will be able to see all details similar to crosshair. The daily charts and the 30 min candle issue is also sorted.

          • sanjay says:


            Nitinjji it seems from first view software is good but there are lots of bugs like i am not able to view chart data more than single day in ,cx and equity.also there is invalid bars present in mcx and equity charts if there is any patch available please update with new mail. keep this great work .

            Sanjay Marathe

            • We will give you a new release in the next few days.

              • Sanjay Marathe says:

                Hi, nitin
                how i set price alert in pi as price crosses level certain level.

                Thanks ,
                Sanjay Marathe

                • Sanjay, you can do this either by using expert advisor or scripted alert.

                  Set A = 900

                  Include the above code with whatever the price you want and save it as a scripted alert or expert advisor. Now open the chart of the stock on which you need the alert, and run either expert advisor or scripted alert.

  3. SUSANTA BALA says:

    A HAPPY YEAR 2015
    HAPPY TRADE with Pi
    Thank You

  4. Hi Zerodha,

    I was one of the earliest testers of Pi (I don’t blame Zerodha, I volunteered to test ) – say late Sept 2014 – it was horrific then. The videos/screen prints, I see in this blog post are far more refined. If access has been given to Pi, can we keep switching between Pi and Nest? Does Pi activation automatically deactivates Nest?

    Pls clarify, before I venture out in a deep ocean ocean with sharks around 😛 Jokes apart, Pi, trickling out slowly, is a welcome move and good job folks to honor your words – early Jan Pi roll out 🙂 A new year well began is a good sign,

  5. Mony says:

    Hi Nithin,

    is Range Bars available as requested by many earlier ?
    also, is SuperTrend indicator available?


  6. eagal says:

    Hi Nitin.

    Good Morning.

    You mentioned that Bracket order is not available in PI now. I want to know about Cover order. Is Cover order is available in PI now?

    Because I use only cover orders for trading in commodities.

    • Cover orders are available, brackets will be made available soon.

      • Mohammed Yunus says:

        Hi Nitin,

        Is there any possibility of adding basket order with stop loss like cover order or bracket order.
        For example I want to buy 2,3 stocks as market open with stop loss but at once I can buy only
        one stock. it would be nice feature for intraday when you want to play with multiple stocks.


        • Little tricky to have basket order option for Cover or Brackets. But you can use basket orders to place using MIS for limit and SL. The only issue will be that margin will be blocked separately for both these orders.

          • Yunus says:

            Hi Nitin,

            I think you did not understand my question yet. see I have three shares Asian paint, HUL, and suven which I have to decided to buy after seeing preopen at 9:08.

            I want to place buy order above some price and stop loss below there open price based on my calculation. As market open share price changes quickly if i will place seprate bracket order I cannot go more then 2 share max if I use basket order I can buy multiple share but I am unable exit my position many time because share fall

            how to handle this situation.


            • Hmm.. Basket orders is the only option you have. But yes, handling multiple positions at same time especially when day trading is tricky.

              • Sabya says:

                Hello Nitin,

                I have the same query. I have a list of scripts (10+) for which I would like to enter@ Market price and put a stop loss and execute all those orders in one go. Currently basket order doesn’t support this.

                My question – is it technically tricky? It is nothing but a batch standard of standard CO (placed at market rate. I would really appreciate if you can think over it and find a way to incorporate in future release of Pi.

                This will be extremely helpful for semi algo trader like us who would like to place spread orders for several scripts.

  7. anand says:

    If i activate pi, am i able to use my mobile app (nest)

  8. RAJESH J says:

    Hallo Zerodha Can We Use NEST Trader Long Tame For Trade Without ( PI ) ?

  9. JP says:

    Does it work on Mac ?

  10. PRASHANT KUMAR says:

    Great work by zerodha. Will “Pi” provide Real Time chart of 1 minute time frame and tick by tick real time chart of NSE cash segment equities?

  11. japjit100 says:

    till now i don’t get pi i send request 24 hours back

    please activate now

    client id rj0733

  12. Raghavendrachar Jois says:

    I have requested for Pi software since Yesterday morning. Kindly activate at the earliest.
    My client ID is APDR0193

  13. maheshwar says:

    Hi Nithin
    could you please tell me when would MT4 bridge be made available for Pi, Thanks

  14. cyberfun says:

    How about multiple snap quote/market picture windows ? To watch >1 scrip at a time.

  15. vikram says:

    EVRYTIME NEST TRADER not responding need to closed prompt occurs several times during the day.make sure pi does not have such issuses.

  16. Shiv says:

    Hi Nitin will PI connect to Excel?

  17. Sarang Acharya says:

    this is completely unfair that, people who have already registered for PI earlier needs to again register and wait for 48hrs.
    why cant you give access to clients like me who are already using it and eagerly waiting for new version. why do i need to wait for whole 48hrs ? cant we expedite this.

    Also, on tradescript i have not received good support, even after so many emails and calls i hear that we don’t have dedicated support. please dont loose pace here. you have an excellent software + best brokerage – PI support is not that great. i would love to triple my investments if my tickets with your support are resolved atleast now.

    • Sarang, there are so many requests, and we don’t want to give it to all in haste and face issues later. About tradescript, we are waiting for the final release, once done we will answer all tradescript queries on tradingqna.

  18. Jit says:

    Will Pi have trade alerts through SMS and e-mail?

  19. Anjan says:

    Please enable pi for DA0074.

  20. japjit100 says:

    pi works with mcx ?

  21. Sarang Acharya says:

    Please activate PI for DS4113. 48 hours is too long. 🙁

  22. DHIRENDRA says:

    Hi Nithin ,
    First of all congrats to ZERODHA for Pi-final beta release. (Hope to get my share of Pi.)

    Although fulfilled your active trader criteria the “Get Pi beta link” is not working in my Q.
    Please look at it , Ticket #771202


  23. mukul says:

    Do we have VTC facility available with Pi or what is the timeframe?

  24. Rahul says:

    Hey Nithin i applied for PI yesterday it says 48 hrs so will i be getting it tomorrow RV1660?

  25. Ethan says:


  26. SUSANTA BALA says:

    How many script we see in market watch on Pi

  27. NEO says:

    Seems Q is down

  28. cyberfun says:

    Does Pi have dual colored EMAs ??

    • You an add multiple EMA’s with different color. But by dual color you mean, when price above EMA green and price below EMA red, no not now.

      • cyberfun says:

        Yes, that’s what I meant by dual colored – green when above the previous value, red when below.

        Any future plans for dual colored EMAs ??

        Also, the previous query about multiple snap quote/market picture to view the price action in more than one scrip.

  29. Yogesh Kalal says:

    I send requested for Pi software since 48-hours back on back office Q(q.zerodha.com)..
    Kindly activate at the earliest.
    My client ID is RY0132…..!

  30. Sri says:

    Are we required to have Rs. 10000 in liquid cash in the trading account or would having stocks worth more than Rs. 10000 in the demat account suffice?

    • saurabh says:

      there is no rigid defintion so far. by the time final release comes , zerodha will properly define it.i belive it shud be cash/ eqivalent

      • Eric says:

        I Think Zerodha should be serious about fair usage of PI, Rs 10000 can be tweaked just for PI usage, looking at what Pi offers, a standard charting software cost anywhere 15000/- but thats onetime, what really matter is data which cost 4000 minimum for NFO, NSE, MCX, CDS,
        with Rs 10000 one cant buy even 1 lot of NIfty,

  31. Hemanth says:

    Hi Nithin,


    1) Do we have candle stick charts which is less than 1 min time frame
    2) Do we have volume based chart that the Trade Station in US has it. That will help greatly for Intraday Traders.
    3) Can we have a small button below the chart which goes to left and right like the excel sheet..where we can easily and fast go to left or right of the chart.
    4) Can we have typing extended to further time frame. If we write something on the chart on a 60 min time frame which automatically be seen on lower time frames only and not on the higher time frames from 60 min chart. This will help for study and trading for any type of investors.
    5) Can we also have simple tools ie horizontal line, , vertical line , retracement etc..that has the same feature as above… meaning if a horizontal line is placed on a 60 min time frame at the support or resistance..then the same line can be seen on the smaller time frames than 60 min chart and not on the bigger time frame . This will also help for study and all trader types.



  32. Shahnawaz Shaikh says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,

    First of all Congratulations!! for the final beta release of Zerodha Pi.
    We all are thrilled to use the Pi with all the advanced features for tarding.
    I am writing this mail to inquire about the access of Pi to Zerodha Clients.
    It is clear that the active traders will have prior access to Zerodha Pi, which is actually the best way to do business.

    And I want to know
    1) who will be elgible for active trader label?(One who generate Rs 300/- as brokerage per month or One who have minimum Rs 10,000/- as deposited in there account)
    2) Do we have to qualify for both conditions or any one of them is enough?
    3) If a client do not qualify for active trader, Will he never going to get the access to Pi? ( Certainly not now but after actual release?)

    • Shahnawaz, like I have mentioned above that Rs 10,000 in account will be considered active. Final release, we haven’t thought about it yet. But we will have some criteria to define active.

  33. virender kumar says:

    at perivous post nitin said we give pi to 5000 people this week but now on wed its only given to 50 on first day 200 on thus and asnitin said 500 on this evening so total number is 750 lucky peoples from 45000+ don’t know when i got lucky

  34. Rahul says:

    Nithin have you released the licenses for today are they due ? please do confirm (RV1660) Am i getting it today as the link says 48 hours ?

  35. Ashish says:

    In my backoffice login, under the section “Pi”, am unable to click the button “Get Pi Beta Access” as it is disabled. Pl resolve.
    A/c id : MHDA2817

  36. Aryush says:

    It would have been so nice, had Zerodha given indication at what time to check Q to download Pi. It is waste of time to check every time if the link is enabled or not! I would appreciate and respect their hard work but they could have done some smart work also!

    Wish you all @ ZERODHA a Happy Pongal

  37. Aryush says:

    I got the link to download…. Hope everything goes well!

  38. Mita Chattopadhyay says:

    PI download link is still not available.


  39. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I Have commented about my PI activation today morning in your blog but still no response at least no courtesy of reply message from your end. I have more than 1 lakh in my account and giving you brokerage more than Rs.40 per day in commodity alone. But still PI not activated this is something feels little stress for me. Please tell me when PI will get activated. Please Activate by tomorrow at the earliest. I cald Mr. Bosco in chennai but no response from him and even msgd him of no reply from his end.Kindly do reply for this and do the needfull for me.
    ID: DO0042
    cell: 95566068331

  40. RK says:

    Hi Nithin,

    The problem i have noted in this version is, snapquote window popping out without double click.

    This happens whenever i switch back from chart window to market watch and select a scrip snapquote window popping out without double click, pls look at it.


    • RK says:

      And this doesnot happen if i first activate the market watch window by clicking on it and then click a scrip, but if i directly select a scrip from chart window then SQ appears.

  41. A.JEYARAJ says:

    Thanks for pi activation.please guide me to bridge to Amibroker

  42. Mita Chattopadhyay says:

    Thank u for activation of Pi. After installation, at the time of logging in, I entered Client ID as RM0279 then clicked “forgot password”. I received a mail with new password. Immediately after entering password it asks “2FA questions”. I entered my existing “2FA answers” with no result. It says “User is blocked by administrator”. Anywhere it didn’t ask to enter the license key. Kindly help in this situation.

  43. saurabhjain2005 says:

    In the chart,when we move the cursor over the candle then we do not see the High,Low, Open and Close price of that candle. I am not sure if that is only happening for me. Please implement it. Also, I must say that Pi is so damn cool….So cool that I almost want to leave my job and do full time trading…

    • Left click on the chart and hover over the candle, you will be able to see the OHLC. Thanks 🙂

      • Vikram says:

        1. OHLC value is not consistent at least in live market I have tried it. Either it does not appear or disappears within a fraction before one can read it.

        2. It would be nice to be able to change in time frame and script within the chart rather than opening new chart every time. This comes from experience from other charting Sw( e.g. TradeTiger from Sharekhan)

        Point 1. is more critical of course so request your response.


  44. Mita Chattopadhyay says:

    Thank you. The problem is solved now.

  45. Riddhi says:


    Thank you for releasing Pi to us.I got the access key and mail confirmation.

    For those who had trouble installing Pi in Windows 8,

    1.While installing Pi will try to download VC ++ 2008 and VC++ 2010 and will probably fail.If that happens you may probably go to links given installation files and download from there.But that didn’t happen in my case.

    2.My suggestion wait for pi trying to download it first.When it fails it will generate an error message.In that error message copy the link given for that VC++ and paste it in your browser to get the download link.Download but don’t install.

    3.Check whether other newer versions already present in machine and uninstall them by CCleaner or remove programs.

    4.Then install them one by one.Then try to install Pi.

    It took me sometime to figure it out.

    By the way although installation is complete it is throwing “Can’t access remote server” message.Any idea?

    Riddhi P Dutta

    • Santosh says:

      Your system firewall might be blocking access to specific ports. Add the program to safe list or disable the anti-virus/firewall on your system. If you are in office, the network might be blocking the ports

      • Riddhi says:

        Thanks for the tips,Pi was being blocked by AVG Firewall.Adding exception worked out and Pi is working fine.

        Cheers for a very good Platform.I am waiting for updated tutorial series for Pi as it was done for NEST but from the first look it’s a very good platform and and once it is stable it will compete with best platforms.

        Good job.

    • Riddhi can you try restarting your PC and logging in? If you are still not able to, my guess is that it is not installed correctly. You can try an uninstall/reinstall. Someone from our tech team can call and help you out in the morning.

  46. HEMANTH says:

    Hi Nithin …. thanks for the beta activation of pi ….. i am testing out beta and everything is looking good for me right now …since i am a pure technical analyst i recommend you to add the below features to pi if you really want to provide your clients with good trading platform

    1) enable re-size of charting window both x+- & y+- axis directly from mouse like others standard charting platforms .

    2) please add option to change chart to multiple time frame directly from chart instead of opening new chart

    3) option to set our own default template will be good

    4) add ability to draw dual channel trend lines

    5) data window inside the chart which shows selected candle high low open volume close value is a must i guess 🙂

    6) at-least software should be capable of loading 4 hourly 2500 candles

    currently i am spending 17k monthly for esignal platform . i hope pi will replace it sooner when the final version is released

  47. hari kumar says:


    i would like to have different market watches for different exchanges. how do i save these market watches. this is available on nest

  48. RAJESH J says:

    Hallo Nithin
    (The bridge will cost around Rs 300 per month ) ok How To Get Amibroker DATA Form GFDL / E SIGNAL OR others Real Time DATA ? And How Much Data Cost For Month ? Than You

    • We are not data vendors, so can’t give data anywhere outside the trading platform. So if you are using Ami, I guess you will have to subscribe through Neotrade or GFDL. You can use the bridge to fire orders directly from AFL on Ami.

  49. Noble says:

    Hi Nithin,

    In the final beta release, I have come found a problem with horizontal lines when i use them on chart type Heikin Ashi.
    after drawing a horizontal line and when i try to move the line, the line disappears.
    No problems with vertical lines.
    Guess this is a bug. Would you please check this ?


  50. Shankar says:

    Hi Nitin

    Is the RTD enabled for Pi? Also, is 1-min backfill data available for download?


  51. aditya says:


    i cant find market monitor,option strategy,market movers.
    please upload how to vids on scanner.
    downloading scripts the first time took way too long.
    is the news reader not active yet?
    great work by the way.love the black theme and the quotes at the beginning.

    • Aditya, market monitor, option strategy and market movers are still not put up. Yes we will have the videos soon.
      The first time download takes a bit, we will have that fixed by the final release. From the second time, using the quick login.

  52. Vishal says:

    Hi Nithin – Despite selecting number of bars well within range I am only able to see 28 bars. What would be the number of 1 hour bars / candles available currently. Can I set my market timings or is it taking exchange open timing automatically. I suspect this to be an issue.
    Rgds / Vishal

    • Vishal, we have 1 year intraday data for 200 stocks only as of now. For the rest indices and F&O, we have from 6th Jan. We want to see how the data servers behave with more load on it. But soon we will give intraday data for indices and F&O also for 1 year.

  53. SUSANTA BALA says:

    All ZERODHA Family.
    Thank You for provide me
    Sankranthi gift Pi. I got my
    License Key but I can’t use.
    (massage; you will net provider administration…..)
    Please help. Again Thanks a lot.

  54. Vinod says:

    Nitin, Thanks for providing access to Pi, I have downloaded and installed but still not able to login, getting message “User blocked contact system administrator”… Please help (DV1493)…

  55. karthik says:

    what is the maximum number of scrips that can be added to the market watch ?

  56. Yogesh Kalal says:

    Sir ,
    Chart Data and Market watch data not same 1st candel open is different to market watch open in Bankbaroda stock,, Please see image

    • Yogesh, yes it is possible, check this.

      Especially on an opening like today, there might be hundreds of ticks every second first few minutes in the morning. The marketwatch or the chart, can’t capture both. Typically most trading platforms in India use charts after the price is shown on the marketwatch and hence the charts usually lag by a fraction of a second. To ensure that this doesn’t happen on Pi, we are streaming data separately to marketwatch and chart, this means additional costs as we need to have multiple streaming servers.

      Since our setup is like this, it is possible that all ticks on your marketwatch and charts may not match. Especially when markets are volatile.

  57. A.JEYARAJ says:

    I want to bridge pi to Amibroker.kindly let me know the procedure and payment deatail

  58. Muthukumar says:

    Got Pi….Working fine…Thanks Nitin

  59. shan says:

    How do i activate the bridge pi to amibroker ? i can’t see any options for the bridge in PI.., Please advise how to activate it.

  60. Sanip says:

    I just loved the new Pi. My Basic needs are fulfilled.
    Thanks Team

  61. Siva says:

    Charging for the terminal is a bad move nithin. I dono abt ur startegy but its a bad move. u want free feed back from everyone but will be charging for the terminal once u use all their inputs is this what you are trying to saying.
    Actually I was expecting PI to replace amibroker but after using pi was a bit disappointed but still was expecting it will be like amibroker but after reading ur post saying it will not be able to replace advance charting platforms came to a conclusion its just another nest trader with diff skin.

    • Siva, we are not charging. We are giving it to active traders only for now. Active we have defined as Rs 10,000 in the account with cash+premiums+margins.

      If you are looking at Amibroker only for charts Pi can definitely replace Ami. But if you are using AMi for AFL, Ami is a lot more advanced. Btw, I am checking your client ID, you haven’t yet used latest release of Pi right? Also Amibroker is a professional charting platform, Pi is a trading platform that also has charting, so it is comparing apples and oranges.

      • Siva says:

        initially i was told orange will be replacing apple but now i am being told orange will not replace apple ok fine.
        ya did not try it yet bcoz according to ur categorization I am a dormant trader having ly RS8,800 in my account.
        I personally feel pi needs a lot more improvement in terms of a basic trading terminal itself.
        dono if the latest release has fulfilled this.

  62. stock hunter says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I got new PI link..But system not asking new key…..Without asking program working..Is it updated version ..Any issue..My code RJ0464

  63. Ramana Kumar CH says:


    My name is Ramana Kumar CH. I have recently open account with Zerodha(DR2393). I would like to use the Pi! How can I get the Pi.

    Also How to do payout in NEST Trader?

    Ramana Kumar CH

    • saurabh says:

      for using pi visit q.zerodha,com and under the “pi” option there is a link for pi activation.

      How to do payout in NEST Trader?

      there is a option under funds for payin/ pay out , u can use that option OR

      visit q.zerodha.,com / bo.zerodha.com for the same

    • Ramana, it is explained in the blogpost above on how to put a request for Pi. To put fund withdrawal request, you need to login to our reporting tool Q: https://q.zerodha.com/

  64. Jithu says:

    In final beta release can we get resistance & support level?

    • Jithu, You have horizontal lines, so you can draw your own support/resistance lines. For now we don’t have an indicator that draws support and resistance. We will add it once everything is set.

  65. NEO says:

    Hi Nithin,
    The scripted alert is not working for me.
    To be precise, the chart that gets opened when “Enable Alert” is clicked, doesn’t get updated.
    And for that matter the scripted alert doesn’t work.
    To test this , I hv this simplest of all test script : ” (close > open) ” as buy script , “(close open at the moment I enable the alert. No alerts at later point of time.
    Please hv someone look into it.

    • NEO says:

      To test this , I hv this simplest of all test script : ” (close > open) ” as buy script , “(close > open)” as exit long.
      I get at most one alert , and that corresponds to buy condition being satisfied at the moment I click enable alert. No more alerts.

      • NEO says:

        Ok the CC guy called and verified that the issue is because somehow the new version of Pi isnt getting picked up… In the about window there’s no info on version..even though I uninstalled the old Pi and installed the new one..
        Please have someone from the IT call me and resolve this

      • I guess someone already called you about this. Make sure to see if your version is, and also make sure that while enabling the alert, you don’t choose a contract that is already expired.

  66. DA1954 says:

    AWESOME couldn’t have asked for more!

  67. virender kumar says:

    dear sir i suggest you should make admin position like the one in nest because if we have both trade cnc and mis in day then we cant figure out the mis mtm alone in admin position after selcting mis only you should chek it thanks for pi

  68. Muthukumar says:


    My pi Version is, if logout and in next login will any problem come?

    how to update the new version

    • Muthu, do read the post above. You have to completely uninstall the older version first. After this, you have to download the latest version from Pi and run it. How to check the version is again mentioned in the post above.

  69. Mansi Sethi says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Thanks , Issue resolved. Started trading with you 🙂 very happy.

  70. chandu says:

    For getting PI eligibility I am going to sell some of my long term stocks today. Can i expect 1 week to activate my PI link??


  71. Pravanjan says:

    I couldn’t find ADX in Pi. is there any plan to include it?


  72. sarang Acharya says:

    Nithin, i registerd on 13th for PI. when will i get it ? client id DS4113.

  73. Ethan says:

    Thank you so much Zerodha … specially Nithin and happy Pongal 🙂 ….. I used it today … Charting was butter smooth …. 🙂 … Hope it will be staying this way …. 🙂 … What a day I got a chance to try my hands on the final beta release ….. Nifty was flying 🙂 😀 …. few more indicators (like adx , volume chart etc) , option strategy , option calculator etc will make Pi invincible trading software …. Interestingly CPU usage was much lesser in this version than earlier ones …. Kudos to Zerodha team and Nithin 🙂 … You have great start with Pi …. we have way to go though …. 🙂

  74. Chethan Rai says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Thanks for providing PI access.

    Could you please clarify on the below points,

    1, Do we need to open separate charts for each scripts?, cant we open one chart and the existing chart will keep changing , as and when we click on the different scripts from the market watch?

    2, Cant we change the time frames / periodicity ( ie. 1 ,5 ,15,30 mts on the existing opend chart? or do we need to open separate individual charts for each time frames for the same one script?

    3, how to save the parameters / technical indicators plotted on the opened chart? so that we need not plot the same indicators each time when we open the charts next time.


    Chethan Rai.
    RC 0547

    • 1. For now, you will need to open separate charts.
      2. You will have to open charts separately.
      3. This bit will be enabled by final release. You can save all the windows that are open by clicking save.

  75. AR says:

    Is it possible to install 2 instances of Pi on same system?

  76. Shobha says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Are you planning to include Ichimoku cloud as well in final release.


  77. vishnu says:

    I have applied for pi on Monday and still my request is pending. Please expedite my request

  78. Sudesh says:

    Requested Pi two days ago, via q.zerodha.com, it is not yet received/activated.
    My ID is DL0176 (Luiza Rego)
    Kindly do it asap.

  79. gopal k. dhamija says:

    the look and feel is good…
    really liked order confirmation sound.
    but as an intraday trader, need some modifications…

    need more space… like in nest.. may be a full screen mode.. with no menu.. only spot indices.. customization is required

    order window up dwn keys price movement not happening
    chart window still their after closing
    hw to change bar interval in chart suppose 5 to 30 min & changing script on same chart

    need more indicators. 3-4 (if i need rsi, stoch, macd it not allows more then 2)
    left side tools not required (how to hide)
    order windows need to remember positions, where i closed them.. next time they shud appear their
    popout window vanished when click on mkt watch.
    how to save default chart template. .. every time need to load to a new chart
    dont need log window
    mtom profit/loss in mkt watch?
    order window from chart too big (reduce to 40%)
    trading with chart : line for orders buy/sell shud be adjustable to modify order, simply by dragging the line up down, also sl and tgt lines .. oco (one cancel other)
    customized shortcuts.

    • You can add as many indicators as you want, there is no limit set on indicators. Other points noted, thanks.

      • gopal k. dhamija says:

        i dont want order confirmation.. it even confirm’s modification.. (unchecked confirmed before submitted order in user setting).

        if mkt watch pops out… cant able to position it again….

        popout chart should stay on top, clicking on mkt watch.. it’s goes on the background
        why popout still occuping space.. quick order window shows on a different window
        f3, f8, f11 windows should appear, poped-out like in nest … (so the mkt watch doesn’t get covered.)

        • 1. Go to user settings, Order window, and untick on confirm before submitting order. Click on Apply.
          2. Close the marektwatch window, and the it will get popped back.
          3. if you click on the background, yes the marketwatch will go in the background.
          4. F3, F8, F11, you will have to pop it out manually if you want it that way.

          • gopal k. dhamija says:

            i dont want order confirmation.. it even confirm’s modification.. (unchecked confirmed before submitted order in user setting).

            already unchecked

            • hmm.. if it is already unchecked, shouldn’t ask for confirmation. Can you send this to [email protected] with your contact number and good time to reach you.

              • gopal k. dhamija says:

                actually was a expecting a lot from pi

                expert advisor… :
                makes just a little sound
                if it can provide little info on let top on chart buy sell trggrd on in info bar
                or an arrow indicating…
                suppose i have open 4 charts takes time to find which chart trggrd strategy.

                i have suggest a lot of idea/changes .. looking forward …

          • gopal k. dhamija says:

            loading takes much time then nest,
            after loging every time need to adjust the column sizes, i want to allocated in mkt. watch

  80. Varun says:

    Hi, Its been over 48 hours still my pi link is pending activation. Please activate it as soon as possible.

  81. DA2716 says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Eagerly waiting to try my hands on Pi. hope i m there in next 500

  82. Vishal says:

    Nithin – Your data servers are actually behaving weirdly. I have just noticed this case. I opened NIFTY 45 min candle chart and then again created a new chart with different periodicity. Weirdly, as a result, NIFTY 45 min candles get distorted. Please don’t take this as otherwise…but can’t rely on Pi for analysis under these circumstances. Please investigate.

    • Hey Vishal, the reason for putting this post out is to fix any issues that we might have missed. But this case you have pointed is not happening at my end. Will get someone to call you back on this.

  83. Tejas007 says:

    I am new to zerodha….!
    Zerodha is really Rocking with this new PI…!



  85. Fadil says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Iam new to Zeodha I am very much excited about Zerodha PI
    1) can we use (amibroker) AFL in Zerodha PI ? any option
    2) how long period takes for final release of zerodha PI ?
    3) is Zerodha PI avail for limited users or else all users ? any software/maintainces charges ?

    awaiing for ur reply as well as releasing of PI

  86. Santosh says:

    ***Posting again, since there was no response***

    Hi Nithin,

    I have got the Pi today. It is very user friendly and ppl will be able to trade and access other features very easily. Need to check it in detail.

    One major problem I face with trading s/w is the requirement of opening non-standard ports in the network. I think this problem is faced by many users who work from office and want to trade using s/w. And the network admin in the office would not open these ports.

    Currently I see that the below ports need to be opened. 35005 35003

    If you are willing to resolve this issue, the following are possible options.

    1. Change the ports on which the servers listen to commonly open ports like 80, 443.
    If the above is not possible
    2. If these are Linux based servers, use “iptables” to redirect incoming traffic to the ports on which the server is listening i.e. to 35005, 35003. If it is not Linux, I am sure there are similar tools available for windows servers too.

    Hope this problem is faced by many users. It might be worth considering to fix this.


    • Sanotsh, unfortunately it won’t be possible for now. We still use the tried and test Omnesys execution management system at the backend and they use obscure ports which can’t be changed. We are working on our own execution management system, but that might take a long while. Our web tool Kite should also be out in the next couple of months, will definitely be the coolest web based trading platform out there.

  87. Aryush says:

    Work around for those who desperately wanted to have multiple Market Watch…..
    1. Create a market watch and use “Save Work Space” Option
    2. Repeat the above step with different scripts you want and save the Work Space with different name!

    Then you use “Load Work Space” option and select appropriate Work Space name you saved to see that particular market watch …… you are done with multiple Market Watch….. I think!

  88. Vishal says:

    I just told you this because you mentioned that you are monitoring the behavior of data servers for their sanity in response when I asked you that we can’t see previous data for INDEX. I strictly believe that “No reporting is much better than false reporting”. Hope you understand.

  89. kishore says:

    Thankyou Zerodha…finally the waite is over…Now Zerodha pi is enabled…Hope can have nice friendly trading with Pi!

  90. Arumugam says:

    I installed the PI software and I have the activation code too.
    When I open the software it prompts for client ID and password.
    When I entered it and it is not going inside. Then where we have to put the activation code.

  91. Aryush says:

    Is indicator that draw Pivot lines available in Pi? I did not find it, I think it is widely used indicator than many other indicators that are present in Pi… can you please update this/me?

  92. Suman says:

    Finally i got it, hurreey, thank Zerodah.

  93. Mansi Sethi says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have more than 50k in my trading account and I have started trading with you. Will I get Pi too ?

  94. Suman says:

    I have sucessfully installed and opened market watch and crudeoil live chart, Just Wowwwwwwww.

  95. Nick says:

    Is it possible to install Pi on two different computers?

  96. kirrick says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Just now downloaded PI and installed it. I was able to go into PI and it didn’t prompt me for any license key.I am waiting for Amibroker bridge to get active this weekend as mentioned by you above.

    Just wanted to check are you planning to expose any API through which we can send buy/sell orders to PI from our own software ( Not Amibroker) . I remember you mentioning something like this in earlier post ( I am not sure here).


    • Yes Kirrick, The way the bridge works is that you can fire orders through any front end that you use. Will give you more details soon. Pi might be picking the previous license key, if you had used the earlier beta, if you are able to login and see, then it is okay.

  97. ambassador says:


    When I click on PI, I am getting an error message like this:

    Microsoft.NET Frame work

    ” Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue.
    Configuration system failed to initialize.”

    When I click continue, I can enter ID and pwd, but the login button is disabled. Even the security Pic is not displayed.

    I am not sure if this is the case with everyone or not. Any suggestions are appreciated.


  98. MA says:

    Installed PI. Visited this blog first to see responses.
    Pi seems to be for active trader, and those wants AMI advantage, who wants tech analysis.
    I wish ZT or similar would continue for person like me for its simple GUI, and user-friendliness.
    Otherwise following are must in Pi:
    1. Multiple marketwatch
    2. special features of Zerodha like bracket order and cover order
    3. Resizeable Pop-up windows that stays on screen when we move across marketwatches
    4. Less issues in Pi compared to ZT.
    5. Jut interested to know if it takes more resources of desktop

  99. Susanta Bala says:

    Remember SANKRANTHI 2015 for Pi
    Act very fine. Thanks ZERODHA Team.
    want Bracket Order as soon as possible.

  100. MA says:

    If I am too early to comment please forgive me. I know our team has put their best and not every single person can be satisfied. We just need to see product does not become complex or cumbersome/clumsy out of ecstasy.

  101. Anna says:

    Finally Pi is up and running. Was trying my hand at back testing and noticed that symbol has to be typed manually (screenshot enclosed) for back testing. A drop down menu could have made job easier. What should be symbol name for back-testing near month nifty future and bank nifty future.

  102. MA says:

    Getting feeling of my previous platform

  103. H.C. says:

    Hi, Nithin,
    Thank you very much for corrected data base.

    Saw a minor fault:- Please stop counting every EMA/MA as separate indicator. We need little more of them as support and resistance.
    As total number of maximum indicator is 8. Not possible to plot more than 4 EMA with other 4 essential indicators like MACD, STOCH, RSI, P SAR. Pi is showing Maximum Indicators added to the chart. Not able to add enough EMA & MA. Please rectify it.

    Definitely Zerodha’s turnover will increase with Pi. Best Wishes for Zerodha & PI.

  104. AR says:

    Title bar is showing Pi version as but Help -> About Pi window shows I think it should be same at both places.

  105. Muthu Shunmugam says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Installed Pi today and it was working fine. After few sessions, following error occurred. (Root element is missing – Refer the screen shot). Restarted the system and checked — same probs. Give me some pointers to solve this issue.


    • I’m also getting the same error. And I see this error right after installation. I have not been able to launch Pi even once.

      • Elegant, as I just said, can you change your password to one without special characters using NEST and try logging in.

        • Thanks Nithin. This was quickly sorted out by the CC guys at market open. I’m glad they had a quick solution.

          • Nishant Jain says:

            Elegant Trader
            Just wanted to know that the solution given by CC guy was different then what Nithin mention about special characters.

            • Hey Nishant, can you share what worked for u?

              • Nishant Jain says:

                Hello Nithin,
                Earlier I got this error once when I tried to login after midnight. But next morning it was not there.

                Now again, I am getting this error. I hope tomorrow morning it wouldn’t occur just like it happened to get resolve itself before.

                I would like to mention that I login after midnight almost daily. But this is the second time it is happening.

                • Nishant, every night after midnight for a bit there would be some maintenance activity happening on our servers, you would not be able to login at those times to either ZT or Pi.

                  • Nishant Jain says:

                    Yeah, I have guessed it. As I said above, it started working when I logged in today morning.
                    Therefore, this message appears when the servers are under maintenance or down.

                    Can you refine this error message to tell exactly that the servers are under maintenance and try after sometime.

    • Muthu, my guess is that you are using special characters in your password. If you can change the password and not use special characters. We will have this sorted soon.

      • Nishant Jain says:

        On the other note, I am not able to add nifty in the market watch as shown in the video. That ‘NSE’ option is not appearing in the dropdown. Is it because of having only trading account and not demat account ? I am trading with RP1732.

        • Yes, you need to have a demat account mapped to your trading to see the prices for the equity segment.

          • Nishant Jain says:

            Hello Nithin,
            I mostly trade in options and that too Nifty Options.
            I want to see the Nifty chart and put trend lines, indicators, etc in it.
            I think this is a must for every F&O trader who trades in indices.

            Requesting you to add ‘NSE’ in the drop down in “Pi” for the traders who have only trading account but not Demat account with Zerodha.


            • Nishant, exchange doesn’t let us show equity prices if you don’t have a demat mapped to the trading account. Get any demat of yours mapped, and you will be able to add indices to the marketwatch and also see their charts.

  106. Arun says:

    I use NSE NOW as I do trade using mobile as well when I am on the move and ZT mobile version is just not good.
    My question is will I be kicked out of NOW if I start using Pi (I requested the access today)?

  107. Shobha says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Is there ADX indicator available in Pi since I not able to find it. If not, please let us know are we adding it in final release or after that.


  108. Muthu Shunmugam says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Root element missing problem is not appearing now (Morning). I don know cause but it is solved. Share the reason once you knew.


  109. Muthu Shunmugam says:

    Hi Shoba,

    Check directional movement system under technical analysis.


  110. Priyesh says:

    Hi Nitin & Zerodha Team,

    The Pi software is pleasing & wisely completed. We all thank you for a devoted effort.

    Kindly keep up the good work and pleasantly surprising us.

  111. Vivek DV1444 says:

    Hi Nitin & Zerodha Team
    I must congratulate for your efforts in bringing Pi.
    I am using this software Pi. Never seen anything like it before….
    I have used many brokers trading terminals and nothing was so easy fast and fluent.
    Charting is very good..

    Keep it up guyz.. Zerodha rocks….

  112. Aryush says:

    Pi opening scree strucks… while opening at the image attached! ID RP0368. While logging in I checked Quick Login box still why is it trying to loan 60,000+ contracts….. I do not know!

  113. Vivek DV1444 says:

    Hi! Ayush

    Is your internet slow. First time it downloads all scripts so this screen remains. Next time keep quick login ticked. This screen disappears.My experience..

  114. Vivekanandan says:

    WOW! This blew my mind! My first trade on this new terminal was a profit too!
    I heartly welcome the Pi… And hope that everyone benefits from this gem of a trading platform.
    Great work Zerodha…

  115. Vivek DV1444 says:

    Hi Nitin
    One feature should be there it was in ZT..

    In order price field Prices can be moved using up & down arrow.
    It would be great if Pi also get that

  116. DS1917 says:

    PI is up and running fine. I must congratulate Nithin and the Zerodha team for an excellent trading platform. Hope you all will keep up the good work and all the best to you.

    I want the Price High Low Open Close rates for the current candle in the chart screen top line (As used to get displayed in NestPlus chart)

    Can anybody help me in this regards.

  117. santosh says:

    Dear Nithin,

    First i would like to congratulate you and the entire team who have worked on this ground braking tool for retail traders.

    I have installed Pi today morning. I could see following issues as a retail trader :

    1. The “Buy” and “Sell” text are not at their correct place in the small order window on the chart i.e. to say “Buy” and “Sell” text have changed their positions, look at the quotes, Buy price is higher then Sell price.

    2. As i hover the mouse over candles i could not see the data for that particular candle, there is no provision for data window as well.

    3. If i am seeing hourly candle and i would like to switch to minute candle, i am lost, i have to again open a new chart.

    4. Chart cannot be scrolled up and down as in amibroker, which makes it difficult to see fibonacci extension to the down side or upside, as the view is freezed.

    5. Amibroker bridge is not available in this beta version to check the communication issues between the application.

    Santosh Kumar Dubey

    • Santosh,

      1. You can buy at the best offer and sell at the best buy right? Hence you see a buy at the offer and sell at the bid. That is correct.
      2. You need to left click on the chart and then hover over to see the details.
      3. Yes, that is the way you will have to do atleast for now.
      4. ah.. putting it in on my to do list.
      5. Yep, we will have the bridge details out over the weekend.

  118. Vivek DV1444 says:

    santosh that is for Buy and Sell at market not a quote window. Cheer you can now buy from chart directly.. not limit price but market price. due to market price it shows offers as buy as offers and sale for bids.

  119. Nataraj says:

    How to change the timeframe of the chart from say 1 min to 5 min to 60 min…Daily, Weekly etc…I dont see any toolbox for controlling that in Pi

  120. sarang Acharya says:

    Thank you Nithin and zerodha team, got new PI installed.
    Also, how can i add buy and sell signals on a live chart for expert advisors, i am more interested in symbols rather than an audio message.

    Few issues i faced,
    if i click on refresh button on cash position PI Hangs for couple of minutes.
    Alerts does not work and price movement hangs when i take simple ema and rsi strategy live. why ?

    • Sarang, both these things that you have pointed out aren’t happening on any of the systems that I am trying to test on. What is the configuration of your machine?
      We will have a section soon on Zconnect that will explain on all the features individually including expert advisors. All you have to do is open a chart, and click on Apply expert advisors.

      • Sarang Acharya says:

        I did that same Nithin, i get alerts via audio message and on the alerts pane. but i want to see buy and sell arrows instead, i am sure that’s possible but unfortunately i could not get that thing done today.

        i am using a good system with 8gb RAM, 4MB FSb cpu cache, 2.6ghz quad core AMD processor, and 50 MBPS is my internet connection, with 2 MB of average download speed.

        i face hang issues very often if i click on refresh button on cash position window. also if i take any strategy live graph hangs no alerts or what so ever, i can see only a hung graph.

        videos would work. unfortunately apart from tradescript pdf there is none help on scripting strategies so it will be a good help.

  121. Julius JR says:

    Hearty thanks to Mr.Nithin Kamath & the Zerodha Team for the excellent, Pro Trading Platform Pi.

  122. Why does it not have proxy settings ?

  123. HPDV0019 says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Pi is working flawlessly for me. One issue though. could not find crosshair. That is needed badly. I wish you will give us crosshair like metatrader which can calculate pips on dragging and will disappear with single click on the chart. Hope I ‘m not asking too much.

  124. Rachit Gupta says:

    Sir My user id is RR1226 please activate PI .There are no download link in q.zerodha.com ,

  125. Sandip says:

    When I logged in at around 2 today Nifty chart was showing only one candle

  126. Anil Palan says:

    Nithin & Team,

    Thanks for giving me the link for PI software. I have installed and the same is working excellent and flawless.

    I appreciate all the efforts you and your Team is taking in improving the software as well as giving personalised services whenever I have put my query on e-mails send to you.

    I have a small request to include Links to Excel file of the data of Market watch as this very much helps me in monitoring open position on profit/loss on the Option trades I carry out during the month.

    I would also request you to giving customise menu in Columns format where we can move the individual columns as per user settings.

    Thanking you once again for all the efforts made by you and your Team in bringing out a very very user friendly PI Software.

    Anil Palan

    User Id : RA0090

  127. Brill says:

    Thanks for Pi. Nice to see most of the issues are sorted out. Congrats Team Zerodha!

    Can you please add CNX Metal index in the market watch. As i trade only metal stocks.


  128. Satya.c says:

    1 no cross head cursor
    2 day separator is confusing
    3 chart doesn’t save the steadies (TA)
    4 can’t flip time frames or change the script
    5 zoom in+out , moving left and right is a pain (4+5 is very impotent for traders )
    6 lot’s of unwanted indicator , no option to add level to oscillators

    These are things i felt lacking in this release and also before .
    Honestly , yah Pi is advanced – but in indian standard. not way ahead of it;s competition . you can not run a race side block your eyes. you have to provide at-least what others are providing . then comes innovation . like you have done with brokerage .

    don’t rush to release the final Pi. now that ppl can see chart and trade on this final beta , take time – improve on it then release .

    my rating for pi 6/10 ,

  129. A.JEYARAJ says:

    please let me know tentative date of pi is bridged to amibroker

  130. PT says:

    Many Congratulations to Team Zerodha, This is fantastic start.

    Software is like a Scotch, it matures with time . I am sure so will Pi. There are obviously many things missing in current version but I am impressed with what I have seen so far.
    Also it finally fixed the bug (Zerodha support team never agreed its a bug lol) in Admin Position screen I can finally see actual buying price in Pi, on NEST or web version it shows closing price of previous trading day as my avg buy price 🙂

    Is there is support group to ask /suggest features?

    For starters,

    Error I see :- Opened GBP/INR chart (5 mins and 15) but its not showing all candles of toay, only showing one candle every time I open it with open time as 9 am. Though Nifty futures chart looks good.

    1) would be nice to scroll the chart to left/right using mouse instead of just arrow keys
    2) Hover on candle doesn’t show its data(open time, high,low etc) needs to hold and move the mouse.
    3) Right click on chart should give options to change time frame
    4) Daily/weekly time frame in progress for next release?
    5) No Moving AVG options?

    -A Happy Customer 🙂

    • @PT, today we had some issues with Currency and spot index chart. You shouldn’t face this from monday. You could ask/suggest features right here on the blog.
      1to3 on our things to do.Daily/weekly will be available shortly, there are moving avg options EMA, SMA, 🙂

      • PT says:

        Thanks for you reply Nithin, unable to find the Indicators options like SMA etc. All I see is fib options and couple of other indicators like speed line and all on left tool box. where can I find other indicators?

  131. stock hunter says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Different time zone,PI Chart not updating after certain time( same problem was Zerodha trader terminal). I am attached screen shot for your reference

  132. Mony says:

    Hi Nithin,

    It seems there is a persistent issue with the charts stopping updating itself… it happened many a times this morning on my nifty 1M chart… screens attached…

    Please fix this issue…

    Having a REFRESH option, either on right-click context menu or on the tool bar would help….

    Also, please also implement page-UP and page-DOWN keys for moving screens quickly page by page basis….

    Also, there is no CO option in the quick-order panel… please include CO in QO Panel…

  133. vinesh kumar says:

    nithin ji
    i want to point out some deficiences in PI which i fell after two days of use
    1= Pi is still using a lot -lot-lot of bandwidth( nearly 6-8 times more ) as compared to ZT .
    2= after adding scripes 1by1 the refresh rate of scripes increases( i.e scripes rates update very slowly)
    3=default saved template for user is still not there for charts
    4=last used profile for market watch and column profile is still missing ( i.e we can not set our width for any column in any window)
    5= MOST IMPORTANT= when oder window is open price/quantity can not be changed by key board arrow or mouse scroll button they have to be entered manually
    6= when F1/F2 is pressed again and again it do not take updated price from market watch in oder entry window.
    7=there is no short cut key to modify /cancell the pending orders from keyboard( like shift+F2/F3 for modify and cancell order)
    due to these draw backs i feel TO BE BEATEN DOWN in the market time, as i am not able to post my order quickly, if it is not executed then modify or cancelling it also bit slow process .
    these things do create a lot more headache while market is volitile and every millisecond is count and PI walk as an elephant ( ticks refreshes with 2-3 seconds lag behind) during that time .
    please resolve these issues

  134. Mary says:

    Thanks to your tech team for building this trading software. Good stuff!

    any chance of changing bid and ask wording to buy and sell wording in the final release? Just for simplicity!

    Good Luck on the final release!

  135. manju says:

    1. See the 12 15 mcx crude candle. It looks like Ayyappa swamy Makara Jyoti in the blank sky! Or did it actually trade like this.
    2. Todays USD chart incomplete.
    3. The interface is posh and all but it is short of even what a basic version should offer. For example, do you really have to open a new chart if i want a new timeframe or a new symbol. How do i see the candle values. I think i should hold the candle, but sometimes even that is of no use. Sometimes the charts act weird. I suggest you to take AMI as reference and work out the issues. I dont need to expalin how the above issues/features are dealt in Ami. You know better than me. How smooth is AMI!
    You guysve worked hard to get to here. Thanks for that. All in all, when you can match Ami’s capabailites, you are done. Till then continue working. Either ways i feel the final release shouldve covered the issues above bcoz they are too basic. Good luck.

  136. H.C. says:

    Some important feedback for Pi:-

    1. Like ZT, is their any way to Switch OFF volume bar or indicator values (overlapping on candles)?

    2. No way to insert Bold or Dashed(—) lines as EMA/MA. I want to see EMA->Normal Lines, MA-Dashed Lines.
    3. Can choose only ‘Main Line Color’ for various indicators like MACD/Stoch not the other line color.

    4. Pi is not able to automatically adjust fonts if Windows Display size set to Medium (125% which it is easy for our eyes. 🙂 ). But No. 4 is minor problem (can adjust to default Smaller 100% before trading).

    Best Regards.


    in ZT, there is a option to see which scrip touches intraday high and intraday low(colour flashed on the particular selected scrip). but in pi there is no option to see which scrip touches intraday high(Blue colour) and intraday low(Red colour).

  138. Girija says:

    My review after first use.
    1) Nice software.stable. works fine. relaxed from horrible hanging,ZT
    2) Multiple chart – time frame cannot be changed.no problem.An option for drag a symbol to chart to display chart of the particular symbol may made available.
    3)First not found any way to bring back the poped up window to main screen- any way after exiting the popup window appeared in main window. Nice.
    4)I got shocked a lady speaks in between as my computer was connected to a subwoofer system and volume was good. Nice trade execution alert.


    1) When order is placed it asking for confirmation window appears. That can be avoided to reduce repetitive stress injury(RSI). same goes to modify- I want to modify my order, the software can not able to understood that I want to modify my order. So it asking me ‘do you want to modify’?
    2)a lot of musical tones were heard and not understood, may be stop loss order was pending.
    3) execution error already emailed to Zerodha support. Still able to continue without problem.(Not crashed).
    4) First day( as market was steady after a big move) occurred some loss.

    Overall good effort by Zerodha . Keep it Up! Bravo Zulu.!

  139. Jithu says:


    How to take spot index chart? Is it available in PI?

  140. Abhay says:

    As far as the user interface is concerned, the new version is pretty much the same. Quite disappointed as i feel the interface (market-watch, charts) is a few steps behind even Zerodha trader ( not including artificial intelligence section). Please let me know if the following options can be incorporated in the final version:

    1) Option to change time-frames in the opened chart itself ( like nest charts) rather than opening multiple charts of the same scrip. This should really be a priority as it will be easy on resources for both the client and your data servers, as i’m pretty sure traders will be opening multiple charts of the same scrip for different time-frames.
    2) Option to save layout ( like Ami) , with charts opening in their respective positions whenever we login in a multi-monitor setup , instead of popping out charts and dragging them every morning.
    3) A default chart template (saved) should be automatically applied to new charts ( like Nest charts), instead of loading the template for each and every chart.
    4) limit orders on “quick order” windows should also be added in addition to market orders. Day-traders can’t afford to keep hitting the market all the time when trading from charts.
    5) option to change limit order price in the pop-up window when ordering from charts( by right-click , not quick order window). very difficult and eye-straining to click on the precise price point where order has to be placed.
    Otherwise, the whole purpose of trading from charts is defeated.
    6) Option to increase font-size of market-indices window (like index-value bar in ZT). its so tiny that almost everyone will start wearing specs before the final release of Pi 🙂
    7) Don’t understand the purpose of saving charts on disk and then loading the saved charts . It does save the indicators and chart drawings but the prices and candles do not update in the loaded charts. prices show only till when the chart was saved.
    8) Option to save chart drawings ( can be taken care of if the above option is resolved)
    9) “snap to prices ” for trendlines and an option to extend them.
    10) option to customise market watch- should atleast match ZT.
    11) Dual snap- quote windows ( like ZT ) will again be useful

    thankfully u guys have resolved the data problems by upgrading your servers but Pi has a long way to go before it becomes user-friendly and a great tool for day-traders. Sticking to ZT for the time-being…

  141. Shahnawaz Shaikh says:

    Nithin Sir,

    I want to know how to payin using gateway payments option through Zerodha Q?
    I just find the withdrawal section. How to payin?

    If there is any other way please suggest.
    Or else I must initiate a NEFT transfer?

  142. Aryush says:

    So far so good with Pi. It was worth the wait as far as India counterparts’ charting S/w is concerned, IMHO something like the attached Chart Options will be too good to standout in the crowded brokerages.

  143. Sriram says:

    Hi Nithin

    Can we have the option of changing the uptick to blue instead on green in market watch.


  144. Sandeep razdan says:

    Try viewing this video .This will show how to transfer pay in to zerodha account .
    Hope it helps.
    google for manikandan how to transfer payin money to zerodha.

  145. SAKTI BIKASH SEN says:

    Kindly let me know how I can add moving average and macd in the chart.

    • 1. Open a chart.
      2. Click on the dropdown next to technical analysis, you can see Exponential moving average, Simple moving average and MACD. Click on it to add them, you have to do one by one.

  146. Arun says:

    Hello Nithin thanks for the answer to my query and I really appreciate you personally answering all the questions in this blog.
    I wanted to check on my Pi activation, I had requested on 15th and haven’t yet get the activation link and key, just wanted to check how long would it take?


  147. Nutan says:

    Hi Nitin,

    First of all i would like to congratulate your team on providing an excellent charting software. Loved the feel of it. Thanks.


  148. Nishith Bhatt says:

    Hi Nithin,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you and team Zerodha on this mind-boggling tool. I am trading with Zerodha since one year, and its been great so far. Now, while we (traders) have the friendly negotiations to make I would like to suggest a wonderful thing, which can put Pi on next cloud.

    So, I don’t know whether, you are planning this or not, but I think facility like chatting can be added in Pi. In which, one can create his/her group (you can limit the number, of course) and can pass trading ideas and strategies. Moreover, we know that, information is as valuable as price, so individual trader can exchange some of those.

    Lastly, you may know that Bloomberg has this technology and being a trader on US market I have seen those little tools on some other trading platform as well. This is a suggestion, and your reply will be great.

    Nishith Bhatt

    • 🙂 we have been discussing about this for a bit. Providing a chat tool is quite simple actually, but we have been thinking about the + and – of it. The minus is the risk of tipsters jumping in, rumors spreading fast, competitors wanting to jump in to advertise, :). Will be nice to get feedback from a few others also about it.

      • gilari says:

        It is a good idea and i was planing to email you on it .Negative can be controlled by creating closed groups and it is impossible to eradicate all negatives.
        I got this idea from Quant Share
        They have a group of ten traders who share and discuss techanical ideas and try to develop various trading system.Being closed group Outsiders don’t get any clue on thier discussion

      • Nishith Bhatt says:

        Thanks for the reply Nithin,

        I think Gilari is right on this, you can limit the outsider and control the stuff. And why I am suggesting this is because:-
        1. Most traders online trade in isolation ( I mean limited interaction with other players) and can’t really share or receive any trading ideas, information, or strategies.
        2. As you mentioned in one of your comments about fishes, then give some chance to fishes to gang up against the odds in trading.
        3. This little chatting tool will clearly stand-out Zerodha Pi with any of its close competitor (and I think you really that).

        Lastly, on a lighter note:- You can hire me as marketing adviser 🙂

        Nishith Bhatt

      • Vivek S says:

        Hi Nithin,

        This post is not to counter any thoughts posted by Nishith Bhatt, however I would like to state here that there are a whole bunch of groups on Whatsapp and Facebook which should serve the purpose for the ones who are interested. You may want to create a chat tool however it should be a separate entity for anyone and everyone to use and also create an integrator to attach it to Pi (in case anyone wants it integrated in the trading software). Those who would like to have that in their trading software will add it through that integrator (just like Pi – Ami Bridge), and the rest can continue to trade on Pi in its current form and avoid the risk of making the application more resource hungry.

        Although this is just my thought on the chat tool, however I would like to stress on a point which Nishith mentioned in his post above. We should have a news tool in the software which should guide and prompt the trader for various frequency and time based data that are released each week in all exchanges and segments (Equity, Commodities, Currencies). This will help a trader to be aware of whats in store for the day and plan the trades accordingly. Also, if this facility can be taken a step further, the daily popup prompt could add results for various companies to be released each day. This way it becomes a one stop destination for all news and actions that are in store for the day and in near future. This could be acting like an RSS feed or a separate tool designed and integrated within Pi.

        Currently, lot of traders (especially commodities and currency traders) refer to many websites on the internet to refer to news and prices on global currencies and commodities. If the above suggestion can be worked out, I believe this would further add to the already existing ammunition in Pi to be a game changer, way ahead of its competition and Indian stock market industry.


  149. Nishant Jain says:


    I want to suggest a cosmetic change in chart indicators especially oscillators.
    As you might know that there are overbought and oversold levels in many oscillators like RSI, CCI, Stochastics, IMI, etc.. Few traders adjust these levels on chart whatever suits best to their trading style.

    Can you have a dotted line to show these overbought and oversold thresholds in various oscillators and also enable the user to set/change them on charts.

  150. Susanta Bala says:

    Thanks Zerodha Team
    Can we see Bracket Order next week?

  151. shan says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Please update us on Amibroker to Pi Bridge as promised. Waiting eagerly;

  152. Lijoo says:

    Hello Sir,

    Thanks for final Pi beta.

    Is there a way to stop the pop up window confirmation in Pi each time we make an order or a trade. For a trader I do not think a confirmation is required while he trade.

  153. M ANANTHA RAMAN says:


    Please activate Pi for my user id: RA 2465.

  154. Arvind says:

    Hi There,

    I have just started using PI, It’s great! but Pre-Market price is not reflecting in LTP, can you please look into it?

    User ID: RA2361



  155. drjhala says:

    Dear Shri Nithin Sir,

    I am obliged for your so prompt activation of Pi. Great trading platform with so many new features. I installed all pre requisites in my Windows XP and installed new ver and started perfectly well in first go. few first hand observations are given below.
    1 I noticed, in certain cases Renko chart not generated as shown in screen shot of USD INR chart. more exhaustive test of Renko at your end will reveal few bugs which needs to be attended to.

    2 which ever chart is used, auto generation of a BUY or SELL signal would be highly helpful. since characteristics of each type of chart is different, point at which a BUY or SELL signal is generated may very a little but highly helpful in entering a trade with confidence. Heikin Ashi charts is very useful as it has minimum false signals

    3 We might know things about technical and fundamental analysis , understanding charts etc but no way near to your expert team at zerodha. A live scrolling daily recommendation at the bottom of the screen to buy-sell eq eq future mcx non agri items will be A final word on the subject ,

    Developing such a giant software is no easy task and you have done it in India.
    Thank you once again DD0187

    • Thanks Dr, we had issues with data for currency charts yesterday. So the USDINR charts might be a little off. Do check out the renko from monday. About buy/sell signals, you will have to code this yourself. We will have blogposts on how to use all of them soon.
      About recommendations, hmm.. we don’t want to get into doing that as a business.

  156. M ANANTHA RAMAN says:


    Is there any tutorials avaliable for PI? I want to know how to remove volume indicator window.

  157. M ANANTHA RAMAN says:


    Is there any way that I can get the vertical co-ordinate for a line drawn say for rsi

  158. TANMAY SARKAR says:


    Please activate Pi for my user id: DT0246

  159. PravinPawar says:

    Respect Nithin sir,
    i have a small request , can you guys add price style “LINE CHART” and more sector indices ??

  160. Vandit says:

    I have received the link via Q to download pi – After downloading and installing the software and checkin on the version and it says
    Uninstalled and reinstalled via the link in Q – Still the same.
    Have I received the right download link in Q ?? Pl advise

  161. RK says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Snapquote supposed to appear only on double clicking a scrip or on pressing F6.

    But from an active chart window, if any scrip is clicked (single click only) in market watch then snapquote appears, its very annoying please check it out.


  162. korimerla says:

    Hi Nithin,

    After completing the installation at the time of logging in, I entered my Client ID as RN1104 and then my password. Immediately after entering password it asks for “2FA questions”.
    I have entered my existing “2FA answers” .
    Anywhere it didn’t ask me to enter the license key. Let me know what I need to do in this situation.

    The window hangs with “Not Responding” as shown in the attachment.

  163. maheshwar says:

    Hi Nithin & team Zerodha,

    got my pi & oh boy, i’m really impressed, still haven’t gone thru fully but all the hard work you guys put in is clearly visible, no wonder all this delay 🙂 , actually looks like a very expensive piece & definitely is a class product, my full support is you guys gonna charge for this little baby. will spend the next few days in understanding more. PI will be a game changer if it can be further developed……… many congrats & keep up the good work.

  164. S.Vasudevan says:

    Order book,admin positions,chart,news ….completely blocks market watch.
    How to size them so that market watch is visible.Market watch was able size as required but not these,These were possible in ZT

    Tried to get positions to check conversion of positions but not able to.(of course have no position now),Have to confirm smooth functioning is n’t?

  165. Mansi Sethi says:

    Hey Nithin,

    A very very big thanks for such a great software you have provided it to us, poor traders.

    Charts are awesome and I can same my Icharts subscription now and wont mind paying it to you if tomorrow you will come up with any charges for Pi.

    Man, such a revolution in Indian brokerage. Thanks and great great efforts, hats-off to your team!!!!!


  166. Sukesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Just got my access to Pi!! Its just wonderful, nothing even close to the so called best platforms i have ever seen. Congratulations for bringing out such a fine product.

    Now i have my questions flowing as i use Pi 🙂

    Can you please let me know what is Neural Network and how is it used?


  167. Sukesh says:

    Few More:

    1) Could not find bracket order option in Pi?

    2) Can we use Bracket order/Cover order while trading from chart?


  168. Arun says:

    Anyone has the same issue like me.. When I open Pi and put my login and password and then when I press login nothing happens..?

  169. Sri says:

    Do users on the NSE NOW platform get to use Pi?

  170. RD0096 says:

    Dear Nithin,
    my id is RD0096. Despite repeated requests on my registered mail , i have not yet been given access to Pi. Firstly you had given that the criteria for giving access as Rs 300 brokerage, then it was changed to Rs 10000 minimum amount…….i dont understand what you guys are upto………..the trading has gone for a six……because we dont have access to either nest charts nor pi……..and your team’s shabby response has aggaravated the mood as well as the trading……..my request to you is either provide nest charts wid complete data….not just 4-5 days or provide access to Pi charts at the earliest ……so that i can resume my trading….


  171. kishore says:

    hi Nithin, I like to submit few lines on PI, Pi is good n refreshing for traders and gud work done but it only concentrated on charts n technical analysis..for a complete powerful package…i like to c the following being included in PI going ahead,Fundamental details of stocks n comparison tools, Top Gainers, Losers,Volume buzzers,Value buzzers, scrolling tickers of stocks, Heat Map of sectors n stocks, Chat tools vth permissions between traders…n lot more to work…Hope Zerodha continue to work n bring d best for trading!!

  172. Rachit Gupta says:

    Hello Nitin Sir , In Pi there are no options to see daily chart .

  173. SKP says:

    Where I will find open interest graph in Pi.

  174. vinay says:

    hi Nithin,

    Could you please share if there is any change in code to be embedded in afl to call the pi -ami bridge.


  175. fazlur rehman says:

    Sir, How long will you take to include Super Trend And BO ?

  176. Prasad.dh says:

    Hello PI team,
    I am using pi application for the first time and I am very excited to see how use full it will be and what extra I can do and will be me to trade more effective and efficient.
    I know first time users need to spend lot more time with pi to and use it more affectively.
    Before that I have some concerns with my one time use.
    1- Effective Space utilization.

    My screen resolution is 1366 x 768.
    there are one line space between the control vertical, for example cover order screen (buy/sell), span quote screen, Admin positions, order book, Trade book.
    There additional line of space seems to take most of the space on my screen which could have been used most elegantly.

    this could be minimized as much as possible to present as much as info with taking up as little space as possible. At the end of the all we need is the information and ease of utilization than Presentation.
    I have faced difficulty while placing or closing my Cover order position. For this I need to see my complete Chat (without hiding any part of chart right side), order book and Snap quote window, and if possible admin positions window. Frankly it was very difficult to manage this.
    Simply opening up the snap quote window has hidden most of the things on the screen.

    2- Making the optional item and filter element on the top of screen as collapsible item will help a lot to utilize the space to the max. Example: admin position screen etc..
    3- I pop out market watch and other widow with “pop out active dindow”, from the popped out market watch tried to place a cover order and could not get a focus on the cover order window to change any values, was not able to change price or position size. It seems like curser focus was constantly shifting focus to mail window or some other popped out char or other active widow.
    Wish I could give exact scenario, don’t have that much time to analize.
    4- It seems we get voice notification when I place or close a position, that good future.
    I has some 3 intraday position (cover order) placed on one script and all three where with same stop trigger. What I expect is that all price trigger to be activated at the same time when price has hit the trigger price (will be executed at market price).
    But once one position was hit, there was a voice notification confirming on action taken for once order( took about some 5 second), while other 2 order where not closed instantly. It was same for other 2 remaining orders. For all of them to close it took around 10 to 15 second.
    That’s was concerning to me.

    • Noted, about point 4, if multiple orders get executed at same point, it is possible that voice alert is a little slow. But your orders has nothing to do with it, if your order is placed it has to get executed. If you find this happening again, do let me know.

  177. Vaibhav says:

    1.How do I remove an indicator that I add so that I can replace it with any other.
    2. Would like certain indicators as overlays is that possible.

    • Left Click on the indicator and hit delete. Or left click and then right click to say delete.

      Yes, while adding the indicator, you get a box as soon as you select the indicator in the main dropdown. The first dropdown in the new box is source. You can choose the already added indicator there in the dropdown.

  178. iVaibhav says:

    I pressing delete to remove keltner channels but it won’t.

    2. How do I overlay the Keltner channel on the candle stick

    • Left click on the either the Keltner top or bottom, you see a white square box. If you hover ur mouse over that you can see a drag icon, Left click, continue holding, and drag this onto the candles. You have to drag top and bottom individually.

  179. sathish says:

    Thank you for providing the PI beta. Have one requirement :

    While checking the OHLC, I would like to check for the volume also. However, in the OHLC pane, the volume is not appearing. I need to move the mouse to volume pane to see the volume. Would appreciate if you could do something about it.

  180. RAJ says:

    Thanks Zerodha for enabling Pi on my Client id.
    there are so many features which makes it a clear winner. Congrats for this great effort..

    I have a question. i believe this Pi doesn’t support multiple market watch. In this case the list will be very long if we have our favorite scrips/counters added only one watch. Is there any alternative way which i am not aware of.
    Going forward, will ZT be totally taken off?

  181. Billa says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Really appreciating Zerodha’s efforts for launching Pi and my bonding with Zerodha gets better and better for past 3 years…

    Just a couple of doubts :

    1) Where can I get Amibroker Pi Bridge DLL ?
    2) is it possible to automate trades from Tradescript itself,if yes Pi Bridge not needed,correct ? ( just started learning..)

    Last, I am desparate to know the reason why its named “Pi”… Great Choice…

    Even if you dont answer first two, pls answer last 😀

    Have a Good year ahead Nithin and Zerodha…!!!

    • 1. We will share the link on Q by eod today.
      2. Yes possible to automate from tradescript, but if your strategies are complex, the bridge will be a better option.

      The mathematical constant “Pi” has a huge history to it, and the more you read about it the more intriguing you will find it to be. Here is a link on wiki to get you started. We put a lot of love and passion behind everything we do, so we end up naming our initiatives around what we love. For example do you know Q our reporting tool is taken from James bond ;).

      • Billa says:

        Yeah !!! I was also completely in love with ‘Pi’ be it software or the Name… Really great choice of naming…

        I cant control my curiosity bcos I liked ‘Pi’ so asked.. 😉

  182. Sukesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    In NEST there was an option to link a scrip to excel which would update my excel sheet real time as and when the prices changed.

    Can you please let me know how would i do that in pi?


    • This is not available on Pi

      • Sukesh says:


        Any chance this will be added in later versions of Pi?

        I Used this option to keep a track of P&L tick by tick for all my open positions..

        • Yes you will have this option in future release. About P&L, have you seen the admin position on Pi? It auto updates unlike NEST, and it also has your actual buy/sell values, so you don’t really need to have a P&L on excel.

          • Sukesh says:

            Yes, I have noticed the actual P&L feature in Pi..

            However I wanted the “Link to Excel” option as sometimes I use this while I don’t actually take up a trade but simulate the trades as per my strategy plan.

  183. dp0012 says:

    Hi Nithin Despite sending mail i have still not received the PI bridge for amirboker DLL file. But you have confirm that its ready. Then why is the delay?

  184. Sriram says:

    Hi Nithin

    This is a must.
    Option of punching orders thro + & – instead of only f1 & f2 please.


  185. Sachin says:

    You told that PI Bridge will be released on weekend?

    what happened to it?

    And are there charges also to those people like me who are generating a good brokerage..

  186. Lijoo says:

    Its quiet annoying to see the following in Pi:-

    1. “You want to modify the order?” in CO
    2. “confirmation” in CO
    3. “do you want to exit the order” etc. etc.

    How can we remove the above and other confirmations etc. etc

  187. Siva says:

    the pic explains it all

  188. Girija says:

    My second review.

    1)I tried to test expert advisor. works fine.If possible Option delete generated alerts may made available.
    2) I have 5 min chart and

    • Girija says:


      2) I have 5 min chart and 30 min chart. If I test same strategy , I am unable to identify – from which windows the strategy is triggered. If there is anyway to incorporate source window (eg-nifty15janfut 1 min)on generated alerts.Any way I can use different strategy and go on.
      3)A window poped out( for eg nifty15janfut 1 min) and I closed the main window-The poped out window remains there and chart from poped out windows disappears and generates a script error. however not crashing. (continue..option.)

  189. Prasad.dh says:

    HI Nithin,

    i have a small request, dont know if its already available.
    i there anyway we can plot open interest for future scripts on the intraday chat as technical analysis tool.


  190. Siva says:

    Text not readable. new version is far better from the previous versions.
    Just took TT/WS demo from a diff provider, they are far ahead. but ur ahead of discount brokers.
    pi is the best amongst discount brokers but needs a lot more work to make it the best in Indian industry. this is the fact.

  191. saga says:

    I’ve opted for NFO segment only (don’t have cash)…earlier in ZT I was opening NIFTY SPOT chart by right clicking on ‘cnxNifty’ from “Index Value Dialog Bar”. PI doesn’t allow to open the SPOT INDEX charts this way. It suggests to add Index to marketwatch from dropdown list which I cant do Because dropdown list has only one entry as NFO.
    Kindly suggest the solution on how to open the NIFTY SPOT chart ASAP.

    • Ah.. Saga you will have to get your equity also enabled along with FO. Can you send us a copy of client master of any demat that you have asking to be mapped to your trading account. When you do it, you will be able to see equity and indices on the dialog box.

  192. Chandra Mohan says:


    Thanks for Pi , it will be no doubt a gaming software for Traders in days to come .
    My Pi was activated ( for the first time) on 15th night with version now it has automatically changed to version Please revert

  193. In my system, the dialog boxes are messed up. Like the quick order window here. Same with the login window which shows PASSWO instead of PASSWORD and the security questions also appear cut. Please help 🙂

  194. Nurith says:

    Hi Nithin

    How do i save my settings,
    1) Apply space between to scripts in market watch and its gone after loging in again,
    2) Colums in admin position have to be arranged every time after loging in.

    Am i missing something that i need to do 🙂

  195. Vikramjeet Singh says:

    First of all congrats to all the team members of zerodha for making this wonderful software named pi.,
    I am facing problem in help files when i want to open the help files in help…. it crashed and the software did not respond.

  196. DTG says:

    When will Volatility Stop or Supertrend be added in Pi

  197. A.JEYARAJ says:

    HI Nithin,
    kindly post a reply for what time pi bridge would be released

  198. Eric says:

    Hi Nithin

    Waiting for Ami bridge, what time will trail version release???

  199. Satya.c says:

    hello Z team.
    i like to request one indicator, if i may . the indicator is VAP(volume at price)

  200. Raviraj says:

    I got a beta access to Pi, But i could login only once.

    Now, each time i try to login, it gets stuck at ” Loading over 60000+ contracts ” forever.

    Also at the time once when i logged in I saw that the refresh rates for 1 min crude oil charts were very slow. The chart was hardly refreshing once or twice in a minute, while the same chart in Trade Tiger was refreshing much faster. I can post a comparison video if zerodha tech guys really want to see

    Is there any pre defined interval of time at which the charts refresh ? .

  201. vikram says:

    nithin its very disappointing,you can make active trader as 10000 or more than some amount brokerage generated in last 30 days like which i got mail for pi beta,now due to some reasons in cant hold 10000 i account but i have generated more than 500 rupees of brokerage,now pls help i need pi trial already requset activated but cant dowanlod as you know the reason pls activate for me DM0627.

  202. S.Vasudevan says:

    Still not user friendly.Pop up sizing ….
    Have a look at Pointer of ventura.
    Right click on scrip should give all options–buy/sell,chart,scrip information ,news etc.
    Right click market watch –all connected information-snap quote,….

    Right click chart-all tech aspects ,indicators,type of chart,data period….

    Minimal menu on market watch screen to enable max. usage of space for multiple charts etc.

    Order book,trader book,order window,admin positions etc compact and easily resizable

    On no account price details should be obstructed in screen except may be when viewing chart in full screen mode–even here cmp high low close ask bid details should be on top of chart.

    Black back ground with white lettering as presently available options not very good.

    What I want is hassle free user friendly platform even for lay man and aged man who need not remember which is where. What I see now is a techie’s delight but for others…..

    Some of these were in ZT

    Hoping you will spare some time to understand my thoughts rather than just say all are ok …… and justify


    • vikram says:

      i have been also a long time customer of ventura,i agree pointer is user friendly but it lacks that edge to trade like a pro,it has worst charting and interface is kinda cartoonish…

      • S.Vasudevan says:

        My emphasis was on user friendliness not technical charts.
        Ventura charts are very basic at best with very few indicators and only intra day charts for f&o.
        Only high lighting improvements required in Pi

  203. MA says:

    You know something…. Pi is showing cardamom future for 15Jan2015. Waited for long to see number changing. lost opportunity till I realize it. Back to ZT now.

  204. Mary says:

    Some observations

    1. Any reason for add ‘FUT’ for all Commodities Contract given that India MCX doesn’t have Options yet?
    2. Everytime I save the Marketwatch and when I relogin, I need to do the settings(e.g.., best fill all…) again.
    3. Is it possible to have multiple marketwatch? one screen MCX, other NSE etc…

    Otherwise good stuff!

  205. Jaya says:


    I stopped using ZT to trade in the first week of Jan 15. I do not have Rs 10000 in my account now. I would like to see how Pi is performing before starting to trade again. Please enable Pi for me if possible. DJ9531

  206. sunil says:

    Hi sir
    i want advanced intraday charts, which software i want to install and presently i installed nest trader 3

  207. Jois says:

    Dear Mr Nithin,

    Thanks for giving access to Pi software. some features are good but it’s not user friendly. In the chart I cannot get the value of the candle (OHLC). If I take crosswire kind of a thing using verticle and Horizontal lines, it’s not accurate also. I have run Backtest with EMA & RSIO and I have got a buy signal in 1Min time frame @ 11.47AM @ 8567 Nifty. But you can see that the figure says 10:37AM in the box, which starting of horizontal line.? How to get the price @ the candle pointed ??

  208. Ramana Kumar CH says:


    My ID: DR2395

    Charts are disabled in my Pi application.

    Any help pls.

  209. DS1917 says:

    Is it possible to add custom column in market watch as it was possible in ZT.

  210. vinesh kumar says:

    nithin ji
    you do not provide any clarification for the high usage of bandwidth by Pi. presently i have only 4 symbol on my marketwatch because beyond this the consumption of data increases considrably and time to update rates increases. i am using 2g network ( no other option here). please make it compitable for low bandwidth , i will be very -very thankfull to you .

  211. Nishith Bhatt says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Whenever internet gets disconnect for few minutes, charts looks unreliable, as particular candle shows fresh high & low. For example, if internet disconnects for 5 minutes then data for that 5 minutes will be invisible on 30 minutes or 1 hour candle. Now, trading price action can be difficult if this happens. Is there any solution to it, please.


  212. RK says:

    Can you please provide LOCK APPLICATION option in Pi like in ZT, because if i am going to leave my system for a while i have to exit Pi and relogin again.

  213. Leena says:

    Please enable PI for my account. ID RL0054

  214. vinesh kumar says:

    nithin ji
    why Pi showing expired contract ? it should delete the expired contract by itself .

    • Vinesh, you will need to untick on the quick login for this to happen. So I’d suggest you to untick on quick login and login atleast once after every expiry or whenever you want to get the latest contract files. We are working on having this done at the background. Should be done by the final release.

  215. Balu says:


    Using PI. Thanks for a nice tool.
    Have 2 questions.
    1. How to highlight day low/high of a script with different colors in watch list?
    2. Is there any way to save as csv/excel of Market watch list just as in ZT?

    It looks Charts in the market watch is not showing correct intraday chart?


    • 1. You can’t do it, but we are working on getting it done.
      2. No not as of now.

      The chart you see on the marketwatch, it is only for a few minutes, just to give you a hang of the latest trend.

  216. stock hunter says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Any information about your IT guys regarding different time zone chart updation problem after certain time ?? So far I didn’t get any response from them..I have account with Geojit and IIFL .Both of them working fine..Only this problem Zerodha trader terminal and PI . I Hope you will find out a solution

  217. Nurith says:

    This is what i see today, (logged out and then back in but the problem remains)

  218. keerthi says:

    My ID is DK2751
    I was holding Nifty 8700 Call 15000 positions. I wanted to square off all 15000 at the market rate. So I navigated to Admin positions and selected “net’ positions in “Pi”.
    When I attempted to square off 15000, it gave warning that only 10000 can be squared at a time. So then, I entered 10000 and was able to square off successfully 10000 contracts. Then I selected “net positions” on admin positions in “pi” and tried to square off remaining 5000 contracts. To my shock and horror, instead of selling/square off, it did “buy” on another 5000 contracts!!!.
    So in the end instead of square off of 15000 positions, I ended up owing 10000 contracts.
    I wanted to know where I have gone wrong? and how to square off more than 10000 contracts in “pi”?. I am referring to overnight positions and not day positions

    • Keerthi, the best way to exit such positions is by placing two sell orders, one for 10,000 and one for 5000. Will get someone to call you back and figure this out, if the sequence of events is like what you said, it shouldn’t have happened.

      • Nurith says:

        Hi Nithin,
        Just out of curiosity, Is there a limit on how many contracts a retail client can trade on Nifty , BN, and other stocks.

  219. A.JEYARAJ says:

    HI Nithin,

    kindly let me know at what time pi bridge will be activated

  220. Bharath says:


    Today got a call from *$)## sub broker. They have Fully automated algo trading for NSE & MCX. Most important no conditions like registration, mock trading, audition and nse certification.

    Even he has given an Demo today. Pls try to implement same.

  221. kay kay says:

    HI Nithin,

    can we draw moving average line over volume bar in pi?
    if so, how?


    • Yes, when you choose moving average indicator from the main indicator dropdown, you get a box which allows you to choose the source. The source by default has closing price, if you click on that dropdown, you will see the last option as volume.

  222. mm says:

    Dear Nithin,
    after spending good amount of time with Pi,its time to review about the ‘Life of Pi’

    -Trade like a pro,thats what comes in mind first about Pi,excellent UI,more workspace.
    -artificial intelligence,Consensus report adds confidence to trade.
    -tabbed windows
    -Professional looking charts(Not indicators)
    -trade from chart
    -launcher logo is fantastic
    -quick login time.

    -Indicators (i think ZT had good one with over bought/oversold colors with BOUNDARY LINES
    eg,(CCI,RSI )i miss that.
    -Pivot point ,sup/res as chart overlays.(i think pivot overlays are not present)few of my friends trading with tradetiger they use it well.such a important & basic intraday tool is missed out?
    -supertrend not available,like many other traders im also worried.
    -some indicators which has to be as chart overlays comes in bottom,such as BB etc.
    – only one market watch

    Pi has a long way to go in giving better updates as i hope you will implement the needs.pi is matchless with any other trader terminal,thats sure and you have achieved it.

  223. A.JEYARAJ says:

    pi bridge is enabled.to place order from amibroker broker interface is required.kindly do the needful .the necessary charge may be collected from my account

  224. Siva says:

    Chart prob

  225. A.JEYARAJ says:

    To place orders, you have to create Pi bridge object using CreateStaticObject function (Amibroker function to create a global instance), and place orders using PlaceOrder function.

    PlaceOrder(string pExchnge, string pTrdSymbol, string pSymbol, string pOrderId, short pOrderSide, int pInitialQty, int pDiscQty, double pLimitPrice, double pTriggerPrice, string pOrderType, string pProdType, string pClientCode, string pValidity)

    I am not a programmer.you are keeping me in tender hook. I am not able to do myself.

    • Jeyaraj, the bridge is meant for programmers/coders who use AFL for their trading strategy. Explain how to code in AFL is not practical, guess you will have to give a shot at learning AFL and some basic programming first. You could probably use the help of someone who already codes to help you get started.

      • A.JEYARAJ says:


        • Jeyaraj, it is not as simple as that. You will need to incorporate the code that is given with the AFL that is triggering your strategy. Do check this link. If you don’t know AFL programming, don’t think the bridge will be of much use to you.


    pi bridge is in red colour

    when it turns to green colour

  227. Guru says:

    Dear Mr. Nitin

    I have been trying from yesterday onwards that after installing the Pi and entered the key, i am able to view the Pi, but when we loged out and then login, it is not opening and its says ” Loging failed, Please relogin – login Id or password is invalid.”

    And to day once again tried while opening the icon, it shows same massage.

    Then I have un-installed the pi from the system and onceagain re-installed the same soward through q.zerodha, initially it was open the Pi and when it logout once again shows the same massage Loging failed, Please relogin – login Id or password is invalid.”

    Please check and confirm why this error happening in login.

  228. Girija says:

    My third review.
    everything is fine and running smooth
    1) In chart- When clicking on candle it displays data in an yellow window. Data like open close low high and indicator values. It displays for a fraction of seconds and not usable. Any way I am not using it. But for programmers view- I think It need some refinement.

    • Girija, as long as you continue holding the left click, you can see the OHLC details.

      • DHIRENDRA says:

        Found a temporary solution to the above problem–
        1) Left click on the chart to see OHLC details and keep the left click pressed.
        2) Now while holding the left click pressed drag the mouse to any of the extreme sides of the screen of your monitor and then release the left click button.
        3) Now bring back the cursor to the chart without clicking any mouse button and you will be able to see OHLC details without left click.
        (Note:- you have to repeat the same process for every chart)

        Please check it yourself first.

  229. Lijoo says:

    Is it possible to make the password change instead of 14 days to 90 days ? If so please do so to my account DL0071

  230. kirrick says:

    One observation might be a bug —– I usually have the habit of keeping the trading terminal open for the whole trading session, even-though no activity is done during afternoon hours. Today morning logged into PI and checked my Admin positions and later had the watchlist on screen. Didn’t use the computer for couple of hours and then now when I tried to use PI ( which was open) not able to click any buttons. I am seeing only the watchlist getting updated with latest quotes. Not seen this issue with ZT before

  231. Sukesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Wondering if you can include a small but useful feature in Pi.

    In moneycontrol charts, when we slide mouse over any candle there is a straight horizontal line which connects the candle we are on and also the corresponding signals below the chart. This helps us to know what the signal exactly was at any point of time without error.

    Attached a screen shot with with this line encircled in red.


  232. A.JEYARAJ says:

    I have sent the snap shot for your better understanding.kindly help me

    • Jeyaraj, like I said before placing orders this way is not possible. The bridge is only for AFL’s and not using a place order like this on Amibroker. In india exchanges don’t approve placing direct orders from an unapproved front end.

    • mm says:

      dear sir,im newly going to try ami broker sir,i can see some setup ur using what is the name of that and how to get that…

  233. A.JEYARAJ says:

    I re produce the content of your mail which is self explained where you have clearly mentioned that we can order from Amibroker. now you are telling something else

    ‘Firing order from Amibroker using AFL
    To place orders, you have to create Pi bridge object using CreateStaticObject function (Amibroker function to create a global instance), and place orders using PlaceOrder function.

    PlaceOrder(string pExchnge, string pTrdSymbol, string pSymbol, string pOrderId, short pOrderSide, int pInitialQty, int pDiscQty, double pLimitPrice, double pTriggerPrice, string pOrderType, string pProdType, string pClientCode, string pValidity)”

  234. shankar says:

    charts show like below picture when open new chart after close and reopen the charts shows correctly. this problem arise frequent

  235. Sukesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Once the chart is open with say 20000 candles, if i want to go back and see intraday chart for a trading session 15 days back, how would i do that?

    Currently i am sitting with my left arrow key pressed till i reach the data for the desired day. But shouldn’t there be a shorter way to do this?


  236. Sathyan says:

    I am trying to save the workspace after setting up my indicators and charts… On next start, when i try to reload the workspace it does not really get me back the same window arrangement. Is the “save workspace / load workspace” working in the final beta release?


  237. Aarvind says:


    PI is getting hang every now and then in between trades, at least thrice a day. Please fix!


  238. Girija says:

    Any way to refresh broadcast?

    • Broadcast goes red when internet is down. No way to refresh this.

      • Grija says:

        Look the image too. See the time difference.
        10.42 to 11.21 time in the main windows is right 11.21. But in snap quote 10.42. Internet is working fine. I disconnected using firewall and reconnected it start working finesnapquote updated time . still a delay of 20 seconds. Quit misleading. I think some problem with snap quote window.
        and broadcast is green!

  239. S Kumar says:

    Two minor comments –
    1. ATP (Average Traded Price) shows as an integer always.
    2. Immediately post market opening, the OHLC values show previous day’s values, this is misleading, OHLC should show values only after trading in that stock starts for that day.

  240. Sukesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    One Observation – When i open a Cover Order window, there is a radio button which gives me an option to switch between Buy & Sell.
    Once i open say Buy Cover Order order window & then convert it to Sell cover order by using the radio button, the “Trigger Price Range” is not changing accordingly.

    Attached a screen shot for your reference.


  241. Nitesh sharma says:

    Hi Nithin
    I need Help in Learning Back testing on PI can someone explain me like i am a school going Kid ?

    • PETER says:

      1- Open backtest for eg TESTING 14 DAYS EMA CROSSOVER strategy

      press save
      look loaded profile is EMA
      press backtest.
      see the result and chart.

      • Nitesh sharma says:

        Hi Peter Will It Only Work During Market Hours Tried Now but Says Failed To Load

        • Peter says:

          You might be made some error.fail to load can happen.
          when symbol name not matched.
          please put exact name as reflected in market watch symbol. note
          for eg
          and put all things as above mentioned after = sign

          in BUY SCRIPT below paste this code.
          and so on.

    • Nitesh, we will have tutorial on tradescript soon. Until then check this section, programming language is the same.

  242. Sriram says:

    Just started using pi – good software from the face of it.

    Couple of questions:

    1) Can we save the layout as in Z Trader – so that all windows, tickers, etc are in the same place (unable to do so with the save work space – load workspace option)

    2) Is Nest Plus active – i.e. market monitor, etc.?

    3) Any way to make the chart load as default with the indicators that we customise (similar to Z Trader)?

  243. kars says:

    I have tried Pi. I congratulate Zerodha for the initiative. But I must say, the application is not that impressive. I have many problems …

    Chart problems:

    1. The charts dont match with NSE charts or NEST charts. Even bad, the OHLC values displayed on the market watch is not seen in the chart. The difference in day’s open is sometimes considerable. Check & compare the Nifty future charts.

    2. I do not see the “show recent candles” (Ctrl+N shortcut) for the chart. Have to scroll the mouse or keep the arrow keys. Or zoom out completely and zoom in the recent candles. Very frustrating.

    3. The first candle shows time as 9:15 and the 2nd last candle shows as 3:29 for the 1m chart for Nifty future. The problem is the last candle shows as a line OHLC all are showing as the closing price. If we use the Pi after market hours, the DASH candles are repeated again and again. Very Bad.

    4. No daily/weekly/monthly charts. But this is ok for now as this feature is not there from the beginning. Hope this will be added sooner.

    Alert and scripting problems:

    1. I seriously miss the alert feature which was in NEST. The basic requirement is to show a alert window to notify us if a scrip touched a price. This worked in NEST for every price update and instantaneous. This is lacking in Pi. The NEST feature was disabled earlier. I saw today and alerts is enabled again in ZT. But got disappointed. It takes the alerts and does not get triggered when crossing the set price.

    The Pi means of getting alerts, writing a tradescript, is not the same feature. How can I set alerts for a handful of scrips with each with different price points?

    2. I have not used the alert scripting, EA and scanner enough till now to comment on much. But the feel is not great, The tradescript language is the deal breaker. I do not see any option to include time-of-day in the strategy. The language also should be multi timeframe capable.

    The way it is now, we can only use “pure” technical indicator based strategies and “some” price action methods. Tick by tick or even per min strategy is not practical (because of spread and latency) and 5min or more strategies are spoiled indicators crossing opening gaps.

    As I see, the only viable option here is go with amibroker or something like that. I feel it is costly and complex to operate for small traders like me.

    The IMPORTANT look/behavior problems:

    1. I could not find a way to turn off the red/green background blinking in market watch. That blinking is driving me nuts when switching between windows.

    Overall, we need lot of customization features, especially font, size and colors, everywhere. So we can change the look not to strain our eyes. When one spends many hours every day looking at one application, that app should not irittate us and make us blind.

    2. The market watch …. it does not save the spaces or indices. The grid is too dark when switching to light colored themes. I find the zerodha black theme is straining the eye after a minute or so. It has a geeky look but …. not so good for the eye.

    No multiple market watches. That is another problem. The notices window below market watch should not consume this much space. It is causing problems when stacking the charts.

    3. The window dragging/stacking does not work well. Once some windows are poped out, they still have some ties to the main window and does not behave like truely independant windws.

    The unbearable thing is I cannot click on the Pi title bar and move the main window. Double click on titlebar does not maximize either. Every time, I have to remember this nuisance and go click the pi icon in the top left and select minimize, maximize etc options.

    4. The market status information the end of tool bar does not work. Just occupies precious space.

    5. There too many problems/short-comings with saving the settings/workspace/templates and getting it working again with the same preferences the next day.

    6. There are some strange problems too. If I press F1/F2 and get the order window, and somehow activated the main window (happens often when using laptop because of the touchpad) then we have to use the mouse to again activate the order window. No ALT+TAB or any other combinations seem to work. This annoyed me many times and stopped me from entering the order at all.


    I work in IT field but not a programmer. I can live with not so good software. But too many annoyances, after some time, really raises a question. Is this software designed deliberately like this? I do not believe much in conspiracy theories. But I cannot avoid that thought. I thought Odin is the master in getting retail trades pissed off. Then I used NOW. But after customizing the colors & fonts, I was happy and only wanted some simple but usable coding features. When ZT was introduced with algoz, CO & BO, that looked perfect. But the algoz/tradescript was not that great and charts/nest-plus started giving problems. When Pi beta testing going on, I dreamed of finally getting a “good” platform. The sole reason is that Nithin is basically a trader and very sound in technical matters. I thought he will make Pi great. I still have hope, just to be an optimistic. But I am trying to convince myself not to expect a nice experince with any trading platform. This bugs me because I am not a full-time trader or taking my trades as a serious matter. When I got a trade idea, I want to trade and win or loss, I want to have a good experience.

    I am sure many of you will think and point out that I am complaining too much. Some one might say I have some “other” problems in the core.

    That is not true. I really apprecitate what Zerodha is trying to do with Pi. I am just complaining that basic functionalities/features we expect are annoying us too much. The neural network, advanced EA etc features can wait till a good, stable foundation is laid out. And not addressing the basic and usablity problems paint a bad picture on Zerodha despite their hard work.

    I actually want zerodha to be praised by all (so that they are encouraged to work more and can give me a nice trading experience). But the same time, I want to point out all the problems/pains/short-comings we have so that they can get them rectified.

    Earlier, I wrongly assumed that Zerodha is employing developers for Pi. But I see that the application is actually developed by another company for Zerodha. Zerodha is paying another company to develop and still Pi ends up needing lot of polish and finesse. Together with the nest-plus and other problems happened during server/software upgrades last year, this is a bad thing for zerodha, for not getting the vendors to do their job.

    Going back to trader app, I have to say, for now, would rather use ZT instead of Pi ( I will wait till all the polishing is done and the annoyances are removed in the Pi)

    I customized the ZT (colors and fonts) and along the way I fixed the “snap quote window” problem (if you dont know what the problem is, do not bother) and made the nest plus display only one day chart. Even after Nithin asserted nest plus problems are fixed, I had the same locking up problem as others reported. Making intraday charts only one day almost fixed the issue. This may be a fluke but I have not seen the application lock up for a long time now.

    Long post, 🙂


    • Phew, thanks for the effort to write it. Like they say, rome was not built in a day. Tradelab is more than just a vendor, we are more partners if you can call that. This is still a beta version, and it will take time before every detail is fixed. Also some of the points you have mentioned, I guess it is your personal liking, and if you are from the software business, you would know that it is not possible to please everybody. :). I am sure some of the things you have pointed out will be there by the final release.

      • kars says:

        Thanks for the reply. I am sure Pi will keep getting better. The main pain points with Pi for me as of now is (1) chart data not matching exchange/mw ohlc, (2) alerts for various price points, (3) not being flexible to customize color/font/blinking (4) the audio alarms reading the text is annoying (I just need beeps; I will check if Pi already does that in any setting combination) and (5) workspace arrangement and charts templates not getting applied automatically and we have wasting time doing the same settings change again and again.

        It is not possible to please everyone. I agree. That’s why it is important to let us customize the look and feel to our liking. When one has to stare at this one app for hours every day, the app should not be adding more strain to the eye. Let us take this blinking in market watch: It may have its place in a dealer terminal, even then the active scrips blink for almost every update, so it is completely useless and only causes distraction and irritation. Please be honest here and answer: Is this blinking has any real use other than making the pictures/advertisements/videos colorful? A visual alert on trend change in market watch is very useful (clubbed with those custom price-points alerts it can be a major advantage of the platform) but this blinking for every update is ….

        What I believe is we keep blindly copying others without giving a thought. 50+ years ago, when trades (the updates) happened infrequently, the blinking was probably the right approach. Today, If we add this blinking, we should make it customizable including an option to turn it off. The blink can be clubbed with custom price points, or it can change colors when crossing a set amount or percentage. There are many options to be useful and not be a distraction.

        The reading of text in the alert for the sound alarms is another pain point. If you hear 1/2/3 voices starts speaking all of a sudden, will you find it useful or feel irritated? Simple beeps will be a better design as just need to know the app needs attention. This is the way ZT was supposed to work but it had a problem and people complained. We asked for sound alerts on order events and algoz triggers. You took the complaints and worked on it. I am happy that you put effort but have to tell you that the result is an over-engineered solution. BTW, I checked the nestclient.ini for ZT. The wav files are not properly mentioned and after correcting it I get beeps for order events. I would be real happy if that beep is continuous till I click some acknowledgement (or different .wav/.mp3 files for different kinds of events). But I guess I can live with it or find an workaround. (I also got a small program to start beeping if a window pops-up, so I will not miss alert/algoz popups).

        The tradescript is a starting point and it has limitations. I am well aware that getting it extended is a difficult task. My doubt here is why you put so much effort (getting alert, ea, scanner based on tradescript) when it cannot be a serious solution? You could have delayed this feature and saved on resources. Infact, I would suggest that having a bare-bones Pi app and selling different kinds of Amibroker bridges coupled with your own datafeed will be a better business tactic.

        My biggest doubt is why one has to spend money and efforts if the Pi is not so much different from other apps like odin, now, nest, icici etc. I agree that having control will be a boon to improve many things. But I could not understand why you cannot get this done from omnesys when you are already partnering with them? May be because Reuters coming to the picture?

        When I saw the initial announcement of Pi, I was glad and thought it will be a totally innovative solution***. But it seems that Pi is trying to be just a better version of Nest Trader (or Odin) (and still needing much polish and finishing). That is a little disappointment.

        But I have to agree that what ever you did so far is already way ahead of other brokers.
        I only wish we get to the destination quicker.

        *** I initially thought the Pi will be a truly innovative solution. Since Nithin is a trader himself and sound in technical matters, I used to wonder how much innovative Pi will be and how it will help in real “trading”. When day trading, we can use lot of help from the application in position sizing, money/risk mgmt, calculating breakeven points, margins etc. Consider this: I see a chart pattern/scrip price change and click “go long” button and mark my target and stoploss. Then I am presented a completed order forms with the qty and price filled according to my money mgmt settings (and exch lot size). Would it not be nice? Will it not help traders to be disciplined?

        For short term or position trading a portfolio especially designed for short term. One of the most useful feature is VTC/GTC order in a stoploss mode. No broker offers this. The GTD order available from icici/sharekhan are profit booking and against trend following strategies. If regulations do not permit a SL order, we can have price point alerts valid till cancelled, with email, sms, even voice call or a real call from support desk in case if large positions. If I have to offer such a GTD SL order, I will also give a exclusion period like 10/20/30 minutes beginning/ending of the market session. The long term investments can use similar portfolio features but can include dividend/CA reporting, re-investment of dividends, even SIP kind of alerts/orders.

        Options strategies can get a lot of help. There is a lot of menial work to be done today If the position is little more than simple long or short. The application can have a strategy designer and at a click open multiple order forms pre-filled. If such a feature is there, I am sure people will take more option positions.

        Sorry for the long post again. I actually wanted to send email to Nithin personally and not share my opinions in the public forum. But I didnt find his id (should have searched better, I think). He can drop a note to my email if he want to hear more. I am OK if this post and earlier posts are removed from forum and taken to an private email thread.


        • Coming to your serious issues:
          1. copy pasting from before: there might be hundreds of ticks every second on the exchange. The marketwatch or the chart, can’t capture both. Typically most trading platforms in India use charts after the price is shown on the marketwatch and hence the charts usually lag. To ensure that this doesn’t happen on Pi, we are streaming data separately to marketwatch and chart, which means additional costs as we need to have multiple streaming servers.Since our setup is like this, it is possible that all ticks on your marketwatch and charts may not match. Especially when markets are volatile.
          2. Price alerts, yes we are working on it.
          3. User settings, marketwatch, you can change the fonts. Stopping blinking on marketwatch, 🙂 hmm.. this is the first request, but yeah we could give an option for that I guess.
          4. Yes, we will give an option of beeps for order alerts .
          5. Yes, you will have the saving layout thing by the final release.

          Everything else Kars, hmm.. we have to do what we have to do, there are certain limitations we work with (if everything was as easy, brokerages in India with hundreds of crores of profits would have done something about it right?),and I can’t be discussing with our clients can I :). Thanks for taking the effort to write though. Hopefully by the time we are done, you will be happier. Cheers,

          • kars says:

            Thanks for putting up with my ramblings.

            I have one request:

            Please make the alerts in ZT working again. Recently it is enabled again in ZT but the alert is not triggering at all when the condition matches.

            I rely on this alerts as I cannot be watching the prices all the time.


            • Having this checked.

              • kars says:

                Hello Nithin,

                The alert feature in zt is not working yet. I can setup new alerts and modify them. but they just wont alert me when the condition is met. I guess this feature is un-blocked in the terminals but not re-enabled on your servers (which should send alerts to the terminal).

                Would you please get this feature working? I am not an active trader and not glued to the screen all the time. I need some kind of alerts to get my orders going.


  244. Sukesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I was experimenting with the Back testing feature in Pi (Struggling with Codes 🙂 ).

    When i run a back test i get a report with the details.

    Could you clear a few doubts with regard to this:

    1) What is ‘Percent Profit’ in this? How is this calculated? (I don’t think this will be ROI, because ROI depends on margin requirement & Back test tool does not know the margin requirements?)

    2) I conducted the back test on 25000 1 Min candles (Approx about 12 days of Intraday data) & it shows there were total of 205 trades however Average number of trades per month shows as 208.
    If there were 205 trades in about 12 days, number of trades per month should be approx around 400 rite?

    3) What does it mean when there is a negative “Risk to Reward Ratio”?

    4) I didn’t understand anything about the parameters between ‘Largest Loss’ & ‘Risk to Reward Ratio’ – Is there a blog/article which gives a clarity on these parameters?