Zerodha Educate – webinars for traders

February 17, 2017


If you aren’t already aware, we run the following popular educational initiatives:

  • Varsity –  an easy to follow and in-depth guide to investing and trading.
  • Z-Connect – a blog on everything about trading at Zerodha.
  • Trading Q&A – a Q&A community to discuss and explore all things markets.

Even though these 3 initiatives together are probably amongst the most active on stock market education on the web, we know that a lot more can be done. We have decided to bring you the wisdom of experienced market participants through a series of live and interactive webinars and help you learn and grow as traders and investors through “Zerodha Educate“.

Weekly webinar

The webinars will be conducted and videos later shared on our YouTube channel. We plan to invite professional traders, fund managers, analysts, and more. To start off with the initiative, I will be conducting two webinars this month – one on our journey as Zerodha and our plans for the future (Wed, Feb 22nd) and another one on taxation when trading (Wed, March 1st).

The team from smallcase would be doing a couple of sessions – ‘Understanding smallcase’ (Sat,Feb 18th) will be about the concept of smallcase & why you should invest in equities through it, how it can be the easiest way to invest in stocks and a better alternative to mutual funds. ‘Finding your smallcase’ (Sat, March 4th) will explain the different types of smallcases present on the platform, and how you should look at selecting your smallcase from the lineup of 60+ smallcases.

We recently also had the Co-CIO of Birla Sunlife AMC talking about tax saving mutual funds (ELSS). Click here to  view the recorded webinar.

Check out the webinar calendar for all the upcoming events.

Daily platform demos

We will also be running two quick 30 min interactive demo sessions daily on everything trading @Zerodha.  Hop on to the channel anytime during the demo and  have your queries clarified.

Don’t forget to check out the recently uploaded training videos on all aspects of trading on Kite – our web trading app. These can also  be accessed from within the Kite user manual.

If you have suggestions on topics we ought to cover or whom you’d like to see on the webinars, let us know in the comments below and we will do our best to make it happen.

Happy trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Heena says:

    Latest webinar arrange or not of arrange pls inform me beacause of I am new trader and I search those type of online eebinar

    • Matti says:

      Hi Heena, please subscribe to our YouTube channel to get regular updates and notifications for all our webinars.

  2. HARSHAL PANDE says:

    Hi Zerodha / Nitin sir,

    Just a few months back I have opened trading & D-mat account in Zerodha. I am a beginner & it is very difficult for me to trade in “intraday” also as there is more risk compared to “Delivery “, But I would like to do a positional trade.
    that means for if I hold the stock for 2-3 days then I can make a profit & I like this positional trading.
    But the biggest hurdle, in this case, is insufficient money. So My feedback is – Is it possible for zerodha to give interest-free money (margin) for 2-3 days holding only (positional trade under CNC option) without any t&c.
    Waiting for the reply !!!


  3. aruna v says:

    hi zerodha,
    i am new to trading and investing. my questions are
    1.I bought 100shares on monday. and i got profit after two days. can i sell them on wednesday? (it is showing as T1).is there any problems with this? please answer sir.
    2. suppose i bought 100 shares of BHEL. and those are now in loss at -28%.and if i bought another 50 shares of BHEL. AND these 50 shares price raised to 5%.can i book this 5% profit?
    thanks in adavance..


    Kite connect has a lots of apps now. It would be great, if there was a marketplace for these apps.

  5. RV3608 says:

    Today I bought B.nifty @24820 after hitting sell order I kept ‘L’ order (instead of ‘SL’ , erroneously I kept ‘L’) @24690 (with some modifications took place in between on value) when Market was @ 24830, but later market went down below 24690 but didn’t execute my order sell order@24690, I noticed that its going into losses further, I @market price(24594.55).
    My concern is though I made an error by keeping ‘L’ instead ‘SL’ it didn’t execute @24690, so I have lost additional 96 points for no reasons…
    I made 3 calls to understand this but your employees were unable to explains this and abruptly they disconnected my calls stating ‘signal problem’ ..after 4th call Mr.Vivek attended and escalated to seniors who told that because of volatility in B.nifty it had happened and better to keep some ‘spread’ to avoid this…

    and this is not the first time happened this time I took seriously ..had you people nurtured us about this kind of possible errors which could happen we can save lot of money and can trade regularly too. One way I believe this is a system error too..

  6. Ankit Agrawal says:

    Please allow multiple logins on pi so that I can trade using 2 computers side by side.

  7. Tanmoy says:

    Can i trail stop loss in MIS And CNC order ? if yes how

  8. sachin says:


    I heard Zerodha provide training to Beginners for share trading. and training is chargeable.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Sachin, you can check out Zerodha Varsity to learn about the markets for free. We don’t provide any paid classes as such. If you do find someone claiming to provide paid classes in the name of Zerodha, please write to legal[at] with details.

  9. rajesh says:

    SL & SLM order video aap hindi me uplode kr sakte he
    apke 08040402020 number pe answer thik nhi mila or kuch samaj me bhi nhi aya
    acount open krna tha tb sb halp mil jati thi open hone k baad phone bhi nhi uthate aapke prteek ji phone galti se le liya to 08040402020 pe phone krne ko bol dete he

  10. Lukhmaan says:

    Hi Nithin
    The call and trade charge of Rs. 20, applicable for auto square off in the case where a trader doesn’t square offs, which was implemented somewhere between the month of May due to extreme load on your systems should have been a temporary issue and the systems should have been upgraded by now. Regular day traders like me sometimes are not able to square off for some or the other reason. I normally don’t compare any company or individual to its competitors but if I see from my point of view then paying call and trade charge of Rs. 20 + tax of Rs. 3 + the brokerage, then the best discount broker, Zerodha, is not the lowest in terms of brokerage if we compare with other competitive discount brokers. When we had opened an account the charges were clear but adding a charge to a client just because your system cannot take the load is not acceptable. When your competitors can do the auto square off without charging then I believe WE (I didn’t say you as I am still a part of Zerodha) too can do it.

    ”One issue that needs an immediate fix is the extreme load our system and the physical exchange….”

    The above line is the start of the para from your bulletin dated May 18th, 2017 regarding call and trade charge on auto square off. Immediate fix should be fixed immediately. I wouldn’t mind paying additional charge if it makes sense but just because your systems are not able to take the load and we pay doesn’t sound good. Its like in a restaurant if the the customers don’t eat in a specified time frame then customer will have to pay extra charges in their bill just because there is a Que of other customers waiting for the table and the restaurant owner cannot take the load. Later, the owner expanded his infra and put more tables.

    Thank You.

    • This is not system load, this is loads that leased lines can handle. Not possible to scale it this way. If there are tens of thousands of orders being auto squared off at one time, there is no way to support this. Maximum leased line capacity of exchange is just 400 orders per second. We would need dozens of lines just for that 1 min issue around square off. From the time we have implemented this, people are squaring off on their own, has improved performance for all other clients as well.

  11. muniraj says:

    हाय ज़ेरोधा मे प्रॉफिट लोस कूचा भी समाज नहीं आता contrast नोट का्य प्रॉफिट खाता हाय का्य प्रॉफिट होनेपर भी नहीं दिखता
    प्रॉफिट लोस contrat नोट्स पर विडियो बनाये ,ओंर contrat कुछ समजने लायक बनायेस्टॉक, FNO हमें लगता हाय की ज़ेरोधा contrast नोट्स प्रॉफिट
    खाता हाय का्य ?

  12. shashi says:

    in zerodha do you provide mentorship……i have account in zerodha. when i ask the question i dont get proper reply

    Best Regards
    Shashishekar T S

  13. R K Talati says:

    The writing should be in dark letters so that easily it can be read.

  14. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    I want to transfer all my shares from another brokerage to my account with Zerodha, do I have to send the DIS slip and a/c closure form to Zerodha or the other brokerage(Ventura).Also can you tell whether there is any charge for the same.

  15. yash says:

    i have a query regarding coin, as i saw your video it was very good idea to pay only RS50 a month after invst exceed 25k. but how do we know the right mutual fund to invest in, for how long, when to switch it with other etc. can small case help me with it.

  16. Satya says:

    I have joined Zerodha last year but stopped trading in between due to work load. I have started it all again with new spirit when I came across an article in my local new paper (in Telugu newpaper EEnadu)
    Your journey is very much inspiring for many including me.
    I should let you know my trading experience with KITE and ZERODHA is wonderful and smooth, hassle free.

    Keep up all the good work coming up for us ! WIsh you great success N&N team !!

  17. Dhunes says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am new to the platform and I am very happy using your kite platform, very user friendly.

    I have a doubt that I placed a Buy order in Delivery in the morning, also placed an order in Sell with my target price. It got executed in the same day before market close/squared off time and I achieved my target. Does this will be considered as Intraday (MIS)? or Delivery (CNC) as the charges fears me especially STT.

  18. vigneswari says:

    Session= TimeNum() >= 105000 AND TimeNum() 65) AND Session;
    Sell = (RSI(14) < 25 ) AND Session;
    Buy = ExRem(Buy,Sell);
    Sell = ExRem(Sell,Buy);

  19. vigneswari says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I want put this afl for Alerts in zerodha how,

    Session= TimeNum() >= 105000 AND TimeNum() 65) AND Session;
    Sell = (RSI(14) < 25 ) AND Session;
    Buy = ExRem(Buy,Sell);
    Sell = ExRem(Sell,Buy);

  20. amar kumar says:

    When are u going to give options Greek folio in kite/pi????

  21. Uday says:

    Hi Nitin

    i am not sure if this is the right platform to be asking my query, I tried my best to find a solution on the net and various books but dint find a suitable solution….
    It would be really great if you can throw some light on the same…..

    I just want to know as what settings are the best for a Kagi chart so that it filters the minor price moves…

  22. Vivekanand kuriyal says:

    Sir please suggest me. As we know now day market is in up trands so intraday is posible and easy .but when market will be in down trand then intraday is posible at that time or not?

  23. Sherry says:

    hii Nitin,
    Is there an alternate way to withdraw cash to my acc. as ur kite & Pie both softwares dont show my citibank acc in the withdrawal option.. i’m stuck my friend.. i dont have another account

  24. ZO7198 says:

    Brokerage charges are very transparent compared to any other broker!
    I believe ZERODHA will dominate forever

  25. jay says:

    I was going through the pages describing Pi and was trying to install it. The link on the zerodha page points to and it leads to a page where login credentials are required. When I logged in with the credentials, it took me to a page which says that Pi is enabled, Pi Bridge says “activation pending”, and in addition says that Pi bridge is enabled and Rs 500 will be deducted.

    I wanted to bring to your notice that this enabling of Pi bridge is by a misleading link that says that its the link to download Pi. I do not want to subscribe to the paid service Pi Bridge and would like your intervention to disable the same before the amount of Rs 500 is deducted. It would be an unpleasant situation if the amount is deducted for something that I don’t want, especially after one is misled through a wrongly labelled link. I urge you to rectify the situation, before it comes to a point where I have to spend time to get back the money that was deducted without my consent.

    Please check various places in zerodha which have links for Pi download, and rectify the situation so that users who download Pi for the first time are not mislead into activating Pi bridge without their consent. An explicit consent for activating the paid service Pi bridge would be the professional thing to do rather than subscribing the user to Pi bridge by default by means of a misleading link that says it for downloading Pi.

  26. Sujeet says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I moved to Zerodha recently, and the biggest attraction was the brokerage on equity delivery. However, what I badly miss here is, a consolidated portfolio performance, that is useful for capital gains/loss calculation. I have to painfully go through all the emailed contract notes to figure out the buy and sell prices of all the transaction that I did. Also my previous broker used to send me ONE consolidated pdf at the end of the year, that had the whole financial year’s transactions along with hefty brokerage charged, contract note number, settlement date, etc.. It was very very useful to maintain as a single window document, from tax purpose. I guess the Zerodha backoffice still has a few years to go before reaching there..Any plans of improving it?

    • Sujeet says:

      Pl note that I am extremely happy with rest of the content. I do my own research, and all I need is just a trading platform with minimal charges to buy and sell the stocks. And Zerodha has exactly provided me that…I feel you guys should stay exactly that way.. Stay thin, stick to just offering trading platform with minimal charge.


    sir quant is not showing the latest updates of my trades. till when it will be solved?


    when you are launching your new backoffice?

  29. Sudipta says:

    Hi Nithin,
    For last one or two weeks, I am facing a lot of performance issues in Kite & Q. The primary cause is timeouts. It is disconnecting frequently (not too much, but definitely much higher than earlier)… Q is down many a time, the historical trades or ledger cannot be viewed (error: gateway is down). It was always there but in negligible proportionate. Recently it has increased a lot. Hence taking it to your notice. We need to keep in mind that we do our research / calculations in off market and weekend hours. Hence the availability of the app 24X7 is very important. I know it is very efficient & mostly up, I love trading through Kite. It can be spectacular if just this small issue can be fixed.


    when u r launching some updates for pi and quant?

  31. Ajay says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am new to trading (ZW1481), kindly let me know how to trade in Options in Zerodha ,is Call/Put Options can be bought in CO/BO ,if so how to trade?Looking forword for your reply.
    Thank You.

  32. Satish says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Could you share your email address please? My account opening is being procrastinated by your team & its been over 1 month now.


  33. Manmeet Singh says:

    Sir, i would like to know do you have any classroom training sessions in Delhi for beginner, if yes, please let me know the detail.


    Manmeet Singh

  34. A.Kumar says:

    I have multiple Demat Accounts and i wish to close Zerodha Account or is it possible to close Demat in Zerodha and link my other Demat Account with Zerodha??

  35. sha0 says:

    I have short term capital gain (STCG)of Rs 55000 from equity delivery based selling and a loss of 165000 in options selling in 2016. Do i have to pay tax on STCG or can I STCG gain against the loss in options. I am already incometax payer. please give you suggesstions.

  36. RD2352 says:

    Hi Nitin

    whether charts can be seen on holidays??

    Not able to see them…….

  37. MILIND says:

    Any possibility , you start products like Optionplus in icicidirect

  38. TUSHAR MODY says:

    Question for NITHIN SIR,

    1) Is it possible to introduce SORTING of scrips & figures of HOLDINGS in your……….. KITE APP.

    ( IT is already there in KITE DESK TOP VERSION )

    2) IF we buy shares by CASH ( CNC ) and SELL it SAME DAY.

    will it be considered an INTRA DAY TRADE & a BROKERAGE of Rs 20 plus Rs 20 will be applied ?????

    kindly clarify


  39. vinu says:

    Hi Nithin
    Anything wrong now a days at your end. i face the following issues:

    back office data are not getting updated wrt to referral wallet earning
    no digital contract note comes in mail
    ledger is not getting updated in time resulting delay in fund pay out
    no response to tickets – kept open /unanswered

    pls look into this asap
    please look into this asap

    • There are a few issues, but you can place fund withdrawal requests. We are working on shifting our old backoffice vendor with our in house platform by this month end.

  40. Madan says:

    Good work. Suggest that you have some one to look after your sites also.
    Brokerage calculator does not match with rate chart.
    Brokerage calculator takes you to contract notes when someone clicks on stamp duty rates.
    and so on


    • Venu says:

      Things seem to be in order, can you let us know what differences you’re finding between the calculator and the chart?
      And for the Stamp duty, there’s a drop down with different states. When you click on ‘Stamp duty rates’, there’s a window called “Stamp duty as per the state of residence” where you get redirected.

  41. Raj Bose says:

    I can understand e-sign in is not ready yet but why you are continuously lying 🙁

    • vikas says:

      Hi Raj,

      Please dont give -ve remarks for Zerodha.
      I have never seen such honest business people like Zerodah.
      There must be some hurdle to fulfill e-sign which these people will sort out soon.

      Always look at other side of coin and you will see the real picture and try to accept the reality.
      Have paradigm shift in your thinking and you will feel he difference.

      • Raj Bose says:

        Keep you scientific thinking to yourself…… First understand then talk about it. They are constantly lying about e-sign in feature. If it’s not ready then where is the problem to admit it ? I don’t think manipulating customers is a good idea. Either you are Zerodha employee or a blind fan.

        • Venu says:

          We’re live on Aadhar based signing, this is currently available only for KRA verified clients. So if you’re KRA verified, you can get your account opened online.

    • Venu says:

      We are live on Aadhar based signing 🙂

  42. Raj Bose says:

    So, you were joking with me till now…..

    Anyway, I felt extremely lucky by interacting with you 🙂


  43. Renju S says:


    I have a difficult time in accessing Q-Backoffice from Kite software. it hardly works 5 times out of 100. i dont know if this issue is only for me or for everyone. I always get 502 Bad gateway nginx /1.8.0 error. As a result i am not able to see Tax P&L, reports, 60 days challenge status etc. This is really the bad part i have seen in Zerodha.

    Can anyone help me here?


    • Renju, the current platform is vendor based platform, some issues it is facing managing scale. We should have it replaced very soon.

      • Renju S says:

        Thanks Nithin. For all the good work you do, this portal will drive your customers crazy. And if the vendor is not able to fix this for you, after waiting for a long time, its high time for you to consider another vendor or may be in house development. Personally, i get pissed off when i see the error and connection time out error and i always wondered why you have this portal running when it is not working. Its always OK to say we are bringing it down for some time until we ramp up or fix the issue.

        Anyway hoping it to be fixed very soon.


      • Renju S says:

        Thanks Nithin for your quick response. Good luck.


  44. Raj Bose says:

    Hi Nithin,

    So the new week started !!!

    I hope you haven’t forgot about e-sign in with AADHAAR 🙂

  45. Mohan Kumar R says:


    My name is Mohan and I have been with Zerodha. Your bracket order system sucks. It triggers randomly. If mistake is your probe it honestly and accept the losses. It never happens with ICICI or any other reputed full broker.

    Mohan Kumar R


      i have also faced the same problem on 28 march 2017. i placed a bracket order to purchase infratel with stoploss 2 points in ABSOLUTE value .
      But it get squared of after the price fall 15-20 PAISE.(not rupee)
      Again i placed a BO for the same scrip it also get squared off just after the execution of order ie. 15 to 20 paise lower than the buy price in which i placed stoploss of 2 rs.
      i trade totally on BO BUT this is the first time facing such issue.
      Totally disappointed with zerodha.

      • If you trade illiquid stocks, a price 2 points below can be easily triggered without you even seeing that tick.

        • AMIT KUMAR PANDEY says:

          sir but it squared off before my stoploss trigger price hits. my stoploss was 2rs. and i also ticked on Absolute points instead of ticks and it get squared off 15-20 paise lower than the purchase price.and also i purchases infratel(NSE 50).

  46. Nitin Malusare says:

    Please fix the “Quant” section of backoffice, the data is not sync from 30/12/2016. It is very usefull to see the graph in order to understnd the trading history & pattern.

    Please fix it as soon as possible.
    One of the loyal customer of zerodha.

  47. VISHAL DHAKAN says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Just out of curiosity, i want to know
    1. what Potential harm can High Frequency trading (HFT) or Algo trading can cause to small retail traders like me. Does the traditional system ie. chart patterns, indicators still stands valid in era of of HFT?
    2. How do we protect ourselves from getting exploited by HFT?
    3. Whats your personal view about HFT?

    Awaiting your reply with same curiosity. 🙂


  48. VISHAL DHAKAN says:


    I am using Kite for quite a while now and very much got acquainted with User Interface (UI).
    I want to know :
    1. Is PI better than Kite from UI point of view?
    2. Is there anything that i’m missing out by not using PI?
    3 Is there any major difference b/w two?

    Thank you in advance!

  49. RAJAT says:

    your customer service is very poor. All the mobile no. that you have provided in your site are out of order or switch off. How a trader can call n trade or discuss about technical issue during market time.

    • Mobile number? To call n trade, you have to call 080-40402020, this is the only number.

      • Gayatri says:

        Yesterday, Now Mobile app was not showing order book. It was showing No order even though I had executed and open order. Even position was not showing. And it was not accepting new order. How do you expect any intraday trader to handle this situation. I even called zerodha support number for Call and Trade but they were not accepting any order and I was told that they will arrange call back ASAP but I didn’t get any call back. After some time when I was able to place order I just square off my position. Zerodha is doing great work but systematic risk like this puts me in greater risk. I am sure as a trader you would also agree that this is ridiculous and not acceptable at all.

        • Gayatri, since NOW is hosted/run by NSE itself, we have no control over it. Hence we can’t really support it well as well. I’d suggest you to shift to Kite.

  50. Bhushan says:

    Hello nithin Sir
    At present there are three stocks mentioned under ban period in FNO stocks.Link is for next trading day as on today.
    However as per NSE report there are only two stocks under ban period for 6rd march 17. Link for the same is
    I have sent email also, and got reply that it will be updated next morning.
    yesterday also sent this issue to support team at 8:49 in the morning which is almost near to market opening. after my call the website at z connect fno margin page was updated. today also the same issue is there and time is almost the same. however Is this process of getting the list of ban scripts updated is manual process or automated since we hope that atleast the same should be updated latest by next trading / working day morning 7 am. so if some one do analysis to take position in some stock then he need not wait for 9 am market to open.

    Please look into the matter.


  51. Samrat Barve says:

    Hi ,
    Can you provide a 15 minute countdown watch at top right corner of kite WEB UI before the market closes ? It will help traders to put in orders in last few seconds before closing .

  52. Samrat Barve says:

    Hi ,
    Zerodha currently shows TOP 5 Best Bid/Buy in Market watch on left side in Kite WEB UI .
    Can you provide TOP 10 Best BID/Buy ? It’s available from exchange , just the FEE charges from exchange is higher.

  53. Ab says:

    Great Initiative on webinars

    One un-related request

    (1) Can you please add following facility in Pi –

    In “Admin Positions”, can we get a feature to sort positions as per our need (i.e. drag and drop the positions one below other as per our need). Curretnly it allows sorting based on columns.

    Benefit :- Will help to see profits in 2 or 3 leg strategies. Ex: If I have a Bear CE spread, I want to see the 2 legs one below other to immediately see the total profit. Currently it sorts alphabetically and the legs get away from each other in case of multiple positions running simultaneously.

  54. Bhushan says:

    Hi Team Zerodha and Nithin sir,
    Can we have a list of scripts in FNO BAN period for the day to be updated every evening for next day.
    If this is available on Zerodha website would be better.
    It would be more appreciated if it is available in integration to Kite / PI.


  55. Yashodhan says:

    It would be amazing to have something like this in the next version of

    * Ability to auto copy the trades of the stars –
    If trader B has selected to copy the trades of star trader A then the available funds of trader B will be auto invested in the proportion based on the trades of star trader A.

    The star trader A will receive the commission based either on the percentage of trade volume or through zerodha credit system (currently available).


    is there any upcoming major update for pi in near future?

    • siva says:

      Not any major updates but to mention few minor feature updates would be availability of line charts, weekly and monthly charts,20 year daily data, zoom in and out would be more user friendly, currency spot charts and with few other fixes.

  57. Jayesh Khatri says:

    I have recently open account with Zerodha and I am very much impressed with the features and facilities offered here.

    I have one suggestion.

    In a chart it will be a great help for the people who is doing self study, if you can provide a candlestick pattern also, which candlestick pattern has formed in a particular stock or if you can provide a screener. So it will be easy for learner to identify the trend and find the particular trend whether the particular stock has formed “doji ” pattern or spinner top or evening star. As a lot of time it takes to find out the pattern and sometime we may identify the fake signal.

    I hope you will do the needful.


    Jayesh Khatri

  58. Rajesh B says:

    I wish these webinars should also be available to view for later times, because the working people cannot manage the timings many times due to the office works. It will be great help.

    Thanks !

  59. rahul says:

    Hi, is it possible to cover a demo video for showcasing how to do MIS order ( not co/bo) with different cases like 1. If I buy and wish to put sell for higher rate or put a stop loss on lower rate what and how should I do it?
    2 If I sell first then how to do the same use case in 1 ?
    3. I’m really confused in stop loss and triggers although have read about them, support also tried to let me educate but could not figured out. Any video explaining these in details?

  60. Manoj says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Your efforts for continuous improvement are really great and shows Zerodha team’s hunger to remain at leading edge. However we continue to face issues with contract download from old portal. I raised this earlier through support tickets and was advised to download current day CN’s after 10pm as trade processes gets over by then. I was able to download for a day or two after 10 pm then it stopped , raised ticket again and was requested to download next day morning, now even that has stopped working. can’t imagine trade processes running all night and next morning also when i get my CN’s in proprietary pdf format in email at around 2am.
    Is this the case of responsible person forgetting to re-enable CN’s download in the night after trade processes are over?. If that’s the case then a auto-reminder shall help.
    Please look into this and set a proper procedure as new Q which is supposed to solve this keeps getting delayed and now atleast another month away.


  61. Surinder says:

    Sir i want training from zerodha in hindi can possible ?

  62. A Raghavendra Rao says:

    Dear Nitin Kamath & Team,

    Accolades & laurels to all your efforts in Zerodha. I appreciate for an additional venture if you try to implement at the earliest for educating on options trading strategies for small investors and traders like me with nominal fee on classroom sessions / seminars.

    I have been investing & trading in the capital market for years to succeed but in vain losing the hard earned money in options without guidance & instructions from a successful trader.

    Let the wait in search of a successful Guru ends at Zerodha teaching sessions as you have posted in varsity modules.


    A. Raghavendra Rao

  63. Sidharth B says:

    Sir, Firstly ThankYou for starting the Demo training sessions. It is very useful to someone like me who has recently joined Zerodha and is trying to understand the intricacies of trading and your trading platforms.

    I follow with a request. Kindly make the video sessions available to be watched later after the session finishes. It’s not always possible to be online at 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm daily to watch the live streaming. It will serve it’s intended purpose better if you make the videos available to be watched later on the Zerodha youtube channel.


  64. Lijoo says:

    What are the improvements/additions expected in Kite in the coming days.

    • Even though the front end hasn’t seen any new features last few months, the entire backend of kite has been replaced. The performance has gone up significantly and we are ready to handle much larger scale now. We will soon start releasing new front end features, keeping it a surprise as of now.

  65. madhavpatel says:


    can u tell me KIte “kagi chart” by default box & reversal value

  66. Srinivasan says:


    Why smallcase index showing for example 3.5% for one month return but in past performance graph of one month for example shows 102.7.why this variation?? has to be 103.5 na??


    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Srinivasan, this is due to the different dates in consideration for calculating the two. We’re working on fixing this asap

      Thanks for bringing it up

  67. pradeepdabral says:

    i send rs 2000 by IMPS to zerodha on saturday. but it does not add on my fund. i send my statement proof to sales manager mr sharath and miss kiran kaur. but sharath says to upload it on q back office. when i open q back office it shown wrong id can you tell me how my fund add.

  68. vikas says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Quant reports specially (Time based – Profitability ) is not updating on its own.
    We alwaysy have to press sync button – even though it is not working.
    Please have improvement here by your IT team.
    It is ideal for performance tracker – but it should work!!!


  69. srinivasan says:


    1)will the index change continuously throughout the market day as the stocks price change????

    2)what abt smallcase timings to invest and redeem ??

    3)Why smallcase index showing for example 3.5% for one month return but in past performance graph of one month for example shows 102.7.why this variation?? has to be 103.5 na??


  70. bharath says:

    how i contact customer care

  71. Dhiren shah says:

    Sir when pledging mutual fund for trading F&O will be available in zerodha?

  72. Arpan says:

    Sir, Can we conduct webinar on Position Sizing and Money Management? Actually traders loose mostly because of improper position sizing and money management in stock market. So it would be nice if Zerodha conduct any webinar on it.

    Can we have any platform for paper trading like Nse Pathshala? But with live prices.

    Is it possible to add Marketwatch like details in Kite (Upper circuit – Lower circuit limit of a script or option)

    Thank you

  73. Rajani Shetty says:

    How can I connect to the live webinar today at 2pm on S. All cases.
    Will you send us the link in our mail. Or is it thru our account or via Kite.
    I would like to join the live webinar at 2pm today.

    Rajani Shetty

  74. Avinash says:

    how can i watch the old date videos

  75. lawrence says:

    Am a newbie. Thanks for the initiative. Will be very much helpful. Let me go thru this and later will post more comments. Thanks for now.

  76. akhil says:

    Hi Nithin
    It would be highly useful if in Regular order also trailing stoploss order is present like in bracket order.
    It is like in regular order if we choose stoploss limit order along with trigger price , trailing price also should be included.
    It will help a lot for traders to get lot more profits.
    Trailing stoploss can beincluded as optional in SL order or a New type order along with remaining 4 in regular order.
    Good profits can be made if it is present.

  77. Ray DSouza says:

    PI trading platform does not seem to be very stable. For the slightest reason it stops responding. Then one has to go through the log in process all over again. This happens particularly during the following occasions
    a) During the morning period from around 0915 to about 0945.
    b) Evening period from about 1500 onwards. This is particularly irksome as it is impossible to close out positions or buy new positions during the last few minutes of trade.
    c) At various times when one wishes to see the stock holding position.
    I suspect the servers are unable to cope with the increasing loads. In contrast the iIFL trading platfrom TTE is completely stable and almost never crashes. In fact in frustration i often trade on TTE because PI stops responding and I am unable to place buy and sell orders.
    Please look into these issues and respond. I think Zerodha PI is otherwise an excellent platform for equity based trading.

    • Ray, are you running multiple trading platforms on the same system? Also what internet bandwidth do you get? Pi is resource hungry, if markets are volatile, it hogs even more. Make sure to use a powerful machine with good bandwidth.

      • Ray DSouza says:

        I am running IIFL TTE as well as Zerodha Pi simultaneously on an Aspire R14 laptop with i5 CPU and 6gb memory. I use ACT 30mbps internet bandwidth. The IIFL TTE terminal works flawlessly, but PI tends to stutter in the morning at market opening and in the last 15 minutes of trade. This happens particularly if I try to open stock holding position during this time. I have learnt by trial and error to open stock holding position before trading hours. I have also tried to shut IIFL TTE and run only PI to see if there is either a memory or bandwidth issue, but exactly the same problem occurs. I suspect your PI servers are not able to handle peak loads. Incidentally this morning I was not able to place equity orders for the first five to seven minutes of trade.

      • AMIT KUMAR PANDEY says:

        sir running 2 trading platform will cause any problem?

  78. swapan saha { PS5381 } says:

    Dear Nitinji
    Pl make a video how to use ” covered order ” & “braket order ” at the time of trading

  79. Harmeet says:

    1. How do you plan to make pi more stable.

  80. ASHOK says:

    Sir is it possible get stop loss and market orders for stock options
    Thanks Zerodha for great initiative…

    • Stoploss are already there. The reason we have stopped market orders is because of low liquidity and clients losing a lot of money due to market orders. Just place a limit order at a much higher/lower price to make it a market order. Explained here.

  81. Mohit says:

    Hi Nithin, When can I apply for IPOs through Kite/Zerodha?

  82. Vasanth says:

    Especially about the scalping..

  83. Vasanth says:

    If possible pls conduct a session about your trading strategies(as a successful trader)..

  84. suresh says:


    The platform is the best i have seen so far.. The Kite software works seamlessly in both the web and the mobile version. i am a very happy and have nothing to complain about.. This is brilliant execution. I saw smallcases today and it is a very good idea. All good. Kudos guys for designing and bringing a cool product into the market at a very affordable cost and superior quality. Any plans of including the IPO section ? Only for IPO i need to keep a seperate trading account with others.

    My rating is 5/5 for Zeroda…. I will 100% recommend it for all my friends, family and well wishers…

  85. Jaswant Singh Malhotra says:

    Technical analysis using various charts for trading should be included in the webinars. The importance and use of all the charts available on kite portal should be explained one by one.
    God bless the initiative taken by Zerodha. Thanks.

  86. Tarundeep says:

    The key issue is spoting trading opportunites. Zerodha should work in this direction as well. Thanks and best wishes.

  87. Bhumit says:

    how about the IPO features on Zerodha.

  88. Parag says:

    Another small suggestion –

    When I purchase an Eq using Bracket Order, and if the quantity gets split into multiple lots, if I have to change the SL, I have to repeat the action for each of the lot. Is there a way to do it at one go for all the lots?

    The Exit option works for all the lots, but the modify one does not.


    • rams says:

      yes same thing i felt… i think this can be definetly implementable by zerodha. this is one of the biggest pain points….recently i have to modify 10 such lots… by the time i modify scrip moves against the trade

    • This is a technical challenge. Brackets at the back end is supported by our EMS vendors Thomson Reuters. We have been pushing them to find a work around for this.

  89. Parag says:

    Great initiative. Keep it up.

    I find the UI of Kite amazing. Kudos to your team.

    A small irritation is that my Views in Kite do not work properly. i.e. I am not able to create multiple different views, or modify existing views. Hopefully this will get addressed soon.


  90. Dilip says:

    I have been admiring on the proactive initiatives taken by Zerodha to keep it competitors sweating.

    Nitin: We desperately want Net Option greeks on the positions taken. This is doable and also provided by many brokers like Sharekhan etc.
    This will help us for follow up actions required whenever the position swings to one side.


  91. Subhash says:

    Where I can send my feedback on the kite site i am using. I am facing problems in finding out the profits/loss i have made already.

  92. Abhijeet Torane says:

    Good initiative…. Thanks!

  93. Sourav Saha says:

    Please add 4 hourly chart. It is required for intraday trading. Currently in between hourly and daily chart no break up available.

  94. sridhar says:


    Does Zerodha publish Metals Inventory and cancelled warrants report daily at their site or at trading platform? if not, any plans of flashing those inventory news daily on our trading platform. Traders can make use of this opportunity to take some informed decisions based on the inventory report. Awaiting your reply please.


    • Hmm..we don’t really publish any reports. Our idea is to be an execution platform only.

      • sridhar says:

        Hi Nithin, Is it not worth a try (flashing daily metals inventory report) if that’s going to increase your business 😉 I am sure it will definitely add volume and create a value addition. To be frank, I was using Karvy comtrade before getting into Zerodha, where we used to get these reports daily when LME opens and it was very useful for us to trade in metals. Now, I am scratching my head for those reports to make my trades.

  95. Charan says:

    Hii nithin sir,
    Great job by zerodha. Small suggestion from my side. Can you make a shortcut key in pi to change stop loss to cost. It will save time.

  96. Umesh says:

    This is indeed a great step ..specially your plan to share all those webinars on youtube. People who cant attend the live webinar will be able to see them later. Thank you for great wok you are doing.

  97. Curious Kid says:


  98. Ravi C says:

    Good initiative …..!!!!
    Happy to be part of Zerodha !!

  99. hemant ahire says:

    Sir please do same for common people in hindi language

  100. Chandrashekar says:

    Dear Nitin Sir,
    Please update Zerodha Kite web and Mobile application to find out imp upcoming events such as results etc so that traders can make use of it for their trading strategy. Pls give option to filter it out today’s highest gainer, losers, highest volume etc and parameters so that it can help us.

    Thank You.

  101. Santosh T Chankane says:

    We need inbuilt training videos & chat or messenger in your software. Using message, i can connect to discussed regarding trades.

  102. Koteshwar says:

    Thank you for good initiation.

  103. Prasad says:


    I need info on below queries,

    1). How to analyse the markets and take decision on stocks.
    2). Strategies that we need to follow while trading.


  104. PREETI SINGH says:

    Kite account does not indicate the script prices after market hours. Further, the P&L shown in app also misleads.

    Please look if the above can be rectified.


  105. mithil says:

    Hello Mr nitin ,
    Can u make zerodha Pi more Option friendly ?
    Like Live Option chain with greeks ? It will be more convenient .

    Thanks .

  106. anil says:

    hi i have bought axis bank 510 ce pls adv what to do

  107. Amit Nanda says:

    Can we conduct webinar on price action intraday trading (may not discuss any specific strategy) in shorter time frames on liquid indices like Nifty, BankNifty, etc. – by someone who has been doing it regularly and consistently?

  108. Sivasubramani says:

    All the best,sure this will help lot of people.

  109. Sophie says:

    Looking forward to all of this….

  110. Himanshu says:

    How about some deep webinars on the topics covered in your Varsity material – fundamental/technical analysis ?

  111. Avinash Jawalkar says:

    Very good initiative & keep improving.Please get some active intraday/short term traders who are successful who can share their success for a reasonable fee, this will educate the traders who can become successful.This will only improve that persons style of trading & more trades can happen in that persons direction.Also Pi charting has to improve because it hangs sometimes.Is it possible to get real time charts?because the present charts are lagging.

  112. Ravitosh says:

    will zerodha start emargin facility (t+5) in near future.

  113. Gunjan says:

    Thanks for this new initiative, its help to new investor and trader

  114. krishna p v says:

    Low cost trading is good, in the same way please please think of giving tips also only for Zerodha clients to their Numbers

  115. Phanindra says:

    Good One team.

  116. Pavan says:

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. It is all that I can say.

  117. SRINIVAS says:

    Please conduct Webinars after 5pm which will be convenient to attend, since attending during trading hours will be difficult.

  118. Anand says:

    Zerodha Team,

    Working & walking towards excellency with everybody who directly/indirectly connected with zerodha. I believe yet is just start of glorious tomorrow in trading sector.

    Good job.

  119. Yogesh Poddar says:

    Simply wow !

  120. Sankar says:

    Please try to time the webinars after market hours post 5 PM
    As we are all active traders and want to attend them as well

  121. jafar says:

    dear Nitin,
    this is jafar from zerodha. I have a query i.e why there isn’t any option for Greek folio in zerodha pi or kite for option tradings.there is option calculator but Greek folio.if you incorporate Greek folio in any of this trading platform then it ll be great help and easier for us to to view current Delta Gamma Vega theta rather than going to option calculator which consumes time.

  122. Ashok Chudasama says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    You make a advance and very simple software of stock market which is anyone use it without technical guidance.
    Improve it more. Thanks.
    Ashok Chudasama.

    • Have you checked

      • anjali says:

        sir in pi chart pre.close and live price horizontal line and atp line can seen in pi next update thanks

      • Ravinder kumar says:

        Yes, I have checked both the platforms and they are both great. But there is a little problem I am facing with pi, as I am using this the most. Scale on the charts are not even, and by even means one bar 91.2 and the next is 91.9 and the nest one 92.6 and so forth, and this create big confusion about how much points you are up or down by looking at the chart itself. Even I meant like 90, 91, 92 and 93 on the scale. This would be really easy for traders to read. I have used 4 brokers and all use the even charts. And please add this feature of adding moving averages or any study for all in one. By that I mean, there are 12 charts and individually you can not add 2 moving averages, RSI MACD etc. So it would be best if we add all these studies all at once in every chart. Will save a lot and time. Quick order window is the excellent feature I have seen. it saves time and traders can easily catch a Breakout, I mean, I can with zerodha. But if you can add the feature of buy at the bid or sell at the ask in quick order window, that can save spread amount that we lose after getting in the trade.

        Thank you for reading.

        • siva says:

          1.For suppose a stock traded between 90 and 91 for the entire day then how to scale it, as scaling depends on time-frame used, zoom used and number of historical days selected.
          2.One can create a template and save it as default template by doing so it will ensure all charts will open with embedded indicators as in default template. Goto view->user setting-> chart settings to add saved template as a default template.
          3. By definition of Quick order it mean to execute the order quickly at available price, if one want to place a limit buy order at super speed at bid one can use f1 key with preset values for all other columns. To preset order columns goto view->user settings->order window and select accordingly.

  123. kirti says:

    yesss. Brilliant Products from Brilliant Minds..Cheers..

    Zerodha is the Best.

  124. Nagesh says:

    Very good initiative

  125. S K Singh says:

    Hope you also come up with an initiative which would help small-timers like me recover the lakhs we lost trading. Someone to hand hold and guide us, a mentor maybe. Any resources?

    • The three links I have shared has all that you need to learn. Mentoring, hmm… let me check with our team.

      • Vj says:

        This one is my long time demand.. Yes you have lot of Study materials and are very good .And try to read as much as possible , I will put it in this . If Study materiel would have worked i think we need not need Schools and colleges . but one has to summerise it in a way that it helps ,just like a school and i am in LKG of Trading 😉

        Hope you come up with something like this ,

        And no matter what , Zerodha is the best ..Cheers and thanks for all the efforts .

      • S K Singh says:

        Thanks, Nithin. I will wait for your next move on mentoring. Don’t mind paying fees for that. Appreciate you taking time to respond to queries.

  126. k.g.mittal says:

    Thanks for providing low charge trading platform. Education in trading is another good initiative.


    do webinar in hindi

  128. Swapnil Bhaskar says:

    Vvvvvv good

  129. Sumit says:

    ‘Market timing’, need a webminar on this. Possible?

  130. James Soosai says:

    wannaby trader

  131. Amit karadani says:

    Why not give zerodha any market tips.

    Like hdfc security.

    • Hmm.. if only tips made money.

      • B K Bhutani says:

        Yes tips can make money
        It will be better if tips are given for long term investment preferably in small rising companies or in another promising cos

      • Siddhartha Sarkar says:

        Tips don’t make money only add clutter to the minds of gullible retail traders. Please avoid !

      • ab1257 says:

        HELLO NITIN,









        • 1. Union bank itself aren’t ready for payment gateways. You can use IMPS facility from them to transfer instantly.
          2. Yes
          3. Yes, we are looking into it.
          4. They are credited immediately, but you can withdraw the next day.

          • Suvojit says:

            Dear Suvojit,
            Your reply to support request #656821 has been received. We will get back to you shortly.
            But not reply yet

          • Suvojit says:

            Hello sir I am suvojit I am want to open an account in zerodha just for buying an penny stocks group bse listed under 10 rs stocks … I have an account in 5paisa and prostock before account opening the broker told me that I can buy all kind of group penny stocks .but after I open an account the broker not allowed to buying those stocks I also willing to provide 100% cash for buying penny stocks.. I mail zerodha customer care at 10.2.18 ur team member told me that I provide him the stock name group and bse code at market opening hours so he Chick live and reply me confam me that I have buying parmision those kind of group penny stocks at zerodia account. Therefore I sand this mail and provide bse listed stocks code and group and name .. So u Chick it properly and give me 100% asuarance for allowed to buying at my zerodia account 1.regent enterprises bes code 512624 group xt 2.neha international bse code 519560 group ss drive bse code 530703 group x ..sir plz chik in .. In live market and reply me then .. Can I buy those co in zerodha account ..chike in care fully then reply me properly plz reply me sir

            • Matti says:

              Hey Sujovit. No way to guarantee that these stocks will be allowed to be trade. If the RMS team believes that blocking these scrips from trading is required, they would be blocked.

    • sravan says:

      Zerodha is giving tips in the form of Smallcase

  132. Maulik gangani says:


  133. vikas says:

    Hi Z Team,

    Another brilliant jewel on Zerodha’s crown.
    Keep up good work, you people are really using technology to its potential to change mindset of million of people of india specially in field of investing/trading.

    Wish Zerodha a brighter future ahead.