Varsity@Zerodha – December Update

December 17, 2014

Fellow Traders & Investors,

Greetings from Varsity@Zerodha,

It has been a month since “Varsity@Zerodha” – our online ‘Market Finance’ education initiative went live. The journey so far has been quite overwhelming; kindly allow us to share some numbers with you…

  • 124 – The number of countries from which people have visited Zerodha’s Varsity
  • 148 – The number of websites linking back to Varsity. One of which being the Govt of Brazil!
  • 677 – The number of encouraging user comments we have received so far
  • 1225 – The number of registered users
  • 2120 – Average page views per day
  • 117,173 – The total number of page views on Varsity so far

The module on Technical Analysis has been a raging hit. The day we launched Varsity we had about 30,000 page hits from across the world with users mainly accessing content from the Technical Analysis module. These are some seriously encouraging numbers, which is all we need to keep us motivated to continue churning high quality content for you.

During the last month, we completed the module on Fundamental Analysis (FA). We believe the module on FA is quite comprehensive. Just like the other modules, the FA module also assumes you are new to the topic, therefore know nothing about it. The module hand holds you right from the stage of understanding the financial statements of a company to a stage where you could develop valuation models such as the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model on your own. At various stages in the module we have discussed methods to spot attractive buying opportunities solely relying on Fundamental Techniques.

With the completion of the FA module, we now have 3 complete modules for you –

Module 1 – Introduction to stock Markets

Module 2 – Technical Analysis

Module 3 – Fundamental Analysis

We are now shifting gears to Financial Derivatives!

To begin with, Module 4 is dedicated just to understand “Futures Trading”. We are yet again making a primitive assumption that you are new to Financial Derivatives. The plan is to hand hold you from stage zero and take you to a level where you will be confident to make your own futures trading decisions. During the course of this module, we will also understand how we could combine the knowledge gained in Technical Analysis to efficiently trade Futures.

We foresee the module on ‘Futures Trading’ to be a short one, with about 10 chapters. We are likely to wrap up Futures Trading sometime around mid January 2015, after which we would move to Options. Module 5 and 6 is dedicated to options theory for professional trading and options trading strategies.

So stay tuned, stay hungry for more, and stay connected.


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  1. M.Ashok says:

    Hi Nitin,

    You have really made my day today! I was waiting for this day from past 10-12 years with no light !
    Your Zerodha varsity combined with intutive friendly Interface for trading & discount brokerage has helped me in raking good amount today! I was able to donate around 40000/- today to different reputed organizations which I was trying to do for a long long time with no luck!!! The word CSR is rightly used for your varsity. Good Going!!! Great Luck!!! May your tribe increase!!!


  2. Stock_Hunter says:


    Good effort to “programming for traders”.I appreciate if you provide step by step process of automation.I checked everywhere …I cant find anybody who is providing training to Amibroker,Nijatrader any other software…It is good idea to start training for these software..Even if it is paid i am sure lot of people willing to pay
    By the way when will be available daily data in PI? My stretegy is based on EOD….

  3. ranjithmp says:

    can you throw some light on Algorithm Trading

  4. sachin deshmukh says:

    Dear Nithin sir

    yaar ho kya raha hain zerodha pe
    nest trader se heiken ashi chart gayap ho gaye socha pi chalu ho raha hain par pi chalu karta ho to waha data server disconnect hota hain chart display nahi hote
    trading loss ho raha hain yaar
    kam se kam nest pe to heiken ashi chart chalu karo sir ji

  5. vasant Naik says:

    Hi Nithin & Karthik,
    Commendable! Very informative/educative and presented in a simple/easy to understand manner.
    I am a retired/senior citizen learning derivative trading. I truly believe this is Zerodha’s best CSR initiative to teach fishing (rather than giving fish) to the hungry financial community.
    Wishing you the very best and many more successes. God Bless.
    Vasant Naik

  6. drjhala says:

    Dear Sir, after the implementation of varsity and Pi with great success, the last thing your trading members would humbly request for is live daily recommendation for eq, eq future, currency future and commodity for intraday and carry forward trades. Those shaky members ( like me ) who hesitate to trade due to big past losses may start trading on large scale if they start generating money. This should make big impact on earning as well. Best wishes for the new year in advance to the whole Zerodha team Regards D R Jhala Ahmedabad

  7. Jangbir says:

    1. Index reflects largely the economic activity-anticipated and occurring. Technical analysis is adjunct to economics. Global economies are interrelated with US markets leading the other markets. FOMC is the premier institution impacting the economy of world at large.
    If possible :-
    2. At website display economic calendar, India-US-China.
    3. At trading terminal display in message board events of the day and messaging of important data in real time (RBI policy decisions, EIA data, Nonfarm payroll data etc). Display DOLLAR index at trading terminal.
    4. In Varsity can have Misc Module which can dwell upon- Market Impacting moving events:-
    (Can do an analysis of such past events and the market behavior leading to and after the event. For example Indian equity markets have moved up going into RBI policy decisions- on anticipation of rate cut – on last few occasions and declined leading to FOMC meeting- on anticipation of rate hike).
    (a) Extraneous Factors- Economic (RBI policy, FOMC, BOJ, Non Farm Payroll etc).
    – Political (Elections, Policy decisions etc).
    – Foreign Indices (Timing and effect).
    (b) Incept Factors – Contract expiry, Currency and other asset classes correlation/impact etc).
    5. Provide links at website to exchanges and regulatory bodies.
    6. Enquiry and redressal mechanism for various issues related to primary, secondary markets and FMC.
    Keep the good work going,
    J S Pundir

  8. thulasi says:

    zerodha varsity is really very informative with clear explanations.
    it is easy to understand and practical.
    please keep educate what ever you can.
    thank u thank u very very much.

  9. shiv says:

    Excellent job. I have gone through all the 3 modules. Its simple and very helpful. I am waiting for module 4 for a long time. I looked for so many website to learn futures and options trading but it’s very complicated. I hope it would be very easy to understand if prepared by you. hoping for the best!
    waiting for zerodha pi and other modules.

  10. Manikandan says:

    It is really helpful for a beginner like me.

  11. Really a great tutorial… covered almost every aspects that an investor or a trader must know very well. All i can say it is really an appreciable effort by zerodha to educate their clients. Thanks Zerodha for sharing such a valuable informations. 🙂

  12. Tarun Singh says:

    What is wrong with you people? Why are you doing all of this for free? 🙂
    I still can’t understand your business model.

    • Tarun here is why we are keeping this free – suggest you read this

      But if insist on paying, you can always buy us a beer 🙂

      • kla702 says:

        Dear Karthik, can u suggest me, where to get option greek ,’delta’ data for nifty option n also other Greek data as EOD.

      • Gaurav says:

        I had a doubt sir that when you said volume should be substantial on trading day to know that institutional buyers are there didn’t you contradict your previous point during which you said that we should avoid very long candles or short very too much trade has happened and wouldn’t institution buyers make their orders in small pieces rather than one big ??
        Just a query not criticizing