Sentinel is now completely free!

May 8, 2019


Sentinel is the most advanced price alert engine out there. These alerts can be tagged to orders for easy one-click execution whenever triggered.  Sentinel never had its moment in the sun as the advanced features were behind a paywall. Starting today everything on Sentinel is absolutely free, hopefully, all of you will help to make the tool popular.

Find below some of the features of the platform.

Simple alerts

You can create simple alerts based on parameters such as price, volume, open interest, and more. All on the cloud, so even if your device not connected to a trading app, you will get the alerts.

Simple alerts

You can combine 2 simple alerts to create a trigger. For example, you could create a condition that gives you an alert if the spot price of Infosys is higher than the futures contract price. You can use these type of alerts to find cash and carry opportunities, pair trading strategies, etc.

Alerts with 2 conditions

Advanced alerts

With Sentinel, you can also combine multiple alerts to create complex triggers using the Sentinel Trigger language. This is similar to using Microsoft Excel formulas. In this example, I am creating a trigger where I’ll get an alert if the LTP of Infosys is greater then the LTP of Infosys Futures and the Intraday change % of Nifty is greater than 2%. Check this tutorial for more.

Advanced alerts


You can create baskets of stocks, F&O contracts, ETFs, and bonds and trigger them based on conditions. In this example, I have created a basket with banking stocks and I’ve set a trigger to execute the basket if Bank Nifty is greater than 26900. All I have to do is click on the notification on Kite once the alert is triggered to execute the basket.


Longstanding alerts

An extension to the Basket feature is that they can also double up as longstanding orders. Currently, all orders on Kite are valid only for a day (we are working on GTC/GTD orders). If you wish to let’s say, set a stop loss for one your holdings or positions, you will have to place the order each and every day.

Now, you can just create a basket for the stock or contract for which you wish to set an SL and create a trigger. Whenever your SL is hit. You will get a notification on Kite and you can act on it with just a couple of clicks.

One triggers another order

You can also, create Sentinel alerts that trigger an order based on the change in a different scrip. For example, you can create a Sentinel alert that will buy Nifty futures or Nifty calls if Nifty is greater than 11800.

To execute this order, you need to create a basket with the scrips you want to trade in and create a trigger to execute the order, as shown in the baskets GIF above.

Multi-leg F&O orders

If you are an F&O trader, you can also use Sentinel baskets to trade multi-leg F&O strategies. Just create a basket with the contracts you wish to trade and tag it to trigger.

In this example, I have created a trigger to execute a Nifty short strangle if the premium of Nifty 10900 CE and Nifty 10800 PE is > 159.

Nifty short straddle – Multi-leg F&O order

SIP alerts

Currently, it is not possible to systematically invest in stocks or ETFs like mutual funds. However, with the SIP alerts feature on Sentinel, you can create a SIP alert and tag a basket of stocks of ETFs. You will get a recurring alert for the timeframe you have selected and you can execute them by clicking on the notification on Kite.

SIP alerts

Mobile notificationsNew!

We’ve also introduced mobile notifications for Sentinel alerts. You will now get a notification on Kite mobile whenever an alert on Sentinel is triggered along with Kite web and email alerts. By tagging your baskets to these alerts, you can execute your trades in a couple of clicks.

mobile notifications on Zerodha Sentinel

Mobile notifications

These are just a few use cases of Sentinel and the possibilities are endless. You can check out the Sentinel tutorials to learn more about creating triggers. If you need help creating alerts, you can create a question on TradingQnA and someone from the community will help you out.

Happy trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. The High Trades says:

    I want to make alerts based on trendlines, extended line. How it can be Possible
    . This is biggest reason i am not willing to trade in zerodha. If zerodha provide that, then there business will increase

  2. Munish Kumar says:

    Why I am not able to sign up

  3. Indrajeet says:

    can we set alert for options chart indicators?

  4. Arun Surendran says:


  5. Baiju says:

    Please create a feature to set alerts on the trend line.

  6. Vinoo Uttarkar says:

    Is there a way to know if a position is open at a strike price in options?
    for example- I want to buy back my Option CE position (that i had sold earlier)when the underlying stock has reached certain price. But what if the position has been already closed , say manually.
    In this case the trigger will blindly open the ‘buy’ position. I would instead want it to be a BTC(buy to close) order.

    • Vinoo Uttarkar says:

      In other word, is there a way to trigger a BTC(buy to close) order instead of just a ‘buy’ order. Similarly, is there a way to trigger a STO(sell to open) order instead of just a plain ‘sell’ order?

  7. Vinoo Uttarkar says:

    Is there a ‘one cancels other’ trigger type-just as we have in GTT?


    i need an alert when stock price reaches at highest open interest & highest volume in the option chain.
    is it possible.

  9. Ashish says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,

    Could you please get alerts on indicators & Lines
    Tradingview has that feature but limited in basic plan, premium plan is simply not worth for any retail trader.
    Maybe you guys could develop a competition charting app, which is affordable
    It would be one of a kind idea, do think about it

  10. Pradipta Ghosh says:

    Can you please create an option to duplicate a sentinel alert?

  11. Balaji says:

    please suggest ,how to create MACD trigger for buy and sell

  12. Vikas says:

    This is a suggestion : Right now, when trigger gets a hit, we see a notification on kite dashboard but If there is a audio feedback like we get when order gets executed, it will be a lot helpful. Most of the times, i see trigger notification after much time elapsed. If there is audio feedback , it will draw attention immediately.

  13. Murali Krishna J says:

    I joined zerodha in 2016 but started buying stock in 2021 januaray only. I installed Sentinel as supporting app for trading(but not used regularly, only used once). Will i have to pay any charges or better to remove the app from zerodha kite

  14. DEEPAK says:

    Sir, how to get last 15 min changes in set of stocks in watch list.

  15. Anu says:

    Hi, from what I understand ,what gets triggered is an alert (which one has to see and enter orders,in basket or not)and not an order. I think the latter would be of great help to traders.Are you guys working on this?
    Thank you.

  16. Puneeth says:


    Is there an option to place alerts on Trend lines or drawings in zerodha?

  17. Addanki says:

    Dear team,

    Please Add the RSI option in (Alert me when) Sentinel, if will very useful for our clients.

    Particularly RSI is very important in Sentinel

    Feeling very happy with you.


  18. Umesh says:

    Can we have a select/select all checkbox feature for deleting triggers in the ‘My Triggers’ section? I have around 30 price triggers which are inactive and I have to manually delete each one of them.

  19. Venkitesh says:

    Can you connect Trendyline with Zerodha Kite Holdings? Trendyline is a great analytics platform. If we can connect with Zerodha, then it will be awesome.

  20. Kunal says:

    Hi Sir/Mam

    Is there any way through which i can get an alert when price touches trendline.

  21. Mohan says:

    Hi Can i change the alert sound? a different one with a higher volume ?

  22. Rajeev says:


    Hiw to create alert for optopns stocks whose ATM or SPOT Premium is less than rs 5

  23. Rajeev says:


    I’m looking for alert to show the nifty options stocks which are trading at ATM and whose call or put premium is less or equal to Rs. 5

    This may be in basket alert..
    Help needed urgently.


  24. Shankar says:

    Other than the brokerage, is there any other cost involved when using Sentinel? Am asking this because at the beginning of the thread it says Sentinel is free. But I am not sure of it now. Thanks.

  25. Bapun says:

    Sentinel is cuargable right now… Please Tell Me How To Use Free As Free

  26. Vishal says:

    Is sentinel working? I keep getting logged out when I try to set up an alert?

  27. A Bhapkar says:

    Have checked twice that Zerodha Sentinel is not working during late evenings / night hours.
    Can someone please check and comment whether it is true or am I making some mistake please?

  28. Nilesh says:


    Does Zerodha provides trailing stop loss for Alerting based on the stock price movement ?



  29. Mani says:

    Better give stock flecutation alert through sms. It will be very useful to everyone.

  30. Suryansh says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Getting a separate custom notification tone for Zerodha Sentinel is need for an hour. Its very easy to get lost in spam of other notifications and miss important Sentinel alerts.
    Also the email sometimes comes delayed.

  31. Arpan says:

    Why does it show “PRO” symbol after “Advanced Triggers”? Is there any charge for advanced triggers?

  32. dharmesh says:

    maximum how many trigger add in this free version

  33. Sunil says:

    Is it possible to buy Nifty options when Nifty futures hit certain level automatically.

    EX; Buy Nifty 12000CE If Nifty fut is greater than 11950

    • Matti says:

      This would be considered an algo and can’t be done automatically. You’ll have to manually place the order.

  34. Trader says:

    Although there are time-based alerts in sentinel, it doesn’t fetch data from existing positions. Can you introduce a feature so that we can use this to square-off all our intraday positions at, say, 3:15pm? This will require sentinel fetching current positions.

  35. Sushila says:

    Would you please advise if the following trigger will help me to identify when a stock comes out of the lower circuit.
    Alert me when Total Buy Quantity of NSE:XXXX is Greater than (>) Value 1000.00

    Is there any alternate options?

  36. nagaraju says:

    please add bracket orders to Sentinel baskets

  37. Gauhar says:

    I wanted to know by when would Zerodha implement order flow functionality in market depth, since the last traded quantity and price is already shown and you only need to log the values into a separate window for users to see the history of orders placed . This would be a very useful tool for intra day traders so are there any plans to implement this ?

    • Matti says:

      We’ll look into the possibility of making this happen.

      • Gauhar says:

        Thanks it would really be helpful,
        “…. see the history of orders placed” what i meant was
        “…. see the history of orders executed”
        You’ve probably already figured it but just pointing out a typo

      • Gauhar says:

        If this feature is implemented please consider adding an option for custom lot size to filter out the noise
        Example : if lot size is set to ‘100’ the volume will be divided by 100 and then rounded to nearest integer. This would ensure that low volume transactions do not clutter the window

  38. vishal says:

    Current Version of Sentinel is very boring to use for a Intraday Trader

    For someone who only cares about Price levels, there should be simple and motivating input facility

    I suggest the following
    Give us a table with basic headings below,

    Scrip –Value–Condition–Trigger–Status–Activate–Delete

    This is a basic table for a trader to refer to in which zerodha may add more columns if you need

    In addition to this, You may also give a sorting facility for each column

    Sort the table Scrip name wise
    Sort trigger status wise Just like an Excel Table

    Also, user should be able to change the cell values in this any time

    Pressing an enter button should be sufficient to “Update”

    During intraday trading, there is high tension in traders mind
    He wants triggers
    But you have made the simple process so clumsy that he is demotivated to use it regularly for his advantage.

  39. ram says:

    Can we get a lock /password for the strategy tab where we actually build strategies? Its useful when we share knowledge on you tube , web meeting etc. coz strategy is usually years of handwork should be password protected or smthing?

  40. Mihir says:

    can you provide alert or sms when any order get executed in zerodha
    thank you

  41. Ajit Singh says:

    In sentinel tutorial need some more examples regarding advanced trigger which help us to create our own trigger. Given details in sentinel tutorial is very less….

  42. raju g. says:

    Its good, but the message is display on screen its is DISTRUBING on terminal. please remove or give facility to remove after read.

    • Matti says:

      You can swipe away read notifications. Also, you can disable notifications from Android app settings.

  43. BABAN NANDI says:

    I like Zerodha nd love too. Kindly add a feature of alarm in Kite chart too with lining a Horizontal bar.


    Much awaited feature. This is paradigm shift in the trading community. This is really very pleasant treat.

  45. Ravi Shankar Kolathur says:

    Absolutely fabulous. Get the GTC / VTC ordering system working, and the Sentinel will be complete and truly a sentinel for the traders and investors. Best compliments to your brilliant team!

  46. k c modi says:

    how to downloat totaly free sentinrl

    • Matti says:

      Sentinel is a web app. You can go to on Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Explorer, login with Kite and start using it.

  47. Ranjan says:


  48. Sagar Khandkhule says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please add the oder windows in tradingview chart paturn like a fyer

  49. Sudheer says:

    Thank you for making Sentinel completely free Sir.
    I have subscribed for annual membership for sentinel, are you going to refund subscription fee for existing members?

  50. Rushikesh Rane says:

    Dear Sir, Great I am member of Zerodha. In todays market you are making trading simple that is also for free. Great work.

  51. Santosh amaraghade says:

    Thank you sar

  52. Ronald Fernandes says:

    I could not find the link to download this app

  53. Alex says:

    Add trendline alert ASAP which is very very important

  54. Satheesh Kumar says:

    Hm well see how useful this!!!

  55. Abhay says:

    This is a good functionality which helps in taking position at the right time . Are you guys also working on “Replay” functionality which let the user replay past market movement. This is very helpful in understanding price movement and do back testing.


  56. Omkar Sunil pawar says:

    After 7 days free how much Zarodha will charge???

  57. Sajeev says:

    After 7 days free how much Zarodha will charge???

  58. MNK says:

    Appreciated but require to integrate with Kite App so we can create, modify, manage from Kite App.

    RKSV gives far better in terms of Ease of use as customers can easily create alert from Upstroke App. once triggered – it gives instant alert on App as well as in email.

  59. Abhinay says:

    A pop-up inside the Kite would be really awesome

  60. MD Vyas says:

    Dear Team Zerodha & Nithin,

    Thank you for one more gift to investors and wish you all the luck for future. I would like to provide feedback on my overall experience with Zerodha for last 6 months and also, what a coincidence that yesterday morning only I had a word with your Customer Care for Sentinel.

    I never came to Zerodha thinking as discounted broker, I came for technology, simplicity and easy of business (Brokerage really doesn’t really matters if you are making money and not a full time trader). As an entrepreneur, I really adore Nithin now, how he has made Traders life amazing. Cheers.

    But I think its time to move to next level as, Zerodha is now #1 broker of India and it comes with more responsibilities. Instead of making things free or cheap to investors, I think Team Zerodha should now focus on more to develop robust systems to tackle technical glitches, customer service, infra & improvement in the existing Apps, Bcoz there are Investors, who really doesn’t care about the free stuffs but a better systems in events days.

    #Sentinel – I have missed many alerts and had really lost money, as I am not a full time trader and do really depends on Alerts to execute a trade. So, for me free is of no use, I can subscribe but need a systems to be more accurate and helpful when we need it maximum.

    Overall, I am so amazed & happy with Zerodha and the way you are changing the whole industry is the need of this Field. Thank you so much. Cheers!

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hi Vyas, thank you.

      As for your point about:

      #Sentinel – I have missed many alerts and had really lost money, as I am not a full time trader and do really depends on Alerts to execute a trade. So, for me free is of no use, I can subscribe but need a systems to be more accurate and helpful when we need it maximum.

      On Sentinel, an alert will be generated as soon as the price is hit, it’s as simple as that. When an alert is generated, you will get an alert on Kite Web ( you need to be logged into Kite) and on your email as well. Having said that, we are also working on mobile alerts to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. If you still see an instance where an alert is not generated when the price is hit, please create a ticket here.

  61. Sujan says:

    Thanks Zerodha,

  62. Vikram says:

    The senitel Triggers updated by me yesterday is not reflecting today.
    Neither the triggers are executed.
    Kindly check.


  63. R.Muthukumaran says:

    Great stuff. Zerodha is also encouraging us to learn new things.Hope the technical indicator alerts are also incorporated.

  64. Brij Mohan Sharma says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Great effort.. Appriciated.. keep good work going.. Congratulations..

    Thanks & Regards

  65. BHARAT NAIK says:

    It’s good but please add moving avg cross like (50MA crosses Up/down 10MA) and MACD crosses over for different time frames.

  66. Venkateswarlu Koduru says:

    Thanks Zarodha,

  67. Raj says:

    Keep rocking Kamath ji… and maintain zerodha consistency among competition… ALL THE BEST… my only worryness always making delay up to one month for opening new trading/demat account…I deserve you will keep an eagle eye on it for new clients… Thanks


    Thank You Nitin Sir
    Thanx for Zerodha Team.

  69. Santosh says:

    Features are great and very apt for price action strategies. Hats off to get retail investors the power of algo trading

    • Matti says:

      Sentinel is a web-only app. However, you’ll be able to create alerts on Sentinel from the new Kite 3 mobile app that is currently in beta.

  70. Harry B says:

    This is great, Nithin.

    I have one question.
    Will zerodha be up and running on 23-May-19 or not?

  71. Rooptara says:

    Seedha is really a gud broking firm but I have an issue. Why a range bound in bank nifty? Why it’s showing buying or selling price is out side of criteria? It’s wrong way.

    • Matti says:

      Explained here. The exchanges limit how much of the market-wide OI can be from one broker, hence the restriction on Bank Nifty strikes.

  72. Sulthan says:

    You guys never disappoint us.

  73. Sanjoy says:

    Great initiative Zerodha, Thanks a ton!
    This is just the beginning – I am sure over time, you can make it even more powerful than it is today.

    To add to the features, would you be able to include parameters to access previous days’ data (open, low, high, close), OI %change please. And may be some basic technical parameters like Moving Average, current day’s Pivot data.

    Kind Regards

    • Matti says:

      The previous close is already available. Will look into other data points. As for technical data like moving average, check out Streak.

  74. Amjad pathan says:

    Am waiting for gann sq9 lavels indicatear. For sq9 lavels plots on charts. So please provide this service in zerodha charts

  75. Sarika says:

    One more feature that will be great if we have that in Zerodha is placing the order on the charts it’s self and drop the SL/Target. In short all changes directly from UI no need to go to Order book and position to make the changes which actually takes time.

    If this feature is added zerodha will be one of the best broker for many more coming years with continues improvements.

  76. free_spirit says:

    Love you Zerodha for this………………. Thank you so much…………

  77. Harendra Singh says:


  78. Ryan Francis Richards says:

    very nice move.. kudos

  79. Divakar K says:

    Very useful features, thanks for making it available to wider audience for free of cost.
    Is there a plan to notify alters to mobile number ??

  80. Rushabh says:

    Why don’t you couple it up with Kite?
    It was be a whole lot easier if alerts can be pushed via browser notifications in Kite itself.
    Not any major technological resistance, but still u guys dont do it

    • anil says:

      have you ever used Sentinel bro? It pushes alerts to e-mail, kite web and mobile.

      chale aate hai log

    • Matti says:

      The alerts are sent to Kite currently. We’ll start pushing these alerts on the Kite mobile app soon too.

  81. Keerti says:

    Thanks! Wonderful stuff.

  82. Usha says:

    Thanks Team Zerodha

  83. Faraaz says:

    No use until unless this feature is available in android app kite. Most of the traders opt for mobile app for trading and analysis. In this aspect upstox provides free price alerts. Zerodha should provide same feature.

  84. saurabh mahaur says:

    thanks again nithin sir for providing pioneer services for your customers. please also work on adding alerts based on corporate action such as dividend, information regarding finnancial statement etc. would be really helpfull to us

  85. CandyMan says:

    Wow, that’s a great move for traders.
    For passive investors, there must be an app with push notifications feature in order to immediately notify the alerts…

  86. Yogie says:

    Good initiative, we have to appreciate Nitin
    even though application is in premitive stage
    More features with ease of doing expecting
    improvement needed in ” alert sound parameter ”
    chart is not showing
    alert line where you have defined is not showing
    details appears the application are not international standards
    we are expecting app in playstore
    Overall nice initiative
    thanks Nitin ji…

  87. Shankar says:

    First of all, let them give proper service in Zerodha PI and many times sucks PI and no information in the PI Upper circuit and lower circuit. What’s the use of to do trading or investment without any information. many times killing all traders and investors and who will be responsible for the loss.

  88. Digbijay mallik says:


  89. Prakash says:

    Thanks team ZERODHA.

  90. Raghunath Vagwala says:

    Thanks for it’s free. But my request is please provide the alerts on kite mobile app also why because maximum people’s are using mobile app. If you are giving this one it’s a excellent work.t

  91. Vishal Garg says:

    Hey Nitin,
    This move looks like going in a full throttle mode to salvage as much as possible before Paytm Money launches its broker services.

  92. pratik says:

    Hii nitin,
    By when u shall be bringing GTC ..its only the feature zerodha missing….it will help everyone alot …i miss so many stock due to woking pressure in office…i was finally decided to shift to sharekhan or icici where Gtc orders are allowed…But now i will definitely wait..if zerodha brings out this feautre..plz bring this feature as early as will definitely help many people
    So by when we can expect ?

    • Manoj Kumar says:

      It was promised long back by Renuka Mishra of Zerodha team on 28th july, 2016 that they are working on it but still there is no hope in recent future. Her reply was

      Dear MANOJ SHARMA,

      Greetings from Zerodha!!

      We regret to inform you that we do not have this feature of GTC/VTC (Good till date/ Valid till cancellation) order.

      We are already working on this feature to get it enabled in our platform. We will be coming up with it very soon. We will keep you informed on the same.

      Do get in touch with us if you have any further questions or concerns. You can always visit to learn more about our products and services.

      Renuka Mishra

      • Matti says:

        GTC/VTC orders is what we’re working on right now. This is a complex piece, since the exchanges flush all pending orders at the end of each trading session. Working on getting approvals from the exchanges for our GTC orders.

  93. Gaurav says:

    Sir but alert should come to on registered phone is only coming on mail I’d.. please look into this..bcz

  94. Ashwini Shrma says:

    Yes expected from Zerodha. YODDHA …….

  95. Umesh says:

    Can I get updates of my forex future tradings through SMS?
    Also By the EOD I want to get mail of my completed trades on my mail in some easy language.
    The mails I am getting through zeroda are very complex & I lose interest while reading the transactions.

  96. Jagat Pradhan says:

    This is amazing!!!
    Thanks Zerodha

  97. Vikas Kumar says:

    This is great !

    How do you trigger notification to other media devices like Mobile and others?


  98. Anwar khan says:


  99. Sadashiv says:

    If you give everything is free of cost how will you survive for long ??

  100. paresh says:

    Just Great !
    Just continue doing these kind of stuffs and no one can beat you.
    With Zerodha Always and pray for more n more growth.

  101. Jnanadarshan Nayak says:

    The pace at which Zerodha is innovative it’ll soon bulldoze other players. Nice work.

  102. Jawed says:

    Its wonderful sir

  103. Arul says:

    Its a great news and thanks for this!!
    Also, it will be really helpful if we are able to trade from the charts (just like in trading view).
    The integration of trading view styled graph is awesome. In similar way, It would be great if the same trading style is available.

  104. Shubhank Kaushal says:

    This is one of the reason I market this platform to my contacts. Zerodha’s every move makes our world easy. Thank you, Mr. Kamath and Team!

  105. Vinay says:

    I wish Zerodha Spends some man hours on Kite also to provide GTC or VTC option.

  106. Sikkander Kaleel Rahman says:

    Great going. Useful for commodities. Thanks a lot

  107. Vinay says:

    Kudos to Nithin and his team.
    You guys are the real game changers. Keep it up..

  108. imran shaik says:

    sentinel good step. streak voice & remote desktop support service start helps lot of people

  109. Naveen Jain says:

    Excellent … was overdue … such features must be free in the state of the art platform like Kite …

  110. v.veerabhadra reddy says:

    thank you friend

  111. Bhoira A Wahab says:

    This alerts are useless. Orders should be executed once placed. In this case I need to put orders on your alert signal. In case of Sharekhan I just place orders and it gets executed once it reaches its price. Why cant zerodha develop this trading platform?

  112. Avinash Jawalkar says:

    Hi Nithin, This is really good.But many times i have requested to add Open Interest either as an indicator/oscillator or graph for F & O stocks which could be really usefull for traders.Also Volatility charts.You should seriously think of coming out with a paid software like Ninja trader/Amibroker Meta trader with their kind of advanced features.Please give this a thought and am hoping it will come out soon.

    • Sarav says:

      Exactly…MT4 is far far better in reliability & execution speed. Moreover MT4 is extremely easy to use. It uses only one screen to show all features, no where to go to place indicators, check trade execution, or P/L, or funds balance, or margin available, %margin, leverage, autotrade, place SL/TP by simply drag/drop from chart itself, or pending orders etc etc..and list of features goes on and on..
      Zerodha and others are nowhere near to MT4, MT5. Even Pi lacks many features and is not easy for beginners or even Experts.

      Hi Nithin, hoping to here your response on this.. when can we expect software like MT4 for free loaded with features like that. A good trader can only trade effectively when he have such kind of tools in his quiver.


  113. Anshul Sood says:

    Thank You!! Nithin 🙂

  114. SHUBHAM says:


    • Matti says:

      Sentinel is for price and market data dependent alerts only. If you want to set up alerts for technical conditions, check out Streak.

  115. Sanjay says:

    Super team Zerodha. Do the same with Streak and Sensibull. You will continue to be No 1 for quite sometime.

  116. Jigar says:

    A much needed feature, is now free!! Thank you Zerodha for making it.

  117. Shikhil says:

    Thanks 😊, hope this remain free forever ! No terms and conditions

  118. RITUKANT MAURYA says:

    Great initiative from you guys, this initiative will help Zerodha to go much ahead in competition.

  119. Mohd Imtiyaz says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Since you have made sentinel free, hence I request you to please provide basket order option in Pi as well, it is required and will be appreciated by traders. Basket order option was available in zerodha trader.

  120. Anil says:


  121. Gogula says:

    Great move.. Thanks for making it free..

  122. chikkalingam says:

    soooper nithin saar. you are beautiful.

  123. Akshay says:

    Sahi Khel Gaya bhai tu 😁😁🙏..

  124. Hardik Bhatt says:

    Truely, I am a retail investor and I was not using sentinel only because it was a paid service. Now since it has become free I will use it to the maximum level to ensure that I get benefit out of your nobel intentions. Thank you so much.

  125. Mahantesh says:

    Great Work. make Kite connect also free

  126. Prakash Tejwani says:

    Whats required…. Zerodha delivers !! Thanks

  127. Ankit Singh says:

    Thanks a lot for making this tool free from today.

    I have subscribed for the same starting 20th April, is there a possibility that I can get my refund on pro rata basis?

    Looking forward for your reply.

  128. Rrishu Jain says:

    Hey Nithin,

    Why is Zerodha making all services free moving forward? Trying to make a robust customer foundation against the upcoming Paytm Securities? Haha 😀

    Anyways, at the end, customer seems to be the king !

    @Nithin Kamath: Awaiting your reply.

  129. monk says:

    it doesnot come in notification of zerodha , only desktop users can get the message. not coming in app notification



  131. B I L A L says:

    Thanks Zerodha & Developer. 🙂

  132. nilesh karalkar says:

    realy thakful to you terahi intzaar tha trader ko.

  133. nagaraju mudraboina says:

    thank you zerodha

  134. K S DINESH KUMAR says:

    hi sir

    Wonderful move taken by u Kamath sir. Thank u. xpecting some more additional services. thank u

  135. Rithvik says:

    Wonderful zerodha

  136. Hetal Patel says:

    Awesome feature with no cost..


    How to activate ? Id – YN-9901

  138. Rajesh says:

    Thank you… Team Zerodha…

  139. Manoj says:

    could we have alerts based on indicators as we use in charts

    • Matti says:

      For alerts based on technical indicators, check out Streak. They allow you to backtest your technical strategy and generate alerts based on indicator values and conditions.

  140. Ramesh Kumar says:

    Very Nice!! 🙂

  141. S M VISWANATH says:

    Thats exactly fine. all the best zerodha.

  142. VENKAT says:


  143. Sachin says:

    Hi Nithin,

    It is so amazing that how Zerodha team is always doing great stuff for people. With sentinel being free, its another feather in the cap. Keep doing great stuff.

  144. neeraj says:

    These are very useful alerts that I was looking for . Thanks a lot Nithin.


    Thank u team Zerodha.

  146. santosh hulbutti says:

    Thanks a lot Nithin.:)

  147. Namit says:

    That’s great, thanks! If I may suggest, the only thing that’s missing is setting an alert from a point within the chart and not just from the scrip, that’ll make it fast and convenient.

  148. Maddy says:

    Awwsome as always… really very good initiative and looking forward to test this

  149. Aakash Agrawal says:

    This is great news and long awaited feature.

    Thanks Zerodha team for rolling this feature.

  150. Yogesh says:

    Zerodha always surprises you with amazing offers and creativity. That’s how it is number one broker of India.

  151. RIYAS says:

    Really Great Move from zerodha

    • Arun says:

      Hi bro
      We bull is an app available in app store which is quite same like that of sentinel and available for free also but the extra thing what it gave is it also include several parameters, so use it and try to improve with in your system with derivative and option chain data so that sentinel can be improved in a large scale…

      • Arun kumar says:

        So batter create an app and help us to monitor stocks properly

      • nagaraju.bukkaraju says:

        It’s not for Indian market and not good enough.
        Please check before post a comment.

      • Sudhanshu says:

        Sir One Suggestion ! Pl Add NEOSTOX With AI to Link with Zerodha which will be Very Use full for Active and Paper Trading in Options As It Has a Very Unique featue of auto Trade For options…..Pl See to it and Do Add in Zerodha Basket for greater USP

    • Ketan Pawar says:

      Good news thanks Zeroda

    • Shivakumar says:

      We can,t trade in far otm bank nifty options, this is very loss for clients,

    • sapan says:

      sir, there any chance for alert using indicator in future update

    • LOKESH says:

      Sir can we set alert on option Greeks let;s say i had taken long potion of ATM so Delta will be 0.5 can i get a alert if delta is changed to .60

      • Sankaran says:

        Sentinel team,

        PLease reply to this question, i have the same query , can alerts be set for Option Greeks?


    • Mahesh.K says:

      Appreciate If u enable XLS/CSV to upload and delete triggers.