Update 01 Mar 2024

Zerodha AMC launches Gold ETF (GOLDCASE)

Our gold ETF (GOLDCASE) just listed today. This is Zerodha AMC’s third fund after the Zerodha Nifty LargeMidcap 250 Index Fund, ELSS, and Liquid ETF (LIQUIDCASE).

The exciting bit is that our first NFO was in November, and as of yesterday, we’re almost at Rs 600 crores of AUM with 1 lakh+ unique investors. A lot of the investors are young and starting with smaller SIPs. Getting these people into the market was one of the goals behind the AMC.

Also, LIQUIDCASE is eligible for pledging starting today. LIQUIDCASE is India’s first liquid ETF with a growth NAV. That means the interest is added to the NAV, and it keeps increasing. There are no dividends, hassles with fractional units, tracking returns, etc.

To invest, just search for Zerodha on Kite 😉