Quant – Flashback

November 6, 2015


I guess we all have read about how Sachin Tendulkar used to watch and study video cassettes for hours of every single innings of his to help become a better batsman. The question is, how many of us traders do this? Do we ever look back and see how we performed, what helped and what hurt? And even if we did, can P&L or tradebook, capture the underlying activity in the market and how we reacted to it?

Introducing “Flashback”, among the many firsts – a Quant analytic that will plot all your trades on historical charts of the underlying stock or F&O. You can now sit back, analyze, and learn from all your good and bad trades.

To access flashback

Either visit the Quant menu on Q, or http://quant.zerodha.com/.


Various Quant reports on Q


Flashback by default opens a historical daily chart of the last scrip traded in your account. To change the scrip start typing in the search box and select. You can also visit the tradebook link, and copy paste the scrip name in this box if you don’t remember.

In the example below, you can see the blue dots indicating where Infy stock was bought and yellow where it was sold. Hovering on the dot will also tell you the quantity and the price.

These charts are powered by Kite, hence if you follow technical analysis you can also apply the over 100+ indicators and see if you adhered to all the TA rules. Check this post on how to use Kite charts.

Flashback on a daily chart. Blue: Buy, Yellow: Sell

The chart below shows intraday trades on 1 minute chart of Nifty15OctFut beautifully executed. Shorting at gap down opening when support was broken, and sticking through the trade until the next day. You may note that there are many more blue (buy) dots compared to yellow (sell); this indicates more number of trades executed at that point and not necessarily more quantity. So if a buy of 300 nifty fut was executed in 4 trades, you will see 4 dots and if executed in 1 trade you will see only one.

The minute chart of the underlying is plotted until the day the scrip was last traded in the account, whereas the daily charts are updated everyday. Also for all F&O contracts, chart data is available only for contracts from October 2015.

Flashback on a 1 minute chart

The objective of “Quant” has been to give insights from your own trading behavior to help improve profitability. Suggest you to look at this section to understand various other Quant analytics.

Like someone wise has said, “only by facing your demons can you stop them from having power over you.” In trading it is even more important to spot and fix mistakes (demons) before they become a habit. Hopefully “Quant-Flashback” will aid you in this pursuit.

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Dr Emon Das says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Zerodha is undoubtedly the best discount broker and surely deserves what it has achieved so far. Would really appreciate if bar replay facility is introduced in the charts…this would add yet another feather on Zerodha’s crown!!

  2. Sakshi says:

    I am trying using this q website but it is unreachable. It says this site cannot be reached. Please tell me if the site address is changed. Thanks in advance.

  3. Rohit says:

    i really appricate your work . but sir like forgein broker why donot you add bar by bar reply feature this will hepl lots of trader to reply and understand their mistake and help them becaming greater trader . thankyou

  4. Surendra K says:

    Dear Team

    Zerodha not trust able platform because last three month my shares not showing correct figure neither showing correct profit & loss many time call to customer care in this regarding but not response, its fake trade company , hence request to all please avoid this company, also management & support team not good for customer supports ……………… because senior team not available for customer quires solution……………….

    kindly tell me how much get time with date for satisfactory solution…………….

    surendra K

    Thanking You

    Surendra K Nigam
    Mob – 9871170901
    New Delhi

  5. Shubhashverma says:

    This worst site of any stock broker.i have never seen such puzzle type site.no clear about any thing.contract note is not mentioned what brokerage is charged..I have tasted three companies of stock trading it is worst site

  6. samit karni says:

    Quant was a valuable tool for analysis.

    with IT landscape changing and introduction of powerful tools, computing and with the increase in AL and ML there is so much data analysis and mining that is happening at every sphere..

    so it is a surprise that the quant is removed in 2018 from zerodha.

    can you atleast provide a link in Q and provide a date

    we need to understand how much committed you are for the new features

    just saying it has been deprecated does not bode well with organisations like zerodha.

  7. Himansu says:

    Sur I can’t find the quant on my back office, where can I get the link ?

  8. ritu ranjan azad says:

    i am not able to find flash back menu

  9. prakash says:

    when will crux come ? ??
    waiting for more than 1 and half year

  10. ARPAN says:

    I want to tell you about the problem that i am facing in kite after getting latest update, regarding this i have sent an email also. the problem is related with the time frame, for an example if i am checking stocks in 1 hour time frame and than i change it to daily time frame but when i refresh the chart it automatically change to 1 hour time frame again, than again i have to set it for daily time frame and refresh again for checking whether it has fixed or not, every-time for every stock i have to do this process again and again, most of the time when i change the time frame but the chart looks same, than refresh the chart to make sure it has been changed.

    so overall it was really frustrating, that previous version was 100 times better than this. so if its possible to use last version, kindly share the link. or make the same changes in chart section that were using in previous version.


    • Matti says:

      Hey Arpan, this happens because the preferences are saved after 60 seconds. So once you change the timeframe, you’ll need to wait a minute before refreshing so your preferences get saved.

      • ARPAN says:

        Thank you for your reply,

        But i want to tell you one thing here that when we check any stock in chart that time we need to quickly shift in different time frames to get better idea, we can not wait to save the preference first and than change the time frame, for an example if someone is having a list of 20 stocks in his portfolio than how he will do trade, here we need to check the stocks fast to find out best time frame that give the clear indication of entry and exit. so in kite last version it was ultimate, quickly we were searching best stock and time frame to trade

        I hope now you would have understood what was my concern, expecting to get solution.


        • Arpan Patodi says:

          Hello Sir,

          Can you please let me know if there is any setting in kite or anything else that help to resolve the concern written above.

          • Matti says:

            Hey Arpan, this can’t be changed right now.

            • Arpan Patodi says:

              Its okay,

              And i hope that Zerodha team will surely solve this issue in future, because as a trader it really affect the working and making slow to find out more stocks to trade, this concern is not only related with me, its affects all the traders that use the chart for intraday trade and huge loss of time as well.

              anyways Thank You so much for your reply.

  11. Vilas says:

    when we will get Quant in back office, any time frame for new release ??

  12. Radhe says:

    Did you guys removed quant from back office ?

  13. Patel says:

    I can’t see the Quant menu in my backoffice. Also when I try to access quant.zerodha.com it shows the web page cannot be found. Does anyone know why?

  14. Vinit says:

    Dear Zerodha team,

    While I understand, Excel gives more power to P&L or other report/analysis generated, may you please consider having PDF option as well. I may or may not have licence to open excel file, but PDF reader are available for free at least.

    Hope you understand.

    Potential Customer.

  15. Avinash says:

    Have never been able to see anything under Quant.. since I opened account in Jan17. When are we likely to see the new Q?

  16. Rajendra says:

    Any update on New Q?

  17. Sanil says:

    Roadblocks cleared?

  18. Venkatesh says:

    Dear Nitin,

    We were waiting for new-Q, Days have passed, so as months and now years and yet not heard anything solid as of now.

    i certainly do understand the roadblocks you are talking about, however please be transparent how serious the issues are and what are the measure u have taken care…this keeps open transparency.

    further u have already given some great features like Flash, Look back and other Quant analysis earlier and we have tasted it also, and now not having those things making me to feel that i have gone back to the stone age.

    There is nothing called impossible to solve, so as this also…can we expect atleast within this year?


    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Venkatesh, building an entire back office system is a complex task. But having said that we are replacing pieces in Q with the new reports on the backend will be slowly rolling out new features over a period of time.

  19. Jegan says:


    I had been waiting for new report tool CRUX for long time (More than 6 months). When I call customer care, I used to get replay “would be ready in 15 days”.

    I can be star trader only after CRUX is released I hope. I am missing opportunity cost for long time.

    Please let us know how long it will take to get it done.


  20. Yogesh says:

    It’s been really long when will quant start working again…if it won’t just let the people know…so we can move on and make some excel sheets for the same purpose..!

    • We are building a all new Q, we have hit some roadblocks and hence taking time.

      • Yogesh says:

        Thanx for the reply Nitin.
        Just a suggestion you have the sources and the right people to do so , for the time being please provide a trading journal on excel to your loyal clients so that we can at least monitor our trades ourselves for the time being and help ourselves as traders….you know a trading journal is such a important part of trading.

  21. dev says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can I have reports for P&L for the FY2016-17 on a monthly basis like we have for this financial year.
    I had downloaded the same format for the last year(Apr2016-Mar2017) two months back but they are not available now. I need to have summary of my trades and P&L on monthly basis. I think they are very comprehensive. Please let me know where can I download it for last FY 2016-2017. Or is it possible for your team to email me the same?
    Can you provide me the same asap. appreciate a quick reply.



    • Dev, we will have the new Q out soon. You will be able to pull reports for monthly soon.

      • Satyam Itankar says:

        Dear Sir,
        I had brought Apex Frozen IPO through Bank, after listing it was credited to my account on 4/Sep/17. On 8/Sep/17 I sold 80 quantity at the rate of Rs.241 at 9:27:43 AM.
        Hence the transaction was squared off later. I brought 100 quantity at 10:37 AM at the rate of 256.95 and still holding it. (not Squared off)
        but in Position statement it is showing Rs. 1276 loss. when I called customer care executive. he was saying me that my calculations are wrong and was arguing with me and saying ” you can complaint to anyone” but we will not correct it.

        Later in profit and loss statement it was showing the same thing. then I again called customer care on 11/Sep/17, the guy seems to be knowledgeable one. he understood my problem and told me that it needs to be corrected manually as the IPO entries are shown like this and it doesn’t calculate avg buy price correctly in IPO. please look into this and correct. Also please provide IPO facility through Zerodha.

        • If you have bought stocks in IPO, you have to enter the value at which you bought manually. We will otherwise not know your IPO acquisition price. I am guessing it is going wrong for this. Can you check this, shows how to add discrepant quantity. Since one buy trade (IPO buy) is missing, the other bits might be going wrong.

  22. Madhav Maheshwari says:

    I just wanted to ask why you do not show the DP charges separately in the P & L report, would that be a problem as it is Rs. 13.5 per debit….

  23. Vishal says:

    Hello Nithin,
    Will it be possible to give some idea as to what all will be included in new Quant. I am actually building a webportal (Capital Intensive) which will be used by retail traders to have trading journal and various analytics of their trades using Zerodha Kite Connect API and hence I do not want to repeat the things you are guys are building and providing it for free.

    • Vishal, I don’t know if you can build a quant using kite connect APIs as it wont have historical trade details.

      • Vishal says:

        Thanks Nithin for the prompt reply as always ,
        Actually I am not planning to build Q kind of platform rather but build a webportal through which client can trade with discipline approach to new trades and trade journaling .

        Regarding historical trades I was planning to handle the same in either following 2 ways.

        1) Kite Connect 3.0 mentions that Backoffice Reports (Phase 2- Trade and PNL history , Funds and & Ledger from the new back office)

        2) Provide facility to client to import through one time dump from back office (CSV) and also contract note importer.

        I am in touch with Nikhil and Akshay from Rainmatter to discuss the various options as well.

  24. Jegan says:


    It is more than a month now since I asked this question. Any deadline backoffice quant report?

    Till that point, I cannot participate in opentrade.


  25. Jegan says:


    Right now Quant report is not working. I heard from zerodha that it is almost ready and it will be available in a week of time. I am hearing this sentence for more a month.

    What is the actual status of new quant report? When can we expect new port into deployment?

    Seems like only after the launch of new quant report, new stars will be picked up for opentrade.


  26. Harish Shah says:

    Dear Nithin,

    I have recently opened an account as my friend suggested me to open an a/c at zerodha when I asked him where to open a new a/c. I was just randomly going through people comments and now I feel that I have taken a correct decision by opening an a/c here where the CEO himself is replying to the queries. Keep it up !! Awesome Job !!

  27. Davinder Singh says:

    What is the latest update on Q? When i received CONCOR bonus shares, Q messed up the holdings numbers and now its asking me to enter “buy price” of bonus shares. Issue has been reported to support team twice but I am just getting empty promises that issue will be resolved in “few days” with latest version of Q.

    With number of recent issues, I am sort of loosing hope with Zerodha. Not sure if bells are ringing on your side..

  28. Arpan says:

    From todays morning Pi is not working error ” unable to connect the remote server” please do the needful.

  29. Akil says:

    Hi nithin,

    It’s been a really long time since quant is not working.

    When can we expect the long awaited update of quant

  30. Arpan says:

    Hello sir,

    Now all the problems have been solved, kite are working and even looking very good great work and very fast taking action is really appreciate, just one concern please do something for MCX EOD data, atleast 6 month if available it will really help us a lot.. remaining all is perfect and thanks to you and your team that always take quick action for all customers concern, a very few company think about their customer like Zerodha.

  31. Arpan says:

    Good Afternoon,

    Sir, i checked the link as you provided, but the comments there was totally related with queries, as i believe that the earlier one was more better than this and was very easy also. OHLC is showing on top but the date and time is on bottom. its become very confusing, OHLC, date and time should be shown together. even i can`t find the pop-out option there.

  32. Arpan says:


    where to check high, low, open and close price in this updated kite? i am not getting the candle wise details, let me know the option.

  33. Arpan says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am using kite platform from long time and it was very good and very easy, i want to tell you something that i observed. 1) – when i click the market depth i only find High, Low, Open, Close, Expiry and Volume Traded option here my suggestion is the Upper and Lower Circuit limit should be there, because i did not find any other place to find the circuit limit in kite, and sometimes its very important to know what is the circuit limit when any stock or any commodity trading very volatile
    2) And other thing that i observed – in MCX only contract wise chart data is showing, so because of that reason we dont get the overall trend view when we check the daily chart, so here i want to tell atleast 6 month data should be shown in kite. apart from this everything is going good.


  34. burhanmeerza says:

    Can I open more than one account in Zerodha for trading in commodities ?

  35. S C Gulati says:

    Hi Nithin,

    You guys have done great job in innovating new ways of analysing stocks in the past.

    However, i see that your team is not able to sustain the initiatives for long. Flashback has got lost in thin air. I was promised last year that you will be coming back with new version soon but it has not seen light of the day.

    Quality of reports on Q have become WORSE. i have been trying to get P&L reports for last 15 days but have yet not succeeded. Earlier your support team kept advising that you guys are doing Year End 2016-17 reconciliations and hence i will have to wait for 15 days.
    After waiting for 15 days, reports have been made available but they are all discrepant.

    eg if i check Profit for period (1) 1 Jan 2017 To 31 Jan 2017 and (2) 1 Feb 2017 to 28 Feb 2017 then it should ideally reconcile with profit for the period 1 Jan 2017 to 28 Feb 2017. However, your Discrepant Reports DO NOT RECONCILE.

    You guys will loose trust, if you fail to provide the most critical Reports to the Clients.

    Believe me, you are doing great job with Innovations like Coin and all but if you Loose Focus on Basics i.e. robust Reporting system and provide discrepant P&L you will loose your Old Clients as well.

    This is a word of caution for a great business you are trying to setup. Plz lookback with more focus on sustainability aspects.


  36. Arpan says:

    I am facing problem related with not showing the GOLD Next contract in kite, instead of gold mega contract all commodities are there. my id is PA0093


  37. ARPAN says:

    I just want to confirm that have you removed the SUPER TREND indicator from kite, because there is no option avaliable to add this indicator.. could you please tell me the path to find this?


  38. Chetan says:

    Hello sir,
    Since past few months Q platform not showing the Withdrawal limit always comes ‘NA’
    I request you to please upgrade the Q platform as it is going o from past 3-4 months.
    I hope for result soon sir.

  39. VIKAS KUMAR says:

    time analysis under quant not working since 30 Th Dec 2016.I need to see my report in time analysis.PLEASE RESOLVE.
    i had wrote several time to support.

  40. Sanjay Verma says:

    quite good, one can easily undrestand

  41. Pramod Pillai says:

    Quant still not working. for a very long time now.
    Request to re-instate the old version until the new is up & ready.

    • Flashaback in the old version had become tough to support. Other reports are working fine. Flashback will come up soon.

      • Sagar says:

        Any update on Quant? Is project on track and will be released at the end of March?

        I would also suggest you that back office should not be closed during night hours. Aftermarket especially the night is the time when I study and would love to have q working in the night. You may update it with new data say 5 AM IST, but please keep it open during the night.

        PS- I love Zerodha and would love to see it to become No1 broker company, I am sure you guys are working hard but a please release the promised feature on time.

  42. vilas says:

    hi sir when is the quant is getting available in new avatar as u mentioned its been 3months now it is not working u would started the older version till the new quant is introduced please give specified time when it will going to launch thank you

  43. Michael says:

    hi this option is not working at all, can you help me operating this.?

  44. shyam says:

    Hello Nithin
    I want to backtest some of my strategies. I need one minute data for the bank nifty options. (Now bank nifty has weekly options and i need the data only for these weekly options). can you suggest me the best way to get the one minute data for bank nifty options? Since am not exposed to any of the testing tools, i would like to test it with my own scripts in python. so i will need the one minute data in text format. can i get this exported from zerodha?

  45. Rudra Biswas says:

    Hello Nitin,

    Waiting for the new version of Q. I would like to suggest if its possible to add a note/label to each of the equities in our Holdings in Kite. For eg, there are a few equities which I would like to hold for Long term and can lable them as ‘Long’ or ‘Long Term’, some as ‘Medium’ and some as ‘BTST’ etc.

  46. Arunangshu says:

    When the new version of Q will be launched?

  47. jayesh lukhi says:

    why can’t i find flashback and equity curve tool on Q?

  48. viveksah says:

    I have been noticing that from last month, I get an error while generating reports or clicking on links in Q.
    The error received is 502 Bad Gateway.

    Kindly resolve the same

    • Yes, we are in the last leg before replacing our old backoffice vendor with our in house platform. Hopefully this pain of backoffice going down will end by this month end.

  49. sri ram says:

    When are you planning to introduce FLASHBACK again?

  50. Krishna says:

    Hello Zerodha,

    was away from trading for long.

    Does these Quant and Pi work on Mac? or only windows.

    Thanks in advance.

  51. Binni Sah says:


    Would it be possible for you guys to add a little ‘personal note’ section in kite, next to each stock that is added in the marketwatch?

    You may say that I can add the note elsewhere, on notepad for example, but everything comes down to feasibility. It would be really great if I can just check the ‘note’ from kite itself.

    I hope I was clear 🙂

    Thank you.

  52. Muntazir Ahmed says:


    At the outset let me congratulate on the humongous success achieved by Zerodha. I’m a satisfied customer. And I also hope Zerodha can become better and bigger from here. I have one suggestion as we move forward. Since entire work happens online could you also add online chatting with customer care with voice and text facility. It will be great. I hope you have lot NRI client as well this also help them great deal.

    Thanks and Good wishes

  53. niranjhana says:

    My id is
    I always intend to carry out Cash N Carry Order and today too I opted it . Today I intend to buy Infy, Wipro, AshokLey and ITC at limit order. However, now I see that only ITC buy is executed. All the others are bought and sold as MIS. Why is that I had enough cash in my trading account. I want to know what went wrong where.

    • Venu says:

      Checked the orders you’d placed today. You’ve placed Infy, Wipro, Ashok Leyland orders under product code MIS (Margin Intraday Square off) which is an Intraday product.

  54. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Pls advise by when your new Q- Back office likely to be launched?

  55. viveksah says:

    Hi Nithin
    Flashback was a good tool for analysing our past investments & learning from the same. However, understand that the same has been discontinued.
    Hope you plan to reinstate the same in the future. Also, it would be great to possibly base a forecasting tool on the same.

  56. Vishwanath.s.wari says:

    Dear nitin sir,
    Am knew to trade so will you please suggest and will you guide me in future.
    Requesting thank you

  57. santosh says:

    Dear Nitin sir, i am new to quant is there any document for guide

  58. Vishal Kale says:

    I was looking in my flashback and I found my GM Breweries shares are missing in it. Now I am not filling confident while watching history in Zerodha because I don’t know is it correct or not and how many mistakes are there.
    One another thing previously while while checking profit & loss it incorporates DP charges and more that was great thing but currently this thing is also missing in profit and loss

  59. vilas says:

    hi zerodha team how many time required to update the quant analysis plz let me know it is not updated since weeks please tel me the wat is the reason behind is there any technical issues or there is any problem with my account thank you

  60. Rohit says:

    I have transferred funds on last Thursday and it is not yet reflected in Q. I have submitted required docs to associate my secondary bank account. Please do the needful.

    • Venu says:

      I believe an agent has spoken to you and clarified.

      • Rohit says:

        Thanks. Issue root caused and resolved. Now again, I have transferred amount and uploaded proof. Its been ~40 Mins, its not reflected. its written on site that it will take 10 mins. I am new to zerodha and not much aware how such transactions works and how much time it would take.

  61. Ashish verma says:

    Quant Holding Analytics not working back few days.

  62. Prakash says:

    Hi, on KITE quant flash back, how do we move chart to left and rigtht ( not scrolling ). say I want to pull chart to right of screen to view previous weeks candles on 1 min / 5/10 min period, Thanks

  63. v bhargava reddy says:

    si r can we transfer equity funds to commodity funds.same account

  64. v bhargava reddy says:

    sir are the penny stocks of 10 paisa vanishes to zero .then what happens

  65. RAJNEESH says:

    Hello, I am new in Zerodha, My accout is for all. I want to know that if i put my money to Equity segment, (Cash, Stock Future-Option,Nifty Future-Option, would it be possible for me to trade in Commodity and currency by same money?

    Do I need to put a separate money in commodity or Currency Ac.

  66. RAJNEESH says:

    would you please tell me about the Quant Flashback?

  67. Sangita says:

    Quant Time based & contract wise not shows right profit & loss

  68. Siddharth Gupta says:

    Boss, at dashboard of KITE nifty prices is fluctuating today on non trading day. What is it?

  69. Joy Mukherjee says:

    Please make the charting on Pi software more clear, please look at Sharekhan Tradetiger software charting – that is ultra clear interface. Another one issue I faced is that we cant change the chart from intraday chart to daily and weekly… one must have that option enabled to shift from intraday to daily or weekly charts. Thanks.

  70. Karan Samal says:

    If I could view spread charts (Nifty Future Spread, Crudeoil Spread etc) then that would be of great help

  71. Sourish C says:

    Hello Nithin, is there bar replay facility available in KITE ?? It would be of immense help for beginners to learn how to read candlesticks who are otherwise not available during live market hours.

  72. Jayaprakash says:

    When can I expect zigzag indicator in kite

  73. Prabhakar says:

    Although I am working in investment banking valuation to support onshore fund managers M&A and active fund management…feels that working for them and doing for my self is two sides of river…
    I am trading index options since 2007 and many times I blowed my A/C balances. for past few years I shifted to stock and its options trading strategies and fond that although my return is restricted 2% of portfolio size but my down side risk is caped at 5-6% and over the period noticed that with in 6 months my equity doubles which makes me satisfied, ..but as I always prefer options Index my heart and mind forced me to do that…and index option ratios ends at 35 wins 65 loss which lands me no where..

  74. Raghunath says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Can u please add Fibonacci Projection in Kite and Pi as well ? It is just a basic indicator which is very useful and we are now doing manual calculation to project the level which is very time consuming. Please add as soon as possible.


    • Raghunath, it is already available on Kite. After selecting Fibonacci retracement, click on settings. You see various options, the negatives are retracements and positive are projections.

      • Raghunath says:

        Hi Nithin,

        I have already checked. But it is not what i am looking for, what is available in Kite is called Fibonacci Extension. Fibonacci Projection is different, If I have to project what would be wave 3 or C depending on wave 1 or A then I have to start calculate end of wave 2 or B to project wave 3 or A like 1.61%, 1.23% of wave 1 or A etc. but what is available in Kite only to calculate the deference of two point. Please refer attached image and it is available most of the software in the market.


  75. Shailey says:

    I don’t think we’ve ADX in Pi, correct me if I’m wrong. Please do add ADX in Pi’s next update, it’s kinda hard to use MACD and RSI without ADX.

  76. Mehul Mishra says:

    Hi NIthin
    The weightage value in the Backoffice Holdings section shows weightage based on buy value. I think it would make more sense if it were weightage based on present value.

  77. Venkatesh V says:

    Hi Nitin,

    If i remember correct, you mentioned Kite Android Beta release by Nov-15…will it launch as indicated or would it be further delayed?


  78. Vikas says:

    Hi Z Team.
    Normally in morning session i trade on PI but in noon session i use KITE as i m in office.
    but issue is any BO which is open and in noon time from kite i can not close it.
    i tried calling zerodha trade room but they reply that we can not square off clients BO position.
    any solution for it ?

  79. arun says:

    >We also have some very exciting news for all the programmer crowd that trade the markets which we will be announcing soon.

    Has the announcement been made? This was posted in july and I can’t figure out what is the news.

    • Nopes, it got delayed. Basically Pi bridge now comes with two way communication. So you can not only use the bridge to fire orders, but also get positions/order updates/cash position back from the bridge. So you can use any programming front end to create trading strategy. We will have something announced next week.

  80. Nithin,
    Day by day kite web platform is improving n my trading volumes too. Quant has been phenomenal.

    1. Any updates on bse trading on kite?
    2. When is the mobile app? Will q be integrated inside the mobile app?
    3. How about mutual funds n i read somewhere it’s in 2 wks.
    4. Is it going to be part of kite?
    5. And will we have an option to bring in already existing portfolio as zerodha MF will be in demat format if I’m right in gathering info.
    6. Will we have the direct option in mf?
    7. So far any pointers on the pricing for MFs or we have to wait n see how it plays out?
    8. Does it matter ilfs vs zerodha in terms of demat for mutual fund. If so i can start the process of switching demat earlier to be prepared.

    Thanks for your patience in answering my questions, as I’m sure you will 😉

    • Venu Madhav says:

      1. Awaiting approvals from the Exchange
      2. We’re expecting a beta release by December. Q will not be integrated in the app. We’re gonna make Q more mobile friendly.
      3. We’re currently testing the system. We should release it soon.
      4. The logins will be independent but the account will be connected to Q
      5. Yes, we’ll be offering MF services in Demat form.
      6. We’ll be offering these services through the BSE StaR MF platform
      7. Zerodha wouldn’t be charging you anything for this service.
      8. Will be available for all clients for whom Zerodha’s opened a Demat account (Both ILFS and Zerodha DP)

  81. Bhushan K says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have one month back opened a trading cum demat account with zerodha…I have few suggestions for good interface.
    1. Please show Buying Value (Avg Buy Price * Qty) in Holdings. please add one more coloumn to this. this will help to calculate the % of capital marked to a particular script.
    2. when i use kite charts every time i have to add indicators. please create a template format same as PI.
    3. when i use kite charts, i can c charts only of scripts added in watch list. please enable to enter all scripts even if not aded in watch list.
    Thanks in Advance
    Bhushan K

  82. Prashant says:

    Hi Nithin

    When will Zerodha launch NCDEX trading?


  83. D.Omprakash says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi My name is omprakash regular trader for zerodha. My id DO0042. Your kite performance was not at all good because yesterday some pathetic numbers showing in my p/l when i was in position.
    1. My total balance in commodity is 25000 only. placed order in crude mini 5 lots but it shows as 50 lots and my p/l summary shows (rs-12,11050). this was really bad got shocked and made me to come in loss yesterday since i was confused totally.
    2. closed all my positions no pending orders but still it shows margin used is rs.250. actually my loss is 250. but it shows in my margin used. Kindly fix this since this incorrect numbers make traders confused and take wrong decision to quit trade and end in losses. Attached screen shot FYI.

    • Om, when you login to trade.zerodha.com you get an option to choose weights/lots. On Kite/pi, everything shows only by lots. My guess is you changed that to weights, because of which all the lots were getting multiplied by the lot size on Kite/Pi. We have disabled this option to select from trade.zerodha, you shouldn’t face this issue any more.

  84. rd0213 says:

    Client Id – RD0213

    From starting of launch of PI, I am not able to active PI.

    Error is — As soon as I put activation key PI exits, It is happen all the time.

    I have taken help form Zerodha support, but they also failed to solve problem.

    Plz solve my problem ASAP as I am not able to trade without PI.

  85. Shailey says:

    Can you share any good intraday trading strategies with us?
    Does scalping work?
    I’m a novice in trading and I’ve gone through zerodha varsity.

  86. Shailey says:

    The other day my Pi’s admin holding was showing ₹5100 now it’s showing like ₹4700 even though I didn’t do any trade. Why is it so?
    PS- you answer every query, you’re such a cool CEO!

    • Thanks Shailey,
      Login to https://q.zerodha.com/dashboard/ with ur trading id and pwd (q pwd is different than the trading pwd). Q password would have been sent in the first welcome letter, if u don’t remember u can reset on ur own.

      Look at the ledger and tradebook on Q. On 13th Nov, u have done some 11 trades on LT which has had a net loss of Rs 200+ and hence ur account balance now is around Rs 4700+. Best if you send all account specific questions to [email protected]

  87. Gaurab says:

    Hi, I’ve a query for new account opening process. I’ve filled up the online application form, and prompted for choosing priority/standard oprion, I opted for equity trading+demat. I was redirected to payumoney page but the page did not appear for morethan 15 minutes. And I could not go back to my filledup form again and also there was no email notification which I can refer to. Kindly help.

  88. sandeep says:

    Flash back still showing bad gateway message . I am trading commodities in 1 minute time frame

  89. Vishnu says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I just filled my application with Zerodha few days back! Have a question regarding margin policies.

    I can see a list off stocks in your site and their corresponding margins. What if I want to trade on any other stocks? Say Suzlon Energy or Spicejet.


  90. Tanishq Capital Chennai says:

    Hi Nitin, I m having Zerodha demat. It was so shocking to hear that Its currently not possible to pledge my Holdings and use the collateral for fno trading. May I know why is this not possible. And from when it will be possible?

  91. MKS says:

    Dear nithin,
    Where can i get nifty fut historical data (5min, 10min, 15min & 30 MIn ) from 2001??

  92. roysoma says:

    I would want to see some day a tool in Quants to help with the accounting of the trades indicating on the performance of the trader. A simple profit to Loss ratio or ratio of winning Vs losing trades, IRR on the investments, CAGR of capital employed, returns from CNC Vs MIS trades will help the traders to see through their trading styles, strengths and weaknesses.


    Can i see this chart is Smart Phone also and can I trade through Smart phone, please revert back, I want a intraday chart. I have EOD chart

  94. arun says:

    When is flashback updated with the day’s trade?

  95. Ganesh says:

    great idea!!!

  96. abhishek says:

    sir, chart not working out properly in flashback

    please refer attachment

  97. Hello Nithin,

    This is exactly what I wanted and I did comment on this blog a month or so. You even remarked that you spoke about it the same time within your group. I’m very pleased to see this in “Q”.

    Though it works for the most part, there are a few bugs that need to be ironed out as in any software. I have a few stocks which I had purchased in Jan of this year, and they do not show up no matter how much I scroll to the left. After Apr I’m unable to scroll backwards for a few stocks (there is just no data). The switching between time in the charts is buggy too. I’d be happy to provide more details if interested.

    Taking a step back from the bugs, this flashback feature is really a deal breaker when I was thinking about switching to your competitors for want to better metrics. Thanks so much!

  98. tukaram says:

    dear sir
    i am zerodh client. my client ID DT0171
    i am pleased stop los market order but order is rejected
    example i am bay banco indya
    100 share market price 133 stop los price 132.5

  99. prabit says:

    I trade on 10 min chart. I don’t see my trades on 10 min chart, it is showing only on daily chart. Please advise.

  100. GILARI says:

    Can we expect a replay button in future flash back utility?

  101. sanjay puranik says:

    dear nitin kamat sir,

    this is wonderful company i am trading with zerodha since 2-3 years i saved money by giving less brokerage previously i am trading with icici direct i lost 60000 rs only by paying brokerage in zerodha i paid only 5-6 k.

    your 60 day challenge is wonder full, pi trading platform is best, but i have only suggestion is if i refer my friend to trade with zerodha you are giving only 2 rs per trade but it should be 5 rs per trade.

    you should start employment generation like subbrokership like 50;50 sharing patterns for subbrokers.
    i saw a discount broker is already started its name is fortune trading they are giving subbrokership. my intention is you generate employment also.

    sanjay puranik

  102. Dr. Prabhanshu Tripathi says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am very satisfied with all the services that Zeradha have except following 2 issues-

    Can you please give facility of start alerts for all the executed trades.
    Can you launch more interactive iOS app.

    Dr. Prabhanshu

  103. denny says:

    hi Nithin,
    q is really kewl , but u know for day traders v need time and sales data dont u think thats worth some.
    then u can trully believe u r a league apart. if the exchanges dont supply it y not make a code tht calculates it in real time etc etc,
    thank you.

    • GILARI says:

      I agree with Mr Denny.We need tick by tick data with back fill of one day ,for index futures at least

      • Hmm.. not that easy guys, if we capture what comes through the multicast data feed (what you see on trading platforms) it won’t capture everything. Tick by tick data from exchange, we have to be data vendors to give it to you, and the costs for offering is very restrictive.

        • GILARI says:

          It can be captured easily ,as NT7 do.NT7 has a separate database to store close value (not,open,high and low but only close) of each updates in each seconds.Thus there are sixty tick values per minute in NT7.It is enough to create those charts like range and renko , based on tick.I had already sent an email on this subject

          • Tick by tick data is different. You are referring to 1 tick per second, in real there could be hundreds of ticks per second that happen on the exchanges. This is not possible to stream so much data over the internet.
            With Pi we currently send 2 to 3 ticks per second (not 1), let me see if we can build a utility to show the time and sales data. But make no mistake, this is not tick by tick data just because we send 2 to 3 ticks per second. A lot of them claim that it is because they give 1 tick per second.

            • GILARI says:

              Thanks for replay
              If you can send on 1 tick per second with one second stamp(with backfill for one day),it is enough for renko and range bars.Is it possible for at least for index future for the sake of intraday traders.

              • 1 tick per second we already give that. We give almost 3 ticks per second.

                • GILARI says:

                  But one serious problem escaped from your attention.I shall explain same.Suppose Nifty fut is trading at 8000 now and I am using range bar of 2.
                  In next minute nifty rise 10 point up and crash back to 8000 in same minute
                  If tick wih stamp of second is used 5 new bricks will be created upward and another 5 down word bricks will be created. giving me a chance to go long at 8002 and to be stopped out at 8008.
                  If tick with one minuet stamp is used ,no bricks is created as nifty closed in 8000 in that minute. stealing away benefit of of renko and range bars.

                  • ah.. u mean us storing tick data, OHLC for every second on our database.. hmm… 🙂 that is not an easy task. Let me bounce it off our team.

                    • GILARI says:

                      A lot of thanks.
                      At least you can introduce a special edition of Kite with only index future for sake of intraday players.It may not burden your server and only four symbols will be there.Nifty Fut and Bank Nifty Fut

        • denny says:

          Hi Nithin,
          its expeditious having the ceo himself speak u know, i like to think v are blessed or so ; )

          what i want in time and sales data is the time a market order hit the market( a trade occurs) and the volume of tht particular trade and the bid and ask at(b4) the time the mkt order hit.( i understand several ticks may be covered in executing the mkt order due to order size and i am not very much interested in tht.)—-i want the data for index futures.

          thank a lot.

  104. sethutec says:

    Hi Mr Nithin, Flashback is realy a nice utility . Thanks. Sethu

  105. Sidharth says:


    I think you should also have an option Greeks Calculator embedded in the back office, it will really help.

    Thank you.

  106. vinoth says:

    Thanks for the great work nithin and team,

    i would like to suggest another feature like exporting the chart as Image, so that the intraday traders can save that separately (1min or 5min chart), it is bit tough to see the past intraday trades.

    Anyway awesome work guys..

    • Thanks Vinoth. We are having some issue with saving the chart with the trades on it as an image. I guess for now you will need to take screenshots. If you have done intraday trades over a period of time (equity), then yeah it might require you to move around in the chart until you can reach the previous trade. I think the best way to use flashback would be to come back the same evening/same week and analyse what you did today. If you are searching for intraday trades done a few months back, it will take dragging charts quite a bit to get to your trades on a min chart.

  107. tarak says:

    It appears that it is not doing split adjustment. Can this be included in the next release? for example.. running MACD on infy will show incorrect results.


  108. Vijayanand S says:

    Hi, You and your team are doing a great job. Creating a revolution in the trading industry and leaving the competition run for their money. I’m only trading in Commodity. I was trying to open the flashback link and it never opened on both explorer(Http 500 Error) and chrome(Page was blank). Do let me know the work around.

  109. arun says:

    Pi bridge plus is about to be released right?

    Also, in q for reports can there be radio buttons or drop down box with predefined values like “Today”, “This Week”, “This Month”. It will be easier to view reports on mobiles.

  110. Prasanna says:

    This will immensely help, this is a very useful feature really.

    Brilliant Nithin!

    as always leading innovation and leveraging technology

  111. SANDEEP says:

    Flash back window not working. does flashback work for MCX trades.

  112. Sriram srinivasan says:

    Hi…There are lot of people who trade in stock market with out knowing much about stock market….. It will be good if u start your own training academy to make them professionals..

  113. ramesh says:

    superb man.
    i have never seen and heard any service provider taking care of clients the way u do. hats-off to you and your team

  114. GILARI says:

    Mr Nithin,
    You really amaze me.
    Why can’t you make kite chart available in PI ?

  115. Anand K says:

    I am fan of zerodha. I have learnt many things from zerodha. Now I am trading in intraday on my own using technical indicators taught by zerodha. Thanks a lot to zerodha team.

  116. chandru says:

    its great way to rewind and refine our indicators. Ive never seen anything like this before,

    Another feedback I am getting a error ” script unresponsive ” on my firefox browser . Is that a bug issue that needs to be resolved or i need to correct my browser.


    • ah.. looks like you have done many trades, hence the script unresponsive error. We are working on having this sorted. What you can do though is as soon as you load the flashback, change the time frame from 1 D to 1 min (any min chart). Since there are lesser trades to plot, it should show up. We will sort it soon.

  117. kunalsinh says:

    Hello !

    Awesome work which will let us to do track our history. Keep it up.
    But i am still waiting for MIS feature in BO. It is lacking really . Where the work is stuck for this and when it will be available please let us know. Because i think we should add this basic feature first before going on advancement. its missing in PI.

    Requesting you !

  118. Abhishek says:

    Nithin Sir,

    You are superhero for all beginner out here, your kite, pi, quant, varsity got us to 2020 , sir we want one live speech of yours , plz make one speech for traders out here Sir

  119. Akhil says:

    Your efforts will never defeated. It will definitely aid in trading .thank u

  120. Bhavin M Solanki says:

    Excellent work. Will definitely help in becoming Pro trader.

  121. kumudhan says:

    Remote server or file not found

  122. Raghav mahajan says:

    Awesome, just what I was looking for.