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December 26, 2016


I know with whatever little experience that two things govern success in the capital markets  being well informed about the industry and having the ability to make decisions without letting emotions get the better of you. We have – through VarsityTrading Q&A, and other initiatives – tried to provide quality financial education to everyone looking for it.

I’ve always wondered; what if we could reverse time and start when we were younger – much younger? If only we had the right initiation into the world of finance at an early age, it could probably have added so much to our abilities today. With this in mind, we looked for books and material that introduced basic finance to young minds, but found none, to our dismay. This is what led us to creating Rupee Tales – a set of five books that introduce the basics of finance to kids through simple stories they can relate to. The idea originated when Karthik’s (also the mind behind Varsity) daughter Meera kept questioning him about his job.

Each book deals with a specific theme that is presented with an engaging story line, peppered with lively characters and vibrant illustrations that captivate the young minds. The topics discussed in the five books are :-

  1. Savings Anu Learns to Save – This simple story explains the importance of saving money regularly, from a very early age in life.
  2. Banking & Inflation Mani’s Money – This story explains the concept of inflation, banking, and the need to deposit money in a savings account. The understanding of these concepts could lay a foundation to the idea of saving money in a financial instrument.
  3. Taxation Vishrambu’s bus journey – A responsible citizen pays his share of taxes to the government. Taxes are an important part of our financial lives. In line with this, the story explains the concept of tax, and why one needs to pay them.
  4. Insurance One and a Half stories – This story introduces the concept of insurance, and explains why it makes sense to get one.
  5. Stock Market The Cake Shop – This story is about the stock market. It explains how a company can raise money from the stock market to expand its business. The story also explains how an investor can benefit by investing his money in a business via the stock market

This is not an attempt to teach kids to trade 🙂 but rather familiarize them to topics that are related to ‘Financial Inclusion’, which is pivotal to the cashless and paperless economy India is yearning for.  A large part of the dream of financial inclusion for all is dependent on how the younger generation adopts it.

All stories have been written by Karthik and I hope that you and your family enjoy reading them, as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.

Since there is a cost to print and courier, we have priced the set of 5 books for Rs 470. You can order them from They’d be a great gifting choice this holiday season if you have kids around you.

Happy reading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Pratik says:

    @zerodha looking forward for more stories as my son has already done with current stories published.
    Thanks a lot for such awesome stories 🙂

  2. Niranjani Sriram says:

    Hello, The Rupee Tales by Mr. Karthik Rangappa is the very kind of book I was looking for my son who is going to turn 7 this December. The hard copy version is not available to order anywhere. Could you please let me know where it is available, would very much like to gift this to him for his birthday. Thanks a lot!!

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hi Niranjani, the limited edition hard copy books are now sold out. You can, however, download the free PDF copies.

  3. Jayesh says:

    Please give pdf of mind over markets at the earliest

  4. Bharat Chand Gelli says:

    I would like to get hard copy of rupee tales.
    Is there any chance to get the same? I can download the pdf version but I would like to gift this for few kids.

  5. Poornima says:

    Could you please let me know when the hard copy will be available, is there any other place we can get it

  6. Mahesh says:


    Can you please let us know when we can expect hard-copies of it.

    thanks and regards,

  7. Swetha Urs Naresh says:

    Hi, when can we expect the hard copies to be available??
    I want to gift these books to my Niece

    Thanks in advance

  8. Mini invest says:

    Investing in the stock market can create wealth for us. The article on it I have shared on link “”

  9. Mithun Mohan says:

    i wanted a copy of rupee tales, the website shows its sold out.
    Can you guys help me out?

    Mithun Mohan

  10. shraddha hegde says:

    I have ordered the book on 16:08:2020. can i get update when the book will be recieved ?

    shraddha hegde

  11. sanjay says:

    I have ordered the book today i.e.24.07.2020. When will it be shipped?

  12. Kaushik says:

    Hi Rupeetales Team,
    Can we get these books delivered internationally?
    Alternatively, are these books available as e-book or kindle format ?

  13. Mohamed says:

    Can we get in Chennai in any shop? If yes pls share.
    Please share phone number to contact.

  14. Subrata says:

    I’ve paid on 26-Nov-2019 for the Rupee Tales, but, even on 29-Nov-2019 at 8:38 PM, I’ve not received any information on dispatch of the books.
    Please expedite.
    What is worsening is that there is no customer care contact details.

  15. Prashant Auti says:

    I made a payment on day before yesterday but didn’t received the books till now.
    How many days it will takes to receive the books?
    Kindly let me know.

    • Matti says:

      It was dispatched from our office in Bangalore yesterday. You should receive it today, or tomorrow at the latest.

  16. BHARATH KUMAR M says:

    HI ,


    PH NO 8867884100

  17. Paresh says:

    Ordered book on 1st april, no update

    • Matti says:

      Hey Paresh, you should have received the book yesterday. The BlueDart waybill number for the package is 42352549223. You can check who received the courier on the BlueDart tracking page.

  18. Kiran Kumar says:

    I have ordered few days back, still I haven’t received the order. Please check and get back to me with the details and when it will be delivered.

    Kiran Sathpadi

  19. Farrukh Jamal says:

    I have placed order on 19/02/2018. But I have not received any confirmation of order placement from your side. At least you should confirm order and communicate the expected time of delivery like all other online shopping site (amazon etc. ) do so.

    Payment Id: pay_9doBKJ0vVmmmuU

    Farrukh Jamal

  20. Anant H says:


    My Order ID is pay_9XKt00TzWwGeN6
    And i have placed the order on 03/02/2018
    Please provide the shipping and order details.


  21. Jagadeesan D says:

    i didnt receive the book yet. Kindly update the status of the order.
    Dear Jagadeesan D
    Thank you for purchasing Rupee Tales. Your order for 1 set(s) of Rupeetales books has been placed (# pay_9RkDnWyQtV1rQN). The order will be shipped within 24-48 hours. Once shipped, we will send a separate email with the tracking details. Feel free to write to us at [email protected] for any queries.
    Team Zerodha

    Thank you
    Jagadeesan D

    • Matti says:

      You should receive the delivery today. We use BlueDart for delivering your order. Here’s the order tracking number: 34238193264

  22. Avadhut says:

    oredr no. # pay_9QEwvLtmSsw2r0 still Not received.
    Please Update.

  23. alankriti says:

    Wow, nice.

  24. Omni Express says:

    Great stuff.

  25. Sourav says:


    My order # is pay_9BbublJ4sxBrK4.

    Order placed 4 days ago on Dec 10, 2017.

    Kindly inform when the order will be dispatched.


  26. Pradeep Goyal says:


    Placed the order on 14 sept 2017, the payment got debited for the same but have not received the confirmation for this from your end. The payment Id is pay_8dDHf9d8JIcvvr, please confirm if there is an update on this regarding the dispatched date.

  27. Makarand Ahire says:

    I want to cancel my book order. Could you please let me know how can i do that.

  28. Ojas Dogra says:

    My Son Ojas who is 8 year old wants to write a massage to you .. Here is his massage to you

    can you add a look inside and my father says that you write very good books

    normal adventures story books

  29. Timmana G says:

    I am picking up one for my son , wish we can see some tales on loans , as they should also understand how loans parents take affects their life .. happy to be part of that .. best wishes

  30. K.Sundaramoorthy says:

    Sir, Rs.470/- paid towards purchase of Rupee Tales in Jan 2017. The books are yet to be recd.Pl do the needful early.

  31. Bikram says:

    Can I know the shipping details.

    payment ID: pay_7jqw0Z3KNy4cIQ
    Date: 27-04-2017

  32. naresh kumar says:

    not able to place the order. some issue with the order link i suppose. please check.

  33. Ganesh says:

    Great initiative, I have ordered the book for my son.
    Order ID: pay_7abIswHML41zLM, please let me know if the payment is received and when the book will be dispatched.

  34. Harish Prajapati says:

    Great Job!!!
    Hindi is our natural language. Can we the translation of the books in regional languages or atleast Hindi?

  35. Gayatri Rai says:

    I have placed the order of 1 set of books of amount Rs. 470/- on date 22nd Mar’2017.
    My Order ID: pay_7VSxk1D23Ci6Tm.
    please confirm when it will be delivered.

  36. R V Kannan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    My Clint ID is RK0109,

    Every time I try to call support team it takes lot of Time and Money also
    involving, Any other speedy method you are having in mind means try to implement that.

    Like Me Outstation customers provide Mobile No. It will reduce our costs.

    Regards r v kannan.

  37. Pravin says:

    Good initiative and my son likes the books. But I think some of the words used could me more kids friendly i.e. biginner level English should have been used.

  38. Mohith says:

    I have placed the order for this book last week , it said it will max 48 hours to ship, till date i have not received any information of shipment. I sent a follow-up email as too. But no one responded. Could you/someone from ur org help please. pay_7QllElDVSvWMlA.


  39. Pradeep Rawat says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have one major point regarding Zerodha, as i am new with the Zerodha and I love the Technology which you provide but point is:

    1. There is No Margin for Delivery or Carrying the stock which is a major flaw, I feel There should also some margin as you provide in Intraday. You can charge interest as other broker charged but atleast provide it first, its helpful some time to convert the position from intraday to Delivery.

  40. umesh kaushik says:

    Are there any plans to introduce GTD and GTC orders?

  41. dineshg says:

    Its been nice experience so far to invest and trade through Zerodha.
    I have below query –
    – How can I put VWAP as buying stoploss? The idea is not to put a fixed stoploss but a changing stoploss based on VWAP. Other trading platforms support this. But I couldn’t figure out how to do in Zerodha. Please help me

  42. Priyanka S. says:

    Awesome website!!! Really one of the best equity trading experience. Very well done and surely you have broken all kinds of barriers in trading. Gr8 luck ahead 🙂

  43. Sourabh says:

    Is there an option where I can get notified when my order gets executed but when I am outside the app.
    Like we do get a notification when we receive a message on whatsapp, when I don’t have whatsapp opened!! 🙂

  44. Sonesh says:

    Hello Nitin,
    I have been using Zerodha for three months now. It’s a great platform so first of all I would like to congratulate for this initiative. Second I would like to bring your attention to a very critical factor which can take customers away from Zerodha which is IPO. I applied for BSE IPO and got one lot. I was not able to see the allotment unless listing day whereas in SBI Cap which I was using earlier I was able to see it a day before listing. Second thing is that on listing day Over the Android Kite application this BSE IPO holding was showing as Unknown script due to which I could not sell it and ended up losing 130 points on each share.

  45. Ravi says:

    Hi Nitin
    Thanks for this initiative- i ordered the book the moment i received SMS from Zerodha however there is no communication/order confirmation and delivery of books to me so far and its been more than two weeks for sure.
    I have written an mail to you and [email protected] today morning. please help to sort out this issue.

    Ravi Pagar

    • Hi Ravi,

      Thanks for ordering the books.

      Your payment went through but unfortunately the details were not captured on our order logs, hence we never dispatched the books to you. Apologies for that.

      However, we are dispatching the books today via Blue dart. You will soon receive an email with freight details. Thanks.

  46. SOUVIK SARKAR says:

    Pl provide me the shipping status for my payment Id :pay_74HMOX5sRW877q ordered on 7th of this month.

  47. Sudeep says:

    This sounds amazing! I’ll be ordering one for my nephew who is turning 10. Do you think it would reach Bhopal by Feb 1 if I ordered today? Also, do you think it will be suitable for a 13 year old or will it be too simple for him?

  48. Aniruddha Kulkarni says:

    Hello Nithin/Venu,
    I had ordered books, got it and We liked it very much. Thank you for this initiative. My daughter reads the books daily. The pictures inside the books are very appealing to kids.

    Best Regards

  49. Amol Kokane says:

    Hello Venu sir,

    I have ordered books many days ago, amount has been debited from my account. but no delivery has been made. Unique ID has not been generated.
    Could you please look into the issue? what else i have to provide to track the delivery?

    Amol Kokane

  50. mkprabhagharan says:

    how to order the book? “the rupee tales?”

  51. Saurabh Saha says:

    Willing to place an order for my 8 yrs old son. Could I pay using my credit card and would I get confirmation email telling approximate date of arrival books here at Kolkata? Thanks.

  52. Rohit Khonde says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Please find the details of the payment. Not received refund till date. Please do the needful.

    Ref No. 163639869532 Date 28 Dec 2016

    Rohit Khonde

  53. Gautam Jain says:

    I must appreciate Karthik and Zerodha for this great initiative.

    I had ordered a set on Jan 05, 2017 and wanted to check its shipping status
    Order id: pay_71UGaEzV6aGqVf


  54. Anikethan&Sugatha says:

    We told my father to buy this book. He ordered it right away.
    Thank you uncle for your wonderful effort,
    I am eagerly waiting for its arrival.

  55. hemanth says:

    super sir..

    My daughter is 9 years old. Can I order this for her

  56. Virendra Nirmalkar says:

    Hi, is this E-Book or Printed Book?

  57. LALIT LODHA says:

    Not recvd any communication for order ID- pay_70yhDfeP5kc0XH.

  58. Vijay says:

    I paid for the book on 4-Jan-2017 using Olamoney and my Payment Id is “pay_70nengqdfwoWDX”.

    Thanks for your initiative and hope the book would be great!

    Anyhow, I wanted to give feedback regarding my experience with this transaction.

    After the payment, I got an SMS saying my wallet is linked to Razorpay and an email from Razorpay saying the payment is successful. Either the SMS or the email do not contain any details about what I paid for.

    I expected an email / SMS from you after the order is confirmed with expected delivery date and whom to contact if something goes wrong. As a Zerodha customer I am aware where to contact. What about If someone who is unaware of Zerodha lands on that page and orders a book?

    This transaction looks me very unprofessional from a highly professional organization. Hope you will take care to avoid such a bad experience in future.

    You may like to send an email for all the customers whose orders may be pending with you right now. 🙂

    • Venu says:

      Thank you for the feedback Vijay, We’ve passed it on to the concerned team here at Zerodha. We’ll send out an email acknowledging the receipt of the order. Meanwhile your order has been shipped on 04.01.2017 through Professional couriers, reference number: BLR387928533

      • Anjaneya Mhatre says:

        Quote: “This transaction looks me very unprofessional from a highly professional organization.”

        Exactly my thoughts. I ordered the books on 27th Dec. Apart from a transaction related mail from Team Razorpay, no confirmation of the order, when it will be shipped, where to track, contact for grievance redressal. The books are yet to be delivered.
        I opened a ticket by mailing Zerodha Support and apart from the automated reply there has been no update.
        Ticket #725588.
        Pay Id: pay_6xq0C3v2VliKzF

        I had recommended this book set to my colleagues who are not familiar with Zerodha. Most of them trade with other well-known (but expensive and trader-unfriendly) platforms and are hesitant about switching to Zerodha. Fortunately, none of them have taken my advice and ordered this book set yet and I have been saved from the embarrasment! Such bad experiences with something as simple as delivery of books are not going to help Zerodha’s reputation in a positive way. If you want the Zerodha name to be associated with this initiative, please ensure that the process is as professional and customer-friendly as I have come to expect from Team Zerodha.

        • Venu says:

          Hi Anjaneya,

          We’ve started sending out acknowledgement emails and tracking details for the orders. Sorry for not doing it earlier. You can ask your colleagues to order copies and maybe refer them to switch to Zerodha as well 🙂 I’ll share details of your shipment by tomorrow morning.

  59. Dipankar Nag says:

    I paid for this book on 27/12/2016. But I didn’t receive the same yet. Could u pls. confirm me the time when it will reach.
    The payment detail:
    Payment Id: pay_6xqKC84x5J4YXF
    ICICIBANK Payment ID: MIN/RAZORPAY PA/20161227125109/0


  60. Sudhir Shevkar says:

    I have paid Rs.470 through freecharge wallet on 28th Dec. Post payment I have not received any communication from your side.
    Payment Id: pay_6yB6HlnnbYhI6r

    Kindly check.

    • Venu says:

      Hi Sudhir,
      Thank you for ordering, the books have been dispatched through professional couriers: BLR387897208 on the 28th of December.

  61. Ruchi says:

    Payment Id: pay_6yl1rv7OgNrOIx

    Good Morning,

    Pls suggest when the books will be despatched. I ordered on 29the but still awaiting information on my order.

    • Venu says:

      Books have been dispatched: BLR387927147 through Professional Couriers on the 30th.

      • Ruchi says:

        Hello, I have received one the courier but it has only one book and that also looks like used. I am not happy with this.
        Can you please advise me whether it has only one book or there should be 5?

  62. Amit Sharma says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have paid INR 470 THRU credit card on 31st Dec. Post payment I have not received any conmunication from your side.
    Payment Id: pay_6z8oPoxzjHJaE9

    Kindly check.

  63. Sachin says:


    I have ordered for books on 31st Dec 2016 and paid the requisite amount.

    Post the order I have not received any communication regarding shipping of the order. Kindly look into the matter and get back.


    • Venu says:

      Hi Sachin, Tracking details:
      BLR387927220 sent through Professional Couriers on 02-01-2017.

      • Sachin says:

        I am yet to receive the shipment. Although the courier has arrived at Pune Thergaon office on 4th Jan, which is just 2 kms away from my house, the delivery has not happened. I had registered complaint (CRM156157) on the courier site, but did not receive any response for the same. I had called the local office no also several times, but they take all the information and mention that they will call back. After that the same story. I have done enough follow-up with the courier and don’t see any resolution. I don’t want to waste further time and energy on this.
        Please cancel the order and refund the amount at the earliest. Hope you will tie up with some good courier service in future.

  64. Ritesh says:

    Learning from varisty, expected much more regarding the quality of knowledge from these illustrated books. But I am sorry to say Nitin the books are not worth it. I was excited to gift them but they doesn’t seems much useful. And compared to the cost per book, definetly not worth.

    • Hi Ritesh,

      Sorry to hear that.

      I guess your expectations from these books were different. The idea is to familiarise kids to basic financial concepts and not really educate them thoroughly. There is only so much you can do with a 7+ year old child.

  65. Rahul Badyal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I just opened a new account. I received my login credentials. But when I wanted to trade I saw that only NSE and BSE segments are enabled in my account. I checked in Pi as well as in Kite.

    In the account opening forms I have ticked and signed on all the segments including F&O and commodities as well as CDs.

    Could you please enable these segments in my account. My login ID is ZZ0284

    Thanking you,

    Yours truly,
    Rahul Badyal

    • Venu says:

      Hi Rahul,
      You’ll need to provide an income proof to trade in the derivative segment, looks like you missed out on sending this document. I’ll get someone from the account opening team to give you a call and get your derivative segment enabled.

  66. Vijay Kumar says:

    I ordered this set of books on 30.12.2016 and my payment id is pay_6yy5S9NQcCFBLD, I want to ask that where i can track my shipment ? please let me know.

  67. rakesh rathod says:

    Looking forward with a great session with my Kids.Just ordered.I am sure my kids and kids around them would be much wiser than me what I was at their age for that matter even now 🙂
    Thanks Nithin.Always awaiting new things to come out of your Stable

  68. Vivek says:

    Ordered on 30-12-2016 payment ID : pay_6z87QrZiNLFfh7

    No confirmation or shipping details received yet. Could you please tell me the status?

  69. Nitin says:

    Ordered yesterday but no confirmation received about order and delivery dates over email or SMS..

  70. patel simit says:

    sir i have one suggestion for improving your zerodha website.
    If u want me to suggest kindly provide me reply.
    thank you.


    Payment Id: pay_6zCqxJIjJ0dpAl

    Not yet recieved any conformatiom mes or mail when it will be delivered

  72. prakash Desai says:

    I like your thoughts but I m much comfort in Hindi language. So my request to you please use Hindi language in daily routine.
    These books available in Hindi ?

    Warm Regards

  73. Rajkumar says:

    Wonderful initiative. Will order for my son.

  74. AVINASH says:

    You are just awesome people.
    When financial market sales people are ready to take bite in each of my rupee, you people are going beyond norms.
    Thinking for us. Educating us.
    No e book …excellent they should have books in hand.
    All best wishes to u and team.
    Ordered a set .

  75. Garima says:

    Dear Zerodha.

    Many Congratulations for one more NOBLE initiative..
    I will surely order for my Daughters..


  76. Niraj says:

    Its great Idea and Awesome initiative taken by you people. Also I want to know is Zerodha varsity books can also be order in hard copies??

  77. Sharanagouda says:

    Good attempt it would help better for growing future investors nd make India more resource full in all aspects

  78. Naveen says:

    Is soft copy of the books available? It will not only save time and paper, but will also be handy.

  79. Praveena NG says:

    Ordered two sets for my two daughters so that financial knowledge can be forwarded to next generations.
    My kids appreciated the pictorial presentation in story format of conveying knowledge.
    We greatly appreciate the efforts of Mr.Karthik Rangappa, Mr.Tarun Andrews, Mr.Nitin Kamath and all Team members of Zerodha family for this great effort in educating next generation kids.
    Lots of love and Wishing All Great New Year 2017

  80. Yunus Khan Saifi says:

    What About Delivery???

  81. SACHIN JHAVERI says:

    Can you please let me know above what age kid can read this book? Is it good for 10 year old girl.? So can order.Thank you.

  82. Amit singh says:

    Nitin sir,, i hope that someday you will be releasing zerodha’s Ipo …i want to buy lots of shares of zerodha.. You are constantly innovating and doing something new ,.. I m pretty sure that zerodha will be among the top brokerages of the world in few years …all the best??

  83. Vaibhav says:

    Hi! When can we expect the delivery after placing the order? Is there any way to check the status of the shipment?

  84. Yunus Khan Saifi says:

    I ordered this set of books on day before yesterday and my payment id is pay_6xrO9OtGlGLlJ5, I want to ask that where i can track my shipment ? please let me know, so that it could be shipped at right place on right time.

  85. Hari Unni says:

    Great work Team Zerodha!…Our kids are the future of our great nation…
    To make them financially savvy is our responsibility…
    Just ordered a box for my kids so they get familiar with the basics of financial education.
    Thank you…Wishing you all at Zerodha a Happy and Prosperous New year 2017!!!

  86. Wg Cdr Thomas Verghese (Retd) says:

    Could I have one of the 5 books or a sample copy. We have a community venture ‘Friends Outlet’ inside the shopping complex of Jal Vayu Vihar, Bangalore 560043. details in Wg Cdr Thomas Verghese (Retd) Executive Trustee of ‘Friends Outlet’

  87. Vinayak says:

    Interesting concept!! Getting it for my daughter.
    Currently, she has 2 piggy banks and keeps collecting coins from all over the house.

  88. Anantha says:

    That’s really great job. I was searching for one to gift it to my niece.


  89. Ashutosh Agrawal says:

    Could it be possible to print the varsity materials, modules in a book form?

    That will be very useful for reference purpose.


  90. Kiran says:

    Nithin, first of all i would like to congratulate you for the great initiative.
    I understand your concerns converting these books into e-books, but can these be shipped to usa ? or in fact to any other country.

    I know it costs a lot to ship, but see if they can available in Amazon or ebay etc.

    Not just for these but in general if you are planning anything big.

    All the very best for another great start. ?

    • Venu says:

      You need an ISBN to sell on Amazon. We’re in the process of getting an ISBN for the publication. Will keep you posted.
      There’ll be additional charges for shipping to the US. If you’re alright, please send the address details to [email protected]

  91. Dilip says:

    Nice initiative!!. Five book sets reminds me of Panchtantra for children imparting them worldly knowledge in simplfied form. Now the Investment basics, could also be imparted in simple stories making them simple to understand.

  92. Swaminathan says:

    Great Initiative. Sure it will be helpful to educate kids on basics of finance and money.

  93. Ranjan says:

    Someone else asked for this info, got it, Thank you

  94. Ranjan says:

    Any particular kid age group ?

  95. prakash says:

    I have ordered yesterday only.
    Let me know when it will be delivered.

  96. Rohit Khonde says:

    I bought the book yesterday. My account got debited by payment showed unsuccessful. Pls let me know whom to contact for the same.

    • Hi Rohit – Thanks for placing the order. Can you please share the payment ID? Apparently, the order has failed…and you should be getting the a refund from Razorpay over the next 3-4 days. In anycase, please do share your payment id.

      • Rohit Khonde says:

        Hi Karthik,

        Please find the details of the payment. Not received refund till date. Please do the needful.

        Ref No. 163639869532 Date 28 Dec 2016

        Rohit Khonde

        • Rohit Khonde says:

          Hi Karthik,

          Please find the details of the payment. Not received refund till date. Please do the needful.

          Ref No. 163639869532 Date 28 Dec 2016

          Rohit Khonde

  97. Ashesh Bharadwaj says:


    That’s a great initiative. Can you please tell me these books are for which age group of kids?

    The preview is insufficient to get an idea about the content of the book. It would be great if one can see preview of the books (maybe a few pages like amazon preview or sample pdf).

  98. Narendra says:

    CAN YOU SHARE THE PREFACE /Introduction of each books atleast.So that we can have a idea before purchasing it


    Very good initiative.Might be an Indian series of “Rich dad Poor dad”.But it would have been great,if they were available as ebooks.I want to know as to whether they would be available as ebooks and only after confirmation that they are not going to be available , I want to order.Please let me know.

    • Nikhil A says:

      Hi Narsimha,

      No plans of making these available as e-books. We felt that it would be better for children to hold the real book while reading it. Electronic devices come with a lot of distractions.

      Also, what e-book can beat the feel of a book? 🙂

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