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September 28, 2012

Dear Fellow Traders,

Z-Connect is an endeavor from our side to keep you connected with everything new at Zerodha and help you understand the various tools/utilities available. We would also be covering various other topics ranging from taxation to coding strategies to help you become a better trader. The content on Z-Connect will be in a blog-like format where we will have Q&A at the end of each post.

Trading is a war where you are at a battle everyday. Just think of this scenario where we have 2 boxers in a ring – similar built, size and skills. If you let them fight who do you think would win? They will probably injure each other but no one person will be able to win the fight, the only people who benefit are probably the hospital where the 2 boxers get admitted or the organizers of the fight. For either one to win they need to have an edge over the other – a little quicker, bigger or more skillful, some kind of an edge.

Similarly when trading the market without an edge it is usually the Brokers (brokerage), Exchanges and the Government (STT, Stamp Duty and others) who benefit.

I have been trading from when I was really young and have traded almost anything that moved for almost 15 years. The journey had been volatile with ups and downs, it was a lot of downs before I realized that without an edge it would not be possible to be up on the game, Edge in terms of strategy, trading costs, information or technology.

Nithin Kamath, Founder/CEO, Zerodha

Active day trading takes a huge toll on your personal life and it is important to plan your career. After 15 years of trading and a brilliant year in 2008 (was short for most of 2008), started feeling the fatigue for the first time in 2009. “Anyone can make money, but taking money home!!! Hmmm… Not many can do it.” – an old market quote, this is when I decided to stop trading and focus on another business as the only way to profit from trading is if you are giving 110% effort on every trade. Over the 15 years in the capital markets, had met heads of various broking firms and felt the disconnect between what they offered and what traders wanted. The opportunity was/is that though brokerages in India are all offering online platforms they are relying on an offline method to run it, hundreds of branches, sub-brokers, relationship managers, regional heads, zonal heads and many more to serve clients who were all going online. The increased cost of running this offline business is passed onto the trader who is mainly online and bridging this disconnect paved way to starting Zerodha in Aug 2010. The idea was simple; stay completely online, provide  excellent support, offer a fast & reliable trading platform and pass back the benefit of reduced costs to the client.

I am often asked what is the logic behind charging  per executed order fees?

In today’s market scenario with advancement in technology the cost of executing a trade for a brokerage firm doesn’t go up with the size of the trade. What this means is that if Ram bought 1 lot of options and Sham bought 10 lots both in 1 order, Zerodha as a brokerage firm doesn’t incur extra costs for Sham over Ram. The logic was that if the costs doesn’t go up with the size of the order, then why should brokerage?  Hence we decided on a fixed fee of Rs 20 per executed order irrespective of size or contract. To help smaller volume equity traders we  decided to offer either 0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is Lower. 

This is called Discount Broking, originated in US and how most of the developed markets trade today. Etrade, Ameritrade, Zecco etc. are the pioneers and discount brokerages contribute to over 80% of the market turnover in the US. The bet behind starting Zerodha was that with the entire online revolution of FB, online shopping portals etc. it was about time India had its own true discount broking firm. A brokerage firm which is online, offering a fast, reliable and advanced trading platform, excellent support and at the lowest costs because of the reduced overheads.

Why the name Zerodha?

We wanted our name to suggest our objective rather than make a claim that we will make money or wealth. Our name is created by the fusion of the English word “Zero” and the Sanskrit word “Rodha” meaning barrier. Together ” Zero Barriers” suggesting our objective on which the business was started.


What makes or breaks a business is the people working. We are an 85 member team today working on the sole objective of making Zerodha the best place in India to trade. When it all started off, we were a team of 7, Nikhil (my younger brother and a brilliant trader) to take care of Trading and Risk-management, Venu -the hardest working human being I know for Compliance & Operations, Hanan -the most sociable among us for Customer Support, Sameer for Dealing, Parwez for Sales, Sundar for Office Administration and I (Nithin).

None of us came from a business background and Zerodha is more like a big joint family today. The focus has never been money, the idea has always been to keep clients happy knowing that if done well money would always follow. Over the last 3+ years, our team has grown to almost 85 and is still growing. Our focus while hiring is to analyze the candidate’s integrity, work attitude and ability to learn fast rather than experience in the capital markets. Today, less than 10% of our team has worked for brokers before and this ensures that the business is not run like a traditional brokerage firm. Today we are lucky to have a team of some brilliant young men & women, working very hard and partying harder. Very similar to how it was back in college, we call ourselves as  “Zites”.


First Zerodha Logo

Platform History

As a low cost broking business, it was imperative that we kept our operational costs low and technology is the biggest cost in today’s scenario. Back in early 2010, we decided to start by becoming members only on the National Stock Exchange and what helped us get started was the fact that NSE helped in technology by providing the NOW (Neat on Web) trading platform. With “NOW” all our technology headache was taken over by NSE and it worked brilliantly as we focussed only on the operational side of the business rather than the technology.

There are certain restrictions on NOW like it can’t be customized and can be used only for trading on the NSE and not all exchanges. Nikhil and I, with our trading background wanted a lot more on the trading platform than what was available. Also, with BSE launching F&O, Commodity trading getting popular, it became imperative that we had to be able to offer multiple exchanges on one platform without increasing the trading cost to our client. Around December 2011 is when we decided that the time was ripe to have our own trading platform, what gave us the confidence to spend on technology was also the fact that within 15 months from when we started our business we had almost 7000 clients and we were doing a turnover of Rs. 1000 to 1500 crores per day putting us in the league of the top 10 brokers in South India, brokers who had been doing business for over 15 years.

The important decision now was on how to put up a platform that matched the best platforms in India in terms of speed, reliability and user interface. The choice boiled down to Omnesys Technologies (the same company which developed NOW), a team of hardworking, earnest and innovative people headed by the very modest Shrikant Pandit. NEST (developed by Omnesys) is a well-established trading platform and the preferred choice of some of the most popular broking firms in the country. We ensured that the best technology team in the country was maintaining  our trading platform & servers and co-located our servers close to the exchanges for reliability and performance.

We call our downloadable trading platform Zerodha Trader (ZT), the web HTML5 platform (Z5) and the mobile platform Zerodha Mobile (ZM). You will be able to see blogs on how to use each of these platforms on Z-Connect.

ZT: Fastest way to trade the markets, a downloadable software version with an amazing bunch of tools.

Z5: If the internet speeds are slow,have to work behind firewalls or are not allowed to download software on your computer, Z5 is the preferred choice. A HTML5 platform that adapts based on your browser, mobile or tablets and can stream data behind any firewalls. We also have have a Java based web application called trade express.

ZM: To trade on the go, Zerodha Mobile presently works on Android and Blackberry.

Plan: As I am editing this blog on Nov 2013, we are working  on a new trading platform, tools and website, which should help us match up to the international brokerages.

Business History

August 15, 2010 was when Zerodha went live for retail trading. In just over 3 years, without spending even 1 Rupee on advertisements, newspaper inserts, Google Ads, etc. Today we have over 30000 clients contributing volumes of Rs 4000-5000 crores on various exchanges daily. This in terms of turnover would put us among the top 15 retail brokers nationally.

Our business has grown thanks to word-of-mouth advertising by our clients. We have over 4000 clients who refer new clients as part of the Zerodha Associate Program.

The key ingredient for this growth has just not been pricing but the fact that we have never compromised on quality of service. An essential reason for this is because every client of ours gets the same deal and this increases the efficiency in terms of sales and support. The rules remain the same be it a client with Rs 1000 or 1 crore in the trading account, had recently received an email saying that Zerodha is like a Robinhood for the trading community. We started by being a member on NSE but today are live on BSE, MCX-SX and MCX.

Future Plans

The plan is by April 2015 be the best brokerage in terms of website, trading platform, backoffice, support and tools in India, a technology edge to all our clients.

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.”

I am a very firm believer in the Rupert Murdoch quote above. The target given to everyone at Zerodha is to be the best brokerage in India (turnover, support and technology) and we have to do it by being online, fast and quick to adapt.

All those reading who are our clients, thanks a lot for your support and for those who are not, looking forward to having you on board soon.

Do email your feedback on how we can improve to [email protected]

Happy Trading,


Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Alfaz says:

    Just a random thought at 3 AM thinking about what will happen in tomorrow’s market and thinking how were people trading in 2010. A google search brought me to this page which seems to be from 2013. Found it very interesting. YES, in 2023, Zerodha is a flagship app that you can use for trading and can be considered as a gold standard. Couldn’t be happier than this with the app. Looking at the comments, one thing is quite certain that nothing is made perfect out of a thin air. There’s always a constant improvement. People were complaining in 2015 for the delay in account opening, in 2017 tgey are complaining for statement issues, etc. But looks like team really worked on such issues tremendously as those issues cease to exist in 2023. In my 2 years with Zerodha, I never had to contact customer care even once (Touchwood). Yes, there are few issues now and then with GTT orders remaining open but that I guess is a reflection of a more than ever volatile market and use of algo tradiing by big boys in tge market. But apart from that, it runs like a well oiled machibe. Kudos to the entire team on creating such a robust platform ! Keep it up !

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Alfaz, we are continuously looking to improve our users’ experience and really appreciate the feedback.Thanks🙂

  2. Dhawal says:

    Hello Nitin and Zerodha Team,

    Its been 100 hours+ since I lodged my complaint and since I haven’t received a resolution till now, I have to post here. On 28th November, all my GTT’s triggered and my orders were squared off as per the Kite app. The end result was a total loss of 18k due to triggered GTT’s. But after 2.30pm when I opened my app, all my GTT went missing from the app and it started showing GTT from the previous day. The stop loss, which was limited to 18k, went all the way multiplying and my entire funds became 0 within an hour. I spoke to a few executives, but no one is helping me out. They are saying no GTT order was placed from your end at all. This is a completely baseless claim. Literally most of my orders were GTT!!!!

    On top of which, another anomaly which I noticed was that I had only placed around 50-60 orders from my app. But at the end of the day, it showed that a total of 252 orders were placed from my app, which is not possible. This may be a one in a million case where things like these have happened, and I explained the same to the support team. But no one is ready to listen and they just point out that no GTT was placed. That incident led to my entire capital being wiped off, leading to losses worth 8,36,000/-.

    I feel completely helpless as the Zerodha team is not assisting me during such a serious concern. Can someone please genuinely look into this issue beyond the lens of checking backend logs and look into how GTT issue might have occured? I am 100% confident that GTT feature failure has caused this issue and I would like to receive a resolution at the earliest. Like the way the GTT from the front end disappeared, there might be a technical glitch due to which the entire log of GTT’s from back-end might have gone missing???

  3. Anirudh Nair says:

    I am trying to open an account from the past 4 days. I have paid the account opening charges of ₹200 and submitted my application online. All I can see is that my application is being verified. It has been more than 72hrs since I have submitted my application for verification and ia haven’t got any login credentials or a reply. I also created two tickets but no reply on them and all the support and account opening numbers are pathetic. I have tried so many times and not once have I been connected to any call centre executive. Please resolve my issue as soon as possible.

  4. Hamza Malik says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,
    I’m literally grateful to have an account on zerodha. I think zerodha should increase its employees to provide seamless quality service. Rest is awesome.




  6. Abnash Singh says:

    I am a very old customer of Zerodha, right from the time you started. Then I had a trading account only with no Demat. I decided to apply for a Demat account, but Covid 19 put paid to my intentions in March.

    This is probably not the right place to put a complaint, but then I have tried everything else.

    Finally earlier this month I managed to get the physical Demat forms sent to Zerodha (while all new account holders dont need to do this…. which is strange). Ever since then, even with stipulated service time being over several times over, I am unable to buy equities on the Kite platform as I get an RMS client not enabled message.

    Since 14th August, every support person that I have spoken to has always said that the problem will be resolved by the next (working) day.

    Unfortunately, till today, the position is the same. I cannot make delivery trades on their platform. I have sent a mail to their Compliance officer.. Lets see if something happens.

    Surprisingly, most mails remain unanswered. And if you call the support number – even with a random number, you may get disconnected with the recorded message – “Your sales manager, is busy/unavailable” ….

  7. RS says:

    I want to join your Marketing team. have good experience in the Stock & securities field. I am google ads Certified

  8. Chandrasekhar Bendi says:

    Dear Sir,

    Zerodha Client ID – RC0522

    This is to bring to your immediate attention that I had couriered “IL&FS Closure Letter”, and “Zerodha Demat Application Form” and all other required proofs such as Aadhar, Electricity Bill, My wife’s aadhar on 16th Jul’20 to address “Zerodha HO [#153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence Public School, J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore – 560078”.

    I understood all these document have been delivered by DTDC courier to the above mentioned address on 20th Jul’20. Attached screenshots showing DTDC Consignment number and successful delivery status mentioned by DTDC.

    I have been chasing customer support team, raised support ticket and followed up with account opening SPOC Neelavathi on mobile “8884352020” but none is able to help me.

    I sincerely request your immediate response and help on transferring the funds from IL&FS to Zerodha demat. As the funds are with held by Zerodha, I am neither able to do trading nor withdrawal.

    This is really leading highest level of disappointment as I am pushed into huge monetory losses due to highest level of ignorance by Zerodha.

    Looking forward for intervention and immediate resolution.

    Best Regards,
    Chandrasekhar Bendi

    • Matti says:

      Sorry for this, Chandrashekhar. Your forms have been processed. We’ve emailed you in response to your ticket as well.

  9. Deepak Chitnis says:

    Dear Nithin,

    After waiting for an ticket raised for DIS execution since 29th June , after talking to you customer care executives 2..3 times earlier , after not able to connect with multiple calls at customer care , after getting completelyy frustrated with the servicee of yyour company , I am writing here.
    and this all is repeeated second time , earlier same thing has happened in March.
    If only Tech and interface is good and pathetic service , no company can survive !
    You can go through my tickets #20200630984429 (Open) and #20200521963695 ( closed as nothing can be done !)
    my ID being LP5973
    I hope some one at senior level look into my pending DIS execution of 3 unlisted scrips in your custody ( 2 couriers received bby your office ) on an urgent basis

    Deepak Chitnis

    • Nikhil Babel says:

      Same issues. It took me nearly one year to bring one ticket to closure and ticket #20200309885628 is open since March 9th, 2020.

  10. asim syed says:


    I have opened an account recently with zerodha and have got the Share transfer and closure of account in icicidirect.
    but the new challenge i have come across is
    my entire Yes bank share holdings have been held back and not transferred to zerodha account citing reason that they are not transferable.
    can you kindly help me get these transferred to zerodha account.
    is there any clause or reason why Yes bank shares are not transferable
    it is just a brokerage org change form NSDL to CDSL the account owner name remains the same the person is the same. why are they denying transferring the share.
    Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.
    Asim Syed

  11. hasina says:


    i have been trying to trade in “7NR” equity and you guys have blocked it from trading, i will incur a loss of 14k if i dont get the average down and make a sell, its the right time for me to buy the stock and you people are not allowing me to buy it by placing a block because of some news.

    i will hold you guys responsible for the loss if this is not opened for trading.
    how can you guys decide on what i need to buy or i shouldnt buy. why doont you trade on my behalf then??
    you have done you responsibility by informing the customer its a penny stock and you have placed a nudge? over an top of this how can you block us from trading in selective stocks you deem to be risky, i say its a good buy at this price., and the risk is mine, trading is all about the risk of buying and the profit i predict to make?

    i have raised enough tickets with your support i have installed topt all precaution as directed by you have been taken inspite of that i am unable to buy, no one is resolving this for me.

    request you to kindly get this looked into and open the stock for trading, kindly do not block any stocks from trading. placing a nudge is really appreciated but not blocking stocks. i will be under 14k loss if you do so, and this will be your responsibility

    so request you to kindly do the needful and help me trade in this stock.


    • hasina says:

      Hi Matti,

      there is a serious issue that needs to be addressed, i had raised a complaint regarding the “7Nr” stock but you guys have blocked it from trading, i am unable to buy the stock and average out my losses, the company is not blacklisted on NSE /BSE due to any sms or whatever the reason people are sensible enough to make their own decisions pls dont make them on behalf of us, no stocks should be give any prefrential treatments.
      i am happy you people have put a nudge but please dont block any stocks from trading. this is really unfair.
      pls look into this and get this released for trading.

      not sure why is this request not responded to.


  12. Nikhil Babel says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I am facing issues with ticket# 20200309885628. Your executive Sunny Banerjee is not providing a proper answer and everytime giving fake resolutions by saying vendor issues are resolved. The ticket was logged on March 9th, 2020.

  13. syed says:


    I would like to explore the most beneficial option for Trading and investment in stock market
    option 1 > open individual trading a/c with zerodha and trade and pay 20% income tax
    option 2 > open a proprietorship / partnership pvt ltd company (LLP) to invest capital of more than 2 people.

    can any of the knowledgeable people guide me on best options in terms of benefits of TAX and brokerage and also the process and procedure to adopt if i have to open an account with zerodha with respect to partnership


  14. A K Kaul says:

    Mr. Nitin Kamath
    Horrible experience yesterday. Refer Ticket No. 20200422189899
    Spoke to somebody around 10 am today too.
    When I could not buy 9900 call of 30APR yesterday as order was repeatedly cancelled, Margin page showed that trading could be done between 9000 to 9350 strikes only.
    On phone today I was told that
    1. Zerodha had to restrict trade range yesterday due to Brokers (Zerodha’s) market wise limit
    Were your customers notified at all ??
    YET order for 9500 CE had gone through.
    Perhaps 9500 falls between 9000 and 9350 !!!
    2. I must have placed IOC order for Apr Fut order today as it was rejected . On Pi platform, there is no option of IOC order in LIMIT ORDER box !!
    Of course decent burial has been given to the whole thing by closing the Ticket stating, issue is closed after our conversation.
    IS NO explanation necessary ??
    I don’t think Covid is the reason …….. This benign anarchy shows some of your group doen’t give two hoots if things go well or how a problem is explained / addressed.
    Wonder which way things are headed at ZERODHA
    May I have saner explanation ???? ( Please see attachments to my complaint )

    A K Kaul

  15. Nikhil Babel says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I request you to look into ticket numbers: 20200306904138, 20200309885628 and 20200401995770.

    I am facing kite issues on regular intervals and this has resulted in losses for me just because the orders were not getting squared off.

    If nothing can be done then unfortunately I have to close my Zerodha account. I cannot bear everyday loss just because of this platform.

    Also in the AMC they have charged Delayed payment charges for March – 2020 of Rs. 129.29 which was again due to Zerodha’s issue which occurred on 18th March as the orders were not getting squared off.

    But I am not getting an appropriate response from any of the executives.


  16. Nikhil Babel says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I request you to look into ticket numbers: 20200306904138 and 20200309885628.

    I am facing kite issues on regular intervals and this has resulted in losses for me just because the orders were not getting squared off.

    If nothing can be done then unfortunately I have to close my Zerodha account. I cannot bear everyday loss just because of this platform.

  17. hasina says:

    great effort to bring in the referral programme really appreciated but there is no backing from the operation side to finalize and close such referrals i had referred 2 of my family members to zerodha who had no clue what it was, i had created a good image out of how i opened an account and how easy and user friendly trading is with zerodha.
    i have mailed more than a couple of times to your incharge from bangalore (bidyut) to arrange for a pick of documents but the basic courtesy to respond to an email is lacking.
    this happend to me when i tried opening account with ZERODHA almost 6 months back after lot of escalation and mails and followups i finally went through the ordeal and successfully opened the account.
    the customer service standard remains a big ???
    i need to followup if i open a ticket for a resolution when i got my shares transferred from ICICI to zerodha
    after repeated mails i get a response after almost a week++
    i guess without customer service nothing will seem a class apart , so i urge concerned team to step the efforts up and when you roll out a scheme referral or anything the backing from the support team is available.
    people at zerodha should create that brand image, all big brands who made it to the top and have sustained thier position rely on great customer service.
    its just a suggestion from my end, the rest is your call.

    Hasina Mahmood

    • Matti says:

      Sorry to hear that, Hasina. Can you please email me on [email protected]? Will get this looked into and take action.

      • hasina says:

        Hello Matti
        the Accounts of my referrals are yet not opened inspite of providing all necessary documents to the concerned operations team in bangalore, early month of february its been april.

        Lame reason and documents checking process, sometimes even the original cheque leaf provided seems to be unclear to the account opening team which is seriously coming as surprise to me.

        do they really wish to open the account or this is all lack of responsibility and ownership. very casual attitude towards new customer and no standards of service.

        urge you to kindly look into the same and take people to task if this is how this is going to be then i guess you will have to shut the referral programme or any new customer entries.

        this is bad for the future and brand image of zerodha. as a customer this is my feedback

        • Matti says:

          I see that your referral has chosen to open your account using the offline route. As I’ve explained in my email earlier today evening, we have currently suspended processing of all physical documents since our team is working from home as part of our COVID-19 business continuity plan and it wouldn’t be possible to process this. As such, your referral can either choose to open the account online, or wait for the situation to be resolved so we can get back to the office to process these forms.

          • hasina says:

            hello Matti

            are you guys back to office as the lockdown has been relaxed. will we open these accounts for my referal or do we have to keep waiting for this year.

            all forms have been duely signed and provided to the concerned representative of zerodha long before the covid situation arised.it should have been closed then.

            but the covid situation has just become an excuse seems like to me.
            if you do not wish to open the account please do communicate the same if there is no intent due to incapacity.

            this is beyond anyones patience levels to keep waiting till eternity there is no personal contact needed all documents are with you, some one should take responsibility to close it it should have ended in a weeks time from the time the documents were handed over

            is this what we like to see in the best trading app organisation like zerodha. all the good word i put in seems to have gone down the drain, the faith and trust now is gone am not sure if you guys will work on it to get it restored or let my referral assume it is so.

            Kindly take corrective actions before its late or may be its already late,


  18. Prasanth kumar says:

    Sir i cant open my account .i got my client id 5 day back till now i can’t open ur application.ur customer care team always telling today will ready but today 10/12/19 yet to open. What to do. All documents are clear . I paid 500 also for account opening .can u help me.?

  19. Sagar Kale says:

    I am fighting to open an account since beginning of nov-2019….i have had a very bad experience with the guys who are dealing with account opening procedure even all my documents are submitted, everything is clear, still account is not opened…why?????? nobody knows??????…… i am least bother of Rs. 300/- which i paid…i am not really wishing to get it back from Zerodha…..first in foremost the number 080-49132020 is pathetic number i really would suggest Kamath Sir to discontinue this number …. when ever i call on this number is get disconnected asking to fill up survey 1 is worst and 5 is best……..i always give 1 as worst….non of the quality team bother to call me back and ask my feedback…..it never connects to the customer service department….it is really hard to connect with zerodha…. the customer service guys says that some one from managerial level will call you……..NO ONE CALLS BACK…TRUST ME….NO ONE CALLS BACK….ITS PATHETIC..IT IS JUST BOILING MY BLOOD SUCH FAKE COMMITMENT…….

  20. hasina says:

    hi Matti
    received a msg from one of your tie up partners (midcapgains.in) they tell me they have a tie up with zerodha, mobile number is (9974241089) the lady calls up and tells me that i need to pay 10% of the profit to them and they will ask me to invest in the share they will suggest the share name and entry price & i will make 140% profit and when i book the profit they will deduct 10% of the amount from zerodha account??????/

    i told them i am not interested but she hangs up the call abruptly and says i have registered your number thank you. i tried calling the number back but she is not responding.

    can you kindly look into this as this is serious issue. i guess this is some fraud call or fraud network operating, how did they get my number and how do they know i have registered myself on zerodha. who is giving this info to them???? this is breach of trust.

    i would like to report this can you kindly lodge a complaint and take this up seriously.
    i would like to speak to some one of authority with zerodha and have an action taken against this.

    pls call back i am your registered account holder with zerodha.

    • Matti says:

      This is an industry-wide issue. I can assure you that we don’t share your contact details with any third-party. We’ve explained this in more detail here.

  21. Nikhil Babel says:

    True experience. I raised a ticket around Dec 2018 and that got resolved in October 2019, that too after following up n number of times (rather 1000s of times).

  22. hasina says:

    Hi Team Zerodha,

    ground reality:
    I raised a request to open an account with Zerodha, on the 24 Oct 2019
    was told i would be contacted by the bangalore team to arrange for pickup of documents
    following days i raised a complaint & so on so forth untill today i have been only raising complaints for someone to pickup the documents for opening a trading account.

    Your call centre drops the calls without even courteous closing the call, they dont even respond even when the call is on, they raise complaint # each time i call and complaint
    They donot provide any escalation metrics some of them just mislead or dont give and escalating contact numbers nor they transfer calls to any manager or supervisor for escalations.
    i have written to Quality@zerodha / Complaint@zerodha waited for response but to no redressal.

    Today on the call centre when i told to complaint to the CEO of zerodha did i get a call from your representative. great response!!! wonder why this is needed.

    Condtions for picking up the documents as stated by your representative.
    I need to pay the fees for opening account (Rs 300) only then will they pick up the documents. after denying
    second request was to provide them a cheque for opening the account only then will the documents get picked.
    third when i denied agreeing to pay money upfront without account being opened & i told them please provide me the escalation metrics i was diverted back to quality team.

    you people want payment first before opening the account.
    i have been trying to open account since last 10+ days calling customer service 100 times.

    your managers cant arrange pick up till you make payments
    i write to quality service desk no response
    i escalate to compalint @ zerodha no response.
    wrong info provided to me each time.

    I hope there is redressal to this situation if not for me to the new customers you would be planning to get on board.

    when trading has gone digital:
    Why the manual process why not go paperless everything is gone digital why not take a form fill it up sign and just scan and upload for people. why the medieval methods.

    This has left a bad experience and taste for a brand like zerodha. the only word of mouth that would go further about zerodha in terms of customer service standards is ” “. am sure you can fill up the blanks in my place.

    i have investment worth 30lacs in equity with ICICI they took hardly a day/two, to open account and get it working without any account opening formalities. i was planning to migrate to Zerodha but seems like the Teamwork is quiet casual and doesnt need any more customers.

  23. Nikhil Pakwanne says:

    i thought the kite 2 application is better than kite 3, ‘coz its faster & handlier to everyone. so don’t discontinued kite 2 application.

  24. R says:

    I am trying to open a new account with Zerodha. I have paid and submitted to the documents for offline opening on last Tuesday morning. I was told that the account will be opened in 48 hours.

    Now, it took more than 1 week to courier to Bangalore office and yet the application status is not trackable by Zerodha persons. The Zerodha support team have no clue about when it will be completed.

    Now I wondering at what speed trades will be executed by Zerodha especially since Zerodha is mentioning “The target given to everyone at Zerodha is to be the best brokerage in India”. Best? Before, Zerodha should focus to plug the customer drop rate with account opening.

  25. Santhosh Thirugnanam says:

    Regarding ticket#20191015665467 – POA update. No Action taken and no response from Zerodha.

  26. Nikhil Babel says:

    Hi Nitin,

    This is regarding ticket# #20190122469848.
    Your executive Abhijit Ghosh hasn’t provided a satisfactory reply yet.

    The ticket was logged on Jan 22, 2019 and still I haven’t received any satisfactory reply.
    Everytime false commitments are made and he is not responding.

    On Aug 30th, your executive Matti told to provide an update on 31st Aug but still I haven’t received any reply yet.

    Can you please help me out?


  27. Harikrishna says:

    This is regarding the Ticket #20190829737958. Can you please respond on this.
    Xx rejected trades, xxx not connected calls and in support also not given the proper solution. Over all pathetic experience.

  28. Nikhil Babel says:

    This is regarding ticket #20181127512831.
    Can you please look into the issue and confirm the query?


    • Matti says:

      Sorry for the delay in responding. Someone will get back to you soon!

      • Nikhil Babel says:

        Oct 01, 2019 13:25 Ananth Shenoy
        We will calculate the brokerage during said days and post reversal by today end of the day.
        nikhil babel Oct 01, 2019 22:31
        The day will end at 11.59 PM right? Will wait for this false commitment again and post the thread on that channel.

        Nothing is done as per commitment.

  29. Nikhil Babel says:

    This is regarding ticket# #20190122469848.
    Your executive Abhijit Ghosh hasn’t provided a satisfactory reply yet.

    The ticket was logged on Jan 22, 2019 and still I haven’t received any satisfactory reply.
    Everytime false commitments are made and he is not responding.


  30. Surya Kant says:

    I have opened an account VP7190 and I have been talking with one of your team members Divya. Apparently the account is opened and after 1 day I was asked the POA. So I signed the POA and sent it to your delhi branch as I was told by Divya.It was received, I have the courier detail, I spoke to the guy who received it in Delhi, he said, he has dispatched the courier to Head office and now it’s up to head office to do the rest. I called to divya again explained her the story, she said she will follow this up with the Delhi’s office, today she mailed me directing me to ask the courier detail from Delhi’s office, (the courier which they have sent to Head office) I said this is her job to do the follow ups, I have paid Zerodha while opening the account for trading not for running behind the peole to get my job done. they must learn to handhold a client if u want stickiness. Please help me close my matter my ticket id is [Ticket #20190729911059]

    • Matti says:

      Hey Surya. Sorry to hear that. Will have someone get in touch with you to help.

      • Surya Kant says:

        How much time will it take? it’s already been 18 days since my PoA was received by your Delhi’s office. Should I start writing to SEBi for fraud done by Zerodha? What’s taking this much of time? I would request to please take this seriously.

  31. Nikhil says:

    This is regarding ticket# #20181127512831.
    Your executive Ritesh S hasn’t provided a satisfactory reply yet.

    • Nikhil Babel says:

      This is regarding ticket# #20181127512831.
      Your executive Ritesh S hasn’t provided a satisfactory reply yet.

  32. Nikhil says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I m also facing the same issue for average price discrepancy of my holdings. I raised a ticket 20190122469848 on 22 Jan. The ticket is still open and the issue is not yet resolved even after multiple followups and phone calls. Your executive ABHIJIT GHOSH missed the given deadlines and keep promising to resolve the issue within 24 hours whenever I called. As my last hope, I write to you to intervene on this issue and resolve it immediately. I appreciate your reply.


    • Nakul says:

      Hey Nikhil,

      Apologies for the inconvenience caused. We have this escalated. Someone from our team will get in touch with you soon and have this resolved.

      • Nikhil says:

        I am still facing the issue. When I post here someone replies on next day.
        But again the ticket goes without noticing after that which is happening from past 6 months.

  33. Ravindra Upadhyay says:

    ID- PR6761
    I have a complaint regarding my buying average of NG being shown in the positions section today. I did the following transactions of NG in last 2 days and the average of total buy should e 153.15 while the actual average being shown by your system is 155.5 which seems like a cheating by you. Please check urgently and revert.
    Also this might have happened earlier too without notice by me.To be checked immediately.

    26-Jul Natural GAS Aug Future 151.4 1
    26-Jul Natural GAS Aug Future 150.2 1
    25-Jul Natural GAS Aug Future 153.5 1
    25-Jul Natural GAS Aug Future 157.5 1
    612.6 4
    Average Price 153.15

    Inline image

    Warm Regards
    Ravindra Upadhyay

    • Nakul says:

      We have the correct average price updated. Our team has got in touch with you on the ticket you have raised and provided an update.

  34. Jignesh says:

    I had opened a trading account with Zerodha in February 2019. I was really happy with your great operating model. Great Mobile app and easy to understand website etc. Really amazed with all what you have delivered.

    BUT – read this incident –

    I had recently opened an account for my family member. I wanted to check if I have made nomination for my account opened previously + whether we (a customer) should fill in any details into “Witness” column in your nomination form.

    I had called Zerodha Support team to get help on above queries. SANJU was the support executive on call (not sure if she gave her name correctly). If you really care for customer service, you will listen to the recording of her call with me from 10.33 ¬ 10.39 am IST on 3rd July.

    She was ABSOLUTELY rude.

    I am amazed, if Zerodha says, they can develop amazing application, nice product BUT, this is the kind support staff they can have. Just awful.

    It takes years to win customer confidence, but, takes 10 mins to lose it. By operating this way, you are going to give opportunity to another “Zerodha” to come up someday, and they will beat you. I hope, you will not allow this to happen.



    This is very important

    Please have feature in your trading platform to have SL valid for one week.


  36. Tofik Shaikh says:

    Dear Sir,
    Unfortunately your companys support and back office is very weak. They dont reply and not properly solve problem.
    For me it become a headache that I said my friend that open account with zerodha. And please make adhaar authentication easy. And if possible start appoint representative at every city to resolve problem locally.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Yours faithfully,
    Tofik Shaikh

  37. Mahesh Dutia says:

    Hello ,

    I hold a couple of zerodha accounts, for one of my accounts – JC0829, I had couriered my physical shares, which were returned back saying they cannot be converted to demat without attempting to reach the registrar.
    When I complained, they asked me to resend the document which I did. Now they claim that they have not received the document. Ticket #20190416420073 – Dematerialization Request
    This is second time they claimed they have not received the document. THe first time I shared the DRF number and they could locate the documet at Zerodha. THis time I do not have DRF number.
    My concern is Zerodha have lost my document due to poor internal tracking. Shares are worth quite a lot of money. Kindly track my documents .

  38. SHUBHAM SINGH says:

    Hello Team
    Neither your support team nor your sales manager sandhya Kumari is reachable from past 1 week .I am not sure what usually they do if they are not even reachable
    There was discremency in IFSC code which is why my application got rejected
    I have sent all documents for verification to both Sandhya & support Zerodha however none of them are responsive so far

    I am making daily 10 calls to either support support team or gurugram centre
    1.I am unable to connect with support team
    2.Sandhya kumari has turned of her phone who is sales manager (Gurgaon)
    3.I got a number of a person from another gurugram branch online he stopped me responding as well
    4.email support team isn’t responding either

    Is this how zerodha works?
    Nitin Kamath’s email isn’t anywhere online, I tried reaching him on linkedin & Twitter nevertheless had no luck

    If this is not going to be done just refund my amount and I’ll proceed with another Demat provider already have splendid experience with Zerodha

    Shubham singh


    Dear Team,

    I have paid the amount but still not get any id

    my mobile number : 9899079238
    alternate number: 9897308965

    • Matti says:

      Hey Rohit, I don’t see any registrations with either of these numbers. Can you please tell me where you’ve made the payment and the number/email ID used to register?

  40. abhishek singh bhakuni says:

    I chose zerodha for opening account because i think it is trustfull broker and its services is good.
    But i open account and pay the amount of opening fee. after that by mistake i forgot to upload signature . And i got a mail that my application is rejected .
    but your agent say that he was in the leave and he check my application after 28 march . whenever i apply on 18 march .
    kindlly help me and provide me other agent .
    with regards
    abhishek singh bhakuni

    • Billy says:

      Hey Abhishek,

      We’re sorry to hear that. This has been escalated. We’ll get another sales manager to get in touch with you and help open your account.

  41. Nikhil Babel says:

    I faced the same issue on 27th November, 2018 and the ticket is still open.
    Ticket No. is 20181127512831.

  42. Lalit Kumar singh says:

    On 27 Feb 19..due to technical issue at zerodha platform I incurred a huge loss..I was not able to sell my holding position..n soo many time I contacted to zerodha customer care..n mailed..but they r telling jst sorry..Mr. Nitin Kamath..u hv to specifically look into my problem..bcoz of ur trading plateform..I incurred this loss…it must b beared by ur company if u r really a gd trading company..I hope u ll put ur leg into my shoes n solve n my due to loss..thanku

  43. Vijayalakshmi R says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I raised a ticket (20181227307219) on Dec 27, 2018 for average price discrepancy of my holdings. The ticket was still open and the issue is not yet resolved even after multiple followups and phone calls. Your executives missed their given deadlines and keep promising to resolve the issue within 24 hours whenever I called. As my last hope, I write to you to intervene on this issue and resolve it immediately. I appreciate your reply.

    • Nikhil Babel says:

      Hi Nitin,

      I m also facing the same issue for average price discrepancy of my holdings. I raised a ticket 20190122469848 on 22 Jan. The ticket is still open and the issue is not yet resolved even after multiple followups and phone calls. Your executives missed their given deadlines and keep promising to resolve the issue within 24 hours whenever I called. As my last hope, I write to you to intervene on this issue and resolve it immediately. I appreciate your reply.

  44. nishanth says:

    I developed a Number of shares to Buy Calculator. Would you like to try it?

  45. Rajeshwar Katkar says:

    I have trading account with Zerodha from last 1.5 years. I have gone through almost all charting indicators and tools present on kite. But I still want few improvements done in Drawing tools such customize settings in Fibonacci retracements and trading angles. I had posted my requirements on support portal and received the response that these are not avaliable on kite. I urge that Zerodha should try to add more tools and charting methods on kite as soon as possible. This will help traders to get more accurate insights before executing trades.

  46. Smita Pasi says:


    I have opened my account with Zerodha and still struggling to complete all the defined process. All documents uploading and verification process was completed online, application was failed with reason “IFSC Code is not available on bank statement” and Executive mobile number and email id was provided who will help further. Executive number was switched off for more than 5 days and no response to the email.
    Somehow executive had contacted after multiple followups with support and he suggested to submit POA and Nominee form to him so he will send it through courier to Bangalore office. Today it is around 2 weeks POA form is not reached Bangalore and due to that can’t make transactions (Sell). Now Executive had stopped even receiving my phone calls.
    I am wondering what kind of support will get later on when start doing transactions.
    Is there someone who really looking into such issues.

    • Lindo says:

      Hi Smith,

      The POA has reached us on 5th and is updated at the depository end this morning(7th) , you should be able to see/ sell holdings starting tomorrow morning. Will check and figure why the same has not reached us on time.

  47. Jayakumar says:

    Suggestion for including a feature:
    Under Orders Tab… in Pending orders… LTP if shown… modifying the placed orders will be more easier… ppl will transact more than what is currently happening…

    • Faisal says:

      Jayakumar, I believe you are requesting this feature for the Mobile App as this is already available in Kite Web. Passing the feedback to our product development team.

  48. Seema Kumar says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I have a trading account with Zerodha from 2016. After Zerodha had split with il@fs,The same started deducting money from my bank account. After enquiring again and again finally I was told that you have split and I need to open a separate Zerodha account. I sent the relevant forms, but did not hear from you. Again I gave several calls to your customer care number and again after a month I was told that my account is on hold as signature in f11section is missing. I again sent another form where I made a mistake of signing in signing the form. I wrote to the email provided about my grievance and I was given the number of Mr Gopi Kiran who never picked up the call. On writing again I got a call from Mr Ritesh, but he is again not picking up my call. I wrote to the email id provided but no reply came. My account is mapped just because of your poor customer service. Please look into the matter.
    Seema Kumar

  49. Lalita Jayakumar says:

    I have opened account online on 14th Nov 2018 and paid account opening fee of Rs.500/ on the same day. I have completed all the procedures and submitted all the documents as requested by Zerodha. But till now my account has not opened and nobody is giving the correct status. Also nobody is responding properly.

    Please check and do the needful.

    Thanking you,

    • Lindo says:

      Hi Lalitha,

      There was a rejection in your forms for Bank proof not being clear +Name mismatch in PAN with that in Aadhaar. you must have got the rejection message on your email. Do get back on our support portal for more on support.zerodha.com

  50. Avinash says:

    Can someone please reply to my support ticket please

    20181029860617 – Why am I unable to see and sell my holdings?

  51. Sunil kumar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have one request regardig kite app. when expiry date of a stock changed.

    Stock “XYZ” is trading at 890.
    Option -XYZ NOV 29 900CE
    Above call will expire on 29 th Of Nov. Usually.
    Now consider, due to some adjustments it has decided the revised release date (expiry date) of all options contracts on 20th Nov.

    Now, If some one is trading on 20th Nov. and bought -XYZ NOV 29 900CE (as zerodha dosn’t display revised date on application.) @4.0 option premium. After some time premium closed at 0.05. so trader end up with loosing all money even “XYZ” closed at its high point 898.

    Problem is :
    1-Trader was not aware of the revised expiry date as zerodha published this in news section only without any notification in kite mobile app.

    2-when trader was going to select XYZ mention call/put option for trading – no popup or tooltip was there. This must be there as zerodha is not renamed the options.

    Note: there is always a possibility to miss any important news buy traders. This should also be the responsibility of zerodha to notify traderds in any way while selecting a traade having some critical change atleast in -change in expiry date if zerodha is not modifying the date.

    I have also lost money in same situation even I was in handsome profit for that day but suddenly I end up with huge loss & I was surprised what happened ??

    Note: I always follow news from different sources including zerodha news feed section but there is no guarantee to have all news in mind while trading. Atleast above scenario must be handled buy the trading application or broker.

    Sunil kumar

    • Matti says:

      The exchange data-feed gives us the expiry date. When there is a change, if the exchange updates it, it would show up on the platform. If not, the expiry remains the same on the platform. We do send an email and SMS notification to people holding NRML positions in the contracts where the expiry has changed a day before the change. The same users are also notified with a notification on the platform itself. However, all said and done, it is the end users’ responsibility to stay abreast of these changes. We do publish all of this information on the Zerodha Bulletin.

  52. Uma Chaari says:

    Please refer to my comment above, wish to add one more thing

    One of the executives even had the nerve to say for our follow ups that “it’s not as if stock markets are crashing, so wait”. seriously?

  53. Uma Chaari says:

    I have completed all the formalities for account opening and am yet to get the login credentials after 5 days.
    And, my husband’s account is not reflecting the holdings of the shares that we bought inspite of completing POA formalities. We have written mails to the support team, raised tickets, Made atleast 100 phone calls. We have cc-ed to complaints mail id too. Somebody has simply forgotten to enable the holdings and the executives are simply uncooperative. This is a basic process and this is not done properly, how can we move the moneys to create any holdings. Already 5 lakhs of our moneys are stuck. I hope Mr Nithin takes note of the backend support team’s inefficiency and rude lackadaisical behaviour and rectifies it. Becythwnconcept is wonderful but for it to work the, support has to be good too. Otherwise trust is lost.

  54. Manas says:

    Hi Team,
    My ID -WJ3077
    I am not able to see my HOLDINGS and able to sell my stock even after 8 days of account opening due .Raised more than 5 tickets your customer team gave false commitment.

    Horrible experience with support team !!

    Ticket ID:

  55. Avinash Gupta says:


    I heard alot about Zerodha which made me to open an account with you and wanted to shift from Indiabulls.

    Last month I opened my account (FF6642) and before transferring all my shares from Indiabulls I thought I will see the experience of purchase and sell. It was good but what left me in a state of confusion is there is no update to my holding/ portfolio under Kite and hence I can’t see my share whatever I have purchased in this last 3 to 4 week and now I am not able to sell them.

    Zerodha have received all POC and other documents and support every day is saying this will be updated from the last one month but no action as such now I am facing a very Poor experience and in double mind whether to transfer my shares or not.

    Here are the tickets open which no one is looking into

    I want @Nitin Kamath to answer why there is a delay but more to it is there a process gap in your organization or no definition of SLA for tickets raised.

    Hope to hear something positive related to my issue.


  56. sagar says:

    in kite only price change in watchlist but chart not moving why?

  57. amit mishra says:

    Dear Nithin

    This is Amit mishra

    Around 15 days ago one of my close friend has suggested me to open the trading account with Zerodha. As I was looking for a reliable partner to open the same. So I have done all the formalities to open an account.
    After that I realised that I have done blunder mistake.

    Coz the way you guys treat your customers which is super pathetic.

    Last one week I am waiting/ chasing with you all to get my commodity segment activated.

    But unfortunately you guys are not able to do the same. Every one use to give only fake commitment nothing else.

    Being a service provider you must know how to treat your customers.

    Feeling cheated now.



  58. Laldhari Kumar says:

    I opened account with Zerodha on 15.09.2018. I started trading from 17.09.2018. POA was received at Zerodha office on 19.09.2018. Till now i have not not the confirmation mail from Zerodha regarding POA.
    I am not able to sell Delivery which i am loosing seriously.
    I contacted customer support and it was promised that i will get confirmation mail within 24 hrs after receiving POA. No Confirmation mail was received.
    Again contacted Customer support and requested to arrange call back from sale manager. No call back received.
    I wrote to sale manager and i got promise that i will get confirmation mail by 21.09.2018. Again i did not got confirmation mail.
    I received in reply only “Sorry for inconvenience”.

    Agin requested customer support to arrange call back by sales manager and was promised that this time i will definetly get call back i dont need to worry. Again i didnt got call back. Is your sale magaer employee so busy that they cant talk for 2 minute with client.

    At last may i know the reason of such undesirable delay. Who is responsible for same. When will i get confirmation mail? When Holdings will get activated?

  59. velazhagan says:



  60. Suraj Kumar says:

    Dear Mr. Kamath,
    I had opened my first ever Demat account with Zerodha on 20-08-2018. After getting the account opened I was intimated to submit POA after which I will be enabled to sell my share. I had sent the POA, ECN and Nomination form for my demat account on 03-09-2018. But still I am unable to see my holdings in Zerodha Kite or sell the shares I have been holding. I have raised a complaint ticket (Ticket #20180909474481) regarding this issue on 09.09.2018 but no body from zerodha has so far contacted me or replied to my email id. I have also tried calling on Zerodha Support number i.e. 080-40402020 thrice but everytime they tell me that my holding will start showing up and the issue will be resolved by end of the day which later turns out to be a false promise.
    I had opened my demat account with zerodha after going through lots of positive reviews but after getting my account opened with your company I am getting nothing but despair.
    Sir, I request you to kindly look personally into this matter and get the issue resolved as I don’t think that the complaint ticket raised on Zerodha support portal will be answered.
    Hoping for a favourable reply from your end.

  61. M Vinoth says:

    Hello Nithin/Team,

    Really i am happy to use Zerodha account because the charges are very less compared to others.

    once again thanks for awesome service.

    Two suggestion, Regarding withdraw process & Customer Care Contact

    post selling the script T+2 working days (total 3days) the amount will be credit into respective account.
    The amount will be ready to withdraw on 4th working day morning.
    as per current process we will get the amount by 5th working day.

    My Suggestion: Regarding Amount Withdraw Process – i request you to change it like two window 1.Morning (first half) 2.Evening (Second half)

    1.Morning window first Half – amount will be credited into post lunch if we give the request in morning. (4th day person will get the amount for them use)
    2.Evening window second half – as per current process the amount will be credit into next day morning. (5th day person will get the amount as per the current process)

    some people are may withdraw the amount for some urgency purpose only if they get the amount one day early it will be helpful.

    Second suggestion:

    please make it simple to talk to customer care team. instead of typing user id and pin etc before connect call to the team… post connecting the call let team can verify it no problem. now feeling very difficult to contact team.

    please look into these two suggestions. thanks in advance.

    waiting for your reply 🙂

    M Vinoth

  62. Rajesh TD says:

    P&L calculation in zerodha is useless and full of mistakes
    You dont know whether we really made profit or loss. Lets us make a association and jointly complaint to sebi. And cyber crimes and enforcement directorate. First passport of zerodha management should be seized

  63. Amar says:

    Seems like this is a common issue with zerodha and the concerned people are not even bothered to correct this.

  64. Amar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    P&L calculation is totally messed up in Zerodha.
    I have transferred my holdings to Zerodha 2 months ago. To get the P&L right, I have entered Discrepant trades details as guided with proper data from prev broker.
    And I’m behind this all this time. Yet issues are not solved yet.
    Though support team closes the ticket, one or other issue comes up with the calculation/statements. Either I’ll have to to REOPEN the ticket or some other new issue pops up when I verify the statements.
    Now I could see that Holding Statements in KITE/Q and CONSOLE contradicts each other and Annoying part is that both are WRONG!
    EXPECTING a quicker resolution, once and for all.


    • Abhay says:

      Same issue with me.

      I have transferred my account from ILFS to Zerodha . For last one week market is falling but i am not able to sell my holding because in kite my holding quantity for all my script/shares shows very less. My portfolio turned from profit to loss and i was not able to sell my holding. Now, what i can see that , in back office/console , my all share holding quantity showing wrong (reduced by more than half for few scripts). I raised so may tickets regarding the same but all were closed saying my ILFS account closure in progress.

      Even though my account closure in progress, why my holding quantity and price is not showing correct in back office/console?On what basis i can trust Zerodha that once my account movement will be done then the quantity shown by Zerodha will be correct. I caught this fraud/cheat things because i am maintaining money control portfolio/excel to update my daily transaction. I want @Nitin Kamath to answer and look on my current ticket #20180927693357

      • Faisal says:

        Abhay, having this escalated

        • Abhay says:

          Are you guys really mean by escalation ? What i will do with your escalation? as there is no update on my issue and day by day my portfolio going down because of this bleeding market . who gonna pay my losses ? Will it pay by Nitin Kamath ?

  65. Parminder Trehan says:

    Hi Nithin

    It has been more than a week since I have raised a request to open my account in Zerodha and have also paid INR 500. Post all the formalities, I got the message that my account will be opened in 24-48 hours however till date there is no update. I have called customer care at least 20 times but no one is ready to provide me an update apart from saying that they are facing a technical glitch and cannot see the status of my request. One of my friend who I recommended to open an account in Zerodha is facing the same concern.

    Finally I am reaching out to you for help and feedback. If your technical glitch is so big that it is not resolved in 2 weeks then at least return me my money back.


  66. Nitin Suri says:

    Hi Nithin

    It has been more than two weeks where I have raised a request to open my account in Zerodha and have also paid INR 500. Post all the formalities, I got the message that my account will be opened in 24-48 hours however till date there is no update. I have called customer care at least 20 times but no one is ready to provide me an update apart from saying that they are facing a technical glitch and cannot see the status of my request. One of my friend who I recommended to open an account in Zerodha is facing the same concern.

    Finally I am reaching out to you for help and feedback. If your technical glitch is so big that it is not resolved in 2 weeks then at least return me my money back.


  67. Iyyappan says:

    Why sell and buy futures sometimes not successful.

  68. GOPAL GHATOL says:

    Hello Mr Kamath,

    First of all very much thanks for introducing zerodha.

    I have written several times to customer care to introduce VTD order. It is the best tool to work in SIP mode in equity.

    It reduces our work content and give us trading support for analysis by saving in time.

    Request you please support on this topic this will definitely add more customers to zerodha.

    I wish all the best to you

  69. Satish Kasaraneni says:

    I am managing 3 zerodha accounts, myself other 2 familly accounts. Whenever i logged in to one account in browser, if i opened second browser tab on kite , automatically old session is picking up and not able to monitor more than account at a time. Is there any option to see all three zerodha account at time in Dash board if the account holder agreed the option. For example I used to manage Franklin Templeton Funds at a time i can see or modify the three persons funds. There is option at Franklin temple ton, need to take approval from other 2 members.
    The current Zerodha session is holding the entire chrome browser session, every time we used to logoff and login to switch accounts. if you need more information call back my back number and get back to all the queries. We are group of people used to manage multiple family accounts all are facing same issue. Pleasee figure out the solution.


  70. Neelam Goel says:

    Karur bonus not yet credited to my account. Can you let me know when will this be credited to me?

  71. DEEPAK GUPTA says:

    I have submit my account opening form to JAIPUR TEAM on 04/08/2018, still today my account is not opened and no one one in the customer support is able to answer any satisfactorily reply. Please solve this

  72. Vignesh says:

    I have been fighting with Zerodha officials for a name correction since my account opening for about a month. Refer to the ticket #20180806956132 and you will notice the lame reasons provided by your officials. Mr. Nitin Kamath you have started Zerodha meaning “Zero Barriers” but till now I am receiving lame replies for a request with correctly provided documents as per your blog. Having been experienced in KYC at a Scheduled Commercial Bank and being aware of the procedures it is highly difficult to tolerate this kind of lame replies. Please look into the matter urgently and facilitate at the earliest. Thanks

  73. Raman Sharma says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I wanted to close account with Zerodha due to some personal reasons but every time i am sending courier have spent almost Rs.180/- twice on courier and once uploaded the form on DIGIO for digital signature still account is not closed it;s humiliating. Please help to get the account closed.


  74. T D RAJESH says:

    Nothing comes cheap or at zero cost in this world. If some one says I can give services free (when others are charging) it means there is a hidden cost and you end up paying more than what you get.


  75. T D RAJESH says:

    I had opened many accounts through my reference. Suddenly I see zerodha have swallowed my wallet money !! All those people who opened account on my advise are cursing me every day as there holdings suddenly vanish for no reason. I am fed up of frantic calls and have asked them to close zerodha account and move to safe brokers.

  76. T D RAJESH says:

    My story continued…. Since mutual funds at zero-dha are held in demat you will not get any services from the mutual fund house. If we call they say since units are in demat we have to contact dp (zerodha).. But if we contact zerodha they are clue less as usual. Zerodha mutual fund does not provide swithching option.

  77. T D RAJESH says:

    I have been holding zerodha account for last 3 years and further signed up for Coin also and have held substantial holdings in both. I have also experience with many other brokers. I am in trade for 20 yrs or so. Let me give my honest opinion on Zerodha.. Initially there was lot of hype ,, discount broker, tech driven etc. But all that is a big farce. There are serious issues with Zerodha equity and mutual funds (hope to God that my money is not being swindled by zerodha, seriously).. Issues I face:
    a) The holding average in equities keeps fluctuating like made which does not happen in any broker sites
    b) Recently for one of my holding the average has fallen far below purchase average. Eg: If I had 100 shares at Rs. Rs. 275 average and I buy 10 shares of same company at Rs. 260 per share. The holding value of total 110 shares has reduced to Rs. 226 per share. No broker in the world will calculate average like this. Zerodha is playing and manipulating trades and it is not automated.
    c)The total sales quantity of a company I am holding shows two different sales qty. for same company in a financial year and the difference is huge. Its very clear zerodha is manipulating our accounts and ledgers and no automation of the same.
    d) Mutual Funds – one scheme declared units in lieu of cash dividend and since in coin everything is held in demat the same units are not getting added to my holding. I am calling the zerodha back office who are just freshers who dont understand head or tail of what I am saying.
    e) Zerodha account ledger has lot of mistakes and my quantity sold is not reflected in the ledger.
    f) Back Office is clue less for every issue we call they are unable to resolve and ask to raise TICKET (bus ticket, train ticket or TICKET to Hell , I dont know) and they say they will arrange call back. No one calls.
    g) The site itself crashes many times. Derivatives we are not allowed to square off after 3 pm.
    h) Mututal Funds reports are incorrect and insufficient.
    h) If we want to escalate and talk to any senior manager , there is no one out there and you cant reach senior guys. The dont believe in talking face to face and only believe in raining tickets …. strange organization… utter back office boys in dark who dont understand the real world.
    My hone advise to everyone please close zerodha account, before that do a thorough reconciliation of your accounts and dealing and transfer your holding to another safe brokers..

  78. Akbar says:

    Dear sir
    zerodha platform very good other brokers and very simple platform i have suggest u MCX in add bracket order , and market open 9.15 am not candle opening not stable price and candle ,expmle ( ——–) so please resolved platform this issue .

    • Matti says:

      Hey Akbar, BO for MCX should be enabled soon. As for charts, you simply need to refresh the page once at 9:15 and the candles would be plotted correctly.

  79. Biju T K says:

    This is regarding account opening. I’ve filled online forms and done payment on 12th June and executive promised me the document collection on the next day itself. Today is 19th June and I’m still waiting for my documents to be collected. I’m following up with your sales manager and support team on daily basis, not no positive responses.
    Really disappointed.

  80. Ganesh says:

    I have placed limit order and excited as market order
    I have raised query regarding this and no one is responded and i have proof also of my order
    I hope my dispute will be solved

  81. BKP says:

    I came to know about share market in 2011, but at that time I thought this profession is not mean for me, It is in 2018 Jan when I came to know about Zerodha, I at least have a positive think about share market. Again, thanks to Varsity which help me to start form zero to something. I think Zerodha’s low cost is really very wonderful to have a live trading experience than a demo account. I know miles to go… but now I am confident that with Zerodha I can have a journey from Zero to Hero.

    With many good feelings , some bad feelings getting from Zerodha, such system downtime, chart performance,etc. I have a firm believe that the team will do the needful quickly.

    Wish you all success.
    B K P

  82. Amarjit Singh says:

    Dear Mr. Nitin

    I just want to explain the painful experience to open account in Zerodha, my application and related all documents which i sent to Zerodha office and i already paid the account opening charges, on 26 April i received call from Zerodha that they have received my application and one message ( mention some correction required in your trading account , check your email but till know when ever I send email they will reply me that they didn’t receive my application even i send the courier tracking receipt which was showing Zerodha received with stamp, but all in vain, now its almost 3 week has passed.

  83. Lijoo says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin,

    I have 2 Tickets pending since 3 May 2018.

    1. Ticket No.20180503478015 and the follow up.

    2. Ticket No. 20180504580073

    Kindly ask your team to respond.


    DL 0071

  84. Lijoo K John says:

    Dear Mr. Kamath

    Your support team is not solving Ticket No.20180503478015 and the reminder follow up mail with Ticket No.20180504580073.

    Please look into the matter.

    DL 0071

  85. Santosh Patil says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have been using Zerodha platform since last 2 years. But today when, I called to Zerodha customer care for some assistance & I was shocked to know that Zerodha is giving language options for English, Hindi & specially Kannada only. I am highly disappointed with this. Zerodha is favoring only Kannada. I think like me there are n no of account holders from Maharashtra & rest of India too. When I asked your representative to add Marathi language too, he simply answered me Hindi is available for you. But I don;t know Hindi as well as English. And other thing Hindi is available in Karnataka also. So why this discrepancy? We request you make Marathi language available to us.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Santosh, we have agents speaking all common Indian languages, but it wouldn’t be practical to have a menu listing all the languages. As such, we’ve chosen these three. If you’re not comfortable speaking in English/Hindi, you can always as the agent online to speak in Marathi or transfer the call to someone who does speak the language.

  86. Gurjot Singh says:

    Dear Nitin,

    My client id ZT1125

    Raised request for transfer of share from my other trading account to zerodha trading account on 5th April’18 till date share transfer process is pending Ticket #20180404644513.

    Please help me out.

  87. Arjun Rao says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Have mailed a query of dispute of rs 2000/- since past 3 months, i only get automated mails stating that some one will call u or automated dispute id.

    But till date no call or any dispute addressed, why such a lame on resolution. using zerodha since past 2 yrs first time there was a genuine query yet no revert.

  88. Manjunath Parab says:

    Hi Nitin

    I am new member to Zerodha, and since i have joined it has been noticed that unaccounted tax have been deducted from my account as compare to contract note..

    How it is possible when you have earn the income for that particular day and your team is charging me in excess

    Please clarify to keep the trust on zerodha

    we are afraid in investing further amount.

    awaiting for your prompt action and support, since not other in your team is responding/supportive with proper justification

    My Zerodha client ID is XA2054

    • manjunath parab says:

      Hi Niitin
      shall we expect any reply from my complaint

      It is very disappointing that our query has not been attended by any of your executives and neither from you..

      I remember the days of network marketing, where people use to struggle to contact his superior to know the status of there money and at the end they find company is not in existance..

      do we expect the same from zerodha

  89. Mj Taseen says:

    I wanted to why zerodha doesn’t provide T+5 day trade?. I can see zerodha is best platform available currently in market which has most advance techniques and user interface. But what i can see other brokers provide T+5 days trade due but zerodha doesn’t due to which most of the traders are still using other broker. If zerodha start providing T+5 days trade. I am sure most of the trade will shift to zerodha. Hope you guys implement it. Hoping a reply sooner. Thank You!!

  90. Rahul says:

    .why payment withdraw did not capture?
    I wanted to withdraw some amount and I have initiated the request @ 8.30 AM still it is not captured by your system. Even your customer support does not help upto the mark. (I am having call recording)
    your backoffice not working from last 5days

    your payment withdraw system rule must be changed ASAP

  91. Animesh Roy says:

    Dear Sir,

    Since the official inception of Kite 3 most of the Kite users(including me) facing continuous problems as of my Knowledge.Till date I have mailed(Zerodha Support & complaints department) & called customer service so many times.But all are in vain.Neither the customer service nor the technical team providing any solutions. They are indifferent on the issues I’m facing.
    More surprisingly one of the customer service representative( introduced himself as Mr. Shivkumar) dropped my calls & behaved like he is unable to get my voice when he was unable to solve the issue.It may be a reason that Zerodha does not getting trading revenues from a small trader like me. As the customer service re-preservative(told his name Mr. Shivkumar) took my system through “anydesk” & trying to resolve my issues & also showed his concern on my trading balance, which was quiet surprising . If I assume the mentioned representative has not dropped my call, then he might contact me from his end as I tried to contact thrice .

    My humble request to you , please show your concern over these small matters too as we have still faith on You & Zerodha.

    Hopeful to get immediate resolutions.

  92. Neeraj says:

    Dear Mr Nithin Karmath

    It’s a matter of great pain that zerodha is continuesly defaulting on releasing payments in last 3 days.

    On 26th march 8.30 am I have made a withdrawal request which was under the limit of as per the available balance but even after 48 hours I have not received any payments, when I called yesterday I was assured that my payments are under process but I didnt received any payments. I called again they said I hv raised a hi priority ticket u will receive a call on it urgently, no call came, I called third time they said reduce the withdrawal amount payment would be cleared today itself. I reduced the amount but today also I have received a message of denial of an amount which is much lesser and which was never requested… It may be a IT glitch from your end but you have made a big dent to my image and reputation. I have sold all my shares even at much lower prices to make my payments within this financial year but zerodha has fraudulently not cleared my withdrawal request till now and I am subject to default due to you, I am subject to penalty with my obligations.

    I need my withdrawal in the first hour of banking today and I also need an explanation for the default of zerodha.

    Awaiting a prompt response,

    Neeraj Agrawal

  93. Sourabh says:

    Sorry shortterm capital gain tax pl

  94. Sourabh says:

    Zerodha taxp/l for 2016-2017
    Was showing profits in November 2017 in shortterm trading
    And now showing losses in March 2018.
    Have paid long term capital gain on 280000 gains shortterm which is now showing me losses of 150000 .
    Will be unable to revise return after March 31 2018 .
    Request you to present me the correct statements .
    Never faced such a issue with any brokerage .

  95. Mitul says:

    Dear Sir,

    I had marked payout on 19/03/2018 but I did not receive any payout as on time. Before a month I had also faced the same problem and after many follow up with customer care on mail, I got the reason ” due to technical issue your payout request is not captured in system”. Now again I am facing the same problem. Please understand that fund payout process to client should be in time and there should not be repeated technical issues for funds payout. I was required fund yesterday but as on date I have not received. What should I do? Your customer care shall simply reply ” Sorry due to technical problem your fund payout request is not captured , please mark it again”. But such answer may not be a solution for the company like Zerodha. I had again dropped a mail to your support team with attachment of print screen of payout marking. I have also account with other broker like Edelweiss,Sharekhan but never face such type of repeated issue. While opening account with Zerodha I was thinking to close all accounts with other brokers and maintain single account with Zerodha. But after my six months experience I can derive that “Zerodha” cannot be the primary broker where we can trust all our transaction in a timely manner. I am not trying the criticize the Zerodha but It is not worth to be creative unless we focus on basic issues.

    Request for your attention and solution on the same.


  96. YG3648 says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Can you please check the ticket number #20180313250640. I know this is not the place, but I’m getting some weird replies which I’m unable to relate with. I’m very confused and appalled by the services.

    Apologies once again.

  97. Debajyoti says:

    Dear Nitin, I have been trading with you since the past 2 years and the experience has been fabulous. However, recently, I wanted to place orders in the newly launched international cross currency pairs and the trade would not go through. Everytime I call up your suport desk they reply with vague answers and are unable to comment on when you would start the service. When other brokers are allowing us to trade, I do not understand why zerodha should not allow us to.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Debajyoti, there are a few challenges to this. We’re working on making the backoffice and the RMS compatible to these contracts before we start offering. We will start soon, but I wouldn’t be able to give you a concrete timeline.

  98. neeraj says:

    its great what you are doing for your company but its not a good experience with zerodha for me I am a new joinee to zerodha and today i have tried a intra day margin trade and that was cancelled, and although its cancelled then zerodha deducted my 10.62 Rs from my account its not expect from a great company. is their anybody at zerodha reply about the deduction to account xz2130.
    Its all a cheating plan i think this so at this time…

  99. K Padmalakshmi says:

    Zerodha is doing a marvellous job. Keep it up.

  100. kRUSHNA says:

    beneficiary id 07152616

    I have done online account with Adhar verification mode (DIGI GO) and have sent all the necessary document (POA, NOMINEE, EQUITY FORM) through the speed post for which I have received acceptance confirmation from zerodha, too. i have also uploaded the (income proof, bank proof & signature). I have started the process in the mid of Jan still i dont know why my account has not been opened yet. If anything is pending from my side kindly revert. Kindly look into the matter and solve the issue.

  101. GAJENDRA SHARMA says:

    Hi, Nitin

    During 20/02/2017 my realised profit is Rs25,000 and unrealised profit is Rs (2700) so net credit is Rs 22300 but in contract note it is showing Rs 16,000 (before brokerage and taxes) .ticket no.#20180220800702 .


    • Matti says:

      Futures are settled MTM, i.e., and gain/loss during the day is settled at the end of the day. In this case, there’s a 9000 MTM loss. That has been offset against the realised gain.

      • GAJENDRA SHARMA says:

        Yes i know that but 19/02/2018 i brought arvind ltd 6000 share future at Rs 383.50 and closing price was Rs 383.50 and next day that is 20/02/2018 i sold 4000 share @ Rs 387.20 and 2000 share @Rs 386.80 total sold amount is Rs 2322400 -Rs 2301000 = Rs 21,400 and Rs900 was on recltd closing basis(Rs3600 -Rs 2700 unrealised loss )so net profit should be Rs 22300.you will get to know it after comparation with contract note of 19/02/2018 and 20/2/2018.

        • Matti says:

          Gajendra, that unrealised loss is actually debited from your ledger and shown on your contract note for that day. The next day, the profit would be calculated from the previous day’s close.

  102. Abhinav says:

    This is with regards to nominee forms [Ticket #20180214899365 – Zerodha Helpdesk] and other such issues that i have been facing with Zerodha constantly and Helpdesk as time and again proved to useless.

    I had already submitted the hard copy of nomination form in-person at the below mentioned address, in the month of July,2017.
    I have not used any courier or postal services. I have done it myself.

    #153/154, Opp. Clarence Public School, 4th Cross, Dollars Colony, J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

    Now my question is why has this not been updated.
    You people have misplaced the form, and now your are stating the policies to me.

    Upon calling customer care, i was promised a callback and resolution withing one day.
    And then after 5 days you are informing about the policies.

    The on-call support, do not even understand the customers questions.
    And after keeping me on hold for approx 30 mins, they have deliberately disconnected the call without providing me any answers.

    This is really worthless service and irresponsible behavior.

    I have always faced one or the other issues. I think i will not be using Zerodha anymore.
    And i will also write about your worthless services on all the social media platform.

    Thanks and Goodbye,

  103. Meghal says:

    Dear Nithin,
    My Zerodha ID XD1621
    I am an NRI customer from Qatar. want to give you honest opnion about your customer care. It sucks. I am really struggling. BO Sub status in CMR is NRE-Non-Reptriable, while all forms that filled plus the PIS account I am linking is NRE-Repatriable PIS. I wrote 2 to three times but nothing concrete gets done.

    Also now I have been asked to fill forms where I also give authorization for Zerodha to debit from my own NRE- non PIS account. I want ZERODHA control only on my PIS account. I don’t feel safe to give you guys full control of all my life savings.

    I am fed up and almost giving up on start using ZERODHA and go back to other traditional brokers like HDFCSec


    Thanks a lot issue is resolved now. i can see commodity option now


    Dear Nithin,
    My Zerodha ID: DP1423

    I have sent multiple emails to zerodha support and trief contacting you over linked but no one is resolving my issue. requesting a quick resolution on my issue. In the funds deposit page under segment i’m not having the option “Commodity “ eventhough i have a mcx commodity account with zerodha.

    Really these days zerodha zervice is getting worse. I’m not sure what’s ur SLA in resolving the customer critical issues related to trading

    This is to bring to your notice about the technical glitch with your trading platform KITE on my account.I have trading account with Zerodha for both equity/derivatives/currency and MCX Commodity but to my surprise when i logged into kite on last thursday and try to deposit funds to my commodity segement, i don’t see an option of ‘Commodity’ segment in the dropdown in the funds deposit page,i can only see ‘equity/derivatives/currency’ where in earlier i was having both the options including ‘Commodity’ segment’.When i called the customer support she simply said that from her side she can see the “Commodity” segment enabled for me where in i’m not see it.I’m been sending emails to zerodha support from last thrusday and till now i have no response from your team.

    Sending this message to you in an expectation that you can solve my issue so that i can do my trading from monday.

    Attaching you the screenshot for reference which shows only “equity/derivatives/Currency” option in funds deposit and no option for commodity at all.

    Currently i’m staying in Saudi Arabia on some deputation work related to my company TechMahindra and so my india mobile number “+91-8978646333” which is a registered mobile number won’t be reachable.

    If your teams wants to contact me, they can reach me out at “+966-594994213”.


  106. Satbir Singh says:

    Hi Nitin,

    concentrate on Service. day by day market ki tarah down ho rha hai.
    yeh haal raha to kaise chalega.
    is quality se aap kabhi number one nahi ho sakte. I guarantee ………

  107. Phool Singh says:

    Bhai Sahab,
    thoda service par bhi dhayan do, kahin story hi publish karte reh jaoge.
    subah se koi trade nahi dal raha hai. telephone kiya aapke support system
    par subah se abhi 1.30 ho chuke hain.
    pehle hi market main loss ho chuka hai. jab koi trade thik hota hai to sauda nahi
    dalta. (RMS : blocked) aapka back office support bakwaas hai.
    is loss ka risponsible kaun hoga.


  108. shikha says:

    i am very much frustrated and angry after today network outage at Kite (29th jan),please make sure it should not happen in future or at least you shd inform customers in advance,i had some position which i wanted to close but couldn’t do it as not getting correct data today ?
    who will take responsibility of my loss,i am sure you guys will raise your hand for the same{for u it really doesnt matter if some one lose money u guys are only interested in brokerage that it},if this is going to happen next time i will not continue with Zerodha.

  109. kamlesh says:

    Hi Nithin, Matti,

    I request you, Can you please help me in placing AMO(SL) order at kite, How i can place this order at kite.

  110. Nandakishore Seshadri says:

    Dear Mr Nithin Kamat,

    I am writing to you so that you can put some accountability on your support/Helpdesk team and make them realise that customer service should be the key for developing any business.

    After opening online account with Zerodha only recently I received “Central KYC Registry Record” and to my surprise I see that somebody else’s photograph is uploaded. Very meticulosly the same day attaching my correct Photograph I raised a ticket (NO:936746) with Zerodha Support, However they forwarded to helpdesk team with a new Ticket (NO: 456418).

    Then after a week to 10days time I get a response that in 4-5 working days the CKYC record will be updated. However it has been over a month now they have not sent me the updated record.

    Later I contacted CKYCIndia to enquire if the record is updated, however they inform that record is not updated.
    I am mailing to and fro now to your Support team/ Your Helpdesk team/ and Complaints, so that the matter is sorted out ASAP and peacefully I can resume my trading. However this simple problem/issue is still pending and not solved.

    I am pained to mention that Zerodha support / Helpdesk team has once again come back to square one. Every day I make a phone call to the support team asking for some senior person to call back and by end of day there is no response.

    I would request you to intervene and sort out this matter ASAP. Kindly ask any of your senior helpdesk / support team member to arrange a call back and understand the problem and communicate with me and close the issue once and for all. I would suggest not to think this as some petty matter and disregard.

    Hope Zerodha keeps up their old time reputation and takes care of aggreived customer.

    Warm Regards,
    Zerodha UserID: YB7823

  111. Nitin Gupta says:

    Hi Nithin

    A pivot to a company’s success is its customer centricity. Customer support team and its behaviour towards calls from clients is first glimpse of how much a company believes in customer centricity. Unfortunately, most of my interactions with Zerodha’ support team has left me wondering whether these guys are even trained in attending customer calls or not. My concerns are as follows a.. Habit of customer support team to talk more and listen less b. interrupt the caller repeatedly c. becoming rude and raising voice . d.The biggest concern is that even if a customer support personal doesn’t understands the problem or client is facing an issue with the customer support personal, the customer support personal will not transfer the call to their supervisor. Furthermore, there is no issue escalation mechanism, all you can do is to write to same support team who has ,in first place, treated your call improperly. Can you please look into this by a. setting up an issue escalation mechanism b. ensuring that call support team has to take a customer feedback on quality of support offered after completion of call c. Ensuring that a person can talk to senior person as and when required

    • Matti says:

      Hey Nitin, If you can write to social[at]zerodha.com with details, I’ll have this looked into. We always have managers available on call if required whenever a customer calls us. The reason an agent would ask you to write to support[at]zerodha.com is that we internally triage tickets we receive here and can assign it to the relevant department (not everyone may be available on the phone). However, if you were refused to be connected to a senior agent, this is in breach of the normal mode of operation and we’ll take appropriate action against the agent. I do agree that the way a business interacts with it’s customers has a great bearing on how well it does and we do endeavor to maintain amicable relationships with all out clients. I hope that you don’t let this experience set the tone for our entire relationship.

  112. Shaheen Liyakath says:

    Dear Nithin
    Iam a active trader in F&O segment. Unfortunately I made a loss of Rs -800000. and my total turn over of Rs 19,00,000.
    1. Does my account need to audit before file tax ?
    2. under which head of income tax I include F&o losses ?
    hope you reply me soon.
    Thank You
    Shaheen Liyakath

  113. Mayank patel says:

    I am ready Sir wherever You call me for a job it is not a job for me sir i like to do!

  114. Mayank patel says:

    Hello Sir, My name is Mayank and my age is 20 from last 2 years I was analyst the market and doing trading Sir I went for many job to become equity dealer as a broker in the firm but tha firms are telling complete Your graduation then come to us.Bt sir I want to become Stock broker and I want to do a job in Zerodha it’s my dream because sir the brokerage charges which Your firms are Giving and it’s good for like beginners And sir I had read Your biography and I am very much inspired by you sir! There are lot of discount brokerages companies are there but the service which your company is providing is good . I have a certificate of NISM 8 equities derivatives sir so plz provide me a job in Mumbai as a stock broker Trust me sir I’ll give my 100./. I am from Mumbai . LOVE YOU SIR

  115. kamlesh says:

    Hello Nithin, Matti,

    It has been almost year Zerodha stopped support for SL (AMO).
    If you are not going to enable Stop loss (AMO) feature. Please let me know how i can set stop loss order after mkt hours?


  116. kamlesh says:

    Hello Nithin, Matti,

    It has been almost year Zirdodha stopped supprt for SL (AMO).
    If you are not going to enable Stop loss (AMO) feature. Please let me know how i can set stop loss order after mkt hours?



  117. Arvind says:

    Trying opening a account yourself to realise how you are fooling with the public. Only making payment is online rest everything is offline. and now I’m told as per the company policy it cannot be returned. Is cheating part of list of policies at Zerodha. Please return the amount.

  118. Sarah Sirsalewal says:

    To whomsoever it may concern,
    I have been trying to get an account opened since more than 10 days now. All the relevant docs has been submitted and the AMC has been paid but your educated team has come up with a query which even the Government of India did not have a problem with. They say that my name on the PAN card and Aadhaar card is a mismatch claiming my father’s name is not mentioned together with my name on the PAN card even though its mentioned below my name. But on the Aadhaar its mentioned together so in your eyes that’s a mismatch. Really!!! If this the level of queries you come up with even after paying advance AMC, I would rather not get my account opened with Zerodha. So disappointed with your level of service and illogical reasoning. Its a complete harassment to the customers. You claim this company to be zero barriers, I would rather say million barriers even in opening an account. I have been writing everyday to your support team but they are as illogical. KINDLY REFUND MY MONEY ASAP. I hope there will be prompt action on this atleast.

  119. Ashwin says:

    Nithin Sir,
    I am very sorry and I apologize and fear to say but Zerodha support is pathetic.
    After almost 2 years of usage this is the first time i raised a ticket, usually minor delays while trading or lag i have considered as system performance or glitches at times, i understand so never tried to contact. more over tried to figure out or didnt want to make issue of that but after 7 days struggling to fix a minor issue am disappointed.
    Before i tried to write here i read a bunch of issues from users and dont know what happened to that but with very less expectations writing here to ask for help if possible to me or customer care team to respond with solution on time and not after a week.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ashwin, I’ve talked to the team about this. As it happens, we run certain processes on the chart servers post-midnight that would mean that you wouldn’t be able to see the latest day’s candle after 1 AM and before 5 AM. We’re trying to minimise this window, but until then, you’d have to bear with us at these times.

  120. Devraj Dutta says:


    My queries against a complain ticket are being closed without consultation. What is the purpose of a ticket when support team are closing without any solution and consultation.
    Kindly make a process of not closing complain TT without closing confirmation from the client.


  121. vikas says:

    First Congrats For New Kite 3.0. All Features are good and i liked it but i thing which i feel is missed or not confortable is (Switch Button Missed which is in 2.0). That switch is very conformtable to check price and percentage change…Plz plz if it is also possible then add that one also along with all features… I know in watchlist setting you give switch options but every time go and check is not feasible when market is live,,,mainly we saw price change and percentage only…So if possible Add Old Switch button along with new features …

  122. Jagan says:

    Nitin, for personal comment, need email adresss…please

  123. VAIBHAV BHARTI says:

    I am seriously very annoyed by your login procedure. Its really pathetic.
    Why the hell it is not allowing me to login even when I am asnwering the questions correctly. Continously it is giving an error that “An internal server error occurred”
    Untill and unless you allow me to login I am not going to send that POA and I am not going to use your platform.
    So better you provide me solution.

  124. Velu says:

    web seminars conducted by some major broker firms are useful. Will Zerodha plan to conduct such seminars/ advance courses online?

  125. shankar says:

    I got two emails – welcome Kit , Once I login with credentials , It will show -” An internal server error occurred

    Got Very bad Impression, Not sure whatz the problem

  126. kamlesh says:

    Hello Nitin,

    When will re-enable SL (AMO) feature. It has been almost year. Please enable ASAP.


  127. Nivea Samuel says:

    I really think you guys should do something about your system – KITE. Currently, the prices being displayed are all wrong and it really impacts the daily transactions that I make. The issue is that even when I sell the old stock and buy it again, it keeps showing the old prices and profit/loss also is shown according to old prices. Please rectify since it is getting really frustrating to see this happen everyday. I am unable to see the correct profit/loss and hence unable to make transactions.

  128. Chaitanya says:

    I am a new user and trying to login. It is giving internal server error.

  129. Malatesh says:

    I am a new user and Ive received the login credentials, but when I try to login, it shows an error stating, “Internal server error”, also I am not able to download pi, please resolve my problem

    • Matti says:

      Can you write to support[at]zerodha.com with this? Someone will get in touch with you and have this sorted ASAP.

  130. Mandar says:

    I have filled the online form and linked my pan and aadhar but it leads to a page saying Server Error (500)
    any resort to this?

  131. Kiran Yadav says:

    There are lots of bug in there KITE app (Software). Very frequently they are showing inconsistent price (Some times High from actual and some times Low from your actual price). So, there is always a chances of loss due to inconsistent information.
    lots of trouble to understand contract notes of your daily transaction.
    1)- You should show the buy and sell difference with sign i.e if buy value is 100 and sell value is 110 then total of buy and sell will be 10 but if buy value is 100 and sell value is 90 then total is -10 (Negative : But In contract notes you are showing positive in both case so its difficult to understand if I have not remember my previous day trade and we have to recalculate to know on which stock I was in Loss, If no of transaction is more then difficult to recalculate).
    2)-If I did MIS on particular stocks and some of them I squire of and some converted to CNC, then your contract note not much clear. So, better if you did separate MIS and CNC stocks (On same contract note).
    3)- If I have some stock in my holding and I have sold it (from CNC) and same day buy back then my CNC stock average price should not be updated because it is treated as MIS transaction.
    Today I have faced problem because of that issue and I end up with Rs 6000 Loss. Tell you How?

    1) I have buy LUMAXTECH stock at avg price of Rs 835 (Day 1).
    2) Next day (Day 2), I have sell my CNC stock at avg Rs 860 and by back at Rs 856. In contract note you have treated that transaction as MIS and I get profit as (860 – 856) * no of stock.
    but next day (day 3), My avg price in CNC is Rs 856 but It should be Rs 835 because on day 2 you have given the profit from day 2 buy and sell value. So, my CNC avg price should be unchanged.
    Because of that inconsistent information I have ended up with loss.

    Please Look in to that issue and resolved as soon as possible. Because the information must be real and correct to take instant decision in stock market (To get correct profit/Loss).

    • Matti says:

      1. The buy and sell values may be positive, but the obligation is clearly demarcated. Negative values are enclosed in brackets.
      2. MIS/CNC are internal to the broker, the contract note format is prescribed by the authorities and cannot be changed.
      3. If you place an intraday trade with the stocks in your holdings, the buy average is calculated on a FIFO basis, so there is nothing wrong with this computation. There is no loss you’re facing, since the profit was already credited to you. This 6000 number is merely notional.

  132. Suraj Bansal says:

    Hi Nitin, i have 4 accounts in zerodha. It has become very hectic to manage all 4. Is there any way to link all four to one single page and trade using that.

    • Matti says:

      I’m afraid that wouldn’t be possible. All 4 accounts technically belong to 4 individuals with unique login IDs and passwords and messing with that would compromise the security of the platform.

  133. Jai says:

    Hi Nithin, I am an individual investor and would like to try my hand at algorithm trading using Connect API. I will not be able to pay heavy subscription of Rs 2000/month. What are the other options or plans that can help getting individual investor like me getting started. In case you can make your APIs free for individual investors, it will open flood gates for programmers to try their hands at algorithm trading. It will also pool in the academia which is not able to pay hefty fees. The future is going to be algo trading

    • Matti says:

      Jai, the APIs are offered as a premium service. Originally, these were only meant for startups like smallcase, but public demand made us release this for everyone.The upkeep of the APIs and related infra is an added cost and so the APIs are charged. In fact, only individuals are charged, startups aiming to create a platform aren’t.

  134. Swati Gupta says:

    I have Paid money for Open A/c on 13 Dec 2017 but still my A/c is not open even no one given me Reply on mail.
    i have draft 2,3 mails.
    Very Very bad experience.

  135. Raja says:

    The chart indicators/oscillator vanish when we buy or sell or click any manu…again we have to put the indicators/oscillator.in zerodha 3 kite

  136. Arup Banerjee says:

    Today entire 1st hour the Kite was not working. It was showing fetching data, how can a person do trading ???

  137. Sandesh says:


    I have twice sent the physical copy of both bank statement and Client id statement since October 2017, when the process of opening trading was initiated.
    Both time Zerodha has confirmed, receipt of these statements, but while inquiring about the account opening status I have been informed that either the Bank statment or the client master id or both are missing or unavilable.
    Please stop beating the bush and inform a proper reason for not opening the account.
    In case you are not unable or not interested to open only the trading account, please inform accordingly.
    Stop wasting other peoples time, as they have other better things to do other than sending the same document multiple times for a trading account where the PAN and AADHAR have already been verified online.

  138. Venkat says:

    While it is a nice, feel-good thing to say all great things, let me add here a personal note on what my experience has been so far.

    I wanted to test drive Zerodha as it is a ‘next-gen’ platform that offers lower expenses for trading and MFs.

    I have been trying out your platform for almost a year now.

    My observations:

    1. Your platform (compared to other ‘popular one’ – you know which) is NOT intuitive. One has to struggle to find the menu option where a specific feature is located. It’s all fine to call it a ‘minimalist’ interface etc…but then, the proof is in the pudding.
    2. With a very small number of transactions I have executed in both segments (MFs, equity), I have had two instances when the intended trade didn’t happen. In one case, I ordered a specific MF option (dividend payout), but got allotment in dividend reinvestment. In another case, I got an email about a REDEMPTION transaction in an MF that I didn’t even own any units. The responses I got from your support has been far from reassuring.

    Such instances and the responses I got so far makes me feel that your platform has some inherent issues even after all these years. May be it is not for the average investor?

    Sorry for being blunt – but I thought I must share this feedback.


  139. Vinodkumar Hiremath says:

    Hi Nithin sir, you are the inspiration for me sir, I am from Gadag(Karnataka) sir, and I have one wish sir may I get chance to meet you personally in Bangalore? Please Reply me sir.

  140. chetan k says:

    Hello Nithin,

    This mail is on the delayed or very bad response from the zerodha team on a trading executing which was wrongly trigerred on the zerodha platform.

    I have sent the complete details in mail to zerodha support and till now i havent received the response its been close to 2 weeks as of now.

    The reference # #649863, request to review and to resolve the issue encountered.

    • Matti says:

      The thing with trading stock options is, the liquidity is very low, so you may see that the LTP is something, but the bids and offers may be quite far from the LTP. As such, your SL may get triggered. The order matching bit happens completely on the exchange platform, by the way, so as long as the price isn’t available there, there’s no way your trade would be executed. This is quite a common query for us, actually. Check out this post: https://tradingqna.com/t/my-sl-in-a-trade-was-hit-but-i-am-not-able-to-see-the-price-on-the-charts/9368

      The exchange also has a trade verification module where you can verify trades within 5 days of execution.

    • avneesh gautam says:

      i also facing same things. bad service. maybe they are unable to handle more clients.

      • Matti says:

        As I’ve said above Avneesh, the order matching happens on the exchange. There is no way the broker can manipulate that. If the price isn’t available on the market, the order wouldn’t get executed. Check the link I’ve mentioned.

        • avneesh gautam says:

          sir see my another comment u will get know what m trying to say. hope you improve and maintain your legacy.

  141. manisha jain says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have been struggling this for last 20 days. I couriered the POA on 18th Sep, reached your office on 21st Sep. Your team initially had no clue on where the POA is, now when I found out the courier receipt, and shared the details with your team, they are claiming that it has been delivered to some different location.

    I dont get a response even after writing 20 emails, nobody picks up call in the call centre.

    I hope your team realizes that this is stock trading and not TV repairing business, where a few days of delay is fine.

    Highly unprofessional. I hope I get out of the Zerodha mess asap

  142. manisha jain says:

    Hi. this is the most unprofessional customer service i have seen. i was told that i would get a response by yesterday on non receipt of POA, after i shared the courier number. i havent any response yet. please unserstand that this is stock trading and not tv repairing that a delay of 1-2 days is ok. who would be responsible for the losses that i incur just because i am not able to sell my shares because of no response from your side.
    please please dont use zerodha, highly unprofessional non responsive customer service.

    • Matti says:

      Sorry for the inconvenience Manisha. Will have someone respond to your email, but I see from the ticket that your courier hasn’t actually reached our office. Best check with the courier.

  143. Sid says:

    The Buyback option created in Q-Backoffice is absolute rubbish.
    1. It does not show the Quantity held by me and there is no validation. I hold 200 shares of Wipro. I can enter any quantity in the field.
    2. I am not getting any acknowledgement that my buyback request has been received after I click on save. How will I know my request has been placed?
    3. I do not get the error that I have already placed the order if I enter quantity again & save. I can enter the buyback quantity any number of times.
    4. How will I know my buyback request has been received? I should get a mail confirmation.

    It is better that you do proper designing with all validations and then introduce a new functionality instead of introducing something in a haphazard manner & later keep on modifying it. It is not as if you had one or two days to develop this.

    I am totally disappointed.

    • Matti says:

      Sid, your latest order is recorded. As a user, it is up to you to tender the right number of shares based on your holdings for buyback. An order with an invalid quantity is simply rejected. A confirmation email is sent at the end of the day after order validation. This is because the buyback process isn’t live, this is done at one point in the day only.

  144. prashanth says:

    Well, When will Zerodha Start , Crypto currency.

  145. lopamudra Mahapatra says:

    Dear sir,

    Currently i am not getting daily profit and loss statement on my transactions. Its difficult for me to analyze.

    Given mail to support team but no reply last 3 days.

  146. Ashuto Shah says:

    Dear Nithin

    A few days back there was a trade executed by your call & trade guy without any authorization from my end. It was basically a trade done by mistake at his end. I have written detailed email on support ID for the same. I have also followed up a multiple times on phone on customer care nos. However nobody from Zerodha seems to be interested in resolving the same. The ticket number is #950527.
    Basically the MIS order did not square up at usual 3:22PM on 8.11.2017, so I called up call & trade & he then manually squared it up at 3:27PM (this resulted in a loss since the 3:27 rate was much different then the 3:22 rate). then by mistake he also squared up my NRML position in the same script at 3:27. Basically I had one lot in MIS & one lot in NRML of the same script Hindalco. Instead of squaring up the MIS lot (which did not auto square) He squared up both the lots. That too he squared up the NRML lot also in MIS. Then once again he squared up the extra MIS lot at 3:29 leaving behind my original NRML lot. Thus creating a complete chaos and a loss to me with an extra trade which I did not authorize. Now no one is interested in resolving this…

  147. kamlesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    When will AMO(SL) available… It is close to 8 months but nothing happened. I have high respect for you.
    Please awake and do something now.

  148. Bipin says:

    Dear Mr.nithin
    I have done so many trade by using kite , Many time i see there are some difference come in ledger and fund available show in kite software. why this lagging.???

    I have good faith with zerodha, but this should improve fastly. These give loss some in every time ,where as i am in profit.

  149. Bipin says:

    Dear Mr. nithin
    i have book ticket no.284640.
    book on 24/25 oct 2017. but still it is not clarify .i have do many mail communication ,but still there is no any clarification come in response……..

  150. Priya singh says:

    Hello Mr. Nithin Kamath,

    I purchased 92 shares of religare company on 11th Oct 2017. My amount got debited from dmat account but shares not reflecting in dmat. Now I don’t want that shares it’s almost 1 month not reflected in dmat. it’s your company’s fault. I want my refund amount in my dmat account.

    Thanks and regards
    priya Singh.

  151. Nupur says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I raised a ticket on 31st Oct and followed up every alternate day. I could not see anyone responding yet. Tried writing to your support mail id, but no response. really disappointed

  152. sanjeev gupta says:

    HI NITHIN…GOODMORNING….what reasion ?????…my trade position is not clear & block my margine…your staff is not clear my trade….please see the matter… & realease my free margine.. fast no waist of time & money .reply me sir……thanks…..

  153. Vinnu says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I never ever expected such a worst impression i would get from Zerodha.

    its my first ever time in life i taught i will start my trading, i want to understand read and do trading, so with that intension i asked multiple people around in my office and few came up with NJ client desk and some with Finozen, and few said Zerodha does things online, so i taught let me choose that as it saves much of my time, and logged and started account opening process, once the money was deducted i get the notification that there is one POA form which is to be signed and that has to be done offline, and reason was SEBI made this rule.

    i am not sure who made this and i donot have time and patience to go and refer SEBI rules and confirm.

    its just one single form which has to be signed and uploaded. and weight of form would be 2miligrams.

    huh crazy answer from Mr Dilip kumar was its is not possible since its company policy, but i have kept aside my policy and uploaded every other documents to your website.. never know who is terrorist in your company may be he may misuse it for some other purpose. there is no bond paper signed by zerodha that my documents, my signature will not be used for any other purpose except as prooof for trading. just keeping trust of neighbours and collegues, i trusted zerodha and went ahead to upload and taught to start trading, but in first impression if i face so much of problem that i have to do offline work when there is online facility then i doubt what will be my situation when my money is invested, i am afraid if my personal bank account iwil be safe as all my details are with you guys.

    there are 100s of zerodha rep roaming around in bangalore city to collect forms and all other documents, its just one more document of mine which has to be collected.

    i work in Emc2 building which is in outer ring road, whcih is reffered as heart of IT industry cos the number of employees work here is ample. after mine many such collegues may join along me. but if i myself get such a bad experience then what about my collegues., how do i trust.

    and as a common sense what is ONLINE? when you promised that account will be opened online, but when tried to do that i should spend time and money on courier, which looks stupidity for me. why do i have to choose flipkart and amazn when i can go by myself to market and buy something. common sense says to save money and energy.

    but the same is not applicable by zerodha, you guys ask to open acount and only after amount in deducted you guys pop up a message that i need to courier, which is trust breaking job.

    while picking other peoples documents he can stop by to pick mine too, but its more of company policy and shitty rules than customer satisfaction. bloody hell.

    at last, i would request any of your rep to pick the 2miligrams form which is signed by me while they are doing other peoples job. i am not sending a grocery bag or a rice bag of 2kg, its just 2 miligrams form which has to be passed to the company, for this i cannot go and search for courier and send and then run behind them to confirm if it has reached you guys. please help for the same if you guys carry some humanity.

    when asked for the email id he says its not available , how will the email id of CEO be available.

    now a days we just by sitting in office email to our honorable Prime minister, a CEO is not a big deal. please be connected to people to win heart and have good business, that is how our PM is with public( this is my suggestion, not sure how big your EGO is to be connected to people).

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Vinnu, we’ll investigate this and ensure appropriate action against the employee. As for your question about POA, regulation prohibit it from being e-signed and we have to collect it as physically. We are governed by strict SEBI guidelines and rest assured your data is completely safe with us.

  154. sanjeev gupta says:


  155. Ashit Sharma says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I opened my account 2yrs back but not able to trade on a single day. On complaining I was told that my trading account has been opened but not DMat account due to some error in the form. I send the Dmat account opening form on 23rd Oct,2017 (received in your office on 26th Oct, 2017 as per dtdc tracking) .Today on 27th I tried to contact him but that person is not receiving my call. I called on the customer care number informed him about my problem, and requested him to plz make Mr. Sai Kumar to contact me and tell me if he had received my courier or not and today he will be able to open my Dmat account number of not.

    Sir, You are one of the India’s first discount brokerage” having debuted the “discount broking” model in India that is popular in developed markets, but i am sorry to say that to remain in first it must be your responsibility to look after the needs of the customers.

    Despite of paying the account opening fee, i am not able to trade . why?
    Since last 2 yrs, your team is not generous enough to call me and know the reason.
    It seems like your sales team job is only to call for opening an account, and on getting the required fee credited in your account his job gets over.

    Ashit Sharma
    Client ID RA6295
    Contact No- 8895919695

  156. arunkumar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have reffered my friends for zerodha and some times i have given some demo it takes more than 60days and I keep on follow up on the same.

    But i didnt get any rewards back and still reffered two of them.


  157. Raghu says:

    Subject:Auto converting market order to limit order
    support Ticket #211889.
    No action has been taken so far:
    When I place a market order from kite it is automatically converting to Limit with the best offer price in the market.
    Then I have to modify to market order then it executes as market order.
    This is not the correct behavior. It makes two trades at different price.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Raghu. I believe your ticket has been answered. What happened here is that there were no sellers available to cater to your buy order. As such, the order was converted to a limit order. This has been explained in more detail here.

  158. Venkatesh says:

    I have to put an urgent matter to u r notice nithin. I am happy with all our service but I small improvement needed is I am not able to switch my mutual fund scheme within the same AMC using u r platform whereas the AMC s provide it easily.Your executive told me u have stop sip sell u r fund and then buy another scheme in this I will come under transaction charges and short-term capital gains whereas normal switch within AMC is not so expensive.

    I am holding motilal oswal most focussed 35 equity fund dividend fund and I have switch to same fund growth option thus the selling and buying process I stopped my SIP LAST MONTH.


    • Matti says:

      Hey Venkatesh,

      When you’re filing your taxes, if you’re selling the dividend fund and buying the growth fund, this redemption shouldn’t be considered as capital gains. Also, both the dividend and growth fund have the same returns, so not sure why you’d want to make this switch. In any case, switching between funds with the same AMC is something we will consider and try to provide as an option. Thank you for the feedback.

  159. Mitali says:

    I have sent email to Mehfooz Khan , Salman Quraishi on 29th Sept’17 and to even you also on 3rd Oct 2017 regarding calender spread facility on Zerodha but none of you have courtesy to reply.

  160. Rakesh Kumar Mahto says:

    My Ticket #973157 is still pending. No response from your side nor receiving customer care call.

  161. Pushkal says:

    Nithin really impressed with what you have done and purpose you have. wish you good luck and hopefully will get your time to meet you some day.

  162. Kumar Gaurav Sharma says:

    I am an existing customer of zerodha . I have started a systematic investment plan in a direct mutual fund on coin platform by zerodha. I have a query regarding the redemption charges for mutual funds held in demat form. I have gone through the faq section on coin where to the best of my understanding zerodha will not charge any redemption fee / charges but the depository (CDSL) will charge some charges while selling mf units. Somewhere in faq section I read that these charges at Rs. 5.50 plus taxes. I just want to know that this Rs. 5.50 plus taxes is a flat fee charged by depository irrespective of the amount and number of units involved or it is Rs. 5.5 plus taxes per unit redeemed . Kindly clarify the depository charges on redemption of mf units involved in detail covering all possible scenarios.

    • Matti says:

      It’s Rs.5.5 plus taxes for every redemption request. Irrespective of the number of units. So, if you redeem 10 units of Fund A and 50 units of Fund B tomorrow, you’ll be charged DP charge for each (5.5 + 5.5). If you redeem 1000 units of only Fund A, you’ll be charged Rs. 5.5 only. If you redeem 100 units of Fund A today and 100 units more tomorrow, you’ll be charged 5.5 each day.

  163. Kaushal says:

    I had recently opened an account (signature and cancelled check upload pending) with an online payment of 300/-
    I did the KYC, as soon as i entered the PAN number, the system pulled the address and name correctly and allowed me to take a print out of my application form with the name Chandrakant Shah
    The very next day I received a call from one of your team and I was informed that the name on my account did not match the name on my Pancard.
    The pancard was in the name of Chandrakant Shah and after the KYC was done the account had the name of some one else.
    How is it possible to have such a grave error in the backend system. Does that mean you have/can edit names in a readonly field in your Database ?
    Isn’t this a big issue where a name on an account gets changed without the customer knowing it. This also can be termed as an ownership change as the account does not have the correct name on it?
    All of this even before any trade starts with Zerodha.

    • Matti says:

      Hey. That shouldn’t happen. Please email your details to social[at]zerodha.com and we’ll have this checked.

  164. Sanjib Mukherjee says:

    I am not able to do any transaction with Dixon Technologies. throwing errror ““You can’t trade this scrip. Exchange is not enabled”. Please fix this issue. It seems previously many people had this issue and chased lot to customer care but no response. What is this error?

  165. Ajinkya Bhide says:

    Not good experience with ZERODHA support.
    I put request for enable Future & option segment in my profile with proper documentation
    Support team enabled only BFO & not NFO.
    Even after many follow-ups & call still they are checking
    every time I will call them they will give Std. answer we are checking with our Back office due to this kind of support I lost good trading opportunity yesterday & today. I am fed up with zeroth support.

  166. satyanarayana Boggavarapu says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I was asking about quant not working with your team for the past 1 year. But so far no proper answer.

    This is the last reply I got in the month of August. What is the actual status?
    Please note, we have currently disabled Quant from Q backoffice as we are working towards bringing the next version of Quant in our new backoffice. We are in the final testing phase of our new back office called Crux. We will keep you informed once we go live with it.


  167. Milind Shah says:

    I have opened an account YA1463 and I have been talking with one of your guys Shahrukh. Apparently the account is opened and after 3 days I was told I was needed to sign a POA. I traded and want to increase trading but cant sell. So I signed the POA and have already send it but no one talks with each other. Still the account is not active. The tracking number of POA send from Mumbai is M55996737 and you can check it yourself its delivered, then why the holdiongs are still not seen. This is not how one sells. Just leaves the client in lurch. I strongly recommend you hire people who will not be sales people who just do some online stuff and move away. they must learn to handhold a client if u want stickiness.PLease help me close my matter pls

    • Venu says:

      Sorry for your experience Milind, I’ll escalate this and pass on the necessary feedback to the Sales manager.

      As I see now, the PoA has been updated and you’ll be able to see/sell the stock effective tomorrow.

  168. Ashuto Shah says:

    Dear Nithin

    My client IDS are RU0493 & PA5948. So far it has been a good association with Zerodha. Overall it has been a pretty good journey. However since last one month I am facing a major problem. I am not receving my daily contract notes on my designated email ID since 11.8.2017. I have written numerous mails and have made several calls to CC but no one is bothered to reply or resolve my issue. Would appreciate if you could look in to the matter and resolve the issue because it would be vey sad if I will have to find a new broker just because of this issue not being reseolved since I do not have any other complaints with Zerodha.



  169. Gajanan Mali says:


    I have provided all details and paid amount to open account. For more document I got mail so I have sent the same as per mail but from last 7 days I havnt received any response. No one is contacted, no response for mails. Such customer friendly company

  170. Girish says:

    Am your customer from last 2 years, used to trade in options market. Haven’t really invested in equities as I was using icicidirect for that.
    I am a long term investor with a view 25-30 yrs in equities.
    I want to know from you can I use Zerodha for long term investments in equities for next 25-30 yrs?
    I know Zerodha is doing well but do you have a projection for next 20 years about the company?

    What will happen to my equity shares if at all Zerodha doesn’t exist after say 15 years, how would I claim my equity shares if assumed my brokerage firm is shut down?

    • Hey Girish, firstly your stock will sit in your demat account with depository – either with ICICI or with us. So no matter what that will always sit there. We are in this for a long run, and we are just getting started.

  171. Anilkumar says:

    Hi Nitin

    Yesterday I short sold Eicher motors in MIS. Due to system issue my positons were not auto squared off. I tried to buy and system didn’t allow me to buy. Do I need to bear the loss for your system issue ? They will go to auction if they increase drastically I am going to suffer.This is not at all good experience

  172. Sunney Lagad says:

    Zerodha account opening and support people are pain.Very poor service and don’t communicate clearly..Closing the newly opened account.

    • Hey sunney, sorry for the inconvenience. Having this checked.

      • Sunney Lagad says:

        On your behalf some one has called me and after sending all the relevant documents again same stupidity is happening…very unprofessional behavior from ac opening till date..You open account in the wrong name and then harass with your unprofessional team.They even on email commits wrong thing.

  173. CA Trupti Malkar says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Want to congratulate for zerodha success and screener smallcase. It is very ease of doing trading with less expenses. Very good platform made available to investors to educate them and to enable them to make analysis. In similar line having idea of other informative platform. Details has been mailed to [email protected]. Please check the same.

  174. Ankit Sengar says:

    your kite charts are out of sync which makes it almost impossible to do all sorts of aftermarket analysis please fix it up asap

  175. Mitul Bhawsar says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am having a hard time with your technical support. No one picks up the call. You Kite mobile app is a poor experience because of bugs. I had a position in BPCL CE Jul option and on the ex-bonus date, since the price of the stock has changed, the Kite app is not even showing me the average price and P&L. As a result, I am not able to take a call on my position. Also, I am not even able to add Nifty 50 to my watchlist and your technical support is not able to resolve it.
    The positions changes so fast that we can’t wait for email replies to our issues. We expect the technical support to pick up the call and resolve issues.

    • siva says:

      It’s because of bonus the strike has gone down( previous stike/adjustment factor) and lot size is increased (previous lot size*adjustment factor), adjustment factor is 1.5 in this case as bonus is in the ratio of 1:2. This is just an accounting change where the initial value will remain the same. One can type nifty index on search to see all nifty indices and can add the required one on to market watch.

  176. Pramod says:

    Hi Nithin

    I wanted a consolidated P&L statement for 2014-2015 from the broker for the tax purpose. The income tax office is insisting on having this document from the broker. But the support team is saying this cannot be given and have asked me to calculate manually. I can calculate it but the income tax officer insists of the document from the broker. If Zerodha cannot provide a basic statement of P&L it is really a shame. It will be great if you can help. the request id is 270931


    • Pramod, the ITO will ask only for the ledger. Which you can get for 2014/15. You can show the P&L based on the ledger itself – funds transferred in – funds out + all holdings. That is all the ITO will need. The P&L, let me check if I can get it done, but you don’t need to show this to ITO.

  177. George says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am new to Zerodha and start trading from Apr-17.
    I am trying to place order in the pre market exactly 9.00.00 pi time.but every day I am facing same issue order time for put order receive 9.00.05 to 9.00.08 seconds after that verify ….finally most of the time order get placed after 9.00.08 ,within the 08 seconds bid queue raised,so I can’t trade some low price stocks.
    The delay is only for opening time after if I place after some seconds and same time get placed.
    I tried kite and Pi after placed the order book shows the status around 9.00.08.
    Please advise…

  178. Elvis says:

    Hey Nitin!
    Wanted to run a suggestion by you. I’ve literally seen Zerodha grow over the years. When I signed up with Y’all , there was no Kite, No Pi nothing! But the no brokerage policy drew me towards Zerodha. I’ve gone from Investing to Trading and I seem to enjoy trading particularly looking at the margins. I feel Y’all could really attract more customers if you increase the existing 14x to say 20x and some of the 3x to say 7x. With Kite and all the other services that you provide , increasing the margins would be the icing on the cake. But overall still pleased with everything that zerodha offers. Continue doing the great job Zerodha Team!

  179. lionel john pinto says:

    hello nitin ,
    there are a few things about zerodha that really really piss me off as an investor.
    1. first is the questions that you ask during sign in. everyday i waste to asnwer those questions, put the password and sign in. why dont you guys allow to save password so that this hassle is not required.

    2. there are serious bugs when shares are trasnsferred from another account to zerodha. In this case the shares are not counted in total investments. the correct logic here should be that the transfer price is the buy price. Because otherwise you end up goofing the total value. Also if i had bought shares from zerodha for the same ISIN, then also the logic fails.
    3. cant transfer money back to account from kite. this is terrible .need to go to q or pi or the thousand other apps that you guys have built and thats ridiculous.
    4. please please please integrate all these things into one . fund transfer, trading, account views, pi ,q mutual funds into one. This multiple things is so damn painful dude. Please Please think through this approach.

    • 1. exchange regulation unfortunately.
      2. Yes issues around this, it will get fixed as soon as we put out the new Q in the next couple of weeks. Btw entering buy values of stocks transferred in is extremely tricky to support, we are probably the only brokers who allow this.
      3. This will come soon. But when you hit withdraw, doesn’t it automatically open the withdrawal page without you having to login and all?

  180. N S Praveen Sethia says:

    Your response is exellent and services exemplary and this is what seperates you from the crowd.Mr Hannan called me up and I had a very warm and elobrate discussion with him.

    Thank You

  181. N S Praveen Sethia says:

    Thank you Sir

  182. N S Praveen Sethia says:

    Dear Shri Nithinji,
    Can I have your mail id please at [email protected]

    N S Praveen Sethia

  183. SOHAIL AHMAD says:

    Cannot place upcoming contract order of MCX aluminium.
    “Rejected because lack of liquidity.”

  184. Sneh says:

    There is another issue I noticed. If I buy a stock today and sell it next week, essentially it means that I squared it off. But that sell position is shown as open position in my positions section. This is incorrect. It means that the stock price goes up it shows as a loss and goes in P&L which is totally incorrect and leads to loss booking.

    • Sneh, the sell positions show up in positions since a lot of clients tend to sell and then trade intraday and buy the stock back before end of day. You can ignore the P&L position, it clears automatically by end of day.

      • kamlesh says:

        Hi Nitin,
        It is very basic & simple AMO (SL) feature customer can expect from any broker, and you will also agree that , all most all the brokers(even very small broker) currently in India provides but not Zerodha. I don’t understand what is big tech challenge even after 3 month not resolved. It seems no option left for customer but to leave Zerodha and join new broker. It seems overconfidence overtaking Zerodha which will result in loss of customer base.

        • The issue is that exchanges don’t accept stoploss orders in pre-market. So we have to divide the AMO orders into pre-market for normal and post-market for stoploss. That is the issue. All brokers send AMO at one time at 9.15, hence they are able to offer. Looking at having this sorted soon.

          • kamlesh says:

            Hi Nithin,

            I am eagerly waiting for AMO(SL) option and postponing my decision for 1 month to quite ZERODHA. search for another broker. Hope this time you will keep/adhere your promised.

            • kamlesh says:

              Hi Nithin,

              Any update/progress on AMO(SL) feature availability ?

              • Not yet Kamlesh. Some last leg issues we are facing.

                • kamlesh says:

                  Hi Nithin,

                  It almost 6 month of stopping AMO (SL) feature with false promises given by ZERODHA to enable it shortly. Are you really serious on this feature to enable. Please let us know when will it available ?

                  • We are facing a few issues in enabling it. Hopefully soon.

                    • kamlesh says:

                      Hi Nithin,

                      important advice – Please be serious now and do not take customer just for granted. Please enable AMO(SL) and GTC feature ASAP. because there are new brokers in market now, who are ready sweep out customers, if ZERODHA doesn’t take seriously customer problem/issues and resolve it.

  185. Eswaran says:

    Already I am a member of Zerodha, I would like to start Prop trading account, Could you please help me the process .

  186. vijay888raj says:

    stoploss limit missing in bracket order as it is provided , Zerodha has the best platform kite it should allow traders stoploss limit in bracket orders.

  187. Mahesh Chavan says:

    I am very happy with Zerodha after they come out with Kite.
    Pi is a great product but my poor hardware was unable to us it. But kite solved all my problems of hardware as I can now trade using mobile app.
    Currently Zerodha is facing technical problems. i think Zerodha is giving best to us traders and to reciprocate we traders should ask zerodha to increase brokerage so that they can go for high capacity resources and continue to provide us good un-interrupted trading experience. I think zerodha should increase max. brpkerage from Rs 20/- tp at least max. to 50 /- and also there should be min. brokerage of Rs. 3/- to Rs. 5/- which is not much.
    I have paid lot of brokerage to Kotak Securties and hence wo’t mind paying more than they are charging.
    I believe in Nithin Kamath Sir’s ability to provide good trading platform to the traders and feel it’s our duty to increase zerodha’s income which will be benficial ultimately for us traders only.

  188. Manjiri Karmarkar RM0287 says:

    I have been following up with Zerodha Team for generation of Contract Notes on Back office function for 2016-17.

    Even after a 40 days of follow up, Zerodha Staff is clueless as to when the function of generation of contract note on Back office will be operational. It appears that the Staff has inadequate knowledge. No firm commitments (inspite of being asked about the deadline).
    I just wonder how other customers of Zerodha are managing their final accounts without Contract Notes.
    Can someone guide me?
    Can we get a contact number or email ID of Mr. Nithin Kamath?

  189. mitesh shah says:

    I am very disappointed with the account opening procedure and your team. I gave two forms of my mother and father on 5th May 2017. So as per your norms account should open with in 48hrs after receiving the form. It’s more than 72 hrs still both the account not opened.
    I request your team that please open this account in urgent. my main purpose to open this account is apply for hudco ipo through both the account. Today is last day for hudco ipo application and my account not opened, I am really disappointed with your service. I told your sales manager that its urgent please open my account by 9th May EOD , I also raised the ticket for the same also contact customer care. I tried everything and i requesting them a lot but none of your team member reply me and giveproper answer.

    I request a sales manager a lot but none of your member understand my urgency. So I am kindly request to you if possible please open both the account before 2PM today. which will very grateful for me. I am with Zerodha since last 4yrs and I am not expecting this type of service from you.

    Please give me the resolution as fast as possible.
    Mobile numbers for which account opening was given: 9924195003, 9518765359

  190. Tarang Shah says:

    Hello Mr. Nithin Kamath,

    I am new trader with Zerodha. Client ID (ZO8324). I recently applied for SChand IPO and it was alloted to me and credited to my Zerodha account. I could see the Scrip in Kite under the holdings section. At sharp 10:00am on the listing date i.e 9th May 2017 is tried selling it at 700Rs/Share but your Kite tool gave me an error which said “You can’t trade this scrip. Exchange is not enabled”. I have been chasing the support team since then with no response from their end. While writing this email it is almost 11:00am on 9th May 2017 and the price has gone down to 680Rs/Share.

    This was my first experience trading with Zerodha and it was one of the WORST ever with trading. I need an immediate action on this. Sell the shares at 700Rs/Share and credit the amount to my account. Also give me the full amount refunded that your company had charged me while opening the account. Rs 500 as one time charge while opening the account and Rs 500/- AMC for Equity and Commodity account.

    Please change the name Zerodha to something else because it doesn’t justify the purpose of “Zero Rodha i.e No Barriers” as Zerodha is full of Rodhas.


    • Akshay.A says:

      Could you try selling it from the marketwatch and not from under holdings. The order should go through.

  191. Arun k singh says:

    Hi there!
    I bought 130 additional shares JHS yesterday and my average purchase price for total 450 shares is 47.04 but kite is showing average price as 57.78.

    Similarly I entered buy price for CPSE ETF as 26.85 but kite shows average price 25.45..
    A screen shot is attached..
    It is very unfortunate this kind of things happens at zerodha very frequently..
    Please rectify it as soon as possible.
    I request you to please either upgrade your software or train your personnel..
    I don’t want to bother calculating my average price every time I make new purchase..it should be automatically update in kite correctly . I am loosing trust in holding statement of kite..

    Arun kumar singh

  192. Piyush Tated says:

    Dear Mr. Nitin

    I need your mail id i want to make a complaint of your team.

    Can i have your mail id please.

  193. Nupur says:

    Hi Zerodha Support Team,

    I am observing a significant financial loss incurred to me by zerodha account management team.

    The difference in my balance sheet is coming up around 2.5K for FY – 2016-17

    The about value is reached doing following calculations:
    Total amount investment + profit/loss(including brokerage) – gateway charges – dp charges = Total valuation

    The discrepancy amount = Total valuation – Current valuation (Holding + cash)

    Looking forward for a response as this is actually unacceptable if the account is having discrepancy.

    Please let me know if you need any further details.

    Nithin, just to give you a bit more detail, I had raised this concern with support team and I received vague responses which didnt justify this difference. Looking forward for a firm resolution or explaination for same.

    Off late I have started observing that scripts as well go missing from holding even after purchase and I have to chase number of times for update where the response is again not at all good or appropriate.


  194. Nkumar says:

    Hi Sir,

    Most of the money that i sent to Zerodha, didnt came to my zerodha…After 2 months zerodha credited 3 transaction out of 6.

    Still I am running behind customer support …..now saving on brokerage is going in other way…actually money transfered is not came to zerodha..

    How safe is my stocks which are purchased thru Zerodha…if I keep for another 3 to 4 years.

    If I sell all my shares, is all my money will be credited to my bank account with out any hassles.

    Please advise on this points….it is becoming painful for me …money transferred transactions are failed….i am thinking it is better to go with ICICI direct, becuase everything on time, tracking is easy and also no such money missings….

    Almost Rs 2,00,000 not credited to my account….imagine…my life term earnings are at risk…

    • Venu says:

      Kumar, I can’t seem to find your client ID. Have you transferred funds from your registered bank account? Please send an email to [email protected] from your registered email ID with screenshots of all the payins you’re saying aren’t updated. We’ll check and revert. If funds are transferred from mapped account, there’s no reason for it to not get updated.

  195. kamlesh says:

    Dear Nithin,

    This is to inform you that this is second time since 15 march I have last almost Rs 5K amount just because unavailability of AMO(SL) order. I could’d place this order at night. Could you let me know when will ZIRODHA is planning to enable/start AMO(SL) order again. so that by that time i can stop trading from ZIRODHA and could go back to my old broker Sharekhan.
    I strongly think that this is basic feature a customer can expect from any broker, if you are not able to provide it on time, It will be difficult for customer like me (who placed order/ AMO(SL ) to continue trading on ZIRODHA.

    I am just wondering if ZIRODHA has disable AMO(SL), how can customer expect advance feature like GTC.


    This is basic feature any customer

    • Kamlesh, will probably take couple of more weeks to enable this. Why we took out is explained here.

      • kamlesh says:

        Hi Nithin,

        I am strongly disappointed that AMO(SL) option will take couple of weeks to enable. It seems Zerodha is taking customer for granted, whenever they want disable a option or enable order option, without thinking of customer inconvenience or loss. Customer is not asking any advance option but just basic simple feature expecting from Broker. Not sure if NSE already aware on this issue.

        For your info all broker in India (Excluding Zerodha) provide these basic option. When Zerodha say they need couple of weeks for this simple basic option then i could think that availability of GTC feature would take couple of years…

        Don’t you aware that there of 10s of discount brokerage house available in market who already provide these service.

        • Kamlesh, I have already explained why we had to take this out (and no we don’t just take away any feature, this is the first time we have done something like this). We are working on having SL for AMO as soon as possible.

          • kamlesh says:

            Hi Nithin,

            I had high respect for you statement but loosing faith. I don’t know when CEO says soon AMO(SL) and GTC available, means how long 1 week, 1 month or 1 year or more, but still nothing available.

            Indian broker community, ZERODHA is only brokerage house who doesn’t provide, AMO (SL) and it is becoming non reliable now a days, any time they can discontinue any running feature, without thinking of customer/client.

            Now I can strongly think that GTC feature can available in next decade only. Seems ZERODHA doesn’t want to care or ignore customer basic requirement.

            • Venu says:

              All of the steps we take at Zerodha are keeping in mind the interest of all our investors/traders. You have to understand that there are a lot of dependencies since we work in a regulated environment. When you request for a new feature, it requires us to schedule a demo with the Exchange, participate in Mock sessions, UAT’s, get a system audit done, obtain an auditor’s certificate. We would love to adhere to all your requests but sometimes things do get delayed since not everything is under our control. Having said that, we’re working on making all these happen. Will keep you posted.

              • kamlesh says:


                Is AMO (SL) is new feature asked?. isn’t a joke for today?. This is very basic feature any broker in India provides, but ZERODHA doesn’t.
                Now a days customer is taken as granted in ZERODHA seems.

                • Venu says:

                  As I’ve said earlier, we’re dependent on our Vendor, Thomson Reuters to make changes at their end for us to be able to provide you this facility. We’re coordinating with them to get this up.

                  • kamlesh says:

                    By that time who will be responsible for customer loss ? and giving excuse where customer is no more related or have controlled. It seems by 2029-2030, this very basic feature will be available to customer. You are taking Customer for granted. Don’t forget if customer happy, company/broker win/grow every day, but when customer start leaving company sinks.
                    History is evidence, many company had been sink when they ignored customer or taking it for granted.

      • kamlesh says:

        Hi Nithin

        I had high respect for CEO statement but loosing faith and credibility now. When CEO says on 20 march 2017 in a couple of weeks AMO(SL) feature will be relaunch but even after 10 weeks nothing happened. It was false promise made by CEO level, like a ordinary customer executive.

        Mr. CEO please tell me how long i need to wait.

        • kamlesh says:

          Hi Nithin

          I had high respect for CEO statement but loosing faith and credibility now. When CEO says on 20 march 2017 in a couple of weeks AMO(SL) feature will be relaunch but even after 10 weeks nothing happened. It was false promise made by CEO level, like a ordinary customer executive.

          Hope some one response my query…

  196. Pallaviram says:

    Its has been a wonderful experience with Zerodha. I have great regards for Mr. Nithin Kamath after going through his journey in this business. its inspiring and motivating to others. There are some issues at the end user level. they are not small to be ignored. i request your kind attention in my case.
    There are few things which is really make us inconvenient and some times losses as well. Here is my issue which was not resolved for several months. I have opened a demat account under RGESS scheme with you. I have done long term investment on several stocks. My holdings include around 15 – 20 stocks. Unfortunately kite will not differentiate between a RGESS stock and a non-RGESS stock. Even more irritating thing with kite is, it partially freezes some stocks randomly. someday some stocks are frozen some other day different stocks. user has no clue whats happening, which stocks to sell which stocks to freeze. This malfunction has brought me a loss of 800/-, which would have been even more if have not repeatedly call and settle quickly. If I sell some stocks which are under RGESS( which i will not be knowing as there is no proper tracking in kite), then i will not get either money or stocks back in my ledger. kite allows RGESS stocks for selling where as rules does not allow for selling. Since it does work properly with RGESS stocks, now both stocks or money will not be credited to my account. this i some how figured out and questioned the support team. They have no answer and clue less. finally after a month i received some money, after the stocks sold in auction with a loss of 800/-. Kite should not allow selling of a RGESS stock. a simple solution that’s all. Support team is not taking this responsibility at all in this regard. I have to bear this loss due to kite malfunction. They put ball in my court and escape. pl. rectify kite otherwise do not open an RGESS account at all. Now, second time its repeating to me. I am daily calling support team and but its not resolved so far. I have to wait and watch how much losses i will incur this time and how long it will take to settle my present issue.


    • Hanan says:

      Right now we don’t have the feature of identifying RGESS and non-RGESS stocks on Kite, but you can see this information on your CDSL easi login. You will have to manually keep a track of which stocks are which and exit them or retain them based on whether they’re locked in or not.
      This is a feature request which will take a few months to be implemented.

  197. Ashim Kumar Saha says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am an existing member of Zerodha family. (RA1021). I want to initiate trading in index/stock futures and for that I need links of your demo videos/youtube videos where I can follow the steps for correct way of future trading.
    And also the tips/do’s and don’ts which helps to prevent any possible losses and do smart trading.
    I use Kite platform since it is web based.


  198. Dhirendra Nalin Mahyavanshi says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Re: Account not yet opened, been ten days since the docs were collected
    Accounting opening process is slow,clunky and badly coordinated. I had applied for the account opening after I saw on of your webinars and was fairly impressed by the clean UI of your platform. However, i am disappointed by the account opening process. Hoping that I wont have to deal with your call centre once the account is opened.

  199. k gupta says:

    Hello Nithin Kamath sir,

    I am externally unhappy to see that AMO (Stop loss) order has been stopped by ZERODHA from 15 March 2017. Since Majority of trader are IT professional, who used to place order during AMO hours. AMO oders enable us to place order any time after my working hours. Now Zirodha neither supports GTC order nor AMO (Stop loss) order.

    Not allowing these order will block working profession to trade on ZERODHA and It will force us to move to some other broker who, support AMO/GTC order. I don’t think is this intention of ZERODHA ?

    I request you please allow trader to place AMO (stop loss) and GTC order ASAP.


  200. Kumar says:

    I am Kumar. Client ID.ZU6834 , Today I tried to purchase crudemini for the month of may.
    There was some error so i connect with Executive . He told me noone canbuy crude mini.
    One of my friend is having account with sharekhan . We just tried on that & we purchase crudemini for the month of may.
    so i need a solution regarding this with zerodha . Just provide us the same facility which is provided by others farm

    • Kumar, the far month contracts are extremely illiquid. Our clients were losing a lot of money on impact cost placing market orders. We have hence disabled trading on them.

      • kumar says:

        For that stop loss is there to protect loss ,Anyone can do the trading in future .
        Sir for example recently Ng break 52 week low . so if anyone doesn’t took care of stop loss then he loose the money.
        So I am not agreed that the far month contracts are extremely illiquid. because difference of amount is almost same .
        So anyone can loose money in current month then he will loose almost same amount in future also .So I request you to enable the trading in future also.


        • Kumar, I am not talking about losses due to bad trading decisions. Look at the market depth in far month contract. The bids and offers are usually far away from the last traded price. If you by mistake place a market order, you can lose a lot of money because of this. We had a few clients who lost as much as 3% of the stock because of this.

  201. Kumar says:

    I am Kumar. Client ID.ZU6834 , Today I tried to purchase crudemini for the month of may.
    There was some error so i connect with Executive . He told me noone canbuy crude mini.
    One of my friend is having account with sharekhan . We just tried on that & we purchase crudemini for the month of may.
    so i need a solution regarding this .

  202. Kiran Kumar G says:

    Sir. Iam Kiran Kumar. Client ID.ZU4384. I opened my account in online head office. Iam Telugu guy. I don’t know English and Hindi fluently every time I contact customer care. Please transfer my account to any good Hyderabad office to contact. Iam new to trading sir.

  203. Nishant Kumar says:

    You said there is no minimum as such required, our sales people might ask you to transfer Rs 5000 to get your account activated.

    I also read the first comment where you said that it is not necessary to transfer Rs.5000,
    but the sales executive who is helping me is repeatedly asking me to transfer Rs 5000 in my equity trading account and commodities account.
    Please tell me what should I do in order to get my account activated.
    Is it really important to transfer the money or I can start trading with any amount.

    • Nishant, looks like an over zealous sales person. You can tell him that you interacted with me and that I told there is no need for 5k.

      • Nishant Kumar says:

        Thanks a lot for helping me Nithin.

        • Anurag says:

          Person from zerodha calls and say that i need to transfer Rs 5000 to activate my account. I have told that i am trading with start from Rs 2000. But he is saying that account only activates once you transfer Rs 5000 or more. I have told about mr Nithin Kamath as was posted in FAQ but he is again & again saying you can have future difficulty. Kindly tell whats benefit he have of transfer & how he is link.

          • He is trying to meet his targets.

            • Gourav Jain says:

              Hi my ID IS T5013 I had registered with Zerodha almost a week ago and till now my account isn’t activated. I tried reaching customer care and also the designated sales person who isn’t picking my call nor replying for the mails I had sent. Customer care numbers are getting disconnected automatically. I really don’t know whom should I contact.

        • NAGAPPA HIREKUMBI says:

          Sir good morning this is nagappa hirekumbi my client I’d RN4906,sir I will come to point sir I referred name: Mithu Kumar k mobile No- 9700564431one Dmat account opening on date : October 2017 my sales manager Prashant just he sent mail account opening form that’s all he never following customer still he never call also.i only called Prashant but phone switch off then I went Monday date 30-October-2017 submit account opening application in near Bangalore Karthik Nagar branch they ( your staff ) told Tuesday or Friday k I told them then Friday also not opened then send mail to [email protected], but still it’s not open the account I will do sir tel me so please help me why I am asking you whom I referred his my office stop again again his asking me what will happen my account today he need urgent because we both karur Vysya bank employees we got right to issue so that’s what only so please help me

          Thanking you

  204. Yogesh says:

    This is addressed to Mr Nitin , the founder.

    Zerodha claims to have a very quick account opening process but in reality it is not so or maybe the independent non employee agents have not been fully trained how to be customer friendly.

    I recently applied for Zerodha equity and commodity trading account. My account has been pending just for the want of IFSC code and MICR missing on the bank statement downloaded from a nationalized bank account site. For some reason their statement does not have this information , and the application keeps getting rejected even after adding and self attesting the statement for such information. My question is – why is a customer responsible for such bank internal information and even if so – why is this information not accepted as self attested? I worst case situation , why is zerodha not able to provided a quick work around for this genuine issue? I am sure i am not the only customer who unfortunately has such issue?
    Will appreciate a customer friendly resolution.

    • Yogesh, without the IFSC/MICR, we will not be able to process payouts. Also exchanges require us to capture this proof. Would you not have any old cheque leaf? It doesn’t matter even if you have scribbled on it, you can just send us a scan copy of it. I will get our team to speak to you.

  205. Satya Sandeep says:

    Hi Nitin

    I have submitted all my credential to open the account on 30/11/2016, after all documents have been verified, i have received the Client ID but i am unable reset the password, i have been following up with your Sales Manager, Kiran kaur but response seems to be very poor

    As you aware due to demonetisation Indian market has corrected bit and i have lost valuable opportunity to invest in the market, who will bear this opportunity loss happened due to inefficiency of your team

    hope you will treat this as priority and resolve the issue at the earliest

  206. DK says:

    Dear mr. Nithin, first of all sorry for using this platform for my problem as i was mot provided with yourcontact details for one to one mail. But I wanted to bring this problem to your notice. Today i have done a square off of two scripts from the admin position screen with the “square of at LTP” option checked. But to my surprise both the orders got cancelled with an error message that “the prices are out of the execution range”. How can a LTP be out of execution range? (support ticket no: 510048). Extremly painful as the loss due to this isabout rs2.5 lakhs.

    • Venu says:

      Hi DK,
      No problems in raising your concern here. We did go through the order logs, the order has been rejected from the Exchange, not from our OMS. The time your order was sent, the volatility in the contract was high due to which the execution range may have been updated at the Exchange which resulted in your order getting rejected. Axis Futures

      You’ve placed a limit order in both the cases, the rejection reason is “17070 : The Price is out of the current execution range”. 17070 is the error code from NSE, you may confirm this by calling the trade helpline of NSE, if you have reasons to believe that the explanation given by us is not fair. As a broker, we only provide you an execution platform. Order matching and subsequent execution is done at the Exchange level, something beyond our control. As much as we would have liked to help you with this, there’s only limited support that we can provide, since the rejection is directly at the Exchange end.

      • DK says:

        Dear Mr. Venu,

        I appreciate your quick revert and once again I would like to reiterate that the core value of Zerodha is its availability of the top management for directly addressing every single customer query. please kindly retain this core value inspite of your growing customer base.

        Regarding my problem, i understand the justification in your reply and I understand the limitation of Zerodha as service provider. But as a loyal Zerodha customer and who is pained with an oppurtunity loss, shall i propose a solution too? Can you consider a system upgradation for quick order modification (as an option that can be opted by the customer in the user setting) to better pricing or to market price if the limit is failed to execute?

        I understand that currently you are facing some issues for a tieup with symphony who is offering that readymade product in the market. But can you the issue faced by me as a “case problem” and consider such upgradation?

        Just to show my pain level today instead of getting a 2.5 lakhs profit in that order execution am running at a loss of Rs 1lakhs. This kind of oppurtunity loss is avoidable for trader like me, if auto order modification concept is made available, incase of failure of limit orders.

        Offcourse other easy solution is changing my trade style to place order with market price. But Mr. Nithin being a trader might understand what Am trying to mean.

        • Hey DK, we are working on adding as many new features to help a trader.

          • DK says:

            Hi Nithin and team, I understand that there is an error pop-up screen implemented to prevent accepting orders beyond prescribed limit which eventually would be rejected at the exhanges. This is a welcome development. Really appreciate it. This will enable the limit order traders like me to switchover to market orders without wasting precious seconds.

  207. Shivam Gupta says:

    Mr. CEO, Sir the concept of zerodha is awsome . Just like you I am the engineering student and crazy about trading. I have an idea which will change the meaning of stock market i.e. satta bazar (Gamblers market) to pro bazar. I need your well established company’s help. I want to work on that concept with your company

  208. kalaivanan1990 says:

    In both Bracket Order and Cover Order the Trigger Price is disabled, without the trigger price it’s very hard as a intraday trader. But in Normal MIS option we have a Trigger price but low leverage. I have suffered lot because of this. So please solve my problem.

  209. Sharat C Sahu says:

    Has anyone in this forum used the kite mobile application? Does it work?
    I have contacted all the people I know who have account with Zerodha, and their and experience is that the application does not function.
    It displays a perennial error ” An internal server error ahs occurred”.

    Also would appreciate if Zerodha technical team can answer this.


    • Mohammed Jawaad says:

      Hi Sharat,

      Would like to inform you that it is working fine from our end, will reach you soon on your registered phone number.

  210. Chander says:

    I have been a client of Zerodha for the past two and half months. Pi is a brilliant trading platform that I use. After being involved in stock trading, using two to three top brokers, for more than ten years now you have certainly cut back on the cost of trading. Thanks to you for keeping the clients needs first. You might well be on the path to becoming the best broker in India very soon. You could get there sooner if you can get your trading platforms well tested for stability and ease of usage. Thanks to you for keeping the earnings of the client first before yours!

  211. Vaibhav says:

    How much maximum nifty lots are permiited to trade for intraday? And what happens if trade/volume increases?

    • In one order you can place 10000 Nifty futures, and together you can hold upto 2.5% of open interest which is extremely large. So no issues in Nifty unless you are one of those really big hedge funds.

      • Chandrajeet says:

        Dear Nithin,

        i am connected with zerodha from last 8 months, and i am very disappointed with this, commodity was ok but i faced lots of problem with options and equity futures,
        many a time wrote a mail to unblock my BO for options but still it is not done, whenever i place BO for option i get below error
        rms:blocked for optstk nse_fo bo block type: all
        same happens with co order also for options, also your zerodha pi is most third class terminal, sorry to say this but it is very irritating, whenever i open chart lots of candles go missing because of this i am not able to read market properly and taking wrong trades
        i request you to sought out these things for me, was very excited to open account in zerodha and recommended lots of people for this but now i regret

        • Venu says:

          You can’t place Bracket orders/Cover order/Market order for Stock options since Stock options aren’t liquid. This has been blocked by us.
          About the issue with Pi, I’ll get someone to call and help you with this.

  212. Sourav says:

    hello sir,
    I am doing b.com(1st year) Along with company secrataryship(cs). I have keen interest in stock trading and investing. Bt i am unable to open a dmat and trading account due to lack of documents especially my voter id and pan card. Bt i want to start trading from an early age to gain experience in market. I shall be very thankfull if u kindly help me out regarding the documents and as i am new to the field of trading, it would be a great help if you can enlighten me with some trading tips.
    Another thing i wanted to ask that is there any job scope for cs students in stock broking firm, especially yours.
    thank you

  213. niral says:

    Dude want to come and work for your company… tell me how I can be part of your venture…. I am NYSE stock exchange trader…[email protected]

  214. H.C says:

    Hi, Nithin,

    As you are in the process of building an advanced terminal, here is some important suggestions:-

    1. Now a days many chart providers are giving 30 second time frame too, which is faster and very useful for day traders.
    2. Side by side tab switching facility like meta trader is very useful to track different time frames and different scripts. Presently in meta trader 5, we can quickly switch between more than 10 different time frames instantly for any particular script in side by side tab which is very useful.
    3. For smaller time frames last 6 month data is enough. But, to determine the trend in longer time frame we need enough data in longer time frame, like plotting 1030 ema in Hour, 2Houe, 4 Hour or 8 Hour time frame or 200 ma in weekly chart etc. Please provide enough data for longer time frames, presently we can’t plot higher ema’s in higher time frames.
    4. All trend lines, Fibo levels, Pivot levels must be saved with particular chart (with particular time frames).

    With all good wishes.

  215. raakeshchavan says:

    Dear Sir, I submitted my documents to your office on 28th October and my trading acct was opened on 29th October (DR1237) I was very happy with the speed shown by your staff. But my joy was shortlived. Ever since the trading acct was opened, till date (more than 21 days) I am following up for the DEMAT acct so that i can start trading. I am losing very good opportunities in the market because of the delay on the part of ZERODHA. The lady who was handling my acct, Mrs Mitali, is not responding to calls, sms. I got a mail from ILFS on 12th November stating that my demat acct is opened. Now even after 7 days the acct is not linked with trading acct. Can you please look into it. Is this the kind of service we have to expect from you in future? I am closing my ICICI acct and waiting to transfer all my holdings to ZERODHA. But I am having a second thought now. What is your time frame for such regular activities? Awaiting your answer

    • Rakesh,

      Presently for the demat account opening we have a tie up with ILFS for now and hence the account opening process takes a little longer. It shouldn’t take 21 days for sure, Rakesh/Sandeep from our team will call you back on this immediately and try to sort this out.

      Mitali is no more with Zerodha, in any such case please contact on [email protected] or call 080-40402020 or 080-49132020.


    • raakeshchavan says:

      Thanks for the reply. I did get a call from someone from your office (he did not give his name) stating that my account mapping is being done now and from next day I could start my trading activity. Thanks for the action taken. But this also serves a warning signal that individual centric organizations have a draw back. Why in the first place someone has to approach you for a regular activity follow up? If you really do wish to grow big time, I think you need to have a look into this. Whether Mitali is there or not, the activity should have happened, without your intervention!!

      • Rakesh,

        The reason for me to be active on this forum is to get a hands on any issue right from the bottom of the cycle which is account opening, but it is definitely not centered around me. We are a team of over 85 with heads for various processes. I understand what you are suggesting and working on it, there are definitely many things to better at Zerodha. Welcome on board and best of luck, do bounce off your suggestions on my email [email protected].


    • raakeshchavan says:

      Cheers..looking forward to a looooonnnnngggggg and profitable association for both of us

  216. sonalchavan says:

    Dear Sir, I am trading online since 1998 using ICICI DIRECT platform. I made profits but “””took home”” very less amount each time. I have contributed much to ICICI profitablity. I tried to switch over to ABM, got false promises which were never fulfilled.

    After going thro’ you post, I do wish to migrate to ZERODHA, but have following queries:

    1. Apart from your your brokerage, STT, STMAP DUTY, do u charge anything I mean ANYTHING extra? (for delivery/intraday?)

    2. Do I have to maintain any minimum balance with you?

    3. Do I have to deposit money immediately after opening account or after the DEMAT account is opened? How much minimum to start with?

    4. Do U charge for each pay in and pay out? How much?

    5. Do you ever face server issues on peak/panic selling days? how do you protect customers?

    Thanks for your reply.


    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Hi Sonal,

      1. When you are doing equity trading delivery based, there would be DP charges which is a flat Rs 12.5 per debit instruction, this again would be much lower than what ICICI charges.
      DP charges is levied only when you sell shares from your demat. So if you sell 100 shares 3 times in a day, the DP charges would be applicable only once when the shares that you sold is getting debited at end of day.
      Do check our brokerage calculator .

      2. No minimum balance required.

      3. There is no minimum as such required, our sales people might ask you to transfer Rs 5000 to get your account activated.

      4. Unlike ICICI we are not a bank and hence charge you for transferring funds into the trading account when you are using the instant payment gateway of Rs 9. There is no charge for payout.

      5. We take pride in how we run our technology, our servers haven’t been down for more than 5 minutes from the time we have started our business. Unlike a bank where there are multiple things running on their servers, our servers are dedicated to provide a fast and reliable trading platform.


      • pavan says:

        You said there is no minimum as such required, our sales people might ask you to transfer Rs 5000 to get your account activated. so,to get account activated is it necessary to transfer Rs 5000 to zerodha,,is it cumplosary?

        • Not required. You can transfer even Rs 100 and start trading.

          • Mayank patel says:

            Hello Sir, My name is Mayank and my age is 20 from last 2 years I was analyst the market and doing trading Sir I went for many job to become equity dealer as a broker in the firm but tha firms are telling complete Your graduation then come to us.Bt sir I want to become Stock broker and I want to do a job in Zerodha it’s my dream because sir the brokerage charges which Your firms are Giving and it’s good for like beginners And sir I had read Your biography and I am very much inspired by you sir! There are lot of discount brokerages companies are there but the service which your company is providing is good . I have a certificate of NISM 8 equities derivatives sir so plz provide me a job in Mumbai as a stock broker Trust me sir I’ll give my 100./. I am from Mumbai . LOVE YOU SIR

    • sonalchavan says:

      Thanks for the reply. Could you please throw some light on this DP Charges, as I believe, we will be annual charges for DEMAT. Then why these charges per debit instruction? If suppose, in a day, I sell RELIANCE, ABB AND L&T, FOR each script I would be charged DP charges for every sell order? What about buy order?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      The annual charges are AMC charges and this is DP. Every brokerage charges similarly for demat.
      DP charges are only the selling side and not buying side, basically DP charge is when you sell shares from the demat account.
      If you sell 3 different scrips like you have mentioned, even if they are many times in a day, you will be charged DP charge thrice at the end of day. 3 * Rs 12.5. Do note that DP charge is not applicable for intraday trading.

  217. KumarVij says:

    Do you have trade on phone facility ? In case internet is not working/available, can one square off his position?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Yes we do Kumar, over 40 dealers in our Bangalore support office for this. The number is 080-40402020. We charge Rs 20 extra for every trade placed over the phone


      • Rajesh Kumar V says:

        Dear Nithin,

        Hope you all doing well.

        Kindly note that yesterday (11.01.2018) I bought options two lots of Nifty 10600 CE @ avg price of 77.25. Today morning I saw the avg price to had reduced to 68.25 with a decrease in my wallet amount too. This had also happened before. Kindly rectify this immediately.

        I am sorry to say Zerodha has to really improve on the Customer Service. The customer care never attends any call. And tickets raised, not answered promptly. I am writing all this with so much frustration!


  218. subhashlive says:

    i like zerodha why means……….. zerodha is the only one company in india giving Semi Auto Trading Odin Platform…………i know zerodha is a best company for developing………. more and more fast company for developing their own Offices and Trading Terminals and Client Satisfaction………!

  219. rs0889 says:

    Why don’t zerodha trader do not give us a warning before auto square off due to margin deficit.
    Why don’t zerodha include pre warning-flash message/buzzer warning in the software when margin short exceeds 800%. 90% of allowed limit.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      RS, presently this feature is not available, but you could have your admin position open which will show up the utilization % at every time.

  220. Varesh says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I joined Zerodha one year back and Its been a wonderful experience being with Zerodha. I wanted to know opportunities in Associate program, like can a Zerodha client work as mid broker e.g. can make other 20 people to open an account with Zerodha but portfolio will be managed under him own to get good benefit or Associate program.

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      One thing we don’t let at Zerodha is to let one person trade on behalf of other. Typically this is where a lot of wrong happens in our business, be it a relationship manager or subbroker/authorized person, we don’t let anyone to manage portfolios.

      But varesh, if you are interested in introducing business to us, we have a very interesting partnership program. Send an email to [email protected] with your contacts. One of our sales managers will call back and explain how it works.

  221. Chay says:

    Its very innovative idea which you have taken for the benifits of traders and money risk management. Kudoos for your business plans Nithin and ALL THE VERY BEST ZERODHA….

  222. Javed says:

    Hi, Nitin,

    Your Zerodha Trading platform is excellent, but the charting plugin is not user friendly and Technical indicators are of old generation. If you can provide MT4 charting platform that will give more of value addition. Presently we are sourcing MT4 platform from other agencies on subscription basis at very high charges. Kindly think of this in addition to AmiBroker and let us know your plans.

    • pratapsingh says:


      u r saying right, mt4 no any platform will beat. if zerodha will do this ..they would be 1 st in india.

  223. Pawan Taneja says:

    sir, hats off to you and your team.
    i am not a big personality to make such big comments, but i can say one day, you will be one of the biggest entrepreneur of the india and i will say proudly that i was involved in success of this man by being a customer of zerodha

  224. Sahil says:

    Excellent idea nithin…. u are a great entrepreneur and i am really happy with zerodha… good luck 🙂

  225. Rajkumar says:

    I am very much impressed and wonderful.

  226. Tanmay says:

    Nice and wonderful experience. Kudos to Nithin

  227. Nithin Kamath says:

    Jai, Reliability and customer support, you will have a lot of clients who will hopefully vouch for this, Credibility, I guess it is time which will get us there, but we follow industry best practices and don’t take any undue risk for generating higher revenues.

    • Sanjay Dangi says:

      Dear Nithin,

      Thanks for help. I got my p&l statement for fy 2014-15.


      Sanjay Singh dangi

    • lopamudra Mahapatra says:

      Sir, I am following with support team regarding some queries . But not getting reply on timely.
      Kindly look the same. Given query from the same mail ID.

    • Minouti Kharbade says:

      Hi Nitin,
      Above comment mentions about reliability from Zerodha, but I have been facing issues with a small transaction with zerodha, where my account opening charges are paid for more than 12 days, but I am still unable to proceed to next steps through the web ortal. The sales representative is doging calls and is not even considerate enough to acknowledge and respond. The refund is also not being initiated after daily 2-3 emails.
      If customers are facing such basic hurdles at the start of their association with zerodha, how can we expect better services going ahead.
      I would request someone to look into this at the earliest, as the customer care, sales representative and the support staff has failed into the same.

      I respect start-up and new enterpreneurs in the market, but with such services and money issues, we will be driven back to experienced institutes in the market.

      • Matti says:

        Sorry to hear that. Can you write to matti[at]zerodha.com with details? Will look into this.

        • Minouti Kharbade says:

          50 emails and 3 weeks, and still no response from the sales representative in solving a query. If Resolving a mere 300Rs payment for account opening takes so much time and energy of the customer, I really cannot image the hurdles going ahead.

          Please initiate my refund ASAP, as I do not wish to continue to have any association with zerodha.

          Minouti Kharbade

        • Shivaprakash says:

          Dear Matti,

          May I know what is your designation? Today I had very bad experience from one of your sales person. I will let you know what it was once you drop email to me and not in this portal.

      • akaulgud says:

        I agree. Zerodha has to improve quality of csutomer service. Last week I got my account opened but it was NOT good experience. Sales person was so rude and non coperative.

        I’m wondering if It’s right decision to open account with Zerodha. Let’s see

    • Vijay kumar says:

      Hi nitin sir
      I am your client (RV7203)
      SIR will you pls… Provide me your email I want to share some snapshot about kite I am facing problem on kite frequenty. It is very urgent sir I tried to find your mail on net but failed. Pls…. Mail me your email I’d at my email address if you can
      I recently(today) again encounter this bug
      Whatsapp number 8059191201
      Mail:_ [email protected]

    • Rajeshwari says:

      Even though zerodha’s trading products are good,an account(demat)opening has become a big issue.

      Issue:I sent (my mothers)a signed physical copy of demat account opening forms to your registered office at Bangalore. But when I asked account opening status from Zerodha after a week, they are telling that they haven’t got a courier itself. Even I sent the POD number to them. POD says the form has reached the Zerodha office in time.. but so far package has not found and account has not been opened… from the past three months customer service is not serving properly.Customer care is not bringing out the solution.
      It’s been two weeks .
      Kindly look into this issue.


    • Professor Debasish Ghosh says:

      I am a Finance Professor in the School of Management. We are in the process of setting up a Financial Market Lab. I would be Keen to discuss if some of your products can be used in our Lab. My WhatsApp no is 9819436618 and my phone number is 9819436617.

    • Pankaj Rank says:

      @Nithin0dha From 27/7/2018 I was trying to reactivate my account. After sending all documents which are required. Nobody is interested in the taken care of status. Please look after. if it is not reactive then simply so no. we have many more options.

    • Suman says:


      I need you e mail mail is to explain you the problem which iam facing from zerodha from past 20 days to just open an account

    • Rajesh Gupta says:

      Hello Nithin
      Taking liberty to contact you directly. I am an old client of Zerodha and my many colleagues have also opened their account with Zerodha on my recommendation.
      Now few of us have incorporated an LLP to start trading in a structured way. I am struggling to get any response from your team. They are rejecting our application on the pretext that some documents are not submitted without even checking the entire application. Now your team has stopped responding to my queries. They are not even updating me about the status. Can I seek your intervention please? My number is 9810128954.

    • jayalakshmi says:

      Opened an account last week. Nobody cared to reply or contact for tickets raised. Ticket raising is a rip off. My id is sw2705. My account is opened. But FNO not activated. I am breaking my head to get it activated. Once you open the account, no service. You are led like a lamb to slaughter house. Reason given is Bank account statement does not IFSC code. But the cancelled cheque given by me has it. Can’t they map both. Worse than govt office.

    • Debadarshi Behera says:

      Your employee Chandana is neither responding my calls nor calling me back. I have some doubts to fill the POA form.
      Therefore I am not able to process the POA. Please help. I even dont know how to log in or the user name or PW.

      Thanking you

    • Congratulations sir and sir language option to add zerodha says:

      Congratulations sir and plz language
      option add zerodha kite app

  228. Jai Prakash says:

    sir i am currently holding an account in edelweiss . A lot of people very much interested in opening an account in zerodha,but having concerns over the credibility, reliability, customer support of the company

  229. Hanan says:

    Nice! Let’s read some more stuff…

  230. Sunish says:

    Its been a wonderful experience being with Zerodha ! All the best for all your future endeavors ! 🙂

    • Sneh says:

      There is a major issue with the way trades are being calculated at Zerodha leading to lot of losses to customers. Kindly contact at the earliest.

      • akaulgud says:

        what does this mean ? Are you saying, price is manipulated? It can be verified against record with exchange.

      • Siddharth says:

        Agreed with Sneh. I have seen huge difference in holding statements which shows incorrect average cost leading you to trade at loss. Also my Total investment is showing -4.5 Lakh difference. The customer care folks are absolutely pathetic and useless. Need Mr Nithin’s intervention as this is big manipulation and reliability factor on Zerodha.

        • Pramod says:

          Hi Siddharth,
          Was the above issue solved? Just checking as I’m a new customer here, skeptical after reading this comment.


          • Matti says:

            Hey Pramod, this isn’t an issue. It never was, to begin with. This comment was made at a time when the user had transferred some securities from a different account and hadn’t updated the acquisition cost on our platform.