Kite – Introduction

September 25, 2015


We at Zerodha are super excited about the rave reviews Kite(beta) our new web trading application has been getting for its super simple user interface, integrated trading and reporting (Q/Quant) platform, brilliant charting, intuitive search and filters, lightning fast trading, and more. Following is a quick tutorial on everything you need to know to get started on Kite.

Use universal instrument search to add scrips on watchlist


Enter index to add indices like Nifty, Banknifty on watchlist


Buy, Sell, Market depth, & Charts


*market depth for illiquid scrips might take longer to load.

Shortcut keys & Intuitive notification system


Order form


Positions – exit and conversion


Position – exit and conversion

Smart filters


Slick charting with exhaustive number of indicators & tools


*first trading platform in India to give you unlimited amount of intraday data. Keep dragging the chart to the left to load more.

Popout for full screen & multiple charts. Set templates using views.


Access Q & Quant from within Kite


Multiple Marketwatch (added 7th Dec 15)

multiplemarketwatchKite is enabled to all our clients by default, no need of sending any requests. Visit, and get started. We are working on our native mobile app (until then try on your mobile browser, works well), and CO/BO order types.

Hopefully all of you like the radically new trading experience on Kite.

Don’t forget to spread the word. 🙂

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. J. RAMESH says:

    Since recent changes that SIP payments for MF cannot be made through trading account money, I could not make payments. In spite of raising tickets in zerodha support and following their idea of making savings bank account as primary account, I am unable to make sip payments and it has been pending for long. All my attempts are in vain. please help to sort out. While making payment by upi/internet only secondary account is showing though kite shows details of primary account. And I get the msg “Payment can be made through primary account only”.

  2. Appasaheb says:

    Most of the time we are spending our time adding stock in watch list and deleting. I would like to request to provide tool import & export to csv stock watchlist from zerodha kite web platform.

  3. pradip says:

    for beginners, provision for handholding or personal guidance for few days may be provided.

  4. Shilpa says:

    It will be batter if you can provide Timed order.
    Timed order – User can place a order to execute at particular time during market hours.
    I want my “CNC-Regular-Market order” to execute at 03:25:00 PM ( Just before 5 min of market close ).

    This will help a user who can not watch market actively but want to enter/exit at closing time ( or at any other specific time )

  5. Y17449 says:

    Hi, I am unable to login to my Zerodha account there is some error saying MSG_FAILURE

    Can anyone help me

  6. Chandrima Das says:

    I want to invest in Equity using Systematic Equity Plan . How can I do it in Zerodha? Does KITE platform support this activity? [Note: I am not talking about SIP in MUTUAL FUNDS]

  7. sagar mistry says:

    I’m facing delayin prices in positions refresh in mobile… all is perfect.
    if this refresh issue is fixed it becomes best handy app to use.

  8. Mahesh Babu Sadhanagiri says:

    I am facing issue with login into KITE when i login, it says “msg failure”, by mistake I tried 3 times later getting error msg as “2FA is blocked on your account. Please reset your password or contact support.”.

    Last time also similar situation happened, I have done the Reset Password.

    I am missing to perform right trading due to this issue.

    Can anyone help me

  9. Shilpa says:

    Incorrect price difference w.r.t previous close is appearing in Kite Web and mobile App due to Bonus not adjusted in previous day’s close price.
    Today Mothersumi declared Bonus , right now it is around +6% considering bonus , but Kite web & app is showing -29% , charts are also not aligned with adjusted price & hence showing gap down opening.

    My requirement is,
    Any price adjustment due to any corporate action should reflect from day one in web & app.
    Request to do necessary changes.

    • Shilpa says:

      Finally Mothersumi’s prices are adjusted today ( on 19th Nov ) after 13 working days !
      Not able to understand the reasons for delay.

  10. rajiv says:

    It will be better if we can set the automatic trailing stop loss with ATR trailing stop loss

  11. Prakash Patil says:


    Call-out drawing tool.
    Can you add one more functionality to this tool?
    If it really calls out in audible sound it would have been very effective.


  12. Yala Tech says:

    Thanks for a great information…

  13. Chitra says:

    I had provided a suggestion to Zerodha to add % of change in the watch list. But i have not taken.
    But I don’t understand what is difficulty to provide stock change in value and %. Mobile version provide though it is small screen.

    Is there ant forum i can to higher level to implement this ?


    • Matti says:

      Hey Chitra, the decision to show only absolute or percentage change was intentional. This was done in order to reduce clutter on the watchlist.

  14. Vineeth says:

    Zerodha Kite Developer Team – Feature Request

    Please give an option to make custom shortcut key (user defined or otherwise) for kite tools. I couldn’t find any shortcut keys for draw tools. If any short cut key already exist for draw tools then please let me know.

    Thank you.

  15. Harisha MG says:

    Avg. Cost column in Holdings section in Kite UI is broken.

    It is showing the actual cost of the share, which has got split thereafter. Because of this, the entire P&L statement is wrong.

    • Faisal says:

      We are fixing more and more Corporate Action affected stocks. All your corporate action affected holdings will start reflecting the correct buy averages soon.

  16. Akash says:

    please improve your scanner settings, so that it can be worked without codes, totally not satisfied with this

  17. SAVITA GUPTA says:

    I brought 2000 shares of Electrosteel steel Ltd. From few days, I seen that it is only 40 nos in my holding. Current BSE rate is 147 and NSE rate is 3.15.
    Now I want to sell the same in BSE to recover my money. In kite, there is a no option to select BSE. Please help.

  18. Mukesh Pandey says:

    Hi, I just received email with Kite Credentials. It shows MSG Failure while I am trying to log in; the attempt was outside the hours mentioned above.

  19. Dipanjan Halder says:

    Hi, is there any option to modify preexisting tools, say for Gann Fan I need only 1*1, 1*2 and 2*1. For my analysis other lines are unnecessary and its just cluttering my screen.

  20. SUBASH says:

    Right now zerodha have real money Platform only in KITE and PI. I need VIRTUAL MONEY trading Platform also for checking my strategies and to improve my knowledge. Plz add this facility in kite 4 version. right now This facility is not available in any brokers. once if you Add this facility you will get lot of clients for this one reason….

  21. Ragavendran says:

    Hi please introduce desired price alert system in kite.

  22. Lavanya says:

    Since morning I am struggling to login my trading account in kite app. Getting error message “Gateway time out”.
    Need quick support.

    • Matti says:

      Due to a connectivity issue, you may face an issue with logging into Kite. We are looking into this and should have this resolved shortly. You can login to Pi. You can call us or write to us in the meanwhile to place orders. Apologies for the inconvenience.

      • Vincent says:

        I am seeing this error while trying to login to kite. Is there some maintenance happening even during trading hours?
        NEST gateway timed out.

        • Matti says:

          Hey Vincent, there was an issue during the last few minutes of trading yesterday due to which some logins were failing. We are looking into what caused this and will put in place measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

  23. Sameer says:

    Whenever I login to the kite app…I get an error message of “Invalid MarketWatch” ….and I am not able to add anything to the MarketWatch….plz help

  24. Sudarshan says:

    my query is regarding order placements. Suppose I place a SINGLE buy order for 10 lots of Nifty fut AT MARKET PRICE and it gets executed at 10 different prices. Will it be considered a single order or 10 independent orders? And will it be charged with brokerage of Rs 20(as single order) or Rs 200(10 orders)?
    And if the same is placed at a FIXED price of my choice then what happens?

  25. Yashas says:

    What’s exactly horizontal purple bar is ? how can i add it in my Kite3 ?

  26. Shilpa says:

    Regarding Kite3
    Correction required :
    Volume bar showing incorrect volume for running 5 min window/bucket.
    It gets corrected when I refresh chart manually.
    e.g I am watching NSE:Bhushan – 5 min chart on my computer , for running 5 min window/bucket chart is showing +500 k volume , after manual refresh it is getting corrected/change to 33 k

    Suggestion :
    It will be helpful if you can provide price change in terms of % along with absolute number in market watch & for NIFTY/SENSEX , presently it is available but we can select only any of them. It will be helpful if we can see both of them.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Shilpa, can you email a screenshot of the charts to social[at] Will have this checked. The reason for allowing only percentage or absolute change is to avoid clutter.

      • Shilpa says:

        Thanks for prompt reply.
        As required , screenshot of the charts “before manual refresh” & “after manual refresh” sent at [email protected] through my alternate email.
        Screenshots are as on 16th March at around 3:15 PM.

        For % change along with absolute change.
        You can add additional selection in MW settings. User will select what is best suitable to him.
        1> % change – Y or N
        2> Absolute change – Y or N
        3> % & absolute change – Y or N

        • Matti says:

          Hey Shilpa, have received your email but don’t see any valid attachments. Can you please attach .png or .jpg files only?

          • Shilpa says:

            Earlier it was sent as Excel attachment with picture.
            Now it is sent in png format , pl chk.
            2 png files attached ,
            1> Before manual refresh.
            2> After manual refresh.

  27. Atul says:

    Hello Zerodha,
    I request to add another feature in Kite(web).
    There are different colours available under the “Holdings” which represents the size comparison between “Investment, P&L and Current value” and on moving cursor on any of that color it shows the value also.

    If with that value it will show the percentage then this feature WILL definitely LOOK PERFECT.
    If will be easy to understand what percentage a specific scrip holds in the portfolio.
    I HOPE it helps in improving.

    Regards 🙂

  28. Govardhan says:

    Can you please let me know how to draw demand and supply zone effortlessly in Kite? If i use rectange tool, i want drag the rectangle towards right effortlessly in one click. Please advise.

  29. guru says:

    Dear Team ,

    Am getting the wrong data from Zerodha Kite for ex: as on 20th Feb 2018 Fortis intraday trade data as per NSE website is Pr. Close 137.50 ,open 133.20,High 148.00, Low 131.50 and “Close 146.40”.

    And as per Zerodha kite its Pr. Close 137.50,open 133.20, High 148, Low 131.50 and “Close 137.50”.
    The data displayed in numbers are different and not matching with the intraday graph data .
    same thing is happening with many scrips ,kindly look into it ,its very confusing .

    Thank you

    • Matti says:

      The OHLC that you see on the market depth shows the previous close. It is updated on the next day. However, the LTP will show the close price after market hours.

  30. Himanshu Gupta says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,
    I have opened my account before 10 days and trying to invest through Kite app, placed order in CNC category but there is no holdings showing in my account on next day (its been sold out on the same day of buying). Due to this issue i have to bear loss around 3k.
    Even, I did not get T+1 day settlement(Which was promised), Due to this i could not able to buy or sell today (6/2/18).
    I am facing issue from 31st jan 2018 and trying to reach my relationship manager and sent 2 mails also to customer support team, but i did not receive a single response from any one side till now.

    Kindly Support me to resolve my problem asap.


  31. Ashok says:

    Dear Team,

    In Kite Do we have short cut like F1(Buy),Sell(F2) like PI, instead of using mouse click for faster order placement ?

  32. Umesh Shingate says:

    Dear Sir,
    Unable to login on kite web and kite android.”MSG FAILURE”showing always.tried several times to login on chrome/IE.facing this problem couple of days.m a new user and disappointed with this.tried to login on kite3 also.
    pls reply.

  33. Narasimham says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your prompt replies to all members with a lot of patience.I need a small clarification on the following:
    1)How much amount I need to have in Zerodha trading account for investing towards Nifty fifty futures one lot on delivery basis.
    2)For equity investment on delivery basis I may have to keep 100% value in my trading account.Is this right?
    3)Will zerodha provides any margin for futures investment on delivery basis.
    Awaiting reply soon.Best regards.

    • Matti says:

      1. Check out the margin calculator. The margin requirements for MIS/NRML are listed for all futures.
      2. Yes, you’ll need full cash to hold stocks overnight.
      3. Futures are inherently leveraged products. The exchange has a set requirement of margin to be maintained for overnight positions, we charge this and nothing more.

  34. AceKumar says:

    I like to see all the details of my selected stocks on one page. Like LTP, Bid/Offer Price, % change, value change, total no of shares for buy/sell, holding (if any) and profits etc. is there any option to set up dashboard like this.

    Also I tried installing Pi on desktop but after entering the credentials and passing the security questions the app ust fails and wont open. Please look into it.

  35. Abishek says:

    I am not able to log in Kite android app / Kite web , getting an error message: ‘MSG_FAILURE’.
    Can you rectify this?

    • Matti says:

      Abhishek, this happens at times when we’re running our internal maintenance processes (generally on weekends or post-midnight on weekdays.) Login should work fine now.

  36. Yogendra says:

    Not able to log in Kite android app / Kite web ” MSG_FAILURE”

  37. Sandeep says:

    When I sold some stock lying in my account, it showed status Complete. But still it is showing in Open Position as negative and still showing last trade price with current profit/ loss amount. What does it mean ? Is it still not sold ? How can I know at what price my stocks were sold?
    I am not able to understand.
    Please reply.

  38. Namit Gupta says:

    Hi team,

    First of all thanks for the wonderfull platform.

    in the holdings section, could you please introduce the options to group holding under a single folder/umbrella. this can help in separating out the stocks based on long term, short term, zero cost etc.

    This can greatly help the users in managing their stocks.

    Hope to hear back from you.

    Namit Gupta

    • Matti says:

      Hey Namit. Yes, this is on our list of things to do. 🙂

      • Namit Gupta says:

        Thanks for the reply.

        I hope to get this features and many more like ‘Good till cancel’ type order facilities( Even if chargeable) in Zerodha and be a part of innovative platform and make Zerodha number one platform in india.

  39. NR says:

    MSG_Failure error @ 8 PM IST

    Whenever I try to Login to Zerodha Mobile App I get this error

    Whats the problem here ?

  40. Ash says:

    Lots of issues in current version of Kite in the past few days. What is happening with your applications? I called the support team and they weren’t of much help except for saying some backed up-gradation work is going on. How can you let that affect the front end? It affects people like me a lot.

    Issue :

    For example in Kite application, the positions tab is not reflecting “Average Price” and “P&L” at all and “Change” shows as NA. It shows as 0. You might want to look into the issue. I think the issue is common to many users, even my friend is facing the same problem. Also average prices are shown wrongly in the Holdings tab.

  41. Masud Bhai Parveze says:

    You are requested to updated following point i Zerodha kit.
    1. Watch list-Export & import option.
    2. Result data.

  42. D. Brahmareddy says:

    It is my suggestion. I saw your watch list . U are provided 5 watches and we can add only 20 scripts in each watch list. It is not giving good results to users. It takes lot of time to see LTP of script.

    Think practical, first I have to select a watch list and later i have to scroll down to see desired script. It takes lot of time.

    A trader can invest after watching more stocks when markets start. Please provide a facility to add unlimited scripts in single watch list. . Moreover provide a facility to search which scripts are increased and decreased by clicking on % of change.

    Is it possible what I said?

    I think it is possible what I said above practically if u put your efforts. Let me explain how it is possible. U have list of stocks trading in both NSE and BSE. U are providing live LTP to customers. Moreover you are provided kite Google chrome extension to buy and sell shares.

    If you maintain a separate page which contains all stocks in both NSE AND BSE with a facility to filter contains % of change in that day. Provide a facility to buy and sell shares with kite Google extension.

    Simply provide a facility like Google finance Watch list. In Google finance we can add unlimited scripts and more filters to search which scripts are gain and loss by changing the % of change.

  43. Nipun says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,
    Whenever i sell a stock from my holdings, my whole holdings for all stocks become zero.
    I have seen this issue every time i sell a stock.
    Please confirm and fix it.


  44. Premlata Kabra says:

    Hi Nitin Do we have pi (trading software) for macbook laptops (macbook air). if yes then please provide the details and link to download it. My Zerodha id is RP3278.


  45. NITESH SHARMA says:

    Hi Nithin ,
    I was trying to Sell Banknifty option @ 01 Pm Today and it was giving some error as RMS when i called helpline they said based on open interest this will be decided and you cannot traded on the same , i said OK but why the price keeps Moving then when there is a movement in bank-nifty , Also a request which can be fulfilled i guess can we have a one pager document with all the RMS error codes and there explanation on z connect so that we can easily refer to this . This will be of great Help and a real time explanation rather than the client calling helpline or putting a post on Z connect

  46. swapnil warekar says:


    Can someone pls help me with issue that i am facing. my account got opened and i got my credential too 2 days back
    however once i logged in i am unable to any market data the first page itself showing zero to all for all company(not seeing any data like Nifty an other companies flactuation rate.

    please please please assist me and solve the issue.

    make me like i can see the price moving dashboard as it is showing zero on market watch.

  47. Sanjib Mukherjee says:

    I am not able to do any trading in Equity and Cash Segment with a particular company bought through IPO recently.
    Giving error “You can’t trade this scrip. Exchange is not enabled.”
    How to fix this issue.

    • Venu says:

      The Equity Exchanges are already enabled on the account. Can you try selling the stock by adding it to the Marketwatch as against trying to sell it from holdings? This seems like a bug for IPO’s, I’ll report it and get it fixed.

  48. chess says:

    why Dixon Technologies was not showing in market watch search ,which listed today?

  49. NITESH SHARMA says:

    Hi Nithin ,

    Tried today with SL-M order explain me what the below error is and how to overcome this one

    rms:rule: check trigger price vs ltp for sl-m orders ,trigger price:388.15, ltp:390.20 for entity account-dn0569 across exchange across segment across product

  50. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Hi, If I buy call options of usd/inr spot price ₹64 and strike price ₹64.50 then how to calculate the amount i need to pay for option premium and also if at expiry i fulfill the contract how much i required to pay for such fulfillment of contract. Plz tell me

  51. NITESH SHARMA says:

    Hi Nithin ,
    One great Help Tell me how to get rid of this issue suppose i want to but a stock above certain price as an example Today i wanted to buy Castrol above 392 and i Place a SL Order @ 392 .10 But i see that the price reaches 993.90 but my order never gets executed . give me some solution for this please

  52. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Hey there, If i buy 10 lots of usd/inr in cash and hold it while making a loss of say ₹500 then the loss amount will definitely get deducted from my balance for that day. However if the opposite is true that if i have made a profit of ₹500 and still holding it ——–
    1. Will the amount get added back to my balance ?
    2. Will it be added back only when i sell it ?

  53. madhu says:

    madhu says:

    This facility is there in other d-mat accounts (ICICI, SBIS….etc) we can very the statement of credit and debit from there it self. Pl. provide details for every credit and debit amounts from account.

    September 4, 2017 at 10:19 am.

    September 2, 2017 at 2:24 pm.

    When we check Ledger from Q-office there is option to verify the credit and debit,
    When we check the data under credit/debit, it is not opening, data is not uploaded.
    Pl. upload the data how that number has arrived.

  54. Parag Chaukulkar says:


  55. madhu says:

    September 2, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    When we check Ledger from Q-office there is option to verify the credit and debit,
    When we check the data under credit/debit, it is not opening, data is not uploaded.
    Pl. upload the data how that number has arrived.

  56. madhu says:

    How to place the intra-day order there is no option in Buy format.
    There is only market, limit, stop loss and stop loss market.

  57. madhu says:

    When we check Ledger from Q-office there is option to verify the credit and debit,
    When we check the data under credit/debit, it is not opening, data is not uploaded.
    Pl. upload the data how that number has arrived.

  58. Neelima says:

    How to draw support and resistance in Kite.

  59. Neelima says:

    For intraday trading, how much leverage is allowed ? In some brokerage houses, if I have Rs.10,000 balance , then they allow to buy /sale shares amounting to Rs.1,00,000 in Intraday trades in cash market. What is the limit allowed in Kite in this regard ?

  60. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Will the new version of kite 3.0 have improved interface like detailed market watch, improved charts with line thickness adjustments etc ?

  61. SKD says:

    Kite has stopped working behind he proxy/office network from this Monday. What’s wrong? It has been working all along.

    • It might have to do with your company blocking it. Can you check.

      • SKD says:

        Additionally, Only live data streaming does not work. Chart loads but without current day’s data. However I can place/update orders and can see update in current positions (no live update, updates current loss/profit only when I click).

  62. muniraj says:

    हाय please add इन kite रसी indiceter ५० लाइन सरजी and please डेवलप kite as like tradingviwe वेब्बसे ट्रमिनल सिरजी
    ok नितिनजी

  63. suraj kumar says:

    Drawing tools are not coming in my kite web as well mobile app. is there any setting for that or something else, please resolve this issue.

  64. saprasath says:

    Please add sorting option for scrips in Kite Watchlist. Also, increase the limit per page from 20 to Higher

  65. Vinayak says:

    when login message coming MSG_FAILURE error what is problem

    • Venu says:

      You’re trying to login at a time when our day end process is running, it’s usually between 12:30 am – 3:30 am. You can login before/after such time.

  66. Mohammad Shariq says:

    I can i know day high/low/open in market watch for all stocks at one time , PI does not work at office , I have to refer google for this , this is very inconvenient . Please suggest what to do.

  67. NitinM says:

    I am one of your Zerodha Kite client. Today when i log on into kite, no holdings were showing. But when i checked it in Q zerodha, it shows my holding share there.

    Please tell me is that server issue or something different. I am new here, so worried little bit. Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Thank You.

    • Nitin, I am guessing you have opened the account by e signing online. In this case, you have to send us the physical POA form, for stocks to start showing up on Kite. You would have received an email when opening the account, make sure to print, sign and send this document.

  68. Balaji says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Can you please consider adding “Camarilla pivots” in Kite Charts? This is important levels for trader So i believe its essential for platform for Kite as well. Hope we get it soon?

    Also another query on Bracket Order:
    Lets say i Buy(long) 2 lots at price X using BO. (say SL1 / TGT1 orders placed automatically)
    Is there any way today to reverse the trade once that BO-SL is hit? Lets say i want to Sell(short) 3 lots now using BO.
    Meaning, when i enter 1st Buy position(2lots), can we give lot size as 5 lots so that 2 will close current position and i ll go short 3 lots automatically? And system can cancel TGT1 order and place new TGT2 order(for 3 lots short entry)

    Please clarify.


  69. MONI SHANAKR says:

    How do i add nifty 50 and bank nifty in watchlist in kite mobile software..I already searched with index name but the list appear does not contain nifty 50 and bank nifty..please resolve my problem asap

  70. chandru mehta says:

    Heym Nitin, When you guys will be releasing KITE 3.0 ? Plz do tell me

  71. Chandan says:

    Much pleased with zerodha.
    Would like to give one suggestion only.
    #1. Introduce a forum or something like money control have. They have monopoly there. And you can’t or I must say you can imagine how big HIT it can be . We already have so many kite users ,and people are searching for places to show others their market knowledge.????
    Thank you!

  72. QueryOnKite says:

    Can you please provide an option to download OHLC data from the kite. I know it’s there in PI, we could not use PI for daily use due to some firewall restrictions. The kite should be good.

    • hmmm… let me see if we can.

      • QueryOnKite says:

        Quick response. Thank you. Great products every seen. I recommend everyone in my circle. There is a lot to inspire from your innovative products and service.

        Another imp request from me which really irritates whilst seeing the OHLC price in the blue info box. Blue info box with OHLC is not holding even a sec. after placing the cursor on the candle, blue info box comes (when enabled) but with in 200milli seconds, it disappears. it really irritating when we want to observe the OHLC values. I thought it could have already been caught by you whilst testing. I request you to keep this info box permanent till we disable it or switch to another info view, but keep values changing while moving the cursor between the candles.

        • Venu says:

          That shouldn’t happen (the disappearing bit), the info box stays on till I move the cursor to another candle. Suggest you speak to someone at support on 080-40402020 who will help you resolve it.

  73. Mahesh Patil says:

    Thanks a Lot Nithin… for putting chart data in KITE now since Year 1996! … 🙂

  74. amar says:

    Please provide 2H TF charts in kite . Currently available in pi

  75. Nikhil Kumar Shaw says:

    Please do the following with kite
    1. enable the feature to change line thickness of all chart indicators like macd ema donchian channel etc.
    2. reduce the space between two stocks so that we can see more stocks at a time.

  76. Kunal Gandhi says:


    As a trader I want that I have a option to place stop-loss with the same buying order and also to place target for squareoff.

  77. Ashok says:

    Please advise if basket order is available in Kite ( could not see it). Thanks

  78. amar says:

    Please provide 2H time frame in kite . Currently available in pi

  79. Dinesh says:

    I had a suggestion for you. Can you please provide the Traders an alert over SMS or email if the share holders Toggle Price value gets upgraded/degraded to >=1/ <1, so that share holders no need to keep monitoring continuously over Kite website of there shares.

    • Yes, we are working on it.

      • Kiran says:

        Hi Zerodha,

        Current Kite interface looks good and so simple.
        but its good if we have additional page where we have all information like “Pi” software “Market Watch”.
        where we have columns symbol(stock name), %Change, LTP, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, bid qty, Ask qty…

        Currently in “Kite” web platform if we want to see volume then we need to load chart and we can see volume for one stock. We can’t see current volume for all market watch stock.

        Thank you for considering this additional page requirement,

        Thank you,

  80. Anupam Sadhukhan says:

    How can I add or view sensex in kite desktop or mobile version?
    accidentally i delete coin apps delete form kite mobile apps( apps menu) . how Can I add again in my kite mobile apps?

  81. Chan Pasha says:

    i have demat accoutn in hdfc. can i use SLB service of zerodha ?

  82. Dhirender says:

    At present the drawings for more than 10 stocks in watch list can not be saved even with save preference option as confirmed by support team. This is very annoying and kite should support saving drawings on all the stocks in the watch list so that the chart can be referred by the user for analysis.

    Zerodha, please incorporate this feature as early as possible.


  83. Kiran says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    Current Kite interface looks good and so simple.
    but its good if we have additional page where we have all information like “Pi” software “Market Watch”.
    where we have columns symbol(stock name), %Change, LTP, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, bid qty, Ask qty…

    Currently in “Kite” web platform if we want to see volume then we need to load chart and we can see volume for one stock. We can’t see current volume for all market watch stock.

    Thank you for considering this additional page requirement,

    Thank you,

  84. Tushar says:

    Sir, I want to request the addition of fibbonacci retracement in Kite platform as it is available in PI but missing from Kite…

  85. prem nayak says:

    I have to add nifty 9600 june call potions in kite trading platform,but in list it’s not show

  86. Deepak Kashyap says:

    I am having issues with the avg price calculation. It was fine till yesterday but today my avg price has increased automatically and my margine has also reduced.

  87. Debojyoty Datta says:

    1. How to find UNDCUR in kite ? is it there if not when will be available
    2. How to change the line thickness of inbuilt tools like supertrend macd etc ?

  88. Neelima says:

    A beginners query – In the Volumes chart, there are red and green bars which shows decrease and increase in volume respectively. I have also drawn a SA volume line for 10 days to know whether on a particular day, volume is above this line or below.
    What numbers are shown on the Yaxis in the Volumes chart ? Is this the volume ? That means the Y axis shows how much volume on particular day. In such a case, whenever there is green bar, it should be taller than the previous bar. But that is not the case. Many a times, it is smaller. Similarly whenever there is a red bar, it should be smaller than the previous bar, but actually it is not that.
    I know there is some very basic understanding problem at my end. But please explain

    • The volume bar is red or green based on whether that day stock went up or down. Yes, Y axis is volume.

      • Neelima says:

        That is alright. What I want to know is that in Y-axis, Volume is indicated. Now suppose on Day 1, the volume bar is red and the top of bar corresponds to, say for example, 40 on Y axis. That means on Day 1, the volume is lower than previous day and the total volume is 40. Is it correct ?

        Now on Day 2, the volume bar is blue and the top of bar corresonds to, say for example, 30 on Y-axis. How this can happen ? On Day 2, the bar is blue and hence volume should be more than 40. How the bar is blue but the volume can be low ?
        Kindly explain that.

      • Neelima says:

        You are saying that the bar is red or blue depending upon whether the stock went down or up on that day. What went down or up ? Volume or price. I think it should be volume because that is what comes when we plot the Volumes chart – it says – red means Volumes down and blue means Volumes up.

        • Yes, bar is red or green based on if stock went up or down.

          • Neelima says:

            Kindly read my question before replying. What is up or down – price or volume. If Volume then please answer my 2 queries given above.

            • My bad, missed the context of your question. Check this post, had answered earlier.

              • Neelima says:

                Sorry. Still not clear as my query was not answered in that post. Let me reframe my question with an example. Please note I am talking of Volumes chart :

                Day 1- Volume traded of the stock is 45000
                Day 2 – Volume traded of the stock is 50000
                Day 3 – Volume traded of the stock is 60000
                Day 4 – Volume traded of the stock is 42000
                Day 5 – Volume traded of the stock is 30000

                In such a scenario, in my opinion :
                1. Volume is represented in Y axis. Hence on Day 1, top of the bar will show 45000 on Y-axis.
                On Day 2 – it will show 50000 and so on
                2. Day 2 bar will be green and it will be higher than Day 1 bar
                3. Day 3 bar will be green and it will be higher than Day 2 bar
                4. Day 4 bar will be red and it will be lower than Day 1, 2 & 3 bars
                5 Day 5 bar will be red and it will be lower than Day 4 bar

                Please indicate whether my understanding is correct ?
                If correct, then it does not match with what is shown in Volumes Chart in Kite ?
                If not correct, then please indicate where I am wrong ?

                • Your understanding is wrong. The color of the volume bar has nothing to do with previous volume bar. It has got to do with how price behaved during that time period. If Day 2 closing price of stock was lower than Day 1 closing – it means it is a down day in terms of price. Hence volume bar for Day 2 will be red even though volume was higher on day 2.

                  • Neelima says:

                    Thanks. One part is clear. That colour of volume bar is based on closing price of stock.

                    But what does the height of the bar signify. Does that not relate to volume on Y-axis ? So if volume has increased then height of the bar should be more than the previous day ?

  89. Rahul Mulane says:

    For Bhushan Steel Stocks:

    In open positions it is Qty -20, P&L +110.
    But in holdings it is showing zero quantity.
    When I click on exit, it showing buying options first.

    Do I still own Bhushan Steel Stocks?

  90. Vipul says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Today I checked Bulletin and saw very IMP news about production issue like “Issues with live ticks” and other. Now i remember that I called to your customer care on that day and informed about this, strange is that he was not believing in me, he said its live price so it will be different from other platform. its is very nonsense answer given by that guy. I also have name of him but don’t want to publish in public.
    Second thing my Margin amount on Kite is showing wrong many time in a single day. one time i got it corrected by calling support guy, but i cannot do it every time. What is the issue with Margin amount (Fund available) on KITE ??

    • Can you email [email protected] with client ID and screenshot when you see the margin wrong.

      • Vipul says:

        I already did. here what they replied “We would like to inform you that because of bonus shares the percentage is showing like tat. The closing price is not adjusted in the kite. so it is showing differently. By end of teh day it will be corrected.”

        And for the Margin amount – “We would like to inform you that the balance is updated in the kite trading platform.”

        I am sorry to say that day-by-day your service and customer support are getting WORST.

  91. Mohan says:

    One suggestion for Kite to improve the way orders CO/BO can be placed.

    We should have an option to specify defaults as %age for SL and Target (in case of BO) and lot count.
    This should be at user profile level, not sure if this should be at script level, if %age then it does not make sense to be at script level.

    Then upon selecting the order type, the SL, Target, Trailing SL and QTY should be populated by default.
    This will help capture the closest price as seen on the watch and/or chart.

    Also similar to PI, can we have the order placement directly from chart? Not sure if it’s already there, but did not see any option so far on the UI.

  92. Abir says:

    I’m using a Mac and am having two problems using Kite.
    1) I am unable to retrieve charts on which I have worked upon. I need to repeat my effort every time.
    2) Unable to share – when I click on the button to generate an image, it just doesn’t respond.

    Shall appreciate if you could point me to a link that has this resolved or let me know where I’m going wrong.


  93. Prashant says:

    glad to that in sixty day challenge ,if we are in overall profit say only 20 rupee.
    Will my brokerage of 6000 will be forgiven (MEANS I WILL RECEIVE 6000 IN MY ledger) and i will get that certificate of appreciation hard copy ??

  94. Neelima says:

    I am interested in cash segment only and not in F & O at present. Further, my investment horizon is from 2-3 days to 2-3 months. Now in case I want to short a Nifty 50 stock, will it be possible ? What will be procedure on T+2 day as the stock is not in my account. How my short position can be carried forward from one settlement to another ? This is a very rudimentary question but as I am new, need clarifications.

  95. Neelima says:

    I made a reference on 03 June to MACD concept as explained in Technical Anlaysis from Zerodha Varsity. Karthik on 4 June 2017 replied that the chapter on MACD will be suitably modified in a couple of days. Has this been done ?

  96. Arun Mittal says:

    “You can’t trade this scrip. Exchange is not enabled”
    Getting above message, how to resolve and trade the scrip?

  97. Mohan says:

    If I use heikin ashi on Kite, how do I see real value at that moment?

  98. Mohan says:

    The ADX/DMS on Kite, is it possible to add “Show Zone” lines similar to RSI.
    Also on PI, do not see indicator under Study.
    Any pointer for the same?

    • siva says:

      I believe for ADX it is not necessary to have zones as it not an oscillator like RSI and it will be in narrow range for most of the times as compared to RSI. To get a better view you can select shading while adding ADX.
      On Pi it is called as directional movement system.

      • Mohan says:

        Thanks Siva for the reply.
        Just observed that the lines are drawn on kite for 0, 25, 50, 75 so they are pretty much there just that I was not able to see the legends since the values balloons at the right side are overlapping.
        Actually these balloons can be bit more on the right, or may be like PI, the value in the area can be displayed in the info area.

  99. Praveen says:

    Please share how pivot points Fibonacci calculation is done in kite.Since i can see difference in pi and kite.
    Please post the formula with some examples.
    Please reply ASAP.
    Thank you.

  100. Prashant Tiwari says:

    Dear sir,

    i would really love to know why zerodha gives too little LIMIT on most of the equity stocks as compared to other trading sites like angel broking etc.

  101. Benny says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Kindly consider the following changes in your next kite release:
    1. Margin calculator inside the buy/sell window for the selected script
    2. Option to open multiple buy/sell window. Currently only one window is possible.
    3. Make buy/sell window as floating window

    Thanks & Regards

  102. Neelima says:

    I am comfortable with a few candlesticks patterns like Marubozu, bullish engulfing, morning star, evening star etc. I have a universe of about 50 stocks in which I want to limit my study and trading. All these scrips are there in my market watch in Kite.

    I want to know whether there is any method by which I can give command to notify me the stocks out of my universe of 50 stocks which are forming my chosen candlesticks patterns. I mean I want to avoid opening chart of each stock and studying it to find out whether any pattern of my choice is formed or not.

  103. Neelima says:

    When I select 1 day chart, then when I plot 9 EMA and 21 EMA, it refers to 9 days EMA and 21 days EMA. In other words, it is EMA of 9 candlesticks and 21 candlesticks respectively.

    Now if I select 5 min chart, then when I plot 9 EMA and 21 EMA, does it refer to EMA of 9 and 21 candlesticks of 5 min each ?

  104. Neelima says:

    I have a few queries regarding chart available in Kite. Please don’t mind if they are quite basic as I have just started and finished reading both the module of Technical Analysis from Zerodha

    1. How to draw Support and Resistance in Kite.
    2. In Pi, there is a facility to draw 10 day SMA line on Volume Chart to know whether volume on a particular day is above or below that average. I could not find such a facility in Kite. How to do that in Kite.
    3. While going through MACD and 9 day Signal line, I found one thing a bit confusing. It is written on page 57 that “the sentiment is bullish when 9 day SMA signal line crosses the MACD line wherein the 9 day SMA is greater than MACD line”. In fact in picture at page 58, the opposite is correct. Hence please clarify the concept. I think when 9 day SMA crosses MACD line, it is a bearish sign. Am I correct ?

    • 1. Check this link.
      2. You can do that on kite too, Check this.
      3. Where are you seeing these page numbers. In moving average studies, when lower crosses higher, it is a buy and vice versa.

      • Neelima says:

        Thanks for point 1 & 2. I could do it.
        Regarding point 3, I am referring to page no. 57 & 58 of Chapter -15 of Technical Analysis downloaded from Zerodha Varsity.
        I do understand the concept of Moving Average and implication of its cross-over. I am confused with MACD and 9 day Signal line. As per my understanding and charts, when 9 day line crossed MACD line and becomes greater than MACD line, it is a bearish sign and the stock price is anticipated to fall. However, what is written in the Chapter is exact opposite. Please explain.

        • Neelima, I think I’ve inadvertently goofed up MACD section. Will fix it very soon. Request you to kindly check back in couple of days.

          • Neelima says:

            Thanks. If possible, please let me know when it is done. By the way, the two modules of Technical Analysis from Zerodha Varsity is perhaps the best available practical literature on TA. I found it extremely useful and for the first time got interested in TA. Good luck.

  105. Vipul says:

    I suggest to have TWO separate columns for CNC & MIS charges in Contract notes (Combined) under NSE-EQ for better understanding. Also prefer to see % applied to calculate charges. e.g STT (0.1%) , Transaction charges (NSE: 0.00325%)

  106. Bidyut Biswas says:

    This newer version of Kite for viewing chart is little different from the older version.
    However I didn’t find any difference in the pattern apart from few display features has been changed.

    Dear Nitin,
    It will be a great help if you can restore the old version of kite for viewing charts, where the breakup of each of the studies can be easily identified, this newer version is little less user friendly as per my opinion.
    I am not an expert with trading, however I found this newer version more whitesh & little difficult in reading all the details while using a laptop, which make it really hard for me to study the market. As PI is not working in my laptop, hence I am only dependent on Kite platform, which I found it quite interesting & great. I would also like to thank you for making such a bold & helpful approach in making trading platform over chrome, against the old traditional share trading platform. That’s really a great help for all of us.

    Any update upon this newer version of kite for chart viewing will be great help.

    Thank you for your kind help & support in advance.


  107. Haridas says:

    Hi Nithin,
    If some one have position in banknifty options with quantity 4000, and he wants to sq up position using EXIT tool in kite, will it get execute in single trade as freeze quantity 2500 ??

  108. Vipul says:

    I like your Kite application. One suggestion- Can u add LTP column (last traded price) between ‘Price’ and ‘Product’ columns in “Open Order windows”. it will become very easy to see current Price of share and Modify our Order accordingly if require.

  109. Vivek Kishan says:

    Hi, Is there a reason why sensex index is not available in market watch under kite?

  110. Nageen Basha says:

    When is the release date of native iOS app for kite sir ?

  111. viju_1105 says:

    I am holding 2shares of TCS.I have received offer letter and tender form from tcs showing that I am entitle for zero shares.I believe that I can still offer my 2 shares for buyback.Please let me know the procedure for to participate buyback.

  112. Nageen Basha says:

    Hello there any plan on ipad application for kite zerodha ??

  113. Sanjeev says:

    Let us assume orderd Qty is 100. If partial Qty say 10 is executed, the Qty will be displayed as 10/100 in Orderbook in Kite. Now if we try to edit the price, a small window will open that will display the order qty as 90. If only price is edited without changing the Qty, the Qty in Orderbook becomes 10/90. If we again try to edit the price, the order Qty in the small window will be displayed as 80. If price is edited without changing the Qty, the Qty in Orderbook becomes 10/80. It should remain 10/100 in orderbook. Similarly the small window should display ordered Qty (i.e. 100) in a similar way as displayed in Pi.

  114. Navneet says:

    I don’t know why u r deleting my post for order pending issue which is still not solved and make us terribly frustrated while modifying order after 3 pm. Either it shows verifying pending order for much large time or shows error in red that pls refresh your order book but even after refreshing order book we r unable to modify order for a long time and miss our required price.

    Pls now do not say the problm is solved or is temporary as I get it daily after 3 pm.

    Also don’t delete this post.

    • Mallikarjunarao says:

      I too was at the receiving end due to this issue; Very frustrating inspite of many refreshes/logout/login etc. Customer is losing due to so many non-responsive issues in Kite of late. Any solution in sight, Zerodha.

      Moreover, Zerodha squaring off price is being different from that of the exchange. This is unwarranted.

  115. SHATABDI GHOSH says:

    Hello Support Team,

    I had few queries, please extend your help to get answer,

    I want to download OHLC + Volume data of any script from your platform.
    I generally use Kite Platform.

    Is it possible to download data from your platform?
    If yes how we can download in .csv or .xls format ?
    How long is past data available?
    Can I download 1/5/15 mins timeframe?
    Do I need to pay any extra charges for data?

  116. Snehal Dharmshi says:

    My Client Code is ZO4891

    I want to tender my TCS shares for buyback.

    Please tell me how to put order in Kite for TCS buyback.

  117. Manas says:

    Add Buy & Sell button like pi on chart and Also give us quantity setting for a fix quantity every time it is start from 1 take more time and add all the normal indicator like stochastic oscillator
    waiting for changes soon

  118. Shanmugam says:

    Kite – “MSG failure” – shown after entering password.

  119. Sanjeev says:

    Suppose 10 out of 100 Qty is executed. Qty is displayed as 10/100 in Kite. Now if only price is edited, Qty becomes 10/90. If price is again edited, Qty becomes 10/80. I wish it should remain 10/100 similar to Pi.

  120. Thiyagarajan S says:

    Dear Nithin,
    @ KITE Mobile App
    1. If we swipe by mistake on a STOCK, it is DELETED without confirmation.
    2. When we ADD a stock in a page, the same STOCK can also be ADDed in other pages. Is it possible to integrate all the stocks in a single page @ WATCH LIST
    3. Is it possible to integrate the LOGIN using biometric or PASSCODE to avoid Password & Questions every time.
    4. Unable to view holding list separately Eg. KITE, Small Case & Coins in Mobile App.
    5. Is it possible to have FUND ALLOCATION separately for EQUITY (KITE), SMALL CASE, COIN & MCX. Should also have easy switching between options.
    Thanks in advance.
    Thiyagarajan S

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Thiyagarajan,

      1) There is also an undo button if you wish to add it back.
      2) Each market watch can have 20 Stock * 5 marketwatches
      3) The 2 Factor Authentication is a requirement by the exchange for retail trading platforms.There is no option to disable this at the moment.
      4) It is possible to check >> Click on Holdings >>on the top-right select the drop-down to choose — Kite,smallcase or Mutual funds.
      5) The fund for Equity can be utilised for EQ, smallcase & Mutual funds. You’ll have to separately transfer funds to the Commodity account to trade in MCX. SEBI has clearly mandated that equity/commodity balances have to be kept separately.

      • Thiyagarajan S says:

        Thanks for your reply

        1) There is also an undo button if you wish to add it back.
        >>> Got it, but if we can have a confirmation before deletion, it would have been much better.

        2) Each market watch can have 20 Stock * 5 market watches
        >>> Understood but stock listing duplication is possible, pls see if it can be avoidable

        3) The 2 Factor Authentication is a requirement by the exchange for retail trading platforms. There is no option to disable this at the moment.
        >>> Understood.

        4) It is possible to check >> Click on Holdings >>on the top-right select the drop-down to choose — Kite,smallcase or Mutual funds. (iOS App)
        >>> I’m unable to see a drop down at HOLDING tab in android version.

        5) The fund for Equity can be utilised for EQ, smallcase & Mutual funds. You’ll have to separately transfer funds to the Commodity account to trade in MCX. SEBI has clearly mandated that equity/commodity balances have to be kept separately.
        >>> I got it but within EQUITY, if it is possible to allocate further, it will be easy to plan for the investments.

        Thank you
        Thiyagarajan S

  121. Adithya says:

    How long will an account take to open once the zerodha sales people have received my courier with all the required documents ( since i am not KYC verified ..but i’ve aadhar and PAN card ) ?

  122. Rohit says:


    New kite update is very pathetic on mobile phones. It saves the preferences with quotes name, i.e if i saved preference with abc stockand now if i want open chart of xyz stock from market watch then it open chart of abc stock. Search features is not enabled for mobile phones.

  123. Karthik says:

    Hi !
    The latest update of Kite has some bugs please fix the problem ASAP, some of the bugs that noticed are
    1. If had i applied some tools and saved the preferences it doesn’t get saved at all. Again i need to add those tools.
    2. If i open 10mins of NIFTY and open an another CRUDE for example it goes back to 1mins again i need to change it to 10mins this was not the case in previous build.
    3.The latest problem i have been facing is whatever chart i try to open it opens the same old chart, ex like if i CRUDE chart and again open NIFTY it still shows the CRUDE chart this annoying i have cleared all the cache and history even i had uninstalled and installed the Application still i am facing the same problem in KITE mobile app.
    4.Please try to add the Days separtor gridlines at the back of the chart it annoying to see grid boxes. These previous build at an option to keep the charts plain and neat.
    5.Each time when i open a new chart i need to select info button to get OHLC which is also time consuming.
    6.Moreover the Tech support lines are always busy it takes almost 5mins for them to answer the call.

    I am not to open different charts help me with this.
    Hope you resolve the issues

    Regards ,

  124. Viro says:

    Dear Team,

    on mobile app kite
    By default chart opens with 1M time frame ( earlier it used to take last opened time frame ) hence every time when I open chart it opens with 1Min time frame and then need to change it manually , this is delaying the daily operation. Please keep it like earlier.

    • Viro, when you open the chart and change the time frame to your choice, either wait for 60 seconds or click on save layout preference. The next time you change, it will pick up last time frame selected. Check this post.

  125. Nagraj S says:

    Team at Zerodha,

    Why fix something which is not broken !!!
    The new features seem to slow down Kite. I am not sure how it will respond during volatile days. I hope you guys test the software before you release. for ex. on the bottom right there are different time frams – 1 day, 5 day, 1 month etc. but if you click on those, I get 5 mins, 1 hour and 4 hour…
    on the marketwatch list, I used to get the cursor immediately and I could see the chart just by clicking the icon, now I have to wait for the menu option to pop up..
    I have not seen the other features.. but this is a complete put off.

  126. D.omprakash says:

    Hi my I’d DO0042. Omprakash. New kite version no chart pop up options enabled.kindly fix this

  127. sk says:

    Would be nice to have edit option in Annotation.

    best wishes

    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… We’ll check if this is possible. However, since these tools are built by ChartIQ, can’t be definitive.

  128. Kiran says:

    Hi Zerodha, Nice chart with new look. Popup chart option is available on right side top corner,But it is not working. Drawings on a particular chart disappear when we open it again. Please correct this

    • Matti says:

      Hey Kiran,

      Please clear your browser cache once. The pop-out option should work fine. We’re having the save preferences bit worked on right now, and it should be fixed soon.

  129. Nikhil says:

    the new Kite charts look good BUT!! my drawings on a particular chart disappear when I open it again, unlike previously when they used to be saved on the chart automatically.
    Please correct this as soon as possible, it is a major hindrance for me.

  130. Dhamu says:

    Hi Zerodha, Welcome to nice and fresh update of Kite chart. Its looks young and user-friendly. But you should add Price alert and Buy & Sell tab on the chart itself.
    Also the scrips can view in chart whichever added in the Market Watch. When we want to study some other stock which has not added in the Mark. Watch, that oops! I was expecting particularly this update from Zerodha.
    I Hope we’ll get the same soon!

    • Matti says:

      Thank you for the feedback. We’re working on alerts and buy/sell buttons to the chart. Also, the search is something that is designed by ChartIQ, the charting vendor we use for Kite. So, it’d take some time for this to change.

  131. v ramamoorthy yadavar says:

    Dear zerodha,
    I have written on 29/4/17,about the volume profile indicator being opaque and as a result cannot see the chart underneath it.Still it is not resolved,today being trading day,I am loosing opportunity to trade.This should be solved as soon as possible.Also the pop up button is missing in the chart.

    • Matti says:

      Yes, we’re aware of the this and are working on a fix. Should be resolved soon. Pop-up option is available. Please clear the browser cache once, you’ll be able to see it.

  132. krishna says:

    Dear zerodha,

    I am user of kite platform. Instead of making the earlier version more user friendly, You made the newer version much complicated. Here is my personal view on the newer version.

    1) The main drawing tool option appears on the right side of the screen, while the drawing options itself appear on the left side. Is there any reason to have them separated ? This doesn’t look elegant.

    2) visual appearance of the chart itself is not appealing. would be better if one have options to have the candles displayed in color of choice. Don’t have to provide 100 s of shades, basic colors like blue, black , white, red and green should be enough to easily identify price fluctuation in the chart. With this pattern of just green and red it is not readily noticed.

    3) in the new platform, all the drawing tools were clubbed under one icon and arranged according to alphabets… please separate them according to Lines, patterns, icons and annotations indicated by common symbol. .. you know better.
    4) It would be nice to also provide buy/sell options in the popup window itself. as that avoids users to go back to market watch.
    Hope my suggestions make sense and will be taken into consideration. just want help in improving user experience.

    best wishes,

    • Hi, check this link, have made a note of all things new on the update.

      1. Only if you select the drawing tool does the other option get enabled. This essentially means some more space for the main charts.
      2. There is a dark theme when you have popped out the chart.
      3. Hmm.. it is easier to search if there alphabetically, especially now that there are more drawing tools.
      4. Yes, this update is going to happen soon.

      • Krishna says:

        Hi nithin,

        I do know zerodha is working on to to make it easier platform. thank for your effort.

        1) To be honest, You could add all the tools in the drawing tab, and you dont have to have a separate select option on the left side. And by the way, select option tab is consuming more space, rather it could yet least be included on the top where you have more space in the middle between “search symbol” tab and “time frame option”. Hope this space is used well. 🙂

        2) the darker theme was nice, it was improved with different shades of green and red. good job! was nice for the eyes and easy to pick the direction.

        3) I dont agree with alphabetical order of placing drawing options. let me explain. Lets say I want to draw a line, where all the tools corresponding to line, ray, continuous line are separated by the platform itself rather than top to bottom alphabetical search by the user. In another example, if i have to insert a symbol, i dont have to read all the list from top to bottom instead, i can look by the symbol in the separate symbols tab and insert it.

        4) thanks for the option of buy and sell in the popup window. excited !

        Best wishes,

      • sree krishna says:

        Hi nithin,

        Renko chart is not working based on manual entry of box values, If i Select nifty renko chart box size is getting auto calculated and shown as 6.45 but if i want to change to 10 its not getting updated in the chart.
        Previously the chart used to work fine before the update, After you had updated new issue had popped up.

      • suraj singh says:

        Kite for Android is not having real time tracking of market, I lost lot of money due to that. If current market goes down then also in chart it would be showing previous rates,that’s makes a lot of confusion.

  133. v ramamoorthy yadavar says:

    Hello team Zerodha,
    I have noticed in the new kite chart,which you have introduced today,when you add the volume profile indicator in the chart,it is opaque,and you cannot see the chart underneath it.In the earlier version,it was transparent and you could see the chart underneath it.Please rectify the problem and make it transparent so that we analyse the chart in the proper way.

  134. Shashwat Shah says:

    Hello team Zerodha,

    I am unable to add sensex in my marketwatch list. Kindly assist me with this issue.
    Awaiting reply

  135. KAJAL says:


  136. Krishnas says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Is there any possibility ,that cover order with limit like Pi,and BO in MCX?

  137. ronak says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am a member of zerodha family since two months and I must tell you that after knowing about your journey and experiencing the various platforms of zerodha, I was kind of admirer but recently happened two issues changed my opinion completely 180 degree.

    First incident is of 06 Apr 17 when I placed a BO of Bank Nifty FUT APR and when my target order hit exchanged I got a cancelled status on my kite app. i could see my profit converting in to huge lose. there was no option coming for placing of exit order for entire trading time left and error was shown as “ORDER CANCELLED DUE TO OPEN INTEREST VIOLATION”. further I tried many time support but no success as it was constantly busy. Next day when I spoke one of support executive, he told it was problem with many other users too and they will have to square off the position manually when market ope. I must tell you sir, It was a great shock. first bracket order didnt executed as it is suppose to be, second once order cancelled no order was reflected in my order book to exit the position. And when it can only be done manually by broker, to my surprise number was contentiously busy. I have approached support multiple times and sent them entire screen shots but no satisfactory reply and they told me to bear the loss. this is literary looting of people and their hard erned money.

    2 second problem is of not able to login to KITE WEB platform and regular message of ” MSG Failure ” is coming. Again no support provided by support.

    I request kindly personally look into above issues as it broke my trust on zerodha

    thanking you in anticipation.

  138. Malavika says:

    Can you please publish the kite in grey or black theme. It is impossible to look at the current white background for a very long time…it is so damaging to the eyes.

  139. Ramesh says:

    Hi Sir i want to know how to transfer funds equity to commodity

  140. Nitesh Sharma says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Are we planning to bring IPO option soon enough in Zerodha?

    • Venu says:

      Brokers who aren’t banks can’t offer IPO services since SEBI has made it mandatory that all IPO applications be made through ASBA. If you have internet banking, you should be able to apply for any IPO quiet easily. You can use your Zerodha demat account to receive allotment of shares through IPO.

  141. Vijay says:

    Is there a alerts possible on kite when buy signal occurs on chart
    Exp :- supertrend ea changes to buy from sell of reliance stock I need an alert on my mobile at the sametime it does,nt matter I use pi or kite but alert should be sent on my mobile through sms

  142. Hima Pallela says:


    I recently opened account with Zerodha, i have been using the Kite platform since a month. I would like to share my review.
    I have bad experience with the platform & there is always a problem with fund transfers/withdraws, account balance. I called the support more than 10 times in a month to resolve the issues. The platform is not matured & it has lot of technical problems. I’m customer of ICICI Direct since 2012 and i never called them till now for any issues.

    I understand you are proving the free brokerage on delivery based trading, but if it costs peace of mind, i’m ready to pay the delivery charges & i will prefer other trading platforms than Zerodha.

    Hima Pallela

    • Venu says:

      No intention to cause any inconvenience. When you make neft or an imps transfer we are dependent on the banks to share the account details based on which we give credits. HDFC, our bankers did an update to their core banking application because of which a few things broke. We re trying our best to update funds at the earliest. Meanwhile may I suggest using the payment gateway to transfer funds at a nominal cost where the credit is instant.

  143. Vinit Taware says:

    my Kite android app is not working.
    I tried with uninstalling app 2-3 times but same issue is happening.I am having android 7.0 & Moto G5 mobile
    Please resolve

  144. Rohit Parchure says:


    Can we get feature like – search stock by NAME in the stock dropdown list when we open chart in other window, currently we need to scroll and look for the stock of which we want to open up a chart that is so time consuming.

    I am just eagerly waiting for this to have.


  145. Samrit says:

    I am a new user on Zerodha. Shifting from different trading platform was a bit tricky for me, so I decided to try ‘Kite’ instead of ‘Pi’ for initial period.
    The interface of Kite is really great. I guess Kite was developed to be more amateur friendly. But there is no option to Choose Exchange from the Order Panel. And secondly BSE indices are not available on Kite. So to keep an watch on Indices I have to shift to other websites or keep Pi open on the background for the Floating Index Panel, which is not very appreciable.

  146. Abdul says:


    i wanted to trade using Zerodha Kite app, one stumbling block i noticed though i haven’ t done any research is that while placing F&O order or any order for that matter, i dont get to see the current price. While trading in leveraged products i think it is very important to know the likely price at which the order would be executed.

    would appreciate your guidance on the same.


  147. Krishnas says:

    Hi Nothing,
    Please check these screen shots of Reno charts of same box size ,but different time frame ,one is day another is 10 minutes..

    • Krishna, yes like I said the box size changes when you change the time frame. You can measure the box size by hovering your mouse. I know it is not an ideal behavior, but this gives user an option to change box size using those time frame drop down quickly.

  148. krishnas says:

    Dear sir,
    In Renko charting time frame will also work? While Iam checking crude chart of one hour and one day , it is showing different though I am using same box size…can you please clarify my Doubt?

  149. Narasimham says:

    Dear Sir,
    Kite is a very good user friendly platform for trading and thanks for providing such an excellent platform to all the members.However I need a small advice.Can we see a particular day candle chart of one month back period with zooming facility as it is not possible at my end which presumably due to unaware of the facility and hence please guide me as to how to do it .Some time it becomes necessary to see 10/15days back daily charts to find out certain details on trading done during that day.

  150. MM says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can you please add the feature where in we can export the watch list scripts to excel spreadsheet. This will help us in tracking our scripts price changes.


  151. Ajay says:

    How do I remove the supertrend indicator that I have applied to my chart? I cannot seem to be able to right-click it like, say, MA. What to do?

  152. krishnas says:

    In Renko charting,plotting any size of box we are able to see only five days ?can’t we see more days?

  153. Shadab Khan says:

    Is basked order feature available on any of the zerodha’s trading platform ?. its bit weird that zerodha aspires to lure in professional traders and doesnt have this critical feature , atleast i dont see it any of the available apps of zerodha

  154. Cherian K says:

    That’s really nice to know.. Thanks Nitin!

  155. Cherian K says:

    Hi Nitin,

    In Kite platform, when I try to draw support/resistance lines on chart , the changes are not getting saved.

    Suppose I draw 3 support/ resistance lines, out of luck maybe one of the lines gets randomly saved. Why is this happening?

    It’s kind of irritating when you have to do all of that over and over again. It’s the most basic thing anybody would like to have on their charting tool. I’m not sure if I’m missing something here.. Are there any button/link etc to save the changes we make every-time? Any help regarding this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  156. veeresh says:

    When i open the Kite, it is not showing the ToolBar properly. Is there is setting or something, i tried it in chrome. It only showing up as RED ribbon in the top of the screen where usually the ToolBar should have been shown. Please help.

  157. Abhijit says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Does KITE have the API to buy/ sell Bonds (all categories)? Please let me know.


  158. Rohit Parchure says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can we add search when we kay in stock name in Market Watchlist, I am just eagerly waiting since few months.


    • Hmm.. I didn’t get you. You can search for stocks in the watchlist.

      • Rohit says:

        I mean, search the stock name to get the chart, when we open chart in other window. currently we need to scroll donw and up to get the chart of the equity we need, takes much time in live market conditions.

  159. MM says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can you please add a feature in the Kite Platform where in, we get a privilege to choose what tabs we want to see on our Kite Platform.. Basically there should have an option where we can customize and remove the tabs we dont need (Positions. Holdings, Funds, Etc),… Basically i want to remove positions tab from Kite while trading such that idea is to focus more on process rather than P&L.


  160. Sharad says:

    Hello Nitin Sir,

    I have query regarding bracket order(BO). Why bracket order shows too many different orders with different quantities.

    Can you make sum and show consolidated order in one order of all quantities , so it can be easy for modification of trigger price and target price.

    Its very difficult to modify when its executes in no of orders.

    Thank you..

  161. Plaban says:


    It would love to be able to download price/tick data from Kite. Any chance this could happen?

  162. rahul says:

    Hi Nithin, Is there any link or list of features that are coming in Kite? Is it possible to put alert in kite for different rules like price, volume etc?
    where do you maintain whats new for your different product?

  163. Goutam Hebbar says:

    Hey I wanted to test kite before I open an account with you. Can I get a demo account ID to login on Kite & check how it works. YouTube videos doesn’t give real experience, that’s why I’m asking

  164. Renju S says:

    Hi Nithin,

    The stability of Kite platform is a bit scary. It is not working properly for past few days. Even as i type now, the platform is not working – Data is not being fetched and we are logged out.


    • Benny says:

      Hi Nithin,

      I think all are facing same problem including me. Please concentrate on building a steady platform rather than building a non functioning useless robost platform. Otherwise zerodha’s name will be spoiled.


  165. Lalit says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is Kite under development for Android wear (Smartwatch Operating System) ?

    • Lalit says:

      Do you have any near future plan to make Kite working on Android wear or any other application which will show real time market rates on it ?

  166. kamlesh soni says:

    please add awesome oscillator in PI
    because kite is hang sometimes

  167. Vijay says:

    Hi Nitin and Team,

    Now a days i am facing issues with charts.
    I have created multiple tabs in charts, but unable to view them. can you please look in to the issue.


  168. Madhusudhan G says:


    Is it possible to place AFO in Kite? If yes kindly guide me how to do it.

  169. Benny says:

    Hi Nithin,

    How to save the chart template. For example i need to save different chart templates for different scripts. The ‘+’ at the right bottom is saving it with a name, but next time I login it is not showing anything there.

  170. Parth says:

    I did trading from 4th Jan 2017 to 3rd March 2017. I started with a corpus of 1,25,000 and ended with 1,33,342.
    I want to know the daily closing portfolio values and cash available at the end of each day. Is there a way to do it?

  171. Sameer says:

    Hi Team Zerodha,

    Kite web as well as Kite mobile app, both are really excellent and path-breaking; which can be easily and quickly used for on the go trading. But currently I am in real need of Basket order, which unfortunately is not provided on both Kite web and mobile app.
    The basket order feature is there for Kite Publishers, then why is it not there on kite web/app?
    My humble request, Please add the basket order feature to Kite as early as possible.

    Thanks & Regards,

  172. Noble says:

    Hi Team,
    I am not able to use the shortcuts like B, S, C in kite.
    Tried both in Firefox and Chrome.
    Please advise.

    • Bhuvanesh.r says:

      Use the arrow buttons to select the stock/contract you would like to perform an action on and press the corresponding keys, it will work.

  173. manjit says:

    What is the problem about msg_failure even enter right password . I don’t know how trade with this irritating problem please treatment of this disease and tell what can I do for this problem

  174. MANOJ says:

    when will we have gtc order (good till cancelled order) in zerodha kite/pi. Or is there any other facility which enable use to put stoploss order for delivery based trading. kindly let me know

    • Nikhil A says:

      We’re working with our OMS vendor, Thomson Reuters, to make GTC orders available, but it’ll take some time. For now, I’m afraid you’ll have to place fresh orders each day.

  175. MANOJ says:

    can we directly open chart of any stock on kite by clicking any company name on If not, could we expect such facility in near future. Because I like interface of kite than pi. in pi there are already marketwatch like nifty 50, nifty midcap 50.
    so I used to watch From there by looking at small small chart of multiple companies I used to get an idea which chart is worth to be analysed more. but problem is that i have to add it in kite, which is irritating. I hope I made you understand what i m trying to say.

  176. K Pappan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I love the Kite app, its so easy to use and allows me to trade on the move.
    Can I suggest one improvement which would make a big difference in navigation?

    In the Kite app, on the marketwatch page, can you put a footer at the bottom (just like the footer on the web version of Kite) to chose/switch between the 5 windows?
    Currently switching marketwatch windows is a 2-click process….if you could make it single click that would be fantastic as in trading each second counts!

    Hope this is doable.
    Otherwise, you guys are doing a fantastic job..Kudos!

  177. S.KUMAR says:


    How to add mcx last month contract in kite . i want to see eod chart.

  178. shiv says:

    your chart is very confusing and difficult to understand. kindly make it like moneycontrol or similar.
    it should show the trend with respect to time.

  179. Naga says:

    Hello Zerodha,

    it has been 6 days and there is no response for the real issue posted. neither the customer support team responding properly.
    my main query is Chrome browser has issues with changing the Views. when i click on a specific view nothing happens.. this was working earlier 2 months ago.
    when i contacted support@Zerodha, they asked share screen after doing that, support team asked me to send screen shot and tell what is happening… now you guys tell me how can a user take a screen shot of a button /link (shown in views row) which is not working? the screen shot only shows error on graphical display cannot evidence not working buttons and links.

    from email i was recommended to try mozilla..
    these are not solutions.
    Firefox is slower than chrome and not compatible with many of popular websites !
    advantage of Chrome is it much stabler than IE and firefox.

    • The charting library is from a vendor (chartiq). We have just received an update from them which claims to have a fix for this on chrome. Give us 3 to 4 days more for this.

      • Naga says:

        Thank you so much Nithin.
        I have one more issue observation on Margin calculator.. it misses out weekly Bank Nifty option margin calculation options. I mean if i want to know the margin reqd for Bank Nifty weekly options .. the drop down does not show these weekly option.. could you accommodate this also.

      • Naga says:

        Hi Nithin,
        i visited , they do have technology to implement “Trade from chart” for HTML5 technology..
        can we expect this on to Kite in future.


  180. AKN says:

    I have some clarifications required regards to my account with Zerodha.
    When calculating the account details and balance feels there is some mis match..
    whom should I contact to get it rectified?
    Could you pls provide the contact details aswell..

    • can u email [email protected] with your client ID

      • AKN says:

        Hi Mr.Kamath,
        Asper ur advice I have a sent a detailed email to support@zerodha and till the time there is not any updates.I think I sent this on 15th and I hope i got one acknowledgement email like token issued or something.Yesterday again reminded them with an email and no response at all.The query regarding to the account balance mis matching like when I remove my losses, your brokerage charges and other charges from my capital, the balance as per my calculation and zerodha calculations are entirely different. Almost 100K plus difference..So need a clarification on this.I have sent then with all details..Awaiting an update from your side.. Cheers

  181. ARUN says:

    Hello zerodha team.
    Other discount brokers provide more margin. Why don’t you??

  182. Naga says:

    Hello Zerodha,

    Kite is undoubtly the leading web trading platform. From my experience i would like to recommend few changes that would make it much better.
    1. On the pop up window, the live price for that stock can be shown like a header on top.. this eases to know the value much easily and quickly.
    2. Buy or sell buttons on the popup windows/browsers will ease the trading.. there wont be need to go back to main Kite screen to place orders. Something like how “+” buttn appears on Kite application or like Kite application on windows. this eases to place orders quickly.
    3. Chrome browser has issues with changing the Views. when i click on a specific view nothing happens.. this was working earlier.
    4. Working on FIrefox browser makes it slower response in mouse movement than compared to speed on chrome browser.

  183. Umesh says:

    How do I square-off an option trade in kite? I have bought a call option 8600ce 1 lot and if I have to square off 8600ce option, how do I execute this in Kite?

  184. Rudra Biswas says:

    I would like to suggest if its possible to add a note/label to each of the equities in our Holdings in Kite. For eg, there are a few equities which I would like to hold for Long term and can lable them as ‘Long’ or ‘Long Term’, some as ‘Medium’ and some as ‘BTST’ etc. Please check if feasible to integrate the same in kite itself

  185. Santhosh says:

    Hi Nitin and Zerodha Team,

    I am very happy user of Zerodha services. Your interface is very user friendly when compared to Reliance which I was using earlier. I have a few suggestions, but I am not sure if it will be difficult for you to incorporate.

    1. In the “Holdings” page, can purchased date column be added? That will help me to know how long I have been holding a particular stock(which in turn helps me to do some other calculations).

    2. In the “Holdings” page, you have a “Filter” box where we can search. If I type “T1”, it will show all T1 stocks. In addition to just showing, can it also show P&L for only those stocks?

    3. In the “Holdings” page, I would like to have different sections based on some criteria like purchased date, etc. Those sections can then be populated by different stocks I have in my portfolio.Also these sections can show P&L, average profit percentage, etc for only those stocks which are in it. This will help me to see which of my ideas are working and which are not.

    4. Can you provide download as “excel” and other formats at the bottom in the “Holdings” page? This will help me use this data to do my calculation in excel easily. Now if I copy and paste this data in excel, they are not getting arranged in proper rows and I have to manually correct them.

    I assume that this will help others as well. But please ignore if this request is difficult. I have sent this in email to [email protected] also.


    • 1. This is currently available on Q(our reporting tool). Go to and click on holdings there.
      2. hmm.. adding on my list.
      3. Our new version of Q which will be out in the next few weeks, will allow you to do all of this.
      4. It is available on Btw, there is a download link on Kite as well right at the top of the holdings page (next to the dropdown which says all)

      • Santhosh says:

        Hi Nithin,

        Thank you for your quick response! It would be great if #3 is implemented in future version of As you have mentioned in your response for #1, buy date is present but is available when I click on the “+” symbol next to the scrip name. It is not available as a separate column(like ISIN or Quantity column). Also, If you can make the headings in the “T1 and T2 Holdings” table customizable (where users like me can add/delete columns), it would help greatly in my research. Also I didn’t find a download link on this page, please let me know if I am missing it or if it is not present, can you please get it added?


  186. Shishir KK says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Once I login to Kite, it’s showing that particular day’s margin and account value in the dashboard. Even if I go to the holdings, percentage change from the value that I bought or profit/loss isn’t shown.
    Since from an investor’s perspective, analysis of the performance of his portfolio is the first priority, it would be better if you add these provisions including profit/loss percentage and in rupees of each equity, in the application.

  187. Rohit Parchure says:

    Hi Nithin,

    When we open a chart in kite, we don’t have any search option (by stock name) available in stock dropdown list. Always we need to scroll up and down to get the chart of a stock and that is very annoying when you have 100 stocks in your market watch list.

    One would like to see this user friendly feature in kite. I request you to implement this if possible.


  188. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Pls introduce net change column in kite instead of percentage change because the later one is not that much helpful for trader trading in small profit level.

  189. VK says:

    For last one week, the views in my kite chart are not working. When I mouse over the view name, it turns into hand as expected. But if I click, nothing happens. It should have opened that view. It was happening before. I created new view and checked. Same problem.


  190. Nadeem says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Is there a dummy user id and password for me to test the platform for options that i am looking for? That’ll help me decide to switch to Zerodha.

    Thank you!

    Warm Regards,

  191. Rohit says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I saw one issue in 1 min chart. Suppose 1 min candle is in progress and if I refresh the chart by clicking the refresh button on the chart (not a browser refresh) then candle looses its actual open high low values and it just points to the current price and starts calculating open high low from the moment we do refresh. After that chart shows wrong indicator information as 1min candle may shows wrong open high low close values as it lost its actual values. This may happen with 5 min candle but only till 1 min gets completed after that I did not see issue in 5 min candle.

    Please take a look and let me know if you have queries on this.


  192. rahul says:

    Hi Nithin, Facing continuous problem in kite both web and mobile. 1 frequent logout 2. holdings data out of syn or showing N/A. 3 Delay in update of position data in overall holding data
    Do you have a separate page with status update for your various products? something like this or where I can see if there’s outage or performance issue going on? if not I’ll suggest to keep one that will be very helpful.

    • Venu says:

      There are no such known issues. Will get someone to speak to you. We update all the important stuff here:

      • rahul says:

        @Venu , don’t falsely say there’s no such issue. your support team accepted it as an issue and told they have passed info to development team and will be rectified. Don’t try to save your face. Its consistent problem and I’m facing it. I have sent screen shot as well being with zerodha for past 3 months and have faced this login and incorrect data in holding and market watch list for at least 7 times. have passed screenshot on 2 occasion and talked to your office 2 times.

  193. PRACHEETI says:

    How to remove indicators from chart

  194. Nithy says:

    Dear Nithin,

    How are you? In kite app and zerodha trading website, how to add weekly banknifty options contract?

    because I can able to add only monthly contract in banknifty.

  195. Rohit says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I had added ZigZag indicator on Kite & I am not able to remove it from the chart as there is not provision to remove that indicator. Can you please do the needful ?

    Also I am facing issues while getting the 60min charts on kite, it just does not load.


  196. Sayan Das says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am a Zerodha client and i am using kite quite successfully from my computer and from phone as well. Just wanted to know is it anyway possible to save the chart drawings for the next day and continue with that so that i don’t have to draw the trendlines and other drawings all over again?

    I have gone though the manual but i haven’t found any such option.

    Would be glad to get the help of Zerodha veterans. Thanks !!

  197. Auser says:

    I am a user of KITE. I have to saw your system is seriously dysfunctional.

    Many times when I login to see my positions or holdings in after hours, it shows everything wrong !! Sometimes it shows everything as 0. Sometimes it shows the values all wrong.


    • can you let me know your client ID? We run end of day process between 1 am to 5am everyday, at this time it may not show correct values. Suggest you to check our reporting tool at those times for all your reports.

  198. Mechwarrior says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Is it possible to provide multiple BUY/SELL windows in KITE since it will make it easier to trade 2 or more stocks at the same time?

  199. tanvi says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am facing lots of issues with kite. It works slow on the days where the market is volatile and everyone is trading, after clicking, it responds after few seconds. Sometime chart won’t load giving error on page. This can’t be network issue as my internet was working fine. When I raised these issue, customer service gives answers like clear cookies and browsing history or network issue which do not work. When market is flat ,kite works awesome, no delay. But whats the point of trading if I am not sure whether I can exit my positions on time with no delay on kite.

    I raised issue regarding many orders got placed in my account after I got out of position which was not initiated by me and I experienced this 3 times yesterday [on 10 jan 2017] for 3 different stocks. I had no idea of these trades happening from my account which was not showing on positions section but I could see them in my orderbook. I just clicked on “exit” and got out of earlier trade I placed, then how can another order can be placed just clicking “exit” button? The orders were executed and exited without my awareness.

    I got a reply from customer support that those orders are placed by me showing me proof. This reply was not satifactory as I raised issue saying those orders are placed from my account with proof of orderbook but not placed by me. I got no reply to my query after that.

    Customer service reply in evening after 5 pm no matter you raised issue in the morning or evening. They just don’t want to understand what problem I am facing they just don’t take blame or divert the issue somewhere else as they just have to give reply once a day to query.

  200. Mechwarrior says:


    Can you please make the BUY/SELL window in KITE as a floating object so we can move it wereever comfortable?


  201. Ganesh says:

    Hi Team,

    Please let me know when you will have Pi for MAC and also, when will you start supporting Kite on Safari.

  202. Ganesh says:


    I always go through my day trades and try to improve on the same. I do this between 11.00PM – 2.00AM midnight. I use Kite. After certain point of time, say 11.00pm, kite doesn’t display the chart of the current day. For e.g.: I wan’t to see todays chart of various scripts, however, when I open the chart from Kite, I see yesterday’s chart as latest and not today’s chart. I wanted to see the chart that I traded on 10th Jan, in Kite I see chart of 9th Jan and no later than that. I corrects in the morning. Also, is there a way to place cover orders in Kite?

    • Hmm.. you can look at charts all the time (except after 12.30 am when we run end of day process, which could mean some downtime). If you scroll to the left on a chart, you say intraday chart for almost 2 years. Yes cover orders can be placed on kite, check this.

  203. sarath says:

    secondly.. it would be good if one can bundle a few postions . ( for example if i eneter an iron condor typically 4 trades .. should eb able to tag them together)

  204. sarath says:

    square off muliple positions owuld be a useful feature to have

  205. jaya says:

    Bug in the kite UI, I have few holdings ,

    1. I could not navigate to Q-Backoffice from top-right drop down menu.. (502- bad gateway issue)
    2. The holding is not showing avg cost & profilt loss,
    3. The dashbord page shows same value for current value and p&loss

    The support team is not fixed the issues, Just asking me to verify every day morning..


  206. Thiru says:


    In “Kite for Web” in the Holdings section “Day’s Change” values are not making any sense to me. Is this a bug or I am misreading this column, Can someone please confirm this is not a bug and explain what this column represents?

    Thiru Murugan

  207. Sumit Roy says:

    Dear Nitin
    I am a Zerodha Kite user. It will be very helpful to me if you add VWMA (Volume Weighted Moving Average) in the Kite application.

  208. MAHESH INANI says:

    dear sir ,

    Tried a lot i am unable to shift market watch by pressing cttl+ shift +(1 to 5 ) . Please guide me on this ASAP.

  209. Krishnan Moorthy says:

    Dear Admins,

    Is there a way to place orders directly from the charts in Kite?

    Best Regards,

  210. sefiya abdunazer says:

    I am new in zerodha, I used kite it is light and user friendly. I am using Linux Platform (ubuntu). It useful if Pi have linux versions also

  211. Anji says:

    Kite android app is always giving connection error after updating .
    can you please resolve the as soon as possible.
    remaining all the apps are working as expected only kite is giving problem.

    • Venu says:

      Are you using a Jio/Idea connection? There seemed to be some issue with only Jio/Idea users today morning. The issue is from ISP end, we’ve reported it to the ISP support.

  212. abhishek kumar sah says:

    also it would be great if volume is present for the renko chart in kite.

  213. abhishek kumar sah says:


    while using renko chart on kite, if i scroll back to the previous data for back testing the chart starts moving. It really creates so much problem while analysing the chart.

  214. prasadhm says:

    Sir, I bought shares in BSE. But in my holdings list in kite, it shows as NSE and shows the current price of the share as in NSE only. Often it happens in my kite account. When I want to exit, it shows NSE price instead of BSE price. In fact, there is differences in the stock prices between BSE and NSE it can make differences in the P/L also. How can I sell the stock in BSE itself which i bought in BSE? Why it changes market? Please answer and help me to correct it…

  215. Benny says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can we have an option to open a chart inside a chart window.
    For example I have poped out a chart and I am looking for 5 mins chart. Now inside this chart window itself can we have an option to view the 30 mins chart of the same script without going to another window like a thumbnail. This will help us to decide quickly especially the supertrend.

    Thank you.

  216. Kitty says:

    Please Help.
    Only 4 Months data is showing in 1 Hr and 30 Minuets charts on Kite from last month.
    Is there any solution for this.?

  217. Jayachandran says:

    When are you going to add order from chart option. It will be very useful

  218. Viv says:

    Hi Nithin,

    My problem is that views (at the bottom of Kite) is not working for me. Whenever i add any new view, i m unable to select previous view.It just remains stuck on the last added view. Moreover i dont think views get saved. These features are very useful for intraday trading so i hope people at zerodha can quickly sort this out.

  219. Om Reddy says:

    Query : Can I sell a share bought on BSE in NSE? (CNC option)
    Why this Query :
    I have bought BSE stock(CNC). In holdings tab for each instrument i have 2 options ADD and EXIT and both these option is showing NSE as exchange by default for BSE stock also. This is confusing and might even cause wrong order if i don’t remember on which exchange i bought those. Can we do something about this?
    In holding tab under Instrument column we only have stock name. Don’t you think it would be good idea to show the exchange as well along that (just like we see in Marketwatch a small font for BSE stocks) and set same as default for ADD and EXIT orders


    • Om, once the stock shows in holdings, it doesn’t matter which exchange you sell your shares on, there is no risk. We show NSE by default since the liquidity is higher. You can add the BSE scrip on marketwatch and sell it directly.

  220. Ankit Dalal says:

    Hi Nithin, can you please respond to my query.

    Hi Nithin, Venu,

    Can you please consider to add better square off options to kite.

    I normally trade option strategies in pair, it’s very difficult to manually square off using kite.
    Selective position square off at LTP and market price would be an excellent to have feature to kite.

    Is it possible to have this in near future?

  221. aswinjose says:

    Hello Team,

    Could you help me in figuring out the difference between different symbols for the same company in NSE. Some have BE and others have BL added to their symbol. What is the actual difference between them,

  222. Benny says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Kindly answer my following queries:

    1. Is it possible to set the stop loss and target price while placing an order. Which comes 1st should be executed. For example if I am buying Reliance @1005, can I place a stop loss @999 and target price @1099?

    2. Kindly include the option to check the margin requirement within the buy/sell window for the selected script (F&O) instead of going to margin calculator and checking which will help the traders to place the orders quickly. Margin requirement should be calculated for the selected F&O script and order type (normal/intraday) on a click of a button. I am sure most of the traders will love to have this option.

    3. Can we have multiple buy/sell windows open for different scripts. For example I am holding Reliance, Yes Bank & ITC. I should be able to open 3 sell windows for these different scripts to place orders quickly. Currently if I open a sell window for one script and try to open the sell/buy window for another script the 1st window is cancelled.

    Thank you.

  223. Ankit Dalal says:

    Hi Nithin, Venu,

    Can you please consider to add better square off options to kite.

    I normally trade option strategies in pair, it’s very difficult to manually square off using kite.
    Selective position square off at LTP and market price would be an excellent to have feature to kite.

  224. Ankur Srivastava says:

    I am unable to save chart templates in kite. I click on the ‘+’ right to ‘views’ row and give a name .It only stays there until I refresh the page/logout and login & then it vanishes somehow.I have saved lots of templates but only one is showing in the section.

  225. Madhabi says:

    I find Zerodha brokerage calculator and Zerodha margin calculator web pages very helpful. Can we please add Zerodha margin calculator and Zerodha brokerage calculator (with real time results, if possible) to Kite mobile app and web version as well (app is more important to me at least!). Thanks

    • Venu says:

      The brokerage calculator and margin calculator are available at the click of a few buttons. We want to keep Kite extremely light and clutter free.

  226. KITTYKADAM says:

    Is it possible to add 2 hr & 4 hr charts in KITE.? At least 2 hr chart. If so, it would be a very helpful for positional traders. If, it’s Possible to add 2 hr chart, please do it Sir.
    Thank You.

  227. jobby says:

    In Kite, Please add chart launch for stocks in holding.
    Also would like more watchlists.

    • Venu says:

      The marketwatch is omnipresent, so you can add the stock on the MW and launch the chart anytime. You can invoke charts from the holdings page on the Kite app.

  228. Sundararaman says:

    Is there any difference in calculating the profit between NRML & BO order types? It is the contract size x (Entry price – Target price)? Am i right? The reason why i am asking this question is that i have taken a NRML position & the P&L value under “Positions” tab in kite is showing wrong value. Please note that the order is still active i.e in the market. The target or stop loss is not executed.

    The script is LICHSGFIN16DECFUT. Entry price is 540. Target is 557. LTP is 550. Qty/Contract size is 1100. Ideally P&L should show (550-540) x 1100 = 11,000. But it is showing +1375. Why is it showing this way?

  229. Soniya says:

    Hello Sir, I needed Client Master , latest of the today’s date to close my other account and transfer the stocks from other depository account. However the date is showing on the client master is of the day I opened the account, when I placed a request for the latest CMR copy, the reply I got is as follows: “Kindly note, in CMR copy the date of account opening only will be mentioned and there will be no present date”. I have accounts in many other depository companies and all of them provide the latest CMR copy.
    Second issue is that I have 2 accounts in Zerodha for last more than 2 years, still I am not able to place intraday orders. I am not satisfied with the way local staff teach and their support. Could you please send me the link of you tube in hindi so that I may learn from there. When I ask for the same, the staff bluntly said search on your own from you tube. Is this acceptable? I would suggest you place those tutorial videos on site itself so that people like us can access it easily.
    Third issue is that since our account is opened we have not received welcome kit. The staff says sent to y ou via courier, when asked to give details of courier and dockect /tracking number , they failed to do so. If these issues will not be solved, unfortunately we will have to close our accounts with zerodha. Kindly send the resolution to my mail id as well. Thanks

  230. Syed says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can I get email alerts for crossover or whichever strategy which I have made in pi. If so how to get alerts and if not is there any way to get alerts?

  231. sateesh says:

    How to draw trendlines in Kite web

  232. Benny says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Where can we see the volume and open interest details in kite web. If possible please add these details in stock widget. This will be very helpful for the traders.

    Thank you.

  233. Jayesh says:

    The order book and Positions aren’t getting automatically updated after any modification in Order is done… Every time we have to refresh the whole page to see the modified orders….

    This is happening since 2 days… Request to look into this and feedback at the earliest..

  234. Syed says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can I get email alerts for crossover or whichever strategy which I have made in pi. If so how to get alerts and if not is there any way to get alerts??

  235. Sameer says:

    Sir I am facing the below mentioned type of issue from last couple of days while trading via kite.. in different stocks of equity/cash segment

    Today I placed a limit sell order stock name Bharatfin nse [only 1 qty for practice purpose] for short sell at 14:38:54.. I shorted at Rs. 679/- limit price.. immediately going to the positions column I put a buy SL – M order with trigger price of 681.50 for limiting the losses .. at 14:39:54 my stoploss was hit . it got covered/bought at avg price of 681.55.. I checked the 1 min. chart on trade tiger [ I use it for chart study] as well as on kite but during the above mentioned time the stock made a high of 681.15 only.. than how come my SL – M order got filled at 681.55.. and after that in next 3 minutes it made a low of 674 here I could I have made a profit of Rs 3 to 5 approx.. Whats the problem with kite please explain… this has happened with me at least 5 to 7 times in different stocks.. in a few days I am planning to trade in futures .. if this keeps happening I wud be making un necessary losses..
    Note ;- I have observed this thing only happens when I take position in a particular stock 3rd or 4 th time.. Regards

  236. Ishaan says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Is there any way to see a single chart of the value of my holdings in zerodha over a period of time?

  237. Prasanna Kumar Acharya says:

    Can you add ANGLE in Tool Section, so that one can draw angles on the chart itself.

    RP 3243

  238. Chethan Rai says:

    Is it possible to move or re size or adjust the order window in kite?

  239. MIKHAIL says:

    How am i supposed to square off my holdings in kite or pi?
    it takes me into a short position when i sell it

    • You can either sell using product type as CNC, the same way you bought. Or go to holdings page and square off from there. The day you square off, it will show as short position in positions tab, but disregard it. The reason it shows there is just in case if you want to buy it back before end of day, it will be considered as intraday trade.

  240. osakahunter says:

    Is it possible to set a predetermined values in orders in zerodha kite. For examble always my target will be 10 absolute points and stoploss will be 8 absolute points. Once i select the scrip these values should be automatialy filled in the order book. Is it possible to setup this in KITE

  241. Umabathy says:

    How to add MCX Index (MCXCOMDEX, MCXMETAL) in Kite Watchlist?

  242. Arun Prasath says:

    Needs some improvement on watchlist
    1) Multiple watchlist with just a number is not enough. It requires the name for each watchlist. how an end user always remembers on which watchlist he/she stored the scrip ?
    2) sorting in watchlist would help us to easily find out the scrip.
    3) increase the limit of number of scrips from 20 to 50.

  243. MAG says:

    Sorry for a newbie sounding question. but how do I use leverage when I buy intraday using kite web app? I dont see any option to specify that I want to use leverage. Also for equity cash intraday max leverage is about 11x. Can I modify this? What if I want to use only 2X or 5X leverage? Is that possible? how?

  244. Mechwarrior says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Is there a plan to include BUY/SELL buttons on the KITE charts similar to Pi. I feel that it will be a welcome addition to all the traders.


  245. Philip says:

    I read about a technology called Web Sockets which can be used to update market quotes faster than the current standard. Does Zerodha Kite also use web sockets to deliver the market quotes?

  246. Ramesh R N says:

    Dear Nitin
    Thnaks for a wonderful trading platform.Pl give 2 Min time frame in kite.

  247. Tushar Chaudhari says:


    This is in regards to Support request #511266.

    There is problem with charting of Kite , both on Web as well as Mobile. There are mismatch between what PI / NSE Website has closing details compared to what Kite has.
    Kite gives us flexibility to open chart anywhere, unlike PI, hence I want to use same. However, due to this problem, I am finding, this has become non usable.

    I have given all details on the ticket. However, the support person is repeatedly saying there is no problem with Kite, rather problem with my PC / browsers/ Understanding.
    For the benefit of others, I am re-producing the issues escalated below.
    Problem 1: OHLC in Kite is not correct. Due to same, it ends up showing Red candles to green and vice versa.
    E.g. IDFCBANK Daily chart in PI is OK and is showing Red Candles. OHLC is 70.05 70.9 68.65 69.3.
    IDFCBANK Daily chart in Kite – Chrome/ IE / Android App is showing all Green candles OHLC is 67.49 70.9 67.49 69.73.

    I am finding this problem with many scrips, not just IDFC Bank.
    Problem 2: Opening Gaps are not clear in the Kite.
    Closure of GBPINR 26th Oct’2016 as per Kite, on 6th Oct is 85.4600 and opening on 7th Oct is 85.85949.
    As per NSE website, Closure on 6th Oct is 84.9075 and Opening on 7th Oct is 83.0800.
    This is likely to negatively affect our trading decisions.

    I have even given screen shots of same in the call. Unfortunately, I can not attach a file here.

    Trust, Zerodha team is seriously going to look into the same else, many of your clients will be making loss for errors not related to them.
    At least acknowledge the problem. I can understand if acknowledged, correction can be taken by you in due course.

    • Tushar, I am going to have this checked by our team.

      Both Kite and Pi use the same database to plot historical daily candles. So it is technically not possible for both of them to differ. What could happen though is that if you have opened a daily charts and are looking at today’s candle, there could be difference in charts on various platforms (this difference gets corrected once NSE publishes OHLC at end of day). I have answered a similar question here.

      I am getting the currency thing checked as well.

    • Our team tried to reach you.
      1. You are looking at Heiken ashi charts on Kite, they work differently compared to normal candle charts. Change it to candle.
      2. GBPINR i think you are looking at November contract on Kite and October on NSE.

      • Tushar Chaudhari says:

        Thanks a lot Nithin, The problem related to charting got resolved. Expected gaps are also clearly visible.

  248. Please add a way to track replies to our own comments on Zerodha connect. Currently when we ask a question we have to keep the page open or remember when and which page we asked for something. I hope I was able to convey the problem properly.

  249. Please add Bank Nifty weekly options data in Zerodha Margin calculator

  250. Nishant Jain says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I am greatly satisfied with Pi and Kite. The problem is I cannot download Pi in my office desktop and I have to rely on Kite only.

    In kite marketwatch please add change in points also alongside percentage change from previous closing price.

    Percentages don’t give exact variation and also most of the traders talks in terms of change in points especially day traders. Percentages are good while working on weekly or monthly analysis.. but daily or intra day trades mostly focus on points variation.

    I see its there in the andriod app but not on the HTML platform.

    It would be great if you add this in Kite.

  251. sudhe09 says:

    is it possible to place the “write call options” using Kite? If yes, please share a link or the demo.

    • Venu says:

      There’s nothing extra that you’ve to do to write call options. If you sell an option without having it, it’s shorting/writing options. You’ll have to place a sell order, ensuring there’s sufficient margins in the account to short/write the option you’re writing. You can compute the margins for shorting options here:

  252. Sushree says:

    Why Q is getting Bad Gateway most of the time or some errors ?

  253. Prajith says:

    Is there any known issue with Quant? Data is not getting synced for me from last 3 months?

  254. reddy says:

    when i tried to make first trade i am getting error :
    exchange bse/nse is not enabled for this account

    what should i do?why is equity segment not enabled?

  255. Mulchand says:

    how to add in market watch list nifty spot and bank nifty spot in zerodha kite ?

  256. shubhangi Pavtekar says:

    Hello Team,

    Glad to see lot of improvement under Trading Web platform & This is the best Web & mobile App tool in the world i ever saw.

    I am happy to trade with Zerodha since long & now a bit habitual to use Kite mobile app rather than Pi tool or Web browser version & its really a fun to use Kite mobile app rather than Desktop or laptop now a days. Kite mobile work pretty smoothly with any 3G, 4G or over wi-fi.

    I would like to see few more addition to Web app as a additional tool to improve trading performance, Hope will get support for the same as earlier till date.

    Please consider this as a Request for New release on Kite Mobile App :

    1 – Define / Set Entry, Stop loss, Exit for Trade on Chart with symbols as visualization – This should be allowed to mark on chart as Horizontal or Trend Line on chart & should be flexible to drag or removed.
    2 – Popup Alerts (suggestion box) on price with Defined Action, Quantity & Chart Link
    3 – Option to set Stop loss & Exit order for more than single day to avoid action delay on right price.
    4 – Option to define My GTD for Alerts configured under Chart, since it become very difficult to find & set stop loss every day in beginning of market hours while we miss many trades while looking to set stop loss for swing trades or end up making it as long term holding or very long term holding if we forget. on other side it take additional cost to set stop loss & target with 2 different orders.
    5 – Notifications for circulars, bulletins on major events, Contract expiry, Pre-market Session, open, close & Post-market Pop up (Android) notification. I know many of out of this already functional under Web version of Kite.

    Now the question is : if i have some stock in my demat Holding & i have to set Exit, stop loss manually every day for my holdings, what is the best way to do that using Kite mobile or Web tool. since i can only see BO or CO under MIS when trying to do that. (I am expecting something other than putting 2 more orders for each holding should be there, in fact order to be revised automatically till it hit stop loss or exit target automatically every day with add on margin facility 😀 ).

    Hope my expectations are not too much than what i am already getting 😀 ..

  257. Saravanan1986 says:

    Hi Team,

    Is it possible to set alert in Kites? I would like to set alert based on Renko formation. If not on Kites how do I set alert for renko in PI, can you help me with the coding?

  258. NAVNEET says:

    Hi Nitin,
    First of all kite is an excellent platform, fast and light, easy to get loaded. Congrts for that. I have only one very important thing to bring to your kind notice i.e. when a new ipo is listed in market in a particular date(listing time is generally 10 a.m.), what happens some time that kite shows symbol of that equity before 10 a.m. that day and obviously trading after 10 a.m. which is normal but believe me many times it happens totally opposite i.e. during the listing day of IPO kite does not show equity symbol even after its listing on that day.

    Example – Though I have many such examples but I give u the latest one of ICICI prudential life insurance IPO. This equity was not available for trading in kite even at 11 a.m. on its listing day while it was well listed for trade at 10a.m. on exchange. Though in late afternoon it was available as equity symbol in kite for trading but then it was too late.
    Nitin this is really important issue and area to improve because if equity is not available for trade in kite at correct time on its listing day then we miss very imp. transactions. It happened many times.
    I am sure ur team will sort out this issue and make this platform really good. So pls do something for that.

    • Venu says:

      Thanks for your words of appreciation. About IPO’s, that shouldn’t be the case. Let me check and get back to you.

    • Venu says:

      Hi Navneet,

      I did check with my team. We do show the stocks on listing day and allow you to sell the moment they get listed. So I’m assuming this may be an account specific error. Please let us know what error you got while you tried selling ICICIPru on it’s listing day. This would help us narrow down on the issue and provide you a resolution.

      • Navneet says:

        thanks venu for ur mail. I knew ur team would not believe this. I donot get any error in kite. Actually many times what happen like in case of ICICI pru. ipo, in search button of kite the ipo equity is not shown but yes other equities can be selected by search. I wanted to buy icici pru during its listing at 10.a.m. but i was unable to find it in search(to select it) at 9.30 a.m., 10.10 a.m. or 10.40 a.m. till 11 a.m. After 11 a.m. it was showing in search.
        Also for ur knowledge I called up customer care for trading, they also told me they were not getting that sript on around 9.40 a.m. and even after 10 to 11 a.m. in their terminal.
        This was not the case with GNA AXLES IPO or or RBL bank ipo or some other ipos. Their sript was available in search of kite at 9.40 a.m. showing both buyers & sellers and obviuosly trading at 10.a.m. This helps us buying at wright time.
        Hopefully I made u understand.

        So my point is ipo script should appear in search showing buyers & selers atleast around 9.40a.m. during listing and obviosly trading at SO THAT WE DONOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO BUY GOOD IPO AT 10.AM. on its listing.

  259. Nikhil says:

    MIS in commodities on Kite gets squared off at 11:06PM, You mention that MIS positions get squared of 25min before close.. Time have changed in MCX, it should be closed at 11:31PM instead of 11:06PM.

  260. Market Maker says:

    Dear Mr Kamath
    I opened account with Zerodha 2 times , once i opened in 2012-2013ish and now in 2016. Its fair to say that my experience both times has been aweful. Last time in 2012-2013ish i lost INR6000ish & today i lost INR1500ish in glitches with Zerodha’s technology. Pi beta glitches happened last time and same type of glitch happened today in Kite. “Error fetching data” , such is the unreliability of the platform that one can’t even ascertain whether positions are squared off or not or any pending order left etc thereby leaving one at the mercy of market until Kite refreshes (which one has to do multiple times). I use a 4Mbps connection and yet kite platform takes time to refresh. Monetary loss is not the issue , i have a profitable audited track record from 2011-till date, reliability IS.
    Market Maker

    • Venu says:

      Sorry for the inconvenience. However there was no known issue with kite today. Request you to call the call center and speak to one of our agents who will be able to help you out.

      • Market Maker says:

        what will calling a support agent do ? money has been lost , you are saying there was no problem at your end. Wouldn’t it be a waste of time ?

  261. girish lokapure says:

    Need to have 2 mins charts in kite like we have in pi

  262. Ganesh says:

    There are lot of pros but I usually see cons,
    1. Security questions asked at login seem to be case sensitive.
    2. On iphone the fonts look very thin, you must stare at the figures.
    3. On iphone kite app you can see banner “available on app store”, ridicules.
    4. Add fund button on iphone app wont work some times.
    5. I am a linux guy, kite wont fly high with mozilla on linux
    6. I have the capture were kite is torn apart on mozilla after login,
    earlier it used to work fine, it must be a regression.

    Overall the aesthetics of kite are really cool, but needs meticulous care.

  263. Saravanan1986 says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have newly opened account with Zerodha last week and started trading from Today using Renko. I see Renko on Pi is not getting updated properly. Today (10/3/2016) I was trading in Nifty and at around 9:22 AM is saw only one red brick formed in PI, whereas post market close I logged into kite and shell shocked to see 5 RED BRICKS formed from 9:18 to 9:22 AM for the same time frame and same brick. 4 red bricks not drawn on the PI chart on live market. It’s very crucial for a trader who depends on Renko. I see lot of previous posts / comments on Renko dated from 2015 and still see that Renko is a full fledged dependable indicator in PI till date (assuming based on the comments). This could lead to heavy loss. Hope you understand my point. Kindly fix this ASAP. Please drop me an email if you need any further information on the problem that I faced.

  264. Apurva says:


    Please let me know how to set the right margin for charts in kite. If this feature is not available, please incorporate this in your next update. This is required if you are trading using ichimoku indicator as the cloud is formed upto 26 periods/candles ahead of the current candle. So it is required that the a margin of 26 bars or more is kept towards the right of the current price candle.



  265. Aditya Risbud says:

    Hi Nitin,
    This is my first comment on any of your platforms, before reporting any issue regarding kite, I think its fair to say that Kite is the most simple and no nonsense applications I have came across in a long time. The biggest plus point of kite is it’s simplicity and of cause the charts and the huge list of indicators.But lately Kite is not responding well, the orders does not update or get placed even after refreshing multiple times and trying login logout method. same story is for Positions and for charts. I believe that the load on your server is increasing(specially at 9:30 to 11:30 and then 1 to 3) as many people are using Kite as their primary trading platform.
    Please try to look into this as this is really taking its toll on my treading.

    • Aditya, on thursday, internet/leased lines/exchange lines everything choked because of the sudden exponential increase of internet traffic tracking the news. But I get your point, we are working on ensuring that we are ready for much larger scale when such spikes happen.

      • Aditya Risbud says:

        Thanks Nitin, I understand the issue that was caused due to the recent sticks, this was expected but I am facing this issue almost every day at some point of time during treading session. I believe you have different servers for Pi and Kite, I have not used Pi much but if the servers are same then the same issues will haunt Pi as well.
        I am really think that this should get resolved by adding more bandwidth for the Kite.
        Hoping this issue get resolved soon.

  266. Tushar Sharma says:

    I am very happy with the services and the technology used. Kite is slick, clutter-free and really smooth functioning. I wish you all the best and hope that you keep adding features as suggested by other people. But I understand if somethings take time, I am grateful for the advanced technology that is at our disposal, thanks to you.
    Is it possible to quickly check the chart of an instrument directly from our holdings list or positions list in Kite? I am aware that we can add it to the marketwatch and then click the chart button. But is it possible to open a chart directly from my holdings if my marketwatch is filled with other instruments, especially on volatile days? I tried reading through the comments here and other posts to see if this is already answered but there are just too many to go through? By the way, your charts are awesome, the look, the seamless use of indicators, tools, everything.
    What would be an ideal Internet speed for the best functioning of kite and Pi? My current speed is 2 Mbps, I can afford higher speed but my local internet providers are offering maximum 10Mbps at best.
    Also, sometimes Pi acts slow and clunky. My system is up to date and meets the requirements as suggested for Pi. No other programs are running in the background. What would be the ideal setup to run it smoothly without hangups?
    Are there any plans to launch Pi for Ubuntu?
    Thank you.

  267. Indra says:

    Hi Nithin!
    Few suggestions for Kite app on IOs.
    1. For log in purpose please enable TouchID on iPhones. Two factors authentication logging is really painful.
    2. When targets/stop loss is hit notifications message can be given.


  268. Pallab says:

    Oh man, Everything is so damn slick; visually and in terms of usability. You even have a api library ready ! The whole website of zerodha, including kite, gives a flavor and efficiency and modernity. Surely there are glitches and there are room for improvements.

  269. Senthil says:

    Hello Zerodha Team,

    Firstly, thanks to Zerodha to provide such a wonderful platform; Kite is really awesome.

    I have a feedback and thought will pass it along:
    When I get shares allocated via IPO, the cost is assumed to be ‘NIL’ while computing P&L. Probably the same would happen for off-market share transfers into Zerodha, though I have not done that yet. I understand you don’t have a way to get cost of acquisition for shares transferred in, but wouldn’t that be possible for IPO allotted shares to use IPO allotment price?


    • Senthil, if you login to Q (you can do it from within kite or go to If you click on holdings, you will see a discrepant holdings button. you can there add IPO acquisition price for your stock. From the next day, Kite will show up this price.

  270. Mohmmed Sajjad Ahmed says:

    Dear Nithin,

    First of all, Thanks a lot for KITE. It is the best application I have ever used not only in trading, but in all the activities.

    I was using NSE NOW mobile for trading. Would like to know whether I have to quit using NSE NOW mobile if I want to use KITE mobile , OR, I can use both . I would like to keep the NSE NOW mobile also, for emergence use.


  271. Benny says:

    Hi Nithin,

    If possible, kindly add an option to put some notes against each script in watch list as well as open positions. Which will help us to keep some notes about SL or target etc.

  272. pravin kashyap says:

    Sell MIS order was showing as validation pending. I went ahead and cancelled the order. Will the trade still get executed?

  273. Joseph says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Having some doubts. Please clarify.
    Kite – Web
    1. Why can’t the search bar in the left pane (Market Watch) be immovable ?
    2. Why is it not scrolling in market watch while traversing using arrow keys ?
    Kite – Mobile (Android)
    1. Can change percentage be added in Positions Tab ?
    2. Is it possible to get the notification either as notification badge or as the popup ?

    Thank you.

    • 1. we don’t have the concept of widgets where you can move these things.
      2. Use tab keys to reach the top of the marketwatch, after that u can use up and down arrow. We have shortcut keys for multiple things, so unless you are on the marketwatch, the up and down won’t work.

      1. We are working on it.
      2. Yep on our list of things to do.

      • Joseph says:

        H Nithin,

        Thanks for your quick reply. 🙂

        Kite – Web – Let me rephrase these.
        #1. It’ll be good if the symbol search bar (left pane) in Kite is in freeze mode while scrolling as we’ve (Dashboard,Orderbook, Positions…) in the right pane.

        #2. Using tab keys is fine. Our concern is, even when we are in marketwatch, selecting last 7 symbols* using arrow keys are not working fine. We may select 20th symbol, but we can’t be sure what symbol is that. Bcoz, marketwatch is not scrolling while using arrow keys.

        *Considering 20 symbols in my marketwatch

        Kite – Mobile : Happy to hear that. We are waiting. 🙂

  274. Nikita says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have recently opened the account and would like to know following things on Kite platform:

    1. Shortcut keys for B, S and D are not working rest all are working
    2. Are there any sound alert on trade execution or do you plan to introduce them
    3. Instead of dropdown option to change the time interval, is there a way to see them in a horizontal bar to quickly browse different time frames. (Best would be to have shortcuts)
    4. can we save the drawings on the chart? (best would be to autosave it).

    Thank you.

  275. Bixapathi says:

    Please add margin calculator and brokerage calculator in kite app. It will be of much help.
    Or for MIS, the buy or sell window should indicate how many shares we can buy or sell with the funds available at current market price. That will be far more better.

  276. Ankur Goel says:

    Hi Nitish,

    I am thoroughly disappointed with Zerodha. Instead of rolling out incomplete technologies, it would help to completely fix one and then move on. You guys have a painfully slow process of fixing things, even if they are trivially solvable in literally 5 seconds. On top of that the customer care representatives are so totally full of arrogance, they think the customer does not know much about trading!

    Ankur Goel

    • Ankur, just checked all your tickets.

      1. Getting this checked.

      2. Sorting, I am not able to reproduce. Sorting seems to be working fine for me. Getting someone to call you.

      3. Days change on HDFC bank, I am not able to reproduce, getting someone to call. What browser do you use?

      4. Holdings value reducing when you place a limit selling order, this is something we are working on. We are finding different way to show this. Some limitations on how our backend which is Thomson Reuters platform works.

      Our team will listen to the voice recording, if someone was arrogant, we will take action.

      • Ankur Goel says:

        2. The sorting problem happens if you do it 3-4 times. And its not completely unsorted – 90% of the list is correctly sorted, just a few values which are wrong in between
        3. I’m using google-chrome. Apparently, the HDFCBANK ticket has been raised by someone else as well.
        4. Thanks for acknowledging that its a problem in the first place. I now understand that it might take time, since its a limitation of the underlying platform.

        Thanks for the quick response!

        • 2/3. This is fixed.
          4. This will take some time. If you place a sell order even if it is pending, the holdings will reduce until then.

          I don’t know how our team missed out on this.

  277. Yashraj Wazalwar says:

    Hello Nithin,

    in the kite web application, when i move the cursor over a scrip, buy sign overlaps my holding position for that scrip, if u could just move the interface that buy sign and holding position could be seen at the same time, that would be very helpful.

    thanks in advance.

  278. Rajnikanth Gangineni says:

    Hi Ninth in Sir,
    I have an account with zerodha, please clarify, can I open another account on the name of my wife who is a house wife or any financial statements required for that. She has PAN and ADHAR CARD .
    2. If it is possible, can my wife comes under my referral group (DR4007).

  279. Naveen says:

    can you do some changes making the webpage colorful..?

  280. Ruthramoorthy says:

    Hi Nithin…
    Is there any possibility to add 2hr, 4hr chart in kite?

  281. Venkat says:

    Few suggestions on the UI (market watch)
    1. Please provide a sorting option either by Name or %Change
    2. Currently, when there is price move up/down, you are showing the script name, arow, price all in red/green color, which is little confusing. As the color change is about the price movement, I think only arrow color should be changed. If the price is above / below the previous closing price, it should be coloured accordingly. (Ex: script X is already moved 1000 up from previous closing and at the instance, it is slightly in down movement, it is confusing to see the script name and price in red color which are actually in positive.
    3. If possible, please show 52W high/low when you expand the market depth.
    4. Ability to add more than 5 tabs

  282. Sanndy says:

    Hi there, I’ve installed the Kite on my HTC cellphone but chart is not visible. Is there any script update or setting to view this ? I can select symbol but after clicking on chart. It does not show anything 😐

  283. Yogesh Poddar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I had posted the below message on 12 th August, havent recieved a reply yet :


    I use Kite Mobile on a daily basis. Its an amazing piece of software for an Options trader like me.
    The only issue is that the ‘Funds’ section does not show anything. It shows all zero values. Kindly rectify this issue.

    There is an issue with the Funds section . It doesnt show anything

  284. Venkat says:

    Hi Nithin/ Team Zerodha

    Please excuse my basic query about KIte – I am just getting used to it. I converted an MIS trade (on one stock) to CNC today before 3.20 pm, so that I could suitably exit before T+2. I was under the impression it would show in the Holdings page as T+1, which would then have an “Exit” button. However, currently it is not showing at all there- It is only showing as an ‘Open Position’ in the Positions page. When I had done a similar conversion some days ago, if I am not mistaken, it did come up in Holdings by end of day. Please clarify. Thanks

  285. shubhangi Pavtekar says:

    Hello Team,

    Are you planning something for Options trader as well?

    Like, options strategy, options chain & options geeks calculator on kite as well as on kite Mobile?

    Many times i refer to Stick Edge mobile App for Scans & filters, features like them on kite will make it unbeatable in market.. u already own Codes for Pi… :p

    compliments : I have never seen best mobile & web platform on earth like this. :D..

  286. Benny says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is there any option to trailing SL for a script which I bought earlier not today?

  287. Faisal says:

    Is Buy today sell tomorrow option available with Zerodha?

  288. Biju Menon says:

    Would zerodha be considering adding Camarilla pivots and alerting in Kite any time soon ?

  289. Rohit Parchure says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can we do a quick search for stock name in market watch list to display its chart ? Currently we just can pickup the the stock by scrolling up & down.


  290. pandurangegowda g n says:

    hi sir ,which time frame combination is better for long term ( holdings ) & which time frame combination is better for intrday .

  291. Rajaram says:

    Kite is becoming undependable now a days, too many issue’s. From orders not showing up to feed not be refreshing. I have open Google finance on one hand and Kite graphs on the others. The google one is constantly updating, where as Kite just sits there. It has a mind of its own.

    Calling support just places us in line and nothing happens after that, these issue’s needs to be fixed urgently.

  292. puran singh says:

    I have not found anywhere the daily traded buy and sell total of the scripts traded. Similarly, the total buy and sell total of all scrips [ say from 1.4.2016 to 14.8.2016 ] is also not traceable.

  293. Rohit Parchure says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am using Kite platform. Suppose, I have selected chart option. Stock name will be displayed according to the selection. We can type in the textbox where stock name displayed but it did not do a search from a marketwatch list, only we can scroll down and need to pick up the stock name to get its chart. If we are able to search in list then that will be great as per user point of view.


  294. Yogesh Poddar says:


    I use Kite Mobile on a daily basis. Its an amazing piece of software for an Options trader like me.
    The only issue is that the ‘Funds’ section does not show anything. It shows all zero values. Kindly rectify this issue.

  295. jayesh265 says:

    I am using Kite application on mobile and was wondering how can I see the following things in mobile application:
    1. Today’s gain (in tern of Rupees and %) total as well as stock wise.
    2. Amount invested in each stock that I hold.
    3. Fund pay out option.
    I would love to see these features in mobile app.


  296. shubham says:

    Sir, why price numbers colour change on per tick basis in MarketWatch. every small price movement changing price numbers colour on every tick is not much useful. it will be much better if scrips price numbers colour remain green or red according to previous day close price like in moneycontrol moneycontrol app prices shown in green colour if today’s price is up than previous days close and in red if today’s price is down than previous days close which are much better for interpretating. also scrip prices should be shown in colour filled box(green/red).

  297. satishv says:

    Your payment gateway sucks. Amount gets debited from bank but not credited to zerodha.
    It is not working since yesterday and no response from the support also.

  298. Bixapathi says:

    Some ideas/suggestions for you.
    1, Please add a margin calculator for MIS in kite so that we can calculate how many shares we can buy with the funds available with us. Going to margin calculator on website, searching for the symbol,entering the present stock price all these things are taking time and by the time we enter the kite again opportunity seems already lost untapped.
    2, Provide alerts on mobile for with information such as our orders placed successfully, our stock crossing set price limit etc.
    3, In the brokerage calculator section, add that stamp duty calculation also to give the final profit/loss calculation. You can add like Stamp duty: “Select your state” drop down list and calculate charges based on the state we selected and give the final output.

  299. Vimal says:

    Hi, I have recently open account on Zerodha. Is there any feature for “Take Profit” option on Kite ? With the help of this option one would able to auto sell with predefined profit price.

  300. Dinesh Y says:

    Hi, I am using Kite on web browser. Whenever i try to open charts on web browser, i get a blank white screen on charting section frame with no charts. Is there any web extension or any requirement to open charts in web browser when using kite to login.

  301. Rupak says:

    I am unable to place any order in F&O in limit mode or in market mode through your Kite mobile app and desktop platforms as o got the error message NOT A VALID PRODUCT CODE every time whenever i try to buy F&O.(I dint face this problem in buying equity stock). My account has been opened last month but i dint get any demo from your team and when i called today on customer number,i was simply put on hold for 15 minutes without telling anything by your executive.Really poor service.I am hoping to get a call soon to resolve my problem ASAP.

  302. Benny says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Do you have BTST in futures also. If yes pls let us know how to use it.

  303. Raman Ahuja says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,
    Overall Kite is great platform, but few things I find it very-difficult to cop with.
    1. Order window size (pop-up window that appear in blue when buy and red when sell) is too big compared to Pi, which usually covers the whole screen including chart, and volume. Please reduce the window size in kite platform or shift it to the far left side towards watch list, as one would be able to clearly see the chart and other technical happening while placing order.

    2. Bracket Order in Kite platform is not allowing me to initiate sell or buy order at market price i.e. as & when I click to sell or buy and select BO it does not allow me to select market price to initiate trade, rather LMT option remain selected automatically. Pi terminal does have this option to select market price to initiate trade, please also fix this one and let user to select MKT option for bracket orders, it get really annoying to punch in the prices manually when break-out occurs.

    • Venu says:

      1. The buy order window on Kite is a common order window for all types of buy orders (BO/CO/MIS) which is why it’s extended to accommodate these other order types. Nonetheless, I’ll pass your feedback to the developers. Shifting to the far left side would make it overlap on the marketwatch.
      2. Kite remembers your order entry type and allows you to place orders of the similar type, In the sense that if your last order was a market order, the next time you initiate a buy order, the order type selected by default is “market”

  304. Is there any charges applied if the order is cancelled?

  305. Yogesh says:

    Why kite not working properly shows OMS time out error or msg failure error, and also call on trade having too much wetting time I don’t know what happen with my trade. Kite Android app also not working showing same error msg failure

    • DM3273 says:

      Same issue for me too with Kite (web / android). Was able to login in the morning for a brief period only.

      • Anil says:

        i am facing issue with login into kite when i login, it says “msg failure”
        can anyone help me

        • There must have been end of day process running.

          • Kathirvel says:

            Hi Nithin,

            firstly Thanks for all the responses that you are right in, and for the MSG_ERROR It would be better if it shows some meaningful error text in such cases, where end user can interpret easily.


  306. Sangharsh says:

    Unable to login to Pi and Kite today. It has already caused loss.

  307. NARESH RATHORE says:

    why kite and pi don’t go hand on hand….it would be much better if nifty n sensex is visible live on kite on top right side

  308. Seena Basil says:

    Hi Zerodha Team ,

    Congrats first on bring to frutifiction the light trading platform a.k.a KITE . Overall a beautiful and very handy piece of software . Just wondering why alerts arent an inbuilt feature of Kite . We should be able to set % price up or down reminders so that we may be able to intervene accordingly .


  309. HARSH says:

    2min. timeframe chart should also be available on “kite” as it is available on “pi”

  310. Vaibhav says:

    When will be able to place orders with multiple days of validity ? I am really expecting this feature for better handling of orders.
    Any plans to implement it soon ?
    Thank you.

  311. RAJ says:

    Dear Sir, During the time of trading hours, some of the messages are posted in kite as today ie27 Jul 16 a message was posted, at the time of trading, we could not understand the theme of the message unless any urgent one. If we want to read the same messages, where we can find out after trading hours. Thanx and regards

  312. BHARAT KANODIA says:

    Dear Sir,
    While entering order in kite we must be able to see the market depth. Presently for market depth we have to setup on the left side dashboard. This results in avoidable loss of time while entering orders. Like other brokers you could provide a link on the order screen for market depth or automatic pop up. Also the market depth does not show the last traded price and time. I think it should be possible to add these suggestions.


  313. Vijay says:

    Hi Team,

    I was reading varsity and curious to know how do we do “Short sell” of call/put options?
    I don’t find any link for that in Kite. please reply.


  314. Sameer says:

    Sir today between 03.28 pm to 03.29 pm approx.. I placed a NRML order through kite for buying 1 lot of Tata steel July 380 call option.. but my order was rejected twice.. the reason given was…..
    rms:blocked for optstk mkt nse_fo broker- zerodha remarks: option stock market orders are not allowed block type: all”

    Not getting this.. plz clarify.. cant I buy n hold call or put options overnite… Regards

    • Sameer, since most options have become extremely illiquid we have blocked market orders. What you can do is place a limit order with a higher price to make it act as a market order. The limit price ensures that illiquidity doesn’t cause any significant damage.

  315. Rajkumar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I would like to know the possibilities of below mentioned points for Kite user,

    1) Like in google chrome or fire fox we can open tabs in a single window, likewise i would want different time frame chart layouts once i pop out the window

    2) I want to execute the order while viewing the chart like in PI and also in the current version of kite when i want to buy or sell, the order window completely blocks the chart and i believe we can’t adjust the size of it. If it can be adjusted and saved, it would be a great.

    3) I trade in F&O, Equities, Currency and Commodities. I would use candle charts for F&O & Equities, Bar charts for Currency, Line charts for Commodities. On daily basis i will have to adjust these charts accordingly.

    4) If i can view 2 or more chart layouts of same or different stocks in a single window would be too great.

    You might believe am sounding bit sluggish but its all about timing.

    Appreciate your response.

  316. arun says:

    First of fall I want to thank you for your kind gesture while opening my account.Iam from chennai and basically iam a student. When i tried to open a account with hesitation (because iam a student and i don’t have a financial value for them).but your support team didn”t make me feel so.So with proud iam SPREADING TYHE WORD….ZERODHA

  317. Karthik says:

    Small suggestion.

    It’ll be good if the symbol search bar (left pane) in Kite is in freeze mode while scrolling as you’ve in the right pane.

    And while using arrow keys for selecting 13th and further symbols in market watch, list is not scrolling down.

  318. Ramanathan says:

    Important suggestion:

    Kite trading symobol direction shows towards left, actually i should be right, if you want to be on the right side. for example most of the things start moving from right to left, ascending to descending, clockwise to anticlockwise, etc.,

    If you could able to make the symbol right direction, that would be great to you as organisation.

    If you like the suggestion request you to please map my user ID – DR2243 to someone who is in chennai to do service, not Rajesh, who never picksup or do any service.


  319. Naresh says:

    I do not leverage margin and buy stocks (equity cash segment) with 100% funds in Kite web version. Could you please answer my below queries or let me know the contact person to reach.
    1) Shall I do intraday with CNC product code for non T&T segment shares in order to avoid auto square off as I typically square off manually at 3:25 to 3:29 pm or else may hold for next day
    2)If I sell T+1 holding as CNC and again square off on same day as CNC, do you treat this transaction as intraday and on next day (T+2) will the holding be on T+2 day?

  320. Raja Rajan says:

    Why dont Zerodha subscrtibe to reuters realtime market moving news and send realtime flashes on its trading platform regularly these news are more so important for Forex, crude and precious metals trading on ther day like US non farm payroll, PPI, CPI and durable goods data release…

  321. Raja Rajan says:

    Looking for a column showing realtime tick by tick %chg in the open interest for FNO contracts in the kite..

    Also looking for a column displaying imp,lied volatility of option contracts…

  322. Tejas chawda says:

    to resp Mr.Nithin kamath,
    read about you on wiki,your story is now a inspiration to me.looking forward to open an account soon.

  323. Joseph D says:

    Small suggestion.

    It’ll be good if the symbol search bar (left pane) in Kite is in freeze mode while scrolling as you’ve in the right pane.

    And while using arrow keys for selecting 13th and further symbols in market watch, list is not scrolling down.

  324. RS6660 says:

    Appreciate your & your team’s efforts for making Kite.
    One little suggestion,
    It will be helpful if you add separators for numbers in “Market depth (D)”
    Presently total quantity shown as 38892577
    Proposed format : 3,88,92,577

    • Venu says:

      Will inform the tech team.

      • RS6660 says:

        Thanks for quick response & modification.

        “Number separator” applied to only “Total” of the “QTY” in “Marker Depth (D) ”.
        If possible, request to apply “number separator” to all numbers in column “QTY” in “Marker Depth (D) ”.

        I was excepting that by giving an example in my previous message.

  325. DR5790 says:

    I am looking for a feature like whatsapp or any other messaging plugin embedded into all your trading system that would automatically send instant trade alerts to client on a realtime basis, instead of waiting for EOD messages from Broker and exchanges….

  326. Joseph says:


    Its nice to trade KITE.

    It’ll be good if the symbol search bar (left pane) in Kite is in freeze mode while scrolling as you’ve in the right pane.

    It may have reasons. But from user end perspective, when started adding 13th symbol and so on, we need to scroll back to top to next one.

    Hope this wont affect any other feature or object in the page.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  327. Hrishikesh says:

    I have been facing issue with kite charts since it’s launch. Contacted many times but have got no resolution till date. Today I raised a ticket one last time, with the screen shot. Hope at least you will find the resolution if not your engineers. ticket #308775.

  328. DR5790 says:

    Mr.Nitin Kamast, Why are couple of my earlier posts deleted??

    My question was;

    1. Is their any regulation from SEBI that prohibit you from providing algo orders or smart orders to retail invesdtors? Where is the level playing in this case?

    2. If i invest Rs.5000 in smallcase how that that amount captures the complete basket of that particular theme if the suppise the basket of theme has stock like Bousch whose sdingle share value is Rs.22000 also even if the stock value is loiew the fractions are adjusted?

    Please dont delete this post your reply to this would be appriciated…

    • I see all your posts.

      1. Yes exchanges and SEBI doesn’t want all retail to do complete automated trading. The risks of algo trading is quite high for someone who doesn’t understand it properly. So regulator concern is valid.

      2. There is no fractional ownership allowed in India, so a smallcase of 5k can’t have a stock worth more than 5k. Why don’t you login to and check all the portfolios.

      • DR5790 says:

        Ours is the most lousiest stock market regulator the classic example is the increase of lot sizes in FNO to six lakhs from 2 lakhs earlier.

        Whereas in US the lot size is 100 irrespective of share prive wether goog which trades at 900 or us steel which trades at 12 dollars.

        Thus our SEBI Mr Sinha should be sent to Us for traning from Thiet regulator…

      • DR5790 says:

        Now it is the responsibility of fin tech startup like yours to disrupt the market by providing and educating them on smart algo orders on their day to day platform.

        Disruption should not restrict to brokerage and anaslytics alone.?

  329. DR5790 says:

    Mr Nitin Kamat, please make your back office browser independent and accessible from all devices.

  330. chandru mehta says:

    Compare feature is just what we need on Kite , just saw it today as i use PI more often , If Kite has BUY / SELL option on the popout screen i may consider moving to Kite . Is that on your to do list ?

    Can you add VWAP indicator ? Elder Ray Bull /Bear Power on Kite.

  331. Dr. Sameer Sahay says:

    I do not understand why Zerodha has started cheating me of petty amounts. Nitin Kamath, this comment is for you. I started with Zerodha to support an Indian startup. I have accounts with major brokers and have not been cheated once.
    But of late, Zerodha is turning positively evil. Your support people are brushing aside the irregularities I have noticed. This time I have proof in form of screenshots. I buy 200 shares CNC, I get 100 after 2 days. I buy A,B,C company shares in CNC, they are squared off on MIS basis. These things are happening in small amounts. And CS does not care. Nitin your system is either glitchy or intentionally bugged. I cannot accept that it’s a glitch only until you deal with it and compensate me.

    I am warning everyone here, pls take screenshots and record your trades, these guys are not straightforward. I am contemplating an exit from this broker because I am unable to contact the owner and staff do not allow me to get an explanation.

    • I am seeing that your ticket is already answered about shares not showing up. About CNC/MIS, we have logs of all orders that get placed as MIS and those that get placed as CNC. Unless you have placed this as MIS yourself, there is no way it can get squared off. Let me know immediately if you are able to reproduce this, I can be reached on [email protected].

      • Dr. Sameer Sahay says:

        Yes Nithin,
        I have received a reply. However the T1 holding in kite is discrepant with Q. I have emailed the support rep a screener. Secondly, the CNC to MIS glitch had occured when using the kite app. Let me tell you, I check my orders at least 5 times before I execute. And I am only in CNC, not MIS at present. So take the case of my having executed orders (in Kite app) in CNC on day 1,2,3, then suddenly on day 4 all my CNC orders are squared off at 3:15. Why would that magically happen? Moreover when I always check that orderbook displays CNC in EVERY broker. That’s why I am forced to keep screens of all my trades from now on. Never in my 3 yrs of trading have I ever made a CNC-MIS or in fact any order placement error with either Religare,Kotak,ICICI, nor with Zerodha website. But your app definitely had something wrong with it. An I have delved in all sorts of trading. It’s for you and your staff to figure out what’s wrong.

        • Dr, About CNC to MIS, this was the first complaint in the last 1 year. We execute over 1.5lk trades everyday on Kite. So I am guessing this could be something else, but if you spot this happening again send me an email immediately on [email protected]

  332. amit singh says:

    mr Nthin its a shame the way zerodha is treating its clients… its been 20 days u guys r making a fool of me.. i m commenting here coz nobody is replying my mails n nobody is calling me.. u say very politely that i’ll look into it n will get someone to call, but it never happens… again i m requesting u n ur team to look into my matter n solve it.. thanks

    • Venu says:

      We see all your tickets have been resolved. Could you give us a ticket number so we could check?

      • amit says:

        #523741… sir this is the support ticket no… this issue has not been resolved, despite my best efforts nobody is paying any heed to me, sir i had full faith in services of zerodha… plz dunn make me loose that faith…looking into my query



  334. Krishan says:

    Hi Team,
    I am trying to add ‘CNX Nifty’ to my watch list in kite, but i dont see that script at all. can you please help.


  335. ROBIN says:


    When will 2L/3L order’s be implemented on kite app , it would make
    buying and selling Spread Orders a lot easy. They are present in NEST
    but unfortunatly not yet present in more advanced kite/pi.

    Thanking you

  336. tarak says:

    Dear zerodha,

    can you please provide a simple table that compares nse now, pi, zt and kite? What features are available and not available?

    eg., nse now customers can not use call n trade – is that correct?
    bo/co not available in kite?
    connection/disconnection login issues (go daddy server) etc do not occur in case of NSE now as it is directly provided by NSE.

    Lot of information is in questions and answers; a simple table would reduce the no. of forum mails one needs to go through.


  337. Rohit says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I use kite on my android movile phone. It is nice with new look and feel. One thing irritates me is zoom in – zoom out buttons placed at the center of the candle chart, can we shift those to any of the corners?

  338. Nageen Basha says:

    Hi Nitin
    Kite is not yet in Apple iOS ? If so may I know the release date ?

  339. mk devi says:

    Why BO&C NOT AVAILABLE IN bank nifty weekly options.though there is sufficient liquidity.please provide as soon as possible

  340. Rajesh says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Kite platform is really superb.
    I want to plot the Moving Average line on Volume but unable to do it.
    Can u pls help me out?
    Is there any average volume indicator?

  341. amit singh says:

    Mr Nithin, i had posted a query few days back here but u did not bother u reply.. If u r on it u can let me know.. If u dont have any solution still u should let me know… But i am quite surprised that whole zerodha team is running from my issue… I sent a mail also but nothing happened… I think u have trained ur team well how to avoid certain issues for a time and then the client himself will leave it… I have called ur support team atleast 10 times but they r avoiding the situation to there best… I had no other way so i m posting here… Somebody has to take the responsibility… Hoping to get a reply and a solution…

    • I can see a ticket raised, not able to reproduce the issue you have faced. Let us know if it is still happening. You can email [email protected]

      • amit singh says:

        Right now i m not facing it.. But that day my profit was converted into loss… I called tech support n they exited my position, otherwise zerodha would have said that loss is due to my trading… Sir i have all the proofs that it was not my fault… And if it is some technical issue from ur side then i should get my money back that i lost.. Please let me know what u think about this

  342. Hemanth Roy says:

    Everything at Zerodha is superb. Thanks Nithin Kamath 🙂

    Just a few snags observed below

    I had to search a lot and reach the bottom of the page to find a way to give feedback.

    In Q, Kite, Z-connect etc…. all text is too dim and difficult to see

    In Kite where is Nifty +/- points displayed ? Nowhere….. we cant see how many point up or down the nifty is at.

    Pls give a direct way to give feedback 🙂


  343. Rohit Parchure says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is there any scanner available in various tool that zerodha provides like –
    e.g –
    Give me the list of stocks that has RSI in between 50-60 in say 60 min timeframe (timeframe should be configurable.)


  344. amar says:

    When custom time interval facility will be available on kite . I am eagerly waiting for this . Atleast provide 75 mins , 125 mins option which is better than 1 hour candles since these are equal time candles for indian market .

  345. saidarao says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Two questions:

    1. When will you enable in KITE to apply for IPO directly. Now it seems lot of IPOs are going to come. This is very much needed for your customers.

    2. Is there any chance Zerodha will get listed on stock exchange? We are eager to be partners with you 🙂

  346. amit singh says:

    Today is saturday n the market should be closed but the kite mobile app was showing proper market movement of every stock… I dont know what is wrong but zerodha need to improve this app…

  347. Rose says:

    Hi Nithin
    When viewing the chart on a browser, the current price is displayed at the rightmost edge of the chart. Is there an option to leave some blank space to the right of the chart like we have in Amibroker and MT4?