Zerodha going Zero brokerage

November 30, 2015

Traders & Investors,

Yes, you read it right! All investments at Zerodha will now be absolutely brokerage free starting 1st Dec 2015. No upfront fees, no minimum volume, no special terms and conditions, no clauses, no strings attached.

Right from the conception of our name, the plan was to get here, it has taken us over 5+ years. This wasn’t done on the back of any VC/PE fund raise nor do we have any such plans for the near future. Now my guess is that you all will have a couple of questions:


As a business we have hit a point of realization of how shallow the stock market participation is in India, probably not more than a million active investors (<0.1% population). Not just for brokerage businesses like us, but economic growth in a modern economy hinges on vibrant capital markets. 65% of Indian population is below the age of 35, and something has to be done to attract them to start investing in the markets. For this to happen, I think we need to bring in coolness into the brokerage business.

With Kite, our new web/mobile app(android launching shortly), the focus has been to make the user interface clutter free and as less intimidating as possible for a new investor, while still being able to give all the power in terms of speed, charting, and functionality an active trader needs. To make life a lot more easier for an investor, we will soon launch valid till cancel orders, and SIP on equity. Our mutual fund platform is in beta testing. Kite is already available in Kannada and Malayalam, and will very soon be available in 8 other languages. We believe that localization of the platform will help grow the markets, especially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. To complement the above, Varsity our education initiative has also become extremely popular, attracting many new investors to learn about the markets.

In essence, investment culture has to be nurtured, and we intend to do this not just by offering a zero brokerage investing platform, but also an extremely easy user experience. The plan is to on board the next 1 million participants who are currently not investing, show them how stock market can create wealth if invested for long term, help grow the capital markets in India, and also hope that a few of them will turn traders and add revenue to our business. The zero brokerage offer on equity delivery trades is applicable only to retail, individual investors. Corporates, Partnerships, HUFs and other institutions have to continue to pay 0.1% or Rs. 20 per executed order, whichever is lower.


Though this decision might sound random, but we have been planning on this for a while.

  • We have just launched Kite trade restful API’s for institutions. These API’s can be used by prop desks for trading, or by technology firms who want to disrupt the brokerage business by building unique trading front end and let us, Zerodha, take care of all the operations (Brokerage as a service model). These API’s will come at a fee, so this would mean institutions trading with us will help subsidize the retail investors.
  • We are soon starting margin lending for a fee for equity delivery trades. By margin lending, I mean clients who want to buy stocks worth more than the money they have in their trading accounts for delivery.
  • All F&O and equity intraday trades would continue to be charged at Rs 20 or 0.01% whichever is lower per executed order. Equity investment would mean any stock that you buy and hold to the next day.
  • We are hoping that in the process of adding investors, we will also be able to add to our active F&O trading client base.

For our plan to be a success, we will need your continued support. Do help spread the word.

Happy Investing,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. sijick says:

    Will it be zero brokerage for life?

  2. Riyas says:

    So here started the revolution. At that time never heard about this broker.

  3. Harsh Shah says:

    Is the brokerage structure same for individual and Pvt Ltd company?. I could not found any information on this

  4. Jayasree says:

    Sir,what if I want to hold the stock for months/years?.How much will be the brokerage in zerodha

  5. mahesh says:

    when zerodha will give margin for delivery trading

  6. thathabeer says:

    hello sir

    free brokrage for delivery aplicable for btst in cash market?

  7. C.Dharmalingam says:

    I am already trading through Indbank Merchant Banking Services Ltd. Service Charges are more. Pl.send application forms to open account with you.

    3/627-5, Muthuramalingapuram, Padanthal, Sattur-626203
    Cell : 9443012625, 9003587438.

  8. D.Omprakash says:


  9. D.Omprakash says:


  10. Sanjeev says:

    I am charged highest rate of BSE transaction charge for scrips in Group A or B. Does Zerodha’s Monthly Trades Count is less than 5 Lac at BSE ? Kindly advise how to reduce the cost.

    • Venu says:

      At the start of the month, no broker can determine the number of transactions, so everyone would charge as per the highest slab. There’s no way that you as an individual can reduce your costs.

      • Sanjeev says:

        Hope Zerodha’s Monthly Trades Count in April are counted. Will you re-calculate the BSE transaction charges for April trades on the basis of applicable rate or it will be the basis of rate for May trades. Still it is being charged @ Re.1 for each trade.

  11. Mukesh says:


    i Opening Account Zerodha Partner

    i See and trade after Experience my old company Aamrapali Aadya Commdity MCX Transation Charges 210 Per Crore TC and Zerodha 360 Per Crore Transition Charges Application

    u have hidden charges 150 Per Cr. Extra Charge

    • Venu says:

      The Exchange itself charges 260/crore as transaction charges so it’s unlikely we charge you lower. Do check the Exchange circulars for confirmation. Plus there are clearing charges since we are not clearing members.

  12. Bob D Trader says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Have a few doubts with regards to this point: “We are soon starting margin lending for a fee for equity delivery trades. By margin lending, I mean clients who want to buy stocks worth more than the money they have in their trading accounts for delivery.”

    WHAT can we expect this to be implemented??

    WHERE would be the criteria/eligibility for lending??

    Would the amount be available for investing in Smallcases??
    Would there be a discount on the charges if we invest in Smallcases?? 🙂

    And please please update as to how soon can we expect margin lending for delivery based buying….
    And what would be the ways of paying it back and the charges for clearing if we do it before time…
    This is a great initiative and this means a lot to me so hope to see it soon…

    • Hoping to be live with this early April. Criteria for lending would be pedigree top 500 stocks and based on liquidity and risk. Yes, you should able to use it for smallcases too, don’t know about discount. 🙂

  13. Anu says:

    I want to transfer some shares from Zerodha Demat to my husband’s Demat account (another DP.) Is there any charges for the transfer ? Is it possible to transfer Online instead of DIS book.?

  14. Manoj says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Kudos for the great work.
    The list of charges has one item is Failed transaction for which one has to shell out Rs 50. Wondering what constitutes failed transaction.

  15. deepak says:

    Dear Nithin Sir, I salute you for bringing out such a superb platform. I m in love with your website & your platform.I never gave much importance to technical analysis until I started hearing about your tools. I dont have much idea about technicals. I m having an account with samco & have been mostly dormant/inactive.
    I really appreciate the way you respond to each & every query/comments, despite being a busiest person with so many things to look after. That shows how much you value your customers which is worth appreciating.
    You are going to be the number 1 brokerage company in india, unbeatable & will have monopoly. I can bet.

    I m a very small trader, interested to open an account with you but I have few concerns.

    1- I hope & expect transparency in charges as described.
    2- I hope your zero brokerage for delivery will not be changed, as your name itself says it, Zero dha.
    3- Safety & security of account. ( No fraudulent transactions) .
    4- Few persons claiming zerodha business partners offering extra support on free usage of tools & techniques designed by them. Also offering live tips/support in whatsapp groups & offering free/paid technical classes. But for getting this extra support, they want new registrations directly under them in zerodha & to be a part of zerodhaclub.

    I will wait for your response. Looking forward to be a part of your ever growing family of traders & investors!
    Thanks & Regards

  16. nikhilgurav says:

    I would like to know why i am being charged Rs.80 as brokerage instead of Rs.40 on options intraday trade.

  17. Technofunda says:

    how brokarge charged if i buy with MIS & convert the same to CNC for NiftyBees.?
    Also how much brokrage for selling LiquidBees?
    As per contract note I was charged 20 each.

    • If you are doing a delivery trade (if u trade as MIS and convert to CNC, even that is delivery), the brokerage charged is 0. Can you send an email to [email protected] with your client ID, you shouldn’t be charged Rs 20 on liquid bees if you did a delivery trade (it should be 0).

  18. Yash says:

    What is the brokerage for equity delivery on sell side?

  19. PRADIP PANDA says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Why don’t you start a monthly or Yearly Brokerage plan- with unlimited trading ….

  20. 27pin says:

    Any idea when “SIP on equity” will be available. It was promised more than a year ago 🙂 ! Thanks.

  21. viv says:


    I am interested to know about below –

    ” we will soon launch valid till cancel orders, and SIP on equity.”



  22. Sanjay says:

    Hi Nitin,

    The current brokerage in F&O of Rs. 20 per trade is same for small traders as well as high volume traders. Could you come out with slab based brokerage so that traders giving business above certain level get some discount in brokerage? Already there are some brokers offering brokerage of Rs.10 and Rs.15 in F&O Segment but I am quite happy with Zerodha and would wait for better offer.

  23. Vipin says:

    When will VTC be released, i see it has been in talks for a long time now…
    If there are techincal hurdles atm, atleast add a feature in which a user can save their stop orders locally on Pi or Kite and then can place those orders in one click on daily basis.

    • Vipin says:

      VTC is a really important feature and in days of event like surgical strike, US election results. When your platform becomes unavailable these auto orders should save customer from significant losses.

  24. Javal says:

    Hi nitin kamath
    This is the 6th time i am having problem with the payment update issue.
    Everytime i add funds through gateway it is not credited to my account.
    Everytime i have to call or mail support team to update it.
    Can you please solve this problem .

  25. Javal says:

    As i have commented above i am commenting again..
    Fuck u zerodha.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everytime i had done payment through gateway i have to mail support team to update it!!
    Really disappointed by you..

  26. Javal says:

    My id is RJ3358.
    I didnt recommend to use zerodha.

    REASON 1) When market is down & we want to buy something, the kite becomes unavailable(service is unavailable).At this point of time only investors want to buy but you cant buy. Thanks to zerodha.

    2)The payment takes 1 long day to be updated.If market falls and you want to buy something, you cant.In case of emergency you cant buy anything because fund takes 1 day .
    There are many other reason also like
    3)you cant add fund through kite mobile app.
    4) market watch becomes unresponisve in kite app.

    Big investors as well as small investors also should avaoid using zerodha.
    If you decide about selling a stock because of market fall, you cant.
    And loss become huge.

    Dont get lured yourself in zero brokerage.The loss you make due to Zerodha is much more than your little brokerage.
    Quit zerodha

    • Javal, sorry to hear that you have had not so great experience with us. I am getting one of our team members to call you up. About funds, we rely on the payment gateway service provider. If the link drops when you are making a transfer, we get confirmation only on next day. So becomes very tough for us to update funds as we get no response either from your/our bank or the payment gateway provider. About Kite being unresponsive, it happened the other day when there were surgical strikes episode, but that was the case with every broker that day with exponentially more load. If you are facing this issue normally as well, do let our team member know. He will figure out a fix. We should soon have an option to allow you to transfer funds using the mobile app.

  27. Jegan says:


    It seems like there is much transaction charges for option trading where NSE: 0.053% is charged. Why it is 40 times of future clearing charges? I hope Clearing charges should be based on turnover? I hope it is paid to clearing member.

    Why is it different for BSE/NSE? is it an exchange rule? Or else broker can fix this?


    • Jegan transaction charges are charged by the exchange and there is a clearing fees by the clearing member. 0.051 is what exchange charges and 0.002 is clearing fees. This is set by exchanges, BSE is lesser because they are new and trying to attract liquidity.

  28. Gaurav says:


    If my made 25 intraday trades (buy + sell = 50 orders placed). So the brokerage will be calculated on every trade or at the end on whole as avg buying and avg selling price?

  29. jitendra says:

    many stock broker is provide monthly plan for trading. Say. Rs 1000/ PM and trade unlimited transation for such month etc. is Zerodha have this type of monthly or annualy plan ?. if Answer is yes than give detail and if answer is than why.

  30. Sanjeev says:

    UCC of Client: PS8803, Contract Note No. 2426340, Trade date 12/09/2016
    250 ACGL shares buy @ 587
    300 Elecon shares buy @ 57.5
    Total value of BSE-EQ is 163855.
    Securities Transaction Tax: 164.
    Turnover charges or Exchange Transaction Charges: 147.
    Reason for high Turnover charges may please be explained as it should have been levied at 0.00325% (Rs. 5 only).

  31. coolraj79 says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Two feedbacks for you and your team:-

    1. I wanted to update my mobile no, I went to, it says we will charge you 50rs + service tax, just to change a mob no, if there is a charge of 50 bucks, its too much guys. I realise you are a discount brokerage, but all these things you can factor into the brokerage structure somewhere. It really pisses off a customer!!

    2. Secondly, after many updates also your KITE doesnt work. Before mkt opens I put AMO order, after market opens, though the order is open, I cannt change price as there is no option to change the AMO option its shown as freezed during market hours, I have to login back to to change the figures, whats the use of a mobile app then if you can rectify such simple things?


    • Venu says:

      1. Changing email id’s is incremental effort. Once you raise a request to change, it has to be changed across all Exchanges, Depositories, Trading platforms, Backoffice etc. The nominal cost is because of such effort.

      2. Will check and get back to you on this asap.

      • coolraj79 says:

        Thanks Venu, hope you realise my point, I don’t mind paying 50 bucks considering we are saving so much of brokerage, you guys deserve to earn from somewhere else as well..

        Secondly, pls do check on Kite, it has many issues, have you seen GEOJIT’s selfie app, I use it for tracking purpose however to place order I go to, hope you got the point as well, please see the competition as well, your KITE is nowehere live streaming compared to Selfie app. Just use their app and see what your customer would like in your KITE app.

    • Venu says:

      Point 2 has been addressed. You’ll have to ensure your app is updated to the latest version. We’ll get someone to call and help you with this.

      • coolraj79 says:

        Venu, my comment on kite was more on the app interface, it does live streaming no probs with it, but you need to revamp its interfact and the look & feel, see the selfie app by geojit…

  32. Rahul says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Great fan of yours. You have revolutionised the brokerage business and hoping more people will participate in equity market. I am already your member i have a quick question. When are you introducing margin lending. Any tentative deadlines ? Thanks

  33. Sree says:

    Hello zerodha team,
    Many of discount brokers having unlimited trading subscription plan and is very useful especially in F&O, Currency segment. While referring zerodha to friends, they finding much more better options. So Can we expect such unlimited trading plans from zerodha?

  34. Nikhil Sinha says:

    Its time move to other stock broker firms..
    They offer RS 10 per ordered.

    Zerodha is costly for small traders….
    Brokerage too high.
    For eg:
    BNF lot of 40 @ 32 and Sold @33, ideally you earn 40 rupees.
    But here Net Loss -8.6

    What zerodha should do is 0.01% or Rs 20 which ever is lower

    Time to move on..

    • Nikhil Sinha says:

      What zerodha should do is 0.01% or Rs 20 which ever is lower

      Above rate should be applicable for very smaller lots trading.
      might be limited to less than 250 or anything similar

    • Venu says:

      We’re already charging the lower of 0.01% or Rs.20 along with charging 0 brokerage on all delivery trades.
      The rate of brokerage shouldn’t be the only determining factor while choosing a brokerage.

      • Nikhil Sinha says:


        I am taking about derivatives…
        And at least derivatives intraday should be 0.01% or Rs.20, which ever is lower.
        Atleast for smaller lots size.

        Your Qoute:
        ‘The rate of brokerage shouldn’t be the only determining factor while choosing a brokerage.’

        Agreed with your statement, but you guys are slipping fast.

        • We charge 0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower, but on the contract volume. So if you are trading 1 lot of currency, you pay Rs 6. But most equity derivatives are over Rs 2lks, so you don’t get the benefit of 0.01% or Rs 20. You can take part in the 60 day challenge, we refund brokerage if you stay profitable.

  35. Amish Palani says:

    Just a Question I am sure its been asked before but can’t find it.

    If i sell Options today that is one trade so i’ll be charged Rs.20 brokerage on it?
    and if I square the same trade 2 days later (buy it back) will that count as second trade and will be charged Rs. 20 brokerage on that too?

    And margin taken for writing an option will be same as shown in your calculators?

    • Venu says:

      Yes, buy & sells are considered as 2 separate trades and a brokerage of Rs.20 is charged on each side.

      Yes, margins will remain as what is shown on the margin calculator.

  36. amit singh says:

    Sir i really appreciate the amount of hard work u have put in to make zerodha one of the best brokerage firms…but still there are some rodhas for ur clients.. I feel connected to zerodha…thats why i m putting forward these rodhas so that i as a client can feel satisfied for being a part of zerodha family…

    1. we dont get a msg on our registered mobile of any trade after execution…this creates a lot of inconvenience. If i put a lmt order then i hav to check again n again whether the trade has been executed or not.
    A lot of other firms provide this service which is very handy.

    2. I dont get it why ur customer service is chargable.. It must be free…it is irritating when we hav to be on hold that too when we r being charged…

    Plz look into these points

    Rest zerodha is aweaome

    • 1. There is a cost for sending a SMS, with our low margin business it becomes very tough. We will have an option for u to pay extra for getting instant SMS soon.
      2. As i said we are a low margin business, so we have to charge for all additional frills.

  37. RB2117 says:

    Below mentioned amount deducted from my account. please explain.
    DP CHARGES₹-30.92

  38. Niranjan says:

    Is there anyway you can take out all the transactions done , day wise or order wise ,but along with other charges split up along with each row of order/trade. I couldn’t see this feature of exporting the transactions , with the brokerage and other charges for eac line item,historically done anywhere in kite or q.

    • Venu says:

      We don’t charge brokerage percentage wise and hence it wouldn’t be possible to split the brokerage and show it transaction wise.

      • Niranjan says:

        At least is it possible to get a order wise buy/sell item wise reports for a portfolio. Now I have to export and then do pivot on excels to import into my tracker. . Something similar to that? The trade book report is very cumbersome to work with

        • Niranjan says:

          The format I have got parsed out. :date:order no:buy/sell:isin:qty:price: ?

        • Venu says:

          An order can get executed in multiple trades and it becomes essential to show these details in the trade book. You should be able to sort all the date order wise/buy-sell wise which should make it easier for further analysis.

          • Niranjan says:

            Technically yes. But for managing a portfolio tracker individual orders doesn’t make sense?. Could be a separate report though. Thanks for the quick responses ?

  39. Pranav says:

    I have been investing in equity shares through Zerodha in my HUF account as they promised ZERO brokerage for all invesmtents (Delivery) trades. Untill 4th April it was fine as announced. From 5th April 2016 they suddenly changed policy and started to charge brokerage in HUF and corporate accounts without prior communication to account holders. Also the change in policy is not mentioned anywhere in website. Though the brokerage charged is a small amount but its not what was announced. Kindly look into the matter.

    • Venu says:

      Hi Pranav,
      The idea was to keep the brokerage free only for retail individual accounts and that’s what the blog mentions too. We weren’t charging earlier, but effecting this FY, it’s being charged. If you trade on your individual account, there’s no brokerage.

      • Pranav says:

        Whatever may be your idea but any change in policy should be informed to the account holders. Mention in the blog is not sufficient. Even your charge list link on the website still does not clearly mention that it is applicable to individual account only. Be responsible or else any negative mention about Zerodha with proof on social media will dent its image.

  40. Durgesh says:

    any update on margin lending on delivery trades.

  41. Syed Khadeer says:

    Dear Nithin,

    I’m a happy trader with Zerodha, though i started recently. I’m quite happy about your site, its so easy, user-friendly, and the most important thing is it is not blocked in my office, loll..!!!

    As i’m new, i have few questions:

    1. Why don’t you have an app just like your mobile website? It would be very easy for a trader like me who is an IT employee.
    2. If i buy/Sell some stock on MIS (Intra-day), sometimes i may get busy with my work, I’ll not have access/tie to change it to CNC. That you are closing it at 03:20 PM by yourself. Why don’t you convert it CNC instead, when the stock is in my Margin Value.
    3. As you guys are experienced, you don’t you suggest us some stock? and you can mention, “this is just an suggestion, the risk is up to you”.


    • Venu says:

      1. Our app is under development. We’ve done an alpha release, we’ll let you know once its out.
      2. Its tough, how would we know what stock to convert, which ones not to. This is why the choice is always with you and you can convert.
      3. There’s vested interest for every broker to give you suggestion/tips. A brokerage firm makes money regardless of whether the investor makes money or not. Our aim is to provide you the best of facilities for trading which substantially increase your odds of winning the markets.

  42. Dhanasekar says:

    one more question:

    1. what is the difference in having 3 in 1 trading account with banks and Zerodha account without 3 in 1?
    eg., do the transactions take long time (debiting or crediting) for delivery and non-delivery.

    • One of the 3 in 1 is a bank account. By us not being a bank, you will have to transfer funds before purchasing and withdraw funds when you need it to your bank account. So it can’t instant like the banks who offer 3 in 1 account. Nothing changes on the transactions side of things.

  43. Dhanasekar says:

    I am planning to get Zerodha Account but I have few questions.

    1. How Zerodha can give free brokerage account for delivery when banks cannot? What is the cache in that?
    2. Is it safe to hold shares in Zerodha Demat compare to banks Demat Accounts?
    3. If there is no brokerage charges for Delivery, is there any type of hidden charges available other than normal trading charges?

    • Hi Dhanasekar,

      1. Have explained in the blogpost above. There is no catch.
      2. Absolutely, we are among the most profitable brokerages in India. We have over 1lk happy clients today. Once you start trading, you will probably realize that we are not only the cheapest but also have the best platforms.
      3. Nopes nothing hidden, everything you need to know is here:

  44. Munish Sharma says:

    Please Include the options to trade in BSE as well in Kite.
    m first time investor and except few glitches i love the way it allows me to place order and monitor tickers.
    It wd b grt if Stock details page could show data in bar or graph format apart from Japanese candlestick.

  45. Bala says:

    Nithin Kamath,

    Utkarsh of your Account opening team provided all the needed information and assisted me in opening Account with Zerodha. He assisted me on a non-working day without any hesitation.
    The information provided for the query I raised by Dilip of your support team is really perfect and Blogs written by you are very informative. Through your blogs and your staffs guidance I’m learning more on share markets. This is a note of appreciation for your team.

    Warm Regards,

  46. Durgesh says:

    when will be margin available for delivery

  47. Masood Akhtar says:

    I am working in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I have recently applied for a new normal account with Zerodha. Although I have permanent address in India but nobody lives there at the moment as the whole family is in UAE. I will courier my completed forms to Zerodha and I have already applied and paid fees online and uploaded all documents. I have NRO account with YES bank to link with my account. I am already trading with Indiabulls and wants to switch to Zerodha. I have a working Indian mobile number with me. Will I be able to smoothly trade at Zerodha? I have not heard from Zerodha yet.

    • Masood, as long as you are mapping a normal savings bank account to a normal trading account, there shouldn’t be an issue. But if you are mapping a NRO bank account to trading account, you will need to open a NRI account with us itself. Can you send an email to [email protected]

  48. sarvesh says:

    dear sir i have few doubt about zerodha free trading in cash segment.whether intrday trading is free in cash segment? and if sell my stock on next two days i mean before the stocks get credited in dp will the brokerage be charged .and one more question i want to ask in derivative segment, how many lots at max of options of any particular stock can i buy in single order .?

    • Venu says:

      Only delivery trades are brokerage free. Intraday trades are levied a brokerage of 0.01% subject to a max of Rs.20/order.

      If you do a BTST trade, no DP charges. If you sell on T+2 day, then DP charge will be charged. Click on this link to know the maximum number of lots you can buy in one order. For Nifty it’s 10000 qty

  49. Samir says:


    I am very happy with your services. I told about your 0 delivery charges to my dad and he just cant belive its possible. He thinks its a Ponzi scheme. I would request you guys to add a token 0.01% brokerage even to delivery trades to please the sckeptics and cynics.

    • Venu says:

      We do add a token brokerage of 1 paisa per contract note, if there’s a delivery trade. Why don’t you make a few delivery trades and show the contract notes to your dad 🙂

  50. Narayana R says:

    Dear Nithin, pls confirm if zero brokerage on delivery trades is applicable to F group securities on BSE (listed Non Convertible Debentures NCDs) / N* series securities on NSE (listed Bonds in CM, eg. MUTHOOTFIN-N6)? Regards,Narayana.


    hi nitin. my client code is – RS 8713. for the last 10 days i am calling & submiting tickers for support,but u r support staff is harassing me by saying that we will call after 10 minutes but never calls. my grievance is – now i am unable to log in + earlier when i logged there was no live streaming of chart in pi. earlier i was able to log in but a mail came from u r support department to change certain settings. after changing settings i am unable to log in now. please help me,if not helped then i will close my account with heavy heart as i was enjoying trading with zerodha.

  52. Sutharsan says:


    There are competitors who are providing Futures trading with just the span margin (without exposure margin). Is this something Zerodha can implement ? Any known drawbacks in this approach?

    • Sutharsan, providing higher leverage is risky for both the broker and the client. Also exchanges mandates to collect Exposure margin upfront, so if someone does allow you, he is not playing by the rules.

  53. alaise says:

    Kit doesn’t refresh some times especially after evening.

  54. Siva says:

    Can u share the fee structure for margin buying ? and ETA ?

  55. Ravishankar says:

    Dear Sir
    In mobile trading platform there are only NRML and MIS…for delivery based trading there is no CNC???
    which option to use??

  56. Praveen says:

    Add VTC and I’ll sign up in a day. Only thing that’s been holding me back till now..

  57. Sarang Pethe says:

    Hello Nitin,

    Its a very good move. I thank you as one of the retail investor. Just want to know if the zero brokerage is applicable on both Buy and Sell trades ?

  58. Raj says:

    Hello Mr.Nitin,
    I have heard about Zerodha and your product structure looks attractive.
    I would like to know if you have any plans to make zero AMC for DP accounts and free account opening. Recently I interacted with RKSV,SASonline and Zerodha as well. Among all I would definitely give a thumbsup to Zerodha because of two important things. 1 Attracting investor by making zero brokerage for delivery and 2. Better charting platform than peers. I have not yet experienced the software till now apart from watching the video.
    What I am surprised is that though you have made zero brokerage for delivery which none of your peers have done so far, zerodha is yet to make Zero AMC for DP accounts while your peers are attracting small time investors with the plan of Zero DP AMC.That is a big move for capturing small time investors. I feel you should also consider about making it Zero AMC. Because making Zero brokerage might favor investors who invest in huge amount. But for small time investors, yearly AMC is still a concern.I am very much sure your client base will definitely show a steep rise when you open the door for small time investors. Cheers! and best wishes


  59. Vj says:

    Hi Team,

    I refereed a friend of mine some days ago, but he dint turn up within 60 days . As per the details provided, his details will be deleted from your record after 60 days . But is their anything like i can not refer him again ? Now he want to sign up and i tried to refer and i got the error as ” Sorry Duplicate Data (Sorry record with this Email-Id aleady exists).” Please guide.


  60. Muthu Nagarajan says:

    Dear Nithin,

    would be great if you could offer margin funding for F&O trades too at a cost. As of now am trading a low risk strategy with another broker in chennai while he charges 0.75% p.m towards the margin funds.

  61. Balaji says:

    RMS. Blocked for bse_cm norml

    RMS. Blocked for bse_cm norml

    am getting this error what to do

  62. kalyan says:

    for delivery trade sud i have 10o% fund for that trade at that time or can pay residual amount by online fundtransfer with in 2 days as eg with offline broker

  63. Manoj says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Pi 5 min chart is distorted in every Monday morning session. But the next day it is working fine. I am not sure whether the issue is resolving the same day itself because, i am not using the terminal whole day. But the issue is automatically fixed in the next day.
    To reproduce the issue take 2days 5 min chart from watch list at around 9.15 to 9.45 morning.


    • Manoj, on monday if you open a 5 min 2 day chart, it considers Sat/Sunday as the two days. Because of this, the chart starts afresh from monday morning and makes it look distorted. So when u open a chart on monday, open a 3/5 day chart.

  64. ravi says:

    can zerodha provide kite background color black and text white?

  65. Nitin says:

    I am facing this issue ever since i joined your brokerage. i would really want you to add the BSE
    segment on your kite trading platform, because when i am in the move i want to trade a few BSE scripts i cannot and this becomes really annoying to see one of my opportunities going away
    right in front of me.

    The 0% brokerage is really a great initiative by your company , thanks for this.
    I really hope you put this feature on your kite platform ASAP.

  66. chandru says:

    Nitin ,

    I m sorry for posting this question here . Do you foresee or plan to have Kite basic and Kite Premium as a trading platform.

    I am asking this question since there are so many amazing unthinkable tools and cost a bomb . Would you enter that space and offer premium services to people who need them at some level ?

    Online screening scanners tools during which give you a opportunity to get into intraday or future options equities with volumes that are bearish , bullish , highs , lows n so on .

    • Chandru, if you go through all the posts you will realize that everyone has a different requirement. So if we had to build, it has to be a combo of NT, Ami, MS, Esignal, Thinkorswim, Options oracle, and more. 🙂 It is not really possible to do everything in one platform. Hence we have launched Kite API’s and have invited technology firms to come build trading platforms. These firms which build the platform can charge a premium to use their specialized services.

  67. uma says:

    Is there any way out to pay reduced stamp duty in respect of clients from Tamilnadu etc. (for f&o transactions)

  68. sohil says:

    i have a trading account with zerodha. Will i have to send documents again for opening demat? Or just a form?

  69. RA5660 says:

    Dear Sir,
    My CONTRACT NOTE NO.: 1667217 where in a brokerage is charged. If from 1-dec-2015 the brokerage is zero then why still I am getting brokerage as per details below:


    UNREALISED PROFIT₹-13,040.40
    Total charges

    SERVICE TAX₹1.13
    STAMP DUTY₹2.03
    Please reply. ty.

    • Venu says:

      You’ve made an Intraday trade on which brokerage is charged. 0 brokerage is on all delivery trades. No brokerage is charged on your KEC sale transaction

  70. chandru says:

    Sudipta ,

    Initially we all faced issues with Pi , I must say that Nitin & Team Zerodha have put in sincere efforts to make Pi & Kite the best trading platform in the industry . Its user friendly , They listen to their customers and take inputs in every upgrade that they do . This is my personal experience.

    I dont think Edelwiess , HDFC or Nest has the guts to respond to customer suggestions the way Nitin & Team do. Its hard to get a response from Big companies .Team Zerodha is always receptive and i am sure they will remain this way.

    Kite has made me a semi professional day trader few months from now that will be my bread n butter . God willing & Zerodha willing 🙂

  71. Vj says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Congratulation on the bold step towards making retail investment easy and competitive .Happy to be associated with Zerodha.

    I have question regarding share transfer from Zerodha to my brother account to consolidate some lagging stocks.

    1) How do i do it ? What is the procedure ?
    2) What are the charges you levy for transfer .

    Do let me know if i can do it online ?


    • Venu says:

      1) When you opened your ILFS demat account, you would have received a Welcome Kit which would contain Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS). You have to fill in the DIS and send it to us. We’ll get the transfer done through ILFS.
      2) Will cost you Rs.12.5+ST for each ISIN you’re transferring.

  72. BGR says:

    This is a great initiative. I appreciate it a lot. But if it doesn’t work out, know that most of the investors don’t find it hard to give away 20 rupees as STT itself generally comes much higher.

    Anyways, thank you very much Mr Nithin. You are the greatest entrepreneur in India’s stock market. And unlike other entrepreneurs, you don’t just fritter money that comes freely from VCs. I am sure you will end up revolutionising the stock market of India. I will certainly recommend Zerodha to as many people as possible.

  73. Sudipta Guha Thakurta says:

    It is good to see zero brokerage, but it would have been better if your trading platform could be made simpler, rather than making it zero brokerage. I am not able to appreciate it. See the reasons below:

    My ID is RS6963. You can check how many trades I have done since I opened the account. Almost nil. You wont believe what amount I am still trading in ICICIDirect. I do not want to trade there. I opened an account with Zerodha with a hope to trade, but in vain.

    Before I list down the problems, let me tell you that I am a software engg, working in IT industry for 15 yrs. I do know about computers. If I am facing these issues, I don’t know what the people of the 2-tier and 3-tier cities will do, for whom you made it zero brokerage.

    1. I see too many things you have, Q to Pi to trade platform etc. etc. Why so many things ? Why cant it be 1 simple web application and that’s all. I even forget where I need to go for trade, where I need to go for fund etc. It is very cumbersome. Too many options confuse the user.

    2. I don’t know who design your UI, but it is one of the hardest UI probably I have seen.

    3. Every time I try to login, it says password is invalid. Each time I think, let me trade today in Zerodha, first I get lost among so many different products you have… then I try to login and it says password is invalid. I reset it and then the irony starts.

    4. I just now did the same, I reset my password. With the new password I could login to and the same password is not working in I tried the new password, the old password, the first password, nothing works. I don’t know what to do !

    5. In, I went to Trade Express, one popup screen opened (again, pls tell your UI designer that such popup screens were used one decade back, it is now considered bad UI design) – there are 3 sections, all are disabled and says “Security Vulnerable”. I do visit lot many financial websites including 3 bank sites, no problem anywhere. I doubt there is a security problem here.

    6. I logged into and went to my holdings… everything is Zero. Went to Funds… and everything is Zero !! I am scared !! Where is my money gone ? I have no idea. I sincerely hope that my money is safe, my holdings are not lost, and it is only a technical error. God knows !

    No Thanks.

    • arun says:

      q password is different from trading platforms.

    • Supipta, I am having someone check on the password issue with immediately. The platform is built by a vendor (Omnesys, now thomson reuters) and agree that it is below average. I know we have multiple platforms, but all you need to know is Check this post. From within kite, you can initiate our reporting tool Q. One of the issues with Kite currently is that in the night (before 8am in the morning) it doesn’t show any holdings/funds, it will be showing up on Q. But we are fixing this. I will get someone to call you back and give a quick demo on this.

      • Sudipta Guha Thakurta says:

        Thanks Nithin. I somewhat got a way to execute the trade now. It is not very user-friendly, and I highly appreciate that you acknowledged it. Let us make it better. We can wait. Your zero brokerage concept can make a huge impulse – but if the trading experience is not smooth, it will fail. We want Zerodha’s success. Hence few suggestions.

        1. Please make one all-in-one website. All the other products can be simply linked from here. If kite is already like that, then fine. One website and one password for everything. One login pwd and one transaction pwd concept is ok – but probably not necessary. An alert person will take similar care of both the passwords. Double password, in my opinion, does not increase the security – because most of the users will keep both passwords similar – for ease of memory. So practically it adds hardly any advantage. ICICI Bank had this 2 password concept but they came out of it. We do not need to imitate them. But we can think over it.

        2. Password expiry every 14 days – good security measure. But is it really ? Every user in such scenario will use one fixed part in the password and then some number, and he will just keep replacing the number. It is not possible for us to keep remembering one unique password every fortnight. The only other way is to write it down somewhere – which is equally bad from security perspective. Let us either increase the frequency from 14 days to 3 months or so…. Otherwise let us allow the user to use some old password again.

        3. We should have some easy ways for fund transfer. The fund transfer is supported, but as I see from some other users also, it is not very robust and smooth. I have HDFC account, so I can do it little easily than one who does not have HDFC account. But overall, this can be improved further (until the day Zerodha starts its own banking operations).

        4. The entire website (talking about Q and kite) can be reviewed by some UI expert. I am not an expert here, but few things I think can be improved – like, there is a lot of acronyms used, may be to fit the data within short space, but a new user will find himself lost in it. In kite, I was not able to see any Buy or Sell button. One support staff explained that I have to hover on the script, then Buy & Sell options will come – that to acronym as “B” and “S”. I want to salute the person who did this UI really 🙂 It is like, solve the puzzle and then you can trade :)) These are just examples. The entire UI needs improvement.

        Wish you the success. And this time, thank you very much !

        • Venu says:

          1. Kite can serve as a all-in-one website for you. Kite is our next generation web trading platform which is minimalistic yet extremely responsive. Have you traded on yet? Within Kite, you can navigate to Q, your backoffice without having to enter any password. This way you only have to remember one password.

          2. Password expiry has been extended to 90 days. This has been in place for quiet some time now.

          3. We’re facilitating fund transfer through a 3rd party vendor. Unless Zerodha is offering its own banking services, it’d be difficult to make further improvements

          4. Q version 2.0 is going to get launched soon 🙂

          • Sudipta Guha Thakurta says:

            Thanks Venu. On point 2 – it is good to see the update, but when I reset my password yesterday, and selected a new password, in that screen somewhere it said the password will expire in 14 days. May be the msg has not been updated in entire site. I saw this msg last night.

    • BGR says:

      Q.zerodha is like a ledger book for accounting and looking at the trades of the past. Pi is a PC software. Kite is a browser based trading platform- like a website and mobile app is just like pi but instead it uses mobile. I agree with the holdings part. Sometimes they do maintenance work and it goes to 0 in after trading hours! Also, sometimes it just refuses to load and you will have to refresh the web page.

      Also, please note that passowrd for all trading platforms are same- kite, mobile or pi but is different from Q (unless you set them as same)

  74. Bhaskar says:

    Hai Nitin….. You are rocKING

  75. Arjun says:

    Hi Zerodha ,

    Kudos to you for taking such an initiative , right now in kite i’m unable to list BSE companies.will this be fixed ???


  76. Kailash says:

    This is the first time you have mentioned Happy Investing, Nithin. Paradigm shift?

  77. arun says:

    What is the cost of kite apis? Is it charged per call or a flat fee? Is it worth for a individual to get access to it for automation?

  78. Really impressive. You continue to innovate and implementing new standards in brokerage service. Zero delivery based trading is unexpected. The more i trade and invest with Zerodha, more I am satisfied.

    Your tools helped me in improving my trade entry and returns are better than my previous brokerage.

  79. chandru says:

    Nitin ,

    Has Zerodha increased intraday trading margins . My guess was 9x for a particular equity and now is 11x . Is this true or maybe i overlooked.


  80. Girish says:

    Glad to see Zero brokerage news!
    Thanks to Zerodha & Nitin Kamath Sir!

    Girish S B
    Long term Investor

  81. Investor says:

    Hi Nitin
    My query is still unanswered. Reliability of a trading platform is of the utmost importance. Due to this great scheme suppose your userbase increases by 20x. What are your plans to cope up with it considering huge investment required for infrastructure and you are not charging for brokerage.

    • Venu says:

      Going 0 brokerage does not mean what we’ll compromise on the technology. As mentioned earlier, our focus is on providing you world class technology at the benefit of paying no/low brokerage.

  82. hmt80 says:

    I want the scrip wise transaction charges for my trades. I am able to see only the consolidated charges in q backoffice under p&l statement. If i trade on multiple scripts in a day , then P&L will show mw consolidated brokerage , service tax, turnover charges etc. it does not show me script-wise charges incurred.
    Where can i get this report

  83. Jibin says:

    I have a trading and demat account with aditya birla my universe.Is it possible to open a Trading only account with Zerodha and connect to existing aditya birla Demat account?If possible please let me konw the procedures?
    Thanking You

    • Yes Jibin you can link the other demat account. The only issue is that you will be able to buy through us, but you will have to sell the stocks through them (at their brokerage). So it would be best to open a demat with us.

  84. Ashwin says:

    Even though I sell equity(delivery) it will
    Not attract any brokerege.

  85. ankush charagi says:

    hiii dear zerodha team
    1stly congratulations to u for breaking all the barriers n giving traders like me every possible opportunity to make profits,i would like to know the leverage u r planning to give trders for margin lending in equity delivery traders…like in MiS u give 9 times leverage in intraday equity trade.thanks

    • Venu says:

      We’ll let you buy for a certain amount exceeding what’s available and you’d be charged interest for it. We’ll give you more details soon.

  86. Nirmala says:

    I am your client for long and have deep appreciation for your innovative approach.
    I have two questions.
    1. Please tell the date till which bracket order and cover order facility will be out for kite. I am waiting for it since long. Will it be functional in December?
    2. Do you provide any one to one training apart from varsity initiative, I am greatly benefitted by varsity and continuing to be so, but still I want to get training on technical analysis and on pie bridge. Will you offer amibroker like services for kite also in future? I like kite more than pie.

    Please can I talk to someone on this over phone. My client Id is dn1452 and phone is 09953282431.

  87. ISPG says:

    kite is a wonderful platform to trade with very clean User interface.

    varsity is a very good place to learn about markets and it is very useful.

    I think zerodha should also start monthly fixed brokerage plans for active traders

  88. Fazil Ahmed says:

    Appreciate for your concerned to the retail investors.

    i would like to know stoploss is enabled for equity delivers?

    • Venu says:

      Yes, Stop loss orders can be placed but they remain valid only for the day. If the SL doesn’t get hit by eod, order gets cancelled.

  89. Tirumala Krishna Vasu Dev Rao Srilam says:

    No words are there to say again.. Once again we are the real businessman giving benefits to clients like no one else did in past and no one can do in future.

    Great Great Sir!!! Many one have saved their brokerage with your company sir. I personally congratulate you for the bright future for all Zerodha Team.


  90. Gopal Biswas says:

    My demat acc is with iisl can I get this zero brokerage in delivery eq trade.

  91. SAI RAM says:

    thank for every thing but one more thing is that if guys provide margin 1:5 on delivery basis for 7days like sharekhan and ventura provides that will be grate addition for low magine people thanks for u r work

  92. Wajid says:


    I have DEMAT account with ICICI and would like to move all my equities into Zerodha.

    I already have Zerodha account for F&O.

    What should I do next ?

    • Venu says:

      –> Get your Demat account opened and get yourself enabled for Equity
      –> Transfer your Equity shares by using a DIS that you would have received from ICICI on opening demat account
      –> Trade Equity Delivery with Zerodha brokerage free!
      Will get your Sales manager to give you a call and help


    AWESOME sir,
    Already every body so much praising and no words left to say again.. Once again you are the real
    entrepreneur giving /sharing benefits to clients like no one else did in past and no one can do like

    Sir you are great !! Had you started this company 15 years ago, many traders and investors could have built their fortune just with saved brokerage alone !!!


  94. Investor says:

    Thanks for the great initiative.
    Only point I am apprehensive is :-
    Due to this offer when your no of user & trades go up, hope your server and bandwidth can support so much volume.
    Today Trade express was not responding.

  95. Kiran L says:

    I appreciate your initiative…but please please make your website/app a very good userfriendly… as of now(other than kite), none of your platforms are user friendly…


  96. mpatel says:

    when we try to download prefilled demat form from Q, following message is coming:
    ” FPDF error: This document (ZerodhaDsep15.pdf) probably uses a compression technique which is not supported by the free parser shipped with FPDI.”

  97. Vishal Sushil Bhuta says:

    Amazing work, Team Zerodha.. All the the best for the current and future disruption .. We genuinely need it..

  98. Tamilarasan says:

    Nithin, This is really a great news for Investors & Traders. I guess there will be Portfolio Management Service will also be launched soon. Kite, Pi, Zero brokerage everything are great initiatives! If we have a Free portfolio management tool, like MC or Birla or ET…it will be great for Investors using Zerodha to use the PMS Tool which can automatically add their investments. Thanks Nithin!

  99. Dipti says:

    great initiative , but I want one thing , can we get sms(real time not in evening) after order getting executed. Kotak and other brokers are doing same thing.

  100. Shailender Bali says:


    Congratulations on making delivery trades brokerage-free !

    Are you still in collaboration with IL&FS as DP or you have your own ?


  101. Jalpan Trivedi says:


  102. Sumanth says:

    Sounds really Amazing.. I’ve 400 qty’s of XYZ stocks which i bought in August’15 and planning to buy 300 qty’s in the upcoming weeks but i’ve a confusion about the sell. Can you tell me whether the brokerage will be waived off for those 400 qty’s too if i sell them as it was bought before your free brokerage plan?

  103. Shyam Halepeti says:

    Is there any charge on fund transfer from bank account to Zerodha or vice versa? Can I transfer funds from any bank or is there a restriction for particular bank?

  104. Aman says:

    Will the mutual fund platform support direct option? If you can and then charge a small fees, it can be a unique business since then the people will not have to individual funds site.

  105. Mahendra Panchal says:

    Well done Zerodha, I was sort of expecting this coming from you. Now my DP is with IL&FS, will this 0 brokerage apply to me or will I have to shift to Zerodha’s DP with CSDL?

  106. Anu says:

    Hi Nithin & Team,
    Its really awesome move. Congratulations to you and team. ofcourse my trades are mostly in F&O and may not effect my trades. But small investors will be very much happy with the move.
    ZERODHA!!!! keep rocking.


  107. Sathish says:

    Wow great initiative, but unless and until bank FD rate comes down to 3-4%, none will look at Stock Market. Indians by default take less risk.

  108. Prasanna Rao says:

    Nithin bhai, this is a great initiative. All the best. We will spread the word.

  109. Ambrish Verma says:

    Awesome initiative! Let the cat loose amongst the pigeons, have you? Kudos!!

  110. S.Dass says:


  111. Pratik says:

    Amazing Zerodha! I’m just wondering how do you plan to survive in the long term! Kudos to the whole team!!!

  112. Karan Samal says:

    Don’t you think this will kill the competition? Healthy competition is always good.

    • Venu says:

      The need of the hour is to get more people to invest in the markets. Less than 0.1% of our population is invested. Its about time someone bought a change and we believe this change is in that direction.

  113. roy says:

    Wonderful news for investors ! As always you keep going from strength to strength. All the best for your upcoming ventures going forward.

  114. pravardhan says:

    My question is… Will you be able to generate profits without Delivery based brokerage? Or is it done as a part of capturing market share with the funded money? If you are able to generate profits, then i have no doubts on the initiative 🙂

    • Venu says:


      Though this decision might sound random, but we have been planning on this for a while.

      We have just launched Kite trade restful API’s for institutions. These API’s can be used by prop desks for trading, or by technology firms who want to disrupt the brokerage business by building unique trading front end and let us, Zerodha, take care of all the operations (Brokerage as a service model). These API’s will come at a fee, so this would mean institutions trading with us will help subsidize the retail investors.
      We are soon starting margin lending for a fee for equity delivery trades. By margin lending, I mean clients who want to buy stocks worth more than the money they have in their trading accounts for delivery.
      All F&O and equity intraday trades would continue to be charged at Rs 20 or 0.01% whichever is lower per executed order. Equity investment would mean any stock that you buy and hold to the next day.
      We are hoping that in the process of adding investors, we will also be able to add to our active F&O trading client base.

      For our plan to be a success, we will need your continued support. Do help spread the word.

  115. Harish says:

    You guys are the best innovators in this area. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!

  116. gopalakrishnan s says:

    Mr Nithin
    I having trade a/c with you demat map of others as per your earlier message the pdf is not open for demat ac with you .Kindly send me the forms in mail. Code DG0910

  117. Belphegor says:

    hi Nithin – still many things need to be done:

    1) Bracket orders and Cover Orders should have facility to be converted in CF positions at the end of the day
    2) Bracket orders should be allowed to be modified by your team when call-and-trade happens
    3) MCX intraday margins are still very high – can be worked upon
    4) Cover orders also should be allowed to be place at a particular price instead of market price

    • Venu says:

      1) There are other product types that facilitate conversion, not something that is in the immediate scheme of things.
      2) If your initial bracket order gets executed in parts, the stop loss order and the target order will get placed as multiple order. It wouldn’t be feasible for the call center team to modify each of these orders which is why we don’t provide facility for bracket order. Also the slight complexity in the nature of BO orders.
      3) This can be debated regardless of how much ever its reduced. The margins for Intraday are set considering various parameters. We’ll review it and see what best can be done.
      4) Working on this.

  118. Prasad says:

    Excellent step. I would request you guys to add BSE scripts as well to kite platform.

  119. Prasanna says:

    Hi Nithin & team,

    Hats off to you for such a wonderful innovation, step in the right direction.

    as the saying goes you require two hands to clap; highly appreciable as a private player you are taking such a bold and decisive step in encouraging the public in large to come forward to increase the investment/trading climate in the country (which as you mentioned is 100Lots = z charges
    >200 Lots = w charges

    the exchanges should concentrate/target the large domestic and FII’s for the deductions and spare the small RETAIL investors/traders.

    regret the language but my heart bleeds when brokerage (ZERODHA) being a private player focusing on increasing the penetration of investment while the exchanges are having a SOUND SLEEP.

    wake up NSE, it is already too late!

  120. Raj says:

    Brilliant move.

  121. SCM says:

    Do you offer zero brokerage for PIS delivery for NRI accounts or is there any plan to reduce brokerage cost for PIS account holders ?

    • Venu says:

      For NRI the charges will remain as before. The support process for clearing NRI trades involves incremental efforts which is why don’t see any reduction in costs.

  122. Rajat says:

    Are there any other charges or tax excluding brokerage that we would need to pay?

  123. P.S.Kutty says:

    your initiative is wonderful.
    Never thought zero brokerage is possible.
    Hopefully more and more people would be attracted with your initiative to educate the ordinary public.
    I am reminded of a saying that ” You can give a piece of fish to satisfy his hunger for a day, but if you teach him how to fish ,he will no longer go hungry”


  124. Gourav says:

    Thank you 🙂

  125. Manav says:

    Dear Team, Great inititaive . Just wanted to know how can i transfer my shares in reliance demat to Zeroda Demat. Thank you .

  126. Kinshuk says:

    Wow…zerodha rocks 🙂

  127. Zerodha fan says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,

    You guys just don’t know to rest on you laurels! Yet another game changing move from Nithin and team. But along with the quick excitement on hearing this I also felt a sense of unease thinking of the hit on your bottom-line. Revert back to the old brokerage model if this does not work out profit-wise as you expected, and I am sure no one will mind. You are too valuable to all !

    Much respect and sincere wishes
    Zerodha user fan

  128. Investor says:

    What is the demat a/c opening procedure and charges?

  129. Nilesh says:

    Great Initiative!!! Looking forward for BSE addition.

  130. Investor says:

    Are the demat a/cs are being opened by ILFS or now are you opening it yourself?

  131. Rahul says:

    Wat about intraday is it .01% r 20 lower
    Is it 20 what ever trade volume/value?

  132. A S Krishna Reddy says:

    Great ans surprise move by zerodha. It encourages small time investors like me. Looking forward for kite iphone app.


  133. Mk Choudhary says:

    This will let Zerodha a Step ahead in Broking. I Really appreciate your stuff.
    Updated an article on my blog regarding this:
    Just do something innovative with Auto Trading and Strategy implementation.

  134. Manohar says:

    Good move

    But if we would have been more good, if you focus more on building all the missing features in kite like BSE stocks etc before we give goodies

    For a real / serious long term investor like me, 20/- may not be good incentive. Having good features will be good incentive for me to use kite more

    hope to see good enhancements in KITE soon

    • Yes, BSE, VTC, Equity SIP, all on its way.

      • Raja says:

        Any updates on VTC orders? It’s been more than a year since your above comment… It will be the most useful feature in Zerodha.

        • Venu says:

          While I agree that VTC is one of the most wanted features, currently there’s no concept of VTC at the Exchanges. All un-executed orders are canceled by the Exchange post market close. Brokers providing the VTC facility, store such unexecuted orders on their servers and push them on market opening the subsequent day. It’s a very hacky way of providing the GTC facility, something that we are not comfortable doing for now and hence the delay.

          • Raja says:

            I understand… IMHO nothing whacky…

            I am a cash delivery investor and I cant monitor markets continuously… I had to open a full service broker account just for VTC feature… I put buy and sell levels on my scripts and only look at email statements at the end of day… I mean I had to choose between nil brokerage and the highest brokerage just cos its such a convenience…

            Everything is there in Zerodha except the VTC… I mean no brokerage on liquid bees… Thats so cool I park my surplus there and use it when market falls… Just this VTC feature is keeping me away…

            Request you to consider it as a great value addition to this incredible platform you guys have built….

            • Venu says:

              While we understand that value it adds to the platform, there are constraints which are preventing us from providing this facility for now. We’ve never shied from providing different features that our clients have asked for in the past. We’ll let you know once this is available.

  135. Ashutosh says:

    Hello Venu,

    i am a Window Phone lover and wants to know where you are going to launch Kite App for Windows phone too?

    Actually i am not able to trade from my mobile as kite do not support Internet Explorer.

    Kindly guide me…

  136. M Kithan says:

    This is one of the best initiatives undertaken by a brokerage firm..Kudos to you Zerodha…Keep up the good work 🙂

  137. Raghu V says:

    This is really Awesome Nithin.
    I use to be holding an account with another brokerage where they use to charge for every other service they provide.
    I use to be an aggressive trader few years back and suffered huge losses and almost 30% of losses were on account of brokerage.
    I was really delighted to find a platform like Zerodha about 4 years back.
    Though I turned to an investor from trader now, I still do some trading occasionally.
    Though its really good and bit surprising that you are going to offer zero brokerage but I suggest that quality should not be compromised for this.
    I don’t mind paying 100 rupees flat brokerage for delivery provided the service is good.
    I use NEST platform for trading and one thing I didn’t like about is it allow maximum 40 stocks to all the watchlist’s put together.
    This I suggest should be increased significantly as I always go to another platform (though I do not trade in that) for this purpose.
    Could you check on this?
    Thanks a ton for providing platform like Zerodha which I would call a traders paradise.

  138. Partha Gopalan says:

    Awesome move Nithin and Team Zerodha… Your vision is amazing. Hopefully, the day is not too far in the future when a substantial proportion of India starts investing intelligently in the markets. THAT is when we will realize our potential. And Zerodha would have led the way!!!

    Awesome… Simply fabulous… Kudos to Team Zerodha for a great initiative!!!

  139. Basheer says:

    Im a Zerodha trader and Im happy with your service, I have a suggestion, can you start monthly subscription plan like to waveoff f&O brokerage? .It will be grateful if you can start such initiative.

    • Venu says:

      Not something that we have on cards Basheer. Our motto is to provide you the best technological tools to trade and be successful and it all comes at a cost.

  140. Aditya Jain says:

    Great going, but is it possible to add carmilla point and super trend and also if possible single window for different time frame and script change in Pi. I had asked earlier, got a positive response but still awaiting for the same. I have also noticing one thing in Pi is that the data box does not show the right value as compare to the value shown in the market watch.
    Aditya Jain

  141. Rushikesh says:

    When will you start mutual fund service?

  142. s k gautam says:

    Sir ur referal plan is very good initiative for increase no of customers, and also very useful for ur business and client’s ,I request u plz reduce withdrawal referral balance amount should be reduced to rs 1000 from rs2000. Thanks for ur excellent trading platform and customer support.

    • Venu says:

      The idea is to get you to refer more people so you earn more 🙂 The funds keep getting added to your referral wallet and can be withdrawn once it crosses 2020.

  143. Chidanand says:

    This is Great..Margin lending for how many days? Is it T+5 days, just like in ICICI direct?

    Curious to know, I have been waiting for this for long.

  144. Editorrid says:

    Dear Nithin,
    For the last 4 years I have been with Zerodha, this would be my first comment to you guys. And how! At around 3 pm today I received a message from Zerodha: “Dear Traders, starting today …” And then I was simply awestruck after I read the full message. I read twice to just ensure I didn’t really miss
    /mess up something. UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE. AWESOME! Nithin, You rock! Please note my point: your decision is surely going to be a landmark point in the history of the Indian equity investing. At the same time, I am sure as the Indian equity investing community grows bigger and bigger, your decision to make delivery trades brokerage free will certainly echo everywhere else in the world. While I say all this, I am fully aware of almost every other aspect of equity trading/investment in this country. It may not appeal to some as a big move or maybe some will just say, ‘okay, but not a big deal’. But remember, away from the issue that why Zerodha did it, the fact remains, and will remain, that it could be a much broader and wider initiative to attract lakhs of lower-income class people to the Indian equity market. If any brokerage in India could do this, it was Zerodha. On the flip side, I know several of Indian brokers/brokerages will get caught their pants down and they will have sleepless nights after this move. God help them.

    (Disclaimer: so far I have been a full time intraday trader, with not a single investment trade.)

  145. Shanthi says:

    This is great step…Really good opportunity for a retail investor. Hope, this is applicable BTST transaction as well. Thanks.

  146. Jagathesan says:

    Very nice am so happppy with zerodha

  147. Sajjan says:

    Sir margin lending for how many days in equity delivery and what is interest rate

  148. Sandhya says:

    Dear Nitin & Team Zerodha,
    Marvellous move in history of Indian Stock Market. This is really appriciable. I hope by doing this move by zerodha quality will remain the same as we are getting as on today. I hope 1 fine day will also come when there will be no brokerage in FnO segment as well.??

    May i know Nitin When will I trade fearlessly on Kite from Mobile, because it is very difficult to trade on Kite from mobile as we are unable to place orders by viewing charts. ?


  149. Payoj Jain says:

    I have been a fan of Zerodha, since i found out about it.
    And then I was introduced to Pi and Quant and it was amazing.
    Now you have launched Kite making life easier than ever.
    And now this… i mean wooow.
    You soon would be killing any and every broker out there and owning the complete market.

    Just a true fan expressing his love.

  150. anonto says:

    Free brokerage for delivery is for selected period or for lifetime….

  151. charan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    This is a great move.I have already been recommending zerodha to my friends. this will only make it more attractive. I am also going to move all my holdings to zerodha. I dont know where to post this request but it would be really helpful if you include the zig zag indicator in PI . it is one of the popular indicator used by swing traders even use it a lot in MT4 for wti crude oil. if it is there in PI i could use it to trade for stocks;


  152. Bandhan Sharma says:

    Nithin sir, you have done great jobs in regard to providing free equity delivery trades. It will help small investors to get more exposure in equity market. Hoping that your this facility is applicable on both buying and selling of scrips. Thanks and hats off to you…

  153. Dear Nitin sir Regarding Bracket order in equity in intraday are v suppose to trade the limit or can trade lesser quantity also. Like for eg on any script your limit is 300shares, can v place 200 shares also?. I checked on your margins Nifty FO is 10600 but it is Bracket order.In Bracket order stoploss gets triggered in this volatile market v end up losing instead of earning please suggest better

  154. Murugan says:


  155. Dear nitin sir, Please bring Nifty FO margin down for intraday earlier it was 25 now it is 75. Earlier the margin was around 6k now 18k. Bring it to 10k intraday. It will help small investors. Thanking you

  156. pranab says:

    I want to know ,if I place a buy order in CNC and sell the total in CNC on the same day then should I be charged brokerge?

  157. Rahul KAchhawa says:


  158. chandru says:

    Nitin ,

    Zerodha has given me a new opportunity to work from home. Thanks zerodha its because of you that i can dream of a new revenue source and learn from your blogs and trade.

    Trading with charts was a dream which has come true with zerodha . There are many like me who are afraid to trade since they need indicators to learn and move forward to trade boldly. Losses and Gains are part of the trade . But Zerodha puts things nicely and motivates confidence.

    Its only and only because of your low brokerage that i can afford to trade + learn + earn confidently and take risks. Thanks Zerodha for taking care of a new community like me who can aspire to work independently from home.

  159. Sachin says:

    Thats nice move by zerodha. Please provide good IOS platform based mobile app for complete trading on zerodha. The current IOS apps lacks lot of interfaces and not user friendly. Looking forward to it.

  160. Swanand Gadre says:

    Awesome! This strategy will work for sure!

  161. Rathish says:

    Thanks Nithin…This is a great move…..

  162. Sushant says:


    Please make available trading stop loss in delivery based positions. It will help to minimize loss and save profit from stock volatility. trailing stop loss in addition to no brokerage will really help traders to make profit in market.


  163. Murali says:

    You are awesome Guys …. Your endeavors will bear fruit and catapult you to the top in the brokerage leaderboard. No doubt. Good luck.

  164. Ashutosh says:

    Hello Nitin,

    I am window phone lover but not able to use even the kite website properly over Microsoft Explorer.

    Could you please tell me if the new Kite App will be available for Window phones too?

    Also please try to add Trailing SL over Mobile App.

    Also hats off for this Brokerage free initiative.

  165. Tanmay says:

    Great news team Zerodha and Nitin!
    One of my constant questions to all brokerages is about the order types they support. Adding VTC on delivery is a very good step in the right direction.
    I hope you’ll also bring more complex order on the platform like OCO, OTOCO, etc.
    Also, I hope that you also work on providing more real-time portfolio view in Kite, which by the way is already quite good!!
    My best wishes to team Zerodha and I look forward to Zerodha disrupting the brokerage and investment business in India!!

    • Venu says:

      Thanks! We’re working on these requirements 🙂

      • Tanmay says:

        Great! Having traded in the US markets, I can’t help but compare the platfo ms in the 2 countries. It’s good to know that there are more who share the sentiment and are working to improve things in India.
        Also, as stated by many more on this thread, trailing SL on delivery would really be awesome.

  166. ASHOK DODIA says:

    Also Please clear that If I trade on Mobile apps or kite apps or on PI platform on desktop there want be any brokerage charges for equity trading. ty

  167. ASHOK DODIA says:

    Well done sir, this means that If I trade equity on Intraday, delivery there want be any brokerage charges..any no of transactions in day session..Please endorse it. ty sir

  168. tarak says:

    We are witnessing a history getting made..

    I had asked only for liquidbees.. you guys gave much more than that.

    Best Regards

  169. saju jacob says:

    Great news to hear about no brokerage for delivery.congrats Mr kamath &zerodha! Keep it up I will see to that I bring 5 more clients from angel next month after I evaluate all your softwares.

  170. Malay Vora says:

    A great initiative by Zerodha. Hoping for below facilities to come soon
    BSE shares on Kite
    BO CO orders on Kite.
    Kite to replace current Mobile Trading App.
    I also hope Zero Brokerage on Equity will not have any adverse impacts on F&O trading in coming future.

  171. suresh says:

    This is a very bold move. This will send a cold shiver ip the spine of many oldies in the field.

    With this move , I think you need to split the trade positions into three. A) intraday, B) T+2 & C) DP holdings. And display their P&L separately.

    Thank you and may god bless you

  172. Lalit sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings for the day.
    This is remarkable and sacrifice for the betterment. Where as the other will not even think about it.
    Great, Great and Great initiative taken.

  173. Muralidharan says:

    Nithin & Team,

    Wow! Zero brokerage on Delivery. Way to go, Kudos team.
    Please update the page as well.

    Keep rocking!

  174. Aditya Banka says:

    So now the Equity Intra day is flat 20 , regardless of the Volume.
    Even if I buy and sell stocks worth 1000 in Intraday .. I have to pay 20+20?

  175. Cgandu says:

    Only through kite orders ir nest and pi also

  176. Vimal says:

    sir zabardast offer by brokerage.unbelievable. salute and thanks.

  177. Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

    Shocking news( to other brokerage houses) !!!!

    Delightful news to the traders . Great going Zerodha. You created history !!!

    Thanks for the news.

    Ramana murthy

  178. Abhijit Sen says:

    Excellent initiative. Just wonder how technology has changed over 2 decades. It was 2% brokerage for a retail investor then. Today its finally ZERO.

  179. binu says:

    great move by zerodha , wishes to Team Zerodha,

    please look in to give some concession to your older customers by deducting some percentage of brokerage in all segments ,

    thank you.

  180. Sainath Reddy says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I would like to see BSE too in KITE. When can I expect this to happen?

  181. Nawab Shabir says:

    Great initiative, it will surely boost investors confidence
    Very useful particularly for BTST positions
    Keep it up guys..Being intraday trader as well as investor i have saved lot of brokerage ever since i joined Zerodha ..You proved that you care for Clients, hats off to you people

  182. Great Day in Indian Brokerage Industry. By doing zerodha has put its value in India’s best Company.

    Please add Avg Trade line in Pi(I mean is the line on pi chart where we can see Where we have shorted or long)

    Thanks Nitin and Team.

  183. R MUTHUKUMARAN says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Great and unbelievable offer. There was a comment on sustainability, I am confident that you would have thought through and will come up with a model to be emulated by all.Good wishes to Team Zerodha.

  184. RAVI says:

    SIR IT’S

    • Venu says:

      Yes, its for all clients. We’ll still be charging for Equity Intraday and F&O trades whose income will be shared with our partners.

  185. Sunil says:

    This is very good move to encourage people to have equity investment in a nation where people hardly invest in equity. I like idea of not to waive off brokerage on margin and FNO products. Let’s not encourage people for trading.

  186. nancy says:

    hi nithin,also want to know will there be any demat charges,AMC AND what will be the turnover charges for delivery of shares as many including me have only trading account

    • Venu says:

      DP charges will be levied as it’s to be paid to depositories. Same with AMC. Turnover charges will be levied as it’s payable to the Exchanges and its levied at 0.00325%.

  187. Ankit shah says:

    Hey Nithin Sir,

    Good Afternoon Sir,

    I just want to clarify that ur customers don’t have to pay a single rupee for equtiy delivery buying and selling.

    And do we have to pay something for that or it’s absolutely free.

    Thank you Sir.

  188. Manohar B says:

    When is Kite mobile app launching as the current app sucks big time where it is slow,lagging,unresponsive,takes light years to launch,cumbersome to use …
    Just ensure its light where it can work with minimum bandwidth fastly

  189. Chanveer Hiremath says:

    Hi Nithin and Team,
    This is one of the revolutionary move in the history of Indian stock market and I hope it will bring tons of new investors into the Indian stock market especially the younger generation of our country, If it do so then your team efforts will be paid off. Once again i would like to say thanks and all the best for your business and its a remarkable move in the market. I wish you and your team get all success in the future.

  190. Jaspal Singh Bindra says:

    I had joined Zerodha because i did’t like the high brokerage i was paying. But can’t imagine zero brokerage. NIthin your are amazing. I wish the company great success in all future endeavors. My experience with Zerodha for last eight months has been wonderful. I wish that Zerodha becomes the top brokerage and best in the business. Best Wishes and may success touch your feet.

  191. chirag says:

    Sir zerodha mobile app totally sucks please launch a new mobile app. sir, it is difficult to trade with mobile browser all the time. So, please update the mobile app.

  192. Chintan sodha says:

    This is amazing.I am a futures trader(MCX,FNO) we also want free in this segments.

    • Venu says:

      That’s a little too much to ask for 🙂 How do you expect your favorite brokerage to give you more awesome tools if we don’t earn anything 🙂

  193. Prashanth says:

    Thanks Nithin! It makes absolute sense! Zerodha is definitely paving the way towards market maturity and increased participation into the equity markets! Hats off!

  194. Prashanth says:

    great step Nithin

  195. Manikandan says:

    any ETA for margin on equity pledge for new Zerodha DP ?

    just started my long term equity portfolio …. waiting eagerly for margin on equity pledge to begin options selling …

  196. Apurv says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I agree this a great move for the end customers but shouldn’t business sustainability also be considered as important for end customer. As an active customer of Zerodha I am worried if this decision will lead to erosion of sustainability of your business model. I do not want to revert back to trading on the so called bigger brokerage firms and I am ready to shell out few extra bucks as brokerage for that.

    • Akshay Aggarwal says:

      Thats right ! I also dont want to have compromises on quality front just to get more quantity. Please adding more burden might not be good for long run.
      Hope u have some backup plan,, i have really started loving zerodha due to ur special consideration towards softwares unlike other who believe in call n trade and option and dont give much options to regulars/IT enthusiast,

      • Venu says:

        It was never about the cost. Right from 2010 when we started, our focus was always on providing you better technology, amazing customer support and empower you in making better decisions while trading and it will remain that way. The added advantage was that all this came at a surprisingly low cost of Rs.20/order. We’ve thought this through. This is where we wanted to get to when we started off business initially in 2010. Zerodha = Zero + Rodha (Barriers) and here we are today 🙂

    • Venu says:

      Also, we’re a population of 120+ cr with 2 crore demat account, that’s less than 2%. That’s quiet dismal considering a growing economy like ours. We need more participation for our markets to mature and someone had to do something revolutionary to get it going. Guess it had to start with us 🙂

  197. mpatel says:

    Great initiative, do you have any such plans (zero brokerage) for NRI customers? Thanks

  198. Sumit says:

    What’s is your DP charges for Delivery?

  199. K R ANAND says:

    Hello Nithin,
    When are we getting SL-M order type in Bracket order?

  200. Tarang says:

    Greart step in Indian Brokerage History……Kudos to u Nithin…

  201. abhishek agnihotri says:

    Kya Baat Hai . . . Zerodha is Next Flipkart . . . going to be even bigger

  202. Aj says:

    Is this applicable for existing clients also?

  203. Kailash Chaturvedi says:

    Sooper. Ye dil mange More facilities for traders … Gr8 going.
    Regards with thanks

  204. gk says:

    what about the referral system ? will you pay for the them ?

    • Nikhil Aralimatti says:

      I believe the referral system still remains intact. Brokerage generated will be shared.

    • No, since we will not be earning on equity delivery trades, no referral will be paid. It will continue for F&O and intraday equity trades.

      • satyen.sarangan says:

        i was surprised at low brokerage, when was browsing for a broker and came across that some humane individual is in this earth who cares for the “Retail” investors and trader.
        Today i was further amazed to receive an SMS stating that “equity delivery trades will be absolutely brokerage free”.
        My best wishes for your vision set to come true@zerodha.

  205. Amit says:


    Also consider Trailing SL for VTC orders like few other brokers.It will be nice feature…


  206. Bipin says:

    All delivery based trade is zero brokerages and intraday trade carry 20 or. 01% which is low. Right.
    If i got it right its amazing step by zerodha.

      • Bapan Aditya says:

        My demat cdsl is with sbicspsec and also having trading account in zerodha. So after buying any script for delivery in zerodha, I can do selling in sbi capsec only. How can I change this and do the entire process in zerodha only (without brokerage). Pls let me know. Thanks.

        • Bapan, you will have to open a new demat account with us. Login to , you will see a prefilled demat form. Sign it, and send it back to us. The account will be opened and you can do both buy/sell with us.

          • CHETAN SHARMA says:

            as you said to mr. bapan to sign. prefilled demat form and send it back to zerodha.
            I want to know what is the charge structure for this demat account opening and delivery charges or amc

            • DP charges is Rs 13.5, AMC is Rs 300.

              • sudhir says:

                sir i appreciate if you can make your pi bridge free as many of new investor want to technical analysis but because of charged software they were unable to do that.

                • Venu says:

                  Pi bridge is not a something that is required for a new investor. Its for someone who has experience of the markets and knows how to code and a small fee is something that a seasoned trader can afford.

                  As a business we need to earn in order to be able to provide you all these awesome tools.

              • murugesan .k says:

                sir I have account with zerodha but dp amc charge is Rs,400 plus tax

                • My guess is that you had opened DP account with our earlier partner IL&FS, and hence AMC Rs 400. If you open a demat with us now (we have our own DP), it is only Rs 300.

          • Heman says:

            Hi Nithin,
            I don’t appreciate easily but you deserve it. I must say you are very innovative.
            First fixed maximum brokerage of Rs.20/- and now zero brokerage and yet provide good customer support.
            I mostly do delivery based trading and in small quantities. I am not pro but your brokerage model helped me keep motivated for SIP.

            Occasionally I faced issues like not using SSL certificates or using expired certificates with I have not seen that so far with Kite. Few of your support staff needs little more training on IT infrastructure security.

            The other important feature I will like to see is subscribing to IPO and FPO. I don’t want to maintain another Demat account and I doubt any bank provides ASBA without having trading account with them At least not accessible through netbanking.

            Please ASAP remove restriction of 20 symbols from kite watch list and provide feature of creating additional watch lists. A little bit simplified UIs to view cancelled order details without extra clicks, position conversion.

            And lastly I wish you remain true to what you faced as investor and don’t fall in the evil hands of greedy investors or become shrewd CEO interested only in his bonus who initially gives freebies and later starts looting. This is American capitalism and way of doing business. Remain true to your feelings, emotions and thoughts when you were not rich.

            If this initiative does not work as expected, remember we are fine paying Rs.20 brokerage.

            Thanks for giving this platform.

            • Indira says:

              My views on zero brokerage is this – Honestly long term investors wouldn’t mind shelling out extra INR 20 for brokerage. What will matter for them is better support and good turn around time to resolve open issues which is what will matter end of the day. Probably zerodha can charge premium amc for demat account for long term investors to provide good turnaround considering that brokerage is dropped to zero and generate new stream of revenue. Having a solid revenue generating business model is key to attract long term investors to park all their holdings with zerodha demat.

              Answering to your question on asba account, I had applied for IPO using sbi asba account though my demat account is with different broker. So zerodha not providing feature to buy IPO doesnt matter at all, we can go ahead and apply thru asba account mentioning the demat details of zerodha account.

              • Heman says:

                Hello Indira,
                Can you describe step by step procedure to use SBI ASBA feature which does not need visiting branch and I can do it from my SBI internet banking?

                • Venu says:

                  On your SBI login, enter the number of shares that you’d want to bid for along with details of the price that you want to subscribe to the offer at. Select the ASBA option for payment and the funds should get blocked in your SBI account

                  • Heman says:

                    Well, its not that simple.
                    After login there are many menus, under which menu you see IPO name and provision to fill quantity?

          • Kannan says:

            Trade with zerodha for some time. Opened DMat account through Zerodha but it is with IL&FS. Does this mean I need to change from IL&FS to Zerodha?

        • Venu says:

          You have to open a new demat account at Zerodha and map it to your existing trading account. Will get someone from the Sales team to call you and guide you with this.

      • Anmbit says:

        Mr Nitin kamath I am associate with Zerodha since 2010 i have never seen innovative, vibrant type of stock broker like you and i would say You are a Man with Golden heart Long live zerodha happy trading 🙂

      • ksprasadsap says:


        Since there is no brokerage on equity delivery how will the referral wallet work from now on?I recently referred a friend to zerodha who does only delivery based buy/sell..Does that mean I am not going to get any money in my wallet ??

      • raghuram says:

        how u earn profit with no brokerage in long term. how to sustain company with no brokerage any hidden charges???? hope everyone started trading with zero brokerage how company survives…..

      • kcray says:

        Hi Nitin
        Paying a small fee for a good service is not an issue.

        I have been using zerodha for 3 months. Good experience, performance is quite good .
        One issue is persisting – this is about the digital signature being used is an expired one. You need to change that with a proper valid one.
        I have written to customer support but nothinh has changed.

        Hope you would look into it

  207. virendar says:


    • Amit says:

      Awesome initiative…Plz add BO and CO on kite soon, VTC orders and margin for delivery based trading are going to be the feather in cap!!!Love it..

    • HITENDRA SHETH says:

      Great, good news

    • HARI says:

      As I have got confused with total brokerage including all taxes in commodity futures trading, can any one give the total breakup brokerage charges including all taxes for natural gas 1 lot (buy Rs 150 & sell Rs 150.10) in Zerodha.Thanks

      • Why don’t you login to our brokerage calculator and check it out yourself. Click here. It is around Rs 75 including everything.

        • Ajay Patel says:

          Please do something for NRE client, I have both domestic and NRE account. I am much happy with domestic account but NRE account is not userfriendly compare to my previous account. we need some improvement. Please do something.

        • Swapnil says:

          For delivery, ur brokerage calculator doesn’t add DP charges which is around 15₹ is it true?
          Let’s say bought some share for 100₹. So for breakeven I have to sell it for 100+taxes on ur brokerage calculator + 15₹ additional. If that is true please let me know or else’s ask someone to contact me on my mail id explaining me this. I want to open an account.

    • Sarkar says:

      Zerodha is stepping up the platform for everyone. Apart from brokerages, i think we won’t even need FII if investment starts flowing from every corner of this country. Thanks for the initiative.

      Can you do something about the transaction fees while adding funds to Zerodha. Other brokerage don’t have any transaction fees while transferring funds from-to banks. I know I am sounding like “you asked me to sit, now I want to sleep” thing, but as a customer we will always asks for things. 🙂

      • Venu says:

        We incur a cost which is why we charge the transaction fee. In comparison to the benefit it provides you, the charge is extremely nominal.

      • Vivek says:

        Open an account in HDFC there won’t be any transfer changes than


      • HORN3861 says:





    • Anand says:

      Hi zerodha team,
      Kite is really good platform but i have a feedback on background color of the User Interface or webpage.
      The white background of the browser drains more battery power for the smart phone users. NEST was having black background which is good for smart phone users.
      Can you change the background color of kite website to black and text color to white or green or red ir any other? Or give an option to set for the user atleast.