No DP charges on Coin redemptions!

May 3, 2019

Dear investors,

After we made Coin completely free (waived off the Rs 50 / month subscription charges) in August 2018, investing in direct mutual funds on Coin has kept getting better. Effective today, DP (Demat) charge of Rs 5.5 per mutual fund redemptions will be no longer applicable!

Here’s why direct mutual funds are always better compared to regular plans.

Do spread the word and happy investing.

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  1. Satish says:

    Sir.. Is coin free as MF Utility.. No any hide charge ..

  2. Sundar says:

    What are the difference it will make if i initiate a SIP without minimal investment

  3. Abhishek says:

    Thanks to Zerodha for great initiatives. I was wondering if a minor can open account in Zerodha? I wanted to start SIP for my kids. Time invested in market is most imp aspect of investing. Earlier in life the better. Thanks

  4. Subrata Ray says:

    Does mutual fund unit redemption at Coin happen at NAV, the same way as normal mutual fund redemptions?

  5. Purnima Bisue says:

    I am thankful to use such a user friendly platform in terms of kite,coin etc.but full term brokerage houses always talking about security.My absurd question is upto how much money/units is secured as holdings with Zerodha..

  6. Saravana says:

    am planning to start SIP in HDFC children’s gift fund and same not available in coin, by any chance will it be added in coin in near future?

  7. Nitin Joshi says:

    Can anybody suggest me my COIN app not able to operate through console/kite when opening these applications.
    I have already tried to open individually COIN application, but not able to opening. settings have been changed or any other issues are creating, please suggest.

  8. Rajeev M L says:

    If I invented 50no. Mf, value of β‚Ή50000/- then what will the coin use charge?

  9. KC Gupta says:

    What charge in coin anual and at the time of purchase mutual fund
    And when we purchased the NAV of mutual fund decide
    Same day or one two days later
    If I purchase on 1 Feb and debited my account on 1 Feb NAV of mutual fund will be 1 Feb or later please explain

  10. Naveen says:

    Hi zerodha team,
    If I redeem my mutual fund.Does the expense ratio (eg., 1.2% get deducted from my balance

  11. Shekhar says:

    I got deductions for DP charges few days back on sale of few shares. Isn’t it free now?

  12. Usha says:

    I bought hdfc liquid fund of amount 50000. But zerodha deductions shows 55000. Why this 5000 extra? Is it coin charging for the fund. This is purely cheating and frauds. Please answer else I will complain. 10 percent extra ?

  13. Vaibhav Luthra says:

    Hi, I have an Zerodha kite account. couple of queries I have
    – Is the 300 INR charge one time for account opening or per year?
    – Is Kite account is necessary to have access to Coin? or One can create a Coin account independently also and what would be the charges?
    – What are the charges for using Coin for mutual fund investment? Any hidden charges while investing, switching or redemption of mutual funds?


    • Matti says:

      Hey Vaibhav, the 300 rupee account opening fee is one-time. There is an annual maintenance charge for the demat account of Rs.300. There is no separate “Kite account” as such; there is just one Zerodha account to invest in everything. πŸ™‚ There are no charges whatsoever.

  14. Ravi Agarwal says:

    Almost Rs. 400 was deducted on my mutual fund redemption. Why is this charged when its free ??

  15. Dinesh kumar says:

    is there investor protection fund for mf purchased in coin also . Are mutual funds in coin also saved in demate account

  16. Jitendra says:

    Instant redeemtion is the most important aspect of liquid mutual funds.
    At present no INSTANT REDEEMTION allowed for liquid funds on coin platform.
    With this COIN is contradicting with basic principle of liquid fund.
    If it’s fesible, request to introduce instant redemtion for liquid funds on COIN .

  17. SD says:

    Can you point out further details on purchasing G-secs through COIN.

    Are there any charges?
    What are my chances of securing a G-sec in the auction?
    What happens if I don’t get selected, am I automatically enrolled in the next auction period?
    What are the yield rates since it will be bidding process?

    • Are there any charges?
      There is a brokerage of 0.06% or Rs 6 for every Rs 10,000 invested will be charged as brokerage. 18% GST will be applicable on the total brokerage incurred.

      What are my chances of securing a G-sec in the auction?
      When you apply for a G-Sec, on the order processing day if the amount is available in your trading account before the cutoff time i.e 8 PM the order will get processed and the units will be allotted to your Demat account on the Settlement day.

      What happens if I don’t get selected, am I automatically enrolled in the next auction period?
      No, you will have to place a fresh request again in the next reissue.

      What are the yield rates since it will be bidding process?
      You can check the details on

  18. Bhuvanesh says:

    Hey, we are working on something on these lines. But you can alternatively consult a registered investment advisor.

  19. SVL says:

    Hi !! Good morning ! I have a request. I am not sure how far it’s feasible, on our platform to cope-up. Am a regular MF investor on this. Direct purchase or SIP is being carried out by me [like any one else of course] based on various searches being carried out from time to time. BUT NOW, the question is, how far am I [or any one else for that matter] going correctly on those selected MFs ? Therefore, if there is any option or guiding / referring factor/site[s] from where I can verify/check about the correctness/safety of my existing MF portfolio [i.e.already made investments] I can come out or stop further SIPs in a particular scrip to stop further loss in a particular scrip. If such facility is available here to us, it will not only help our existing investors like me and also may attract new guys too. Request to think this over. Await for your help and/or guidance. Thank you.

  20. Renga says:

    May i know what are charges for demat ac & Mutual fund investments. I paid 300rs for ac opening and after invested MF detected extra100rs .Please advise.Thanks

  21. Mallikarjun says:

    Can we add old direct SIP’S in zerodha coin?

    • Matti says:

      You’ll have to stop the old SIP and start it on Coin. You can move your old units to Coin by dematerialising them. The procedure is explained here.

  22. Khilendra says:

    As I understand there is no DP charges for redemption of Mutual Fund. Is there any DP charges for Purchase of Mutual Fund on COIN.

  23. Kuldeep says:

    Sir sbhi fund ki sip start kro

  24. Vijayakumar A says:

    How do I purchase new mutual fund in coin?

  25. Nitya Maity says:

    I want to buy the following fund which is not available on the coin.
    —> Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund

    Is it possible to update the list?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Nitya, this fund has stopped lumpsum investments and allows only SIPs. Such funds are available only on the Coin mobile app right now. Install the mobile app to invest.

  26. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    Coin shows only limited number of funds to invest. Although there are some good funds in the funds showing up on coin. Is there any option to invest in some other fund not showing up on coin. I am egar to start investing in funds of my choice through coin.

    • Matti says:

      What funds are you missing on Coin?

      • Sanjeev Kumar says:

        1. Axis Bluechip fund
        2. Kotak Standard Multicap fund
        3. HDFC Smallcap fund

        These are just examples of the funds in my watchlist which are not available on coin. I wish to see good Smallcap & midcap funds on coin which is completely missing on coin as of now.

  27. Alok Kumar says:

    it does make a difference, by research all across the world, it is shown that 25th of the month is the best day to invest in SIP

  28. SANJOY PATRA says:

    Why we can’t buy fund at the date of order placing.

    • Matti says:

      All orders placed on Coin before 1.30 PM are sent to the AMC and processed on the same day at the end of the day NAV, The units will show up on Coin the next day.

  29. Dr. AB Bahuguna says:

    Interested in trading, learning and following as a matter of routine.
    Request derailed guidance please.

  30. Vishwanath Shettigar says:

    Hi Team Zerodha,

    You listen to us.
    The only thing which was stopping me from investing in COIN was due to DP charges as I normally park my money in the liquid fund. I still remember a few months back I got a call from your team for getting feedback about various platform and services you provide. At that time I have mentioned about DP charges and look like you heard me really happy to see a company which listens to customer’s requirements.

    I am a proud Customer and very happy to be associated with you already referred many friends to Zerodha and hope to continue to do so.

    I wish you and the whole team to continue the good work going forward

    Thanks Regards
    Vishwanath Shettigar

  31. Hari Mohan says:

    I have paid rs 300/- not getting client id pl call me

  32. Monujendra Roy says:

    Sir I just has to pay some DP charges on redemption on my mutual fund is this only for limited offer

  33. Amol says:

    Also NAV & Fund value updates should available post closure of business day on same day. Can you pls look into this?

  34. Amol says:

    Why NAV rates as on 07.05.19 showing more than other intermediaries ? Pls see below e.g: Kotak standard multicap fund on Zerodha showing Rs.37.15/-
    On Edelweiss Rs.35.19
    On Money Control Rs.34.906
    On financial express Rs.34.91
    AMC site showing Rs.34.906

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Amol, you are looking at the NAV of regular funds. The NAV of direct funds is always higher because there are no commissions paid. We’ve explained this in detail here.

  35. Ashit Vora says:

    I redeemed MF units on 3rd May and I was charged with DP Charges.

    • Matti says:

      Just checked, you haven’t been charged for MF redemptions. DP charges for stock sales are still applicable.

  36. Prakash says:

    My request to Zerodha ,it will be helpful if we can have direct debit or direct credit from bank account, loading trading account and coin little uncomfortable , kindly look in to this matter.

  37. siva says:

    Does it mean that cost of purchasing and redeeming a Direct plan – SIP (say a small cap fund) is same as purchasing a SIP through Zerodha ?

  38. Naren says:

    There should b 2 time windows of sending orders to AMC . As of now orders are sent at 1.30 pm ,it is too late if I want to purchase same day like debts (liquid) funds . one more time slot can b added like 9 am or it can be real time order punching to AMC

  39. Snehlata says:

    Service is very good. Kindly implement direct debit and credit facilities from Bank. This will make life easier and buying will be instant.

    Hope Zerodha will understand and act on this. Probably Zerodha can open their own Bank. Thanks

  40. Manoj Kumar Vyas says:

    I would like to know each n everything about it can any one from (Zerodha Official only) explain me on phone to better unferstand.
    My mob 9697123903

  41. Sridhara says:

    Hi, I all ready stat invest in MF direct fund, In paytm money MF manager. Is there any different from that. And same time I have accounts in Zerodtha

  42. Renjith says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    May I know the difference between the direct investment of mutual fund through Zerodha and investment of mutual fund using third party applications such as scripbix, ET money, Paytm, etc. They are promissing that they do not take any service charges from customer for investing in mutual fund. It would be so helpful if you can share the details.

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Renjith, before I explain the difference between these platform, it’s important that you know the difference between regular mutual funds and direct mutual funds.

      Every mutual fund has 2 plans – regular and direct. Regular mutual funds are sold by distributors and hence have higher expense rations compared to direct plans of mutual funds. It’s the same funds, same fund manager but the costs differ. You should check out this post to know more.

      Out of the platforms you mention, ET Money and Paytm offer Direct plans but Scripbox doesn’t.

      Here’s why Coin:
      1. Create, pause, and modify your SIPs anytime you want, instantly and hassle-free
      2. Fund your SIPs instantly through UPI payments
      3. A single portfolio view for all your direct mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, and bonds
      4. Single nomination for all your investments. On the other platforms, you will have to submit a separate nomination for each fund you hold separately.
      5. With a Zerodha account, you get access to a whole suite of cutting-edge financial platforms such as Kite, Console, Sentinel and more.

  43. Krishan Kumar Mishra says:

    If person have no fund then what are you do charge off insaficent charges or not if regular weekly invester in your coin aap only on if he added fund 1.30 after as like as me today

    • Matti says:

      There are no charges for not having funds. The order simply fails. We retry the order for 5 days, and if there are no funds, the order is placed on the next instalment month.

  44. Anuj varma says:

    Thanx zerodha team I completely accomplished this initiative because the full service broker used to earn 1000 crore from regular plan nd hidden, dp charges…. Nikhil kamath is best… It shows leader have the capacity to serve zerodha soon zerodha will on top beating those full service brokers…

  45. Rajamani says:

    Please deduct mutual fund sip amount directly from bank instead of trading account. It is difficult to transfer money every month to trading account.

  46. Amar says:

    A Good Move..
    A few suggestions

    1. Zerodha gives only fixed date to choose from as SIP date. Please explore to open days of SIP as per customers wish.
    2. Please introduce separate fund allocation management for coin. I mean, a part of fund to be marked for coin. Here I also suggest same for separate fund allocation for even equity, F&O, Coin… One knows how much to keep where…. Else deduction from a single balance leads to confusion.

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Amar, thank you.
      1. We are working on it. But, in the grand scheme of things the choice of the date doesn’t make a difference in your returns.
      2. This is tricky. We’ll look into the possibilities.

  47. vilas says:

    Dear sir now a day there is no d.p.charges applied by zerodha.But what is on redemption of sip.what will charges applicable if any.

  48. Prashant says:

    Good work zerodha.
    Last one year used coin & very user friendly features by zerodha than others. Very good features for creating long term wealth. I hope in future more improve coin.

  49. Ramesh Kumar Selvaraj says:

    Nice to hear this πŸ™‚

  50. SATYA says:

    Pls make demo video for beginners..

  51. Govardhan says:

    Any way to import mutual funds from other vendor(PaytmMoney) to Coin using monthly CAS?

  52. Atul kasliwal says:

    Good Zerodha

  53. Pradip Talekar says:

    Keep it up!!
    Good work guys!!

  54. Piyush says:

    Can’t you debit money from bank directly as normal sip will do. As We will need to keep the money in Coin account to buy the funds. Can’t you please make any change there.

  55. Anmol says:

    Hi sir! Can you please elaborate more on loan against securities and collateral funding on MF??

    • Matti says:

      This is on our list of things to do. The LAS for stocks should be live soon. Both, margin against MF and LAS will take a little time.

  56. Gaurav Sood says:

    It’s my birthday today, thanks for the surprise gift (-:

  57. Vinay says:

    Is this going to be applicable to all our existing investments or only investments made from today ?

  58. Sushovan Konar says:

    Thanks zerodha

  59. Dayanand kumar says:

    It is wonderful decision Lt is help full for retail investor.Thank for ZERODHA management.

  60. nilesh says:

    There are no charges on margins (against held securities) by other brokers. you charge rs60+gst on each scrip.

    This must be removed.

    • Sourabh says:

      Yes is why you are charging 60 rupees for pledging of shares foreach script
      Please remove the charges it will be very useful
      For the investors thank you

  61. Praveen says:

    Thanks guys. Downloaded the forms to dematerialize my MFs to transfer to Coin! I have one doubt though – what will happen to my existing SIPs?

  62. Sanchaya Sriramka says:

    Great work!! Thanks Tema zerodha for this investor friendly move!!!

    • KC Gupta says:

      What charge in coin anual and at the time of purchase mutual fund
      And when we purchased the NAV of mutual fund decide
      Same day or one two days later
      If I purchase on 1 Feb and debited my account on 1 Feb NAV of mutual fund will be 1 Feb or later please explain

  63. Dhawal says:

    2 days back I argued with guy in zerodha support. And they now waived off from today. Good work zerodha.

    Keep the work up.

    Thank you. 😊

  64. Sandeep kumar says:

    We want this initiative before anyways thanks nitin sir βœŒπŸ™

  65. Madhusudan says:

    Thats good move. Could you please explain what are the other charges remaining while doing Direct MF transactions using Coin ?

    Best Regards,

  66. Hari says:

    This means, we can expect STP shortly, right?

    • Hari says:

      PayTM has implemented many good features for MF within short span of time. Their app looks light, easy to use and very informative w.r.t. AMC stock holdings also. PayTM is also entering into stock broking. I think Zerodha will have tough time retaining customers in both MF & Stocks if they dont implement these tweaks in their Coin app.

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Absolutely πŸ™‚

  67. m kolappa pillai says:

    fine, happy to hear similar news in future.

  68. Raviraj Devalkar says:

    This is really a welcome move from Zerodha. MF investing with zerodha just becoming better.

  69. rajesh says:

    Nice move! This was one of the reasons for not to shift to Zerodha.
    Now, its time to implement SWP&STP in coin, people will be interested, then it will be a COMPLETE 360-degree mutual fund platform. Thanks!

  70. Vijay says:

    When can I pledge mutual funds and use the amount for F & O trading?

  71. Abhijit says:

    That’s better, how do i upload my current mutual funds in coin.

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Abhijit, we don’t yet support a CAS statement upload feature, yet. We are exploring this.

  72. ARNAB MONDAL says:

    Thanks zerodha !!.

  73. Shakeeb says:

    DP charge was the only reason i was not investing in coin. Now definitely i’ll do

  74. rajan says:

    This a great move! Nice thanks.
    When we Redeem mutual funds from COIN the money comes to trading a/c then we need to manually transfer to bank a/c, it takes 2 days time. Other demat providers giving direct credit to Bank a/c. Please implement the same.

  75. Shakeeb says:

    DP was the only reason i was not investing in coin. Now definitely i’ll do

  76. Deepak Jena says:

    pl do the same for shares/stocks we redeem

  77. Anirban Nath says:

    Thank you so much.we expect this from zerodha, my honest friend.

  78. Lalit says:

    Nice work Zerodha team!

  79. Nilanjan says:

    Just just awesome ! You guys rock!
    All the best… are shaping the Indian retail share market one step at a time πŸ™‚

  80. Malli Babu Bolem says:

    Good Decision..

  81. Debashis Chatterjee says:

    When will the 5000 minimum Cap for MFs SIP will be restored to original Minimum Price as per the corresponding AMC.

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Debashis, this limit is set by the AMCs and we have been talking to them to reduce the initial investment. Over the past few months, multiple AMCs have reduced the minimum initial investment and amount and we are pushing the others to follow suit.

      • Abhijit says:

        Dear Bhuvanesh,
        Not really. I have invested in SIP in some direct mutual fund with starting amount of Rs. 500 or Rs.1000, where as same fund requires Rs. 5000 to start SIP in coin. Ex. Kotak std multicap fund.

        1 have a question: Asume I started an SIP in monthly mode. Now i want to add some money into this follio, is this possible? and what will be the minimum amount would be for that. (you can take Kotak std multicap fund as example.)

        Thank you

  82. Kishan Patel says:

    Really a good step taken. Lot of people will be happy with this announcement.

  83. Abhishek N says:

    Will the stocks still be stored in demat form? Or has that been changed too?

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Abhishek, all mutual funds are held in demat mode and this will remain so. This has plenty of advantages:
      1. Single portfolio view for all your mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and ETFs.
      2. Single nomination for all your investments. In folio mode, you will have to make individual nominations for each AMC.
      3. Easier to pledge mutual funds and obtain margin funding (coming soon) and loans.
      and more…

      • Abhishek N says:

        I have issues with buying liquid funds on zerodha. Instant redemption (via AMC) can’t be done when they’re held in demat. No issues though.

  84. Mahesh says:

    Thanks team Zerodha.
    Does the monthly charge of INR 50 per month still applicable on MF investment over INR 25K?

  85. Saravanabavagugan Vengadasundaram says:

    Awesome move ! I love Coin

  86. Suhas Lomate says:

    Nice move to take on other mutual fund sellers

  87. Captain Jacksparrow says:

    Welcome move.. Love Zerodha for their bold initiative

  88. Manish says:

    Wow.. very good news ..thank u zerodha

  89. G A says:

    Thank you.

  90. Prakash says:

    Nice !! more and more ppl will get into coin now!!

  91. riyas says:

    i really like the move from zerodha , Thanks .please let provide pleadging MF as soon as earliest ..

  92. tarun agarwal says:

    sir thanks pls remove dp charge on share sell gives financial help to investor

  93. S.N.Jayaraman says:

    Very good news!!!

  94. Deepak Rajan Korgaonkar says:

    Thank you so much … add SWP & STP option ..

    we are waiting..

    Zerodha The King

  95. SHANTHA KUMARI T S says:

    truly zerodha is traders and investors friendly

  96. T Ramesh says:

    No DP charges. OK. But what about coin subscription charges? What are the hidden charges?

  97. sankarudu seela (RS1481 says:

    ru give collectrol margin for intraday as well positional for option selling from my index nifty 50 units

  98. Manu Nair says:

    Good initiative πŸ™‚

  99. Sakthivel says:

    Super!!! Thanks Zerodha

  100. Shiva says:

    How is this possible? Are you bearing that cost ?

    • This is an extremely small charge but has been used against why Coin shouldn’t be used for direct MF. So yeah we got pushed to do this. We are about to start both Loan against securities (LAS) and Collateral funding on MF. So yeah, hopefully, we should be able to increase the client base on Coin and hopefully, all of this will help our LAS/collateral funding business.

      • Samir says:

        Thanks Nitin and Zerodha team to these wonderful initiatives. Keep up the good work.


        Keep it up

      • Nirmal says:

        Hi Nithin, Very well done for all your services to the investor’s. I have a query i found below mentioned mutual funds are not available in Coin when will they be added in coin?
        ITI Large Cap Fund
        Mirae Asset Midcap Fund
        Shriram Large Cap Fund
        Motilal Oswal Large and Midcap Fund
        ITI Long Term Equity Fund
        IDFC Emerging Businesses Fund

        • Sandeep patil says:

          Ok thank you but how much time to it?

        • Bhuvanesh says:

          Hey Nirmal,

          1. ITI MF has just filed to launch the large-cap fund and hasn’t yet launched it. The only fund from ITI so far is a multi-cap fund for which the NFO ends on May 9th.
          2. There is no scheme by this name. Not sure if you are referring to “Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund”. If yes, then this fund is available only on Coin mobile.
          3. This is also a filing, currently.
          4. This is also a filing, currently.
          5. This is also a filing, currently.
          6. This is also a filing, currently.

      • Mohit K says:

        So, once the Clientbase goes up, so will the Charges ? Just curious…

        • Agniva Mallick says:

          I mean nithin hasn’t opened any NGO here so obviously yes as per demand and supply rule of business.. now zerodha team will try to play this down for their marketing but in the end, question is why did you ask this question coz you are not going to invest.. an investor hv already thought abt this!

        • Matti says:

          The idea is to make money off the LAS piece we’re building where we will offer loans against holdings as collateral.

      • Asim says:

        Infact i am the one of those who have raised this issue and I was told that we are working on this. Thanks for such prompt action. There are few other ISSUES WHICH NEEDS TO BE taken care next nd soon like STP. SWP, DIVIDENED REINVEST.
        I had to invest Rs 2 lac in franklin ultra short daily dividend but I was told this facility is not there.
        I have paused my SIP and gone back to earlier option.
        Hope to return once Coin is settled.

        • Bhuvanesh says:

          Asim, Dividend reinvestment is a really inefficient way of investing in debt mutual funds. In the case of dividends for debt funds, a dividend distribution tax of 29% is applicable. If you are reinvesting your dividends, growth is the best way to go.
          We are working on STP and SWP.

      • Yuvaraj says:

        Hi. Can u say approximately when zerodha going to start mutual fund colletral funding. Really waiting for that opportunity

      • Souvik Chatterjee says:

        Thanks for the update
        …but why Zerodha does not support any day SIP…only 6 days in a month is available for SIP when AMC supports any day sip from 1st to 28th of the month?

        • Bhuvanesh says:

          Hey Souvik, we are working on it. But, in the grand scheme of things the choice of the date doesn’t make a difference in your returns.

      • Sushant says:

        What’s the assurance that in future you will not start taking any transaction charges. As few educational videos I have seen warning against platform giving totally free access to mutual fund.

        • Matti says:

          The idea is to monetise this using the LAS offering. As long as the business is generating a revenue, there’s no need for us to charge. That’s what the argument is, in all the videos you’d have seen. If the platform isn’t charging, how does it make money. We’ve answered that concern.

      • Shrikanth says:

        Thanks Nithin and Zerodha team.. great move..
        You people are awesome.. I really like all Zerodha platforms, very user friendly.

      • Mohit says:

        Path breaking initiatives. .
        with great vision. Some of those have already borne fruit. We wish your team more success.

      • Esa M Vali says:

        Hope u find success in your venture. I have been a loyal user of kites and am greatful to ur team for a lot of profits. Thanks again

      • Vivekanandaraj says:

        Just I would like to understand, how zerodha- Coin is betting benefited by selling direct mutual funds? unlike regular funds, there is a commission which fund house pay to the middle party, its not in direct funds; in this case how do you get benefit by selling direct mutual funds?

        • Esha says:

          Coin is an essential part of Zerodha’s goal to combine all capital market products into one platform. While there is no monetary benefit currently, we plan to monetize by offering LAS on mutual funds.
          Purchase of mutual funds on Coin will remain free of cost πŸ™‚

    • K. Sreedhar says:

      On buying and redemption of mutual fund through coin no do charges ? Please clarify it.

      • Matti says:

        There was no charge on buying to start with. The 5.5 rupee DP charge on redemptions is now zero.

        • Amit says:

          So how did this charge become zero. Is CDSL now saying they will not charge this Rs 5.5
          Because I remember from the reply from post where Zerodha announced waiving of of Rs 50 charge the following fact- “the Rs 5.5 DP charge is charged by the Depository(CDSL) for the debit of mutual fund units when you sell. Zerodha doesn’t derive any income from this.”

    • Yaser Husain says:

      Paytm money is a far better option for investing in direct mutual funds. Zero costs. Better interface. More options and above all really nice way to track and judge portfolio. Excellent kyc/verfication process (no holding paper and pin like a convict clown). Good bye zerodha u were good till you were. Its paytm money time now.

    • Rajat Tiwari says:

      When are you guys planning to introduce ability for investor to select Dividend Reinvestment option for a mutual fund. A lot of debt fund based pool is sitting out of Coin due to unavailability of “Dividend Reinvestment” option.

      Also notice there are certain funds which are not found in Coin but same are available on other digital investing platforms. Why can’t we have all running MF schemes available for investment?

    • vishal vyas says:

      Purchasing Direct MF plan and Selling after some period does Zerodha charges also any other charges like annual charges or maintenance ?