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September 25, 2015
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We at Zerodha are super excited about the rave reviews Kite(beta) our new web trading application has been getting for its super simple user interface, integrated trading and reporting (Q/Quant) platform, brilliant charting, intuitive search and filters, lightning fast trading, and more. Following is a quick tutorial on everything you need to know to get started on Kite.

Use universal instrument search to add scrips on watchlist


Enter index to add indices like Nifty, Banknifty on watchlist


Buy, Sell, Market depth, & Charts


*market depth for illiquid scrips might take longer to load.

Shortcut keys & Intuitive notification system


Order form


Positions – exit and conversion


Position – exit and conversion

Smart filters


Slick charting with exhaustive number of indicators & tools


*first trading platform in India to give you unlimited amount of intraday data. Keep dragging the chart to the left to load more.

Popout for full screen & multiple charts. Set templates using views.


Access Q & Quant from within Kite


Multiple Marketwatch (added 7th Dec 15)

multiplemarketwatchKite is enabled to all our clients by default, no need of sending any requests. Visit, and get started. We are working on our native mobile app (until then try on your mobile browser, works well), and CO/BO order types.

Hopefully all of you like the radically new trading experience on Kite.

Don’t forget to spread the word. 🙂

Happy Trading,

Nithin Kamath

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha. Partnering startups through Rainmatter. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter. | Personal website:


  1. Vikas Gupta says:

    Sometimes the holding options shows ‘No holding’ whereas I am holding some stocks. Please look into this. BTW I have been addicted to kite. Very simple and elegant. When you are planning to launch mobile app of kite?

    • Vikas, when the daily trade process is running (around 1 hour between 4pm to 7pm) or when we are running the eod/bod process on the server (between 12 midnight to 8am), it might not show up. Best to check at those times. We will probably give a link to Q directly from holdings, so it is easy for u to check.

      • partha says:

        Kite is good platform and it has eased up lot of activity. One request can you please also a incorporate an order type which remains open till it is canceled or executed with validity in multiple of days.

      • Rathnakara Hande says:

        I find that holding shown in “PI” as well as “KITE” are erroneous. It is scaring as you are not sure of your investments to be in the right hands. Please get the system updated to reflect the ‘Holdings’ accurately asap.

      • deepak says:

        I am really pissed off with this, I try to log in but it says gateway timed out. Unable to log in. The customer care number is not attended by the executives and yet my balance is deducted.

        • Deepak, we were running maintenance activity today hence the gateway timed out issue. You can check now.

          • sivanathan says:

            Nithin – are these maintenance activities communicated to the clients in advance? I am new, so trying to understand the Zerodha process.

            • Siva, every night between 1am to 5am we run end of day processes. So between these times, it is possible that the platform is down.

              • Swapnil says:

                Hi Nithin,
                I’ve recently started shifting to Zerodha. I’m very much satisfied with kite’s user friendliness.

                But the site seems to be down every day between 1 – 5 AM. Not much of inconvenience but I usually check this stuff when I come home after work late in the night. (kind of working in reverse circadian.

                • Venu says:

                  We run end of day processes in the backend during which site is down. Its inevitable, but we’re trying to reduce the downtime.

                  • Auser says:

                    I have not seen or heard of any brokerage firm that causes so many problems for their users by giving wrong data in the name of backend processes.
                    Most people login to check positions and P&L late night.

                    Why the hell do you guys even need 4 hours EVERY SINGLE DAY during which the data is all screwed up ??!!

                    I work for a large IT firm and my colleague runs large backend team. They are super shocked to even listen to this.

                    Please check for yourself any and every other trading platform. No one does this !!
                    I got so fed up that I opened another account.
                    Soon you will find users leaving your services if you don’t fix this problem.

                    May I ask why you limit the streaming quotes watchlist to 20 ? At least have another list where the updates happen say every 5 minutes if the reason is to reduce the load on your server.

                    • We currently use a vendor Thomson Reuters for our execution management system. Agreed they take 3 hours which is long for trade process, we are pushing them to reduce this. Btw, you can look at at those times for all your reports. There are 5 watchlists you can have at one time each with 20 stocks. It is not to reduce load on server, but more because of the bandwidth constraints (due to the infra available in India) we have in streaming so much data.

      • Pravin says:

        How to draw trend line on kite (using android). Unable to draw

        • On the mobile, drawing tools not available.

          • Praveen Rana says:

            In kite marketwatch please add change in points also alongside percentage change from previous closing price

            • Venu says:

              The idea with Kite is to keep it simple and not clutter it with too much information. You can use Pi if you need additional info while trading.

              • Nishant Jain says:

                Was looking for this question only if someone had raised it and bingo.. I found it.

                I am greatly satisfied with Pi and Kite. The problem is I cannot download Pi in my office desktop and I have to rely on Kite only.

                Percentages don’t give exact variation and also most of the traders talks in terms of change in points especially day traders. Percentages are good while working on weekly or monthly analysis.. but daily or intra day trades mostly focus on points variation.

                It would be great if you add this in Kite.

        • Govardhan says:

          Nitin – Can you please let us know how to draw supply and demand zone in Kite?

      • Sandeep Tulsyan says:

        Please arrange to provide Hot keys for trading
        This will be a great help for scalpers and fast traders.

      • Srinivas says:

        Hi Nithin,

        I am not able to add BSE Stocks to and trade on the same.There are very good stocks in BSE.

        I am not sure why only NSE has been given access and not BSE.Can you please look into this issue and provide us the solution.

      • Sathish says:

        Sir,plz arrange live demo programs and readings

      • AMOL BANDU says:


      • DR5790 says:

        Mr. Kamat, I am looking for a smart order feature on the kite platform based on time and price in absolute term and % term also eg. Say An order be placed in to the kite trading system at 3:25pm if reliance is trading below 900 or down by 5% similarly sell at specified time and the stock is above set price in absolute or % term, and order is executed if both the conditions are fulfilled no manual intervention…

        Secondly I am looking for a smart order say placing a buy order by at Bid price and not Ask price and sell order at Ask price and not Bid price by system default without typing the price available at that point of time…

        • The first one is an algo, so will be tough for us to offer. Second one, let me find out, we are planning to add a price ladder, that should help you out.

          • DR5790 says:

            Why? do we have any restriction by sebi that smart orders or alGo orders facility hould not be given OR provided to retail investors????

            Where is the level playing field?

      • Thomas says:

        I transferred fund to trading account but it is not shown in kite. At the same time it is showing in Q. Now, can I trade ?

        • There was mock trading on exchanges yesterday, so I am guessing when you checked we were doing end of day process. Can you check now.

          • Thomas says:

            Dear Mr. Nithin Kamath,

            I having serious issue with calculation of average price. Due to delay from ZERODHA customer support team, I losses some amount in MCX trading. The problem is very simple, Yesterday I took short position by selling 2 lot Aluminium in different timing, First lot for 115.80 and second lot for 114.90. On the same day(yesterday), I exit the 1st lot at 115.55 and carry over the 2nd lot for today, now I have 1 lot open position. How do you calculate my profit & Loss ? I asked this to your customer support team, the said as follows.

            1) Calculate the average of 2 sell i.e 115.80 +114.90 = 230.7/2=115.35, So the average price is Rs. 115.35.

            2) My P&L is difference between average price and exit buy price i.e 115.35-115.55 = -0.20(loss).

            But Still I have 1 open position, what is average price for currently having open position ? KITE shows that average price of currently having open position is Rs.114.9. But my argument is average price of 1 open position is RS.115.35.

            Regarding this issue I made email to customer support today morning(Ticket #452935) but as of now(9:32 PM, 04/Jan/2017) I did not get any proper answer. Due to this issue, even price was fall down below Rs, 115.35, I could not exit the open position to get some gain.

            I never before checked each price of details all my open position in KITE, but now suspect your KITE software. Apart from this issue, I really honest you and feel that this issue should come to your knowledge.

            We are living by getting small gains earned from market. I hope that you will understand my pain. Best wishes to your kind service.

            Thomas Aaroon

      • Sikki says:

        New layout of chart in kite is not working properly..please correct

      • arun says:

        I like your kite software also brokerage structure, I have one request to you is to add a single touch watch list of total futures and nifty 50 shares.
        Thanks and regards

      • Nagaraj says:

        Sid,in kite application in my phone I cannot do option trading

    • rajesh says:

      Registered with zerodha few days back and found their trading sucks!. trade.zerodha has become outdated I was told to try kite.zerodha which does not open in my office (firefox and ie). I called up their call center. No one is in a position to resolve. I don’t know how they are making those fancy daily turnovers. I will try a few days of struggle and bid good bye to zerodha. I will lose the time and the application money paid. Back to good old Kotak

    • BIJOY KUNDU says:

      Since last two days kite is not opening in my laptop but at the same time other sites are opeing finely,
      i have uninstalled my browser but the problem remained the same.
      is there any issue with kite??
      my mobile no. 9733332000

  2. arun says:

    Pi has been updated just now. What is new in this version?

    • Chart data on the latest version is compressed much more than before. Opening charts will be a lot more faster, and will consume much lesser bandwidth.
      Additional shortcut keys, check this post. Also all the shortcut keys can be invoked directly from the charts directly.
      Day separator and pivot points can be separately used on charts now.
      Loading charts from disk.

      • alaise says:

        Hi ,
        Is there ATR Trailing stop in Pi chart?

      • Deepali says:

        Hi Nitin,
        Charts are not working on Pi….Its hang out for some time and finally giving me error as “Unable to connect to data server. ” since last week. How can I get this resolve ?

        Also, I tried Kite web application. In this I am not able to see the search box to add watchlist or indexes mentioned above…

        Can you please help me in this…

        Thanks and Regards,

      • GCBhura says:

        Charts are not opening in Pi and therefore I can not use it fully. Error file is attached.

  3. Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

    sleek,stylish,clutter-free,fast,responsive — Overall excellent product

  4. manjunathprasad says:

    is there co order in this kite?

  5. Mohan says:

    Hi Team Zerodha

    Thanks for Kite. Not able to activate chart , studies and time frame buttons in the chart . Using win xp with chrome browser. But kites flies beautifully in my Kindle fire. do the needful

  6. balaji says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Why BO for intraday only?
    Can we have same BO for normal trades.
    whatever order is pending (SL or target or both) cancelled EOD.
    I dont need extra leverage. But presently I have to type in 3 different orders.
    Also I am missing basket orders in PI.
    Any chance to get these?

  7. keerthiraj says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have opened my account with Zeroda. It will be helpful if someone could walkthrough how to do the trading.I got my user id 3 days back and like to have a demo over the phone/.
    I am more interested using my mobile for trading.Will Kits opened in my mobile?

  8. Kamal says:

    There are many platforms I have traded on in India and the US. Blown away by simplicity, intuitiveness of Kite. Loving the clutter free but yet the powerful trading experience.

    Best of luck

  9. durga2000 says:

    Dear Sir,
    Ref: DV0758, RL 0188.
    Can I use Kite on Ipad mini. I am unable to open both the above accounts at one time on Ipad.
    Can’t I open already existing watch lists (created in desktop version) with Kite.
    Can I work with NEST Trader on Apple Laptop.
    Kindly clarify.
    Yours truly,
    JVN Bhaskara Sarma,
    [email protected]

    • NEST doesn’t work on apple.

      Kite definitely does, both on apple laptop and ipad. The existing watchlist on NEST won’t be available on Kite, you will have to recreate it. If you want to login to two different accounts at same time on IPAD, either use different browsers or open the same browser in incognito.

      • mohit says:

        Add supertrend indicator in indicator section, and if possible drawing tools as u have in Pi on side toolbar would be much better in kite as well.

      • Sudhaunshu says:

        Dear Sir,

        I am regular trader on zerodha and I use NSE mobile app on iPhone. I want to know is any other zerodha app that works smoothly on iPhone? It will be better because the existing NSE app hangs sometime during trading time.

        Kite or Pi trading is available on iPhone? How to access them ??

        please reply me on [email protected] or call 9819812821.

      • Sudhaunshu says:

        Dear Sir,

        Sorry but ignore my earlier message as did not scroll down for mobile platform.
        I would like to know how soon or by when the KITE mobile app will be developed? especially for iPhone?

        I am fed up with NOW platform as it hangs a lot during placing orders and makes difficult to close the positions. Most of the time I lost money due to fluctuation in BNF and my orders are not executed on time.

        I am planning to switch to KITE web based platform but need some points to be clarified as below:

        1) For migration from NOW to KITE, how soon it will take place
        2) If KITE mobile app developed, will I be able to use same login or different id’s to be created (1 for web and 2nd for mobile)
        3) I would like to know if I can get a trial of KITE webbased before migration (just to see the User interface)

  10. muni223 says:

    Hai sir, iam muni , recently opended Zerodha account even though i have HDFC sec account, Due to your commitment in introducing new platforms in trading like pi, kite etc… I request u to some improvements require to support your clients better… In PI , HA-Delta Indicator not appears, please add that indiacator which helps your clients, and In Kite, MACD Histogram not appears and android app for PI or Kite

    Thank you sir, please consider my requests .. Thank you

  11. durga2000 says:

    Dear Sir,

    Ref: DV0758, RL 0188.

    Thank you for your kind reply. I am unable to add Bank nifty spot price in my dash board in Kite. Kindly guide me.

    Thank you

  12. Bala says:

    Unable to invoke shortcut keys (F1, F2 etc) directly from charts when they are popped out and active.

    Kindly suggest, how to do it?

  13. arun says:

    A weird issue I am facing in pi.

    Whenever I am using cross hair or drawing any lines like trendline, etc. the candles are not formed i.e. the chart freezes. Only after releasing the mouse the new data is plotted on the charts.

  14. Nagachandra says:

    Kite is a great product. Very intuitive, thoroughly enjoying it!!!! Good job.

    Could you guys have a view for option chain? (similar to the one NSE has, but real-time). Also, is there any plan to have a feed for news/events (like earnings, RBI meet etc…)? Its very hard to get a consolidated view of all these information.

  15. Barada Das says:

    is there any option to add multiple market watch tab in PI ?

  16. Naveen says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    is it possible to provide price alert on kite.?

  17. Ninja says:


    This is a great initiative and best for on the fly traders… I think its got every tool a trader wants… the only thing not working is saving the views on the charts.. i saved several times the indicators n everything as view but as soon as I log off it goes off .. can you please fix this?


  18. Brill says:

    Kindly check Kite and Pi chart – for HeikinAshi Calculation. Couldn’t understand what formula is used. seems wrong at first instance as the Open price of the candle itself is wrong.

    • Seems okay, using the standard HA formula

      • Brill says:


        Checked again.
        As per investopedia the calculation of HA Open value is midpoint of the previous HA candle. this is wrong in HA Chart both in Kite and Pi.
        Close is correct. average of OHLC
        So kindly correct the calculation of open price of HA both in Pi and Kite.
        I can check the HA high and HA low only if the open value is correct. as the HA Open is a parameter of both HA high and HA low.


  19. Brill says:

    Why you omitted 20min chart from Kite? Different people are comfortable with different time frames. so kindly include 20m time frame in Kite also in yet to release Mobile app. my humble request.

  20. Hi Nithin,

    No trailing SL order support in Kite?
    Any plans to support it.
    Trailing Stop loss orders will save us from lots of tensions and time .Please enable it in KITE.
    Many working traders like me are unable to open Desktop application at office.


  21. vishyvishy says:

    few feedback about Kite —

    1) Shortcut C for chart does not work for me (in google chrome browser)

    2) I wish there be a price alert (sound or popup at bottom right corner ) for less than or equal to set level and greater than or equal to set level

    3) I wish there be a trade done! sound alert (sound or popup at bottom right corner ) .

    4) We should make Kite more keyboard friendly. One should be able to quickly browse charts for all scrips in market watch using keyboard up down right left home end arrow keys


    • 1. hmmm.. strange, works fine for me on chrome. Use the up down arrow to select a scrip on marketwatch and hit C, chart should open.
      2. yes, on our list of things.
      3. There is a sound alert and also the notification changes when a trade happens.
      4. All functions have shortcut keys on Kite, so it is quit keyboard friendly. Use up and down arrow on the watchlist and keep hitting C to see different charts. Inside the charts, there are no shortcut keys, we are working on it.

  22. Gd says:

    Great going…already started using from last month..

  23. Raj Chakravarty says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Great work on KITE. I am a beginner and this platform is much more accessible than NEST.
    I have a simple query.

    I have 40000 in my account. I had transferred it in two steps first 10000 and then 30000. Kite shows my acc value as 9989 and free cash as 39989.
    Can I use the full 39k to buy ?

  24. Ghuna says:

    Do consider developing kite app for iOS as well,we are feeling left out :/ or Pi for Mac OS X.I do know that we can use virtual box or parallels to run Pi but nothing like a native app or software.

  25. Mahadish says:

    Dear Sir,
    M a existing cistomer of zerodha
    Had a few questions
    Is it possible to download eod data for pi?
    If not is Zerodha working with it?
    Also, for back testing, is it possible to add support n resistance levels in d formula for back testing along with indicators?

    • You can open a day chart, export the data onto excel. Yes you can code support n resistance and backtest them. You can ask all coding queries on, there are many answered already.

  26. Sujeet Kumar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am grateful to you for zerodha..I am new and small trader. I go through your blogs and other important articles. They are very informative. I personally feel you are the best in your industry. 20 Rs trade charge is unique.

    I love your kite platform and really appreciate. Eagerly waiting for Android kite. Keep doing good work.

  27. Murali says:

    We didn’t see the past history.we need to see day low,day high,previous close.And also we need selling price nd buying price also.

  28. chetan says:

    Can i change the renko bar size?
    If yes, let me know how to change.

  29. priti says:

    Nifty spot chart is not frm the beginning it is showing from Jan 2015

  30. saikat says:

    Kite is absolutely super. Very light. Everything together. Charts and views are super helping. Option charts are big help.
    Absolutely loving it. Awaiting for mobile Apps.
    Only if you can provide to add few more scrips in ticker list it will be awesome. Or you may add features to add few group of tickers.


  31. sreen says:

    Hi Nithin,

    During trade hours CASH Position is not updating properly in Kite? On Dash board it shows correctly but same is not reflecting while placing buy/sell MIS orders? Pl chk and correct it.

  32. sreen says:

    and Pl activate CO on Kite at the earliest and make work with all the browsers.

  33. Dhawal says:

    May you also add major international indexes to market watch like S&P500, Dow, Nikkie, Shanghai, Hangseng, FTSE100 ?

  34. Sreedhar says:

    Hi I could not able to open kite its showing invalid ID , hour to go ahead?

  35. Hi,
    Is it possible to provide the Market depth option on the Chart popout?

  36. Siva says:

    All I get is an Invalid Userid error message or an Internal Server Error error message.

    • Your ID must not be enabled, can u send an email to [email protected]

      • Siva says:

        Thank you.
        Couple of things:
        1. I was pleasantly surprised by the call I received this morning from your support team to fix this issue. That shows your customer focus and a big thanks for that.
        2. In the end, it happened to be a silly goof up where Kite does not recognize any old passwords with a special characters in it. This is not how you would build a new platform – the transition should be seamless and you cannot compromise on security when you move to a new platform. I am hoping this would be fixed soon. I had to change my password to use Kite.

  37. Sumanth says:

    First of congrats for you tremendous work on kite which makes trades easiest

    During intraday charts are not refreshing as faster and some times it stops moving
    ..It needs to refresh regularly. there option to fix this

  38. MahaDev says:

    Hello Sir,

    How to trade successfully in commodity by using kite ?

  39. Ds1095 says:

    Order modification issues are there. Not able modify sl orders. Its show modification done but order is not updated with latest price. To modify order i have to go to another pi or web trading at

  40. Srinivas Rao says:

    Hi New Kite is really great. It is fast and lite. It is great to see the toturial today and i came to know about the popup charts and more we can see this it is really great.
    My suggestions :
    1. When we see the Charts, admin positions and funds will not appear. And vice versa. we shuld be able to see chart candle movement along with our P/l on particular stock for Intra-day in two windows.
    2. Also when we have multiple positions to watch for p/L chart for all should be seen ( Atleast 4/5 charts in on single scree). we are loosing time in toggling and taking decision – in Intra-day.
    3. while watching positions, “>” appears at left. This gives same info. What is the importance not clear. watch list prompt is great. it automatically saves what we selected. Can we create 2/3 watchlists with different names? Can we create current positions list and wish list ( 2/3 watch lists with names)? Also add one column for my target price fir Buy sell and an alert) 🙂

  41. Arumugam says:

    Hi Nithin

    Not able to log in kite. Says invalid response from OMS.

  42. Hey Nithin,

    Looks pleasing to see the kite platform and eager to lay the hands on the Mobile trading app.

    I would like to know if you have plans to enable the trader to spot/mark/highlight the actual entry and exit point of a trade in the chart? I would like to see at what price I purchased a stock and at what price I exited a stock (by a tiny marker, may be an arrow or some simple indication) and this should be possible even when I have the history for the last year and more loaded up in the chart

    How feasible is this feature? Your thoughts pls. If it is going to take long, do you know any software/portal which can currently do this for the NSE/BSE.


    • Yes, strange that we were discussing on incorporating it just yesterday. Not just on live charts, but also a historical thing on Quant. You can go back in time and play the points where you have bought and sold.


    Hi Nitin sir,
    Kite is great ! But still has limitations.
    Why not add watchlists, like in “NSE PATASALA” ? By adding watch lists we can feel greater maneuverability in choosing scrips to trade.However it may be little more weighing in taking bandwidth it will be much convenience for traders, for both overnight and day traders!

    Hope you will look into the matter.

  44. mandar says:

    Kite is awesome. Simple, fast and easy to use. Charts are looking good as well. Kudos on delivering a great experience for the trader.
    1 question (and not necessarily related to kite).
    say for Nifty futures trading, i have a cash margin to trade 1 contract and i am long 1 contract. i want to reverse the position if my SL is hit i.e. my SL sell order is entered for 2 contracts (1 to square off my original position and 1 to get me into reverse side). i find that i sometimes get “insufficient margin” message. i am guessing the margin calculation engine assumes i will have 2 contracts open whereas in reality it would be only 1 contract open as the other gets squared off. so the question is does the margin calculation engine take into account my existing position or just treats every order as a separate order?

    • If you are holding one position, if you place an exit for that, no additional margin is required. But if you want to place an order over and above that first exit order, that will be treated as a fresh order and hence extra margin required.

  45. vinay says:

    Hey Nitin..

    Do i have an option to choose a specific/preset quantity in buy/sell order page rather entering the quantity every time I place an order? Can you please introduce this option as it would be highly beneficial for day traders…

  46. Nirav Shah says:

    Dear Nithin,
    How do I purchase mutual fund online through the portal?

  47. bipin says:

    why stock holding in pi dont refresh automatic .

  48. sunil nagpure says:

    i select chat but only open menu option not open any other option so what can i do see the attach fiel
    thank u

  49. vishyvishy says:

    1) after initial login kite should show price chart of 1st scrip and not funds etc.
    2) I wish to code my own indicator in kite ,,,how to do that?

    • 1. hmm.. let me bounce it with the team.
      2. Currently not possible, but we should be able to provide an option for this in the next few months.

      • Vark says:

        Hi Nithin,

        Just want to know if there is any update on Customized Indicator we can put on Kite.zerodha. I want to put my customized condition on Kite such that it shows BUY and SELL signals on KITE itself.

        any update on the same will be very helpful.

        Thank You

  50. indreshaj says:

    Dear sir,
    It difficult study chart because of chart open smaller area in screen. please provide new pop up for chart and tools better understanding. apart from that all are fine.

  51. indreshaj says:

    oh sorry i didnt use popout button. i thought it is for zoom in/out

  52. Trader says:

    Hi Nithin

    I’m a day trader however unable to use Kite due to lack of Bracket Order functionality in it. Can you suggest by when Bracket order will be introduced in it.

  53. rikin says:


    I used kite for last fifteen days that give nice experience but I can not found cover order buy/sell.
    personally suggestion please add cover order on kite web and upcoming app because mostly used web and app

  54. Mahesh says:

    Dear Nithin
    Your Kite version is simple and superb, charts are also good, one request is, watching white background charts are difficult for eyes, can not watch is for long time, kindly add background color options in charts so we can set black or any other colors.

    any way, you have done fantastic work on kite version..
    best of luck……….

  55. AnilKumar says:

    Excellent work and congrats for launching Kite. Pi was great but it was OS dependent. Have been waiting for this kind of application for a very long time.Now with Kite I can even trade in Ubuntu. Thank You very much and all the very best for the future of Zerodha.

  56. Manoj says:

    Presently can add only 20 scrips which is very less…
    There should be option to add at least minimum 100 scrips or introduce watch list where one can create 5 watch list with 20 scrips in each….

    Sam goes for Pi software.. biggest let down is no option to add watchlists…. Adding cash stock, future,option,commodity contracts to same list becomes unorganized….

    Introduce heatmap where once can watch price action of 100 scrips together….

    Introduce option chain where one can see all option contracts for nifty or any other scrip with price volume and open interest details.. etc

  57. Kaivan says:

    In Kite, keeping live index values in the corner would really help. I end of going to other website to find what is current index value.

    Kite is good

  58. VJ says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Question Regarding the referral

    A friend of me is going to open a T&D a/c with Zerodha, but i have not refereed through the portal, instead i have asked him to put my client ID in the field in application .

    Is it enough or do i have to refer only through the portal.


  59. Kapil says:

    It has been nothing but a pleasure using Pi. I switched over from Aditya Birla Money and the only item Zerodha is lacking is realtime portfolio tracking. This is a very valuable tool for customers that are day trading. With ABM website, it tracks previously purchased securities as well as new securities purchased today and gives you the current P&L.

  60. AZeroUser says:

    Kite is really quite nice to use, even on smartphone screens
    Can we pay in funds using kite now? ( currently dong it via ,
    also it would be nice if the watch list allowed more than 20 entries.

  61. Ammy says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Nice product, Well done.
    It will be really good to have a simple coded and powerful indicator “SuperTrend” in it.
    Please include it in studies.

    Thanks in advance.
    Keep it up.

  62. Vivekananda says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Amazing product – Kite.!!!!

    I would like to know if you guys can add a 2-mins timeframe candles for the chart.

    As of now, I see only 1 min, 3 mins & 5 mins chart in the smaller time intervals…

    Could it be possible for you guys to include a 2 min charting into the small timeframe group?



  63. balu says:

    congrats,kite just bet hdfc secutities web rank.
    please update Bo&Co in kite.
    charts on kite are not fixed like PI.They go up and down some times out of the screen,please see to it.
    please show nse index on kite as shown in PI on right corner.

  64. Mohd Ashraf Sheikh says:

    Respected Nitin Sir
    ur remarkable hard work fascinate every Trader Sir I salute u for this great job,in a short time u made space in ur clients heart.Can v download Kite if no then how much time it will take 2 launch officially.
    Sir can u start Tips for ur clients just 1 in each segment Eq,FnO,Option,Commodity v will b very very grateful 2 u for such an act.

    thanks in advance

  65. Atul says:

    When can we start placing mcx orders on kite. Am able to view charts but unable to place orders.

  66. ravi soni says:

    Sir I have been trading on mobile apps how can I get client I’d and trading on kite
    And second thing I am your new client so j want to know that how can I payout my money?
    Plz reply through mail

  67. ravi soni says:

    Sir I have been trading on mobile apps how can I get client I’d and trading on kite
    And second thing I am your new client so j want to know that how can I payout my money?
    Plz reply through mail

  68. Navneet says:

    Great work with Kite.Just one suggestion,could we have more than 20 items on market watch and maybe multiple market watch as well.

  69. Pankaj says:

    Hi Nithin,

    1. Can we have index ticker on Kite (Ticker on top showing real time price changes), something like Pi.

    2. Pi has an option to not provide transaction password while placing an order. Will it be possible to have the same in Kite?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      1. We already have *all NSE* indices tickers which can be added to the marketwatch (and can be dragged to the top of the list). Just search for “index” in the marketwatch. Since the marketwatch is global and prevalent on all pages, it’s equivalent to having them stick somewhere.

      2. Will pass on this feature requests to our developers.

  70. Brill says:

    Heikin Ashi(HA) Chart – Pi and Kite

    Checked again.
    As per investopedia the calculation of HA Open value is midpoint of the previous HA candle. this is wrong in HA Chart both in Kite and Pi.
    Close is correct. average of OHLC
    So kindly correct the calculation of open price of HA both in Pi and Kite.
    I can check the HA high and HA low only if the open value is correct, as the HA Open is a parameter of both HA high and HA low formula.


  71. Mangesh says:

    Kite rocks !
    CO/BO on Kite would change the rules of game 🙂
    Best wishes for all the Zerodha team and looking forward to see this feature ASAP.

    Had just few months of experience with other brokers before joining Zerodha and honestly it’s pathetic.
    Your 10 years patience in this field with the existing players is really commendable !

  72. Sujeet kumar says:

    Recently I think you have added feature of Showing Total ‘Investments’ and Current Total ‘Value’ under Holdings Tab.
    I think it shows incorrect Total Investments. I may be wrong because some investments are still in T1 category. Is it like T1 category is not calculated under Investments ??

    One suggestion:
    pls put some background colour to view the things clearly. It is little uncomfortable watching for long time.

    Rest Kite is superb

  73. funtush007 says:

    HI Nitin,

    In Hollow Candle option I have observed bugs.
    Few of the candle still remain colored. Normal it need to be only bordered green or red not filled with color. Its quite useful option when we are trading and very easy on eyes.

    Please do the needful, Snapshot attached for your ready reference.

  74. Niraj says:

    Where is the Kite for Android.?

  75. Ashok says:

    how to add multiple stock watcher ?
    performance wise its good but do something for mobile app please
    hurrible android app, can;t rely on

  76. Ameet Mehta says:

    by when BSE scrips can be traded on Kites? eagerly awaiting this option…
    will appreciate an update on the same.

  77. ssingh says:

    hi how can i use gartley in kite if i connect AB point its ok but i wont be able to connect C point it moves with the cursor.. so how can i draw it..say butterfly

  78. Farsheed says:

    I’m a bit new to technical analysis so forgive me if my questions appear a bit amateurish.

    1) Is there are option wherein we can display a moving averages ribbon with custom values (eg., a 5 value ribbon with values of 1 day, 5 days, 10 days, 50 days and 200 days)?
    2) Can we place orders that extend beyond a single trading session? For example, can I set a sell order that would remain in place for several days until the target is met?

    • 1. You will have to click on moving average, and add the 5 different moving averages individually.
      2. Not possible. Exchanges in India remove all orders from the cache, hence has to be placed afresh everyday after close of trading every day.

    • chandru says:

      rainbow moving average is close to what you are seeking and is available in kite. time frames are fixed and cannot be altered.

      try it out i liked it.


  79. Naveen says:

    Hi Nithin

    Pi is again showing new updated is available. what are the changes done?

  80. Mukesh Singh says:

    Dear sir i am new trader i want to download your new trading platform software for trade with u more efficiently i.e. Pi from Zerodha official web page but i can’t. please suggest me how to trade zerodha Pi. Is this software or directly login to web page ?

  81. sengeerjey says:

    Sir My ID is DS7157 after i installed the Version – released on 30/03/2015 of Pi on my Window 7 Laptop. when i login with my user id and password there is no response after that.
    and whenever i try to log in .. .. login ID or password is invalid is displaying..
    Please give me a solution to log in the Pi software..

  82. mageshraja says:

    I am using Kite for a while and loved it. It looks great thanks a lot for a game changing trading platform. I do have a feedback
    1. Cant we make the all values displayed as right aligned, it becomes hard to read some time. And if you can make it with two decimals consistent across will also help on the look and feel.

    When can we expect CO/BO from Kite.

  83. sunilthemaster says:

    Critical issue in Kite.

    When accessing kite from mobile browser, we cant provide buy/sell price in decimal.
    There is no button to provide decimal (.).
    Not sure how did it pass QA testing.

    When am outside I can trade in decimal prices.

  84. DR1273 says:

    Kite brought me back to Zerodha. I trade mostly through mobile and kite is awesome. Pl add more features

  85. chandru says:


    would you have plans for dual login , watch charts in Kite & trade in Pi under one account . I am saying this since some of the indicators of Kite are awesome for viewing , while Pi is amazing for actual trade.

    Else There could be some sort of login like you have for back office , where you could login to Kite without the software allowing you to trade .

    Would loging into mobile disconnect the other login @ my PC ?


  86. Nithin, Is it possible to sort the list of stocks available in my watch list on Kite?

  87. Ganesh Iyer says:

    Nithin – this is an absolutely fantastic light weight product – think this is the best thing around for trading. A few thoughts:
    1. Renko bars seem to start from the latest price and work their way backwards – so everytime i open a renko chart, the brick extremities seem to be different. Wondering whether we could make this static.
    2. Positions page – it will be great to have a grouping feature for positions (say Nifty 8100 CE and NIFTY 8000 PE) – good for analysing option strategy profits.
    3. Any thoughts on an advanced option strategy analyser and trade placement – like what you get with Dough in the US? Happy to get into more details over email / phone if this on the roadmap.

    • Thanks Ganesh,
      1. Yes, working on a few things around the Renko/Range bar charts.
      2. Makes sense, putting it on our list of things to do.
      3. Option strategy analyzer is something that we are working on. If you have any inputs for this, do shoot it out to [email protected]

  88. shaunk says:

    The declaration form to redeem the referral wallet or 60 day challenge doesn’t have a provision to mention the amount. Can you pls clarify?

  89. prabit says:

    whether kite and Pi both compatible to window 10 ?

  90. sumit says:

    i have just installed pi in my pc. in pi chart data is very limited,while in mt4 there is large history of data.for pi nifty is from 2 jan 2015,while in mt4 is from 2008. so,is there any way that i can get past of any scrip especially from 2008.

  91. Sharad says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Excellent is the word for KITE
    Few suggestions:

    1. When we place the entry screen give an option to check the best 5 bids and offer.
    2. In charts please add text option in the drawing tool
    3. Also when i using kite from iphone by the order entry select market order and executes my trade…have notices at least 4 to 5 times.

    Please do the needful

  92. akukkapalli says:

    Hi Nithin,

    kite is super and excellent . but when will final version ready as beta version needs to be improved much in terms of data accuracy and missing data . this present state of kite in not in usable form . lot of defects . example : if you see tata motors ( or any other symbol) intraday chart , yesterday ( 7 th ) chart data missing in the whole chart .

  93. shaunk says:

    Kite has become very slow and now showing the market depth for all the instruments after it’s thrown open for many traders.
    I just hope the major release will have it more robust & resilient.

    • shaunk says:

      *Not showing market depth for all the instruments.

      • Market depth shouldn’t become slow, my guess is that u were trying to open market depth of an illiquid stock. If there are no ticks on the stock, market depth takes time to open. But yes, the platform was slow in terms of moving around and placing orders. We are working on it.

  94. Ash says:

    I am new to Zerodha and main reason I selected Zerodha is because of BO/CO which is nicely explained in your blog. But BO/CO features are not available through kite and only available in PI which I am not able to use from my office due to network security.

    Could you please let me know when Zerodha is planning to rollout BO/CO in Kite , will it be available with limit buy ? [ FYI – Currently in ICICI web platform CO is available with limit buy ]

    How about IPhone app , any tentative timeline ?

    We would like to request you to expedite Kite BO/CO rollout.


    • Ash, we should have this up in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Android app will come out first followed by Iphone. Android is atleast 4 weeks away.

      • Ash says:

        Thanks Nithin for updates.
        Kite BO/CO will it be available with limit buy feature. Kite is no doubt great tool, very light and fast but need to be loaded with essential features.


        • BO will come with limit, CO is still market. Will take some more time for this.

          • Ash says:

            Just want to clarify here when I said “limit buy”, I meant to trigger buy/sell order only if price breaks above / below the limit or trigger price. Currently if we put limit price higher than market price , order is getting executed at market price. Are you planning to add buy above or sell below trigger price in Kite BO or PI BO in near future ?

            • Ash, if you want to set buy triggers, you need to use Stoploss orders for that to enter. So if you want to buy at 101 and current price is 100. Place SL-M buy order with trigger price 101. This feature is currently not available for CO/BO. Will take some time.

  95. girish says:

    Hello Nithin

    you have answered this earlier that CO is not available on Kite yet and planned soon. Any approximate timeline you have in mind or plan?
    would appreciate some indication.
    What i like about kite is its amazing simplicity and performance. works on mobile browser and laptops in equal efficiency.
    Is there some way to have the kite chart running on one terminal when you sign on to another? because as of now, when you sign on to another terminal while logged on either mobile or other device/laptop, the earlier session gets terminated. The reason I am asking this is because, it helps especially when using Zerodha nest trader on one side and use the charts from kite as they are really good and simple.

  96. pankaj gambhir says:


    Just wanted to share that kite is absolutely wonderful, little laggy sometimes, but its ok. Pls roll out Android app for KITE

  97. lakshmi says:

    Is it possible to include the index values dialogue box in kite? Or atleast nifty spot price.

  98. Harshkumar says:

    Sir, Please provide data at least 5 to 10 years data for all BSE, NSE, F&O, etc.
    You said that you provide 5 years data but it is totally wrong. Please make PI more user friendly, add line chart.,ADX,super trend, ATR etc. Zoom function need to improve.

  99. AshishM says:

    Kite chart is showing data for 10th Oct – Saturday !!!

  100. Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

    Dear sir,

    I have script DIAPOWER in market watch in kite. It is showing Infinite as the percentage change .
    Please check from your side. If possible rectify.


  101. Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

    Dear Sir,

    Date format for charts in kite is mm-dd-yyyy. Is it possible to change that to indian format i.e., dd-mm-yyyy ?

    Ramana murthy

  102. naveentalkin says:


    Please provide limit order for CO/BO..?



    • Of course there is option to add study as explained in the post above. If you are not seeing, my guess is that you are probably using a very old browser, try getting the latest version of google chrome or firefox.

  104. Pulkit Roy says:

    Dear Nithin,

    I am going to open account with you. But worried about trading through mobile. Came to know from reviews that mobile app is not working well
    What is kite? And does it work real time in mobile? Pl explain.
    I trade in option stocks daily. Pl tell whther will it be comfortable trading option stocks from kite in mobile.


    • Pulkit, kite is a very slick webapp that works very well on mobile as well. Kite mobile will also be available soon. Yes the current version of our mobile app is a vendor based product (Thomson Reuters) and not that great.

  105. Raghavendra says:

    Hello Zerodha Support team,

    I am trying to add Bank Nifty spot price into the watchlist…but not able to do. All i see are Bank Nifty futures & Option data if i type in “Bank Nifty” in the search option.

    Request your assistance.


    • Raghavendra, type index in the search box. You will see the entire list of indices, look at the post above.

      • Raghavendra says:

        Thanks a lot Nitin, now i am able to add Bank Nifty index.

        I have been using Kite for past 2 months now and often i see issues while placing /changing / refreshing my orders and current positions. For the same reason, i log into Z5 in parallel and trade it from there.

        Some of the issues for which i don’t have a snapshot , will try to take and provide it in future.

        1. For orders placed and present in order book – I could not cancel it today.
        2. 4 weeks back, I was intending to square off my position. Order says complete but when i refresh the orders continue to show as “open orders”. Lost money due to that.
        3. Occasionally, When i refresh my “positions”, i see trades / positions which i haven’t traded / initiated.

        Not sure if these above are experienced by other members who are using Kite, but i am NOT 100% sure to use KITE alone. I use Z5 in parallel to confirm ( almost all the time ) to see that my orders are executed.

        Will try to provide evidence if i see similar errors / issues OR new ones in future.

  106. SATISH PAI says:

    Thanks a lot Mr.Nitin … its very useful modified Kite , Position conversion , chart and placing order is unique in this app. My question is any attachment with ” Amibroker ” in new Kite ?

  107. K R ANAND says:

    Dear Nithin,
    please tell me how to:
    1. Place BO/CO in Kite?
    2. Draw Trendlines in Kite (IN MY MOBILE BROWSER)?


  108. BIRLA says:

    Why we are unable to add multiple market watches in Pi ?

  109. Prabhakar says:

    Is Kite accessible to NSE-NOW users?

  110. ishwar karankot says:

    we get any tips from you for trading and investment?

  111. amanbansal0291 says:

    hi I am a new user, I am able to login to through my username and password but not on is it not open to new members(DA6686)?

  112. Kislay Kumar says:

    Nitin as i requested you earlier about validity based stop losses and targets so that save it one time for specific period
    And free from punching daily same thing.
    You have told that in few days it will come but didn’t in latest update. Can plz tell much more it will take?

  113. Bipin says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I could not find few symbols(eg. zenotech) in kite platform which can be seen in trade platform, hope you are working on it and all the symbols would be available, Rest is awesome…!!


  114. Yogesh R says:

    Firstly i want to say, you are doing great job.

    Why cant you give all option & facilities in one login.
    Example: now, kite, pi, backoffice, trade, everything is separate.

    Please try to do in one login.

    • Yogesh, within Kite you can access the backoffice (Q). Now is a separate trading platform altogether which is maintained by NSE.
      We are working on making everything work within Kite for the web and within Pi for desktop.

  115. bipin says:

    1.i update to pi latest version but stock holding is not auto updating it has refresh button which i have to click every time to see latest stock value and p&l .

    2. I read ilfs dp amc are to be pay by client not by zerodha .. but this year dp amc charges are debited from my trading account .

  116. Prathi says:

    I am not able to place an order on Kite.zerodha any time. have already reported this to the support team but to no avail. Really disappointing that, no one is addressing the issue even after multiple complaints.

    Issue: when ever I enter transaction password for placing order, I get this error on screen. Happening from almost a month. Till now I was not able to place a single order in KITE.
    I am doing no mistake, as I was able to place the same order from Z5 with out any issues at the same time with same transaction password.

    Kite is really good to access from mobile/desktop but its of no use , as I am unable to place orders as of now. I will be waiting with some hope atleast now to get some positive response.

    • Prathi, are you using any special characters in your transaction password. Can you change the password to one without it and try.

      • Prathi says:

        thanks Nithin. It worked fine.
        But I am a bit disappointed here, as your team is not able to resolve this simple case , and keep on repeating that there is no issue at their end even though I failed multiple times from Kite. They simply keep giving lame solutions like, check your internet, enter correct website and what not !! Even though I say I failed at transaction screen, they will ask again were you able to login !!!!!!!!!!!!! I know there will be different kind of issues, but I assume you have to train your support team a bit further for understanding what end user says.

  117. Rajeev Juneja says:

    Hello Nithin: I was trying kite today and a question arose which had troubled me a few months ago. You see your software Kite or Pi they work fine when installed alone on a PC but when some other brokers software ODIN is also installed then the charts for any scrip show an error for the software installed second. The first one works ok. I had placed a request with your support section some time ago but they couldnt sort it out. You think you could help or it is a technical gap that just exists and cannot be sorted out presently.Thanks.

  118. Debabrata Banerjee says:

    Thank you for the KITE, an Excellent trading platform. Can you add criteria based screener to KITE, like MA based, Indicator based vol or price based stock search

    With Regards

  119. Naresh says:


    1) The streaming data to Kite stops very frequently which is very annoying . i tested this with my office network, home network (cable) and also data cards. the problem is same . There is no refresh for the left pane and even the refresh in Charts doesnt work . it will start again after some time . My freind also have the same issue.
    I use firefox . Do you recommend any specific browser ?

    2) How to change the box size and reversal for a PF chart in Kite ?

  120. Souvik says:

    Hi, I could neither find VWAP on Pi or Kite? Are you having any plans to make it available? Thanks.

  121. Arun Kumar says:


    Thank you for the two wonderful platform for traders. I do have some requirements.

    Please make renko box editable in KITE like PI, and also make volumes present in KITE for Renko charts.
    This is very important for Renko chart traders.

    Because in PI, the moving averages are not smooth when drawn over renko charts.
    1. EMA, SMA, Stochastics yields different formation compared to the same setup in KITE.
    2. “Trade on charts” also not possible on Renko charts.
    3. “Day seperator” can’t be plotted on Renko Charts
    4. OHLC values not displayed when using Crosshair on Renko charts on PI.

    Kindly fix either one of below needs on urgent basis. Would be really helpful to trade.

    1. Making Renko box editable in KITE.
    2. Fixing Technical indicators usability for Renko charts on PI

    Please see the differences in attached images.

  122. Muthukannan B says:

    Hi Nithin
    The 2-step secure login (Security questions), probably you can make this optional where the user can turn it off!

    We really find it little annoying at least when we access from mobile! Please do give it a thought as there is anyway a transaction password for orders.


  123. bbhalaji says:

    Hi Team, The kite is rocking !!! I am enjoying it. I have a doubt on the “Exit” buttons. What happens when I press it ? Does it makes a square off market order or it takes me to a form where I can enter the details for the square off. Thanks !! all the best team.

  124. Indrneel Sircar says:

    I am trying to load nifty oct options in Kite but none of the oct options can been found in the drop down list. strangely Nifty jun options is thrown upon us even when type in the full symbol code. See the screen shot.
    Also I tried to use your zerodha mobile app on my ipad. It does not work properly. Every now and then the pop up screen in which details of symbol etc is required to be filled in to be able to add it to the market watch, one or other menu does not respond at all making it impossible to add any symbol to market watch.
    As well the price was not updating dynamically according to the market. The Nifty Oct fut shows static price as when it was added to the market watch, therafter, it does not change at all.
    This was just the beginning experience for me with your app.
    Please ensure smoother functionality and respond.
    Indro Neel Sircar

    • Those are long dated options on Nifty (Jun 2020). After entering Nifty in the search box mention either oct followed by CE or PE, you will see all october options. Let me get someone to call you and check the other things u spotted, shouldn’t happen.

  125. Jayachandran says:

    Hi is it possible to get the historical P/E chart for the stocks

  126. VJ says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I am an marketing Executive and have some question .

    1) I buy a stock today in CNC and take the delivery of it . Can i also place a stop loss valid till cancellation ?

    2)A stock is in my demat and i place a sell order at a certain price valid till cancellation ?

    Please let me know if their is functionality in Zerodha . I moved to Zerodha from ICICI but ICICI had this function and it was soooo useful for someone who can not track their portfolio daily .

    Going by my portfolio performance i seriously think of going back to ICICI where i could have put a stop loss to protect the portfolio from big loss .

    Please advice,

  127. alaise says:

    Hi Nithin,

    shall Login in both Pi &Kite?

  128. Sandip says:


    Please change the colors of DI+ and DI- in ADX indicator in PI, its irritating to track which one is going up or down
    Also Intraday Momentum indicator on Kite and Pi are Different(Over Bought and Over Sold) , Please look in to this

  129. pankaj bhatt says:

    is Bracket order and trailing stop loss feature there in kite ?

  130. Muralidharan says:

    Nitin & Team,
    Kite web version is simply awesome. Slick and effortless, Charting is superb. Pls roll-out the android app asap.
    On the login side, can you take all four inputs on same screen ?!

    Keep up the great work.

  131. Rathish says:

    I’m loving trading in kite. But now I started trading bracket order. So I’m using pi software. When can we expect bracket order feature in kite?

  132. malaya says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Nice initiative to make things simpler by Kite.

    Currently the Holding tab in Kite does not sum up the T1 holdings for Investments and Value as done in q.zerodha. In fact the q.zerodha have soem extra columns like buy value , current value and weightage which are very useful . It will be better if we have the same columns in both the places.


    • Venu Madhav says:

      The idea is to keep Kite as light as possible to give you a better experience. We don’t want to complicate things by having too much data. Having said that you can directly login to Q from Kite without having to enter your Q credentials. You could always refer to the holdings page in Q.

  133. adityajoshee says:

    I am facing a problem. On kite dashboard, it show EQUITY – NOT ENABLED. Please help. Whenever I try to BUY it says ‘Product code not valid’.

  134. Himanshu sahai says:


    I am a swing positional trader and i like to trade longer timeframes but less data for longer time frames like daily weekly monthly on both pi and kite.Any solution?

  135. GILARI says:

    Tick data is essential for creation of Renko charts and range bars.But ,Kite is providing quote of one minute time frame.
    Can you provide tick data through kite?
    Can you provide tick data of one one day for back fill purpose?
    (At least of index futures for sake intraday traders)



    looking forward for price profile too and merged profile too AND DOM.


  137. shambhuraj says:

    As Per my experience ZERODHA is all the best trading platform in all ways but as compaire the speed of kite and android apps. are too slow when processing so please need in improve of speed of our trading platform . otherwise i will give *****

  138. Sachin says:

    What are those pink color bars in price chart of stocks screenshots in your post?

  139. Baby says:


    How many days it takes to open a Demat . My application is given on 14th Oct . I have it opened Zerodha trading account but awaiting Demat . Let me know when it will be done . FYI, when i filled the application form it was IL&FS Demat form



    Market Depth is not at all loading.I am trying for NIFTY ITM and ATM Options

  141. Intraday trader says:

    Hi Nithin

    Can you please advise by when Bracket Order feature will be available on Kite?


  142. amar says:

    Request to inform hen kite android version will be launched

  143. Jeetu says:

    Hi…In Pi, currently, there is no option to change the scrip directly from within the chart window itself. Everytime I have to open a chart for a different scrip from market watch window. This is very tedious & cumbersome. This also doesn’t allow the idea of having a chart template which defeats the purpose for technical analysts like me who are completely dependent on charts for trading. By when can we see this feature integrated in Pi?

  144. keshav says:

    Sir when can I expect kite mobile app

  145. arun says:

    Was there a data issue today in kite? TATASTEEL Data was present til 23/10 and then today’s candles started forming. It was correct in pi though.

  146. vinay says:

    hi Nithin/Siva

    the kite charts are not loading since today evening. it was working in morning. could you please get this checked.


  147. chandru says:


    Kite data shows 23rd October and then 27th October . How come 26th October data missing in between . Pic taken for your reference


  148. agsuresh says:


    I have been using Kite for the past one week. It is very good in many respects.

    However I would like to have two simple facilities.
    A) display of Nifty / Sensex with an up/down indicator on the top of the page – preferably after the “Funds” . This will give a quick insight on the trend and help a trader to take a better – unhasty decision

    B) display the p&L on the chart itself with a “Exit” button. This will help us take a quick action based on the actual trend. Presently, I have to shuttel back & forth between the chart and positions page. If the “Exit” and P&L is displayed on the chart itself, it would be much elegant and more trader friendly. You can add these right after the “Select” drop down box.

    Pls try to implement these as soon as possible. I am sure most of the traders would welcome this facility.


    • Venu Madhav says:

      A) We already have *all NSE* index tickers which can be added to the marketwatch (and can be dragged to the top of the list). Just search for “index” in the marketwatch. Since the marketwatch is global and prevalent on all pages, it’s equivalent to having them stick somewhere.
      B) Displaying the P&L on the chart is quiet tricky and will take some doing. Imagine a scenario where you are already holding some stocks and buy the same stocks for Intraday. Which P&L should show up on the chart? The Intraday one or the one that you’ve been holding. It seems quiet complex. Nonetheless, I’ll pass on the feedback to our developers.

  149. agsuresh says:


    @ Kite
    Yesterday bought Tech Mahindra 5 nos
    Since I didn’t exit yesterday, it showed in the “Holdings” today. I exited the holding today now.

    However it started showing in the “Positions” page as short sell position.

    This is misleading.

    Actually, I only exited the position I was holding yesterday, which means I do not hold any bought / sold positions. It should not show in the “Positions” page.

    Just imagine, what would happen if I press “Exit” button on the positions page ?

    pls correct this anomaly.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      The position page would show you your day position only which is why it would shows as short sell. If you pressed Exit, it would buy back and the trade would be considered as an Intraday trade.

      • agsuresh says:

        Venu Madhav,

        //If you pressed Exit, it would buy back and the trade would be considered as an Intraday trade.//

        This is exactly what I am talking about. I exited the position that was holding since yesterday. That means I do not have any holdings. It should not show in the position page as sold position. If I had pressed the exit button on that positions page, It would have created a new position, that was not intended.

        I hope you understood the issue.

  150. prajwal rai says:

    I love this Kite platform. I was always looking around for candle stick chart option through web browser and you have given the exact tool i needed. Signed up for ZERODHA few days back and i am very happy with this shift to new broker.
    I am looking forward for candle stick charting option in android platform. Can you please let me know if you are planning to roll out android app with charting option.

  151. Mehul Mishra says:

    Hi Nithin
    It would be very useful if there was a page where i could see the latest quarterly earnings results (news articles) of all the stocks that i own all in one place.
    Additionally i don’t know if you got a chance to run this by your tech team but a checkbox next to the stocks would be helpful ( In Q ). This enables me to see the total of only the stocks that i want to .

  152. Syam says:

    Will kite works on slow internet connection.System installed kite will release
    soon or not?

  153. Shivam goel says:

    I received an email that my account has been created today with Zerodha.
    I am able to login to , but I am not able to login to, any specific reason?
    Also, is there a toll free number for your customer care, I guess if it is not there, you should get one as it would help us a lot. Thanks.

  154. Anant says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Last time I checked, you had mentioned that Kite would be having CO (I’m not even talking about BO 🙂 ) soon. When can we finally get this?


  155. Nilesh says:

    Raised ticket to resolve the password issue while log in. They resolved the password by changing of my password without my prior consent/knowledge. Strange!!!! and still reset password not working.

  156. vinayakg says:

    Great work! It has been pleasure using Kite so far, but for one issue coz of which i got some money burnt 🙁

    Issue: If you place an AMO order with Kite there is no way to cancel it. Atleast thats my experience and thats what support team informed me. So probably AMO orders should still be done via older tools.

    • vinayakg says:

      checked other comments now. looks like others are also facing this issue.(raghavendra…) would be better off reading these comments regularly -would keep me in black 🙂

  157. RN1684 says:

    What is expected time for Kite Mobile app?
    Facing difficulties with the size the links in mobile browser. Typing transaction password is really a pain using mobile browser. Please fix it.

  158. Intraday trader says:

    Hi Nithin

    By when it will be possible for you to launch Bracket Order feature in Kite-web.


  159. AshishM says:

    Hi Nitin,

    For the last couple of days have been observing data missing for the cash scripts from Kite charts. During market hours typically data for the previous trading day is not there. Today during trading hours, data for 02/11 was not there. Now when logged in to Kite at 1830 hrs, data for 02/11 is there but data for 03/11 has gone missing.

    The whole point of using the chart in Kite gets defeated. Pl have this corrected on an immediate basis.

  160. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Few brainstorming thoughts / wishlist from my side on your up coming Kite mobile App.

    1) UI should be very light and should be loaded in lghtning speed.

    2) able to chnage UI theme..dark, grey or white…etc

    3) once logged in should not logout….or able to set the logout time on the settings.

    4) Able to add scripts same as Kite web

    5) Able to configure and see Mutiple watch list.

    6) Able to set script notification alert on phone itself for EQ/NFO scripts in watch list (based on Price value or by price points or by chnage in %) this feature not available in any of the latest market apps, it would be innovative if you implement this on kite app. also this feature is a crucial for persons like me who is away from the terminal but wanted to know the price meovement.

    7) Able to set notification alert on phone for portfolio/m2m open positions for EQ/NFO scripts (based on Price value or by price points or by chnage in %) again this would be unique one for zerodha if implemented and useful for persons like me to squareoff the open positions if my M2M value reaches a particular value.

    8) able to see live LTP and atleast 2 bids/ask qty & price on the buy/sell order window, this is again a very cruical feature for persons like me who want to punch the order fast without any guessing.

    9) charting, simple candle chart with time frames 1min 5min and 15min would be more than suffiient enough.

    Hope you would consider and feedback to your technical team implementing the App.


  161. chandru says:

    Dear Nitin

    Kite has some great indicators like > alligator > rainbow moving average >

    Wish you explore to add some new indicators to Pi

    thanks n regards

  162. balu says:

    Its been around 4 months kite has released,but no cover order yet.some indicators are not there on PI shown only in i should trade only in kite.

  163. alaise says:

    Hi ,

    shall get PCR trend and oI in kite?

  164. RS5989 says:


    I am trading only in US ETF’s of S & P and Gold. Will you provide US ETF trading ? Like I see S & P futures are available to trade using Zerodha, but not ETF’s.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      We allow trading on all instruments that get traded on NSE, BSE, MCX-SX and MCX. I don’t think S&P ETF’s are trading on any Exchange in India. Gold ETF’s are available for trading – Symbol – Goldbees.

  165. RR3884 says:

    Hi !!

    When can we have Investment in MF possible through Kite ??

    Also awaiting updated response on availablity of CO in kite!

    thanks and regards 🙂

  166. Deepak says:

    I am using kite charts and I love it. However, I have one suggestion/request for change….For example-If I open a chart for SBI and then change it to ONGC from the search box the tab title in the browser tab doesn’t change to ONGC…it keeps showing SBI.


  167. Stock_wizard says:

    I am using kite charts and I love it. However, I have one suggestion/request for change….If I open a chart of SBI and then change it to ONGC from the search box the tab title in the browser tab doesn’t change to ONGC. Can this be changed? It will be helpful to find the right chart when multiple tabs are open in the browser window.


  168. sandeep says:

    hello Nithin sir,
    thank you for providing the kite platform for us,
    there was a problem with pivots, as i plotted pivots on my chart, it calculates daily pivots from 10:30 onwards, instead of 09:15,
    can i have any other solution for that ?
    please correct the issue soon.

  169. Not able to login to q (back office) directly but I can get to this through KIte. please clarify why?

  170. NILESH says:

    Only 20 scrips can be viewed. Need some more market watch screens to add more scrips.

  171. vikas says:


    Greetings for Dhanteras and Diwali !

    One concern, Pivot points shown in charts in Kite is different than that of Pi.

    Thanks and regards,


    • Yes, Pivot points uses a slightly different calculation on Kite.

      • Sanket Kannurkar says:

        Hi Nithin Sir
        Few requests here
        1. Please add Camarilla pivots in Kite as everyone had asked earlier.
        2. I feel PI pivot points (Support and resistance) are more accurate than Kite, Can we have Pi Pivot as well may be as standard Pivot 2.
        3. Also like we pop out charts in next tab can we have pop out market watch (Extended Market watch), which can have PI like view, for market watch?
        Thanks and Regards

  172. chandru says:

    Nitin ji & Venu

    I just noticed in Kite that your Studies has ” Aligator ” & ” Gator ” as indicators which are one and the same.

    Since i use them i accidentally noticed the similarity.


  173. Abhishek says:


    I want to use Kite on my mobile browser, but when I use my login details, it tells me “login ID or password is invalid.” I’m using the same details that I use to login on my laptop. Not sure what the problem is.


  174. chandru says:

    Today i must confess after evaluating Kite for days. Its the best platform for trading with the best indicators. My view on intraday trading changed in the last few days after using Kite for just 3-4 days.

    The volume bars in green and red makes life easy for trading in Kite . See if you can do that in Pi.

    I discarded Psar’s and supertrend to add Rainbow Ma ,Alligator & ATR Trailing stop in Kite.
    Keep up the good work and i hope you add chart compare to Kite.


    • 🙂 and guess what, supertrend will be available on Kite from monday.

      • chandru says:

        Thank you Nitin .

        I am completely satisfied with Kite , It has some amazing Indicators and Kite is powerful and incomparable with other Indian Trading platforms.I gave up trading on HDFC & Edelweiss the day you introduced Kite.

        Kite has given me the power & confidence to scale up my intraday trading.

        There are better indicators on Kite than supertrend & psars.

        I hope you would still consider adding Raff regression channel live on the chart to KITE since you had limitations on Pi ,and my transition to Kite would be complete.

        thanks n god bless.

  175. RS7364 - BSRao says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Today I could not login with Kite or PI.
    Both are reporting an error “login Id or password is invalid”.
    Where as I could login at

    I am interested to trade using PI, as I could find some trade opportunities using charts. Because of this I could not trade today so far. I expect it will get resolved soon.

    Sreenivasa Rao B
    Client ID: RS7364

    • Hanan says:

      We’ve enabled your account on Pi and Kite so you can login and trade now.

      • RS7364 - BSRao says:

        Dear Hanan,

        Thank You for enabling Pi.

        Is Kite also a premium service? I read elsewhere that Kite is enabled to all clients and the sending of requests is not necessary.

        Thank You the Team Zerodha.

        • Venu Madhav says:

          Available for all users.

          Login using the same passwords. URL to login:

          • RS7364 - BSRao says:

            Dear Venu Madhav,

            For your kind information, I am not new to login of any of them.
            I used same passwords for all the above in the morning. Since I got a doubt I got the passwords reset using “forgot password” in the morning and again tried with the new set of passwords. As I could not login in the Kite or Pi and both are reporting an error “login Id or password is invalid”, I wrote in the morning here and I got reply few minutes back that “We’ve enabled your account on Pi and Kite so you can login and trade now.” from Hanan.

            Now both are working.
            So my recent is regarding Kite only. Hanan replied Kite is enabled. If it is open to all why it is disabled for me. I could have squared off my Bank Nifty Long position has it been worked in the morning.

  176. Prakash says:

    Is span calculator available on kite. If yes please let me know how to access. Kite is very good and simple.

    thanks and regards

  177. chandru says:

    Nitin Ji

    Sorry to ask this question here.

    I am new to Futures trading and i need your help to understand . 2 scenarios…
    a) Can i buy Reliance Nov futures today and sell today intraday .Do i apply MIS here?
    b) Can i Buy Reliance Nov Futures today and sell tomorrow ? Does T+0 apply orT+2 need to take delivery apply before selling.Do i apply CNC OR MIS here?
    Pl guide me since i understand STT tax is lower in Futures.I know i have to buy lots .
    Thanks in advance

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Chandru,
      1) Yes, you can buy and sell today. Product code to apply is MIS
      2) Yes, you can buy today and sell tomorrow. There’s no concept of delivery for Futures trading since its just a contract not an asset. You’ll have to use the product code NRML. CNC is for Equities.

  178. Sumeet Nagar says:

    Live chart doesnt work in kite. After opening a chart during market hours, live price doesnt reflect on the chart and also the latest candlestick doesnt get updated after every tick. Please resolve it as soon as possible.

  179. bipin says:

    supertrend is now available in kite and its awesome, are u planing to add supertrend in pi soon.

  180. AnilKumar says:

    When can we get more historical data , custom time frame and bracket orders in Kite?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Anil, on Kite there is almost 1 year of intraday data, more than even what data vendors out there who charge money offer. End of day data, we will add more soon. Keep dragging the daily chart to the left, to see more.
      CO/BO is something that we are currently working on.

  181. Venkatesh says:

    Worst MarketWatch I have ever used

  182. AnilKumar says:

    When the share button is clicked in kite, to where the chart is shared?

  183. Gaurav says:

    Typo error.. KITE is awesome.. Simple, fast and sleek.. Qudos for the team.. Even a newbie like me can trade without any video only concern till date is suppose I buy some Equity with SLM and the order is completed.. Now the price is going in favourable direction and crossed my target.. Now I like to place my stop loss higher but I can not modify the completed order.. So how to put new SL trigger? Also can it be combined with a sell limit order??

    • Gaurav, once you are in a position the old order is already executed, so you just place a new SL-M order to put a stop-loss order. So the first order is basically called entry order using a trigger, second what is being placed is the actual stoploss order. Yes, you can place a SLM order and also a fresh sell limit order higher than the current price. But you need to remember to cancel one, when other gets executed.

  184. Vijaykumar client id RV0502 says:

    Hi Nitin,

    We are waiting bo in kite . when it will add in kite expected date please, as its nearly 2 months over for waiting it


    • Little longer, we had some issues with the BO integration on the web.

      • Vijaykumar client id RV0502 says:

        You can create session of PI (from KITE) while raiseing BO order in Kite, so that BO order raise in PI and close the PI session after creating BO order and come to back Kite. you can do same while exit BO order.

        We are expecting this one as soon to avoid our intraday loss

  185. pg says:

    please add buy,sell,depth and chart tab beside each script in holding window under kite platform,so if we want to add more position or analyse the trend we can do so from holdings window because if we want to do it now we have to shift in marketwatch, it makes marketwatch unnecessarily to long having same script in marketwatch and holdings.

  186. Ash says:

    Hi, any update on BO feature on kite ?


  187. Amit says:

    Hi Nitin/Zerodha Team,

    Kindly tell when BO/CO is going to be available on kite as this is very much needed.Lots of people who are trading from office or on the move where Pi is blocked will definitely find it useful


  188. anto christo says:

    Dear Team,
    In kite Cover Order facility will get enabled in near term?

  189. Sandeep Puri says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Client ID is RS8196. I am not able to login to my Trading a/c since evening after my account was linked today with my ICICI demat a/c. I have tried password reset option but that too does not work. My name is also incorrectly updated as “SANDEEP PURI PURI” instead of “SANDEEP PURI” in backoffice. I have already mailed at [email protected] with ticket ID #319840. But, as the issue is quite urgent that’s why posting here for faster resolution.


  190. saidarao says:

    Hi Nitin,

    1. Waiting for BSE scrips to be enabled on KITE for a long time. When will it happen?
    2. The order Book and Dashboard is not getting refreshed properly. Can you provide one refresh button.

  191. Abhishek Saddi says:

    Waiting for Android Kite….when can we expect the GO LIVE for it…..???

    • Venu says:

      We’re looking at a beta release sometime early Jan.

      • Raji says:

        Hello Venu,

        One of the annoying thing about NSE NOW mobile is that it logs off automatically every 15 minutes…I would like this limitation taken care in Kite Android mobile. Let the session be active even while idle or running background. auto log off can happen only at the end of trading day. Hope the team can accommodate this feature in larger interest.

  192. Abhishek Jaiswal says:

    I may be missing a thing here but I cannot add any stocks listed on BSE only and not NIFTY. For e.g. when I search for Kellton Tech(listed on BSE sensex), there is no search result at all so I cannot add it to the watchlist and hence cannot buy the stock. Can you help me out?

  193. Jagadeesh Kumar says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Kite platform is so good.. Im waiting for the BSE scrips also in Kite. Please provide SENSEX and NIFTY 50 status on Kite instead of checking the market status in other websites.

  194. Viraaj Badhwar says:

    I’m trying to get the nifty index on kite but for some reason it is not showing up in the search, only the nifty futures are.


  195. Jayaram says:

    Hello Zerodha Team,

    I am very much impressed on wish to grow with you.

    Here are few feedbacks for improvement in Kite, which works well in all places and most people likes it. The drawback on Pi software is it uses random ports which are not usually open in offices.

    Please make market watch in full screen to see other columns as well. Also after placing an order I need to refresh the page to see the pending order. Sometimes the page hangs to get the data from server and timeouts.

  196. S Sri Varun says:


    I have transferred 5000 to my trading account..Next day i could see the balance in my account is Total account value (4989.69) whereas free cash is 9989.79..What does that i buy for 9989.79 rs??

  197. Janardan Verma says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Following security bought Last month (fund deducted including STT and brokerage), but not credited to my account:- this happening continues when i am gaining substantial amount with buying ???
    Please solve immediately.
    1- Treehouse- 400 nos
    2- GMBREW 25 nos
    3- Litl – 1000 nos
    4-GujGas-5 nos
    5-Axiscades 9 nos
    6-BFUTILITIES 9 nos
    7-TCI 75 nos



  198. mohammedhesham says:

    hw can i access zerodha in malayalam font

  199. Pradeep says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Indicators like MACD, RSI should be added below the chart and shouldn’t decrease the height of chart. Many platforms lack this feature and I would love to see this implemented in Kite.

  200. Prithwiraj says:

    hi, it will be great if you add buy and sell button on charts in kite like pi.

  201. Venkatesh V says:

    Hi Nitin/Venu,

    When will be Kite Mobile App would be launched?


    • Venkatesh, don’t have a date like I had earlier mentioned. But I guess you know that it is really important for us as a business to have it out, and we are doing everything possible.

  202. Chandra Bhusan singh says:

    Pay in option not available why in BO or Kite

  203. Rajendra says:

    Nice to use Kite. Just one suggestion, please provide navigation (previous and next button) for the chart (go to previous/next chart in the selected market watch list).

    Thank you

  204. shailaja tipparaju says:

    i have mac book pro. please tell me as to how to install Pi software on to my desktop.

    • Venu says:

      Pi isn’t compatible with Mac OS. You’ve to install Virtual box and install Pi within it.
      BTW, have you tried Kite our web application which has almost all the features that Pi does and works seamlessly across all browsers and OS

  205. vinay says:

    Hi Nithin,

    This is Vinay, I am facing issue with Kite chart since yesterday 6:30 pm. I informed zerodha support regarding this. I just wanted to inform you for quicker resolution.

    The issue is, once the chart loads (Crude dec fut) in 5 min, the subsequent candles are not forming in every 5 min. we have to refresh it to get new candles. this impacts all technical indicator calculation. could you please get this checked.


    • Vinay, this has got to do with browser cache which is not letting the candle update. We are looking into it, until then login to kite using an incognito window. On chrome shortcut key is Ctrl+Shift+N and in firefox Ctrl +SHift+P. It will work fine.

  206. Hari says:


    Not able to find BSE Stocks in Kite Search. Is there any way to add them to market watch as some stocks are listed only in BSE. Please help on this. Thanks in advance.

  207. Vij says:

    When do you expect to enable BSE on Kite, kite has been really useful with its UI and ease of trading. lack of BSE is really constraining

  208. umabathy says:

    How to change answers for2-Step Security Questions?

    • Venu says:

      Click on Forgot password and enter the details and click on Reset questions. You can’t change answers as it is, you’ve to reset 2FA questions and give new answers

  209. Vishal Patil says:

    I have one suggestion, while placing order can you allow increasing or decreasing the price using up and down arrow keys, as in ZT.

  210. Anandan K says:

    Hi Nithin and Team

    Thanks for wonderful web based application – KITE.

    I have a query on NFO – i am not able to see all the strike price (available in NSEINDIA) CE and PE. only few will be listed (please refer the attached jpeg). Can you please arrange to modify the software to list all the strike price for CE and PE for the current month?.

    Thanks in Advance

  211. AshishM says:

    The extension of market watch was nice and much needed. It now gives the flexibility to track multiple scripts. To take stock and lookup trading opportunities, the open / high / low prices is much required. The market watch half could possibly expand into the dashboard half and collapse when not req. Presently the net change is shown in %, its much more easier to scan if the change is shown in points vis-a-vis %.

    Is it possible to provide straddle / strangle charts. Would really make taking straddle / strangle trades simpler if charts of the same are available vis-a-vis doing manual calculations.

  212. DV1820 says:

    i cant search BSE stocks on kite

  213. sathiyaseelan says:

    I cant add more than 20 scrips in my watchlist. could you please guide me how to add more than 20 scrips in Kites watchlist.

  214. shaunk says:

    Am I the only one or is there anybody else who is finding the performance of Kite deteriorating faster than Crude prices of late?

    I have experienced the following mishap TWICE in the last 5 days.

    1. I placed an order (NG 16JAN contract order BUY for LIMIT price at 125.3)
    2. ‘Error message in RED’ appears after a while asking me to check the order book’ which I did so, found no pending order despite 3-4 page refreshes
    3. Checked ‘Positions’, no position on Copper taken
    4. Then I placed a second order for LIMIT price again (125.4 this time), which got executed within 2-3 seconds. I was relieved. Yet no order notification popped up (this is now usually taking 15-20 seconds generally, so I wasn’t worried)
    5. A few seconds later, I got 1 notification for 125.4 order execution.
    6. A min later, I got a 1 notification (catching me out of blue) for another order execution at 125.3!

    This is driving me nuts now as I intended to take only one position, but now I have got 2 positions executing 2 orders instead (paying double CTT/brokerage/transaction charges as a result)

    Dear Nithin, I have been very happy with Zerodha since I took up a membership back in January, but these kind of errors are happening more often now.. Can you please instruct the technical team to looking into these load-related issues pls?

  215. Vivek says:

    Do i need to have demat account mapped to my trading account, just to add stocks/index to my Kite market watch?

  216. Shashi Bhushan says:


    Is it possible to place Bracket order in kite

    I couldn’t find that option. Please let me know.

    Shashi Bhushan

  217. AshishM says:


    Am reposting a part of the query posted on 12/12,

    Is it possible to provide straddle / strangle charts. Would really make taking straddle / strangle trades simpler if charts of the same are available vis-a-vis doing manual calculations.

  218. Rahul Dhoot says:


    I have been a Zerodha User ( 3 family accounts) for last 3 years now. I am very sad and hurt to inform that Zerodha’s customer care service quality has fallen to unacceptable levels. People from concerned team were very rude. Please look into this or else you will leave me with no option other than to cancel my accounts. (This has happened second time in last 6 months).


    Rahul Dhoot

  219. arun says:


    Could you tell me the meaning of these figures on the positions page? The top and bottom both show different figures.
    Also, I don’t have any pending transactions or options. But that figure of “150” is getting highlighted in red as you can see.
    I am unable to bring up the “Exit Position” and “Convert Position” page. It doesn’t show when I hover the mouse over it.
    I have attached the screenshot taken long after market closed today.

    • Arun, Days history shows up what you have done during the day. Looking at the image, I guess you had 150 7800 CE from yesterday, you sold it today. So main position has become 0, days history shows the 150 you sold. Yes day’s history is confusing, we will have it removed in the next release.

  220. SJF says:

    Hi Zerodha/Nithin,

    First of all, Thank you so so much to give us this kite platform. It has certainly changed my trading style and has become my lifeline. But there is always room for improvement. So here is what I would recommend or request. Please for the love of God include the Bracket order and Cover order in Kite. And Please increase the Market watch-list tabs, currently only 5 tabs available, please make it to 10 tabs. I hope you consider my requests.


  221. saidarao says:

    Hi Nithin,

    When Valid till Cancel order facility will be enabled? It is so unproductive punching the same orders day after day especially when liquidity is so low?

  222. lohit says:

    Hi Zerodha/Nithin,
    I have recently opened trading and denat account in Zerodha. I was not able to search BSE stocks on kite platform. So is kite restricted to transactions only on NSE stcoks?


  223. Rajkumar says:

    I am not able to list the scripts in kite. I tried in chrome and firebox but I am not able to list watchlist items. could please tell me reason and solution for this?

  224. “Forgot Password” option on Kite is terrible. I had a trading account working fine following which I had opened a Demat a/c (opened last week). After this my password has stopped working. I have tried using “Forgot Password” option on Kite multiple times without any success & the experience has left me totally frustrated. Either I am using it incorrectly or there is something seriously wrong!

  225. iTrade says:

    How can we do live Market Analysis with Kite app.
    if i want to search the NSE or BSE market for last 1M with certain volume/price, where can i set such custom filters to get live reports.


  226. vishyvishy says:

    Hi nitin,

    Basic Order Type should always be “fixed”.
    If last time I have put a SLM order next KITE remembers that and when hit sell it goes to SLM order. This is dangerous . trader is alert about price. So he misses this detail a lot. I have missed this a lot of time and when trying to set the target order I mistakenly forgot last SLM order type and whetever target price I put it for executed!

    So I request you either
    1) Give user choice of fixing default order type.
    2) or best way Create extra buttons for SL orders say SLB and SLS for putting buying and sellign stoploss.

    Current setting of KITE remembering last order is very very BAD.


  227. vishyvishy says:

    Unbelievable that traders requested this!

    Once you place SL order how next order a trader wants to be a SL only???
    Actually Trader Like goes following way, and it feels logical,…

    I place Entry order
    If I get entry at my price level then I place SL order FIRST and Target exit order.

    Please modify this thing and if not possible to change it altogether then give that option in
    user settings… as each trader may choose things as per his style.

    2) Few month back these indian trading league guys have already included Bracket order in their platform. I wish same BO and CO included in KITE As soon as possible for all segments.

    3) In popup chart we need to select each scrip by mouse click. This is cumbersome for say 10 scrips. Can you give
    3a) Chart Scrip Autorotate feature such that if turned on chart shifts between scrips automatically as per user set time interval.
    3b) Or make these scrip changeable thorough up down arrow keys like amibroker

    4) Also I wish sound alert whenever security price passes through user set price level. say >= or <= greater than or less etc. and KITE gives a beep! sound, or makes the scrip in scrip list flash in colors such that it catches viewers eye.

    Thanks n warm regards,

  228. Saravanesh says:

    I tried to add sunpharma 800 call option december expiry. But i was not able to see it in the list. Why is it so? I was able to see call options till 720 CE only. PFA the screenshot

  229. AshishM says:


    (i) Does Kite have a provision for script price alert

    (ii) What is the calculation for the “Pivot Point” levels provided under studies.

    (iii) For Renko, can a provision be provided for setting the brick size in %. As one has to keep changing the brick size for diff scripts, as there is no direct method / dialogue box provided if a new chart is opened in the same tab or even a fresh chart (as Kite uses the last used setting).

    Am attaching a screen shot where the range as per dialogue box is 0.05 – 0. Pl check.

    • 1. Not yet
      2. Here is the code: size=0;

      pivotPoint = total/size;
      prevHigh = high;
      prevLow = low;
      hlSpread = high – low;
      size = total = high = low = 0;

      for quote in quotes

      total += (previousQuote.High + previousQuote.Low + previousQuote.Close)/3;
      high = Math.max(high,previousQuote.High);
      low = Math.min(low > 0 ? low:previousQuote.Low, previousQuote.Low);

      if new year or month or week or day:

      For fibonacci

      Resistance 1 = pivotPoint + 0.382 * hlSpread;
      Resistance 2 = pivotPoint + 0.618 * hlSpread;
      Resistance 3 = pivotPoint + hlSpread;
      Support 1 = pivotPoint – 0.382 * hlSpread;
      Support 2 = pivotPoint – 0.618 * hlSpread;
      Support 3 = pivotPoint – hlSpread;

      For Standard

      Resistance 1 = 2 * pivotPoint – prevLow;
      Resistance 2 = pivotPoint + hlSpread;
      Resistance 3 = pivotPoint +2 * hlSpread;
      Support 1 = 2 * pivotPoint – prevHigh;
      Support 2 = pivotPoint – hlSpread;
      Support 3 = pivotPoint – 2 * hlSpread;
      3. The default range chooses a % itself. Custom % is currently not possible. Checking on why it is showing 0.05-0

  230. chandru mehta says:


    I would like to share this .

    Using Kite on Microsoft Edge consumes less resources of your pc as compared to using Kite on Firefox.
    I always was annoyed when Kite slowed down and finally I checked task manager and compared both the browsers.

    Try this out and correct me if I am wrong . I need to compare Firefox & Chrome with Kite.

    • chandru mehta says:

      I rechecked and /Google chrome browser is also better than Firefox browser in terms of resources , Trying using Kite on Microsoft Edge browser or Google Chrome.It seems Firefox not only consumes more resources on your Computer it also slows down kite maybe for that reason.

      This is my personal experience . Do try it out .

  231. abhi says:

    i am new to this. so i want to to do investing rather trading of cousrse ,do trading later on. i want platform
    which can be useful in both mobile and desktop/web .can u pls mention it. any charges applicabe for this platform

  232. Mohit B says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Can u give a definite timeline on BO and CO in kite (I read here in some thread it Ll be incorporated by end of Dec) doesn’t seem that happening soon. Though I love the look n feel of kite and its ease of use But BO introduction ll be cherry on cake, since it is not possible for me many others to carry personal device to office.

  233. ratan says:

    without BO kite is not that attractive.
    for mac users .BO in kite will be best facility

  234. Billa says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Kite is Slick,Smooth n Superb !! Zerodha Rocks and expecting more in 2016.

    1) Any plans to introduce GTC orders ? It will be easy that we can place order just once.
    2) Whether SL/Target/TSL can be scripted in Pi Tradescript ?
    3) Fibonacci Extensions and editing fib levels in Pi, can we expect soon ?

    Expecting Kite in Tamil too,wud luv it 🙂

    • Thanks Billa,

      1. Yep, GTC on kite is being worked on.
      2. Can’t really be scripted, but you can use the Bracket order for this.
      3. Fib extension and editing on Pi will take a little longer.

      Yeah Kite in tamil soon 🙂

  235. Brijesh says:

    Few Queries related Kite

    1- Does kite have basket order facility
    2 – Does kite have VTD order facility
    3 – Does kite have basket order with VTD order facility in AMO orders
    4 – Does Kite have trailing stop loss order feature

    Request you to pls go thru sharekhan web and Sharekhan mini for mobile

    Nothing can beat it in terms of performance and features

  236. Nambiar says:

    Hope this is an appropriate place to ask this query-
    In the Pi or Kite software,s uppose if a buy order is placed with 5 lots of Bank Nifty @17000/-. 2 lots gets executed and 3 lots don’t get executed due to market movement and are pending.If rate modify is done to the balance lots to execute the order,would an additional brokerage of Rs.20+Rs.20 be charged or would it be considered as part of the initial order and brokerage of Rs.20/- be charged.

    • Venu says:

      On modification of the price for the pending order, the order number doesn’t change and hence you only get charged Rs.20 as brokerage on execution.

  237. Ragunathan says:

    its 2016. when will you release the dedicated android app with state of the art tech?

  238. Vj says:

    It is been long due that we need a dedicated mobile app…Please make it soon happen as the we can not just relay on website wen almost every brokerage house coming up with innovative mobile app.

    Expecting it soon.

    Btw just crossed over Zerodha new office today. It is pleasure to watch the beautiful workplace .


  239. karan says:

    do you have a stop loss feature in kite ?

  240. Brijesh says:

    Does zerodha support BTST

    If yes then which product type one have to select . pls come with solution where one need not to select product type .

    It should calculate itself at EOD

    • Brijesh, yes we support BTST on all stocks. Use the product type CNC for all equity delivery trades. BTST has some risks, make sure to read this post.

      • Brijesh says:

        Thanks Nithin for so quick reply

        I am looking for one basic feature in your kite web/mobile to open account

        Basket order


        Bracket order only two leg — limit primary order and corresponding limit take profit order with basket

        Request pls go thru Sharekhan web and Mini for mobile

        You will come across marvelous features it has

  241. Yash says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Kite is fabulous and “kannada” version is icing on the cake, I am loving it.
    Eagerly waiting for Mobile app and “BSE” trading in Kite. (and long-pending IPO in Zerodha)
    Hope to see those soon, so that I can permanently close my sharekhan account 🙂

    • Venu says:

      Both are in the pipeline, we’ll let you know once they’re through. IPO’s are a little tricky because regulations still require some paperwork to be done. We’re waiting for the entire process to go online.

  242. Hi Nithin,
    I am a fan of kite and using it and enjoying it. But when i place a limit order so it will not executed some time whereas the limit price stay 10 to 20 seconds and i have the same condition in pi so it get executed. So in this condition we have to executed it on market order. So Can you do something about it because it is working on mobile and 2G also so it good for everyone. I hope in future to kite have bracket order or cover order also.

    • Bhanu when you place a limit order, it will get filled only if your price reaches and you are on top of the queue of everyone who has placed an order at that price. It has nothing to do with Pi or Kite.

  243. vinay says:

    hi Nithin,

    I have observed that some times intraday O L H C are not plotted in kite exactly. here is an example of the same. today for crude the low 2267 but its not showing in chart. by looking at chart we feel the script is trading at low point of day which is 2290. I feel this is happening because the ticks to plot charts are read from the market watch LTP. if L or H does not come in LTP its not shown in chart. Is there a chance to rectify this.


  244. shakti says:

    HI Nithin,

    I don’t have BSE in my exchange list on home page, List contains (nfo,nse,cds). I am on zerodha > 6 month. Can you please guide me what is the problem I Cannot add BSE only stocks in my watchlist.

  245. Souvik says:

    Hi! Will Zerodha give us access to Singapore and other foreign exchanges to trade from India, for Indian residents?

  246. Girish says:


    I am contemplating about opening an account with you as I have been looking for a good browser based charting + trading platform. After having gone through the discussion in this forum, looks like Kite suits my requirement.

    I intend to open only a trading account (I am already having a couple of demats with other conventional brokers) with you. Will you provide PI and KIte access for trading only accounts?

  247. AshishM says:

    During the weekends (Saturday) probably you have a demo session. The demo session probably lasts for a couple of hours. But the trading data for the demo session is not removed till Monday morning. It is during weekends that one can review multiple stocks and prepare possible trading plan for the next week. But that is not possible, because the charts are all screwed up. Why cant the demo data be wiped clean immediately on completion of the session. Zerodha needs to tighten its operating SOP’s.

    The demo session can be limited to a few thinly traded scripts or even a few hypothetical mirror scripts can be created which can be used. Why open up the full database.

    The present structure of the whole exercise is very very SUBOPTIMAL.

    • Ashish, every month once there is mock trading conducted by the exchange. It is done on all scrips, and it is for everyone to test their systems. We clean all the data up by saturday evening. Are you seeing charts screwed up right now?

      • AshishM says:

        Yes, Nitin. For your reference, some of the quotes from the dashboard are as under,

        Nifty Fut Jan : 8365 (+9.99%)
        BN Fut Jan : 17289 (+7.04%)
        Reliance Fut Jan : 1702.05 (+4.36%)

        Nift Fut Hrly chart : Have highlighted in rectangle the last candle, which is at 8365

  248. Radhe Shyam says:

    Please add option to apply black theme to dashboard, Marketwatch too.


  249. Deepak says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have couple of requests on Kite…one regarding the webpage css and other regarding chart data.

    1. The Kite Webpage: The issue is when I click on the Buy (B) or Sell(S) button, the Buy/Sell window that shows up stays at the bottom center of the screen and always overlaps the quotes/market depth details on the left hand side (Screenshot attached). It could be because of my screen resolution – 1440 x 900 (Macbook Air). But its annoying to say the least, as I have to reorder my list of scrips in the marketwatch in order to be able to see the quotes for the bottom scripts in my market watch list. Is it possible to make it floating/movable or shift its location to bottom right corner?

    2. Chart Data: I have noticed that daily/weekly chart data for last 5 years is available only for some scrips e.g. AXISBANK whereas only 6 months data is available for some like SUNPHARMA. In such cases, I have to scout for other sources outside of Kite to find out the support and resistance levels for that scrip. Is is possible to make 5 years data available for at least the 50 NIFTY Stocks and the 166 F&O stocks?