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Nithin – Winner – CII Emerging Entrepreneur Award 2013

Traders, We take great pride in letting you all know that, our CEO, Nithin Kamath is one of the winners of the prestigious CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) “Emerging Entrepreneur Award for 2013”. The due diligence for this award which involved studying everything from our business model to our financials was done by Grand Thornton and Boston Consulting, and the jury were the who’s […]

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12 Mar 2014

Our Story till now…

The Zerodha Journey till date(10th October 2013)… Z-Connect is an endeavor from our side to keep you connected with everything new at Zerodha and help you understand the various tools/utilities available. We would also be covering various other topics which can help you become a better trader from taxation to coding strategies. The content on Z-Connect will be in a blog-like format where we will have Q&A at the end of each post.

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha
28 Sep 2012