Update to CDSL’s TPIN authorisation process for selling stocks

February 19, 2021

Hindi: इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें।

In May 2020, the depositories introduced a new process for clients to authorise the debit of securities from their demat accounts against a delivery sale transaction by entering a TPIN. The new process made a physical Power of Attorney for the demat account, in favour of the broker, unnecessary, thus making the account opening and operating process simpler and more secure.

SEBI has now advised the depositories to further strengthen this process by mandating an OTP at the time of authorisation in addition to the existing TPIN. All brokers have been asked to take this process live from Saturday, February 20, 2021 as per this circular by CDSL. As such, the following changes will be effected for all non PoA accounts:

  1. In addition to TPIN, an OTP will have to be entered at the time of authorising the stocks for debit. The OTP will be sent by CDSL to your registered email address and mobile number.

    Authorisation before a trade

  2. Up until now, the authorisation remained valid for 90 days, which meant that once the stocks were authorized for debit, you needn’t authorise the same stocks (by visiting the CDSL website) for the next 90 days. From February 20, 2021, the authorisation shall stay valid for one trading day only. This means that each day you intend to sell a stock, you’ll be redirected to CDSL’s webpage where you’ll need to enter the TPIN and OTP in order to authorise the debit.In the event that CDSL isn’t able to send OTP for any reason, you can still carry out the sale transaction. You will be required to authorise the debit of the sale transaction after carrying out the trade before 5:00 PM on the day of the trade. To do so, you’ll have to click on the ‘Authorisation’ button on the Holdings page on Kite. If you do not authorise the debit after carrying out the sale, the transaction will result in short delivery and subsequent auction and penalty. You can read more about the auction process here.

    Post-trade authorisation in case of CDSL OTP failure or GTT sell orders

  3. Impact on GTT and equity SIP sell orders: Since the new process requires an OTP for the transaction to be completed successfully, you’ll need to authorise all your holdings for debit with TPIN and OTP each morning. This is a temporary solution and we’ll switch to post-trade authorisation for GTT and SIP sell orders soon.

Note: You will have to authorise your stocks with OTP again even if you have previously authorised the sale of stocks with just TPIN from February 20, 2021

While we do understand that the new process may seem cumbersome in some aspects, please keep in mind that these changes have been suggested by SEBI with the interest of keeping your investments secure. In light of these changes, it would also be prudent for you to have your latest, and active, mobile number and email address registered with CDSL. If you have changed your number or email ID and haven’t updated it with us, please do so at the earliest on Console to be able to receive the OTP required to authorise the sale of stocks.

Financial analyst and researcher at Zerodha

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  1. Raju das says:

    Re sand tpin

  2. jacks says:

    Hi, I have registered my mobile no. on zerodha, which later on I changed, now can i open my mother’s account from that first mobile number which was removed from my account ??

    Please clearify

  3. SatishKumar GS says:

    How do we authorize CDSL every day? is there a link/button on zerodha? or we have to go through ‘exit’ option?

  4. Rahul says:

    The article is dated 9 Feb 2021 and it mentions “This is a temporary solution and we’ll switch to post-trade authorisation for GTT and SIP sell orders soon”

    Can you please give approximated timeline other than soon?
    The current solution/implementation removes the benefits of GTT…

  5. Shreyas says:

    If I Authorize at Night after 12 am then will it be valid for whole day ?

  6. Srilekha says:

    Have been waiting for OTP since 30 min when market opened for pre orders.
    Receieved none on my mobile and on email, I get it after 10min which is of no use.
    Thanks for taking away my intra day profits.
    Decided to move out of this app now.
    Great initiative

  7. Falguni Mehta says:

    I have updated my email id through the Consol > account page successfully few hours ago but still getting OTP and tPin emails on my old email id with respect to CDSL’s TPIN authorization process. I need all this CDSL authorisation emails to redirect on newly updated email id.

  8. deepak says:

    OCO, stop loss and target; nothing works after this update. This makes half of the Zerodha features useless. Every day, there is a risk of the market going down or up, and in case we forget to authorise transactions just for one day, implications can be huge. Zerodha needs to overcome this somehow; otherwise, it is cumbersome and makes traders less interested.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Deepak, we are in talks with the regulators to find a way around this. Since these are regulatory requirements, there is little else we can do.

      • Kesav says:

        You mentioned in the article 5 months back that you will switch to post-trade authorization for GTT and SIP sell orders soon, has this been done yet?

  9. sam says:

    two problems:
    1) my GTT was triggered; but not sold..[did not receive request for CDSL authorisation]. Previously it happened once, but i received CDSL authorization email. But this time, only trigger. why?

    2)manage transation this button is not appearing in my mobile app + not appearing in website. how can I do this? I want to do it on daily basis to avoid trouble.

    Raised a ticket already..waiting for a resonse..

  10. Preet Pal says:

    When I click to Authorise sell transaction, it opens a window but doesn’t let me “Continue to CDSL”. I am not able to make any sale and losing opportunities to make profit, and also going into loss at times. What to do?

  11. Tarun says:

    OTP is not work… Tried 10 times since morning..very very frustrating..

  12. bababaptiste says:

    ye bhosdiwale app ki maa chood rahe hai. Roj subah bc uth ke authorize karo. Lawda OTP aata hi nahi hai kabhi. Arey bhenchod mere stocks hai to authorized hain hi. Kya chutiye ki tarah roz ye karwate ho. Kabhi bhool ke authorize karna aur sell karna ho to chutiye ki tarah wait karo OTP ka. Utne me market ki thuk jaati hai.

  13. Amol Vaidya says:

    Can I do Authorization with tpin and OTP on Sunday if I want to sell my delivery holding on Monday, in that case will again OTP needed on Monday for selling stock or sunday Authorization is sufficient

  14. Shubhra Shailesh Rane says:

    Dear Team

    I am facing issue with Zerodha Trading A/c from login to Withdraw my fund balance because my documents are uploaded & details mentioned in A/c both are totally different.
    1.CMR Form which I downloaded form documents –
    Account Holder Name – Priyanka Dattaram Bagave
    As Per Pan Uploaded & updated in your system as – Shubhra Shailesh Rane
    As Per CMR – Bank A/c Details updated correctly but name of the A/c holder in the bank Shubhra Shailesh Rane.Because of the Name Mismatch withdrawal request rejected continuously,
    2.Bank A/c details updated by Zerodha Portal as below

    Priyanka Dattaram Bagave
    Client ID
    Support code
    •••• View

    Commodity declaration

    Account PRIMARY



    Bank Name- ICICI Bank & Branch Name – Kotak Mahindra Bank -Its joke , MICR & IFSC Code mapped you as per your convenient.

    3.If I trying to request to New mandate – Same issues I faced – My mandate create form Priyanka Dattaram Bagave.

    Shubhra Rane can deposited fund in Zerodha Demat A/c in the name of Priyanka Dattaram Bagave. Trading possible but when we raised the request of withdrawal problem begin.

    As per Rules Third party can deposited fund in Demat A/c —
    This problem as my end or your date was not correct pls update
    give me the one time solutions because I have to paid the charges of your mistake …..

  15. Ashish says:

    In GTT my stoploss got triggered but holding were not squared off. Despite of pre-authorization reason is displayed CDSL authorization failed. Do not know where is the issue.

    One thing is clear that GTT handling is the most cumbersome functionality at Zerodha, while is one of the most demanded functionalities for traders.

    we cannot see triggered GTT after 24 hours. I do not understand why it is removed!! It can be displayed somewhere in history/report section.

    Overall, GTT functionality needs serious improvement.

    Also, I would like to have Sections/Grouping functionality in “Holdings” section. It will help traders to manage their holdings.


  16. Nemai Chandra Saha says:

    The New System of Authorization for aged persons those who did’t possess sound computer knowledge is very cumbersome one. ZERODHA TEAM must take up the matter with SEBI.
    Pl advise the process of POA and to whom it should be submitted

  17. Sadarama says:

    While selling, after tpin we need to put otp. The otp doesn’t come in time. It am not able to sell at the price i want. It is causing loss to me.
    First login with password, then totp, then cdsl pin, then otp. Why 4 level security is required? What nonsense it is.

  18. SHAJAN says:

    This morning I was trying to generate OTP from CDSL but not receiving in time, it got delivered after 12minutes in email. so could not use it, tried again but OTP did not receive yet after 15minutes, I wanted to sell HSIL @ 184 (high made after try was 185) which bought last week at 152.25, but due to authorization failed it cant go thru and price droped now to 173


    can I transfer shares offmarket to my family members whose DP is not zerodha.

  20. Chauhan says:

    So when earliest can we authorize our holdings so that our GTT works well? I am asking this coz authorization on the previous day after market is not working.
    e.g. If I authorize my holdings today after 5PM and then my GTT fires off next trading day it is again asking for authorization.

    • Ashish says:

      Even pre-authorization on the same day is not working. It has happened twice with me. Despite of pre-authorization holdings are not being squared off. Now I am not sure what to do… should i hold that quantity of square off manually.

  21. Shiv says:

    When do we get permanent solutions? I opened account in Zerodha for GTT orders and zero brokerage (delivery), now GTT is of no use due to CDSL authorization via OTP.

    I only recently realized, so many of my GTT orders were triggered, but never executed due to this fuc**** process.

    Can you confirm, if Zerodha is both NSDL & CDSL or only CDSL? I have three other demat accounts & I only enter password/PIN….It doesn’t ask for OTP from CDSL.

    Can we send you signed/ scan copy of POA? It’s scary to go out & you should tell us a way to solve this.

  22. chander says:

    saal bhar se oopar ho chuka hai, apna khoon jalate phir rahe hain, koi poochne wala nahin hai. Yeh pata nahin hai phase hue stocks ka kya hoga, waapis aa payenge ke kya hoga. baat karte hain! hindustan mein investment system kisi tarah theek ho, karvy vagerah jaise kaand hone ke raaste kisi tarah se poori tarah finally band ho sakein, system foolproof ho sake, toh cheezein theek tarah se chal sakengi. baith ke phone utha ke bakaiti chhaapni aati hai.

  23. chander says:

    abe vishaan heen chution, yeh system aaya hai shukar manao, karvy mein hum apna chootia banwa ke aaye hain! saalo, tumhare saath hua hota aisa kuch, toh pata lagta. tab hum dekhte, kya nikalta tumhari lekhni se?

  24. Salim khan says:

    I want change my pin

  25. Bodhaditya M says:

    Just been fined Rs 2413 in my Motilal Oswal account for not using TPIN and god knows what shit.. Is it really Legal.. Am so pissed now

  26. Gopal Kumar says:

    Riyas says:
    March 22, 2021
    it will affect popularity of gtt order

  27. Riyas says:

    It will affect popularity of gtt order

  28. vivek says:

    None of the contact no. is approachable. Tried all the no. available on website.

  29. Srinivasa Murthy Yarramsetty says:

    In the new updated process , ideally Zerodha should NOT allow to do SELL transaction incase the OTP is not entered after TPIN is entered. Why allow SELL if OTP is not entered .. . ? It is unnecessary risk for the client if it goes into short delivery, penalty or auction ..

  30. Shoeb says:

    I authorise my all share after 12 am(night) from sell Authorization.
    But the problem is when placing sell order in market Time it again asked for Authorization…. this should not be the case….if i have done Authorization of all scrip aftr 12 am or 3am night … Authorization says successful but then again asked for Authorization in trading hrs … Any solution to it

    • Shoeb says:

      I read above it says need to authorise in the morning… supposed a person works in night shift and enter all gtt trade and Authorization done after 12 am and goes to sleep ….so if gtt trigger it asks for pin again so pathetic…if its says need to authorise i understand … please make a change from morning to day start …which is after 12 am midnight…. hope you’re team understands

  31. Naveen says:

    Cal back sir account opening prablam
    7996608706 phone num

  32. UMESH NAMDEO says:


  33. GIRIDHARA says:

    Please provide email id of zeroda to get CLDS

  34. Ijju vinay kumar says:

    Hello Today I took intraday trade of bluedart shares in nse at zerodha broker to square off those shares delivery has taken at an higher prices because of this I got 10000 loss

  35. Amit says:

    How can I make sure or confirm that OTP for the day has been authorised by CDSL on Zerodha platform. Will there be a prompting by Zerodha if I have done sell transaction but not authorised the OTP so as to save me from losing money in auction and penalty process. Also, I have not been able to find the authorize button in Zerodha mobile app. Can someone please tell me how to do it in mobile app.

    • brokenbull says:

      As a non POA client-Daily In Zerodha android app I place 1st CNC sell order around 8.01 am (as AMO ) , CDSL pop out comes out, I enter Tpin +htn OTP instantly comes to my airtel no / otp entered -voila all cnc SELL trades for the day for all scrips in dmat is authorized.
      Rarely amo authorization does not work post market open (to edit the price) & asks again TPIN+OTP. It is smooth (extra 6-10 seconds . better do as amo before 8.57 (but preferably after 8.01am), Later when you edit price , no need of tpin+otp (extra delay)
      I do the same in “another broker’s” android app. AMO does not open CDSL pop out. so only after 9.15am , same process works.
      But in that broker for each scrip , cdsl pop out +otp .
      For same scrip let us say you sold 1/2 the quantity & want to sell the remaining Dmat qty at a higher price (or saymarket dropping fast- you want to exit – next CNC sell order “of the same scrip”- no TPIN+OTP deamnd .
      zerodha is smoother

  36. Vinay Arawattigi says:

    where do i find the Tpin for my zerodha account ?

  37. Jugal parmar says:

  38. Dinesh says:

    Better exit zerodha .Foolish broker

  39. Amit Kumar Agarwal says:

    how do I find out if my account is POA or not?

    • brokenbull says:

      Best way to find out = buy small qty index etf say niftybee or bankbee at 3.29pm. Next day morning (BTST) say at 8.01 am try to place a amo CNC sell order ———————–If the system does not accept sell order & directs to CDSL web site.—————-Then you know you are non POA.
      a. you can not call Zerodha & hope to be answered.
      b. You can try to raise a ticket. it will only give you all kind pre existing topics, raising a support ticket is a real patientce exercise.
      c. Then afrer few hiurs/ days-some Zerodha (working from home) smart cookie replies a boiler plate reply with out replying the matter actually.
      d, otherwise all automated functions works damn well in zerodha . (just you can not or send a mail period or talk to any one in zerodha ).
      For example send RTGS pay in , with in 2-5 minutes “funds added in your trading account ” mail/app notification.
      send money via NEFT maximum with 30-45 minutes inward payment success notification.
      you want money out & do it before 8pm, next day guaranteed inward remittance in to your bank by 10am or earlier.

  40. Gopal Kumar says:


  41. Please call me says:


  42. rohit karki says:

    sir koi bhi saifty vgera nahi h yde ish c loss hora h 2 baar mera margin trigger ho ka sell nahi hua dew to this new permisson rule bilkul bhi sai nahi h ye pke make it pehle jesa

  43. Chukkalavenkataappadu says:

    Mydematpasswordmiss new password givemesir

  44. Rajendra Prasad Rathi says:

    In fund page/summary , there should also be a column of intra day margin in addition to delivery margin of T1 & T2.

  45. Kishan patel says:


  46. Sirajudeen says:

    Good change. It safeguards the interest of the owners of the shares from fraud.

  47. Harichandra says:


  48. JAGAN HELA says:

    Yes, you are right 🙏

  49. Rakesh j dudhatra says:


  50. vijay says:

    how to open CDSL TPIN?

  51. Pandav pradipkumar pravinbhai says:


  52. Balkrishna Akar says:

    What all is required to be filled in POA and how much time will it take for your team to update POA in my account.

  53. Manjeet says:

    Hello sir I m not able to buy or sell from my zerodha account GF4284 it’s showing enable list …..Plz fixed this problems


    Feb 22nd

  55. Sudhir pandey says:

    Please call me

  56. Vitthal says:

    Very much

  57. Kamlesh Patel says:


  58. Adarsh Raghuram says:

    Is this applicable for all Equity or only for F&O

  59. Rajendra says:

    My a/c start

  60. HARISH KAMBLE says:


  61. Manoj kumar mishra says:

    Please call me urgent

  62. Mahatap Singh says:

    Coll karo

  63. Mahatap Singh says:

    Plz coll me

  64. Rithvik says:

    The whole purpose of GTT is gone. What a stupid idea

  65. Rikshit says:

    Pls call me

  66. Ramesh kumar verma says:

    How do i take authorisation when I have stocks in position column in my portfolio. I want to sell them on same day. Because on clicking authorisation only holding stocks are authorised not of position column. Pls clear

  67. Akash mondal says:


  68. Jitendra Patel says:

    Time to look for a New Platform. OTP is unnecessary until and unless it’s required by regulatory

  69. Akshay raut says:

    Kr do chalu shot cell

  70. Niraj yadav says:

    Yes it is more necessary for all

  71. Mukesh Dhapodkar says:

    Chalu kro

  72. Kabinath brahma says:

    Why can’t short selling ?

  73. H. K. Mallick says:

    I have a doubt. If we give POA to Zerodha then Zerodha can do anything to our account. It can sell our holdings without our wish. Please reply.


    Yes it is more necessary for all investor . It is right way

  75. Ankush says:

    Where Is the POA Form and How Can I Submitt online Of Offline

  76. S M NARKAR says:

    i do not undertand procedure pleasedemo it proierly.todaty i sold shares without otp,what will happen?

  77. Vikram says:

    On 22nd Feb I have sold some of my stock but I did not receive any authorization page for the same nor did it directed me to the CDSL, does it means my account is POA. how to check if the account is POA or Non Poa is it mentioned in the Profile.

    Kindly answer.



  78. Rameshwar sopanrao Bhosale says:


  79. K NARAYANA RAO says:

    No comment

  80. Rahul Jain says:

    My GTT got triggered today but to non-POA was not authorized. Now I want to know if the shares are debited? the order history does not show it has and I had authorised the the GTT post it got triggered. Please suggest…

  81. Firasatali says:

    Mera A/C POA account hai uske bad bhi mujhse Tpin or OTP no manga ja raha why pse clearyfy

  82. Brajesh says:

    Such a pathetic support team Zerodha is having. Raised ticket to clear doubts regarding” not beend asked to authorise while selling delivery”. They didn’t even care to reply. I don’t know how they get nominated as best broker award.

    Hope there won’t be penalty where no authrisation has been asked during selling or no ” authorisation” option available in holding section as they have shown in document

  83. Nitin says:

    Agree SEBI has applied this rule but how to oppose it?
    for e.g imagine everyone is approaching CDSL website (millions of users) at same time and the website is down
    I am facing this issue already. so I can’t authorize the transaction and face major loss or penalty at the end of the day
    Easy way to earn penalties from SEBI (smart trick)

  84. martis says:

    what a great hurry for SEBI. They want to make changes overnight. Wish they could have given enough time to make the traders understand and implemented from 1-4-21.

  85. Hardik says:

    Hardik say.
    February 22, 2021 at 2:04 pm
    I placed a selling order .The TPIN is not asked .hence I canceled the selling order on the assumption that it may lead to auction and penalty.

    • Brajesh says:

      it is so bad to see none from Zerodha clearing doubts on this as many of us didn’t saw any TPIN asked message while selling and its currently dilemma what will happen

  86. V.Annapurna says:

    I placed a selling order .The TPIN is not asked .hence I canceled the selling order on the assumption that it may lead to auction and penalty.

  87. Gopal Kumar says:


  88. Punitbhai premjibhai monpara says:

    Majhe tpin set kar do

  89. Kunal Magar says:

    They don’t want retail traders to make money this is not needed…. Bye Indian market I’m better with US market

  90. Jai Prakash yadav says:


  91. Rasikkumar limbani says:

    Thank you my Account primary changed

  92. Rajib basu says:

    Plis ad my funds

  93. Yogesh Shinde says:

    Do not show 25 th feb month option CE calland PE call pls solve my problem

  94. swati says:

    Bad step, bad feature.. better i will leave this app.

  95. Sumeet says:

    Hi..I set up my Zerodha account a few years back and now do not remember whether I had sent in a POA or not at that time.

    Where can I check on Console or anywhere on Kite, whether my account has POA registered or not? Appreciate your advise.

  96. RAVINDHRA says:

    SEBI is making stupid and meaningless rules and making things worst for traders and investors as a whole.

    SEBI need to be monitored by other system of regulation for controlling the power of making such meaningless and useless rules upon trading community. Why not they simplifying things using their IQ or creativity if they have instead of making hell for the traders . Worst is SEBI systems, they are making crap for the whole system

  97. venkateswara reddy d says:


  98. Brajesh says:

    How do we know if we have signed the POA when we opened demat account?

    If I don’t have to authorize any sells made post this rule, does that mean i have PQA already done??

    I am seeing many query like this in comment section, but Zerodha have replied none of those. Request to show some professionalism and clear out this doubt. Even though it’s SEBI rule, we are using Zerodha and we can’t question SEBI for this.

    Looking forward for quick response on this

  99. Ramanaiah Jonnalagadda says:

    Segment Kaisa active Karna hai

  100. Vasantha Allamraju says:

    This procedure is very cumbersome to follow for senior citizens like me who are not welversed with computer knowledge.Daily contacting CDSL for otp and PTIN is difficult When we are having funds in trading acct and buying out of them only where is the need of POA.It is discouraging small investors to execute trades smoothly.Instead of regulating the Broking houses strictly SEBI is imposing all responsibilities on investors only for their fate.Already lakhs of investors suffered and burnt their fingers due to unethical irregularities of a well known Brokng House.It is better to evolve a system of ease of doing for investors by SEBI.


    kuch bhi nahi samazta hai.pura dimag ka dahi ho gaya hai.sebi wale sabko bandar ki tarah nachane ke liye tule hue hai.


    ye pagal sebi wale retail traders ko pareshan karne ke liye har roj ek naya funda paida karte rahte hai. mai to bahut hi pareshan hogaya hu. kitne passwords tpins otp kya kya dyhan me rakhna padata hai. main to pura paisa nikalkar mutual fund me dalne ka soch raha hu. kam se kam ye roj ki pareshaniyo se chutkara pa saku.

  103. Tricky says:

    This is just a step from SEBi to safeguard retailers as new discount brokers keep emerging and they always keep finding new ways to bend the system and do frauds like what Karvy did. It’s ok but but it’s annoying… these otp’s have taken over our lives.

  104. Chirag says:

    How to check my POA status? it is activated or not. I have open account ofline

  105. Thomas Ebenezer says:

    I sold stock this morning from my holding. It went through. There was no question about authorisation. Nor I could find any tab for authorisation in “Holding” page. Please guide me to avoid any complications.

  106. abhishek says:

    This is really a shit, now Zerodha is getting very much boring. Have to fond some other broker.

  107. ishaque says:

    how to update T pin

  108. Prakash says:

    I m not able to receive OTP on mail ID

  109. jaya says:

    How do we know if we have signed the POA when we opened demat account?

  110. Prakash says:

    Is this pin updation also required for intraday trading?

  111. Ranjit says:

    Equity nhi ho raha hai

  112. Vrinda Gosavi says:

    What is the franking amount for Power of attorney?

  113. Nagpal VK says:

    I think if authorisation is done for all holdings at the start of trading hours itself ( non – POA) no separate authorisation and OTP or post authorisation will be required . Correct me please if I am wrong .

  114. Rajeev Gautam says:

    You guys are really stupid. put the stupid process in a proper document rather than writing a story, Please send the process step by step

  115. Abhishek Narayan says:

    Will it be applicable when I have holdings of shares and I have a position in F&O and the position gets settled on expiry, will the shares be sold automatically in case of FUT Short trade ?

  116. Vincent Pinto says:

    I had singed up in late 2019. And so I had to submit a physical PoA.

    What do I need to do to use the new system to trade in my shares, and have my current PoA invalidated so there is no possibility of misuse? How do you assure me it is invalidated?

    This is an important point: It will soon be a good idea for you to invalidate the existing PoA for those customers who explicitly require it. Eventually the authorities will require it.

  117. Rahul kumar says:

    How to update T pin
    Please tell me

  118. Shambhu Prasad says:

    How to update T pin
    Please tell me

  119. Kishan Heda says:


  120. Mohsn says:

    This delays selling

  121. Sree says:

    How to check the PoA status.

  122. Navneet Kumar Sarin says:

    This is another anti-middle class anti-small investor action of SEBI, which is there to protect the interests of big operators by befooling small investors in the name of ” Protecting small investors” Why openly operators are manipulating the share market and befooling trapping small investors. Why SEBI just take no action ot take action after 5-10 years against them. This rule will result in causing loss to many small investors, who will either not receive the sms/mail or even that will not be accepted by the system.
    I feel SEBI want small investors to go back to old manual ways through small sub-brokers, where when you buy you were getting shares at the highest rate of the day but if you sell you were getting the lowest rate of the day.

    By doing so maybe Government want to reduce unemployment

  123. Usha says:

    Could you let me know the process to provide a POA is this one time process ?

  124. Usha says:

    How do I know whether I’ve given POA or not, Could you let me know the process to provide a POA is this one time process ?

  125. Prithvi says:

    This is rubbish and useless.

  126. amit soni says:

    sir ji share ko sell karne ke liye stoploss lgane ke bad stoploss hit ho jata hai to bhi kya tpin and otp dena hoga agar dena hoga to stop loss hit hone ke bad kon sa option use kare pls btaye

  127. VASU says:

    Where can I find my TPIN?
    How do I know whether I have given POA or not?

  128. Paras kumar jain says:

    मेने जरोघा मे खाता खोला,परनतु जान कारी के अभाव मे अभी चालू नही कर पाया मूजे टेडीग कैसे करे बताय

  129. Kundan Kumar says:

    In case of GTT if by any reason one couldn’t see the alert notifications for authorization in kite app or over email. He will have to bear penalty for it.

    ANY WAY, “KINDLY KEEP THIS COMMENT POST SECTION ON TOP”. In mobile, for posting comment we have to scroll n scroll at the lowest. Keep it at the top for to be user friendly.

  130. D.B.Patel says:

    If I try to authorise the holdings on the trading day before opening of market,but I can’t do so due to OTP not received.Now during the day suppose I execute some sell trades and I again try to authorise the sell trades before 5.00 p.m.,I can’t receive the OTP. and hence I cannot authorise the sell trades.Then what will happen in this case ?

  131. Ram Baboo says:

    TPIN is sufficient for trading it is like OTP. More OTP is so difficult to trading Where moment has value rate changes in moments more OTP will delay our trade.

  132. Nilanjana says:

    Is this applicable only for Zerodha users, didn’t receive any such information from the other full service broker

  133. Nagaraja MS says:

    Can i use old TPIN or Are you sending new TPIN ? Kindly clarify

  134. Kamalakar says:

    After the sale order is executed one has to authorize Zeroda to debit the shares from your DMAT account.Fot this OTP is introduced.This a safety measure introduced by SEBI. Please go through the fiasco of KARVY where lot of investors are suffered heavy loss and hence authorization by OTP is good move and every investor should appreciate it though it is trouble some.Actually this procedure is difficult to follow when orders from GTT are executed.

  135. bj says:

    is this applicable to intraday also?

  136. Steven thomasraje says:

    Update TPiN

  137. Jog says:

    One suggestion to the Zerodha Team.

    Please provide some indicator on the stock in the Holdings list if the stock is already “Authorised” for that day.

    This little thing will help greatly in improving “User Experience” for this rather senseless new rule thought out by SEBI as if TPIN was not bad enough.

    But this little change of marking the already authorised scrips will make life of a trader a little bearable.

    • Nagpal VK says:

      Very good and practical suggestion. Zerodha should add an indicator -Sale of stock Authorized/Not Authorized –
      This will be very helpful to the account holders of Zerodha.

  138. Shashank M Hiremath says:

    Why should anybody face the auction process if the short delivery is well within the holding limits? This is a organized crime designed by CDSL or SEBI. You should raise the request immediately in the favour of investors.

  139. Mitesh Damjibhai Nandu says:

    Worst change. Making things complex.

  140. BHARAT PATIL says:

    Good rules for Investor. But here is catch -“Short Sale”. Any reason (sms not send by CDSL or some Technical issue), If Investor not authorized transaction, then Short sale. Big draw back. Broker take advantage.

  141. Abha says:

    True…the very same thing I am also facing. I think the issue is from IT side. It seems changes are not yet deployed in the production env.

  142. Vivek says:

    I have never received my tpin until now to my email from CDSL. Does this mean I don’t need the tpin?
    I opened my zerodha account in 2015.

  143. Vivek says:

    It is for long term holding only since it involves cdsl. They hold your shares in demat account. Intraday doesn’t go to demat at all.

  144. Ninad says:

    So, the latest I can authorize a sale is 5 PM on the same trading day. What’s the latest? Can I do it before the market opens?

  145. Ninad says:

    It’s not working properly.
    I authorize the whole list of stocks I hold. And even then, when I go to place an individual share’s AMO sell order, it’s still asking me for an authorization. And even when I’m doing that, and then click on sell, it’s asking me again.
    Instead of empowering individuals, Sebi is indirectly taking the power away. Now, we will be forced to submit POAs so we can trade in peace. I trade passively by placing GTTs at specific targets. They sell when they sell. I don’t care if it’s a month or two. But now, I’m supposed to check everyday if a GTT has been triggered?

  146. MAHESH says:


  147. Santosh kumar says:

    Can I authorise csdl tpin and OTP before 9 o clock for any particular trading day i.e before opening of market.

  148. bhoj sanmbhy says:

    may be a way to control a sell off, i have experienced this in debt MF’s with a reputed fund house, twice during huge market sell off the redeem button failed to work, complaints to SEBI fell on dead ears, in future you may neer get an OTP when you want to sell shares of the 2 corporate friends of …..

  149. Govind Joshi says:

    Than what’s the use of GTT orders because anyway one will have to do this OTP thing. Before coming up with such ideas on the name of so called safe investment SEBI should anticipate the effects of it on investors.

  150. Krishna says:

    Ab tak 2 lakh brokerage de Chuka hu but inko toh tati khane ki aadat ho gyi h.order chut gya 50+ gst bhut gandi gaand ho zerodha to zero let’s see who will be hero

  151. Sampath says:

    I have migrated to Orbis. If I have given the power of attorney to zerodha, do I still need to enter the CDSL TPIN and OTP? How can i know that I gave power of attorney to zerodha?

  152. Chaitanya N S says:

    If I have authorised to sell a share before markets hours by applying TPIN and OTP, then if GTT triggers that day, nothing needs to be done right. Since it was already authorised for the day before markets hours.

  153. hameed says:

    there is big chance for loss, during this long process. if there is no profit, what benefit a stock holder gets by this much strict security? sebi making things more complicated. ask them a logical way to make stock secure.

  154. sram says:

    Basically they want to screw up things to the maximum extent possible. Also they don’t want to sell off your holdings easily.

  155. uhk says:

    So If I courier POA, I will not have to enter tpin and otp again and again?

  156. Manish says:

    My new account is non POA… How can I convert my account to POA account so that I can put trades without OTP….

  157. Deep chand says:

    its process good for extra safety….

  158. B. Venkateswar Reddy says:

    Good, correct decision towards the investors Security

  159. Uttam Jadhav says:

    What about NRI customers? In my case my india number is registered with CDSL and zerodha. Can zerodha replace with my overseas mobile number? Else I have to carry both phones all weekdays.
    Please note everyone doesn’t carry 2 sim aneroid phones.

  160. Arun says:

    Please make some easy steps in case of GTT orders because thats the life saver or let us give some option to authorize at the start of the day so that we can authorize this on the strt of the trading session, else its not gona be easy for guys like us who aren’t day trading and remain us to be in safe zone. Thanks

  161. Paresh Naik says:

    New Tipin

  162. KTS says:

    Not so great move.
    SEBI/CDSL trying to mandate client approval before sell with OTP. Brokers can’t play dirty. But OTP from govt sites may never come on time causing trouble panic & penalty.
    Clients not happy bad move CDSL.

  163. Rohith says:

    What is process for migrating from POA mode to this mode? What’s the roadmap for such users?

  164. Kishore U. Gajbhiye says:

    Then its better to have Password + OTP only. Why should we have TOTP ?

  165. Bhanu says:

    We can not register same number in two account what to do zerodha?

  166. Teja says:

    Pin is locked kindly contact your depository participant…
    Then what is the solution for this how to get it unblock

  167. Jeet says:

    Bsdk ka daily ka chocla la rah hai sebi.. Jab tpin se ho rah tha ab bsdk ka otp process karega . Hum apna ofc kaam bhi dekhe aur sala sebi ka rule… Aaj tak itne scam hue hai ab tak toh koi investors ko payment return mila nai hai upper se daily ka natak hai inka..

  168. vishi says:

    1. The screen display in this page is not visible. Video would help
    2.What will happen if i sell as delivery expecting market will come down and cover it end of day.

  169. pawan khandelwal says:

    Is it required For existing old customers also, like we have demat since 4,5 years then also ?

  170. krish says:

    really bullshit, gradually customers will close the accounts with zeroda, if such kind of rules keeps on applied.

    • Pawan says:

      Please Note: This rule is from the market regulator not by broker/DP, all non-POA investors needs to follow this across the broker/DPs.

  171. VJ says:

    Matti Sir,
    What is the use-case to implement this cumbersome user experience every time. i have and many of my friends moved to Zeroda for ease of use.
    Now, why do you want to screwup the experience. is it something to do with any regulation, security or any hidden process agenda to hold the user to wait until OTP, which sometime never show-up.

    think about these things before you make changes to primary/frequently used use scenario.

    • Swapnil says:

      Is there a way to Vote AGAINST this change on CDSL / Sebi site or forum somewhere ?
      This is extremely cumbersome and complex. OTP gets delayed so many times.

      1 query : which of the following scenarios is correct : will sell order be executed
      a) on pressing the SELL button ; then we can enter otp till 5 pm
      b) Only AFTER entering the OTP on CDSL site ?

      • Nakul says:

        Hey Swapnil, the regular flow will require you to do the authorisation before placing a delivery sell order, if not already authorised. In case there’s an issue with the OTP delivery, you’ll get an option to skip the authorisation and place the order, for which you can provide the authorisation to debit can be provided by 5 PM on the same day. To avoid any delays, you can authorise all your holdings at the start of each trading day and not worry about authorising again for the day. Alternatively, you can provide the POA for your demat account to us, in which case the authorisation flow wouldn’t apply.

  172. Shera says:

    Is future option also require this process. Please tell me.

  173. Jitendra says:

    I/We have 2-3 year old account & have submitted POA at
    opening of A/c. Think no need to do this. PLEASE confirm !

  174. Vivek says:

    Is this TPIN, OTP process also applicable to CNC/NRML trades of Optins and futures ??

  175. Nazir Ahmad says:

    Will it be applicable for index intraday trades also.

  176. Mario says:

    How to know if the PoA is already with Zerodha ?
    Can you please indicate that in the profile if PoA is with Zerodha or not ?

  177. Pinalben P Modi says:

    I want a every year statement of gain or loss due to ITR filing

  178. Umapathi Rao Nama says:

    How do I know whether my account is PoA or non-PoA?

    • Nakul says:

      You can request the CMR on Console and look at the POA details. If the details are empty, then your account is a non-POA account.

      • Umapathi Rao Nama says:

        Thanks, Nakul for the reply. I requested for CMR on Console as directed and received on my e-mail. I could find the details already entered in respect of POA in the CMR. Hence I treat my account is POA enabled and no more TPIN from CDSL is required while selling the stocks in D-MAT account.

  179. Shravan Palan says:

    This is bullshit…. Like seriously everyday we have to wait for OTP. Come on zerodha do something about it. You know we love you right.

  180. Meghraj Naidu says:

    I am new to stocks .can you please help me what has changed and what need to be done

  181. ZAHRA says:

    How we can get the TPIN?

  182. Shyam says:

    How to give poA to zerodha?

  183. Kunj Bihari agarwal says:

    Required to reactivate my account xj7661.

  184. Arnav Khandekar says:

    Why is SEBI hell bent on ruining trading?

    First the stupid margin penalty, then taking away leverage, then topt, then tpin, and the credit of only 80% funds on the day of sale. It’s sucking out all the fun and making trading complex, inefficient and time consuming.

    Brokers should take a stand man for some of the new rules and not just nod along.

  185. Ravi jain says:

    Hi matti, can i do the authorization everyday in the morning 9.15am.

  186. Vipin Sharma says:

    I can’t sell my stocks why can you help me ?

  187. Vikash Kumar Rajak says:

    It is good way of thinking as far as security is concerned but in trade where every second matters, doesn’t make any sense of using OTP based transactions. I would suggest device authorisation should be implemented instead of OTP. Like our UPI transactions, we can perform it through our registered device only.
    PIN or FINGERPRINT would be its future optimization. So this will make our transactions secure and fast.
    We can not rely on server to get OTP in this scenario where Growth = Time x Money.

  188. Gourav Kumar Singh says:

    I believe it is applicable to securities in Demat Account only and not on Intraday Instruments as stated in the statement.

  189. HARIS says:

    Now I have a feeling that crypto is much better ☺

  190. Samarth says:

    I think its a SEBI Mandated process change so it should be applicable to all the brokerage houses. However, please think around this change to make it smooth for the users. Will it cause latency to only Market orders or to Limit orders as well? How this OTP + TPIN Model would work for Limit orders?

  191. Anu says:

    is there any extra charges for this new process ?

  192. Sahil says:

    Please No comments T-PIN athority compulsory

  193. Swati says:

    Shares kharidne ke liye OTP system kab se lagu kiya jayega, i am waiting for that too.

  194. Parida sk says:

    it is again troublesome for people with network issue (to receive OTP instantly). I,m already having trouble with network issues in my area, secondly not sure if CDSL send OTP in required moment as fraction of seconds count during trade time

  195. SKJ says:

    Short delivery on GTT sell order is not at all acceptable. Because it is better for Zerodha to not execute the order rather than making a huge loss to your clients.

  196. Saurabh Ghosh says:

    How to get rid of this process

  197. Achintya Sett says:

    When I opened my Demat account with Zerodha, I had provided a POA.
    Is there any procedural change for me?
    I don’t have the ‘Authorize’ link on ‘Holdings’ tab of Kite website.

  198. Vishal Mishra says:

    This is time consuming process, SEBI has to come up with different thing.

  199. Arun says:

    Is it also applicable for fno trading?

  200. dinesh says:

    How would I know whether I have signed POA with you or not and how would I know whether my current depository is CDSL or NSDL?

  201. Krishna says:

    Sir I have to enter Tpin every time or once A day.( I mean if I entered Tpin at 9:15 for Sbin and sell any other Stock at any time within a day that time I have to enter Tpin again ????)🤔🤔🤔

    • Nakul says:

      You can authorise all your holdings at the start of every trading session so you don’t have to authorise every time you place a delivery sell trade.

  202. Rajdeep says:

    will it affect the zerodha api trading?

  203. Raju says:

    What about GTT orders

  204. Mahesh says:

    How would this work for trades with API?
    Will TPIN & OTP be supported over API?

  205. Mayank says:

    Pl send poa to me

  206. Nivruti Patil says:

    kindly stop such type of stupid TIN PIN n vest of time. Why use this? Secondly why not connect your customers care number. Why go to stupid options and why not direct connect the call to executives. Kindly change this system.

  207. Yash says:

    Please switch to NSDL. Cdsl gone crazy.

  208. Ravi K says:

    Isn’t this an overkill? By the time we enter the TPIN and the generated OTP, the stock price could have changed significantly, especially during the times of high volatility!

    Should this authentication be done only once a day (irrespective how many different stocks we are selling), or should this be done on a per-stock basis?

  209. deepak says:

    oh ok fine. How zerodha will make sure that otps are properly sent in a timely manner..

  210. A K CHAITANYA says:


  211. Rajiv Krishna Joshi says:

    I want capital gain or loss statement for calculating my Income Tax liability,what should I do for getting it

  212. Sudha says:

    How can I submit PoA for Zerodha? The above update sounds more cumbersome for GTT trades

  213. Kishan says:

    Day by day .. the process is becoming more and more complex in the name of security..

  214. Sandhya Mehta says:

    hi, I haven’t done the POA process. Kindly guide me how to go with it, as I dont want to get into this new SEBI process.

  215. martis says:

    Can u pls explain in simple terms and to whom all it is applicable.

  216. Nivruti Patil says:

    kindly stop such type of stupid TIN PIN n vest of time. Why use this?

  217. WINNER JAIN says:

    Why making such a complex process… why to share the POA… if broker did any transaction on our behalf, then what ???… why otp n all such needed…. such a rubbish move…

  218. Rajeshwari Nakkerthi says:

    I am an individual operating the Zerodha account not sure about the technicality of my account being PoA or non-PoA, what happens if I have changed my mind after putting the sell order and authorizing it, is there any provision to handle this situation and condition.

  219. Sanjoy says:

    How do I check whether I have physical PoA done with my broker ?

  220. Mridul Swarnakar says:

    Is it only for non PoA or for both PoA n non PoA clients?

  221. Rajiv Dua says:

    It’s not convenient. motilal Oswal app is much more convenient. U should try it. Seamless is the word. U need to revisit this.

  222. rahul says:

    intraday me bi ye karna hoga

  223. Abhishek says:

    Option selling me bhi ye karna hoga kya?

  224. murugavel Shanthi says:

    today I had a bad experience from Zerodha while trading at Market price. Placed order for one lot SRF FEB FUTURE at market Price when it was at 5442/-. But to my shock the order executed at 5421.55 with a loss of Rs. 21 x 125 foe one lot.

    Earlier while purchasing also this nas happened, which I have ignore two three times. But, when it happens frequently, I thought it necessarty to take up the matter with you.

    Pl. probe the matter and inform me.

    Also I am unable to get the Phone support, even though I had visited personally to your H.O. at J. P Nagar. and met Ms. Ranjitha at the groundfloor some Three months back.

    Thanks in Advance and expecting the Support.

  225. Siba Sankar says:

    Is it better to submit POA than dealing with this cumbersome process.

  226. Asif says:

    Boht hi jyada confused krne wala rool khali TPIN hi sahi tha kai bar yad na rhne se ya network problem ho jane pr wakai boht glt rool

  227. Karan says:

    Is it for just for long-term holding or for intraday as well??

    • Vivek says:

      It is for long term holding only since it involves cdsl. They hold your shares in demat account. Intraday doesn’t go to demat at all.

  228. Kailash Suliya says:

    FNO and wacth list not sow in my profile

  229. Master says:

    What is for api user. I use my own software for buy sell by using kite api. What process needed for sell by using api ?

  230. Ankit says:

    How to check if my account is POA or not?

  231. Chari says:

    If debit taken by broker then also do you need. Means some stocks if sold by broker without clients knowledge then whether you need to Authorize for such transfer

  232. Masood Akhtar says:

    How do I know whether I have submitted POA or not?

  233. vikrant says:

    Recently Online account opened treated as POA account or non POA account

  234. alok says:

    how to get a physical POA down with Zerodha ?

  235. Kinjal Budhadev says:

    How to provide PoA to avoid all this hussles in future.

  236. Manoj says:

    What are the charges on trading.

  237. Bharath says:

    U r right mr.girish
    Don’t do this….cdsl

  238. Rajesh Ghorse says:

    It is complicated for new users because stocks up &down regular so how we can manage all

  239. Pradeep says:

    Dear Team,
    Is there any option to avoid this new approval process. Means if we want to give PoA, What is the process ?
    Is it possible?

  240. Shev Raj says:

    Is the TPIN same as on Zerodha Console?

  241. Sumesh Sudhan says:

    Hai pls let me know abt the tata steel stock, I can’t see my stock in my holdings

  242. UNNI V B says:

    Sir , option training keliye b TPIN KA JERURI HE

  243. ROHIT says:

    Can we give POA in favour of zerodha now ??

  244. Mizan says:

    Bullshit process.. you will lose lot of money during this process.. i am going out of zerodha

  245. Chaitanya kate says:

    Where to check that our a/c is poa or non poa?

  246. Yashavant Tambe says:

    It may hamper someone’s precious opportunities of prevailing rates of stocks for selling. Instead they can exercise this process on every week start which will work for that week. Many times mobile phone might not be available and opening the email for getting OTP may laps the rate opportunity for sell ….

  247. Rajesh shrimal says:

    please my new Tpin

  248. Alok says:

    What is the process to complete PoA

  249. Naveen says:

    If there is a problem with mobile network, Can I get OTP to our registered mail address ?

  250. Abhishek Adhav says:

    From where can I get the T pin?

  251. RAJESH KUMAR says:

    Is it implement who are already given POA.

  252. Sundaram says:

    The process seems to be cumbersome for GTT triggered orders trading. Hope Zerodha shall ease that process too with the AI technology for their customers with appropriate reminders within the time period allocated by CDSL.

  253. EVR MURTHY says:

    Do i need to go to CDSL site for TPIN or Console will help me..?

  254. RAJESH KUMAR says:

    It is also implement whi has given POA.

  255. Sachin says:

    how do we know whether it is applicable on our account or not.

  256. Pranay says:

    Waht is TPIN? How to generate TPiN in zerodha kite?

  257. SAURABH SINGH says:

    Now I think it is good time to quit investing in Equity market,rather than investing in Mutual funds.
    Too much restrictions seems unnecessary to me 😡

  258. Mukesh kumar Singh says:


  259. Pravin K says:

    Very Bad dicision from SEBI, if the person is not in network range and connected via wifi on Mobile or laptop.

    but no mobile range in that area what tarder will do ? how he can sell the order ? TPIN is good but why OPT ?

    any if person in range so while putting an OTP Price will drop suddendly, I Think its bad dicision.

  260. Atif says:

    How to submit poa this new process is nonsense

  261. Rajesh Kumar says:

    My account se 11199Rs Karlie gye kyon

  262. priya says:

    Hello. How to know whether my account is non-POA or has POA in Kite?

  263. Girish says:

    Plz dont make it to complicated for the user it’s has to simply and fast if someone using wifi and mobile network is not working then he/she didn’t get otp on time than what

  264. Varun Shukla says:

    If suppose i have a placed order with stop loss and my stop loss get hit. And that point of time i am not on my mobile. So as i am not available on my phone and OTP sent will not be visible to me. So in this case i incur a huge loss how does this help the customer by everytime authorizing the sell transaction.

    • Gautam says:

      I have this same question. Very valid point.
      Hope a Zerodha member can answer these questions in this reply.

      Q1. Understanding the need of security rules set by SEBI & CDSL, validating the sell order via the new 2 step process can take at least more than a few seconds and what if the CMP of the stock goes far below the stop loss mark, then could it result in a larger amount of loss?

      Q2. Does this mean, to be cautious, we need to verify ourselves before we trade at all for any particular day, then in that case the 2 step process won’t apply for the instant sale order the moment a stop loss is hit. please clarify?

      Q3. In one part of the write-up above, it mentions that a sell order can be executed after providing the TPIN, but it’s not absolutely required at that point of time to enter the OTP which can be skipped at that point of time. So, can this execute the sell order when the stop loss is hit and prevent larger potential loss amount, as the OTP validation can also be authorized up to 5 pm on the same day.
      Please clarify?

  265. Ub says:

    I think it’s time to go back to regular brokerage houses as, all these process are only making the trade execution time taking. I lost so many trades just because I could not authorize the transaction. Now there is another headache that’s OTP. firstly am. Not responsible for sending / receiving the OTP, so why I should be penalized .
    Thirdly it brings more beggage to me if I cannot place the OTP before 5 o clock,
    And what if I don’t receive a OTP before 5 o clock.
    Fourthly how any party will prove if I received the OTP and the other party has sent the OTP.
    Useless add ons just to increase the process more hectic.

  266. zispayokne says:

    Is this also applicable for BTST orders (haven’t taken a delivery for)?
    For transactions that are not authorised for debit, It would be prudent to square off the short position, rather than doing a delivery and penalty?

  267. Rushi says:

    How to confirm whether POA has been done or is still pending?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Rushi, if you’ve sent the PoA, Kite will not ask you for the TPIN authorisation at all.

      • Rushi says:

        But I do not remember whether I had sent POA or not because I had opened account long time back.
        So I am not sure.

      • Krishna says:

        Sir I have to enter Tpin every time or once A day.( I mean if I entered Tpin at 9:15 for Sbin and sell any other Stock at any time within a day that time I have to enter Tpin again ????)🤔🤔🤔

  268. Mayur says:

    Already Tpin process was lengthy.
    Now it will include otp as well.

    What don’t they just keep something simple like just mobile or email OTP.
    All the banks are secured with OTP in their transactions as well.

  269. Srikanth Bommaraveni says:


  270. Rajesh Betala says:

    It will be a real Pain In A** if Tpin is to be entered on morning every day when the Market opens, Tpin for all holdings must be vaild for a minimum of 30 days or a calendar month.

  271. Swathi Lakshmi says:

    Where can i find TPIN?
    How do i know whether mine is POA or non POA?

  272. Hanmant Pisal says:

    Option Intrading not start

  273. T N Mathur says:

    Why need to change code.

  274. Lekhraj meena says:

    I was transfered my share in zerodha but tpin permanently locked we try reset pin but same message will shown ,please guide and solution this problem so i transfer my share in zerodha account.

  275. Jitender Singh says:

    What is TPIN?

  276. Amarsingh says:

    Name is showing very short .example
    GICIL not understand by customer “General insurance company Ltd”

  277. Sumit Kumar says:

    Why SEBI is bringing these unnecessary headache for us


    OTP for every transaction or for all transactions took place in the day?

  279. Jaimin Panchal says:

    Why this again and again TPin asking will start.

    At the time of selling, it really hampers the time of sell price of shares we bought.

  280. Priyanka P says:

    How to do it?? Please suggest the process

  281. vsvel says:

    Why Dont show tatasteelpp share in my portfolio

  282. Kaushal Agarwal says:

    How do I identify if my Zerodha account is non POA or not?

  283. Manjeet kr jha says:

    Why complicated type of operation start on zerodha . Customer wants to easy step and smoothly transaction.please think about it

  284. Lawrence Mohan says:

    How do I know whether my account is PoA or non-PoA?

  285. Pawan says:

    How to transfer my bank of maharashtra shares to zerodha for sell

  286. Shalini says:

    This is absolutely Unnecessary step just to complicate trading .

  287. Anand says:

    Every day in the morning before trading session starts, I authorize my holdings from authorization link on my holdings page. It shows list of stocks I have and I have to select them and submit the TOTP to authorize them to be sold. Does anything change for me?

  288. Nirmla says:

    Ye sab hindi me bhi bataye

    • Rahul says:

      Jo shares aapke holding me he agar aap unhe bechna chahte ho to apko Tpin me sath mobile aur email pe otp aayega wo dalke sell karna hoga.

  289. Vishal godhani says:

    Ok good

  290. Kiran Joshi says:

    That’s a good Move, for Security it is a must. appreciated

  291. Pramod says:

    Hello. How to know whether my account is non-POA or has POA in Kite?

  292. Mayank Pratap Singh says:

    This is only for delivery holdings??

    or Is this for intraday position as well.

  293. Vikas says:

    This is very very bad user experience. Why would you process GTT if it results in short sale and auction !

    Impact on GTT sell orders: Since the new process requires an OTP for the transaction to be completed successfully, you’ll need to authorise the debit with TPIN and OTP before 5:00 PM on the day the GTT order is executed after the order is executed. You will receive an email and a notification on Kite confirming that the GTT was triggered for you to authorise your stocks in a timely manner. If you do not authorise the debit after the GTT is executed, the transaction will result in short delivery, auction and penalty.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Vikas, you can authorise the GTT sell order up to 5 PM on the day the order is executed. We’ll even remind you that the GTT was executed with an email and notification on the Kite app. 🙂

  294. Aakash says:

    How to sell shares from NSDL…
    I cant see those stock in Kite app

  295. Ritesh Shinde says:

    Can you please explain what is non PoA ? and how it will impact the trading?

  296. Noor says:

    Good step!zerodha cares for their clients.

  297. Rohit Pednekar says:

    Why required? It will become complicated

    • Matti says:

      Hey Rohit, this is a move by SEBI to make your investments more secure.

      • Rohit Unnithan says:

        Is it required to authorise transaction carried out in Novemeber 2020 with OTP

        • Nakul says:

          This is required for futures delivery sell transactions only. You don’t have to do anything for orders executed prior to 20th Feb.

      • Soni says:

        Sir, so I want to confirm that suppose I click the sell button on ABC price, & then the authorisation window opens n I complete it; so will my selected price be blocked for me, or it will get sold at a different price I.e the price at which the authorisation completes. ?? Please clarify.
        Also what if I choose limit order for sell at particular price? Chances are there that it might not get executed??

  298. Kishan kulkarni says:

    My new TPIN

  299. thinles yangjor says:

    how to do so

  300. Debasis Samantaray says:


  301. Amit says:

    Means if mobile battery over then cannot buy or sell stocks. OTP must be made available to mobile as well as email I’d .

  302. K Sekhar Babu says:


  303. Raju says:

    Please allow us to open Demat account through online ,when e-Dis is allowed.


  304. Nabeel Al Nassir says:

    Why making trades more complex ??

  305. RISHABH VERMA says:

    Do we need to enter TPIN every day or once in 3 months ?

  306. Ashutosh says:

    How does this impact users who have a physical POA with Zerodha? Would they need to do this as well?

  307. ranjeet singh says:


    • Narjug says:

      Kyon achi bhali app pe tatti kar rahe ho? If you iplement this change then I better go to my bank app who let’s me trade smoothly rather than waiting for stupid OTP

      • Gargi Raghuwanshi says:

        Karma 😈I m watching u all zerodha people,tell me some other reliable app

        • Nihal says:

          This isn’t zerodha’s rule. It has been suggested by sebi to all the depositories hence they will imply these rules on all the existing brokers. Kindly accept the changes and move on though I know its tough for some of us.

          • Gps says:

            But those using ICICI Direct account do not need to authorise each and every sale

            • Suresh says:

              Even for Zerodha account you do not need to authorize each and every sale if your account has POA. Just download the POA document from Zerodha support portal, fill it with relevant details of your demat account, sign it and courier the document to Zerodha head office. Your account will be converted into POA account in 3 to 5 days and you don’t have to deal with TPIN anymore for selling stocks. Old way is still the best way!

            • Veerendra patel says:

              How to get authorised code

              • Rahul says:

                So if my phone get stolen i cannt sell shares next day huh CHU *T* ti paapp lol
                or if i decide not to pay mobile bill to ambani and he suspends my sim then i cannt sellmy shares huh lmao
                WHY favor telecom company?
                Banks i understand why they do coz they have given loans to telecome . why sebi is promoting mittals and amabani phone

                • Ravi jain says:

                  Lol. Likhna hai matlab kuch bhi gusa donge. Abhi bicha telecom companies kaha se aa gayi is matter me. To ab bacha kya hai modiji ko bhi gusa hi de iss comment me ki modi ne kiya hai ye sab. Haha

                • Himkar says:

                  Kuch bhi, mail pe bhi OTP ayega, jis system se login karke stock bechana usi system se mail open karke otp bhi dekh lena.

              • karan says:

                How to revoke physical poa and move to this cdsl tpin system?

            • Varun says:

              In ICICI direct too, If we are selling any stock which is in your Demat, It is mandatory to feed M Pin and then OTP which will receive on registered Mobile number as well as Email id.

          • Aniruddha says:

            Yes, you are right 🙏

          • Akhlak ahmed says:


            TPIN Zerodha Kite के आलावा भी सभी Platform पर लागू हो रहे है, क्या जैसे upstox,sharekhan,option trading

          • kunhi m pulikuth says:


          • Sawan Ala says:

            how do I get the TPIN

            • Bhaskar Roy says:

              It will come to your registered mail id with your broker. And you can contact your Depositary participants support tem for any Queries.

          • Rakesh Gupta says:

            Its just the new rule, so that if you really observe some panic in market , you will not be able to liquidate your securities… so BIG guys are safe and you keep saying “Mai loot gaya”

          • Nishit Alodaria says:

            But the price with which we want to sell or buy the stock will be different until we wait for the OTP. That’s not good

            • Ashish Nerkar says:

              The Authorization can be done each day before the sale or if you don’t, the sale will happen at the said price and at the same time. If you don’t authorize the sale before 5:00 PM on the same day then the sale will be treated as short sell. It doesn’t say about waiting for an OTP at the time of sale. Moreover, you can convert your Zerodha Account to a POA account, but I would prefer this OTP authorization method. I have more control on process though it is cumbersome. I hope post authorization mechanism to soon be available.

              • Rajat says:

                Does this OTP means, we cant automate the sale of stocks?
                If we can automate the sales via APIs, please tell.

          • DURGA ROY says:


        • Swapnil says:

          The rule is by SEBI, not zerodha.

        • Manu says:

          😂😂😂😂 better leave stock market…..it’s told when u want to sell teh stock u will be directed to cdsl page where u need to enter opt and tpin….it’s done by cdsl. Can’t understand basic English that cdsl is doing it not zerodha….any cdsl broker OTP is asked

        • Rayhan says:

          Are you able to book profit? Bsdke lwda aap hai iski maa ki chut aaj Mai apna profit nhi book KR ska… Mera bar bar tpin invalid bta RHA Hoon Kya reason hai bta skte ho?

        • Akash Banari says:

          Just submit POA to zerodha and this otp shit will not bother you

      • Arsh says:

        Shame, bad idea Zerodha. Dsnt work with me and i believe most of them wont be happy with this.. 👎

      • Swapnil says:

        The rule is by SEBI, not zerodha. Your bank app will also have the same rule once implemented.

      • Prathamesh says:

        It’s not Zerodha
        It’s CDSL that to asked by SEBI

      • Vikas says:

        Atleast read what is written in the article …jumping to comment without understanding just shows your immaturity and intellect level.

        How do you trade when you can’t understand a basic thing that the process have been changed by Sebi not Zerodha?

        • Sumit Kumar says:

          Stupid idea.
          It’s a scam by zerodha app.
          Yesterday market was down millions of people don’t know how they can sell their share. May be it’s a trap.

        • Sudhi says:

          In this case…How does the GTT stoploss work? If i am not wrong, While setting GTT, you are not prompted with TPIN…

      • Manu says:

        😂😂😂😂 better leave stock market…..it’s told when u want to sell teh stock u will be directed to cdsl page where u need to enter opt and tpin….it’s done by cdsl. Can’t understand basic English that cdsl is doing it not zerodha….any cdsl broker OTP is asked

      • Ashwinikumar says:

        haha, ekdum sahi bole.. The whole echosystem of trading is only and only favourable for big investors, market influencer . GTT was only good option for retailer traders to do trading little smartly by putting stop losses , profit booking etc in adv, now that also is complicated, 99% GTT will fail due to this process, Only SEBI and big investors will gain out of this..this is f*** unfair

      • Rahul says:

        So if my phone get stolen i cannt sell shares next day huh CHU *T* ti paapp lol
        or if i decide not to pay mobile bill to ambani and he suspends my sim then i cannt sellmy shares huh lmao
        WHY favor telecom company?
        Banks i understand why they do coz they have given loans to telecome . why sebi is promoting mittals and amabani phone

      • Abhijeet says:

        Ekdam sahi kaha.

      • Paridask says:

        MOTHER KAALI started her “Mundamala” as recently as 1’jan-21 and her collection of Mundamala incomplete till date. Tpin, OTP process by CDSL/sebi will help her complete process of collecting Mundamala for further move (RIL)

      • Mahesh Kumar Verma says:

        Please be careful in choosing the words, Thanks

      • Naveen Kumar says:

        Why is this. Does this really require

      • Manish says:

        Absolutely. It has become shit !

      • Nittin kamat says:

        This is not applied by zerodha if you notice…. SEBI did this. You have to switch country not the aap.

    • Parida sk says:

      it is again troublesome for people with network issue (to receive OTP instantly). I,m already having trouble with network issues in my area, secondly not sure if CDSL send OTP in required moment as fraction of seconds count during trade time

      • Prasad says:

        Yes you right this is already implemented by 5 paise 2days ago there was delay in receiving the OTP due to it authorisation failed & ask to wait for 5 minutes to place the order after 5 minutes I lost the opportunity of price it of no help 🆘

    • Atul Raj says:

      What A Shitty Process.. People Are Going To Bear Losses With This Unnecessary Shitty Process..Look At The GTT Clause Why Do You Think Puts A GTT To Keep Looking At His Device To See Whether The Transaction Is Completed Or Not? No It’s Done To Get Rid Of Worrying About The Trade & Now You’re Making It Pathetic..

      • Richard dsilva says:

        The best way is to provide a Demat POA, as we did before this TPIN nuisance. Thank god I don’t have to go thru all this T-pin process.

        • Akash Mayti says:

          How did you submit your POA .
          You courier them hard copy of POA ,
          Please let me know the process of filling …

    • Vishal Mishra says:

      This is time consuming process, SEBI has to come up with different thing.

    • AB says:

      ab ye naya sutiyapa, TOTP, GTT, ***** What a SHIT

    • Sandip says:

      While waiting for otp to receive and enter, who will bare the price movements risk SEBI or zerodha,
      Daily lakhs of trade done on zerodha platform, who will bare the loss.
      This is really crap..

    • nagaraju says:

      I am managing my wife account, she is in other place, how to ask OTP for every transaction

    • Dinesh says:

      It doesn’t make sense from last 3 month i am calling zeroda for my account issues neither they are responding nor they are providing any solution.i have never seen unprofessional team like zeroda if you can’t help me out just refund my money back.. it’s no matter how your platform is if you can’t provide good services to your customer then no use of yout platform

    • Prasanna says:

      Because of this u will find less volatility..

    • S R says:

      Dear all investors and Traders,
      OTP policy is initiated by SEBI and not by Zreodha. And it applies to all stock brokers who trades on BSE and NSE.
      A welcome move by SEBI to protect our investments. Earlier few brokers sold of the clients shares without clients knowledge.
      If you don’t want any Hassel of OTP in trading hours, then take the OTP before market starts in the morning so it is valid for 1 day.

      For intra day traders you Don’t need to opt for OTP I guess…

      It’s always better to protect your hard earned money than crying later on by saying and blaming Government did not take any measures to protect our investment against frauds.

      Good luck to you all…

      • Biju says:

        Dear SR, If we opt for OTP before 8.00AM it will be valid through out the day and we can execute sale of shares which are available in our portfolio. Correct.

        Further if we are not interested this procedure, we can provide PoA to Zerodha. Please guide.

    • Mahesh says:

      I have opened my account one month ago. But not received User ID and password email even now. Somebody tell me how to resolve it?. If call customer care computer auto-reply machine is there. No way to talk with call center agent.

    • G.Vijayaraghavan says:

      Zerodha should also send SMS to mobile when GTT is triggered.
      Another problem is if OTP is not received or CDSL system goes down or is not working properly.

      • brokenbull says:

        Zerodha does not sms but sends email of GTT trade. Also Kite Android app immediately shows “trade executed” red button in the phone on the left corner.Daily I place Bankbees/Niftybees GTT both sell order & buy order (all in CNC only)

    • Zerodha trader says:

      What is point of tpin then if one time password is required?
      Can’t you make up your mind?

    • Sushil says:

      Ab bas hamare pan no. Or adhar no. Ki or jarurat hai vo bhi dalva do.
      Network nahi aate hai otp time per nahi aata, mail jaldi nahi aati hai
      Why zerodha is doing this mess in aap it is not good.
      Ab lagta hai ki kisi bank me demat open kerna hoga.

    • Thomas Ebenezer says:

      I sold stock this morning from my holding. It went through. There was no question about authorisation. Nor I could find any tab for authorisation in “Holding” page. Please guide me to avoid any complications.

      • SHESHRAM GUPTA says:

        Now you should authorise your stocks till 05:00PM otherwise your transaction will be treated as Short sell transaction and you will have to pay Penalty.

    • SHESHRAM GUPTA says:

      What is the early timing to Authorise the stocks in the morning as late timing is 05:00PM of the day?

    • harshit says:

      how will it work for NRI customers ?

    • Mudasar says:

      This is the stupidest thing i have ever come across. We are not selling some top secret that we need to go through so many checks. Its my account and i know what i am doing with it. In the name of safeguarding investor sebi cant come up with joke of an idea.

    • Kanaparthiajay says:


    • Renu says:

      Please make some arrangement to authorize the sell order/GTT
      through e-DIS valid for atleast 90 days or more. Entering TPIN & OTP each morning is cummersome. Please respond soon.