Introducing the Varsity mobile app

April 1, 2019

Traders and Investors,

Education and sharing knowledge has always been at the forefront of everything we do at Zerodha. Over the years, we have done this relentlessly via various channels and formats – Varsity, Webinars, TradingQnA, Z-Connect itself, and through partner platforms such as LearnApp.

We are now pushing ourselves to take this effort to a whole new level.

After 14 months of painstaking efforts, we are finally happy to announce the launch of ‘Varsity Mobile App’. Zerodha Varsity, as you may know, is our flagship educational initiative, which provides you with highly structured and detailed notes about literally everything you need to know about trading and investing. This is available online and is free to access for all. We now have a mobile avatar of Zerodha Varsity, which retains the goodness of the rich content of the Varsity web version plus introduces several features which enhances your learning experience.

We are launching the Varsity app with two modules – ‘Introduction to stock markets’ and ‘Technical Analysis’, but over time we will add all the other modules as well. Here is a list of features that we think are really cool –


Click on a module that you like to start reading. The content is broken down into three levels of difficulty namely, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance.

Choose a difficulty level to start learning. Each difficulty level has several chapters with bite-size cards for the ease of learning.

All the content is neatly organized to ensure continuity in learning.

Goals and Streaks

Set up daily goals to not just accelerate your learning but also stay consistent at it.

Streaks help you figure out the consecutive number of days you’ve managed to hit your daily goals. Your objective should be to maximize your streaks.


This is an interesting feature. Test your learning at the end of every level by taking up the quiz. Since every module has three levels of difficulty, there will be three quizzes.

Make sure to give your best attempt at the very first shot. Subsequent quiz attempts will reduce the points scored per question, so it is in your best interest to give your best shot at your first attempt.


Unlock the certification at the end of every module. However, Varsity Certification won’t come easily to you. You need to score a minimum of 60% in each of the three quizzes plus 60% on the certification exam itself.

Besides, the certification quiz is timed and it is in your advantage to finish the certification quiz in one go. Good luck! 🙂

The Wall

This is a unique feature and we are quite proud of this. The Wall is a place where industry experts (on invite basis) share their views and opinions on events panning out in the markets. Or it could simply be their opinion on an article. The idea here is to link their view to related concepts and transform your learning experience.

Make sure you regularly check for updates on the Wall. Who knows – you may find your next trade or investment idea! 🙂


Don’t like reading in all white? Switch to dark or sepia mode.

Switch to a theme you like. You can play around with the font size too.

And there are plenty of other features, which we are sure you’d appreciate. The app is available on both Google play store and the App Store for iOS.

Download the app on Google Play store, please share your reviews, Don’t forget to rate the app, hopefully with 5 stars! 🙂

Happy learning!

Head of educational initiatives at Zerodha.

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  1. Shashank says:

    Hi Team,
    Thank you for introducing Varsity. It is a great app to learn about the Capital markets. I had completed my certification exam and when I clicked on submit the app showed a dialogue box that it could not submit and asked me to try later. Now when I try to open the Certification exam, it is showing me a blank screen. I can’t see any button to submit nor to start the test. I did not even see the answers of the exam. Please help resolve the issue.

    Thank you.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Shashank, could you please provide details like Varsity app version, mobile OS version and model? We’ll have this checked.

  2. ANISH GUPTA says:

    Hi, I used the same email id to login, have completed the stock markets basics course but the app keeps crashing when i want to share the certificate. using iOS. Please fix.

  3. Ankita says:

    Dear zerodha team,

    Kudos to building amazing app with teaches about investing in such simplified manner. I am on personal finance chapter, don’t know if this will be covered or not in next chapters. But still want this to put out.
    I do have one request which is one chapter or note guiding how to invest lumpsum amount (20 to 30 lakhs) for a long term. Been trying to churn some answer on internet but not able to find anything.

  4. Bs says:

    While going through varsity quiz I have a query on a question.

    Q-At 11:30 AM, the trader shorts ICICI Bank futures at 383, the stock closes at 379 for the day and opens at 385 the next day. What is his M2M P&L?
    App shows this, A profit of Rs.4/-, as a correct answer
    Day 1 383-379 = 4 profit
    Day 2 379-385= 6 loss
    Loss of 2?

  5. Umar farooq lone says:

    Im facing an issue while getting my certification of technical analysis course. I have completed all the 3 modules now i want to appear for the final quiz that is for certification but i am unable to get in the quiz, its showing me write the name that i want to publish on my certificate but its not working after that. Plz help me in this case

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Umar, you’ll have to use a name that is similar to the registered email ID. Could you please retry? If you still aren’t able to attempt the quiz please share the email ID and we’ll have it checked.

  6. Manish Rajput says:

    It would be really helpful for me. I am searching these kinds of learning material. Somewhere I found but that cost is 10,000 rupees. For those will prove milestone whose have no money.

    I want to give you a big thank for which one have give this idea and proof that.

    Thanks and regards

  7. NAVEENKUMAR K says:

    How to take the quiz on varsity web on Chrome. Please guide.

  8. Bina Jethanand Narwani says:

    I ve seen the answers to check where I went wrong. Hence now I cannot unlock certificate. Pls can u do something

  9. Sonick says:

    Hi, isnt the quiz and certificate available while accessing varsity through laptop ?

  10. Penchala Abhishek says:

    I have failed in my first attempt of certificate exam. When I can take my certificate quiz again?

  11. Mr.T.S.Rajan (Retired) says:

    Retired but interested in Intrading . Want to learn and proceed cautiously with small amount. Will review progress every month and quarterly . If there is progress, will continue or will quit

  12. EMMANUEL says:

    I am indebted to the Zerodha team forever. Thank you for making my dream come true!!
    Course content + Exam + Certification, that too at zero cost!!! That’s absolutely a DREAM COME TRUE!!!
    Thank you Zerodha, Love you!!

  13. Geetanjali Mirvankar says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR FOR ALL YOUR KNOWLEDGE, I am reading Varsity for second time now,I just want to know all the examples given on candlesticks, options are applied to intraday or long term, really keen to know more on intraday strategies.

  14. Himanshu says:

    Any plans of making it iPad compatible ?

    • Kulsum says:

      Hi HImanshu, our team is working on it meanwhile you could read from web Varsity on any device 🙂

  15. Dr. Vaibhav ashar says:

    Would like to collaborate with zerodha and provide internship to students

    • Matti says:

      Hi Vaibhav, please write to social[at]zerodha[dot]com with your proposal and we’ll have someone reach out.

  16. Shyam says:

    How can I start the course? How can I join the course? When does the validity of one start?

  17. Saurabh Khade says:

    Didn’t received a certificate?

  18. अभिनय निषाद says:

    कृपया इसे हिंदी भाषा में भी उपलब्ध कराये

  19. Naren says:

    The quiz is changing my answers. Even in the certification quiz. I marked all the answers right but randomly 2-3 answers get changed. Maybe a bug. Must look into it.

  20. Devansh Agarwal says:

    I already cleared the Stock market basics module but not able to where to get the certificate from. Can anyone guide?

  21. Shikhar says:

    I have seen that when there’s a breakout in options chart (ITM) there’s always a breakout in the index and Sometimes (Not always) When index gives breakout there’s no breakout in the option chart(ITM)?
    What I’m saying is that even true?
    4th December -Time frame 5Min- 2:50pm (Was a breakout in banknifty dec fut) but Option Banknifty 30000ce gave it’s Breakout on 2:55pm.
    Why so?

  22. Umesh says:

    Firstly thanks for such platform and easy learning

    When will you add more 8,9,10 …..

    Can I get the linkdin benefit from the certificate we earned from your application..please reply …

  23. Priya says:

    How can i link zerodha certificate with linkedin. Let me know please.

  24. Pavvithra says:

    Why can’t the certificate of completion be downloaded ?

  25. Sahil Goyal says:

    What is the difference between content in app and website.I found the content in website to be more elaborate.

  26. aditya says:

    i am not able to submit Beginner quiz, it shows you have attempted to see ans and hence unable to give certification exam. Can anybody help me out.

  27. Alhad Rajpurkar says:

    How to intepret Central Pivot point

  28. Siddhant says:

    Actually, I failed the exam on the varsity app 3 times.
    So, can I ever again give the exam?

  29. Kedar says:

    Hello, is the amount and quality of content we get from the app same as that on the website? After reading the 1st module, I think the size has been reduced. Just need to know whether I’ll miss out on anything if I use the app?

  30. Ankur says:

    Hey how can i apply for the certification program.

  31. Sagar says:


    Many thanks for the free app and material to learn about the market.

    I was reading Fundamental Analysis and after giving quiz i have encountered this question “the two parameters required to calculate EPS of a company” my answer was ‘PAT and number of outstanding shares’ and app shows ‘PBT and number of outstanding shares’.

    Whereas i read on the cards that Dividing the total profit after number by the outstanding number of shares.

    Now, please tell me what is the currect answer ?

  32. Anil says:

    I am Using Zerodha Pi
    I am interested in studying the Risk Reward Ratio, while analysing the charts
    Kindly suggest where & how to study Risk Reward Ratio

  33. Harshal says:

    Sir in 1 stock market basic exam
    1 st Beginner quiz i am failed so how can i apply 2 nd time no option but in instruction shows you can attempt 5 times

  34. Prakash Vichare says:

    Yes I want to learn your course

  35. Prakash Vichare says:

    Yes I want to learn it

  36. Sameer says:

    I passed beginner, intermediate and advance level quizes but i failed in the last certification exam of module 1.
    Its not showing me reattempt option, not allowing me to reattempt.
    As per the rules i can attempt max 3 times.. But nothing is working
    Please guide

  37. Amarjeet Singh says:

    Thank you for great learning. I am trading for a couple of decades but your advanced options chapter is very useful.
    I am just wondering how to get my certificates as I have passed all the quizzes with flying colors.
    And are they of any use afterwards

  38. Aditya says:

    Kudos on releasing the iOS app!

    Few issues I am facing (on iOS) are :
    1. whichever post/expert opinion I am bookmarking is not being shown under the bookmarking tab.

    2. The back button seems to be very small, so sometimes it doesn’t work as expected.

    Other than that, I am enjoying the app!

    Thank you

  39. Aditya says:

    When will the iOS version for this app be released?

  40. Lekhraj lodhi says:

    Please provide bracket order in commodity

  41. Nagaraju says:

    When can we expect IOS VERSION?

  42. Deepak yadav says:

    Why there is no sign of Zerodha varsity iPad iOS?

  43. ARVIND RANA says:

    Dear sir
    i want a clarification reagding STT charged by zerodha .
    as per my state- Uttar Pradesh it should be 0.002% but it is charged at much higher rate.

  44. Shyam Ladani says:

    Sir thank you for providing app. I am thankful for this. But sir can you tell me the benefit of Certificate which will you provide after passing quiz ??

  45. Debdutta Bhunia says:

    Module 3 on future trading is really awesome. Could you guys please expedite the publication of final module on option trading ASAP or any idea on tentative date for launching the same.

    Debdutta Bhunia

  46. Rohan Shah says:

    Launch date for iPad?

  47. Ashutosh Mohanty says:

    Great initiative but could you quote any dates on iOS app launch

  48. Debdutta says:

    Hi Karthik

    First of all big thanks to you & your team for putting such a nice effort to launch this varsity app which encompasses nitty gritty of the capital market in best consized manner possible. Kudos.
    Having said that , module 3 on fundamental analysis is still not available on the app… Kindly upload the same ASAP.

    Debdutta Bhunia

  49. Sunil says:

    Also, please guide how to place order for shorting a stock and where to look for if you want to deal in Futures.



    • Matti says:

      Simply place a sell order for the stock you want to short. For Futures, simply add the Futures scrip to your market watch and place orders.

  50. Sunil says:

    I’m new to stock market trading and wish to get into intra day also. But before that i would like to learn about it which i’m doing thru various modules on the Varsity app.

    I need more information on the logistics of placing an order for intra day. Please guide.


    Sunil Arora.

  51. KRUNAL PATEL says:

    Varsity is not available for ios.
    please do needful.

  52. Girraj Kumar Sharma says:

    Sir Mene kal account ki processes ki but I’d & password nhi received hue Abhi tak
    Mob no 7374862528

  53. Pankaj agrawal says:

    Hi, Maine Naya demat ac banaya hai please Meri help kariye ,Mera e-sign completed hai ,ab aage form fill up ka option Kyu nhi a raha ,bataye help

  54. Shelly Sarkar says:

    In a/c opening , web cam not working …for equity mu 300 rupees debited. Guys pls help me out. Help line no body picking up call to assist me …pls team help me out

    • Lindo says:

      Hi Shelly,

      Looks like you have proceeded beyond this step, Your application is under rejection, the details are sent to your registered Email. Do follow the guidelines mentioned there , the salesperson will also be reaching out to you to assist.

  55. Rohit kumar soni says:

    I have completed my account opening process but i didn’t get my userid nd password

  56. Rajveer singh says:

    My holding share return me
    I do not want in hold my share
    I talk your halp line
    But my problem remain as

  57. Gaurav Rajput says:

    Is Zerodha Varsity app is abailable on ios ??

  58. Jayant Ketkar says:

    I feel that zerodha should start separate app like Coin for Govt Bonds & T bills.

  59. Aarzoo Thakur says:

    Please connect!!

  60. MOINU says:

    Good app and good initiative.May I know when we will get IOS version.

  61. Mahesh Gopalji Panchal says:

    I can’t understand that why you are cut your brokarege two time,
    Please. Explain mi,
    Rest all service is best,

  62. Winmaxarun says:

    Great going Zerodha!!!! Thank you very much……

  63. Ram Nikam says:

    Dear sir,
    your brokarage is very high sir showing 0.01% and taking 100% my benefits.
    Today i trade with BO ORDER and win 599/- but app showing brokarage for trade is 677/-
    Is this doing froad with customer.
    Please check my account for brokarage.

    • Matti says:

      You’ve placed nearly 600 orders, and you were charged Rs. 68.21 as brokerage for them. I think there’s an error in your calculations here. Please check your contract note.

  64. Manish says:

    Team ZERODHA,
    You are really a great.

  65. Gaurav Jaswani says:

    Many many thanks to zerodha team, one month back only i have taken the print out of all modules to study

  66. Gaurav Jaswani says:

    Many many to zerodha team, one month back only i have taken the print out of all modules to study

  67. Vipul says:

    Love u guys for this.. 👍🙏

  68. KISHANA RAM says:


    • Matti says:

      You can go to holdings and hit exit for that stock. Or, you can place a CNC sell order from the marketwatch.

  69. Dharmendra says:

    When will you release kite 3.0 mobile app.

  70. Samyak Singh says:

    If I share the app and sombody opens an account through it,would they be counted as my referral

  71. Chaitanya says:

    Why this App is not supporting for my android version (KitKat 4.4.4). I am Redmi 2 smartphone.

  72. Suhas says:

    An investment in knowledge always pays the best returns – Thanks Varsity

  73. Krunal Vyas says:

    is it available on iOS?

  74. Shabee says:

    I am beginner to stock trading and I hope this APP will help me to learn and understand about stock market, technical analysis and investing in all segments. Thanks to Zerodha for launching this learning platform in mobile APP.

  75. Rajkumar Joseph says:

    Lots of thanks and Congrats for achieving another milestone

  76. Md Irfan says:

    Thanks to Karthik and Zerodha team for bringing it to the app. It would be an amazing source of learning for beginners.

  77. Vishal says:

    Zerodha is best , please don’t change the way you are.

  78. Sudhanshu Chauhan says:

    Very helpful app for learning .

  79. Srinivasalu G says:

    Kudos to Zerodha for their efforts towards investor education.
    You stand out. Salutes to Zerodha

  80. Mandeep says:

    Any plan for lauching it on IOS.

  81. Sudipta says:

    Hi Karthik, and Nithin…. Congratulations to both of you on this new milestone. Zerodha rocks !!

  82. Vishy says:

    Karthik & Team,

    You folks rock! – seriously. The passion and zeal with which you have built the community over years – giving baby hand holding lessons to providing computational excel sheets for people to use… trust me – your legacy is now bigger than you all can fathom. I am a living example of how I have benefitted immensely from the forums, the old message boards, meticulously drafted chapters on topics people were not sure where to look for…

    I am firmly of the belief that – you die the day you stop learning – this app will empower a lot of others to seek, to understand , and more importantly to test the waters (hopefully without meeting a shark)

    I can go on… but Kudos to you for the passion with purpose.

    Do what is necessary… Do what is possible – and Soon… You will do the Impossible.


  83. nawneet patel says:

    thank sir , i am waiting for very long time.

  84. Rahul Kotur says:

    Congratulations to zerodha team, for such a informative app. just need to know when are you guys releasing it for iphone users?

  85. Vishal says:

    Thanks Karthik Rangappa & team zerodha for providing extra knowledge gaining services that no body is providing in this industry for free.

  86. Riaz Noor Tarafdar says:

    Thanks to team zerodha for setting high standards

  87. AJAY GAIKWAD says:

    Zerodha is always eager to take new initiative to help investors and traders. Great application.

  88. paras bakshi says:

    when it will launched for iphone

  89. Asad says:

    No APP for iOS?

  90. Vivek says:

    No iOS app?

  91. Gunjan K says:

    Awesome … great effort, much appreciated !!

  92. Biswajit Das says:

    Congrats team
    U r continuously expanding the knowledge of traders

  93. Silambarasan Mohan says:

    Nice. Thanks for sharing. Kudos to Zerodha team.

  94. Srikrishna Rowthu says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Love this , thankyou:)


  95. Manjunath says:

    Phenomenal. Appreciate Zerodha’s efforts for this.

  96. Manish says:

    Finally – thanks team zerodha

  97. Zarshis Zaveri says:

    Thanks to team zerodha and karthik rangappa for sharing all the knowledge for absolutely free! so easy to read on the mobile app now.