MCX – Profit/Loss for every 1 Rs change

July 30, 2013

This post is out dated. Please refer to our Brokerage Calculator.


One of the most commonly asked queries to our MCX commodity support team is how much money do I make or lose for every 1 Rupee movement in the commodity. So find following a table which you can use as a ready reckoner:

You can use our Brokerage Calculator to see this information and more. You can also use our Margin Calculator to know exactly how much margin you’ve got to put upfront for trading.

Underlying / Future Trading Unit/Lotsize Profit/Loss for every 1 Rupee Movement of Underlying
Non-Agri Commodities
COPPER 1 MT 1000
GOLD 1 KG 100
LEAD 5 MT 5000
NICKEL 250 KGS 250
SILVER1000 1 KGS 1
ZINC 5 MT 5000
Agri Commodities
CPO 10 MT 1000
KAPAS 4 MT 200


MMBTU = Million Metric British Thermal Units
MT = Metric Ton = 1000 Kilograms
1 MT = 10 Quintals
1 Quintal = 100 Kilograms


Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Syed says:

    hi Sir
    my query is when i want to buy gold Nov ce or pe it was showing zero contact size(bid or QTY). there is no buyers or sellers are display in the said area, why? should i trade this contacts??

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Syed, these are illiquid contracts, hence there will not be any buyers and sellers. It is best not to trade in illiquid contracts.

  2. DUSHYANT says:

    These lot sizes are from 2013
    please provide updated lot sizes and their value.
    thank you.

  3. Sarla Motwani says:

    Hi Team,

    Why are GTT orders not available for commodity contracts? Is it a WIP item and can we expect it soon?


  4. Ashish Kumar says:

    Hi Team,

    does the lot size/unit and corresponding profit for INR 1 movement hold true now as well?

  5. SURESH BABU S says:

    Hi sir wat is the 1 point value on the 1 stock profit +1 or loss -1

    1 stock price is 153.10
    profit +1
    Loss -1
    wat is the value we get

  6. DHRUVIL PATEL says:


  7. DHRUVIL PATEL says:

    TODAY {CRUDE,NATUREAL GAS,} PROFIT 5000 TO 15000 CALL ON 7575008556

  8. DHRUVIL PATEL says:

    TODAY GOL SILVER PROFIT 10000 TO 50000 CALL ON 7575008556

  9. Mohammed Abdul Najeeb says:

    I could not find CRUDEOILMINI in Zerodha platform ! Please advise

  10. Radhika says:

    Does anyone know if we can buy Gold and Silver in DMET form? All i see on MCX is Future trading options. Nothing to hold e-Gold or silver

  11. vinod says:

    kindly review nickel and copper column the amount per tick is wrong in it.
    nickel 250
    copper 1000

  12. vinod says:

    kindly review nickel and copper column the amount per tick is wrong in it.
    nickel 250
    copper 1000

  13. mukund says:

    copper 1 rs profit/loss will cost 2500/- but your list shows 1000/-. pls change accordingly..

  14. jay sheth says:

    hello sir/madam.
    i just want to know about agree commodity (specialy for “kapas”) , that
    the margine reqiers for trade in kapas and,
    how many rs change at 1 point change??

    • Matti says:

      You can check the margin required on our margin calculator here. You make a Rs.200 P&L for every one rupee movement in the price for Kapas.

  15. Bhaskar says:

    Hi, does MCX offer coffee futures? If so, can similar details as above be given for the same. Thanks.

  16. Giri says:

    Hi nithin ji,
    When do start Barcet Order in MCX Marcket ?

  17. Sunil kumar rai says:

    How will caluculate every trade buy and sell order in same day in crudeoil commodity market

  18. Yeshwant says:

    Copper mini is not traded anymore but against Copper (regular) contract the value per rupee move is shown as Rs.1000. Actually it is Rs.2,500. That needs to be changed in the list on top. Learnt it through a hit. Thanks

  19. Ashish says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I already have trading and demat account with zerodha and now want to open commodity MCX online.

    I want to open online but unable to login inspite of clicking on forgot password and resetting the password a many times, but unable to login to the account opening dashboard. Always says Invalid credentials.

    Have raised several Support tickets, no one able to help me out. Everyone giving me option to fill the form offline.

    Please help

    • Matti says:

      I’m afraid the commodity account alone cannot be opened online. You’ll have to send the physical forms to us to open the account. In any case, even if you were to apply online, you’d have to send a physical copy of the ECN declaration as that cannot be submitted online.

      • Ashish says:

        Yes, i know.
        But the prefilled ECN form would be so easy for me, but don’t know why your system is not working properly as mentioned above.

  20. Vaibhav says:

    How much CRUDEOIL mega lot can trade.??
    1000 mega lot can trade

  21. varun says:

    In commodities, in market depth, the quantities mentioned are 1,2,3… etc. Does that indicate 1 lot, 2 lot, etc. or 1 barrel (crude) etc.
    Because in nifty futures, minimum quantity shown in market depth is lot size.

  22. Tejas says:

    In case of zinc
    Please guide me, How to convert 5 mini lots in one mega lot???

  23. Tejas says:


    Please guide me, How to convert 5 mini lots in one mega lot???

  24. Kiran Bhutkar says:

    Sir Plz tell me it is possible to implement of bracket order in Zerodha, as per MCX India Bracket order is automated treading, if yes when you implement Bracket order in MCX treading.

  25. MANOJ KOLI says:

    Mr. Kamat,

    I am regular trader of zinc and I have one interesting question. can mega lots can be converted to mini lots after trading.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hi Manoj,

      You will not be able to convert them. You will have to exit the Zinc contract and open a new position in Zinc mini.

  26. Prasad says:

    After the expiry of. Aug Futures contracts for commodity, it is still showing in my account under positions. Please advise.

  27. Rahul says:

    Hi, I am already holding a Equity and F&O account with Zerodha. What is the procedure to open commodity account with Zerodha?
    Also what is the margin required for intraday trading of Crudeoil Future?

  28. Arjun says:

    There is no trading option in Agri Commodity like Soya,Chana When should they be made available

    • Matti says:

      These contracts aren’t really liquid, hence not available. We may consider offering trading on these if the liquidity picks up.

  29. arun says:

    hello sir,
    if i bought copper in NRML at 460rs price with 458 stoploss bt next day market open at 454 then in which price my order trigger 458 orr 454 because market is direct open in 454…..plzz ans sir

    thank you

  30. arvind says:

    kindly let us know how to buy on kite app as buy tab is very confusing. in quantity it says (1). how to put quantity there. i want to trade mentha oil. kindly help us thru video how to put numbers there.

  31. Paartha says:

    Is there any monthly unlimited brokerage plans like (Rs 999 / month) as offered by other brokerage houses?

  32. Ravi Ajuja says:

    After successful login to Pi, it always gives me a message that “Critical Update is available. Please update”. When I click on Update button, it close Pi and install the update. But after login, it gives me the same message. Please help in resolving this problem.


  33. Ravi Ajuja says:


    Why MIS Bracket order in Crude oil is not allowed?

    Is it limitation only with Zerodha?


  34. Kajal Manglani says:

    Two questions on MIS crude Intraday:

    1) Can I create two separate orders at the same time i.e. i) Buy and ii) Sell
    2) If my buy order is executed successfully and still open. After some time, can I create a separate Sell order if my first order is still open.


    • Matti says:

      Yes, you can. However, once both the orders are executed, they would net each other off and your position would be closed.

      • Kajal Manglani says:

        But how it is possible. For e.g., if I buy Crude MIS at 4100 and if price goes down at 3990. Now I don’t want to sell this position. But I want to create one new Sell order of Crude MIS at 3990. Can you pls explain?

        Because right now if I create a new Sell order in the above condition, then my first buy order get closed.


        • Matti says:

          For this, you can place one order in NRML and one MIS. This would ensure that your positions aren’t netted off.

          • Kajal Manglani says:

            I only do MIS trading. Is it possible in MIS?

            Please confirm, if I create one order in MIS Regular and other one in MIS Cover. Will it work?


  35. Kajal Manglani says:

    I understand that bracket order is not allowed on Crude MIS trading. Right?
    But then if I want to limit profit and loss after I buy Crude MIS, then can I do the following:-
    After buying crude MIS successfully, I will create a sell order at higher price(target) and at the same time, I will create SL-M order with stop loss price. Is this fine? If one of these orders get executed, then will other get cancelled automatically?

    • Matti says:

      You’ll have to manually cancel the other order Kajal, else, if the price is right, it’ll create a counter position.

  36. Nitin Bharati says:

    what will one crude minilot lot will cost If crudeoilm is trading at 4096/- ?

  37. prudhvi says:

    what is the minimum purchase for gold

  38. Prashant says:

    Sir why r silver and silver mini prices r different in mcx ? And silver and silver mini expiry time also different ?

  39. Meer says:

    Humbly request to zerodha, pls provide the service of BO for commodity market.

  40. Shrinivas Ingalahali says:

    Hey there, I want to hold the shares for long (positional trade) can anyone tell me the price of Zinc mini for each lot? Please help me guys…

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Shrinivas, looks like you are a beginner. Commodities aren’t stocks but rather derivative contracts which expire at on a certain date and you can’t hold them beyond that. In order for you understand how they work, I would suggest you begin here.

  41. Anoop CR says:

    Hai Sir,
    I have query regarding Cash and carry in Crude oil Large lot and mini lot futures , to do positional trading.
    So How much fund do i need to buy 1 lot of Large or mini crude, in order to hold till expiry or to sell before Expiry.
    How much leverage is provided to do positional trade by zerodha.

  42. Rahul Shinde says:

    Is there any plan to start trading in currency segment in zerodha?

  43. Shashikant patil says:

    I am trader using zerodha for trading in stock and futures.
    I downloaded pre filled form zerodha q for commodity trading and
    Send it to zerodha.Two days ago I received mail from zerodha that your commodity trading account is activated.But when I checked in pi and kite (profile) it shows account is not activated .I send couple of mails to zerodha support but no I talked with support person but that is also not helpful. They only generate tokens but no action .Filling very frustrated by zerodha support people.
    Otherwise my 2 years experience with zerodha is very good.
    Hope you will improve your service and solve my problem

  44. Mahesh Patil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Does GOLD Mini has Cash settlement or mandatory Delivery, incase i forget to square off on expiry date?


  45. Akram Khaleem says:

    Hi Nithin,
    When can we expect ‘Options’ introduction into Commodities segment. And is there any possibility of enabling BO in Commodities segment and also placing a Limit order in CO instead of default Market order.

  46. milan shah says:

    By What time NCDEX commodities will be available to Trade? Are you working on it ? or you don’t have any plan to introduce the same?

  47. Ajax Titan says:

    About NRML order:

    If there is a NRML order for crude oil mini for which amount needed in my account was Rs. 3000. & my account has only Rs.3000.

    Let us say we bought it at rs.3000 for NRML. Now, if the price of crude increases by Rs.50 & it becomes Rs. 3050.

    Will Zerodha square off my order on its own before expiry, as the new margin amount required would be 3050 (for NRML) & my account currently has Rs.0 (Zero) amount due to previous order placed.

    In short, I want to know if I need to maintain more balance in my account for NRML order to manage the changes in the margin requirements once the price level change?

    • It is best to keep more money than minimum margin to cover for MTM losses. We usually don’t square off until around 5 to 10% loss in minimum margin required. But this isn’t fixed rule.

      • Ajax Titan says:

        Does that mean, I should maintain the level of money in the account for which I think the price movement in the particular commodity will be ?

        Like if I expect the price to move from 3000 to 3200 of a particular commodity then I should have the margin equivalent to Rs.3200 even if the order I placed was for Rs.3000 ?

        • Venu says:

          After buying a contract, if the contract value goes up, you make a gain. So post MTM (mark to market), Rs.200 gets credited to your account. You’ll have to worry when margins start getting depleted on account of the commodity price moving down, that’s when you’ll have to bring in additional funds. As Nithin’s mentioned, best to keep 5-10% additional margins than what’s required at the time of entering the position.

  48. Ajax Titan says:

    Problem about calculating profit & brokerage via ZERODHA brokerage calculator

    First I went to

    I went to Crude Oil Mini (CRUDEOILM). I used calculate button.

    Current market price of CRUDEOILM is Rs.3188. I entered that price in calculator &
    told that cash available with me is Rs. 6000. So it gave me following things:

    NRML-1 (3063)
    MIS-3 (1531)

    So, Under NRML I can buy 1 lot & under MIS 3 lots.

    So, now I came to

    In Brokerage calculator, I was asked following things:
    1) Commodity 2) Buy price 3) Sell price 4) Quantity

    I am buying for MIS. I choose

    1) Commidity – CRUDEOILM
    2) Buy – 3188
    3) Sell – 3199
    4) Quantity – 3

    QUESTION: Is my quantity entered in calculator correct ? Or should I enter quantity
    as 3 or 1531 ?

  49. saran says:

    and one more query sir how much it needs to do one crude mega lot

  50. saran says:

    hi sir,..
    what is the crude oil brokerage for single trade after gst??..

  51. Ajax Titan says:

    I wanted to transfer my shares from ICICI Direct to my zerodha account. Can you tell me the procedure?

    Let me know if there is some link for it.

  52. Ajax Titan says:

    Hi. There are some helpful videos on your youtube channel regarding placing orders.

    Would you please upload videos of placing order & exiting an order with regards to Commodity trading?

    That would be really helpful.

  53. Abhishek​ Kumrawat says:

    Hello sir … Plzz in kite app update auto sell or exit positions on hit sl plzzzzzzzzz.. .. my sl everytime trigger … I book loss ..

  54. utkarsh rana says:

    hi.. how i can check my account balance in diet odin plse guide me …..

  55. Hitesh says:

    Sir how much amount i should have in my account to trade in 1 lot of crude oil ?

  56. Ketan Khopkar says:

    I am confused in commodity calculator.
    Margin calculator shows no of lots that can be bought and commodity brokerage calculator shows qty.
    What is to be entered in the qty column, the no of lots buyied or the qty in the lot.
    Plz help

  57. Raghav Akar says:

    Hello sir,

    Is commodity trading in spot market limited to only intra-day?
    If not than how do I get to know the spot price. I have been trying in my Zerodha kite app but not yet successful.

    • Raghav, no spot market on commodity exchanges in India. Agri spot prices can be tracked if you know someone at a Mandi, for energy and metals, international prices drive the MCX futures price.

  58. krunal bhadra says:

    Any news on Commodities option trading?

  59. NIKHIL DIXIT says:

    Do u provide calls? Can u send ur track sheet last 2 months.

  60. karthikeyan says:

    Why is there no SILVERM May month contract ?
    I can see SILVERM APR Contact & SILVERM JUNE contact ?

  61. Praveen Kumar says:

    How to enter a commodity name in ur platform ex for nifty 8500 we enter like nifty apr8500pe then wat abt gold or silver

  62. MONI SHANKAR DAS says:

    The time showing in my kite(mobile) software while using charts is not accurate..but it is working fine in kite(laptop).. please do help….

  63. Prashant says:

    Buy 110
    Sell 112
    Qt 1
    Instead of 45.08 it should be 44.97

  64. Prashant says:

    Your’s brokerage calculator is wrong for commodities

  65. Vignesh says:

    Can commodities be traded based on technicals(not hedging view) as swing like in stocks for holding period like 3 to 4 weeks? or this market is only for very short term speculators technically?

  66. Anant says:


    can you provide details of maximum lots per order can be traded ? maximum orders can be entered ?

    • Anant says:

      can you provide details of maximum lots per order can be traded ? maximum orders can be entered ? mainly for commodities .

  67. tanmay says:

    sir, 10 days ago ,when i tread in crude in nrml it just required 23900 or approximately 25000.but now when i put the calls in this script in nrml mode the order got rejected and notify that it requires 32900 and above …why such sudden change occurred that any reason behind this ..

  68. puli sampath says:

    Sir am existing trader in zerodha. i would like to trade in commodities. how can i activate commodities account?

  69. anshul agrawal says:

    sir…what silvermic feb fut expiry date(28-2-17) denotes…what that date means

  70. Ahmed says:

    How can i trade in MCX in zerodha kite

  71. Muruka says:

    Currently MCX is not enabled for my account. Please let me know how i can get it activated. Any more documents to be submitted ?

    • Yeah, you will have to send a new signed MCX form. If you login to and click on profile, you will see a link called MCX form. Print this, sign and send it to us.

  72. Shiv says:

    My coust id is AS2581 i have bought 1 crude mini lot as normal and on that day i suffered a loss of 510 and the trade squared off. I have following question regarding this :

    1) Since i bought as normal why it would get automatic squared off ?
    2) they told due to insufficient fund..Why the questions of insufficient fund arises since i have paid the full amount at the time of buying it…if i have a loss today it should not get booked until and unless the expiry date comes?
    3) what is the benefit of NRML over MIS? why anyone chose NRML if it would sq off?

    • 1. hmm.. maybe you didn’t have enough margin to hold this.
      2. If you have minimum money to take a position and then lose money, you will have to transfer the loss.
      3. As long as you have sufficient money to hold position, NRML will not get squared off. Can you send an email to [email protected], someone will call back and check.

    • Ajax Titan says:

      Hi. Were you able to find solution to your above mentioned problem? Even I had the same doubt. Let me know if you have found out the solution.

  73. sanjay says:

    Hi zerodha
    what r the technical chart study available in your commodity platform mcx i have to join with u kindly inform me

  74. siddesh says:

    what is the rate of one rupee movement of the Brcrude

  75. Ganesh says:

    Why Zerodha don’t have bracket order option in commodity (mcx). It will be very helpful if you offer it because we have to look at prices every time and loose 1 point on buy side and 1 point on sell side on cover order. If you are planning to add it then do it as soon as possible.

  76. Vishal says:

    I am new to commodity market.
    I have couple of questions

    Can we trade in commodity as we do in stocks on day to day basis like buy today and sell in 1 or 2 days.

    what is future contract is it different from day to day commodity trading

  77. Rohit says:

    Very thank you zerodha team and company ,,####
    I love your kite,pi, and spacialy you sales and support team !!#####

  78. Arpan says:

    Hello Sir,
    i just want to tell you one thing.. please put atleast 6 month data for MCX charts of all commodities. so that people can see long term trend of particular commodity. i dont understand why you dont work upon the technical charts. take a reference of share khan software TRADE TIGER if you dont know how to do? just answering here we are working upon it, is not enough. everything is good in kites only the chart section is very poor….
    i opened my account with you for less brokerage. i was facing so many problems to understand the trend. so i stopped trading with you.
    Hope you will do something in this.


  79. A N Raj says:

    hi sir iam newly joined in treadeing i have taken crude oil mini single lot january 17 contract
    sir my quearie is i placed nrml order first sell after can i buy its avalable?

  80. Sundaram says:

    Can I buy more than 1 lot in CRUDEOIL ?
    And isn’t it easy to multiply our profit by just increasing the number of lots ?

  81. Venkat says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have some doubts on GoldFut
    I buyed GoldDecFut 3 times and sell 2 times on same day(28/10/16)

    First time buyed price 29958 and sell 29945.
    secondtime buyed price 29868 and Stoploss trigger price(29800),both are executed at once.
    Third time buyed price 29868.
    As per ‘Q.zerodha’ buy average 29898 sell average 29872.5.

    Now the remain 1 GolddecFut price should be 29898. But now it shows in Pi as 30075.
    How it was changed to 30075.Please clarify me.


  82. adi says:

    im new to comodity
    1– we trade crudeoil in qty or lot size ?
    2— when i open crudeoil chart its shows qty 1 but as i know we buy / sell in lot (crudeoil its 100)
    im confuse plz clear .. thanx

  83. Ashok says:

    Thanks Team Zerodha

  84. muneswarao says:

    nithin ji I am new to zerodha when I am placed crude oil commodity order in kite it shows not a valid product code plz clarify

  85. Qureshi says:

    Kindly add ‘Predifined Workspace MCX’ it will be much help of checking volume, volatlity etc.

  86. Aziz Khan says:

    Dear Sir,

    How can i place a calendar spread order in commodity futures section.

  87. sharan says:


  88. Raja Rajan says:

    SEBI has cleared the options on commodities today, do we need a fresh set of documentation for the same or by default the commodities trading acount opening form would suffice..

  89. Ananth says:

    GoldM Lot size is100
    current price : 1000
    Buy price:1001
    SellPrice: 1003
    Profit : (1003-1000)*100 =3*100 =3000 is this is correct

  90. Anup Gogoi says:

    Hi it will be of great help if you guys can add an option where we can buy/sell/modify by just clicking/dragging a line in the charts on both Pi & KITE. Please try to add this feature it will help us a lot to save time (mainly money) during volatile trades specially in crude/banknifty. Thanks

  91. PC Kumar says:

    What will happen to Crudeoil future contract after expiry date, if its Normal purchase. Is it going to get automatically expired or carried over to next month or we will have to take physical delivery of the underlaying commodity.

  92. Shyam vishnoi says:

    Nitin Ji I am a new trader in equity
    I don’t know about commodity so tell me about commodity .and trade on which platform

  93. Mcx k says:

    Is it allowed to trade mcx crude 10000 bbl or 100 lots in single bid?
    After how many hours the settled money of a closing order will be transferred to my account?

    • Venu says:

      Had already answered your query previously “You can buy a maximum of 10,000 barrels per order which is 100 lots. As long as you have the sufficient margins, you can carry forward your positions.”

      All MCX settlements happen on T+1 basis.

  94. Sumit says:

    How much profit or loss is made on 1$ change in international market?

    Can you please share such chart as many people track commodities in international market.

    • Venu says:

      The USDINR rates keep changing, so it would be pretty difficult to build a calculator of this sorts. Plus we’ll need data of contracts traded on the international markets which seems difficult for now.

  95. Mcx k says:

    How many lots can I trade in mcx crude in single bid of lot(100bbl) for holding at least 5 days?

  96. db1043 says:

    I am unable to install PI in my laptop.I am having OS windows 7 ultimate version 6.1.How can i do that please help me out.Also can i do commodities with that or not..



    Hi Nithin,

    I’ve some doubt here on gold commodity trade. you’ve post as if one point change in gold spot price, then gold future (goldpetal 1gram) price change as 1 rupee (profit/loss) depend upon the position held.

    Then how it is come the gold gunea (8 Grams) also change 1 Rupee!!! that’s must come 8 rupees?!!!.

    Gold Mini 100 Grams – 10 Rupees!!! or 100 Rupees???
    Gold Global 200 Grams – 20 Rupees!!! or 200 Rupees???
    Gold Mega 1000 Grams – 100 Rupess!!! or 1000 Rupees???

    Please clarify nithin ji.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Every point change in gold guinea, causes u a profit or loss of Rs 1. Gold guinea is quoted in multiples of 8 gms. Btw what this shows is that 1 point change in futures, how much profit or loss it causes.

  98. Swaroop says:

    Hi Nithin –

    Are you having any mechanism where BUY/SELL indicator will show in KITE.


  99. Raghu Pal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I bought Crude mini @1953 and placed a sell order (SLM) @1935 as a stop loss if my trade goes in opposite way. but my sell executed @1938 before touching the price of 1935 and in orderbook it is showing sell@1935. but the price of 1935 did not came. I have taken the snapshot of orderbook and charts of that time. I want to know why order executed at 1935 but the price was on that time 1938. after that is showing me in loss rs -180.

    • kumar says:

      I am a fresher traders to day my first trade gold mini 1lot buy at 28510 now market is 29120 so how much my profit please give the advice

  100. Raghu says:

    I want to know the inventory date or time of all main commodities….like crude, oil gold, natural gas etc. From where i can get information if i any change in inventory schedule….?

  101. Shashikant Prasad. says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I am new to commodity trading i have one simple question that what is the settlement date for commodities like in equity F&O last Thursday of the month is the settlement date.


  102. Raghu says:

    How much money is required for trading in crude oil June-july contract both for intraday or positional….?

    • Venu says:

      You’ll need around 25000 to take position in Crude Oil June/July. The margins are same for both Intraday & positional trades, there’s no leverage given for Intraday trades for contracts > 2 months.

  103. Raghu says:

    Can i trade on any months’s contract of mcx. Like i want to work on may or june contract of crude oil. can i trade on it.
    If..yes…then when i placed a buy order of crude may contract i am getting error below
    RMS:Rule:COM Assigned basket for entity account-DR3873 across exchange for segment COM across product.

    • Venu says:

      Yes you can trade any month’s contract but Intraday trading (MIS) is available for only for 2 month contracts. For Crude: Only for Feb & March contracts, MIS is allowed. To trade contracts of other months, you’ll need to use product code NRML and full margins will be applicable.

  104. Anurag kumar says:

    Suppose cmp of crude is 2150. I want to go with trend. I want to buy if price goes above 2170 or sell below 2130. i.e. placed two limit orders buy@2170 and sell @ 2130. Cmp is 2150. When my ordees will execute immediately or when price will come.

  105. Ankur says:

    Thank you Nithin. You guys are doing a great job. Could you please update this MCX table? Crude mini is missing and few other things may have got changed?



  106. Ankur says:


    I am your client. Could you please suggest the same for Indian Currency MArket?




  107. Sri Mohan says:

    Can I place an order in MCX between 11:30 p.m. to 11:55 p.m.
    Suppose I want to place an order at 11:50 p.m. is it possible?

  108. Raghu Pal says:

    Thanks for clearing my every question…..Nithin and his team are Great….. Keep it up…

  109. Raghu Pal says:

    What will be the charges if I do positional trade in commodities..?

  110. shivam ghokhle says:

    Hw can i trail my stoploss on nest….?

  111. Kavita Patel says:

    I have an account with Zerodha and have another account with some another broker.
    Both brokers provide me same software for trading called “NEST”.
    How can I run nest software of both brokers at same time

  112. Sri Mohan says:

    How can i buy/sell stocks at market open rate.
    Ex. If SAIL is open@ 52.00 then how can i buy or sell at just its open rate.
    Can I do same in commodities also.

  113. Raghu Pal says:

    Suppose I bought 3 lots of crude at 2750/ and sold 1 lot at 2765, 1 lot at 2775/- and 1 lot at 2785/- in this case how many trades should count and what will be the brokerage?

  114. Raghu Pal says:

    Is Zerodha Nest Trader works on Windows 8.1 (64bit) and Windows 10 (64 bit) on Laptop or PC..?.

  115. Shivam Ghokhle says:

    I am just beginner to the stock market. I lost lots of money to find suitable way to make profit. I have two questions below

    1. Which trading is less risky
    Intraday trading or Future trading ?

    2. If I bought future stock (1 lot) of XYZ @ rs. 80 after two hours stock moves to rs. 82 can i sell it on same day ( before its expiry day). How many times i can buy-sell or sell-buy future stocks in a day?

  116. Sri Mohan says:

    I have already an account with zerodha.
    I want to open another account with zerodha.
    Can it possible to carry two accounts with zerodha and what is procedure of open another account.

  117. Ravi says:

    Is there any penalty ( charges) for rejected or modified order?

  118. Ravi says:

    Is there any charges for Cancelled order?

  119. Ravi says:

    Suppose I put sale order at limit price at 50/-. The current price is 53rs.
    After some time I logout from zerodha trader. Now i am not login then what will be happen with my order.
    It will execute or it will be cancelled in my absence.

  120. Shailey says:

    I downloaded Pi, but every time I try to login using my client ID password it says, Invalid Pasword.
    How do I get Pi’s password? Please get me through the process.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      The passwords for Pi remain the same that you use for your other trading platforms. If you’re still having trouble, click on the Forgot password option and you can reset your passwords.

  121. Ravi says:

    I want to do intra day equity with mis. Which is best for me
    1. Do trade on market price

    2 Do trade on Limit price

  122. Ravi says:

    I am an existing customer at Zerodha. I m using Zerodha Mobile App.

    When I placing buy order from my mobile in equity intraday with market price it has been executed at 5 paisa more than price showing on screen same in selling it has been sold 5 paisa less than price on the screen.

    Example : SAIL CURRENT PRICE IS 52.25


    • When trading on the market, all your buys get bought at the best offer and sells get sold at best bid. Last traded price or current market price is basically the price at which the last trade was executed.


    Suppose i want to buy 6 lot(6000quantity) of alumini at price of 95 and sell 6 lot at 98 then what is margin required to buy , what is my profit and what is my zerodha brokerage for intraday..?

  124. lokesh agarwal says:

    i want to know if i buy a naturalgas and didnt square my position on expiry date than how will be settlement price i can calculate? is it calculated from nymex spot or it comes from last half an hour weighted average price?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      The Exchange provides a DDR (Due Date Rate) on the basis of which the settlement happens.

      DDR computation for Natural Gas:
      The settlement price of NYMEX Natural Gas near month contract on the last day of the MCX Natural Gas contract * Rupee-US$ rate as notified by the RBI on that particular day

  125. Yeswanth says:

    Hi Nitin,
    You have already told above that there is no way to see the continuous price of commodity future. It would be very good to see that feature introduced in Pi or Kite. This would help traders to check the long term trend of a commodity. provides such feature for near and mid currency futures. I found no such tool for commodities. How about Zerodha pioneering this for commodities?

    By the way, I have been using Zerodha for more than a year and you are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work Nitin.


  126. RAJ says:

    I am an existing zerodha client and new to commodities. Before starting i want to ask if prices at mcx are dollar hedged or not. For example say hypothetically crude is trading at 3000 Rs per barrel(50 dollars) and usd/inr is at 60; i short 1 lot. Assuming next day both crude and rupee are down 5 percent globally, in this scenario will next day crude prices be at 2850 a barrel or 2992 a barrel(owing to fall in the rupee). If the later scenario is true is there a way to hedge my position from the exchange or i should do it myself .
    Thanks and regards,

    • When you trade crude or any other international commodity, you are trading them In rupees. IF both crude and dollar is down 5%, then the impact on your position will be 5% + 5%, so next day it will open at Rs 2700 (10% below Rs 3000). You can hedge your currency risk on the currency exchanges.

  127. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi Nitin
    I am a regular trader of crude oil commodity. I am trying to see the historical price for crude oil last 6 months in 5 mins charts but the charts not opening it says unable to connect server. This is how happens in saturday and sunday often. It works only on market hours?
    Other thing is is that possible to see 5 mins charts for last 60days in crude oil yes when select the days if charts displays how to move particular date and see. Can u please answer this?

    • That is strange, I am able to look at the commodity charts. Anyways, will get it checked.
      We don’t have continuous futures chart yet, so for example the Crude october contract, you can see the chart from when October contract went live, around 2 months back.

  128. muthuganesh says:

    Whats the profit of crudeoilm for 1rs gain

  129. sai28882 says:

    my acct :DS7170

  130. sai28882 says:

    what is the prospect of oct-crude2015 & Nov-crude 2015? i sold at 46.24$ and bought @50.2$ respectively and incurring loss.
    also i bought Natural gas@178 for Nov 2015,currently downtrend? Any advice.

  131. Rahul says:

    Hi I am new in commodity I want to buy silvermic contract it is showing LP price 34156 and nrml margin is only around 1800 I am not getting that if I want to buy then how much amount I need to pay

  132. shreyans says:

    Kindly provide for currencies as well for every tick move/rupee move profit/loss in currrency market

  133. Randeep says:

    hello sir
    If we wan’t to carry any stock then what is the max. time limit to carry that stock
    like we wan’t to carry crudemin (oct19,)
    and what is minimum margin to carry one lot

  134. Mahesh Varma says:

    What is Profit/Loss for crudeoilm ?

  135. soujanya says:

    Hi Nithin,

    When can we fly on KITE for MCX?

  136. Nutan says:


    I was trading crude oil. Placed a SL buy order at Trigger 2838 and Price 2839. While i was watching the ticker SL got triggered even though the price had not touched trigger price. It had reached 2837 and drifted down 30 points from there. Why did this happen?

  137. soujanya says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Z5 and webtrade are not showing current prices for Commodity.
    Is there any issue?

  138. prasad says:

    okay Nithin. Thank you.

    Is there any service from Zerodha where we receive a mail of daily outlook of commodities, say.. Support & resistance levels , important news etc.
    I am not asking for tips but looking for some daily mail where I can have global important news, trend of commodity and support & resistance levels so that I can have some idea on whether to wait or buy or sell.

    Here I am asking for commodity not for shares. I can not see much information of commodities in zerodha sites.

    Thank you.

  139. prasad says:

    Hi Nithin,

    yes I have installed PI in my desktop, its working fine but I am not able to install it in my office laptop so using weblink to trade at office.
    Is there a way that we can install PI on office laptop?

    Okay. How many days it will take for commodities on kite?

    2) One more question.
    My account : DS2237
    I am trying to trade agri which are on MCX but the order was got rejected.
    Can you please confirm If I can trade on Agri which are on MCX?

    • 1. If your office admin has blocked installations, not possible. Kite should take around 2 weeks more.
      2. Not all agri commodities available. Currently available are:
      cardamom,CPO,menthaoil,cotton, Kapas.

  140. prasad says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is there any link I can watch Commodity prices without refreshing?

    I am using zerodha weblink to trade but I need to press Refresh button all the time to view the current price. Z5 is okay but it’s stopping after few seconds.
    As I wants to trail my stop loss, it is very important to view the current price.
    Right now using refresh button, my hands are paining as I am continuously pressing it.
    I ve searched in google as well to find any other links to view the current price but found nothing.
    There is one website but showing 15 min delay.

    Please suggest me any link from Zerodha or any other links to view the current price of MCX commodity especially SILVER.


    • Prasad, why don’t you install our desktop trading application Pi? If you can’t install an application, wait for a few more days, we will launch commodities on Kite, you can currently trade only NSE on

  141. Sam says:

    You mean to tell, even if I have purchased earlier for high price, should be disposed. The down trend will continue.

  142. Sam says:

    Hi Nithin, When Silver price will stabilize. Present down trend is forcing us to sell, what is your opinion?

  143. Arun says:


    I want to activate commodity trading, please advice how to.

    I already have an trading account with you.



  144. Arun says:

    Nithin Ji,

    Can I trade in MCX commodities using Pi platform



  145. Sam says:

    I am new to COMMODITIES. Is it easy to roll over contracts of lead, zinc and aluminium as we do in nifty etc. Please explain by giving example, b’coz i asked my company they told me that these commodities cannot be roll over, you to sell at the end of the contract and buy for new contract. Roll over in the sense carrying the same contract for the next periond for example, I have purchased Aluminium in the month of May-15 for 117.45 and there after the prices starts falling down and at the end of the contract the price was 110.15. I wanted to roll over for the next month but I was advised to sell at the end of the contract as it cannot be carry forward or roll over for the next contract. Please advice me, what is correct and what is wrong.

    • Sam, what your broker has told u is the exact way of rolling over contracts in any futures or option scrips. You have to sell this month, and buy the next month if you are long, and vice versa if u r short.
      So if you May Alumininum contracts expiring 30th may, u have to sell and buy June contract of Aluminium anytime before 30th may.

      • Sam says:

        Thanks Nithin for the prompt reply. Still I am not able to understand the meaning of Rollover, or instead of Rollover they should have simply tell close/ sell the stock before the deadline or expiry.

        • In essence that is what rollover is, close/start again.

          • Bhushan says:

            I had bought goldguinea 2 lots on 11th Sep 2017 (NRML) ideally it is supposed to get squared off at the time of contract expiry i.e. on 29th Sep, but it got squared off on 14th Sep only! I also had bought NickelM on 11th Sep, it didn’t got squared off! But I fear it too will soon as last week also it got squared off in 3-4, days instead being bought as NRML.
            What is this process? Why is it it getting squared off before contract expiry?

  146. prasad says:

    Where can I trade Agri commodities?
    I cannot see those in site..

  147. Bhaskar Reddy G says:

    I want to know which banks your linking for amount transfer to trading and commodity account.
    I need list of bank names.

    Thanks in advance.


  148. Abhishek says:

    Sir Can u suggest some tips provider company

  149. d vispute says:


    ple infom me about intrady commodity trading profit tax for income tax . just like shot tarm capital gain tax.

  150. nagesh says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I’ve scenario for you.,
    Commodity: Silver MIC, Type: NRML, LOT – 6., LTP = 36200, Low = 35900
    In cover order, there’s:- Tr. Price Range –(3550-36200), there’s again, Tr.price == ?
    The best buy is around 35900 to 35950., In Tr.price what has to be given ?

  151. saurabh says:

    I am so sorry, I got both those contracts listed there. It was a miss of the eye. I am so sorry again

  152. saurabh says:

    Question from a novice:-
    Why is alumium mini and zinc mini April contracts not showing in ZT ?

    I opened a ommmodity account with zerodha and it shows all list of MCX , but only two non agricultural ones . Do i have to open a seprate account with NCDEX ?

  153. saurabh says:

    I am new to commodities. Is it easy to roll over contracts of lead zinc and aluminium as we do in nifty etc

  154. srinivas says:


  155. puneet says:

    hi i would like to know the lot size of NIFTY futures and what is the value of one point change in terms of INR

  156. Manikandan says:

    Hi, on expiry date, what happens to my open position?

    • If they are cash settled contracts like crude at the close of expiry your open positions get cash settled. But contracts which have phsyical delivery there is a risk that you might get assigned with delivery if you are holding during the delivery period of the contract. But if you don’t get assigned, all such contracts again are cash settled.

  157. amit says:

    Dear Sir, I have query about MCX contract i buy 1 contract and it expires what will causes. i didn`t square off till
    it expires.

  158. puneet says:

    hi, i have a basic query regarding squaring off my position in commodity.
    for eg: i buy one lot MIS silver current month contract.
    now i wish to square it off at a certain price . how do i do it. if i say square off from Admin Positions it doesnt allow me to enter my desired price. also there is a price column next to square off button, shall i fill in the take profit price in that column.

    • Yes you can use the price field in the admin window, but the best way would be to just use a sell order window and sell it either as limit or market order. The position you hold will automatically get squared off. Check this section to know all about trading on ZT.

  159. botany02 says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    I have one Big Query?!.I Know that Mcx contracts of silver, Gold, Copper, Natural Gas and Crude whose price simply follow the price of equivalent contracts trading in Nymex and Comex.I also Know that Which month Contract of Nymex and comex is related to Mcx Contract.My Question is, there is always price difference between MCX price and the calulated price using Live Nymex/Comex price and USDINR.Say for example at 1000Am, May 14 Comex silver at 20 $/Oz & UsdINR is 60.00 after converting the silver price in Indian rupee will be 20x60x32.15=38580, at the same time Mcx Apr 14 silver price is 43080. A difference of Rs 4500 exist. How the difference is arrived.Don’t simply answer with, It is Cost of carry/Premium, tax, duty etc….Bcoz Every one tell the same answer.But what i want is how the price difference is arrived, is there any formula?… Bcoz, the price difference is approximately same throughout that particular day.The top Bid rate is always with same price difference.Same thing is happening on all other commodities mentioned above.I guess that the top bid rate is may be controlled by Exchange or some other big boss’s.Currently Im calculating that difference of price by multiplying, the Nymex/Comex future price at 0130Pm (Ny Time) & USDINR rate at 0130Pm (Ny Time) and minus MCX close Price of The Day.Please Reply.I hope that U can…..

  160. Prakash Solanki says:

    Hi Nitin.

    Thanx for Zerodha.


  161. Satyajit says:

    Dear Nithin

    There arent many articles on commodity trading on your website . Can you please write up a few articles on how to trade commodities and which commodities are the best to trade.
    About me , i have been trading Equity and FO since 4 years but not sure about where to start in commodities.

    Also let us know about the time at which commodities should be traded , since it is open for around 12 hours if i am not wrong.

    A ready reckoner in this regard would be very helpful.

  162. sarvesh says:

    dear sir i want to know about foreign market (stock &commodity) particularly gold market trading time as per indian time zone and its impact on indian gold trading could u please let me know

    • puneet says:

      hi sarvesh,
      Europe opens at 12:30pm ist
      London opens at 1:30pm ist
      US opens at 6:30pm Ist
      from may DST applies and all mkts will open one hour early. but I suggest don’t follow international commodities. but yes do keep a track of Europe and US important economic news.


  163. puneet says:

    hi nithin,
    the other day i got a call from another discount brojer in banglore, but i declined it as there margins are higher.
    i will start trading commoditeis in the next financial year. pleas advice me as to which is the best commodity to track. in terms of volatality , and price action. i see number of them on mcx . but its not humanly possible for me to focus on all on intraday level. so advice me on which are good value for money and worth tracking.

    cheers for the excellent support

    • Hey Puneet,

      If you are starting off the best starting point is gold, lower volatility, and an option to trade the mini gold contracts. But as and when you get confident, you can probably look at trading crude, and silver.

      • Sandeep Kumar says:

        Mini contracts of base metals are not showing in watch list have Zerodha stopped trading in mini contracts of base metals

  164. tirumal says:

    dear team pls add currency table

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Underlying Base Value shown Trading Unit Profit/Loss per 1RS change of Underlying
      USDINR 1 USD 1000 USD 1000
      EURINR 1 EUR 1000 EUR 1000
      GBPINR 1 GBP 1000 GBP 1000
      JPYINR 100 JPY 100000 JPY 1000

      • Suman says:

        Why don’t you provide good margins like other trading sites. for your convenience u can make rule that when the cash amount is fed up then you can forcefully close the trade.
        this will help us to get good margins also and company will also not get affected

  165. sachin03 says:

    Can we have a document on margin percentage required for commodities ? We currently have to look for it in Span calculator if i am not wrong. But Can we have a document like you have for equities ?


    • Nithin Kamath says:

      sachin03 Sep 18 2013, 3:44 am
      You may just mention the margin money required to trade 1 lot as a multiple of the current price.
      [ Click to thank ]Reply

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Sachin you are in for a surprise, we are launching a pretty cool tool for this in a weeks time.


  166. Arnab says:

    The lots/weights always confused me… thanks for the update.

  167. R.RAMAKRISHNAN says:

    this info is available in the website in their daily span margin statement for all the commodity scripts of mcx/ncdx. in fact all brokers should give this info in their daily span margin statement in excel format.


  168. GIJOE says:

    hi zerodha,

    Thanks for this usefull info.

  169. kinjhoh says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    Thanks for the info.

  170. basu says:

    Thank You , Team Zerodha 🙂

    • Monika says:

      What is the Intra-day volatility of Cotton Spot MCX and Spot NCDEX?

    • kumar says:

      Guys you should increase the Margin first………………

    • George says:


      I have bought copper on a day(friday) at 449rs in NRML and kept it open without selling it that day. Can i sell it the next day.?
      I tried it and sold copper at 451rs the next market working day(today). Now even after selling i see that product which i have bought on friday showing in open positions. Is it closed or not?? if not how to close it??

      • Zerodha Social says:

        George, once you sell it it will show with negative quantity in the positions tab until the end of the day. This is normal, check this post for more.

    • Yogi says:

      Sir I bought and sold 1 crude oil mini. In zerodha statement quantity column showing 10 buy and 10 sell. Zerodha charged me according to 10 quantity which cost me approx 33 ruppes. Earlier it cost was only 20 rs per unit. Why zerodha showing 10 units instead of one.

    • Zainulabdin says:

      On 11 june I have got profit of 1000 rs in crude oil trading, but the next day when I saw the amount in my commodity it was just 347 profit, remaining 653 its not showing, could u please help me to find out my rest of amount that is 653 ?

    • Patel says:

      Dear Mr Nitin.
      Are we able to open online Commodity Account in Zerodha. only by Uploading Documents online thru Digilocker and Adhar. As we are holding Equity account in Zerodha.
      Can you arrange this service.


    • Sandeep Kumar says:

      I am not getting mini contract of base metals like alumini lead mini and zinc mini at zerodha whenever I tried to save base metals their mega lot are saved have Zerodha stopped to trade in mini contracts ?