Zero clearing charges for all F&O trades

March 22, 2019


Zerodha, from its inception, has used the professional clearing (PCM) services of ISSL (IL&FS Securities Services Ltd, SEBI Reg No: INF231133630) for Equity, Currency, and Commodity derivative segment on NSE. As of today 22nd March 2019, we are shifting from third-party clearing to self-clearing under Zerodha Broking Ltd (SEBI Reg No: INZ000031633) and Zerodha Commodities Pvt Ltd (SEBI Reg No: INZ000038238).

With this, our current clearing charges of Rs. 20 / crore for futures and Rs. 200/- crore on options premium become Zero. Similarly, all clearing charges for currency and commodity derivative segment become zero (from 29th March 2019). Active F&O traders generating large amounts of turnover will immediately see substantial savings with zero clearing charges to pay. Clearing is essentially a backend process which includes determining the fund and securities obligation of a broker and then settling them with exchanges through its clearing corporation. For you, as a trader, there would be no difference other than the obvious cost-benefit of clearing charges becoming zero.

Brokers who use third-party clearing charge between Rs. 200/- crore to Rs. 2000/- crore on option premium and between Rs. 20/- crore to Rs. 200/- crore on futures. For example, 10 trades of 10 lots of Nifty options bought and sold at Rs. 100 premium would generate a premium turnover of Rs 15lks, and the clearing charges could be anywhere between Rs. 30 (@Rs. 200/- crore) to Rs. 300 (@Rs. 2000/- crore). Similarly, 10 trades of 10 lots of Nifty futures bought and sold at Rs. 11000 would generate a turnover of Rs 1.65 crores and clearing charges between Rs 33 (@Rs. 20/- crore) to Rs. 330 (@Rs. 200/- crore).

Our clearing charges were already among the lowest in the industry, and starting today, they are zero. Do check out our charges list for the latest schedule of all charges and use the brokerage calculator to know all the costs up front before you place a trade.

Over the last nine years, we’ve crossed numerous milestones such as this to make trading and investing easier for you. There are many more to come. Stay tuned.

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. P. P. Gupta says:

    February 10, 2020 at 7:16 am
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please Add ICEX.

    P. P. GUPTA

  2. Ajinkya K says:

    Eagerly awaiting Bracket Order in Commodities from very long time. I am using Upstox for placing BO in Commodities & I think zerodha is loosing a lot of users along with me to other brokers due to unavailability of this feature.

  3. SKS says:

    Zero brokerage Charges?

    If you see contract note, already brokerage is there. Please clarify

    • Matti says:

      This post is about clearing charges. Brokerage would still be applicable for intraday and F&O trades.

  4. Arun says:

    I unable to buy f&o shear. Plz guide me.

  5. ChetanP says:

    Superb !!!

    You guys are the best brokers in India :

    1. There is no match to your trading platform in the industry (especially for the ease of use)
    2. Charges are the lowest and you still continue to waive some more, lowering charges even further (it seems you are all set to kill the competition, not just defeat them)
    3. Customer service is awesome (i have tried most of the leading brokers in India)

    Thanks n Goodluck.

  6. Rajnish says:

    Thats very nice, when do you introduce yearly charts ?

  7. Rajkiran says:

    Best platform for trading

  8. Kaushik says:

    In cash Market, U charger Rs 15.93 including GST, When I open an account that time your representative told me We provide Zero Brokerage on cash Market But Now u charge Rs 15.93 as dp Charges Even u charge Rs 354 Yealy charges. I Think u Kept hidden charges as dp charges.

  9. Rakesh Kumar Singh says:

    Please increase the speed also. At peak times it becomes almost hang and runs very slow if 4 to 5 charts are open simultaneously it becomes very difficult to track the real time chart and place orders on fast moving markets. Which results in losses.

  10. Zoeb Sutarwala says:

    Excellent platform, good software.
    I have started trading from 3rd April.
    Found it very good. Transferred funds to trade, closed account with IIFL and did transfer of holding to Zerodha.
    Congratulations to all in team.
    Software team, can we have a pop up, to see trades(each) done in last 10 mins, as many trades are operator induced, either 1 share(to blank out last trade) or bulk trade, then reversed to show dummy volumes

  11. Prosad Ganguly says:

    Great going ZERODHA !!! Thank you so much.

  12. N KOTRESHA says:

    thanks zerodha

  13. D says:

    Nithin sir, as there is no IL&FS involved as clearing member, Does it mean that an NRI will not need to obtain CP code from IL&FS and it will be obtained be Zerodha itself? please reply me as i want to open an NRI account with zerodha.
    thank you sir.

  14. Onkar Singh Bawa says:


    Are there any charges apply, if I will book order before 9.15 a.m.?

  15. Prashant says:

    Sharekhan ke level ki service honi chahiye tabhi kuch aache parinamo ki sambhawana hai

  16. MANJU says:

    HI, as there is no IL&FS involved as clearing member, Does it mean that an NRI will not need to obtain CP code from IL&FS and it will be obtained from Zerodha itself? Please clarify

  17. Raheesh prasad says:

    Sar ji mera charj adhik lagtaa ha
    01/04/2019 ko 2100 laga ha chek karne ki prapat kare

    • Nakul says:

      Hey Raheesh,

      We see that the charges charged to you on 01/04/2019 is correct as per our charges list. You can go through the contract note you should have received on your registered mail id and verify the same.

  18. Pragna P Purohit says:

    Very nice job doing ,zerodha good work among all share market business well done another mile stone by zerodha good luck wish you all the success …
    Thank you

  19. Sanjay P says:

    What is plan against frequent failures of Zerodha software specifically when volatility is there and customer wants to take benefit ?????

  20. neeraj says:

    Please introduce One-click trading in kite:- Quantity and type (NRML, MIS, CNC) should be default (as per previous order) and the other order type namely BUY@market price and SELL@market price should be available as 2 separate buttons. This would enable us to place an order instantly.

  21. Sandhya says:

    Can zerodha provide facility like SIP for stocks, so that order can be placed at particular frequency and required stock can be bought at regular intervals?
    Thank you.

  22. G S Gunaki says:

    Sir, Presently Sensex & NSE index are in analogy display can u add graphic indicators. Have nice day.

  23. Nagarajan says:

    Need volume profile indicator per day that will best in Zerodha indicators otherwise remaining indicators are like trapping for Retail trader.

  24. Manjula Singh says:

    Zerodha is very much liked. Reducing brokerage is a great step but most important & need of the hour is to provide instant support to the traders in various issues. For this we advise you to have a support system which can respond instantly on phone so that various issues could be resolved .
    Please see if You can
    It will help Zerodha in a great way in its business growth & customers will be happy
    Manjula Singh

  25. Avvaru srinivasa rao says:

    Thanks to zerodha Management.Please try to remove limits in banknifty options.example : if banknifty running at 30000 if I like to trade at 29500 PE the order is going to rejection.Why the is mine we know where to trade.Because of that bad experience so many people stopped trading on your zerodha.kindly make changes in it.Once again Thanks Please let me know on 7997565999 Srinivas Vijayawada AP

  26. Avvaru srinivasa rao says:

    Thanks to zerodha Management.Please try to remove limits in banknifty options.example : if banknifty running at 30000 if I like to trade at 29500 PE the order is going to rejection.Why the is mine we know where to trade.Because of that bad experience so many people stopped trading on your zerodha.kindly make changes in it.Once again Thanks

  27. Jawahar All Mathur says:

    Happy to note zero brokerage. Keep it up.

  28. Pramod S V says:


    Earlier I had open a demat& Trading account in Zerodha But I forgot user id & password. My PAN no is APCPP5770R . pls send me the user id and password for mobile app.

    Pramod S V

  29. kadam says:

    No challange for zerodha.because it is with time with innovative ideas.

  30. Gyanesh Ranjan says:

    Good News for retail traders

  31. Chenthil Kumar says:

    Feature suggestions
    Kite should allow users to select pivot points time range
    Now it’s defaulted with respect to chart time framed

  32. Venkat says:

    Is it possible to inclde buy/ sell recommendations also….

  33. Mahesh says:

    I trade in currency with pair with INR. Would you be providing platform for doing trading other currency pair for example GBP vs USD. Or JPy vs USD


    Thanks good servics

  35. Shafiqua Sultana says:

    Its good you provided trading view charts on zerodha ,but can you also include time frames of four hours and two hours in those charts

  36. satyanarayan s says:

    Good. Cost wise, you are no doubt best. But do we need this?

    Use these costs, to enhance your profits, and spend it on a good server or connectivity,
    emergency server to get out of position etc..

    When your server gets locked, we lose many more times as we are unable to exit.

    We cannot reduce our bad habits like very high risk taking. So you use such cost reduction to enhance the services.
    Your cost is already low. Lowering a few paise, wont matter. Dont give us another server issue. We lose , repeat, your yearly brokerage in a day..

  37. Pandurang Jadhav says:

    Any paid news servise for traiding pls. give information in Zerodha platform

  38. Pankaj says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Although I do trade but volume is not much high but I think it will still give me some savings. I want to use this as an opportunity to suggest a feature.

    In the positions tab you show profit and loss but it doesn’t take brokerage and other charges into account. If I deduct the brokerage and other charges then I get the real profit and loss. Can you have this feature implemented that it shows profit after deducting the brokerage and loss after adding the brokerage and other charges. At least taking brokerage into account would be good.


    • Matti says:

      Hey Pankaj, since charges for different segments are different, calculating these real-time is quite tricky. We’ll see what we can do here.

  39. Rahul Salunke says:

    Great job Zerodha

  40. Haladhar sahoo says:

    HI, i am facing too much hanging Trading view platform in zerodha on weekly and monthly chat, can you please solve it,
    can you please add stoploss and target together as original trading view show in platform. if it will add it will awesome.

  41. Kartikbhai says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Better late than never, this could have been done by Mar2018 ! FY18-19 has been tough !

    My request . . .

    CDS can be considered on BSE.
    Currently with Zerodha , it is available on NSE only.

    Exchange Transaction Tax is reasonably lower in BSE than NSE on CDS.

    • Matti says:

      The volumes on BSE currencies are quite low. Will consider offering if volumes pick up.

      • Kartikbhai says:

        Dear Matti,


        As far USDINR pair is concerned , volume on BSE are not low.

        If average volume of USDINR is 100 on NSE , it is 75 on BSE.

        For that matter , it is true for any script being traded on NSE as well BSE.
        BSE volume is comparatively lower than NSE.

        But if trader is able to trade with 25% lower volume environment, you can consider introduction of USDINR on BSE, Let trader decide where to trade, than devoid of the feature.

        Because Exchange Transaction Charges are 75% lower on BSE.

  42. Avinash Jawalkar says:

    Hi Nithin,I strongly feel the charting platform has to be upgraded to professional standards.Using the present outdated features is a big handicap to retail traders.Features like Market/Volume profile like the one in Ninjatrader/Tradingview paid.Also please add live Open interest,Volatility instead of volume graphs and other usefull features which the professionals use.Sensibull is good but expensive.Can it be integrated to Kite?Ofcourse professional features has to come at a price but it should be reasonable.Hope a Pro version of Kite comes soon.

  43. Raj Gangani says:

    Hi Sir,
    Wow it is good news to all traders Thank you for this support .
    Sir one more request Kindly give intraday Screener in trading view Platform for free other are giving sir
    It will be really helpfull for all day traders.

    Thank you

  44. Zubin says:

    Hey Nitin,

    I’ve traded with a few of the world’s foremost brokers and I have to say I love your interface and your pricing is one of the best. However there are some issues on your platform that has made me and some other traders pull their hair out and swear never to use Zerodha again. No point repeating what these issues are since you already know what they are. But they mostly tend to pop up on important days. You were even called on CNBC by Anuj to address these issues.

    I also trade with other brokers, including but not limited to HDFC Securities, and I have never once encountered these issues with them. However their prices and interface leave a lot to be desired and this is why I and lakhs of other traders choose you.

    My request to you is that we would be okay with paying Rs 5-10 extra per trade, but please fix the issues that cause your system to hang/become in-operational once and for all. I would also be happy if we could make markings on more than 20 charts at one time. Maybe a premium service that charges Rs 5-10 more? That’s much better than losing out on 0000s on big event days.


    • Matti says:

      Hey Zubin, I understand your concerns. However, this has nothing to do with how much we spend on our technology. I can assure you we don’t skimp. However, there are a lot of moving parts involved here. Some that are vendor products that we have little to no control over. Nithin explained the situation here. We’re working day in and day out to ensure that these issues are addressed though. Right now, Kite is performing better than ever before and it’s only going to keep getting better.

  45. Mahadish says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Also when would be the same stamp duty charges across all states be implemented?

  46. ANKIT says:


  47. abhijit.mahanta says:


    Any timeline set for reinstalling the pivot point feature in pi?

  48. kannapiran says:

    please, create a relevant topic for pi recent update problem in support panel. after that we can explain problem we have faced.

  49. Deepak Rajan Korgaonkar says:

    when u r introducing SWP , STP in Mutual Fund…????

  50. D says:

    Nithin sir, as there is no IL&FS involved as clearing member, Does it mean that an NRI will not need to obtain CP code from IL&FS and it will be obtained be Zerodha itself?
    thank you sir.

  51. kamlesh says:

    this new pi update has ruined all the trading ease.
    even the saved columns are not found in the next login..
    don change things just for the heck of it..

    please act and correct

    • Tanmoy says:

      I Agree.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Kamlesh, the latest update has a lot of changes in the backend to improve performance and security. Some features were dropped in this update that will be reintroduced in due course.

      • kamlesh says:

        at least fix the watchlist columns being saved ..
        its irritating to choose columns every time on login..

        • Matti says:

          Install the version available here. This should be fixed.

          • kamlesh says:

            this was the worst technical advice given,,
            wasted my time and effort and no use..

            you gave me an old version not thinking that when we install it , pi compulsory makes you update to latest version..
            please fix the real problem which is your software and dont give evading solutions.


  52. R,Muthukumaran says:

    I have been using Pi platform and after the new update I am not able to access BSE scrips. I have already bought few shares and they are in my demat account. Please do the needful early so that I can access them as before.

  53. kannapiran says:

    recent update in PI deactivated the pivot lines. i don’t know why zerodha doing this update? when will i get the pivot lines in PI.

    • Matti says:

      Hey. We’ll enable these features in the coming weeks. Since the new release has a bunch of changes under the hood to enhance performance and security, some features were left out.

      • kannapiran says:

        Some problem in recent update in pi.
        In 10 minutes chart, market opens at 9.04 and next 9.14 and 9.15 and finally 9.25, 9.35 etc. After 9.25, it works fine. But in old PI, market opens at 9.15 and continue with increase in 10 minutes. So charting is problem. If charting change, TA not work properly.
        same thing happen in 30minutes chart also. i didn’t saw any other chart like 5minutes or 1 day chart.

        please rectify it as early as possible.

      • Tanmoy says:

        I am unable to find Pivot Point on Chart in Pi platform. Please help me how can I apply Pivot Levels on Chart. Please add Pivot Points.

  54. Muthu says:

    Great to see zerodha is customer centric and adds more flavours to the needs of customers.
    Hope zerodha is also making adequate IT infra to cater to the ballooning speed of customers/ their transactions. Also, have enough back up elsewhere to safe guard customers data from any IT crashes, technology upgrades etc. because of its full throttle growth.

  55. Arun says:

    When market going upper side I tried to buy banknifty lot but kite app not support us to buy and condition during selling.. It should be supported every time. Pl rectify the same for better service provider.

  56. Abhay says:

    PLEASE next milestone -> “GSec Pledging for margin”

  57. Hari says:

    Reduce the options brokerage types of MIS & NRLM with different rates.

  58. Suvam nandy says:

    Dear sir,
    Absolutely it’s a big benefits for option trader to remove the clearing charges but its my another request to remove the charges against option greeks where as upstock provide free.

  59. Van Husien says:

    Hello Mr Nithin

    Whatever your service u improved, Auto square off before 10 mins. u started recently. It is killing us very much. if we are in profit we will get out but if we are in loss, we have to wait until 3.30pm no other options. As because u close trading 10 mins before we are losing our money always. please let KITE run up to the exchange time 3.30pm .

    • You can use NRML or CNC product types and trade until 3.30 pm. If you trade using additional leverage, we need time to square off the positions if you don’t. Hence we square off at 3.20pm.

  60. Vipul Holmukhe says:

    Not clearing my profit, and they make their own statements.
    I have my profit screenshots for proof.
    Ill mail them, but they are not replying on topic & replying differently. Not understanding.

  61. Uday Sadashiv patil says:

    I am uday patil, opened an account with zerodha but as zerodha is using services of IL&FS have linked my account to IL&FS and I am facing a problem that from last 6months IL&FS is debiting per month charges from my account, in this connection I am communicating to zerodha office for last 6 months but not a single representative is providing proper guideline. As per there guidelines I have submitted more than 2times form but yet know they are not able to solve My problem. I am completely disappointed with zerodha service

  62. Ashok Singha says:

    Sir, please add Bracket Order feature in Stock Option segment….



  64. Shakeel Ahmed says:

    Zerodha is doing a great job.

  65. Harshal says:

    Charge of Rs 200/- crore??

  66. abhay says:

    hii,, any plan to use self clearing system for equity segment too,, as we have to pay 17 rs per translation for equity sold

    • Matti says:

      Hey Abhay, I believe you’re referring to the DP charge of ~Rs. 16? This has nothing to do with clearing but is a fee levied by the DP when shares are debited. There is no concept of clearing fees for equity transactions.

  67. Ramkumar says:

    Hi Nitin
    I have updated pi recently, after that in the updated pi I am not able to see lower circuit, upper circuit prices and 52 week high, low. please check from your side and take a quick remedy for the same

    • Matti says:

      Hi Ram, with the most recent update, some fields were indeed removed. We’ll look into the possibility of bringing this back, but it would take time.

  68. Manju Kumari says:

    Great News.! Think About one more things please Develop more better Your mobile Application…like 5paisa or angel broking …mainly Exit option in mobile kite app is not good it sell/buy all position in market price not in limit price please…improve.. I am new in zerodha and I it is really deserve no.1. Thanks.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Manju, if you’re selecting multiple positions to exit, they’re all exit at market price because all of them may me trading at very different prices. If you wish to exit just one particular position, you can always use a limit price to exit.

  69. Tariq Khan says:

    Support system to client is so poor

  70. Yogesh says:

    What about charges for NRI customers?

  71. Laksh Kalyanaraman says:


    Any plan to increase Intraday margin limit. Can you increase to 10x ? . Happy to pay more brokerage or interest on Margin if this can be enabled.

    • Billy says:

      Hi Lakssh,

      Increasing intraday margins won’t be happening anytime soon, especially with SEBI looking to curb brokers from allowing high leverage.

  72. VigneshKumar S says:

    Great move by zerodha:)
    1. Is there any possibility of getting rid of the exchange transaction charges. I don’t see its being charged by hdfc sec.
    2. Looking for increased range or no strike restrictions for Bank nifty options.

    • Billy says:

      Thanks Vignesh,

      1. Getting rid of Exchange transaction charges are dependent on the exchanges themselves. All brokers charge this.
      2. We’re working on this already, will take some time though. We’ll keep you posted.

  73. Ashish Kumar says:

    Zerodha Team,

    Good work. Your APP and Services are good. You were also planning to bring DOW close to India. Is that in plan?


  74. Shouvik says:

    Sir please add time in sales like pro trading platform so we can also trade like prop firm traders…It will help a lot to read the tape…

  75. 99Bulls says:

    Great going Zerodha!!

  76. Jeet Singh punjab says:

    Zerodha touches zenith points, i have 3 demat . But i prefer only zerodha , its fast then any other else platform.. everything is good , besides banned on trading while volatilty.. but somewhere its for our sake only( from big losses)..

  77. Umesh T says:

    Many thanks for upgradation
    Anticipating 2 new additions from zerodha
    1) Good till date orders / valid till cancel orders in CNC orders will be very helpful for professionals who cannot track markets contniuously (many deliver / CNC traders use these type orders with conventional brokers)
    2) sms alerts
    would be very helpful ,as many like me are operating long term investments through GTD orders (as once order placed, it will be effective till that date or trader cancels the order)

  78. sameer k says:

    today i m update Pi but after update there missing some important indicators like Pivot points i m must need that in Pi please help me about this Pivot points indicators remove in pi please add again in Pi chart thanks in Advance please reply me also

  79. Naveen Roy says:

    Sir, plz reduce the margin amount of Nifty & BankNifty option selling… Increase the limits of option selling especially of Index….
    Plz,Plz,Plz sir

  80. Sachin Jadhav says:

    Hi nithin sir plz hindi language ka bhee use kare non inglish parsons ko news ka pata chala

  81. sohny says:

    I am not sure i get it…, is the brokerage zero now .. i know STT , GST and Stamp duty etc will be there, but is the 20/- Rs for options & futures no more charged????? please let me know

  82. Dipanjan says:

    Sir, Pl start providing bracket order facility along with good leverage in bank nifty intraday option if possible.. Believe me , in my experience it may help u to grow more in short span.. Its really helpful for all intra bank nifty option traders.. Pl start providing this facility for buyers side only and strictly for upto 300 points up/down strike only.

  83. Raj says:

    I’m Very happy to know that you have made clearing charges zero. You are truly a great brokerage firm. I have one request. For intraday traders (in options) like me who do several trades per day and take profit from small positive movements of the instrument, can you reduce the brokerage from Rs. 20 to Rs. 10 (perhaps with the condition that I do a minimum of say, 20 trades per day). With small profit per trade, I lose much on the brokerage and taxes and so it’s my humble request to consider this suggestion.

    thanks, Raj

    • Hari says:

      yes sir we doing same with less capital on profit of 300 to 400 there taking 50 to 60 rupees per one trade.

  84. Girish Chakravarty says:

    Hi Nithin,

    In the Charge and Taxes List which says max 20 rs brokerage in future segment, however on Brokerage Calculator, e.g. for ZincMini at current price, it’s around 40 rs. And similarly for other commodities also it is higher that 20 rs. Can you please clarify it to me if you think I am not getting it correctly ?


  85. Girish Chakravarty says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Why certain comments on brokerage are not being accepted by the reviewing committee even when its just simple enquiry.

  86. Munaf says:

    Sir agar aap banknifty option me Jo range limit he wo Nikal denge to hum or dusri low strike price pe bhi trade kar sakenge.

  87. Trupti says:

    Hello, I recently shifted from ICICIDIRECT to Zerodha. Platform at Zerodha is excellent. Brokerage plan is very competitive.

    My suggestions pl:

    1. when I go for CE or PE from a search window, how to know details about prevailing premium thereto.

    2. A robust support system like helpline should be there to answer our query or questions over phone. It is not so difficult and rather essential for a Company like Zerodha now.

    My compliments to the management for being customer friendly. In fact I was fascinated after going thru the teachings available on “Versity”, salute to the writers.



    • Billy says:

      Thank you Trupti,

      1. You can view the premium details and more once you add the contract to the marketwatch. Fo ex: To add the NIFTY weekly option contracts to your market-watch on Kite web and mobile, you can just type in the trading symbol [Nifty] followed by the [strike price]. You’ll see a drop down of the existing contracts for that strike price. You can select the weekly option contract you want from that list.

      2. We will take this as feedback. Also, we have a Support portal, a manually curated and actively maintained knowledge-base of information, questions and answers pertaining to all aspects of Zerodha, from account opening to trading. In addition, we’ve focused extensively on making these answers discoverable through an intelligent search system. If you’re still unable to find an answer to your query on the Support Portal, you can create a support ticket and track it right from there.

  88. Kumar VS says:

    Great development. keep up the good show

  89. pramod kulkarni says:

    Dear Nitin Kamath
    Good job done sir;
    Long way to go in Zerodha for ordinary investor to make good money and save on brokerages;
    Your next move reduce from Rs 20 TO Rs 5 for equity trades. please;

  90. ajay says:

    Great job sir.. But Solve login issue since last monday at 9.15 auto logout happening in my account please try to solve.

  91. ANS says:

    Keep up the great work!!! Make it such that all other brokerages close shop and go home.

  92. Muthuraj M says:

    Thank you for making convenient trade.


    Hi Nithin, Great job! But there is a confusion. The list of charges and taxes shows that the brokerage for per executed order in future segment is maximum 20 rs (0.01% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lower). However when we check on Brokerage Calculator, e.g. for ZincMini at the current price, it shows the brokerage of around 40 rs. Why is that so ?

    Or the Charges List should say “0.01% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is HIGHER” ?

    Best wishes.

    • Billy says:

      Hi Girish,

      The brokerage calculator shows the brokerage for the entry and exit, which would count as two executed orders. To check the brokerage for buy/sell, enter only the buy/sell price into the calculator respectively.

  94. Atulsingh Rajput says:

    Hi,, please also do something for allowing to buy any options of bank nifty,, most of the time options of bank nifty with less price we cannot but it and it rejects out order by saying you cannot buy at this s strike price try closer to strike price. This should be resolved ASAP.

  95. Puja says:

    This is amazing and attractive new change. Let more people trade with ease

  96. Gowardhan Unde says:

    SIr please make availability BO in commodity also.

  97. Mandava says:

    Wow.. Great place to trade

  98. Vinod Salian says:

    This is a great advantage for all traders. Sir, its a great gift for us, nice decision.

  99. Ikira says:

    Does this include nifty & banknifty

  100. Zappy says:

    Wow… I just hope u up technical infra level too. Btw how you gonna earn then? Just wondering.. Have heard rumours and people claiming of you selling data of f&o traders on your platform to institutions. Is that right? I would like to know revenue generation how you gonna keep up with it if you ain’t charging anything?

    • Billy says:

      Hey Zappy,

      We will continue to improve our infra as well. We do no sell order flow data, It’s a popular conspiracy theory among traders. There are no dark pools India, all orders are compulsorily. Check out this post on TradingQ&A.

  101. R. Gopalakrishnan says:



    Inplement the same for Commodity also asap.

    • Billy says:

      Hey Gopalakrishnan,

      We will soon become self-clearing members for currencies and commodities, after which, clearing charges will be zero for those trades too.

  102. Guru Prasath says:

    Is it Only for cash segment and Derivatives or Also for Commodity futures also??

    • Faisal says:

      Clearing charges are F&O trades only. Clearing charges are zero for Equity Derivatives now. We will soon become self-clearing members for currencies and commodities, after which, clearing charges will be zero for those trades too.

  103. Babu says:

    You are awasome sir. Always Always Always customer friendly. Zerodha strikes again.

  104. Anand says:

    Brokerage charges are lower than other compitators,But customer support needs improvement.
    Most numbers don’t work and asks for TPIN,don’t guide how to generate the PIN.
    Still I will refer Zerodha for my friends..Because of Good app and low brokerage charges.

  105. Dhanyakumar Arjun Dhas says:

    To activate equity F&O

  106. rahul singh says:

    Hi sir, when zerodha will provide trading view chart order facility if it will come it should be explode

  107. S Kaleelrahuman says:

    I am a commodities trader. What I get benefit from this? Please answer. Thanks

    • Faisal says:

      We are working on becoming self-clearing members for commodities.
      Once done, clearing charges will be zero for commodities too.

  108. manoj kumar says:

    This is good. I appreciate for this one. but you should do work on your quality service also. whenever volatility in markst increases, your system doesn’t work and from your side an appplogies tweet comes. thats it!

  109. Gunjan says:

    Cool… Thanks Zerodha and Team

  110. Shankar A says:

    Sir excellent services kite web and mobile apps. But one more improvements add services
    1) flyers brokers same as display the exit or drag option to update in chart base

  111. HEMANT DEWANGAN says:

    Great news another milestone for zerodha

    This will motivate more traders to work at zerodha


  112. Mayur says:

    Sir, I would like to suggest you , Please add technical indicators signal alert function in kite version….Thank you

  113. Bhawani Shankar Soni says:

    I want to trade in cash and carry nse and nse future .is it possible in Zerodha. please help me thanks

  114. SHANTHA KUMARI T S says:

    zerodha is truly traders friendly

  115. AJAY KUMAR says:

    One more reason to cheer.

  116. Sagar Raskar says:

    Zerodha is reaching new highs day by day… It’s great and good example of Keizen. But Just wanted to point one issue that is, the performance is not upto the mark. Many traders loosing money including me due to some technical issue faced by Zerodha..

    If those technical issues will be fixed then it would be great. Thank You….

    Best of luck.

  117. Sanjay Pande says:

    Wow. Great job. Will definately hep to improve traders P&L.

  118. Vishal Rane says:

    nice nithin.. cheers..

  119. manjunatha.S says:

    great support to traders.

  120. Abhay says:

    Impressive – thanks for encouraging investing behaviour by continuously reducing charges at broker end. Real great work in service of the industry and common person who wants to invest and grow wealth.
    Could you also please work to improve response time to service requests? My questions on “wrongful” closure of my IDBI options on expiry remains unanswered for over a week now.

  121. Vijai says:

    Zero Clearing charges is a good initiative for any retail trader to make that little extra profit! Please do work hard to bring the same to commodity too! Highly appreciated!

    • Billy says:

      Hey Vijai,

      We will soon become self-clearing members for currencies and commodities, after which, clearing charges will be zero for those trades too.

  122. MCR says:

    It is a good change. But unfortunately the connection problems cause losses much beyond these gains – remaining unavailable when we need to place orders . Hope something could be done regarding this availability and stability with proper uptime at all trading times !!

  123. chintan says:

    please start new product related to option selling. in compression to other zerodha have not like that product.

  124. Zanil Hyder says:

    Can you do something about pledging fee ? Rs 60/- per transaction is very high for those who deals with multiple scripts.

  125. Milind Raut says:

    not yet cleared , what is saving in one trade with example & should compare old total expenses breackout v/s new total expenses breackout & saving

  126. Rajesh says:

    Thank you zerodha and it’s team

  127. Manish Kumar Malviya says:

    Well done…👍👍👍

  128. नितिन श्रीवास्तव says:

    नितिन जी,
    निवेदन है की आपके काइट app को हिंदी भाषा मे करवाइए,

  129. USHA P. MOOLYA says:

    i would like to have this service

  130. amogh says:

    Good… Good And Good … is all i can say…

  131. Clinoy Cleetus says:

    Surprise by Zerodha 🙂

  132. Brahmananda Majhi says:

    I do not know how to trade in Option Market. Now, Zerodha inspires me to know the procedure. Thanks a lot for inspiring…

  133. manish kondhalkar says:

    great sir,thank you

  134. Arjun Yadav says:

    Sir, Please bring feature to calculate pivot point according to our formula in kite. That will be great help and will save our time and money from purchasing expensive software.

  135. Laxmikant says:

    Though sometimes there was some minor issues like connectivity or chart. But this was temporary. Everything else is fine. And zerodha is leading broker in fulfilling retail traders dream.
    Great step NITIN KAMATH

    • Kalpana Kothari says:

      You are not good but BEST.
      I mentioned in personal DM ,some Devils are entered in your work force with the face of DEV,find them, they are making you sorry with technical problems and people losing money. They are doing one surgical operation at preferred time and people lose money and patience.
      Do get clear your HOME.

      • Raj Narayan Jha says:

        Devils are in everywhere but we have to care ourselves so that lose will be minimum. Be happy in every moment and grip on your patience.

  136. hiren solanki says:

    dear sir,
    i am very happy to stay with zerodha since last four year. but, i want to say some attractive feature will start to zerodha, which is available in other brokerage farm, so please like a icicidirect have option plus feature. and many more other have.

  137. Pulkit says:

    Is there any reduction in charges for intraday equity as well? (not f&o)

  138. Vadivazhagan says:

    I appreciate the initiative, Would also encourage your team to stabilize the platform since most of the crutial time, the system went no reachable


    This is good… But for small traders who trade in small lots… for ex. 1 lot of BNF options … or 1 lot of equity options (For ex. Reliance 1 lot) will there still be charges or no ?? the link of schedule of charges (minimum charges) still shows “”Flat Rs. 20 per executed order” for options.

  140. Sadiq says:

    Hi Nithin,
    When will you allow the BankNifty option OTM trades to go long ?
    It is really difficult to check the what is the range everytime before trade.
    To check the range we have to go back to the margin page everytime.

  141. tangudu neelakantha says:

    zerodha is lit man. Always has a good news

  142. Anup says:

    Huge thanks to Zerodha for this. I am big fan of technological adoption strategy of zerodha

  143. Raghu says:

    Great news !

  144. Vaibhav Chikhale says:

    Great going ZERODHA!!! Thank you very much …

  145. JIBIN THARAYIL says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    +91 9998498349

    • Billy says:

      Hey Jibin,

      Becoming a member of ICEX is not on our list of things to do as of now. To know more about becoming a partner, click here.

      • P. P. Gupta says:

        Dear Sir/Madam,

        Please Add ICEX.

        P. P. GUPTA

  146. Sandeep says:

    This is best step from zerodha, one more thing you need to take up is removing technical glitches which arise very frequently specifically in early morning trades, personally I have lost too much because of it.

  147. GOPAL PURANIK says:

    keep it up very happy that i have shifted my account to Zeroda

  148. UDAYKUAR K JADAV says:

    Great job….

    • Raghavendra says:

      Zerodha is just an platfort for trading. The price what we we pay as brokerage is very reasonable than others broker’s.. some time’s it pains to see the plat form low due to server issue which is an again third party service of TR.. better to charge us clearing charges and make use to change from Thomson Reuters plat form trading to next best companys platform

  149. rushikesh thorat says:

    sirji just give paper trading for kite baki sb mst he

  150. KV Kanakeswara Rao says:

    This is something like ADDED ADVANTAGE. Tq Zerodha

  151. Abhishek VG says:

    Zerodha is back with a BANG.


      is the zero borkerage charges apply to banknifty also, please clarify

      • Kamal Hyder: says:

        I have a request on providing extra indicators to your Zerodha Platform. Recently, we saw your introduction of Tradingview, as an additional charting. But it is felt that, it always remains a daily chart and whenever you refresh after loading personal indicators like RSI, MACD, etc, it again goes back to DAILY CHART with all indicators vanishing. Can you please resolve this issue.
        Secondly, can you introduce in the charts like BEARISH REVERSAL PATTERN- MILD, MEDIUM AND HIGH & vice versa BULLISH REVERSAL PATTERN. So, that INTRADAY TRADERS may minimise losses or gain something not just loose all the time.
        Also, many a times it is seen that the Charting platform ZERODHA hangs or unable to hit the target or get out of the losses.
        Also, you should organise FREE WEBINARS from time to time in the topics like:
        1. Technical Analysis in simplified way explained with LIVE DEMO.
        2. Futures & Options explained in simplified way.
        3. Options writing along with Hedging strategies explained with selection criteria of STRIKE PRICE & why.
        4. Writing Options of owning stock(delivery) with hedging strategies for stable income.
        4. Crude Oil Trading with strategies & factors to be considered for movement of price.
        Thank you.

        • Satyanand says:

          No any indicators works, nobody will provide you any guidance as per sebi guidelines. This is the roller coaster game and enjoy it but don’t play with too much money.

      • Rajesh says:

        Marvelous. Great job Zerodha

      • Ashok Parthiban says:

        Is the zero brokerage charges applicable for NSE & BSE stocks also , Please Clarify?

      • सर को says:

        सर कोई ऐसा प्लान है क्या जिसमे कुछ पैसे देके पूरे महीने अनलिमिटेड फ्री ट्रेड कर सकें।

    • Sriram says:

      hi Nithin

      a welcome move. but would appreciate the earlier zerodha margin support is brought back, as Zerodha i feel is best user friendly platform to trade in. Hence request you to give it a thought. Traders will be more i am sure once this is brought back. thank you

    • Kirit says:

      Great news. Zerodha really works for customers. No doubt they are number one.

    • Mogan says:

      Hi sir, heard to see zero clearance charges good, I have one request.. We want Bracket order for commodity platform like equity.. Already Co there, but there is some difficulty, since works in office, as a part time we doing trade, if we have Bo order means, at a time we can place sl and tgt can place, and trigger either automatically.. Iam really feels a lot why such a good service not provided to us, expecting your good reply, thanks

    • nanatacobell says:

      great job guys..keep up the good work.

    • Deepak says:

      RMS ka rang hatavaiye

    • ANIL KUMAR says:

      USKA KYA?

      • Matti says:

        Hey Anil, the call and trade charge is to ensure that users square-off their own positions. At our scale, we send thousands of square off orders each day which is a significant cost, and hence the charge.